Newspaper of The New York Herald, 16 Ekim 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 16 Ekim 1860 Page 5
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Mondit, Oct. 15-* P. M. The bank statement of to-day compares as fol* lews with that of last week: ? Wnkendg. Loam Specie. CVrui'n. D*pmi't Oct. ?... 1123 817,167 30.147 t.6T0,M8 T6.17A .73# Out. 13 .. 121,307,188 30.273, 70S 9.337/Jivl t rtmnun 91 CM ,019 ? 238 643 364.136 iMrease. ? $1>6 MO ? At the present time the bank" really hold about two millions more gold than is shown ubw, as the North Stir's remittance? $1,971,' 845? arrived too late on Saturday to connt in the average. Taking this into consideration, the statement mast be regurded as exceedingly stroug. The continued curtailment of loans, which pro grosses without causing any inconvenient < to the mercantile community, demonstrates alike the strength of our merchants am the cautious spirit In which bnain?aa is being car ried on. The curtailment since the midJ e of Au" gist is now about eight millions and a half. Next week the specie will probably run up to twenty-two million-' ani the loans may perhaps show a small ?urease. The city banks have not for many years been in ?o strong a position as they occupy at pre ??ni* .. The money market works very easily; the stan dard lor call loans is six per cent, and the - luss of paper negotiable at C a Cj ia expanding. To-day the demand was quite light, both among the bro kers and at the disconnt honses: at two 1'. M. there wu a large amount of money which failed to find employment at tho currcnt rate ol interest. The business ol the Sub-Treasury to-day was moderate; ; the receipts were $179,022, of which $12.". ,000 from customs; the payments, $197, 4 58; the balance thi? evening, $4,478,416. The exchange market continues in a lifeless con dition. The leading bankers are asking 10'J for sterling, and 5.15 for francs, but the market is sup plied with bankers' bills ut lO^i a 4, and 5.1<>4 a 17$. We hear of some very excellent mercantile bills at 1064 a { and 5.20. It seems pretty evident that the market has decidedly broken down for the seaaon. 1 The stock market to-day showed strength with- j cot activity. It is probable that a large number of casual operators and purchasers for investment are holding off in order to at e what may bo the effect of , the November election. Some persons still thiuk, j or pretend to thiuk, that Lincoln's election would i be followed by trouble in the financial world; while | others feel or affect perfect confidence in the . quiet acquiescence of the South in the de cree of the ballot-box. Pending the uncer tainty, a number of persons have ceased operating and are quiet spectators of tho move ment In stocks. Hence, while there is no stock pressing on the market, and the October traBie on the railroads satisfies the most sanguine of the boll- prices remain generally steady , without mnch real business. To-day there was a fair demand for Uew Y0rk Central, which advanced to 904 in the middle of the day, closing 90 bid, against 8i?J at the close on Saturday. The managers of the road make no secret of their opinion that it wiU receive $1,000,600 and earn 2 per cent on its stock this month, Galena was alaj active, Belling at 78J, and closing 781 bid, against 77J on Saturday. It ap pears that the smart operators who made such a neat thing by selling Bock Island short, on the pri vate understanding that the dividend would be passed, have been selling Galena also. If all we hear be true, they are not likely to make much by the experiment. Our information leads us to believe that the Galena will tarn more money this fall and winter than it has earned since 1858. The other Western shares were fairly active at a small advance. j Pacific Mail advanced :H r?-r cent this morning, j and 2* more this afternoon, on rumors that Mr. j Vanderbilt is to enter the board and settle the , Roberts opposition. Panama continues steady, j The demand for State stocks continues lively. There is a better market for Virginias, Missouri* and Tennessces than there has been before tor some ume. Tins afternoon the market was active aud r lucks closed irregular at the following quota tions: Virginia ti's, 90) a 4: Missouri ti's, 79} a j; Canton. JO a 4; Cumberland Coal, 124 a 14; Pacific Mail, ?<3a4: New York Central . '??) a i; Erie, 3<M a j; Hudson River, 84 a i; Hailem, 21J a 12; Harlem i. referred, 50J a 51; Beading, 47? a J; Michigan ?>ntral, 6H* ? 4; Michigan Southern and Northern 'udiona, 214 a J; do. guaranteed, 47J a 4S; Pbna^ u.a, 125 a 1; Illiuois Central, "1 a 4; tjalcna ami Chicago, 7b| a J; Cleveland and Toledo. 4?U a J: Chicago aud Kock Inland, 73| a 4; Illinois Central 7*s. 97 a 4. W. mentioned in Sunday s paper that one or two of the directors of the l'acific Mail Company were soliciting proxies from th* shareholders to be used-at the election of the 14th November next. We are informed that the directors In question have no ticket yet settled, and that the director who is most anxious for proxies only holds thirty -hares of stock. We advise stockholders to exer cise some caution in surrendering their proxies be tore they know the use that is to be made of them. The exchanges at the Clearing House to-day are $31,W>4.Kb0 til, and the balances, $1,172,194 U'J. The New Orleans /'waytwi of Wednesday last reports : ? ? -u-riirr was Tb? last l?le*r?phifl ?iiwpaWh?s r. .?< \fw York <|u ?** ? u"r " .pond-din*- >'T bujers rrfuy to 1*1 over ' 10? f ,r lUe rum ol '<in of SI#BataP?, J" b .11. sr. b?U .. toast ."?> ? above r?, '.mint is 4??ou?n.t bit* r> marSort 5IL Wrr* ? ff. ? V"1 ? ? 'Jar si 107 >. a 107 \ We qJuU. r? 107 h 107 \ I ? vi.-U - u* ututv>?t * ' j h-< (. 27 *' a 6' S2V for ?el<>et?<i name. <>a Pari* dt I V Iz aV "? b. a.? - C-Terin, all I rs?ies The Philadelphia U'ltrr say* Mai. t <<f onr rea<*era will be ?!*i to 'earn that th? auiboriturr of T* ii?>>urj ln*e at l<-cytn nkfitMrl tb> elaMi* of lt*> t-"l tera ??* their rallr??.1 b.'0?a la MM rlty ilw MBmiiit of a och io<leht*4B>-ae Hi quite larre We Kara Troll) lite -HUI'UIJ fhr mvit i>f Fr .a? . tli?t otl lb* (<r? ?ton* ??>?? It# ? ?l?<-'al 111* ? tit. g of ttw> 0>IDro<lS C.IODCll ?w brM for tbe purser ? t uku g a-u nnfllkr nrJiaaBoa re- ??.?.!) !>?? >' > t?> II.' ? fteiwt li.uicil, oeuerinf a le*f at kMt' ??.?) a qwkr Milla oa tue dol'ar. to DWI |M lalo r*?t ??>? ..n ihr antamt tkoo Vo U? Curlier* V allay IUH road. when the or liuani* , M adorte-f hj the Omt r ' , flhallf, 1-y alawea M ??'0 So iw UI h.t? u>> a >1 *?<, an. I a ??rjr uonaMoiac quaotioa baa bcra manned nf We of c< ??????, take liia actio* of t i.ur. ,? ae ars. ?*toa "/ t?>e Ml 1'anllty <*f ll>? etjr, and tba' prafiiWI (ID tvh'W for U# |*vm. iii o intern* ?' a'l It > l b- r t i,. .i? At leaat *c ho|? Uiia 1a U>a uudar ata <i?>| of i?*a?rl aclHm, The Peori* T<??' *aj-:? TWm dir?.-uar? of tie l*?>ri? aa-i <?|o*<*ka Ral'rnad tair . Vfi !!???. Il*?dtrf A ??> fVwi fno fur the portion o? tOan ?????? ?.ai?i- '. rf ar t ftoriu ?tnu, wbi<4) <*a? fpfubni, ?? ??. lUr.lliia It t>?. ail?*tu? lb* to*-/ ran <>b lam a <>' cm I rum tba Itnoaffo, . ur,.igl>o and Q'tlWT ' ""O- |*tf The ajlr . af the Mining Board todaj were: - HWiut p'rh " iN II "to aba la R?jaie. . 1 2 \ I Ml do 1 1 1 >4 3M I <o >?0 It 400 *Mt?*l ...... a?0 10* 2t> to. MS do ?40 I0'? 10 Mt> !????? la M Ml ?? a3 H i, WOU Hiatll baO \ ao JtaOtnra) 80 Tbe followii n were the receipt* of grain at Chicago on Thuraday : ? flnvr. H hr0l. Orrn Ituft Hy /far f. ,W, bl*i tnuk hub tank tmik hut\ I At. <*?a ? 1 1 1 6V Mil ? ? no ? <t *( IJ MH .. ??? 7i W | A?A s?4 4J0 3 HIT M10 r. k R ?h...i too 1 1 rvo : ooo _ ? 400 ? l? lW. hR 3M 14 <1*0 * W> _ 4C0 I 400 ? C..B ae<i g f. ? W4?ltb(lTlM ? 1 M I TH U*K * HR. Mt l?n?1 _ _ goo 11 3*0 C ,,kk-\ I. RH ? 8 fOO 4,140 _ _ _ _ 1 ?*? 1M.706 8T oot 74^ 490 7,773 ? ?1? T?ii earnlOK* or Uie l>ajrtrtn and Michinan Rail road lor NtptetDber are aa follows:? ?"??? |-aa?.i ?.r. U 874 ?0 Ki.nwani mill 1404 40 TnUI 444 444 ?7 Tlie earnin?r? nf tho Toledo and Wahaah Railroad the drat wrtk of October were:? l?M 1*4# raaa'fyyra ?* H?* 7 413 14 Pr?i?ht 10. all 40 13,110 41 Mil.. ?.6,f54 U 46.044 44 U is reported by telepraph thai the Galena an! Chicago road delivered oh the 12th and 13Ui over 175.000 1 as held of grain. H e hear it dtated on good authority that the Chi ?igv, Burlington and Vuimy liaiiioad Company " ill declare a dividend of four per cent about the 1st if November, leafing a eouWderablo ca?b ?ur plus. Ho earning of the Chicago anil Northwestern Railread tne first week of Oetober were: ? *5 01', 03 18,284 sm wa 97 Puaw-Bgcra rrelgti" ? Ha. is, he.. ?10 4M 06 12 403 63 Tola! Samv <at-ek >aal year OitD In 1M0 $7,063 43 The Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton llailmad Company Las declared a dividend of 3? per ceut, payable on the 17th instant. Annexed is the Sep tember traffic return:? ?72,170 78 47 4i0 77 September, 1*60 BejitcmlHr, 1W'9 Increase in 1800 $-'4,760 01 Abont 120,000 of this increase is attributed to tho ffirs held on the line of the road, and extra trains for political gatherings. $H000Tenn fl'?, '#0.. . 90 X 2000 do itOH 6010 Virirlnia O't.iM 90 MM do MM 2000 do BOX 4000 N Car. Una 6's 98* 82CO0 Miaecun . 79',' 1MM do 160 Mm 7COO Brooklyn C W L 108 1000 Krie RK 1st mlg 104 fOOOKrtrRKSmb.'Sa. 93 * 60C0 Krie KMHimbi MtOdnr.NY&Klmba 1000 Bar KR I cube , uCO 111 ten RK bda. 1C00 do 1C00 HaaftSUs HBb? 6000 D,I..vWHRimba 1000 Lfk* 1st moi. 60 (ba Merchanta'Bk 108 6 American Kx Bnk 104 >? 10 N'ahnau Hank .... 108 10 Park Bank 113 10 Metropolitan Bnk 112* 26 Del k Huil ,aclOo 96 * 13 l'enu Coal Co.... 82* 100 Pacific Mail ROo ffl 260 do 88.4 50 do t>80 89 60 89 600 N Y Central RK. . 89' Stock Kxchaact. Moaiur, Oct 16,1800 426 tU trie KR U.. 39 V 2."*0 do bOO 40 300 Harlem RR . . 22 lOOKeadiug RK. tdO 47* 400 do 47* 1000 do b00 48 200 do h?0 47 * 100 do c 40 J?lchS)A'Sln.1KK lOGJhic, Bur ti y RK 200 do 60 Mich So It S lags 100 do 100 do 300 do 6 P&ni.roa RK 200 111 Con K8 sjrtp. 100 do M0 100 do b30 2(0 do ^00 10 Cleve OolfcClnRR. 100 Gal ? Cbic KR. . 87* 82* 98* #7* 97* 70 89* 76* 200 20 26 110 200 1036 loo (Jo. do. do. <lo. do . do. do. sflO 89* 89V 60 360 200 X.0 150 200 550 100 150 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 47* 21 'a 8K', 89* 48* 48* 48* 48 125 83V 83* 84 815* 97* 77* '7 J, 78 78* 78* 78* ? blO 7b* blO .*30 .100 60 Erie KR. 60 b.'tO ? bl6 . .b6 ? b16 SlO 400 200 1(? 160 do. do. do. do. 90 90 90 90 90 39* 3#K .... 39* b60 8H-, bl6 3I?* 950 Clev k Tol RR 100 do 610 do 60 Chicago & R I KR 26 do.... do do hM do b:? do...." b? 300 160 60 50 60 60 200 do. do. do. .\>10 39 * 160 La Cr & Mllw R K 78' 78 78* 4? ?10 46* 40* 74 73 V 73* 74* 71 ?? 74 * 73 V 73V 73* 1* SECOND BOARD. ?lOCO Toco ?'?. '90. 2(> fba Bank of N Y 100 Canton G> 100 Pacific MSP Co.. 100 do 116 do..,.. 50 do.... 2o0 do. . . . 100 do.... 100 N Y Cen RR 260 do.... 200 do.... 60 90^ 103 ?JO 90 90* fl 90 ... 91V *60 90 ttiO !<0* 10 (he Mich Ceo RR. :? 0 do 60 do 60 MS k N I g i 00 t30 50 (to. 100 do 60 do.... 160 Panama RR. 160 do.... 08 * 08 % 08 V 48 48* 48 48 124* 124 90* 90 9o* 160 Had Riv RR *10 64 ,b60 100 do. . . 260 Harlem RR 15 trie R?... 160 do... 360 do.... 360 do... 100 do... *,0 dar RK pre>..b30 3*0 do 2C0 Reading RR. .b60 bOO 64V 22 39 V 89* 40 MV *60 3!iV M* 61 48* 210 111 C RRicp..t60 84 360 <lo 00 Clove A Pitta KR 60 Del, I. k W KR... 100 Gal & Chi RR. . . . 60 do 100 do ICO 160 do 60 do blO U5 CleTe k Tol RH .. 39 Chi \ Hk (Rl RR. 100 Chi, Bur A y RK. SCO do (00 100 do 27 Mil A Ulan BR... 84 14 91 78* 78* 78* 78* 78 ?? 4ft * 74 89* 89 80 * 14* B?*ka of Stw \ oik, Octobar 13, IMu, teii. *P*<*' Otrcul'm. DmmUt. An trict . $4 621 668 1.677 #74 142 4X9 3 470 Am. mat. 7 138,709 1 078 4!<0 316 582 8 747 892 A'lo< Mltm 7*2,418 117*26 111 493 '45o'<*M AtUet.c 687,670 78 060 88 267 30^613 Ho^lway 6.", 9 4-1 798 270 '#1 2056 781 H*?d . . , . . 656 ?W1 60,205 119 247 614 397 Batibera' A I*. 1,791 ; 24 a?7,17J 2< 3,178 1J8? -iT 87! 106 112 JH 121.265 670 *20 OlMiilc.1 2.020 097 7*9 962 868 86? 2 150 5*0 City. 2 080.278 324,117 _ 1 ;i28 6*1 Htiatn.' M3C2T 173 24.-, 168 723 ? I5 ?7? U>n mwu n.4?>,888 1 666 201 1 074 5 154 6ii ' Umiuoo I . 111. '00 1 78 217 315 28 1 PI J fc,l s40 Continent-! ... 3 8?HM 431024 SI , 014 J ->28 676 lAtro KxrJuujgn. 107V, Ml* 303,140 13u 817 ) 1*7 '*?* 448,241 60 7?-6 13"' '!C5 247 784 ?**?' *'??? 377 74.', #M 068 04 376 277 074 taiuta... 1 420 6.;* 241 143 230,072 1,024 70 (?<?<.' ?wb .... 796 212 79 261 165. ami 671 SOT ??rotor.' 802 ?8? 8131*4 6. 092 417 64J llwjorer 1 ",07,758 131, K 7 88,4711 67" 1 fn.p .* Trader. 2 650.689 296 379 106 888 1 618 040 I/?f? 857JJM 108083 1 18,798 rt]421:? L"l!'r 1 036 456 273 1 11 (06 ?M 1 .00 1 ?! MaLbalOu, ....4.700.779 885 763 3?i 427 2 7h4 787 M*lu' A 848 873 130,126 130,777 '*36 2S3 1 007.409 1.16 f67 146 4 ? 501,441 *?rk.4 1,726 (>02 237 620 ??2 ? :l 1 1-J 4-0 H<.h.n r?- 3.f0??'?t 610 1C6 S10 7 J 2 0?'? 161 *?8 k trada**' 1,110 499 188 104 144 ."ft. 9u: 4'9 M*-r. 2 631, M0 S71 214 S' 0*4 I 7> , 147 *e rrh*t l?' Kx.. 2 18A.834 243 811 13" 034 1.168 oil Mi-rt liuil> 4 829 046 |m>2 4 74 214 677 2 862 ,9t> 8,7?,?32 9., 7.004 24' a'7 ? .7 N?"*o. 1??2 775 115 010 131 649 I CI 448 2 137,737 214.908 144 .11 HA9 131 *?? ) "* ? V* 760 437 147 J 828 3Vt .V. > U.u. if . . . 462 185 f t . ,4 88 KM 88 1 295 N \ K?. b* .e 314 947 U 074 100 447 294 547 North A (Tier I., 1 MR 024 342 '"41 710*6 885 :>s IktlllHim..., V. ,038 112 ,71 74 428 4hn 107 152"-; V?IIio sa-'-'aT m.?a? 121-4070 .1^' 486 760 87 620 106 1)2 41* 120 1 100 44' 181.250 110 490 841.1 3 4P66ts4 1,638 (M0 1 75 584 4.874 111 785 337 141 258 106 7 44 668 914 8.111104 324.168 148 449 1.472 418 Republic 3 231 938 734 238 220 2^4 2 4- 115 ??*!. 1 243 088 180 1*3 _ 4Kii!o >b<?, * lyviber . 2 4i0 7'.?4 200 073 276.151 1 277 888 !*utr . .. ... 8 6(8 082 667 292 248 484 1.786*33 M M 'iiIm ,,, 1 137.407 116 737 04 *14 424 720 T..J??m. . ? ... 1 466 811 1?1 787 8 26 3*4 761 246 ? ?< 444 407 448 347 822.774 1.488 86.3 Totol 8122.807 188 20.278 708 0 837 883 74 C4TV GVMKHCUL HKP11HT. DutUt, '<el 14-6 P M A?i:i v ? Tbr rmrkft >H D oc mI, wbllc MiM went eot 0, "I t? M . 30 bbtt. Hkiaiw^i n~ ? rit-ar ? TIM m?rkM ?H Ann .nd th? .4v<kii' ?* of pu?i.irrd. ?b if Ml** rtwbort .bout 10 COO bbl< , olntiDg ?itb!o tbr- '.>lkiwiD( rM>|(0 of pric?? ? ^ui<crDloi- i*Wve ...? 84 46 . b 40 fcxtr. -UK . ynnd to ekilNW 6 6A . 6 80 S i(?r0i.?. W.?U fD 4 45 . 6 60 ('?en i 0 to rim ? W??t*TU *I<T% 684.724 f ?. Loan *xu* 8 25 . T 20 Mixmi Oi ?i ? ?ni M>aUtrra 8 00 . 8 24 Str.lfM to (und ' tir. no 8 80 . 7 74 Choir* ritr. Ibmn/ uJ b.k"r* bru.,? T 76 . 0 00 Hjr fluur . 3 40 . 4 26 < ?r r> <rir*I J^n.v ufl Br?n.lf?in, ..... 8 60 . 8 94 ? I ?..<??? II" .r ?*???*?> i- uid I. food fl.-nMJ, witb ??!?? of *l,<al 3oO obi? ?? 46 . 87 40 for ?xtr. ?? I tb*rn 8o?r ? ?' lo tnr 1 .iMBMid ud itKw. Arm , tbo f?M? nlfli 'il .bu?t 3.000 bblS , f Iw , | Vttbl. VQ? f.iirr of ?.? .lv>r? qn< tM'on* Rre Soar rillirr r?rr, ?hi'f mi'? ?frr B?od>t.t? ?t our fifarm Oorn irr.' ?>? imHUHwl, mfne Ul? Mini o?br?' 4 *b?.ul 874 hti ?, ?fcp?t? Tb* mfcrbrt Arm U f J>riii n red w nl?r ?bo 0 Hrr nl ?ltib? r .id ?feN#, Whilf llM l? wrf fr? !<?? n ??r1 w'ttl lt? tMn.l'ot M<l bo> > *i *f. In" |r?fi?.rtfci? fir U," o?j r?? i. u( *(??, i itu.fio b>.?? ? it, .t 41 411 ' tr ' !*? . i b? ? t . 81 M? . 81 JO fir rr>i 8od nlnrrl * f<ttr?, Ibr Of, rr fnr l*ir. o b Mltp, ?t It^d fr, ',1 41 lfc?fl 4T l< -r f id wtitr oat, Md li' *i.,i8' 'i #*? ?? pf ir t,n bo.rd *? 13V?d f r'jrbt; 41 31.11 ?4 l? t y. tloh, M4 41 .t . 81 31 fof (! r?|? >|nif O rn flrui in f>w*l I, Wth .1 ?' ; <:? 60 O0b OrrnrMo ?< 71' .7lt(e l,>r n >m!,? th . ii, ? It f?jiii?4 K 1} ,?Ubt?l.o<l r< r>d jro)K? ?l 74c ?71" H?r *i? nrtn. ?Itb ?.!?* of S 0M? bo?f? ? N<r?t,i>> ?? *1< Borky ??i m go>4 r. <? nh n. ? ,4 18 t(0 " hi 76 ft?r .H?1? .od ?lr . 88.. f,,r >?(i8ls ?Mt. 0M? ??r>- ??**? M?d in g< <J < < n,*r .1 fh ? 2V I ?' *? ?o ??<? I Iimi -Inr r , *? 1 ? ? ?un DjIi* of J (8 0 ''*88 K" ?' 14\c ?r,'l ik 0 " MrriMiill^c ?nt 74 N* ? "t |b4n ? ? ? .' II IJMtit* ? Ttw aoroi lit* rrr.M,?l?f I " .lr?nt of fn"8 .1 tb? M vi'b iVt|m>|MI *,?<" > ??) ?n. ? to U" Tb. mlr. fiH'*?1 ui 8 000 bu r., tbitl 6 <4)0 of wbw-b ??t? 8Ud tu h.*i f? i u ro:d ta trMaitu *>.|u?o Hi.. Jltrf I>|8?c. r .' llrt. K 11 ,? 1 >-??, im ? *n l.??rr|??4 it, ml T4 OfO . 80 0<W l)a?b'!( fltli. rittnnfl^, MCMitBg Nik, l? hntk, .? Ill , do . ID ?bl4 'I l'H?. .1 U)k'l *l.o?l II) Hulk, .lUWd.MM Ml ?lun'i b.?* .1 II ?,4 ? 1*1 : 1 OOO bni* NOW ?* .">? i?^.i 8M ?? m- i,U m a. 31 ,?tm?r9r l?rj? iet? *? 6.; ??a ***** r>t ?bipo?r?r? Mo >,"T6i rhrr?? .? 60? . 400 b^ra nf rraloo at "48 . .nd 89 h.lf M>l? . ?x i.rk, .1 2* rarh. TO l/ainou 18 (08 >>uriiel? ? ti.t ? ??? M .-v*. *blp '?!>?(?.. I 181,1 Tn'.ltf mnm 8 Ct/0 bo?? < ? *br?t, n at>?< . ?>???. ?t 18)?d T'i Ai???rp 84 bbln ??!)<* .1 88t . ?r I 168 l> ikr* r*tt??? mra""d ?i 410 par ?<m m?*?ir?a?^t To lUaibnif . ?>> ?(? .n?*r 81 0 but a h |r? .t 2 >?c. per pound, .i l SX 0 b.M ? tii>a .1 t ,o To H*rr?* ?rno aa cMtf4. li!-a ? T1i? aiark?t wan 8rm. ?"d Iti" 4< ?^ind r ?**<: tb" Nl<? of <Stj rnri ?#rr .1 88 40 . 83 74 fur bang, at i ? 4 14 ? 14 I7J4 lor Uw|r'i k*n am fi'm ti? laat f.i>? n( ih, r? m tf fr.i|r .t 19 . 49 24 f>r No. 8. 86 a 46 26 '<.r Ko t; largr No 3 ?.titod at 8V f*m |w>n brrrtrg acrr art >t>g .< 88, ?n<> iniukad (b..iM) 88 J4?i lor H'aka, and Sfi- a 28.' Inr lo 1 WH '? ? A iiiVk r.t? ?f i-?? N.i*f a ratal.* win m?da tad.y, Tbe vat aad iba pricas (bulaad were low rr Tb'- layers /veragcd about t2 10, an 1 ti e II K.'a ?- 70 ? usual terms. Hal ? TU? sales embraced about 800 bake, ai 70c a 76e. , (or sbigwneot H<y-< ?The market vol Urm and aft! re Sales re oently nade embraced about #00 a WOO bales crop of 1800 at 3*c. a 36c. , mainly fur export, and ao*e lata of choi< ?, with Bales of old, 1867. '58 and 1869, at 15e. a 20c. Uom ? Trie market continued linn, with talca of 300 a 800 toot Hootch py at S22 SO a $22 75, Itx monies, aod at ?2S six months, trom store. Luo: waa steady and in lair demand, with laiet of 1,604 bb)i>. .-4>mmuu at 90c , and 300 a 400 bbla. Rockland lump at 91 16 Moijkm*!." waa steady, witb sales sf jobbing lota at 26c. a 28c for <Juoa museovadortt Naval Biotta* ? Halea of 200 bbla. r drlts turpentine w< rr made at 41)?c. in shipping order, aud 300 bbla. flue r< sit? at (2 26 per 380 lbs Oils ?Crude, aperm and whale were quiet and prices urn-hanged. Unseed waa dull at f>8c. for American, at * hich price t< me 6,000 gallons were wild. 1'ro\ i.?io?s ? I'orlc? Tito market waa Ktcady, with ? moderate demand, with sales of 475 bbls. at $18 T6 a <18 81 for n?-w tuns, and S14 60 for prime. Beef waa toady aud in lair demand, witb sales of 260 a 300 bbls., including oouniry meta at 16 a M repacked mesa at $9 a ft) 26, and extra do at >11 a #11 60. I'rlme meaa and beef bams were quiet aud pricea nominal Out raeata ? ere quiet and Arm. ljwd waa unchanged, while Ibe sales < mbraced 200 bbla , at ll)?c. a 12Kc. for new, an J 1 1 ',r for old. Butter and checee were dull and Ibe eup piiea pood. Run ?Sales of 75 oaeks were made at 4)<c. a 4Vo. Hi oaks.? The market waa steady, witb aalea of 000 a 700 hhds. Cuba muscovado, mostly within the range of 6'jc. a 0 4o. for lair to gojd retinlng gtxxls, and t5V<. a 7 ',e., anu tome loir at 7 )*c , (or grooery grades. Included In the Mies were 1C0 bbds I'orto Kico at 8 \c . aiid 160 bbds m- Uelo were told at 4*?o a 4 j^c, Tbu following are the ?, K tat'ota establiabed to day by Messrs R. L. k A. Stuart lor their refilled goodt: ? Best quality loaf sugar 10 l?c. , Iwgt quality crushed su*ur 10c , circle A crushed auirar VXc. , uriujulaUd sugar 9X?- , ground sugar 9*,c., refined white sugar. A, 9 and reltned yellow sugars, C, 90. yxxrs ?The last sales of clnvcr embraced TOO it 400 bags and barrels at 9c. a 10c Iklcutta linseed was hea\ y. The last rales of moment hero and to arrive, aud at Beirton, ranged from $1 68 a $1 70 Whiskkv was firm, with salca of 426 barrels at ?4;?c. a 24 Sr POSTAL DIRECT0H Y , forslga and Oaiatatle nails. ran of clouinm at thb raw vou urnoi, The Poet Office now cl ?es at half-put six o'clock P. , la stead at seven, aa beretufora. Itoumne. . . . Nenb - A 'haay, Baffaie aad Caaada...SW P. M. North and Want wuynall 6 A. M Western mall, rta ftrte KE..B A M and SW I*. M. HotrUi anil So. W. mails .... S A.M. aud ?Vi P. M. ?ante rn mail, by rallrs?d . 1A.M. aad2 P. 14 . " " hr stMnaikaat 4 P.M. Itnit Miru. Om Sunday all mails close at this offirx at IK P. M. Oauraasu . . by stwunship , en Monday, Oe loWa 18 A. M. TVi Overland Mali for California leavei Si Trfrata every Menday and Thursdavat 8 A.M. Letters UemaiKMl fmr It akeaM Be uurked "Over butd. via He 1?>im " B.UuaCtrr.The Ovrrlatu Mail from St. Joseph (Mo.) hi Hal*. Lake Otty, leaves flu Jo*<n>b trmrr " mlar ?a?t Thamlay, at 8 A. M. Lett?rs shoau. oe marten "Overland, vta Pt. .loeesh." Da. PACiria. . By mmvotahip . aa Thart4ay. Oa tober II It A. ?. BaaLASA IHOjuds. .On the day after the arrival oi each alter nate Cnnaril v**>ket at Utix port, be 114- nste a mwnlh, thn staHraer Karaak wi.l he despau hnd with mails ior the Bahasta lalaudt to ha laaded at Naa?a. N. P. Xtrsara Fy raamahtp Oatada from Boalnn. elone bare on Tueeday, Oct 1 a3?? P. M. Ha V as A Kv stealer Bahana. oa tv?lneedar, tietoher 17 1 P. M. MATiNXAB... l!y uteaner Mataczaa, Monday. Oct. 8. 1 P.M. m or oionno at ran unmn ?mem. ?eaBAT The Overland Mall ta Itomhay eleeas tn l?ndaa aa follow*? Via Marsetiieat* the Id ?nd Uthaf each mouth. Via Soathamaua aa lha lAk ta4 M. ?AlCimA....Sd, 18UL I*h. MU. via MaraaUlaa. 41k. 1JU. Kith 27th, vtaSeathae u ten Cbisa, Ae...Vla Maraeiliee aa Ibe l*th aad MU. Tla tenth' ampUm 4th aad Mth. MlRCBLLANKOl'R. A. 1-Xl'HV. MCCK8MITV AMD ('OMKURT -THB8TCB UMatches are strokelr^s anl ocorlesa, without sulphur, waterproof, t.eauUfully colored, in ornamental iKiiea. will stand the hottest r dampest rlltnmie, double quantity la "aeh baa: aa cheap us r> mmon luuifera; msde eipreeely for tba parlor, sxk room ? d sittlnc room Coamiioi>tive*, ssihins tics end mrtlids will find special covfort In thetn No one having u*e<l them once a 111 ever use auv others. Pnt up in I .lekarra of fifty hoies at II: of 100 at tt. and In dornui at Ji aentx at reta ! Parties reaitttlnx t>> mall msy have ihem s-nt to any part of the country l>v e?preta. A Ui>?r?l dlsount to the trade iy the ease >f ten or twenty groea. Add rest the fTKKLA MA1CH (X> . 68 l ortlandl urcet, hew York. -pox IM tost orrirc wantbi?-por wht h a Jj fair preatlum will ba given. Address X. M , llera d office, with price (<U1ARIJE.<3 VINT KN. JOB PhJNTKK, UAM ftATl K M?? J to hlsold sauid. 1(0 Raman street which baring ratted since the late lire with taw fast I'rraeea an I new f)pe, s pw ejta orders in his Una from his Ir ends and the public. T\UTCS FI.OWVR BOOTS.? A I.< T OK d IOI KDCTCH I t flnwer Hoots for K.tla l>r HLNHK, d'JS .tinv t <10, iAandti Kxcb aige plac> For fmoki pkauuitt amp vaarrii. ?tiom? ?vt l.g I t? I' >1 1 Wind Guard. Ro eharge wlthi ?*n. Office, fc?i * ln? Htreei AH RCKh rM. T Ibe subw ribar is Imp rtlng dtrart, aad has nr ha id fr n ((??at 0?? of tba nrst ?auA<"S In Knslar d. la Jets iv jt> u-? ej-laiW Hornere llnrner ('l??nrrs, Ac aiaj a soft rlar artl ola oi Burner Plyarm, all slsaa T a ARWOI.D, asaaufaotnrer aad lasportar 447 brume street, N. I, r\ m RtRTii 4 n n wr*' impbovfo p*trnt Welching (u*M art fur a l/ <????, HO! Krain, Ac., yabaM ^eh 14 iwst. Movi mar s*en <*t *r?her P\n r<aA A (,V> s ehande.lrr e?ta' iwomeut, a<w V 11 aud 13 >n eer street, htste rU- b'? f<" tua CM \Rl.hJI ASgelKjr, llMrnl Agent. TT HAP Hint HK^AKKk I TtfAT "? Tilt AKRl V tt, 1 of tba of ?*_r? th? 1 a.e n. it' 'Witt a .oh TtT. tailors o?rer Wsllsck's theatre a so crearded fi waa fearad it would break. IATlfK WAMTCD? WITH BACK <??Alt, MUDIC Rrst, J ? t -*s. Ac In cood order, and ha n ? 1 --r - .tr e en tars, with six to etaM feet >.?d Addr J. II . liars' otfea. MAK U.? MaHTCi.* -Till tlTrs .11 Jit Mk.? Inrt tn tr'mia ha frl-tila w?1 tha ? - ? ? ar. iua Xaairla. Xa . . ??ni-r ttuui ay-r ' ?U ? ? aoa T-vvraalf A AI.AKIlt, 111 C.v?" Rirkia-r'k - ??? "* 1 ktri" ?rw tor* Mu?l? pal -v in u; ? art ?' um woiLT OPKRA OLAW-ES AJ?n ?P*< TAC'JP' Of StTKRH R t".w#r ao< 1 *1 i tog low prist ?. ?t JAW tt? ft WTW11.M Kaaaau PA1KST AftPHALTK BOOrilfU ASO KMil* ?H?ATH hi* Poll* iSa rkaa [>??><, h?m aad nnM <1iia*M? ?rar '"r-?* U>vfc? pnbtle On- ilarm, ??mi .?a, Ar , will b? ! i *?r?V tr?? linll wanlai tn' rity and kmna V rnttNI ??? " ebwd of AAK'>H A. OK?*aI ?T Ki S'iih ?* ?a i > ???it 'or the Cnttad Hum*. rWKlK'H A (X)., \rrt laa PEltDl'nE? ITAUA* A HO PRKN 'I -I1HM tV pnriMfcxi of tn- Oilaa ? Ml. In Ix'tX aril k#r? Hvtrm.., Vtmil" ;? Md aval. rwn * i.-ra lu -'u^m 1 J?nU u ijixrk of All kimla. ParrnaaMi ' 'ka?aa an1 otkar flw pwr.n, Dai\jha( a h aNaiIa it r?i<? wm s it. Roof on, kkkimkv. Ika uinla> ai*nr 1 olih "thar ?ari' >nan, In r.?aln..t ijU rnrki n r?' 1?.r * ??? i ll. Haul i. It, ua* I of a ? nad n>an*r?'l man is i?<- .1. i ? i , m* ?"?rje it UMwnrta. To a (??-?.?> nn' a *li u.* ik* '>n?iM?flMI M >1 ?v? i iftralkWA f. i lh- a o? fca ai>1 a ?(. ,.,*?! k *0 of lha rataln* pro-?o", A libaaal aalarr ?i l l.? pa".oraa h ra Inlba t< nati ?A, ? "mint u <?i CAl fti n?k?i' 'H * ? pari I ?lll 'rwi- n al ika fl fl<*k<*w It ?*'. J>. i SM, .UtTkuiaiaj IA? I ">U? Inn . ?*.*. - m ?aa ? t *?i I r ?*??ii:i??l MmhiM ikmKAlv" r ? in ti?? -t ?m i'? ? rtM ? t Ik ??! i?tu*. Ik?) ?ll MlurOTA IB* IV, >*?? k. IkrM, p, W?r s LkWV gnnw (UMt O O. ?r?rT wmrtptke-fliMnlwiMrM by l?. iiMK. i' >-li *f Mr?l. P t -A |10l w? "avM nuitiMUf ? lw<:. SB A ?tnr !?**?? mrrf*r*r? a *n i:i^ri?-?t"?v l -r?.? r<?, ? in ??? ?!*>? J? ? pfrrfilr ' r ?+ Blrkr ffl i*? ' ( tfc* II ?1* ????' ' ?>?? ??i<? <?! tA" ptii.We. ?<? lh? m'T r~*w i!y lk?i ru r? i?fWI nirm for r?Wt h tfckl i ? ???' t ?Anil. *????l sMd'ilHn'ilxlilitt' 111 > fxjrlwl IV p M ib? prr,pt?tiir W f? U ...11* ?. 1 kr U <>.?>'? ivm h<i"-bnrt, mA ?> 1 Vv k m *n1 ?> ??<1 ?> U ISA. Ail f??U> kmilM ?,?%! It ?brr. >m?, o???, S*. HA Wh. ??>l? *klK?? ? IV. Lr'tk AD I ufl^indi Aril l?l<i ?#??! r lk< of M -thi 1' : rk Vkrv 'k?i??i. la Ar^ 1? ???| ' In Mklat r -kr Hw?ri,?- h- w?r? r?u d ? ?tiLU> .'.i hpk iric rum i-ka mimsi a. T> riwom a b?^ct irnrttia wir.T. rr* i? rr t > Il?ir A. . ' AAl*r? In r?ll A1 lk? < r*t Ihii . A??r???. I?r? S^ ?fi? } R ' a MN* ??d ISH * *rwk #r?r! A Imir h *?{ u fur I*v<:><tk.c lAaU M IA ih? ?????*? rrij,? ?'o.^ Of rr k KU'i|?ri. f ?'irlrt* il?' m>r1 BiAri?l mlr.-T r? - "> t ,-K (?*Ua r??' Altk t*r? mviI Al ? Mr ri?k ajt Aitloi' ' "ii ? tnr? r-?. ??<J an* (hirp?'1 In All parw r* *? *"rl4. fUA'llwA Will .1 Jll lUW ? *? *?*' ?> ?' * II iMi' l.l*V, If II rrof.n?k.r Tim*?Rf?.t* ii irrvKsr ? tr*AI m'm of r*A> WIRKA. ???' ? ? it A' ? Mil r&UriftOPl' r*? llr rim-. M ?A ar? ?A Ml o?t harm ha* fantr. ' nrra* a |rma|rri rr Okvrti.r?M?.IHl?rt l?w >1 . Bmmtipmr pmmL AurAfa ?k^ia??la ami r???li . *1 m . ?"* pn?^a Owaaihl.^MXlf'oA Tim* a- a HIM . A *i'if?*?in?k aa 1 i%M*rr*r Nrwu 001 and tf fir fnirw >-a? Twb?c?*A.***rra<Triiit? or ?Hiviv. *?>*?? . at al'.k an-l rIVViM Ho *1 ??r?olo A??r *A, Tart TO MfcRi 11 ANTH ? TMiHII T ) l|1'U?. .ara fnr t*? >-pr1ti> Tr? l? nan hA?r lh?m Iti a-' Ikn ?MHthMSa la any of tA? i?>'iik?r- >i? ?i ?l a r?rj ...? r?l? Adi1r?aaO f.. ' I a tor* HaraW ???!. naiialv^ -f nfimni gtm. Al >hin A TlAt tAlll BY API CT?? AT Vl'*"V U?f Ma- Wort t?r>a ai.d amai' ???J wk AA l??all I wo Alpha >? A. P1or<? *mA v*rt?. Iw* ? U< k'Cla aa<I <lo?c?a fir am aork. arnk a ,.<??>:!:; of : ?? aa'" .a,.i la retail fnr Hf Aqnar* Iktmpwa PtaKi i P *v. r-1a? Bf RniAh rramar Ak?a.ra. RawnVri tv?? <* Oaaa ?m??* P*ia^r tait.u* r?'w>w? H?i??" ?? i K^" Wk K?rtp? for l?4a:ilM? Ink aac Karrap'. tr I'lawr* >?! a. mi^aaai laalr Ttw? for rat-Jaf Bkmrllifrai? a ?'? iiMii At. broAfcAA *oJ la atari. Ikr wbi r *>?*? at oar r "m ub i* PiaeHl Bnatew k> ?knlaaala wHk snAalaa>' Krrtui'. ! ?? of a?ar7 iaaarti'Uoa. avniiM p*rfa?|. nr nnkana*^ ?l ?? M?a fraa fnr taw Tkla wkota onlAt aaitaa aa-< k furTl?kr4 foa till l"a? all i au mad Tha AirarVAu Mtanr' ? r-nf ? #k*. At Hp ?????.< ?? t*~? a aaati laaA at tl<^l> A MaaMa<1 aiAliwlrr i laiaaTk. .. far'rra rt ^WaAll Tiola kaair* tha lar^ -ai and korl *Al?af k walar p? wa* In tka Rtaia ak|> a wkarl n# aarral? *?r ko r?lian> i atar BirkaatA. t?n: !? POLITICAL.. Fuaaa flack*. _ , OrrKu or the <JtE*? Or Tiir. < Bonto or .-rr?.Hvis<ii?iu t<et 15, 18?I S In DunaanM of s resolution ?i.rvtej by the ll<j?ra ul super risers. Oeloberil, 18fln, uf"lli>w? Keao>?ed 1 hai the Clerk of this Board be sulharued to ad ,? ruje iu the folk w1rfnew?p*|?ei? ? fe??ecrt;>l Sun, Herald, {??ul Tunes, Tribute, Kuu /.i-uun+, New forktur kr?t Abend HtU(, Kxpnaas It'colna Poet and Iteyjnaki the nl?r? ? fi' holding Lbf noils is the several eleo-loo dleirujs. The t<itrr< of the wTeraleieelioo i latrict* throughout the Sly i re hereby noiined thai ibe followta* places hhT? b?*m deal* vated for re,!*** lbetr ^ & ^ riii"T w*ni>. rtr?l (Mstrlct. at St Oreermoh aireet. Second district, at I# Oieenwleh stre't. Tb.rd district, at ll? Oreenwich Btreei. Fourth district stl3<'ed*r s>r*et. Fifih district, al Hll Bi.*d sueet "?TOKD W A 'rt?. Ffcet dtatrlct at No. 8 1 bemre alley. Second district, al Murllrr aBp. Till KD WAUD, Vlrst d 'strict, at 1(0 <)r? enwicb ureet Second d'strlct, 46 Kolunaon atreet 1 bird dislr.rt, at street Fourth illitrki, at No 3 Hudson street (OI KTU ? ? hi). First o ifrlct al 11 Jaeob street ? Second district, .it fchakspere Hotel, corner a HUM and r, v.aae .treels. Third district, 18 New Bowery. V mirth district, 87 < lieiry street Fifth district. 46 Jume? street With district, ?5i 'berry atreet be\ emli dwtrict 48 Catharine street nrTH m*HD. Viral dMi rlct 113 Franklin atreet (tar. od t islriet 24 While street. Third illatrtc. 33 1 eorard street Fourth district No. 4 1 tench street Fifth dlslri. t 1P3 I'uaiie street . Sixth dlflrict 347 <? reenwlch alreet. Seventh district 74 l.aJ?hl street Elallb district, 478 tWial aire. U hi X Til WARD. Firft (J strict, 1 Trvon row. . g#?ond rii*irict? obth Wwil Hot?!. comer of Ceowe BeMdc ftirMtt Third .,??U-t, 18 lHy Hall plaee. Foorh diaUHt, >23 . e. nam alreet. Fifth diali let, ?2 Centre alreet. n?ih dtrtrict 7 Mulberry ureeu Retemb diatrki 7 Bayard aireel. Kiitbib dlelrU't, Kim Blr-et Mnth dMtrlct, Ailanue Harden, coroer of ^ UaMlh ant Walker aueets. ?viirrn warp. Firit dixtrtcl 8R Kaat t ruadway. Beoood d'alrlet 1'5 t'herry stieet. Third clatrlct, IS!' Mfcdlaou atrett. ? For.rlh dt'Ulri )NJ ' hurry alreet. Filth dtmriet. 69 hike rtreel HUib dlauli t 173 Madlaeii atreet. Sever th dtatrlct. 1 Hn?t*omery atreet. Jtlghth dlalrlrt 328 tTheriy alreet. Ninth dlalrlet J (iouvenwnr alreet I'eulh dlairlci, (? Water alreet. Bletinlh .llatrlcl, 446 ( b- rrr atreeL EIOIITII WIMi. Firat district, 64 Wixater atreet. 8e. i Hid dlalricl ?6 Thi bum n aireet. Third dlatri't. 5<'l*tk meet. Fourth dlnrtci, 61 lu.oilmck atreet, Ft.'th dtalrlet, 4*' lireer wleh alreet. hikta dtairlcl. Ill) Wooaler air. at. HeTenth diatrli-t. 141 Ijinreiiaairett. Kithth dlAtrlcl 114 Varlck atreet. Nlnli dVtr*. t, Vatkh atreel TeDth d<atrlet, Jl' l V ?l< k ?treet. F.l. verth dinliiet. ? 5 xprtB* awreet Tweilth diatriel, 113 l liarlum alreet. ?1*TW wiau. Viral dUtrlet, tl'J Oreet w lea atrret. Aer ontl < inrtet, 4t>2 Bndlfin atreet. Third diatrlci, uleecktr Builolr.**, oorner ol B eaeker aa^ M Vourth'dWrlci. IJ i'hrl?tc|)b?r alreet Fi'th diairict 16 t-e?enio ?ienue. Hi, ; h dlttriei. 48 Hammond atreet. Heveuih diauli* 33 rounh atreet F. L'b 1> district. ?<?'> Buda<ia afeet. yv mi ti diatrid. 18 Fourth alreet. Tetih ditulct 4 llethnne alieet kleieoih Blautet. M Ferry atreet Twelfth dlalricl, 697 Ureeowtch atreet TtaTH W 4 K II. ft rat diairict, Tenlh Ward Hotl, owter #f Bro??* ?ud Forayth atreeia. teoctul dial rtet 73 Allen atr-et Third dlatrict ? irchard atreet Fourth dninei. W Kawi atreet Fifth etatrM, 60 Alien atreet Siith district, ?? Bowery. ELBWTH WiRfc Firat district I8i 8taat< n alreet Ser..od d'.itnet, TJ9 eUnlos street Ihi d district 17 1 SlaB'. n atreet Font til (iiatrlct. ?0 l-ewia alreet. Filth district 7# Houston atreet Ktith dtatrlct 2V aietrne Seventh diatrti t 7 a" ni,e C. tiabihdtatrUt 249 Third air W. r??-k Mmh iluirict, I own hail, corner of krenus C ksd Fourth * l7htb district 186 Uwls atreet KU-venlh oislrtct, Kl avenue U. Twith district 216 with street. Ttin. einb diairict 3.16 Kidhih 'Jr?t Voarteenlh dlslrtct. ill avenue I> F'Jt?eolh district, 416 Tenth Slleet. HliteeHh diairict, 396 Ka?l Tenth street cjii^rici, 13 y !><** ilfct'ls Klcht. entl. district, 117 avenue l . Twui rTH wsan. Fl -at dl'trlet. al V. Mct.?iu a, lilocmlnrUU road. Bear at the bouae of .I.An uoulhea.t a. dV.tefn'b Mreit. o.Td or -?d of I hlr.l arenus, aoath s<d.. diairict at WUI.-.M Biiiisflnkl a. north.W. uor mr of One hundred and twenty f.,urlo atr?e? ?^''7^'"' **""1". Fifth uixir.ct, norihweai .? tier of MatUaUaa Mreet hod "en'r* taflct E< thweal corner of Que hand red and llfty j eUbtn a reel and ??en-ie, honae of William llarrla ' IHIKTSKatH WASU. F rut dlatrlet. IM>!a H r.?S?e ?treet r-c>?.d duarui, H?> AU>?uey alreet. Third dlsiflrt S7 W H'ell atrhet F. ti' th district. III lin . nie alreet tilth dl.M.l, >'? 7l?. ? i k alri?t. bUthdia ilrt S4 Margin atreet Ka*snih O'aW-' 1 4 hufloik atreet Sit Ink I'.istriol 48 <^anron rotniTiw*Ta w?*i>. Ftnt*tslrtrt 173 B.i.sueet S?r .iT'i distri. t il e?.nne ?'.reet T hi'* clai i ct fljje* ?ue^ F.irrlh . ?trlet 179 K!U?be?h lArfet. ? mh disirwt la Mar km sar'.L S'?ih i ieUici 174 .rar d atreet l?e* eiiih district Mot: aireet f kin r ?.irt<'t, <?' Heater atrset. jiii, Of district I * Kaltsfn ?tr??t Te.,lb.'lsUlct, 216 II. si. -street rilT??hTII WARD. rirvf <9MrkiA. If# An. i> *t rr?v ^ , ? uuui. Lunhe**t t>>ru9T of fcuJ inn lw "Vkl/d t atrlrl. I?1 Hereer street. V,.,j h?.iaUiel. '-K Waee.ley pl?ee. 'rt nrrrxrz1-**, hjw- , atieet Mtratk liiatfl. i, D*rtb?-i>a: o roar of WukBJKlOD place, is lb* I't m?i' r r ... if ?Utr I. tU HriM.lwkJ Mnlk dain. t, IM k .??t lailk airml In in cwirtet, ka rt. 1 1 turtacuib *uact. ?IKTtOTIl *i*B. > irit iii?t/ii-t. 71 S??4i.'k ataana ffr I, ! diainel II 2 -*?4tnh ?v?uti#. I I. M (*lalrKt l'K i- a.. Ml*. -.irtii i intjlcl Jil tevtiutk trraM Mftl ti Inrt. WV ttgfclkawa ?. hi?tfc iliairtcV A* Hi-di'xultMfWt. MtfMk Mm III Si ik mi-i.of Kirkia owukh. W TruA mtiw. >.i th >tutrt?t, i*? Moui ? III,.!. 'iJKnet. * f* Mrtt I * rati fifth nrw. Ktanum warp. hrw lamrlrt 89 f?ri, i.rt .'?rni >1' atraat. 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HIM Hhi.lhllCH, J am KH l.VBOU.? lO T11K DK.UO J* crmry of the <'!t> uwl toutily uf New York.- Fellow demo irate? Aa member* ot lie kifrailie c.immtuee appointed at a roeelltiK of mar y of the piomiaent demoerala <i thle tty, frtenoiv to the election of ' nrarM Lynuh for ite'.-tater. v, r diem it our duty to lav before you our iruaona lor deairtng IbU ab ject and if they, In your oj tnirn, be eotaldvred ??hn. we re. ipec'Jnlly and earneaily aolx-lt jour co-operation i , obtain ikit er.d W* waive dltctualpg the right of hie r.laima, founded on ibe ot bin nomination, further than by aieUuK thai be I* the j&Hn.mor.< nomine e u* two conventions, which. Ulum together, ctrlainly represent every aectlao of the demixr*. ? oi dv city, ?ti,i on neither of which he had any lull ww ihu he ootid cierclae, s?ve hn well anowa truthfulness u> demo ?i?cy. Ma aeneral probity or character aad baa oapaMUtyol ae<* mpliahlni; w hut he undertaken Further, we <1?m re a? far aa poeelMe t> anid otunparieoua that will luvulvt- j . r* man tiea, but pabiio offloaa nubjfft the boldein ol tbeui to Enbllc anriiuoy; and every mem'iar of thia oommunlty I tntitied to ui\mti),au! the clalma of itiiiw oil ? ; mn ibeirtelytii for pubiii- aervanta. Mr. I.ynch'a nppo nent, Mr Hr^Bnun. haa been enjoy tor tbe piaHlon of Pom e Ju? tire uir iUh iwi live j rara, at ? w.'.iiry of .jrer three tboaaand ikn hundred doilara per hi u urn, and bba an unex pired if no of tbre>' tearayet oeniovii. He la tb<' nuuiliiiie of faetwm raled and ruined Tammiuiy Hull. Wliat mo,;v? E rumpled b>a noniiiutUoa we know not. neleni u> el^et cue ia? It lepubltcau ranaktate; f< i certtlnly, H muat t?> evident to any oue atai>eomerauot the'y 01 tbli uty that no one decent tog on ?uftx*ea of tb? name party ua Jaarra l.ynchean be elected over him. Twloe alraaly b?a tbM been leated, and e , h teat proved UjM 1-ynch ivaa 'he rbolre el' the u)ipurehi--4ble demorrany. We. therefore, re peat ilirre can l>e no motive ftir trying it again, except t ) Us: 'W th<' aleetlnn Into 'be handaof a pa nr. wblcb, a'.tbo't*h rtr. H eroau t?a family conneotlona In it, ia bitterly oppoMil to democracy; and wikhmotire, whutrver oulltK-al merit It m?v have, belue larking In boneilv, ahnnld be BVpiaUy rebuked. iMin. nut poar .t foeatble to e]iv.*t Mr. flrrnnau na a make' of eonrie be mun rei inn hie prraent preltlim ai Police Jnatioe. Bm rtalgnation Koea Uj tbe i.'orfrner df tbe smte of New Vurk. who may or May not rrjolre the K<-.-rewtry of Hatu local) an eleetkni to fill Use vacancy until it be too late for ibe people to do ao. It then beeoinea tiie eprela! I rerofMive of the Onvernor to appoint a I'd ne* .Inauoe, to i.a tbe < tCce made vacant by hia r?al?iiaUoa. torn. Fellow I eauvrntr. can C^' At whether It s l!k?ly Uiat a b'aik republlcaa Uovernor will, by oalluiK an ?? e -iton. prt you the pr vUege of ?o Co1."* or retahi the po*er of lUling the oDee by'narf bm own aianip. Tbe anteoe.lenta ol the ikiv rrncr with r-g?ic v> tbtavity are. *,e think cos.'.htalve evl ?!erre that .n f f Mr. Hrernmi n r?-algr atlon. the nejt l'a l .eo JualH v of vi e Secutd dlatri lwill l e au aj txiiolee of INj Uoyeruur'a. Kven a^inltUrR that thoae 'wo rand' 1 ,tea, Lynn and Hrennan, have e<iually arrrtd tbe democratic nxnw In kla ci:y, wa at preaent claim lb.- preterm? f >r l,>neh. No onecani'eny that bla conrhe iinii now hna l>'*e7i oiie of aelf ?arrllVt- tor the i-anae wltb wbloh be voluntarily idenutirablm ?elf Never baa be aoui ht any poaiUona but thoae involvliur an of time, labor and rooter. liow ia it with Mr Brennuii The contraat la too ularln# to admit of lengthened ?iieplay. lie baxnevrr been out ol a poatUou that dll not pay better tbuii any otler that he eould oblai ; and hia rrraent -alary la coder tbe Dioat favorable clrvum be can be oenaidered, an a'liplo remnner*tl>n for h.a wirru ea Arother motive, lellow democrata, ?. bloli should auongly Impel yon at tbe noming t.on to i?at your voire for .lamea Lyneh, la the foliowiac S"me twelve montha (inoe 'a the exeiclae of thiit poverelgii !Kbt t oaeeaaed by evi-ry citl/en of ihla ureal republic, you houybt proper to elert that jentlenino to tha otllre of ^ lma h?u??* iJovrnor. There waa no eaort wl'htu the device of fraudulent blaik republtraniam, and th<" aam* falae democra cy tba bave now notnii,.aed Mr Krennun, le't untried to de feat liia election Hut tbe admirable charaiter of the man had loo a'.rcng a bold on tbe heart of tbe democracy. Ynu elec!j?d bins by a large majority, deaplte the manbineil eiertiona ol ,ie I open enemtea and falae aillnrerta of our glorlone demnrrajy. 1 t-iung wflb il?ir aignal d< feat, they appealed t.i a power I hli'ber th?n you, >nd from wbleh you havo lately niler?d ' many tod'initlea fbey make a corrupt State Lr -'?latnre undo j what your free vlea had di ne; they legialat*' hun out of ollioe, and rive to a black republican l^-gialatore the power of ap- j p< miing to ojBcea thai ahould be Qlled by your free votea. | Ton abo'dd now reaent Ibla gmtn ontra*ebv defeating the can- I dklate of ibe party who perpetrated t, and ele< Ung the uian w ho waa ?i nnjmtly treated. Tl.e?e however, are merely party eonalderatioog, and are ad dr* seed to yon a a aueh, bnt we cJilm tl.e ludrafee of tbe whole comm inlty on broiuler I rinelplri. for cauaea of morn gereeal Ir'ereat. Heinf* a de n.o- rat. being a republican, f "vlnir any party mac. ia n>a In Itae.'f a quallfteatloo for tbe r.fl ,rr oriteglaier The^.tllne re ' dree liiiaii.<-aa capabUiliea and habita. lb. se Mr.U.fnchhu rn an eminent deyrre Mia pr Ut.ral biaaiea never le,l him Ui neu ect hia odlc* or Ui? work?b.ip . b.^preMMit Independent oo aition ia the reaultof hi* own ;. raided In I iatry and lalont. The ? fllce re<|0lrea hor.ea v, founded rn prlseipli-a that oaonut he purt hated llta nienllM, if beh.ive any. can out deny kim tboae * naliilea and hia nnm?r?mvpeiaoiial lunula areao QaUcMof bie giving grneral ?aiiafaotion In the offline, that they muat ?ue r>?4 t> uaing tbvlr t? ?t etli.ita. aaihey will do, in having him t be catt Heg i*ier of tbe elty and county of New Turk On b.-hali of ibe Kxeentive i'leuum*. DaNIBi. GILLKSPIK, Chairman. Prtruva A. Fv?i*?, ) y H. M< ', Is*?""' Vi i iciik llot'M., New Tork, Odob'-r IS, )*9). fBANIY ONIOW TnBCHUOaT FBoiTWWIolt.? IT The Twenty tlrat ward Dmnx.ratic Ward OummiUee re ar rctf ull v Invito ibe preaiding i^Boera ar reprewenlAti vca of all ciube an J aaaoelaunea In ibe ward nppoaed u> the eleetl.-n of I.lneoln and Hamlin. In meet with the and?ra]i>aed e- unm u?o at M Cotter 'a cornnr .^Dnd avenneand Thirty fourih alr?wt, on Tuewday. Ifltb luat . at 4 n'aiwe '' M.. to make >r range nienla for all rlnhe fiwrta'.ioua, .*?? , In the ward to *11"* In the grand itorckHgbt proceaalaa of the lid Inat. , In oue goUi body. A I EX BR A N HON TBOfl. B Mt'RPBt. NK1I1AK1. OKHAiilUt, MH'li All. Tl V Ml ., Ut'dll MoCahC, 'kan-aiUee OKAU<ll,*R'*?KH OB A N U MAKHHAU I I I M N TORi 11I.MI1T PRi KKHIOM, TIC-DAT BVICNINvI, OCT. it' l*. The i>o?iialtiee of Arean??rr.e!,u would reepertfnllr aa n< i.nre ti' tbi 'r fellow eWaena that th"y W1 ' <e In ma v eaiiy. between (he houra of I ana loXJJor# P. M at U>" r h< a Iqiutrtera, 5U l!r>aktlw?y, ot p adU' Ht. N'sholaa U. t-i ^ elnhe. aeei etat'ona. Ac . w!iO rteaire t,. ujte part In tha Man atrauoo will addraaa Lknlr aam m unloatieaaaa above By or'iM. IHA1AH KTBUKKH, Iirand Narwhal UCO. B H AI la, Chan tan C. uua at a rraan ,. neuta UtOk'ta CLjcaaaa. Sec retary | JfPFPICN DKNT P'ViiciltTl CKNKRAI. fX)MMIT I t "e A delegation ol hve m-i^ eF, <p,m eaeh ward arm ta'pn.j, ?: iy meirliera wl!l me? t at IIBtarr Hal' I1TI I'. eerv, in eitii .?i?y n< ?t, ijctn' er 17 at a Vrlnek P. M , ' >rdef n ir.Kke i ' iv, c.iimty Mid OmgreaetaBi nomln^oona l*urH-t<ial alierdar>-e ia r?uije?te<l. IMA At Ho.- < 1 HOV K< 1 U, Prea. *y r>- Maavaa, Dk M IIii msriui , -e.-r?u?rlna. I !? J'CRStTAfrcK or A I'AI.r, FK l( Tfif fUivi) I kiwi ? <?f ir^ar t * ,1-,^ t> J?f??Ur * ?.f fr.?B HvArfiflmani c iha In tb.r'1? r4".,VWr" Hr' - i. ? r \ ? lllpf , Ull 10, At 7)| O (f |A<I rnA-illftraia iWr-wlM, IKMtiti* , ( ;jf t)sf lifitud Mirthil; VH^nfeisJ fif fh,? a i ? L"g ZL' " *M M ui? piT--.7wvl ? cl h.2W , ,t W? II 1KMV V-W,?T%I. * '*" r. H Hrim U R?r?u? * *lltu'V' *k'? \'l w v ( ? ? K TV ACf MBII'N I < ion n.' ,<TT Mvavna o yx* .mt *411 v- b- . ? u,, Spi , , .* n.*d?j .van,, ,h^ irtUii.a* t uLiiS , ofexi. r?K*u?latt?,HUD<*i? r* >",??,, * " ! J*mm*AtM. -i iiim Cl AKt ARKOriAIION. k? A PfMvtal n*fUn r will h? ->?M no TtM,U> m.| , |Mv EJetl' h Si ^r*ri ' "?-n ? 1 N> oroaruf t, .. J'* ?? ?nAI*rRAf, Pr*?>< nni W. K < onrriTor, R?w*ur?. ' "? "m J*1"" r. U?mt, A??'?iant n?crrt*rf TBI < -nifpMTUi^ or vr roi.w>wr*<? <>?i?Tt.e. m?i.. tnlti I*m> ki ptiAM. U)?y will trri v. mm.. fiiurw&x ?---??? ""w'ttsK i-j o'Sli"'- ?" ?I 2!225\!Hbm*4- W. Il?nr? I- Nwhwi Ha;, n ?- Tb?<1<t??. ?>?. jrf >- w.'ifTir* ."***? ?L"du^ i-Jsce^t w4Kft ' '*? ' '?n < j"hn Farr?l Hfft WAJVf I, f ITKRHfM *11(0 ? I I- r*?.i h*u.r.H. ? ?"**? *??"**. ? '?vImmn. I ?i.iw r??i #. T w , ? . ?'??? ??? ?<KO / 1 ,' V 1 'l,m Ahmm < -iti-mut .. ! **!, n1 I- M?tn J, I nakrubh R?, S-Wi'CeChwn^^ Wl , ,,m ' A. Itarr I -"en Jntn I, !>,,*. * i^,r*W "W" ?* TV T ,*"'n 1 K A-T S? awKft'ri O '<rW)T. #-W K rnst MHTll W AMD. **T?| w t hr> I- *? if 'i I? JnHa s?\i, i, !- 'u ? IW* ?-J?? Wb t# *~W. C taJmir ? ivttiirti w?kh ? l*T. JM - l- Al,.? V .^?i:, ? '"??? *'\h Mu?( i. 1 1 '-*?--- njf i ? 7- Hf rr?ik>l. I , 1 k I ,ho?k . Mlt|> VrK.Vfl ' .fn r.rr^ri ?-'/ ?!? Miirr. i| Ifcn. Km ... 1 r'-'VlM".*!"1 TW?J.??.?, ?r> V4?d l-[_r .'am** 1. htrnu. l-n?i I H ' "*f* **'^*Uy. a_ ?k'b*?! m*<h 1 ' I" ?' ' i> M. 'arl* u H? itritrr nf <t* < 'nmafttf ot) i v*<t*pHala ? V?I.. '-fcntr. > i'UAhk J' .) c ?)/.*>,, <l?OtK*? I. T||S.|C ?;N| w?ki> p??(h-k TT ? 0MO1 ,T ? w ..rf* ?M ?fh'.iwlif Ml' v R I,.. , n ?. p^.t ? i ? t, ,v(. IA -h. ..'If.,, " " '* I, .) <? In#** !li|i w \ , i>#? frp;aM?t>(fl M I W*Jirr Jo; r#, a m j <ri?w#,l ; ,M n '? ??" ?? 7' n r <?? ?????')? V??dp??lay ib^ |;i|, tlD WARI< K*i31;laTO>ii, aITRAIIOR ?-??> w ? >!?>?? >?? Vft. C, i?d?r ' ' 11 " I'm** I l"'BAII,|[cl,A?IiaifrB I : i on '?7 ,1'"^,1 'r" *';N iS" f,?N"Kl*r<v.r?_ * ') W'wBfi; r>f lM'0 I i?i . *11 n*. k, . ? ? _ Kn w, f?lM ?- ;, ,. tw??T%?. M. O Rkitn, Th?rrW4?M. ** "**" ??? 7 ' V i,r *''? KWorRATTC .... , ' !i ! mmhw of th* ^ ? [? i !?? a? T n-'.U t Vt'uV *--"|-T^? ,! ~^j}* I lk# ?lr>M arxl kaal Krr ada >? 1??* '??. nwnmt rf jfi?rrn (y?.|v.^T CJTII [>lf TRICT - T7IR MKWHRRA '?* T?? .V , ? ' "** ???wnrrar'1 Ail fl?urn r>' It* ?k"ta 4m 'I , U* " TJ*"*"* lo M4?" 4 a n>?''ia ikia j, >i v,ti, ? Hal), tn<r+'t n*- - Hrrp><?r<v ? . tOHH B rRUU P . J f't Q|>|? 1 knnicV! I POLITICAL*. UTH W * Kl> ? AT a KWUl'LAR MCKTlMfi Or THU : Fourteenth W*rd loui.* Mm'* 1>'B>>?h iieBtrwl i'lob, he'd at 17tflrMnri strt-el n P rulav aveuliig, ?>!>?* Ibe U UowliiKiireeail.le mid resolutions were adopted ? Wkcreas. Tbe i1itWoi.ii m< tan h1 ibe deutmt-aUe party bt lit present i,?? are S'icb as to t>e 4et fly deplored. and V-trr ens. A > *iii .?nt i tnies wb ?r? ot'POMi u< tbe h!w*U^ti of tli* Week rev nhttaai ma 'i.iatee, I inoiti and UN Un. ? twarLUUly Laucasary at ibe i.tnlux elec.uoii, iberelare, be ll , l.tsolved, That U? selnb heartily endoraes toe Colon elecve iml tirLel am! we pledge it our coi'dml and u: ditldnd sup ert it?? .ve^.'Unt we concur in the unintnailous made at Be uulllul to. ulty anil c 'iu.IV ''fltoee, aud earnestly Uope UeJ ticket will be trtiimpfcunUy elected. Jiesrlved That In Jaineo < ynrb, the < emocrH.tlc . an?Mi?e for Het laler, we bave a man wet! <|u*lt(V6d to Uli ll?at . eai k 11 w lib credit to bim? f and Ihe party, and M a Oiling re nke to tbe blsek rspnlllcnn Legislature of laat twlnler we wll tse an honorable means io secure h? elwtton. .. 1 ?r!X'v?^^bat'tbui^liili bslls wltb deligbt th? Dommatloo* Vim. hM'suley for Ais*mt>ly, of lbs fourth Assembly dis tinct Mid wouia r?oomiLfQd him M * thorough Mo/ftrt man to th* cu/r?u of tb? 4 Uriel for lh?ir ?nfl rugm Kf?ntvid, Thftt this club as h. body pturUcipftte In the I uum torchlight riemonetrnuoB oo tbe *U<n?. UMX{}L? Pret?. Joim J n? 1- .. ? T. O'iiaiita, jr. j Secrrty s. UTH WAKD-A MKKTIBO OK THB FOOBTiBNTB 1*J" Wnrd tomig men's DeiunorsilA Certrvl ( lob will be bnld st tb- rututeetth Ward Hotel, corner of U mod and BlU-abeth Btrer'x on Wednesday ever log, 'let J?, at 7'j o'elock. A1 den locraWot the **t , favorable t?> Jtotarl Ha.l nominations, ?ra luviMd to atwnd. WM. MoO'At'lJCT, l'ret u JOItB .1. lllMIM.I. ) T O'Bkii v. jr ? ; K?OitUHe?. tl/?TU WABli-TBK MKMBKKS AM' FE1SNOH Of the lir.ngW and irhrann Caapalcti Olob are re<imw?e<l to attend a ote-tinK at ? lo. It rV. m Wedi evlav, 17lk liint at i(b buUib ateune, ui make arraiotemeotii for tbj pvade nn ihe 1S.I tai WM. Frewdenl. J ami.- K.n i wis ixii, ?ctcreuyry. 201 VTI! WARP llRICHIKBIDOl V?r> LAW* ' I.UB ' ?i 1 nn ? t I u ?.ta\ eiruii a f ct 14. nX H o cleok, a 3. '5 ItDfV., pPHMillil tllfDdlDCC Ml f ilUttbMMl. U Uiiuurbkl)'. buttoeM Is to be txaii.- ... t?d ? ? _ IMIIUJ* DAAH, Vloe Preetdent. WM. B. Wai : n, fteert '^ry. E A LBC3TIO* fRIVTlNti. ICUDOTION 1'ttINTINtl, By CU&UlOi'UUt. MdhHK & HKtPfOII. KM Kama ??. Mreet. <i?i Ana THK KlItKKIKII. baociatjon r r ix km i*t ki ??? kw hik hhoiti lar <|Uarterlj meettat will txi Ixtlil M Firemen ? Hall on Ttieaday e.eiunj, (>ct. It, at H n'oloolc. Punetiutl atutn laoco ia reiineeieri. I'MIlIP W. IbBvlrt, rrwaWeou U?>. W Whkikr. Serretai y. (10M MIIIAN KN01BK 00VPANT WO. 1A-AT A i meetlnx of the bciijurary and e-?mpt mraMn of tbe abore onrpaiiy, held on Mondav eeenuuf, Outober li tbe fol low .ng ri mIii Uc id* were adorted ? Wlierttae, tbe unexpneta'd In : orniatkw of tbe daeeme of ooa of ? ur ol ! aa?icuiie? ban l.e< n ?ntnai?rilv broatttt U> i>uf no tice i n e w ho In year* pant we bate been aa*>clHied witb In terms <if Intimacy, Imlli *s flremitn and euljen, he it Kesolved, 1h?t we rt i*iie ihe tii'infa of the deMtse of < ot klm Tltis with nofeitraed let ret. :md mourn bis flepartjre 1r< m 'biJ ille, J. oklriK U'j.iii tt K4i>ue of tbe ereuta tbat shookl raiuloi. l_? to pre pate for ottr uwti arrtinl at tbu termlBU* ef the voyage of lite. the n-era'tem. brnmrnry apd eie-npt aem l.ei*< tiolambtau Kntlne tkntstsj ^n. U t>e r?e<>eete<l to :oin with na to | avlnr tbe lust trthule ot rev|>eet uione wh?vet prtie and t>'iw.t has been OiitmAaa Kugtne t'snp'tay 14. loni't : at 40 Howard alreel, thi" lav. ia 2 ?> rUvk. UKNKY U. VKMN.CbAUraMB. AmiiohtP. McCaktv, Beerel *ry. THK HOVOKABT AND AOTIV* MEMHRMOF OOU7W I ,*u Knmne Company, S i 14, ant req nested to meet at No. 4U lk war.i Itreet, tbM day. at. 2 P. St., toalteud tbe f Uberal of ottr late associate, (VmUla Tints. 84MVKL P. tami. Bee']. KuBKRT ROtlEBH, Peremaa. KEWAKDK. S'J RKWAHO.- S I KATRIi OK 8 TOUCH KttOM NO. lii) if h street a IIUIaKUik Out, lea Do*, tan color, an sweis to tbe Mime of Beauty. ?in BRWAR0.-LO9T. ON THI 1ITH fVST . TN THB 91 1 ' vicinity of Ktflv fourth aue-t and Ptfih avewwa, n small blaok and tan colored Do(, abom tiuunda. very U'?e enrs. \t tk tail ano white on tbe breast. Utavw him aX 24 \l eat fifty toiirtb itreet. B. UAMRUL ff? 1 f I KKWARK Wll t. BK PAU? F< !? INKflRMATlOV JPlv" thiit will lead t/ the recovery of aliont four tbooeand (eet ol Uuk Plank, which ? >? einoved tbe fuot >if Ktghcb s'rvst will. in ibe >ait ten Jnje. Apply to O. k B. POIIXUN, 224 H<?th street. ?1|\ KEWARO. W)hT, OS THCBWAY l-AST, IN 91'' K0'nK frum Hanover auuare m Hp it} ten Dnyvel station, > y 'he Hndsiiii River Kallrissrf, a (1 ?m ind Hrenstpin islnetn stonei. Tbe aliove reward will be paid by retiunlnc ibe sntuo lo No. US Pearl street. (lift RKWAKII -l. JBT, ON BUNOAT A (10U HIM* OF* tbe Trsde.smen's tHank. Tb>* !lnder will r->o?tve l be Above reward by leaving It at tbe Union Club, corner of FtfUl aven'ie and Twet.ty fu st strnrt ? tie BBW ABO.? UTOLKN, PBUM NO. 147 MKBCIR Viitl street, a lyre sl<?d Mack relvet floak. Whoever re t'vrnsss'd cloak will receive Ibe above reward, and n? r?ee tlons askud. 140 1 ti?k> I'kM ro ^ Y1 y**rm. h.ttr or tr?p^u/>n. Ml ft tktt lfh<rl n "fhirtrrnifc fttrorl. Nrlwtma FUihaot<i Matli %'r,,?oot?, At hiUf p*?4 twoo cViiUL. P Vi . on FrV**}-, 11th in?t . ?'??*?* wh?*u rehire morfi him Urn fcBuwn *b.j ?t him >? l*or< f*y thlDbt Krgl kh fit *nVj. 7h+ v wlii bo infmmMmn m hi* v^hhi return lo niidhcr, Mr*. LK\l., iU3^ i.ih lUroei, or Vo Mf. j . A Abrmrcb^ Ulf nlff itrrrl. fen aksWARO }\J Will b* paM by tb# ftvtb*?r.b*r for %riy lni<rmA fm >Mil will lra;4 v?? rtfrwry u Vh? munt or ? jfr* }>m ot the ?uti< !?? tftitito* r? t?d. %?x ~ 1 bliirii Nnvir r th Otm* il. 1 v b A.*k pilot r.oih >kv< tu*2) 0**n*?*L 1 Hrf b ud fMh Ih"** )! Oow 1 blftcfc *Ht?4 i'Nmui I lliar robr Divta %?!ih ?vh)t? fl"unrr?, livvt !ot D^r'lr 1, ?bi:? fe?thrm, el?bor%ic}jr pahiUMi. frweb tnnnufM tur? I ttot ro%rtm V tctriin# ?rxi 1 tor v ?tr Vn ?m th* fUb of (Vtnhur fr?*m 177 W#?ai Tneoty avcotul \br Ihjuo* rut* pin! wuh 1%imm KHif. JoifM if Dl V* K iWiJK, liM IWI TOO LATK KOR i L. A ?s| Kl?* %TIO*. AuB^ruoiAjf aiti> win. au<o two simuijokn tiri?rn r*n h# h ? ** ?mm wUt**i witn full or u.*tiUU H nri, m * print* fMBkiijr, ml IU7 i Irlilifphef street. lkrt*r*rn +* re u ir?<L Alf H'EOPKAff f.ADV H ? YfJKI fflCR TT?K tTUfK 'TT t ??<!, WOftid Infcr % f???r w>o; r mi. iM for U'?? PMMAO, iU |vj yet micitii. A^dr^an t. II.. hrrnri ottin*. l NO UFNTLKHAN IU DIXIOCI T > OBTAIN h Parlor and Mrrwim. nlh aw of Kntfe, III lb* V>i??#?of % ?tartly fmiitlr mtmrr th^r^ v# bo tu.A n b fire AdverUWK rr??ld #*?? ?? \ m rtifm^Ji of ? h'-fiie f<\r A liwatki %od p Iran ui r>?wr? % b#r%j \ <v,' #<kiM tm RrvmUdtf t er* **|ll pWi?' no* lom't, td <T**m, with fi II parUetUart, KM*b%rd ? hAtifi m. Ntrlk)!^ r}% HAL*- t?r Rev Kl* c*IDF.n U\\A~ Tv^O C1DRR Vrr-?+* % i >m w:i, two Iron br?nt) t M %11 fo# V& A\?> ft Bwrr m?? ? Mill l#*^?irt by hvitl >r % >r? bmvr butlt bntm |-ow?r Mirh u*. Apply vi* 0g tr^iitb ?tr-'K Fon HAVK-oiri or Tiir. LAHOKirr, h \NmmMRyr ?od bf*?t M. iWr wd PttiM is th<? miw e?t bt mrf??h? oM. thirty two r|MN bU h ^ . ??* th**bftr|; I2ft I'ft , In I^-ft-' r?n *?*#?!? o At* ?t Inn Hrotrb d^r IfoftHte, 'ftft* ftftd of th*' i :ir**??t brrsd Also, ft br%e# of blm It Pointer pKpt, f t |h?? ^ brred. Mso, % r? ,r*?s#?r ,f l%/fr Hewfo'n ??*n l W ?i/??rvi Pup?. Ht Hrruftrd Pm\ rinbt w?#?%SoJd, fnicn the liiriretr ?i. .. k I . the I'ity. ilsi*, Hot' Trrr rrs, Is ??*rb le?rten?, bliiek and t*n Turnery Pminr i n\m etinr I tips ?' d I "iin' si ^r?rds. Addrtm H fur I Of i, Flttirth st , two h-i ae? nwgt of Hr?w4<rsyf ff?w fort. / Urn RVAl f > ' AS f Ut $7 lot" )+>) ?h'* tir? iml for |d .'moM ' hesl anutf Hotftsr, 7h* sue k -u* lii'inr, u< imr lb Tweult per iwtil s*ve?| ?t b fl A HW( M U, n, |7I fh J kniiuA, Dr*r Thirty fotitU) stmst r> HritDBRF.-WAnT?0, A HI M.HKn Ti? V.*K T A fr?BM? IkMBM In t*r 4i fciy*. ft. It , mu< b* wil'ley to tji?? ?n eiifibl? lnrst?4 bnlluini: i?H in rft*t M>ment. A'U.rrm, ? x. 1 . R . II rftfef i die*. f 4*n I'Kiwtfl'i L >r? sreAt st ? tT?# r H "hfH m^nnfs^'^ry sn?f o/ s lurciikiltf su?re. Mo. fi J i OAeiy, e >ryer ol (s*a) U$0te# of si! hb"'*? Al llflf KK|frt'l fbirt msr i factory fti d ir^ftt s f .n? st ?rr. <i 9owory, e??fner of < Wn* st Fh Ft# sn*de to ' njer o* iN-iF#-t?d fr? *? wnrrftsted. lo fit nt '-IT'1 RllftMr> ihtrt msr f*H(ir| i;etil slnrsisl og slot# , 62 lt<iw#f y <? fr%tmr tji tlftft*! ? tr? e l MSTKH UT ft T"C1ff? ' t4ifi??y in thin dtt ??r ? ^1 AiMrnsO. I) H., Ik > KHI.M Hit, "< K?, IHtl.ANll I T'1. !? -,??U tkr4 m ? k ?n '1<4?I t? imntlfaMMl n ?>? n?> MiMK >'*?? A ,?rg* Mil IH|?1 "W ? P- m Iff I I pr?f?r it .in. * la 'r .IK-H ? * T?t 'It'll** rt'rt <-.*y hi h- if p??t -II ? rt.*-*. . n, t ?-rla xnnl '>?ra * ? ?l i ih? iur<k u4 ,J Mrtt m>k. Bm r< lit %aJ *feo?*r ?w.? * ? *<? *i.m F' rt?r?l.i H? J?nW> A OOTION ANON. I'mprirair*. I omen t *tv ?rtw notri.. with wi?? I ?M I -???r *1' *? If** No. II M nwt m mr?n. inr Krm-1 w*,1 H |1t)TTfij?, fit )? ' "i.i f \t r> 11,1* ?rj antral *!?.' n ??? ^u>a,-?t|.r?a. * .ry H>?r?v.r [.?.'? r- Hjlrr hluK'KiMla'ki H- Mi * I I.I.I A* JL NT, Vrnwrmrr I.A?K?M'*K IKrtKI,. K* -AP **T ANf? RMHTft ???*. r>r* tnMn 1?1 rm tk? lft"< .??o pl*i * ??? ? v r*n\ ' ? *????(> ?? '?! 'f Wt<>tl0 ?tfl A l?. >? T ? N MM li '?> I' ST RII.I.IJIRIM. Bu.i.i * onrti.kra* havinu THNtta or I i?r. ? fr?? i T?hi<* rfH*"" ??? ??t- .. In . h.<. nrflfnn* ?m m? I** *-i u f? "an r>?Mtra'?#? ?>? c?lll?? nn l*b?;?? A ? tli?rxl?r ia ln?sn'r.?b? N?? Vnrk. Bin ia no T?m w - ?n* nm.t a ari.swmn nt?m k r>f ti ?? ?"! *"t ?M>'l T?bl??. ?i ,l? unm rt <???? fir***" Wff?? Hi tn *H for t?m?? Wl tr1? m n? ?iiri<i>'<? la. W II <ihlFI tTH. I?4 r>nV? ttfwvi P HP ?*'? HlUAIW TAH1.SN *nn ? 1 ? HINATKlN l rslI|ot?H. "?!??? ' 'fTM '11. M?|>|. 14. 1M0. PrMM ratfn"*4 Ira t*f mil f<? ntk. mil. A* A ''Ol. I, KHIHN In RmlK MT?*1 ti-r j Rtiri ikPN'jVt.i mi.i.iAMn taiii w, ?? *ilb h'? I?|) Irrr'r^ MMMna, ptu-i.lMl l?, I -A* MV* ?? ! ?r-*B to h? ??.D?rl<* Ip ??? ?????? W. HkDnfATt, rr l? PnNr* rtr.,1. \1,TAI?TKI> T" flit K ?< N IRI WftfTFR A IKml) ?T HIi '.mrA liM* n<t lih ft ttr ? ?r1*?W n?r* F, It., b< ? SI7 >*? York few i*ir*

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