Newspaper of The Sun, January 8, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 8, 1861 Page 2
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rjnyrr?L.Tv.TTSS?fta JTPv: .'HE NEW YORK SUN. TCtSDAT leORXIXU. JAN. , tail. Wa print eat oar flrtt nag th Hw Te aTtateajr af May Wood. It will U found fat ljlbar oat thfoahlotn4' we gar of It Txtrday mora In. It U tnUrtl dtroUd to a krgvmoat net' of truth, honor and ottrl eUira, fer tb policy and propriety of th " caaloa"efthUTof 5w York from tb S'At sad tii Onion I" DiTMted of lu etttlng JthflM, It U k propnaal to thoM whe eboaea whar Li buaufi toe!' li n'ly to pray In lomi way or oth? up Ue fruit of n'heri' indut'rr, tori to IniarrOilon, ovtrtSrow tb Oowl'u tioa, ueurp tb fromrnmont of th city, and I I vtd th ap II of oar ml' el ciwm, property ad lodua'ry, ave: tbametre. It can bear no oibef eonaUuc Inn, iiWtly M th Major lahori to coty bit tuiijee inni U tatatoat forcible oucmt, hlM pratrndina; not to roocenirtwod "the Tioleirr tmpi'd tku rtm.m Ill raetrmatidt lor.n ae of th jt ad -co dt'crlp'lon. lut h larai dooi Is doaV Wka'.tef yei ir i I. Lit real m.uilnlrl. II aaintlV Tmlt hU prtipneiof tr-anu, in turret tioa and leolia Ion, on J r o eff- c I appeal f Qm ecqtilerei c of th i ' It th tirtd In tbtiaodac of th. k-ndTU. le Y.kClty! tad when b corc'u.i Ha ee wiUi th axpftodoaof prtod.d hop ibat th "m. mulahj if th eta'a" mar concede 'l h S ad atari mwiIij t,r ernolntlnal " th vlo ltoci Implied In IboMi rl.w.," th. ciili.0 milt b l fully bHed, who do, rot ee 'hat h lm t ou't- on praeleal propnaal iVM th ex ample of 8-inla Certain lh ratmaat h.r tntiol tod erjcc In b eaklrK a? th Uil.m thai1 afford tb ar.ourrii'n'. end opormUty for which hut Mirl ern''l"n trlrate. "Ike ricltnct mtld ie l'M tw,"m walbcboeea It tell til foUowere Mi exact maaui't, end he can afford lietef cntredctlon of p-atondinj nm to rwwd that which bo lo to ii no't bat iimprha tin rulc arvtet at tmj i J m rwirr lb fliiliu lh llc'i h. ttrj.oTr hit Col tttgKwtl'n, lnj) It b'lt tl nrTtl)n cf Mrcwtic Impifonw. It l th wiok, th lrnd tb "Ll,-, of 'ucl-n tUnd. Tb Utjot'n lut d.'jxr.t tiro will flaUh hi rat. If aavthlmt etn. I'h. u-uraodirr-dmma'd proflUac f "h m eta rvonlr no farther attutlon. II nli LtT.r hr nottw' aula to plaj, afir tb bUt of ptrlotl M& natlMthall bar c1 r li remiiulot rayrml doni and qutocSat 'tit Ut .(Tin for th Dicta torahlp of Manhattan 1.1. ad. Tb Indignation of all claMta, at tb proianUa'iin of hi rucc yttrdr, wan IrrrpiMkib', aid lilltd th itrU with nor)itrocal naolfx' Ii t. lilt trta on IU hara It ImooUtc tlora to think for aa In famy lata MjdoilcK than tbatot Iljaabior A ouorof Aaros ItuaK, Tbct(tt VtMkiiiuHi Mtrkrt Cw. TTal-trn f.on Mr. J.m II. 1'aTi.uR, on of lLa iat !(', tin', tl nriotlatt' ai ulicb hay lm p Ik on fir tb Ian tiro -tenth j be tween Ur. J At u-ti, td u Co AptrvlUr '.1 tb Corporation Ouuoid, for th etU.mont of tb Wit Waillnaton Mule controry wa brtaght to a cli lwt Tlnir, by an adjait mLt of lb n atur W naud cot r-a'a'a th o' a It ba mlnmij ! fully pr. ntad In our rtputi f tb rocdlnaa ltor our imH and In other forma IbatUtali ?, TAttml DiKKRAs, clalawl In Ulr anwuw! mptlat to th Court, tfaa turn of 1,600,000, for alx ran tri back rant th llo lh prorriy la uoolipa'ad paaanl of th city. Tb city atUmp'ed t ratala prtMion of th proputy, but th Coaimlaalonar of tb Land Oflica rafaaad to tnttnln tb city nntll k hwl em MtUad with th a'at lata. Mow OompTVler Haws and Jsdg Bnosaov, Corporation Ciunael, agr, oa bcbalf of tb d'y, aa w ar lofotmd, to ltl th eontrorarty by pllnu Tatun aud Baa-t-aa f300 000, and tb rtrn't col c d floo tby claUaad to b lu poaloo nuking la all tha am of about flOO 000. It I att't, Utt th batit of tbU aKM(Bia by whic'j Tayib and DcimiiB et to lr,r aanm la, that th atat ahall raUaa tb proparty t t) city. Tbii j b iaon tf th futtest ft op f.r yttra, In Uilt much plandcrad city, aod r( ilraa uior TeQ'l'a tlon than wa era i;lr It thitiuoruiag. Why tb mattar hu bn tjua .t at thl tlm, aftar to much Utia'-lon, li a qantloa which admluof wid ipaculatloo. Baaaloc U tat lav tJiad. Katob Wuou'a youlhtul pr.-cliUl for th ataf, aud hi fatiura to rim bUh.r In th thatt ileal wrld than to aoac'. a au uidlnttapart in u uraraKnaa or faro, bar often baan jocu larly rafcntd to in aou of our city papwa. Aa a political acWr, air Wwin h. on mor auo ooikfol ko ob'aloloit notuiU y, but aftar th ffurt of aaaay yaara, hi curolaaluu and Qnalpar formtBoaia Utitof a clumay c'oan who broh bU nck In a nwlarcholy -ka. OarrUd away by hla early thaatrtcal aropanaity, h baa atumpted to play a hlh part tn th tactaaloi trtci-ooumly, but hit flrat Id dboafj appaatanca aa a egi inlt, hia proral a InaUtdof Kyln,dUnUy toto cbaraoUr, b baa uDiotantloaally md it appatr ao abaurd that tb 'aut" actora of Couth Caro lina moat rrd our Major', parformanc aa a !amaag burluuia uoon thatr rocatlon. Whan tb Mayor anu'a out udou tb political aUg. and aftar a pathtia xprelontif ayrnpathy wl'i "urgrlaTed brah'anaf tb iI.t at'a," at tampt to ap th.m Is a liat of wrouR for which Kew York city muat Uaawbw patform r ijru, and rip opan br own bjoela vry lou'.hcrn ai naaintlit mutfita that b hat only pronoinc d a cul ta'UayajaMdlaunlon achama. Major WoiioaieoMalon Mwa,r, ha' rm.dadtb bathoa of aacdoa absurdity. If irToiliel'ybai plavanoa jaaUfybi a do larttln of lodapand.nca, ao hav Brooklyn and 8Utn Ialasd. Thr it not a aac'ion of th Stat without Ita looal ;nTanc lay, thar la not a vUaa-a or a family without ajmttblng to com plain & Than Ut at a 1 icd and raaoW th Cmplr Stat ino lu natural 'amtati. BatlfNwTorkClywr to rl in rbl Uaa, how ahall It control tha Darlfion of th rlratar WU1 cot Brooklyn ria la (UNncaof bar vatar and f.rry righta, and tolling tb Nary Tard, fort W.Ul.oa and Fort Uamllton, obUln command of th harbor t Jcry Ctty will cer tainly at up for hara.ll, and wax tpulant on a iMXtax, btaten lalaad ruatt Iwcoma an Km pira omathlnKllkOia'. Bilalnar-dlMTaut nat atpot upon which toeract a quarantln build. log. What would Mayor Woou'a " fit city" aiaaunt tJ, If tha people of Long laUnd and JOctunoud Coun-lea, bMkMl by Haw Jeraey, ahould make bluer war forth control of rlrer and harbor tarla a'ion I N aw York City U eaf and allow, and proeaarova while ab la In th Ualoo aal la tb It a but Ut her attempt to aat up for berealf, and aba would Ml ,lla a walk-lag-jtltk aVUmpUEtf to walk aloo. Mr, IJneola' OabUrt. Tb TViouaa, on Saturday, faroral Ul wl'Ji tha Aaal cmpoaitlon of Ur, Lnooi.a'a Cabinet, which w copied, and on which other journabi bare grounCal elaborate lreetla on hbj p Jlcy, aa tbaa dUcloaad. TollluaUala tb fallacious mm of tha moat pssltlT tf tbii claaa of atata- " Bunti, tba next dar'a 7W6um em'jadic'a th . "i'jBawt laportant hem -that Mr. Bawaan bid ac- . t iata4 lh Kit of BMrcUry of BuU, ud qiotai jsi( eoattBafciion af tha oondanditlIlmrOBi- i rMf t. that Ooreiaor Ciusa, of Ohio, U U ba Binatirr of tha Traawry wbDa at tha aama yaa,-wa leant from Waabington, that a third anaMaatf-TIT t'"t of Han. Wm. A. OainaM, of Hortfc Carol'aa. to tha Department of the lata ike 4a, wary otwIlyi oWUd. w akaald fat to taa th cabinet of any naaVlaat alift mad ap n4 promulgatad two caoathf UadTMO of tb bMOXtuaUga, aalrai Iharaarc xc.atblng 'n Itt compoatUoa adaptad totaarni'a tiacofn'ry and dlenu hitllitj. tt Winla , o"of WrakiMri nn re than of atilmmau atilp. Wo 'fa !Ur"d to Uttrr hop of Mr. Iakom than would b wanastod by lb ap pdakm.nt of two of th mott attMra and o noikrti atU-Lry mao hi party to th Ant and aecct.d f(liloe la lii gift. M ' no ponMblllty tf unt:inff Kdwaaj Uim aed tbe other toutbern man named, in Inferior punltlona aa cnllraxne with Skwakd aad Cuaac. On tb -hr), aa thlaptrcaof caMnt-work baa already fallen apart In three places 'l " I If na ture a clumay abaurdity, It may aa wall be laid alde. T t'lrolall.a ef mar Vaak Dallk. Tbe In menae and onparallelled aa a of th pttmlpU daily papera of thla city It one of lb meet wonderful lllae're'looi of th pro, of InUlilirarca la our (treat and fret r,uj lie. Tlr era two ntwapapnra In thlt city wtlth bar reached a dally aal auch aa In any d'y In th world U whollj unheard t', andwibld b utterly Incrtdlbl. There It n parall.l rr approach to their flVnre, her or l wb a In th world. Tbe two paptra tb IlaiAtD axd S bad tnalr anaual trial of atrength yn'arday, la th eomptl'la for lb drertUlo tT tb Teat Oflic LI it of Unclalaietl Ietttra, wMgh la by la- rttilrd to b aardl to lb daily paper harloK tL Urtct olraulaUan within th ranr of dJItery of lh dtf pott ofllc. Tb circulation of tha dalllaa la a matter of much public curWty, and bacredalily withal l we (lie Uereaultt Tbar U a certain aatiantloa if on muat be beaten in being bata otry ar.d iho-otyhl. And where, In addition to this, the defeat 1 da not to axy dtibaa cf t Ifior and prosperity on oar own part, I ut to lb unexampled prep' t'ty of ourihal, w canalfoid toownit,aaw do, frankly and caeerfddy. A year a o the arerage rile of tacS of tb two paptra, In thadlitrlct I) Irk blo Fif.y-fourth icat, fall a little abort of 11100 c 'pita per day, and rarltd but two or three hundred from each othtr, for tb month of December 'h tt period Uiri; lh tt.t praKtlbd by the Pne'.(,flict rtgu- latlort. 1 tii j ear tha down town d'calatien of tbo Svs for the lam period arerapei nearly fljiy lA'iurind-but In Taint Tbe lleralii had run up In tb xci'emnt tf tb timet to the an ornioa figure of almost CO. 000, accord to their aworn a at merit, blob wa bar raa.oa to ballet wa not materially lcaccura'e. Th artragt enti' daily clrrculatlon of lb Sox for th year Just pact was 61,S0.t. Tb Letur Llf. la not a benefit at tha price paid for adrer'telng it, to any paper) ualeet It ma; poraiSly be ao to a paptr like th Soa, which dreulate xtnir1y aroang thoM who have moat occaflon to refer to th Hit, It hardly payi tbecoat of puiilrgltlnto type, and th piper which haa Kilmd it would be eotna thouaanda of dollaia batter off by tranafenlnrf it to another paper, If that were practicable. Imteilant Urraalea. It will be en by our law report that the "UrlJirnn Hiir wat yeeter'ay dacltret uao.irti ttitional, hull and roid, by tb Ooprtm Court Utlnfrmanral and FrfUIn f.r Fait Haanltr. We bare good reafi to know that an order baa Urn tto.lred In Ibla city fwnlha War Drpert mtot, q olwdlence to whloh all tbe areliatile trjopi at felt nation will bt mustered, and critically In peotti aa a-.. u.t Thureda next. tat any man ahould be a 'went at ro I call Uw mo etrVikeaa la eieidaad In making out the daily liUaly II. ta and no eo'dlare eta leave tbe I-lend eieept by aprctal pnabaioo. Tbe order la auppowd lo hara eu Mi la d tha oompleaa equlpiment, and preparaUon for lh rd f a'l the trouie In (ferri-fti. Cokne Tnouaa Iba txaou Ira ciffljerof the army In tblad'y who went to VTrtUogou with deae el Boon annia lira returned lo town ptiraae'j a law day. aluc, acd hu left again fur Wasdlng no or ora t bar po.t. Ii la bellered tha he wnt the btexer of acme bsjiMtanl dl-patchea, and that he left with aome truopt front the It and at 19 1. If., on Batu day night. Wa gate iba mailer aa it la apoken of lo th military vUela. BiOa'lte lo lh Itport about marine leerlnf. It may be will lo ay thel aa there have bwa and are only about CO at Ibla port, no "300" oou'd bare left for Vbarlectoa. IFtemtht gptning JTrprMi. Kntwltlataxdmi tlw denial of penons In au thoilty. and toe wlaeabr.wlBfra f ttMe wlo areeop ptreil In know ftMutth'ng, w. bate raltite lafo;ma liou Ihul Uw Btnauwr 8a- of lh. Wan, that left tttia pott on a Heerrt expedition on Battirday nigbs bed m l a d two I una red end lift ttllarlata and aa aTp'a anpply of pn,Tlatona of aTxry dVoitniloa lir the rvrnfu m ent end relief of Fol Bu nter. To tnmpe we e detal td fir the aJitioo under the petanoal anprrriaUo of VA. Tnouaa, Ommal aooTra ald-ae-caaip, wbicatiuioa fitie VTe-kUigtne. firtbepuiiae,and Mla'iud.(atii Jerewoing. Ill made p b di'patchM f M.J r Aauta oa lae nu Saturday f emmei. aaddoultleaa lue gilaiital-Jw will read lUn to-ronrrow. A nuiiiunr i f fueroliant. atarted the prnjuot of .end bigaupp'te. to at -J AaDaaaoa eat wnk, and a large amount ef tmraty bat e ilr ore l auoacrltiod an ohaiaxr e atewur end freWbi her witb pnirlal ma. The ni rohamta entered in bui tica' y Into lh achtma, and any aum aaktd 'o. tnlghi bire bean or lalbtd. The rarliea al tbe bead of the momtneat wne, lowrT. nutllfd nu Sato dar tbatlhilreouoa w uM nitbantoaaaary, ea the O-irernmeat had ui- aaiiarenaniorpy aua r-inie Ibe garnwo of fori Bum'er, lb Oeui-lubon waa fjtart by mea wh wtliknawwrladfirTs tal luetliuWoM ta dttlareal ri f lh trani-y, andaoaMBoaof rhtewntry MaaiVhltoMep apa'tkular ojla'a e a rul f r all tf a rati. Supc lh dlffinal aaoUiaa had S IVteal reUf t nt, would rv aeolVm try aa tabH-h a rt!l f. at taher. Dot tb pupil hat become IhenilaltttroftbtpolMtraaatand lh potiKaa haa leoi lb mbslatar of tba f P'L No roan feat ta right to bu Ul thai another mat.' coaanlroea tb3 he tu!edi7hl. Botha wa.V dial wi.h the prae-nt, aw tbe peM, h wat n .w In e mldrr tit aa'tty tf ih nuutry, and are have a aa edf.rat. ii the I'alon, eiian4lng fir what be ttxit wnu'd a.e Hi eouai'y. We grtat pty gtowa up whlek wnu'd Intnaliwe Die mll-aewr; prtaotpe, and Oielth phiHilera whlrkilhad IrtutipbMtt Tali triainpk fie-l airne portion of the emiihtrn ataia wia a'aem. WU the p te bow In the p 00.1 Inuiphof Irtjvr p'anl It ejn pleafurmt aad d.iaaa, and not )ltldau Ueh, or wl haf die genaroat mi-a(li auloiiljjuilbulbbir f IT eppea'tdto theit at petriraaetidaMiatrytaeri to grant eq eel rgbtatiaU. ft. did not mtnk bit wat a-klng inem ao make oavavKioe, bit il l grant rquel I Igbte. lie dad no' hbar a Iba doeutoa ta" aeoeaetoa. Iiautm die'rinel and aa att naarede, erl b tie aald Dmt i f leaolutT, la nothing but lawbau halloo oftheUwaadtbeOeaetliiilloa. B al be oav'y waatod to baar hla araileutLy ao the C a tlwtlna, and to b It b kaowa that tb Oonwt UBkon caaant hi bftkra. If a atele wlabee to eeVde, lei tbeoi w?e!ln trvo nkV bo dly aad not el eeapt a bade Ibrma eee under bale ae'alatiea of law aad ealra th.rgttta'eee-ealiei A cooaaHultooel rlghttib ek themiHatl'tweiaantarln. He erfted the lli.tlnm elwaya want eg lot eat tl.hlof aa oeeatnat. Ob oa aid waa aa a.ked ouaeeeaioa, aad on ba nthatr aide wae elnt war, Mr. Tacatavu. (I I.) akei If th Senator d'd not know lb.1 tba ate'e c alo.a I to ba out of the union al'tedr T Haw wiraM enai4no elte Ike oa-a. Mi Caiiraaoaa (Ky ) onctMided that the ednp ln 4 a ouapifmil would put an and to all rto mtion. M . Too (0 a ) aald, tha Karmbllcana bad long lawn enwlcgihdrf Utah, and thay now reap a cr-1 a mod aaea. Toe Uatoa waa a read dla. to'vnd. B nth Carellaa bad bo dly and aoiy eel lbaubledaogr. Theaa of BiuthCamUnt waa the ceu i f tb. Biu'h. Ther bad appaeled to the fra tertitt etd Juatioe tf the Nath ta Tabs, and now lhaj were tutiog what wit called reroluMoi, aad were leidr lo appeet. tf need be, lo the etera aria la n-trii tf the ewied, and ere hmg th grimed w . d eoao lo tb tramp tf auid men from the racial to tha RIoHianda. The Booth had procalmad toiSaet. L'la d world Dial thry had Wk"n up arma beotuaa a iiowtr bwl beta e eveted lo frd.ret power which outlawed their p-opnty, etlmaleted Uaurreciioa wlib'n, end lnta. from wbhrnV Tja Banaor Ir.m Xwtucky d.obttd tbe right of eereerlon. K lrrg be wnald eee It thlog eooranp I bd Tliey look tl up la th waya al tbe S anav teguiar at In South Carolina, aid Inegultf be owlhaatete-aad Ibnre wie aimed m lo defend both. At th i K -pab-lloana dremtd 11 lieaton. the-a etnnd before theia at gr d a t alar, aod aa go 4 a rcbe ', aa etar da'cendM f ore a Jutlcoary lolaa. (Sl'ghl appleuea). lit nnewtd tb d-oianda ot lh S iu b, aad araMnded that itmh doramda were ooly for an eqell.y la tbe Union. I'nleae a government gara proteottoadlenUid nut eicl obadleLea. Tula waa a leati-n fir tha erard mm Ibat now aprung up tr-ywbr. Tb 8 id a or a from New V.nk and Onto bel aworn to ohante lb ootulltutluoal t wipoot, but no oatha oould Wn4 thtnt-thty bad a hlher a. They toikoeUiaeud broke Ibtm. A profeaalooal perjurer bmght foi fi laen ahllllng s by aa old Bailey lawjer, wcu'd lOircJt be baa flagrat.1. Ill qa.iVd ht pr. auotl Uterty UU of Yeimonl aa an htdlratlro of the aeiepeoMd la pe'Jury,and contliiuad bit de'all of rlarauoet j be died the larll et CJragaial gltaa to lataelona of tbe alar alalee, by the dacla aH oa of tbe KapatUleea 'eadera he denied thtl blood bad beta thed loeatelill-h tbeOHUtt.ulimi not one drop. r w. i.o utloaaiy patriow TJied agaloet It II waa adopted la VlT1" a -J tr; In Mtw Toik by three, and la Mt-eachueetU by nineteen ThapeopUofOeorgiabellertd tk Conatllutl'O wa the bail foi m of ger nmenl which onu d U datl-ed; for himaelf be did not tbart In that opinion I had be Uan In lb Conrmtlun be would hare Tutad with Uaaal aad MaaoB, agalnat U. K y tribunal of tha garerntneut had decldtd In fetor of Bouthern demand, yet they war not fielded, and now lh enly arbiter wa lh award. Th BvubUeena ought to outlaw It thouaaad mUliona of property la the t riketea. Waa not Ibla cant for war. Ut would not buy a abemeiul j eece. lie would rather bar war. Oeoigla waa on tb wat path aad aha would bet a Aaal aetllemenl. lie urgad the man ner la which Joan Blown- raid wea reoelred la tba North aa a toh en of norlbere lee Inf. The people of the Bouih bad taken up arma lo protect their light usdar latenatlrwal law, and would natar raabyu them until they wet wrenched from lb Iron (reap td Denara. He concluded by aa aliriurul ramming upofhlaipetchand declaration that If lh Biulh wet denbd bar light, aba would lnrok th Q al of balllee and Itual tl bim fut etoU'tiy end prase. Mr Bieua (Ta ) tooted thai the BenaU go Into t iccu'tre aeealoa. Agretd to. Ajea tt; naya II. eiaouUte aeaelon, tha Benata adjourned UU Tednadey. Mr. rvarxti (Ky.) wiebtd ta know Iht objwt of Q aaalaaaaa f Mf. aVaaaxnoa haled tba U had a pro. JxwhlrB to tabnul Ik n uta, Bl daatrad It lebarristtxt Ha did not ak any aadM - today, baw.t'd at aom fitura Uma. mirhjeet wa lo lay It Un lb a-embere, lib onaided by thrm. The pripoeia n waa inched la noh taa tuag aa wat plain to th dull-! nndentendlnr. Ha anktd fbat tb propadllon be racetrad, la order to la) pr In ltd. Tl ptrynetdon tfitr. Eraratnoa wat that g a d tifn ty tb CoojuUUe ItpreajcUag aba border lteta M- J era, fat..) bjdd to Ibae prorvwltlon' wlicta i'y earn d I tulrep end dac Ita tha I h. The 111 wnl Into 0 xnml'aw if ta. th ' oa tbeM.ieiflhel'nbinmt the Et.utlte, Lgtdaute aul Jodldal Aptmtrlail' bt t. Oa uvaloaoOlr Bnaanea fO ilo.) an twnJmant waa ad j ltd, epprcp'tetlrg Mo la adliiloa tl tlepncadaof am tele of the old faaalra-e. ( re fuTLl liner tte Pxedtafa ha ai BIOMfaria iroOucloglberotr.mM wa'rth-ea Ha id )' ytare ago lb eaaaunl apptoprU'ed tot the fja-mer oV Jerl wea KS " Mr. Waraaai-, fT.nn J raid h wa ba atror of doing ir lie nooning MnbalaaiaeLa what had Wen dot e 'or lh nutgomf cat. Aom t othrr araendmanv, waa no whloh wea ediip ed. epp rprtalbig I US Mr) f aha purohtae of a g TtrniDraa prtadr g Brxs pnrtlded there ba ateer talotd by tb A Homey 0ae't V ba a f 4 title. Tie OooiaiUtt mae, aad lb aaaaadaaenta war ft camd la by the li-ttH, and tha hail aitwd. Ma. Eiataraai (Teia ) again a ked uaanlmoaa teutnl lo tner a p-opoaaaoa pr.tdag for aha manda.tatuf tba Oonealtwalna. Be did not Waal It ecwd i a Way, bat read and printed, M'. Baaaaaau (Itlaa.) OS) eitd. Mr, LTuaairwa ranted a auepauiiloa of tb tu'ae. Mr. Al lata (1J aald, ttVy had a right It hat Urrad. To Bprakereo decided, and It wa read. Mr, Itataxaia fKy.) eeid ha wealed to off- a e-nat down' 'o meke aQ trrrtanry tt irtb of t dtg eee M n Inuit free, aad that Bouth a'are. Mr. BautaaLa eeid, Ikle waa aeyaheratteeapl ta haiihupae mpromlae, whloh wmt dead Inn ehlag. M- Dane (Ind ) motede call U tha 11 wae, which Ibell w itfuaed. Mr rraramoi la reap-tiae to a rpiaettea by Mr McCuaaaan (I t ) aald hla p opo4tloci wet auSttea tla ly thai agieed on ty tba Uoiamltte of the Bard' 8te'et. Mr Eriinrnoa' twin to rutpand tV n'ea fit theitrap'tmif kiiprnpwilnn wet dlaagreed lib A3 tgtlnelT., twn-ihbda bring neoeiry, M. Ai.aata (N J J aaked leer to tfSjt the follow ing I reelrf, Thetwefa'ly epp'ot the bold end pa tmeic ectif M a AaDaaaoa la wlthdraatag f ota Foil Moulila to Tie-I 8aa.trr, and the detara'aa lion if ). I eatdeette maintain It at faerleainfflea. In bit pre-et-l oondlenii. and we wt euppiwt iba P a. klrat In eil moallial o ial lueeturei to the law and p'eita lb Unloo. Oaiaaa Otnene, O B, C vVana, efaOoataaaOta fax. Uie in. C.t d Una, Caraa, I). Tie, (lad.) Dew. Dtteavs Dmrntnk, DaatL Dane. lVlar an, Xdwaraa, K"ot, Ey. Bhertdaw, rarn-wjtth, Faa'cw, Ferry, Foewr, Fooka, Praafc, Frencb, Oonca, One, OefUt, ne'ay Hen, Hex to. Halmk-, Hekmea, H av. Ilolaa, Homwd, (Oitn) I Br (Mea.) i Baaenhier, Uajkio', 1 Tin J-nttat, Kel kwf (MofalKi4kgiIl)Kton, K IgnttS Lie farr, IV-eeA fM r ) i tmtan, Lwia-neakan. L-axalej I !. Ma. Ut. Mareen. Ma. tin (O.) I MeOarnand Mi Kan, M Earty. McKntarhl. M.raerana, Mill, waid, Monievs ery, Monteoeed. M nit'. Maria (re ) MoiBrtltna, Ola. Famar, Pny. Faaift, finer, P rt'e. Ptaraid R R-ya .Id , Be. Kt, B 4la t, iB III RitlDxin li)..) Biroai Bdgewck, lw man, Bl' a. lee. Bra dleg. 8 too, Bietenol, B'etane, Buart (Pe ) i S rati ai, Toh wn, Thtf-. The k r, T.'n-, T ale. T-tmhe, VaMiear. Wed Wa din, r., Wiehhq a ("It) I Wvhbnrn (11)1 TTalle, rr leei, Wli.iiom, XT .i 'tl. ape Aafatvo (M i , At. y, Bt k da'e' B trrrti, Beet, Uu'lgr), 11-ai.c v fir .wn Bireh. Rirnatl, )1ak (M ), (lkn a. V i h, O a g (M J. C ef"rd, D-jinwev-. Pitwioa, Oe naet. Oaaea U O lai"., BemiWek. Hard lueli. Ile-tl- fV. ), Halton, Itaw. klai III L UiD'tniei, II II ifCif-s J ea, Cii'i k'a I, n''nm . L aeS (( IH L -. Mt ky. Mitln Va.). M Tien', M IU-. M at e IK ) Mare (Ale.), I'ef aw. I'Lelpa. Pit-. Qierra, Kree, Bias In.', a n.roa, Bma e 8iMa(N Q). a aeaawn. Bwkaa, Tal'and gam, TaneA WrlT, Wrtghi M. M.Haaaie (S, Y), aeJd Ih Mnfo km, aald tt nai rrow U-log the aooltenary of the n 4Ve of N w O'leana, ta bmaefiha mnmory of Jaoaeoe wtt. eald lha Union mu I and ahall bapreaartad Imrt tbtlwbeo we adjourn traadknaaai I Wadaeeday, Agreed tn I ao ahe II .a a adjourned t thai day. We haae tk'a fro n ne of the oertba. Thla nawa waa d .nlitWa te'iurenSMt i.n tn Oh.r'jw. tc today. aod when lha aaaamer arrltea liar, la lha nun t uig, we abooJd nol b aurprlaad If there wet tome nuke. O ir r p rter p-rcerdad to lb rfn of the Cllf. rl. S leiuahlpOurnieiny. and Let rgaean Mr. M O Bout are. tie owocr tf theS ar of the Woet, inqauwl i blui if thai ateamiir had bivn ch trta ed ay iba g it. iroiuetl, aad bad tahru tr ooior marine, oa laierd ir Vliar taaon. Hart plod that the twael had mA laeachertauid br the g.iterniueat. aud thatekaew of no eru tillering lawn tekrn rti laanl Oi our repottei iiueat.iiiig the gi-nihroaa If the ML(ei of root n Uhl ml bate raen urrha at put iiely. he d'C'ltcd to lepy, tlatlog thai ha did n Inquire lntiitte iritaubialneranf theadttiriof ihe Hxjirt4i and that be wet enililed to alml ar reepect. IFrtm thf TiibumU Eitntnj Kti'h. We bate reMon to Imitate that Colnoel Tuoata, Kuruuteifuoirot the hoedontitareof ihe ari.t In Ibla our, ar Itid hire flntn We hlngtua on Frdty, end kft on Balutdar tTentt g on tbe Bta of tha Weet, with tnt'pa fur Charieatpn Qoternni'e lland ia now rut iff from ah eiimn.unleailoa with the Gity, tytrdilof tbe ouuuuauding i ffliier, THE LATESTNEWS. .' i a or Tr.LXQiurn to tub a. r. sum. Political Intelligence. XXXYIia COMlttmi -Beeaod Bteale. faraate, ITaaitnofon, January 7. Th ctllerlaa war crowdtd. Mr, Clat, of A'abeoia, wa la hla aaat, Mr, llmui'l reaolu Ion wat raoatted and read. Mr. TanircK IN J) preianted a peittloct of eitla ma cf Mew Jeraey, reajueetlng Omgieae t pue an act to authorix the ptop't to t'cot dalegt'ea on the lid of ("ebrua'y, to a contention to b held at rolladel phlaoa tha tihcf Match next, to oonaldar tha wolf v of lb nation. Kif.rred te lb Committee on Jadi claiy, Mr. IItolix (Pa preeented thirty four mwonria'a, aakbig that the Carrranni reao utljn t be ubnilttd to lha pole i f tb country. Tb Fauifto Rath oad VU1 waa nada tl apaclal order foi Iwoo'c'oA on Taa day, M-. Carrraenaa (Kr ) aroted lo tab UJ th rac lutlon ffertd by him few rbiy alaoe. Tha 111) air the aduilaalon of Kaueai wal Bad Ul rpfclel oidtr for Mitiday ntil Mr. CtiTTtanu) ap ike In fetor of Iba patieg of the reeulutlon to lubiull tho qu wtlr a to tn pip a. 1 1 areaird to h'm ueoaary, n the d'etrec ed aaate of the publl. ouLClla, it wou'd ba belter to au'an'4 the queerlon to Ibe puipl tbeutelrcii aid he taw kithl! luprope.' la it. Ii d t nol ona ct In any way v"UhlbCjU-tliuln III refartod lo thepr. piaed amrndiaftila loth C natliuilon, aidarguid In fator of their ad ptloa. II e. Mended lh.1 th talablltbiaeot ol a Sna dltldlarf lh hnilorle we notao much eompromUe aa a fair aljuitmaal of rlbla. lit aaked U italeameu and Bauatura woXd re bar woouovar airll war la a'l Hi borrora than make a fair oump'ouiiee, and raoogniaa lb (xiateno of a ateiyia a territory UU ll baoomai a iU I Wat It a party dogma thai no a'are atata ahall b admitted loth Union aad will Senator aeoriflc lb country for mere pe tydognf To territory waa acquired a lha oommon proparty of all, and now few at tempt to exalud a portion from their Ju I light ba eeuee they bat i eonaclentioua aoruplaa on lb auhject War Senator willing to aaoriSoa th country rather than ylald their aoruplaa f Ba', aa a matter of right, fear Beeatora nay light ta axghjl any property Heaee af Itrprreralailtee. Mr. Coaa (A'a ) riae to a pereoaal ipUaUon- til eald be waa not preamt at tba eokfenoct of th Ala b. ma and Mlaalaelppt deegaUoas on Sitlrd.y, aa irpoitul In tba nawapapere, II a wa raapoaaib fa bia own acta and Judgment, bul In Ihua rem vk log bedldaotwiahto r.fl-el aponothei. Id rape tented a people who war competent to (peak fir thrio'eVtra. Mr. Uocaroa (A'a ) aald h u-d antood th anar. eneawaaonlhepeilof Bnalura alone from aeta alo lb at uthcrn aaate", and thai a membera of th IloU- attended It. Mr Coaa rrolitd ha happened aot to be Ihr e, and aenl no ta rg apldc dlapaicb. Ood knew hla prefer, war for harmony bt tbe land, and that In lh etent tf war, that tha atari an! ettlpai ahndba cu rled Into the mldat of our enemlee. lit wanted Uw fa t 1 et on aa long aa all the atatoe eta re main In Ibe Uak.n aa equtla. Tbe majority of hi, p-iplcbe'lttt thry cajnol bate that equality, but ba waa for making another tffnt for adjustment, Otit'ttr.rn with wbien he bad oonte eed raid lh Grum'tu of Ihlriythree wjqld do aornethlng. Be wl-hed be eou d feel Ibla In hla bonea. Be Would eel ou tbe Henala a i w 1 at Iba B-praeentetttee to coma foi w aid and ItUat our oountiy frwn thla embanaaa td ooodliloo, ataodlsg on the brlukof dlaolutloa BhouU be aol ralaa hla humble toloe not only to the Nrlli, but lo the Bjuih alto, to do eoetothlag to rata ua from our preeent trouble. If blood ahall ba abed, raneaarucaca of the Union can. not take p'aoa. He, again, beeeeohed gentle tun trdo ecniethlog. For himatb, he had told hi people th alawy queetlan waa not the only one auh milted by the BepubUoana te lha peop, Mr. llranuia (Ut) rota to aqusetlon af order, hat Mr. Coaa waa nol ounnnlng hlaiae f to a pereooal eap'anatlon. M, Coaa laid, ba aaktd for no fttora bul wtat th Boum had (tanatd bim. lit atoodoa hia rlghtt. Mr. Btanaan again ohjertel to Mr. Ciaaa re naika aa not being c mfloed lo pereooal e;'anatloa Cilea frinu the Bapui loan aide 'Ma on.'1 Mr, Cokii I waa endearoring to ahow that tba Bt puUtoana aaa do aometbbg. Mr BaxaaoiLl (Me) Inquired whether Mr, Ooaa oUeluad penuleaion lo male a apeech oa general polltlre or enly a pareeoal axplenatko f Tb Bprakar replied, "a pereoaal eiplaaatloa." Mr. BaaaaoALa Then lha gantlamaa la abuttng tha pritlltge. Mr. B itr.TMi appea'ed to Mr, C a to let hbt x plat atton be of a pareonal character, Mr. Ci'a waa tery muoh obligtj to UaooUetgua but be ouat be gotera I by kit own Jadgoeat, Tbe Bpoeltr rcquort d Mr. Oon to reatrlol hlm alf to what I caoewa-y In th way of paraonal tg pleuallon. Mr. Ccaaraldhawiuld diuai nir ei poiilV.. Ua did nol rtga d Ita qaeeUonefalttery aa being fettled la tb Frealdenllel election, and wai endea TU)g to call on lb Hi-publioeni lo do what tiiey aay Ibey cannot d , Taj UrU', Internal bnprrramaata, tl luieatcad aad 1'aOifl ) rath; 1 quaadona ereatrtd In to thai oontait, and h wat tony to aay lb I rorruo Ucn of lha tdmlnlatratlon, though ba bad de'ended tb eJinlsUrauon. After furthtr rema-ka b ap ptalad to lb grut emen to bring la th old ahlp and at whether tUy caan.i( wfAlr hen, and again mtka bar eeawoiahy, aaal pl her on th boeom of Ihe ooeaa. M theee catuol b done. If tb qu'lty of tb etatee?h aad Bmth caaaot b maintained, or aecui jd, aban b would aay bl people wilt not re main ta th Union. MK Saxsuaa (O'jln) from lh Cmralteei n Way aud Mean, rperted lh natal appropriation bill. Mr. Baoata (Ohio) (rota lha iodlclary Commit. tee reported lh bid to amend Ik Patent officii. K-fetred to tha Caxunltta oa Patent. Mr, Dtbxbidob (Tana J aaked th ladu'genoaof tU BiUM Naej few wotda. C Ira from tb Rapibllcao aide, nd." Mr. Dvaarrr (KyJ appealed to Mr. Anatia to wlthd-tw bit teeola'lon. ee il iu d do no good In Ihe p-ttint ticttid at' of th emotry. M. ipaaia rtpUed-Tba peip'e of th e7ttn.t7 apprlr of lh acl of Avoxiaoa. Tht yrat aod I tja war ordnrod on th motion t auTecd Ike rule. When Mr Liamra'e (H C) nana waa c tiled, he raid ba oould not lire bl rota for the reailutlon, a' though be wou'd liken git hit tJte for any man who wiai d aate lLa Unbu. Mr, M Kaaa, (N. Y ) aald a few mor men Ilk M ijnr Aai'ta h wou'd q'del Ibe oounlry. Mr Ha., (Oa) waaanadtucateof piae but eon crltid th reaolutkn cju d b p'oductit cf nothing but barm. Tie lu'ea were m-pendid 1)4 agalnat S3, Mr B om-a, (Ye ) mot.d to lay the reaolutl.ia on the tab e. When Joun dontirt nam wtt reached he (a'd hatlsgcauie to ballet that Amiuaoa acted Oder ine laeemHHnaa of lb Btcntary of tha War, I Tula eye. Laoghkr. Mr. Dura, (let ) Belledng annul acted on hla aole rrrpnnalbiltty, I T A ay (R laaghtar ) Mr., (Texaa ) belbrred Aanaaaoa ought to be au.leioed by lb g twnmenl, but for other raa anna he toted egabaal lh rtonlvtlon. Mr.Mooaa, (K.O Aath Baeretary of Wer de nounced th i of Aanaaaoa, I roll no. Mr. Battob, (Tenn.0 bUrlnc th reaoliatloa wou'd do harm aad no good, rotad agalnat II. Mr. Yalla noaAa, (Ohio,) I toted for peaoi aud oetrpromla. You rfaad It, I Tot bow again! fuior.n. Mr flmDatA, (Ark ,) aald If tha President, or th Becnta-yof War, otaay ether offlMr, di'eotly ar Indirectly Ju-lined Ihe act rfM dor Aamaaeoa, h did not beatUta toaay thai they ar of Ireaaoa and Inoltlng ettU war, M Koaaxt, (kfj.)b'brtlng that Major Aaaaaa a or acted mot for pereon! aafeiy than for lb peeoe of the eiuntry, to'ed no Mr MtKaatT t hate tha honor of reptaataUng onecf therooetoooen-raUt dlaarlcta of Fenntylta nla;nthalbi etiong'y Democratlo- Oar pollooel dUSouliiee and aympatble bat been alway with lb 3ouh. Idont bellatt thai laaringlemeain my dietriot thai doe no aaetaia Iba Pieeldeul In bUcouree. WbCa wa bat atood by S iWh Oarollna al tba ballot box. w cannot auetala bar la her trea aoa ag.lnet the general g orerninana. I feel the! th act of the Praildrnt la merely defanalTe, and If thla Uat paj of our nation', hletory I to b a bloitly one, tha reapooaloliiy muat let! with tbo wh wlH make It, Mr. M oaafKy) If lb quaetioo wa8xiteltt tb tlop'a eci of apprortnf Aanaaa , ba mlgal toll ay; but he oould not nppatt tb iwnainaar of lh reaou loo. M . Tar. a (Ye ), At I beUet tU act of Mtjn Aa nxxaoa to rb-eer oittl war, I ti no, Mr. Bear (A k ), aa Aanaaaoa had ehoern no ex trantdinary courage in taking a weak work fjr a aafa one, aid aa the Pieatdent Lad pledged hla word not to ehange the oondtunn of tha forte, Toted no, Mr. Bioklu belleted hla ooaaaituenae war untd Uilrg y oppoatd to eoaretoa agdnat eotrlga tatee; netaitha'ree, oonrinced aa he waa, that thap regard M.Jor Aanaaaoa a acl aa within tha tplrll of hU In at uctu,na and tbe a ape of hia duty and pttrlotLim, thai It la II e aworn dory of lha Praatdaal lo p eweta tb. Unit n by upkojllog lb Cjnatltutlon, htbeliertd be gate an tip aaaloa of the opinion af the trliy of New Yik, by toung eye. (Applauee (.tan the K puh'loan aide ) Mr Birraaaox (Hy ),dld nol know what maature lh Prealdtnl ecntemplatad, therefore he waa nol wiling to pledge hlmielf to ea) thing lo iking to ceerc on; wheaatar a meaaur of thai kind ahall be preeented b wou'd inflrxlb'y oppoee U from begin ning to end. Me Toted no. Mr. Btoaat (Tenn.) had ao objeoaoa to thl Brat pail of the re.o'ulon, bul had to the latter part Ul did net bullet the reanluuon bad a tendency to r onall or to teetora peeoe. I waa known ha waa for peeoe and oompromtee, and foi beellag Ihe die lUfbtng queetlone whloh axial and dlr.c I Ihe coun try, but be did nol ballet lull resolution would heal Ibe difftou Uta, Ibenaa-e, he Toted Mo. Mr. Mooxa (A'a) aald a aolamn oranpecl had bean eatatad Into between the repraeantattTee of BjuUi Carolina and Ihe Prealdena, that tha furet were not toUdlaturUdorrelaibioed. B whoiee It tobra ootded Ibat th people of South Oarollna, In bar weaknare, kept htr hUlh whan thee forte war n oewa y rbctkaprotecticaofberhuta and lrraida. I ToteMo. Tb Republic ta aid called aim lo order, objecting to futtker remuke. M i. BaaaaoaXB, (Mla.) amid ahouta for order from the B-pokhcan aide, and cnueh general (xoltrenwit, laid th reeulatton ate Bra-brand coal Into the Siuth for tbe puipee of melting rttolnUon and In aurrecl'on. 1 1 wea Infamoue and c wai dly. B I oou'd not be beard throughout, owing lo the, gnat atat of eonfualon, Ua took hia aea remarking that ht had aald all be' wea'tdloiay, Tee Speaka rtpealadl called him to order. Mr,BaXUTT(xiendor.d MaJ. Aanasa)if ad, buteanntffiolal laormalod had bean tranamltied concerning it, be deemed II aa Improper aVtlectkr oonaldiira'km al thla Urea. Mr. Oman (M. C) approtad lh conduct vt MaJ a Aantai at, bul aa lha B iuaa had refuaed to adintt a propotltkia tj edjuiuntnl of lh dlffliuUiea, b eou d act, la lh Sac of thai fact, tjU for lh reten tion. Mr.WiaiTia (Ma) raid tba South bat he'd oat lb ollt branch to the N jrth. but to thla th N -lh bad ahowa iberaaajtee adtaaat. At tn IhU o'ita branch ibey had offerdtblwordf war, Bawtad a. Mr. Fumaaca (Pa.) e mtlde.ed Ibla reajhiim al aalcu a'ad to protok aalaohief, and to de mora barm tbaa good, therein e he Total ba Th rert-rttilua wa than paeaed, at foliowa t KtiW YOIIK I,raLATUttB-eVaaia. Albany. Jan T M' BaaatT geee aotlee of Mile In malum ti, tb. Biapartor Don, au tie O as-l aad O of O men P . 1 1 New Yi k I the aambet of Jarse, Ih-lrt-emeof iffla aodaaottm Mr. KaaxT tf a U J to amend Iba M rw York City Cti-ne I Mr. Snaota o' a talll t Inonrpo-ate lb New Yo.k rr-Ou f.i.a.hip. Cup y. M Wiuiim i4T rtrt a oneourrenl teno'uttrm to ed) aia alee flu oa the lat u Ma on aext at 1 P M Ldrrte , Mr Uaaarr lo'rodoo-d raeoleiiona llm'tlng lha i Ant e ia an Bia a ei the nuea r a hiw d bf th. ate u a 0l'alli.wlaaTanex4apa lur aeatlo,o eat CT loolaakita? oiiai tawt, aulaaa appulaaod by tat Ma Atar 0 caldarab'.e deb.ll they wer raa ral to a otanaxitaaae, Adjourmed ail lWoock tKor.o. Aneeaably. Ti A ettnUy met el La f ,aa ea-taat. Ther wat raUr a atitiditnoa. Mr Caaratrr woo ha I beta abaai fnaa eackoaae, etieared eaad took ia taath of t ffl.aa AiaatgU.e pl beta praaen'ed waa rei by pfnat . aaailciaiatia ol L'tca. f irthaelpttiia tf Boaieaoa'a reeiiiuilaauai, a-ooy W Lawiaau toe earn i .u tf-ca Mr. MteuiT eat. n ato. of but li ouaai (1'aod etnea, Hrmk ju, end to amend ibe BlibwxKetenu. wA M-. Mooaa, of telle relatie to the eoiltoiloo of aaae. aLd a. a ametiia la Br.aihlya aoaaallog tne B m ktyn 8-wer act I to al ow tie B onkljn and Jf Baaana RAiinaad ti axveLd tuatr t k. Mr. I sixaaroa, of a bid to eraoi Holland eou it. Toe hillowiig U ie were lutnaluot i Br Mr Baaamr To amend Ibe Bribery law hy drr.ani-teg a paraiaa fiat taa yaara when aanatuevd ia laku g a biloa for a t e. By Mr. AtvrLaaitra to pnaui trth apprlnt. mtniiarta-tMOnmut-anonate far p ratig .Ira Aa ta Ni w Y.i k: th apir tnlrumt to be made h lha 8 I lo'Tt -vra, J idtraM of Cutnoon Plraa aad toe 8 ipatlur O-urt. It iiqitu-eeaa epp'toai nof a m J a-ny of the pn pe ty ho de a on ana Una, before in. etraet eaa be ipanen, no eat tbe path laeeit d-toend Hi By Mr BianaaLt, r auamdirg tha M obaatka' Lien law, ralti to MtwYo kaudUnMk By Mr. Dan bo dlttd BltuVa On. Into three i JUl t aieuicvi Mr McT. laurrr, Dwn.) iJTj ed Oonrarrent reeo'u thni drpreoetlng the el-cti.a if a Praat deat, bul ciclairiug li ita duty ot Ibe rmip to ao-qnle-e lu the alwtkrn of Liecoul, aid ca Hog oa ihe I'ie tdenl to lake 1 1 av'. to ate'l aot ac, of tio. eielnp etanl hialoa'iguratlian. Lttdoter. Mr DaatMCT introduced onue irraml re olutlona euuvUuj uf ihe rooduci iMaJar Aeaaatoa, aod itquaelibg Ihe Ootert or to Can e to be ivnaaelt-al to biiucaword aa a gift uf tbe taut of Ml Yoik. La d i tar, OJuar camcumnt nanlu'lona waa offared ly Mr. Fiat a. Hat Ibe um p e a a content wltn iha Jue I u- ti. a ae it 1 , and p edging the a at to aid la maln leinirn th.orm.tuul m and lawa. Bt M . Moauaa. declailng that lb oomtlrauoa ma-t be ma ntaluad, teode tog tbe mltttla nt tba ata'e totb P kttna, ard craamga S-cal JalntOim mlaaee in Itquna woe her anyextatug lawa a la eoLfld with the eonabtuaret Ltldoaer. Uj Mr. Aaoax. denting tb ilgit ifeaeelonf de ehuitg It the duty taf an) atat to amnd haatata unwke hguatlia.,ai lb ttqued of a alat-ar itatei a.auding ita right iaf all aie to rtgu atathatr vava tht. tBeco4p lUaaaaaeiatrl Jadtm, in-., Jm. 7 A tntjwf.y f thd. lagalaa anUarl bt cwnctta thla m mice, and ad i xttnrahiaoanqaeailngtUPraatdmlto app lot a eooaadwa todraA as ordinaooe of raceeeloti oa lh part of th atat of Mlaa-eaVrjC ThOjae nor lea ordered thl arCerytt prepara bal earartdgea. Tb delegate to lb 0 ot.nUcan art tataahnoaa for aeoaaakn. Tha GmTtnrtntA o-gtoiied at 11 thl morning, A. J. B.UT, of Ljwadee, made Preaidant oa th thl d lU.e. Preytr we offtred by Mr. Mtaanaix, of Werrea, Th rrma ka if Ibe FreaUent fator erpttal aefia-at-n. A reiotulL a wa u-l. Ibat e-nnrollV of 15 be eppolntid by th. P a Iditl wiih to pre- let and rrport aa iptadl j m poib:, an ordiaaao of aeciaeinu Tbe c-anmllNe wl I be ana- meed IntaatTOW, AJJ. u ncd td. ttToiriw. Atahaaaa irVaramrry, Jan. J To Coatantloo met at I oon. M . Putiira, 8 cea.1 etUt, wet uede levef. e-y Cairn an, and Mr, nnat. t mpara-y 8ae ery. D-Vaal re fmrn a I the ouua la erar tntaaat, Wa M Beonaa wa. e'tc ed p.maeeal Prwldaaat, e,rMa. dajiiaoa, by Imajiri y aad M-. Fowl. acaali,l t, wa e'eiaed Bereiary. Tn Oaateatiaa taTeryqukt. Tare la ka. Rktmtnd, Jem 7 Th Ilouee, tolty, asaai Banualy adoped a rejo.atiuo. ti appi-at a aeneUtaee taMh tnairnol au to it p art a bU fur a aaaa aeatea ttoa. Aea-eeerdi a rtaa atton hat been Introduced la bothMouaa. Goaoral Tolesfrapli How. Ti Netf tny (aareewaaewl at 1 n, 7a. 7. Th nw Htr CTtetwotarrl waa itavirt ti al anon ioaa, u uuaui w. aitic l.tll I me V raua. 4Jeaatew'nn, Jn T Ouehundtd and tiu'eiaa- Ure beta tax. braid f ran. aetmly are for tmm.Uale iiceaalon, Iwmty-nm air eo-oprraaou, and flra dl Ied. the WathlaaaaeVa Jferllea al I.eaWtlDe. AenntrWic, Ay Jim. B Tn wotkinnmaa'a arJa audueatutgneul ded tbe lee dutina rennet wg llbrrtf of ap-ach, awl iemumaud.d thatbcdiaa tf two da agatoa from each 0 ureaeluaal dia-tia, to Uaaatlitiel wj,kmeu'ooaTi.tiia at Pbibtdelphia, Pent nary tld. Bfajar tte-aaaaria mm that Citato. CSieago, Jan. 7. Mayor WaarwoarH bu laanaal a p t ameaina tec mmendlnx that b4aeee he aarjeatdtd t the Slh dey J J ,.ot y, and thai tb .ua o.gnrgate al euna pUoea aa uaay aeeoi leal lo adifAntoaearymee uree to declare tuir aliacamenl to the ftde'ai Uulou. Bl rerommenda thai the aulllta y compaalei lake euc etapa aa thay derm da iolkememo.y uf Jaoxaoaaad ahagalaol y of Aa oaaeOH. Al euariee 31 gun will ba Bred for th Union; al noon BC in h mnr M 'J Aanxasoa, aud at sunaet IS fur Aaiaaw J.caaoa. .nog thla aalut tht bella wilt ha ndled, itatnui'lUie maeqeno. of tha loaa of Qan. Ja( aa ia, a la eontrq t nee of the ab aajce tf bta pemuUam and courage tn th general g Terninaiat, A nonmmt Ualeoonfool fur a awoid for Major Aauaieoi. Ir. Ueaahat rx Laula. at. IamU. Jim. 7. At Mr. Uocvh'i ero'an' lalnlghtbafoitabt'g aurtiawo. IS ttfwtaa at etnerg Uatoa eenttraenl wai reOatTed wita traaearf aouaapplaaa. I taa of lh BitUak aaM Raaa. rdcmJon 7 The buk J. R lock hart ar. Iiairl to rlty froni O atow report. It k a a eauaali il Irrtliavte 43. all la with the B ik thl Reea, from M alteta wBk a etn. aa? aoot, ataaeee; am k i ff th re4aln e d crew, eigbtne la aamhety Bed oit.ugbl ibero nera Plrr. Wattvn, f3 1 Jm. X Th dry goodl aad free") aatebUlnunnf W C Lewie we. de4erd ky an Ua night L aa. IS 00 lonred, niUdtliWt, Jim. ItS.k fir ccearrad aft tnioaigniia nucLe mujan, near Boowaiaaii ri a g rjeeueaa to tbe et'eoa of M ty. lely Murta nctwtnaat wa. lereetooed hy tbe B tear e e.ermgu-a bt toe U 8 A ataa, aaaral euaatn frvm tba tre, which wea emdr4 al aa ataa I btai f ba aaeger. 'aLam. Jibl ?LA The Pel ton a'rab faa'ar 'nee a1 nam thla n age, wm bnrBI a alaht Lt I -Utea.d at (HO UM a., im mo i haiuieg taaa J mr Bl Oi. ad the ee.a-k for )M IH. Thoaaaieai't waa oocupatd by aa aeee. CITY NEWS. yatrparbof the eaaaerawalaf ted fl', whr aeh Haa." OtJ L ana, bat atl HMa Hieeaaaa it yea caaeHaadl Ilea bot Dlvb. Bora p7 ! beontatdrreddaaaoMr uaaer, fori oureatl.nuf yeetarday tha b eperted elr, whk r ken abd amoeteobe ef a tamer UgaKah Una.'' Ol1 rrpi rvr Intmdad that tl ehoWd road, Aae, hat aV p tntarand piajf reader Bead Mr. Rabat, are dld'tt mean ta hat j ux 1 II ue B. a d. At A OI?I.A M.ISIIILT MaBTlM ettVl Veaaiana tf tbe Wartf lilt, held oa Friday eteala,' tat foiloanrg p eaaible and reaolotl at waa offered k' Brgedir-Oeaeiel II, RaTaowB, aad laaalaaiiael ad.edl I aTAema. We f.iachi la the war of 111, far t prtarr.aiaarf the U o.titu.w i f ih. Uelead 8wkl atat are. framai l-y rur f fatter aaa tiaw-. pMrtnae .f tre kUenlotKio: ahn, tor f ee trade aa ael o-' itgbaa, eg IBM a powerful eaeaan aad oa- our flaar be re p ad ad oe' te world! wea- ptaedto ontaei trrtng toditide ah Viih tt. ut lo dt troy ir-c peeoe aod harmoay w hat liTd nnrler f re trwtt eiabt tear. H' it fnerron rraofrad. fnal we TaHiataer oe eittlceai in .lid nnniiieBien lo aim. L -ieaa. Onare Wiarixui Bi-utt ti re plaord aeder bw In nieiilav c u mead in ai y ga rt n be mar eeieot f or to take ote ge tf du li k the eraamo ia eke yaaa m nutter or imule tiops whleb we wlb date agalnat any lotuion. Luu-Ttoti or renaUna,! to l-ti and oar nvaio u, and ahab be, '-Our Bag aa tba Uauuo Lo-oing tra rtgot ail aiaaa wj rrvo eaBaoau u rai. iic .ffrs and declalng that tbe elan " CKnaliuBaet for aaan. render . fogttlte. ebould coian'bad wiih In good Uah I admittln tha tbe terrttoi lee are onoamoa p'openy. hut to be eewrae-t and itgnlatad la aoo-t axoe with lb will of lb i.a tlm.aaaap eeaad inUo"gea; pledging tba etaaa to aid la poatrrmg tba Union at all naiardi. Lud orer. Mr Boartaoa motid t rIW thai portion of the Oornnora. me aega la'a'tng to fadal ilkn to a aeleot curaiulltaa of nln Ad pttd Mr. Ilmm rm.terl to mak eiwh eommlta a JotnlcveunilaxatoflheBooMandB nte L .Id orer. Mr. Csai-t rooted to itqal a tha Shtrvff, Oiuaty Clatk aod B-tiatar of Yoik, to rtporttbatr tern. L4d tntr. TbaUw-atia:uotha ammor'a meaeagelnlhe Comnilltee uf th Whole, but without deba' leporwd pr'e'Te. Tie di'lowli-g'appibltmanMwe-e announrwd hy theBp eker)i PoMiuaeier, IrnaaraBarra, of A Ie gaaiTi Aaa-tal Bargtan'-O-Arui', Tuoaa. Mlb La.lEaai J.nlr eud Ker uf Ami y C iam bi r, Joaa P. Kirur, Wyrmagi Iixllw-' 0aile7, A B BTovaaaiaoB. N-wYak Coax Bain. B Kiaa, De ewaie I M'dda O'lter II i , Oao A Uir roan, In.trrt i N m O J ar D , Wicuau B. Oaewnx, t Do Kper, UauLruiaa". Oelli-ry, U N. Dat a, WeMoheater. ThaOltk. Mr. Rieut, haa mad lh dillnwlng appntrliienaai Aeaia.atCMik. Oaaa M Boriota riaais Oae de i d urval Olerk. 0 B. MaoaB'ooa, Oaroaai Engriaaaina C erk, U. V. OocT L tiogaani D-puty O e k reran U LoooiaoToa, ul Iran t L h en.n. M J. YaaaaL, B inenecudy 1 Aaalaaant, ao, B. N. Owaa, Oaalda. Aljmrned. Catoa MMdlaat at CUraaa. CAirao, Vo. 7. An Immanaa Union roeetlna ofotttionsbrreawectiTiof part, waa he'd al BitabI Ball laal alaht. Tba teoola Ion ad ipi4 xpra lore tor tha Uolna I rtarad erey atterapl to rand II aa the heeeat treaana acd man taaaaa Mly I rgt'd loe C v tiiutluo of lb Uol td Btttet fonn-ng a union be tweea the people uf tb aeraral atata aad Inland! to be pe-ptna , aod te-y attampt by a atato to eeewle or annul tblwtf tha Uttiod B a'esl notoaiy aturp'rg the powar of tha general for nmens but ee-treaetoa Ueoo ibe equal righ a of tha other atat a; t peaceable eeoeahm, if p aelb'e, mu t aeaeaaartiy h . mattar of agennt Mttrten lh eta'aa, and ua til eueh agreemenl U mad lhaxiellnggoTinmenl haa no ohniee bul I aiooa tha law and proxctlbe ptopeny if th natkai i thai In tlaw of what la now traaaplrlag la tha aoutkam at lea of Ihreata to pre twaI lha uauguatloa of a Preetdenl conatltalloaally elaettd, II la Incumbent aprm the leja' paople of Ihe atrerai atatea to ba prepared to render all their aid. military and other w lee, to tha enJoroasenl of th Federal lawa ( that Major Aanaaaoa daeerrea tha thenka ef lb country for tba o ee puraued by him. We dec are, thel there ahould be an txba latloa of peenful meaure before the e word lt drtwni tha- fur, w are lo fator of any Juo, honorah't aid ooo atttutiooal eett emeol of tn. qoea'l at tf AM an ela ae ry, thai Oetgraaa may adopt, and lb Aawiioaa peo pa may ratify. 1'roa Me-ar. Adas. (MaeO Adama. (Kr.) Adraln, Aldrloh. Alw, Allay, A'adeewo, (K,) AahUiy, BahUt, Bat 'a, Bankaui, Blair, B eke, B ay, ion. aVigga, BofSalon, B(rlafme, Oanpbal'iOaraf, iViaat Watblaataa. WoMngtm, afaa. 7, Tb Committ of Thirty -three lofty had and ooaaideratioa Uaaar WiaTxaDATia amandrnanl to tha Fagltlta Blare Ltw. An amtodrotal wat offetad by Mr. Walaacaaa. (Wl ) guiraaieoleg th trial by Jury la Ih elat wb tbe fagttlte waa ariaed. whloh wal defetvad. Mr. DeTial ameadmant waa tbaa al pied, guar- antetmg tbe trial by Juiyln tha atatewheuoe lh fagttlte cpd. ThaSaue,lnthixaeutlTeeloB( referred Ue aomina tun ol Mr. MclaTrat aa 0 Jlec ie of Chariot toa, to th Cooamiltt on Commaroe. ftanilr la fAaaamckaarlla. jfoa, 7iA. To comraemorat th bttU of Raw Orlaana, aud In bonor of Mtjw Aaaaxo. 0 rternor Aenaxwa bai arderad ea'uMof UOgoaa on Boeton O aamoa tomorrow, and naional aalute bt Ifeen other eitlea and towat la the Common waalh. Abeurw, Jan. 7. Oi haxdrad gunt will b arid In thla city tnmoirow in honor of th memory of Qtnera! Jaoi-oa, aa th hereof the batlhtofNa O Iras') nd aa th defender cf tb Ualon arauul nullinaalkm ami ti aaion. Oar. Wn)w the fttala. Ttcrlmortut, Jjn. 7. Tb Ftqiirrr bit a long Irllarfniii O ta-not Wm Bia lifting poeitinni ar fer an Immrdieie caj fc a aia contention! a pioopt teaumpiliin by the oontmtma of all auch pi we' a hit' e I d. legated till general gorernmant ae p ey be nee. ry tjt a'a't pr A-cdoe, eapeoe ly ibep e-a abainf f.wta, etc tl.t a atug d ae toe at. j. ahall ut die a b-r lf out f in. L'uloo but eoapatid a I reUunna wt b Ihe eff nliog etetaetid lb. j al a I eootde to auch Ultimatum at lha raartntka nn) autaxlt, flea. Bobtrt Mc(1etlaad letter aa la tiaeta Detroit, Jan, 7. Oon. KonrET McCLaXLABrt, ExBtOittaiy of lha laaaiior, la out wiih a Ut'er on ihe p. a m.1 clrla. Be retlewe the eeuaea, thai hat ad to tl pnaenl Mat of affaire, reciting lh grlet toea of bulb ibe It etb eut Ibe Bouih, aud r) -u maada aa a anlaibai of Ihadfflouiy, tka withdrawal of the aletary queaiun tana truaa Congreae and loo gnTmmnta mtli Iba people of a lenilitr ahall auraa a awta C"neaimtli n aud a aa a modiaoaa ao of the fuel tte alaare law. Ue thl ok. diaunioo will ha aa deatrutat of the lntaa-eaea of the M.anh at of tbe ouh aad ealra, the ncithera panp a to ao aal aa to aareagthett In ooneat taate man of tbe Sou n, who are meat- waietenl appaai to our megnenimity and peArlutlem. Mtaaaaw of Oar. Ilraar, af Ylraiala, A'cAnoad, I'd., Jan. 7. Oor. Larrcaaa'a ttateagMliudbag to lha condition of lh country, eeye all aaa, know and feel that danger la Imminent, and alt tru patriot a- exerting tbamaalrea to eetaaa from lmpendir g perila. Ue 'etlewa bll pr.ipoeiiloa In hie laU maw age, for a Con tea tlon of al. tba Bta , andean i Iilaxtoaatroutto aee eflrtwnmeal like eura deetr yed meaaij beoeua men cannot agree aount a doni4tio inaaltmloa. Il btoamea uurBlaie an r mtnoful nf bar own tawraaea, U eruption ta Iru tlaUe, and If a atfad-mlioD are to be formed, we mue bee ih beet guarantee, bafoia we can Yigtnla lo et her, II. eondemea in ba-rj ai.iirn of 8 luth Ca-t Una, wnlcb ha laten brr Bouihaia alrtera Irr aurp lee. Ba wuuld nake nn apeotai itierenea to her oourae bed he But beaM ne T. d to do an by bar lata ex.0 1 tins tr. u called for rife ere toYuglaia. Tbenon e ta-ii.d)Tig aaa ee are ehargea'ee tor tb praaeot roroluon of affair and If lb. Untoit It dleruoted, uranthun teat lb aolamn re-p.malblltiy. BeaU luda al leogtn lo tbeiaeggreailiaia, and eeye that haTetb tower to end tii atitlaaud natireeood- Uetie Will they do If B. await, ih-ir laepuare are wtltoui epp eheoaion. Ba aeya our aotiou ahou'd be baaed on the wrga dm e our rtra p-p'a Be a,poMi a Btava GaiTattna at thla Uui. a A tttf geaie, re-, tha a eureinla of two ot tba moa dla crtet etateanien ti.ll Ibe 1,-gtaIam et tf tha atatea which hat pteaed peiaaal hbirly blbe, ai d In let nn Hoar export Hum el rtpeat exerpl lh Mew Eng'and atatea t aaeono. we mum oate p-iiper ena tuia.te guaran eeiair aoe pr.aao ton tf tlatery la toe Dienioi uf Oulurama I lid d, Mir tq'il y iu the aaal. aa d terTl'wnea muaa ba fui j noognia-d and taa right of parent and pn priy aoaiiialy (inaeotad aed eacurl i that wa nitvib ptiDHtaert tn pane ihrnugb lb free atatea aud teiritoil unm.ilre.edt end If a tlate be a ccwd, ILe eta a whr it la ka mu par la Ta ua i fouitn. Ilk guerao'eaw that th tianatntaetiat of elate, heterten tha elate-kmdlng awiae try land or wa'er thai ana be Intavte ed art ih fifth, tb p letie aLd tnfteceoieni of right lawa lit the puuan mantuaocn panioiuiutra iiea eiaiea aa organ ae, or aid and aba la any m ale whetater In ori(taial.g ooop-ni. with a wow to aaaati the al.t.krdiag awa andkilncttalheelaT.atolnaniTrctiuat tlxte. thegmere' gore nuoutlo bed. pitted ie aha of app toting lo local ctHoee in Ibe alaae-bo ding a a'aa iierwooe hoalila to tbelr UuU u lona or tnlmt ealtitbetr righ a. Tba Ooatrufu thar aay b will regard lb al ttmpt uf tl f-drral lor. to rat acr. Yligtnia, tr ibe pu pna of coercing a a.uthem etete, at ea acl i f in a km which at ba rep L Bl I' nol wl hvU lli bop thai ibe p eoi d'ffl)4 Uea will Hid aul. facv-.T to.utlon. 1.-1 N iw E ig and and Wat tern N.w Yo k he a ougwd off, and let loam funn an al tanre with Cacada. Tne tea ptftelna mainly to looal efftl-e. Th meaaag la quite aoginy. Araay Nertaaeate. tld'ovrejja, 7. A company of L'gM In fantrj bat JuetarriTed here from Car Ule Barrack t. Porrw, Amwaia, Imiaaaaa, eta. Tua Latb Fatal AtxinttT at BraTaa' Baawiar. Coronar Soittaaxa held aa laaaa on Monday Is tbe caeaof J too MctLXI, waa wi kl. ed on 8 uurday 1I ai Br.rta'a b ewery, laKBi atltl. utarO.h ateune. I weaahown, la erid& it at tie tuUdli g. which wa- tort la ge, waa ra. eiien Itay irpa'jM and part'aly rebuilt. Wh. the ruaeone ware al theli dioiar bi Iba at aad e, lakf-oian celled uui t i'n lo "com dof' Ti ey u.trl to ibe ladder M quickly aa antil' and l iwcepnd irjary exoepi tb d"C-ed and Ma. Tin YoatL. Ta f mr waa anff a ed under Iruaietir emenut of gral-, arflch fed ap-wi hla. kt ibe ante, th nab burlid up by lb grain, aaea. wrttmlghil Jnrir. Iiappiara that tka fjuadaur l taMi ite, and gate way under th let emuni if grain wb oh wa upon th n.e,tw, piitadly ralUi e raeti gopoa ihe all The wa, fell iMweirl aad ike fl ore aod creln caaaa tamhlri down trpna Ibe enakien. Tan lnqo4 waa a. Jon oad unal 1 nd..'k thl mo nlng, la ordar t g-telhejmya father opponaDl'r to exawata tt rulna. Tbedeceeadraidsdi IIS WaatUex, IxruMiua or A Oa Bxtokt. Aj I Brn-ixoaca, tf No, 800 B "alway, wa xprtiax IngUteteningwithcgaa retort, II auddeo'y ptoded, at d Injured bim aararely about tha the T hraaelihaexileeionahaaaaid all tb wiadeaa 1 the etc. a. KnxxD ar MAomaanT. Karly Utt araaia Oaaaaa Mrtaa, raaldlng in Hibjkaa, M. af at ( rmpa yed in the U 8 Saga- RaSoary, al th ajorai ofLalgbland Waal etreoe, wa kill4 by hem eaugbi tneoma meohlnay lBTa raoM SiAarATiojr. Lt arcalac M poll of ih 4 Ji P.rctnot war Informed the aa Ma n bmaa earned Jos r7ntnui raafillagla tkaaa mealhoiuaNi SI Medlaoo etoeet, had died ef eta , a hm. An effloar wai dlepatobad to Ih aaa, aa the leportprored true To iem4n of tba aelbrt nate man were fuoad In a mea diagaaalag ataa, aa praaeoMd a hornbla tp acie. Toe oVaeaaadhae wlh aad three ebidreat who war fouad aaarly aa from i mall pox. F.tau-t CxraaiD dt Macitdiibt. Mocday afwenoon, Oaan Mnaa, aa ampl ha I augar nflaary of Mvllxb, faTVaUi A Doaeai ' earner tf We-hlngano aod Very eaaa. waa oaag try t e-ro la a rat itlcg ne't aod dragtwt aaa.. Ibamachinay. Be waa flaallyraad bal died toaonmrnUaftfrward. B wei a Oarmaa by htn 40 yaara i f eg luquaat today, Soaldrd to Dkatii Coronar Jaocm. held an li.qie) on Monday up at th body of aaaj BaaLAaisachld4 jatra of eg- "ho died atj j raw- ww in peiavM, niH aao. w aa , - UMtfTrCte of araida r.oured bra keatl of waa . water beting aridaaaiit been apea orar X a wal ago. A tartlet of aAeddealadeaa''wMraaWvl For City ItnxTn, ae Third Pave Mow within Rtactt or Ait, CPXEBRATTn Ni)f aP.L,' MS HdttlNO VArrnmr taileudarrarae-avaHrMdear, T. S FiaaLB A Lroia' ,j BKWINO MAUUIHEI. I at aeiiotia p.iiivl I ttiu new imprattmeoia, ruaa a 4 . . , all eoeaeiete. aaw weuie. . NivBltBreeJeu, d adWeaaet.aaara aaaXIar FOR aa, ,o rrr rvaua, Th aparatna, arwoooud ihiibwUbi ta aaaet the aeiaMja. tfm. . in. .Mi. Doom I.wUtiKai, aa tbie dtt ea the 1U lawv, tar tattef f tb. aaaVraia br faaaia la lie a. wedd aaa Kieuoev g ii ea i lieu i it ta aw mana aart . BaUal) aaway tmm iwiifin.pafnMM iu ommmmtm m a nttrrtr raJlof lo taa Baatune and aaewtog araaf tbe areaa ittiaw4 ua eua 1. .m ZJf n reaaajlTaakt RakUaa LeaUUilra Cade.. DorrMiiryri, Jan. T Mr, Cowan wal nomtaat' ad ka Banana- na the I xth b allot. Cowan, H; Wlb Mot, 89, Waixu, I. Meoeaanrj to chidoa M. B1ttmbI of Vrwaaa. BoKmore, on. ITbe eoidlara which arrlrad to. dy from Oarlia war eerelry aad not Infaatry, and In number ware CO. They war on their way to Buyer Perry to prottct th areeaa', tlrslaia, "" A'orott, Jan, 9. A larg rnoatln' mi bald hat en Siturday night. Btrong ppecbt war made, urgliig lb claaeaa to arm thamaeitei and plao tbaaaaaitee ba a ataa of oVanaa for any caargeocy, whlah wer loudly obaared, Kaaoluttona raoora. mending tha ItglaUeuietoorgaaJai tboroaghly lb rnllamiypowofthetat,paetIabrOlTUwar, aboald H coour aooralng eoaretoa and preparing toratttt toTaalnaa, war mahaoaaly adopltd With oPplW-. Oat lafelataia. Cbnvlond, Jtn 1 The L-giaia-u met al Oulaa. triamd.j. Ootaraor Daeei oa' rameage la oeru plat meiaJy with etata affal-a. Bt noommend a luoia eil.o it orgaai atlon of the mllltle, tn pre aenl O'gaatiad miiiibt numhrrug only about 1.104 men wnila tn uno gauued f. ro ta ertlmaii at trjOOCOaaa. Mo vpaoial prommaooa la gitna to tow aulai. Tba Ovtemor argue, al aom aangib tax dtfraoaofhlaaevr a, la itfuaiar tba requlalaoa of tht O.trn.0 e if Kentucky and Tennaea for pereon acciiiaad of a'dleg te the eaoap of fugtUT alarea. Badinlente ligh'of any aaat aoacdeMp'ea aujaaud tfirrha thai Ohio iotalna total tiihaUoioa and OnMl-uaiooi ha luggane th repeal of theob. noxtoue f-lure uf ahafngi ite 'lata law, and Ibe re peal of any peranai lloeriy bill, eubrenlttof th (agitlt Uw won d Ihua be aeourrd. Al tba aama time the icnahan atatra ah lud lepeal their ktw la ounwattntliai of the cooed utl..nal right of cltlaanaof frawetaite, who oanaM ba aetlalled wl k leaa. and who wlo lalat upon thar Conatl'ulonal rlghaa la etaiy ita a aud latl'ory ca thla ooofaderacy, Tbaa they ohelu ly accord It dtlaana of the aou be-a eta ea. De 'ulaed to do no wrong, they will aa eotitHnted y euienlt to any wrong, and are anawed ty thru ttu eaaa. They demand ihe eniploymeut of al In aaieal u tonal power of Iba federal girtem meblaiiueinalnana preaare lha Unlnot .rejia.-ti C whole theory tf ate e itoraalnn ae a palpab a Tin. lauon of the Ctmatit.tlon, aad cannot cmaeal lo the txrcla tfmj power Da' under lu tanctlon. Toa Inirgiby ia ibt Union ita taaa and lnd'.TiilUU. ly tuuaabepiteert!. Ulhaela Iajtatalare. Chicane, Jan T Tu L-gi-latu-a met at Boring, field ltdey. Th B in edji.uraid wllh.ul trT cting an orgebuatliat. U t Wojo'c tuoaege reoommende a am pete leeonaliuolkai if to p ret cut mliilary p an, I y ditidlug lha atat Into lure d.vlalona of bt.l Inn rrglmaiial and brigade furmatlom thai lh moat liberal It-gl latlte taCourageuienl b gltan to lha furmallon of t anaiaer rwaupaalee throughout the a1 a'a Be teoaronieade that th bank of tn ate'e be rrqulud lo acare their circulation excluai re ly by I'aitad Bate aad Iliinol atocka If grlataaoea to any portion ofouroonfaderatloa bar ariara within tb U.luc.lea them b lalraaeed within th Uulon. If uiconaltudoxal U"a anion our eeatute booka,let tbam ba remotad. 1M u be inal tar ou-eelte and aaeh other, allowing neither Ihreata lo drlt ua frara what w deem lo be our duty, nor prid of optnlon prvtent a from oonreotlng wkaraUt wa may hat arrtd. , BpaeUng, not, marehr for almaaX but reflecting whabeaanmaiTobetaetolee of tb whole panaia ce'Iirraob, In apeottrte ot parly, a M raaohaa hla rtaeUajaTaaiahaaloptoleaeoaitiataC4'aea-al Jaoaaoa tb Pcdaral Ualoa II mnat be p-e eaTed"" to whloh tentlnienl b troata to LagUla traltwlBtTmBbMxsrBOBM an early day. beat Mult'Ue.l th mie,l la eaeeawtaa, thlrtr UwuaaM. her left ih. turlurV toTSi tauea hi th etab i maltitaOae ret laaala aka t . B'iaaa toe meeaa ef JTana. aa aaoaer te ar aad fa frum th rejrtoa to ihe earth aadaMlaf ta ehaaT.tketT'Wab.T abuaaena, It at fiHaaal aavaauiiar taeauaana paaaaa Bta at BMe raawl ua Roy, many iThwa.lf aid aa raterea, araat Uta fcr at. af atarratva-s aa.d aaaau aaar eaad aeU at flitiaa wtiehaaaMTnyaiamlo. rati ilif. waaaer a aUtaa aaa. ai.nla.rl aMM aaatda a5iwualCcaaaoitawaraag a. eowT IhaaitettMdr Hlnati'm. ThM awtwr waa, la hidwiwlefltoeaamttae,a eaaa aaakkag a aaar i aeiwaaea taa uBerarnr as aueat. Mb at thai ererrlawB and etwaf theatow )eaaj i wara nfeharttr, end tbea eotleetlaa wf Mai the eanaa-a a la all ear ahiwi bt t. "I rr T aalla to at taVadal lb tat raalaf af para ai. a aatt jatm m. vruii. t ef tb. Hamaitllaa Beak, wh he aa ee ear tiimmii. ae to ear eoBuutitta. Any eVmatluae of anotber aOura . -" aaar ejeaaa aaawaxai bbj laaaj WtMWkmt wU. ti x ISfe JSa CTb MorrlaKetrliaBa. OraeneU li ia. a. wnilaaaa, (Jaarlea W. aaaata. . vnm ureav BarTha Oeanaitaaa he Mate to ataa teat taa baa Krprea itaaHar bar noen ear eaared t- !?. L aanatai a. as Biui'i Taioonrxaaaa uwm neat an ehiiriat artlel tor artaat OtAeaadtaaAtaV tay aawal tol traaaray.Aiaaaj axaaaa Brnaaj aal bal hegjaadeirtiiaia CagEagJaJx. ItOTICBa. Qalazy, ar IaflaaaaataTy ftor Throatl Sulctly e-lad by Inai letting tka aarta wlh Helle alaialalMatmeat-aftereuefomantatloa wnh wJ water, if aoraoeaau ImttMaioaly teiiaTM. laBJ mauoa laduaad aad all putrid teudeoey fmeal Taa Ivadte' JabT Raw baraa keU h il ae-;., rocou ef tba Tree ell toratloa charck.aua tf kj aad Park eta. will be eaituue duilag the wvaki til etaofadnUaJaoTlOBeiika. Jattla-lfl socrcrT rvcrnenstf. "j A. IV. II. N. IA Tha' rtleaaer aa abet l Ittalnu are leaeiated to a'taod a eaeclel an l te h. bald el taOr reeeiar eaaatlna raoavIM 71 it, en Turarlaj eeeutef. Ja"or a, at TH e Brfy"w.r'dcrtAlXS BUaHRB. ftS SAMbirrY,Bea, JafaVaa held fu ----- l" -- Inn Mil. aew Vtted te ette. ae kaia.eaa eaTaport aete. 1BAAC a. autaus aee-f , IMCII ruihet Jaectol Nl-tw aWatoawra ft DAYIDalAixa,aae.

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