Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 27, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 27, 1861 Page 3
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?he burehei. Itoere are now 3,210 p?opl? to oasb eb- agmuat 2,409 1D 1W0. ^ ether fact is observable from the census returns, is, I hat church edifices and church property in k are far more costly, oomparod to the extent commodation, azui the number of the churches, mj of the other large cities of the Union ? lknviug table may not be uninteresting: 1860. ralus qf FxUnt of Mia. CKu^et. Chur k /'ru^rty. AccomnmdiUieni. ,'?r York 214 $9,098,700 219,0WH tlailelphia. 24fl 4,779,060 lHfl.814 ^tiiiwre f9 2,410,300 80,465 kirieston 31 1,037,700 29,050 k ,i Orleans.... ?J0 1,163 500 27,360 V. ^..Uis 60 1,043,900 34,425 miiati "3 1,427,200 53,837 ton 94 3,152 HbO 77,016 tU re we fintl that the churches in this city cost about ice as much as in Philadelphia, and the only city in ich the cost of church property?numbers aud arcom Utions considered?approaches those in New York is n?, though our churches cost full one-fourth more ?ije in Boston. Were there sufficient enterprise presK of the large cities they would give us the ?s of the recent consus, and then we could see r these facts would be essentially changed after ? of ten years. We have sufficient statistics of ' bin to state that the number of chnrchcs there 312, aud the value of church proporty about (t}00. These statistics simply corroborate our as v\ and, very probably, had we all tho recent ceu tu. *s from the principal citics in the Union, in re uce to our churches, the same result would be made fei-t. The fact is, New Yorkers worship tho Almighty in mojre Extravagance than any other people on the ohe. We do not claim eicessivc piety, but simply note te fact that if ours is the Kmpire City in the Now World i commerce, in population and in wealth, it is also the pire City in the magnificence ot its churches, aud the ilue of its church property. "BO, FREE LOVE AHD SOCIALISTIC CHCRCIIEP. ' following will show something of the extent of tho and accommodation of the uegro and other churches the special care of the philosopher of tho Tri DtrwminaUon. ff'ati. Value. ?8bytiTian,..v 300 $9,00o ethodist 1,650 14,00*1 lethodi^t Kpiscopal 400 9,000 Tricon Union 100 Rented .ee lave. 400 j.OOu ^yclaliatic 76 Rented J ...2,926 $37,000 ?>bove is a tolerably accurat? view of all that in ;>e people in reference to our churches. There % doxen other places of public worship which <?d by the respective denominations, which would the number of places of public worship and the of seats; but as the premises are rented thoy be included in the value of church property. INTERESTING FROM UTAH. Oar S?lt Uke Correapomdence. t Jurat Salt I^kb Ornr, Doc. 28, I860. ristma' Among the Mormons? Urijhans fhmily?lhc Legislature?Down tpon the Governor?Ike Indian*? The I'acijic ldeyraph, <tr., rfc. Christmas, 1S60. among the Saints, passed ofl with rc viarkable quietness. so much so that even quiet "Ellas," )f the Dessret .Vet*, had almost a algh over the change. Pwo years ago the "Gentile" element was then in lt? <lorv Contractors and sutlers, camp followers an.! team - [Iters were flush withhold, and, of course, lavish with iwh.skey to self and neighbor; the result was-llghting, Hurrah boys, a?d a pistol and -set to" with friend knd foe. But the rioting is over and the general peace of i,on is restored. At morning light the Nauvoo Bras? Hand assembled and promenaded the principal streets Itecoursing every kind of music, from "Hail Columbia 0 "Hume, Sweet Home." Tho Mormon prophet*" (ere serenaded according to rank, and every .thirg went off as agreeably as if there was but one family in the city. Tho weather ?a EL bracing, just the finest Wind of appetite for V roust beef ami plum pudding: aud. by the l?y, though lihe ulump arc not over plentiful and 75c. per pound, he P I'S ? not excelled ,u any ..try and Iraielv ever rises above 10c. per pound for tho Unest Inurtlons of the quadruped. But leaving the question of \n,lr 1 return to the amusements. On Oirtatmas e\e other Heber hud a party in a new schoolroom, whu h 1Si just raised for' the education of his own fam ly. ' iiishopof the Twentieth ward commenced his dancing perationfat two V. M., and continued up till midnight -hut he considers a sensible reformation. Brigham has lust ushed a private schoolhouso tor his family, and dell 1 ted the same ?u Christmas atternoon. In tho evening he had hH children assembled there tor a dance, win h i believe continued up ti I midnight, and then they separate <1, M^Y>. y h .d ..let, with the ch.el a Id-sung an i p"a>er Some idea or Brother Brigham's eoming greatness, in a fiimiiv -iiiai'ltv may be galhored fioir. tho lact that, on tog there were said to bo present geven^fcihers. or heads of families, thirty wives and ?)i;btrnie children. The seven fathers would nount bun ?df hW Hons and sons in-law. Kighty on. children present and rrauy" absent Is certainly u good beginning in the "Itmrchal Institution." There wore balls in the grea'er ., of the war'is the same evening, aud no rioting or M.bnir heard of anywhere. So much, then, for lior The "Gentiles ha I a party on ?1h?- following evening ?t '? Brother Townscnd's," which, rKWaimSulty in finding itoengaged. olf pleasantly. 1-ast evening -the Prophet gave K to h* workmen, ... the Social Mali, and ward pir ? ? v Ifc in full blast, and 1 suppose will continue, night i'ftnr isht tin all the world and his wife and wives have hi .hundance of the lerpsiohorean. TllR MS list .ATI VK IKSKMIBY. legislative Assembly of 18?0-01 gives every evi "? ofdoing a vast amount ol business. They have long tf',j by day and thecomm.ttce* are In session, most ol JhZ every evening. There is a thorough overturning n. the statutes of I tah. and a complete revision of every ?' l?? h,r',, ull0n the courts. Tl.e "Gentile represent alive from t arsln is making the biggest kindI ?f ellorts toservehis own, and plumes himself with be ^? lftw and order" representative. He says, an 1 ^suppose truly, that tho law and order folks tb<M-c have not the slightest idea of breaking otrfrom Eastern I '-ah "nd lVirmingthe so oiled Nevada Territory but I think the Mormons would be quite as wellI pleasedI the Accession" of the Carsonites. A w<>ek ago tlx- I/*lsla ?ure aligned the new federal judges as lidlows.? First Tudlcial Dlstiict, cr Southern l iah-.lndge Henry *sSErfJudlcial District, or Western I fch-Jadge B. r. ' "wrdTodtctai District, or Eastern Utah Chief Justicc J Then-'has been a vast smonnt or bother over those a. nments and a large amount of gas let off, and gome threats of resignations; hut in these days $2,&00 has a wondrrTnl sobering effect upon erratic folks. Tire Governor has provoked the ire of some of <h? legislators by some allusions In his messt<e L, providing a fund for defraying tbe aspen** of the District Courts, and the M'mntatnrrr launches against bTs Excellency and the Judges three and a baif columns ef its sarcasm .n the form of .review of the course of th?> pact jo lg?*, concluding ??ir therefore, according to their legislative o??h, u.? ?uardiog the luterests of their constituents is c m -i!?rred 'unwise an.1 impolitic;1 If to prevent the appro ^r?uon ^f ^nds for pttVposes for which they were never l l,.ned be calculaU'd to pnxluce wrong Impressions tTuFSSi the Territory fr.'m debt and Lnkruptcy 'be la into a desire of uuneceso u lly postponing the construed int.. ? ^ u ^ ,hfl rlf!hl uke ^ if South Carolina d"" K? out of the Union, -?"v ?Tr niama l r<?ite, w.u. a K world renowned wm *A ll"ckma.. ^>q X'- ", ' went out in the company "third in command, ' ??d has undertaken the talker historian aud correspondent oT the expedllkm word inn U1 "William A ' the ("olonel isa wonderful and done a wonderful work Within the last tour T?*s The Kastern lolks are now assured that they ' m>kp the Unest calculations tor safety next year in rjd,7 through to the Carson and (MK.irnln dlgit'ngs Cro is tobe no more murd^ing -not even so much a, -?n,are stealing 'V- the Western gold is expec ted Is Sttrnct ? urge immigration, this will Ik- inU ieetu.g new wlKs H?? hi naturally sought for wTlMng enough to put ?P the ,ndes for the company, pro g.'SMK,j?a 'he community^l.>st about f JOO 000 in fitting ?P ^ furnishing raulcs for the Kast< rn Kip .J. |,r,,tc> 1K67, and tin- government very uMeremonlo. sly br. K the contract, and the Mormons lost e\. r> t? mg. 1 tie telegraph i ompuny probably count on s?n } ' the j*?les and wiresfiom the presence of the I "ited es tioote< on the route , Briuham would rather trust tin in d.itns But on ibis there is no use detailing plain, a' Mr CreigWon throw* wit tint', the probabilities are id la of the wires rnnauig through ftanta re instead ol ~ui f ? e City till the day bef<re yesterday the weather was in r .only mild, but tbe snow fell then continuously 'ill tt was alxeit ten in< h?? deep Yesterday tlie sleigtis yt out in great abundance, and the jingle of the bells ?lc our str??is as lively a? your Broadway. , Washington corresixsid^nl to the A*"'* intlinilei >?U Captain Hooper, tbe I u?U delegate, Is ab??it to pre it again the De?aret cmotitnlton aqiI ask for adm^'ion , i nltin Tlie hint is given, at the sains time, that a dents I or tills ptayer, st Sin b .1 lime as this, mgl.t ad to tit* establishment of an indapendent government I! ... m the mountains. Whether this may be buncombe here in ine ?? r.,i. II,:, I, 1,1,1, rnt line thing Is universally rrlt. that there Is li' i lumd of a (ientile successor to Alfred Cummlng.^ . ii ^Tast Brigh'im Young would get nine tenths of tin ?L7i* tide of the Territory *;r Its next ? Zv.iie of the Territory ?>r iu< nxxt governor, t he iS aira'os* him and the people m M67 waa clearly I .r rf ImTcr of the treasury, and Ciptain lloo|>*r will no Iwrai't linlTtime and pluck enough f prove that in Con prm this aeMlos. BURNS' BIRTH DAY. Anniversary Dinner of tbe Barns Club. Tbe anniversary dinner of the Burns Club of the city of New York, in honor of the one hundred and second anniversary of the birthday of Robert Burns, took place on Friday evening, in the early dining room of the Fifth Avenue Hotel. We need scarcely gay that the table was well spread; the well known catering of Hitchcock, Dar ling & Co. is sufficient evidence of tliat fact. Suffice it to say that the room was very neatly decorated. Behind the President's chair was a Hoe oil painting of Robert Burns, in a richly carved and gilded frame, the llag of St. Andrew being on the right band side of the picture, and the ting <>f tho Union on the left. On either side of the painting hung a splendid pier glass, the height of the room. The wail to the right of the President was hung with the British ensign of the red and tho "stars and stripes," between which was a very large pier glass in on ornamented frame. A splendid photo graph of the officers, twelve in number, of the Burns Club of Baltimore, presented to Joseph liking, Esq., of the Burns Club of this city, hung on this side of the room, together with oil paintings of tho "Monument of Burns," and the "Cotter's Saturday Night.'' On the op. posite side w as a steel engraving of Robert Burns in a gold frame, and oil paintings of the "House of Burns" and "Tam O'jhunter and his mare Meg crossing the auld Brig o'Doon." On a table in front of the President was a copy of the bust of the |?>et, as executed by J. C. King, of iioston. At the further end of the room was another tlog of the I'nited States, fastened up by an engraving, framed, of the plougbmuu poet, supported on either Hide by a handsome pier n'ass. At u quarter to eight o'clock the guests marched into the room in double tile, to the tune of "l'he ' ampbell's are Coming/' played in a masterly manner by Dodworth's iirafs Band : and having taken their |>lac*>s at the Uble, the Bev. Mr. Cochrane, ot New Jersey, asked a blessing on the food. The tables were highly ornamented?a silver stand for fruit and flowers, and other ornaments, gracing each of the long tables, and a Highland chieftain tbe upper table. At the earne table with the President sat the Rev. Mr. Cochrane, of Jersey City; Mr. Young, New York Albion; Mr. J. Jackson, Kali way, N. J.; Professor Anderson; J. Cunningham, Ex-President Burns Club. Mr. M''Leiland. Chief of New York Caledonia Club; Geo. Brodio and Jas. D. lawson. During the dinner Dodworth's String. Reed and Brass Band played several Scotch, operatic and other airs, and the Scotch and other whiskeys tinted about the festive board. When the cloth was cleared and the wine and fruit made their appearanco, the President read letters from W. C. Bryant, E. M. Archibald (British Consul), Fitzgreen Allen, Judge Daly and Dr. Thomson, apologizing for not being present, after which the President made the follow ing remarks ? Having done ample Justice to the "good things" so abundantly set before us, 1 have now to introduce tho second part ot our entertainment; and I do so with the fullest conildence that when the evening is over, and we come to take a retrosptctive view of it, we shall be able to say with Burns, in his poem of "Tam O'Shantor,"' that:? .?is oecB nee name wi uraes or ireasure, The minutes wing'd their way wi' pleasure. ?Not with such fleeting pleasure an (he poet describes in these beautiful lines:? But pleasures are like poppies spread, You seize the llowor, it* bloom is shed, Or like the snow fall in the river, A moment white, then melts forever; ?but with such pleasures as we have experienced 011 fi>r nier when we have tnet to celebrate this day? pleasures which the mind can revert to with fceliugu of pride and grutiiicalion. For my own part, I look hack to th(se ' nights with Burns" with feelings akin to what a weary traveller over ^omc barren, scorched up desert may be supposed to feel when hi: looks back to the leafy shade where, days before, ho hud rested his weary limbs and drank of the cool crystal fountain that bubbled up at hie feet. We ore met here to-night to celebrate the one hundred and second anniversary of the birthday of Koht. Burns, and?if 1 may use the expression?to dwell for a few hour s in the more immediate presence of liis immor tal genius. We have thrown aside the cares and anxie ties of every day life to enjoy au evening in the gonial atmosphero of jioetry and nong?more especially to hear the songs of our favorite bard?those songs that call up so vividly tbo days of "auld luug syne," transporting us in fancy to the bonnie glen Where early life we sported, until we can almost hoar the splashing music of the old mill wheel and inhale the fragrant perfume of the bios soms that cluster on the "trysting thorn." I see | many here to pay their tribute of admiration to the j genius of Hums, whose '-early life" was njt s|ient among the "bonnie glens" and heather hills where he first struck the lyre that shall vibrate to all time; some from '?nu ri ie England," tome from that beautiful isle which their darling poet, Moore, calls the "gem of the sea;" seme who are ' native and to the manner born,' fthan w hom there are uomoin ardent admirers of the poet proving, if proof enough has not been already furnished, I the truth ot the sentiment to the lirst toast on our pro gramme, that ' ihis day gave to the world one of her truest poets." u also proves that,'to appreciate t'.e Songs Of lluits. notwithstanding the dialect in which rnr st of them are wrjtffn, it matter* not whether we were born on the "braes O'lroou" or on the banks of the Hiaunon. it matters not whi ther that old moss c ) vend millwheel of, our boyhood may have been turned by the waters of tho "clour winding Ayr," or by any other perhaps Wsh classic stream" it matters not whether that dear old "trysting thorn,' with its clustering blot soms, may have scented the evening gale in some quiet nook ol the Old England or of the \>w they strike the same chord in our boaoms, call up the stmo memories and embody the thoughts and feelings common to ns all. This evening will have been well *pent if we only carry away with tin more than wv already possess of the k'ndly sympathies that characterize these songs, and a greater reference for the name, the genius and the manhood of Burns. Ho thou proposed tho following toast The clay we celebrate?a day which gave to the world one of her truest poets and noblest men. Music, " Auld ljmg Syne." Mr. Lawson sang the following original song Ye sisters nine, ye maids divine, Wha climb Parnassus bill, oh grunt me this?the poet's bliss? And ha'e thy sovereign will; A'e spark o' Are s a' 1 desire, To tell how Scotia mourns Her proudest boast, forever lost? Her darling Robbie Burns. Though princely birth be could na' boast. His mind was ever free; In fortune ho was sadly cross d, | Yet never bent a kuee. Kemember, independence dwells Not aye in gilded halls, 'Tls often found in manly breasts That live in cottuge walls. The mountain daisy now may raise Its modest head unsung: The bard wha' made It a nil praise His harp is now unBtrung; The lingers now are cankl in death That Uiuched the magic lyre; Those hps, alas, are scaled in death Could f et the he ui on Ore. Ask o' his works?hear Indian maids ( haunting o' his lays; Ask o' his worth?hear Scotia's son* Abounding wi' his praise. There's not a quarter of the globe Has been by man explored, But Burns' name, his worth and fame, Have ever been adored. The summer, it may cease to come, Or send the flowrot's braw? The wintry winds may cease to howl Or send the drifting snaw? All nature it shall pass away, The world become a blot, E'er time shall ever bring that day When Burns shall be forgot. The next toast was given by the President, as fol lows :? The Crniu* of Burns?Its sncred Influence is felt wherever civilisation has a home?its towering spirit of i^deix ndence aud lib* rly penetrates the heart of tho him blest cotter to bo found In the glorious land which gave her poet buth. Music?"Highland Mary. The Kev. Mr. Cochrane replied. ATter some humor ous allusions to his taking the place of Or Thomson, he said ?After all. it was better that he should reply, as he had recently returned from Auld Pcnti*, and brought with him a Highland Mary, in his opinion as good, if not a better one. thanfshe of whom Burns wrote (Applause ) He said he felt in a prelicaniert, but ho booed to g?t out of It. But. throwing inking on ouo side, he would say that no one admired the genius of Bin ns more than he did. What had brought hundreds together that evening mall purts of the I nlon?my of the World?but admiration ot tho genius of Bums ? It was d< eply rooted iu the heart of every Scotchman. It linked them together In golden bonds of sympathy; and alilioi.vh the Atlantic telegraph was mute, still they knew that the old World and the New echoed that day with praises to the name or Bums The genius o' Burns? who can declare itThe small Intellects of the present day cannot do it ,)nstl< e?they would only detract from its merits It w?<i like a beautiful va>e that one would fear would gn to pieces in the hand: and so one was afraid to speak ot It lest the words should destroy its hcautv. Burns was not born to royalty, doi In poverty, otherwise than I bat honest poverty which Is the known charncloris tic of Scottish cotters' htroes. He was not learned. He hail but the rudiments or Isurmng and with these he r< se to fame, and produced u genius in altitude liketbit ol an eagle which soars Tar above the habitations of man to unfold to future ages Its wondrous stores. We re joice as Scotchmen lor Burns was the p ?et of Sc itland and he loved to be called. Men of modern times love I to dive deep into the errors of Burns, and view with a telescopic aspect the faults, not the virtues or Scotia s immortal bard. In spite of his raults Burns had a true heart wnhin him, and his fault* were onl/ like the spots on the blessed sun. II he had been or aristocratic birth thi ?e taults would not have been known: but he was poor anil lowly. and poe?c<*ltig genius, he ?? as despised and his faults picked out. Alter further appropriate re | marks the speaker took his seat, and Mr Taylor tang "Bonny Hnon." 1 lie ne*t toast was given by the l-ir-d Vice President ? cot'and?Her battle Heidi are the monument* of freedom, h< r gray cairns a-e the su red altar** of liberty of conscience and her intellectual greitness is anfcmm I le-'ged hy the civilised world. 1 liree times three cheers Mutlc? Here's a health, bonnie Scotland, to thee." Mr Brodle - Hler stating that the meeting was com posed of porson* natives not >nly of "our d?ir native land ' - Maw ney, Jack and Tat but hid also a spire of rother Jonathan ]r it as w^ll?began .o snaak Of the heroes of Scotlaud in poetry, soienoe ;md war. Rat his motto was *hort speeches and l<mn drinkR therefore his words would be lew. The memory of Burns and old Scotland was dear to every Scotchman, and he had uo language in which to describe tho hoior of hb country, the joy of its firesides, the glory of those who have fought tho battles ol "gude auld Scotia id." N'o matter where the Scotchman ??, the uatne of Scotland would telegraph to his heart tho memory o his home?the dwelling place which was still in her. It was " aamu to us;'' '"be it ever so hum ie, it was hose, sweet home.'' lie then recounted in glowing language and amid loud applause the brave deeds of Sot land's heroes, from Wal lace to Colin Campbell, and her poeta' productions, from time immemorial to the present day Song?"Scotland Yet.'' Mr Georgo Gourlaod. The next toast was given by the 1'resident ? America?she has been the hope of humanity in the I'att, may tho brightness of her pronto bo roaliiod in the greatr ess of her future may her stars never go out in darkness, nor tho light of her glory de|>art. Three times thrte cheers. Music?"Star Spangled Banner. ' Respondent, Mr. Cunningham, in very appropriate terms. Song, "Vive l'Amerlque," Mr. Jamee Gibson, llnely sung und f ncored. 'lhe fifth toast was given by tho President.? The Queen of Great ltritaiu and the Presi tent of the United State?. Three cheers. Music?"God Savo tho Queen,'' '-Hail Columbia.' Tte sixth toast was oflered by the Second Vice Presi dent.? Tho Republic of letters?Its date is coeval with the glorious era when learning triumphed over her bar barous foes?its duration is certain to prove perpetual in every land where true liberty and civilization go band in hand. Music?"A man's a mm for a' that.'1 Respondent, Mr. John Jackson. Soig?"I-ct us speak of a man." Mr. T. Moran. Tho uaxt toast was ? The Press?May the mighty jKiwor which it wields always be guided by tho eternal principles of justice' and truth. Music?"TTiere 's a good tune coming. Respondent, Win. Young, hjgq.,editor of the Vow York Albitti. Song?Mr. Jas, Bibson. Tlie President thon gave :? Tho Lasses?God's last, best gift to man. Music? ?*ftere's a health to all good lasses. ' Respondent. Id ward Kisher. Esq. Song?"Of a the airs." Mr. Taylor. Mr. Iletman Burr offered tho following \olv.nteor toast:? Robert Burns?The princo of boon companions and the boon companion of princes, and who never for got:? Tho honest man, tho' ere ta poor, Is king of men for a' that. Several other toasts were given, and the friend? went home wi' the wee sma' hours. The Mozart Hall Urnrral Committer. W WHHmm, Jan. I-.', 1K61. To Peter MoKnlght, David Rowland. Morgan I? Harris. Sylvester Robbins, Hugh Brady, Committee, &c.:? (iKvriKMKx?1 am in receipt of your notitication that I have been unanimously elected Chairman for the ensuing your of the Democratic Republican General Committee, holding its sessions at Mozart Hall. The honor, though unsought, is none the less esteemed, and for both reasons ivjnspires an increased sense of obligation. I return to the committee through you my thanks, and re quest that you will notify them of my acceptance of the post. I am, very respectfully, yours, JOHM COCHRANE!. Army Intelligence. Colonel W. W, I/oring, Mounted Riflemen, is assigned to the command of the Department of New Mexico, accord ing to his brevet rank. Colonel T. T. Fountloroy, First dragoons, now at Santa Fe, New Mexico, is directed to proceed to Fort Tejon. California, and assume the command of his rep incut. Assistant Surgeon) Andrew J. Foard. Medical Depart ment, is directed to report to tho Surgeon General of tho army for duty. The orders issued from the War Department, appoint ing Brevet Major Beauregard, Corps of Engineers, as Superintendent of tlie Military Academy, is, by the same authority, revoked, and Majoi B. has been directed to re turn to his former ctation at New Orleans, I a. The resignations of Lieut. John H. Forney, Tenth in fantry. and I.icut. Kdwin II. Stougllton, Sixth infantry, has been accepted by the President of the 1'nitod Stales, the former to take effect on tho 23d iust. aud the latter on the 4th of Man li proximo. A leave of absence bus been granted by the War De partment to the following olllcers:?l.ieutenant William R. Hogg, Ordnance Department, two months; Lieutenant Elmer Otis, First cavalry, six months; Capt-aiu John P. HcGown, Fourth artillery, six months. An extension of leave of absence has, by tho same au thority, been granted to l.ieutenant John Edwards, Jr., Third artillery, four months; Lieutenant Hugh B. Fle ming, N inth infantry, four months; Oapteln fintm H. N'eili, Fifth infantry, four months; Lieutenant William Dickerson, Third infantry, six months: Lieutenant Ed ward lngiabam. First cavalry, four moutbs; l.ieutenant John MoCleary, Sixth infantry, six months; Lieutenant T. J Dairy, second dragot ns, two months; Captain Augustus A. Gibson, Second artillery, two months: Otptain John W. Franer, Ninth infantry, five months; lieutenant H. II. Lyon. Third artillery, four months; Captain J. II. McAr ttiur, Second cavalry, six months. Kw r Pins OtT ok ran Ifornt.?As the oldest daughter of Mrs I.< muel Holmes was prewiring for church on Suri day last, says the Janesville HeptiUicoit, she throw back her head ami asked her mother it her neck was < l^an, and immediately fell down, cry itig, "A pin, a pin " iShe be gan to ch< ke ;ind grow blink, and struggled as if she must die, while the pin, which she hid bold in her moutli, Muck fast ip her windpi)>e. Drs Chittenden and lane were summoned, nnd after a skilful operation, which lasted three hours, succeeded in opening the throat und extracting the dangerous intruder. The |?tient Was under tbe influence of chloroform. Shu is uow doing well. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sattroa v, Jan. 26 fl p. M. The money market was dull to-day, without any material change in quotation*. Money on call is growing dearer, owing to the movement in Treasury notes. The foreign exchange market dosed steady, with very little business doing. On the Stock Exchange to day dulness was the prevailing feature. Both bulls and bears seemed disposed to await the progress of event". Prices were generally a fraction lower than yesterday, but, as n general rule, stocks were not pressed on the market. The whole business of the day hardly amounted to .r?,fMK) chares. In the afternoon the market was quiet and stocks closed steady, the following being the la-t quotations:?United States 5's 1874, 9:? a y9: Virginia 6's, 7.r> a 77; Tennessee*, 74 a x/%\ Missouri C's, 68%* *4! Canton. 14*1.'.; Cumberland Coal preferred,8^: Pacific Mail, ft.a Yt, New York Central, 79*-? a Erie, SO a 37; Hudson River, 44*4 a W*- Harlem. 16 a do. preferred. 38*^ a *^; Reading, 45% a V Michigan Central, 57 a 1Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 15% a do. guaranteed, 3.1'4 a Pa nama, 112 a 114; Illinois Central, 79 a l/H: (ialena and Chicago, 72 a yt\ Cleveland and Toledo, $4'4 a ???; Chicago and Bock Island, 57'4 a %; Chicago, llurlington and (Juinry, 72;'4 a 711. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as fol lows to-day:? Receipt# W34.5M 88 ?For custom* 46,000 00 Payments 7.(7 .250 10 Kalaoee 5,761 12 The exchanges at the Hank Clearing House tliia morning are #12,881,896 20, and the balances $1,154,724 (Hi. The exchanges of the we.k ending this morning were >123,070,9:14 89, being a daily average of $20,511.828 48, against $20,203,122 15 the we? k ending on Saturday lust. The Hank of Mobile has declared a semi annual dividend of live per cent, payable to the New York stockholders, at the Merchants' Hank. oBde mand. The following table will compare the export- of the seven principal staple articles for the week: 1H00. , , 1801 ?. Weri mti.JanH Amount. Valttr ,lm? nt. V ilw (it ton h.iles .... 6 264 $307,990 ."l.'JOd $318,0*1 KkHir, ibis. 12.074 76,346 32 .W2 1M.453 Oura meal 9* :"X> l?*i Ait Wheat, busbela. 46.3?7 67 622 1'27,??T'? 173,833 Cor* 1 107 1,048 Hjjt,:, 69,816 Beef, M>l#. ?ud ten 8,782 M.HIN 1,199 24 0(0 Pork 8,276 30,408 1,82V 20.427 Total ? $587,421 ? 9791.936 Incteateof week as compared with that 01 1*00 264 514 The following is a comparative statement of the value of exports from the commencement of the year to Jannary 24: - 1800 1801. In rmtr D tea" Cotton $1,308,222 1.078,880 370,008 Hour .144 307 838,084 403,007 fi OBH 111,224 13,120 ? Wheat 107,704 HO*.242 7?0,444 ? Corn 5,121 400.784 401 Oft't ? Beef 103,648 ? 93,813 lV>ik 118,674 104 921 ? 13,053 Total $2,111,687 4,048,888 2,080.612 107,40fl tr.creuf e as c?m|mri'd with ISOO . $( .082,040 .Among other recent change* in Wall street we notice the establishment of the firm of W. R. Tra vers ,V Co., Mr. Davis being the new partner: also, that of Messrs. Norwood A JoequoJin, stock brokers, in Exchange place. The following is a list of the award" of the New York stock loan, on account of a deficiency in the sinking fund, to pay a portion of the general fatrt debt. The J^a" >? of $500,000, bearing interest a' the rate of six nor cent n*r ???.-. _ . . . p oat per annum, navabls mur. er y'"d ^ reimbursable Jan. l, is.* K. H. Km" .' *'' "' 'IK 000 101 hT * '<?- 03 r w. oi<ott "S'JUS! J2!90 a iw ?s (iwvniio is n?v J"- ? 10M0 y. II. 102.01 a 102.19 E. V. Mmiam ^ }?! * lw-7? I'ttiuuiajin & tv> ,S J""'0? A S {.Vjirirr U.OOO 10*2 Underbill & iLtvoii'.'.'.'.? N?-2? Jabo oinutMd "-J"? 10.'.0? a 102.67 J. P. Plumb J'? ?? Jobum ::::::::: iSi:X *l03>03 $5U) ooo in all. The interest due February 1 on the Northern Ir if'if (,0!ihcn line; J?okHon branch, and I>etr<iit, Monroe and Toledo' bond, of the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana liailmad Com pany Will be paid at the Hank of North America, 44 > all street. It fa important to the interests of the holders of the second mortgage bonds of this company, who have not yet funded the conpons, to send the three past due coupons and that duo May next, and receive therefor bonds now held by the company for that purpose. Tho coupons ma turing November next will be paid on those bonds only from which the coupons have been funded. The holders of bonds batted lor funded second mortgage coupons will receive the interest due on these bonds 1st of May next, at the office of the company, in cash. The movement of the banlcs in the fonr principal cues ol the I nion, in which weekly reports are made, as shown by their last statement*, is as follows:? ' N. York, Jan. 19 $l%im,:,a? w Hoston, Jan. 21... 61275 l#7 is.''lAi'?ii *. ?? . } ".067,579 l|tilla., .Ian 21.... 172.473 KSL J'i&Sg *?*<>??> ?V. Orleans, Jan. 19 igamjiU Kjjgjgf JgJ.IM . swasaaas ssgMss Annexed is the statement of the New Orleans banks for the week ending January 19 ? _ tSS&mu:: Jfigs t ??g \SS Mecb.& Traders.. 'm'}? MM R k of N. Orleans. 1,260,646 1 232 "Hit jlv. Ic'- 8ft2,651 Southern 197 ?07 ma ^ ?? ?.7ft *?"*.?? Union "iflgtK 5-b',7?? JS?5J? 3 Mcrcliants' 460,417 411 \Au -uil j!a 7k5 7;54 CVescent City.... 899,920 221 649 uio'ijo ?2!,5M3 _?*?? ?JS JS4B SSI I?"1.;.,; ? ? ;?"?*? m53?.?"S5? The following table exhibits the respective amounts of exchange held by the various bank, and also the gums due to distant banks, the latter being comprised in the table of deposits, as shown Citizens' Dm Bank*. ? anal i'Sf^'?86 42.),892 1 Aula Una .'.V ! '2??'^? 140,636 I/xiisiana State aw'toi 143,932 Mechanics & Traders'.... 1 ??, 360.0981 Bank of New Orleans 84,K9fl Southern II! 21? 94 ^ Union.. 665,001 Merchants" .. 148,824 Oescent City 5'JJ? 71>'fla America.,," 10.493 4,274 T.?1"1 *7 1,409,540 As compared with the statement of the previous week, the results are as follows: Increase In short loans ...... ?,oo . Increase in specie W35,740 Increase in circulation.." rS'crease in deposits 287,485 Increase in esclangc 319,li? In distant baLmces i"?'? "?Vr-Jswa: m, ... 7 - 19 992.120 i He Picayune adds: our knowicii t,% A* it 2 month csiiid to "ulv tor gejerled nflmrrm,n?0ntT ra 'y ,H' hl1'' at a Shade al", v > mi of ?iin, ?""">"?? r.. r.. 1.UM no^: .to/n^ f 771:.",.'.'?'J/'6f' 'V 6f 40 bills o? n,e Nortli sjKt t w. " i'/' "" ^ "[ K'*'.v day count for o.nsldo names ttiu, uh .1 d }* di': casually bad at h,?l' .in(,Kfjml Pul" "?n""Utn were X a ?? discount. bankers are drawing at The Secretary ..f the Treasury makes the follow ng statement of the ways and means for the ba lance ol the liscal year ending January .10, |8t;i ?r,,'rv 'eve may b>- thus m .ted 1 J?""?ry I to January 30, lsfll, Kron. eust'iin" From public lands 000"?? 00 'C.SS Total .*'M... th. .? ti-; 'fiance or' tb;.'fr.'a;;;;"W0'00Q 00 mv' a"U,"rl/"'1 a" "f December 17, 6 000,000 00 Mnkc the of m< uu for ball a j *nr. 22,4W.t/00 VO Ibe (stimated demands ou the TreaMiry, ttn.ler eMstiOf, during the dalfyear, in< biding the redemption of $9,211.400 of Treasury notes, i.- 44 077.524 03 The amount required in addition I" tlie $5 000,000 of Treasury notes, md the current revenue to pay outstanding. cur rent and accruing du.s before the close of the |>resent tlccal year ic, therefore.. . 121,677,024 63 This amount may l)0 reduced $7,689,524 63. if the lm lance of the lunn authorized by the b t of June 22, 1860. (being 113 l?7H Ot.Oi be made a\ allable to the Treasury. The Milwaukee and 1'rairie dn Chien (Milwaukee and Mississippi) Railway Company is now fully organised, and in possession of the entire property of the late Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad Company, purchased at the recent anle under a decree of the United States District Court for Wiscon?tn, at a cost of 17,.'>00,000, and paid for l>y Kirst mortgage, 7 per cent, thirty year bonds. (2.666 000 First class (preferred), 8 per cent stock 1,006,400 Hecond class (preferred), 7 per cent stock. 1,086,800 (X'lnmon stock 2,761 ,800 The officer* of the new cmpany are President, L.H.Meyer; Vlce-I*reirident, JohnC'atlin; Gene ral Manager, .lamen C. Spencer: Superintendent, William Jervis; Secretary nnd Treasurer, William Taintor. Directors L. H. Meyer, John ratlin, W. Scball, William P. Ljrode, Allan Campbell, John Wilkinson, 11. L. Dou?man. (ieorge Smith N. A. Cowdrey. Stock Kxrhmnge. &atvrdav, Jan 26.1811. 100 eh* Krie KK.... 36 X 00 Hudson Hirer Kit 45 50 do b7 46 M do bis 46 60 do 44', 260 do 44 V ?JO S J (Antral Kit. 110 25 Itarlem Kit IS1,' 100 do Id 220 Mich iff hi Con Kl{. 67 170 <10 67' 150 Mich Mob N 1RR 16), fiO Panama Kit 114 60 do . 113', 100 III Otn RRscp ?10 HO 100 do ?10 7> , MO d'> C *> 69 081 ft Chi' ItR Kt do 10 do JO do 600 f lov A Tol Hit.. 4.0 do 10 rille h Kit I HI! 11000 Trea l'Jpctnt'g 102>, 1000 Virginia 6's .. 76 ?000 N (iirolma 6's. 7*',* 4000 Bro'ii c v* lean. 100 fil no Krie KK 1st in b 105 40<,0 86 2000 Mieh 2d m b 600 III ? en KK 3000 I -i C fc M I g bs lltHio (1e ti Tol - t lis ?.ooo I, K A W I m b lfOOOC BAgKl!8prba lOPOCtil ft NW I m 18 flis Hunk of N Y. 10 KajikolComni< ice J 6 Ilk {Hate ofXYork 10 Am fa' hanpe It'k 96 l'a< Mb: Mail ss Co 60 {0 do >:jo 100 do blft !,0 do blO 7(i0 X Y Central KK. 460 do M loo do.... ??:? r.o d<?.... kto lfO Klie KK MO . .;',0 do i-lO 54 pn It* 76 67 n 44 W sa a '.to 04 8S 87 <| 87 *7 87 *0 SO KO 7 :i6 a6'? 100 4..0 110 do,. d do. .bOO . h.'M) 72 72' 71* 72' .11 \ 34' 57 6H 67' 51 . SK< OMI HOARD. .115 <100 Trea* 12 pen 102 , 1 OOOTcMtflM e? s 10 74 i, 2,0C0 Mbsoml 6'a.. 68^ 2,0( 0 Kfle KKc b IH71 Hi 1 ooo Mich Co ? f b 7ft 40 sb< I'ae M W Co. so lOo do 86^ ASS do 85 100 llcndirg KK.stiwk 4?, ,, P0 Mich C KR. MO 57 100 NT On UK so 400 do s"0 79 1. 208 do 79 10O do b30 HO 20 Krie RR ,16? 6 do 37 rotrie RRaaa'dt.. :;6', 50 sha Harlem RR.. 18'? AOO do 10 60 H irlem RR prf . .'in 1! ?lo '. 30 Cfe. Bnr ft U RR 7* U5 Panama RR bio II*'; ? do 113\ lnoniCRRacrlp olo to 400 do 50 0 HC RR siiw 800 (le* Tol Kit* . 400Uh k Kk I RR.. 200 do ?W> 50 do b-'M) 100 do 1>W) 100 do blO 100 do blO < ITY t'OMNRRCIAI, It KIM HIT. Xatckdat, Jan. 26?2 P. M I Mi< r.?The marknt was tlrmer, with a fair demind fn m the trade. The sabs embraced aboM 9,000bbls.. closinK at 6c. advance on ?ome deaer ipikons. ^"ihut was in good demand, ami about lc. |>er buthel higher, with sales of 40,000 bushels. Coa.s was better, and advanced about ?c pwbt'gbel, with pales of Western mixed a*. 67c. a6Hr., in store, and 68c a 68c fcw do., delivered. Pom.?Sales of new men* wore luidu at ft? "5 a f 17 8T>?, and new prune at $13. Wuntil it was Orui, with wiles of 600 bbls. at 18o. S H I PPING NE W S. Movements of Occan MUaintrii FBOM tlllOJ'f. Nanus. L*atm. Dai*. Tm John bell OIamkow ......Dm J9....N?w Tori Radar Liverpool Ian 8. ...New York Vigo Liverpool Jan 9. ...New York Niagara Liverpool Jan U Boston Etna Llvcrp.K>l Jua 16 Bohemian Liverpool Jan 17 Portland Arabia Liverpool Jan 18... .New York New Tor* Homnampton. Jan 19. ...New York United Kingdom. . Glasgow. Jan 19 . New York Jura IJverpnol Ian ?2 ..New York Canada Liverpool .Ian 2ti Boston Bavaria. Southampton.. Fet> 4 . ,N"?wYork Fuiton Southampton Feb 6 .. .New Vork FOlt KUKOPK. Aala New York Tan 30 Liverpool Teutonla New York Fob 1. ..Hamburg Vigo New York Feb 2 Liverpool Arago. . New York. Feb 2 .Havre Niagara Boston Ken ? Liverpool Etna New York Feb 9 Liverpool Arabia New York Keb 13 .Liverpool New York NewY'ork Keb 16 llreinen Canada Boston Keb 20 Liverpool FOR CALIFORNIA. Ariel. New York Feb 1. . ..Asulnwall Morthem light. New York Feb II .. Asplnwall North ftar Mew York Feb 21 ? AspiuwaU KINGSTON, J A., HAVANA, MATANZA8, NEW ORLKANH EuiX?ProOl New York for Klugston, Ja, on tlio20th day of each month New York IhI, arriving at Havana fithand Kew Orleans 9th. From New Orlrana lOtii, Havana 1Mb, ar vlng at New York 22d. Stak or thic Wwvr?From New York #th. arriving at Havana 14th From New Orleans 23d, Havana 26th, arriving at New York .'Wth. t'AiiAWBA?From New York 11th, arriving ?t Havana 16th and New Orleans 19th FromNcw Orleans 23th, Ila\an.i2rtth, arriving at New York 3d. PaiUPCLrmAi?From New York 19th, arriving at Havana 26tli. From New Orleans 3d, Havana 6lli, arriving at New York 12th. DkSoto?From New York 21st, arriving at Havana 26 th and New Orleans 291 h From New Orleans Oth, Havaira 8th, ar riving at New Voi k 12th. Kmi'ikk City?From New Tork 2Kth, arriving at Havana 3d. From New Orleans 13th, Havana 16th, arriving at New York 21st. Oi'akkh City?From New York and Havana every twenty da/*. Matanzas?From New York for Matanzagon the Kill of each month, at 2 I' M. Kaknak?From New York for Havana via Nassau, N l\ on the arrival of every alternate Cunard steamer at New York. N 11?When the above dates fall on Sunday the steamers will mil on Monday, except from New Orleans. When the Jates fall on Monday, the steamers will Kail from New Or leans on the day previous. SPECIAL NOTICE. A" ihklnqr* mid ItUtits iiittittl'tl Jur the XkW YoHK HrKAiD ihtiuhl br MUltd. iuufM roi mew rou?this hat. ICK Kim 7 u I noon HUE* e\ e tl 4,1 ?hn inn All] iiiuu firu iuom f ati Port or New York, January 4(1, 1861. CLEARED. Kieanikhlp Augusta, Wooilhull, Savannah?Saml L Mitchll) A HOD. Steamship North Carolina, Powell, Wilmington, NC?H II 1 rotnweil A To. Steamship Yorktown, 1'arrish, Norfolk, Ac?Ludlam 4 Hei neken. Steamship J'atap'co. Tall. Portland-H B Cromwell * Co. Ship ( ornellim Orinnell, Sjiencer, Loudon?(iriiinell. Mln turn A Co. Ship Zurich, Oldaker, Havre?H M Kox A Bro. Ship Dot an (llam), Meyer, Hamburg? Kunhnrdt k Co Ship Si th Kprague, Ullfesple Rotterdam- Punch A Mel'ncke Shin ( reole, Pierce, New t >rlean??W T From A ul?ff Tr*votorH' (uIV,'?. Montevideo?Gordon, Brtno A M<r Baric J B George, Speed, Bio Janeiro?Kun.Iell, Jones A nudge. Bark Reindeer, Cunningham. Havana-,! K Ward A Co. Rink W llliam, Loid, .Maiaiiza*?C A K J Peter* Bark J Merrill, Posh Key Went?Rentier A Deake. Brig Oarlbaldi (Breni), (.nthaii, Newport, Kiig-Kugcr Bro* Brig Orkney (Br), Murphy, <Jlasgjiw ? Roger* A fit* Brig Ocean Belle, Smith, AntigiiJ- t; A J Knox A Co Brig C ii Sainton, Prance, Havana?Magulre A \rmstrong. Brio Kelpie (Br), Bradford, Harbor Island? Silfken lion su!<* A Co. Brig Alpha (Br), Holmta, fltJohna, SF?D R Do wolf IJriK Suwannee, Monroe. St Marka?Snmliwood, K*rta A Co . Brig.) R Jonea, MilK rharleaton?Dollnfr. Potter 4 <*o iirlgi'atidova, Joaea, Bristol?L Krany. Hehr Foreat King. I'ernr, Rio Janeiro?(J 8 Colt. ?C?r<*!?? Barbados? Bretl, Son A To, ? l aJ OH' Tut hiil. Am Ct&yea?Young, M<\Andrev*\ Kan Kiu A Co. Schr Brontes, Power*, Jacmel?I B (lager. Schr J1, Bowman. Davl*, Nagnabo I V Ona'avta A ?'o Schr Eureka, CroaU n, Neiivitax?C A K J Peter* **r? A Simpson, Anker*. Jacksonvil.e -Norcrna* A Prince Scbr Encbnntre*#, Lynch, Savannah s L Mltehlll Schr I. A Edward*. Lane Ghitrl?*lon?Merrill A Abbott. Co Illllman, Wilmington, NC?Jot,an Smith A Schr B Hart, Hardy, Richmond?I B (lazer. S'ebr Beigen, Cole, retcmburg?1 Cole Heir Knu ire llaxall, Norfolk-Sturge*. Clenrman A Co. Schr II Martin, Sleight, Baltimore? Merrill A \bbott Sohr Narelafa, Woodbury, Philadelphia?.! \\ McKee Schr.I M Warren, Lovell, New llaven?II S Rack, tt ?ARRIVED. Steamship R R (Hurler. Croeker. Savannah, with nvlse and passenger*. to 11 B Cromwell A Co. i'lth Inst, otr Calx's ot \ liglnla, passed *hlp tiranitc State, and a bark allowing a white signal wlih red 1) in centre, both tmund in Ship Mutneluke (of Bolton), Pike, Baker * Island, Oct IS passed ( ?|re Horn Nov 25, with guano, to Win H Webb. Nov fr.'at !>?' S, ion ft), apoke iihlii Creit of the Wave, hence for Valparaiso; Dec 8. Brig g* C W/olsworth, of Drixburv, M^^. n seaman, fell overboard I rom the liowsprlt shrouds and w as lost; *!/>'Ii, lat ti S, Ion ,'V'J V\ , sj-oke ship Pa aua, henee for Rue U"? Aim; same day, nlfnaJiied thlp Oemoo, from Boston for > al| aramo Ship North Wind. Morton, Amoy, Sept 1H, and St Helena Die II with tea*, to order With a remnant of theSWmon kooi. worked quickly d?? n the China Sea to lat IJ V theriee had calm* and light alt s for several weeks until ihe NK mon *oon ei mmt%ced, panned Anjler Oct ,11, .lava Head Nov 4 ( ape tjoo.! Hope l?ec J, and cr.*-e.l the; lo*t the NK trade* HHh, lat U, Ion it), and since then had calms or adverse winds; ha* been 8 day* Sol llat'eras, where the *ky*hila were foiled Tor the fimt time. Nov 2 In Strait* iif hunda, "Mike Rr ship M?nn?n from Manila for l.oiidoii- ?"<l lat .S S, [oil 4(i ;#i E, Sp ke Br bark Indiana, from Bombay for London; J^ith, lat .15 '?] S, Ion 2.'! K, spoke b.irk Annie Buck nam. IT'in llong Kong for New York; Uec 12, :kJ miles Si; of St Helena, apoke Rr bark Springbok, from Cat* Town for London. T.s.k a pilot 2t mlleiSK of the Highland* fr in boat Kllwoi d Walter. So 7. Ship Anna Kimball tor Beverly), March. Sunderland Oct l.t, via Bennuda s days., with coal, to II ,1 P \\ Meyer Sailed from Petmnda.ln e.lBipany with Br brig Princes'- Koyal, for ol''R. Vt.'r, stfellVigN iaM' ,aw ?Wp HnruualAppleWn, 7 Yarmouth. Ma??), Adam*. Calcutta, Sept 7, Sand Ilea' * 14th, with ?altiii-tre Ac, to Bussetl, Hara.n A Co rnri '?> *'*pe (lood Hope, had a severe gal- lie,-1, 1,1) "r1l died of uotiNumption . 25th D "one* No 15 Unit" ft, look ? fr?m Ji>h(1 ' e *iuifkstep (of Boston), Odeli, Singapore, and the ItiMid* Oct 10, with tea* Ac, to l> (1 A W B Bacon/ Oct 16 In Balca Strait*. sTMike hark Annie Buektum, 4?? days from Macao for N. w i oik, and pa**, d Anjl. t and < ape (lo?d llois- in oomti.i nywlth her; had itrong ??sW gales In Straits ol Smida. and ?a* >i day* treating down In company with ship Magnet, of Boston, and several Briti*h and Dutch vessel*; itinird Java Ileid Oct ;?l. ( aj? (iood Hope [Me 3: Dec 25. lat 2 29 S, Ion 2lt M K, signal lied ship I- rincalse Ksllda. 7H davs from Calcutta lor Boston; same lime, llam bark Maca*>* fioundS; cro*?sl the KJi la I or Dec 27. In Ion ft; l.ttf, |n*t. la- 2(, Ion A SI, saw ship Masni t, King, Ir m I >o. bow Sept 2 for New York very vr'!nV . ^ hM heen 10 day* N of Cats- llatlera*. with N to L gale*. Batk ljolden Rule, Whit, berry A?plnwall, Jan X wlthhide* ?f, io ?! I- Joy. ..""m 1r' of Shellmrnc, NS? Aiworsl, Turks Island-, Jan 10, w-lth salt, to C K Knox. Had heavy weather; lost ilb btaim and fore topgnllaiitmist. Imh inst, lat .14 40 Ion 71 50 passed brig Anita Owen. lien, e Tor Nenvllas Hi ig'** (t>f ('iierrjflfldj. Browi?, I)?*marara% I)f?r 29 via IriMgi a .Ian 10, with *al? to A llmjgbtori Schr John W Mattlaiid (of Baltimore). Newman, B.?h,a, ,W days With *Nonr A, to (leo Moke A Co. Had very heavy w^athMv MinccllanfHxia.) nSl!ot.VrK..S'!,"n,V"i H.|inres, Mavagner, Jan 12, with fruit, to H ( nderwood. steamer Delaware, Cannon. Philadelphia Steamer Penguin, William*. Providence. Steamer O-pray. Kennv. Providence. Steamer Pelican, Baker. Providence. SAiucn Steani'hlp* Edinbnrg Rr), Liverpool (and passed the Rat tery at 12 15); Augusta. Savannah (but pr ba-ilv anchored be low); Olden brig Neptune, Ixindon Wind at iuni?t NK. with snow. niKdlaaenai. The S'onih?rn and Sound iMamera did "ot iail yeitei'iay af ternoon, on account of the heavy NE -mte storm. The new iron *crew *team*hip North Carolina. Capt Powell of the New York and Wilmington N.') lin. w??t down the Bay ye*terday morning on a trial trip, and returned about noon. ||er engine* worked moit satisfactorily, the aManier miking 11 knoti per hour She lias *? e'.mmod:itlen* for 20 cabin pa?*enger* The follow-In*are herdlmensloni; Length 178 feet, breadth of beam 29 fe.'t, depth of hold 1.1 feel, and of Mo ;ons hurtht ti She has a direct acting eomlcnslng engine, | built by Mr John Balrd, with ? eyllndei of 42 In- he* dlatiwter ?nd 42 Inehe* itrnke Tii# N rlh Carolina eieared for Wil niington jre?(erday afternoon. The Briliah *tejtn*liip Edlnblirg, I'tpt Brooks, sailed ve teiday for (^ueen*town and Uver|>ool. M^m.,'n(i'Hr ,"">12V.A Sta"'-ww?Capt N'awman, ?f acbi J W >laitlan?l, froni H.?hla. rp| ?Hth itmt. \vh?-n i?.i<?mniF Kf Thonia-. na* hamrft**t by* bomf. trhlch nn-irU'd that *h|i? r a SUmler, Harden, from leghorn for New Vork had irrifed a' shir Amn Harding, burned at Melbourne Vrv2i l^foAypoMed'.mtmto rieak}^.m?rto2riSd a intvey held on h#r Id in-t, and Was SSr Orlea?." ?o the UaHt WIUUu Henry, to *aii f.l, Hmio Towji irm, Hbb?t(i, tirnr^ for NV w Or loan* ?..a u? daytTmiV, ^ Ship Mandarin ha* lieen rai.ed ii|Hin the great Balance rl.irk nbe strl.ied ret,,,iked and newlv coptS-rcd;^VndShir, m Lonl* i* on ibe sum I d.^-k for the same pulp p 1 Knrelgn Port*. ichr KaVe S^^V'TYorkldg^^' fr"M =^'w" {7. i P"fl fw""' '"hn "?""ham, Orav, from R \ ? *' l'r'"r'? Soyal, Work. III ilr'l il j. / - *""?"* do; s irali Lindsay, Oup. til, |..r do do, idg ?ilt for Host oi. 12 ;1" rrl 1,1'?* L W Armstrong, for New llaien, ?tg, t.'eotge, fordo, do. ?-rT/?"jsf*,n ?~t'" P " ?' hl. ?' A Tsvlor, fn NOrleans Idg. t ; ? ? * Vv '"rIl,.P"rt *hlp (' A Siamler, llayden, from ^ww^vsrs, Kjst; r.5.<VViVai"!V"rt"* " '? ?? American Pnrta. APAI.At lilt tlLA. Jan 15?Arr bark W 11 Par** Wall Kev West rand eld ?. me daj lor Boston) t'ld I2t1i, ship Kmtand Jnlie* I.iveipnol. v?"?ss, In fort Irtth, ship* fin'and, ionaa; Alabama Rr) Oochr-a. mAyA iz ,-tvrrT"? Mg; Hft'Oia, fot do, KlfflfVtM, Jmvn*. for Xcw Tork <i<?' a-? tiiblr*; Kckford Webb, Wyman t'l LTrWa.d \t.'i?-^l . Arathn** Hooper, f ,r u.^tr.n (to; W || V^all.' I'.rka ^o?do Ro'st*n Ida, m' l)"nU ,n' ?'"> " M B"T'es, Jayae^for g??! ow ,iT*tr?,:.(hy h*rk' ctifapx&jK&rnrti Hm,ih ?"? Moan.h, Ian 17?Arr *hlp*c?lf*tial Empire,rnnnlnghaai. Liverpool. Lvdia HkollieM, Hkolfielu, PoiiUnd; Sp brig 8?! ? mil r, or* < ardenan. Two ahl|? reported off '.he h?j om incin. SEW ORLEANS, 'an M?Arr ?hlp? Char lea Ward, Ooqirf, Liverpool panub', (JoldinL', Malaga: Indian. Averill, Km Ja neiro, Mali) of Orleana, Dennis, Work; h?rk K>vmj t)U* ?>w Pld xhips Michael Aik|{<-lo, Parleton: Pequot, Dawn,and Welltleet. prummond. Havre; J I) Rlehardaon Lewla, Bre men: bark a Windward. Kmrimi; O H Hunt. Woodbury, Mil Lenox, Pol*, Honton; Kt a Ranger, DougUrf, NYork; n'hr B 0 Sort brer, Pfcrliale, do. 17'h- Arr ?Mp Marathon. Vandyke, Boaton; achra Will Ab bott, Sn lib Rualan; Ida de la Torre, Jntiea, Nabinn I'aao i Id ?bins Caroline Ne?mlth, Collin*, .1 (I faki r, floaa. and Jom phii*, llolhrook, Liverpool; Kvprea?, Croat; Columbia, Ro bert* mil V ii-kihII. Kpragoe, Havre: John Spear, Inirranam, Naplei; hark* Pavld Kunliall, l.innelt, Boston. I HPhad bourn. Humid, Baltimore; brig* Iravlan, Munger, Pol IVnu mun. Potlin, and Panola, Plumtner, NVork. fchra Siar, <lam mon, Va'anrai: Alihra. Ponton, and Mobile, Howea, Boston. 18th? Arr rteiinmhip llabana. MePonneil, Havana: *? hr M P Terbell. Ihomiia. Lavaca. Pld ahlp?Tlr?IUBr>, K.-llv: chrt pu'tepee (Br\ Arkle: Sei FrntellnSard). C.nridu, and William Rathnone, Pratt, Liverpo 1. Sp bark Parmen, I'm*. Kar*?v 1. nil; *clirs Break o'I lay, latin-, King*' on, la M Keinbart, Peterson, Philadelphia. |{)th?Arr *hii>* J W P'?rk, Kopperhoidt Liverpool; Pyra mid, Sleeper. London; Cap Rome , Brl, Simmon*. ami lc>isi?? Boyle <Br\ Haw I*, Plymouth. K: B'-aumnnde <Kr>, Maatera, Kiu?i**i'?''>: bark Nineveh, Robinaon, Havana; brig Katu (Rr>. Kelly. Rualan; a-hr .John A Taylor, Iiomhard, do Clit ships Kniilv Augusts, Strickland: Tiger, I-owell; K>-lgr*vtu, iBr>, Pentkost; Hope, Kolln: .lolin Bryant, Oardner, and .la rob Hort ?, Pook. Liverpool: Penturlon, Paulklna, Ulasgow; Lemuel Oyer, Rennle, ann Staleif Maine, Humphrey*. Ha vre baik* Oerhsrd (Olden), Tongas, IJvernnol; Avel Swe', Feklaud. Christiana; Kn*ano(Sp> Treya, Mala**: Tuya ifip", Itoig Barcelona: Moreyniek. Smith, and I K Pans, Hand, Rn-ton; Harriet A Sieplienson, Poal, NVork; schr M Clinton, Ryan. do. ^ 2lMh?Arr Rblps Roehambeau, Know. London; Tartar, Ha - ben, Rarliedoa: John Patten. Potter, Charleston; New HamP bire Mobile. inirka Kdinund (Rrem1, Wehner, Br?'men: If llaieiline, Priiik\va>er. Hoaton. Below, romtnK up. aehr K It Bruce, fr. rn Bra/oa; waiting ordera, ihIf (?ertrude, Donne. fr..m Liverpool Towed to *r>M llth, aMpn Arthur Maniihe. II TI Roody, Bee, Sip and.., brie A tl Patiell; i >ili ship- Pomona, i? W Bourne, ?' 8 Penned, Reaper, (llad Tldlnea, i'harlemagne, liark Lurt, brlff W II lla/ard ntli, ?hlps 1-M Stanley. s|f Allan MeNab, l.ark f!eneae?>: leih, aliifa K. ?ooe. .1 K Patten, Award, John Barbour. P K W. libej Courier, St''harle?, Rell? of the <?< ean, harka Kduard, Pha* Smith.!' ('? lorutxv. 17th, ahipa W Mer rill, lien No well, Regulator, Imika Young Americii. and K O Starr NKWPOHT. Tan II?Arr aohra .1 M Freetran. York, R1I7A hethport for NBedford: Quivet, Freeman, Portlainl for Tan | iler, Sid aehr Uoldflah, .lo,ve?, NVork. 24th? Arr brig Howard, Power*. Turk* lalanda for ord?re. Sehr Bi, ol NVork, with hard pine lumber, ha* an -licr'-1 In the outer harbor. PROV1DKNPK, Jan 24?Arr "loop A merle*, Norihup, New Vork. Sid t ilg I) Ma'ony, Steelman. Wlmington, NO (and an do red off Na vat I'oint) RIP1IMIINP, .Ian '2(?Arr brig Roiling Wave, PollinP, Vew Vork: nebia Vapor, IH?o?wav and Maneheater. N'elaon. do; Ren Vai diver, ,lone?, Pharleston. Pld ?'lira Marluer iBr>, Parr, Maum/aa; () M Pettil. Clark, ST MABKS, Jan 15? Arrbrlg* K Heuilngton, Smith. NYork; llilb. flanges PearlNiin. Aaplnwall. Freight to NVork ',e SAVANNAH, Jan *{?Arr ?ti amahlp Alabama, Schanok, NVork ?ehr? Robt Caldwell. Iludaon: S llrew?ter, Hawkina and KM riemill, Hindrieknon do: Terrlll, lliRgin?, Haiti more. Pld ahipa Medina (Br', Morria, Pomnei a, Allen, and ; Ponaul, Hayden, Liverpool; Jaw I'arker, Ponnel), . i Arr ihy tel) ^ehr L I'eaooek. Ilobart, NYork, all weil. WILMINGTON, NP, Jan 24?i ld brig Koleraor, ProwtU, NYork. RAI.RK AT ACCTIOJI. \ I.BEKT MORTIMER GRIFFIN A ? <>., AifTICN A rare rhance to obtain flrgt <1 *K" , Tln? HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AT AC? HON, The property of a gentleman lewln* l?r Europe. MagnMccni 7?, octave Room Suit*. (Ml Fainting*, by Brocade and Lace t'urtalns, , _ . .... Kronxe and Ormolu I handeltere, M. da,lion Velvet t'arpe ts and Mosaic Rues, Sevres and Dremfcm i luua \a*c?. Artistic Bronze, and Marble Statuary, isai? Ktcgcrea, Bookcases, Centre rrble?, Oak Extension Dining Table and Buffet, to match, t'hin ? Dinner and Tna net*. Hi,hemian and t-'rvstal Engraved Olusa vare. Solid Silver Warn and Shellleld Table t utiery, Bronze and Ormolu rloeka and faadetobras, to maicb, Rosewood and Mahogany Chamber Furniture, eniolte. TA Mortimer, Grillin A ''o.. auctioneer*, h'.ve the lienor to umiouiMW Co their friend* and the nubile that to-ywllN^r at nubile auction, to morrow (Monday), Jan *8, at 10 * o riocv, all the Household Furuilnre and Work* of Art I be elegant residence of /..?no Bumhani, E?.|., ?* WWt SU ti. nth street, b?iwei n Fifth and Sixth avenue*, tlie_ rata lognc e. mprlsing the largest and rl< lust assortment ofhoine hnld furniture offered at auction this season; the house wan I urnlsh.d sl? month* afro and I- In per'e. t order. the furni - ture was to order, l.y Baudoln, Volt .c Well and la ol the best description Sale Kromptory. *or lurtber parUcU lam kop to morrow's Herald. AUCTION NOTICE.?ELEi I ANT HOUSEHOLD FVR nlture AT PUBLIC auction. An extraordinary chance for housekeepers and dealers in Gee iiirriituift. . On Monday, January 2*. at II o'clock costly Furniture, Painting" rosewood Urawin* ><' 11 ? elegant seven oetave ro-ew.ssl Pianoforte, ?'??''J 1?I252Jl Mirrors, rich Carpets, Ac . in the residence No 16. Wis. Twenty Unit street, near Seventh penile The *?'{[? tun- of the house i, In perfect or. or, and will p.*It:IveW M Hi hi without n'Ufiv*', rain or ?hln??, <%on?d<tintf " eirxan? liiaiitel IMi.l pier Vtriors, Mosul.' Ma.b e IVdeaUils^.unled in bronze; la. e and bnrat.1 > ''rulns n^w's'd hteff'r ^, with mirror fronts; three MM|wood *ult*. In brocade, superb Flanolprte, < on $3? two months ago. rur klsh I ounces and ('hairs, elegant cblnn V ases ?nd otn? r Mantel Ornaments, Dining K's.m Furniture?E?t> "soui Table, rich China, Huby (Uaiaw.ireol ''^'^arietv of ti?.n- ivorv Cutlery, SUtof Warn, with a Urge raneiy >? i imwhtr furniture, ei^tant Mattrenw*, Beila ami Naduintf, wlth^ver ?*>' anf. oi Brussels ln?raln . ar,s-t- ?o handsome Sola, I>.uu?es ? h..lrs or all kiud , t locks"lilclotbs, rich fhandellers, Ac. N., ,s,st,s?.-mer,t. A J. BI.EECKER, AI TTIONEER. . Supreme I'ourt rale of two I on north side of IUm n.ond strT-. t, near Washington, under direct on ..f Wn. W ?i aon referee, on Monday, January^, at 2 o . .o-k a tne Merchants ?*< hange .the stay of proeeadlngs having ti -n vacated, fate positive. ___ ? Ot'TION NOTK E -M. DOVOIITY, Al t tlONEER, J\ % III h*W ??n Monday, .Ian ??t 1<V . o'clo-k, at I.s.m, H5 Nas?au street, a larue aaso troent ol H.-c..nd hand Household Furniture, removed from Brooklyn and lor ton vi nlenec .It ssle, together ?tin the balan>'? of aio. k of a eat i net n a tiu i act ui er, consisting In partof uiaho^.uyan'lr.s wood Ti te i t. tes, parlor and arm < halts, gl t ' ratite i ler ai I mantel ?.la-se?. M-lvet and Ingrain t'arpets, Uooki-aar*, ex irn?l> n dining Tables, Buffets, dining < bairs, dressing B i n-Sns Washs'f.nds ItVdste ols', balr NUttre.s..,1>^ther^leda, Wsnlrohes I 0111 lies, B. d.liiig, Ac , Ac. Als", ihr? " <u Wit der S patent Salainatider Safes, to be sold to pay advances. \nnTl(iN SAI.K OF READY MADE PLOTII1N1. A.'.? A M t'RISTAl.AR, Auetloneer, Zi Bowery, will se I on M,,ndav'.Ian 2K at UI), o'clock, a lame and gcn?ial assori niooi OlU-. nat.le Cb.thing, c mprUmg clotli, pilot, J sluim and twaVer fn-e*. sack, business ami <lvct. <wts,/l.^ rtl"el"" Pants, silk aa,tn^a^?. vt'lvt i u111] \>Mts: aU<? H<Kita aim, snir^? Urawera, Ilo-t. ry, N?h ktU-H, Ac. A\m) 4,?WU don?-HU? Vugara, a ITTIIIN NI1TH E -BI'RNHAM-8 FITRMITI re ex. J\ prr-n t'a. ktrifi li'stjiblisliin' iit. III, li.l West Kleventh street between Klffli and?l*lh avenues.?I|..u??h..ld rurai ture boked and shipped to all parts of the worM. < ?var?d wagons for removing lurnitiire to the country. Furniture ?to led -|sliWARD St IIENCK, Al'<'TlONEER K H1.E1UHB, HI.EICillS, Sl.F.ItillS Hv F AF II SCHENCK, on Monitor Jsth lost , at one o'c ock at 'heir salesroom, No t*l Broadway, TWO l.AKtil1 HI-EKJHH. THREE At.HANV c:i TTERS and run PORTLAND SLBU.II3. Also, B?l:s, Robes, Ac., to be pi-remptoiily si.Id witho ut re serve. KURT OR KEN, Aft TTloNEER- OR0?'F.R!E?, Ll || <11it.i * s .i/ars, A.- . M. nd.iy, January at I" ' JlT ?? at the euctlon stole, KM William stivet. A Muantlty o! Oro ^riev ^veral c,.k. K.andy Bourbon and rtwtc Wh.akey. II 4.In HI) IMWI wfturH, Jtr* Aluo at 12 o <.w?ra. Fur- 1!^'and Fan"; teswls, Jewelry, ?> gold and silter Watobes, Ore proof Sate, Ac. Ci A I ROOART, AC<TtOK*fcM.?MONDAY, JANU S art '2X. at 10'. o'clock, at I'M West Twenty eighth street genteel hous. hold Vurniture, Oas Fixtures, *e , OMvdatiW ?-f rosewoi d parlor I urniture, velvet, Brusai-ls and three: |-.y ar pets lare Curtains, marble top centre Tables, iwk^ng an 1 Inst > hairi Mifas^Is.ungM, Uae t.handellere, roeewoed, m% W.ny and cottajf B-fsteads. hair Mattres-es. Bedsand Bidding, dressing Bureaus, Wa'hsUnds. m*hji[any ^"'k ? ase .lining ns m Furniture, oak extension dining Tab e, marl W- top Bt.leloerd. dining psitn <'halr?, kitcheu ^ urnrture, fnsk'-rv, i.s.kliig utensils, Ac C? A I BtuiAKT, AH'T'ONKERS TI ES1.AV, JAN. iN w atlo . o . lis k. at the auction rino", >" I >[ortn Wllllani str. et n sale or a large stock of finished acd iintiulsh'-d t'al'lliet Furniture, !lor>c. Wagon, 'larnMaifl. a"s?I assortment Of' f'arh r, Bedroom and Klwheo Furniture, WEDNESDAY, .Ian ,10, u|, . at W . o cli ck, at the aucti. n rooms, by vlr.ue of a bill ot silc. I <?lie lbs t'ogna. till- Also, constable ? sale of Li i|Uor>. Butter. Suitar, large mirror Frames, A<\ /ill B'HtART, Al 'Tl< iNEERS ? Tl ESD AY, JAN. S. SO at X o rlotk {'. M st MW Nassau street, tfce effeetoot -i Kesiaursi t Par Druutsr Table., t hairs, lys.ktng ?? asse , ; Tumbler', |i? soter?. Kngrarlngs, Trockery and U^ass Ware, Cm.king I tensile, ?r CMIERIFF'S SAl.F. BY VIRTUE OF V > KRTAIN ' ^ wilt ..I i xceull.'U, to ui** dlreetc.l and delivered, I ? I ' expose to ssle a* publle vendue on Mondny,'he JRh .lay oi Januar., at II ?'? lock In the |>n, a' No. 174 varte* I stn el,all the right, title and interest of lienls O and to the stock, flxture* and leaaeiM'the i*i?nhre? r_? ta'dlshment, 174 Variek atn?i. JOHN KK1.I.*. Sh.nff. B R*ittv, Deputy sheriff \\' M W ITTFHS. ArCTIOVf-FU. WILL ? \\ .1,. X. s> J.. .1 k. at I.M .anal a m '<\ I' ' <r nlture iif a large house fine ? er|ieu, Beds, Beddin . IJism and Klu-ben Furniture, Ac Till". RAI.I. HKAMIW. WIRT DEFARTMI R1 BAl L, ArAliKMY T 1h?* rf?*nt att?. hrd to It"*"* ^ Amd^mr of will ?????n <>n ,h<. () (|| lor tfie aerommodatIon A ' '> . if pneter rt''OV KTKF.N1 II ANN I' AL MAM. H.^^on W^a r c arlBien s '?'?hl' Yiancingt ? <?nm?u?e at nine ne-dar evening. Ian. ?i?, l%i "sW"^ ulgUCV, v-a|).?jn. o'clock _ .1 T.rtoH, Jr . Treasurer A. Com l*?, ?eereta.y L1""' BOX. "' .rS'KSV or Til 1 USD A Y RVF.RINO. FEBKI ARY 11, i?*l. THl'KNDAY EYENINO, FEBRUARY IA l*J. IIM RSDAY EYENINO, FEBRUARY W. MM. Tickets two dollars, admitting a gentleman and Udiea. Military and civic ball of ?"J'*1**?L,nV Twelfth regiment, Independenee O?fd. ?t < Hy Asg? bly H.sms, on Friday evening, Fehru^T A^Muj{<*t worth's Band. Tickets may be procured from any or tne member* of the eomoany frllE OERMAN ^EDERKRtN/. SO.MI5TY WII L^I-7 1 their snnual Francy I'M' Hall at the f vtt, lhi ir Ho. ms on Monday, February Ij. t? ( rimnr memliers and I rtends The v *rloU. ' tT" high rejit i Ihe arrangements will end.?vorto wstoln t?e ??? lion which the ball* olJMs d i?nes.'an lie bed "r at 92. admitting one gen lb m*" fnnow|,u ^enilemen ? members onlr, among oh-m arethe r?wwin?je ^ W,? IJelMngnans, t ^'eiind a^en^ i'hM '-teinwar. M H?y; O Saekersdoff. '' ^ L ?ti. ,,f tickets s?Uie door, Walker street There will be_ no rwhich do no* and none will t>e rerilved, ^ |nlr,,|,|r,^t and of thn bear the names ot the gen l' not .raiisferrahle. member '?}f-?^;.,?^Mheir Mcket. at Py Hsg - ^a'tn^y ? n"$&rsTEfc?R, secret.

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