Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 30, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 30, 1860 Page 1
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/ ? m r I . JslB^B THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8 810. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, I860. PRICE TWO CENT*. 1RBIVAL OP m AEABU'S MAM IWrEKESITW DETAILS TO TOE 17 TE Arrival and Reoeptlon of the Prinee of Wales In England flows of the Eegllsh Press oi his incrlean Tour. tarda Falmmtou and John Unwell on the Foreign Policy of Foflai AFFAIHH IN ITALY, Mi| U., Ma Ike steamship Arabia, Oaptain atone, from Llverpoo aa tbe 17th and Qooeoetow'o on I be 18 ih iMt , irrfv at Inun at eight o'clock j tetania y awrntag. (no nws bag lor the uress w an despatched over tbe lake sho^e rea?, and reached tbla ct?y at nine o'clock laat evening Iba uia.n p., In is of the news by Itila arrival have already beea given, out tbe recaption ol our Dies enable* as to kib< interesting detail*, particularly of tbe arrival ud reception or tbe Prince of Wal<s In England. There la no tclegraphlc icwi from Maplee except what refei* to tbe dotage cf Klcg Franc la at Gaeta, w o ha* eoaferrtii tbe Order of 81. Januarys on General Goyon at ?eme , aa tbe Cope'* and oa Admiral Barb la r de Tin an a* bit jwn French protector. Oar Itbllbi Correlpeadene*. Damt Bnroan GarcA, Not. a, 1840. A M Bombardment and CapitiUalion of Capua? Btrcie Otmiuft tf General iwwna ? T\t Interview Masai Titter tmanutl and Oanbaidi, de., de. Ala morn ng at early dawn, Oapoa, tbe devoted city, was decorated with white flag* Preparation* are being Bade for tbe formal aarrendt. , whlck will take place to ay ar early to-morrow. Tbe bombardment comaenced jreaterday at three o'clock P. II , and ooatlnuad without tatermlaaloe until tea o'clock at night, tbe enemy ra ?ponding moat hanrfaomeljr. General Avezaana had paated hla gallant dlvtalon, aa nanal, in tbe poet or flaager. We are now wltbln abort rlfl* range or the batteries or tbe enemy, and have been *o for two day*. General Avezsasa uccupi. d the advanced psaltion on tbe 31th and tttb or October, when, daring (he entire time, da j ana night, he wei closely engaged with tbe caamy almoat wltboat intermlsalon. Be en Jay* tbe entire aoatdence of Sen. Garibaldi, who oooaults bba la preforenae to any oae elae. Hla perfect cooineei be action oommands tbe admiration o' alL Although a General of Dl vision , be ad ranoed w Itb hi* iklrmkaberi into Ihe thickest of tbe flfbt, dirt t ug In person every ?ov? int. Yesterday Gen Ckaldlnl, who oommands the Sardinian army, waa to have attacked the enemy about tea er twelve mils* from her* oa tba road W Gaels ; bat a* bare a* yet no aews from him. Victor Aaaauel I* aow at Hanta Maria, which 1* within two m:iee of Oapua There 1* a rumor that ?arliaMl ha* resigned, aad tba'. hi* reaigna tlon will take effect npoa the Irlampbal entry oT the King Into Oapoa. Garibaldi met the King oa the Mih, aad the King Minted him aa field Marshal. Tbe truth la that they could be the beat cf friend* bat tar Chvour. The Ktig baa made bis choice; let htm take aare, lor tbe power thtt made him King or Italy can on make him. fl. n Avcizana, on tho 28 h , drovo tbe ensmy back Into their entrenchment* twice, and three times oa lha JPth. Be ha* contributed, In my bumble opinion, more to ward* tbe dowirall of thl* >bstlnate olty than any other geseraJ, and should, therefore, be kaova as the b?ro of Oapna. All ibat ( have said of Gee. Avesaaaa 1 know aad have *een, aad I have la no way been lnfluenoed by him h makitg thl* report Colonel Hick*, Cbptata Van B?n thaj tea, Lieut Maney aad I leal. Speaoer have all be haved mm* taWMMif Oar Rtplil Com>poa4uir?. Napup, Not 9, 1400 Tu jrr XnuwiurZ mi XapUt?T IU WVafArr and htcvlmi*? /?finite t in de. , dc. Ok King baa ootae, aad by bia tide la the tame car ringe rode hla or eater, Garibaldi Tto dajr tu no pro pit leu, for a horrtaane had iwrpt over tbe city the tight before, deluging iba itniU aad deetro) log the mega ti er M artbea aad tranrparorolre The " Toledo" (the principal (treat) waa gaily decorated with banaen aad ?very cooerlvab ? derloa? largo portrait! of Gari bald! u.d Victor r.maa .? In rroat o I Dear y every kucee Cbloaaal atatoea or the Uoddeaa of Liberty, en lofty pedeetnle, are plaoad on alternate ttdee of the airect, at about thirty paoaa apart, lor a dtalanee of a mile in the Toledo. Baa Qarloa la ?pleadldly lliaminaied and decorated with large tram parent portrait* at Sarlbnldl, Victor Emaooel. Napoleon. Tarr and tarour On the night of the arrival at the Kiar there waa n grand pirfbrmatoo at Ban Oar lee, bat the King dttnppotatad aa mneh by oamlng late aad rtmnatng bet an boar All the ' beauty aad chivalry " of Naplae waa gathered there to great bim Girtballl wm BH preeent lha rity la vary gay, and froa three to oil O'clock f I lie magBllcool driven ire ailed with ete iu.1 ejn'pmgee aad well drf ed wotnee, not pretty ooea. tor they aie eeama. Garibnldl, it la aatd, will leave in n law daya far Palermo Hla amy la to be lanorporated Into the rwr D.iaa trnf Weneral Aremaoa has eetablinbed hla headquarter* at Mae aloe I, about twelve ? lien from here He baa taaei I be palnoo, ?kkh la i>nly tooood to (neerta I wtu eead yoo a fall description of h i la my next Tie tor tannnel enlia for liaiermo on Mondnr. The Sardinian C*?t iatied Ibu mo-citg for i.aru and a large Mtomn marrbfd MM deye M The bombar la>?ol will oom menee an Monday I anal I lenre to morro ? to at to br preeent, and ehnil tend yea n fall aooonat Garibaldi tailed ytrtrrda? la the Waehlarton for hie Miand home, Claprera Toe Klag offered bit anylblag la bte power, bet he carried away aothlag bat b la imh (M mmtm red* Arrival aad RecapUna of tan Prlmne wf Vt'alM in Begltad. (from tee Ply month Heronry, Nor. II.) The goiid thlp Hero etnamnd late our favored port at MMffax-t tbt* a>< r, r 4 aad la new an longer Mi aai v ty wbleh haa ae K>i.f prevailed ranpertirg her eafety. gba made her aambar le ooejaactloe w1 K Ui? trtndoe a the (H Weorge, lying in the ?ouaJ, at tea mlaatm tj tight o'ol...-* . and Immediately n waa tranem ltte.1 t > the elgun. elation nt Nonnt Wm The alatral at once tmenrafimn M to ljondoa The Hero eniatnn taimetlntefy <m B-r u rtvnl in the found, aao I* ,mpr<-Aaa tie, ta? r,?f enp 1 the port admiral, 'r< ton ed It toon aq war t ?enoM'*, nt Mouat Wiee Two *<m#enl?? sTiho rw.ina r?a ana aa-ier tbe eoenB-iOd of C^>?a a PI -??ae healed by It bane, marched to Mo VirtnaMnc Yard Tim adatrel barge, aad aleo the ore bena?'n? to tbe l'?rt Mmlr ware Immediately dHtpnlche-l In tba Bern to Carey M Prmoa and enlla on ibore The Prlao left tb rnaaal at about half Diet tea o' lo < and reanhed the Vicinal! leg Yard after e'.erea H waa retired no by the ehtefb of the dltereot ti vera meet ?era taeate Aa band of the r*?tfu aa 6 that of the Plymouth Tolsatear* flayed the aatnaal ao them The TO'nnteer o-pe of tbe thr<? tow.,* wire el rrp'oneated, aad the Maorlty they ahooed at thi rail n the hogle to frraleb a gaard of h mor to the Prmoa m r ham be*B very gratifying to their oOoan. The cir Kef the Rarl of nonnt Elg^aaabe, Sir T P?eiey aid Oreerai HnWblrae were a attendaaee ti cinrei the (Vtaee ana eulte to ibe lUtmn The n Beorge tred a ealule of twenty one guse, the arew manaed the yarae Tbe e.taie! Ired ? fnynl etlnu. nan Urn Impregnable and Boral Ateieiie end rrgw Nonnt wiaathnantt'err followed ealt On iu> Inc the Hero there ?a a ealnie ired from b?ui al at aad ea hore The Impregnable waa decked fVom biw to e'er., with flega, the royal etandn-d waa bniltexi at tb" d>Kt ynrd and other gnrerament eoublirhmante, aad the m >r ?"? I1"*" ??re net beklnd for they were B5_f22f J2S the different rre?. ^ P? aoar Ute. |, medtntefy opnn the I ret eennd of the ennann reach iu ta? ea rt of tbe inhnbHaote them waa a miiamui i ttaaa lo whether he b^ rantr eeM All L. Mwa. "?* ' the garrteaa neat forth their aimads of w*5ae aad renpaet, end thene betnc ret lowed from tbe rari'ue other land bailor lee. Uara wee a raab ta the Hoe to calah a cllmpaeof the noble **p Bora aa aaxloaefy e? potted At the Quaere Ohnaarn e large beanor with the town anna wag ma ap , tbe royal ataadord ?eat 1 1 rally la the hrneae from the iagataif of the Great Wnetera noahe, whfte en other waa WWeetera Taeht Chih, whan nmeroaa oetori of different 1 promenade not a pole aanld bei en ih* belle raag merry peaa there wan every tadimuon of enUtueiaam at tbe retnrn of Uw titan When ha ?ayai "igbaM emMuk'd I" the AdmlraMy barge tor the Jfoyei wn"*m vigtaa :*af Yard, Uaeeowd Unarm a thai 0 rem ion. tcerlag Mt few Naiod, mlnly attawMM tbe ttn, tor Usa brUlanay of Utonnnfg on the water kid to dasaltog an e9eot tbat M totally pra TMkd i view of either of the ???Mil. Both u? n> Mik aad MranHt oorpmUoH IM de tarmlaad to pay ? oe mpw ?IW Prlaee, ud each of ibem bad Ml waeka H? Hd agreed to Udiw, aaplaa uf whtcb were ptMd aa board tbe Aroa ? leaner, ready to DO daapatahed mnedlalely oa tba arrival of tba royal squadron la Um harbor. Tba Mayor of Devoaport, Mr. J. W. Ryder, appaard la bla Mar let rote a of ' fflaa . and was preceded by h>a maca baarar and aonoapaated by aome of Um aaglairatM and nemberi of Um town oottncil. Tba Mayor of Plymouth mat tba magialritea and town oouacli la tba Oonncil Ob an bar about tea o'clock. fbeae immediately prooaad- i <?<) to who Halloo, libera they *er? N . el?od by toe ohlefb i of UM railway J epar taenia, aad aaaited tba royal oom- t lag The Prince raiaed bla bat and oaat a moat pieaiant glance aa all arooad. Tba Duke of Nt wcaatle entered i into a abort coo vernation ?r.b Mr Woollcombe, aad ! prternliy be crrutd Um carriage aad cane oat and . (book baadi wit# tba worahipfu) the Mayor. Tbeie Ktullenen pn-eeoted Um loyal artdreeeea of tbatr reapeo lira towaa to Um aobla duke, acd be told them tbai aaiweia ibould -? returned In them from tiwn. Having rasd tbuii much be toraed and apoke to the Prlnoo, who unntdla'ely came over, and with bla batoSmade a n? unit wtBLing bo*i, and apoke a tew woraa In a yr?/> fol aad aflable maaaer He waa locking ranarkably MWi to be q tlto alire to the internet tnat everybody felt la bin, aad be oordlally r?apooded to the ct.eedBg with wbkjb no waa 13 warmly greeted. Now and then be reoogniaed lone ramtltar face, and approach ed and f am the owner o: it a hearty ihake of the haod Wh< 11 tbe builneea waa daapatobad with the aarp iratmm, he returned to tbe other aide of the platform, and while be waited for tbe arrangement to be completed he j >ln tri ui oueverral.oa with tbe UocnteEiut Mount F/<gcum ie and ber party, aad with other frlenda who lubae iaejil/ j arrived. rhe ktate narr'.ige wu in waiting for the Prlnoe, and a criosaon drugret waa laid frun tbe door of the auiioa ; to the door of tbe carriage Occupy tag every nook where a flight gl'trpee of tbe Prince wan likely to be obtained | ?iie nuuw;i of pertoaa who bad ibuined an entranoo 10 tee platform. Two ooapanlf a of Royal Marine* formed a (card of boaor, and on an adjoining platform their ei- 1 crlitct ban 1 waa ttatlootd. At about a quarter to eleven a telegraphic n*??nge arrived for tba Prtnoc, which 1 waa duivmd into tbe hand of Mr. T Woolloomoe At a I qnarter paat ten prrciaely tbe Mayor aad Oorpomt.on of Devon port arrived, fallowed tmmad lately by tbe : Hay&r auJ Corporation of Plymouth, and they pro ? eroded to tbe dnor of the ataie oarrlage to await tbe arrival of the Prince Tbf greatest excitement pre vailed, acd It waa with diflVuity the throng of peo ple could ho kepi from eaoroacblng on the (pace allowed ibrm When tbe naiteneiit waa at Ita height a dlatant ohccr announced the approach of tbe Prince, and all oyea 1 wereturaid mwaroi the entrance to the platform, tbe doora ? ere tbrown open, aad hla Royal Hlghntn and lulte entered an 1 dit loud aad eathoaiaatic cheering He waa nu t at tb* door by Mr. Woolloombe, whi lmnellately de Uvered to h'oi Ibe te.'r graphic meui|c whtcb waa awalt *rg b<? arrlra< The guard of boaor preoeatcd arm. the . baud played the National Anthem, and tbe Prince wa'kod Dbaoveitd to hta carriage, where be wrote a rvpy to the ttlegrnpMn lutptagr. ?blc;h waa from tbe (Jueen, oa a laaf 1 f b'? porki tboek It waa taken from blm by aa offl:laI THE PLYMOUTH ADDXM8 TO HIS BOTAL HlOffWESg run pkikcb or walk*, di : A . Ba,wp? m?Kistrai?? ud town COUCH of I lymovth desire to teaUy to your Royal H vtioei is ta? of this ancient borough, tto gratlfcatloa we nperleaoe ui witnesaug Joar arrtT^j ,t ? hta port V?er U?e ?T?0tful royage which your Koyal Highness baa to happily ao-omplnned, and wc oougrutu late ourseirra that ibe population of theae thorn* wbo : ^0'*1 embarkation, are par ? oi?!? ,? *? ?b? natioual fottog of intent .t your tafa return. In com moo witb the rest "I tbe nation we bare fo iowed with the meet lively In ititn tbeprogrers of yoor Royal Htgneaa through the oow.iric.wbk* h.Tb Dm. bono* byTmr rlrt ?ed bav? been deeply K'atlflfd by the oordtal and a? f>ct oa<e leneptioa wife which you have been every ? here grreit.. no lesa tn tbe Independent 4tatee who re 2SS.-LW <o?'nL ,be feprtstoutlre of ^ w ,rkt<ll? Power, llao In ih *e prorlnces of be empire la which anrb a reoe it ton m'got be l^ect. a rem ? smtlmeat of loyalty on the part or tber tr ba*) Haiti. In this untrersal welcome, expressed with U.fturb warmth and eaUmslasm, it h*ba?d Jbr * ob^rreth. manlfeaitlon^a^rSw .1' unseat 0' friendship towards the people of this country oorablaed with a leelirg of deep N?.*ct aad admiration or Ue personal Tlrtoea and character of tbe aororetgu Inrn *ha? your ?1>.M of peace and good -HI ru do .I .ll.T . K?**p y ?r*urfo1 10 ?01"' Kjyal Highness or tbe admirable master 1b wblcb the I mlaaloo bu o^en accompliebtdaad we cbariah tbe coot tot tow that an.ldut wi the nupruaaijo, ?ftU:h yo-ir K>,a> Hlgtu,?as ha* bean W. form , r*m the scenea and circumstances by which ou bare bees su/rcuBded? embracing th? most supon. ? > us works or nature aad the moat striking productions ?i ?o,? roe? none will be deeper or more enduring than ?bat produced by tbe aepect of mllllona of mea whoae "eri as have but developed and their proeperllv and . ha; Ptuse ??* ureo by the banfloent tnlloenoeof free loan 1 h"*thnJ!LV Ro>* H?hor" rrtori-ed to h- ?e ?horre font 1<>d In tbe aasiratwvt iba- JioyUir \nd at ?a- tiseet to the p?ra.,n am family of the sovereign . iiat n>Jr* ""??'? ">*" IB the hearts of a free m>i? m3mS?; ""*?? ^lT3mM B Royal ,f 7"' ,h* H.',OT *"'*"*"*> ,r1 Bnrr*"? of the hoeoagh "J 'j'M111! *? ??? ?? Urcer t> yanr H.jiJ nigtuja ?r eirnrre mm* h mt, rm ,,^jr reirru ?-> )"ur tatlre latf.aa we Ucit, tn prifect bwtb ?V V? 7* k r ',b lb* *"*"?? yiMVI Ibe rar|,-? tR Mumiia iWl mmK the ^areaa of jou- Ho,,i ?l ieaa through t>er Maj^aty't traotatiactic <J-mljlm? ? d ?ave n>??*4 at tsa eathna.aatic w leos.e wiin ? h'ch you baie been greef d, not only |? taa Caoartiau i>?' ?U>oca v. i throughout tbe OUM rtimiwg I ?? *>e ?ure roet ba?e ?eeo aapiMfrlng to yoor >al nigbiieaa aa It was b"Borab'e m tbe mnit tn lo *1 o K> te<l ie glTlug it, and which aide to Um> Br:n?er ? ?? iLStaccesa on rroord oi ta. b gh ,<(t<m tton la wb'cb IT MMH and rerer<-d sorerelgt ai d srery a>-ober of tier ftmly ara held. We fee! cos Idee I tbtt NMINNlMt "?<?. .?.? I>.?1 res..t from llw rivHt'ttaa ma.'.- . <ur Koyal Bi,bae?i. and tb?t It will baee the I Meet of **? **0? between tbls oxietry . ?I <i the .North Amerteaa com'Blons of the Qw<o, at I .J ro mot lag Ike mora latlmate alliance of her 1L> .*iv ? aah ?.U everywhere with err brethrea of the Cu w?i -i* it* ?fUr the Pttnce had recelrad the ad tr<?w? oi tl... ?^&MM?hSikSk l' ,>"rr,"4'", ?? firmjntb ad ifeToaport. be left bta oarrugc aad stood on tbe . ,?tfor? wLere eereral m'llUry aad naval oftl wrs, to ^ "1,:'DU-b/,r 2 5i5" 2? W"?m, ware pve wrdtality, aad stood tor some time U'k ng w th tbera At Iiegth, at tee irlBBka past twel*r. all being readr ** R/7?l Higbaeas shoot hanoa with Hm Mi? LdTeJ' whostowj armiBd blm, eaterad the carriage foi rrtSito '*d ",b' r ?<>mhsrt of r'at J? .h!! "?>???* hla plana laacmpart rr'? ?f t**-iy..etrrit*. onckah^t wJTl ? inline Bcnb (bm lolieBca proceeded with ihe UtrMfc ,k# prr*f)t,>d Um> h?cd ?ta?ki cheers of qmmm ?>e eatku erwrta^w ?*?*b y the trala took Ms The royal sqamlron left PortJaad, Tatted Ptates at lee ri.*k oa tka aftertoca of the ?U> of ftrioo^ ^ | hM ^ h*"fl fM *ed weather aearly all tbe war bey it ft Portland la a strong e??Urlv ga< wh <h ooo noed for ihe ft/st three days of tholr aatsmge f)n tbe ? "Mb day they b?l a westerly wlen, ?blnb blew v -n iard^ Th* following day. the ftui. the wind aga r cftigad o the saatward Oa the ?.h the Hero waa taken in w.w 7 lt>* ?e. l>Bt >*? braeae freshening frun MM m bey were "bilged to nM off (? th . 7tb sot a w<n I frr.n, , ** 5* ,0*h ?,,rt "end lo tha*astwa/d utu'Jiii"^"^' n lb*,Uh WXaii ?*'? eootlastaff SSS S S?2!5& StSttS? ?S^tkSrMSssT&^s^vs". u ?u. < p itm tVAinb d?y ?irov>f F u^i r?i Sor TMh ^erL W Sfti 5i bB? M mm o, teach proffrsH. Wot ?, wiad blowing hard from nl ^ altarBooa nod?rat?d. when ? >t nr >teain ?ai the Hero wsa takaa lo tow again hy itix ?rta tae . t SS52 o ll"* le* ?ewtng es Me parted 8m3 tbs *ary swell. t. paased aad styeal ?d a Sfweeian riff staaitlag ta lbs eastward, the eo y reearl tfw.Tquad rottrr.v .Mt'lbm iU? parage m? 'tie : ,r, ai la tbe Chaaael Nor ?, the saaadraa were u , ?jt aites from the Usard , bat Ite w\ad Ud iarr?aatd' u. a wr-tr;* U 7^,": ara.'sr fi.rd to the rortbward, and hlsw rery bra? j ?om that to the Nff The Hero str^k s-mni ng. ? scon on Wednesday. u>a Uih. oa the outer f the baak , aa1 mads the Usard I is bta afesad hree o'ahoh this mora lag Ahoui two o'rmck uls SasSteS ^ k * wlU> HimMaya. ~ e^eadroa has beea entirely datarad w'th <lie im<> *< athar they bar r axparleanM from tneeasloa i Tbe CSSSm S i>rerr a ted rrnm steaming by the gaPa Tber sartod C?3 S ? tfwr me, ^ I vriiaM, uk! BtTtioC mm bcr lixxrt iwi* k.. b*?oo0",1,^ bT the.r hartng I . n r.lbw CihSSUSS: l)"'1 2f s' ,o ???>31 9m d mT^^- 9. ? ?1 rti rt J. * week's sh'p's prortswes m s; b la birthday gara a tftaaer to the ./ I(lr ?.d h.s througkoa, kk. .ta, o* . feT? JJR""* fesrj ,swm" "? vwa Teatarday afteraoea a 'Aj*?' . s; ss: ^rxrrjsaxSrsi.": ar.'iajg.iajga isbabltaats of the town loat aa t me la deooratUw \hmr 1 hamma wttl. Saga aa<i baonari aad mehiag MW aJl^ 12" h?"4* 18 k*> Hiaetrioas paraats At ?g - ?T!*,.lyr *t9# Valaataera, aatar the romssaa.t of 0a* u. lha Hea Lsaita Rathraa, headed by thatT^iLvSrwl nriJV "d '***? ?*?????< "*m the Town Hall to the sirs."*" ? ? aiTlTISiU1 5? "v* fnroiiBi ? ?r boeor i?e Boeor if ue Rsv H J bum, TtMT of Windsor; tbs Sst. H C. B" troy, Beery DUffii, kfeq . Robert Bloat, *>q. ; <lnp .?n Turner, Ac. Tki youth al Prlooa was moobpmW #7 Um Dak* of Nswcaaus, Lord 81. Ssrmaaa aJlkp.' i Brer, eqssrry The Frinoe prooeeded to the Cnetle amidst the hearty cheers of Us inhabitants, the tiring of a royal aai 4 from l ha osrporwilna ordnance. and the rinsing or J >f ? 1 peals from Uha bath of Us Chapel Royal of St Ue>r -a St. Joba's ohoicfe T*e revel oort*?e waa llgited ; 1 m- 1 tbe Bleb meet ant Oaatla bill by a splendid eleclr c It* > from las booss of Kr. C K L Russell. The Prln ? iti* ta Ike boat of bealU and spirits, and apparently un ior no latigue after to k>og a tourney. Tba caaaa of tha oelay aroac from ?trope eaa'erly wlada setting In when tba royal s<|uadroi. ta J reached 1 about the mtddlo of the Atlantic. From the London Newt. Not. 10 ] The public asitety wblch baa flashed the tidings of th retnrn of tha Hero along thousands of ehwtrio wue from rod to end of three bappy real ma baa proved one more to the sovereign lady, if proof vera n*ded, mo profound and even peraonal attachment of ber peo,da and the slmost Intimate and even family affection wnkih la felt In every Rsgllah home for the sons and laughter < of the r"yal bouse Without extraragasoe, "t may be ?Imply and troly eat I, that thia great, warm bear ted English people cberlabea its Prmoe of Waits at any Knglish family eheriabea lt? eldest born Waa wctld not monarch* who reign by right dtvlue, or by the popular will guaranteed by bayonets, give for one throb of this dee) and homely national aflwloB, which makes Queen Victoria's every joy and grief the joy and grief of all her people? If anything muld add to the public joy at the retnrn or the Prlnoe o' Wale a it would be the public admiration 01' bit conduct Hi bearing during his soyourn among our Qatallan fe, low (objects, and o?r kinsmen of the great repobiM be j ooo the Atlantic. We knew tbat a royal presence, so grsclul. lrgenuous and gentle, most win republican di arts, bnt perhaps we were hardly prepared for use fc tarty sympathy with wblob oar American ooo tins acknowledged the anafreted dignity, tbs manly simplicity and the (morons frankness of ccmeanor which distinguish ths holr or Us British crown. We believe tbat this aosptctoos lnteroonrse will bear the kindliest and bapplest frnlts for tbs old roue try and tbs new. At no time oould ws ds sire more ear nestly than we do now the close alliance of the great Anglo dazoo family. The Prlnoe of Wales brings home, we are persnaded, a heart thrilling with a flee Won for ths mighty offspring or Kug'and. and a deep respect for that energetic freedom and expanding power He brings home, too. an Intel ect sharpened and strength ened br contact wHh the vitality of a new clvliU-.tion He has tatted tbe lire and aesttny or tbs New World, lu ths prairie, In ths forest clearing. In popaloua cities, where bnt yesterday the pioneer piled his axe Hr Kcu Irrn a naiten of widioi without an army, civil order uifAcnt a roiico? wealth, luxury and culture. without ? court or an arwtocrocy He hoi foamed to mingle tciih th* txuy crowd of turn Without th * inUromtiin of Jum berlaint and emtrttert he. hat found retpect without cert mtmm, and htnor wuhcut aJuiaium. He has dwelt, too, In England at sea-, and nowhere oan be bars better learned the secret of England's rreat n*m than In bit experiences on board the Hero in tbs atliaiic. It Is only dne to tbs Duke of Newcastle to say tbat the Pr.noe has been singularly fortnnate In the selection of a Nat-rotary or mats to attend him on bis travels It seem* a happy coincidence tbat at the hour when tbe royal squadroa ws* making tbe English land eo Wednesday night the Primo Minister was eloquently a^kuo?i?ilglBg the hospi taliites which the Prince or Wales bad enjoyed In the United States I From 1 be Ixrndon Pest, Nor 10 ] In tbe United States the reception of the Prlnoe of Wales bss been, in every senrs, worthy or a great aad generous people. By the President and by ths laborer tbe sasss uniform cordiality and kladnsss bars be* u ex pressed. His Royal Highness bss not only >>esn feted aad entertalnsd by tbs merchant princes of New York aad Boston, bnt be has witnessed Um triumph* of s scores ful commerce In their ports, docks and storehouses: be has seen an American election, has reviewed American mili tia, and has visited many national establishments ? West Point, where bis Royal Highness made blmse!rat borne with tbe yoccg oatets; Cambridge University, the Capital, and tbe birthplace of Washington It km cnVy in the ilarehotdtng South thnt a mob hmd j tht indecency, ty rude erics and vulgar cwritnty, I to iiuult ' their i-uiter, uh am they wuhed to en taP'ylc m tume ilavcry ducuuion, njt k Bowing that al tbe 1 very time of tbe perpetration >4 tbis outrage the Qieen ! of <1 rent Britain was rewarding the grea'. opponent of slavery aid the s.ate trade by bestowing upon Lord Brougham an honor very re -sly conferred The visit of the Princc of Wales b> the United State! Is a great rolltlcalevrat, from which the heat results may 1 beanttclpaud It ha* swept awmy abi.ird prejsdioes and baa rsao\*d equally absurd Internal loaai jea'o-.ules. The ' peofle of tbe lotted Stales have rscoguisrd the great fact 1 tbat a priooe may bare jist claims to their admira.iou and respect tLdeprndently nf rank and pjeilxi On tbe other hand, tie people of Kngltnd grate- 1 fully acknowledge and h gbiy value *be kind ness aad ail.diou which republican America has shown to their Mm K tog Hjcs, we believe, an alllsnre bss oeen consolidated which wl'l emlnre fo t the nntuai Interest, cot only < f the tso nattms, but of the civilized world. It is by friendly Intercourse of this ; kind, asd by reciprocal good ?Blres, tbat tbe great c?"So of psare can best be subserved, and If ta? visit of the 1 I Tines of Wales has Wadas to make Kuglaiid bolter known and better appreciated ta Amerlra, a g real aad k'B'dkiiaJ end has sn>'oubtrllv h? r ga<i ed Kre?v piT srs, ofoeur*". exptclsd the splen iid ixhibltKra of loyally wbtcb British North America ha* dlsplared: bul It Is 1 tmly gratify log to ksglisbmsn 10 know that the pe , le nf JtrpnMScin America ba?? at lei^t eqcalied the ULabt lasts or maada sad tbe otfc-r Rrlllsb cdocles la t'-stlfy IBg? ws da boi ssy loyalty? bat by a geosroos.cordui aad enthusiastic weteumr, their senss of Iki lugsnjoes cfeaiacter and Kaily virtues of the Prlsos of Walss Kisim h View ?? the Prlace af Wales' Visit to An<iics< From the Par .1 CobSlilutloacel. Not. 18 ] We ire rather Inclined lo think that the * ist't of tkt I'rteoe nut rely eirlied ptt oorWatty amoog ib? tmrr care, bat mo u> eager do ere to (bow ihnmeeires 'rn.HI/ hospitable toward* it* future boreri igs uf tfce Utd Ou"j>- , trr Tbey rarely bar* an opportunity of a ten* fit' Prinoe of tbe blood royal? the bet* of b torn ptan e>u?b bABurlni item with a rlalt for toe purn-we of laalractiro ard rwraalloe Heaides, tbe Prlnm of (Talis , awsksaes ta INm all the root latere noes of the cradle or their fans be 11 a desccadact of Ibe ktags of their fore ' falbera Tae great graudeoa of Gsorge [II. wfched k> see , for Limaeif the astonishing prrftse wh.ob titer bad ' real *eo and tbey lelt proud of betrg able to offer to bis j ?vew tbe specaeeie of their rapid prosperity George ill ! loet ihirteee piue .ncei; his deeoeadaat found thirty Hour | Ublsg Htot/a acted lb a powerful repebltc Tbe three mlllloat of Fcgilsh ?nb|e?its ba?e lo eighty yaare tn-eaeed to thirty millions of icdepeadeht ell'mos Howconldlba . An.crteaea do otberwltie than ales b cordial wsfc me to , U( eM?bt eon of tbe gocea of Kafland, who bad mme bo tor to (bake bands sritb them o tbe nam* of tbe mother i Ooostry f "?' / bbw IbemeelTcs ooorted . sad made no dtf j ?colt/ Is beaoaitsf nourt'.ers lb their tors. ? ? ? ? Ve may alto restart thai tbe republicaao of tbe New I World shaved tbemselrrs all tbe more opaa aad geaero-is . la Ibetr masurttations of hospitality, that tbajr are mm I teloaa of their strength sad that uUlr Lcdepeadaaee is ' trrerecabl) sens -ad. 3ereral laeldeets m'gbt be sited to j ?bow the tralh of IMS remark ef Nsw York. Tbe be I la of 1 tbe ollrsl Episcopalian obi rob pealed rat "Ood Rare lbs gtteea" No ciluaa *u alarmed thereby bad yet, , when Dr Irr'sf . the offlalaUrg mialater of ibal church just bfw r tbe rieclefnttoa of Ia!en?ndeeoe, had tbe no Eudtace lo read Ihe asual Pre/er for the KksAf b| ' id, be was ripellsd froab his laeumheajy New, tbe Cbfl'sh national bran raa bo longer riTmd buy American auarepllbil.ty ; bad *b?t tbe Prlace of Ws'ss appeared at a theatre tbe whole bode rcss aad sane" and *re the tjwn" with tbe ac-crt, bs la Kngilsh theatres when the wueeo Is peeeeal ? w ? ? > Of> tbe abcle. the rfoeptiia of lbs Prlssssf Wblea la the I rlted Putee baa bcea wrrtbr of tbe American de meerac; sa ? s?l as of himself it baa beta tha oceamoa of aa eiobaacs ?f lateraatioaal onortaaiea, fall of oordtall it T*a republic rf the New World haa frankly craspad the band bald oat to It lb ths same of Old ttfland bf ihn belr lo tbe IhmtS AM to the political Importance of the Ttslt. we thlak the Kactlsh "inrbala orer estimate it In lbs g!*sa to the Priaos of Wales there wis. an doubt mock p.ceerltr, hot seise allowaaoe m .?t be male H I th? ft ' ' peri Meal MM IMM I hanrtor ss , lbs AwerMas rbaractor Fmwi the eassue is fraaea, Not. It ] Abetter ooslr1ba*td mtwh mors pow?rfu;lf ail efltaacvnislf to that rsault That sanaa is the isaiitr rf a P' "tretast Trlafla IT tl.e ftouN-'uMeanri had etaatoad with bllectlon tbe *?rt? it ralktaa Ihe elrpumeiaooe wot M aot bars israped It. The Prloee etaggarated that quality dor ;a| bis I lay id Obbbda. but hla future Obi a^ an . si b)eeto were dm much pleanad at bj dolo| so la the t'siied Mates, bower ee. It waa tbe I roteataat Pr soe who was ft ltd, am be was part.ruiar.j, whna bs wsat, forgot fnl r?f ibs past |r!eren?*s of hla own family, to a*k*t at lbs tomb of Us fonsder of Amsrtaba adeprnd ea os, lbs Int'toato affiblty between ProtestaaWn aad lasarreetka The moment la. perhtpe aot ' tar off at which this atranie aot will reosiva its , legtsai rreo?pesee, It la kaown that lbs raMed Mates bars liaf had their eyei taraed lo Kef'.sh Uaoada and the )oiraey of the Prlace of Waka, aecordtbg to all isa It fermalloe tbat haa rsbrbad It; rope, baa aot nratrtl?nt?d lo aaaatmie to the crown of England Ibs Caaadiaa hearts, ) whwb nsT?r bad 'or it mash auction What ooiJd Raglaad say If ioa>e Caaa^ aa were to lake advantage of | tbe homage paid by ihe Prlsee at iba U.mb of the Uberat tag bare, bad to eiatte Obaada to work oat a slat, ar dee i lay to that ef the Mates? Ths art was jost la fssif, but It waa ??t bg^od which should hare performed it, aad the PrlbM ef Walai bad, ieee than aay oae, qua! It as .'or accempOahlag it last rreert ton calls to tKi rrectioe as th< abyss ?Ua to the abyw. The Ferelga Pa lie y of Eb|lbad? 1st- ! yartaat Ipaetkti mt Lerda Paimaratoa , ??41 Jahm ?Utoseti. (Pro* the l /rod em xewa. Nor II 1 Tbe mentor aad wards aa of the Worahtpfu (cmp?ay ef Kaltors aatertalaed lard Palaaerrt a, the l>.te of Somsr- i set, lard John Roseau aad Other dtsttagalahed gessta ? ttetr magallesat hall, M twlthta^ taae Cltr, oa 1 . ^"1 the aampaay, whlsh was apwargg of twe bond red ta eamber. ware larM Rothaobiid, M. , r . Mr J Duke, M. P Mr I W Crawford, ? P fthe ! PaHtoamry rsnrsMtnllTSS of the city), fasloael Ha i & <; <Sa??dara Dram mead, as, Im. Ths ? asset ef the aa?aaaT areelded Taa lsasd af << tCVa^lhe Army aM ths Volsateer 1 ?TT" w? rm bltl ta by the IMke ef ?aaarsat aad (klaael MeMardo The teller ewlto* -^lyi iht? w? had aereDtT eight lalld ?????????? t'i.coe mee, who weald be t. <*wlr pwee wttft the -lee. MaMee UasM to" ? -e -- arda of MMt ether eelnatosr., who, artho. , h. r*':s mumi mrj? Ui tlmdj bees tt* bsitoiaaa, tt, m ^?eeataria a rery ebc, ?Ijty-elght different admtnietrattve battalions. wWob ware also reany with their told otlloers and sled to t??o tbe Oeld If netl ware. These ?utj-.gtn sdmiotstrative battalions. oona's'-Uig of 34,000 ooufS more almost an well M the 4S 010 Men oousiltullag tbe seveotv eight ?olid battalions wbinb be had mentioned. Thna ?< had between 70,000 and lb ,000 volunteers H4I to Um ouidl ttooa of (be line of battle Tbe (lisau; ? harlnc proposed Um toast of "Bar Ma Jesty'a Minister a," Lord PAiasasro* replied. After paying a tribute to tbe company IB their character aa Irish Tand'.jrds, hie lordship eoatlaued:? I ret ret. gentlemen, thai *ijm of my ooilengues whom 70a honored with Invitations wore prevented by unavoidable engagements fr>m enjoying Sour hospitality, but I am happily aooompaaled by two lstlcguisbed members of the pi wet t government, who hold bo me of tbe mast Important departments of tbe ?tate (Hear, bear ) There la my noble fri?ud lbs Duke of Uomersel, "ho oonduots tbe bistros of tbe Bavy, ant mv noble fVteiid Ix>rd Job', Bur sell, one or >onr ? (cheer*)? wh> is charged with the management of the 'orelgj affairs of m*a oonntry You may real insured that, while <ay noble fr'vml ibe Iiuke dstotea to ibo Mkl >f hla impocuut departmeLt tbe untlrtrg energies of his manly mlod, your navy, aa far aa human >-\eritor.* can mak<> it, w li bo folly adequate to arei y exigei ey which tbe oourao or events nay create < Hear. bear) Ton may aaoruly thai whl e my uoblo tr onfl Lord J Kusaeil lias tbe < ->u duct of oor foreign relations they will be aarrted 00 tn a manner c insistent with tie ittorsaU, tbe d'guliy and th'i hoaior of (treat Britain (Obeeri ) My nobis friend all through life the friend at, J champiou of tbe prta Clpkl of freedom, hat lately bad to perform duties eoasscted with the dev elopement of free d< m in one of the moat interesting conntrtce 01 Ku rope. (Bear, hoar ) Yoa bate aeen him watching the progress of events la Italy, a country to which he baa not only directed tbe energtti of his mind, but of wh'cn be has a knowledge acquired by personal visit* You have seen bin at one time endeavoring to eber.ic those rash Impulses wblcb threaten! d u> renew wars wblcb if re newed might bavu hlgblod all tho beat bofies of Italla i fieouoiu. (Besr) You have seen Llin on tbe otoer band unng tbe great power and Influence of Knglaud to exhort otbei countries to toilow her eiamp<e by abstaining from all iMerfereroe with the events pasaing in tbe feu taenia, and I.y leaving tho Italians to s< tiki their owu aldn ao eord.rg to tb6lr own views of th<'irown internets (Hear, hear) I trust, gmttemes, that to fore inn* ny D'bie frl'Dd will see the acoompushm nt of hia earneat wtbes, and will be able towitneastbo triumphant suc cess of tbe principles of which he has ik en ao steady, sj I persevering, and so oossutent an advo.ate (Cberr* ) You have alluded, Mr. Warden , to an event which baa awakened tbe deepest lateiest la the mind of every Fcgltshrnan. 1 mesa tho TtSit of the Prince Wales h the North American coot If m It was to bo expected that when tbe future Inpe of England visited tbe su>-.Hiots of bei Majftty In our North American pro laoes be would be usshsd with that en'-b-isiai lie affirt.i ii wnteb hs s loyal and attached people Oor annotations have not been disejotated. Tte reception oftboprlnoe baa been worthy or tbe pe.iplo who gave It, and honorable to the family of which be Is so distinguished a member; an i we may tope tbat that vH'.t will Oeraeot more oiusely these ties wb cb, I trust, arc long destined to btud tf ^U> er tbat portion of tbe Queen's dominions and tbe mother country. (Hear, bear ) But we bad not an equal right to aspect tbat wbcu his Royal Bghnsea visile* the Uo.ted States be would be received with anything more than tbe courtesey wbtrb civil! <*1 nations accord to d 1st in guiahed members uf tbe reijntrg family of another oouu try. But I must say it baa been most gratifying to wit Bess tbe cordiality, tbe bea -licit kindness, the generous boapltallty , and I ir.ay say tbe enthusiasm delight with which tbat Illustrious I'rlnse was wcloonied by ear 00 us ins in tbe United States. (Cheers ) They have shown then. selves. Indeed, to he a noble aad generoos people? they have shown B>at tbey have not forgotten tbe oobuiim stock from which tbey and we bave sprcsg; and la spits of events which, If not ouried is oblivion, might have prodsced somo slight alienation between ss, they rsoelvcd otr future sovereign? and I tmst the future may be losg distant? they received tbe eldest sen of our gracious sovereign, not ss If be were a ?tracaer bclocgmg to anotb?r land, bit as If be bad bees hern In thctr own conntry, and had been a citizen of their own republic. (Obeers ) I trust, geruomon, tbat the remembrance of the f eoerous ktndoeos thus ei blblted by the people of tbe Cmted states will ev<>r be cherished by tbe people of tbese ktrrdoms I believe tbe memory uf tbe Prince's visit will Ion* survive in tbe breasts of the AmerHaii t.atl-n, and that tnutual recoilecllncl will teed more nlnsely than ever to knil to gether two great brsscbes of tbe (Sine noble Slid I will say lMustrlcus Sleek. (C wrs ) Tbe Master then gave "lbs Members for tbe City." wblcb WSS duly honored lord joics Ki-rsau, la res]?<r4tng, said? I rise to return thanks tn the came of my c^M.-sgnrs, and in my own, tor tbe pompllBtect wbu-b yon bave paid us; and 1 am glad to see that, my three coileagms being p.eaeot, yon bave before T<vi a template repr>sentatli>u of tbe c.ty <?f Lon dun ("Bear, tear," sad s laugh) ? ? a Allow me bow 10 rffor a teaiark or tiro respecting the important department with which I aw Immedi ately nonseoted, and with regard to which my nobi? f?ia?4 h\ ? ?? kaa* ga?ai>MSM?Mt Kaa eat4 ? ?- - t deal tna mncb in my praise. (* ih's, gontlemea, I em l?rsuaoed, tbat be who Is chafed with the loclgn Isprt? > '>r agieal csaatry Ilka ibis nesd nit have ri-C' ursr u< OHM fill s ttW iot?" ; R >, and those sabier fue.s which are sepposed la torm the t 'roper trade ao I ?MMp' ' < .'? ? a uipiomaiMl (near.) My son ? i'-iio? is Utm n ipeaklng ise langusfro of truth and jim Ike? s|>eaking it ca.miy and with aKxierattoa, aut yet ' ? 'tl fltn ? ?? r ? r >?'er the truth, Ibe InllaeBCe of this eot'otry is to be snslaioi-d aad aagsseoted with 1 oet any <4 it ?e tLlrlguss to ehiob lltoae who tniak tbem j selves lever diplomat ists sre apt to r<aort. (Hoar, hear ) A cb. peBtieasen, is tlv view wbkA tbe peessst govern miBI bave adept*!. Whoa they assomod ortloe there wae a |r?M ootilcst gotsg ob In to- sbap ol an a tive ?*r wblsta piwsest'y owtsd, loit then took another form < In thsl eonieei .1 rreat oonntry, eminently ctv1lls?d, fail ' of met I latent aad genius, men of ao sap 1 ring dtepoat I*. n, took a part The qne-tlon waa. what was the fl'.ilsg ooor*e for ilia Kegl'sh g' rerament to pursnef Tbe coursc wb eb we pursued from tbe rnm ncemail, wbtatb waa Shtioiihce-d by my aobla r-land in the Hoc * or Commons which ?? bate reoeaU-dly declared stroe then, and which my right honorable frteud the II me HooreUry staled last year in tbe (iaiMball on lord Mayor's day. was lb*? U?at we shield do everything in o?r poeer v> give the luuiaia fa r play, lo teave IbMB |a iettie ibelr govrrrmut for thcaiselre*, and to say MM manner of goveramest and #bat psrsoss lo enndsct it they I darned best suited to advance their owa interests (Bear ) and if gesl'emea, tn tho course of ibe ctargi ? which hive lakea piac?, the Iia'laa people bave ibongbl Hi lo expat a dyanety? if tbey bave tboogat Ut to call an ther prince of aiotber family to assame the rule over them with a view to obtain g -wt govenimect, 1 tbuk tbat. ? elegit Is what we bave dose o'.rsslvee, we sbeuid he the last persons to blame them (Hear, hear ) Aad when se rt Ject farther thai thai act of our anoes tors, tbat * vuls on of t * veretgn who had misgovera ed, that can to the throne of a prince endowed with heroic qeattfes, has gl*ao ns 170 years ol liberty and pros perl!; ? of liberty, I belle-e. as groat aa any people ever enjoyed, M prosnsrlty aa ren.a'kauie aa tbe b story of ary part af the globe will furnish? I aay . wbca such bave ee?a the conneqaracee, II Is ao? for as to aeasare ethers, who. following onr asampie bop* for tbe fame lihartv aad ibe same prosperity (Cheers ) eesese e e It is sot tor oursrlvci aVwe that t speak. We ooejpy a fWlt.on cb the globe loo Iwportart lo be bajtrded or lost? a pociti >e oa which dei-xstla, la a great meaeure, the rn tare welfare gf oihrr o> l air ? ? li is onr bustnoss? It Is onr duty? to set with mode's tier. . bat si the aame time rtver to forget, never to ooaessl, never to blunh for those grent principles wbwh hnrt nv'e ae what we arc, and which. 1 hope, will Wwg Kaiatala us la tbe saase proad (osttica. ( Cheers ) Vlrtot KbiimI'i K*tr?aci lata Naplaa. (Unn|<>< tfraca 01 t/ja'ion HcraM ) Nirui, Not I. 1*?0 Vevr toUHl anurtd Waplaa yaatarday Hr did sot roaa oi b..rtrr>ark like It. a afloat, uUirr ?aqaaror? wfeo t,r?ocd?-d bin, bat prraaatad falaMx ir nearly la U>? aama |uM u (U"l f I 1 . a bo, on Ux tad of February , UN. at<a k? ipptruM la a draaalag nn aad alippara, a rid lag ablp is ha baad, aad woodaa aptira aa ba feat ,tr I army an I lUr National <? i.ard Iff be (or* ki? M^aety aa ha paaaad flaribaldt'a amy bad dia ai pearad Tba rad ooata. wt lately bed twaraaod in the towa, ware aowhrre to tx eaaa wm their abarnee the ?UI of etb'ra, or had iboy re'natar'ly abatalned from . i [at a| in It.f triumph which they lUmwlTM bad I r'i art J ate. ainrfi arh>?Tt<i:' la tha K irg'a rarrtM* wr mM narlbaldl and tba two pro die aiora. the lira* bealda tba King. tb? latter oppoaite to tbaaa CaribaMt waa nawilllng to aeatet a. tbc r??tlTai from which h ? ova coapantoaa la irai wara eicltded Ba war f<r?o to oadera an i that hli abarnea a |bt dlapleaee tba King, aad, Ihr-efora, liar! bald I rrmaiaad, but with ba old fait bat na ba brad, bia old gray cloak oa ba back, rlad la ha rad b loner aa.i not la 1'iadaoataaa oalfona At tba eight of bta all fboaa brightened up na erl a of ? a I ?r -.a I ?Mi to predoalaata arer tbnaa of " VI? a Victor FjaaaeaT " A troop of barafOotad lauiroa! , huadradt la auabar, aaarched batora the k'ngi carrafc bearing pain* la Iba'r biada, laap'rg aad (bootleg, ?r reciting tba Nat local inth n which tba military baoda wara play ;r? rbeeaaahiaa tba beantlftil a by, tba warm climate af Naplr ? had deserted to Uaata Yeeterday waa q?Ua a I<eadoa a ay bara. II ralaed, aad it waa aaoauallr eoid Tba preraratiooa for tba fa tea naaluad u aba lab ad Of tba triumphal arehea >aly tba aoa/Mdlag waa to ba aeaa.aadef tba pedaata* of tba atataaa oae eaw oaly wood . for tba rain bad named away tba pa par wblrb waa to hare rorared them aad g'rar them tba app^mianoa of Cite Tba plaeter atatoaa wara tetaUr daformad tba droopad, aad war* drtpptaa with rate tba faw cruadar* wara ifclrariag, aad tba people la tba atraat ahrllerad themaalraa plteoaaly aadar aabrallaa. PaiJa, la tba klag'a carriage, appaa r ad la a bat af wblcb tbarrowa waa battarad la. aad ahlrerad to ha dingy hlaab ooat la tplta af aU tba, VMar taaaaaal aefead JayfaL Hta Majaaty arrived at tba railway atatloa at taa o*alaak. Tba fcrta aad tba maa af war watanaaad bin with -n? bnaarad an oa* dtaeharfw o t gnaa Hla Ha "at 7 th?a paaaad dowa tha ntra4a Far* aad raptlrad to tba oalbadal Tha (a/dlaal bad wrtttaa ta ba raar, aad ordarrd hla aot la ooaa tba aatbadral, aad it waa ?aid that tba naaoaa appaarad laellaad to obay tba aaai mar.da of ba aalaaau. bat tiaaa tba aaoratog tbraa baa drtd or foar buadrad prlaata fraai tba pro^aa^ ..ram l?d ibratr'Taa at tba r>ooMa, MM t? jKwana ihani *#lr?a of the ptawaef lha eaaona, M tbair fnaetioaa, af hair eh-Th, aj d of uatr Mab prabaadaraa, aad ao tba ?oea ?r iij by rraalvag Victor Baaaaal wltb a/lbcbad ib>al tf. 1 1 "a. ?? of tba r' rtkfpr* airrarad w'tb lawara Ma ' an . ?+ wni ? t > aaa Tha nman h , Jjy'f' t<adffk1 aataida, tad oaly MM Kvf , flartbaidl, ill lb" two pro dtotaVw* entered to asalat at the Ik ?<um Victor Kaituuel teen p*?*d drwn Ctrl da 'oi?. o,atd vent to the royal pthm, amldn pi of os loo nf ye UirOAD at f lot from UM ?a l? " Hie government functlocariee came to him to preeem tbe Ir homage ?u''1 to rtal addrtwart. Vtot>>r K<sanu"i wa* 1*1* g ractoui nn lb- throve thai he ih do b^reeb*. k Hi- only (poke to the gererala and to tne ad ntral* to a H IktB for MM about the array and Da*) Tho rtllgioue nominnnltii h and iheoa&onaof iheoatb. i*?' cano- In I'ke raatuer to ramie blai. The clergy sent aim a d*i nlitlon L?n night there waa do lllumlnat on oa account of th? ban w Hi:., r , but tba lai/>> out did no omit to a o ?qm'w aud cracker* among tho pa?rnra tj It la icerMnoie ti n ibeie people, who do act *biue for valor, Ilka the a^uuii and ruitli of gunpowder There I* do fe^lva1, do twrr. Making without HreanrVt The King went to ""an 'larlo ?t!cb was tlli.roinatod a linrtut The tight w*a tptoodid Ttn applaute apte ared never itk< ly ta jeate. out he I ft after tb that balht. Garhaldl waa Dot p'eeant t"he (iarthal'.ianaon the coot, arj , of! nded at l> mg I irgoiton intdo a coiee at the door am t> Vod to euter 1% 'oroe arui ed with revolvers It beome neoeesary to oall out lb ftrnua rulemen and lite Nai'^nal (Jiurd, UJ to ohar* tbem with the bayanet rhe UanbaMiant left , treated at the play at the R'yal troo;i* treated thi m oo Ute lit o October Everything poaslhle 1* done to prevent Garlbalol'a de tarlure Ho 1* cflored the rank of bl?b adn.ral, ?> g' ucral f.r division until ma'ilah of ftaly \re oreated a an lua'ltutloa; but be remain* auahtkeu In bia reaulu ?b'D. The Uatzlntans xset bun again, and these wrctchc urge tim, (.erbap*. to new follica. (iirloalil might we ' nat eoDtent wiihtbn frtendrhlp of tb?< King sod i:?ad miration of Italy, fbe prnccni. m'olatry remain* ?"I- lo powt r lor Qve or i's l*^i, unt.l tbauow cabinet of dlreo toil li forrntd. TWO 0*CUHTt. Anrtber Tk Drum la chanted Tor the bappjt ia?uo of the pUitun te The Kit* Qaa made three attempt* to Inlutv* Hanoi;. !| to ri mam, ant bo haa not onuaen'ed At fl'e o'ol. e.k there will be a popular den><u??trat?io lo order to make biio relent. It la thought that he will attil reaiat li b? leave* tb a evening I'ollavicino, wlu> *aa ioa.ln?d to tbo fcrrt'ona of the King'* civic comuiiMiro lo Sortberi Italy, will act out to-morrow, Great eroitemnot a mo a* the Garlbaldlae*. 11 la lo be feared that there will he rlotU<g, aud that aula of viotenoe will he oommlUe-l *galn*t the Pledmontcue troop*. Oarlbaldl ? Dap?rl?r? for Caprtra. iOoireanondcnoo of the faoadoa <a>rooicie ) Nafta, Njv 9. ?8d0 Carlbaldl t* gone. LMt night It waa aaaerted that hi* departure bad bees indeflmtely adymrned A auddau rt solution, however, waa oomo to, and early tbla moruio* he tailed in th<- WarhlDgtoD for Caprera. Nobod* eioepi hi* latimedlaui friend*, and do* all of tbem, wa* aware o' t. ?? llnal rea< Ive, ami, in oooreqwnee, be Hltpned aw?> tt break of day , nnattanded, and almoat unknown To tb" <a?t be rafuaed everything from the King, and drew ao ton g from the Ki'-hequer bat bia g?ner>l olBaer'a pay o A' a d?y; *0 that the itort goaa, be actually borrowed a few pound* from peraooal frl< Dd* In Naplee to |ny the ?mall debt* be bad Innvrred here while Dictator, an hn mailed cfl be atopped at oar Brltleb Oagtblp to etll on Ad mlral Mumly. He invited the adatral, la common wltb " veral other Rogl ab frleod*, to come an ' aen him ai Oaprera If they enn put up wltb Polenta porridge aad froah milk, which are all be haa to ofler them. The Har dlnltn mea of war I red a salute to tba Waahlngton aa ?be aallcd rfl, which waa repaatad from the forte, but otberwlaa there wm* do rbow and no r?imp, and there la aothlDg 10 record about the departore of the ai fMotator beyond tba graat broad fact that (tarlbaldl la goo*. I barb bad 10 dlflapprove hi* polloy often, and to that di? a< proval 1 atlll adhere; but tbia 1 frankly and truly *ay, that a great and a good man haa left Saplra, aad haa left none betiiad blm worthy of bia Inheritance. In the morning a proclamation from Oarlbaldl wm placarded on the wall* of Naplea; bat the newe of hi* de parture teemed to ticlte little attentloa, and ?a y?t 'here haa been no maaUagtatloD of publlo feallag on tao anbjeot The Kilemn act of the nnl n of the kingdom of the Two HtcUtea to Italy aaa celebrated at the Palazzo Kaalo oa the b.b iurt , during MaribaMi'a last Intarviev, la 1 i>r<noeof iLe Kidk, tbe Dictator blmeelf the rolul*u?n and the rrnrt. 1 'on fort 1, Prime Mlutater, aodrcaacd hi* M,>*ty In the following term*:? IM) the : er pi ? of .SapUl, for ruch p irpae aaaemblvd, prir'a inrd }rm lis king by an lniner.*e majority . Siot mill ' u* of Iiallaaa tow anlta tbowaeue* to u>r 0 her* un mr yonr wlaa * way, aad wPI prove the iiuih 01 yoar totema promie*, that Italy thoulil be fur tie Italiaia The K'fg rrplied la a *hort *r*ech rebate with gt>?1 Mf atd lie ntn ?entimeot. Oar bald I alctio Wan lavlte l in an ru.' b tba throac. naider la Brooktjrm? At about bail'-paat eleven o'olook laat night, two men ram. d John MoOauley aod Patrick Keliey , realdtog at No. 116 K'cntitreet, got into aqoarrel In tbe yard of the ret' I their resides c, wb?n Met <tu ey (tabbed Kelly to Hi I ar w.lbadirk tolfe Keliey wa.ked to th? door of Ita t oute, ?XCialmilig tnav b' -mm a "<>?> MM," mm* fella 1 orgee John Tamnry, who Inlerfored with tbe coci'r D'llDg pertle*, waa slabbed la the le't grdn, but tl-.e w.OEil I* n it eoDdlered of a aerloua natnrc Kelly, tO' d eor" il, ? the i^me man who wa* lod'ctcl with l'atiick tiallagaar for the murder of Hugh Oalla^ber, at No. 13 Fuitoa (trett, three year* ago, wb*a bn m cnavlc e<l of manaUi irl rr and s-nt-toad to liaprnr ra mrnt for ere year. Hotaul?y mada hi* fape ti New York, bat the poiloo e\p< te<i 10 *ecure him during the B'gbt Omr AlbMf lurrw|iand?a?> A I H JtT, Not M, 1AC0 la . uml'.tfor Ik' fif'tr* of th* llottu nf A in ml J y ? fV /&? J. oh MMtfMi Cpim /'urif emtio*? thin' Mo?*M* n ? */ - Fun. n" Bttwm Uu Kadtcoli an<( DrmocroU itt It Ir do* pretty ucBoilely ectlled thai lb inlerutlnf rriuabbla 1* coming en relative to tbe cboMe or wtloert |for Uk? ncil Home of Aaotmbly. Tbe radical ra?Bi -r* ? net, beadel by George T. Pie roe, of I later entity, ere nitiiUrUtg their roreea i<i ott IJttlrjobo. They will be mi nl?<l by Lieutenant Oorernor Oaaapbeil, Darld Dudley l ed, Comptroller Decuieloa, Tbomaa B. Carroll, Ckual Appraiser. Mr. Treeearer Itoraheimer, Mr. June* L Wadi war It, William C. Bryant, Cberlee Hjgheo, Clerk of Ap IpralO, Bad other*, leader* of the radical portion of the re publlsea party Tbie taction allege lb* I ix?e of the t flloer* of the leal flcuae a hall be cboecn if they ou pna ?Ib'.y a*?.ld It. Theoe officer*, *pe?k?r, Clerk* Md ell, | are more than ar.apeMed of beln* tmpltoalel In lb* die graceful act* of the laat Laglelalur*. That two of the aepnty clerk*, If not the nilaelpala, have been mere Kol* !? the hud* or thr lT>by, ta opealy charged Inalnuaiinc* ere op?nl? c .n ilatad that targe nai of mocey have beee paid in c.-.ter that blllo la which tbe lobby wee lat*roat*4 ah<> tid be pat forward oat of thetr ifft#' order tor the parpnte of fMillltattag thetr paoaege dee tniag eeeraa pretty oertata, that OaJ dwell, om of ta* deputy clerk*, we* remarkably ram liar wlta the lobby durleg the laet two er three eeeetooe. fbooe radical* make an I wee upon the oholae of elBaer*. aad deotare that Moe t be whether the eld oflieer* of ta* lafaaeoM I?g?laiure of 1M0 ahall ha r?tar*a<?d with power aad l??e eere, or whether a aaw art *ha l ba ae irrird who areeot repeated of belag ander the tnflaenoe of th* lobby If the redumla caa arcare (one thirty <*?? of tbe Hoo*e who will pledge their rota* ogatntt 1. til*j.,hn aad the ? orrnpttooloo, thta that number wil. rtfee* to go Into Ibe rrpubltnaa cnuci*. aad therefore ?<erd oncommiUrd ta the choice of itpraktr and Okrk l.uclua Kot.inron la their candidal* k>' Speaker, and Mr Ml*, of tfehoharie. the defeated caadidalt tor Ooogr*aa. to ibetr terorlto for Clerk. The radical* amom tn?t If they reirae ta go It, to caeca t ?y ceo e'eot Ki.btneoa (tp*?ker by Ibe Mutator of th* d<m? ?ml,cm?m>er* Should *och *a arrangement nr. -?d. the dttnoer*'* Kay oblate th* Clerk a* a ft id pro 7W> for tbelr tcpporl of the radical Speaker it I* well U vowa that there '* a perfect hatred eitollag between i ieiten*at tforer-or Otmpi>?il, OnmptroUer beaalotaa *od their friend*. ?rd to w*m , Weed , l.lltletehn A a* The radical* cerrr were Indoctrinated with the priam.'lea or policy of tbe nblg fartioa of the ropubi lean part* Tbty are etroag in the admloMtratlon of the 'tab- gnrern meal, poaaeaelag ail the priaclpal offlor*. efoept the r.bie meyletrata, aad to fhr barn prorad fair aad emaomlcai le tbe perfbrmanr* of their poblle dntlea The IU.' d ? skro by the IJa*te> ?nt (torernor at the l**t *e**toe , la I ppnr'vg, *o far m In b? power, a aembar of <Mrrrn<>r Morgan'* appolktmeeu gar* him a promioeooe nrer all ?>?i?r* about the onpltal for a fearlra* rM>' " ?i ' of -luty Aad in the < of the beg|Bo?*e of An Wkbiy be n Ul Mand tore aent in preraaNag tbe return or the mea to (?alti'iaa where an great raapoaaib'hty 1* attanh'd. and to whom th* p*r>|1* enteruin rnetiW-tna* that mich of the lafemog* legislation of laat winter ta tmly nttribatable. '? the other haad. the oennnaata will ba rqaaily lndn*trlona la re eierttrg the old nflliera, ea aaweat of tbelr prri.iiar qnallttra. obUlnod by ytar* ol prar'lral rrperwnrr tn r> nalig Ibe lobby m?chme *uonee*rtil'y Aay amonrt of moo?y will be etpende.) to at care thte r even The rrdart owmhrr* from the rural dMtrtla will be ?arly attended to. Aoambt of Mine ? "U Jalra," with ltd la* diatri bat ion aad apUMdld mi* m xme, will ha glran thia ereo lag, aad ?? to morrow tor th* matlaee Ho one ahoc d ?liar UiM opportunity to *** UM aoblo work, which lb* mas again tat of tbe Academy ha* a* worthily pr tattled Naval laltlllfaaae. A detafhmeat of toy martneo arrlred at the to.-* ly* Mary Yard from WaahlaatoB ytoterday The* ere io ? tended to retatorne the ItMkroat i itailt la *e Pertac ?quad ma, aad vtll lea re tkM part *a tk* tatef DaoMhor. (Tderlr berteant Leuia Jacob* who bee been ao lowg aa Orderly ^M?eaat of ihetooohija . been orderJ to lh ^ ^^^^^?erly Hargaaat aad HaUer ?f that poot Ordorty aad favorably kanra Marine Rnrrarkt, Navy Yard aa Ordartv I fttipereedtd by Orderfy torgaaat J.r.JL "^TtlotMml A arrlro of enraJ e*partmeaU, retatiag t^ MejraalMai gata ta tbe aoe of (team tt^aWity. war* triad I oo tho I aited toatea tteamer MMblfML?a.??* laaoa^ o part oftba rakt week, by VarVrS' tb?a 7*1 ter aad I P "fflll^w J^Ilale tart meat The reoelt ^lLTb*laja^ire been r-.i f'wtory, brt the fall ptrlaabil bara aot aa jet be?a w.ede p^hfW. . . ' r%, t ?mtMOteaw*' ?bwbatai<. flkgaMp. ?aam-r JL*| ,e : ?e*e <*tb*a*, atonf at ?? 1 'jcmit aad ?hi> tto?.i) . ?? '?n? <? ?ho an i?gt Too ra!t<d Pie'?e *te?mer i bdai *le? I* >4 *>uoa v*ra Qraa tor Ihmptoe oilbtt'ti THE SOUTHERN CRISIS. The Movements in Ue National Capital. C'ongre** to Call a Convention of tbe States. Interesting Letter from Governor Hick*, of Maryland. THE PULPIT ON THE CRISIS. Hebrew and Christian Views of Hecewion. fJiBDkrgiviif lermons bi the Rev. Dr.laphil) and the Kev. Henry Ward Beeelier, Tbe Palme to Flag Id New fork Harbor, ft*.. *o.. ?? REPORTS FROM WASHINGTON. Wa'iiuh.tos, Not N, I MO. Tbe Cabinet were in mini to day for ssveesl tea rs. tbe Message la all agree* upon exospt that portion of it relating to tbe constitutional right or a flats to teoede. Toat Is understood to be the subjeot uuder oonsidsrattoo, and It la ttlll undecided. It la pretty wall known that the President bolda to tba doctrine that a State baa not a eonatl .unooal right to ssosds. The Southern members of tho <M>last, Gubb, Thompson and Floyd, deal re the President to leave that question, and the dlaoussu.n or II. oat of tbe Mcstsge for the present. When It legitimately comes up, ss It will when 9 >ath Carolina or aujr other Sum attempts to ssoede, then hs oan prssent his viswe sad discuss it at letglh. It remains to be sees whether the President srtl* yield. It Is crtala be has nut done so yet. Upon this, it is believed, hinges the ijueilloa of the disruption of tb? Cabinet U Is reported that tbe South Carolina Jelegai.oe, is rlnd'eg Castors Hammond and Chuannt, will attend Ow gmi until their Biate secedes, wb u tbey will ruttrs In a body. Ibey are also likviy to alleud a s.lamn conclave of frlrtris of tbe I'nion of all pa'tles which will soua be held In this city, unless precipitate action la tne Hjutfc shsll j>rsvent ths joss uJlty of any oorr. promise bslag sfleoted. Democratic Congreeim.n from Ibe West, j'ist arrtvsd , (peak dcrpo(.din|ly of any sal .?factory soiuiloo of the pnsent dlbcnlties. and even republicans dec are the hoar of ocnc!llstl< n psst. ora WAriBlhOTOK CUNRRSPOXDCNCE. WasmstJTus, .Vov. JS, I MO TV Marrh of the Rrvetu'vm? PtJAtc /lltnorMSS and jpal Ay ? riU Hidden LMnftr? T\' Kjff* I of ftofnus Hort\ and South ? A Rmniy for Kru ing KotU ? TKe Prrttrml Liberty Bxilt Uu.<t be if.: 1 have nonvvrsed with s large nuwaer ul persons here of all grades la political sad pr'vate 11 s, an4 It 1* as tonishing b'iw few nndcrsiaud the trio character of the revilatloa already initiated ; all are engaged In tbe self deceit that attends the rot eailng o< tb.tgs by toolr rig at i ames Instead of rooogms'ug the tact toat we ars aiivaiif'rg isp'dly In a rsv.ilul'on IStt strikes at svery iL'tnti ui tut ?UuM> uojoiry , and wnose dnvslo^ment sroa bacowis ss nnr.witroJiabie as was last ??' France after 1'UO, everybody is diHenssiog i m alwur i fs'iaoy of cutStll Itw.ral seetesi' ??, an I talking or It as !*??*? it wers a thirg Ibat ws can march to thmugb aa OsUrlau peace, am) alt* r It IS c^Lsummatod OoJ oursslvss prjt paring and to piosper as are were bof-im tne itisonloo. la tbia igturanos of ibe .rue ru >*ooMKit that s Intrrylr.g us oo IK'S tbe real danger ib?t ailnvds tne eoiisiry, It Uatieis all mes, North aud -Vim t, wlib toe idea that It ere is no ?* -etsity of ms?i..g any inatual not ccosWms, aid lots Ibcm in the va in that tbe path of empire osa be trod wllb tbe earn greatness and glory by separata ooaJMsradfa tfcat has beno eablb ted by nearly a o?Mury oM'ot?o Northern m?n, toetead ef endeavorlrg to s?ek s rrwdyfnr the pea-eSsvlls as<l the present li?l?lere*es which ths S iU tie er ? o'agMfcg Is towards lbs 8<i. lb, sa/,"tf lh? ? wish bfcfK let them go." Is this ihsy forget last tb-y are vim therenitdyof revolution, wn:cb cansot pjealh y ariag any gala to their own tertloe, wails It will strlcs a dead ly blow to thosaaads upon taoosands of private 'etsreets liters. Ths cat oral o per at oa of a revoistlua, even a peaesabls oae, shoatd erect two governmeata where one ueiy sow staada, would be the ertstioa of an tsgnnlstlc lolltleal Intersatt, to hs followsd by ibe laevit sbls trala of tariffs for revenue purposes, tbe sgltatloa of protcetioa far boms Indottry , and ersataally by lbs orsa tloa of a onnfl el of dlaaordaal interests amoog them seises Why should the meat aad grain of the Wsat be fores J In lis seeking of Southern mart sis to share with ttt dcmeallce of the Cast the TaU of a hist s cosMsrcM I pollsyT The Hoatttrra mca art oqoaJlf kllad to tha iroi import, of tko rorolotloa tki; an drtrlig oa lalataatod with tko M*a oT tadapaodaaar, t hey frlga in MMti, tod doobtlraa do raall/ NKw, that aaoiaatea la a aoaatlto tloaal right aad aothtag mtort tkat oro rj mate oaa go '0 on tta own book? Ooraranro >ma? Id? to, wltt cahlaate, aatloaal roroooao, armra, aad ail tha par apbernaJia of amkaaaadnra aad mimotefo pteatpoteo llarlaa to fo>a?gt> oonrte, aot oalf with mi . d lota r Mag, to aoy (root utiil, niailig MiwW laterrate, bat with a pnaaihlllly of aabatdlag agala la to Uu aborn pjoltkoa of bwIwi of a Baathara ooofodaraoj , aad taat, too, wiUi Htalaa batlig dlToroa latere* la aad teodoaoloa To a bow bow-??>paaalb.o neb a eoercdorae) woall bo, wo aood oalj fr far to tba of Owvaiaor UM la ralatloa to boattla lagialatloa tewarda tboaa alara Btataa that do aot fellow tko laad of SaaU Parol laa. Tba fact la thai tba roroiatloa airaady laaogorelod, aod If aot coaUbi;?d, will rt'-rriof* itaaif ut mro?a wMok in laati ftutrt littla lamgtao, at>d which wtU emrry tba* to a < ao laorltaalo ?a waa Mat of Robaaplam aad h|? rr*? Intioaary aaanrt?i?a. Th rr Id bit t oo ranx-lj for t bo aula that aro boforo ua. That r> mriy ia a National t'*>o rnattoa , whtob abail rrrr'atetb* fraternal aj.irtt botweoa tko North aad thd gw'tb, aad proa Ida for it saw euoatilattoaai goaraateao Tbo old food of saHia aad brothoraond baa boaa aatoo cut bj tba a oaoity arivaactag kp -It of aatt-aiaiorytain at tbo North, aad frar by th? ? jotb or tta obiatalag po litical power ta tbo fodaral (iicianl Thia aaatiaaoat proctalma aa "irropraaaibie *>??! I," wbleb baa ao other laana than a b ratal aal blooljr .km Already tba ffootbero poopto ar? rooaad to look ap?a aett tefaaoa at all bararda aa tka polat af booor, aad ihw bllada all dmb ta Uta eooaarla o' lalaraat or aafot y. There laaat, tbaa, bo mntual ooaoaeetoee aa both atdda Tba North moot pot dowa tho latcleraul apt r It which haa laatlgatad It to pro clam that "aiavary la aa avi! aad a arlaaa" la Ua Booth, wbrro aigbt miliiooa of whitaa aad foar mlllloaa of blaeka m under ta* orereatty af llTlfif la oommaalty , aad the a? parlor raea a forool to aaak tko aoetal form moat oaa duotro to tbo interoata of all. Tko H??tb moot aaak arary rrmedy tor tbc orlla H faark b afar a N rooorte ta tho paraaaoaat bat daagoroai right of rorolatioa That right akoaid bo oaarotaad ealy la tka hat marl, aad akeoM aot ba appealed ta no dor tko fhilaap af mlllag It by aakfemr aama aad Igaortag tka Iraa import of Ma appeal. Ut tka aaaktrt of Oaagrf aroM ikM prag aaat arm, UK i1aatac?M aotf deaott, of aalllaf thtaga of alfkt; Imput by wroag aaaaaa, aad tkaa hut lag, arta from Uia? ilyaa, tka trao maaaiag aad tewdeawtea af Ikobr apeeebee aad aatloao. Saaawkm la rnalallia. ?aeatattoa I* tha daotraotloa af ail malarial mi mart I tateraatk. If tha atatmmaa aad boat tatelteete at Ik* oaa at 17 hare aat galBotaat aiaagallna tf aalf ta nana , timet tka grrwt enatedaroey tkalr fctbora laft tkam, aad aador wkaa* *onaa thoy atni lira aad all, th^y baro aat | a nmolaaef <* ihal Mtac a?M?n>Hkl<ai? 1a aad a Boatkara /, V -i'

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