Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 12, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 12, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. "8831. MOKNING EDITION-MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OP THE BREMEN. THREE DATS LATEB HRLLICE1CL ?j?vtb*r Engagement Between the Piedvomese and Neapolitans. ARRIVAL OF VICTOR EMANUEL AT 3ESSA m RKHLT OF THE BLECTIOI IS NAPLES, BRAKING UP CF THE WARSAW CONFERENCE. ADVANCE IN COTTON. Tl? amw r.catnsbip Branca, from Southampton on ite Uet of October, arrived at this port about elev- I'ciocn kit night, after a short pueaage of ten days. 71m Prlaoe oi Wales bad sot arrived at I'lymouih uo Tteeday October 30. Bia Rcyal Highness Prince Alfred , embarked in '.he Buryalts on Wednesday, September 19, for England. Els rasspt on throughout tbe Oape colony baa been of ifce most (ratifying obaraoter. On , October 20, Lord Palmeraton pros'.dad over fee annual meeting of tbe Leeds Raffed school Society. Tbe London Times regrets to have to announce that Ad miral Sir Charles Nap'er bad been seliad with a sudden and severe attack of illness, which bai caused serous anxiety to bla friends. A return baa been made up at tbe war offloe, wt ah *cn tbe sum* that have been voted by Parliament to Mat tba irptnsss of hostilities in China. Tbeee make cp a total for tbe current year not fkr from ?10,000,000? u* m tire produce of tbe year's Income tax. ""be London Iiei'i tayi ? Tte vo'tnteers were first returned at 70.000 itrong, tetn as 140 000. and now it la probable that the nnmbcra approximate to 200,000. ? Tbe London jfstei laya ? It la very generally asserted and believed that the MS ere of the Warsaw Conferences mainly aroae from the pro se nence given to tbe Omr to a revision of tbe treaty of Parts, that being tbe main object or the policy of Russ.t. Ac London Hwi says ? Tbe cacse or tbe breaking op of tbe interview was os teoe'.biy on aeooant of tbe Illness or tbe Fmpreee Dowager m )?. aa.i., tat really because tbe terms on wb.cb the Cm perore met each other were such m to reader s protract ft! intercourse extremely undesirable. Ike London Tima Paris correspondent says ? It is stated that the Emperor has decided that a fourth battel on stuil be raised for ever v infantry regiment In Ue service. The Mini iter or War Is already teeing measures to oarry tbe Emperor's dec's. on into execution. Tbe Enke Osoazes died at Paris on Thursday, Oetober U, la tbe slghty-flrst year of hla age. Ha was one of tbe notebUit'es cf tba rnt Empire and tbe Restoration. Tte Dcks tas 'eft a mass of r?pers, particularly h'i eorree pnndence with tbe Duke ds Ri'belteo, daring bis tendon embassy. Tba Ear! Manv?r* died at the age of e'pbty tws'cn tte 21 lb ult. Tbe tfreat Patera w'tl remain open to vis.ters dar ng tte winter. Borne 30,000 persons bad v'.r'ted ber !'ir eg bee stay at Mi./crd Btven. Tbe Oanads arrived at Liverpool on Ootiber IS There were no signs oi tba Vamlerbiit at noon on Wed Msdaf, Cstobar 31. Tb? American sb.p Olive, from Liverpool to Calcutta, was abandoned July 29. A por.lon of tte crew were landed at St. Helena on ^sntember 10. Tbe Cham a s, of Hal:fkx. N. 8 , was stranded October near Rafea, V.t will probably be ct off Oew baved. Italy. Tb? Go. ut'.t raa'.nta.u* th?'. the PoliaoaJ priaoa*!* are treated wlib geoero>:ty and sollellode. _ Nii'in, Oct. 17, 1M0 At engagwmeat took plan* yeeler.iay between the iroopo ol tae loerth oorpt ' tad the NeapolUn ?oj ala'a. afltr a combat of two hoar*, Iho l?U?r Ml lac* upua 'arig learieg a groat number of prUjcera la iho bend* of the Pledinooteae r be oil :>el rinre of ibe volts.; x N*i e* oc tha <|ce? tVir of ui?ul e a tha city bbO jroT'nc? of Maplo* A m fbUowt ? i?MW MM 1?W? Id the iit?r tbe rote* we e>, .ally fayorab:* U UMW ' B Ttw.OO. ?. 1M0 Viet or ir.nais .. c aa4 a rr i?< at Seaaa <*artbaul (u re * la th~ teatiaart-rt tf Ike K1b? 9a- , "et SO. ISM > lorite ?. ?? aMlKi'T of tbe Bar i'* yertcla? * raoccoa M.air# ?m BiaJc by tee Sfcr Jlhiaa* ga tto .e I Uci o! Use vang' aa?. S*nm. Ort. 37. l'?S. ?tu ba.dl aad YIMor jnaaoel, * o<*<> n> diary opera ttooa are iow comfctood, are preparing for a battle w ta tbo eo'T.y. Ytetcr F-ranot! a neTtrtbele**, ttparUd ?* eater Map!* ca tbe ~Oih Great proper* '.'out are balag Bade 'ct fc'a reoeplou. KASUNL Oct. 30. 1**0 Tt? reacrt of the mt.rfc la tbo ktagdoa of v?n'??, with tbe eioeptioo of Iwo prcr'wee*, from witch are e.iU traat 'Dg, are aa 'ol ' wr ? Ajm 1, 103.19* vm Cm Hon, fvt 17. l?o iaaaoroore ha* boea created a Hoaaa avbia. The Italia* tiaoitten. Troa tbe ??BdOB Time*, Ool 31 ] a bti.e IW aaoa " of Italy la *e?*a, where' .1 haa -oxed the aew Kiag of Italy , aad baa .u.oraed b. a J t a ?U bot jeanao a eiecttoa by the Neapolitan* ani ?r Car*. Brt tha -.??? m attoa o' tbe ?le--tloo of Vte tor f cu4i to tho tferoae ol Nap tee ta acaroely a pioro of caer*. Tbo eroai aa* ?> en a a that :t wa* reg?- led a* aa aai'wiiil'fefead Vt. Any ooateat wa a ao hope ea > tut II waa Dotavea aUerriod There null U maty ram. t? at Maple* wuo regret tne *y*t?a wh, a baa "eaoed away. Tbe Court aoei bare ? aip.nyed a . aa: ami bar of tradremeo, who 0a4 a aeaaal'oa to the r gata* la tbo arooMw Cf frail -to aad b e fs'loworo: th* aa'.racemoager* meat fear for tho tratfc. If ool iaallTer ?ferlaea, yet ta tho (V pperle* wbtah 4ob*?od tbo cortaMAla' u t ??* ttere rtitbiled, the ?r * at -I aerrvi pcS.^o ma*' le a kq t tjde '^cbanti lai.uU. b haa uat broaeo dowa oeuid sot have jm ?ev t .a gear ? rtiKtil a T*?t i smber of ?t wtooe aitoroiio -ore V?u?d ap a !l, aad-wbiee lloel'bood 'efecl*' a poo 't Th're y* orne, aioo. who boaeat^ t? ee a atruag tfrao aioai g. 'eraM'-ot, wiilob a.lo?* rlsb oiea h th turn m *^a! det're* tc I:t* at *aoe, asd to -l-'f >3 t#?'r fir. -W? *o that they do art oare to crtlk-ta* tbo ?-wdi et of tae r gr reraore. . her* are mtm alway* roady to jb*at la ch-. roe. ? a?<; ?bi Iibtrlaagratior ext ? t waa rib reg* p!o, aad wt'i will be contest to tad "p *f \n tbo v*aa?.i?e ef ali? Ktag. goeeraaaot aad poople? Id aa aj l laloleract pr ?*tboo' > r m. rar w n I' re* the?-; m .<1 be a neat srovtf !b Naploo who regret lb* pant aad bar tba 'ctare. tot of ail thea* aot two thowaaad o l (Ol to pot eofchg l?he? .afc> tho craa. Of Uie vetea I g t<w there 'e a I ">oo peo'ealTf aga">?t ?v? tr* re*<w*lirti ?e do act pot ane ewry rut Mrw*a aora three .e'eeroal aulTrage vote* The; nay b*ae?a*( od by ore* -if rr*' !, arl tbolr roao'te aro rat to be a?vpVed ar j;4ab table p oof a: tfc* cofli .ct.ori o? a peipla. la ihl< ety of Na,-it*. bowerer, tt*ee are c.rcu malar ore aora traa eaoai.y (becrabU to a rr'nor ly Vrtor -mar tel .* ao; yel ib U-e e ty aad trartbaiii ? well kaowa to boa 'air aae who waid Mad h!aM"if to aa trk-k aad w> aid permit o- t roe T kae* a a tarty ?Teo aa ng tro aat'tor* of ll.e raro u U< t who would willlegly a.d a fpefllabw) k.i r ly ?ra^iag acaaat 'nae iata ??? i?H?i. Ther? are <*?? aalaa rotea aasng taal litua boap of 1.009 d e*ooueoi t^-kea, a* t:.* eorreopon teooo froa Sa? *a, which wo pobhehod r **t"rday el. wa. Fvaa If we i i a t ta w f?o? a "irrea that the lal-ab <acU o' tv "*ooth are aa a caw eelbuataattc la the :taj aa . tte r ICI5JI. ea ( .b ? ? ? . r ? |4a*. '.har aaaaot bo aay great body of tie p> I* w a-e oypeaod to what la bow be lag done T?e eery !h*t that vhal Mtl?l4aitoa there waa waa eery acca that wl.Oi noaim al an Ka?uab eiacltna whoa a roiwr for be oacnr clar 5aad:dale oowtea to tae poiJ, abow* that the j">p r-? orera all co th* *lda of Italy. We fear* beoa told fW> I'ao to t'.ao the Urarwtl, aad of other oUoaee. wh . wrore ready to joj !a raactiooary m.Toa~ttt Ap*** ?e*?e? uo'r t e?"t af-o nl frr tt >?a mia B^ -et^e .: e i mi 'tnnod'ate W*r* b* tba lra?*f*r of power trrot a ry Ml af She Twr .;et lo a K ag of Italy. rerbapa era* f f tboaa i>er?oae aay haoe ik* *? ae to alimatJ that ll' Ida* ar m Bg *oeo o then, . retfer araareat .bar ta "Te frat ? ndtt.oa of aat ora wealth M TS*rty. Sarw a * ogw nM'T baa ibrirea a u.ra.d. a, >? anan Irm a .aa. y ato a P*JP''' ocJor a^t . ery (eaMM aad ad- ?*r, an 1 the erd'r.o* ? got wh ra rtWIa-rH^akapaot'e ? Hn*'' rrwwe Tnm a ?m feat-da *T mtm. aro a' way* lornd ta * ceab .a ?at* 4 TmSocr. i ?rt'5fe w? pch. ih today ">ca "tmnm >*? acltcs 17 th * -*?oa?ai iri-.h (won Ha -atr.iry j/b? haa ram 1 1 aerated fr^a M>o tadneaeo if I ?M ?? lh? AVX'Sm Ma ar II* 9c tta?? v r art :??f wf'ib ? rU er>m rear* Tbe oonalry ? ? dessrt; tM yotai msa By Trim thai r homes, ud leave lb* old end the liAm to mm tbe coo* try. Ik cm agate risk ul? the wmHw of the aauilary nwint. Trade langnagas to aatfectioa, commercial ooaf.dcaoa has become a tradition of the put; even agriculture deteriorates, toe force eannct oompel continuous labor, ud men will aot plough or sow when they know aot who Kay reap. CUM are tending to ruia, tew as art sinking xio viilagee, viilagee into hats, and the country * retrogad'ug into waate. MeaawbUe, great earth works and huge masses of atone are piled sp to detond what their preaeaoe la depriving of all value; the tramp of araed men takes the place of the sounds that tell of rural industry, and the Joltiug ef the villager a cart ie replaced by he <ull lumbering Of artillery. ?uch is Venetla is '? la described by one who baa just traversed tt. thie canoot last. The peasant falls under hie forced aad unrequited labor, the ehopkeeper goes to ruin -Dder the exaetioas of hia an ten, and evea the contractor sannot hope for much even teal profit from a bankrupt exchequer. Bet on the other side of the frontier Italy ta forth apring blossoms. Cities that have aot been naiued m connection with aay commerce! movement for oeiitcriss are beginning to rise flora their lcag s'cep and to give signs of viiai.ty. towns only an own ts bookworms and to tourista, oonnected oil j wttb stories of the past, and sought now only for some literarr aasoclat.ons, and perhaps a few eooieelaa il eal pictures. are beginning to weed Ifce grass out tt their rtre^ts ar J to take note of what paws in the living wor d. ' ven deeolave t errara, alnoe it b?s got rid of its Auttr ar garr sou an.: taa shaken or .he moral ma aria or Home, * beiome "ful! of Ufa aad bustle." Vcder free 'batlt.-.ttoBs, and la the abaence of the Papal Legate, It baa fount out that there is s\.ch a th ng aa trade. Perfcaps It may loae Its s-:ore of oocvocta, but it bida fair to go back to ita old proeperoua a tale, la those far back daya when it numbered 100.000 Inhailtania and choae ite own Priacee. before tbe Ppee drew it w'th'n tbear web. Bo of Bologna, altbougb it may I nee the lux ory of pooecsalng seventy oooTeata, and perbifa suffer in Its wax candle manufactcre, yet it will be none i tbe .eee bappy f ir mixing more trade w'th la learning, tbe empty boast if " LUkrtas which it bore upon ta lolnage, into a reality, aad poeeeeelng more of it to bear tbe r, r'.Jed inscription. These facte of the re vival of tbe old deed hlator'c tlM are rery encouraging, and we hope we may hare many each to add to those wh.cb we to day pcbl.ih. % Of ail tble fa r land, tbcugh la oo'.or bid beea pressed oat by the stranger's foot reeling ao long upon ita eoi), Victor Kaaaaoel Is now d4 j\n King. He has nothing now to do bet to bold bis own. Master of a powerful army and a formidable Ceet,totbe e zellence of which ere a bis enemies "ear willing witness, there la nothing now which can offer h.m resistance. Franca II. haa al most oeaael to be a lubstance, and, if it were not a attoag and an immediate politloal neoeeeity to remove bim from Italian eoil, t woe id mi like eroelty to ooo centra le ao great a force upon so pony an antagoctst. it la now leaa a coatee: than a neoeeeary cxpulsoa ; but it muet be done, aad done without delay, for that king's name may evea yet be a tower cf strength to Auatrla. if Austria should so mad tome morning, as she once before went mad. If klsgs never d.d go mad, to their people's sorrow, there would not appear to be much chaaoe or the Po oversowing with white an 'forms Every recent event haa tended to teach Austria that abe ought to be very siaoere just now <a tbe promises which shs bss lately mads to Fraaoe. Warsaw has beea as great s failure for Fraaels Jossph ss Toplitj was for Napoleon. Be has found ao enftocragement there for a bold speculative policy. Hungary ts not satiated with ber charter, and Buagary ta aot oaly at Pestb, but Is also in Venice and in the Quadrilateral. Eren strong tortreasee are not to be confided is wbea it is poeaible that tbe aaaamta may :.nd all tbe osaaoa spiked by tbe Baa gar .an soldiers on the walla. Thi s it haa beea at Venice, and tbe same may happen at Mantua an i Verona. There are 104,000 of these Bungariaa soldiers In the Austrian army, and Austria rsquirss at leas'. 300,000 others to watch them. All this does not look as though Victor Emanuel bad aaythiag to fear from Auatrian interference while be takes possession of his boose aad arraagea his establishment Ait Auatrla la sorely tempted and sorely preeeed, aad a ewporatc sua la aerer wisely despised. yrsais. The Tsris MutU r of October 97, promulgates the Cod vent on suppieaeatarr to the treaty of commerce be tween Kranoe and England and, wh.CQ was concluded on tbe l.'h of <>ctober. The cuatoma tariff a bjMned to aa.d Convent jb wUl corns nto operation November 1, 1(00. to mstructionr received from Co at Reeb b<rg, Prlnoe MetternI jh haa explained to M. Thoarenel Ut? Auatrian policy. His explaaatioa coataias four pniats ? J. Tbe interior pel cy of every ?tate being .atimately - >snected with iteexur. r ps|W, Austria wiilfulBI with aiaoerlty tbe n lorms si.noonoeti la the -'d plom" ot Octo ber X> a NotwIUietandlng tbe nomplicat. <tn n Italy, Austria will maintain her line <>f iefen .-e poli'-y. Tbe present armaments aart concntratinu of troops in Vaaetla have ao other object than that of repeli jig any attack. 3 Atsiria will aot abandon the sjsieo; of noa inter vaotlou. t Austria cona\d?rs that the Msemblisg of * - o^reM wo.. id aot bring aboal a practical soiutlou of the lunaa (luestloa, MBlese the great Powers agre-.' ber rehacd >m a -ntnmnn programme, of which, however, toere is little likelihood. Tie Paris Moniteur ansouoora that cm October 30. tbe unreror will review the Imperial U'.art In the Bole da Boiosne, on which oeratlon there will also be a ah am b>vouac aad ennampment The Parts fair u of October 30 says ? Prises Metie* sieh and Baron Huboer were received yeeterday by the imperor. It la asserted that Baroo B mor will leave t? l f b. foe \ ieoaa. Tbe accoun s from me mao:faetartng d'?irt-t? <-->nr. a annonn-lng that tor some day ? pa*t greater activity has beea obaorved la "onsmerrlal circUs rbe '-cneaapUoa of toi?ceo la F races Ircreasee n an .mm< use proportion In ISIS It was aaly S3, 000. 000, ?od m 1UH, 173.000,000, haviag ia that more than tr pled mors la a est baiaix-o n the oudget uo the pre sent year to the tfasurjr ol 13S.408.447f. Tbe price o. wheal aa4 ::r ren-k.aa trm ' j the Paris market <w|turUuid. Bum On 20 lsW The retail >f tt' elect one tar 'J)? N?t'x.?i < Uocul ttok plnre yotcriay tn the triumph of tbe po"cy , re ^reeeet'd bjr m Ptromr ? "T?e , ? ? ,tico party or Vacd obta E'tl ? BiA.0r.l7 OTcr the ?or<,rDa.',nt ???*!, O*. OT, 1M0 The Federal Count,' yraurlay repllei la 11. te u> the drmanda of ihe French eoverumect oouiernnr UM afia'r af Um Flag of Mm TheFeleral Ooud-1! obeerr?a thai before th~ annrxa. tv>.n of Q?vj U'l Nice to France bo mnll botattog foreign co.ore ??"' luided oa the Swtae iboree, and "nain ? Dt the theory uprated n a former d m nft re. oe to ikmliuM,' oOeaoaa. Bnn, n* 39, 1IM Tbe eierti* ee tar the tew Federal 7 r/xnjfl uoee U> lay It t? n^?Kd that the IlberaJa will cbuua ? m * ontj ererywb'rf etoept In UM Canton of I.anaaaae Tl>? new Areombly will meet la the rat week of IteoMsbor t > proceed to Um eiectioa of the maben of the a?w fe iaral gi . rooaeal The Martj ill da T-rgot la exported t* ret ere in a tart a ?r t to b * poet ae Ambaaaador 0 1 > raooa. OamMfi o? TH? M? *, (K-t 29, 1M0 "n yer.'-rMj a am leg tt tbe Federal Hal the aotioo (Ml by Sardinia of t'e block ad' of A r ? wea da c teed The Awmbly -raolred opoa ? rap:y their ug tl> ? notice declaring at the tan, - time tnai ih-r ooail not alijetber iirer < 'th tbe poltey of Rarttata in Italy The Federal Iltl reaoleed, la He - ?m.- ? < (tag, Mas tbe expediency of e<|j'w of tbe federal fortraaaoa wit i rtl'd aa> a, aad Jeclared that tt gratefully acm ptcd ti,? o'.br 0* Pruaafa !d referee -e to a?w kind of arraa Meat. The H areaw feeling. it '? ttated that tbe War*ew taterviow a>? nva'ted to tb- mi a puirly p?r*ooal .ba.-a.ter aa rrgar.'a beta the rt ccea and Ibcir m atalart At the latar ?? *w oa Tt r? day laat aa it p-iai'ie waa made, aa ooar?nttee of aay and waa ? ae>- ded. nor waa area a protnaot draw* ip the Kainnr A.?iaod *r ba-< ooafsrrad apaaOeaat Pech MM the Graad Cordon, or tha order of M. Andrew. Tbe Caaparoi Auac a baa preaceiad ta P ran Out tuUoffa nant t>ox,rietly aat w".fc t an- -.da lyala. Maral<a. >'! ' bM e:Aie<l lttl Ute | <Ter,w?l >f ! War- orr. b't obly a>k?d for a loa^r delay for tbe pay in* nt of tha war ndoiaalty. na ' ???* a a oni to pro. xed to H< <aa 00 a in a. '? n U ?jp*Id * reaalred U > obatrre atr at aaatrml ?y u rr tarda tha a .a "a of Italy. stiaadlag ml Uaa tnrlh BrMaa. Tne rwan alp Ntnk Br t >b eaat aahere ?n T> relay at ? AM,* Bally Cattle, ahoa'. two brora aail trim firm doaderry *tT?ry eaeitioa waa bainf aade In float btr, f the grala waa be at thrown overboard, Ufttber with - 'her art oae Aaeiat*: co had beea aeol rroai ' oa4oa ilerry , aad no aci ety ??i felt far pw<D??-e or *ti n Flaaaclal and Ceaiaitrriai. uo*rv |?UR. M >* > r F ?? *0, " Wt. 89, 1"<?0 j ^ Hi Kagl ah ialr are raibe' i*at weak U aay, bet j traaeart'ona 1 a?e baaa aa mrmrtaat The Srat Ntr<atoa were ?iV a , tar money . aad tha flaai -vtaea ?r ere ?J*a for raoaey, aad W, a 9i rir Uie a> mat. Tim oe*l aaial <? la Cmd for thadth '<?????? . aed the laat pr oe fir tbat date w? a la Um naoo'jnt arket the aat aad waa and era ta. There were ao gol I w:ir.lraaali *roai Um Peak u Jay. Orm ta 30 ?Tha ragiM tanda opened at aa atproea taent af aa ei?hth, aad tL? market geaera'i baa a?alb!l ad Crnaaaa. a'thi igh the b^heet prMaa wara not ma;n I Ia to .na 3; we Uoaaaia for a i<dH/ ware Bir. le^tal M"d ? N. at wtioh they vara (3,.'ta4 at u ? e -?.<, aei n tor No* A. Vnr the new ? eo^ol, lee ?. tte laai operat.'?a wait ? . a 4 The r.viM, a^pareatl/, waa tot '.afa^aoed any pol ?*' + Tr the dianonnt ? arlret tbe beat abort rapar t ret! 'y take* at t\ per oeat * At t> a kaak tbara ia a f .11 aetrafe temaa I ia t:.o aioek atohange ane wcra "Carad at two ptr dt trif MM 'jm\ ?'aa?n tr^r* to be IMI r> adrac e '.b tha taek ran at dincarjit WiU lade f)a-a 0 ThDf?at7. Jha laat^r'oa Trim IV 4 m M, ai vtr^g at atlraajt of lanta Carirai tad ? tw Tort aad Er e dec aad V BB'W Orrre If are* . Cm 29? "here haa hew enaaidarah a ?*c?enveat ji it* marte, m lay lac baaeqnaaoe at tha rd^wr tad k.i.aag frtat IB tha %>tUaer Stater base aorrahcfMgtt.wdPM ae'aa taoaed ifcflOO tww, it, NO eo speealnt>oo ud fcr ei pert, ime roan deecrlptlcu having edvaao*d j^d. per :t>. ctb^r aorta are partially %&. twrir. OnonW- raera baa Mm u exalted bmani !? oottoa again today, aad saiee axe ad 33,000 b ?e. li ooo od speculation ud for export. Prieso ?d. a I ltd. high er thaa iMt FY iday . lAMvom Can Mmn, October 28.? Tie market waa firm M the ralea of *tt wwk Livxarooi Com un> BanaDeTr rrrfMaxxR, October BO ? A good demand waa sxperleaood fcr when. ?' full. ;oo prices of Friday, or abaci Id. per octtal lower then on Tnaaday. There wm a re duct.oa of fully Od. per barrel; tank l) cr iw'tefH. oate id. per U Ibe. dearer; beau brought l?. p?r q tartar more money Indian eora waa la good r ?<(?*? at 39? for prime yellow and mixed, while wbitj fro n atrc ty, it worth 40b. a 4T*. per <80 Iba. I-osdo* Paomica jo<d rao-i.&o* Makhvi, Ot. 30 ? ' Sagar advanoed Od. perewt. Ccflee fiat Tea Crm Kce-tn. Tallow quiet Scotch pig iron 63?. IHTBHX8TOG FE0M 8PRLNGPIBLD.' Mr. LlacelB'i Op I ml em ?( the Saaaaatom Xovcmeat-lamnM Keeetpt of UtMn bp the PrealUeat Elect, Ac., ?Vc. SrnijH.rsstD, HI , Not. 11 , 1M0. Tbe rapub'lean Mecca la comparatively quiit to day Mr. Lincoln ia gett'sg some repoee. Bia ma:! la .mmeaae. Moot of bla iettera are frcm m pell tic mea, who bare throat themaeiTca forward in the campaign in order to become prominent, in hepe vnereby to iadcce Mr. L.ocoln to behove that they bad done t m immenae aervioe, and ooo ieq,. oetly that he waa under groat obligation* to them. JHe would tare been belter cfi without tbem. Among the letter* be baa received ainoe hla flection are two or tbree from pr< m.aent repab.ioan politicians n the country who did all they ooold lo defeat bia election for the Senate and aecure Uial of Dooglke. Toeee dema* gogaca hare tbe audacity to eupooee tbat Mr. Lincoln baa forgotten their treachery to him ai.d their party and that be w. 11 now accept mam aahlaadviaere, they wJl Sad themaelvea miataken. can hardly be ooonted In thia boat, a a he more thai1 compensated lor the political i n be coaamtued in lighting agaii.n Lin join for the Banate, by he efforts to secure bia nomj-atlon against Seward at Cu cago. Not eo wltf oiters, lome of ?a bom, like WUaoc, of MaaaaUtuaaUa, aecrotty whiaptr In the ear of earriaon aeniimenta the', he dare not utter to the pnbiic. Mr. IIcooji baa been cheated by them once and wUl haver truat them again. A gentleman who bad a private interview with Mr. Llnool:) laat evening, aaya he convened with tbe Pree dent ele:t about tbe aeoeailoe movement Soutk, and the latter expreaaad bia regret that the South, having always oeeo 19 loyal to the Talon, should be the first to man I /eat a di?poaition to break It op, aad eopeeiaily crnler a democrat. o aim.matrttion, atd before the of tbe sew (Lincoln) administration is thoroughly tea led Ad rices bare indicate that the present excited slate of feeling In the South will t or give ptae* !? more politic mnvemcat. perhapa 'a aalioaal Convention, to be oompoaed of tie beat minds of ail tbe Siatee, to cob* alder and settle peacefully the queatlon of Union and dia un.on The conduct of tbe present ad?icl?trat!on n oJo*> ly watched with referenoe to the extotlog state of aflhlra a the Sooth, and by no one w th more intereat than Mr. Linooln himaeif. 9pr:ngCeld Mill cootinoea to be crowded with people, and u>e inferior howls here do not ba> accommodate tbem Pellce latelllgaace. S v.i u* Awtai* it tvs Naw Toaa Ho?r?it ? Thfl In matea of tbe New Y ark Eocp'tal were thrtwa into a high state of excitement y eater day, m eoeeequence of a rn stor ed attempt to po aoc on* of the pat:*n?a, named Tasao Gilley. The fbcta, as reported by the ? ttser* of tbe hoe. p;tal, are acmewbat startling, bat ?? the end the oaae will probably aaaume a much leaa aarioos aapeet thaa It do?a at i reaeet. Mr. Gilley, It "ippears, M oapu.n o* tbe ?chooser Be* Bird, ply'ag between thie city and Bail!, more. Becoming ill la ooase*ueece of a severe attack of intsemltiaat lew, be waat ?e the Mew Teek H<mptt?<, with the view of procuring proper medical attandanca. At dinner, oa Saturday afternnoa, the oapU'n rot Iced a ctTtaia racaliartty aboot hla ? up. and thinking that there mlgbt be sometbiag ?rong, be reftteed to partake of more than a few spooefiiie The tdeaof po joc did not enter hla and, however, ant' I at me hour* afterward, when be waa taker srddenly III Willi purgiag and vomttiag. CapUm Slilsy at oaoe at trikj'ed hialllaeas to ibo aonp, aed in the aame oreatti d< tlared tbal be b?l e*ed an alleirpt was asade to a?aa Sinale 01m lor 'be sake of 0200, ?bicn be uaual y oarrir I about bia perm* in a awwey belt. Nota<ag sha<* he belief tW an atmc <>os de? |o had beec ma le ap a hw I'lb, and acting n x>n tbe impulee of tbe mumeet, be o mmoa 'aled ba suapic .oo to Mr. Uerragh, the *iper iateadeLt of the InstttRt.oa. Mr IWragn did n >t attach us eh Importance to tbe etatement on: I after ?ea t me. wbea it waa dieovert l .net Mra. Heyaolda, tie u^ree, and '<ne of the pat Ante, aaiueU Ma*>oney. >.upla.n'*u of the ilk, and said I horsed their mo lbs and threats Dr Barr.e ma&ed'ately pro. 3ted*d to examine ?th the "nap aad the milk, whan I waa ?! Acoverec toat a qcant tjr of Crot<M oil tad beee m led with eanb utd s'-iepiion pointed to oea of the inmate* aame I er* oa, and upna lnt?rr<jgat.B( h.m, he at oooe v?fH?-d bat he waa the an ibor of all theo. a chief. He stated thai ic adm ilatw d lb? drug al the lug lection of two per-ne oamed Charlea Br.?aan'l Jotio Ke g*r, but ?a 1 b* did not rtend to kill any ooe. Bis on y ob?-t, t arpeara. was to give Oapta.n GiUey and a?rie A Ibe oner pat.obta a g.v.i p rfing lie claimed to hare ao U (ceiiog t??aria the Captain, but men ly did lb< thing o it of a Joke Brown and Kelger denied tbat Ibey were the iesvicatws of the m lOhiaf; o it no ere .'n :e waa placed In ICt r siaiem-jai*, aid Uiey were tuforTed that tbej mlgni consider tbemaelvflC ue der arrest. B / tb s time delect. v?s neaaett and Maodai rai arrived al the bnep.tal, and w tbout any f nbor oare mony Jenkins aad bM "ompanloa* were mar tbedMTlo police boadqnarter* on the grave charge of attempt at anrd*r. UBi>la,B C. iey. who uae been ",alta sieoe the rrentful Saturday alfbi, la eooriacad that a baa' attempt waa mad* to takeha itfe for the aake of the ?300 pr<Ttoualy reivrred to, aal a re* .ived to proaeeut* tbe vraJtical oker* to the end. He says that Jet* oa knew bo oarrterf a large sua of moaey aboot b(? pereio, aad tbe aifbt of the gold probably pr nptad him to tbe ecmaniaatoa of tba deed. Tbe pr.enoeia will remala ia ruatody at the detect t*? ofl * until have had i> roll oppor .ua.ty lo lartMlgale the caee. T*< oatk Ovn Moaa ? Agaa the ind<mittha street preacher, > dwa/d I ak ner. faiM tato the ducbsa of th* police. The <!<ta?tro s res^t of h? nit ia the Maria* Ociurt, aad the dittrm.Lation of the Metripelitaa P Ilea to eafarcw the iaa reial' 4 to Street prea hare, bar* net data rreJ th s epoetie of temperaane . tbe procacutloa of ha bumare tnist'-n V* terday he held ' wth in the "ark. a* -J ml. aa-1 Tram the stepa of the CMy Hall he his werk.y uarargoa oa the Tolly of owmpe ran-e, As arna', ke wee interrupted a the m ' let of one of hi* n-.oat r'oq-" ? apt* ale by oee of >he braa* but t>ctd and 01 ?* coated |ec ry, and mar*b*<] Cfi lo the To<?b* v (eail M le. ol tbe Broadway lad, made a oempia:nt aga sat the #rie?oer tor preee'i ag wtthoat a cenae. aad tha tlttl* cerrmc>oy hax:ag been gone tbrongb w tb, U>e aacueed waa allowed to depart tc peaae. Fcr ** era! year* peat Pewaa^r baa >>eea c prated 7 arreated f >r jreechtng *:th< eot a I ?eeie, but In amoat every nataa-e be baa aoc ceed'd o ettlog 01; "Hoot 'roe " How be maragee to evade the peeaiiy of violating the aw 0 the way a a meter if S'lrflae Next *rday be will be found at h * neoa vwafoa ,ls the ueaal p'are oaiy to be aerated aa I dechar??d a* heretofore, lloc^r fallow, tbat Faicoaar, to set tbe Metropolitan ''ol oe at ledaece lo tha way TO TUB "PITO* OP TUB HlHtlP. la rep.y a the l oiiee mteiageeoa yoa gave a lo day * B'imb*r of th* BreatA, c woarn ag certa'a t-an*actlon* between Mr T. Dsro* aad na, I appeal lo the puM ? to witbt.o) t the'r op aloe tatil tb* reapaotiv* e nra ahail bare Jeo ded > TiiTMAN B tAlX>S, M Third areoea. No 12. IMCk \m?i ialtlil|?M?. T? C >tM r^M lor ratio ?r .toga -a ? eoata'tarna tl Pbi atoipBia, nd WU Ml ta * abort t!aa to rafafttaocr m adrro "o iba - -*it of Aft oa Tba G*r*ion '? a tlttaoa |?n *<<?<?? of war of iba aoocad -laaa, and m Jl carry ilm I two h HMPM ??<! tr\f ??r, wbo wara raarattml M Pbila ?1-lpb!a. Her v oora at" ? Qawiaiandir, A. Taykw; ' -iiUntntK. . I. (.albi *, C. W. Hapto, J. M Mlilaaa, >. H ?*m, VM'<r ktfiMOtlMT.S B. tkylor 3?r pa-ia, C . W JaCtap Aaatatoat to , J E f adaap; Oaacar, R. a Orv??. c , <;?ora?8a lb Car paalar , J W ttbMk Tba N'm bw plaoad it Iba dfcaooa) of Mr Catholic MtK <1/ of ?pa n tbe mfNiim of lfe? Broafe !?? yarl , for tfca winti rg of ? frlfata or K' war, t*a Burwiwi*, wh'ob la rrportod ?T?ry da/. Tfca "pan ah Ada'rai, aow "a ttiia ootatrp, Will, it limit, Mara Maw Tor k ta Ibi tb.r "ftw! to. Tbo brtf Btnbr'dga, wi! * arrlrri at Baaton froa tb? oaaat of Brail i art v?afc, t? to ba pa* aat of oommKa oa at am r* Brr on oara bare boon dHaoBri. bar erow irara paid o T *a I dloohargod oc Hat rdap, aad Um aar'na g' ar I trvi* arr?d to tba (5m/ "a town Bar-*-<a Tfco r*aaal ?'.)1 *? diaaaatod mi ttraod crar to iba arUwrnra of ua Nary Yard. T*o aflharaaa board *0 atoop Cpawa, a am at Paaa?ra, will ba rai.avad bp tba foiww^ a affloara, wbo ?"J taka paraaga ta Um ataoaaar of tba Slat trca *1 Yort ? Or?n rtaadar fcrtffl, I laataaaata '/a m mmifmt* Oaaaagla, hf roaa flariaa, UwtrtMit tuvaa* Olboor . fayiatir tfbiM, Biia>wa!a taarrj , f-aaar Papaa^ 4 raw rrw ?UJ Baa*H THE EOGTHE&S lOVEMFflft. lor Iprtial Dcipatekei from laift uutm, loitf nery, Korfulk, Colombia ud Milledgeviile. The Feeimg in the National Capital, ftiyhnwia, Virginia, South Carolina, Horth Carolina, Georgia and Texas. Interesting Proceedings in the Tnlted 8tate? Court in Charleston. Speech of Judge Magratb Clowns the Court. WHAT THE CAJIiBUHS THIUfi 0? 1BCBM10*, Ac. fte, ** THE EXCITEMENT IN WASHINGTON WA8Ba*rcv, Nov. 11, IMC Ite rea.gaatlcB ?! Seaetora locate etd Dfceecitw'.U be followed '-3J cttere '.b tie So;Ui we c*b get fcnrtr live more to reeiga.Baid a lead-ag t-ack ' repobi'caa ttte moraag, we ehai. *ev? oottroHf tte Senete. We will ttea mh mer.ere c r )? *?r eed will reorgaa-tc Uie commuw iB B-cb t m.ncer the; ite South wtll be la amlnor.iy -poe ?TerJ ? '<*? mittee. Th;e tod ride*) hae uaw'.tt.agiy let the '*t o?t of the teg. The tea* ib'-ag *?? a.jgeeted to me Bute days HO bT ? :?*d og repibl'cea. fly taccsa and iawlti, iB'.d me, we will ?o eiaaperete the Bouth that they ceaaot remain !b ibe l"n!oa, eed il ve car cet two or three of the Scutbera Stelae to keep their Seaetors and RerreeerUt'ree et home we will tare b clear majority ia both breaches ol Coegrt* Tt.e a ?T'dently the policy they ntecd to p ?ftoe. .mdf cp frt m the toae of the black republic** per*'* Evidences contiBue to poar In apec tte Fr<*.tlett L* m all parte of the South rbcw nj the ?W<elW rate r ra ti* of the aeoeee oa boot?? t and o! .he settled etd iecp ! Bcumrt determ at ..oa if Use peoje. W'.tctt d.rt'.nc'. a ' of party . to take epeedy act'oa a '.he mtt'.er. e'eee there is Jotf, aa- th?t q- t'*.y, W, ij peopie in the Kortb 10 epweee etd alley tke eic ummU la the ?oetb, all will be lost. A geatlemea wto arrived here the ?t?c aj from '.te Sooth, herlaj pweed tbroogb Alabama, '-eorga, 3oc fc s*4 North Caro.iBa and V>g?.B, leys '.he people areei c ted to a iegree the S a perfectly alarm Jg. re ?aje there to bat oae eeailmeat among tie people race tte aaaoaaoemeat of Liasola's election, sal that * to ceeee all ooasectioc wit* the North. lavell geaoe has beea reoeived here that several federal offloere IB Alabaan had reaigtel. am-rt them tte I'fUd Jtatee :vi?lg* The mlgnatlow of tte Soc Jiera ?eaavcn baa kiarmeo the people t? thle elty. It tae be? the tbe??.e or ilBCMBloB the eBtire lay, IB theb.U e, ob the BtK<t ooraert, aad IB tact wherever two or ihree are gather : together Fear aad trorob: ag '?* def ctad upc? the cot? teaaaoe of erery maa who baa aayu'.ag at etake. TBoee who hare Joobted bereiofcre beg b to be. .ere tn?t South ere la earbeat or* WASUISOTi^H COlUUfrOKMNCI. Vjt t, 1KM fk? ?l' vr*rWf I'm Srui\~6rf. ?o ii ff-t "? W aiMngUn-Tx* Great !uut Ml .ke ****>> rar fy-rv kmi ckui'i ?r ;v * ? <****- * * <w r*rt IfW fV Dffm. U-Tk, rx"*rt cf y-jfH fuXLtiom e 4 *xuv.n?ltm y 5* ?*** Krjt'.j'im, <c., rfs A" eyee ere bow icrted to the S??tb,etl * ? b e to eraggfa' e the legree "t toVc tade tha\ m ft i y her eeedltet eat moat devoted aad ee'-f eecr 9 eg fttMdt here ibat ahe will out, at lb a cr ? ?, put ber*..f la the wroag. At preeeat tb<*? avcboK.og Statce ere eei.reiy la tte right et regerde the greet polaUl of c^trorarey beteeea U>e? aad the rcpcbl'.caa party. Were tb I tat the ta*>, It la dtf colt to, oa the ovd aary pr mz i et i b urea aatore and the otoal 'Oiree of eveaU, why t" ibiag lie a repib:.cea party e.'ieta la aay ef tto?e SUM. They believe thet boatllity u tlartry e latereat a ibe Northern mol, aad la taught la ?-b<*le, coleg charcbes, the family circle, aad taa be- ome ibe a^. 4 aeattmeal of the Nortbera people, ??t to be erad*e'<d. la th.? ibe.r belief la right. They brieve, toe, that tto -?reed of the repub icae party iadicatea Ue diapoe.t oa uid determlaetloa of ita leedrrv to gtre thai t<*tilltf to Sonthera d> meat e laatitutloM ao?B ea aetive d reoth* aa readete their r ght of property aaeeure att iBra.i?a the P?ece of their fa?illea aed tlree dee, eel wiide ? Ib eurricttoB. robbery, murder, eat otbar ar irea agaVaei the cooceat aad pore too tbocking for petieBt ?oot^m plati a la U?l? their belief '* right, fcrei b a the lead tacj of the Morthera deadly eom.ty to e'avery a* t eii> t? la the Jtouth, though maay wto eotariaie it w n d ?bodder et the d reful oBKqjeaoee of their oaf v? b IB IB. It a, basics, quite a mJUkl t> fuocy 'Jut U.e aa aaslaf ulttude ui lb* South bu L**n produced b y ? mrrt party defeat la ? Pm idea t a! alect oa. Tb-j- >e< that tbey ara cot Nl|r orm?M at :te po!'?, b t tkil ?? iory b?a baaa woo by a popular ma -or ty, CMOS'tlal !a a settlsd aad -lorn w i eaa> 1 y ifiMt lbs r ?t: ? social ijifa, Iba t fry fbatdat.nng I lea r .a tercaia their ol!? dual aad partwal tartly , a a ?? 1 as prosperity aod bapptrcas. Il l :a ths st'cg of Us lata trioaiob of the repablloaas orar tba fr cads <>f tbs csasii tuttos, tba i a'.oa aad ths sqaality of U>a flams. This is tbs :rrs?edlab?s waund which jrodi^a tV> t c t?n? at bow aitaodlai ihrt nb '1\ssb Slates of tbs oowfrdera.y . Is It to too wocdirad at tbtt tbey ?t<* J bo uaw'UlBf to trust a party wb. b si' '".agly 'jits powsr proelatmlBf prlaolplas tba'. aot ssiy atsrftrs w.'.b tbstr r,(bls, bat carry a'arm to their btmss aad SmNnI Be aost bs a Mrors critic upoa biau ac .cos who oao proaaaaoa caasura a poo omr Poutbara brathraa for m*M\ac soots efforts to establish a absek to what may '*al they are deatiaed to ft|* ??ea, la tba tsadorsat f eta, rots Northera ?#,rr?ia las. Ha mast pass? IttUsao quatataaoa with h man oalars who can fast ??r prise ihtt our Soatbero brtihrca Should dsa re a sarar r aroaiaa for their rifbls, the r tnaiu.ltty, aad iba r usMlsated lo nesve ooaditioe, lhaa the just:sa or nsroy of tha North. They ha ra too m cH raas ? to ba:*ara that amoag the aboittioaMa tksrs .s abovt *s ar.cb air mss sa thsrs s silk la a m?> t ger sed tbsy Isoi poo the ropobl caa parly sa U-,ro I ly ahallUsaliad la fbaltag. aad as rsady, wt*o opportanity ssrrss, to ralas Ma fratr 1'daJ tiad m cat wbat it aaila "lha aiata power, ItOa paopia at J la st tjt oaa or Iks Boat*. Now, Iks prayer aad bopo sf s wba Jots the whols Caloa, aad who daprn-ata lha fr'rr em wmofB psrpstmsd by tha d.ttirbers of the pa toe of oar aatghbora, la, that lbs Son Ik wlU aot ha dr'rsa, aadsr tbsas elfsomalaaoss, :nto 'Jbs wroag. Ifnl' Boat 'on a ;alTSraaUy sooatod aa a de.aa'.cw aad a fcare. Tfca 'Am if a Mats rssaalaiaf w tfciu tbs Ua:cm, and at Iks aaaM I'bm aaktac aaB aad veld within hsr tar fiery aa act of Iks Moral Uaioa, la atvsrly abaadoaad. Del Um attssipi la now sad? to tficw that paaoaatia sassasu.e waa ooatsmpa;?d at M raliflaauoa * tha -maat taVoo, ? tba aoat agaacy of MOaot aad ww w aet'w ry ?f *Ms?ai |ji?? i n>? dooirine is tkr ssovi pi* at t.e ever was, ud attract* to tU tappoit quite ? . : Goran ejt of adf? oaks from mote whose reaaoo.ngs '.a favor of tullifloa lion were to oompleteiy refuted and overthrown by the greet statesmtn and ocaat.tational expoondere of 1830 aad 1133. h s receiving aow 'he earnest aten'ion and ?tndjr of *J wfco take as iatereat in politioaJ phi oeopby. Without rreeamptioo I ir Jit I may vsntore the remark Uu'. it baa aa little foundation ? the aonsiitauoa aa the exploded doctrine of aullJlcat on and I will add that the reaol of the pub lic pxamjution acd discussion to whloh thia theory or peae?ab.e access on *a a right ia subjected will be, that It la absolutely untenable and frreconclleable with the principles of reg. ated Iberty and constitutional govern mnl Hie sect slon ?f a etate J nothing lest ccr more than jCTdut ice. ltd the *c esstonists moat make up their in in da tc easo-nter ail tie hazards to which revolution ise expose '.hemseiree. Tb.'s ia a grave matter; and, in my cpln'oe, !f South Carolina taken th e extreme etep, ber sister Stat-e to whom the look* for support will not fb icw ber. Bit I fcsve written eccugb for to day. IMPORTANT FROM ALABAMA. MA*G MXtT:V? :* MONTGOMERY ? A cOKVKNTION OF rtt riorz. s ro mket in jakcauv. UoantOMOLT, Not. 11, 1860 A u*ir km; tg of the c u.'ena of thia city waa held here last;. A i parties were represented. The mer ii ante, ban.ers, planters acd politic tans, are ail de cided n {?Tor of a d o( vhe Ui on. 9o?t'rnoT Moore, Mr. Yancey and other prom, tier, t jwjbl ? men from all parte of the ?i*te were pres ent anJ rade fpee ce? m favor of llauaion Ttt 6< verncr baa decided to Care the convcnt'.an meet on th" Irt. Monday :n Jaccary. The pe>pie <*.ea!re I', to be fa id sooner, but be doea not fee) atthorlrod by the oas o! me abi Lefieiaiare to ca.1 the coavea.toa ant J theeec^re tare :ast tneir rotes for Pre*:cient In December. Or tVedcfMaj l e will pet) tfc a ietter. st?reg the time on which he will ss < c t proclamation, acd call :ng i a .he people to nominate ear c date* for the Cfcvtc! on. It be a streiig d it document. GIOBGIA. IISf OBII OF TBI LIlJltlATlH*. Mni?x.?vri?, No r. 9, 1IW :le*c tv bbt vcat vte ? ?ix? of a Scc*vo? be moved le Monday, Uio. uJ day*, were proposed Mr Birr .*, of Wcrtb, f?TOre Ue ear!:e*t time, u !t wu w? I lto? r wcc -ec rg i preferred, and when elected Q wcdd xr'.anl.y reelfT, :: tbe aterec:* of Gerrg a ud the So tb rest, red :i. Ur O'.ftr, of Beard. hmM tbe ttr '.av , tbjcctlag to sand.datee bere oc experae Mr. Jonet, of Newtowa, urged toe great aet de!*y Ue regard tbe preeea: at 1 t ate for Jtliberet.oE, mi -bey ceeded all toe :.gbt that cocld be obtained before action. A few w?e?a might dove ope mportaci aiattera, wu cb ought to be known before lie election. Ur. Ppaidxg, of Mc'ntctb, favored tbe port emeu two weeca. Be d do t believe a aadoramg ao early eieol.oc Ttere were meaa-ree sore mpor '.kat to toe Contest to. !Uta..atcry eg'alat OB cu mod ?/>r*"od*i?ce over tr.e elect a of a eetaicr. Ur. ?*war I, ol Tuuibm, faxoii J vue fce-VJeuiiMhi. Be*i( opposed to drag ao ear 'y to lc.'. rate '.bet 'Jeorg* a tended to *cbn?'t V> Llci.'r'ieWw 11/ L'arra, o' H'. rji toured wr.eibtr Mr rie vtrd rat ? red ?vcn ' Gcorjr * ?o ie. .et a Cocraatl'Xi be tbc^ftt theory a would ao; be sitta'sed by otnat Botltera ?tate* of vb ? b?r ? tllag ueta t i.iu uc ItM.ii'r rle?t:or He coae.i'erel the eafety of uc > tb eaa to act ai a m t. Mr. Law tor. ?f (Jbat ??. f*\ .red ibe i.tiaoel deity o' the eleetior of kacatn* There ?va* no n< *??>iy of apeecy ar?>t a* eorgia ? " id fee r r-eeee,eJ a tbe ?^uk t t. . ibe 4U o.' Marco, ile agreed wit Mr. rtewa <1 tbat ee aieedy ac lad'cat'na to a ibmtt to t!>c ? ecu .a of Llacola wea.ti p.ace <5oorg a le aauyoelam w tb b?r r ? ter, a* vbe eewa wee.d beeoecd::? eeut over too ci tatry that > -ecrg a ac ''*> d la (fee elect n of Lie Mia. Mr. ^a.. 1 1| a. that Ibe reaetutloa ?s ee tbe tab e at pretest, tdipted. A b 1. * u -airotloced beevily tatiaf mac ifbct ar.'ole* firom Maamcr. aetta, Cowoecttcut, New Yor?, Peanaylran^, M ccjac, ff'r'ma e tr ! otter tee e .l Ufyief tbe T ^.tltefave law. Aler , for ,T?Teot e( .be eit'.Moe of (jBtcdiag Siatea rrnaa aeetac t tbe ooarta af Ceor, a Tbe ley, etatcre adjoonied from Fr day tilt lOcday. bODTH CAROLINA. or ? cjumbu couam'o.voBitcB. Ootrwau, S. C., Nov. 1, 1M0 IV fM?rel Qt' fU in fiimtk Cat -una Jtanyfttnp? ITbaf W?ui4 1* iti Kfft.t of < fkilurt te Secmle?Tki Prab+U Modut <>)ir*ndi f P nctmt !t m*4 fo<-*d Srfmtim Ocmfrt 1?Hvm ? Btekmdt W<uU Oj* rait, rfc. Qeeer aad cloeer I draw lag tbe Baal or reran ? o f Ibe eoeeectioe of 9o t tfe Corollea wltb tbe federal Ca!oe. Tbe revolbtloa baa b?faa .a earneet. Tbe federal oil o!a.?, higb aod lew, are tbeir reiignatkMie to Waab< Dgtfio. aotwltbxtaa I lag tbe fact that naay of tbna are deetltete of aay otber oartaia Urellbood. rbo Souttcrn blood m up, aad If, from aay caaee whatever, tb* State ?boold fall to tooede bow, ibooaaoda of bar beet elti ea? would fortbw tb cell oat for whatever Ibey eoeld get, an I t tbe oouatry Tboee wbo le 'tl were tbe etroageet "aloe men are eow tbe botteet for aceeeeiaa, ao1 aay oee wbo w< Id Ite raeb eaoagh te eapreae b n ee a favor ef Caloa mder preeeal elreoewtaccca varit be leoaed ;poa at a traitor, wbo prefer r*4 tbe rbacklee ef a nieanll l?ll ! foderti dee. ot ?m te Iti* *a.ety aad li mot of bieauue. 1 bave r doubt ibere i a great deal of car ot iy at tbe Sort* aa w ibe probable ?* da* by which Sontb Carol a a w >' ebabeen 'or, ae yo< at the North wo-jM cay, att?apl te abake off) her preeeal aep!*aaact relation* witb Ibe Kortkera tatee. I do not tb ok Ibat tb<- matter will tbte time be begna by aaUI. oatloe. Oaoe tbe >3tate Ooaveet oa baa foraaity raeolved apoe, eom awatoeer* w U Inaedlataly be eaet to Waehieg. tab to *ett e, U peeetble, a**'?biy. tb* terma opoe wblob Ibe wtata M to go eat. Tbe geceral gotara meet aiaat a uaer "Tmaliy rewgalae or ibraaaliy refaae to reeogalea tbe power* or tb* coamitatoBer*. Tb j* tbe f.ueetloa or tbe reeogaltlee ef tbe right of **oe* *toa by tbe loited "tatee wlU at oaoe be aaUled taelly. If >.t be aeaaowMgad there wilt, la any op.aloa, be to iimcaity abou tbe deU'M ef aoparat oa. The eaeedlcg nates (by tbat t me, I take tt for greeted, there woatd be half ? doiee leeet) will eltb'r aeeome tbe r reepertive *bar a of Ibe gevaraaeet debt* aad take a rateable prcpor.loa of tbe pcbllc wealth, or they wee:* tare over *11 iba govaraaaiaV llabtltttaa to tbe Koni>, w'tb al. tbe goveraaaeat laaate aieo. la tbe meeatipe, proper poetal treat ?? wo?M be foraied, aad the d * *** , llae b*tw??a '?'ortb ar a fcctb wn.M be ieflaitely drawn j ?at tbe foliar* a tbe part ef tite federal atftboril lea le j reoogatee nr right to b? T?e a *eparai? aa-l le- j depeadaa*. ropuV.i* woalJ have a **'Ji MM* 1 effbet :* oeaientlag together tbe aUreiK diag SUtea, for, tbroo?boal tbe Aoc'.b, kiwerer poop * enay dl er about the ttped oaoy ef leev eg ?* ' a oa, ttaro * <^* taiat} bat :ae op'^laa aaerwa ag tie right b .reB-eo , tioaetf lie deu woa d aai wi t to a ?e.:arai t of war, ? aad to war it3FT tf I*""**1 ?.**Vt to practi ally foDow j, thai 4?e'e'. Saw, tb*re r aoV sag ; wanl^d bat Ib* *b?ii 'g tbe Trat drop -f Boi ber* , blood .a * >0i a * *^? '''a* *f the tm fede'al g a | aaa'aei * <?"i*?<evr t Br I f* iw ****7 abe* holding BUM from Virginia to Tsxn :b a war would be looo ended ; nor is H difficult lor one who tee* ibc present spirit of our people to ooojeoture the reeu-'t. T|y Issue could not be shirked by a blockade of our porU. That, It la true, might delay the struggle for a few weeks, but the eiasperatlon of the popular Kind at tuoh treatment would not long be without a means of ea presstng Itself. While, under the Stele proclamation of free trade, small veeeela oouid be raaalng import* into every unguarded Inlet on our ooast, the export of our great staple would abruptly osase How long, do yon think, would Franoe and England wait for eottonf These are some of the views takes by thinking seen; but tbe popular heart la for sect se loo, aside tram eiesj consideration of policy, snd rrcognlsee only the princi ple that "Wbere there's a will there's a way." We hSTS the will bere, and no mistake. SOCTH CAROLINA LBG18LATTRB. Tbe following are tbe names of the members of the Ls gtslalure of Boutb Carolina, now In eeasJoa In Colombia Thiy are aU sfcuionttU ? TBS ?S!UTS BtcUd UI MM :nd I860. President. . . W. D. Foam. J. Duncan Allen, W. R Jhhnson, Cbas. Alston, Jr., (J. a Kent, M. T. Appleby, Henry 0. Leaeane, S. W. Barker, B. J. Manning, D.xon Btrcer. J. I wter Man hall, Kjbert Buaty, A. Mazjck, J. W BUkt-ut y , Samuel McM.tey, A. B&mtlh/O Boy kin, R H. Me' aw, C. H Boyle, J. C. Mckewn, K. B. Bryan, 8 J. Montgomery, W Izard Bull, F ? J. Moa?a, Gabriel Gsnnon, K fl? Palmer, Uln M IWiiU'er, I?. W P*.mer. Janes E litl/iech, F<ln>ncd Khali, r. W rickl nt?, W. G F.ib?rd?, 1. K. Kuril an, F J Se-esixjs, A. C. (Arlington, Flaw -'Aarpe, Wade BampU.n, W. P. Slsoraoe, Jas. W lUn Hon , Than M Wagner, K. I. Hart, T Ldwln Ware, N. Hoy ward, Tl.nuan Waleon, Jcbn C. Hope, B. H. Wlison. Cbas. Irby, ran aor; r. of 1800 and 18C1. Speak*'. J^tns Sinnona. James I*. Adams, A. P. Aidricb, George Anderson, B. F. Bstes, I". W. Betbee, W. Black. Wit. C. Black, J. I Black well, F. Booster, X. B Boylston, J & Bradley. Jas. S. Br jcklngtoo, Henry Buist, M C Butler, 6. D. M. Hyrd, John F- Chrow, 11. V. Carter, R. S. Chick, James Clark, J. N. ? ochran, Geo M. Cclli), M. C. Connor, W J. Cook, J. I!. Or. ante, Sam). J. t'raig, John Cunningham , W. C Davis, Jso. M DeSiussnre, W. Sauwure, R. Poster, Kobt. H. I>uryea, Junes M. Kasno, O. F. ?d wards, R E Elliott, r>. Elliott, Jr., Jas. Farrow, W. M. Fontrr, ".boa B. Frseer, A. D Frederick, M. W. Hary, Jss 0. Hlbbcs, W t. ?illmore, T J. Blover. WUI'am J. OoodluR, Allen I. Green, Henry !1 Bar >r , W. Alpton Hnyne, V Hendrlelti', J. W lleeegmn, J F Hlllhous*', D Hoke, R ? Howard, Joe. H Jennings, B. J. Jobsaun, Jos Johnson, Jr., C. B Jones, J. A. Keller, f . H. Kennedy, phtltp C. Kirk, Thomas Q. I*mar, )n? M lawton, Jr , Thomas P. Ule. j at N L.ptoomb, W. J. Umaa, CLas. T. Lowndse, J. I. Ix)wry, .I. Jonathan !?sas, Al.ui naofarlan, L f. Mattlson, Hoberi Ma* well, tames B. McOanie, Samuel MoSowan, Jos M Mikeli, J. C. MJler, J. I. Miller, W & Mobley. Jotab V. Moore, R T. Moreisoo. w.l! 8. MulltPS, T. J. Mnnray, [5 w Nelron, W. E 0' Bryan, U F. O Connor , Heary T. l'sake, J. J. Ft>pe, Jr.. vs. I., t. Prinoe, z. C. Pol' lam, J. Q?ait ebum, Dsr'ff Rameay. J. W R?wllnson. I. Ear eeton Bead. Jr ? H B Rbstt, Jr., I. y R.ebardsoo, Jr., .1 i. R?a? t . H "ar .is. lots P. ? Wit k> k^annon. H Sfcer Jan. nn?r os H il'iioato*. yjipbeiis. lotc W -i?-*ee, C H lamra H Hu.-'vaD, A Vi % B T miconn, Carina Tracy , ?*o A Tr.ntolm, rnui Vai<b'.. 'r., M V). Vser. of, W, H Wailwoe, I H Ware, ilowden C. J. H?jsW'0? reward C WhatoT, Wihiam Wnaley, John M. Wieu?". ?, r r. #bitner, lobe Wlllams, j h. W.Hiams, J. J. Wll'-amr. JoLn 3. W.lson, J. WUSn.ltb, Tn u.a? W Woo-lward. R'Ctard Y'"?drn naomii. Oil .NORFOLK lORKEt<rO><ro*Cr. Noams, Nov 9.1460. ,V# l)> -ratt in llu FolUUal Ewnunt?lk-Htitn <f Ou fVat'.for Br ? krtnrutfff ? Rfrr't to Dtftat tk< fir*, ?rmndf ? Ti kfi?Ra) mI /*? rwe of the Minv't Mm? Clamor for a ?SoulArrn Omffdtraqi?TKt C iicn JiajrKti?lm-.tlim U> JUtn <tf fnltrjrriM, rfc. , 4c. Tbs political ?*ciu.mcut la this Met ton it vary litus oa ibe decrease Since the election of LlAooie baa ben known Ihe '.Mereet of all ha* been centred on Virginia, and mora anxiety ahown u to bow ber Tula wou'.d ba oaat. Tbe Drll .aen claime-l tba State by overwhelming at*, or! tlta, wbile tbe Breckinridge irea, baaing their oelcuiatloec more upon tba precedence <? b?r rote tbtn apoa taia rra|liic dotfau-bea, claimed Ike Btais by a vary anal! maiority. Virginia baa dtubtlees gone for Brecaiarldgs *1 3. COO majority, maybs (.004, ' r the .-oocles now to hear frc,m arc democratic. Tbe iel1 party in Norfolk and l'ortambulh ss?l every ?*- rtioa to beat the Bi< k bridge party, and vera aa aiat?d by the Dougiss wing. Captains ?' ;a, who , perhaps, bad never aeea Norfolk before !a their Uva, were brought si to tbe polls to rota the BeU ticket Oae of tbrie fellowa brought op bj t c*et at tba fourth : ward with a prefii of "Ciptals' ? . Tt.e algbt of tbe | election waa honored by a prossastoa of BsB mea, jotaed [ by tba Douglaelies, who with drum aad Ofe marched [ through tbe principal aireeta with flag* M<1 trail parsaclss. tbe order of Missis Mes t? grovag rapidly, aad the opposition men wbo denounced lb* mote be 'ore the election are now fact fall lag la Ihe traces and yotalag the order. Tbera will be a large BMStiS|of tltsuls Mea at Aau and Hall to night, lor the purpose of tborougb'y or gaining aad mak.iig ready for ooctiaseaclea. Meellaga for a aiBiliar parptss bare been b?ld !n almost every oous-yls tbe mala, aad Ki.nh Car . na i.kewiae. &j Wov Henry A Wim baa bsoo elected ck.ef of tba M.aate Men In frneeasABBS, ant aooepleJ. As soon as lb" retursa ootae In oom plats, dstrgat<? from Mb die irtct will meet la ooavsatloo at R.cnmoad to dslsr miss apos meas. rarfor protect og o %r twa aafely aad boa or, aa a pcup a; '.or defcndug tlia -xtaal ut na of the tolled States for aavlag ovr right- ta the I' a wo, aad for obtaining the anct'i a of the aoverngs Stale of V'lrgtaia The oi set of tbe&ats ta not, bar pso pie will asvsr allow federal troops to pa as through bar territory for tVi parpoae of ooerelag any othsr flats should , booster, accession ba oar only hoaorabis aitsrsa t. re , tbe people of Vtrglala would not for a raoaaecl nasi tats to take that courss. "o galled bars tba "toothers states bseome by coallbned aggreaslona apoa their rights by the psopls of Ute North , that to most si lads s rsptsrs it Inevitable. Farther Sooth than this Ihe p-opl* ars otamoriag for a "Soclhera Ooafederasy " with all their might, aad Ute cotton market bars, wb ah hss far moaUta besa rapHly os the lacnase, m sow oomparatlvaly dull. Mast of the sottos baa bees oomirg direct by railroad fhim Msmphls, Tesnesire. There is as awful pause in hue oess, sad sash State is look tin to the other. North uarsitaa, aa wall at truit Chroiiaa, nsnrgis, Florida, Alabama sad others, ? in fhrar of asorsslss Virginia oansot bs ssotral. ihe may remain ta the tales, aad act as a msdtalsr, psrhapv longer than asy euer of the bcrdsr "tatss but hsr tras oiixcis and the rsslisgs of hsr psopM art with Ute <m*ih Her toterema ars too asarly aoaawtad w th her Staler Ssntbera "Utea tar bsr to falter, ST as 'Sl"S bsd ns wrtsga of bsr swa to eemplala of. Norfolk aow .p?na a tsM for satarprisa as it baa ssver before prases tsd. This Is to bs th? grasd depot of trade aad maaafactarss. It s eomnt tit w th every sss ttatc South aad Weal, aad herotofors has been soihlag more thas a "for ward I sg ' pla Now thiags mat bs different, aad I hops to sss stea of asargy ? ladsstry aad capital aseklsg a koo? am. -of aa. may have a field hers ? operfor to all adfcers la whisk i bars ars yst f niniMS to bs wads, wad aa year kin's ith mea sad let Uteaa s?- !>w ibemsstvra. A large ssportlsg aad 'mport'sg beslsom mast saw, of aa dsse at this port. Ths fbs' ngs sf Iks two asstwas, Nsrth aaM acrth, ar? astrasgwl? pee.sfwss to? ?tfosg svar to bs ob Wate^ barf Sfcsg rr>, iH^lk

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