Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1860 Page 3
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a UOOOR BTOKB ARB RESTAURANT FOB R A LB Jk. Bsiaga t*irats busteaaa, but o*U| to the proprietor ClWgsshcr bumiin to attend to. muat sell out. Apply at Be FWIw Alo VooRo, oorncr af Naamu pod Poitoo street . k GMAT BARGAIN I.N TEXAS LANDS, IP APPLIED A._ jf 1?isikmly??For oolo or exchange, two leegum of EmdhitaWern Tuu, Wt anted roepectivsly In Angelina and I JhMttsuo ouonties. will exchange f< r say merchaadtte adapted Cm apply ~?u?, wlii uokuit ft r say saarchaadiM adapted beuthern trade. or for imornved property. For partteu ^Mpyly to W. W. JONES. U9 Pukw ctroeCBcw Tort. | ^EpPKB 8TTI8 AND KETTLE?SEVERAL SMALL ^?miUeaad Kettle. hut lltle used, for note by WM. D. AM ^^?JB A BRO . tit Water street. New York. ^^HsALB-ABOUT 1.0U0 GALLONS TARNISH. CANS, ^^?uw. Spirits Tni-peatine, Ac. WU1 be nM ??/ lew, ^^^^|rettrtoK from business. Inquire ol 300 Peart itreat, VDR 8ABB-TBR STOCK. FIXTURES, LONG LBASR W and good wtll NtHo iw Faro whine Mire. on Ike boat ato ms In the sky. The only reason for sellirg Is the wont or SOS feSit maana to carry ou the business its the location requires. ?8'lT "old JR SALE-ON LEXINGTON AVENUE. CORNER OF Thtrw filth >tract, three caw biown atooc tour ttorr oeee, with high stoops, batenirnts sod rub .ellora and all i aiodrni tmprovewtuts. Inquire at 104 Allen street of D. M- KRAFT, owner. BtOB SALB-A NEW IRON FBOPBUCT TOO BOAT, JP id feet long. Its 'eat beam; bselS Inch cyhnder, mae ?W> fact ami towa well; drana fight draught ut w?ter. Apply M JOSEPH SlOAB. No. B8 Ucach street, Philadelphia. T3VOA SALB-A 31 YEARS' LEASE OF A FOUR BTORT JF build'ng tn the It-?t ward; can be hod at a bargain. For partfcrulare apply to PRICE A FAOE, 77 Eaat Thirteenth atreek Drug Store wanted, tn the (wintry, near the oAy. Ap pB ac above. TWOR IALE?AN OT8TKR AND DRINKING BaLOON, Jr w ">e of the principal streets. Inquire on the promises, Wfatr Henderson and Newark avenue, Jersey City. BTBR SALB-A NEW HIGH STOOP FOUR PTORT X hurt ttune House, tn Foi ty eighth street; in complete or wsr and with every Improvement; very accessible to ears and ?tape*. WIS be soil with t.?r >?w. Gas Fixturee, Oilcloth. Ac , Mr $40 400 In all. Hall' im remain. Posecmlon glreo 1st of November Address F. A., boa Jtld Poatolllce, New York. N. B.?A genie need not apply. CR SALE.-THE NEW FOUR BTORY STONE FRONT Hntme, No. 116 Weet Thirty foortii street; contains all the hnjftO'ernrnU. rosewood doors. walnut atnlrt, Ac.; house SB by M), lot 14! feet deep.+Inqulr* un of D. SCHOONMAKBJt, SB the premises. -?MR SALB-A BUT'MBR SHOP; IS A FIRST RATE I stood and In good order. Inquire at 5J6 Broome street. MOB SALB-A SPLRNDIDI.T FURNISHED HOTEL, IN we of lie best locations In the city; terms moat easy, with aeenrfty; antmneh caab required. Far partteularoapply " Broadway, In the haeemenk ? F? mad era R BALE.?A ORNTLEVAN GOINO TO EUROPE, wll sell, let or lease, hie three story, high stoop, brown front Dwelling; size, 29x50, lot 98 feat; It ooetaina all a Improvements, la well located and hi the oentre of the a email amount of ash and the talaaoe tn stocks, pes on the first of October. Address James Lylik 133 room No. 3, Ireland 'a office. Is F? Son1 R BALBe?THE THREE STORY ENGLI8H BASE t Unose Bd Lot. No. 313 West Twenty-seveslh street, _ Eighth and Ninth avenues loitwenty-one feet three , hy half the block. The whole bouse has lately been i tn thorough repair. For farther particulars, apply at No. saase street. E SiLE-A SLOOP OF ABOUT 7H TONS, WELL found m soars, satis. Ac.. In good ordar for business, ble for harbor ttaea, or for brtck, sand or stone. Will he srlth or without saila and spars. Apply to C. A R. POIL ', 23d South Wreck -KIARM FOB BALE CHEAF.-100 ACRES, 10 IN CULTI JD vaUon. 36 valuable limber; plenty of mnck, peet and wart; amatl Hruae, Barn and Orchard; near a village, twen'y naSaa from Troy Price tl .800- 0500 cash, balance to suit. Addreas or call at room ID Belmnul Hotel. N, T. EtTUHBft STOCK AND LEASE OF AN BATING Home for sale-or I w-i'l take, o a practical man with a money and go share* In the bnslnsm ln<jiaire at Coeaiies Bewec, 71 Pearl street. *DIOE BALE OS TO INT?FURNISHED OR UNFUR r staked, the ibrwa story house. No. 31 East rweatv-fourth street, we door from Fourth avenue; house la about 23 feet Week wtlh a large yard attached. Apply toROBT. FAL CONER. 490 Broadway. SALE?A GOOD FIRST CLASS CANAL BOAT, new; will be sold cheap for eaah. Inquire of & R . foot of Thirty fourth street, Kaat river, w boat Mcrgma. n BOUTi Mirtf vfoir. F01 ? HALE AT A BARGAIN -A NBWLT FITTED DIN big Saloon, m completa order. Apply al No. 0 R\th st. TjlACTOBT IN BROOKLYN FOR PALE OR TO LET? JC Suitable for moat any light m.mnfacturlng bnatnese. The balldlas la 75x100 feet, and a part ibree stories high. A 40 bane means Begins will aleo be eold cheap, together with a Bt ?' HbafUng and alx Kteans Drying Caas. Apply to JOHN M. JENNESS, 00 Wall street. OIL FOUNTAIN* OF PENN8TLVA VI A?PATENT Rights and Barrel Machinery for mile.?We guarantee it wtll maar Ughi barrels, wuod .oopa. at a cost of 62 cents, and Sued perfectly ct] oroof with ,ron hoops, at 01. such aa sell In la market fnr 32 80 The machinery may be aeen tn Overs Bw An anNmued number can be made dallv. Profit on 800 barrels per day. at above rates, 3780. Profit na 400 harrele ;'#? day per annum flid.UU. Bo pay required until the abuve Is d*mrin*lrated. Call on MABRIBON WHlTEll ORfiT, 51 Taney rk, and see faerrola. ?REOSa-THRKE HUNDRED BALBS NNW ORLEANS JQ Mesa In targe and small bales, for sate by WM. 8. TOO LB A CO.. 170 Fulton street. PANORAMA OP HUDFON RIVER FOR RALE.-THIS cpleufiKl Pair ling, about fi00 feet long, with Machinery. Be., readv tor immrou'-e uee, will be sold low tor eaah. or U weuld be traded fcr rc? I etuate ? ear this city. Appl f to II. H tXXiPER, room 17, 271 Broadway, over Shoe and Leather Bank. TkARK CHANCE FOR A FORTCNR ?ONE HUNDRED IV and forty acres of lea tfu! Land within twelve mllre of She city of (Jhieago, Humus, m a tccaixj* where the eltv la grow kig rigb oo tr i.. Is oJcred at enly 3100 aa acre, for a stock of ataple merrbendlee Several thonaand In good eft/ ten win be put with lbs iaod in lb# exchange. If deatred. Thts Is Ji? kind of property that grows into fortunes, for It will probably in s few years "oinrnsnd many times Its prstnmi ealne. DaYTON AND JUNKS, Property Exchange, 37 Park FWW. New York, room It. Krai, ertate-for rale, near the central Park.-B'.-ks formed v tenth, F'eremh aad Twelfth wveewee. b*lwert< Mxtlath and Htxty firvt streeta. veryidsatrabie Proper It Term#?73 per ~?al of ihe p'trcbaas money can remain on Neil and nwwtgage for many years. ? Aenbtuui'iel Bnc K a her est* street, w'th all the i mad-/- improveturt.ts, andarrargnd w th mure than ordinary oars for comfort ?ad eoritrrt'eose. Title perfect, and Is 1100 raa remain un Umd and mi V.rage. VA fall Lot, with a three ttnw Prick B' 'ding oo Leoesed elrsri netr Broadway, very rtss.rwtle for a sura neighbor rspidly )aipr?%tiut. Alwi. severs! ?.eellent r rma w ntry II >usee and Real prvese. Apply to ILU aM P. HBNP. No. 21 Nsam.i ftreet, N. Y. R AXE f'TIAIft'E ?A TTTREE TtAIW I.tVSR MAT be hiMl <1i Wore 157 Eighth IHin, and Hjt'irm far aele; ad bueiu?e lecaUaa, by i.*p.>m* imaeiaio:/ at ibe STKAM rOWEX I* APRrm hTRKKT. ?TTTX BARM mmt M<?. M Bprtt* Mr?*, ltd I?' (Mta Ml rn ? ?tadft, bo Irt aim. arreml rat All It. tr.l ?ttb Ml power. Apply loll WHRKKBK, 13Hrn :e* areeL QPLEBDID WTTJATIOB POM BALE?TTOATR TM THE O ?l U?ce of Maedlth. l)r A ware couatf, B. Y , M tn'leaffa A.: , 111 BoaqoW-ioiia la r V io.n? b , . tin* , ?ad * o il from ler roust) aeei lion, ill! !ar?. and tauutao?e fir Abie for a rrnllrm>?n ? reeldeeee. b ddl or b|l abrl martlC'ilarly NrikHMMKl ibere b? r.r n w rorb wltb'it Til mue*'. or for a rammer r?url. OUmAleaaiui.rtomi and healthy, aad locality fall of beautlfa) winery. WM be m?i otth or wiitaun ibe attaobcd farm if MM arrao?HQ anrea wend Too M*r? m adatamb'y adapted far fra/.nr, aa t .it.drr ( >d MM* ration, and prod .'Aire; ?,1 watcrad aad faaord, laryt or ?tad farm aonrr and iond otjtialM n?? artrtiborbo d good, <? NM ?tor?a - .r ?? i?n TBM tad ?po table aad tana* aaa*. a Ho a rood Farm nl ano ar ree, a pari ?mlu.i.le for rr*nberr>v adytaareg. Abort f? nk or at ? for rity Pr t ?iy. In-1oira of J A. LAW n the t re or of ?. D Law U Jo? ?met. Maw Tork r?y ffTWO BPI.E!*DII> ADJOIBIBO MAXBTOIW?OX SEOoR. 1 Ijn HrlrhU, batwraa I odoo and Wall Arr-t farnaa. B aa Maad btOofaialdaatrrrA. for aa> tr tu tat. lyirttr' orarp araw. >n piteltape ai parrhaaa, na ewry term*. ana It"' M SOiUV Ibe taker >hdl>. built br day * wort, oirlnr Wapeotioa of Uta owaer eiprmaly for baa own and faialtr a realdrora. Merry driaii o: uuine or arna?< n' bratama r .rafnilyaAaadad boa- I .walmd ? tbr i m M H A b. tareMI broaj mrwe froo'r m ??>*>? <nd baln?*rad?a ? hawdanrie. Ay ta of arrMterl trr a.?'.ar* lla, a; Mylr arrbfleri trr a.>'?! 7* Jim. ma?rr '.a an waanuv- aad im cn-pa?ad by aay of tamtlartafr'.n Mew fork. Tbe window* of tbr part r atorbra ta* ta ooa light A pla> ('.aaa ?(7 fart, tdfrrnr rrrrr faetuty In tad aplpafJil rrar rarytaf ?i i aaa ?f Ibi bay. ilai A arrow* mataa Talaart and ibr Jrr ?ry abar* ta IMr bUr bUta and falja of *a PaawtaaT Tbe pna etpal'atali nai la aUrUaal, of arlvl slaafe walnut, rary^^^H folly tibaaad litbiod by a t in oraaaaaaaW aifl ?tatadd itaa fraa wbleb a rtaw of .V r talaal B 'ba bonraa li awawaaddd Tba ?otrand*a am ta^. aad tba prlaolpal talk btad wttk ltd lan marble Mho ibrmaaboot. Tbr la. atory raptabr aad a (Aad d kPnbao. ooddlua on a lawn, wRh rrery Iai|nlMM of tbr tat ?tor aad dumb waiter* add apeaktaa tubed ^HrrUrm.i ? wudan-t Ha aad ; halbd ? wary taory.jad waterr'^aetajrma Btabda ta all Ibe toper bare foal ranlwaadaptaadtd wipe nib all Mr pwtaat Claaioauwa Tbr premtaa rwa ba wea at all tlroeo, ??tare are ; -iwoaa a ebarf. Par MM or aa tatarrtaw ad dnaa tbr owner M. Tbmnpatm. Mn. 17 Wooatar ?trert. wbo. aa ha rotattaa a abort dtataoor out of Uta r'ty tlb? muo rama of tba property beta* ? tie rrwrtetl. rweurrA ? A.~wal liar M re aatab aad paartoaily a?d to any appBraat. rOPAMTTERIHIP NOTtCK*. trade rairrd for oan.* i ?r? e-IAreaa a? inJ aaa?aad " T :-'Wod6oe. I, bo* 1C.C P> MO BE BOLD POMTAER ?BOTTOM TO MMflLMfl TA X eeiw keetiora -Tae l?, riitnim wank aad Pvattara of ? em?a ?tal ?h bl_?dna.^?UbUabed^fifb?aJT?ia.| _ eirrltaat pi Aae? r*aa*apba r < tat if rey ulred or Oetobar. Tbr only taunt for dl?n'tf. a dratb ta tba i family for paft r lam arplr In Mr MABMlMO Raal latate Be. ? Hilary tar?L MmoblrB. a B*BE ECSm W fMABt-E. A Tba adrartMpr ulraadp aalabttakad la tbi Brwin* Ma rtaaa b ttiaera rari arty keoel and drtad * ?*" baa?~A Id d?booa t ? ifT*^Pa.yf^* U frow wMrb Muck amry ten be aad# Tbe aarbmep a tar i of art t-ed au? r-1 bre drr> e, w. a b r-"d repnia a bl l?KWT*t } ABB MA.' TTTO -PABTMEn WABTBO 7* l -Tbe rnbemher wtabuu > rrt?ad Ma Ptataar, wbb I a d? *r ? ta arr tm a t ?d ? u Partaer t UbOta ?-"?*) r?b Tb? hrewerr Mae I raUoln 1 "wad * ' *"*"*? **rt tt* fbkU-ttad fur dataf a far? bade. ? ulrmda d eer*ip? o all itfwrfin?. M. H Aaf?tary irfwbr. reqn rad. bidtediB. t., OMMr. Etdfltat Waawy. Wbltaakje rr atf. I liana fAETBE* WAMTEIb-WTTTI WOOOTO ?1?W IM THE Botta mlrt buatnaaa to a a?? ut vtnry already ?w? ume bartaa ? rm trade eitb tm rla? taw?m aad TBfT ABTBTk? *? AOTTVB OR PTLEBT PABTMItM. WITB T* a rapttal of AkW or MM to tafM* b t PnlterW ? ? - ?ta' Itched, port or ta I? b> par ?at, Addr?i M. T..P :,fAt R. T Ft? "Mod. 15,000 T? TTPfRD ? WAMTBTI. A PAIfm WITH tbe ah re am oL pea ' y-rferenoea air? aad reamed. *d "<? Mad. Beram oew |2() 000 -oJ'A ^T?ntm WA*T*?' nJ A babtt _ ept?r-:'?brd la the parrba?*od ? mof On?? mar' ??' Paper I'm adr??tJa?* hea a teofut b kaowtadta ?t tae ?tandtt r r* merebaab* te ? ? ?w kerb aad Ibe arlw teal. >ttaa of tbe Unfed bate* Addrrm Itaaker. txu I Ml H, T. Pom a wwAino vuu im bob halm eiBBBSmcB^SB ?Si/ iHiT'?"'' 7! iWi I*i'i "i1*""' >i 1 ?' 'y?n ^ A OOTTAUB RESIDENCE TOR SALK-WATXR FRONT A wiitb the noq. am New York bay-I afterfor sata my rem denes mi Cnmm uniaaw. oas and ft hftlf miles from Jersey residence mi i'amm unigaw, oae and ft half taues from Jersey City ferry by bona railroad; a good two star* and attta house, filled in wttb britk. built mUv two yuan, in thorough mpulr; a small barn, heaery, Ac , wttb about four city Ma Thla pro party ousBii.Ja a fine view of tutan Island. tka Narrows, Bedioe's Governor's and Ellis' Wanda, Brooklyn, Wow Tork aad Jerwy Olty: good bathing, beating, fishing, eystering. 4a. Prl,e ?.*> OKI 1 'rmi cany Any person wishing a nice hotne tu-ad, in a good neighborhood, une drives, school* and churches, Ht au annual ret,. of t3flr. 1 Deluding ins ounce and takes, now la the urne ta purchaaa Call at C-smnmitlpaw, or Metmpoll taa Hotel, Now Tork. A Iso, for aala a tint rlaaa aall boat. IB fret ke< l, built by P- 0. Buck; a row boat, 10 feet keel, bulk by Uary Winter. Poaaesa-on immedt.itely CUAELBB LELA-HP, ALE BREWERY FOB BALB?LBaBE, STOCK, PIX t ires.?Haa hern in active operation fertne but ten years, and baa a rood run of custom; chd torn out over 300 bbtk par wa?k. Terms very lavoreble. Address Bait, HeraldoHoe. Brooklyn property fob bale-in fort gkkkn place. near Hanson place, and near the femes; take ten. Wall or boutk terry, city cart aad you are with in tCO yard* of the oremiaea; new tnreo story buildings wttb all tbe modern improvements. Price low; terms easy. rB BALB?FIFTY A CRIB OP THE RAT VIEW PARK, or eigbt astir* blocks. situated on Third avenue and Fifty, fifth street, Brooklyn, near Hay Ridge, wlthlu thirty miontoa at New York by e?y ears. Far maps, Aa, Inquire of HILAR EBYMOUK, jo Pine street YROR BALE?A THREE BTOBT HOUSE IV THTBTT r first street, pleasantly sitnated, wttb an tbe modern im provements, and m complete order. For terms, Ac., apply to B P. PnLANCET, 8 and IQPlnemreet, _ TjtOR SALB-A VALUABLE PBOPKRTT IN MULBRRRT J; street, near Canal street, oecopied as a breed and cracker bakery; mils for 11,090 per annual; SftOOO caa remain am bond and mortgage. Addrcaa ilaker. ISA Herald ? Wee. IPOR BALE?TWO FIRST CLASH FOUR HTORY BROWN P stone front Houses, hlrb stojps. replete with tbe m'dera Improvements, sito-.tad at HE and l'?i Thirty fourth street, near Lrxtagton avenue. Inquire ou the pi.-tnises, oral 104, aait bonae adjoining PR SALE?THE ELEGANT THREE HTORY AND Basement brown atone fron- House, 90 West Forty eighth street, baa all tbe modern Improvements; terms may. Apply to BaYAO* A HLACIWE1.L, 1.1A1 Broadway, orto JOHN TOWNBHEND. Iff Pulton street. rB 8A1B OB TO LEY?OPPOSITE RTCYVKRANT square. House Ko. 2 Rutherford place; size 20iM, four Itehm. high stoop; has lust been put in thorough repair and fnniail throughout, with ail tbe modern improvements; rent gl BOO per annum, selling price fl7 POD; terms easy. Apply to THOMAS MORTON, III Pearl street, up stairs. U40B BALE-THREE BEAUTIFUL BUILDING LOTA IN J? tbe town of Yonkera, lookted withm five minute* walk no the bank, north of the depot; will be sold together or separate, to suit purcbaacrs. Mom of the money can reman on mort gage. For further Information iuumre of JOHN MOFFBtT. ?i Moffett'a feed tirs, in the Tillage. 8. B.N. House for bale-valuable store pbopebtt, within sight lnlcs of New York, now occupied m a groceiy store, and doing a very go >d 'utsineas. Tbe stock of Qrooenea wtll be sold with the Property, and possession given Immediately. Size of lot Mil 10; the building is two store, MzJfi, with barcgient and cellar. Apply to WM. IIALL, 174 Chambers street. VTBW THREE STORY BABKMENT RUBCKI.I.AB AY Bouse on Put* street, finished in the beat style, all mo dern Improvements, una block from the car*, that run to all tbe femes. WUlaell on ran terms. Apply to D. T. OONK LIN, oorner of Atlantlo and Smith atresia, Broos yn. CHOICE LOW?SITUATED IN NORTH HOBO km, will be sold at publie auction, by T. DWYER, on Bonds/, Bapt fit, mmmeociag at 1 o'clock P.M.. at' Bars Howl, North Hoboken. Terms very easy. The nearly tln*sbed bona railroad can will mn every IS minntes, day and ntrht, fur > oents. trnm the Hobok?n ferry to North Hobuhen. Tbe [ erent stsree run from 6 in the morning till 10 o clock La the r vnning, every Li minntaa. 100 ?PKCIAXi 10T1IK8. Ancient order op good feu-ows-yihc or. flora sod mem hen of Continental Ledge No. Ill, are hereby notified to attend their Lodge room. No. 26 lie !an<-ey street, <m Sunday, September :S, at lfi o'clock, to at tend use funeral of our deceased fir ?, Pmncla skelly. The brotban of Washington Izidge No. 6, an respect! uli, invitsd. and the Order In general. By order. Kr.txr. w K W,I,TK w- ? CALEDONIANS.?THE MEMBERH OP THE N. T. GALB donlan Olnb. will meet .it the Mer-er House on Monday morning, at ,7>, o'clook, to pro-red to J one*' Wood Turn. oat By order uf Ha tin MclKI.Lan. cbl-,f. YDAIB OP THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE ?EXHIBIT F ors will please ante- their article* at Paisce Oarden, Poor teenlb street near Htitfeaveane, by o'clork. oa Mon fay, filth test Tbe fair wtll be opened lo \ tailors on Monday evening. Dodworth's fnU band will be ta attendance INFIDEL CONVENTION OP 1S?8.-THB INriOKL Assoclattan. of America, will boi l Its ntvt annual aonrnn ti>?. mmmencii r Sunday. (let. 7, In the City Aasetnbly H?-ma. No. lib liroadaay, at 10oV'.ork A. \1. TL oubUj are m.ttad to attend Per order. HORACE 8KAt BR, President. B. M. linkarr, Kecretary ITALIAN INDEPENDENT DEMOCBATIO CLUB-TTTE Italian Independent Club met on Monday evening, ?t || Orand street, and eleetad the following aSD-trs ?Prenident, Don Osrlos De Agnaanos; Beeretary. P. Navarre. Treas irer, George Navarro. The aume gentlemen are deslgi -tad as dele gates to '.be < Astral Committee. Reanlved to oail a apedlal meeting on Sunday evening, at tbe same place. Hy order. P. NavaKoO, hecrelury. Masomic.-oriknt, chapter no. i.-ttie oompa btonr of this 1 'iiapter ar* berehy not.bad ov meet at the < hspter H-mas, this day 'hundayi 2 Id last., a' 12 o'clock, aa basinets of Importance wtli be brought there II; ~rder, J. M. linn?hz-, Fee DABHin J. HkilB, H. P. Masonic?the members op keystone lodge. No. 2X3. P sn.l A *a? na, are hereby ?*-*tnnoed lo m teed a spec In i c mmnnieaUia. to be h>-ld at m. ohn's Hag. ifil Bo wary, this tSundayMsjrainf, at JU o'-uueh By order. a. B. HAVb. W. M. VrOTICK TO CKKPITORA-mU.IAK H. WARD A*D IM }3n KUWARD WARD, oampn.inr ih- film of W. H Ward a ?X>.. by ttood, daied Kepuaabrrll, IMA, annr?r o-' to the uedrrrlerrd All tholr joint and todlrtdual property ia txiwt for tho povTTiont of torlr dotta. Haul aaaMnaeut la re corded IB tbe HmviO office, or A copy of It mar bo <*?? At to# ermmloi* rou?t of tbo uu.>r?lf?Ad. 1?) Writ BehlBuira Street. M.-.l ?.*?i*nment ranulu * pmrMnn for ur pr,f#r.-nrr \f Mr raiment of certain debla eautnerut I lA ? tcAednle -.'jerrta anorrod. of ?\irh of llio creditor# at tho -ir? of If H. W.rd A Co ? ob All *.roil' > mrty ear* 1 ran too data of tAo need, ifr? w aapii i t mrk ' !rx)ond? they mar rere v? n?dr. tm prort ?nn <?! tbo '<0. : ?? fnll ?Alif tiM-t on'if ?beir r?ep?m|re r.ebte. And r oceanraid W H A J. A. Word Ira toe a, no A re. MAAO l? COPf.'imRr nlj ibo dOO ( AO ',0 AOOB an AO I after Rcnrtav A?it (nopirmbor If) At toe ojunliu* rum of toe na drr- food. A1 t'orxmo Indebted In aaM firm or to o'.'borof toe number# tbrr*. 1. or boiiM.r ?ny MM or aesrtaaf MM flr?. 0*wtoer of li? tor-abet*. Are 1-erobf sou led tout lbe< mint pay and ao lotAo ua. > r*',gii?a. wh>'AluO" At AuU-m. od t> renetvt too <leh*? at d ? ai-oT toe properly and aaaeta of aald Arts AAd iLr m -inters torraof. PEEDLRlrK TICKET. Jr.. Trneto*. NEW TfiRK I ITT AND CURTT LIQCOR Pit Ale #r*t Pr> -retire .>? riot r.? Ve-iibers and th<?e a lailri to Jit ar? ipeoeato# to attend toe mooting of tho abrrr At I' o Itfo.tkrr H 'A*. 1 om -r of Bio.?|. r aud '3)????_?? wrorle, cdl fttonday, B*v -ember ti Wml1 t'r' ot I-. K. Re order of JOIIR I'huMENOfl&tr " McQrior, Reconliac OeerotAry. t*< r hi* *m.b or thr TCRRrrrRi or * * ,\ ( .4 K, At Rpny1*? Ihayell. iveruood > bo ir via on M' liday. 1. 4, will a t uke place. toe f.i:i i.ure tartj* 11M dtop' i?d of At 1 rtrAle aalr. N dtop'ttod <>f At 1 a- L:KEK"vfcTORIA ARn THE PRIRCR nr WALKS. on Wonn'today oeU, fecpleailer M. At toe Upwgler InaU , tnl' cSi.^rt, MR. S.-nOORd will d?"T?r A lnf .ro, dmrrtoure at too falaoo Mfoof Qnooa VMtrrW and Um l-rtoao of W ilea, Ooort uaaea* and prmooto tlona AC tenia ? Ml roff* S-rfra-' loi Ti.'krt tor Octobor R wail kxatodT'ln iatfto at IR Bp-Ado Ay. ream Ro. 4. 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RITl-m REVOLVER*, SHOT RELTR AED Tonrbaa, f edar inu ouaa B*e?. Ae.?Tbe larreat. dnaal la " G w boat aad ebaapoat aaanfmeet tn tor rtr at P BRTB'H.OP' eld ratabnebaa Eon dtoro. H CAoAbnto Maat. All fonde war ? raatod aa rrproaratod _ TAC* I ROET PIAWRED?WE RAREI.T CAU. PtTH d Ml- atiriti." loan arto a el rr rltor?l is nor i-oliioiie. In* w#ro?t?ialy ell I be pardon*) lordirorua# il# attenlKd of o-ir readrramsn .aTeottna that a deMiaed to beat fteat pnblln baa*111 Wr Al iad* to lb# ?:.?!#? r.Atto Bbatr m>w m rthlbl boa a be Wta- a# lit1 ? ry. tie Rnaleat. Wtto it it^nn# rm bo rcertopaaA* n '.ar pari ir tn to aa to.;'1' aaer and plea a'tro aa on too l-o. ? eil! p-on-do tbr brejib and arid pvo at pi'.Tonioat ' kit ran aboo d o<* toaak. for aato obolraal* aad mat! by O. M. VAli . raaarol a7*it. MAM LB EAKTIKIA OE AOOOfRT OT RE* OTA 1. of to-at * 1.?m. to# e-boof-er -1ero Ha *.??* of Baa irarr, Ltobnn aad - atnarf Maatoe at a fr-al r-doatlna. A. Ei.aIiER, mart'-rf >ard. IU baai lArhtoeat:. Atr-rt. eetoof TMM maana Rre Tnr*. ____ K OTH ETC RAWCt ACTtRBRK JOBBER* ARD DBAIo on la All kiada of rwtoa baria* rarpl-a anab oa baad. CLOTHIRi: TAKER IR RXfT tbolk rnctdooH taker ir ?\> habqe. DRV OUOPa TAKER IR VJto:HARo? rt EBiT RE taker R kt harhk. CaRI-ETB TAKER IN RX< HaRflt. AC.. A' . A- . NT., for boat r'aaa BBtflm aarktaai of knoen ropntaWroi Emry eonranw eiroe ebb aaMalacVrr rfrrm-oa Atdroao "fi n aaa* ' *.? 1 RC. Par adke staung aylenf rrxla, aito fall varum: '.ar* t VLD HOMER, WORR IK CR PRO* ovRE Work o* \J iHtosBR warird. ? H ?t ? ror.l for 1 AMI# Ilrpnt. ill Rmadeap. Rre I i-k. Hoopiro bi.ater rwTRr eaoijim?tTR oprpart areo aupertar <ia?Uty. toe raa. 'iro pr-iad, yield pur# aad aetamied roia eoaraal i?? a llfetiiae. BclMora. ad dftoatb* Arrataf tbe AMiptay. 9. Taimaa. V Oorbendl Atreai. Ree TnfR. ffiEt'liEB. T'iRt-KR, TORCKER. itil.O'i'"" blJlb'AlA I.ANTtr.RB. H . Order* for 100 or '? IW ? ?RR* ? Bn-d a! :br ineret p-'roe, 1 Ky R ILL' AM ruR'KR. Kb. E J Water atrnnt WAETtn-fO P0E''H tsE "OWE RECORD HARO Klik Ear tiaery. thale'li arme.K f.eiaakinr PMabtoA tele, a**!-- ?i;?, Ao Addroaa, eti* all raMav'tr* and p?t paid batiiiTibetotooa. A J. BUKUI, BON A 00, WILL HELL, AT ? UcttOB, At IS o'clock, At Urn Merchants' Exchange, On MONHaT, Sept M A DM1NISTR ATOR'S 8 A LI OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTY ON BartOL.4 Y FTRWRT. The lltm story marble frcm brick Huiidlo* ted tare1 unexpired Leaae ?t Lot. known aa No. 89 tUrelay If?i, i-nrth akin, About 44 foot ?? lichee east from Greenwich ?'-ro*t Ihe tastesseiplrea Sept. 1, 1F7I. at a ground rent of one pepper >r am ?urn par, la**a ?ik1 .muhirata. The boose la 21 llvto. with a to* story eitsaakm ooverto* tbo entire lot; alio id lot 21 11 and 29x74 10, mure or leae. fteuut for H,l(h per annum. hale poAUve. By ordarof O W. RUEBVAX, Administrator of the Estate of Hitter Hadley. ADAMH BTKKBT PROPERTY. BROOKLYN Tbe i our story and tub cottar brick Huuat and Lot No. IBS Adanse street, mtat aide, between itoecnrd aod Nassau streets. Tb? bmt?e ia 24 by about &U i act, with a one tbiry eitnaaAm covering the rntir* lot; la In good order; kaa aaa and water to. aad will rent lor |7T>0; lot 26*100 feet, nne urtabboshood. On TUMRllaY, Kept 26, USKtT AUCTION KAlKOT lot! VALUABLE LOTB Hth and 12th a vs., 77th. 78th and 79th Araeta, beicogirg to tha estate of Prancea Hendricks, dncaaeed. on 77t? rt-tt fine gor# lids, comprising the entire aooth front rf the street. between 11 lb and lltb avenuet, inrying la ?Ire from 24 8 and 21 10>77 1L to 26*52 ft. on 77th II It (Ira ,nia, jnmprtaing the north front of 1 atreet, between lltb and 12tb avenues; alia, 2f v IP2 2 each, (/a "Hit at.- 25 lot* iwitb mantOoiO. comprising tha aosth front of ibe street, between lltb and U'thavenuei; Are, 24k 102 2 each. On 78th at -24 lota comprising the north front of tha Street between Ulh and 12th avaauss; alao, 26<102 2 each On 7#'li at (100 it. wide)?24 splendid lota. comprising thn aniith front of the street, between 11th and 12th avenues; Are. 2falt12 2feacb. On 79tb st?7 splendid. lota on the north aide of the At?t, commencing 100 ft t-aA from 12tb av.oue, Axe, 26xUM 2 each. Iheae PA are fenced In. On llth ay ?S lota on the west Ada of the avenue, between 77th aad ifltu Areata, ares, 4 are 2?.9n*lU0 It. and 4 are 2A8>i *76 It each. On lltb ay ?8 lots oe the west aide of the avenue, between 78th and 79lh streets, si vs. 26 <i',?loy ft each On 12U av. -2 lota on the southeast corner of 77th atreet On 12th av ?8 lota on the cast side of the avenue, between 77th at d 78th streets; tfrr. 24.dS1il(Xlft. earth (b? 12th av.?8 lota on loo east sine of the avenue, between 7Hb and 79th atrerta; aire. 25 g'.illiO ft. each. The above valuable property has been in the possession of the Hetdrlck'a famll> for along series of years, and Is all ehgfblj ?ilnated fur lmm? dials use. Tha land slopes Dfauti folly to ite river, the water rights m wfcioh, embracing a front of two tsnd a half blocks, extending 40U feet weA of 12-h a venae, are of Immense value and wtd bo sold inaeatlona 19th street la 100 'act wife and opened, graded, curbed, gut tared and flamed to the river. Thla A prooably one of the loveliest traota of land now for aa> to the city, and Ilea In the rear of the well known Bom. bum's Hotel, and t.djolnlag the ltu.d of his lienor day or Wood. The terms will be liberal, and large privileges will be allowed io p ti rrfianc n. Theme u unexceptionable, aad oneo' the oldest on the Sale absolute. Oa TBi'BHDa Y, Repl 27. Absolute sale of 8S HaKcXM lOTP. On 6th and 8lb avennea. and lSO-.h, 1X11.134th and 136th An. On 6th ave ? 8 anlendtd Vita comptlalnc the r?ud front of the avenue between 1.13d nod 134 Lit its.; aire 161100 it each. On bth ave ?8 aplesoid lota, comprising the earn front of tha ave., between 13410 arid ) 2sh aid; a're 26.. 100 ft each. fin #t> ave.- 4 tola on the northeast oornar of 130th ah; sire 26*110 ft each On UCth St.-7 has on the north Ade of "the street, com mencing 110 ft. east from 6th ave. (adjoining above); Are 26x59 11 each. On I30ib A ? C low on the north aide of the atreet, commenc ing 419 feet can trorn <th av ; sire 26*99 11 cash. on l!Wd A.-4 lota on the north side of the street, commenc ing 140 fet t west of 4tb av ; site 26*99 11 eacb. On )J3d A.?12 lota on the north aide of the street, oommrac ing luu feet east from 64h av ; Are 26*92 U each on 134tli at.?12 lota on tbe south side of the alreat, adjoining above in he rear; aire 25*99 II each. on 134th 12 lou on the north aide of tha ltrect, com mencing 100 fee. front 3th av.; Are 26.JR 11 eai-h. On 136th at iiuo it-ei wtdei- 12 lotl on the aonth Ade c.f the atreet, ndjotuicg above, in the rear; aire 26*99 11 each. Many of the above eta are on tbe beaotllill plena of the Fifth avenue, near the late residence of Cbaa. Henrv HA I, Esq.. deceased, are among the knrelleat sites of Harlem, Ute Frth avenue being sewered and planted whh elegant abode trees above lit Morris square. Ihe grade of the whole plot in exovllent. TITLE PERFECT AND TURKS LIBERAL. The sale wul be iioAtfvyi to the h. ah est bidder. iioeKive to tbe highest bldd ON Friday, Apt. 28, Abeolute sale of WATER STREET PRoFKRTY. The Lot and Building known an No. 660 Water street, west Ade. midway between Scammel and Juckgon streets, sine of lot 16.7), tront and 18 teet rear by '.<0 feet deep. Will be sold for c**h to the highest bidder. Naps, lerma aod full particulars of all the above Mice can be had at ihe nu tlooeeta' office, No. 7 fine street. Auction notice ejtbaobdinaet. Magnificent Household Furniture at public auction. A rave opportunity for purchaser!. The et tire riofa and costly Ftunltiu c containeu In tbe elegant private residence, No 162 West Twenty flrA street, ?la doom waA of Baventh avenua. On Moaf ny, VepL 24. at 10'P a'clont, RUSeNT.L W. WKBT COTT. a ttcUuneer, will aril by vnialogne, aa above, over four banc red hits of elegant roeewoed Furniture combined with a splendid euilecvlou of rare aod valuable works of art, In broaea and marhl*. Toe whole wtH be yoeftlvely sold without reserve, nun or ah ne, constating of magcugoeat carves rosewood Piano 6a by Ambler, < forte made by Ambler, used but four manias, with evArv mo dern 'mpro nmeat. three lujtrb full autta ruaewood Parlor Furniture, - arved In solid rosewood, covered In ortnaon and maroon br.otA wphAtp cvvera. ail tn perfect order: two rosewood marble lop Btegerea. with mirror doors aod back; Matnary marble lop Centre, pier aad sofa Tables; three an perb Pier Mirrors, with (til and tnarbla )>???, Tables aad Cor aires. Velvet aad Brussels Carpets. Turkish Lounges, tn Alk vel ei at d tanestry. with Ai m Chain to m.ttoh. atlta rosewood ReovptAo Chain, la stun and velvet; French Whist Tables, rfrh ? mhpitdvred lace Curtaira. two superb bronza and ormo In Chandelier*, French RaortiMre Lined with satin wood, superb nrUMic Lr nrev of Hlchard Die III, and Edward tbe IV. Art Afne and Oacbna, Mnum. Rhakepere. Veaua at tbe hath, *e , wttb a ii'tmier of valuable palnttaga; richly carved ruaewood EedsWu,',*. with large hair MaUreaaea, Psllralaaee u> then pefti Iteds ?nl*, solid meew ?>d Wardrotres with mir rrrd-?ir* full statnary marble lop dreaAng Bureaus, marine "" " Tottat oar * bap Wasbalaacs, Fretuh cldtut Tiglrt as Is. oral Mirror*. Cuueh ft rrenth T?ie a tetae. rosewouC tUvamber suit, pearl to,aid cuttage t 'halm, brooxa Clocks, goUl borlered Rhodes V nMatrn t hatra, HmsseU Unrpe'a. Ac.; Iiitnit- room I>ak eilcnmon Ta hie. opens 14 feet, marine top owk btlebuanl. oak dining roots cbaitd, Kdaa. rich rut Uiesa of every dearrtpttcm, Alver Wars ot lingers and Betubers manufacture. Frss> h eOiua Taa aeLs, An., with everv deaortpilno of rich parlor, dialog room and eJiamber Fsrotture, alsosnpert rmabsgan J Furniture not kere tnenUoerl. N. ft Parties from a dttiaoce are asaurwd that the g">dt In this bnnae oorrrap.<ed with tbe advertisement, and sUI be peremptorily sold without regard to weather. It AW Hp ' 1 catalogues will be at Ihe I live catalogtrae WU1 be at the bouan on morning of a*le?Terms of wkx h will be a deposit from all [ It- itaaasri and cash ta r arrant funds AI?OLPTR PA!,*, ON A COO I* NT or KEJNtjriMIINO Ixxieekceptriir an t-.iraouuinarv OPNORTCNITT for HOl'SE EECPEkH. J. W, rORTIR, anollnoeer wlJ ##11 OB Mnnday, September 24. comment loaat 10V, o'clock. tie splendid itHri! auk 10.! MM|M] f rwSSft In lie rlee otary rveklcoec AM Pit or teenib .Irert. o few da rt trrnn Knrhth o venue, lira whale com rr'"?E reii'v ike finest oamrtm#' ut oOrrd ot pubkr #*1# for c hny fXttiL tMly 0 ami.. deserlpuon m yi?e0 h> ikui Mr?r> UmmM. DMKktm caUlny.iet ft# iiirkwri ore mm ree-ly oi the kitM, rtj ? Kkcoal myol velvet Cor.tetv in omh normr*. lolkt neesrvod Hnlw in ooua n.-> . ? ototuory morble tup Centre ood bide Toblta, rerved merw tod Etc.-.-rfv end Corn# r blend*. Imjrfr l\. r ond Mm. lei Mirror*. rick laoe Ai d hrnroie. Ctirioiua. < tuna voce. Cits AO, Turkish roof end r? a ipt. a ("holt 11J Mtln sod reps; > lory# roitocUmo' doc Oil rik.iw. tao >K dlntrr Tol .ro, e.uaa Too tod Ito.ner How. hrary ?m Uloteware. Irrirr tad stiver Collar), tali 1 PUrer ware, Ac. Al#o o tpleri'Jd r iroo.. lloaitorM, Htaol ond Udtot. ooe nT Iko m o! .plendn inotram'BU for lone ood flnun ever mode to tk." nountrv Chito beye?Second and Uurd ow rice- ' i,win brouuft;, I.nisaeU ood tnyrolu ' i.trpale -did rot# wntMano iti?ii.<r?iir BBttairo..?, stoltiory msrble lop Dressing J. -roar. W .Louii 10, lc;.?t Htte, Br,,, owl Hotdlti*. pure MoHrees.* Murom, CV.-k# Pole tin*# Ac. Aim Bat# n.cot ond E.trkoo L'leuaUe?OUastMha, Hod Huted, mehnronv Choirs. Hrfoo. l-ounyea, Rnrkrrs. Pufo Nod twenty Inns Qlai, lor*- Cuoktry bu v., Puis, K*ttiro. A' , with whl h iko sole wl'l notomenca. This tele to positive. ood every orL.-lo In l>e told The okov# Fonui'iro mat iko MM alereo! iloornpixm osti roorlr now. bovirg eves ooot MM. IIo ia*koop?r? wid i bd u ad*euegv-....siaenaiiae ike soma. AUCTION N0TICE.-BT VIRTU* OF A CHATTEL A BKWtyogr, RICHARD WaI.IKKH anoUnoeer. wID eel! no Mooda; oad Tncodor Mlh ood ah Into., oi 10 A. M. pro rtoely. oocb dor. Ik# csur# f nnmar# n? Ik# NorttAra 11 i#(. fcrnrr of Cnrlordt ood W?#l otrrtot #1/ ccoictlnt Ik) Stic >?otknr B#da. 100do. Hole o?d rokcr M#nr??. ) rtnrt too boronT, Imn ood rloln Hadatondo. o iion 11 y of Blon krto. I <mlarwrt, vuilu Itoortiac, FtlkrWto Hototorm. Mlrrnrt, Wookclondr, Totw# d ombcr i rtvk?rr, Ac. Aim lo# Por tor ixntn* Horn ond Kiiehco PurnHara n< Rnwoolo. Ikr## Mid lr rum fmrxmiLtg kontol ond I ter pUto Mlrruro. Cbniio, OODtr#, morBl# tnp, |n#f, #iifi?llt ond otkrr Tot too. hvtrcoe*. B- Acorn W.rdrt.b##, < "idnik#. An. Aim Ik# Bo r. ltor flTU.rc# ond f urn due#, wttk no# .Iiprrlor *? t t#k Hccr Patop. Wttk rwodibf rw at and oAicc Fnr.linr# All ? 111 be mid *1U nt Umlt tke o?o?? don. ond anato b* re Diwad I be day fnllnwlnf, Wtroeoooy. IT w tale le nell warlk Ike oUroUna nf fom^nre deauero i teb dep.ak# ?ttr?ed l oyawt w IB rurrtwl m ioeJ Hole rr a" potiute. i I mo* A ALE?lUI.TEK AND Ol-LD *TAT( ITWI A. A rmON EALE?duLvEN AND OliWJ WATCHJto A. A N.CEIATAI.Ait, Aurtwoetr. M B?wery. atll Mil Ntwdoy. Stik into.. M| aflroeenad jg? er? H Pol kerra fmak * Mia It* urwa, #II tec-mo into en. w pew .ne > e. m Ml Leplnee. Dtlm ke,l Ueera Jtorl 'k WW *P B Wotokte Atoo, e mi V toioto. Ato##'-U .u, a. A .. Ibe ccnoN noticx-*. dooohtt, AomoNnm L wiU telL Moaday, kaptoatbar 24 oi 10<, n cork, ol fid No#to ttreat, iko eaUra Piiroliurt #r o foml.r remortd f* rrmrenieora at tale ood ko# tieea la aaa only tipoe N?y toto. eotaprlto#* ramwmd and moWbanr parlor Parouare, Oarveto. Tele a Htoa Eofao, park# ond onn CI .0.-0 ki'rtirt. e stent ma aad ernlfe Tol.laa, to 11 atop'.oled Wore, C-il Irry. dretslag Hureana. Wedktoaado. Perl tie. 4?. hair Mai Imart, ulankato Hkaeu, Cetalnrto. W#fdm'wa, Louacaa. Ad. ikr whoto m be pnakiru/ aoid to tka kidhaai botdar. ATPMITATE EALX-SPIJUrDID HOCKJCTfOLD PTE JL Bdnre of Ike t#e mart r. - tnana. No tie Wato r nnrteewui Onto, betweea Rifkik aad Nrnlk aeaaoea: ike wftoto en#I over ilMOO. and still be to luto 10 tnit por#to#a?ra at toao Ikon ant-toon price#, in (MMnenee nf mnoral. AU Iknee I# word of really find tlarn FarahaM ore InrMrd la rioaune ike akora. Everytalna reqairad ft* o lorp# rltlHI' sen be f-'iad. baak , ?eefru and nrnaateaUl If on# eold ol private at'e tke wboM stUl ka aatoUvaly #?ld oi pobke snrtma to tka kls'.eto tod-l#r oa BoaAtor. M. ol W% o #laefc, wUkout 1 mi a Am. men win, adcttonhmb. . By BAN'la, NEE* IN A Ol) , tieto* B?: dln*t. W4 Wodneodt* oad Tbnrwtay erenlnea, Hept. M tool W, 017 n'elnek. Choice PrtTOte Idbrary m ralnoMa Kulid aad Amerteaa Into toaiprtttoa a eartoAr of nbole# toiit oad Book*, laatodla* AM IfENWT*. ACCTTOfrlEE, . I# BAE'iH, MEM*IN A CO.. Irrte? Bni 1ht?a, ?M ?tod MM Broad war. Monday eveetn* Rapt N Ml 7 afatork New Nnokw A lovpe e-liaeUnn of rohuble tun " .rd Wort*, toeln l!?a IIInatotoe-' Honk, ko Moor nf tbeta b#re merer keen nfered ol public toie. Fur parUcelora oaa aalolocaea Acer If* EaLN-BMADT NAD* CIOFHIN4. DET llnoda, Ae ? A. M. CKI?TAI.AR eneMoaaer 2J Bowerr On Motiday itoh into , ot IU'< n ebeb. 'nm ototk, pfleA. rttm M> a# tad nuatoiere frock, em It tod near Cnato; enoemere oad toMatl Porta, velvet, plnsb, Mlk. tolln ood awaunere Ttwa. Aim. 0 orpefol nf How. I'opo, Trnr.k# kr.. ks. Atoi. CkAk. kTCTIO* Ntrricw-NPENHANW FtTNNTTT** NX A I reet and furniture poahin* iatolikikia?in 111 ond Ilk weal R.'eveotk otre. 1 betw. en Fifth ond Miifi oiOau##, Hntioehold turnilnre nf e.#rr daarrlptina bused md shipped ?noli pnrto of Ike smrld Ploonforle#, mirrors, amo'intt, tolatfy rbir.o oad ploo#wmre nuefully peek# oad owered. Ikrpe tprtor wosnro Inr tke removal of fitraHara to Ike torn airy. More se nf (nraltme. XjUNN ANT*.-LAN'IN EAI#N"')F PTCTtJEW-HPNRT K H. LEEDS k co. will has.' ibeir yvoat oemi onr-iol oole nf krto eloee Picture 0' 'he Noil ,n?' Aiadoaoy of t'c y*. 'to Ike ever!### nf Ike i'ld Altk ond ?.Vb -d Lcvib-r Pwit Will be eere(?? 1 00 s?d >fi?' :kx ISO) Oibber. ol obr ?t '111 lory. Tfcey wli to ft; tkad a "tTk MWl to-. ?!;. ^ MAJUM At ACVTKM. NORT1JIKB Okl.rFl *AtX), auctio??kr& liQNtflOK T HOUSEHOLD ruRJimiRi, , RAEE ARD CC3TLY PALNTIMuM, _ ? AND WOEK i OF ART, To bo peremplor ilj (old It , . PUBLIC AUCTION Ou Hondo;, September U, _ _ . At the elegant Maasfcm of Zone Barnham. r*q., Ko 48 West tab treat, between Sib A (Kb avenues. Bale aemmtncisg oi li) u>s.eek. _ _ Knperbmven octave Pianoforte. Drawing Boob Salt*, , OU Pdinttegs by eminent Artlata, ArtiaU-; BrtnM Siatuary ? .. , Frrrti and Preeden China Omonolo, Brouie and Otmota Chaodallam, _ .... VelvetMedallionCarpels. French rlota Ptar and Uuitol Mirrors, _ , _ . _ Brocade and Loot CurUlnm Rosewood Chamber foraNaro an suae, _ , . Solid Oak Bullet and Extension Table. China, SUia aad Silver Ware The Furniture oil mad* in order by Waal A Both. drawing rooms. Magnideent Garwood 7>i or. ova PHnofortr, The richest Instruuiert offered at auction Una season, carved )rg? aad ? aae four rouad corners. overstrung beta. Head with satin wood, iulo'd with prarl, finished aU round. ootid pearl key*, mare b; city aakera, and fully guaranteed; French cloth t over; btool covered In brocade, rosewood Oantarbury, Buretaire and Rooksaae BoiadeKoaa maruueterle Cabteeia, lad) 'a V? ork Table and Writing (leak, inlaid with pearl; English, Kinaarla and medallion < arp? ta; mneaie Ruga, French plate Iter Mirrors. marble Mabe and Brackete; two large Mkuitel Mirrors. richly carved framea; heavy embroidered LaeoOur taina, Fr? a b i-hades, Careioea; two magnificent auks of Parlor Furniture, covered in three colored aatln brocade of the rlabaci description, carved In aoUd roaeivood: two Tata a Tate Sofas, reception and oval back Chaire, raaewood Centre labivs, Grecian marble top to match the suite; Eta ?area, marble tops, lined with aaUnwoed, Mirror dcon aad back; ling's patent Chairs; quartette, pi Tables, Ctl Paintings, by Waal, Leg mud. Cole, other eminent art lata: assumption, Virgin Mary (rrooa the celebrated painting in the Lou vie. Pans), Storm Ceene >br Ftngernag'e), Ac ; oak Haiatand. Chairs to match, velvet stair Carpels, Silver Rods, Oilcloth. Cb&mbera?WUtoa and Ingrain Carrels, rosewood marble top drv awing Rnrauna. Bedsteads and Commodes. Amoar-a Glace, Toilets, Wardrobes, Table do butt. Couebva, Rockers; arm and ond back Chairs, covered In moquet; hair and spring Mattresses, Bedspreads, Feather beds, Bolsters, Pillows, oval Mirrors, l'aalel Paintings, de Co ruled chlu.i Toilv la, bracelet Ctutalna, Ac. I)ppereaain(vira? MahoginiT and enamelled Bureaus, ltedateuai ? JittMS, WmNUiuIi, kolas! Basket*, Ac liin ng Room?Solid oak Bullet, extension dining Table, rvtead* 16 frit; Oouchra, arm Chairs, element aeb costal and ruby Olaasware, vL: Decanters, Goblets, Champagnes, Lemonades, Wlnet, Cart lis, Fruit, Cellsry and Preserve Btinfs. Ftoanr Bowls, parmn marble and ruby Punch Howls, 1 lquor Beta, gold band Dinner Bel, 290 pteeea; rich decorated Tea Beta, M pieces; solid silver Dinner and Tea beta, bltverware Casters Cake Baskets ivory Iutndie Table Cutlery, Ppoonv, Forka Bank In Hinge. At Alan, geaeralaa aortaent of Basement at d Kiioben Furniinre. Terms of sale cash, in bankable money or certified checks. By johkph mom am.?Monday, bmpt. n. at m o'clock P. M., at Na S4 President street, betwe*n Hicks and Columbia. Booth Brooklyn: Mahogany Parlor Furniture, Brussels and ingrain Carpets, ihloloth, Extension Table, three pairs Canary HirUs and Castes, two large Breeding Cages, Ihllim. Chamber Furniture, Ac.. Am PEREMPTORY HHBBIFF'9 8ALU, BY ORDER OF THE BPPBKMK OOURT, The attention of oaottaliets and others is called v> be sale by JAMK.S M. MILi-Bd, AooUm eer, under the direction of John Kelly, Hhenil. Ac, on TDKBDAY, September 25, at tdo'eioca. at the Merchants' Kachange, of fie Bret clam dwelling bouae and lot No. 88 KABT TWKNTY rilltrr DTBBKT. QAAMKBCY PAHA, dooming all the modern tmprovemcms. Hale abaolute to the highest bidder. the property ta now rented for ?1.808, but the purchaser will be entitled to immediate pomeoanu. PKBHMPTQBY AUCTION MALM OF TRUNKS, CAPS, .Bala, Ac, Am?A. M. ( KIRTALAR, amdioneer, 23 Bowery, wtll aelL on Mnaday. 34th inwt, M 11 o'clock, it large maaortmtnt of Imatherand Carpet lUgn. Valises, lli,;? and Trunks, of vancua km Also, a large lot of black and oolored Soft Hats, of various qun'Mer. Alan, plush, velvet, cloth and oaadmere Cape, la arcs', variety, together with store Fiitorvw, eaatstlng of Show Cases, r tandm Rashes, Hide Cases. Ac.. Am c* M J. HOGART, AUCTIONRKR8.-'TOBSDAT, SB''T. B> 25, at U>; o'clock, at the uuclion rooms. No. 1 North WU nara street, mortgage sale or Household Furniture, conaiauag of oak marble top CotLi-e Full, da Rldeboanl. Rol im Tables, Chairs, Brumela Carpets. Mirrors, tnauogany Bureaus Bad steads md Bedding, rnaewootl marble top v'snue Tables, Kitchen Furniture, two wagtaas, two Morses, Ac. SA J. BOO ART, ACOnOITKKKS.?MONDAY. MPT. ? 24. at II o'clock, at the southwest comer of dlatb avenue and Tenth street, mortgage sale, all Bllttard Tat las, complete, with Balk, Caea, Markers. Act. JAMES RuLLlVAN. Attorney for ? WILLI AN WTTTEBR. ATTCTTDNNBB-W1LL SELL ON Monday, at 45k Canal street, at 2 o'clock, the entire Furniture, Ac., of a larce first cla a Boarding House or Hotel. Bcfsm Rocking, Easy and other ( hairs; Centre aod Bitension Tables, pier aud other (.lam ea, oil Paintings, laee and daaaark Curtains, parlor Suits, elegant velvet, Madallion aad other Carpets; hall, bine merit aad other OUototh*. French aad cottage Bedsteads, hair, ?cring aad other Mattreaaea. leather Bads. Redding Sbasts. Blankets. Spreads, Bolivars and Pillow*, dressing ;.ml other Bureaus. Waalsiaoda. Toilet, Dinner, Tea and other Sets; Wardrobe#, dUiing issjm and kite has Fnrnitare, Stoves, Am, the whole comprising a tins assortment for family uam WM WITTERS,"AUCTIONEER, WUL KEI.l ON MON* day, at t o'clock, at 454 Caaal street, one light Pleasure Wagon, one pet Single Harness; also Bar aad Bar Fixture*, t ountere and all other rtoda usimlOt fouad la valooai large a-lrer plated Trays, large Mirrors, Knglith Beer Pump. so. mARCIAL. Atlantic ravings bank, chatham s<jlare, corner of New Bowery, open dally from IU to 1 and from 4to7P. N. Denualta irom 25 oenls to IV0U0 reoar ed. Six pereent interest allowed. Deposits made on or before Octo ber 1st, draw interest from that dale Mrnev l > io..u no g.iid hoad aad mortgage. M. D. VAN PELT, President, j P. Ooorut, Secretary. Ciiaicm D. Baiutv, Treasurer. OHBMK'AL BANE, NEW TORE. SEPT. 1?. IFWO.? Dtvtdead.?The President and Director, of this Hank, have ibis day declared a quarterly dirt end of six par coat, payable to mesi-holders, on and after Monday, the Lat day Of UctoSmr naah By order of ft# Board. O. O. WILLI ANB Cashier. HONIKTBAD riBE INHUBANCN COMPANY. NEW Toflr llatitemhar go. ldku.?Ate spaoal term of the Be pteate <Vmrt of the Stale of New Tort, held at the blly Hal^ tn the otty Of New Yoek.^on the ISKh of Ret t?? her. ym onmotiueof Hon. S H Hammond. Deputy At u.rney General of sad Bute, the anderslgaad was app anted Re.-efver of said Bamestea.1 Fire le* r..ic-i ( >mpany. wtlh all the powers of Receiver in nkeing up tha all airs U said mpany aad making final aeitlenieefof the i I wage* 1 therefore give eottre to all parties Inter.-aoad that I wtll at tend hi tha duties of my aai-i appofaimeat at the office, IM Rkaaaa street. AII persoes having rlaima agnioat said Company are rev neat - i res i ' " _J to present lham for setae meat, and ih.vw mdnbwd hi mats kmmaitlata gaymeat. PBUei IILUD, LAND WANNA NT? BOUGHT AND SOLD TATT.OR BROTHFP-A, 78 W?JI <nrl, MawTort. SOTl.-RTO HON I-TH1 BOND' OP TD1 N#w Tnrk and Nrw Harro Rn..r*??l Ctm.nt.BX. dae It rm'-ar. 1 ?U. win ba paid, ?*h ptnrand liirna npn arn-alxm am aurraudtr M th# Tr?x<nrrr'? oMot. o.roar ? TmRPNNh atraat and Fourth arret,a Haw Toaa, Aoauai 7. IM. W. BUI BIT. Tmnm. KWORLKANB AND KAHILI FCNOfl HOt'JUT B1 ATorgT BK2.NONT A CO., M Wall atraat. U' X~*w TORN, ntrt II. 1*0 -THE I.VTNBRST IN diialK-tolarl. t.paa G>* mt>rt*a*a hnmla of tba haw lurk aid Paw Haaan Rairtwd ?'<*an.?a?. will ha pa I on ?nr rrt.rar of lb# omtpona on and aft*r IM data, at I ha Rank of ? ha HapaMle, or at iha >4floa of lha utapany, ctroar at 1 a anly aareulb airaat aad Fourth arao ia W. HKMIVT. TlRMorar. R~K*rrTAi?f*?" to England? IRKLAND, PWTI.AWD AND WAUBK. thrbt Ffl? tba CNION 1IANK Of LONDON, national iiank or huotland. HNLFaMT BANKING OOMt'ANT. IRKLAND. la SUB* i rrna U npwarda, laauad bf TATLOR BP.onTRRR. Bnatara. 78 WaU airaat. Raw Tarfc. rlBD AVRNCR BATINON RANK. Uoraar Third arao ia aad Twaaly fifth ?rr". Chartarad IBM Nil P*a Crpt laran ar aUoiaad on ail anaaa fraoa Oaa dollar to ana thouuad do tiara All dapoaMa aada m or balora lha 10th of October draw In |g|^|| | T OflB OftdlMf la Har k ppan daily from M to 1: alao aa prawla** of N-taday, Wrdaraday aad Fatnrday from t lr> 4 o> nek. KR. fa'.-a. bar rat-.- BP RR47RK K ORKXN Proa. NTON niRN NAVTNOB BANK. _ ?!? fanal rraat, c irnrr of Vatiek Mrawt opau da: y from tan In iwo and fowl flap to aaraa F it ; dwnoaMafrail tan RpM toll lllNlHl: d? par rant a lowad ou RdUU ^od nadar aad ira par rant oa Urfar anaM. Puma dapwiled no Of biNoia Oplobat- 1 dra* Intareal fn tn Ot u> nr 1. HM,4S Bhaahaan rar? -?.! MAURdrpaaRan IB ar-aa MR aa T?o aaatr a day Inlaw r! M tan aad a half yaara aa? inia to Mil 11 l-ioay to luaa oa U?d ?a1 mnrimfa K. T. HaLUMWOUI, PrMdaat. QaasraR. Cuirta, Imittrr f<) nnn *o*TH nr OOLD ANDMLTKR WATt liKS Jil.UVU and tlw anna aMount la tww?,ry ara ? an r 1 in aarhant* f"f half food rlty ? Ma a d b*.' raai mt.te. Aa il l rarlfj t* wan tad (oa a diataat Mark at. a atort that if a ll'.i.a out uf data will anawwr If p?-i at a low prv-r DATTOH A JOMPI Proparlr Ra-ha 7 Park row. Naw r.? |. c nnn nn/t old amkrican oorrBR i mi wanud at fon? par rani danniat. Hil ar roan** non?:iS ai on? <iti..rtar of oaa par oa?t dlaeouAL h. T. MoBhaN. No. ? Tryon iw. ?KiirMsiosi. (1BOIJIRA BANKh.?< ONI'MNRNTART TO XWW. 7 hfra aad Ii-iralL?BlaaM'f HVNTPKM. faptiue J, Dnaall, will Mako < na mora ni lrarm to th* fhdara Hauha oaTuaaday. Papiaamar tt", laarint .larkana mr-m at I o rlork. Park alia at ? n rloak. hprtnc Blraat at I , a niorfc. plar 4 Nrrth rl?pr. al 7orlork. and will ratnals oa t*? Bar.kanaii! 4 o'aiorh, P M. Halt, Mora and RofrtakiaanU caa ba prj rnrad au hoard Parr $1. H. 00RWI5. I HICK IXX3RWOOD, \r .IAB PKARBALI., f ^ ppr rHli.i.tTR. ) SCR DAT BOAT TOR KKTPORT AND PtRT? *r Ipi 'aadlai at Uaiao ?<-*?,r.a. ? at vp Toraa ? aad Ofaml. fir aplacdl.l ttaamrr Aljri PRiCl. lw- ra Bob nam rtraad, m a?ndat, Rapirmi-a- n, at 8~{ ao<! r?ar No. 4. Nnrib rHar, at BYa'clork. laturmtaR, laaraa Kryprnt at a P. M. Para, ttoata. QI'KDAT BOAT fnR W IP IT POINT COLD RP-.I.V . O I'nruwallaad Nrwbnra?far*^ *< oaaia, aar-.:iwou kftwa, 75 eanU. Mtawar HROADWaT laataa piar fra* of l*r tttwi l/orblftf at t^flatnpbar aad Thlr-wik atr?w? ?- rr> B'-aday auvniiip. ** 7 ortptk. l?-alr? al T- ik#m Haat'ata Dohhr r#*7y, Tarryinwa. sMr Ma*, Barrmraw and Oaa wall a rrturidn* Wt:f Mara Naannr. at 1 o fkrh P. M. T\AT BOAT FOR Al.RANT AND TNOT. K A KINO THK if tMMl RMd4B?-Tho aMamrr DANIKi. IIABTr -?'M Jay^aaf ph? aad^Tbirtiath Mraat. T iaad*r A1 buraaay* and fflAKORT onifPAimw TAtrv at Tl'B RAKAK JL hn tim, RarlaM.aomar of Third araoaa aad luQtha^aat. What* urn baft of aor nmnvdatlnna ara (iron. Rf?. A. HRONN Maaar-. "fflAKOST COMVAnrtn -"TARi.RT (NWrANtpa - 1 "Hi. tadaaa ?Tkfca BuRea'?Tha laryr. ap'*ndid. ?>#* betdl. kaowa aa Willow Parti, ah taMd ai Mr? -wi> * jiaai ? > n?r nf I.Xiih alra?4 and Rlrhlh aaanna, haa lha boat t" HRrn datl<?*lo Hi" ahrn- buitai??. Tba Tmpaalaa ran takn thn ? ar nd r t h r<l a<ranna ?ora lo Bkrlapi ifcav wilt iham find a I- imyni. ?v r-h kata* >t rv half hour 'nr' II -t'm.b'a !'?n? Far aardrt) ra pplylnMAHK flufilai. pn* dip, N. B.?Naaltaai '- i Of MkllbfiirA ?y and n *M. ?q?m, it??. <??., y,u?.. Ayent"ble **oha? io? boarding limit, aow filled with g?od tM*i boaidsra.10 It, and 1 tra'luit lor Mlt, >n itt nut aldt?( town ??? '?" "? sr^,^v*oiMaff?'88r5T5w teak (Dlruoe. A i.adt ownno amd occupying a okntrel Houee, barlfig all the modern Improvements, wttb stag* peesisa the doer, dralrns u> let either the ' PIX* of Lowsr Pan. fureUhed orenfurnlated loaamall r*mi)y Referyooaa esthsaged. Apply at 41 fourth alrest, near WestTwatf.b si AT YON1BBS-TO RENT OB FOR 8AI.B, A MODERN bum Ilrure, elegantly ftirnlebrd. one at-a of proumL highly rmhell >b? wth fruit ?nd aha'e trees; viutetehtsand lit wer garden; situated on Broadway buuae and grounds In owpltta order; trai alaaa surroundings. Apply MaNNY. at Mrs leDtnger's. d .inkers, or DlNBIIi A UuLLKB. 8 Pnestmt. and 1.244 Broadway. N. V. CBRL8KA HALL AND OHAMU UVHRH AVENUE, coiner of Twenty eenond e'reet to let?The Ball t?a large loom, airy and well Ufliled. is eidtabla for a dancing academy, tell, drill lolae or uieaUag room The 'hapel, with Lerturo Boom auached, lately orouned by the I'lymoulh Union chores, la fitted u? aith eeata oaparieof seating three hundred peranee ft|M"Ire on the premiere DWRABT K HOUSE FOB TH* WINTKR. ? 4 PRIVATE family will rent a suit i f Roome. with Hoard, at the de light! ill maoelon on the Mb* inlrgu?;e mad, opposite 110th ?treat; groin da end tardea, ten arree, eitead to the Hudson; eceneiy wagnflieeat Omnibuses peee every twenty minutes. Te>ma moderate. App y ae above for a week. PURNlhilKD AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. ruhimiiKn. 14th etreel, between fith avenue and University place. 82,fill Ihib ?' " Irvine pta ? and od - OWI llhta " ?? ?' 1,400 10th " " Broadway and thh avenue I.nun I Wth " " ?? fith ?? 2,300 | 34th " Mar Jth avenue 1 *00 tOtli '* between fith nnd <ith avenues 1,100 van eei' iicD , Unt v rreily place, between 8lh nnd tub streets 7.000 street, between 2d and 3d avenuee I dt*J l?th " " Sth and yth " I,*10 loth " " fith " 0th " 1,500 fifth " " 7th M Kth " KV1 Khh " ?? 7tb ?' 8th " BOO filth " " Madison and 4th avenue S.0U0 42nd " " fith ai d nth '.200 47th " oorner 7th avmne 1,200 4tkb " between hth and 9th avenues 740 and other* in various loeiumn* at moderate rates. Apply to _ jad* ? lHRGRh A HOLLKN. Mo. 8 fine street and 1.144 Broadway. TjjTUBR IKHKI) lloUPE TO LET-1M BROOKLYN. TO A r small private family only. Has every ooovenionro housekeeping. In perfect order, location nneieeotionable, ooa vrnieat to ear* and ferries; rent from $?0 to J?l per month, dependlnir on Urn ' Ire of the family, Address P. K. 11. Wood, Brooklyn Toat nttlre. Agenta not treated with. ptURMIHlED ROOMP.-TWO FRONT ROONB ON THE ? thl'd Hour to let, tn ueniietnen, without board. Apply at No. 20 West Kleveuih mreet. FCRN18I11D ROOMS.?ONE OR TWO PI.K4SANT Ahl? ocmloruble Roome, with larva "losela, gnuee, rae hatk, Ae., to let on mi*lerai? irrme; alio a Room on the ttrnc Soar. Apply at H7 Prince street, third dour west of Broadway. House to let-no 98 eabt thirty first sTRKur; rent PfifiO per annam. The whole or pert of the Furel tare for sale If daelml. Inquire on the premises. House to let -the large three btort a*i> attle brick Uenee No 29 St. Mark's place. It w ,n g"<*l order, and will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply to Mr. JAMES ORUIEMHAME, fid Broadway House to let in Brooklyn, and furniture formic. Kent WOO. Pomemtun immediately. Address H., boa 4,101 Poet otBce. No boarding kouae keeper need apolv House to lkt.-thb furniture, i* whole or In pait, fur sale low. Beat of house "tWO per annam. Inqotre on ibe tiremlsee. Sfl West Elghtaenth street, near ninth avenue. Irom 10 to 1 o'clock. House to let and furniture for bale?a two story bisemrnt and a tie hri a Uouse, in a ideeeaot location, and onnvrntent to a>l cars and stages; wtll be soM cheat). Rent of houae 8SUU per year. Apply for two daye at Mo. 9 Grand street STEAM POWER.?TO LEASE, SUPERIOR ROOMS, with itaady power, tn 'be new building, now nearly i ?n pleled. ow lots 42 and 44 Greene etroot Early applieeUoa should be made at the oflice. No. 4d Greene street r LET OR LEASE?THE TWO ETOKT AND ATTIO batch Bourn 80 Watte street near Oanal; has jost beea pat la ecmplote order and palntad throughout; tea gas and Qraaoa. * Apply at 97 Water r LET?THE FOUR 8TORT DWE1XING HOUSE. NO. 1H9 Second avanue. Tbe furniture or any portion of it will be sold ir deelred; ul?i tbe gas luturee and fuel; ooeaes alon immediately. Inquire of ABNRRLAWTON, ou the pre mises. r LET?FINE BRICK II'UHK AND GARDEN, Fifty I ifth street near Serenlh avenue; rent 8300 no gar; llraet grading untiniihed; will lease for three \run. Inquire of UKO M. KKA, JJ WIILvm street, or on th? T) LET?HOUSE AND STORE, 18 RHERIFF. NE*R Grand street. 810 fi r-1 Floor, 21 West llroadway, 880. Apartments at28. Viand M Vt'. st Hrcadway. JBTh vnasstrtst rd121'J Itns me street. A i ;>ly to JUL1EN t KK i IKK, Nu 93 Iloane street, corner Brctulway. rLEE?FU RN IBB ED OR UNFURNISHED IN A good location, West 7hlrty first str"?t. a three etory base ment House, with all the modern Imp rot erne n la. Rent rea sonable AC drees R, 11 craid oflice i mo let-lower part op bouse it hkthunk . I street, aear Abingdon a;uare two Uarlora. froat and bark : Baarraeat. wuh aevrral rUieplt-g Rmene. gas, raago, hot and oold water aed largo yard. Rent 837i per em.urn. rl^T-FINEl.T FURNISHED ROOMB.iaBOWKRT, on lecond A.or and other* In Ruita well a-Upted for fa 1 mlllc*. bouse brown atone aud newly turn A"I. liiqulm on ' third door. J. WARKkTON. r LET-NO. IRKaKT WASHINGTON FLAPE, EHOOND blork froee ltrawdwav. bouae ta good repair. Apply at No. 11 Wast Twenty eecoud street, between the hfiura of head II A. V.. or* and 7 P.M. rLKT-TBX SRrOND AND THIRD FLOORS OF PHM Orm, malum HolUllru-. Noa 10 am! '.1 fulb avoune, near Kt*bUi street. huHable for Billiard, Drill, Ujfht Rmattfacter iw^uui i 11 v<n nuiwviv i?j? ?, ???ni, unui ?? *m *i? In* or LeetdH Roam Apply at No. 1W Waverly place, oe KliOi avrane mo i.kt-part or a doubi.k hoi'sk. roNHiNTiNo A of iw*bwim>?I room* plneaaatty alloyed In Hadaoa <8ty. oa the Une oi the Joner Cxy nam. and a few atepg trom Ih. Iloi.fiaen r.tra. Apply 1? C. llAOKKi'Itt. 4* llioadeay. rin-A nsniRAiiLR oottahk, wmt kin* worn* and atauie attacberl. alih 3 lota of irrnand, aha in treee. Ac . on 'ftth atreat, between Teeth avenue and Ktiira I rtrtf* r'?wi WnWwM HaifMa I no ulra on IkI iimun, or of .1. K l a W pi Worth atreat, third lionr. T) i-ft-ths . ket MU';n;r.ic ircoko floor oob tier R'om?, wttl. el*ht Mat wtndiwa; alao, frnat an. cor ner H'*m a on fourth t oar wtlh a ri.uetour enlra.ioe at sir and 819 Hme-taay, rorner oi Twelfth i.raat. I'.-uia mud<-ra.. w r!.RT-THE OFFER PART or A HANPSORII.F Fl'R mated Foliar, to a anaail family or party of *r-v A.w '?mr K. ??n.a, (tillable for b warl-epic* <ia? and a . ?ao drro Imom mruta loo ilraalt No. 9 Aan tr elan* TO I.RT-Tn* FIRST U>?T IN MARHI.R I , il,PI ?tJ ?tea) atravl. a m*>il<ai. aow ? . -intad by hi 11. Uob ??? ?;?in for rtbb<.ri tote; a firm naaa baatoeaa ate J. Heal till) t>?r annua. ItitWM fir laia TO I.KT?A WORK AND DWRLUNO. NONTIIW1WT rororr of P. Noteateei.b atrpat -ad Tp.ratertw. for a tonne af tees i a rrod ??oant At pllratton may made 10 TAOMaA IIUKTO*. 212 roar! tUr, ., op at-ir*. rirr-RTORR AND ROUAB. KM* I IICHK V ttntKFT. rottrih waid. *?a>i at-uet tor b i? M r?n* Mar. foouir* at 179 Radiums ureet, ta the ttr l?* at 7 < caw*. and ou the premise* from If to I. TO T.BT?FART OP AN KNOLI-TI BAKERENT IlOr-"*, rtr ?Parlor FVwr and Ur*r Atlr-ben with ranee, ?,.* and mid water, raa Avium. errvauta !'.??.tu. net oi bath. Ac. 191 laat Twenty third etrret EI.PT OR )JLAn-*VTER*I. TIN* OFPirTSS, WWW, U*hMd. to the new bw tdln* No At Kaaaau atra. t, bets-ee i ot> and John afreets. U a oty. alao. toe Haae> r?L tot 'eel deep, sultahie for a bttl'ard aalra.a Apply to PRANl IM ?VrtNB, 1*2 Rated atrre CUT OR t.RAPK - TI'K OPfTRABTR RIUB WOOF Dwelltof lb,raa. No *A Rlteatradt -laarlw?, I it?e prrf?? order. thiwafJl av,r.M arid) wr utaidac,. ?hilar. IIaa all the we'rm Im proaadarotr?fnrwa w. balk water ebaeta iraa an t I'maor n erer> ...air I', nj :. any time aflor Imtnbar ?S Pur tirtbrr ra tteulaea and e?rda n'adnauaunaappi/loUeoaorr. btiARLKb t*>ol l.K. No X Blith atfprt. mo !.*T MAN*. I.R FOR f *7.* -Tiff THRP'-i ITORT 1 and! aamaaot H' iao. Nn. 1 Wad Bee.'.way ptaea. eon teted talaiar ai anrtrra intonx >a' p . nil no (trad imoitiiaia ly. Apply to M. PAKTACAUUl. s7 Paarl ?j+n. mo I.IASF OR ' OR FAI.I?TPF IfOCSR 1.190 liROAT! i w*y. pearly, Raa ad I ha B.adr ?? mprurrm* MA now ocenplrd by the paRart oer ? lib < ,?rb retraaew aaat atabio oa tap rear. Iaqurrr ?' K P. i AUMaN. 1.m4 Bnatdwap. r RENT-A FINK HUIT OF ROOMN AT THE MAOTXON rvk Ho> m No. 1 Waal Twoniy *f k a rwat, onrner it Hroa.way eppraise Malawi dark and W rth limgaw.. I l>a,.nla. lakUa t III ? ? 1 I 1 I 1 if nra adPl aa. I UhO' ril ~ ~ * - e a. I Pttrair taklri Inranbr i ? pre .MTV Rea* oj referpatoaa rw qulrd*. r) let -a riftOR. con*:jt:n<? or TriRw noomn la No, J W '.ow a rapt 'ioRetiep Ike lUmee n adnaled r.aaaaot.y and iraltb). w two deora lite the Oatod-c Ch^pt^. fWO I .IT TKR FIMT ' LAPP FOIB NTORT MOWN 1 atone front lioje 124 Wrpt Th .ty fourth at owl, r t ai. the tuipreiamenta The r? br -aa. arkdek ara rery hand ar me and par?,r wir-or. ran rem- a rewt (J t*l Apply to IdOOMtiA IIOFT. b< t Ptatr I Ptreei, or 1 l* Hmadnay. rRINT. IN NROOMLTN-A FIT* RTORT RBIfT* bt: .Idire to F inaw M wot. No 117 meiwa bdtwwiat ?nl. toa and WaO atrret irrrww It la ndkpted lor * areS mjdai ar BMnifaeturuy parmwea and wt, .a rented tow. las ,lr? of C. R iteap. No lt?> Ooi'iwbta dWWA Renofcira. or (af Rrmdway, Now Tork. TO RENT OR TOR tAi.T-T*0 NKW TUN"K RTORT h.:b au?p b't'h be-eea, Nm 271 aad 179 Wes. f .-tr 'melt wroot. For panten'ara ihiat.- of H U. I.AWREN< K No. 1 T e.?i etrpot. Aator Mono- ? t.Rt RPNT V" PER AINU*-A ?*AIX TWO dory Rr 1 front br ao M aiM aenr Rmndwwy. rr Forty, ra?.-aet WHl VI - IWAde, - m. ?"W'l A-oet arttb \ti IM Mode, - .mpp, eireata tu flibte A- App'r ?n RaCIR A CO t *2. Brwi way, dur.wr at For ty ffth atreei rRBtf Al'RARI m IBi-TO iit or t jr a nr. a Ainir iPili". or: wttb eeras*, < on '?? i-a,l?i* a - epona It m teey earw ) maae- 'of a f.rW otoaa rawan raa<. and wu: M (mad W0w worhy of lTdM,? atleoteo. No afPtt aeoda oty A4de?? lar f rAaya Rift-. teu>? I' Ft?; ' bid, Aa r eta A K *hlh ? -ev. rr?RC(MtbTT At TO 1X1 OR I.EAAt A PINK mrner hvra ant fel ?ra to A -sdtar He* , r..'ais,'w the east rid# of tbr stty I or terw* apply to A i7RIO<<* THK MIMTAHT. J ami* R. kp.R '.ioan hattalio*, ait kntion. - Tb.- mr-abem v tbr a>*?- e ,-pa aias bfl tboa# ? a "Wto parto ; ete in their a lerairn pb I < to. artil M? at ifO t dntel Hall. IPi Idiltl, Nertoni oprB ?? 'dree "If. Ry rder. iAROW. JAC IMJ*. Ran*. a? 'u", ??? -edary. M TI.TTART NOTICT. T1 T ... am, p a . -y I,, ? e W f' ? e- ea.r.y at f t rlr ?. at Me w > i *? Hit. No._ If* ' rta ? DM let wren ThnCpa o an A "aa ryreto. to tehe raafe netra <*? 'Iwir an at *'??>'* Weddp ta). i*"onpr ? TbldO w'af n; to ?? are raq"**tod to toteid l.nA iwesd twtalyht. aa A* rcfi wltfbil? ?1S! llfJ?.1"',-'IV"11' trip mib ilROR'll N I At. OaptAla. lirrii'. n K PN'r*. R? rerarr. WnitaN R t?yt.?. Ttte'iidf. WUHML "DBlCKIVBir?01 4*1) LANE. A> FIFTH OONUREBMOh 41. DWDCT. *, ,?? adh'uined mseOs* jf l!w Ptf-b Coo gre .atonal DMt i?m I,OUon t> the American TloMil. Urud rtreet ?! ifj?l ?? "?turd?) erewtug. Sept El, IBM, the Chair Carto ',?*li Kaq . presiding iud a majority of tU? 4eie e!v -arttd under th? rail Of the llrecklnrvrige kril Utoe General l omaeMee^of New Tor* and Kleg" counties, . .1 !'w ?*** ** d by John Tucker, of ik fbir SStSfti Br,0'*ly?. "n" "??neled by Edward Blown, that Hon John Uunford be nominated for Congress by ac.lau a Uoo. 1 be Omlr put the ? udlt ?u carried tmaalmoia!y. The Conventual then adjourned. hi*?*d. PATH) POOLE, Chairmen. DEMOCRATIC ODIUAL COMMITTEE ?A NPV<TAL meeting of thle committee will be held u Maun ilall an Monday evening, Kept -1 .It d o etc. k. Per order ' C P. SCHkHMKBliORN, ( tuurmun. P. Daily, f Bermtenea. VV. J. Van Annum. ) retenea. FIFTEENTH AF8KMBLT DISTRICT, TWKNTT frmt ward.?At a meeting* of ;b.; Oanventleo of die Na tional Demon ate of i>>? Fifteenth A menu y fUHet. beia yur *o?Et to the rail of the Rational DemncraUu Otgtu) l.-iinmit trr, ?t .be house of iirory -rulth, rorner of Tweety-aeri-nth ?u- et end Fourth iveaw, the Hnnoritble Ceo W. VnrUn *a* iiTioului .uely iiuminutrj lor re election as uv rabcr of ..??? bly, end the following rctolutiona wore aiian. unuaiy adopted ? W her ran, The )Mt seaal>n of otir Idigi-lature waedatln j-tiinhrd by a series of the mnet UDwropoioue, *?n?l oiea turea w hi"b ever dlngraeed the statute book* of the State of Ntw York, by whib Ihe rigbis of the people, especially of ikiatity, w< reset at naught, and the tax payera of '.be Stale burdened with bear , aaaemmeiita; and whereas the Houora ble Otorgo W, Varisn, our member of Assembly tr< m this district, earnestly and ateadlly oppoeed all theee Corrupt arbem.-a therefore Resolved, the thankaof the lewocra.-r of tin# A"**m l-ly district Ih due and hereby -endered to ihe.r repreaenta tlv-e, Horiomhle tleorge W Varum for tba fAKhfut, bones'. ami rorrrc. mtcner to width he dtaehargad hie dutie* during the laat aersloti of the Keaolved, That we hereby uaanlmrnsly again preaent hie name to U,e people of ihla Aiaembly district for re-elentioa. eonfldri.t by bia integrity and d? rot ion to their tatereata, he haa wMll earned, and will honestly reoelve the aapport of all |.?rrr>ijs who f.-el an iufereat in the welfare and best lotoreei of our city and State. Benolved, That ibe growing tenden-y to eorriptAon In our trgialativn oouncllg ia a tub eet deeply important to the people, i and eitpec'ally to the laboring rlaaava. upon wborn really fall* , the burthen of taxation, and tliat it benouvea every good oltl /en to avipport. for local and State i.ttioea a'tch oaen only as are brow u to be of the atrn-ieat integrity, and eepecialfy such ; as have been tried and "notfound warning." Resolved, That thrre proceedings be published m the Sua, ' nerald and Day-Kouk. J AS. tlKKUf, Chatnam.. t'nas. W MrKK-t, ! Ha. B. Mooi-n, Jh., r'"*1"1" TT?-ADQOART*Rfl, GS4 BROADWAT.-TO THR KA XI tlonal Union Ward ('lube of the ?lty of New Turb. The re vera] ward elube in the oit* of New York shall meet i n suck crentrga and at such places aa the ward clubs thall dengoatw on or before Saturday, the 2*lb day of September. ItnO, f r tba purpoee of rhooatng delegates to the following oonvenrinne ? A t lty and County t'onventlon to aonr trie < andldatee lor Register, one bnprrvtaor, Kecorder, Surrogate, Ctty ludga and a .fudge of Ihe Supreme Court, aonviaUug of three de.e gatea from each ward. A Congreatona! Oonvention In each Cdttatuealonal dietrfcf to ruminate a -andldate for RepreagutaUve In fongmea iron alstUig of five delegates from each ward c eeptlng those to thn siltb Cougrraatonal district, which shall eieot the number aC delegate* as hereinafter si edfled. An A??wably Canreution In each Assembly dlstrfet to onmf 1 nate a can lidtte far Member of Aaaemb'y. .hall coneist of seven delegates for each district north of Fourteenth street, and one delegate (rem (a h election district lying south u/ KourUeutb street. The delegates In all "aaeeabaU be - hneen by ballot, and no prrvon ahall be permtued to rote at the election of au<h dole ? galea unless duly entitled to by the onattt ttloo aad by lewe of the cluli of the ward In which ho r"aiden, and urtleae he ahall have been iltily enrolled aa a member of such chau for at least one week previous to iheeb-ctton The election ahall be conducted In each war.', n areordaadd with Ihe rule* of the Dub. and In all raves at least three Tail era or Inspectors ahall be appointed by the preset tog officer ef t) e flub, w hoec duty it ahall be to conduct the eleetton. krtp a correct list of all persona rating, canvass the votes, and t eport the result The polls shall he oven in eaoh ward from 6 to 9 O'clock f. M.. of the evening named. N<,ti<v.i of the time and place of sleeting neh del agates to the above named Convention shall be given by each ward ?hih a advertisement signed by the Prredeel and Secretary there at least two days previous to the eieottoe, ta two dally papers. lbs Aarrmbly roBTeotlooe shall meet en Monday, the Alft day of October. 1890, at 8 o'clock P. M., and at lb* place* d * signaled below Assembly District? 1st?ho. 1 West itreet. fd?fri ok'a Hotel CO Chatham atrcct. 8d?Bt John a Dark Hotel. 4th?No. 48 Eaot Broadway. Mb?No. 371 Hudson street. 8th?No. liiS Bowery. 7th?Corner fclaih avenue and West Tenth street. Hth? Noe M and ?7 Columbia street Pth- Corner Klghth arcane and mxteenth straet loth Till old Hall corner eeventh street and Third avenue, I Itli?lomartfne Ball. Klghth avenue and Twenty ninth at 17th?No 21 Avenue D. l.ith?Miibourne House, 701 Blxth aveno*. 11th?Utorp Hotel, l. nion aooare. I Ht- Qatea' U.Ael, No, 34 West 31st street. Illth-No. 133 Ksst tV atrcel 17th?Farringtoi.'" Hotel, 178th street and 3d avean*. Ike flty and Count) tVuvenOona ahall meet at Tbcre'O l' ''rl' ""h *<[>r<j|S<u' 0(1 Monday the 1st of October, ooxt.MwntomAl i ojt -. i.vyiog. I The Third C mgr. ?ai"ual Ccn?eutlon, composed of 'As 1st, Id, ..I, Mb and lb Wail!.", ahall meet on Tuesday, 2d of Octo ber. If f at 7,', o vtoe* Y 11., at Ht John's Park li tel The Fourth t (mgrtmlonal fouventlou, oompoeed of the Ilk, 6th. lbib aid Id*h wards, sha.1 meet ai No, IYI ilowe.ry, ja same day and hour. TheFlfih Congressional Con vest! on. -ntasoeed of the 7t? anil 13th wards of the '-ny of hew Turk, having firtr deiega>w curb, sod the 1'Ah. Htn. 15th "nd 14th ward" of the city of Brooklyn, tar.rg two delegates each, aha.1 mert at No. -4 Bcuth ro nth street Brooklyn, K. D., on the ea.t.e lay nod ' hour. 1 The 81-th fri greasl .rsl Conrewlkm. enmpaeed Of the tlth. l?th ai.d 17ik wards, aaall utr tat Mo. J.7 Bowery on the am* I dav and hour. 'i be heventh Cnagrystona! Oon ver.i r?n, nmrywed cf the 9th, lfi b an I JOth warda shall m-r-tai the t -merof Icth eireet and < 8th ave . -ante day and hour. lbs Rtftub Cungremliesi Conv-ntton, campeved of the 12th, I*h. Irib. 2lvt and 2M wards ahall mar1 at the M irray Hill Ileum, enrerr of hlxth avenue aad F ir.elh street, ue the asms Car and hour. ' .. ? JOHN U.OTD, Fresldect Cemtral Oootimvlee. Hi- av S. li.>cKSa brcrrtarjr. NATIONAI. DENOOR \TI(3 REOt'l.AR NOMINATION fur Bet reseata-tlre ft: < Vugr-so, Fifth D.itric!. ,'AMFJd H. I.T.Nt ll.uf Hrookl n. K. P. SIXTH ward.-THE FRIl'NDS OF TH* tTNION Ut th-*?? \tb ward wll, mm atfr .4" Hotel, 1") t> . bum et*?i t. on Mi nday "?| lumber It. 1-c , at J P. M., to . rganhia a national I'moo Chtb. r>Tl!K KOITOR or TPE HFHAM>-H4TJRO ? i y i ?mr .1 ihr ii?t ij.l ?? ? r. n.Ut>*lr fur Oonrrem I *l?h loMaM that 1 ant no) * c^r^idut* ? rlhv. or *-,/ ihar pa. IK"?! poatUMi. I J.rrlrr I r. m?m *t b mm, lor?twir?ofl?r* Iti w to] i -UUr.l fr.-nda *i,.l .bo phlm i <r tno r w.atar raa r.v uf uai an.I to r'ra .aallr aiiHwdhtni .1 lb- drli.ary :><?? ?r.r i.rjr, J2 )???>).') R ? ,*rai. ??/????: a-.'tb utim. nnt l<7 W'flh ?if\ n?ar Froadwny. Hv irnnn ?-* tho -waa In tiw eon m< .4 jo'ir l*r?n nrc .U^.n, /< i at: 4.. a ji yours rtbaerlbar 'o t?r Bar tin FaIR'-i a iARRH K, ? rto Ward HotoU TP* WORKUP! MKK W|| I, AT'MD AT THB FIFTH \\ ?rJ H 4?l, mj V udaa attaint . i.b nut., to < ov. .l#r tha pr*l? " . f .1. hn ?' M .'i?r of H tir-*.! uroat, to 1 U? yraaainoal n' mioaOne tlH Ami. MULT 0IMR)CT.~AT A OuRV '.RT.'Rf OF ?J tho tadrprodrnt ilmnrrm of tha Fifth Aaapmbly -Patriot, brld m No. d a any Kr?f, in r .da> aranta*. -d-pinim-ar a), ?CO for the 1 -1 p<mm buaaloatlac .n I. amat ? it w% I known faaaooiak hi rn runout thtedlaUu* In tbo nr ?. lokwiatora, am a. .uov Mr. Jofcu F. ua? ?v m,?i a tui- >onty. JAJtBK ' L'RMKUlIAJf, Uarau. Thoba* KtaPtP.Rn-r.t?ry. f fill' AthK.Hl.T Plt'TR.JT-Ar A V'-IICTI*1 nr THR ll? Akao?Ma Oaaanttna of tha T? ih Aaanm'ly iiauiet. bald <m tha Ufa tnat. mi B>< 1 ??,idi am; pun mat torn ra t of tho N?Uui> Pamorrt'.: Oanrral 1 unm :???, Jntat RuUoy Jr of tha FtftaoMb ward, wa? uran.winatr no taniaii forth* A.??wWy. C. Ir. liAuWR, Churmna. Ji"ll Mat AM lit, UrcfUfJ forFwjnn-nrvBin7K.vrn a*?mh- t rturrrtT Jat Ala m-'ita* ollba Fm ak i>???r?t.- win My iv(. tomtit*. I aid at tha A'tna tn. aoraor A K.rbU na-..-?onrd ]?ih M-r-t, on Friday ot?uln? Roph-mhor Jl tdami' Flaaa r?ri ??a rwwiiiulod for tbaod jaa,' Ifrmclf a. ic'ttar r?-r?:,ia??ttb uwaabtT r> atrvt kai >ai M. naiT. ooc'j. mKhhard Bo''All. 'fa. f> ward n*BOORvT|i iili . li b -* mr. Ira of ihhi 1 'ih wt!l br hrtd at At,d- >w Ft .?> IT??rr b i tr. brtw n t vrtv n.i th ?n1 Fiflktl "*T"ia na T inaarhay ? ? ;n?. Wih ln? . at o' ^wb a'1 irtw d-aorraia andl < > a* In fxvar of "r>*l n?rku ?m tnalvd to attaal. 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