Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 21, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8809. SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 21, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE PRINCE'S DEPARTURE. The Ron of the Royal Train from Boston to Portland. Outpouring of the People Along the Route. The Ringing of Bells, Firing of Cannons and Enthusiastic Cheering of the People. THE OUTBURST IN PORTLAND. Onr National Anthem, "Hail Colum bia the Anthem of Old England, "Cod Save the Queen*" and the Anthem of Hew England, " Yankee Doodle," Per formed by All the Bands. The Prince's Barge Leaves the "Great Eastern" Wharf Amid a Grand Sa lute from the Entire Fleet and the Forts cf the Harbor, Sailing of the Squadron and Final Departure of the Royal Party for England. " HOME, HWKKT HOME," *o.. Ac., Ac. the recetooh of the mcmnvGKi LAND HI8 DEPARTURE FOR ENGLAND. Portland, Oc*. 2), ISflO. TIM Prince of Wale. left Borton in a special train at halt pest nine o'clock thi. morning He ?? eecorted to t*e EMtern Railroad depot by a troop o' Lancer* We ?treetewere fairly Jammed with peop e, who cheered enthusiastically, wared fla# and handkerchie f and In rrery way songbt to honor the;r departlnf gne... T?e Prince was tn excellent humor, bowing and smiling responses to their saluUtions. Atthe depot he took leave of Mr. Winthrop and other distinguished citizens. Mr. F.verett being toe unwell to be present, Mayor I.lnooin, Senator Sumner and Governor Banks, accompanied the party to Portland. Every Tillage along the route wis crowded, more so than on any previous journey of the Prince, and the Cheer, were more enthusiastic. The party took lunch in the cars, and at table the Prince was unusually lively an I animated, keeping the who e party in a row wf;h his witticisms. The party arrived at Portland at two o c o.k, and was recelred at the depot by Mayor Howard and the commit tee and eecortel to carriage.. A procet.ion was then formed, consi.tlng of seTeral com pane, of roldier. three of which had come a long distance from the back couTtry U> do honor to the Prince. The Corp. acted as a guar, of hoaor The scene was very line, the streets beisg crowded with people, moat of whom were ladle., and the display of military being Tery commendable for so small a city. The proceMton passed through nearly all the streets o' the city. The day was cold, with a northeast wind, and the party found the long ride anything but agreeable. While the oortew was programing, sailor, were oocu pled under the direction of Comm -dore Seymour, in getting the royal party a baggage oa board the ships ? Each article of clothing aeemed to be done up In ?eJ*rmt? portmanteaus Numerous ware the parcels. Dr. Ackland bote, of books and mathematical instrument., including som. preaented by Senator Seward. Among other artlclea the Trlnoe hafl .ever.! turtlea, wh eh he bad captured on the prairie, and an immenee box]con talamg large mooae horns, from Canada. U>rd H nchen brocke had alnging birds and courier squirrels. letters aad despatches were received by the party ejou after reaching Tort and, and the Duke of Newcastle rea l bis paper, as he rode in the pro*s?loa The letters were distributed at the wharf before the oonfoaion was over, aad the baggage was on board when the Prince arn??l Passing under a large arch on the hill back of the her bor and walking down a losg flight of steps to the dock built for the eteamehip Great Eastern, arter quickly re viewing the tr?op., whlafc were drawn up aioag the wharf, the Prince aald, "I'm very oo?d-burry," and moved to war - is the Hero'* barge. The etepe leading to the boat were oovered with crlmaon cloth Shaking hands with Gov Banks. Got. Goodwin, Mayor Llacola aad Mayor Howard, to whom he eali/'lam eorry my vielt here ba. been eo brief, ' he Jumped Into the barge The re mainder of the party aUyed a few momeote, ihaking ^aad. ?ylag "good bye" to their Canadian friends av. Balks', Senetor iumner.and many Americans to whom they bad beea prev lonely latroducad. Tbe scene was moat imposing Many veeaela were lying I. the harbor, aad tbeee. with the wharvee aad voseeia lylBK at them, were black with people, and the hills bo bind were literally oovered, the ?ay drteeee of the la lie" LiviBg'tbei:. the appearance o f be ID. oovered with> cal wood. 81111 behind the*, upm the sum ml ol the hill, were buadreda of carriage. Blled and oove-ed with eurlros obeerren Before embarking the Prlaoe naked Got. Bank, for cop e, of the New York paper*, b.t, as umial. all were One of the capta'as. aasiou. of belag noticed by th' Prince aald, "WW your Royal Bighneee pieaae step b ' * Ulttlet- aad then sale led him, the Prlarn of conrw re fpond icjt Coring the prortm^m the Prlace'i cnrriage st ppoJ a momeet and the whole party were photographed At lea. the Prlaoe e barge, which bore his pi umee , >. rront, stalled tor the Hero, an l asiaatiy the guus of all the ships thu.dered a sal,*. Tbi. wa. repeated the abip.' baad. plaji.g "?*l Ike Qeeea, ,"HOIO) lorn*. and "Tanke* l?odl., - *h. Prt.oe stepped o. tbe Mero e de<*, at half peat four o'clock Lord t joaa aad ether member, of the party re*a ned ?one time looking at the ahip They thea eai ?yad the boap'.tal t'os -f Mayor Howard, aad returned to Bo.w?n at Ml 3 'clock the eame eree ng The veaeie of the Mac.'. Seat s.t * I aimwt imned;. ateiv They were acaompan.ed a short distance from the harbor by sereraJ ealltag veaaeie and the ?t?am?r Wi?. to. leaded with rp*tator? from,ead were salu Ud'by Fort ' re die aa they paaaed By e.k a clock twy were ball dowa upoa the horlsoa aad at eeven reported them oat of rcbt Tbey ? tee red di-ect tor gjoglaad, ma. ag no stoppagea The eamcial port which they will make bee nit ye baea decided apo. , hat the Admira thoi(lit that th. ? weald laed at Plymouth The whole Ktg'ieh Oaaaael ?<wt I. expected to meet them some distance wtside the barber, and receive them with rojal honor. another account. Po*Tti*D, Oct I), 1*90 To d.y was a ?ae. hright, ladlan summer lay Tne vrmele la the nartor, all the public bull liege the o:>?er Tatory and the British fleet, were al fl?ely decorated with fags aad bus.aaaa wee mostly eispen led At' noon a great crowd of peop e, tog -ther with a inegr Bumber -t earr'ages. aaeembltd In tbe street, around tne Grand Trunk Hhllwaf depH to weloom. tbe Prince to tbi* ' The special train fr?m Be oc.w th the Prlaoe and ?.t? M bc^'l , croeeed the city l;M at forty mmntm P^t o^. ?b cb was aennuneed by a ass ?al ?luU of th.rty UTee grrs fro. B ! Tb, tra o an i.i depot a few minutes after, the engine tad cars selug i finely decorated with the American and English liagt, he. The royal oar wm elegantly furnished for the bcctsion i with a bountiful and rich collation of meau, flrults, wines, Kc. On alighting from the car the Prince wan greeted with repeated cheer* from our citizens and number* of Cana dian lubjecta and Brltiab officers present He was re- j eel ved by Mayor Howard, of this city, British Admiral Kline, Commodore Seymour and ether royal offioers. Mayor Howard greeted the Prince with a brief wel come, leading him Immediately t> his carriage, present tog him, <n jatsarU, to the members of the City Council, who saluted him, the Prlnoe raising his hat in return. The Prlnoe rode In the Mayor's barouche, with the Mayor, the Duke of Newcastle and Lord Lyons, the royal suite following In live other oarriages. They were escorted by the First regiment, under commud of Colonel Smeat, consisting of Uts following companies ? i%rtland Mechanic Blues, Portland Light Infantry, Port land Light Guard, Portland Rifle Guard and the Port ' land Rifle Corps, which latter acted as body guard, and by the Norway Light Infantry, Leweston Light Infantry and the Auburn Artillery, with leveral bands of musio. The procession proceeded through India, Middle, Tree, High, Oanforth, State, Congress and Atlintlc streets, to tho Victoria Wharves, which were built for the Great Eastern , where the royal barge was awaiting hisRiyal Highness, and whenoc bo embarked at fifteen minutes past three o'clock, the military presenting arsss Before ' the I'rince embarked be shook hands cordially with l/>rd Lyons, the Mayor, the British Consul, and others. As the royal barge left the wharr the British squadron all fired a royal salute of twenty-one guns, and similar sa lutes were Bred from the city and from Fort Preble. The harbor was full of steamers, sailboats, barges, fte. , which accompanied the royal barge from the wharf, the latter being surrounded by boats from the royal squad ron tilled with British officers. There was a fresh easier ly breeze blowing, and the water in the harbor was quite rougb, so that the boats rowed quite slowly. As the flo tilla neared the royal squadron the yards were manned, and this, with the strings of bunting and flags flying from every point of the fleet, formed a magnificent spectacle, which wag witnessed by an immense concourse of people, assembled on Mount Joy, ths various piers, and every ac cessible place of observation. As the royal party passed the various vessels of the squadron the Prince was reoelved with repeated cheers, and when he reached the Hero, at ten minutes befjre four, the royal standarl was run up to the 11 main," and another salute fired by all the floet. The rigging of each vessel was Instantly stripped of the bunting, and the sail ors diwppeared from aloft. At half past four the squadron sailed, steering out of the harbor, the Hero leading, followed by the Nile, Ari adne, Fly ing Fish and the Styx, saluting and being saluted by the tort as they passed. Extr* trains leave this evening on all the railroads, to take home the criwds who have assembled in tills city. Some of the military companies came from a distance of fifty milei to join in the reception, all the military being volunteer corps Everything went off finely. The Governor of this State risito4 the Hero yester day, and was received with suitable honors. The city li thronged with Canadian visiters. The officers of the royal squadron have made many acquaintances here, and evidently enjoyed themselves finely, being tenderol every possible attention by oar citizens. The royal squadron will Ft earn only long enough to clear the land, and the remainder of tue voyage wli Be made under sail. The Nile and Styx will leave the squadron off Halifax. THE ROYAL TARTY IN BOSTON. (I ron the Boston Advertiser. "c. 20 | YI-IT OK THK Mil 1AKTY Tl) II A KV A HI* CMIM, His Honor Mayor Ureea. of Cambrilga, with a com miUoeof ibe city government or that city. caJIe-1 at the Kj vcre ; .oute at about eleven o'clock . to escort the Prince and till retinue to Cam br I. 'ye. Soon alter twelve the whole par tjr . including the l'rlnoe and all hii ?ulte, the city ollicsrt (rem Cambridge. Mr. Kverett, Mr. Wtallirop. and men lastted gurita took l>arouche* for Cambridge an ler es cort of tome mounted police from that city and accom panied to the br gc by a detachment of Botton polio The I'rlccc on leaving the Kevere II .? wai greeted witb chcera from tlie assembled throne To tbla complimcn be returned his acknowledgment* by bow in,. and smiling Similar demonstrations ? ( re mate aloof the whole rou.e The carriages drove alone Broad way to Prospect street ?ud through Prospectant Main streets to Harvard square I poo Briadway the school children of the city were drawn up and an ibe Prince drove slowly through tr. ? line* they gave a hearty, gratifying welcome, showering smile* and ? ? i. .ueta upon him in almost equal proportions Arrived at the gate of Harvard College at about one o'clock . the Prince found the under graduate* drawn ui Id lull force, wL< rbcered him a* Cambridge (tudent* well know how to cbeer. The Germans Band, upon a staging halfway between l'nlver*ity and Hollis Hall*, played -God Have lb.- yueen." and tbe carriage* drove at once to6ore Hall, where Lord Renfrew wai reoeived by President Felton Tbe meeting wa* most cordial on both ? ides. In tbe ball were assembled tbe fellows of tb* College, tbe Board of overseers, tbe Collegs Facottv and a lew invited guests. Mutual introductl mm took place, and the curiosities of tbe library were exhibited and were exam'.red with interest While in the library, tbe Prince wa* pretrnted by President Frlton with Quincy's History of Harvard College, exquisitely b und In tw.> volumes I pon one side aere emblazoned tbe arms of tbe L'niver sity. and on ibe oiber the crest and plume of the Prince A volome of Yo'k't Songs wss also glveo to the Prince ia btbsi! of tbe College. An extreme:}- Interesting episode look place. Tm four I vli g ex Pie*; dent* of toe College, Josiah Qulacy, Sr., Edward Eterell, Jared Rparks aad Rev. Dr Walker, were seated In a line and were introduced in order to tbe ?'nnce. With Mr. yulncy he held an animated oonveraa i in being introduced, Mr t^incy addressed tbe 1 r .cre a* MM ? ? J am honored by this introduction to your Highness i-'ixty six years ago a similar honor was conferred oc me by an Introduction to tbe Puke of Kent? your grandfather. I am gratified and grateful for the opportunity you liave given tbe people ol Ibis country to evidence their Inter est ia your nation and respect for your fanily May I prove an omen of loag continue'! p?ace asd friendship be tween our respective nation*. ' I'revloi'S to leaving the ball the royal partv afllxed thetr tigt aturea to tbe vtsilers' book, several of tbeo af fixing their co'Vg ale titles. i >a leaving the library tb* students, who bad formed a Mm) circle around tbe entrance, gave ' Three cheers for tbe Oxford Ma dent This very appropriate com pi i mti t was followed by three cheers for air *nite. Tbe student* w?rc marshalled as follow* ? Jkfiior Coll ? Joseph H. Wales, Of Boston, chief mar thai rf the day; N. P HaUowsU, Philadelphia. John L. Hullard, Roxbury. Jtntn Chut? W. H K'er, of Natchez, Miss , Kraacis I.. Gardner, of Button. Henry M. Rogers, of Boston. Cliut ? C Ilavls, of at. foals, K. D B : of West Roxbury, J. C. Warren, of Boston Charles Kmersm, of ?talea Islaad. K. T. f'rtiKman Clam? R. Cod man, of Boston; F. W. Crown asbield, of Boston. W. R Robeaoa, of Caaabridge; J. A. Pi I Ion, of W. Ixmi Is . R. J Meeoakey, of Westchester, Pa Tbe croad of townspeople wlo bad assembled in tbe yard pressed quite cl>?* upon tbe suits of the Prince, as tbey acrr moan 'ed hln. to visit Boy 1st in Hall, tbe cbem Th< stay here tu very brief, aad the . r i c? wa* tb?a taken l? ?ee a student * room? that of the chief nartbai. Mr Joseph B Wale*? at No 12 Hoi wor thy Pali Here be wa* enabled to gain an ought oto ibeaay' f llfs of bl* contemporary ttud?;:t? at tbe Ami i ' an I ambrldge At bs passed tbe muticlani on Ui* wa? to Hoiwrthy, tuey played tbe college a.r of " Fair Harvard " I aivern ly Hall was next v't ted. where tbe Prises wss tbown tbe ofRee >f tbe President and Urgent. Toeo the | arty went to ;*ue HaM. where the law students gave Die Prlr.ce three hearty cheers The cnrr!*f*s were resumed for s drive to lb- ? r vatory , snd as Chrxt eharcb wa? passed its helm chim?t forth " Uod .-feve tbe vueen P<elurniag, lb* lawrenw * .11.1.8c ^cl ool asd ths Plvluity School were visile 1, the student* at bolh p aces sxteoding a studenti' wel co one la Harvard Ha 1 an excellent lunch bad beea spread, by t' * ced rg ?rr ib to sbicb tbe whole company now repaired. No forma tiles t<v>k i laoe. but tb* alts r wa* very fleasaM snd awlal ThS Prince sat in tbe central P'? '. < t of a table placed crosswise at the west eo l of the hall, with Mr Felloe on hie right, aad l>nrd I.Vnr.s upon bis left. At Ibe r.ghl Of tbe Pnsos was Mr galley. *r, aext whem aat tbe thiks of Newcastle Two other tables were placet ' lathe ball, one at either side of ite toor. i> tb or which were well ailed, both with eataMea ar i with gentlemen . I rim the B stoo Bee, ')ct. 30 | TTl* I APIM WIO Dt^'T PANC? WITH TBK PmiXCl. Ia our eolltotie t4 yesterday we gave a oomp'ete list of tboae who were fortunate enough to secure tbe han 1 oi Baron Renfrew for a dance at tbe Academy "f M Thorsdsy evening A few other name- were also sided of pr<mla?at personages present We sow propTae to enuBsrate, as wsll a* memory will serve, some or th *? wboae preseace 'eat a charm to the brill, aat restival, and without wh' m the hail woald have been a mark* I failure (If the marned ladles ws Will begin with? Mrs ?ttnstir Hale, Hon Mrs Coatat, Hon Mrs R et, Mrs Col. Heard, Mrs Andrew* M-a Clara Rate*. Mrs Itabcock. Mrt Col nargeant, Mrs Wthmx. Mrs l**w. Il'ta. Mrs. nurllngame, Mrs r^eorfiass Wright, ds-ighter of Hon. Oeorpe Buck ham. of New Yo?k Mas James W !*oee, riorchestsr, Mr*. W dcott, R?*hory Mr* lenk'ns, Mrs Wsjr, Mr*. Cutting, Mr* Ailea, Mrt ?"Imti >n*. ?lf Reals, Mrs. Iawis, Mr* Uol French. Mrs Col. lawrsrie, Mr* Col Greene, Mrs Barry, Mr* Vert, Mobile; Mrt Robinsoo, Cincianatl. Mr* Fowls, Mr* l/>'igee. M-* Tufts. Mr* Meyer*, Mr* Harr'ton c.ray Ot'?, Mr* *:ton *tad, Mr*. Pierce. Mr* Fisks, Mr*. F' iietl. Mr* Ciith ng. Mra. "ted man , Pnrrbsster: Mr* I/>m>>*r<, Nswton, Mrs. Flsld, Mrs. t'pbam. Mrs Thaver. Mr* Rlcharlwm, Mr* lia||<> Hit 8mw, Mra, jaisMtii, Mra. Wtmfr, *ri. Fltat, Mrs. Underwood, Mrs. Stevens, Mr*. Rogers, Hno. Mrs. May hew, Mrs. B V. Martin of Manchester, New Hampshire , Mrs Stlma Hale, Kecne, New Hampshire; Mra. Jacques, Hud. Mri. N. Q. I'pham, Concord, New Hamp ibire, irnd ntbeis Of the uumarried ladies, each one entitled to dlatlM tlcn lor personal beauty, we will name ? Miss Mary [>all, Mies Lir/.le Hale, daughter of Senator Hale; Miss Sergeant, Min Blanch* Robinson, of Cincinna ti, one of the noted belles of the Queen eitjr; Mum EUa bates, of New York, Miss Belle Rice, neioe of Hon. A H. Rice; Mrs Cumins, daughter of Hon. Mr. Com ins . Miss Anna Rice, Miss Fanny Fastman, of Manchester, New Hamp tblre; Miss Lizzie Atkins, Mlsa Nellie Atkins, Miss Lucy ?'*njjK'U, Mm Gilbert, Dorchester; Miss Jennie Oolby, CfcarUstown; Miss AIUd. Misses Brewn, Miss Bates , of Bo? ton ; Mies Ober, Mm Felton, Mif sea Sawyer, daogbteraoraa May or Kawyer.oi Charlestown; Misses Daltoa, Miss Tbomp H n. daughter of Col. Thompson; Miss Parker, Miss Marten S. anion*, Mm Iawrence. Miss ilske.MIss Cushlng , MM U Sue. Miss Doane, Miss Jewell, Miss Hawes, Misa Dlteoa, Mim Sanderson, M its Cur a Hawkes, Miss Woodman. Mlse telle lhaxter, Mies Richardson, Miss Thomaa, nelce of Judge Thomas ; Mifg Roller. Miss Blake, Miss Mackay, Missis Reynold*, Miss Ward, Miss Mason, Mist Hall, MISS Htin.tR. Mks Kimball, Mits Barn bam, Miss H or too, MIM Smith, Jamaica Plains; Miss Underwood, Mlsa Foster, M'.rrei Thwing, Mim Harris, Mlsa Davis, Miss Haven, Mlsa Kifd, Mies Kate Rogers, Miss Bangs. Miss Cutter, MMs VUiltuey, Miss Martin. Manchester, N. H.; Miss Kings buiy, Jlns Killogg, Miu Julia Eastman, Manchester, N. H. ; Mitres Snow. These Indies were superbly attired, many of the one turnes being extremely beautiful and expensive. Bat little jewelry was worn, and tbe variety of band bou quets and natural (lowers used for headdresses and cor safe was free y commented on. It was noticed that UM l'tince often allowed tils eyes to wander amoog the young ladies who surrounded him He evidently his a taste for youth and beauty. Amoog this list of namea it would not be diiiienlt for any Prince to choose partners for aay number of quadrilles. [From the Boston Post, Oct 20 ] FISAFFEtTION AMOXG T1IK MILITARY. We regret exceedingly to reeord tbe following: ? The Fubileeis have been particularly Identified with tbe tour of the Prince, In consequence of their recent visit to Montreal, and tbe occurrence seems unfortunate on that aocount. The trouble occurred In relation to tbe formation of the Second regl ?cut, sad one of the companies (tbe Independent Fuslleers) left the line on the Common Immediately after the review. Tb? regimental line was formed by Colonel Oowdin, ac cording to the regulation!, eight companies taking their position* in tbe order of tnelr commanders' com missions, and tbe Hanking companies were plaoed accord ing to tbe date of their charters ? the Boston City Guard on the rigbtand the Leominster Light Infkntry on the left. The 1 usileers claimed the position of the former company, altbongb their charter is of a more recent date than eltber Of tbe two corps named, and jest before the review they started to march on the tleld under oommand of a ser peant, hftTtM first stacked their arms. They were pre vailed upon to return, but a'ter the review Uey again stacked their arms, and this time left tbe Common. They left their c Ilia rs m line and marched to their armory under command of a Sergeant. Subsequently their guns were carried to tbe State House by Quartermaster Stetson, and delivered to Adjutant General Sobouler, under orders of Colonel Cowd in. The company will, It is immediately disbanded. The law provides in case of ten companies la a regiment that the oMest commissioned captain aha!! coma and tbe right, and the next oldest tbe kit battel .on companies, and twocompaniis shali be t es.gnated for right and left flank eompanies, the oldest organization on the right and tfce next old< St f n ihe lelt. The Fusiliers, therefore, had tbe right of the battalion line, but desired tlie right of tha whole line. This d< maud was refused. [From the Boston Courier, Oct. 20 I PREPARATIONS FOR T11F PRINCE'S DETARTTRK. Tbe l*rinoe and luite leave Boston at a quarter before t->n o'clock this morning, for Portland, from tbe depot of lb# iattern Railroad. Tbe special train placed at his d sposa! consists of tbrse passenger cars, all entirely new, ot the lateit it} le of construction . an 1 are very hands me. The car designed for the ^peeial use ol the Prince and snlte la truly splendid. Its details were arranged under the d! rectlon of Mr Webb, superintendent of car repairs, wrho has exercised much tupto and dscrimiuatioc In tl beau tiiul accommodations. The car hod .ist been iitte<l up for the accommodation of tbe road, and bad never been oi t of the shop, when *i r.l rami' that the I'r.nce ba.! se lected the Eastern read as the means i f his conveyance to Portland. All tbe seats have ixen removed, and Ita Interior fitted up In regal ?tyl?. The ' exterior remains as before, and, In faet, It require* nothlrg additional. A beautiful Wilton carpet, of crimson ground, with green flowers, is upon tbe floor Two elegant sofas, covered with velvet plash, run length wise at each end or the car, whtle in the centre, oppo site to each other, are t*o gorgeous mirrors. Easy chairs have also been placed In tbe car. Two centre tables have been furnished, on one of which are placed elegaLt silver pitchers, goblets, glassware. *x , and on the other a beautiful bouquet, Traits JtC. Tbe colllig of the car la of blue silk plaited, and studded with silver stars, which give It a beautiful appearance. The car dra peries are of tbe richest crtmion and goM silk ? d?*?a*lr , wbtlc about tbe windows are One lace curtains through out. At tlie front end of the car Is a retlr'ng room, provided with a desk, reclining chair and all conveniences. At tbe rear end, inside, is the plume of the I'rlnce, with bis motto, and beneath, m pannei*. the coats of arms of Maine. New Hamsblre and Massachusetts Outside, s semi circular platform bas been constructed, and handsomely carpeted, aLd furnished with crimson velvet surroundings, on which the Prtoee may view the coun try or present himself St the stations Tbe second car la the train is for those who an ompany the Mace by hi* ir v nation , and the third for h * attendant* B >th or MM cars remain the same a* orlgin?ll? ItntM. with the green plcsh seats and handsome decorations A hand some mail car will c>n tain the baggage Tbe train will be under the cbarre of Conductor B H Cram. The train will be drawn by the new locomottvs "Cape Ann." which bas been carefully examined at tbe repair shop, and beau tlfnlly decorated by Mr Buntin, the foreman of tbe paint stop. Mr H I. Garrett, an experienced engineer, will have charge of tbe engine, and w ill be accompanied by Mr John Them peon, the master machmest of the road Fvery precaution w.ll lie taken to render everything safe for the passage of tbe train. Flagmen will be placed at every roal cr?*amg, at every bridge and at every curve of tbe road. A pilot engine, tie "City of I.ynn,'' will precede tbe train, and keep two mllea abeal At Salem, cannon will be Cred from Castle Hill to g've notice tf the approach of the train, when tbe bells or the city will l e i >:t g until after the departure of tbe Prinoe. A HONNET. ffce fi.linwlrg irce, lb* heartfelt otleriog of o?e who 10 ibtak aid bow to write, arc among the gen * u'kmi r?l ?ru-r tbe exciting Irene* of Thurtday. 11 d ?e | ?c tbtm a place wtth pltaaure ? TO tal '.I IE*. Victor i?? could tb\ mother'* eye Hare lingered o'er thy toa, A* be, rralb one triumphant arrh, Patr*'! tbrcngb tbe <aad of Waab ngtrn, Well might thy mother'! heart re)o.oe, And lb ,ta gladne** own, 11 Thof heart* thy fkthera threw away, Revere Victoria'* too " A PORTRAIT or TIIF. TRIM ?. A lady *ecd* the following portrait oi tbe Prince of Walea, frc m ,-htktpere, (be uaertlof that hi* "prophetic eje' mutt bare seen htm ? "It ta a pretty youth Not very pretty But ture he** proud, and yet hi* pride becoiwi* him: Be 11 mak* a proper maa The beat thing ia bim 1* hi* complexloa lie i* cot tall, yet for hi* reara be'* 1*11, Hia leg ia bat *o to, ted yet tl* well. There wa* a pretty ripecet* ia bla lip, A Utile riper and mire ru*ty red Iban that m ?ed Id 1.1* eheek; 'iwa* jo*t tbe dlfleraaoe Betwixt the ooa*i iat red tad mlngleJ damaak " ONI RKNtiai t MB1~ tee editor of tbe Clove laad HtaIA, writing about the bail at the opera H> uae, Cinctoaati, relatea the fol low lag lacl lent ? M *a?rof?i >eck. who wa* tbr belle of the evening, worn a white to lie drr-tt pvfl?d to the waltt low Berk. Sb<* wo-e no jewelry A little lacMeat coaaerted with thi* fart may cot be oat of | are I'revloca to the arriral of tbe Trtarc >our cmrretpondoat wa* tiling immad.atcly behind MwaGroeebeck and ber mother The latter lad y wore flegearit diamoe i car d rope ring* aad piaa, while K m Or ?*hcck at a ready meot:< aed. bad o it a particle of Jewelry on nor pertoa. be ng aotleetble from tbo a I moat retire abeence of extranroua nraameat of aay kind | Wbea roe of tbe i fflrrr* of the evening announced that the wit to be boaorad with Die Priacr* band for the | kecocd daoce. of oourte there was a flutter among her party Mr* Uro*aJ>erk lOittr took off ber owa ???*irf aod pWH'i them to berlavored daughter bat the doclmed Ibe* Her ir r>tl er mi itted bat Mi** ' roe* heck with equal determlaatiir *n<l great g'? d *eo*e pnaltlvely re fute I to wear aay k od of ornament <tber thaa her aimp'e drfta. an ' lb* wealth of beaoty ?hnh Nature bad be ?towed oa bar. Testimonial I* (t pt. Wllaom. Ooatlaaed tnbacriptMM foe the testimonial toOapt John t WiMoa, tf tbe brig Minnie Schiller, a* furnlahed by Mettrs. flowlaad A Atplawall I ? A I. fehlOer tico (i ll, timet A Noyaa ?J6 llielpo, Podge A Co..., 10 Cbaa M CoaaollyAOo. M> rioMcer, Potter A Co .. f0 Tapnan A flMrbwtk . . Si Saul* Onmttork It M M Freeman A Co 30 *m Ontbont A Bro. .. to Witberopoca, Ktagaford J B (lager 2t A Co tft tammana a Co 64 amee I eaox 1(0 A. Bella A Bob to lajrraftftOb T ITaay A Co 36 (, B Ijimar 20 C W A I. T. Moor* A Go M> llowlaadAFrotblagham to K I. A A S't art tO F. * ? W. Blant U Lnlaobigk, Wiaeadoack Adama A Hawthorn . .. 2t * Co 60 Waldroa, Robh a Co . . It Sim'? !> \ itr?r M) .Ibo. T Puatan 10 : Mora Rroa. ,Nararro*Co 60 W H. Focg 70 C D Morgan A Co 40 Thro. McMallea 10 Oam p, Bruaeea A ?h*ay 16 ? Total n m Prrrlooaly acfeaowledged IM6 total UMM Thoee drilron* of *nbaCTthl?f lo the above fiad will plea** tend their tubarrlptloaa U> the oflloe of Meaert Howlaad A Aiplnwaii. M and 66 Hnntb etreet. Com Mom Pleaa-Otbergl Term. Before Ho* J edge* Italy , Brady and Hi ton. flw/ef , ifc , at Brnptr. tl al ?Or dor of Special Term affirmed, with ?lo roete Hmrrintl r* Ifrv Jenry TVoiMfrfo/rnt Oayoog.? ^ OHer of PperlaJ Ttrm reveraed, with 110 cotr. Hilton, i , dl* ?enKng ITii 'lom A f/iUo rt IV Iff* r*-h fiiU Utan+fdctur ing Oxeyooj -.Mot fn to rtr'ke oat atiwer M *tan> fatted, WilA 119 otiM. THE FAMY WHITS CASS. IMlHiM of tike UtmU|?U*1 Bafore ONWir ScktraiiiwEvM?M? of Kdmon ItoBkaaa, Kllia Rjru, Maury aijnw, Lilly BMBttt, Dn. H?UI?, FtaHtll Md RUili Md Protestors OumcIuui D?riBOi-TI>c Jmry H?ad?r m Verdict off Bwtk from Apoplexy, *eM *?? Ike Investigation in the one of Mrs. Jane Augusta , formerly known as Fanny White, wu o? yesterday afternoon at tbe Twenty Orst precinct ?MUton house before a Jory of Ike following named gentle John H. Sherwood, George Tagnot, Joel Wolfe, D a Arnold, II. H. Keeler, WUliasa Colley. Tke first witness placed upon the stand wai tho baa baad of dcceaaed. Be waa quite calm during the com ?sacement of his examination, but towards ita close he ?M quite moved and seemed deeply affected at bis mis fortune. The following la a report of hla evidenoe, to getker with that of the witnesses who followed him ? Kdmon Blank man, being duly sworn, deposed as fol lavs:? 1 am a lawyer by profession, and live at No. 49 Wast Thirty fourth street; 1 am the husband of deceased an tke morning of Friday, October 12 Inst , 1 aroae at aay usual hour, seven o'clock, and so did my wife ; after we tad dressed we went down stairs, and at about a quarter past eight o'clock breakfast waa ready ; my wife took ber usual seat at the table; lir. Richardson, a gentleman who was stoppirg with us at the time, (at at the right of my wife, and her little niece, a girl about twelve years old, who Is also stopping with at, -sat at the left, and 1 sat at the bead of the table . we ate breakfast; she complained of a dixxineis in the bead, and said she saw two owl s eyes before ber; the bad complained of this the day previous, bat at! II waa able to attend to her household affairs; the day before we bad been out to ace the procession and were at Biiby's Hotel; when sbe complained of ber Illness I said that if she was bled It would do ber good; Mr. Richardson said ho did not believe in bleeding as a remedy in sucb cues, and there the conversation dropped ; we got up from the breakfast table about twenty minutes before nine o'clock; I then started to go out, and as 1 waa In tbe hall deceued kissed me, and ga\e aomc directions about marketing; as I was going down the steps she called me back, and 1 again kissed ber; 1 then went down town to attenl to some law business, and waa In the oourt room talking to an ac quaintance of mine when Mr. Furlong entered, and, call log me aside, toll me that my wife was dead; I don't re member anything more after that ; we bad always lived on the happiest terms together; when 1 came home, alter receiving tbe news of my wife's death. I found her lying upoa the bed; ahe waa tben quite dead. Q. Do you ever remember of your wife baving a fal ? A. She told me that sbe had a fall from a horse about two years ago; also that she fell down stairs at a hotel in Newport, R. I ; tke day before her death, 1 have been in formed, that while she was looking at the procession In Bixby's Hotel lbs window shade, with the roller attacked, fell upon her bead; my niece can testify to that Tact, 1 believe; deceased did not mention tke fact to me 1). What was deceased'a agt? A. My wife always told m<? the truth, tod the said ihc ?u th rty Ave years old, but ber brother inform* me that deceased was n her thtrtv irr1 mi ?*?"? *???!!&; D. w !a charity where few %ould observe It- Ur K)cbard*oo, my niece, two female servant* dCMMd and occapl?rt the home on Thursday nl^bi, I saw mv . *?* tolng to school od Friday morning alter I left tlm Sw'.r * lheC0"" 'f Th irtyflri^ street an* eJS^ml!? IT**? " Allows -I am a donvttlc In the employment of the last witness . I have been nhlarm. ?*>?? t*ths; I went to deceased's room about seven o clock to awake her and did no* se? her ?.? ? >!!! U?V time, we had breakfast atmut Sixbt 0 clock; 1 waited upon tbe breakfast table I did not hear nlain*^ .T,mpt,*'n lb" mornlc*; 1 heard her c m plainon a previous occasion, iu tbe fore part of the wee, ? P*'D 10 faer hea l . she was in bed for irf w .5"?.*' *" c*"c doenon Tuesday or Wednea . said ber bead felt dtzxy, and said the saw "^*^'"'^b?(,";h*r<,>r,r ,hoto,1? ^ medicine "not^'h2? hi, 'l f'" b*lUr ????', I did ^_,h*r ^P'*1" ?"? Wednesday alter the breakfast was over I went down sUi? h ,minoU* 10 B,M ?'jloc? deceased ran* U>e bell and I came up to the dining room. deceased bad (one upstairs to ber bedroom. I cleared < n the table and came up sgsln at ten o'clock; at that hour I ertere l Z'ZZ ' wtwn ' her fyis, b?wi tbe bed on ber koeea and loft shoulder tho tide of her bead was on the floor beside tbe bed, she bed her bad Wade, and all but the bolster* and pillows were arrascr I 1 'sSET^" frequently In I be habit of making her bed I called her name, and, sot receiving any ansa r Iran* Ibe beH for tbe other girl, thlcking deceased had a' (It the ?elLd'?^W r ? ? girl Mid dflCMied wii so' fJ,^?B,.hl V" ,?n'' * 01 ? th? other girl told me to' fo for ? doctor, I found tbe doctor out I !h" ???,, ?"osb the street fo, D/ ??isig be bad a call and said be would come as soon as ho sot through I asked him to oome as soon as he oould fir ftnltfc s wife and mother la law came In, and so?o hr KfJlg tame along the doctor said be thou* It she ?u dead, be examined ber before pronouncing her deal she ? as then on the floor as when i.rat discovered after le I JK?Si Jfj pronounced to be dead she was placed I 1 ul St b\ Mr 801 " lhc" Mr "eirSfur'ST I I B atkman; this ?u between ten and eleven o'clock V|r Blank man srr;ved about twelve o'clock, Mr. m? ? ? SuEiaEfi much ?t the death of bis, and could hardly believe, be said, tbat she was dead I don't know of deceased ever having a fall, or of anything fall nr ^ 11 "?? not deceased's Custom to make her n ni ? ,b'<?1",,,llr did It so as to help me ai??c .-^?P aoytbirg m ber hand when ton en trfi band ,00,,> S**1 had a pock*t handkerchief in her c &nEmTLlSc V"" oo*ui,,in? "?di I 1 *:??'? f0"0'1 aay thing of the kind In the room | m~M,a ? taSLRiP ^ ?r ,he r?0m I 0?J?or, being duly sworn, say* ?I am a cook in I "f Mr 1 have beea In his ? month deceased was always very f?2 ? t-,, m* 1 h"1 Dal ?**? h.r on Fr. lay morn " ?'"i r,"? ">? b?" for me to oome up to h-r m SL2? i WM ,UB? 'boul Hi o'c'ock. I weat Up irn d??i?*d^ i ^ iLl1!' '"f Mr* ?Mkm?n's room I l^ind dwnsi d 'y J"* o* ber h. ad sad shoulder and ta a kse?li0( positt?, she had a packet fcaadkerchinf la ber hand an* i t '/'"I near tbe Inel of tbe bed ber faoe was S'dewa* ? ETfJSU'S *! ?pp?'*d ?o he black or bine la lie (aee^ I rslaed her up and laid her bead ;pon * n i.'ow on the nar, I did sot think shs -as dead, and sent o"t r"? i IMfj tbe girl Kllea weal out for a dsator bul she could not find ooo unt 1 ?h* cmJIed vpon I> r Ke.tlf Mr B?yd came tn alto |b? dociv DT UB? In V*? T* * *** lh#tl we r#mo?ed de T. be<1' Blmukqaan came to the houat a?oo sftor wards we l td some fr ed fish ud liver for breakfast I that m<>rnln*. we alao had tumstoee an I p<daU *? the (isL **? "nornin* and the :r?r the Jay betar* I ?hL ? . f l*?? t,f '*oeeaed, an Interesting AM I Wf? ThWrt J' ''.V* " M*. deposed as follow* ? f live in I *tst Th rty T'orth street with my uncle, Mr Blankman Whfto ^ ? *"**. U Mn OlfcWB** on Taursisy night | WM* tfcwel beard my aunt oomplam of a |>? i. ,u tb, i'i? ,?hT u .'.r ' Wl15 lbt curUln otuched fell, as I I tfc. ugbt it struck deceased r? the head ! sst at the ?tTSTnU ? ?"-!* ?r 251 T rrlJ*? ?O'O'O*. She 4M I Ir?. , ,!lMJ"orn ' *ot up before tbe r<*t I dav ia- *Lv ' r ?chool , MM ay durisg the w*ek my Bun I was very tick sid was cob 0 Bed to ber bed for V wh^ csy I don t remember what ?b. comnlainad of the lest time I saw deceaMd iNvt wm after >l*sifk*l, wben ?be waa in ber room reading the sew* IZL li:i ,he ' ? r'f her bef .re I went , , ?*0W. wbe? l cam? back frrm school 1 found tbat n, . sunt ??? dead on my way to sehMl ttat Mlut Jet | m^usrle at the corn# r of Thirty third ilrtM *sd Sreed | Adi/lph Keisig , M , {) being du'y sworn detvieed as r*?i lows -I reside at No 43 *m thlrT/k^T^ I fr si momlBg. the Uth lr*t , abost toa o'slook I ?*?* I ?ta?La^ iived next 4 <or to ths Taberaacle I ' 1 "M lb*? occiped with spat est I thrn/.b^lr hi f""?1**"1 U' **? ?? B""B U I roi Id get I zSBZHs V? ! \,,m ?r??'??rds I waat to ?Ur.'L e '? ,h* rr'" ? '?"Om above the I I PL J B| 00 lh? I1*, on her hark. Bear it. ' hu?u.s "hr Wr!L l?i movable, breati.ieas ?n I Cs27!Lv ? *M bloslsh red. *nd ber ' imL!^ J , P"P * ?! *y wrr" iwmovaale i*7S wliTIH ^ i"r *" up?" b*r S5SS rt tea ?r toy react ioa w^u d take pit**, but th^ra wan not tbt ahiktett tymptom of ricti* rema^ T I rr.'L^o^' Pfob*bl' "y apop ei^t^a tber. I?, II lefn <T I. mir.?,?e ,n i . I kst t me deceased s fsce and hands began le g*w paler irssKms wf" a ,h" "?*> > sa h. ' ",1ho1'' " inquest, a. J then lert fur home , V f *" requested by Mr Blank mar to ea drreaeed lying on the bed SnUi to the fsce I ad disappeared entirely I met Pr flita 1 JL1,* '""V"1 ,h" "*t tor, at half pa*t elerer death mSTnSLnm 6 "h,rh ,h* ?' I'amJd . ' r*m" thr" ,rrt ' "" ln''> that she I ained of seelrg something before her eyes a dav or two P' -h.rh.howA that there wj, ?.e.t;n,f eatf n Thai 'w!T5 *hat 'eceased eo',7, the LSfSnRS ?;-P'odc?ed ti e a, ,.. ranee rSV.ff.'.".Tr3S5? i r, r ? r r. ?" r" lUr" v< ? ??? n I ? ' '?"* Hj 11 bp iSTA ? wu* tuutum wtn rmm^fn. ?imv? i-wur,\ Biankman, Kiseam, Wm. H. Draper, Foster, Swill ud Ratlslg. The examination wm made twenty four boars after deatb, IM body of the dsoaaeed preaented bo exieroal wiarke of vtoleaoe; the surface waa pale, and uere were no evtdeaoee of oommenolng deooaaposlt on; the pup Is were of natural sine; the thorax sad abdwien w?r?> ih. parte first examined, an lnciaton having been made from the top of the sternum to the pubes the abdominal walla were round loaded with fat, meamriog upwart of an in o and a balf la thickness, tbe lunge were next exposed to view by removal of the sternum and ooetal oartliacee; they crepitated freely, and preaented a bealtby appearance everywhere except at their apiece, where their eub stance was puckered, appai ently from old tubercular de pesttioo : there were no si jus of unusual oongeetlon of tbeee organs, nor was there any elluslon In the pleura cavities; tl.e pericardium waa now openel, and found 10 contain about an ounce of yellow, tranaparuir nerum tie heart waa of normal size, egi was greatly loaded witb fit, which encroacbe l considerably upon thn muscular tis sue of the right ventricle; the cavities of the heart were healthy; the veatrlclee wire empiy, and the unci !e?<ni ta Bed a Moderate quantity of blood, partly coagulated, the valves were bealtby, presenting neither tbtckeu'ng, calcareous deposit, nor any other morbid chan^o; the ab domlnal organs were next examined, and exhibited the following appearances the liver wan somewhat larger tfian t.atural, but otherwise free fro3i disease, exsept toward Its anterior free mm Id, where there were found two small nodules of canceroua deposit. tbe kidneys were of nearly <quai iiie.Md ahowea bo rwsrtshli appear acres they were deeply Imbedded in fat, and on sectionH were tc en to be moderately corrected. tbe capsule stripped Off easily, and the corticle and medullary portiona of the organ were present In their due proportion; the uterus was next removed from tbe pelvic cavity, and waa found to ije cccEklerably enlarged trom tbe eirects of old chronic inflammation, wbi:b existed not only In the uterus itself, but alao in Its appendagoe. oauiing abnormal adhesion of bolb lalloplan tubes; the cavity of the body of the uterus w as empty, and Its lin lrg membrane pale and thickened; the cavity of the jer Vlx was tilled with tough viscid mucus, one of tbe ovaries was the teat of ceptic disease, In Its early stage, Uic other contained two Graallan vesicles Qlled with blood onder golCK absorption (At this period of our investigation, I'r. 1 intell, lia\ ing completed the removal of the calva rlum, the contents of tbe cranial eavlty were expoeoJ to view and made the subject of exanlnitlon ) Tbe dura Diat*r waa htallliv, but iu lifting this membrane from the eurface of the brain, wo*! marked and unmisUkeable evi dences or apoplectic extravasation m at once discover ed ; tbeeiused blood wax spread out over tbe surfaco of the t rain, beneath the arachnord membrane, anl waa in many placea still clently abundant to entirely conceal tiic subjacent cerebral substance; It extended over the lateral Crtlons of each cerebral hemisphere, and civered tbo se of the brain throughout, leaving but a smaller turn of the surface of the organ freo from extrava sation? this portion being situated at tbe summits of tbe hemi.-pberee. tbe vessels at tbe base of the brain were examined, atd a large aud well marked deposit of at heron la discovered In the basi lar artery; on making tbe section of the brain necessary for tbe expoeure of the ventricles, Its substance wax seen to be healthy and free from congestion; the two lateral ventricles, as well aa tbe fourth ventricle, each contained a qnintlty of coagulated blood ; tbe substance of the sep tum lucidum was exceedingly soft, but the wails of tbe ventricles were otherwise of about tbelr usual consisten cy ; the appearances juat described were so decided aud cbaracleristl ? aa to leave no doubt lu the minds of all present lhal Ihe deceased died from an attark of cerebral apoplexy; ao further examination of the body waa made, inasmuch as we had already d.gcovcred what, In the opinion of all parties wbo witnessed tbe autopsy, was the real, undoubted cause of death when an Individual la found dead, with bis throat cut, his lioart ruptured, or w Ih a mufket ball at the base of bis brain. It Is not generally considered neseesery to search for poison In tbe con ten Is of the stomach and, and, for a similar such Inquiry was Instituted in tbe present case Having ascertained what was regarded aa the true cause of deatb, a certificate wa.- rendered in ac oordsrre with the (acts observed. y Were you acquainted with deceas ed? 1 was not; I never raw deceased befnre tbo autopsy. Q. Have yon tver seen her family physician at any llmt? 1 have not. I>r. He try B. Sand*, of No til test T w^lttli street, cor roborated ibe testimony of the last witness In all its dc tails. Never mi deceased previous to tbo autopey, I mvtf the auto(sy at the request of Dr. WHIsrd I'arker, whom dcoeascd bad consulted a* her pliyr.can previous to her death 1 was present si the a ?c/>nd autopsy sal I am aure thr body was the game as the one examined by Dr Kmnell and myself; I >r I'arker was the only person who reqmsted me to make the post mortem ' ^amiaatl in be atktd me to most b'.tn at a certain hour for that pur pose, sod I did so I never bad any acquaintance with Mr Blank man, or any member < f the family, privlju* to meeting tbem on the morning o! the aul?|isy. Dr. Fiunell. recsd ed ? 1 was present to make the post meirtem al the repeal of Mrs Blanktnan'a brother, and m< 1 1 >r -aid- at tne boure without knowing that be was to be liters; Mrs Blankman a brother alM asked me IF it waa iicc< asary 10 have a Coroner's Hill ?? Its remains of decease d ; I answered th?t If deceaaed died by ?;>o piety thi re wss do need of It mo ap|<earancc* of blue and red color id lb* lace and bunds, at dlacrlbcd by Dr. Kel*lg , sre usuil in cases cf apoplexy. Or ?and* r< called ? Tbe appearance of the body, as de scribed by I?r. Kelaig, Is usual Ic cases of apoplexy. Tne fact ef t-jdCen death, together with those appearance* described by t>r Keislp, would justify tbe belief thai death wss caused by spop exy, although a post unriem exsminatlon of the' body would be neccaairy to reduce tbe thing to a certainty K S B >yd, seiton and on Jertaker, deposed that about ten o'clock on Friday moinleg be was told bat Mrs Blank man bad a fit. I went to bor bouse, and 00 entering her bedroem 1 round ber lying on the ll.?r on ber back, with a pillow under her bead. Or. Kelaig waa there, together with tbe domestics and Mrs Culver, the mother in law of Or. Pmltb; Or. Ketslg pro jounced ber dead, deceased waa dressed In a loose morning gown; tbe l>octor plased deceased on the bed, after which I went for Mr Blankman titer 1 got Mr Iliaikmaa 1 went for deceased's brotbor, Mr. Funk; wbnn I taw deceased she appeared dark and red about tbe faoe and neck. I placed deceased In ice, and tbat is tbe reason tbe body was so well preserved J M Carnocban. M 0 , then read the following drposl t.<>c? J M Caroochan. M 0. , being duly sworn, lepoS't and rays lbs: be reside* at m 15 I Alayette place, that he i* professor of operative surgery iti the New York Medical College, tbat he Is surgeon in chief of tbe htnl mat* Oospita:, Ward's Island, deponent further *ayi tbat be wa* requested by Coroner HMfMT !? make a p<*t mortem examination of tbe rema ns of Mr* Jane Augusta Blank man. that on Thursday, Ibe Htb of OMO ber, be retired to lb* dead Uo .se at Bellevue Hoaplla!, and with tbe tssistatre of Professor ). O Br n*m and Dr Bouton < oedncted tbe exaigta^on deponent lurtber wy* thai be found evidence* '?apTevtoii* post mortem '-xamlnal nn? the head, thorax and abdomen having be n opened , tbat tbe spina marrow, stomach an 1 Intestine* bad not been examined ; that there waa no rigor morles tlie body wa* In a remark able stale of preservation, form beau tiful, and finely rounded l>y a large deposit if adipoa* tis sue rclor of skin li'e like, presenting a rosy tint upon the cheek*, upon examination of tb* exterior, no signs of eon tus.on were direoverable. upon opening tbe thorax, the heart was found sepa-ated from Its envelope, In * normal stale; with tbe exception of an increased deposit of fat ?round the rlgbt ventrical, the luc?* were Intact . no ed beeloo*; color he'ghtened and tissue more dense- than natural, presenting a serous eood it lem the spies* of both | loc*s presented ob*o>te tuberculous depoalts. the liver, sp.een and kidneys wers normal, and a portion of saeb was preserved for ehemlt al examination tbe itoma'.h ard Intertlrei appeared In a bealtby n.n-i 1 n and war* removed entire for chemical examination by I'rofewor I?remus. tbe u*<.pb*gu* and a oortiou of tb'' tongue and some m u?c alar tiatue were also removed for a lllte pur pete upon examl . irg tbe bead sed face, ao sign of contu ?tna, bat evidence of a pr*vlou*ex*mmalioa, were di*oov erel the pnpll of tbe eye were dilated upon turn leg b*< k the scalp, about midway of tbe piaterior nap, a small ipoi of ecehmyoat* was o beer red, but no spot in relation to It on tbe exieiior surface oc bid l>* discovered , on the eaivarlum, however, at tbe angles of juactior of laadotdai and aag tal sutures CSt the back of the beac), a spot or eeobymoals, nearly an inch and a half la diameter, wa* observed, oorrwapou f lag ? th tbe spot upon tht scalp, the skull itssll, bow ever, was n no wise 1 n i red upon reainvlng tbecalrarl cm a portion cf tbe left hemisphere of the brain sboered a constdersble quantity of extra vaasate I blood, beesatb tbe aractnold on ita parietal surface: upon laying open tbe spinal canal, a similar condition was found to exist a larre qrtntlty of thick, dark blood wa* found axtrava sated beneath Ui* arachnoid throughout tb* oervtel*. and ball tbe dovtaf portion or lac spinal marrow deponent f rther say* tbat m Friday the lath mat . he repaired to Pri rc**or l>oremu* totleologlcal labrratory, and with Ibe aaalttaiee of PraftNOr Dorrnvis, B I, Bu l l, and Dr Ronton, and In tbe presence of Coroner Scbirtner, ex ?mli.rd tbe tppearanc- <f the (tomash an I It* control*, and e>f tbe lnte*tlne* and tbelr eoetents tbe ?t imaeh was laid open by an incision along Its lesser c urvature, from tbe tfardlac to the pyloric oriflc*; It contained about twslve ooi 1 es of a graylah colored fluid, mlged Willi a lew semi eolid particles, apparenily part?y digested 11 ver; tb* inner suilsce of tb* itoiMCb wa* oevered with * viscid mnccs; the stomaci was washed with dlatlllad water, ar d the washing* added to tbe liquid already re. moved tlfe mwu* snrfae* Ihu* e.eanasd presented a t?*r 'ertly bealtby appearand . ao sofUnicg, >r any Indies t'oa '>f lafiaiomatir*#, there was no svldanoe, from tbe odor, of the presence of any pi laoa recetgnlxabl* by tb* sense >f ?mell, tbe <?*opb*g<is Ixing opera?d, It* entire 'rpgtb prerented notbing unnatural on Its Interna' sur 'ace It ei 1. tailed se>m* flnld In solid particle* umilar to Hire* fennd la tbe itomach tb* *ma!l inte*tia*a were bixt examised . Miey contained about fourteen ounce* of a creamy, puMareoiis material on etpoanre of tb* laaer surface, and carefully examining tbem throughout t?elr entire lengtb, they wer* f?und to be coaled with main*, wb'ch. being removed with distilled water (tbe washing l>*llg added to tb* content* deaerlbed), axbiblted a per fectly natntal appearance the large Intewtia** wees opened from lb* cap'tl 0 lowi coll to the reetum they cmtalned four flnld ounaea of * recelurl atale rial, net abnoraiil oondltloa of lb* mnens snrfbe waa viaibie. the washing* o( tbe large i*t**ttse> wer* added to th* enntent* *nd rsaerved, wiib tbe 1 Iqn id from the stomach and from tbe ?mall Inte*!1*"*. In new at'd carefully e!*an*ed glaas bottle*. Is oaae ? toi leeilngicali anal) *i* wa* deemed ad?i*abl*. depo*ent farther teenies thai csrks of dises* were feusd '<? the brsin aid epical marrow a portion of lbs bem sphere thehrain pr.*erl*d a Mrstum * extracted bto?.l on tbs surface tbe spiaa! marrow a"*o ssbibi.e 11 layer extravsssted bleod upe?n tbe antWf* down M the dorsal vertebra tbe ;lenpn?nt bel levee tbat this e*trsv?*tle?n erf >loodf*n Uwhrahl and er r at marrew was the cause of de*lb. and rrotn ibe ? eteral healthy rond't on of all tbe other organ* of the ''?dy on cr%snllatlen with ti e rlemats pre*enl, Vr?% rv-ren* !* *td Bo ld, ha* -wnrluded that a oe.acp'ete Che ?*aJ R. Mn Doremua, Professor of Cbamlatry ? .,i ptiar mtcy, being duly swornkdepoaod that ho remded at 70 Union Plane: at Ute request of (Juroner Schirmor 1 re paired to Believne Hospital with a numix r of ao* aa t carefully cleanted jara for the purjhwe 01 receir r.g nu:h pert Iocs of t he remain! of Mrs. Jane Augusta Hiaukman at might be deemed n?e?? sry for chemical analysis; I received from Vrot. Carnochan the ? tomar.Q, which had been llgated at its oar J lac at a pyloric orlflcff; alto U>e large and (mall iuteitwee, with the content* of said organ*; alao a portion of the liver, one of the kldneyi, the spleen, aome mucus from the month, with a pari of the tongue, tho enjopbagua, a part of tbo brain and aplnal marrow; that tbe vessels were covered and tealed and removed to my private labo ratory, which la used solely for poison examination* ; that they were reserved until neil day, the window* and door* being under lock and seal; that oa Friday, the Itth ln*t. , the iiomich and intoatinee were tpenedbyPro ft**< r B. I. B u dil in the preaenoe of Coroner Sehtrntr. Profriior i'arnochan and Dr Bouton; the appaaranoa Of th. ae orjan* and their oontenta wat a* la defcrlbed by Profewor Cartochan, and I corroborate hi* statement;! ague in the conclusion expressed by l>r Oarnochan la Ik* close of hi* report, namely, that a chemioal anaiyala is uncalled for; tbc articles above mentioned are still under lock and seat, and arc ready (or any disposition the Coro ner may derm adviaabla. Coroner Schirmcr here announced that tha t >etlmony wssclned, and tbat it wax for the jury to determine how and io what manner tho deceased came to her death. He had act'd in tbe matter at the Instigation of the Dis trict Attorney, and it was not until the moat exaggerated rumors bad appeared in the newspapers that ha felt called upon to take any riotloe of the <-*ae. The Jary would have uo difficulty, be thought, In arriving at a oon cl i alon, and be would therefore leave them in privacy to dlirure the matter a* thop thought proper. After a deliberation of about fifteen minutes tbe Jary rendered the following VEHPICT. We And that the (aid woman <-ame to h*r death by tpopltxy, and would recommend that the portion* of the ?aid body, in tbe haad* of tbo cbemlat for the pnrpoae of analyzatlon, be returned to tbo cuntody of tho Coroner, lubjtct to tbe order of the buaband of dejeasod. THE CAHP1KIV IV NSW TORE. Our Goikta Corrtipoadtaci. Gohbss* Orange Co. , N. Y. , Oct. 10, 1840. The Political Excitement in th' Rural Didricti ? Tkt Qm gr'trumal Contest in the Tenth Diitrict?The I'retidenlial Strvgyle, <f c. Thcru l? considerable excitement among tbe leading politician* of this county concerning tbe approaching elect loo. The man of tbe people, cepecially In thla demo cratic town of Cosben, also cako a deep, though a mora at lent, interest In the matter. The greatest interact , however, centres u|>on the Congressional vote the Tshtb district, embracing thla county, together with that if Sallivao. The nominating conventions of both partita met at Mid dle tian on aeparate day a of the present week, and choae their respective candidates. On Monday the re gular Democratic Union Convention nominated Daniel B. Bt. John forCongress, and yesterday tho repablicana pat forth again Charles B. Vaa Wyck, tbe last representative of the district, aa bis competitor. The contest between these two gentlemen will be exceedingly close thla fall. Formerly both w< re Sullivan county men, and so each makes aa equal claim upon that corfhty, while both are now residents of Orange, on account of which tach aeema to have an equal claim on thla. Roth also have repre lentcd their constituents In tbe halls of Congress, Mr St. John having been scut to repreient bis district when be was a resident o( Sullivan county, while, aa baa bocn already mentioned, Mr. Nan Wyck was the last representative from this district In addi tion to thla, both are capable men and personally popular w ith tbe people. Then-lore It la dlilieult to make an accu rate calculation, aa each is confident of success At the last < clcctlon, beld in 1K5S, Mr. Van Wyck, tbe republic an candidate, received 4.33H votes In Orange county Mr IMven, tbe democratic, 4, OS), and Mr Friend, tbe Amer can, "22. The democruta here expect that now marly all of tbe American vote will be caat fur Mr. Bt .lohn. It w bleb event they are confident of electing tbeir candidate. On (be other band the republicans fialss at least one third cf the American vote which, together with tbe nope of a few new converts to tho republican side, n.-ike tbeni f<el quite Jubilant. At the election for 9tate clliccrs in however, which may be taken aa a pretty good criterion of tbe reelings of the people, I oaven worth the republican candidate for secretary of Mate, received 4 or>n vot's In Orange county , and .lonea, the democratic, v ho >.\a* alto supported by the Americans, 4 WW. Tbere fore Mr -t. lohn's suocis* might be beyond ?luestton but for the 1u. t that be is on the fusion ticket aa a Bell and Kverett elector, which will dimmish his support soma wbat among a pcrtloa of the democracy, .-til) It la a popular opinion that be ataoda an e<iual char.ce w itb hie opporent. and many are atroog in the belief that In the ei d he will come rut triumphant. On the Presidential question tbe ratu't Is scarcely lees doubtful In 1W0 this county gave Fremont 4,174, Bu cbanan a M8, acd Ullroore 2 172 Tbe republicans ex ltc\ not only to hold their former ground, but with new sffessiois to their ranks to gain a gool advantage Breckinridge will not receive many votes, for although be bad quite a rispectable number of friends at drat, many have joined lbs fualon movement All tbe leaders ol the | i.lmore | arty al the last gSSSraJ canvaaa. together wltb many of tbe rank and Ble, hare gone over to the de micratlc side; prominent amon* tbem was Mr ft John, tbe candidate fur Cong ret a; so th?t the democrats will hare a large vote, aid they f ifiect t<< carry tbe county In tbe meantime the prominent men of each party are actively at work There Is to be a republican mass mn MM here Is marrow evening and a democratic gatb erlrg at la Grange on Monday, and then a week from to day the drmocrnta of thla town will have another meet isg, at which popular speakers will bold forth. Oar Coehoetea Correspondence. Cookhtos, Oet. flt, 1*00. Tkt S ate <J rartitt m Sullivan and Orange Q-untU*. Sullivan county will give seven or eight buadred ma jority for St. John . the democratic candidate fir Coo greet (lis election is certa n, but aa the contest between him and \ an Wyck will b" very close in Orange county, be will not carry tbe district by more than one thousand majority at tbe farthest. Nearly a'l of the many Americans In this couaty will support tbe Douglas aad Bell rus.on ticket which will prot>a*>ly receive a majority of one thousand or twelve hundred la Sullivan county. Our I lira lorraspetaseare. I'ncA, Oct. 30, IhtO. Of I'ete af Onetda Qfnty fur Fretident. Oneida will give Mncoln 8,600 majority, and elect Cocklln. republican, toCoegreas. ? City I'ollttra. t ?<jt A nnm for the MOIU ? PRnejRitM of THE rOMTICAL TKAOK f W.?, nV. The past week has been one of unusual life amoof the politicians aad ellqaes of this oity. Tbe I aad at s of alt of tbe stray fartloee of the ooe* powerful parties have base roovlsg heaven aad earth to carry their ends aad secare tbe endorsement of their candidates bv the other factions, la their bitad devotion to their own selfish ends, the inte rest" and rights of the city have beea everloiked, as If the only lb lag to be ace mplisbed wss their oirs election to som?ptibllc office, which half of them have not tbe ability to 811. Tbe Congressional field still presents a wrangling froat, wltb b it slim prospects of an agreement between the se veral ant: republican c aad Id ales Each of the several candidates declare that their hances are the heal, aad insist that their opponents shall withdraw la their favor, (n oar recent notion of tba O ugraasional oaadldataa the printers made us say that Dr. Bradford bad formerly been a police 'sergeant," instead el of poi ce ' sargaon," as it should have read We also In advertently omitted to state that be was a member of the state Assembly In 1M7. The friends of James ! yaeh, ooe of the aaadidatea ?nr Register, claim that wa did that gentieaaaa injustice la stating tnat he had only beta known In polltlaal 118s as a candidate for efflce. and stale that he baa bewn coanerted with tbe Moaart orgaalxat.oa ever ainee it orgasised, aad baa also betn a delegate to a -late ooarentiua at Pyra cuee aad several Bounty conventlona. Tbe Independent General Committee, lepiaarntiag oer Jewish population, met in tbe Bowery on ^ rlday evealag, and aeiecUd a fu*l city and cctnty ticket It appears, bowsvf*, that thej have caught tbe 'ever of aJl Ue other partlee, split and ^weeest t?o tickets?at leaat. asnh neirs t ? be tbe condition of sdalr* from the adrertjse ments In ?inr sdeertislng celemns yeeterdav The Coti vent ion al which B -en boors h ^aachejrmaa endorsed the folic..., ticket -e.e-rge ? Bsr-JM jjr. Jsdfs Othe PurrfM UnttI. Abr*h%m 0 B n or City Jadge. . ^mioT taes I ? nch i<>e Kegister, and Smith Fly, Jr , lor Henervieor. Tbe other wiag, prsMded over L b hay endorsed tbe eaiae ticket, laclid lis Mr Bcssel!. wltb the eireptlon of Mr l.yach. pier leg M T Hrrrnan In bis place. This 's only oet e of (ke auaierot s evldtaetae of tbe unusual cemteat sow going oa for this < moe, and la proof of oar reseat statement list the cnntes< between Mosart aad Tammany was on tbe K'glSter qaestloa It seems thai whenever I yeeh'S Blends stake a movement thee of Been a an get op a pouter movement, aad rta "ersa Tbe fraee >l mdtoa I SM are H al Uie ron(?et e,n the Roftster j? IIS> is nar rowing dowa betweea Breeaan aad T ynr.b, aad that Key aer, the rep.thl ran candidate, will be tbe tb rd on the IMt I ach of these three candidates are exewe d'ng'y po palar wtth the parties that heve planed thea in nomine tioo. Tbe 1'iuahble that is foiag oa for this oil if le aa interesting ooe. loetk al it as we will Already tse point clei.t are geltlnr warmed up over It. and all aid* are ex ceedingly nervous whenever art thing IS aa d that not pot their cbaaree down as helag tbe hast. Saverter t essirt? aperlal Teras* Before Itoa Ivdga Mmcrtef Jowtt R Ast/^ 9M IsMSrin ^ WuMf rd, ?( ill ? Mo lh>a dsn ied, with U wsts w phtlatiS.

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