Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1860 Page 4
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JSEW YORK HERALD. JA9IKS GORDON BKN4KTT, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR OPTICS H. W. COl.NKM OK NAttn Al' AKO Fri-TON 9TS. TT-'11' -<u * in tut ? ?ty. X *ury *r/it t.y a,iff,? f'f Xf a ,A' r< ?. < k:<' I"v ? '(tin;" not r?< <???). ui-rrip < ?? . y<. fi r nr:: *tr>i ?n.ent.. prr j7/?. annum s.if. >1 a'AA'Z)" !U.y..tLD erery Kit.. 'e - ?'?)"* An *$o)*ru - f.'. f o , Bf/f/o . ' T ^ ?'?' "nt y .' I. . / . 1' - i to liny ;?t fur*' Britai to ?" u r-' ' '? Virt 1 ?IhI'I" yr; M f ??'. >?.?. aiU Jtol, of' *? A " rU ct.t! t.. fl Jul , / .? n , : / V' FAXIL r ll.TKALO <?- WrAn/.-My, at four rtntt p~ to, or ; ?? our ? ft 1/ ( xtAlil ? ? '? ' I'OKOKXl'K. mntnintvt important , ? /. M- 1.' Id i' *???' J,. K Kobaiob roBurtrouM*** **? I'il." Vl.tfcuf Kla. .-lit". to Mil iU L*IT*tin i?B li? AO SOT1CI <r ? '.tn-t-ivr." ??' forrt-IT< <i<'nnf ' V/i't'v>'?*" ? t?>''fn ?iff, t'r wii klt hfiiiK*?a? liAHius mil ??> fA? * JOlt yjtiiillXo ? ?! *' ' and do $10' Volume XIV Mo. H45 AJilnKMKMK THIS t VAN I MO. : OAilDKV, l*oui*.eentUu'.reei.? Baciud Comourt. \X SKMKNTS TO MORROW KVKXISG. ,? MV Of OT-W Fturtoenth ?treot.?IriUis OrtJ V ; t dnlBBAMBltLA * ?Ui'8 OARi'KN. Brc fulway.?E^rutru an 1'KBroBu Amu W'DTU GARDEN. Broil way.?Puorinsou Anoriuow Pf'WEKr THEATRE I't werv.?MiCnum ?Foo or T'te Fab.. 1 " ? AI.LA0CF TTIRATRK. Broudwur-LoN on AMVUaNlU DOAiSlK MySTIHiM NKW HOWKRV THE 1 RE bovr-j?;? > or Pai mk Ra lorsu Aim 1. ft V M'S AMKKHVS V, SKCM Mr a [way ? Day and K??T" ? B im Ht m K I : r-Okuti *u i> is H: i K ? Iji tf> ( rhiojint-v A HRVtMS Vis--.; i> ?, t-.nlcH R; C.' Broadway.? Ft?*>!.? a Pha:on NJIH.o - BALOt .v. i iJw.ty ?Bom.,Jsrr fruurSrtci'ii. s 1? '.a: VAtUCTnM. t'...Mbur stroa*. ? Via That ( r;, . ., >oj 1,1 . -lUti Diaboso -Magic r?c*r?r. "V! A ? CAIIDKN, K.iunofntil Utrwt.?M'?K i' as:> X ?*?::! ATllITAtNitST I'VSiKRBrRT MPS 10 HALL, 683 BrottlvrAy.-8-v. s. I'ASCH BCUi rsaCM. An. ? saw York, Snuilay, Xr|iltml)er 4, Thf We have some additional news from Europe, brought by the- Eule n which was intercepted oft Cape Race cr Fridiy evening hit'. Considerable U dies of (<aribaldisns had left Sicily* and disem? barked on ti e maiu'.tnd where they were joined by large pa; tits ol insurgents, and it is reported tha* two companies of the royalist dragoon-had frs'.erm.-.ed with the revolutionary army. If the recounts rcce ved are reliable there were at the latest advice* at least ten thousand revolutionists in arms within tl.e Neapolitan territory. The next er-'vai from Europe will therefore in all probi iility bring u.- intelligcn e ot startling tvtuU in Italy. The steamship Karnuh N"a?, K. P., 20th ?It , arrived at this port y esterday morning. Tire enly item- of new - in our tile-ol N'a?au papers are ia regard tc the -laver w hich, it will be remem beted, wa- wr. ked off tanyard's Cay, near Abaeo, about th' '-Hth of July, with hCf' Urican; on board. Thev were tr.Vtr. tt N?--au. and -e:nt bythe (ioier ncr's o der- to Athol Island, where t! ey were pro perly r*red for. Th? captain and mat- having re mained at A bare, refi-lng to go to No-sun, the. schooner Racer wlt\ two or three armed police roer. we - sent d> wr. V ar-i t them. They were found on board the \n erican ba k Fashion. about tc aatl for Key Wt-t. and taken to Nassau, where, after a;, examination tl ey we-e committed to prison tc stand their r ial oe\t October. On the Kb ult. the Af .?n> were distributed am-n^at these w c wi-hed ti hare Hem a-sen ant-, and twenty-one tJ-t J la tin First West India regi ment. A wspklcna looking Cast sailing brig, liar'ng on I ird a quantity if rice and lumber, be lea water casks bey ond tL' ordinary number, left the Atlantic d k. Drc Friday last, and it i- reported t at 1 r took her dv partnre for the eoa?t of Africa, for the pr'jKW ti returning to the western shores ?' tl.r A' sr.'. w th a c .rgc of nrgroa. Rumor add-the' twi orth.?e ether brig, and bark- have r> -nt.y 1 .ruled cut from the sumo rendezvous and p-c i de 1 on similar voyages, and that some ve? h s which lit rp regnlarly In Bu>? klyn arc Con s u 'y e ,-ged if t'< At an slave trade. Th.. *: ur -hipCa'awba, from New Orleans and f?arana arrived here last evening. The dates frc m the lattt r port are to the 2*lh ult. The re was nc le cai -?ws of interest at llovara beyond the departure of vol ;tttcer? for the am ice of the IV t-iui- an re put H'. TV capture of a steam?r in gagt 1 in the sin i trade, by the I nifed Stave eu amer C-usaicr -r port.d. SI < 1- a*id to have f .t? 1 soo negror- cn bevrd, and to have i-oecseded in lauding a prrtion near Cardenas before abe was taken. Ate tier cargo of 3t"<0 wa? aur. esafu'.lj larded nea: F t r*a Morena. TL. dr. ulth?with fh< Juare* c r eminent at Vera Cru.. in regard to the Maria Conception, w Id. it wa-tho> ght, be Kit! d amicably. Tt.' lark Wild'"re wa. rem-.tly atoleft as Is ?Hered fr m hrr n oodnga at Key W< -t by Capt. ratt*n. f' sVftra ling notoriety, bnt was pur sued ard Najk; ha k by a party ?f armed mrt'k/r* A vt . a.' > to y i ' ;.tica ef the present Iht'y -ta'? oft ? pre vi th .. ity ia given in the j fa'* that t ? 'an -Varcrs sa ted from tklaj pertfr-* 'ay rxirely th- KtwYewk. brtrr-l o*? n; tt.i H nit, f< H"r. IV Ht e lle. *<r far. i a ' New O t'e ti'a*cow. for Hie-p f trie' ftr A'p isnll; the Of-a peak? \u -t? and R. B. C'uyior, fvi >a>aanah tt Ms* ? ' ? O arlt ston: ti < r?tcma< ft* Hal tlw ft t ? M< v ell?, for Washington, and the Ps'i.p.'' *? l'e rilsewl. The Hit. Alt* H. h'<p!? *.? ef iie?"gid, de livered a speech y#W*tgae at \c*u?ta. it that Stah In ad * .< . of ti <i ir-of IV gias to tho TYrriderry. A sytcp-? ef Us remark- wl& be. fi d in anc the r portlf n of thi? paper. The ?or. 'sition into the eof the death e?f Je -ph He1 on Sr.. late <.f Ur? ? kiyn. wl,?. wa- ab |?*ged ti ha?e e m. to hi- death at ti ha ?-U of his sot .t?s? pi IVhem. Jr.. w is ronelude d ye?ter?lay. tic Jnry rem-u ri* ti e -inc-ilar vi?li. t Mutt the I - . ??? r should b? *ent before the tirandJary tpot which fftsag Bebon w.? . .mif-d lo an rwrr Tl.' e? << ef r?4b sslmla' wem eenl- H le Wi ti/C bafs eies eg wnt> ml fhst -a in prieea: Uw stork lakes ?r day fa th ? r?*t thoxgh not c? mptrts!. sw-r t* rri, ye? oi.rws tl at It w ill ? a ?aey mseh from M Ota 0 o?r, ?folrr the new.'. <<pruea a.-lire and higtwr. s"i at ? V <tc?t aitraoro. hnt rweeU tam- i* s.i a t o * 'rem Or V \.v- p?- ksrrei. *h.-st was Istsrgh., wl re, but,' *li>u u- the adraoce m fo fit* aad Is a teitad rat ?? .4 as rtru- i.M the ma> iest clossd wlUw t as tual on. the st <? t -it a the canst* j aa.d to ewibra?r l.rgt MO h' *h? (?rr wm irw arttvs. wkUraaJr of Wraewa"i -Jweremwh-atcor ?(Wr.,an4 yr'lew Wcst-rn si mr the ?v s t l. v <?l <r the carais b MasM d 1 Ml.Ui 'isls. IV '. was rtesst; aad ia jrr-st rwj.sst, w tti aalrs of t^-w nuwsat 010 r>, ar l?f nsw p-?M at f'4 tts a 014 i- f t -aa. rr latot.tmtsh-atr. w'tb saf ef abort .10? a We hhe? anu 000 and 30 bade wind, at rases f ven is aaMfcsr retenan Ctbw was gtie* ard ioaet rs I rslgt-ta ???'< arfhsr Jar p, aod of wbsal wr? orgamd for 1 i.eepoal lag at It 1,d a IN . ard eiesrd at ltd., twth r l-ul aad bags A part af toe esasgrtsento wwra At fatarr -*s fve-v At uw r>se aewr fe'pswaart, Tot room 1 week ??; scat, aatrrd ltd .it ahlp'f bag* fbt ?' o frtt q t?k^c at Si 6! ? Ti 3t , an"! e> I/md o at J>? Ii- ,rt A full ?i mi*i H'd uk. up for to load w:tlj wheat at 144 , iu bap*. nod flour at I0v;d A 7i.-??I wu h'.n tU.'r lip for I.ivtrpooi, to l?td witu 12tfd , ir. l-?. s, and l.Cvv bt-U flour at Ss 3d. flit Counter Urtoluilon?(Ion It (An Be Naitr I'rluiitolinnl. W e publish ft' day an interesting corres ptLdence touching the Presidential election. The letter?, which come from various quarters, are descriptive of the condition and prospects < t parties, und speculative as to the peril of the country In the event ot black republicanism proving victorious in November. The writers strongly urge union against the common foe for the eake ot the national Union founded by our ancestors; und one of tbem (the last in order) endorses the plan proposed by the Hkiuuj, to "loose the Gordian knot" and save the repub lic from the difficulties und dangers by which it is beset. from these letters und from all the eigne in tbe political firmament, it is evident that the old parties are broken up by the corruption and rascality of the leaders, and out of the ruir.s a new conservative combination is being formed, whose nira and object are to overthrow revolutionary abolition. This is the only defi nite shape the counter revolution has yet taken. All tiie rest is involved in obscurity, and is the subject of conjecture und speculation. What seems alone certain is, thut noDe of the candi dates opposed to Lincoln can be elected, ac cording to present appearances and all human probability. The first great object to be secured is tbe defeat of the black repv.blicaa candidate; and to accomplish that, the claims of all the other candidates must be kept in abeyance. The candidate who most strongly presses his own pretensions, to the risk of the common ob ject. will find himself in the end the lowest in tbe scale of popular favor, and the old saying shall be verified?"the first shall be last, and the last shall be first." At present the Presidential question is in a s?ate oi temporary chaos and confusion, be [ cause the old parties are dissolved into their original elements, and the new combinations in pioeess of formation are not yet completed. But for this, as for all other political evils, there is a remedy in the constitution itself. The electors, upon whom devolves the right of choice, have the power in their own hands if they will use it aright Why does not the con stitution give the people tbe right to elect a President direct* Because the founders of the republic thought it was wiser and safer to en- | trust the important duty to hone.'t, discreet and select men. in whom tbe people have confidence, in every State, than to leave it to the masses of the voters, who might be temporarily led astray by purty artifice and demagoguism. The electors are the people's committee to do w hat their sober and deliberate judgment dic tates. By the provisions of tbe constitution and tbe law s of Congress, the people elect the electors, in order that they may elect the President, according to the discretion vested in thrm, and the obligations of their solemn oath. Why does the law provide for delay after they are elected, before they elect a President? Why is a period of three months allowed to elapse? in order to give the colleges of electors time for deliberation, and for consultation with tbe colleges of the sister States. This provision is utterly Incompatible with the idea of party conventions making the President beforehand. Ily the practice of recent years the design of the constitution is frustrated, and by a gross perversion, instead of the electors electing the President, he is elected by vaga bunds in the barroom and the grog shop. and no discretion is left to the electors but to do their bidding. According to this system, what a farce it is to have electors at ail. Why not let the rowdi-* and the shoulder hitters, and the blacklegs and thieves vote direct for the President? The electors are really re sponsible to the laws and the constitution, to God and the country; and yet in the face of these considerations, and in violation of their oath, they have been hitherto in the habit of voting in obedience to the dit Union of bands of con spirators who league together to plunder the pec pie. Tbey are worse than useless; for if there was a direct rote for the President, all decent men who hare a, stake in the community would ba\e a fair chance. But as it is now the electors do what conven tions tell them, and the conventions are the cieation of the bonds of burglars and bul llev and tbe scum and offrcouring of society. It is high time that the electors should awaken from their delusion, and become alive lb a *en?e of their ow n responsibility and act aci rdfogly. Tbey are not elected by tbe peo ple to elect Breckinridge, or Doug la. or Bell, or any other candidate, but encb man as. after due deliberation. thoy deem beet for the interests and the honor of the country Th< y are men of l*eitrr character and sounder judgment than the nu mbers of con motions, or the members of C. i?rrs?. ndtheyure better qualified to so le ta President than any conventions which bare yet met. or than such corrupt scoundrels a- these who ccn?t;t.;t*d a majority of the late n< ?e of ftepro**ntuiivea. It remains fur them to vindicate their own dignity and the free t*? of their choice according to th. Intention of the constitution, and to give a denth blow to the sy*t m which has ?o long sup<<r*< ded it. Hy tahir-r this high ?rv und and making this held Stand, 'hey would save tbe country, and Immortalize their n^mos in American history. Pixvuva.u r<4.nctax* *m? N?w Vom Jit \t r TV Ptansylvanbl politician* are i npun in the city endeavoring to h uabtig the New Veil barken- and merchants irto giving 1 thorn mm?v to carry on fh*ir c.tnva??. atd ( jute ibf.-n'n l IVnn?j'. > n t' i republicans. Tbi? Is the <?'. i c aril there arc reason? ac plenty a* black terries why It should not be played now, Penn ylvauia poli ticians are shrewd fellows with other people's money. In the last Presidential campaign (wiw fifty or srrenty fir e thousand dollar* went raced at the New York Hotel and v?nt to rbiladelphia. but nobody erer knew what be came of It after it pot into the pockets of the Pennsylvania politicians. It subsequently leaked out. when certain other matter* were overhauled, that one man pot fourteen thou sand. and that he pave six thousand of that to somebody el*c to do somethlnp. pocketing the balance for hi* own services. But even sup posing the Philadelphia lawyers were not sharp rnd selfish, there i* no re??oo why money should be required from New York to sare Pennsylvania. There is a con?enatire margin ofclphi/ thousand votes k tV. State and the ectifeei Ot tui? election is being rapid'J narrowed dewn to lis true ifcv?thai Vweeo the cocservativfa and the deetruct've* 0e at.cfc an issue, and witl auch a margin 1'enr ought tc be able to save h-rselt. \\\< v- crt all the ve cir raise here fir Ne ^ <?rk itate, which ve are going to save ficct ?he I 'ark repobl u:g tccacdwe advise the 1 eiiLeylvar.ia p'liiLicias? tc gc home ami squeeze their own pun-ei; To the New York ers ?p whj, gave ^-rur powder, v/e are hardly letting i?<o the heg'nLlrg cf the tight yet. ami you v.ill have chancer to blaze away to bcm. purpose before it is over The Preea end tike Prople-Tht Modern Vent for (irteveniei. The patriarchal picture of the kings of anti quity, sitting at the gates cf their palaces or ir their audience chambers, to hear the complaints and to receive the petitions of their subjects, always commends itself even to the minds of us moderns as a beautiful Illu-dration of the sim plicity and love of justice whLh are supposed to have flourished in those duys. There wa. theu a direct accountability from the subordinate to I the superior. A fraudulent tax gatherer cr an I oppressive underling was quickly brought tc his senses under the summary mode of prece dure which obtained before civilization suc ceeded in complicating forms aud making ius tice inaccessible. IIow inestimable would be those pri mi tire aad simple mode* of treatment in these days of venal Legislatures and thieving city fathers. When we think of the Japanese swindle and city railroad franchisee, we almc3t regret that we have so far outlived the custcm. which prevailed In tUe golden prime (<f fc-od Hsroun Al.-asohid. | Rut though the Caliph no longer siu at the gate of his palace di-penaing ju-tice with an equal band, or start- in disguise on nightly ex pedition.- through the streets of Bagdad with bis cute vizier to hear what bis people say of him and hi.- acts, we have, even in thi= in tensely civilized age, an institution which responds, in many re-pecte. to the same need-. The independent press stands day and night in the most public place hearing complaints lis tening to suggestions and correcting abuses. Imitating the impartiality of the caliph.*, it 1 makes no distinction. High aad low. rich and poor, ignorant and enlightened, come alike to this modern judgment seat to make known theLr grievancos, or gain attention to their sugges tions: and the intelligent reporters of the press make, themselves unknown, those daily ana nightly rounds of investigation that t?ed to form the evening amusement? of the Caliph aad his vizier, and make them, too, with more effect. The independent press of the country thus fills the void which our departure from these habits of antiquity made. Whatever grievance of a public nature exists is denounced to us by scorea of pens. Whatever ideas of a practical or philanthropic nature illumine the minds of any members of the community are immediate ly communicated. Nothing of public interest is allowed to escape our attention. We live in the full sunlight of events, and no public func tionary betrays hi- trusts or neglects his duty without our being informed of it And though we cannot bastinado the trans greeeor. or visit him with any of those exemplary modes of punUhment which were in vogue In the days we refer to. we have a mode of our own. which la, prob^>ly, on the whole, quite oa efflcaciout. We can pil lory the offenders by holding them up to public reprobation, as we have done in the case of our very honest and worthy legislators. Aldermen and Councilmen ; and ii the people place them ?gain in oflices of public trust, the people de serve to be again victimized and plundered. The national Congress has ceased to be a body for practical legislation : State Legislatures are invariably rotten and corrupt; and as for mu nicipal councils, they have long been given over to the hands of the rowdy and thieving portions of the population. The people, then, find that the only honest and impartial judgment seat is in the independent pre-e. Tbey therefore come to us with theii complaints, their grievances and their suggestion* ; and we administer impartial , justice to all. Thi press 1? a universal congress, sitting en pmnniirvc. and having jurisdiction of all subjects. The summary of cotnm ..nica tionfl and petilir n# received by us in the space of a day or two. aad which we publish else where. gives an idea of the amount of business we hare to do in this line. The people know where to apply for a redress of grievance* and instead of going to corrupt legislative bodies or stupid officials, they come to the independent pre*. Let it be ever so. and let the pieas never cease to proie itself worthy of this high henor and trust. Tht D??.rch>t Coxtrvit at Wx-uuroTOV. - Some of the repubLicnu paper* are making a great far* about as aileprrd case cf federal cor ruptlon which their ccrreepcndaatt at \* a?h irgton bare ,in?t discovered. The iacU of the care as stated are abo't there: In I ^ t Cupt. Meig*. bpetintendent of the \Y isbiogton Aque duct. contracted with thr fi*m oI I'eg^s <k Sn.ith. by autboritjr c>f C< tigress. to f..rtl?h a certain quantity of brlchs at a certs,:r frice. wbkh contiact they pure up in the lol'.owing year, net being able to ctinp.y with its terms. Their itmUei th?c made as b contract with a Mr W. II iVprtot, whf associated himself with Mewr*. Stearn? A thirling, rnd agreed to furnish the tricks in the terms stipulated; but these parties also fulled to 9 ppiy the materials jn the required quantities and Cap; Meig* war eonif elli-d to p irch.^e them elsewhere. Another tub-contract a as then made i uh a third party, who also fi lled to ocmpij with its term* tjub seqt.entl.T ail these extractor* looked to Con frere f?4 a recognition of th? i claim* for the amcu&ts due to them upon the contract*, and Congress referred the to .'ecretary Cobb, who awardrd to the entire batch Cf (hdmant* 19, <?* i.'i equitable dan barge of the claims. Mr. Pegro.d. It appear.*, w?v not content with thi? decl-kn. and ho procured a resola Hoi to be passed ly Corgrw-* June lb, I*fO. rehiring hi? Case to Mr nerd Secretary of War, who aver Trfewbg it. awarded fugroct the huge n?t cf PI 1!'.000?mere than four time* Ihf sum iwnr'-'J l.y W-. C<M t< .11 iho claimant*. Ail this n*j be vetv tr,e. Ttrrc is corr.p tion cw.:gb at Wast.ingle n '.o j atlfy c-edencf; and the WUlett'i feint :ae and the hurt 6n< I ling ciu-e are fresh in m-irury Ru, after all. U)L> decision cf .r Ivgrcot case may be a great saving to the oe atrr; fc , |f *<. had a republican admitlstratler and a republican Hrxretaf; C * ar. ?n piaer ef yf. ri? yd. there U Qf Ocu'd but tba'. toey wis,.4 face made the award jr.ft four time* Clip ,000 w that the T-eas iry has c?ei trf gaiaerhf ti* <Uf?-?ro? It v .? are t. jt, 'ge of 1 repubr 'an tor**8*/ I a ' doings oftfcat party i_i the Ai' any I>rgfa< kfrir" u"1 WigeoDoin, Illu Is, Maine a 1 el*o vber- we ccn readily believe that t' ey would 1.011 been tkVti.-.fie* v-Ath the paltry sum of $11 0?J If they bee:.- iv. i c ww at V> u?ui t tcn. Had Thurlow Wnfl bee there to manage the buslnet nc do-, it ht would have arranged it on a L.^re iibe; I and muaiticent rcale But the democratic party is a cheap party, and uieon withai; it L- content with moderate pickings; it has noi the magnificence and enlarged ideas of the republican party in dealing with the public money; hc that, after all, the country may have made a clear saving of e few hundred thousand dollar* or so by this matter. TtrK DKHfTKNCIES ANO FaTI.T'JIKjH f* 'rM Cfjtoa:, Pauk.?We publish W-day a lengthy communication. criticising the various work* on the Central Park, and pointicg out the de 6ci?nci?? and failures in detail which we had occasion tc refer to before, with regret that eo fine a public work should fall *c far short of what the public need demand*. The money expended on it wa* lavishly supplied, and no one would complain of the amount devoted to an cbject which might be made of the first ad vantage tc the metropolis if prudence dlacre tjca and good taste had been exercised iu It* ccnptructior; but unhappily such has net been the case, and after a heavy expenditure and the labor cf two or three year* the l'ark at the present time offers few of the advantage* which the public had e right to expect. With the exception of the Ramble a-d a few prettily contrived walks there i* literally nr thing enjoyable about it. No re freshing shade, nor pleasant green sward, invites the weary pedestrian, and the visiter, dur ng the hot and dusty Cay* of summer, must be con tent v'.th the hottest and di-stiest tramp in and about the city, in lieu cf the cool retreat and secluded lounge which cne would expect tc fad in an extensive park. No leafy shades For wbtrr-crlng lovers naivde? beguile the footstep* in the Central l'ark; no rustic haunts rmUos.-meU "-oft In trees tempt the labor worn toiler tc rest within thei: inviting shadow All is arid unsheltered and unprepowrwing. add tc these deficiencies the nbomlnabie transverse roads, or canals, which bisect the Turk at internals, spanned by expen sive bridge* destroying the uniformity of its purface and breaking up the coup d o'K ci the l'ark. and we bare a fair idea of the miserable failure which the whole work presents, and we fear is now irremediable. The late Albany Legislature, cf infamous memory, created a ccmmLsion to lay out the Washington Heights region?the most pic turesque part of the city, for which nature has done so much and left so little for art to am plify?and the Commissioners are pursuing the saire course as the Commissioners of the Cen tral Park, by appointing a bureau of con tractors. architects, architects-in-chief, engi neers. and so forth, here there, and every where. They have already demanded an ap propriatian of some twenty two thousand dol lars for a work which is entirely unneeded, and they bid fair to destroy that beautiful portion ot the I viand, if they carry out their present de sign*. The Commissioners are authorised to lay out the portion of this region lying north of 155th street only, but In order to make the proper disposition of the ground they should have power to commence at Maubattaavllle and Harlem, and take in the entire space to Washington Heights. In this way they might run a circular road from Manhattanville round the side of the hill clear to Fort George, and there connect with another road from Harlem, thu* making a complete circuit, in the midst ot all the splendid residences and demesnes which would embrace nearly all the feature* of a beautiful park In iteelf. and would make the flne-t boulevard in the world. Instead of that however, they are going to lay out new ave nues and streets on the top of the hill, cutting through the groi-nds of private residence*, tear ing down bouses and stable* and in short, to moke a grand d**h generally, to the destruction of all the natural beauties of the country V\ hat that district requires is simply that the great central avenue, the Kingsbridge road, should be widened, and the circular road referred to be constructed, leaving the cross roads to be opened by the owners of property when they are required. This accomplished, the northern end of the city would be the mo,t charming suburb on either continent It is a gn at that public works like the Central Tark, and others designed to bear. tifv the metropc lis. cannot be constructed with ! out blundering and extravagance. T.ik Toum vi. T, K?>\?What are tie pollti tiai* dcing about fini-ling the conservative fusion '.bat has been so happily begun The Syracuse men appointed a committee a few 1&7S since, with Ben Wood at the bead of It. to do* something. What has been done! A* for Beu Wcod. be is cne of the slippery school of politicks- some thing like one of his own let tery ticket', either a block cr a prixe -and yen never know how he is going to turn out: but in the present questic v it doe- not matter whether Lis committee draw h prize or a blank: for. when tha election c< mes. the people will rote a toaseTvntive t nlon ticket without refe rence to the politicians, and they may just as well put ten Breckinridge men on it as four. Nor alll th? electors be bo>nd by tb? dictation of dead and rttten organizations to violate the wishes cf the people. Tboy will be elc, led to defeat Lincoln. *od they will vote in the wny best to <lo this On* OT w- perm- ra the present political revolution is. that it may give life to the hitherto inanimntu electoral college, in order by a lemtl election to save the Hou*e of Representatives from the disgrace it may bring upon Itself by being feced to attempt nn election. __________ Trti Jv A-v Iras at Lvw.- We learn that the famens committee having in charge the reception of tbe Japanese flmbivsy will present tc the Common Council on Monday eight the items of the < ipenditure. amounting la sll to 110." .900 We presume that the IdUs will rnr* bctb board* nrd be paid without much dslay. The city has in< urred the re sponsibility: and if the affair might have been done better for leas money, it I* the fault of the taxpayers who suffer *maU politicises to ir.ofio pcllse the best places under tbe municipal government, bo the affair may as well be set tled witlcr.t further gr> mbling, which has not red' Ced the amt .nl d?X*? ^ Items, tbey will be found vastly enieftslfttffff read!".# al'.h:t:#h stcewivHy dear. SEWS FB05! TDI SATIOJ?. CAPITAL l?ui I>??p*lth, V* , TKept 1,1360 ?a- i J Of i T k ? trr , i ''AS Tli! M igv csv is at .1. et J Tbt Pfividc'ti ** Com t ?iJi. CUrf, has vriki?d I" i . M< g it 4r*K. b'3 Jijv.'.ii- . n-r St'i "tliir/ of War, ft llitlW cl'ncu t< ti+fi . hi". crnttr -ilrati a Iron', fc a except thro-ph the V .r T* j-arifwot. The army an navy r i< '??' v tl.'g iertsiin, i them's** any l.eutma' t cr m fcbipciu* i >L. LrL'g I.!* perav ml jrrlevaac ft ?J wiy < tUe Hneidiut, ua.i itnl.e a co-re* j?o*U nee a .th t'.ra ? cr trary U th of both service*. TbK rar_-ir*aT ir so"isa-' iioms I f I'r <? <0 ( Ua* spent th* whole <1i?y at the *<Ati ers' Rom. w Uil'. M* - Ir-i ? cryToi-nv] I j public t..f*'a?JS. u** o*.di. ; I" h - i " < e?.rre? pendent*. (MMl < and (Kil l oal. a ctrvK tu rrL it rm v. Secretory Cobb ha* ordered the revenu; rfsei* io the i .If ti cri &e iftb month of tbe I' ?u.ftsipp: far New friiaiiit t-.aters end ceo;pel t .Mr return This action ft i roust* jcc of report* that large r. aiber* of incr., who ?re anions to j< lr. Genera Wallce-* ic Honderte are tastily prepar r?-to ir.'.ve Tv.? Pre* .bent m determiatd to diMoustrnai.-c all unU*' . cxp, lit.jus agutuct ocr C- olrai Airoriffta cr Ightx rs. t:i? ft wart Or ths f iR..ocftT co* ? >?o*, no. Interest**' fart * an- in procuring such rtproboc t?t lb through ti pre*" as w i loan tao Impression on tie pubic r. ad thai the !> t J out is ouch dl alls full v.i'.h th aaarit of CotnaniA.cDer Johaaou cn th; cluirt ht'a't st Paraguay, unthat he lcteuda to set as lo ftga'n r.'f*r tao matter to (V?n pr-ca. TI .a I* verj i v ?t toward the Pre-, who 1* perfectly aware that b jo.- f -iaficl pevr even i! he bad ti* ('.?:? ?? to e*er. .se it 1Le?p represtLla I ne, Lowercr, ('.erlist' Ihc ii-^.gr, ef ciaim r:? ard lobby ar.'cnt? tc, pries the matter farther w on the attfi. t.on of C?':?r.#ft In hopet of r.. -f H .! the t'< ity n-Ior stki.h the ccsnrnd-t on ailed u the supreme law of th? laid, which ev.a f' r grina xdy not ai or.l ? ithmit a fa grant brcv h (?( p.-.od f4:i:. i; d of the 1 ik of natiaua Attempt# are aJ? b. iag i.iauj in rnipreu tbe pahhc m 3d w.tb the idea ti it toe IV Jid.jt lias both pe aror B.d Cigf o# tion to aa .a!, raib?. ' than execute, tbe law of t. agrees,'adjucting damages "ustan l by t>e f.rrrt, t. cett.-g aeide the aw ,rd of the Secretary o' War, v ui;h ta biaid cpm n c . ?'ruct;on o' the l.isr tiy the Attorney teneral. The President has nc d;scret,on in the Batter. Oc-gr a. referred it to the Secretary of War. The Proe dent apj roved the act, and i de'rrra.ned to exe cute it. That he t'.ft eifr'Bi-! h.s t:.= iial caution and eu perv.slon of tolb those giving the paptrb a thorough examination peraons:!/, thir.- >? gecd reason to t elleve. If t>- Li J* that unwii'-antable ccnclLSions hair been arrived at ho v. ill use bis best endeavors to ha . e tiiem rect.ficd by the prcper offlrers bat u i? unfair to char ;t bins *iit a deaign to usurp autnor.iy cr 10 ri' r r ae f.nctious uhicb Crr.gress de.egatod to others lcteok:, r rs folttCal at int.. There is a gret'. doa-th of tews bore. We are indebted U the Ex aft:.: fcr tie late*! -.<t from all part' o the count-y. laci-diug events happening In V'ash ngl"' ????-? ITovciusntt of Senator Uiinglsi. E.emtOM , Va , Seft. 1,1360 Blister fougias v x received and encorUd to tbe 8t Charles Bote; ti i lie n'ti rr irds addressed a vast crowd oc Capito, m-. -are. He reiterated non inter venti n dxtrinu It the strongest sen ? with apt local 11 lustrations H.s 8' ppo-ters applauded, as.: all, uitL a few rxeeptioni, listened atlectiveiy He gecs ti EtautUi in the morning. Par icn . KJi, Sept. 1, i860. A correspc s ieot >A the Pr;u announces that Mr. Don gas will so. c proceed to Pennsylvania, and will address a mo t og at Harraburg on tbe "th, Pe idlng 3th. and Pliliadelphii the same cven.og ttcccc Ta ton and ctiicr tosras cf th. but.", H. w Ul tbca return to N?w Y-rW. Movements of Mr. 8?waiB< Rocwoaraa, N". Y Sept 1.1*80 M." Seward arrived lr this city tc day Tfar- was no demoostralior, and conse^uaatly no nptecb. Mr Sew nrd's b-ave'iiag party ta a vwy passant <?? ?ptetk of Hob. A. H. Itephtni. A-OC-va, Or* , Heyl 1,1-. 0. An jomenne audience of lad it* nod prntl?m<-n uwtn tied at the Clt. Ba^ Tar'* Ic day to bear Hoc A 0. Stephana apeak. M- Stepheaaaald be appeared reluctant./ before the po ;?>, aal only did no because be could not refuse the in T.tatl.n of his old coast.Uenta The sigta ol the limes portend erU Ercry thing aesau tending to national d if r. and goneral anarchy. Whether this tendency eras *tt be arrested depended en the rlrtue mtclilgrnoc sad pair ntfin of the people cf all parts cf th" ft itry 1: the preaect Treat crlalf He eras C r I*" c-'usar;! Jchr. son, the regular noarlaee*. Whether Pro laa reeelred tvrc third* of tar a'ctTral voteor n t to the usage* of the party he received the tw. thirds rctc cf the ( The lite thirds rule a M fidof ted u;oc t a.' I'uneats-y cade- itaadinj such as are j-or.ded by the constitution to pass a law orer the retc ol the president Aay cthr- c ocatrv. ti c is .m racticafle Wh U*er Doufiaa get twe h. udrea and twelre votei as asserted on on* s'dc. or one hue deed and fifty icer as alleged, cr tU c-the . t (TKrig al rsoelrcd more than a tr> thirds rote aft* - the sroedcts left Ft* (St pheaa) r ppcrttd the ticket bo rauee the candidate* oc tt auppcrtcd the t:tn. boo* red r ?*.!oent of b c inter -antm. the only pro- >)e which cat* preor-vn the tunc The oh eettoo* nrgod against Doog is* by the reorders we a thai, he refoa l to *ay that it ? ?< the a jty of Cong rewa to do what 'bey would n t do ts -tnaelrer ?>".giaa refused tc ray that It wi. the duly Ct ngrt <w to po>? laws to j rctwt elarery U> the Terr they npr?aa La, ^.d i.l^e to \eir for such a Law teen-tlrr* Mr Mut-aa itfrntlti l* *,aj itgii *t tb* char^- t.'wl h would tol \ .eld to th< dec .aloe if the Supreme Court. and said that 1-mg.a.' agrccS with every prlncipe d?cl1*d to the tired Src'tt ana#, bnt alao tosieW I' at die pe ?! h* w far a Ter rtu -al IwglSJd;t.i)ca,n rf u ale savory had rot fc rn dec i a. N >cs*. in.rdruig this principle I,ad be* a be'ore tbr tiosirt The p*witi> o of t>"Uf ae ts Hate! p c-foct etjual l- b .were the c tirrns 0( all the state- wltt respect in ? ,* rtglita if preen and pro party M Imagine bel.evrd that a Terntor-.aJ Lag s tat ore mi-t, b- n system if la re. virtually ? se'adf slaver* B< (Mapt eost dlUe rd with Mr. Pnug la* on this pe nt, but it was a tnattcr ol ac vital or esseo I al mpo'ttne.', oara se If the r a ority of thr people of a Terr'to-J crp?'*rd a'arrry It *** old rot go tbrrv II* saw no m; _ry tc tae Swaitl resulting friar It. He bellered atarr ry w.U go to the e .test of tL* a pa. Ity ft r tt and that oo law of Con;-c*s cr a Territorial "flaiatura fao evtrnd It beyond thiv II* dwrlt .{vn in- Irt on and the lm jortanor fif prtscrv p; It It was the l<?* gc-e-rjiaant ol the World or that had rrsr bcc eatabltthed If it fails we shall never ee* Its like a fa n. lie fa. led on the palm ts of ail aect oof to nb tc tc rare It The I c m Lad en'-airr* al tae Nortb and K utb but he (?' 'ph ns' was e* I c ? * & Ibeir rf? knew M Itrrek rr'dfe's ability and i sin, and he w< Id lave s ista.oe.i bin. ban he be*"u M m anted by the Democm? c Omrent o I ul b.s p-eaent po* t en drv.dee Ibe party ar,d ire- aser tbr of the rrp .blican taadidMa tie did bi t rogard II* Rr x*. tride m a di? nbionst.b I bis rear ng erdanger* Ibe I nlet s.ota.Hi stati. tog. and be Lu no chance of aa el <-t ?n before lie P*t pit Ac ?iwittnl of .fasrph Ollvrr. Eastos, f> , kepi 1.1 *#0 The mry in lb* ea'P of .f oepb W v< r, Ini cted for lb* murtloref ^otie PbiH/.r.r r. after ar abserc of half * i hour, brought ta a verdict of net guilty this even of Fbelrlnger v> as a pr ist*- wat* ,.m*n tr a fxsamy mill. Hr at tacked Joseph OltTrr urd Alf r* t Apple,ou the mem lag of tbr Mb of Jaly, w.tb a gun. CV-ver wrenrbH the gna from his )iaa*is, and * troek l. m over the head with Ihtt uitoHi, kilTiui tlai Us,r? ?M ?'* dsjrs Much Interest has bora felt In lb' rwaM of the trial. Oilvtr's temily l- hlf'. y r?wperublc Tb*- vardtctg rci general tattsfartion. Sale of Wsltr I'ewrr at .Tlagaca Kallu K. ?? *a* IV *, sept I, taao Th nydtulle rural, will, seventy uerv of land, hnve bora ao long In hi gw a. w to finiilly sold bya*-* Uor, berr today, mdor an ontnr of I've ? i rw> fomrt ou forolnawe of aortgage, and io aaliMbrtfat of ta foror <4 B. B. Day for ?U0 */>. and * r- V> cbt nn his anrrint Mr Day will ImnoliM -ly ri-ioj let it. caaol, hav.rg lbs a hot* power rr?dy Tjt ti -v n it -prinr b'tre Kafir lUimsabarg, Pai FOPSI'tli-OU, fiepl I.1W A firs tbta moraiig dratreyol lb* stable, lam ami Wfi gen bMseef Jacob K*p*m> I.oa fir oofi 1 olmaod ary. who ala.. st. 1* roe <4 the bor*> s. has born arrested Pratli of Ira ?*r?i?rwi barlsn.i fiUNni,ley! 1, lo . Mrs ftarlaad, wife of O- e-vui r.urlan.1. of tb* I r - J Ktnfe* srwvy, dropped dead In tb' ?ire?r bore leaf v*a log, whilst wai'.,eg with her dn whter, lite w fe*4 M* r pr?w Kb" liadVwn ,a her natal health prv i t? Dew Id ?? fapt. Hrlntwoli. of the Ks a y, I N*w 0'.i> *>*, SuH l.leilj Cbwtfifin sat Mc '.itnab died at ma tb n ic*ri ng Afi&mouL rso* rfntnre The following it the b aland? of the news by the ( altos, Intcrotpud off tape Race ? Cera Rack, August SI, IM? PIlttt Ei hundred (,aribaJ.l;ajjf had disembarked in CM labrla, and were Joined by two thousand iusu'gsaW, v ith whom the* retired to the mountains. lYeparationc continued for the defense of Nspies. Colonel Uceeog, with four thousand volunteer*, b*4 q Ited Tasmania taking the direction of the ?i-'?a Fifteen h..:or?' rr.ic, with arms and tents, from Sar dm.a, had landed st NspUs, but were competed to ro. embark. It U aeeerted that two coiopat1 dragoons hare jt ned the insurgents. The Aurt'ias Marine Bui4 increased one ban. dred millions of florins. Ths English Gib ' t .o d.scoivtinae their aegw t.allocs for includiug cfi?in as ('tie of tW'Oreat l'owwi" of Europe. The Indian Chamber of Commerce had pa ?sod. resolu tions asalnat Mr W-soa'i (decrttary for India) currenflff Scheme. The Income T ix bli'; passed the Commont. Console were quottd on the 22d at 9T. for mone.f, end 6, , a 9> for acx>unt UiUtOla Central and New York and Erie securities bad ad *. aoced. The Ei lion left Havre 2lst, and Cowes 22d at four P. B'. bhe has fit* tons of merchandise and 23C passengers. I'astcd August 2?d, at eleven A. M., o3 the I.tzard, S et . srner bound up channel, supposed to be the Illinois, trow New York for Southampton and Iiarre. eirvsn A. t(., Int. 62, Ion. IT, brig Pauttta, of En lag i, bound west. LONDON MAKAETS. S ?a*, cc flee, tea and saltpetre were quiet Bics and tallow firm. (iviithern Ocean gteamsr Norrmenti, BavaanaH, August ;il,l(MO. The screw steamship Mount Vernon, from New York, arr'rt d at four c 'ctocs this aftireoon. bAva,ah, dept. 1,1 MO. The Ft< ami'hip Star of the South arri?,d hire at seres o'clock P. li , August 31. Markets, rarLAfJKLPIlIA STOCK BOARD. Phju*: aijniA, Sept. 1,1860 Stocks f.rcn Pennsylvania **tal? b'a, 97 S: Readtwg Railroad, 82^; Morris CanaJ, 57. l>'ng Island Ra I road ,1.1. Pennsylvania Railroad, 10*, Sight ecrhahge OS New York at par lIrsf"Ki- Sept 1,18110 Cotton?Total receipts of the year to date 378,791 bales, against h2b .0o0 last year. Stock, 1,709 bales. IU ttwohk Sept 1,1389. Flour ccited, and $5 75 a 16 asked for superfine; na sake. \s seat firm. Western red. 91 '.0 a $1 SO. white, 11 *6 u tl 60: Southern red, 91 30 a 91 40; white 91 40 W 91 7f? Coru active yellow, TOc a lite.; white, 73s. u 74s. Provisions steady iui ss pork 91 1 .'0 a 919 76. lard (km atl'Sfr a 14c Giffee firm ai 13>lc. n 16c for fair t? prime Rio Whiskey advanced lc sales at 2kr a 23 t?s. Prilats rw a, Sept. 1,1300. Flour firm superfine, 95 04 r 10. Wheat scarce awd In demand red, 91 45 a $1 60. red, $1 40 a 91 45 Corn advancing yellow, 16e Whiskey higher sales at 23c. a 24c. Coffee, sales of C.000 bags of P.;e at 12>.c. a 14 -??. Mews from tk? Bnliwntna The 6teamahlp Kvulf. Captain B-owalcsa. arrvM at this port yesterday morni-iy frcm Narsau, N P , with dates to August 26, the day of bcr ?a r-. Ste brings to now* of importance The as nl vet nary of Emancipation wxt cclcbratsd with great rejoicing on Augurt 1. The captain an?l mate of lh? a. rer wrecked od lan yard's Coy, bat ween Abac*- 4".J the Hoe in the WaB, were examined and committed U prison, ?,'0? t >r reel of tlie crew, tc take their trial before the t-caeral Turin ta Octobor. The cap lata, who gives hu name as Smith, and Is apparently either English or Amer'can, says bo toek charge of the veaeci on the death of the raptaia proper, who died when the vessel wm three dtys out at aea Oo j of the crew, a Scotchman, died of fever at Nan '? The remainder an In Jail. Now* from Havana. A7JUVA1 or THE CAHAW8A?WCPOBTKO CArrr.u or ASLtnt STIAIOK?TBI BAItX WJIHHBS vTOUUf ASP KF.CArtTHEP?HARJirr-, ETC., FA' The It irrhlf tahawba, J. W. Smith, ommsadsr, from New Orleans and Havana, arrived hera yeetvrday at one i o'elt. k P. M-, four days frow Havana. The Catawba imt New Orleans at eight A M. on the "28th ult , reaching Ba ?ana on the 27th, at two V M . from whence she tjot bar departure for this port at one p. M oa the 28th. The local newa of Ha vans la devoid of interest. Th* health or the city had greatly Unproved. 1 ft was reported tn Havana that Ute I oited States rtoamer (rusadee, Oapta.n Mattt. had capt :red a few daga i .nee. onthecoaatof Cuba, a steame- engaged ta the lave trade, and that the slavar had succeeded in landing port:?n of the necroe* befc.-e be :.g taken Further part .culars ecu Id not be learned. There was a report that the bark Wildfire (a stave p-1*e>, at anchor In the harbor of iey West, bad been stolen frcm bcr anchorage by the man 'Captain Patten who went off w.Uj the Wanderer some time s'neefromfla vanrah lie was aaalsted by a cv.w wh ch he plcted up at Key Wert A party c? sr-eek'TS, armed w lb rilsn, A( , started In pure i.t. and ijcreedr.l in capturing the pr:-?, and with her tc Key Vt eat. The s .gar market Is reported a little better No. 12. g U, 8 , reals per ar-obe. stock on hand nt Havana and Mat an sat. 220,000 boxes. Mo'nsass So reported. F*vighU?Veaael# ccnt'nua in d.mnid an 1 rates tending upwards. Fx change on London fO days, 16 , to 18 V New Fork do C to t Sew tTknns. short eight. 4*f tn 8. Th? ManmMHg 1* hoto Captain Mum?, bene* slst, arrived al Havana on the 96 th. and left lor Kvw Orleans at 2 Id P. M cr the *Tth ult Ales f??r Syrian MmfTerars. Tee Ce mm itec I"* the relff of th* dcatttuta and suffer I / to Syria acknowledge th> reevpl of tha fof.ow'.ng JI''it w 910 00 Metb r Ch., 911 ? Th< II ha le.... 100 tO 2d r-esbttcriAa do.. 40 wu C A h . 94 Trknd, let do do 10T ? 91. T. 0 SI TOO Oast.,jer... 2 9b t. I! Art' .. . to 24 CO irr.lull I ? C Reed, 910.S. ft A . (?wcnG'gae ...... 900 gg 12 00 A. A ll"dgf. TVcd*. A Co> J? AC. 90 00 er?b rrFi...... 4? A 1m tn A W. 24 00 Archibald Buauei.... M M Herman Brum 24 ? Tree land Aju res n Co 99 09 Kcndcnf Observer.. 4 00 F nncr A H?rd n 3. A. II.. 92 Cosh, 81 ? 00 burpb 28 99 W Columbia, ?.n... 10 0V Ft SleAu.41 4? Mr. Prudem 4 00 H W. Shot well.... 4? f B. It.ill', r A F , John F Ta inan .... 24 ? g;, If 00 Mrs Jeuc H. Triour . 78? Tin N T (Vrrv r It 00 .* W .k-.Jr 10 f*? Tie >. e -.a rn 100 W P- ?b-t Ch , Char .as Mary A T Morw.... 2 00' sf.-trt 64 18 C. L. W fndy. 88 . *? 00 Caab. K' S , rt V. t . 6 00 TcUt 941.: 48 Pr Tiiustj" ackreuir '|M 0,779 ? T 810 6T. '? WM A (X<>ni, tmuiirrr, M Fr .it atfeet XT,- Oninm tt'e ha.'f (bfWBMcd 8 8^9. and wl'l per Aral a, e> Wednesday ..<xt. th- ' '*t r*^" ""I by tw< h*S n'ci'wk T ? *d-y. OMItmnryr NX. WlthttM 9. 9FKAB, or h?w rONK OfTT. The '???A? eet (if our peeaeot ob tuary notice was oese f Ilia man. educated and taiea'.cd yn isg nen wbu are ?nre.1, by an adreatueoew d?wy mii-a, lc ktre their i.'fat and edneant bonifW la tb. Fusie-a H*ii ?!?? tak r*.rt .a srenr - e< wild rx? temerii ami re the Wl'T" Semi etvt i ed Indian tribe* ?-f the diStar Aral Mr. ?pes?r waa a rat1 ee of th i i; U lat er Mr H.-nry rpear, ha ' tawuil ? ail rale fortune aa * eoae chant, and waa able to gl* his son a l lx rn. .r*-lvm. ' After ^raduatl>R ?l l'?:u I l'? er?'ty,8Cr & ! -war a sr.Jent in tne > ^cc <f 1. Tai^-i ij.-, I , an ! ntVl l.wyrt.-f frw VX Aft.; -??>' 9 h ? tb'ro foi sow ItU'T'. te'.sg of Advcnittry r J ? pewit o. h lefi f"w I'*- Sud loc'.me a rveldcnt <4 Ni w, ort, KsnlmS*. where he rr? <?< a time. When war was uer'arv I W in M.-th ho r 'm terrid his serTksw, and Ks? w i! th army d'. ng tJ.o cannwieti Wbm Uv ae w- of tbu gold dtarr e- - r i ?j lflonia Kurtled the worfcl, he ?a amougal I'. C ?l who tksAed t? th.- mi new. and settle-' in r??wr .sr'.e la the mwing of 1840 Av th' n ineet rrr.s u*l in h? Uicwvoewd liai srttiies their dl r i* a* w bouadarlw a " r^trta 'Cp'tnii-g eJali.iS Woaid l-e m'Ch m ?-r produbl.' Itma working tn the Frtn Were at that lim" lihr-v and Mr. Bpcar. having many of the element# of populnrl.y, pained an eHrweiw j.racif, and sm won t? be reer pt ? a Isrge income, lr. the year IK. be raid a vis t to Kc? Ver*, and mrtlrf a fady to wh..m he hud Iwsti an* g?i ed 'or t>am years, and after a stny af n fc* us nth* return. . to Owwaicrille. When the Fiaaar rtvrr em it, ut nt ncl iu he was induced to try and bnssar bis f rt there, lint mmivnod ooiy a short w n the l*tt. r i nrt rf 1* 0 he rrtu"?! t- tV.? ?' the tin c th-' tt who- all-.Tr tr-lnca were abacwi.iag I*"*1* ali. ? lio'i ft wae as one of the force in dor i - . . of|t?t cd to deibnd the setHeeaentB w two W- ' oi n rce. that Mr Ppcar wae hilled "be ' 'Ti nv i UM ta r- toe l.ih I f May at the l-eod of lb' N irnw rWcr.abwt ?t\ty Ivem Jew newt h ward. ^??rde^ryesunsn la. - ? w Vi s'uta ntr Th'- white srtt'ors enTerws n 'em re d .wt, (r tnntnbored by tbe'r tis ate of five to etc. Amocs U*? ? ??*_.11*28. ~1 engaprmeal tras Mr Ppoar n' ^ am-s rt ti.e ^ * 1 cere y lament- d. Than '-v^ed ium !burtd, urn aady of te-o mmi'ldc, where hla bady ?*>??, ? 1 now ?va rt i t,; s ?tifwiU the aasds of Msnhe

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