Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 27, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 27, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,523. NEW YORK. SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS DIBECTOBY FOB ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?2d Paw?liludM Hit ASTROLOGY?t?m Pac*?6th col. BILLIARDS?1st Pacb- 2d col. BOAKDEBM WiMKU-liri Paob-M col. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?13th ' BOOTS AND SHOES-2D Paob?2d eol. BROOKLYN BOARD?13th Pacb?3d coL BROOKLYN BBAL E->TATE KOK SALB?3B TiMm 3d coL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?9th Page. BURINBKS NOTICES?7th Pacb??Sth co,. CITY REAL EST AT K KOK 8ALE?M FAQB-Meol. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?12th Patt*-2dcol. CL'THINO? d Pack?2d col. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?13th PAO?-2d Mia. COASTWISE STKAMSHIPS - 12th Pack?5th col. COUNTRY BOA D-I2TH PA8B-3d and 4th cola. DANCING ACADKMIES? 1st Pacb-tfth eol. DENTISTRY?2d P?c*-2d col. DRY GOODS? 1?T Fir.*-4th ool. DWELLING HOUHtti TO L.BT. FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED?2i? Pacb?4th eol*. _ , EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?12th Pacb?4th aad Mil cola. EUROPf.?2d Pa?b?2d col. EXCURSIONS?12th P aoh??th ool FINANCIAL?Sth Pacb FOB SALE? Itr Paob 6th eol. ' FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENT! TO LET? 2d Pack??th col. FURNITURE?12th Pac*-6th ool. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?12th Paob?2d coL HELP WANTBD?MALES-12th Pao??2d and 3d nl HORSES. CARRIAOES. ftC.-lsr Fa?b-34 and 4th ooU HOTELS?12th Paob?3d ool. _ t , HOUSES. ROOMS. Ac-. WANTED?2b Fagb?4th coL INSTRUCTION?1?T Pacs?6th coL JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN. HUDSflW CITY AND BBR GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALK?2? PAea-3d art. LOST AND FOUND?In Pao*?2d ool. MACHINERY?Ear PAOB-Sth col. . . MARBLE MANTr.LS?2d Pa<ib?2d eol. MEDICAL?12th Pac*?6th eol ? _ BILLINEEY AND DRBSSMaKING?1?t Paob?Mb ool. ISC hi LLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? !<>*? Pi" 6th eol. SIS^ELLAEOUB-ln PAOK?4th eol. USICAL-Ist PAOH-64h eol. . . NEW PUBLICATIONS?7tb PAOH-6th o*L PERRONAL-Ist PAoa-lsteol. PIANOFORTES. OKOANS. AC.-1st Paob?6th eel. rORT OFFICE NOTICE-lsr Pack?Hh col. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR BALK OB TO RENT?2d Paoh?:<d end 4th ools. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANOB-2D PAOB-4th eoL REAL E8TATB WANTED?2d Pac*?4th eol. KELIUIOUS NOTICES?Ibt PASB-lit and 24 colt. REWARDS 1st P Art??2d col. BALES AT AUCTION?Ut PACB-Mh>col. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?12th PAOB-lrt u< 2d coll. Situations wanted?males -12th Pacb?2d coL PECIAL NOTICES-1st Pacb-*! eol. gPORTING-DOGS. BIRDS. AC.?1st Pagb-M coL 8TOR \GE?1st Pacb?Mh coL IUMMER RESORTS?12th Paob?4thoel. rilK TRADES 12TB PAUB-Sdeol. HIE TURF-lr* Pacb?3d col. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?2d Paob?4th eoL TRAVELLERS' GUIDK-12th Paob?'ith aud 6th eol*. DNFURNlsUhD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? 2d Pacb ~4th col. WATCHES, JEWELRY. AG.-lsr PACB-6th eol. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPBRTY FOB SALB OB TO LET?2d Paob?3d eol. YACHTS. STEAMBOATS. AC.?IOth PACB-Sth coL PERIUNAL. "XT* n I rScJSgn i z e d ~ y o u~a t~?oofff <$TWIZl A Me yon at Argyle social Soiree to-night. IF LADY IN BLACK. WITH GENTLEMAN. WHO recognised gentleman at Taylor's Restaurant about en* o'clock yesterday and afterward at flower stand on Hroad way, then walked to Clinton placo. will appoint an Inter view. she will much oblige an admirer. Address ROSEBUD, Herald office. Live Oak will leaVe tub address at thb Post olBoe. ANNIE. La belle creole-yours received, please tend residence. Address B., Herald Uptown Branch eOiee. Marguerite-take good car*-, of youeAblf; you a a impruaent sometimes; much better in every particular. BROTHER. P H. M'N'ALLY AND SISTER,OF THIS CITY. LEFT 1 ? to-day for Paris via London, par steamthio CltT of Berlin, and will remain abont three months. THE PARTY WHO FOUND LOOSE DIAMONDS wrapped In paper will bo liberally rewarded by com . munlcatlng with G. Z., Herald Uptown Branch offlco. T'~HOMAS D.?PEEBY S. IS LOOKING AFTKR~WEST ern papers: am having article* copied here; bridge Parties secured; St. Lawrenoe county tnan needs watching; [cL. all r glit; am flatterlug htm; whisper gently lor Mtirphy. SAMUEL. WASH-WILL BE IN TOWN MONDAY NIGHT AT Argyle shadow daasante. ADELAIDE. Tir*"?0-?? ADDRESS OR INFORMATION OF YT Mary Whittaker, daughter of the late Henry Erana, ?f Dublin. Address J. U., Herald Uptown Branch offlc*. HBfJOfOUS NOTICES. A -^h- 6W~r^uJwiiEk~WaX~tK^uaE~oS A? "Lost Virtues" at the Berean Baptist church, corner if bedlora and Downing Thursday evening, J una 1, 1870. at 8 o'clock I*. M. ?BERKANABAPTIST CHURCH, BEDFORD AND ? Downing sts.?Rev. L. O. Barrett, pastor. will preach m Sunday morning at 10:30 A. M., and will baptise after . ironing service. A LL SAINTS' PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH: A Bar. William M. Dunuell, rector, Henry St., corner o Mammal. New York.?Services every Sunday morning at 10 ao and every Sunday evening at 7:30. The rector will preach. AT SPRING aTREBT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. JX ne?r V*1ek st. Rev. Atftvd H. Moment, of Princeton College will preach at 10:30. Subject?'The Palm Tree." At 3 uH) the Lord'* Supper will be administered. At 7:43 Ihe young peopla'a prayer meeting; all welcome; teat* Irae. A~ ~~89UClATIuN OP SPIRITUALISTS, HARVARD Rooms, Reservoir Park?Ufa. S pence apeak a ou Sun day. at 7>i o'clock; Conference at 3^ P. M. All cordially Invited. TnMIYBBSARY SEJIVICKS OP THB 8T. JOHN'S A Methodist Episcopal church, 53d at., near H roadway? Preaching by the pastor Rev. Jamea SI. King; aervicaa 10* A- M- ??<? 7X P. M A" T WASHINGTON SQUARE METHODIST EPIhCO -pal church, Rev. William Lloyd, pastor? Morning, preaching by Rev. /. Pcgg, of Brooklyn; evouiug, "Thought* Suggested by Decimation Day." A" T FREE TABURNACLE M. E. C11V RChTw EHT 34TH at., between 7th and 8th ava.? Itev. J. Johns, pastor, will preacb Sunday, at 10:'g>. Subject. "Jesus at Ni.iu 7:4 . "Landlord and Tenant." Young People's Meeting. ? :30P.M. A -PLIMPTON HALL, Ol'H ST.. NEAR SO AY.? iV ? Preaching at 11. LB EC KB R 8TRE BT UMVE RS a LI ST GHIfBCtf. corner Downing at.?Rev. Albert Ii. Sweeteer, of Spring Bold, Mass, will preach to-morrow, morning and evening. Morning subject, "Religion In Nature;" evening. , The Un-een Universe." UBCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY, * Madison a v. and 42d it. Hoars of eerviee, 10^ A M. and 1% F. M. Rev. Stephen O. Tyng, Jr., D. D., will preach. Bible reading at 4 P. M., by Rov. W. Ham pat one. Young men's prayer meeting at 8>? P. M. GlfuRCll OF OUR SAVIOUR (Sixth Cniversalist Society), 57th St.. near litb av. James M. Pullman, pastor. Rev. A. B. Horror, of Troy, will preach Han day morning, ?t II; evening at 7:45. C*~1HRI8T CHURCH, 5TH AV., OORNKR HOT 11 8T.~ / Rev. Dr. J a red B. Flagg will preach morning and even* tag, services commencing at 10^ A. M. and \ P. M. CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH, WK8T42D ST.; J. D. Horr, pastor.?Morning suuject?"Symbolical Import Of Baptism.'' Evening?"A Sermon to Young Men." CP. M'CARTIIY WILL PREACH IN UNIVERSITY ? chapel, Washington square, morning, tl o'clock. Sub )ecte?"Where I Stand; or, tbo Sneleton in the Cioeot evening, 8 o clock, "Loyalty to Truth and tbo Cross it Brings. ' All Invited. Bring Sankey's hymn book. iMOBTEBNTIl STRBBT METHODIST EPISCOPAL 1 cbnrcb.?Proaohing by tbo pastor, Rov. W. F. Hatfield. Morning. "Tbe Accession of Christ;" evening. "Moral Dan gers of Young Man." IRST FREE BAPTIST CHURCH (OPEN COMMU oion), aBtb St., west ot ?th av.?Rov. O, H. Bail will preacb morning and evening. First reformed episcopal church, madF eoa av., eornor 47th sv?Dlvins servieoe at 10:30 A. M. and 7 45 P. M ; children's service at a^P. M. Rev. Wm. T. Sabine, rectar. will preach. T?IFTH AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH.?DR. ARMl" r tage, pastor, will preach. Morning subject-"Christ's Military Order." Evening?"Tbera'a a Knocking at the Door." Baptism at morning servloe. Harlem unTyebsalist cuubch. ij7tm st.? Rev. J. a. Seiti, paator. II A. M. to-morrow, "Cer tain Evils." 7:45. "fee Beak of Jonah." REACH IN O ONPKOPHECY.-BISIIOP SNOW WILL preach tbo pare Word of Mod In the Medical College, 83d st. and 4th av.. on Sunday, at 3 P. M.; seats Iroe. Sub ject, "The End of the World: What It is. and When *" EFORMEO EPISCOPAL SERVICES. 2STH ST.. BE tween Bth and 7th a vs.. 10:30 A. M., 7:40 P. M. Ton are welaome. Rev. George Howell, pastor. R*~'~BV.~JAMBlTcAROliiroF dublFn, will preach In tha Scotch Presbyterian church, 14th st., near 8th ?v.. at lpK_A._M. ??<? * *? M. I>EV. JT. U. LTOBTBOURH WILIs PREACH, MORN V ing and evening, in Seventeenth etreet Methodist pisconal church, between 1st and 3d ars. Evenlug sub Ject, "Woman's Proper Sphere." RET. J HALATE AD CARROLL. I>. D., OF BROOE lyn. will preach in tbo Mlasion Bnilding. 7th av., below 18th s^ on Sunday. Sarvloo commences at 10:45 A. M. Rby. oardTnrb spring plcmlbt. paitoi* preaches at tha North Dutch church. Fulton at. (on trance Fulton and 58 Ana st.). Sunday, 10:30 A. M" and 7:'IOP, M. Monday craning, praise meeting. Friday evenlug. prayer meeting, 7:30. In this church tkc Fulton street dally noon prayer meeting Is held. REV. CHARLES E. UARkTs. PASTOR OF ALLEN street Methodist Episcopal church (between Delanrey and Eivlngtoal. will preach morning and evening. Evening sermon to tbe Jew*; subject, "Jesus the Jews' Messiah.** Beau Iree. .. ... .. " Rev."s*mcel carliIe~wIll preach inthe Madison avenue Reformed churcb, comer 57th st , on ennday next, at 11 A. M. QTANTO* STREET BAPTIST CHURCH?WM. HAYNB O Leatall. pastor, will preach at 10 do A. M.. subject, "Strehgth Apportioned." At 7 :3u P. M. : subject. "Why am ! not a Christian.'' Strangers invited. SBVBNTH STREET METHODIST EPISCOPKL church, near Cooper Institute. Rev. J. 8. Willis, pastor? itebnath?Morning, ??The Boa of Precious Ointmenteven ng, "Woman ae a Factor In Civilisation and Cbrietlnnlty." T"~ABEElfACLR BAPTIST CBOBcH, 3D AY. AND 10TH >t.-.Morning. Kov. K. B. Kelsay; evening. Rev. A. B. dart well, misalonary. recently from lihlna. All Invited. Etib DANGERS THAT THREATEN THE^AMERI. can Republic.?Arthur P. Devlin, the reformed Reman thnlie, will preach on Sunday evening at Maeoaic Temple. |N*t. Md?th ae. KKUOIOIS XOTICKk. rriHlSW^OURTtf"STREET REFORMED tiliUBCH. 1 west of 8th av.?Tbe Rev Charles Martyn.nastor. will prHoh to-morrow, flit last.. at liH, A. M Mid 7 >4 P. M. TU EOOHS B llllTON KoVl HE OKNTR A1. PRESBY uriu church (37th st., near Broadway) will ha laid on Saturday, May '.'7. at 3X o'clock P. M Addnwn will be delivered by tbe Hot. Dn. Adam*. Arm it age. Hall. U sitings. Kins. Parson. 8. H. Tyuic, Jr., aaa the paatar. Hot. J.D. Wilson. COD STB BET BAmBTOUUECU. BETWEEN BKOAD. OO way and BtU-at.?Preaching Sunday at 10^ A. M. aad 7K P. M.. by Hot. N. A. Hood. DD LOST ASI) r?i itu. FOUND?LADV,l<~NBCiKI.ACI!. TnE'OWNhlT'OAK receive wat by proving property aad paying for ad vertisement. A. HILLEK I BKO . SB an"? 41 lit av. Found-some stokes which are supposed to be diamond*. Will the loeer give full particulars under tbe column ot ' Loot" la th? Herald. Found?on thviudat. mat asm. a bom or Money, la a ml llnery store In DItUIob st.. which eaa bo rocororod by proving claim aad paying oxponaoaof adver tisement 56 Division it. LOST-FROM 320 EAST 79TH ST.. A SMALL ITAL ian Oreyhoand. Whoever will return blot will bosnitsbly rewarded. iFT THATCHER. Lost-a small scotch TERRIER DOO. OS Wednesday afternoon, in 18th st., between Oth and 7th an. A I boral reward will bo paid by dotiTorinir hltn at stable No. 138 West 16th St. LImFket lost?with p LATIN a monooram. a handsome reward for return of same to W. 8. NEIL SON. 51 Exchange place. L~ OST-MAY 25. IN GOINQ PROM 16TH TO 20TH HT.? between a??. A and H, a gold Kins, tied In handker chief. Kinder will bo llborally rewarded. 4M 2d av. Lost?on Thursday, on broadwat. near lrrii st., from prirate carriage. a pair of Sleeve*. with gold Buttons mad* of English sovereigns, name of owsor on tho sleeves. Tbe above reward will be paid tor tho return of tho articles to LORD A TAYLOR. Broadway and 20th st. L?ost-on monday. mat 22. between 12 and 1 o'clock, while coming from tho store 220 Madison at., and along Jefferson st. to 172 Henrv St., a i'ockeibook. ai><>ut $90 in bills; there was in it a doctor's bill and two prescription* for niediciue. The Under will bo liberally re warded by returning tho same to 1TJ Henry st. STOLEN?FROM Na ?8 8KRING ST., 25TII IN ST., Police Dress Coat and Shield (No. 283). $10 will bo paid for tho return ol tbe same to the above address. aHDs <#?! rf EEWARD^tOSir ON^Tifir^irTJfSfrA cJ U little Mack and white pus-nosed Dog. Call at 117 West IStli et. \ SPECIAL ?0T1CE!?.~" "a 'll mevkntbenth ward citizknh who ark IX opposed to the police outrages of last Sunday will Blease meet at Tlvoli, IS aud 'JO St. Murk's place, to attend >e mass meeting to be held at Cooper Institute, Saturday, at 8 o'clock, P. M. All diseases ok the blood and nekvous system; successful and permanent cures guaranteed; eoin-mtatlon Tree. Dr. WEST'S old established office, 45 Bleecker et., near Broadway. A TTKNTIONI?TWENTI YEARS' PRUSSIAN HOS A pltal experience. Dr. JACOBY, No. 101 Bleecker st., treats all dlsoaees of men seieatiDcally. even of long stand ing. Consultation free. No charge lor medicine. ABSOLUTE!)!VO ROE* FOR ANT CAUSB. Q&iETLT, anywhere.?Pay when secured. Advice free. AMERI CAN LAW agency. 71 Astor House, New York, Of Cia cinuatl. A_?ISAAC O. BOTCH. 267 HROADWAT, LAWYER^ ? DiTorees obtained promptly, without publicity ; deser tion, incompatibility, habitual drunkenness, iufldelity. In. human treatment, conviction of felony. Passports obtained Alleni oo..? kabsau sr., new tore.?wy. oming Lottery draws Miiy 30; capital prise, BSO.OOU; f200.0(KJ distributed; tickets $1, six for $5; prises cashed. Circulars mailed free. A?first prize, gold. Main drawing ol the Ducal Brnn?wlck Government Lottery, from May 18 l? Jnne 9, Is7" 68,5(10 ticket. 28.500 priiea. Koval H avail* Lottery. Next drawing Juno 6. 1876. Pmll explanatory circmlara f?jE0D0RE MCUOCH, Box 5,594 Po?t office. 116 Nawau ?>.. Haw ?""? _ ? _KENT0CKV STATU LOTTEBlks OF J. ?? "? jJS&Sffli"'*' /yv OO qo |ji (5U 55, 10, 17, 2?? ? . A Aom" ~M?m B. NATHAN. 181 Bruadway, or box 4.870 Post office. New York. II*3l l7(*?TST? RI * K 8. - WH O L X TICKETS, $10. ."^Kvery oth.rTIOK I T DRAWS . prl.e .,r 4 ,f| piilZKrt. FROM $50,00?l to #10(X i^KTUCK*"KTA ? DISTRIBUTION PrUe. ?^W%%TUllU AKT&AVT0B DRAWING. Prliet PAID i? ru PAXICS. KMKBfON k OO.. BANKERS. 180 BROADWAY. POST OKKICE BOX 5.J7*. ?CV VRASriS GOULABli. LATE PROFESSOR IN !::!=SSSr=E free. _ _ DI8HKnM 5PlK^BM%^i44 Laxlngton ... near 29th at. Office bonra from H lojfc ? r-i-u-j"JORDAN. SOLE PROPRIETOR OK TUB EiTJisr ?si. i ttsssrissrasr Sr!;::!i'ad"5si!SiS-?.Mi."sfflS4u...~ in mil amount. tinned. __ KSi" ??/th?d^VpHraHR0fl8T^ bo* 1US Herald Uptown Brauch office. IN TI1B FTENINO telegram TO DAT, ciwniri ?'i?T MEMBER OF CONGBER#: PRESIDKNTIAL ASP1RANTW OP BOTH rABTlW. ?CHRONIC CATARRH. DEAFNESS: IMPROVED beat wanhlns of all kind" done. ?_ Kentucky state grand single number dis 'zzzsxuXXil ?? Kentucky State l-otterlea drawn dully. Koyal Havana Lottery draw. June 8 For Information, circulars. *c;;?ldrei.m or ?ppljr ?o York JAOKBOM A CO., Bankar*. -XY2 HrondwiT. ior*. Lad IKS CONSULT DR. GRINDEL FOR ALL AIL mem; apeedy cura whatever the mattar. 14- ??> 48th >t. _ 1 aWYERH AND OTHERS HAVING CUAIMROF ANT Li character acaln.t the Kovernment cin learn thlni to their advantage by addrewln* SOLICITOR. Herald olbee. Particular attention tfven to copiprorale* NF.RVOWS EXHAUSTION ?A . MEDICAL JS88A* comprl.lng aaerleaof lecture. delivered ?t Kah? ? Mn Mtim of An.toiov. New York on toe cau.e and cure of Pre mature Declln". .hawing Indlanntably h'?w loet ?tJ be regained, affording a clear .ynopat. o? th? jpi?edln??at? w marriage and the treatment of nervoaa ?"* belnc the result of 30 vear. experience. Prlee ?5 cent*. Ad dre?? the autlior, Dr. L. J. KAHN. office and 51 Raat loth ?t- New York. /^~officiaITdrawin6s kentucky STATE LOT O. teri" SIMMONS * OirKlNSON Manaren. KKNTUCKT. FXTB ? CLAM !">? a'1*~1iT ._ in i? :u m 71. -'8. a. -'2. 58, aa. s. 47. * ' KK5TCCKT, CUAM *0. SdO?BAT *26 1870. fifl 21 17 4<> 13. Ttt 4, 47, 46, t>8, 52, 71 ' iiasnT. icxtra so.^49-?at 26.^878. 37 2Hl 5'J. 4A ^ J}-,'%*! ?, ?5? ' nw?r.clam!*#? J?* - J, u 17 77. 56 5*. 5M. 83, 13. JW, 43. H>>, ?. 14. reillniormatlon hyapplytng^or addriwing J. CLUTk k CO.. 200 Broadway, or )>o? 4.96B "eat olBW. 7\ ein'iim SIMMON'S * DIOKIMSOM'8 BINGt.E 2;3"5S5ffs;r ?sn:r Ticken. f 10: Hall. $5. ?ati0 Jh,Vwf iJalTto will be drawn on Tne>day, June 6. 1878. Send la ?Ae^Ube.I JILUTK. Ranker No. MO Broadway, or box 4.869 Poet office. New York city. VH1.RS 0R HEMORRHOID* BAD1CALLY CURED? ?) aRD; only ofRc? ^ Wc?t I4tb 8t. . iTyal uavana uittery.?$000,000 will be drawn on Jnne 8. Prl?e? caahed : orrten fllled : Infor matlon"urafahed; l.lrheat rate, paid for Spantoh bill., ffor ""tAYlOR0* CO.. Bankeri^No. 11 Wall n.. N?w Yorfc. mn it I rrriZENS OF NEW YORK WHO LOVR T liberty and rrecdora In a free and and all who *re of?po??H to IffiMJ arbitrary J rneetlnr ofdtiaen? hrld thl? day lt wae arreed upon that a S^m^tlnir at Cooper Inatltute tball take place on Satnr STthe^7th ln.t.miB o'clock P M.. to adopt .ucb rue.a LkiA!?iii i? th? fa tare oroTeiii IHo wholtaalo ^r.r.rT .^.t. made on l-t Sunday. All dtl.ena who are ???!- law and tf., action of the police SSWs^ay are cordially Uir.,^ t. ?"??^J|1|ITTEB. Nnr Tou, May 24. ?H7-t. TAMAR ISDIEN -A' laxative FRUIT LO/.BNME, mrn-eabie to take . ape<'l8<" remedy for conetlpatlon and it. co?.eouan**? F. OltU.LOT, 27 Roe Rambatwn. Parto: "e^M Ca"vELL. HAZARD * CO- New York. rHF UNDBBSIONED hereby GIVB NOTICB that ho will epply to the Board of H5altb of the city of Mew York fbr a permit to erect an abattoir lor tfce Umagh a jnir .< cattle *ind iheep on lota oti Watt 40tb ft., on tha ion "h rtde of iald .treet. aad dl??. ab?t*? J.' ^e preient water front. W. H. NCKBll'K. New Yoax. May 28. 18.8. - AttAO AAfl ? kentucky STATE LOTTBRY. lUU.UUU. Odd and even nnmber drawing. May 37. Circular! with fall parttanlar# eent free, p C DEVLIN k CO., Stationery and General AfjnW. lfo 3 l'?rk row. near Ann at., upooalte Peat office. N. T. $300,000 GIVEN AWAY TO DAT. kntiiky Slate DMrftoliMt A fjw Tickeu left. Grand Capital Prt?e, $50,000. Every other ticket draw*. 25.420 rrlae.. ^5^1% 4 C0. 697 Broadway. rtlLLIAHUii. VMRRICAN STAN DAB D BEVBL BILLIARD TABLB9, A with I^uner;. Wire jStHlhSa ? E,.?rVamP.4U W.WR^mil Ho:. 40 _ C-M I eviiin s KTANDAKD aMERICAW BEVEL ?J?Bimard Table., with ihe celebrated PUeian * ??"??dy JUL OMUluu., for .ale In tlU. ?Uy omly M 74b Ureal way. ?PORTIA G?DOGS. BIRDS. TJOOLS SOLD SEAR U N t O *G_RO I'HD8 T?II8 AF X terooon on Mutual va. St. Lontt, Uuloa Ground*.CM cago v*. Hertford. Hartford; Athletic v* Leulavllle, Phlla dalphia; Beaton va. Clndnuati. T> KQl'IRED?30 PIGEONS HER WEEK /OR THREE XV miinlhi, at lea* than ?*0c. par pair. Addreaa X. i. *?? Brunawick Hotel, New York. ~ - tHi TCRr. T~~" XtcrfterirA^ French Poow^Afab Bvbry A. afternoon and ?renin* dorlng tht? week at THOM AS Exchange, l.JW Broadway, on the running reoea at Helti Bmra and Cluclnnatl; al*o on the billiard mate jee at Phila delphia, the reaulta ot which are taietrrapiied dtrael by Mr. U.W. Cullender. OROK0E M. THOMAS. UCTION AND FRENCH POOW SOLD TO-DAY AT NEW YORK TCRr EXCHANGE. 15 Wa t IM at., on the CINCINNATI Running Race*. French pool* cloea 3:15 P-n^, Prompt attantloB glee, ^ordey ^ hyjaH or^ A~ L'CTION AND FRENCH POOLS SOLI) AT J OHM ?on't Kooms, corner U roadway and 2Stb St., this After noon, on (be race a *1 Cincinnati, Ohio. Full returns re ceived by telerreph. All orders br mail er me^ ajftr will reejM". particular attaatlou.? French^* jclo*. a. JM B" ASIC HALL?POOLS SOLD ON MUTUAL VS. ST. LonI*. Hartford ra. Chicago. Boaton va. t incinnatl, AlMetlc v* . L.ul>vlll?. till a afternoon; alao on the trot* at Philadelphia. JOHNSON BKOrt.. 28that. and Broadway. (1 KNTRKVi LLE COURSE, THURSDAY. J UN HI. 1*7*? J *IO> purae lor horaaa that never heat J :50; B-tO to tin*. >? to areon'l. $20 to third. Entrance I<> prr cent, to elo*e at C. A. DENTON'S, Jamaica. L. l.,Ta**day, May 30, 187?J. Adraiaalon 5t>c. TATTERSALL'8 TURF AGENCY. 1,227 BROADWAY.? Book* on Wither* and Beltnont htakea, Ac., all IUU - more ruca and all eveata thronghont the year. McDOU GAL A CO. Amount* hooked from >1 upward. ATTERSALL'S TURF AOKKCY. 1.227 BROADWAY.? Book* an all rarea throughout the yj-ar: araonute booked from ?1 upward Havlngleaaed the hotel and grounda on tha "BUUT' at Jerome Park, will open an Co Bee there and hwka nnall tha racaa. HORSRS. CARIUAGKji.~dtt. CHAS.~W. bap.kek, auctioneki:. A. BY ORDFIi OP Z. E SIMMONS. Eaq.. to aail?fy a claim, will l<? aold po?itlvelt, without reieire, on ruetday, May :??. at 11 o'clock, at Barker A Son a City Auction Mart and New York Tatteraall'a, corner of Broadway and 3?th at., the following very valuable TROTTING STOGK, eomprli !nDlRKCTOR. buy stallion, 15* high, foaled 1??: .b7 Charles Backman, Orau#* county, N. T.; cot by tlaiuble Ionian fRysdrk's), dam by Torn Thumb, trmnddnm by Crab tree's Bellfcunder, by imp. Bellfoundar; can boat 2 JO; bo ANDALUSIA, bay atalllon, l.Vj high, foaled 1886; b by the late fc. K. Conklin. of Philadelphia: got by Harry Clay dam by Alexander'* Abdullah. granddam by ycrmoat Black Hawk: ha* .i record of 2:31. and It a aura foal getter: can BRAT 245 TO-DAY, and U tba moat extraordinary ^sV^PIUbVVay feidinir. \*K high. John Miuchin. Orange county, S. T.; *0% by Hatnbletonlan (Ryadyk'ai, dam by American tftar; baa a record or J .41), and can beat 2:3n rMy. . ... BELLE, Buckakln mare. 1\^ high, fbalud 1871. bredby John Mlnchln: not by Woful. dam Belle or Saratoga (JM) , trotted In bar four year old lorin in a LINCOLN COLT, oay galding, IS 1? high, foaled^IBTO, bred by Oovamor A3?ASA J. SPRAOUE, of Provldeaca, K. I.; got by Ethan Allen, dam tbe Lincoln mare; can trot '"bayNjBLDINQ. 15V high, foalad 1??: bred by Amaaa J. Spragua; got by Haiflhletonlau (Sprague'a), dam by American Star: can trot a 2 :?? gait. , ^ _ CHE>TNU'r KILLY, 15? high, loaled 1871: bred by B. R. Conklin; got l/y CoakTin'i Star, dam by Baahaw; can tr,;M?)^ARE all warrantad aonnd and kind. The PEDI ORE8-< are STRICTLY liUARANTRED or uo aalo. Stock will b? on agbibitiou at the mart tha day previoua to aala No poatponenient and aale poaltlve. Trir CATALOGUES can ba had at tha SPIRIT, TCRF or MART odice*. -a~MAJOR CHAS. W. BARKER^ AUCTIONEER A. KOCRTH EXTRAORDINAR\'Bndpo?itlv?lyclo?lng aale of U*hmnablT bred Ttoltlng Stock, bred by HON. A. B. CONGER, of the Waldherg stud, Haveratraw. N. \.. to taka place at BARKER A SuN'S <:ity Auction Rartaud Naw York T?ttera?ll'a. corner of Rroaoway and 39th at., on WEDNESDAY. MAY 31. at 11 o'clock, and comprising SEVENTEEN HEAD of B"od M??v Fllliea 8t.rMon^ Colta and licldlnga. balnc the PICK ANCEofthe KAVIOUS WALDBERO HTCD. and Including a DAUGHTER ortbe celebrated PRINCEBS (dam of H?PPT MedlumlVa daughter (lull SISTER to SOt BKETTE) and granddaughter of SO STAG. Ac. .. .. THE BIIOOD MARES are the get of Ryadyk ? IIamble toninn. Tor<4nto Chief, Kurcltn, Young Star, Ac. # n THE KILI.IE8 and Stallion Colta Include the g*t of Da* trona. Bedford (2 20). Ma.t Anthony (2 30), Magnet (2 Wild Irtabmau, Ac. The Geldlag (2 :?4) la the gat of Toronto Cs'rOJK WILL arrive at the Mart to-day (Saturday), Mav 27. for exhibition up to tale. CATAl OGUES now ready, and can be bad at Ik* Spirit, Tnrf or Mart offl<-ea. SALE POSITIVE; no poatponenient. T^MAJOB~0HAS. W. BARKER. AUCTIOJCEER A . COLONEL C. 0. BURNS or Uenderaon oounty. KEN TUCKY, announeea hi* aecond O EATSALEof tha FAST EST OKEEN TROTTERS In America. }n?t a^lyod Iron. Krntucky, to take place at BARKER A SON IS 3ty iAmt tion Mart and New York Tatter*alls, corner ot Broadway and 39th at., on Thuradav next. June 1. at 11 O and comprialng TEN HEAD that can trot in from down* TO *J?:#> including *n e*trnordinery end very cloael?matched PA*I R of L^ aor?! OKLDINgs that can TROT IN 2-.40 to the pole; a PA' INO GELDIMl th?t can ?how A 2:20 GAIT; all warranted aonnd and kind and all of tha HKST Kentucky trotting blood. Mock now nl the Mart for exhibition and trial. (JOLONKL BURNS request* that everybody will come and RIDE behind the stock end TKHT TH K 8k*RKD before the nale Catalogues now ready. Sale without rewerve or postponement. ? ATCITYKAL'AiON MART AND NEW YORK TAT TERSALL'S. . * t ^ coiner of Broadway and 3fHh ft. MAJOR CnAB. W. BARKER. AU?:TlONEER REGULAR SALES every Wednoaday and Satarday. TWENTY-FOUR hour* allowed for trlaL THE ONLY driving track In|tho Sl?t? CATALOGUES OF SALE THIS DAT, AT 11 O'CLOCK. j v ELEGANT TOP Pony Phaeton, built to order by a well known ally maker for tha late C. P. Marehmont, ha* only h<THKU^FOLLOWING the property of a private geotleman '^Tlfii'ilM PORTED che?tnut thoroughbred Mare, EHea, 15la high. 0 vear* old, by the celebrated *leepleeha*er t lau din*. dam ElUa Tu*co; will make a aj> endld aaa-lle mare. CLOSELY M ATCHED pair of highly bred brown Maro*. The Twin*. I5K high, U and 7 year* old; high action and stvle: r*ry showr team for T cart or pnaeton. BROWN GELDINtJ Chaueron. In high, 7 year* old: a very line. *howy. match coupe or phaeton bono; la flaa ua ^EU?Ga'xT LIGHT Dog Cart, by Wood Broa. TOP DEPOT W igon. by Webb, nearly new. THE VERY apeedy and de>lrable b?y Irottlng Cleldiag Col Snravue. IM high, foaled 18HP. ?ot by hthan Allen, dam by Young Morrill; la an elega t gamo and very ea-y driver; can beat 2 :"jO. two men, to road wacoi; be* no fault* nor vice*: can be driven by a lady with aarely aud U war ranted sound and kind. . ? . u?. TOP 8IDB bar road Wairon, by Benson Hros. t,aR(;K LO1' new and second heno liarnens. TIIE VERY faat gray Trotting Gelding Wlnnepenny. got by Draco 15W high Toaled I8I-U; liaa no record; can trot three boat* better tbau 2:40; .old for account or former pur BUSIMiHB 'T^NoVt.' composing a, cheatnnt galding. LUint TOP R?prM?*w?. . HIGHLY BRED bay Trotting galding, got by 8nIn, dam bv Champion, Jr., aire of the Auburn lorao, 15^ high, foaled 1?70: a very atyllah and handy driver; ba* never been handled for *r?i'd and can beat throe mlautea; la war ranted aound and kind. . TOP FULL upring Wagon, ueaHy new.eltybullt ROAD 1URNOUT. conalatlng of a line bay Galding, 15V. 8 year* old; a Irae and pleaaant 1 river, .harp traveller and warranted aound and kind; al*<* top Wagon, Haraeta, 4c. EIGHTEEN OTHER top and uo top KoadWagoua, Car r'?i,EVE*RCAL OTHER llor*a*. PLLL DESCRIPTION at eala. SALKS Nr.VEK poatpoupd on account of weather. ; bred ?MAJOR CHaRI.ES \f. BAKK'.'R. auctioneer. .. THE SPEED SHOWN UNDER THE WATCH. TIIE UNEXAMPLED event. MAJOR BARKER ba* the hoaor of announcing Mr. W. A icing M . . J. BACON'S (jf the CARRlMiTON STUD farm. Mont gomery Po?t office, Trigg oountr. KENTUCKY) seronil IfNPRECEDENTED saLK of the lamest GREEN and TRAINED TROTTERS ever offered at taction Jutt nr rl?id from Keutacky. to take place u BARKER t SON'S City Auctlot. Mart ud Kit t ork Tattenall'*, corner of Broadway end :Mth ?t . on MONDAY, JUNE ft, M 11 o'clock, . od comprising TWENTY-THREE bend of STALLIONS, GELDINGS and MARES, WINNERS at all tke Konlbern Keatucky and Tennexee FAIRS, In saddle, barneei and sPe.KU ring*, tliat can trot In from 9^ down to BETTER THAN 'J :3l), the set ol Exchequer, Bine Gra**. Tenth Legion, Ac.. Ac . and including two extraordinary gentlemen'* TROTTING TE t M S. THAT THE STOCK cam* from KENTUCKY the bill*ol lading. freight blUe and laeuranre pollclet Irani point of ?hlpaeat, certificates of SECRETahIBS or PAIRS. Ac., are ready to exhibit to all deriring to eee than. STOCK object to Tateriaary eurgeon* examination, and are now at tba Central Arcana Stable*, Central ar , near Fleetwood Park, where they can be Men In hamate or nu der Raddle and SPEEDED up to Saaday, J una 4, when they will be removed to the .Hart. THE TIME claimed for there ,boreee will be SHAWN UNDER THE WATCH at Fleetwood Park on Friday, JUNE 3. AT 10O'CLOCK A. M. GentUmen are requ*?ed to be preeeut. CATALOGUES with fall particular!, pedigree*, record* of performance*, Ac., new ready at tM Spirit, Turf and Man offlcet. or al the (table*. SALK WITHOUT reierre er postponement. FINK LOT OF HARNESS"follK76LD CHBAP? Sheeta, Net*. Rob??, Ac ; larva Mock at loweit price*; save money by dealing direct with Ihe manufacturer. B. BARTMCrr. S2 Warren it., corner College place. -NEW "-AMD ttCO?D hAND~L1OHT' AND Sl3 . neat Rock away*, from np: Depot Waron*. Pony and Baaket Phaeton*. $00 ne; Victoria*' Jump teat Road and top Wa.'nn*. MO np; a fine Landan. light. n<nrljr new; nine Paeaenger Depot Wagwn*. Clarence*. Coache*. Coape*, Sulktr*. fw? up; 3So Carriage*, every *iyla, aad at prire* te *elt the times ; II am eee from $13 up: Sheet', a large a? eortment. WILI.IAM II. GRAY, X) and 32 Wo?(t(r (t. ?SECOND HAND carriages. Two-wheel Deg Can, our mate, at a bargain. Ldvingaton Dog Cart, nearly new. Surry Cart. onHkur wheel*, our make. D?g Cart, on tour wheel*, city make Top and no top Road Wagon, oar make. BREWSTER S. ."Hb ir. and 3lrt (t. A -TUB "woodruff" DBI'O I WAGON. ? The aandeomaet and be*t made. Rock away*, Biggiea, Depot Wagon*. Park aad Pony Pbaetone; a splendid aoortmeat ot Harneee. Lap Darter*. Stable and Drea* Sheet*. Halter*. Boot*. Ac. pricks MU?f GIVE SATISFACTION. JOHN MOORE. 57 Warren ?t. VERY FINE CITY MADE FULL SPRING LEA III er top Baggy, new 30 day* ago; eoat MflO, for f.m Private (table No. 3 We.t 13th *t. A second' hand twelve skat omnibus wanted ?State price aad particular*. Addrei* A. M. X., box 114 Herald office. N ImToRTED los don MADE SADDLE and Bridle, never n*td; alto an imported Scotch Terrier Dog. Can be aeea at No. 4 Cedar ft.. room IS. up atair*. GOOD~~ YOI*n5! SOUND FAMILY DRIVING Hor?i\ 10 liaitU* liigli wanted; price JI90; .iljo good Top Wegira. cheap. Addree* G.V I: LAND. Heriild offlce. .TpO* SAL?Wo" PONY BUILT HORSES; A MO . one 8ne driving or family Hor?o; oae week'* trial. U Gr*ad *t., near SojUvaa, rear (table. HO&KKS. CARRIASSIt ?C. A-for sale cheap. five horses. suitarlb ? for grorerr or expresa; good triai allowed. Apply at 4) Bleeckrr St., In raar. A ?kohbale. Very pikb dark dapple a bat jr\.? Horse. 7 year* old. IRhend* high; sonnd. Mad Md S'**t *trle; eu IT able l<?r braifttn, T oart or two wheeler, rlrate ?tub'*. No tJ WmI 35th at. t Half cost?bkal'ti kit l SxffeNSirfl* SHIFT in* top light Pbertou, seata foug iwmm; light slugla Phaeton, light Road Wagon, two full apriu# top Wagons, two aid* bar*, single aod double Harneea, all nearly new; bast city makers. Private stable. 33d st. and 4th tf BOAN MARE, WEIGHT, l.litt; TWO OTHEB Horse*; $?*?. $7">. $125; Dirt Cart, Expraaa Wagon, Harness 112 Henry it., (table. A BARGAIN.?$280 WILL Bin* A very STYLISH black Hone; iui ela-xant top Buirry. $1VI; a One Har ness, $4.1; bdinititul I'. ny Phaeton. $2nO Stable :?l Bait 12th at., between Broadway and I'alverslty place. An "established* carriage manufacturer w mil a Partner with capital for financial and outdoor business. Address HUB. Herald Uptown Branch ofllaa A "stylish team ok dapplr ORATiioiaa are for aale cheap by owner, for want of uae. Apply at stable 143 Wf.t i7th at. OBNTLBMaN about LRAVINO THB PITY ?libra to diap?ae of hla complete Tnrnont. consisting ofT Cirt.k'ijlfl mounted Douoie Harness an>l eheatnnt Team, all la tlrat cihim order Inquire at 4* Ka?t filat at. CMJCAKIMO OCV 8 A LB Of OtBRUIIBI AT ORBATLY ' reduced pried*! large a^aortmsnt of atylea raltable for b?th town and cnunuri. being eurplaa atock of WOOD BROTHERS, at did stand of Bradley, Pray A Co., 23 Union aqua re CH AXCK TO ll'Y A f0NY~PHAl?f0N AND UAB neaa for 5I.W, at residence 110 West 50th st, Jjll.N'E LIGHT CAKKIAfiKS ? BROCKKTT A TUTTLK, of New Haven, Conn , hare on hand the largest stack of One light Carriages te ba fonad outalda of New \ ork elty, and for style and qual Ity they will comoare favorably with the beat New York maker*, while onr prlcos are considerably less. We make a specialty of the light side-bar Wagons, with the J. B. Brewster patent cross spring. BUOOICETT * TUTTLK, 1U5 Golfe at., New Haven. Conn. FIRST C LASS TURNOUT FOR SALE?CON SI STI KG of onn pair sound and stylish yonng Horses, One trarel lera; one Coupe, beat elty make, beralled glaa*. In perfect order; on* T Cart, nrarly new; double Harness Blankets, Robes. Whip. Ac. Inquire at J. 8. FERGUSON'S jtables. No. 1(13 West ".Mil at . nearfltli a*. Thla establishment mint ha seen to he appreciated. and will b? shown every day nntil sold. Sold separately or together. For "sale chkap-first olas8~ne\y business Wegon. Applr to O. II. WILM \RTII, 40 Nassau at. For exchangb-a black JfARB, l.iof WEIGHT, for a Horn* abont 1,40 , to work In a heavy wagon; would pay a bonua. Apply to GAIR M WEST. 143 Keade *1 TOOR SALK-A DOUBLB TRUCK IK QOOPORDER r Apply to THOMAS R. DONALD, .iS Cranberry St., Brooklyn. FOR SALE CHEAP?UVAL OLA8S "51EAKSE, IN gnnd order. Inquire at GRAY'S stable, 282 East Broadway. For saTk chkap-onk nrar'ly new truck Cthr e quarter). Shaft and pol*. Can be >een at 413 West 54th at. Fok sale cheap-chunky BROWN MARE. l.->'i bands. price $ 0; ?irown Horse, in bands, 7 year*. $50; two arts of double Harness, $15 a sat, 73 Vandam it, near Hudson. /^bwtleman'S ROAD MARS. BROWN; PAST; BRST U trottinir stock; young, sound and kind. Inquire of WrLLB A CO.. 737 Broadway. Harness.?cheapest harness store in nkw York; good Btttrgy Harness, band ronde. $!?*>: good Grocers' IIarness, $25; good double Team Harness, $30; a irood Horae Blanket. $1 V). Please call and examine for rouraelvas. FISHER A OSUORN, Manufacturers. 71 Barclay st H ANDBOME bakouche for sale?a great bargain, for want of use. 190 Wait 2Mtb st. I bon STARLE fittings?NEAT, durable and cleanly; Partitions. Hayracks. Mangers, Ae.; order* promptlr tilled at lowest pricee; catalogues furnished free; specimens at atora. JANES A K1RTLAND. No*. S. 10 and 13 Reade st IK THE EVENING TKI.FORAM TODAY, SAMI'EL COX. MF.MBKR OF CONGRESS; HIS JDKAft AND VIRWS ON THE PROBVBLB ohances ok nomination and election or tee PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRANTS >>F BOTH PARTIES. SECOND HAND BREWSTER WAOON, SIDE BAR lop. $75 and ?'-><>; 1 full spring, ?ma m?ke, polo and shafts; 1 Stiver* Itoad Waeon. $80; 1 Depot Wagon, I light cut under Koekaway. I Caffrey Sulky; 53 lbs.; lop I'ony Phaeton, $100; 1 Busknt. $100: Skeleton Wagon, $40. WILLIAM II. GRAY. factoryl,404 Broadwav, near HTHIi st. RADDLE-HOR8E WANTED?MUST TROT UNDFR O saddle and he accustomed to drive in harness; state price ind full particular*. Address It., Herald office. ITIO LET?PRIVATE 8T A B L E N O. 117 WEST~2ST 11 S?.; X eighi MtuiIs and one box stall In yard; coach house 2ft*410; elevator, large harness closet, gaa and water; rooms for coachman. with convenience*. Ac.; to be rented lor a private stable only. Apply at 128 Broadway, room 1. TO LET-PRIVATE STABLE 153 EAST 38TH ST., IN thorough order. Apply on the premises. TO LET-A THREE STORY BRICK STABLE IN Watta >t.. near Canal; 0 or 8 stalls. Inquire of OS TRA.NDER.3fll Canal .t. ?yrEMICLES IN FASHION. IN MODEST, PLEASING AND DURABLE COLORS. Landaus, Rockaways, Landauleta, Cabriolets, Coaches. T Cart*. Rrougham*, Phaetons. Coupes, Rrltton Wagons, ROAD WAGONS. either side bar or elliptic aprlnr A. 8. KLANDRAC, 872 and 874 Broome st. (old stand of Brewster A Co.) ERY~ H7H(Iis6ME~irADDLE HORSEHfob'saLE? Three-quarters thoroughbred: briitbt bay, with black points: 14.3 hands high; souud and kind; la sold only be cause outgrown by Its owner. Can bo seen at private stable 34 Lexington av. _ WANTtSD~TO BUY-A GENTLE MAN'S TURNOUT* consisting of one Horse (height I3^{. i?r over), one T Cart and Harness to in itch' home must be perfectly sound, kind, five from vice, and vehicle In Brst class order. Ad dress. with all particulars, L., box S73 Post office. w INDSOR WAOON. by Brewster, of 25th st. Notwithstanding the dull tiuies, there la sn Increased de mand for the Windsor at an advance in prloe over all ether*. It In the best and safest wagon made, snd In the end will prove to be the cheapest. Warerooms, Mb av. and Jlst St. W~ " ANTED-A TROTTIN(PsULKY, IN C.OOD CON dltlon; one made by Caiferty of Camden, N. J., pre ferred. Address box 1,(06 Post office. WANTED TO PCRCHA?B !MARE OE OKLDINO, ISM high; not over 10 year* old : irood on a pole: penile aud sound; show 2.48 or baiter; fair price paid; state all particulars. Address QUICK BUYEI:. Herald office. WANTED-A DONKEYTGENThR >OR CHILDREN to ride or drive. Address DONKEY, box 113 Herald office. WANTED-A BREWSTER LIOHT TOP WINDSOR Roao Wagon. Address, with age and price. B. A. U., box IN Herald Uptown Branch office. ANTED?A GOOD SECOND HAND HEARSE Letters address J. E. BLAKE. Cosmopolitan Hotel' w OH <)?.?HANDSOME. NEW TOP EXPRESS WAGON; $l .iu also one to salt grocer, $14tt Stab s, 124 Wee* 1Mb st. A. DRY GOODS. "?~8TgwiR?~rm: have replenished their stocks of POEEIOV AND DOMESTIC BLACK. COLORED AND FANCY SILKS, Kith the Newest and Most Desirable Fabrics at GREATLY BEDUCED PRICES. ? Large lnvelee of LTONS BLACK, COLORED AND FANCY SILKS, Purehaeed at the recent Large Aactioa Salee at a Great deduction. 81LC grenadines At $1 yer Yard; Cully 50 Per Cent Below Former Prices. broadway, 4TII AV.. 0TH AND 10TH STS. "MILL! S E RTIlTD D HE H S M AK IN t* . x MARIE TILMANh," OF " PARfSnSlPORrER, A. offers s lsrgs assortment of the Inest Millinery : Hate from Virol. Parlsel, and all the best makers. 423 0th av., near 2ttth st. 1*0HT ok kick notice. (?jibi^f ~i>FPICE "NfiTfCE. X lhslorelgn malls for the week ending Saturday, Mm 27, 1870. ss ill close at this office oa Wednesday at 11 o'clock A M. lor Europe, per sieaiuDthip Bothnia, via (jueenstowa; oa Thandav at II JO A.M. lor Europe, per oteaniKlilp Frisia, via PI) mouth, Cherbourg and Hamburg; oa Satur day at 4:30 A. M.for Ureal Britain, inland aad France. I per steamship Cliy of Beriia via Queenstown, and at 0 A. M. lor Franc* direct per steamship Amerique. via llavte; aad at H A. M. for Scoilaud direct malt be apecially addreeecd per steamship Victoria via Glasgow; ami at II :W A. M. lor hurope, per steamship Oder via Southampton and Kreturn. The. mail* for China. Ac., will leave San Francisco June I. The mstls (or Aaetralia, Ac., will leave saa Francisco June 21. The malls for the West In dice, via Havana, will leave New York Jane I. Th<- direct mall fer Braeil. Me., will leave New York May 27, 1*70. T. L. JAMEft. Postmaster. 1 , MISCELL.A .VMOtiffi. '? tlizST. artis1^ Dfci'MiSlA'frt iCfA k*fcs 3*1:dHf. JV. tnl?ion for ('nuienalal Historical Transparencies et low price*. I.iaa Broadway, room a/. Esi robsloi ixfajIts, B' supplying the HIGHEST AMOUNT OK VOUftlSHMSBT In the MOST DIOESTIBLE A N I)" CONVENIEKT FORM. SAVOBY A MOOlE. 143 New Bond st.. Leaden, and all ebealrtt tad itorektepen throughout tbe world. RALES AT AUCTION. XSSM^fr^RT^AKK Jx HENRY D. MINER. Acutloneer, law Henry II. Ixiedn A Miner, OSca aad Art Gdltrlo. M-'i Broadway. Mow on exhibition, free, at Miner'* Art Galleries, M5 Broadway, inffMoa collection (>r American Works of Art, br the leading artiet* of this city, embracing flne representative Slctnres br the following eminent painters. all uf which are Irect from tbelr studios Flrstadt. A. Hart, J. M.. Miller. C. H., Sallow*, A. V., Hant, W.. M,.r?u. E . Brown, J (1.. Homer. W.. McKntee. Bristol. J. H . Una* De. M. F. H.. Perry. E. W . Beard ,1 H.. Ilaade, M. J., Partnn, A., Benrd. \V. H.. Inuess.O., Kobinsou, T., Baker. <) A. Jolineon. 8., Uttirf, 0. If.. Caailra' , J W.t Lnlarge. J,. Sonntau. W L., Coleman S.. LaDi'd n, (J. C., Tbmpeei, W, Fitch. J. L.. La flour, T., Wblttredg", W., Huntington. D. Lane. L, an others. Ih* abort will be (old Thursday evening, June 1, at 7>J o'clock. I"CTION~sVLE OF MAON1KICBNT HOUSEHOLD Kurnltnre. property of K. (lav. E-o., to be held THIS cSatnrdivl MORNING. commencing at |u o'clock, at tlm elejrM i live story brown stono mansion No I2<> West JSdst.. ne\r(lth av. Orar ?35,000 worth elegant Household Furniture. Two elegant roaewood Pianofortes. one a Stelnway k Rob, ?ail Wimtnor upright. cost 97(H) and $l.0Ot>; magnificent rosewood Etajpirrs. lace Curtains. Mirr r?, latent ?tj le inlaid Parlor Suit?. covered in satin, hrocatel and reps, iulaid Centre and Con-ole Tablet. Cabinets. Jardinieres. Brinses, Oil Paintings. Jkc.; Chamber Suit*. In black walnut: Dress, ing Cases, Bedsteads. spring and linlr Mattresses. Carpers, Ac. ; Bookcase. ???) vidiim?s choice Hooks, Ladles' Secreta ries '? h-rrv T bin Tunis , >nits D ning Room Buflct, K?. tension r*'de. M><i<i walnut Cnair*. in leather; china Dln Ber and Tea Sets. Lourr-'e-. Hat Stand. Also basement and servants' Furniture. 1,0 KK FITZGERALD. Auctioneer. N. U.?Hoods packed aud shipped, oily or couutry. A SSIU.NEK'S HTLF IN BANKHUPTCY, J\. oi toe eotlr ? stock of ELEGANT CABINET FURNITURE of the late flrni of IRVTNO 4 SON. BANKRUPTS. BY KDWAIU) >0HEN(K. O.N MONDAY. MAT 20. aud (lie following days, commencing at 10 o'clock, at Nos. 201, Jthi and '.'OS hast -'7tn at.. el"giint Parlor Suits, In silk, satin, tapestry and reps; Pin ing Room suits, In leather: fcll.rnrv Suits. In plush anil borette*. elegant black walnnt Chamber Suits Beosteads; Die*?itn: Cases. Bureaus, Wsshstands and CommodeK in great variety; Biffets, extension, centre and side Tables; Lounge*. cylinder Desks, Bookcases, Kscretoires, Cabinets, rocking and easy Chairs, spring Beds and Mattreisea, hall and uuibrelltt Stands, Ac., Ac. TUB ABOVE ARE NOW ON EXHIBITION. By order of JO IIN C. CUTTRR, Assignee. E. T. FKt.LoWKK. Attoruev. Auction balk" oh maonifioknt houhbuuld Fnrii'turc. I'arlor Suits. Pianoforte. Broniea. Ac., this (Saturday' morning. commencing at lot^ o'clock, at tour story mansion 21 Kitst 20th si., noar Broadway, consist In^ ol Parlor Suits In satin, cntollne. rep aud haircloth; Steinwny A Sons' Pianoforte, Oil Paintings. Mirrors, Centre and giit Tables, Bookcases, Dcrke, Bedroom Suits, with Dressing Cases, Hureans, Wasiistunds, Mattres?ee. ("arpett, Ac.; Huttet, Kxtension Tables. Crockery, Cutlery, Ac. N. B.? House to let. Hoods boxed, packed or removed if required. HKNKY ZiNN. Auctioneer. Auction. extra lakiTk iiouShint.i.n fuunT turo sale. Property of Daniel Ph. Martin, tsq., at the private residence HO East IMth St.. s> cond door from 4th a*., this (Saturday) morning at 10^ o'clock. Velvet, Brussels, Ingrain Carpels, satin Brocade, rep Haircloth, Parlor .Suits, ro?ew >od Pianoforte, Bedstead, Bureaus. Wsshstands. Wardrobe*. Workstand*. Commode*, hair and ?firing Mattresae*, Beds, Bolsters, Pillows, Tables, Lou'ivet, Ktiigcres, Mirrors. Clocks, walnnt Sldnboard. extension Tabic, i'I.sirs, (ilass China and Silverware, Cutlery. J KR.fiXKR. Auctioneer. A rare opportunity tor parties wishing Brat claa* bonsvhold lurultnre. Juctiun salk-rTch iiousKiioLn fiTrnitlrb THIS (SATITKDAY> MORNINtl. MAY 27. commencing at t<> o'clock, at Ave story brown stone manciun NO. 47 west 1?TH HT., BETWEEN .VTH and HTH A VS. STEINWAY 7? OCTAVE PIANO. CllIt'KKRINU 7 OCI AVE PIANO. Moquette. Velvet and Itrnssel* Carpet*, Pier and Mantel .Mirrors, Htatuary, Works ol Art, Ac.; rich ebony and gilt framo PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM isUlTS. Inlaid with mar qnetry aud covered In crimson and seal tan. sutin* and bro cades, rosewood I'.lagere, Turkish and Spanish Lounges, Easy Chairs. Inlaid Cabinet, real bronia and Carara marble Mantel tM-ls, marquetry and gilt Centre and Cansole Tnbles, Etsgcre with Mirror, laoe Curtains, bronse and bisque KUurea, Musi cal Boxer, Jardinieres, velvet Rugs, Paintings by eminent artists. LIBRARY CONTAINS Inlaid French walnut Library and Dwarf Bookcase*. Secretaire Bookcase*. Lady's Writing Desk. Turklib Suit in tapestry, choice Books, Statuary, En gravings, eoouy and gilt Easel. Library Tables. Ac. BEDROOM FURNITURE. Elaborate aud plain Bedroom Set*, irnald and (lit Bed steads, Dressing Case*, Armolre-a-UIace. Bureaus, Wash stands. slngio and doable Bedsteads. 33 flne hair and tpnng Mattresses, cblffonieres, leather Pillows. Blanket*. Toilet bets, rep and uiush Suit*, marble top Talles, Chairs, liockera. DIN I NO FURNITURE, via :-Two Extension Table*. In laid French walnut .sideboard,Chairs In le'tiier, Sllvorware, Dinner and Tea Sets,Cutlery: alio two Hall Stand*, Ingrain Carpets, Kitchen H uruiturc, Ac. N. B.?Sale positive. Parties about pnrchsslng will posi tively Bud this a rare chance. Take Sixth avenue or Uni versity place cars. House open* 8 A. M. Competent men to remove, pack or ship good*, city er eouutrv. ROBERT C. CASHIN, Auctioneer. S] RICHARDS *"c6TaUCT10N~AND COMmFs~ ? *ton Merchant*.?Boots and Shoes, No. 7 Collegn place, between Mtirr ty and Barclay its.. New York, will sell on Monday. May .#, 1870. at 10 o'clock A. M., at thu store of It. C. l.etsinger. No. 1.I6U Broadway, near 27th at., the entire retail Stock of Sue Hoots and Shoe*; alio the elegant store Fixtures. Chandeliers, Window Standi, Chairs, Car pet*, Ac., contained In said store. Auction bale this day, at u o'clock, op new and second bund top Hugcta*. Road Wagons, Pli?*tons. Rockaways, Business W*}{oti?. Horses. Harness, Haddlss, Jkc., by colk k M UKl'lIt, 37# Fulton sk, Brook lyn- . ??' . A. -TUNIS J0UN80N. AUCTIONEER, * old stand, 37 N>mu at. Ob MONDAY, at 10)f o'clock, 80 fine CARPKT8 OF ALL URADES; lup assortment of Household Kumuura, 2 fine rosewood Pianofortes, ie. J -GEO. W. KEELKR. auctioneer. ? 53 Lit.erty ?t , corner of Nassau. TO-DAY. at 12 o'clock, largt* speoial aale of 8ILVER PLATED WARK AND CUTLERY, Manufactured by the Meriden Britannia Company. LFRED LLO*l>, AUCTIONEER^ OFFICE 5? llroadway.?By virtue ol foreclosure of chattel mnrt U?jr-' I will sell thi? day. at 1 ' :30 A. M.,the Fixture* mid contents of, and in, the Restaurant XI Naaaan street: 1441 Chairs, 30 Table'. Bar. Counter#. Ice Boxes. Allegritte's Iceberg, Clear Caae, 25 Coffee Utensils. Mirrors. French 14 runt Range, Ac., Ac. Dealers and others Invited. By order of mortgagee. BY ISIDORE J.~SWARZKOPK. APotionbek-sklls, 2 o'clock. 31 ar. B, largn stock Fancy Goods, llo.iary. Clothing. Cutlery. Shoes, elegant Infants Wardrobe: ?Wo Furniture. Refrigerators, Piympton Bedstead. Wine, Clears, Ac. Edward hchenok. auctioneer. Sixth extraordinary sale of high class Wines, Glue and Cordials, Rhine and Moselle Wines, Including the finest grades; Cla rets and Sauternos; liurirundr. sparkling Rhine and Moselle Wines, Ulna, Liqnabrs, Madeira Hherrr. Ac., Ac., all of the finest jtraaea. To he sold at auction b? EDWAKD HCHENCK, at No Hit Liberty st.. New Yerk, on SATURDAY. May 27, at 1 o'clock. All the above are guaranteed genuine and exactly as rep resented by the imp' rter. who simply desires to r|o?e out his entire stock. The sale will be peremptory, and anr goods not found as repraaanted may ba returned within fire days after purchase. Catalogues can ba obtained on Friday, at the salesrooms, where goods can be examined. 18. WKINBEROER. AUCTIONEER. SELLS THIS . day (Saturday*. May 27, at K'H o'el->*g, at salesroom 73 Bow?r?, Furniture, Bads snd Heddlnr, Carpets, Oil cloth. dosen straw and other Hals, Umbrellas. Shoes, Walters, I'ants, Wrappers. Cutlery. Clocks, Watches, Ra mi re rs. Cigars. To>. acco. Liquors, Ac. IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM TO-DAY, SAMUEL COX, MEMBER OF COMORRS8; HIS IDKAS AND VIF.WS ON THE PROBABLE CHANCKS OF NOMINATION AND ELECTION OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRANTS OF BOTH PARTI Kg. T SBBBACHBR. AUCTIONEER. WILL HELL THIS (I . dsy at No. flitt East 12th St.. at Witf o'clock, the Stock and Fixtures of a Grocery Store, consisting of Taaa. Coffees, 8plce?. Pickles, canned Goods, Ac P. H.?Also, at 2 1*. M.. at store No (1 Rlvlngton st., near Bowery iwoboxes Tea, two boxos Starch, one box Soap, four bagaof Fleur and Rice. By order of M. H. Phelan A Co. J P. TRAVEN, auctioneer?MARSHAL'S HALE . this dat >>y rlrtue of an execution, at 10S30 o'clock, at &t>Ureal Jones St., one Horse, good top grocer's or expr-ss Wagon. Harness. Ac. : sls.? ladies' and gentlemen's Fancy Ilood', Underclothing. Furnishing Goods, ready-msda Cloth ln?, Jewelry. Cutlery, silk Umtreilae, Furniture or family: lot choice family Groceries, Counters. Ac. WM. H. SIIEILDS, Marshal. Mortgage h*le. PETER BO WE, Auctioneer, sells this day. at II o'clock, at the auetloa rooms corner Dtl st and Unlv-rsily place, alarre and general assortment of Household Fnrnltnre, consisting of black walnut Dressing Bureaus Sideboards. Rxtension Tables, Hesdsteads, Wash stands, Bookcases. Parlor Suits, marble top t'.entre Tallies, pier and tnantol Mirrors, Library Tables, t'hslrs. Chromos. Enurarlngs. Cottage Snits, Lounges. h tlr and spring Mat treaaas, Brussels and Ingrain Carpet*; a large lot of floe dining room Tables. Refrigerators. Kitchen Utensils. Ac., Ac. By order of attorney for mortgagee. Richard Walters' sons, auctioneers.-as slgnee's sale?Will salt Wednesday. May 31. at II a'alock. at 44 f ast Broadway, one Ropar's Caloric Steam Engine. Belting, Shafting, two Tracks, three Desks, Hotel Wheel. Scales. Ac- M. RAPPAPORT, Assignee. SHERIFF'S SALE.?OEHARD BETTS, AUCTIONEER, Content* of a Knrnltura Store. Haiurdsy, May 27. st 10 o'clock, at 1^0 0batbanv*t. consisting of Parlor and Pad. roo-n Suits, Bedsteads. Tables. Chairs Cottage Suits, Dressing C-es, Snrenus. WM-^l^bNNEM. Sheriff. Mark Lamo**. Pepnty. TUOfl. KETWORTH. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL this day, at I0>{ o'clock, at 17 Bowery, black welnnt Bedsteads, Bureaus. Tablet, Stores, Crockery, Iceboxes, Hewing Machines, shirts. Drawsrs, i'ants, Boats, Ac., Ae. Dealers laeited. **?"" " A fclCe * "" ?"** ^RXSl?norfffat'TlTdRAoli Warehouse for VX furniture, trunks, baggage. Ac. Inspection tart led. Broadway and 47th st. MOEOAN k EBOTHRKS, Pteptloiers. PORTIN OTOE'S STORAGE WARRBOOWL M HUD son at.. tor Furniture, Ptaaoa, Trunks, Ac., In separate rooms CIIAWLEw ll. ROMPS, Proprietor. STORAGE FOR FOBNITUBBi CARRIAGE AND HER. t liandiss. SMITH A SILLS. Proprietors, 7H) and 7.VJ nil ae. ann 247 West 4rtth st. S~ TciR VtlE IN plastered room? AMD LOFTS FOR r nranure. Baggage, Carrtages, Ac. 100, 111, USaaS US Beet 4Bk n. ^ _ FOR HAL, a,. 4 N 01.11 FsTvm.i'HKD hi)>'iT~XJflTJlioirifoill ./a for sale. with or without Ktoek , (im4 nnuimt given f>r ?e link' Address. fur tbree aay?. BOOTS AM> Kllofc.3, 1'erald office. An old ehtabuliiBku~bakwek unor forsal>4 on l>tli ar .. &rocbalra, bat hi, Ac.: prtw.MOl RDMUNO H. MAWItiK. l.aoi Broadway. AdoKXKR BvKKRY.' WITH TWO oVfcNd. BUST location in Brooklyn, f?r siie: pileu if l. Ml; receiota $rt ? to #(3 per <Uy over the counter. Addresa BAKER. Herald office "\ -a i s kN aWay, Fi iFst c l ass" k i; s r a Grant and .'V. Bar. Ibis day. Apply at No. 1 Dutch at. ? "SAM I'LK ROOM," WITH "HiTiK STAND AND ..'Y Lunch, best pace, near S ot* K n.-han re. fur sale Cheap. MITCHELL. 77 I'edar.t. ALOroFlliCO.VD IIAXD~S K ATfi AND BKNCII Ed lor aale cheap. iuit?ble for Sunday achooia or cci'tlea. Apply mi bui.Uuu a?Uoining church, corner of 1Mb av. a uil .'Hth it. / VWt WO IOCS FOR SALE?THE WORIC8 OK TUB OtillKilllOir and Locomotive CnmpanT will he told at public auction, at th ? Court Mouse door in Clutrlestown, Clark county, Ind., on Saturday, .lime II). IH7tt, between the hour* of It A. ?. nnd 4 o'clock P. M. Tlieae are the lamest au?l moat com-ilet" citr works In the country; are located adjacent lu Jeffrrtonvllle. Ind., anil ar? well adapted *4 otW' hram lien of manufacture. For printed cirrtilnr. ??<? tabling a lull description of the properly anil tonus of ?? ?? which are extremely liberal, adare?* JOSEPH W. KI'KAlil'K, Agent lo-Trustees. .leffcrsonvllle, Ind. ( war stork rui sai*b?thk bbby ik tiii citi \J lor the price, #?*); rent $8 per month; large bad Room. 4.">."> II ad>on ?t. DRI'ti KTORI-*, IN BROOK I.YN?1.< l.NO KBTAlk Mailed . excellent reputation ; a cliaaca seldom offered; owner lia> other bui.ii> Inquire of Mr. DAVIDSON, with SclilciTelin A Co., Wholesale Druggists. 170 William at.. New York. Dining room down iowjc- nkt profit* +a per month; cheap: no hmnbiia; cloarat inspection la* vitod; particulars. Adilreaa RESTAURANT, Herald office. TjH>": HALE?TWO FINK si I) K BO A11 DS~8 UITA BLB r for club room, bar restaurant, lager iteer aaloon, lea cream aaloon, bakery itorea, Ac.; a bargain offered, 16 Dry at. FOR SALH-A BUTCH lilt SHOP ON |7t AV., DO I NO a Rood business; muat lie sold Apply at No. U Ridge at, For hALB-a 5?lknDiD T1 swaik."WoveTno llouae Ftiriilihing Store. Inquire at SI nth nr. For balT-partiiions. dkhkb. dku<> draw1 era. Tea Him, Desks, Showcases. Countert and Car* P' ntur Work by JAMES HODOli, 4'*i t'annl at. For haLIPa kirbr class iuh, ukhtaiirant and Ice Cream Huaineai: one ol'the beat locatiunaln tbe city ; now doing a lurirn bu*lne?i; Ion ; lea?e: houae lur niihed cotn?lete. Apply to D. J. QUIULEY, lJDth at. and ?id a*., or 87 South ?t. IriOlt BALK?EXTRA KINK OPBNJ BOTTOM_sT<)RH ' Counter; elao Halter a Stove. I a r?-e aine; aix -how caae lor ouidoor atoopa Halter*' conformaturev, Inaide ntr rlalit Sliowcaaaa, lot of Drawers. Apply to DAY, Matter, 31 Park row. For haTJ^thk^bksT coknbk m^iok ktorh dowu town; will be (old cheap. Inquire at 7H Koltoa it., corner (laid. i3b? sale?a kink corn nit okockry store on 1 the wont aide; oaah trade; lull Hock; liorae and Wagon. Inquire nlKiS Oth a*., corner 44th at. FOK BALK-ONE OK THB BBB'f CORN BR LI quo B Stores on th ? eaat side; muat be told Immediately. Kor lull particulars Inquire at 377 Ud av. Flao poles of ?all kinds madkTat shobI notice by A K. POILLO.N. 2J4 South II. First class 11 utcheu s11oi- and Frxfrrks fo? ante?Oood reasons for aelllng. Apply Immediately al 425 Hudson at., near Leroy. VfAK it lb "Soda wai kk and hoot bkkh appx ill ratua, all atylei, for sale at cost. J. M. Will I'KIKLD A SON, 263 Water it. ALT HOUSE FOR SALE.-THE LAKOK ANOCOIC. renient Malt llouae kn wn as "P-iot'a Matter Street Malt llouae," nortliwen corner of Ath and Master ila., PhiU .ideinhla: in ptirl'ect ordor; capacity. RO.lJOO bnabele. RICHAltDSON A JANNEY, 215 South 5th at.. Philadel pbla. Pa. rBKLL?A LADIES' 8II OK MANUKACTURINO Busineaa. Inquire at 100 Allen at. 4177 WkO WILL B UY~ "OUT A l'LUMBINO, ip^.U''v> Steam and Oasllilinir anil liouaefttr ill-bin? Business: established nrerel?;lit yours; a rare up* portunity: will show books lor amount of builnea* doae. Address BUMINK.Sd, box 1(13 llernl.l ortlce. .UACHl\*CRY. Wbssnrttftt d m k i>i u m "siz2BgsiircC^Bc ?s% Ho^ardus or oilier mak?, to grind pitlnt; also Engine to ran the uni 8enil particulars and pries to bos 3,041 Maw York Post office. DMSOgTnQ MAC HI WE BOSTO.V W ILL UK SOLD AT public miction hs It now lien at the South ('antral pier, Atlantic Dock, on Saturday, Jane 10. 1876, at 12 o'clock noon; terms cash. JOHN H. ORR aud M. fl. STORY. Ex ecutor* estate ol' laaac Orr. I~^0R~8ALK-2.VHOB8E POWKR ENGINE; NEW 1 York Safety Steam P"war Company 6-horse Boiler, with S-lurse engine; portable Engine. H-horse power a W. WILDB, 44 Cortlandt at. fnoil SALIi CHEAP?A F1 VB-HORsK engine AMD l1 Holler. Calk at MILLER, K.MUHT A CO.'8, 87 I'rincett. F~or"salk cheap?four jewellers' foot Presses. 3 large foot Pre??o?, 4 Drop liammnrsjl donhlo acting power Preen. -I loot Lathes, 1 Circular Shear*. Apply to L. PttAllAR, 63 Centre at. i.MSTllUl'lO.Tf, ' J\ Goldsmith'* "Three Dollar Wrltlag Glasses;" dreu lata. Apply from 8 A. M. to 0 P.M. at the Academy. tttB av. and 43J at. -ssswjss 4 GENTLEMAN WI8H1-.8 THE BBRVICE8 OF A A young lady to teach bin English. Address M. P., bos K*? Herald o(Hci'. FRENCH CONVERSATION AND LITERATURE?BY a Parliian gentleman; city references; 3.' leieons $-?'?; at pupil'*, $3.>. Address FRENCH, box 1-7 lie raid Uptown Branch office. \V~K. fTaai EA8T 49TII ST.?THOROUGH ORAM TT ? rustical and conversational bpanlah. French, English and German; term* moderate, ? _ PI AXOEORTES, t?KCiA !*K~ 3 I BRILLIANT TONKf) 7? ScYaVISfciakWOO 3 curved lee Windsor Pianoforte. im 'd hy private family six inontba, coat $l,-iat, for $300, Including Stool, Corer. Musical Cabinet, worth $101). Call at private residence I'M Writ -J3d St.. near 8th ar. U FlT/.GERALD. A?FOR RKNT. UPBIGHT. igUARE AND GRAND , Pianos of oar own mako;aiso lor sale and roat. a number of tins second hand Pianos. In perfect order. WILL IAM KNABK k CO.. No. 112 5th ar.. above ltith at. ?A ALL PEltMONH IDB8IBOUK OK P 5RGHAdtAtf ? a genuine second hand Stelnway I'lano are invited to call at our wararooots, where a number of btalhway Pianos alt In perfect condition and soma nearly new, are oonatantly on hand; also second hand Pianos ol otber makers. Att uipts are constantly made in this city and oUewbora by makers of bogus pianos and their agents to tell tbeir Inferior Instruments, bearing our name or a name spoiled so similar tbat niaoy people do not notice the difference, and purchase the spurious, worthless instrument for a rennine stelnwitjr piano. If persons, before purchasing such instru ment, will take the nnmberof same and call on or write to us. It can *t once lie ascertal-ied whether the instrument ia a genuine Stein way piano or a Ir tud. 8TEINWAT * SONS, Rtelnwar Hall, 107 and 111 East 14th St., New York. \ PRIVATE FAMILY WILL sELl7TUBnt BLKGAN^ J\. stelnway k none' Pianoforte (at sacrifice), rich'y csrred four round roeewood case 1% octave, full agraffe, overstrung Piano; every Improvement; coat dl.'JOO, lot f.TiO; stool, cover and box for shipping; alao Decker A Brothers' 7'4' octave upright Piano st one-fourth ooet. Call at private reeloeaoo No. 47 West 18th it., between Sib and Oth a vs. I U'TnUTNH RTElNWAY PIANOFORTE, CO*T A t?WV i, lor $?0. cash. J. BIDDLE, U Wareriey place, near Br 'adway. AT SOIIMKR k CO.'S. 14tt EAST 14TII ST.. NEAR 3D av.. Piano Manufacturers. flrM claes Pianoa at ex tremelr low prieet; new and second hand Pianos to real and on instalments. f-> to $J0 m <nthlv. HpFanokortrs jto it'BNr, of our own man ? nlacture, alao -econd hand Pianos for eaio el mod erate prices, by OHICKERING k SONS, 13o.>th ar., cor ner Inth st. TxatT YtOLIX?a VERY FINE INSTRI MKNT AND iV. In perfeet order; pronounced genuine by Dr. Dsmfuscb, Mnilenhauer and others. Apply to WM. H. POND k CO., 547 Broadway, New Yore. A LARUE AHSORTMKNT OK nKW AND HECOND J\ hand Pianos, at low Dguree forcs.h; Instalments; I* rent. #4 md upward ; also Orctoi. W ^ r. SHCLBR. 36 Kast 14th M. LADY WILL-SELL. CBIOKERINa BOSR wood enrved IPlenolorte. full iron Iramo, splendid tone, perfect order: Stool. Maslo. kc. J9 att 3d at. CARVhD ROsKW'MiD FULL 7-OCTAVB PIANO forte, nearly new. P*it. 2IH Bast 30th St., loar 3d av GRBAT BARI IAIwB.?NEW AN D ItOOND I IAN D Pianos, best qaality. low Tor cash, rally warranted, ad FtSCUhlt'M. 4-3 and 435 West -8th st. TJIANO. 6 OCTAVE, CU; MELODEON, ?U; IlAZEL IT ton Piano, 7 octave, flne tone, carved lege SItB. Boats ft monthly. GORDON * SON, 1.1 beet 14th st. STeTItWAY'S, WATERS', WEBER*5 AND OTHKB Srst class, new and secoad band square aad upright Pianos, alao an immense siork of Organs atftxtraordlaadlx low orieea, lor cash or instalment! or lor rent, at HO It AOS WAtfcRs * SON'S, t*l Broadway The b. siioninoBR organ.-Horace waters * Sons. 4SI Broadway, have obtained the sola agency ol this well known orgaa. and are nrepared to annply the tvnda on tbe moat liberal terms. Ageate wanted. Cataloguoo mailed. _ ________ JlllliOAL = ?irpir.s~FoK nfmrpiA >.t: vtn .rxfir^t-r^arr X lous to learn, pleaaa addrsss PIANO, bos 140 Bar aid office. _ __ _ OAi>eiM?4~ACrAfil6MfirB. irvfAMoNb's recrption kvkrt BAVOfttilTllVfi J J nlng, I.90Q Broadway; dancing commsacot at 9t claaaes Tuesday. Friday and Saturday. . ..T ?^AttrtiiT^kwaLTnTSu 1 k ? 77 blp.eckSr rCWAR"EifoibrAV.^Wjm A advanced on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ae ; also Pawnbrokers' Ticket* bought of Diamoade, Watches, ku. 77 Bioockor ft. American office -?75.ik*i_diaiiond8. watch as. Jewelry, ftllverwere. Valuables. Ac. bongbt, sold and exchanged Loans effected. Established ISM. ? J. II. BABBINGER, Dealer. 734 Broadway. MONET ON diamonds, WiTCHB*. AC.-DIA taonds. Watches. Jewelry, Sllverwnre, eaatei's hair M?wts Seel baeqaes. Laces, Silks, Atk, hna|j|H aad sold back when desired at a very small advance. GEO. 0. ALLEN, Jowoilar, i.180 Broadway, aear JBtb st. UiT(C~?BOADWAT, NMAR AMITT If.. DIAMOND*, Dot) Watchae, Jewelry, Piano* aad all pereonat Prop, any bought nad anld at tbo oM eetablisbmeat; loans negoti ated. H. GEIOERM t N. Q1 7 BBOADWAY. CORNER 12TH ?T.-LOA*S kjf. 011 gotiated. Diamonds. WnMbea. Jewylrf. Camel'* lair dbawia. Wfa aad taws bon^t end

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