Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Kasım 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Kasım 1860 Page 4
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YEW YORK HERALD. .1 A M K ? WO tt DO N UKNIflCTT, TOK AND I'ltol'RUiTuR. Oi . *? COK.NKK OK FULTON AND NASSAU 8T8. TflMf, 1 ' in Ott" Htr* S*mry netti *y Trait vitl h* at tht r, iht *"? r. /' ?UJ( ilu. 1(? Iu( Ttt'tftd lit n'arii'lM * ni K pa 11 . T rrrri A t /> iuo mi* r*r mp*. V it ?<???. ui' W ih.XLY UJSJiAZ f), oeery Mit>ir<lay. at *ix fmnl* p*r ? i., i" S\. , ? t " num , t/.r But cp, a, Btltian "V HVJmmiVi - ? f ? ' pn, tl pir u:,nu;, to any part ?/ flrmt Britain, j,', , i-i i ;/ I "it I "N I, '?>'A lo iu'lwl* pf* ttatffi tha i / \ >'i r/i?* 1- llf'i <ui / 21*< o/ oo<A nunUJt. at bit u #1 50 r annum , .Ik t a )l lit UKUaLJJ un Wt <i/?*i.xy, at fvur ctht* ]"~r i '>1 O r.i ii >' ' VHKFSPOSnBSCK, nnti t-tint' j important , i . | jMUr y fA* I torUl; if' used. trill '?# 1 'Ki W* POSKIOS t'OBRr.M-OWPKSTS 1KB *'iRTJCtl'na* ?0 K?AL AIX L.I1TEM AMD KaC* >UI 0? _ . . I ,V0 SoTK'l- ''>*"< in'>nym?u/> <wrMjx>fv./mo?, IT, <io no< . ,i n rt ' r' ' ' '?*" iJirjtl:TISKH tyi'S mi'imt rrrry 'fctv; <vlr*rti.?m?nt? <*? ? (VfSKi.r Ilr jiin, Kahili Uxkai.d, a>?< i? tAt - ffttn ' ' A ur,y*itn B^litions. lit Fall W7.V" tuecultd icifA chripnt*) and tit qxuiA, I ulumr XXV No. 300 AJJUStMKI'TH THIS KVKWIHU. ACAPEUt OP JICBU", rourtaeiifli rtr??U? Oikha* 0r? Ca-Vamiia. ICBLO'S UASHEN, Broadwnr.? Othki.lo. WjKTRK ??AKHBW. Browlw */, opposite Boad itroet? I 5iK?u* VlII? ftmsoji A Co waiJ.ACK'8 THKATRK, Broadway.? Playing Wits 1 PlK*. I. ATH A ?FRNK't? TUKATR* *0. C4 Bro?dw*r.? 1 PhltlC ADD KaSCT? lilOliAFS Of SKA* !tKW BOWKRY THEATRIC, Bowfry.? Rosi Klmci? ' BiOCi B \ R \ l ' 1 tfta ? -n itrriiinr' Sinwi Wi>?, Lni*tf CvKiu*it?, Ac.? Juesrs \ awh His i luiikin PRT \.N T? .MI.1ST tj;w, rf*ll,471 Brc*!**/.? ll.uUiik HaxCM, Ac Wi;iu La Mi. aIK<i>8 -<AlAA?. Rr?,H4w?y.? H<v>t.*T A Camprkl' 'f x - ? m ttmorun Sumui, Uuhuumiuu, Uakcu, *?.? .? 1 alia* Of**A. . AMUrt iUliV MIHIO L1AM., MS Rn*dw??.- OAd?, iiiMV. iiiHuwucn, Ac. waTOWATOW HALT-, WIlHumtljurc ? 'Wacob's Itaha. N?w luik, Friday, November -J, IHftO. The K?wi< f ptnic of 1-' '1 has commenced in earnest. According to our Washington despatch, received last night, the greatest excitement prevails among the hininesH men of Haltimoro and Washington. The su-;m r -i n of the oldest, and heretofore con iiidcred the salVst, banking houses in the Mono zr.c ,.!al City, combined with the intense anxiety of the people in the border States as to the result of the Presidential election, has for the moment < au?ed all busings to be suspended In Baltimore and Washington. This ^.ate of thinp< is the harbinger of what may be cxpccted in ca-e Lincoln should be elected. The panic, in the event of the success of the black republicans, will be extended throughout the oonntry, and the cri.-eg of 1-37 and 1>37 will be as i.othlng coirpared to the revolution of 1?G0 11 The merchants of Si w York should give heed to these ij-ns of the times, an 1 strive, with might and main, for the success of tho Union ticket. Men of New York, the crisis approaches! The Kmj inr State is the battle ground. It is for you to decide the is-ue. The destiny of the country is in >our hands. Itally, then, to the support of the Union, the constitution and the laws! Ily tie arrival of the Bohemian and Kuropa, recpt ctivi ly t.fl father Point and Cape Race, we 1 are European advices to the 21st ult three days later tl an the accounts previously received. The news is int' re-tirg. It is reported that the royalists had again at tack! J the Garibaldi*** at Capua, and again been rej' i!si 1. It is nNo reported that fourteen thou sud rifdiuontea* troops had arrived at Naples. Victor l.'msnuel had not rea hed tho Neapolitan < jjHta.' i)t Isst account*. IHpli'inAtii' relation* betwee? Sardinia anil Home 1 ad toA"t d V; the withdrawal of the ambassador of tin latter Power fri ni Turin. The proclamation of King Victor Emanuel to the Italians has drawn an able article from the .1 m ' < Df'>atf. of Parii, io which the writer says that the advance of the Kin.- of Sardinia into the ti rrit^ry of Naples is one of those decisive and rrevocable *tepa in a nation's history that cannot 1 e attributed to vulgar ambition. The King no doubt h< -Itated long before deciding to advance, ? ; te ci :!J not retrrat in the face of so Irrestati Mf a necciv ty. The Dtbato doc* not justify the acti >n oi King Victor Kmanael diplomatically, l.ut thinks that the acce?alons to Sardinian teriitory stare the Italian campaign have been enough to su'Ufy any reasonable aapirationa of the head of the royal house of Savoy. The levies and the dutiee of the King hive, however, Increase# in proportion to the ex n union of his ktogdoa. The article foes on to argua in favor of the principle of royalty over re I ublicanisa, as being far more certain to result in ti e complete freedom of Italy; but at the same time It doea not clearly profesa to believe In the actual r. suit of the union so much desired. The force of it# errand idea it that Victor Emanuel may, by ?ome i w ntu.ility, he enthroned as King (fall Italy; but the revolution whi< )i is now dis puted will breal over the throne. and. Uke Saturn, will devour Hi own children, unleaa the children 1 . i o powerful to be eaten. The article con clt des ' y e\pre? ing the wbh that the King may steadily adsane* and spread the principles or royalty among the people, as the surest mean- of av oiding the horrors of a sanguinary revolution. A report was circulated in Paris that Count Per signy would take the place of M. Thonvenel as >1 nister cf Foreign Affairs. The Pope's Nunilo ' had left Paris, and wax not expected to return. The priesthood throughout Franco were savage la 'Jicir demon istion of the invasion of the patrimony i f lite Holy Father. The me ting of soTmlfDs at Warsaw waa to take pis e on the -Oth ult. There la no reason to belle v e that Napoleon will participate io the deli berations. Accounts fron China state thit It had been iati mated th " the Fro per or would be inclined for peace if the allies captor* the Taku fort*. IheCnan ial and commercial re porta by these arrivals are generally favorable. B^he steamship Cahawba, Captain Smith, from New Orleans and Havana, with dates from the lat ter city to the 2?th ult., arrived at thia port last evening. There is no local oewa of any interest frim Havana, beyond the reporta of more African cargoes, landings, eacapea. Ac., which for aome time past aeem to have formed the only items of news a* w< 11 aa the only staple of conversation there. The census of the penal and charitable institu tion* of the city, retarned we?Uy to the Commis sioners of Charities and Correction, showed the number in the institutions yesterday to hare been 7, <37, which ia a decreaae of Ave for the week. The number admitted since the last return was J, 078, while the number who died, were discharged < Or transferred to other establishments, numbered J,SW. In the Board of Aldermen yesterday Mr. Plstt dJftred a preamble and resolutions setting forth that there exists ia thia city an organised body of men who Intend, on the day of the election, to cbstmct the polls, and by * systematic plan cAai tel* rrc Tftf tif J coa, Is Mitt to keep back the cltcton> and delay voting, aud *utl. ? . '> 4 Sheriff to appoint t-pecial deputies in the various electiou district* to defend the ri of the ol o : t ors. The resolution was adopted unanimously. The Comptroller sent ia * communication sliowug the condition of the treasury on the 3 1 r?t ult. The balance on hand on that date amounted to !'J.lbH,060. Af'.er the transaction of gome routine but-ine.-w the Board adjourned till Wednesday next. The Hoard of Conncllmen held their usual meet ing last evening, when a resolution was adopted Instructing the Comptroller to advertise for propo und for the purchase of a lot in Yorkville for Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 1 The Board concurred with the Aldermen to instruct the Comptroller to permit a ferry to be established from the foot of Pesbrosses street, New York, to Haraimua street, Jersey City. Mr. Lent offered an amendment in structing the Comptroller not to let the pier foot of Peabrosses street for a less sum than would be paid for it for commercial purposes, which wan lost. The vote on concurrence was 16 to 7. Mr. Shaw, on a question of privilege, called upon the reporters to contradict a garbled report of his remarks on the Fortieth street contract at the last meeting which appeared in a morning journal, wherein it was stated that he called Councilman Pinckney a liar. This was a misstatement, which, in justic? to himself and his colleague, should be contradicted. The Board concurred to appropriate $250 to pro Cure a suitable testimonial for Paniel Scully, who distincu shed himself in saving the lives of five per. sons at the Elm street catastrophe in February last. A lively debate took place on a motion to concur with the Aldermen to direct the Sheriff to appoint peputy Sheriffs to prevent the obstruction of the polls by the Wide AwakeB on the day of election, which terminated in a concurrence by a vote of 15 to 8. In it case of arson at No. 238 Pivision street, a boy named Louis Katz has made a confession to Fire Marshal Baker in which he implicates Simon Katz, the owner of the store, 'ihe case is a very remarkable one. A report of the allair appears in another column. ihe steamship Illinois is withdrawn from the Havre route in order to receive new boilers. The steamship Bonissia will sail November 3, at noon> carrying the United States European mails, in place of the Illinois. Tbe sales or cotton yesterday embraced a'jiut 3.000 a 4.K0 t ales, closing steady without quotable char -a la prloes. Hour, twins to the character of the rorel,'n news, was quite active aod eloied at aD advance of about 6c. a Itc per bbl , especially for shipping brands of Sutf and Wis'er.i. Southern fl sur was also firmer, eipcclully Tor Inside brands, while he market wm morn active. Whrat was Id speculative demand, with largo Bales, In eluding par. ils on the spot and to arrive Tbe market for medium to good qualities closcd at an advance or 2c. a 8c per bushel. Pork was firmer and more active Sales or mew at f IP s : 19 50, and pr Ime at $14 a (14 SO. Sigars were qnlet, and sales confined to SCO a 800 hb da. Cuba, at unchanged prices, though closing dull. Gtfee was U;m. with moderate sales. Freights for Eagllsb ports took an upward turn, and for Liverpool wheat was taker at 131- a 13>;d., la ship's lugs, and at 131 al3>;d. In bulk; cotton at ; cliseso at 48s. , and flour at 3s 3d. Whea' to I.oidon was taken, t-J ship's bags, at 144., and to t;U:-gow, do , at tbe same figure. A. vessel to Cork f >r orders was taken up to ijad with wbcit, In ship's bags, at 14>{d. Ossr Grrat Orldtross Patriot. Tatnmaay Hall, Kree Wool, and ths Albaay K? prin J-Tlir State Sold, The celebrated Spanish monastery of the Fscuriul 's built in the form of a gridircn. in honor of the martyr St. Lawrence, who was broiled upon that instrument. We of the city of New York may soon have an institution of the same pattern, for we have a famous grid iron patriot amongat 11a. who la rapidly winning ; a similar distinction. This famous gridiron patriot, beginning with bridges, advanced from one successful job to | another, until, in 1)356, he attempted even the I'rcsidencj as a job; but finding that the ex periment was cot likely to pay, he soon gave It up as a bad bargain. Since that day he has been mainly devoted to the grand enterprise of making a gridiron of Manhattan island a grid iron of city railwuys- albeit he bath hud vari ous otter irocs in the Gre. He has thus gaioed tie monopoly of several ferries or outlets from this L?land; has been playing the squatter sovereign on some of the city property; has bought up a sufficient quantity of old muaketa and artillery to keep two or three suspicions vessels afloat on the high seas on the lookout for needy filibusters and a market; and. In standing surety for one Fowler, late first Grand Sachem of Tammany Hall, oar gridiron patriot aforesaid has secured a sort of mortgage upon the old wigwam, liable at any time to a lore closure Now with this capacity for all sorts of little joba and great enterprises at the same time, can it be supposed that our famous gridiron patriot has neglec ed the opportunities for big specula tions which the present crisis has opened up to the man of genius as a manager of lobby scheme* and lobby jobbers. No! on the contrary, our gridiron patriot has been sowing his seed for a great harvest, with every promise of fifty or sixty bushels to tbe acre We understand that of late that immaculate "free wool" patriot of Albany, the pious and venerable Thurlow Weed, has been frequently seen entering or emerging from tbe Fifth avenue palace of our gridiron patriot, and with the smile upon his face of the success ful contractor. Indeed, It is said that the last time the Albany free wool patriot was observed descending the steps of said palace, he was rubbing his hands with an unction which slgnl fied a whole budget of political schemes and lobby jobs of the grandest dimensions. We may be sure. too. that when Thurlow Weed makes several visits in quick sucoes slon to tbe same out of the way place, there la a job on hand. When Horace Greeley, during the Lecompton agitation In Con gress was found cracking Lis dry jokes over the ta^e of Judge Douglas. In Washiu^tt a, the observing politician, In contemplating Um strange conjunction, at one* declared there was " a nigger In the woodpile." Assuming Suoh to be now the case, what a.e these grand politi cal and financial schemes in regard to which cur gridiron patriot and tbe Albany free wool patriot are the hl^'h contracting parties Taking It for granted that oar readers will remember how. between these two gTeat Moguls of the lobby, oar wise legislator! last winter, republicans and democrats, *ere reduced to the position of mere lacq .eyt In waiting upon the will of their lobby matter*; and how thett tiro masters laughed at the vetoes of poor Governor Morgan, and shoved him aside as they would a foolish old worn in standing la their way. let us state their present beautiful arrangements, as we undent Mid them, to conjunction with Tammany II all and tbe patriotic Albany Regency. Philosophers have decided that a sflk pane cannot be made of a sow's ear, that water doe* not naturally run np hill, and that it tak? at least two to make a bargain. It la likewise generally believed that when political maaa gen of different parties are seen hobnobbing together, there la mm trading going on. Now f&anupj Hall, w: know, kil fallen froa grace and it ii 3 fcvi way. Our gr' 1 iron patriot may have to bleed so-sewuit j on account of tho misfortunes > I poor | Fowler, in being found out too sot n W? d > not know that that other bright ntid hiui;.i j light of Old Tamaiany. who g.xa about v.uie the cloud of a criminal, haa had bio h*u i upv the gridL-on. We have reason to believe. troa? the causeB hinted at. however, that Tam aiuj is upon the gridiron, and is to be broiled thereon this coming win'er at Albany, like a spring chicken buttered on both aides. la other words, we are to have the "four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie'' up there, including Tammany and the Regency, for our gridiron patriot and the free wool patriot have already been working up the pastry. The pious Thurlow Weed wants the vote of New York for Lincoln by a rousing majority: the Albany Regency have all along resolved that in this thing he shall not be disappointed Of course the Regency take all the money they can get from our merchants in behalf of the Union electoral ticket; but they upend it for the benefit of William Kelly for Governor? a good natured, easy old farmer, who can be moulded by his Albany managers like a lump of dough. If they can get a better vote for Kelly than tbe hard *hell vote for Brady, the Regency will still hold their ground as tbe managing machine of the New York democracy. The Regency game, then, is to help Lincoln in exchange for eotne assistance t % Kelly: and thus j the Presidential funds sent up to Albany by the 1 Breckinridge men of this city are turned against j their own candidate for Governor on the on?? ! hand, and to the benefit of Lincoln 03 the o'.her. The game of our gridiron patriot and Tam many 11*11 with the iree wool patriot ot Albany is different. Tammany, despairing of anything else, has we understand, signified, through her admiuistra'or .of the gridiron, her readiness to sell everything else to save her county ticket. In this way she is to play into the hands of Lin coln and Hamlin, in exchange for republican votes for her county candidates. Is not the venerable and pious Thurlow Weed the man for the cr kit. Who wonders now that tbeie publicans at Syracuse, a few jeare ago, refu??d point blank to exchange him I or the whole rump and stump of the American party? But these charming combinations of fre* wool, gridirors and the Albany Regency com prebend something more than the pirtkan equi valents enumerated. With a republican adminls tratlon at Washington, a gridiron system of rail roads is contemplated from Albany to San Fran cisco, which will give to the parties concerned a lobby capital of from sixty to one hundred millions of dollars in government stock*, and contingent advantages in railway connections. Pacific railway routed, land*, town sites sta tions, Ac., of several hundred millions of dol lars. It does not require a microscope to dis cover the affinities and interests of our Central Railroad Regency in these grand designs. Their calculations cover a railway monopoly from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, as com plete and despotic as that of the Cunden and Amboy over New Jersey. This clue of itself will lead us through the whole labyrinth of the treacherous and doable faced doings of the Regency at Syracuse. Charlton and Baltimore, to break up the democratic party and to open the way to a republican administration at Washington. Tarn many, on the verge of starvation, will mike any trade to sure some of our city spoils. Oar gridircn patriot will take anything as fish th ?t | comes into his net; and a political bargain and Hale, in which he turns an honest penuy, is sweeter than honey to Thurlow Weed. While, therefore, we cannot refrain from expressing our admiration of the honest patriotism of the Mo/art Ilall democracy, and tbs earnest and patriotic labors of our Bell-Everett Union men to save the State aid the Ucion in the defeat of Lincoln, we must deplore the fact that they are victimized by traitors and traders who have sold the State to the enemy. The Roorhaces or Tm. Bi-ack Rbtctijcak*. ? Tie following appeared in the Post of list evening: ? Tricks of D?ip?rali Pollttetmws. TO TUB EDITORS OF TBK IVEJONO roST. Thr enrkwtd was ban lad lo me by a gentleman fr oa Now Jrraay, who reports tbe aareral districts of that Male flooded wltb tba traah, li?tr:t>ut?d gratuitous^ , aa aa rxtra from lbs prres of the Niw Yoaa Bbkalp The mot!) of tbc In ton party wni to hare aasti aed tbe p'arltc?l form of ?? Mro dacity for thsaakeof in* aiv.ila " Vocrt, ke , or.UARP L MrKF.N'Vlfc THE BOUThIn REVOLT. TRKAON RAMPANt mi. so inscbiiections in south Carolina, alabama ASP A at AN* AS. gcxbxai. BWKiav naanuxc rron wasntvotp*. tctnu scott obdereh to commas d tb? a*mv Or TBI KOKTO. OOYFRROR WW* ASH tHSIWATED. RE RKTaRY COBB ARKMfkO tt>K fiUCA sUS. JOHN MINOR BOTTS AT THE READ Of PBVBN THOC SAND MEN TO rBOITCT WASBTNOTOK. WAanisriiTow, f SO o'etonk. (?n r poop la were ibr wn^nto tbc great ret ooai?r nation aad surprtaa at tba terrible aaootin -emoal of tbc oewa rfffurd by a telegraphic daipatcb to OSMral stoott, ra Wired a few roltiutrs since Tbe conspiracy lo dissolve tba laloa Is now la*** o( attempted cnuaummatlon. Several arraata have l>eea made of prw.naat lodirldu alt for feast* John Minor Bit la baa Iwr choaan to Uia command of volunteer* vo protect tba I aioa Treason rife la tfcatli Carolina, A abama, Georgia and Arkaaaaa. \ 'ftnla traitor* dare aot come oot opealy. Governor Wtae was aaaase.aaW-l while adtreaalag a meeting of secedrr* Secretary Cobb was arrested white attending the aaae meeting. at tbe tsattfattoo of J If Dolls, who baa Je Clarcd for t.lncolB MeeMngs were called by the frier fa of the t'nloa, who coat Immisly alerted J?> n Minor Bi.ta aa their command er, an J marcbcd immediately for tbe defeat-* of Waah tig. ton Several laanrrfctloas of aegroee are reported ta Sjuth Carolina and <-eorgta. General Scott i< ,*rw th'S evening la aa ext*a trala Ob tbe rvr*ipt of ijrtUer aewa we wlti u&mr hatwiy is Boe another extra.. It is. of course, unnecessary to s?y tb \t the statement that this slip emanated from thl- offl? is a falsehood, and very likely it w?? manatac tared In the oflkt of the Too,'. It shows, however. tbM the black republicans are becoming h tr l pushed and desperate in this St\te and in New Jersey. This Roorback is supgestive to the con servatives tc follow i.p the aivanUgws they have gained, and the r-sult will be Ul right for the Union. Tammaxt Oct the Kl?ct.>ral Ticket.? The poor old rotten concern of Tam many has been negotiating with the black re publicans. and consenting to sell out tbe Preei dential electoral ticket in exchange for tbe county offices, through which they hope to eecure the plunder of tbe city, which they have eojoyed to long. Thay have leased to Donglas ever since the split at Baltimore, and now, seeing he has no chance whatever for an ele?UoD. they are perfectly willing to sacrifice the Presidential ticket la qrder to prevent Breckinridge or Bell, Lane or Everett, from being elected. Let the conservative and Union loving voters look out for tbe tricks of the Tarnnaoy Sachems, and see that they do not permit themselves to be sold for the thirty piece* of iItm. 1 it* Pr?*?ut and Fniari of lUly? Ti?? W?r and I u B??rU|i. After fiv? hundred years of constitutional fr ve uuient, Italy, once broken into fragments, ijd for fifteen centuries disunited, has never I . en tr bad the prospect of being united till now. It t ttnrot but be admitted that tbe union of nil Italy under one government will form one of tbe greatest phenomena in the history of nations, and make mill more remarkable the age in which we live, already bo prolific of great events. The result of thin, it' we prophesy cor rectly, will be to check the power of Franoe just us the old Roman republic checked the power of the Gaul*. Napoleon the Third, it is probable, ton-sees but very dimly such a result, if he fore sees it at all, for he is too shrewd to be knowing ly allowirg, much lets promoting, what may lead to the ultimate overthrow of his own dy nasty. The ttar of Italy is in the ascendant. It was an Italian genius, in tbe person jf the First Napoleon, that gave France the power she wields to day. By Italy she rose, and by Italy, if we mistake not. tfhe will fall. Ft urn this we will turn to glance at the pro gress of the war towards the issue denoted. Although the proclamations of Garibaldi have occasionally alarmed, not only one, but all the friends ot Italian liberty, his acta have not be lied his original professions. Tbe affected hos tility between himself and Cavour has proved itself as harmless as have the official protests of Napoleon against the policy of Sardinia. The object* of the veteran statesman and brave general are the same, and in such a case there may be differences in their mode of procedure without endangering real harmony. We are, oi course, not ignorant of Garibaldi's per sonal dislike of the Count; but if Garibaldi allowed bis dislike of Cavour to preponderate over the interests of his country, be could be considered in no other light than that of a traitor. It is, however, to Garibaldi that Victor Emanuel owes the crown of Southern Italy ? to him that the liberation of Sicily, Naples. Tmbria, I'erugia and the Marches is due, with their twelve millions of population. Let Gaiibaldi complete the work he has be gun and so well succeeded in accomplishing against tbe odds of the whole world, by defeat ing and expelling the Kicg of Naples, aud that betore the Sardinian troops are under the ne cessity of entering the territory. The Italian campaign only requires to bring about its ter mination tbe reduction of Capua andGaeta. for there will after that be no enemy to fight, and Italy, from one end to the other ? the portions under the occupancy of France and Austria only excepted? will nominally recognise the ride of Sardinia. By that time Garibaldi must fulfil hie pledges by annexing his conquests to the Italian kingdom, or else convert his dicta torship into usurpation. He is already, from tbe weakness of his position? a weakness which is inherent? mixed up in the intrigues of a parcel of zealots, who would sacrifice the anion and independence of Italy for a republic, the better to serve their own ends. Meanwhile, the hostility of Russia. Austria. Prussia and the minor governments to Victor Emanuel is not to be doubted Indeed, tbe advices by tbe Europe, rewlvHI jr oc tet day, announce the withdrawal of tbe Russian Embaeey from Turin. But It is nevertheless very unlikely that any of those ! Towers will go as far as a declaration of war. for a suspension of diplomatic intercourse does not necessarily imply belligerent intentions on tbe part of tbe countries concerned. For Rus sia wishes for a continuance of repose, not yet bavirg recovered from the enervation come qnent on the Crimean war, besides being un willing to plunge herself into the imprudence of Italian intervention; and as for Austria, tbe circumstances of the empire are incapable of energetic action, even if there wu a reasonable certainty of the Austrian forces being enabled to obtain the superiority .in Central Italy, and could rely npon the neutrality of France in the event of such a rupture with Piedmont To Germany the Italian struggle is one of ominous Import When the German princes witness the absorption by the one strong dy nasty of several petty States, the case of their own country must naturally suggest itself to them, for the position and claims of the one are analogous to those of the other, and it is possible that we may yet live to see the entire preponderance of Prussia, or perhaps the r* construction of a German empire under the dynasty of Bohenzollern. So far, we are glad to say, the liberation and constitution of the new Italian State hare been satisfactorily brought about There has been co violation of any of the rightful provisions of the public law of Europe. Lombardy was acquired by a legitimate war between three of the established Powers of Europe Tuscany, Parma and liodena were left nt liberty to choose their own government, by reason of the (light and abdication of their princes. and their choice wm annexation to Piedmont. Romagna. or "the Legations." al though States of the Church, had long been held and governed by Austria in the name of the Pope, and the voluntary withdrawal of that Power left the Romagna virtually without a government It was therefor* entitled to exer cise its own choice? for, was the Pope able either to defend or control It and It too, cbose annexation to Piedmont Naples and Sicily revolted against an Incapable tyrant: and If a sovereign, nt the head of a hundred thou sand retular troops. Is so tar alienated from the sympathy of his people as to be unable to defend himsMf against a few hundred ill armed volunteers, who has be to blacje or who is there to pity him in his tribulation! The fate of Venstia and the Pope, whose will In all likelihood be eventually in Jerusalem, must of course be left to future diplomacy: and meanwhile we watch the de velopment of events In Europe with no com mon interest. The OoVtnq Conclusion u Ei.ter n? - On tfie instant eight states will vote for repre sentatives In Congress, In addition to the Presi dential ticket and In the existing dangerous state of affairs the remits of these elections are Of the Mgbe?t consequent*. The States elect ing Congreesnif n cs that day stand reprinted now M follows:? R*v. Opp. Massachusetts II Mlehigaa. 4 ? Minnesota 2 ? New York 2? 7 New Jersey,,. 3 2 Delaware. ? 1 Illinois 4 ? Iowa 2 ? la mom of these States hopes are entertained of a fata for til* ojpoelUca rata. For to?'.aac?, iii&ins-bclusett* agtin of t*o i. aoii -ip*'??d io New York a gain ot throe, and perhaps four, Li couu'ed on, and in New Jersey it in beiltved ?ha? t) ere will be a gain of one. If these ra solts are realized, the conservative opposition to tbe black republican* will Lave a woiking majority io tbe next House. Com parattvi! Mea.nnb.18 anii Vn.cuRrrr. ? There has been a great deal said by tbe papers of Philadelphia and Boston, since the Prinoe of Wales visited those cities, about certain acts of meanness and vulgarity which characterized his reception, and the journals there have been making all kinds of statements in extenuation or contradiction thereof. In Philadelphia the committee who had charge of the Opera given in honor of the Prince refused to pay the pal try sum of two hundred dollars for the decora tions of the Opera House, and left Ullman and the Opera people to pay it out of their own pockets; yet the Philadelphia papers are pluming themselves on their refinement and libera ity. In IJoston the vulgarity of the "best society'' in that enlightened city, as displayed in their petty quarrels and wranglings, is very amusing; but the Philadelphia and Boston folks need not distress themselves, nor feel at all abashed at their meanness or vulgarity, for New York can beat them in both. Witness the action of our Corporation with regard to the bill for the Prince's reception; the vulgarity and insolence of Brady and his awociatea, who declared tha , although the entire amount was only four thousand dollars for one of the most^ splendid demonstrations the city ever witnessed, they would not pay one cent of it Brady, too, not only refused to pay the bill, but insulted the Prince by calling the young man a "tyrant," who never exercised any power in his life, be cause he has none to exercise, but who is Btill. a?- he remarked himself, "in the hands of his nuneB," The people of Boston and Philadelphia, then, may take comfort, for we can beat them hollow in meanness, vulgarity and insolenoe; but the difference is that we do not try to hide or deny these elegant attributes, but alwayB spread them out openly for public inspection. Whenever we have anything great to boast of on tbe part of our officials? whether it be talent, or patriotism, or meanness, or Indo lence, or vulgarity? we always exhibit it to the world, as Barnum does his curiosities. Tub Piunci's Bai.l ami Pbtkr Coorsa's SrewAKDSHtr. ? The committee of four hun dred citizens who got up the bull at the Acade my of Music to the Prince* of Wales subscribed a hundred dollars apiece for that purpose, making forty thousand dollars in all, which, doubtless, was paid to the Committee of Man agement, of which Peter Cooper was the chair man and the Chesterfield, and it is generally believed that a surplus of some eight or ten thousand dollars remains. We all remember what ft fuss was made about tbe bill for the Japanese recepticn which tbe Aldermen bad in hand, and out of which they secured such a liberal supply of yellow kid gloves and white hats ; what a clamor there was to get the items of that bill? which we have not got yet? and how the public were aghast at the impudence of the Aldermen in refasing to furnish said items. We have said that there is ft general impression abroad that the Prince's ball did not cost the whole amount subscribed, and we are inclined to estimate? from the flimsiness of the whole affair, particularly of the floor, which, it seems, could not sustain the weight of dignity and old fogyism crowded upon it? that the ball did not cost more than thirty thousand dollars, and it strikes us that the four hundred patriots who subscribed a hundred dollars each ought to call a meeting and request Peter Cooper and bis associates in the management to furnish the items of expenditure. For our part we shall publish the names of these gentle men, and never cease asking them for the items till the Day of Judgment? if we lire so long? I until we get them. Peter Cooper is said to be a very pious, be nevolent. patriotic man. and honest withal. He took upon himself many things in connection with the ball which he did not accomplish ex actly in the fashion of a Chesterfield ; but though he may kno?r nothing about dancing, or the etiquette of a ballroom, or about receiv ing princes, yet he knows how to keep small "1 accounts, cast up items and so forft, for he is an excellent business man. We think, then, that he onght to brighten up hii associates of the committee u>d give us the items of that bill. Thi Optra sad the TktstrH. LAfXA Htd'l nnUTHK. CharlfS Krade'e adaptattoa of Moilere'e comedy, "I* Unlade loiAgUalre," t>M ben produoed here with tae rets. Mr. Kradt't title to"Pby?IS end Fancy," which does not strike oa as rery felicitous. Tbe play has beea oooapreeeed aod aomewhat m'-dwalied, aad la rery acted by Miee Keene's rompujr, Mr. Bornrtt, Mrs. Alien aad MM Keeoe repecially diet lege thing themaelrta. "Pbjsic aad Fancy" has been farorably recelred A portlne of tbe Op'ra," with some inlrdooed tonga, has a'eo been given here to latrodaor Mlsiea WU long* by aad Melria, young aad eterer tinging nctretate from F-t | land ACAMhT of ktrsc. The last performance of Ute prttent eeasoo will be glree tbie ereo.of, when ?'Martha" will be totg la 0*rmma for the VetiHH of Formes. The opera to repeat id by the mural ef a great number of people who were charated with the r^rf or trance of It laat week. Fabbrl, Too Bar kei Fortnre aad BtlgeUl are la the east to-aigtit. The new maeoc will commetce about the 12th of this moath. TRlATSI FltAKCAIS. * M Idghrd, a popular r reach arttot, will lake his beaa flt here oa to morrow alfht. The programme Incl Jdee three plrcee? " l<r Pour at le Coot re," "IdgardolSe Bonne" aad 11 Ka fenetoa Chat Boa Groom.'' PmaAsmanr Poovrr or Buoot' T? ?The trot concert of Mils Beclety takes place oa the 171k, la the new hall of Ibe Athenevm . Madame Fabbrl aad Stgnor fltlgellt are the vocalists engaged The aoctety, which numbered oaty doer hundred and fifty members last season, haa now more thaa a thousand ramee oa Its sabamptloa list, eome of them, cartons ko aay, being those af Mew Tor It real- { deal* Tbe eeooad aad saceeediaf cooeorts of the Moiety will be gtvea la tbe new Academy ef Mask, wb eh win , be opened about the >rst of January. Tbs ' ass or Wa Hrur, J? ?Am a matter of lualioo to Mr. Wa Hurry, Jr , who* - name has figarod so actaa Sira'y la oar columns for tbe past few days, la referaaoe to sa Slleged fraud cpon Mtasrt quick k L'Hommedlea, of 41 Plae atreet. It afforde aa ptemtare to etaAe that, op >a a fail aad Impartial examlaaUea af the sses before Judge Kelly, he was folly aad baaorably diechargad. Naval lmt?IU|rame?. TV Tnited statea ahlp Vaadalto, lj lag at the Brook y a !*a*y Yard, to so far adraaced la her repairs as te be able to go la oomaiMaUie oa tbe 10th laet , at which time the baa beea ordered to be ready tier efltaera have al ready reported tar detg to the nemtaandaat of the yard The crew are riadr oa board the rolled Mataa ahlp North arollaa. the mar lee guard haa beea detailed from Waah Migtoa, aad wtU be h?re la a fcw da) a He tuned .?tatsartean,er Michigan, on the lakes, htv ire reel red the aeeroeary repaira retired oa bar, made lavtNSal Utoltrip tbe < ther day fTeai Befftio to Mb, Pa. . be- a?w amebmery wnrMrg admirably flhe to to be laid op for the ? later at Krie, aad wtt aot go la oota muA-.A. -aU. UK i/pt JU-l <A Ua. .A^SS aut tprlag NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CAWAI. A. Klnamtni Pailr In Baltimore M?thla|ioB_tiiM|>?ailoB of BulaM ?s?d Depre citation of Property? UurMt* '?I D?v?Uptmi?u H?*p?rlla| tlkt U? ?tenant tbr Kapnbllcnn l.esulera? Whn? Will tbe Montliarn Offlci Holdera l>a 1? U?t Tnaljr with Hew Oruut ?bo*? to be Batlflcd, Sir., Air . Wamungtos, Nov. 1, ISM riWAHClAI rASlC IN BAL1IWOKS Intelligence received this morning rr>m Baltimore steMi that a terrible panto exists la that city, and thai ah branchea of business, commercial aa well u ananctal, to completely paralyzed. Ttl* city la alao largely elected by the pule, and rtal eaUte haa leprae la ted fifty percent within tha laat two weeks. Our merchants are makl^ no purohaies, waiting with breathless anxiety the nnalt of the lYecldenllal election. The election of Lincoln wtk certainly produoe a revulalon, the like or whloh never haa been known In this or any other country, and one for whloh It la more than probable no remedy can be louad. btaktujhj rr.aLoraiin.vra. The report* aa to Lincoln'* havinpfa loiter already pre pared, to be published immediately after It la ascertained he la elected, have been revived. Bon Tho-nss Cor win baa written to tbla city that Wm. C. Rivea la to be Secre tary of Slate. Anothor rumor Is that John J. Crittea den will be tendered that position The republteaaa are becoming uneasy for fear Cor win, Swing ft Co. wlU control, and Be ward and hla frienda be placed In the background. The republican!, through Greeley, tacrllced Sewa-dl at Chicago to appeaae tha South. The same spirit is at work to aacriQoe tbejbuild era of the rcpubllcsn party for tUo same purpose It will be well for the country It they lucccod, but In ordor tbat Mr. Lincoln should exert an lnfluencs for good, le| hla letter be published before the election. If he is roai ly golrg to pursue a conservative ccurse, let him be elect ed upon that declaration In sdvatce The South will not be In a condition to trust him If ho promiaea a conserve, tive course after hols elected. Let neither side t>e de ceived as to hla principles, and if the merchants of New York would procurc the publication ol the letter, which some of hla frienda aa? is already prepared, they would quiet the country. Appoint a committee to wait on Mr. Lincoln and let him now speak whi.e there is time. After the election may be too Ute. FAVORS HUB WORT- 1 110M NSW YORK. The ad v I ?ee received by the administration from si parts of the State of N< w York are more cheering, and atroog bopea are entertained of carrying the State, aad thus avert the calamities that are sure to follow the elec tion or Lincoln. A 1?SW ORTIIR OF AFFAIRS PRV'MCTim? WILL HOrTHRR* omen holdms samu1 All the sign* are that the curiam of a new political drama will be drawn cp after March 4, little expected by care Irs* or uninitiated observe^ The Idea suggested by the IlaKAU), of a magnanimous resignation of placea by the federal olfUe holder* throughout the siaveholdlng Stalaa Is net at all relished In that reg cn, as I learn by tolo g-aph. TVy are willing ror the pree?nt to put their ee c<es1oc princlplea Into their pockete and await deve lops mot la But tbo people are ready for separation. tm rrmu WUN of rm roi'S? Tin warsaw COBFKRa*CB. Intelligence just reoclrod by the last arrival froet abroad, from a reliable source, states that a residence for the Tope ts to be prtj>ared at Brussels It Is also stated that Louis Napoleon did oxprees a ?M te Join the meeting at Warsaw, and was told it was iss poasible. Hence It Is tiat Monte hello, the Freneh Minis ter at St. Petersburg, refuse* to acoompany the Czar. The Conference was postponed till the 20th. The moveaaaa* was to intimate to Franoo that three of the great Power* know what they are about and what he la about ora TREATY WITH >>!*" GBAXADA. Mr. Pom bo, acting Charge of New Granada, la here te exchange ratifications of the New GrasaJlu treaty, whloh will take place to morrow, at the Department of Stale. Tbla treaty has met with serious mtahapa, whloh haa caused Its delay for upward* of a year. It bids fhtr now to be permanently deposited la the archive* of the respective governments. Year anterprlalng quadrilateral neighbor has what par ports to be a despatch from their Washington cor respond eot, stating that despatches had been received at tha De partment of State from Minister J one* at Bogota. Mr. Jose* haa not been In that oountry for ten month*. Be la cow here, and will leave In the nest steamer for New Grenada. ?? raw youk mot omn m Ad agent of the OIJ Dutch church property arrived horn tbla morning, bringing with htm the deed and the necss ?ary papers for the purpose of getting lbs two hundrM tbounnnd dollars which the government agreed to gtvt for laid property u ? alls for a I 'oat Offlea. The I'ost matter Gen era', en applying to Secretary Cobb for the money, was inarmed that on axamtalag lli? law of Congreae, paused loot year* ago, It rr quired the assent of the Legists! ir* of the State before the money oou'd be paid. Therefore tbe matter la post poiied antU action la had by tbe .ooorrujrt'.ble Logtsla tore of New York. Tin irronrrsairra is tiii osssra icuic Tbe atr let urea of a New York republican paper to tM appointment* to the Census Bareau do tligranl lojoaliaa to Secretary Thompson So far from true la the allegation that ''the examination la eaiy for Breckisrldgers,' What amcrf three who were moat aereraJy examined, and those who were rejected, are aereral gentlemen wbe were nearly eonnacteri w.tb prominent offiotels la Uia administration and Breckinridge ranks. TM Secretary "a sola purpose waa to get able ana diligent clerka. Tbe threat la now gtren that Ms rr pub. can members wit; take care of that office next tM of March? < e , by pruserlblog Mr Thompson's ap potntees. Is that tbe |ame 8u >p?na the present beads of dsparunetita should forth wth ta?e cars of aU tbelr po litical oppoosnts In erery bureau la tbe name true ilsat rracner, what a etampe J what an outcry there woaJd , be. But Mia ariu>.n'.aUai<..>a cannot aven be prer >ksd tnte intolerance Amamm. William fr'.tsUy. Poatmaatar at Canton. Mlas ; Edward P. Lull, to be a llcnlccaai la Ibe ssry Robert Ould and F C Oarrtagton, to be br' gmeraia of Me allltlasf tbe District of Ooiumbiv ma nsroirnow in n* naasana Aral official arfnoef reee ti 1 here aho* that, owlag to Mo energy of President Qiptaa to Uaceral Berraafli dlr?ct oa of war f [ > rat- me and to tbs patr ottem of M* , p< \ tbe revolution Is irogrees la ibe republic of New t.rannda may, by this t me. be ooaa dared at an sad. In tbs decisive sct'.oa of Oratorio, fought by three tasn rend Brs bundrsd men. six hundred wars left on lbs fit 1 ant n tbe c?n,bat of Ma- ? a >e , Or nera* M ier% I iet three batdred cut of two tbousaad flrs h nleed m-n It is atntioar 1 as a aot c*able fact, that no rsra lutlon commenced te New Granada has erer triumphad, and t bat tbs prreent one, wlilch eeeated likely te be tM !< ngeat and moat fktal la Its resells, is tbe soonest rw f- eased Tbe principles, wbtcb tbe reTolotlon'ata ham been 0g tiling for wirs tbe expounding of tbs fMsrmi r>esiltatmq In s nulllf* >r aerse. bat Ibe vletoeVmn fifty are sew urg'ng a rev Is or of Ms constitution Is n more conservative spirit hire Incorrect sisleuicnts as re been made la regard to tbe t roporal protection glees te tbs city of Panama by Ibe American asd >rii >sfc .sen of wnr. The Istendaate of that Olate. while rwp'oy'rg Ibe city tro. pe m pnraulag tbe negro Ita -^eats thsrefrom, requested tbe Jelst land It | and sereiots of boib aqnadr as, sad as soon as they were rrntldered of no further ass order* were conss qoentlj ('.res fbr tbe withdrawal of tbe forces. At Me latest datee only all Brltleh marines remained .? to' city, bst not by a?tb?*t?y of tbe Inteelact*. firm ffiKI Mrott Two hundred thousand eeptes of tbs Mree hundrsd tboueacd copies of ibe agricultural part or tbs Pateat (fftee report, or"ertd b) lb* Uojs* of Reprawntatlraa bm besn printed. run Mentlag sf lbs Naath rarslta* Lsglw lars. C- AM-mrm, Nsr. 1, 1 MS Tbe Islature meets on Monday, and wtil probab.y ?tt a waek or taa day* lu political completion la soaas what donbtfcl. because tbs new msmbara are miaat ted There are an Vslonisw is Ms UfMMInm, bat a afcarp ?Unggls la anticipated betwssa Me os afseaAlsa maa aad Ma separate State action Ma. Tbs lallsr are dally gate lag itrecgM It la considered ssrtaln Mat a Mate tonrsatio* will bs oaUsd ir l. newln Is sassrMMM te M slanted Tsere Is a atrang eutstes prsaMrs frea Ma lewsr parlMaa fbr sepa rate ssosMoa. IT Alabama a randy, SsaM (kraliaa m ssdss wltbaa a dMnMMg roles, Ml many shrlak frosa anlitarj secasaVin. Thsra U n r*M*r IMA 8?mm Msnrt, at > iisaa,

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