Newspaper of True American, March 29, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 29, 1837 Page 1
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7-) .1 07 7 1 1NOEn pnicE 12~ CENTa. * N1W ORLEANS, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCIh 29, 1837. VoL. I[.--N, 202. t'7rmts othe Newspaper Press of Neee Orlerts nnani onII at agreed toa at an odjotraed mteeting of the proprietors, held on the 13th of nlarch, 18J7. Sabscription.-Twelve dollars for the Daily pa er nn, yae selli-antlually in advatoe. Ten dllr ,for, tle tri-woeekty country paper, pairalo oneo ear idvlo where no city reernce is glven. No !y eri.P tiiwlllbe diooontinaed until nreoara'esn are sottled Ina eosa u disontinoance, one week's notice, io wriinag, nust be invaribhly given, previous to the expireit i of subscriptiont. Adnertlsin,.--Ou e dollar per square for Itle frat in eertion, and haolf tlet ptrie for cl asuooseqent oaieto; aety matrielalteraion fot th, ooriginal advertiselntls wil be ahorged l n loew ione. Yearly AdiertIseo.ers.-lermtto olod Traders forty dollarr for English aloe, ateil sixty for both lautugCs; Ihaks, Isllrnee O()Riccs, and other sluilor plllic in. satitaions, flifty dollar in Enghlish only, aond etghty fir both lanuitnges. Ship and seainlhout factors or canll-. issnot .nerchanits, sixty dollars in l noglioll albie, aui eighti for Ioth Int.lo ges. ". Marriages Obiitnr NoI,lirce, and ortilec caoliug Iits attentiot of tlr piblic to nsales of pr.lcrly, Icards Y l, t k.....ger, bene.fits. &.&C. will lie charged ,nie.ot d Ilarsntqunro, for tile orot it trtion to di .iguegc. Cotmmunitations or Atovertitoaents tf any personal nature, when adoninhbl shinall e chargedl doubile, tui in advance. A doauntinno tofrwenty-li i per rent. will he mode to Auctioneers, Sliorifo, Reter of Willts o.l, ad Marshltl on bale eln real estate, published in bait latnrages; and 50 per cant. in English ulae, 10l per ccint. o0 ttalis o other property. AdOvrttsements ott of the direct lih e opf hIsit*is of in yearly adrtsetiser, suh no legal, auction,and planllt lion sales, r.nawty satves, otray aimttalst, &e. e. wil! be Ichrged for elta tely antd n tile ordihlary rates. Adveefrliemets not specified as to linal will be pnb liahed o Te mntth. lnd eltarred n Aaordinlty. No ndveriseineatt of Imnakrupteic will bh publishedI in any case, unlesa paid for pteviooo to illtirtiollu, or p ,aent guarainted by a reolLoinlde perolae in town. ' atrlone andl other plcesr of anliii tmeot, olvertisit t daily for the ebason, to n' ihaged 100 dallllrs foLr t.II glish alone, and 150 dollar in blthll Ml agures. Allt aunaotittelnttof cIa udidratcs for litical ofilr.s shall Ie thalged double thile price of other advertio. Owing ito tihe ilnmcnoe iins sustaintcd bty nrcptpeo proprietors, tI.'y Icave iulne-to tile ejltellusion, lthait Ih.; nlies iO pOr.rsions whose aleototo l have noIt lbeen pill within one mitointh allor ireoeatatio, sha:ll Ittt tied kniwn, (no f.r al prot ticatle) to ech i other, Ihv ahli gatilng thetntdvetc ii ill tidvertise or triot fit olch dtlinqunets, unltts ill ease of ttdret"r po telots. (.iigiad) y C tI. ol:,r R11O)1i, J I|AYON, I Ilt .\, SC IPEI)ElG,\S'I'T, JOIIN tiIlS"liN, Wleekly Press.-VWe, Ite ndersigoed. oagree to abide ny the siave ronditions, as for as they are ojlIpophctI. lo weekly pn per. (Signed) A 11 l.%tWRENCE, J \V kEN.NIi, +t" lettrcia nri l iti :dl lic.t.o' post cid. _ Sote, sloirilntg lii oit" o i, i eoll. ll it lo"lliLe ild Conetlllet .Nnn lla; °tt whlichr :m h cgv' thel ,li! ...... I in ,lleis titn Otto lphw : to t iH hcr; :to t it l, the Otto"c-c he pilllant acltl toil llod:I lihrollnio m lllt t ItI cnttc r, oi 't'ti - fully eomwiled from tie ! ,.ut ni: ilia%, by S AtniKs litlthell, llS.. Just reccitecd ald f;o soh. hy i a traveller tlhrough these parts Ilmsit illlte citing to Alctriwctl trellers, with dsctripttiollS ofl scenerut etc, iite. P'olitical Coll.itullon( of tile fire atte of Cohuihla liap, o Texan, witll, parls of the tadeolltn st.ates l, S 1' Astin, edu. 1838. A .ipa of Texas, ty tIn.iI It Mit-c, ed. i1l. A Ma1p ol Texas, with the roltigiotoi AotlnTiI illl Meicaen antes, ky .J It Loriig, iohliehc; l,) I. \u gIonrtlS litchell, 133.5. lt.l,-rceived anl far sale by WM. MKcFl t\ oie r Walll, miil ,iiii ioin i i.I. t, I EM oV A L. IiOUSIt SIG\ ANI) OIINA IENA'.\I PAINXIK I , )S aCarl st, nearly opposite the Al eric T'l'he:r-. I.:SPI: l ' UI.I. il orils it l 'rieal s ;, I h.. Sl, public in gcneld, thal lt . exelnesall olrdelrs in th , above In cllcies, inl tl e i. t sti le, s1h I l olill eirIe terla tice will i al exic t'e in like ,an ier, all 1i . . oef deorationtin il)t and 1tlr Cal.lo|ri 'r hdl, l.. (tries. |arh~rl ) uil Ir -ai - i c. \ '" hr le ill atIIn i 'iat, Oil, ils, i. Vli, II n.,· r ,e Aissl for tale. .lso, re.lnl V it ,I l o'.h l'0" ui.. NIF1V lIt) )KS-Noram Leslie, a itale of Ithe pI r isalditig" i SlIvery in ,' tle liji.l Sd titn. torite oflllt S.el. biv llr .tllr orf Iete. 5hnph-. ilremoir of Giorge It T Ilnlee, with trail ul the ten pert," ke, i Gilberr ( irnney, by the author of Sayinies ail DO Igso, &r. Alos, a now inpple lflane in 'rho'laamdsii, o In di n1 Ii,'nri t.lulit , by the authlor of ilicIhlie., ,',. ,!i-t," cnited by C IiANCIIiIi,', al5 I I t oup st: LIfflLL'S. N.V WOILK,&c.-The .tr,,eira i, l England, by the authoruf "A Year in Spali," ill Noble D)edsof Womllen, in 2 vols. The Young Wife's Book, a minual of inrtal, reli gious and domestie duties. Jost sreei ved ad far sale by WVM. M'KEAN, lan 27 corner ol' Ciiimp and Couolll i. A AILS, -DOlE STICS, &e.-The suabscribers lo.e forsale, landinag from sthips Ohio nnd An, 10 truea -os appleton 4-4 browa sahetings, six bales ia each Irles, put opf.r the Mexii lla llarklt; i keg. lBosatoll Iron Cemp.ay Nails, well assorted; 20 cases sweet Spanish chocolate, IOslsall boxes each, Ilnees oammner cloth feg, cmprnle u goad ousortanent of shirts, Itaatlla.aIo ekhe, dc ItIRIIG(E, VOiSF & CIi, NEW FURNITURE WARiE IIO'ieE. No. 46i CI LRToES Sr. 1THIE subosetiberso are sl open ar g a conllete g isnort l ment ofeleutallt uadoeffal fitolatre. whli Ih Ilce have just recived Iby tto arrival of ships Sarntogn, Ar kalsas and 'iasissippi, Iroli New York, ciatilia g in partof side boards nof vrioras i acterni, with Egyrpian nod Italian narb Itolls, Ientre tables offceery deascrip tion slod quality, wnrdrolbes o varilutl Jtat'IerLs,e i(rti osIY ald boik ases. Imalie' Frelcloll t nlrtt tIl , tii lef iborcail Sreceian dining Prembroke,~ nrdI lal l dies' work tables, pile do. also, a few al ir sideonards with Egyptian mIarlbde tope, a new nd beoutifil arti ole. A .omplete nasorlnenct of slfitw. A large ond eollplet assortment of malihgl:, ln ple, rosewo, fdllfey cad rael..a, icllairc, ,oliicill% roekii do covered wt t lilii ll dllllnp iadiurd r hlilr cloth, together with a conll.,lete oa. rtment of such arti cless atare IslllV foullnd isllcll an0 eatnlllclihllelli, lie wille of wlbish will bo cold oi reasolable tCnI s for aif - proved paper r carlh. Tile public are respectfully i lited to call ind rxanm ino the 'tock, N B Good packedl at slhort notice in good ordlr for chiptping. f I2 C II-GRANT & co if -Y GiiO S-1-i cs) s imev colorerd dcameiih ,rits lit hbales Tlrenton iliiio rtl tickin s; ill hales Oxfird 4-1 tickingc ; 2 cses Ilie I'ittiharg cords; I case heavy bblakenarpeting, ladilng from Ibarllie Jo epbinoe lld formale by T' C C.\.I1 & Co, sIlO N.' 14 i tilllll at extensi-lestockf.iShenlie Il' uiermingham, and Amrlci ran goodil eabncilg a grel vanriely, consistlig ii lpli as follows: Anvils, commlon ilmitatin and geiutile inmusell le; smith icest , black anll bright lte.l ; liue chlils, conl man, blued aldl bright; hoes, Carlia, I.olisiaio, grI.u allid cottoll; lnliliiiud Aln cricl saddleC iroIns lonllg and:lll sl rt bundle luy pans; inised pirle, hook butt ii:d ill other kindslof lieges; pit, mill, h.ud, p:|cl, tenon anl cross rlt alos; ruii, closet, pi:id, eu.hoarll id lllltrunk oeeks; Acrica silter plalted lOlt, inside allnd sliding ldoor ldo; loui andl fliat, stiaigi.hl, a ii 'ckeld shutlter anoibm r bolt; flat, iitl, nill, anol eroca eit suc fllesi; hilp carpeeiter's tlld oatlher allg ; black, ibrightl and pattli eat steel socket oaUi finner chicisls;, all; knives a!l forks in settllt ll dolzens great sll rictics sliet, csok, o butIcelI, ecrring', an. i drawing knlives; aclket and ilirk cutlerl, i lldolll ad ion cIIarls, large and small orisosais lltailorls and slah shearas; oiualn andi flee raztnrs easnmoh. ijalautld, bright ail ille polished steel enulirsl highi and flat bIttoin brass e:ua ilesticks; plllt:l, hribtlain, iaon, tea alul table, saionl tint sitd l1iolssioln gun looks; aJITCr..w ll nipple! arlleshes, powder holonns, flaks, lit bells, game l gsl ele. surl nllter's ases, ladzes hltchetls, lilan lelr, stc. curlail bands and pins eomnllmoe t noa,l.c nigte. Nal lilk, barls and susare Iailes, einpyr's litres, sxe-, howels, ladze, etc. smliths bellows, hammlLers, tongs alii hback iroas, E.glit al nl Anlrrican spades anld shlv\ls, alongul lsho tliis; commollln cast,l slleet iron anlld i lst nletal te keele., paltet s.l di! Cemunianl cotton *n* wool eails aill mblielrt, wldaer lll an ..lca iiaas, dlics :l baki lhks, jaick .lreon s,. oI sitcirws, .erh, laws, pllted stirlrps and lits, brass .l silver llilliln t.te hiooks amd rings, clhins anlld bickles, .cis Cltlint' mst's Cmi.eIr's Cio. ciltleh a.iiclires, silaks lrdlies, sose rl.aps, phncs, c.lo, Ia " oles ,teld lolngs, illolgiljlais, tacks, ib'ills, slii igs_ ploua.o hs illit nl.1 ,llOllls, ceal and (Geruan stee, llmk, qull|-1, stalt jtIapamnl till aI wodel w'ale, sieves corl liiills, Il.. spai:ies, tIared lheIp, grass rol., Itdl corl, plough lireo, ia.~king yallr, cultol aId hemp twiuc, hnllwsers, Inalblit Ibhnces. scales, guns, pistol, rilles, cut itiilsI leI, shut, Ilogers' and 1)uL1)lll's owder, with a varietiCy of oltelllr glnd- IelOtgllg to the ladc. IV . CiiAWFOIlti, rllUs' Noi. iII New lpriee,, D R J()Nt2S' PATENT' CO'ITTON GIN, ahiclce t, been in isaefncqlfu oeration f.r seve'ral tdays, ut iio 200 Jillii sltreet. from 10 to H o'cle!k, a Ii. adl rlll -I to5 pm will lie rlltilelld at the tame hour. till '. lirdaynv filterlon.ii, ihen it- opeialtilias will be clo eed. Tlitr desiril* e sof relln t i oe'ratlioin, are re r 4aully iunitld I, lte:ul, la RNi.\ Tr l.. (Louisiana and New York Linle of Packets.) eottnuaeneintg ou the 25th April anId t,) intsLtre Ii I, strictest IUInctalijtV in their tile of Baililg, the line will hereafter conlsit of six ships, viz: AShip 1'AZUO, Captain Eldrigen, to tavnre tere .atl April. Shi MISSISSIPPI, Captain Robinlw n, to leave on 9lt May. Shitn SIIAKSPEARE, Cnptain Collins, to leave on Ship t ICKSI-UPl(iG, Captain \oall.n.tae,to leave oq Ship LOUISVILLE, Ceptalut Pliter, ttoleave on 20th Jlait'. Ship I.1UNTSVII.LE, Captain Palmer to letve all [l Th'le above ships are all narw, of the first 'lnss, 'olered s e and jll lltll ill j n VII me1 50' tor bmIrth.+n, re ofl lihantlightr cat of w iat, t tain t built il Natw Yhtk hxpt-.-sly for the trade. The lirie of tam eafe fianilx t ote Itthundred diollors; their etbils are Itett up onu the Iost iomproved andl convenienttlan, & finishedl in t tiel oral elegnnt stt le. Ample saoire of tle tiret ltmlit, will lie provhld-l and evpry re.garld hid to the olnlirt alndi entire tttisfaCtiiii oif passeniers, wra, will klease ttake Iotice that il berth cailn tIe ecured Ulntil paid fier at the ilte lc of tile clnll.tlaiens. Three packets arte coiutitanttled by eanptains well ex perieti'edin tile tral, Wileho will give every attention and exert Ithenstlvs to nerIulu(lldllltlel. The'V will it aill tmes bre towed uf ntil dcuon tie Alfis.+ieilpi by hteam hlitt, ild thle strtctest ltnncttality oiltarvet in lhe time ofnsilthi. 'IlnTh owners of these ships will not lie responsihle ire any hletter pailrt'e o paick l , sent hv or put in htnrd lof theml, tle~l e a reenltr hill' lf ltudtll hce sitned tl .relflr, at the ciunti g Iwtntse of tile agents or owners. For furtherla tictulater, Iapp' to '. i. BEIN & A. COREN, April II No. 77 Cannl street. FOR NEW Y()IAK.-(New Iine of Packets.) SAA SJi ll- ARKANSAS, C. . . Dennis, comumander, 027 t .ns,to sail .'''d . Ship Nk£SHIVII.IE, J. LRatlhbne, commander, 513 lone, to anil March 7th. Shipt KENT'L'UCKY, John Bnkler, Iconuualer, 629 looS, to sail March let. Shlipt ORI.ANS, .. S. Scars, cotiimander, 599 tons to sail. April ,'ti. Ship AI.AILLAIA, C. C. Blerry, lcommanlder, 474 tons, to sail· liniryn 26 Ship SAIA'TO'lh.l1, \V. Ilhathawny, catminander, 542 tolls, to ail MAII' 21d. 'hle shipa of thi line will sail punctuaIlly from New Orleans nud New York, every second Jlondly therough atl the season. 'iThey ar l o the fllo first clas, ropper fatened IIandII . oppmred, and were built in New Uork expresely for tlis trade. T'lhy mlte tmoattnill'ltltt In' InX pelri'il'Pd ctlla, driaw 'in light draft of wtirr, tltll will ait all filles lie tlowed tip and down thie Ali.asisippi by stcatatlllatc. 'lTheir tic cottttnodtlationta f i passengers atre viry stprior. Thp owners of thoace ships will nthbe resrapnsible lir tilr lattecr, pael,. Ior, sent Irv or put oni blloard o1nl'l, IInIPs it regilbr bill of ludi he signed tlherle t,. t ti .toaunting hotae of'Ih t''ge'ti or ownrits. T'l'? I:rtut olfeae.. ii lioxed it 70li; no winel or li or 'liAtilrd onl board,. F-ir c'l'itht r tia.t ., ply t ci IO(.;0I:LT & 1 AN'NIl'IOLA , f?f ' No. Il Inra'ier street. ig rutl~a olf Ireight and purse ,,ill b eacot ask er . 1)0. IIlluN. S. .:| 7,5 ('sks (Clare $2 60 Alcnared r.adl, at 15 rernti per foot I ma!ttmn., $I() per tn llo l'00tlb. IHto, per b ie, $3 0n, Corn, pter I.anel, 13 3l-c. Ohts, lper do 15. Iteeilltc 5thr. er pipcer oat FiG trds Kelig ofI ar, pe I.keli' LP I il bIr ,ead,s rl lo eaft ll r ta - ' l -..I5. flat $" I'lal'k f t ' S.taigo $ c IIwil" nrem. ehur'ca v llr. 1 llillt t e.s ho ,_ire ut Ihr tita of e tting. th h' aor'der' l, Ie i ' 1 11, i 1iYn , 1111" u -tier hills Ilgll ,,l d IlI1 Ino rurio. ttl th, ralll tiln e. ' Iltclr-ltl . I ! 11' l' da ' t 1 Now ( )l]l;l·: . l i ., . Ill. i, i1:. C IT I:nl Vl.f) tIl' p1111 t!l, LIX,\I It'. Nitw ()ti I.Et:I cI I tOi.tit :. I(St !Nh,,# i r'l. . -Cu r)ia F's t lh e l isit la s it it1: -tcaunr ( \('(1 iI.1, CI.Pe i, i ialttlr 1I.1It :i'l'.1 uh , , TIP h o: e hba ma. nl t f t.t l 'i 'expit i" for till l i, :lI r m :lllll '!d lI'ly ileii l l1 I t '"el .l tteit '. Io r+<il:l:rt' of11 111, a 'llt l l: eery lii'!.i den L'h t ++l'l u , f;l h ll t + ' fI ithI' rll', ' ed io t ollt l II I i' I sih it t 'i lte is lio : sl ll.'l; "le;lr II.the trlI aI rrll ' t t ihe t -i , tIv ' vllillt Il il · t t-it+.": 4"Otnlt.+ "'l'' tk .'t att. utt~olu iipad ts rllet lrl'C t h P ne l, ihvf eC t chlm+a h'r ali.h ll |ltos r ll+Pl- ou Imuud oll ] alh o' " l , 1-,'" . ol ' k, In ll t lh u, 'il toellt; &lllrding gllreat ritiolllntlatt' III ii to .p r solnls a.vellinl northwlardls, and parties of pcasuttre I ratty to visit IIth.2 hty s i'y of {t s" N..el. onmoliately ilter the arrival of the half pnot twelve o'clock ciari, andll Jlohile at 1II A Al. For freightri ol'rll t.l: . apply to .u in|2 and 9tu l.evee N OrIC wnl; ntis 's9 orht G oRKos, Mobilouitle. N. Ii. Pi'itt Icsrsi ov thde slve line he tlLhe pre i'rt ne ml il n lt la ter lte'ing lhoble. D)i eter will te given ont board the bi'tsi at thr.e o''lock I'. +5L The bove bdoats will recive aulld'htn i ptssenprs urt-all the n hrntrdiohe 1tndlisns . 1VtlNhinzgtori I rviii i'l Now 11$t;oriric. gtiHE Cr.vo.s .Ilsecit.lts; No 3, contailning L Legends of the Conlqest of Sipini. lay the a:tiler of thie 'i ltch i 3lolk.' 'l I'r)le. .rn eoite W\ashiiitiiE o; in Latin prions. .y Flotnncit Glalss, A t..1. o" Ohil. ldited lby .1 N Ityl - Jl.ltK Dl .sln.'s S;lnlg lBook; o:tlilig It seetliion of otll wll o tWO IhmIIh·! ve s s, l ls n atty' . fa Itisch ;Cre lles. Iiolack Dotoiti, 31.1). tt . eIsc'ttan.s. 'ltnlal tl by the Relv It. Pottller', .M. A. tI'eheslL'y of" Noeicil. Is 3 t is lnusn. being No, !., 16 and IT of ' larpei ' CtOlassicl Liltntry.' ' ult ar c, tm tll 'll illlll con,- I s cll S(Jll Cutuntles; by P It James, sq. mI, o l tof liltlev, Richelieui, .1IaIt|'tol The Gip~e1, ke.; iu Nits to (itiekl or, Q cips Qtirk%, A.tiledtlC tall d FIu reteL of the INxN',l ICtn(h lid i sehboll, by; t heau ii il +lll t' e1il liit ll lle li l 'i;.t: . .. Juil iiceiu s i:sl li for s:de I., 1\ 0I,'+VY iIT IICATION,.). f Tl.l:EH of a Pl:slii.etes. Biy Wtillinm 1. llcr "\\'Vr t'i've eix'ce'ditg opido in the ottilcitly of the auttempt."--Sit itUm is Ilitow. N It errs A.T .\I sss. I1,I sot. luI+IIo I ,IAIg s nIu It+d Ih .'.'tIltes mallt ile Itr'iol I|tiltitsll i i, r 1i ll tlllie1 r li, liln( I ,llll I l tloll il eIhu :tt , ti l It S .I 3i .li . lt" A I'I i e IIn ' L:t lllartine, i i_.1tii i f I, lit re"t't' ich .it l iellltliltl. o vols. Ti t'i out: iil I'hgtla'; hbei.g a se', ello ile "Ftailg lailtih in Pris.l" Il 'Thlsl. rlownl the lnm lger, auth"lof the 'Tipt ny tattoo ost ItIo,,' ie. Ce.i' S; i ml miLlritsl il ,b a puntl ot msajo's ju e, i, V ianiitis io Fit s it. lOTO'l'IIKISS '& eo, Oct i7 t' I C i I1 Cha s street LAT '" liUtiICATIONS. F1I111H I'RINClII'1S5 OF FREE TRADE, illus Strated i ts: a stries of short ind familiar Essays, originally published in tlihe "Bannter of the Consotitu ion." CtgBBieTT' SLEIACY ITO PARSONS; or have hie clergy of l.teitablilihed church til equitable right ti lie tithes, or to ilii' otIhier thing cstlledi church pro perty, reiter tlut tho.iiooiitsro have to the saites uind ottclt the'e, or ontthti tilere tnot, i to le ia s. :irationi of the chi'ch fronl thl. sate !-in six letters, mhdrehd ito t1h ch rch pirsons r.,n ertlly', including the athettdrtl 1tit CO.PI.I1t _E \ WORKS OF JFRltl31t' II i\1115.1 1il I MI.ItCIA1.T'S A.SSISTANT', ior ircantile Instructor, ectntisnitg n flil ii.coiunt of the iionevs, thus, ei oil ts tnd aimieures of ithe principal trailding nati tu mud their tcolonie; tlgether titi tiheir values it ..lrrty, weightis coll si.astren, tr uselatel fleos ith, ietditiion oif t eeci, iwiith liniiitsf froi the i''rlhs of Kell, NXlecbrohter, K use-, McKellugh, aud other,; hIy tritcis .. Graolo , tther of " Elementary Te'6tise t hute lnt.ihl Gsinu eottr &r, At'. An. 'IXlln F, it" latisee "I I)titi , fretsl and afo 'r til e lhI day of Inll ,I 1233, until tie 31st of IDe-tilier, of saidt irei-, iclusive., io, ill endto, wares mtd nmerchriditille In : drd it:to the United Stteu of Atierica, as cs Just reevtivcd, tand s ti ole by Ws . .1cKFIE.N, ol 7 ICorne'r _Camp e ni- Coalion stre't. I..t'lCY PRINTS-'.- 'samee rhich liiht hime' printe ; S50 ca.=r-idoie. titcy de; 10's lue prinst-, ., '1TO C 1SI & CO. lie Cc REMQVAL. E FILJFY h ea d r fiaoved notn 71 Clirtrec acret to 76 Canal, I Iir oyral and boia receivod by lore arrivaladdtliai,,Lsao the original stock, w .kali nre nuw ollEred i lllntitio., to unit poIrhoos.rn. lIth 'atna lc,'hoil tll(igiuaed. do do li anndcohln,,l. do gro do Patli',ninia d d ti ld do do jet nafiluo blk. do Relp Silk plain and egd. do Macno.,, l'nplil, IHrnanics, &c. PIio nod kioetd, Cdhino CIbukagh & Euglishl Silk Itose. Staleriorarieredcaucd, ancd odpen tork ondo i TIhradohl, airadiaj, Woented cnd .cton Hlse. 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Flowers i.&c . . di , :l.IalY, 7o; aalo &a'.. ..e L, I 1): l'L t.IA1 ', aInOI ce.. rl HlE dlendai u latronote awacrdedt t lhe Pliladol .n plita Sltleda Cioutir, itnducers tiweditnre to coan mielllee tie il, lieaiai, unuer tirle inbove tte, of at aqllnr tu editinl oftlureir miualtrluralllen I, an hlong kari as tiete l, rgeialt IaUall' NcntrU'ei in te United Saite urcith alist of lcou n T1\'NI'l'-SIX ''ItOUSANI) Sntil -bR iRI ILS. t he Iln w fptae rocalet iatedia t'i nfl forniahil lcrir r'uoenra withl nae'bookn a trie botate U'alur l of hle di'r.' lil illg provae'd rio oeoianaeI'v o.thceesd a n, the 'il lo aoiernodtin Sied. iiiixvh onauft ofao - 'er " th riine s lfnealfttnio Marrynt anld oia y-five of !er. broa's ahl oaire 1.torae frplO Eir nlmerava oundheyd aeon puldlilied nitalout iltrperitlan wth ito news aniad tiseaoltolrus reading. l'hi.Courneri ic thel crgent nd olleiareat flntile no raupor ever ianacud ill tis aenulry, elltii llg n rtifrrlen in Lte ratllre, ia llaa an d .arl ; e l h lraall Inlloroemeta Agrieuhlaue, ill caahaOr cVcoa naruely af tol iera eiaally ianitnlrccd iro a tablie jaanal.-- f;iit nrl theeotone' oot ia , Illarkets and IgWR of tile IlatCOt dales. liant ia bise at the low pricea of 2. 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VE IIO).(Su-7The Lae's of Etiquette. in ono vo. r/brtdhes if Switzerland, by the uttihoer of the Spy, &c, &c, inll twO volnle. l.ift n.d De'sins ofn John A °uren, and an necount oi Itne dete'tion, liv Virgil A Stewart. Irivtetod nd fir sal by Ji io'TCrlK IIH S & Co, 21 Chartries t. NEW Wtl(IKS. "11.1. \.V 'rrn lt. Ftom the :utl.nLinglllr lt' of a l i Stish oilicrl. I u thie nuth'r of C:re'nlisl, etc. vtc. '.lhi! n lt! 'Pth arto h phu itii nlt mondo dsit !', I lln t'ee volumes. Also, 'IEt: i )ilT 'rShioti; or Ni:tlonAi ndunh tion. ly ..i. tOr ilh' Tal',Ihc, Profeasor of lomuhlat' lEduenrtion in t~het New York' Uui.ersity. eilcitertl by IIO'[TCIIISS &I en, net 110TCIdISS uh:n . .t S .\N.NI'AIq [- l" 2."'t. t" - ... ri 1 . 11tb. n : '. \ttlainie Sn lt llclt', : hi nl'inl ti ltnr , New Xeats onntss.[ " , flll hr; "t Chru i fs, li S :uno Newp;' Yct.vl's IV PI's I ht. It h L Gilci lhct , l. I Acslie. I tuti h .nt el lint' nale byi n "IOTCI'KISS aiu, Co, r.el:dt o t1 a ltl i'l nlii''lrii - tr ' . 'I'ARi -- tC a troo s, ;I hildT rs, si h siip l e tIa, C f 1t IMn k t1ut t e. , e lla n su r:" m [ l lvM r ilh hrlli .t-'uyil l:n ie I :at li2l ninn crts l et" rnlb by o:wtplicrion at wth ie ittlser, (l ek A.lle. 'Thire [Iary I,... rr1it l ._ot 'Ii l * or tw e ..1 I,. reIl lIeu B "ic, ine atini . b or tue s-rir Ru v true Il i hts rI b " io r a rt,. c i.c *vll crthd ill dn c ;i',' slllulr. - ime , it [ake, :lul a m l stLlull ea u clrlt l .. Irllp idl, sem- '.;ll llb' t . el"', ..iimltme . The ei lrnlo'. llly te to'iy at a hiedl it is urs t'tl. ed sho ,l i ~ hlE ' t .1 c a pea h ter, shi ltlStc I it l, 1 t) I1 m 1 Ie t ·ltlinlt s11Ie p Ii, iei 1 It..\Cl I" iI.-%\II'AG NI'.--A I'lhcr1L su ppIy nl` thin • j-( Ii, ,hr cc1lt'h'at•d u i, "" it.' h:ll t e,hk' cls Irlru, hi Cd in rtir lil'iy,:, Ic astt Ar~al t l ll;thar lll.:c ·llC itpl[' l." in the l iteJ brat'.' justl 'er ivc"sh lv ntit II I! ItINSKEEPXI, ' : t I e d t St SIV[ f it till NI:'I.OtA.NCEi ltS, or, aen inc / tol llt Ii f ilti: m Immntnm.. mih iit lwrlnls in ,l t Vt been intiiiii d Iv i ti' ilm e ii e. n l'i' e of I lt in. Itn ltewt': iby V11'i.ia t Uuowii l ani tt t tin Cl Cleb \\htl am, &c. Ac. LET'lt'Il'RS FRO11M T'IlE SOUT11, hv a NorthirI i tan, new edition, in '2 volumes. II m rencived ni t Iel Wt31 Mt'l-. I.N, no. '7 Corner of Clamp annd Connun et. B tANIti, (IN & RAISINS-A lltofte fie etu Sred ,oes llttraisins, fw ihalt it.eaof French " , -evr'nl pipesofold nu ,ri,,r Holland (in, and N. i Iron and Cpiter-ieinsh ill be pntaid in r n few hundred t .nsif o It'un tCll upr, :IppllV :t nbove jan ` I1 r i i.!1iir Lii NGU.Ui (;In OF FI1.m \1i'i:11i , i.c.-iThe T L I ,:u uge of .'!lowct's, illustratcld Iy colo ed eo I 'lo'e ? sd l 'h r t, > e Fs,.illlusr lc . hr su tured engat, - being alit iphabt li'd ;rra;ng 'mint of G 'wr rs, with Ap propriate illuAtrau:touhs, ulbellilsht.d ' ilth colorIed plla.ts, I "a's .rterpreter; or, the AmerieAn Ilook of Flow ers :.nd Sentimentts, by Ilhs S S lull,.third e dition, i-) fIe Artist, t 1, n YoU g Ladies' ITstrucltor in Orun Ienu i t IinnAiitin~ 1)imneii, 2i.t. JusI t re ci tei l :tint fore s 1:d ' iiiv oct 1.3 corer of C aon dt Coia ictrl. si s. gn l'Nn:iiS.('i.OTi IN . aSe. I-l.undini l.nei n thei sin p "hria: 30 craes r.elt lit!-au-, rn t e itrn itm i, or 2ninem; I 'uts mn's hiu' pnetii Itren e"s; 8 ,nst mnS 'i s t ,Ieint , S! n In 17 ..rc u la dies hi I, mar ,era awl I,,in5 Slipper 15 a ,es- (',othin , el i i trin'"h p ', V . 'O. O s[."ttollv ite orftcd that this ivsip lutt. u, erece m, tie most approvted pla , mi n i. t tn ail y e d Iotoi t aiol allli Irsle situation, ill tile ftloult ItFianklh, uth poll thlu iit road, ooe mile imt lhe Maississippi. l'The builtng iso huoge :o most t ommti otslov div t led intita i:'tmnts, t Ior kcpin, g sepl:lte dilltreote classes n tt iaitifetlt l dilEvsi io t||4ittotion t.vt11 L I bohittoi aii The institutitn is supplied with the most skill'd anv attentivc lIl o. :lll, hIotelltslt speaking the various modern hlag,.aes. Privath iOells may he hlld voe getlimen at from two tofive fdolli' per Wtoi inch ldilg ttMetianoe etc. Terms ill the rl'dlnla:l1y wn:ds, olne dllll.r per day;. SlivtshaIo ontllar. Stmall oxinio theorttiao.ry u nr hl'lae dollars. All calpital olperatinust, xtrn. 'lThe relsident phisiivao is r, II. I.ftis, to wihom ipvoi . on or mitissioAn must be imde, i).. t). Ao LI~ l ..|.PUIl.IlTI. --hclikr~tlls, ial u Il the Floni., ill vnls. lThe Woif aid \oman's wtioe:l, iby Mrs Norton, in 9 vols. .1iritln tCor ll, ot thte vlh:le Fishertiana. l the lIlashoitl rishman,or tohe orxilt of i lt , in o vols. A Nait'ie of a Visit to ihe illleiclll Churches, I Ihy n I)lietatio.-fitolm Ithe Coigrettatiotal UItion of !,'hv lnl and Waleis, hi Aiiiew l td, D. 1)i. Ii Jantes ' thelson, 1) 1), ill"2 vols. Nodels :nod 'l':les b) .1at ia Edgeworth,.00 vols vcr Innetly iound in lit. Thie Works oh, IIrs SifIrwood, bilnf Ilhe onltt nti forlm Cdltioni etiver totlitoL t it tiei United St:tIeCs. Justlrigeved andt lfor s ttl itg t WV1 M'KEAN, oft a %ol'll"C2.I, Ill| COlnllllllS. .1/{CI' IA II it Fo*olty ofp lt tu t hee illI i tonot o iVi CeII AN_.i r'espectfldlynsk the attentic.n of" the .ledient Profession, and of the li:iienls .If cience in glenel-al, to tile colllition ;Ianed ps)psetuu s otf tho lp tlulition ullll their chmrge. Thc collcge was orgmnized so the n:tium el iSSi; a libl colrse otf Itilletes w:S giou tvi, .rlit..t thi utst wiltte., and at lhe Ist sessilon'oft L.e lxgisg.l 're, a 'halleirtr was cnferred onit wi ith thoo usual owlrs nvil il riviilegcs ol silmihitaistitut ions. Since the te rlln ttailton , of tle cohuse of L ectures, the F:cltv have given unalemiltell :itteontinl to the itnteests oi the" Clloe, :olod avle colsiderably nlgmented its meii.i [f sllzen l llhl lss, in t allwar. thll t, \whaltuel, r mlll · bllle thcilr o.wll m [ :llt i vlutl -, Ahi sitttt o, f t heir eliter rinz./e is lma:inly de~pendlenlt" on tile c.Ountennlllue it movl. rcutiveliotm the ctightclned tilrd iitriotic poitoion ol their ollorw cilizeiu, irtliotlarlh r. lithoseo lf tlhe .i - tdiot olrotissioln---lthe lIoltg lie dsirot s to obtain lhr :lttnIon)l ,Offe e en~ollui iv toi tlt atvotlllllges oilltred byIt their institunion to the .ollodie.:l Stud~eots it this section ol'oull enlIIltI'V. Tli ea le itil bei in oossessiono, at the eomnmencc vnllt oflthlle txt schiopll, of Hw! ltqua ote lll ohll'atts L't th iilstrllion i of chllemistliy oii the iot llllllell Ircictes. AmpIlie lmeanus l'lwr h,. stludy of An\lgtonlly will be thrlnlibh oftlc sncl..ll t 'eelilngs, orIt (evePn Irejmllices of' society. \lhen it is recollectug tiat one tlid ti i thte ,Ipa Stioll of New O 'lcolls , hllllil tIl illlntl sinso lli, is -uo - Iose of stotnt otitrIs, tany o1t wlIotii t ro it ho' loiie or ne ceasilv, resort i o sicknes's to th , ..ev lral well ronducted Iospitvls in this city, i tul t tlo aplrv.u t ohft the tlu h aelll'U ill Iossafesioll Of unpllllsl.dl'lsscll molfn11s. for relnlller ing {heir co.larse of ilstrlu.tionll t(Ill.Ollro hly ll emoL1 1.nsrl"ative. Yo a.ail themlsclves of these plrivileges, it has been lll l t:lllgei thlt i larg ti OItt iI Lil)o n of theIl : l ctrtCs frtl)t l h l-ulieanel chairs, shall be clinical, mul disease and t('enl ent Ltoght t i the bcudsideol'Ite patitint. oThe t.Ulnbciof c;ist s ill tis cityv is ultenomi , wily grt i l, F thm} e'yr otoustlitedt ilh te science w il iei o'eltt ht s tht thlia onie the lii suhiecl. No nsilihtherpeuivit, s. T Iu lvrise of 'lhologv mtil ehitietdoey \vill nlie i 1)ii v .i' u ;a ivvllll llisl i i? dovolllth ivihtn llllo atxeri slllelt. S The lnscully onld l c ) sllierab:ll e thCe ,inionl (i s ihluh in is h fclievcdl lhv ,ll he "eustuin cd llv ths eT remi'r S'iellce ic" h l hvsieibl~e,) ht tho e inidientcr ofthe oth, a'L'$~lel'llseltillll ofr tile Unlitc~ll B1txtcs lfe, ill ITIIO~ ill it I s , i sl l noi hlllhe hyll - llws thallt tholmy n the T slit' neI lrihllg thecir· Iecli: n'~iti es, S 'llheg i it is, unl'r es idccessroF inc thlis circmt-ol lh I.Tllillll tlido~lfur I,eeltllli.ll? Illolti~o-, ? .., tl~lIo Hll.:iv;,ll IT~ I'0l1 {ons ill 111't'bes lll it rn:I r !l t h I e" cllllour tlS t'o tlric illo I'n'IthIe illi tt C Ollege f r o u hihi ll, e sill m le lk to dhis s'cto- oI'ou hcounlh,gi this ap11a. wTh rca.T diench to th o patictimse i r i felet'llcit.i:znnlsR l C,, i t is u olli ll d h lr l le -l.· hA. L t N\el· .' P I l.letta ,S shlll sl lle~ s : illit l lcd I l''is, t ,ile ic ' Im cs t l i u - N Olll' e1r a nsl August, ll, t l aL IIN.D III ' ,llllli¢: ti llS.. 'I'II. ~ll.'l~t.1 llll eolly l'll'h('' I bt lll' h l :lhil' I'K o.(.l'lI 1·l~ll' w illlr I le g-iron,~ to lr 121 1(1.h , 112:1l,. ofill' 1le.l5lC Ia T, he Ontedi'a ~he of Lcre ll commeince on the:l ,Ir J llll hirll ht l lllcll eherl e nerl h fLn tIeLrmlte tll e Sll e .I 5 collcltl.·I nh. i..ll lon .)(bcll amn~vuuln an ·m.a 'Id'h llue o th I,Frltl'.U lslll oL h'f,l~rrlrrow-uh irens fo c:i.%i ri. .9 A. ii]zi l' llii",lll ,Ni. it. Pi'olbssorl of hle lri'ni lhi niIiii rll'ictIiec llf Sllge . IsI)XVAId) II. IIAltTON, Xl. D. I'Prulisooft ttle 'thiorv and Pi'rtictie of :lelicine alln Uliniccal P'autice. Wi. BYRD POl(WEl'l~, f. 1). l olbsso i of Chi o ii tr dst 'iha'o'sm"c. J+~u~ n il llT C ll.llitl·\. . :II I ll )-~~ir· o. ! N I{i .IAIS I IIiS , 1. I). IPi'lrlssor ofi l XMa iit i 'elitl t.tto.tict, Tio.i csal d ·1LdiCas i 1 I 14AS It. INCA411, .f 1. IProli isnlr of O ittli tIiu llltl o t)iSeass of X\\1X m l IIl( Chil C. A. I.UZ lNIIil+!G, 11.%, D li'il.'cts'er I Alltlt',iics (itts ie'ii. dvU-iE: o0-c(17- 1Ss .- f :l-Antt l Ililory o( f I'aI pi iter M toh st ilnd Il. likinL ill thi tt nitld Stntest i:l eludingt an iccotolllt ill Provancial aiu l Conhientl a M1ou ,) to which is nrmilsxd ani inlairyh' inito the r e 4les of the ,sistl lliAh conidtirstio- ' il its eitieo s oI ~l~norll unld Ilnl!llilies.i.--'l lI~u :~I;'/h h. .tui~d a a n ltllh IlcteL~ dottont too ,sli's i llt oof tlle .ll, hit wlithlt Ptilttr rit't ci i elloci o Il sot C iltonJ ellicts thse ilstereis t it dilstllt' tsitllll'lil teesll r ilslllnlililV. 11" ' \ie ' I I. sit l ossece-so ei dtillllle eititr ioh Jutis received anl orialco IOTs lI sIKlsi'e St'',. 00 I .10 STO1 ".- taley & C htlilt - 1h - £-1d(tsiins.t)XF -'o 'i. ,Xoiooit-itttt,] iii ~ tril" C'lokitili .$ s ,illtls d s r1" i nthrltil. col. 54l'c lisito' jutos teecevod is fulii ssti ivl ifl hh elqrit jittiti lit o lc t oiZti, sm l ih site fIlel"ltIu Iot riuicl'fite itousc. hoilc- l rthe s ill Ii. ' " tntd ito lor iitt dle. ( C1 o ill, t'ttseolfnitttsltt+ ltrisot'iplits Ilttic e -teesill' citte.olr well lP hrlihth'edcl of oihll'i~ fr.llli +/¢liVIICillo iii iihinlP.~ I1illl ©alittihls if ce- selola itlld oit'i ttlltOtltl , is tso ste utiility ol 'it5'N I.R & lCut, jilll 7 Nit. .l., 'l'ehili i llihnlltu .i, i]i ijit'i'; tics iiidie .leto itm litittle uhii itrttit'.r •Ixinlr uq i' ll h+lerGlm . I 'nI Illtnhi~lln..\ 1 .· Ilowar(.I .ll, l linnll igi17 (, R. I tPltetl e ll(tlLIer ell c.iltl i tio tle lhou. Levi 5lo'ouIlbliiii , Ni'. if' Nlit-I il annsw.,r to y'our enquir'k. in relatlionl to Stanllor's Rotury Colil g Stllove, I beg le (Ivo mi jt roe ,ctflhIl to r lcoit 5uend t o' thtie Ie'irti t, 11e its ,i li' i of iio.te ltotrit Forl Itie C hut'l. s gen'.rt:llh- thet crm1o'ituch ll. 10i".l'%,Ii1O" tii l "l~C L i-lt -i Pi (II i ,i nhl'l atl l IlU: l 11 1.1.I( IIII' 1.,'rally in uso.lll P~llu l i. ln nrl h, lihl' tIlk< u)I t[i l'IIP 1'O.C 1 roomn i itit'on 51t '' ex twl tie'l and i i ilrne dt t riuci .vi I lshe itt oi' C h sie tl'eselin eIICIIt tiolu thr ililly ,itlhe usId on i ilfdt Il htitut d tit 'oi it e11 Old (nel1"nar of hi I I ·'lill.ll II t i) ~If I I 9l ~liitilll tic "IIc I It A U+iii d'uqlii iiie b lits 'slit'a.,fr col1 th 1, -i'l iiilll l t 't(ei In itr llh, n . EMnch "l1h to arc 1a? lth, h.1L mon t h ;'1,, 4O dn as, INll;lce i lfaver " tanllk'~ l . !5)35 C +s. U. \. R \v. If Iu \ lil,.a N e w-l i e dluo r dt 5hv . tt i h "1 "':i . f Gallev" l molulth all l I0 staysma walllO litii'te i fic i'"sts " li Ii rlliot il ti l i, N t N1 t i i. lt c tx l te u.e iii I la i ' i m i t h e , I ,1 )ilopis e ill tu ll " tao- s I solllllt + iId t 1l Il I~it'kll't ll011( iii,,le ,.,'rl-nt, ll',nlI1n·Pflmi: II(1lfl1)iltl liJ1'. i'l'ter, ,tuly L;thi, I1l:53. i oavihlll n resI .sed t v a P IC +.egr tI c o pri <. n1? c!liiih ioilost"of l'stheui'ti id+IO~l'stccetIIi'sllso f iho |.list drllle ii1 Ct;illl 1': ekbl· I a II tIli..PJ to XIIll Ihlnl I hIlI'c mllll e l fill tlial of onellf tbh e Io.3I R.oltlr" Stor e.s onl lthi. par'ket, ahl fihd it to anlswe" a nmo.l vlhalube ipur- isote. W eir atile s 11 illll. u I.t i t I i!, iIl 1, in IhIr. li'ook ithe iinlt il c I rit'tiCr of Ic ests, i'geitlidl , )Utid ditt, &c.1fr fl li sersons. I I I1 IIi Ws I. itillHll :T'l'l, Ac-N ilhe lilt. if I hi . C b a t ie l t 'ttlit i , frill the . 'Inlle (;olldllllo *-,lftm, illl\' I. lll -I . illl l~·i :1II1) . h.iii l-o ih sll lt, ilclt ri~ h ith nr" l le "lFir·ne .i Ii ttel., eIt 'hd e it lit .lso lo, R rI J mi l lh i nh Ni I'q.ll i 11 i it .11 ur II I h' r li l eI ob' Th S' i iii I.. m i Rogehs ts ic i\ti11 M'. i ie.iTittt fi' ie*,or r s li til h lu eci se an iceesissol X er'Ileo-iii i~fto'~l. iii. -Mo u.!. te it iii l {; u l.tu5 he t- i st of til Ci. i . . It, < iatiTo T Iet I' 1. it " I mini arii - Ce.. 'ne ii ',, X i ht istc ibiutieii .ll tciuo h, ;,.h ,, he a " c,. t t a t icchC I in cr lv it Sic iti ia . is. I' to e i tt'i1ci l es s stslci i'eie ii toe-ohI'l .icet 1C'+l. .Xietif. oIN- ecicrIlistcl & ou cin'q ''5' 1 .'iiTl'9 i'- t .'l.r t it i si t s i te CI'l? )/!le M il" fi' till I ills tililii.t, N~ -~ o ( '11t..-I tll+'z'- '. tl+"l' t~, i ., 't .. -T , ''1 11 '. 1 tn ! . t .... _ ., _ _ CIRCUS. I itto tho fl|1 I ,il anagrs of lhi, concern,takl e tIlh libnltr ufin - lorming tile citizeas of N.'w ()Oslean., that theo he t'o]e o aroo "arulgement with the New York Col": p' oy, (hr'orof Mohile) to terfiorm for a short srtsot,l in onulnction witoh their P.esnto comonO nolwOo perforom l ing lhe citvh. iKnowint fromt the rerpuation of the nortlttrlo colrcrn, otd t.le on.l t ow prorwfinll hl I,' there is none that celn cmapete witil it ith tile Ulited Stalt a, ani l t thuIe aworld Thle following youtg nnloo ore attlctd Iro t |ll: tot ttc l'll: Moeoors. , TICKNEI 1, iR IVEE T, NOR TII, .IIN ANICI, RIOGEI0,, AINDRElAS, LEVYI. VAIL, ,SIlAY, LIPItl.A, JOINON, .1'.ITEERI BYlRNES, LE'III, LOJlTRIE, JErl"lsRsNtN, LOA'G; )oastotr LIP.IIAN, DILE, LE&I, and J. &S G. BUCKLEY; (,Onow, MIt. G(OSSN. An eoihient laoed of Moust is ottached to the otablish ooeoot. (f.L.)Oor)leopo nta qouarter alter 6i, otod joot rmaIIIIIC, to cOtooeorCe ot 7 plr'eciolt. Admittace-Bouxer , $1 00; Gallery 50chltso. 'not J&LNNUALS FOP0 183i.--lfeatht's Picturosquoe Au oIttaol for 103;, wiotl o3 s3 oolortil e ravingrig, by tlhe beast artists, oafiler dra iogsr, Iby A. G. Vickers, Lo.. Fisoh' r'o I)ttoilg lRoom Slcrap Book for 133, will paeticI llhtstottiooto by 1.. I I. 1, 'Itoe '1'oookooood Atlomio Soovello, n Chrloisto o otoold Neo,6 Vooroas .reot for tib.l eiottitoo toy 6. (:. thlodrict. ''ltor(Til, a Chri a a ndtor' nood Nor loort 'oPooent, edi trd to olioo Lootie. Forget-Me-Not, a Clhristmast , New Year's and Bioth dI Pt'rscnt foor 1836i, edited bI Frederic Sthotel. 'Vito Frieodtijoos OTVeriotag, ot \oooa's 'Wraoth, o SCIIttiooto otd ot Neor Yro' I'oo'roleot for 1836. Tile llOliiouts SoUvenir, a Cthristota, Nw Yeaor's o oaod Birith day Irtreent for 1oi3J, edited by Clhaucey' Col tto*l It. It, 'IT r.lotenile Itl''gt-l1e-Noto a Cthoisotooo and Nor' earoro (lilt for 1836,;rotitot Ito tltlo. S. C. Iloll. 'The lear'l.0o Atltion's Girft, a Chrirtnoos anod Now eeror 1'resent for 1t,3li. Theo 'oeliolt Annal to w fot3ot, Oeing seleotitlts from Olto Ettngtlish Poet o t'ootofroo tt" oCi tir e. lIo~lotortt of Druoingl"o'loo oo rl'oitihl i oplaquo and - totllg mreut wrtere lorns.t oto. t . t.rkonho. 100lora anid Thaolia, or (;omS and l1'oetro, beinlg 000 al ihctil itlrangetlll t ll t o lovrUowto. till " plo rjitte illuS troionootttoo nd colored platestro,tt bt'lodt. ThoLtt Lat oe tof Ftloerr;Od cdiiuit. Itoer I'orlc'' Atoaotac for 18:ii. Tio AeroiooI .ltneoaC oaod tposo'itory of tuseoit koooege rotr toohet vcrro1831L 'lte Nototiclt Aloaut e aoo d astroomlor oieal Ephemotoris T'h. termoooun Aoloantoe for 18:1(i. Justreceived alnd fr sale by . oo o o e t . M.'KAN, ·ncornerl Camlp and~ COIII)mInon u . . . ... ..'ontoootf+Co,,oo, ool], , o, oo to.,, o,2.) ._ EN BOOtKS.--osav onI t Fhe Rate odf VagCs, witl an exaninatlion of ilJO causes or the ditle'rnears in the cotditiou of tlie laboring population thrtntgiLtout tie Cliihton Bradshawi +or the Adventures of a Las ear, in t00o ivols.o Shle hoeie .It ha od Exoq itor of Useoful o (tototltd-odoooto ,h ooor 1Uto. hdotrtto ofl ob ooo 000 01 It) I'CI|I'Ct'6S & Co..l 'ihartres o t. )OBOJKy ONtD Jo1 ItltuITIN 01, lint I dInk 1ook Illon.u.fctor l . . ' .IllEI sub0;trtlhr r'+spectfullv int're'ms his friewis aad _a tile ,utl ic that i i l hao h iollt t "t nll tilto it eh llootl nh toiot to r store, t ot 'tm0i000 0inti 0' toolBint tro, and toot'eudy tot ottdru kc, tho'loe' oting tof; (·l.tli~ .(i'll+7 Bl~l( 0110 l+or i; lir/)0i lP eJ ):(llXIs." " i tn anl shi~ l+' + \ o, the lilding of <oA tono tl toant to ttoo ilg 0 B h 0 0k Ioo kso o a Iln sie or o tI, s rIt.t o l o K. g trlo it (r OIlt (1o mllotlO so tloo o site l'tfito t rtoso n's +tiio t, _iotoo loro+tooooo otor. . .....'0-0 ANs.'A Ii, FiOR 18C:li. rpIi JlI NIIEF!l iiT-3 I-NOT, a Chi.tunu turd New IInr's (lift," Illihth Day lrt u-r,-, tfr 1::31. I~dhite . b . .1h., S tC h ll. l:itr e tl'. I 'crutil:.' quieNU. It l . . 1 g e I. ellilh-. red wilth .- sDled id oul. raviti ;, hd th.lrl ""t a tli. - I'ol.ITI.' l ..e '.' ,flt b(ing .leletitn. li'r sth ll Eng liuh t, from Spnrclcs io latui; enmhllihe v willh art il 1n 1 .21 illutratliu. from . u.lingt by 11 C.r 0 dIll;) elt.l ;ll'o.- So['v :vlln i ('h.te 'i1tle , Neet.e Yllar3,7 CultUl, D D. Ji st rec i' ed ttl f it-ale I . der] II - iu'tII, llr ol ('loI o i ll 3 it. L'NITEID STA'I'TSS DI:;TRIIYI' COIl:T, Fiast )ish'ict o 7'Loui9i8u0. tIlt I di Urally stilt tt: l i N u'i of Ill di t thi, ('(urt n tl e L n motion L of IHnry Swt' mkrett (7,,. i the l0th Jritnarv 136,re. I , ailltt l . tre '-le eet Itd' ittr nll':ht tl re UI .iti 1 'epOSId Iilyl.·I C111` mh'Ittll | iU the s lt er-i eltrt , lh'-h t ulor, 'to lhe 1 ltl li.htdl ; .perifl ng tie 'ae N--d-.ltl. ofde osit and p pat. I t ttt iet d itettt t li itrc. 1;17. J'lar . h I pcmrt)rt-ds l :,l:de of the )lltr 0l of ht;ll he Illy, owrlp . l ppetr Ito ho l lo lln :l. Rlb biu,, J.aes BMson, Olion Wilhls, \lV-rQ Sliltl llr t ilt e ri reltanlll Joo ill 37 30 daltll' ( t 7.po it l Aut"r 1t911 1817. Ittrtord. .litlh+ll rt fils rs lSch nnter l tit Janulary, 47 i l'teit tftld. p -it JaI. Ith, 1831r , Levin . l. man,. 1\\' Irr 1 - I t a oleon r11 I: date of deposit De. I(; 18Ut , hatlare of thei Irlcled, of lh. i ale o Nfthe N'poll tli lt .r l inr i- chlaimant,. Ioual claimed h. d\h"ero-tn M1il h tor, . l t. i-v iil ille. lie i 1. o dlic th'i nlit. llu ,, ,.) i' 'l; el dnL s b t I lr, S,ll y 3 lollr, 1 fahe o .d.')t 1i t 9ith 1 1), si t NJ I l'Nnlu ' 1( 1r, I Joh . [ill . lich, rd Dol. hmu .nlld II :ieh:ds or Masserhn<rlt.t .\n.1 is olk ,li'a, e to ith l'tlrthr urd-er of the -aid (ol'url lis Xllt r or .ll- lll-ll'll nill ln every olth r per oll oi perluli nt i l o 1 pr h) lrsin l i to hii soi ri, ht, itirleh I -.:d hllIn.! I hJl to be l, IA"ill l I. rI t 'tI7 t It" 'Itll of thll, I'. 9. li'r lt, di, )''tr Itll n:l :Iil I o I.` holden io1( :h Ih ,IJ 1!llllv i", 1"+ 17:1'i I1 Ill m (u', Iock 1.11. III ho ('it' i ll )lioi\" OIle n)Flulrth i lllr aia t rIl to'rl l show I.' h, 3,11. h di.polsition th I rt, ofd holll, d t la t b l Intle Ia t i ll h io lll llr -f tll ll e t a 1nd I p ro p er. -(T111i: '11 1TI ,0(. IT .\N lit 1)(K--'mnp isii d,: d e ill ri ion un ul t Ietli0 ' nll rdnl eI . 1 i i rltil'n t'nl;-''lh , 'lli ltl't 11 ' t s e ,'llltr h l ihL " In l l tl e , \'.';I to " I, T'iII: NATi 'I.1I, IIISrl'OtOlRY ill" IN5lII'r'1'- In tn tIlltll,'; t - l .,liro' illn m . u I 4" the "!'"Ftm ly "I .\dl, 1f, t hr . l l" 1:V)l)i'N ': INv ,'Rtli1v .1 r 1SF --b',. 1.1 1111 1 II'';' i:'" l 1,K+1. " w1 ilh 1.ii10, 1111 I' Lol'(l tel -in')tL! I'rt' \ h l'eu."" .G l.Wdoolld. (ON 71 1.\0 ,. F- r )i1: t1+: of the ('lln :1-- sed up o t1n e I' ltnllrio !lh M I I ('lrir p ,1 (sicll nd lllgeneral r.i , VIII w, l., Pe.rsTiln ol;Y, .,n IPa tr lrl : or 'ln iid-It JIubl Mackintol k,. 1I, I)., from thll " htst : I.l d )lon c Pioln Il nllate, P and Iaddiion., I Satlllmt, (ie. .!1(t thm, 31 1, in 2 vol's. '!'I'I, .\imIc1N (QU1ARTER.rLY h.:vt1:'w-No.3(3 for D)enrber II; 1 . Jlst rerihre und thr sale by f 1- Wm hloid .LN.corner of('ounm end (on. tt. ll'BI'ITrIlI-The-lu'bcribers haoe r-,ited Irr ![1 ' +<ip ) Nhak1pt'or, Ihr following sp)hndidl uew I) h. i0 }!:,ný)It lRovrkingughnir:, lain and cearvd with hairclik,hl tw, s-arl: t nod l"opr l Itlsh ,-'anrlel ).'rl .1 :lad t".ar led dan.-nk ,eat, I! .11 )hogan, fr,'nrh parlour (lh iui, with dana:t-k huir se0nt, .1 dol !., du do plain 1%1 do do it, (f rkm.1 i . (o ole damnak,13 do (iree.,i do d1, hair llthl" Ll h ihtrger chains MInroon Morocc "' do :us.h. ch1in<, I pair eoulhes, I everet Mtand--.ll of New 1\o1,k unt,' :,n I pet l'etly now. f 1, i1" N It R ti , t o. 59T'l'ehntuig'+un. "t II.\. \VORKS. 1" TA I\'1N(G 0n hla, a larm, quantity of(Akl annd Coal 9 T:'I, 1:1 runs gelu'rrylTInderl. ,'ill be reeiv. iI " ( lhairlin Ib "-" -',i;tl . -a@ I ST111)i{I(" \1l .,irs of 3Iv Own '1'i,, fi'n r'he IP, thlunuet. Tapers of the l'iclkwi'.k Chlb, ron t lili'_ I tIhiht al rei .rd of the Itranih sluhion,, ,per. i , 011 (t', anil d Fpdrrsai lin trulnt tioni o l1 <-i i" A . 1 an "I of di.t ,a f the (l:,'. by Litu,1, it. 31 I). .1;r r e, ive:, at ul for sale It *t "^r,. ! ho ., -erant. For cd1 i lPm !r '.,1(!t.- ',,r forth 'r p:.rtiu',a apply sit M .rs. S311 I 11 t; . .\' L: & ,.' co. '1 1'..' h .11,. IPu.die .lreoutd.ntsa rnd Gfene ral.-Igency OJfire. g | T AM |ILT'ION HIA lhavin - opened n Iice ar No. -1 I4 Ixex hange Ilace, for the trnusn ction of tlbu i noes rhlalve t. Accoulnls, ColeCttin g Debts, Transla tiiltt.; t ill etggao to a rite u, uatd kent tratlalenlr teOtks, eithtre' by the tttotttlt, "eer erjob, tttd i eOttladOllt 'roml the eC }UrireICe h. hals had for sa atlly yeours past itt amne of ttet mo t retiectaele tIttla ittu , tIs:t Ih an gtve L~dleneul 'a6t'wtrilun to Ih~lls whlo lllnv Idhlase le emrploy Itite. Itled:tt t. ielf tteth ldlLdebf tt rntrutetd ttlhit cre, will receive hi Ite.t tauttenitit; and lirom his know lelge of tand loh reidelete in this city, hlE offers hie or viers witlh the fullest confilete, at the samne tiltalle will glvc teue city tr the fhithful acceunting of tl! r. cciple. rl'tnttitilla to ittttl from tthe rellch ahtitt pu iI'I tIntutEttle twill liikeCwi utalortakle to eleute tlilli depetcih nltd correetecat . iver d N eW Orleans. October 1,18G. I PL'lLICACI'tOtN.AN'rS, GtEI.NEILAL Ad" AG ANDi BROKERI t O1,'Ilel, [14 I'luall elle Plaote] -IA.11I.TON I.\l,., It sthe i blluwing hanul anI ahd Lots Itr'sale, siz:- IN TEXAS, II leetlttt, ttt1 itle river Navnlota, II die Itn tl.9nbine, tiear Uaddtlavillage G do oll the Trinidad, 5 di >on the Navasoto, , o on Red rivar, 1 dIo on 3iit 'lahama creaOk, I do ut1177 aerae, oua Churloa orok, lneaer th Neh ts, 1 to bleteenu Village CrEak and Pine.lmaned Ilayecl, I do al theo wat rs u eol iy, e e it tll .\ llg.|iltia 1 d . i d 177 tcroae oai Led river, a little abav* 0 ltBis d'ten', 1 do, ou Rled river, I dIt elte Stbi'le, 41 'ilehsl bLlow tiinl'i Icrl'v, I de i.tur Sulphur Furk, aix milaes freu Red r~iver, I do tt itlPs Crook, l-ode 3 tih.a fraotu Litu't lauding, MNltagorrle lier S1- th n of Cotrput Cr-i t, ,.ovveral s,:ri I ..f -10" nerl,, ullh~rtWd'. o"lr ll'onleo r utllo dt J"0 Acrees, aohli:er,' luntvLt Ind. All the lbev t hinds nire ~ell siltuatcd eoither fir slec ulltors u r tlrers. 'I'hle titleh t ut iltdiputtblhle, ald illh gotl;i 'P, II cTI \LSO.-500 Acres, sittituted lielr nee river, and t Ilult tIen Iiiile, fr, II tiee lititietpit, to wt lcll tel re i a good Imlut . Thellcere ailout llu aicrea t pre .,ent lltt l.rtltt llll lll r li luio . ticv timert,he, w e ith, tite'e.ttlleeretttlh. ) Acts ear· I·ttttillt, LAt.t ottda ttt tttltd, aheat 17'2 "iAcr l t lldrc i it· Ah U1s P.u lirarie nud about ,5 flaethetttiei,et-t i evl .1 letnottttcM it,' . r ithiugtttnt frontintg Rue du ·I llort,',1 I·· .till. I v )14 ft \ IIjIIP 01 rtill. ' I·ii I 1ie 1i 1 Itli, ill F ril tl AIllrg rnl 6i ' m 0 t ibet pfronit oiea i. ll Ittitu ttree, by Ih.tOlidctl p, hcLttotull l Rlu llPer~ll,.lid 11 Force,· 1 Lot in Phillipp stt tt ft. front, ' I ,eee. 'lretthttlr, with * lvtrul other city Lots, ,whici urtof I red Uo a nmodIllll at.alinlg terlmlil. . :-.i;'\" . f7l~u -hc~i t~oi -;17 i'.'i'l;:\:;L" si7'1'-.,. I , ASON 'S Chil tll rnlll ,tt, I tew collecittoi f sart'ilrd J13'} ..... iC, (sIereotvypeLd iu piate.nt no1tes,)lallrang..d hy I w ellwti .I asoni , ali hor of I l ol i I o llu del amd Ilay 'iln .leiylt n lletclitn Church tlusic-tl-h 1huir oF Ulioll Cth c!(,i~iilll--"ri S1crnla--Sliiritlul SoiigsI ., GLi.--nid bY Tt'inlthi n . ltstnt, . Ifolksshll in dh3I I'Elctelic Aaltituny o1f ,Mhl./Cl ininnti~ii. Plublishied by TiunuinUil .€Dm.illi linokKt ells, (,icillllnci. I I:l atens Slrell l Itlltt' is n llptelto tlhe walts of all deloitilnations. The variIcvt of ,ttrtcs is Itutnllc ttreater Ihlell ill alt otlltr coll..clioll lt Illlsie. ulit vttrv l-w Iianls ii't eontinicl itn tIle.hl Ymin Iottkstf thle dibtterent dil iiillnaioils of" ChIlriblitllS or j i liC le ii tUle miliy nlol ie halli itt it e Scttacr Ittd Ll. i. I1 colnttitits t gaatevta'ie.. ul vsll' hc:ultllul.a~lnl nlllid k!-lnlt Illllpr.q IIc01ello~la of I inlertti t n ttnll li, stcle mni, tcLI atDtollg senttitncs lllld tilalllsal wich lille sllorl, elil"~ ol' |,eI'I'qI'IBIHCU witii musicn societics, frill| llcashil anid unflii to silnleris for i tilleit' own ptlivlite illn t.lle l i r llolV enltllt. "1s1e liar .conlaline muchel ktwmIi,1|valuiablennxlsic wh ich ihials beet, dl hiwilnlrl Ithe hightest ourlels of mu sical :ste nd sene in Ieuope, e t.tciall ill Gcelmna ny. .It has hten th e collsllint ni ln of |the ntlo'l to gif e :'coldl-tioli of tunes, that dhouhl be endtlyle']arnetd iinid ca ih ig .itlnir. I nlhri hui, hiich hlll bet'n lr tyl Clllull t'xprelssh Orlt i' inie Io ct' na ll \ i It " IIiTCII't I'SS & c*. Sselt If .. ....... _ lc t tNS\V'().Ti' t', -4 Latin aui i-ngit.l btil. ct, tulr.., J \. Virgil I)clphliii, niV lpfv's IluHo er, "Svrhrvelli le'i- t' coln, 1]lutt nnull' (;rel'ek I;ilmlllilar, Moore'lsdo, Jll'etlal I)cl ini, trid I)ell hini, u .i llti l Dcllphitni Ahl .on', ;Ialltit, SII in (, G11 r e, l: k T'"| t . mitll.llls Jar h'. i (rek .Rud,-r, Vir lius, ti iti, Libr I'ri in+, Ada s' i Latin Grsmunar, \\'il'un's Suaillu-I, \W'ashinxton' s \'il., [Io '.liloi F'r ' F"ur b (t;Iarillllll" ('ui' .pllnlli l (ia l llln lu,'I . v:. ul ud i tirei's Spntish and Ei glish Dietiuury, t Gritshstae's l lit.; ry of 1 :ugiun, S o, an merizu, tliake's Nl uril l Philusnl, ih. , (I ,lsil s i ll te . l'-, ri·ldliti u d u, SeLltl's Ltsnei' t nu th , ree ] hiidrlcini sit, ll (. iiti ' t it':llh i ii/ , ... ii.. I li- Il.liiriii I- d IITeth's )r&,dhlc Iite du lilger l WlI's d li inn-l .l rittc r rti, a l L tcr. xi's i h. l Iike's I" i - Elemotn inl I u nio t It l o ii (e ohb n h', i dn do ts uva 'or'r, 's l ii In 'tt, ,Mr s -.i, lnh' Iihit Slaiker's tIen &t it tl Oin c t i 1c ie 's llisnhl r \I te i l l d l hhisisii ' ic.liu1 ainitl;c I\\'.te llnut f1.lin Isrtt lle.. l lll pM lintvre Ni 1 (I;lhlb.s l'rl,'o '1t.2 ad 3l 1 I rk of Illistor3<--.for Sa tll, i At -1. - Iit'sr1ithtu iishfl luif;5n II ltt i' Cllr S &t . , t elit o he llini' I,.-t D ript h'i. I...rts Pt t'l, I tVl.I sg . ... l.... -Lt.r. to You, Iadi 21 lt , 1i- LtJii I 11 tilottrt.; & C N.u. s cah At'tr-s t o 'l It.. rie. of IImp iioit ri-tt; do Ire.1 i tell I t;ls i e TIOf .ll n it sivi.ui t i e tii. h iclllu 't li- r 'ctiiiyi-t tlt - N 1;W I!t-W tith Si k, IC.wlt.i ir i i F i' i invtln-i'. , ri o tcllolr for the<ol,a m l. lose nho arator rn lmriod. :lth-o. t cl Illll asic nut.t ·.or, uncient ad n.. , lr n Ium lmreti n ld pin i , itnl nllhlire SIlar n h . ieh llctaisi ren isn Ate-. Jui, I. ln lhlll mas n i ni s v th u f th --r.' 'SlACJ'2Ko i ',l. 1&lri t i. I lark' 'li,' rtlre a oillnn ri a nl 2 lnl l l ý lvtiol . SCoo cr on ri intrn 1 natn a 1 1-ml e iopi of l l 11 l - 11 1; . l ,'N 11I 'I, '. l a \i-,ing 1o slu o nby . rWl+:' in t . in :11:!r'- Wit ch!linl er\,llie reniii~ulen FIRE ENGINE. R OGERS' PATENT IIALANCE I'KE ENGINE. Ri -The subotrti!!re art n nufthturing at Woat.r. ford, Saratoga do. N V., on an extemi.e t cnle, IRogrso' Patent Itnlnnce Fire Engine, ttnd the comt.!:nv do eat hesitate to recommend it to tIe puplic ts dtcitedly sa perior to any fire en'it. nw k)nown. Jt h ts Le.n teFt ed by ,kilfiti EI'gitte'ers at the U. S. .1rsntls at Gib out'ville and h.'ashington, flttd by tht:o patttllouteced to be suntprior tto ay othlr. 'Th'e o tlnlllent Arsenol at Washingto: is tnota- upplied ith ,tte of said Engitws, and the proprictt-h.hive just co!npletet a contract t ilb the governmenot tfr the oupply of all thoir principal ar This Engitne comtbitins theh adu tuge of more rtoen at less coat thalo any ther in use., a.d reeds to be ex " aemhied and tried tt enlsure a ptrefercnr to all others. The intficotteurers, in all eases, warrant their Ea. ines, in a trial with others under equsl circulllntanlo, to perlirm more than any other ih'tn.go, ort u sale. Prince at the FctPory, with aIi n maihindug, Theoe deoigned tir 24 then, diohargtlug '1U gallono oftwater per misute, $70t 3 Iliot, IGU gallon.; per minate, 650 Il menrt, 110 gallons per minute, 550 The above priceso itclutldo 0tl:,ioll Ihos, orothoa.&e. Theyalso keep h losrth tlo otil Ihn, bio t I.:tt tl g and sauction hose, which thly wvill fiuuish to order as low us it cal be bought in this country. The trranle, tetc llt sort Illtluiht, tlitttilnt t Fit" ol!i, tes ar, such, thatl all rders a ill be punctually ateudll cd to, nad axeooted with the groutestt potibht le latoll, if'addi - od to thle sat.criltrs at \Vatorlurd, ,.Satotga co. N. Y. W\.I. IL.ATT & co. oI a Yn .ork, Oct. 28, 1333. I oertify that I have thistlday supjerintit.lnd n trial d* Fire Engino of Rogers' Patent, emde by WImt. IPlatt &. 0o. 1t Waterford, Snrutogl co. Nn Yt lk, wittlh onlle I tile I,tet eu,"inos behalolsitt to telr r Atntiipaon of'the city ofNetw Yut0. 'I'Th tria t as main in thle corprutliuo yard, and frtlll tile experutnctt,t I n persuaded that the engintt of tRogcrs' PuJ'oth t ill throst Itrort tt lter, and at o greater dilture, with lthe upplication of less power, thal our trplllrtio engines. I farthercertirf that lt fire elngine has ever Leeoo Ox hiited in this city ilhich coulld comnpete tith the New 'York ellugitlr, or which shoulldl nnllvwerr tputitoseCox rapt .g.ers' Patent ablte uncutioned. The cuustrue lont, Illof Rt ers' Patret is eoxccditttly sitoltlot told I see Ilo r.ooxthllv it should rtt ot illto general u,. ]3o aiier, it ,ti ttlother adountatge; it ia i; fnrisul:od at muoh ol S eoao. J.1 .t1tl (,I1I.ICK, 'ChiefEngin er ol N Fliroe Deolptmentt. utict, Jnh ', 1231. I most.cheorfallv comply with i rtquoest lioom WaV. Plutt & co. to gioe mty opittion inl roettionl to the Fire Ettginoof lotggers' I'ateu, mat:uflicturtd by thelt at \Vatartbrd, Sortoga tco N. 1'. The orpoltratiott of Utica have ·p urchaed one of thile abotse mlentionetd cgile, :and 1fro repeated trials, I do nlt hleitate t llronltce it decidedly ttp riour to any othler fire cittloe eitw inll n,.,of nhtict I Itto at y kIowo. lcd!t; and 1 d mlolst lullv raureot i|u-he cvl tiliccte cf J GJill :k, the chiiefouginrciu e'' NL.Nw \orh fu'lic D:part teIllt,il rlation to is mnerits. The pmp) l Iof thsoziui ie cttollll ttlt d it t tilltt'' ge \'litlt , ftlltl it oo exceeodioo Iv sire de, and so liltle ]i:dble t- get 1Ist of It' .air, that I aiplrocde fiotaoosytliChu inaoyud "tnegine.l supersede the nso oi thicommton tito' od . Chief Enghier of Ihe Utlcn Fire IDepeatmeul. N. 1t. One ol'fthle above I'Patent 0ulgldes of l'th lalguet size, was ordored for Egle I,-e Io Co. .7 t1 New (O. Slean, which they have received, triled :ndi ucclptd.ld The EnI nitte cull be seen at ny tiiy' tittt, t o i Pto " ."3 9 I. , 11 I I ClUll, Agent ftor thlo.Manlcturets, Corntr of Ptl'ras & 'l'ch.Iltpittoulos sts. N. O. 'P. S. I will guaranle? to hanve-an c,tgiuo delivered iw New OrlaunsI it hin foul'r monl1ths frIlt i lll i1 order! ilt given. ,q E KC. j ;- :n • DELIGHITFUL SUMMER,{ A1111Elt i t.lT. liE PASCA(ItOUIA jI) St i0 ' now open fior thil .L reteitiun of romnpat:. Tlhitt delightfll retreat it situated on the twes bank t t hof t a e', tI t its eonthense wilh thle Gulfof Me"xit,. lThle t 'alioo is elv i ated, aIiid i cnullt llllds an extell ;ilo e vi, , of lily ll lld he tIf1 tr r iletort folo ttttkft.oi tfthe ct'nudtt t or t.h lall ilnttronr of the ipast season, ind wo uld eI gtatolifl tltr I retLrl of iths min! the pllr;at. Every exertion on theIIr nt, will he llllde to renlld'r vlsitt eltoll b'tnl. Pis'h and ouste, rswill be lhadi in abtunudattce, and evry article of foot and luxy totll, h lltttr, which t, tit t t heo t will suplyv the talle.. CUnwec d pith the establish mel, atr the neti su t rv app ratk it fiorn' tltio ngi Po, 'To those who allre felll of po.tllllg, .l nil :iiiii will be fllund along ithe ', :ald by g i;, .t lt rlistallnc in the interior, dee il ld th .r lur nlllurk sl inunlll be Ifin1d in Iablldrtlaae; lnd, for lhosl tI1hobn d of ilte cha-,, . Pauck of the bent of IlHo.lns a'' tln. 's iltelllll! i,1. The drinking water is tfrom it: purest Spting, and ice Alt oft the oat, plyi: g hwh'eu his City .ild MoIle till limd passeegersai he Pier. The dl'lnilty of getting from the Pier to the hlooe in small I"ols, p:ntlulharly f-r ladies nd children, has alw as hcms no ohjection to those visiting the entablislinuhutr, is now obliated, tis the Steaumer Alert lies twice a week hewieeu this slnd Pus en gola, and will laud hler pus'ii'ee, i uledi:lll It hNe 1. The Liquors are of the cloive.1l kinds, having b ian moslyl im,,,,rves 1,,lh..... t he .:i-i ., ," C IlECK bookh s n thIe .rlltlowi b Iolirus, viz: Ater - "thnlut, I:xerliht e glad Ialnkiog (Co.. Oreanas, Mechanlics illll Traders, Lolli i:llt, Loui-icn Sta.Ie .ltcltlfavan, Ca:nal wld 'nokin Co., t'otmmoreiat M'errotiuno Ihlr rol edll n l C- ., I, (Cit rr i ir :ir,, ll t tr - Cityv ltultkF; fkr aulc be I 10lTCI M StS & c,. -110TCi-U tlIS, :i Cite. C-U-T.t.I Nb 110iui;f 1)RE[! ( '1 lY, Int )]Ol I;;;7, Ui S.T ubhlished, coutringn ,t list of Ill the Bnank, 1)ii Srtllues, nld olIeirclllit thoe-, uI ro ruCee iInel tother (untoroier, TIril'roflthte raie itr chtrreo uip etl 1,y thle (hull er oflit lt eCe. ntllltitlc rrrtli tal Itand d i:rture of the malit, t"lor.ll o lbute, An . .r., ,Oub lihed alld or sale by 11('11 Itte5h 2.\O. :11 P 11 ______r c AENT 1' STEE P',I'lNS.-I'al.tnt l'cliu, - . i gutin ti Pi t. ldI. This l Ilillo li h.)'eIis ot thte rgritlrriig ht'rng, tintoutalil tl c easc ld Ii cednm of the bctr utill, it t m :so e be on' hadl.r or" softrtr. to sarit th e d h no r tut t ofit the 'tt r it , ittt ' imi , n i n the splrig higher or totter, accwo!ding tm the Atgv.e o Ilecxibilir. i ltnt PeL lil silF h I ntlllutiirot nt l t ir .n. 11t the pIe. culi h'onstruciion of ihis etir1t h ,t intrunO'e.t, at ie i t s oils o ltlrtd ll'int will cot llnl ucingtitt ik t ii rite thit. lines With r one ili. Theel: i of IIt, lomi Siln r li ltsl s Iri lllll mot llr i gr l ilt'l lil s d Ileiom to ell . Ion, reidt'i'ing it it-lpnhic of lfiigltini the hIrld. To I:d et, of hbiuhl es alor l erpt :on; ll waiting l,; c ditiously, lhis lltlint will elit I i(fo m it tdll Ic u is it io . I n tcl I'cv'yhr IaFountain ]I'o, llt i t:m writel tnnor tiat filly lines witth [e dip ol ink. iThe it,. Irrot this ei w i nsllttint enlt flows ill I lr t Iti o:lltiLi ot ritT itelt s ltrlmr, etll"y ptpl tiii to' tt e sih 'tr. ti l" thi e let te'rs furnel, t'thu prodheiig a griatctr', t'lityt in Il.: a iT atc ,1 e Ic 1t llI trr tt re- rirrg ln. i r It-ir.1 cationl o rf t'uri-t" Ine -rili-to or ne -t:lr!i-n rin in thle Ils tent 1 I.0, m n i 1t . iklil gll's owlt h ll, ill , uslt t S lt. oei lIcr r llh ickiowt l hd iied. louhlt e I 'aiclr t I elln'i , ialn Pe re. Iinrs Paterlr it i nrt 1"r1'. 'ito., ,ou ill 'II :i a grlllutTr .u ply i"of inlk t ni i" fri. L th I it- . il, d.:l I, ,I - t, dhility lAd clatlicit. calot be stu:'ul " d hil. n tnl otll - lIo,1 rret. l r.urta l'rlltilar Stir1 ! 1s. .t r-..ived :t11 l- slicb IY - \11., l. \I'It.I , r l lS co"e allll i" l (,:itt II l rirIr. I a r Tnis. lhIi i ll .etrhero s lio llc lr n tI htllotnd .i-er iotr c:do o . tlltt t i.g good enrtitlt lrto l dhc lor I l r. Ihnitill tion hlutren , t-ilipldtin nod 1itill ic ltr had kercheilk.; nirt-tion -i lk i.:lttrl i,; iit . i rcull h'elodnrk - l-igrht prionit d h - niirl ihitn chri-tn 1 "ol i ei',rr i ult --i: n il .1:; r-Iti ct ori te1i . tlons Firrhllt l 8-.4 hiort d lljt chil. ellieob tr.ur- edi black, Min,.purple lrtr d other colet;. o llloind nt teens; blnck, blue, ipireplt i d uher reobtt , utcurleed evrletrcete; orm ilekill itrioeted collore qrrc-ort-er 911l while grounlutdo l ight hine, at.ortoeo ; o-; :Il madol ltni, a-orterd gr litic; ^Il ir:rcrrir lecI 4-1 rrtjrel c i o lrrre lnto r rrArr r tl .37 ri r Itch rtrier d Plulerl doutile red; \ell'cst of :iir 'lt' oid I olot, Iltrk, bluI', ild finty color ; lattiics, bi:k lelio, and fictrv rold I.sortedll hine twilrd i ritation Frenih I.hrkete, rearlet nild bluetrtipels;heoian.ilte 411 inches wid:; otori bog girog 42l incterv r de'ot ier irl ime ! .o il. ":10i It 1;. 1 A3111 K &(Al'.. S ('lerni'er at, F 1 -T Ilr i ' -I'Ipi lt ' rI tl'n rritririr'e, ill ln d- .1. Y d ilei-iet o ,n i; -It eolsk io i 1-iC do do; I10 1-3 Iipee Sherry ine; 4 -; hdo pan'St I.ln-re, 4 1-2 Irw do; 1011nskr.. helnripar.trc rt ire, enchor ahte i titer bain'd; 50 hoos clareti nine; 1i0 Ido ihl ortniorl nine, in store alnd for by 1 LEI,'0 NTA, .L ,G 3t gn go-ine treot \11 ITOOS- Jornrr'"s ,per i l%.nt'Irr.rj2WsW I .tfemoirs of Cotun Grarmmont, by ttinoe fiomil. ton. The Alan of lHonrr, and thc leerlainied. i T"re Eijpreeoa orocl' 1v G Blennett osltier or the Atlrinins, &e,jtel received Iy C 14 IIO.iROi'fT. may :1l 14 can p cItlr mocad~uth~i dinou s met . it i)- -500 kegi ' l-". fon r iti .. t iio t f r isit y& . tri 1 1 r11"c.11".! V.\lt-I.RI\t -ro -i., to.rte A- cr C.orhuin, for eale by _oCap.]ite tetlh-,r i on ho rd, opposite J e.fton t, o1'r FO Elit, - risiour ii i15, by ltrniri-lTrollh 'ie, a of Pp, i r.,Iie lrinner- ofthe Aioer-cno',thr t.ntfii-e~l% Aoweri.+ apt Clhamier, 1t N in 2 vol iie .Nl!.i of Iowir, inod lthe ite rlini e, ill 2 oi o . "'he S.c ! ' o ! - i, rhe ile u -her if the Lollarrl'. rlthin pc, .;.. j.-: r'. r ved t rd or filo be or V1M Mci'KTN N '. rla: C n':*ill & Coti TO li r.\il- r- ' ': 1i . TAT i F T receir rd-t l ti of .caekii. o i' " t l, o 1 at 12 1 *ut I.rie ptod ni" (hehr -' "

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