Newspaper of True American, April 3, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 3, 1837 Page 2
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I14-wCtvLY, AT WINKs' a. Z €e an JO.INI (I SON. lawthf(l Ind Bold. I NEW-ORLEANS: IMO .%MOR PI51pyl.. ............... .pri 3, 1.r7. The Electlon. Thi dlay the election for Aldermen of the Mu Biolpalities takes place. Wihile we wish every • hm ito the prosperity and progress of our two aiJmlsoe r tarero 1w ttewr T havE nbdi'it ri . a.the s. who know notli;g .rht the public in wt': s M htth grte tdesi raptu R t9, t.calsr.leo hcIe. to se!ld 1ste Corncil returned to -. sir p.ats. Their works htte'ti t uw they have pefamtfel the duties requitrd'and expected of tthIF While we tali' ltgaan esii me toserve tis-{ýiýI e all wtn o ri WA wan t no tlkera -as.i-" . s make.e f Iflte.maembers of our chaot 0uj sgese could once wiLjba5. a session of 5a patosns ChoUlrgjf'r talhio 3fMricipolity, they otld be severely rebuked for theri idle course of . btaine s, and whiling itnwy their time in · Met other. Committees are the bodies Wh shonuld transact the tetails of a qtustion. LookL tihe proceedings of the Convention that ".-4 bahea Constitution. Let thetnevery good eistl- sw .for strictlly business smen,-mentr wtho Wri i' akeirlife for public imtprovemrfts arid for tshapbie interert. The result of this daly's Ico sieo ill, if we predict aright, be n convincing peesf that the iitizens of the eceorrd Mp nicipaflry know how. to appreciat Le h la brs of theirfaihtftul servants. We ar on tIhe high way to prosperity U a government dispensing its bcncfits to the good, and swing into fear tllh vicious and low S b.aker. Let us then do nothing to arrest this progress. Let every voter in the different words bestow his suffrage upon himt who toU watchled over his interests, and who will contninue to watch ever there. The 4(rry osukc' We promisedt a day or two since to name those banks in our city that have Leen nitnnged, since the death of the monster, upon chiitnorcial prin tiplae,o.4 with a full appreciation of the requisi teloal1 their charters. The City Bank is one of thee institutions. She ihas conic out nobly in the cane. of plublic redirt. Read this,-iii it you will ase thetrue spirit that ought to animate all tie banks of the city. CITY BANIK. Ne.w Osr.tANS.April I, 1fl37.. At a meeting of the Board of Direiolrs tbis day, the following resolution was ndtoptrd, viz: Resolved unaninously, Thlt all persons note io debted to this Bank on Notes or Bills of Ex change under discount, shall have the irivilege of lenawing the onnc, oith tile ,usie tImes, every 60 days, lees .en perct. u'. l ttil te I h day of No veonler nerxt, the Directors of the If-nk reserving theright to require additional security, whenever they may deeni it proper. ROBERT J. PALFREY, Cushier. If this course he not imitated at once by tile ether igstitutions, the public will know how to apreeeiate their conduct. By ilhe proceedings of the City Bank, the directors have lmanifested a thoronglh acquaintance with thrie Itre ptiuetples of taakingand in the midst of nmonernry ailficuities thathave shaken the very flundatli. of public unlit, they display a Ihborality and concern for the general welfare that are truly praise worthy. This institution has since its organizatina always hadl and fortunately too, at its head, men whiose commercial knowledge could not by anym lacns be nailed in querstion. When other bankas hanv gone on madly in giving the reins to vxpansion, this es tabhslhment has invarinaly slought to conduct its operations according to lthe Ilcer of i's charter, and with a view to bIenefit tlre ra. iig com munity to the greatest extent possiblo. In comparison with the course pursue.l Vy her rivll, shne deservc s the highest credit for resisting the mania'of spec. ,latiso. Ianan abselute view of her eotiduct, she 'libs done no more than her duty. Would to hen anes, that all thilother Banks had dane their duty, The wisdom of the niensure now aliken by this institution can not be doubled. It wi:l throw to the beginning of the next business season a debt that if new antempted to be called il, would cealselmost a general bonkruptey among those holding it. To restore confidencre, atnd to inspire a hope for the future, let all the banks follhow in ah4 wake of tlherir siselr, nlldl tea nill comnllld the respect, while they will gain the good will al:d suppet of the whole ccrnml nity. Aeoounts front Europe indicate a bad stale of feling between the Autocrat of Rn-sia and the western empires of lthat continent. A little spark often susliees to set in motion a violent flame. T he capture and condemnation of the English I veamel:Vixen in a port of t' e Russian clmpire, a thbintena to involve tile whole of Europe in a P t igr. It affords a fine opportunity to tile Russiani osnart to tetr the qurstitn of rl-gt tIt dlemand San explanation, while Elgland will not abnti one c jot from the position site has taken in the matter. No good will is lost betwceel the coutrites.- France, in the interval, has oldered her Charge C deo Affaires to retain at St. Petraburg! in a non- p dlEcial eapacilty to learn the rcsu!t of the Englishll adseand. The next arrivals frot Liverpool will doubtlessplce us in co.crert 1a alcs upon this in-a a tre'inag subject. A wvar between the Russian h a'.elnd the IEngish Lionr, would r'esnlt in a sc- i arecheek to the amnbition of tile former. That c England regnrdsthie power mo ith1 extrclll jeanlousy,, in evident from the measures she has taken to at break up the fairs of Nisavognord, by establilling r maesm in her own East India po0s-essioa. A. brush - With Russia would be a popular thlllng inll Ilngland, it is not difficult to say which side France T1 euld take in the contest. Hecr sympathire are rth e oan the Pols, the side of liberry. .i --- d The SIemincles, aj Our correspondent rfthe Pensacola Cnzelle has I y put us in possessin,, of laews from 'Tampa, lie s revenue cutter W\ashin.t.trl , Capt. Dav, ar sived at that placeon the tO:l ultimo. Malj. Wil- of meo of the army, and Lieut. Ptowtll, of tile Navy, o eamepansengers ill the1 'lahilgtoll. The Van- s dalia,Capt. Crabb, is now ato Tampa. Gen. Jes- Ib enp il still at Fort Dade, tand will there remlai till BaI althe Indiansaro piacked off. 3Ieanopy came into camp aboutt he 17th ult. lih signed the rea- of -ty previously agreed on ly Cloud and otl cr.- t There were 250 of the hostileis with their families an a1 the Furt. Oseilua with his faunily was North of f, Wi'hliscouhtchy. Th'le staloat Amertica had na Lean sent to the Suwance to nsiell Col. Crale eol net the Indians in that quarter, if they should Ut out. Occola inas lost all his ifluencne ihe he would not consent to kill his enplivis.- ir ieaaepy is about 43 years ild, good looking and as laih. They call the present agrecentct the resty of Fort Dido. ano - die Cotera of Inquiry. ahe reesidtnt has conlirmed tile decisiotlns of 1m I . rrederick Court of Inquiry exnerati.C Gen. rti. nsu and Gen. Scitl from all blartc in the f.til- ha of the Florida war. These offi'ers have been ed _*esmnase. They wear thile willows of the kouthi tO -- - lire Imprersssent. sav The' Britishl ault'hrities are at thtir old dirtl not S in. Four American citizens have keen at Gibrairnr front an American tner- sou n vUset by a Brilish sthop of wir. Out re- sa +informatinn of the fact, an Ameriran fri- "ib took tiro of the moen. TIe tt'ers cinld not ll d. We hope tlr. Slephenslun will bring sob iLtti on the subject of tnmlressmtent ito t Ae.clmeh titn. Grest Britain miltl get herself day ddlenussa if she persists in tile illauinous o Sof fmpreaing Amnericans it.o her service. ri r. Wi .lllhuas. sIne T"r eelebrated oculist lhas arrivred. Ills lot an preceded himt. It the course of lasth , yi, oas iretiatsll against hit,t by sonmi . 4_. ak- atr Wahitngen; for pructising as en -iot wimusI a prop'e dip o.n, bhut Its Dotor y.lfpended his accusers on the trial, till p. ued Pntlealy tht tliheir prociedin,, origi. ne. • an1 ly,, mean spirit of jialousy. his tute dinsease of the eye is wonderftul. Ie -will , y5inglit for by tliosse whose misfeortune cil Ie iec t atf freon the .l .j. nyjo uof thri .~-e'd .5,l0 uas il tanetcen. Front the Iestim.nials that tic o Doctor has kindly shown us,we have no hesitatiuon et in recommending him strenuously to the ontentii,n of alltaflicted in any way by opthalmin. Sto the Doctor's card. Iallian Opera. '"The Grand Opera will commence on Tues day. From the names of the artists engaged and the number of o, eras to he produced, we omany ex pect a brilliant season. It is said that boxes are - in great demand,-that nearly the whole of the try first and second tier is taken. This is as it shou!d a be. Those whoi would ipatr nine this branch ol in thefine arts should at once secure seats. oin-tigs to t.ý and attend the sale of Richardson's and ye Watson's peintings to-day, at No. 14 Chartres o streets, at 12 o'clock precisely, if you have any we love for the line arts. Tine collection is truly a rs c.oice one. t- ' jire. of Lst ever i .g about 8 o'clok a fire broke out in ny a store on old Levee between Birenville and Cus of toim house streets. TLat and thie adjoining house in were consumed. The loss is estimated at $40,000, es most of which we learn were insured. in - tes the Goverol ment Ed xpress. a EIGFHT DAYS LATER FROM FRANCE FIVE DAYS LATER FROM ENGLAND. By the packet ship Utica, Capt Poll, we havere. A ceiedw rrl Paris paper to s th e een discovered at i derthy, and!e livre to the Kin.2th, onning Londed as dates to theevening if tihe ?22. Toey brini the egroeft'e inteiarnce nhct-e tand inadprdson e and soont after coa it-ped nuiciny e. also of sFench ilpriettment igiot C tonion of theas Paot ris i fen oh lr n r rct o ntdt hi o tie loth whc i destroy t!.ilhelitr handh Ine rurinti strnded as han erintrisnhi st aof inpterincon froited surin The oolrenh expedition a.eainst C eoa rors hl Is anthe enll abandoned ai roorted b the last nesri comnrih pinet ye. I ll Vein. 13r37. iherhig ris nuthing of impiortanc frotm Tli ti towintg letten r uioi bte nrend with inrest:o rI, li sa ,l alIslclt . 1137.n PI orrwill give ou an ipor.tants Plte of i wis. he British Cabinonet is low ser aitie egirie t'ng fin Aie in odsesion nof rthee fusadny, pc It i kesi ile for tue Cpfba. ee or ineitage, on Cuo millionI sterling to bi aelldrtvnned to ite pres i. T..rlen of Spain or ulno in I idersti1nd dtpl r Stcnr s minister, inteds to seek an ientervse vw vvi, Lurd Lord Panlmerson inlends to get Cb t as o check to the fourl or advances of the Uniterd Staols upon. Texas and nhltexico. The wholoe iintri. e ill Ir completed soon. I will write you an:tin. Mr Fay nod lady have recovered froll the inlucr.zo . Tluhe Wuhig Ministry is sohe i:g. A criti is at oand. PROJECTED AT'rI IPT ON l11E KINl;t'S L 1FE. ".About 5 n'clo ch l nSunday Intornng, 11 Vas al he eommisr r oi tof piche, attendted by his oro ther, a ptece or laer, and se'eracl ar- i.wnos, ent -to the lodgings 'fChampior, at Nt 311 rue tit -latel tid Vtllh, to mlies, a search ill oedieo to a mwrrant fro lt tie rerectl of Polie. ()n reeinig thte C,m issary sand his assistants, C(in pai was seizled writh a riolent nerwolustrelthlirgsol tnd s N so comlntolCtely oe.romnre, int lie nws itr swtl R linle nable tu ansisetri tihe qicesio::sa it l o io n hI Vlssnl I oincdalnolv ernnlie nelel his selanrch.- Finding nothillng in Challlpio.u niparterll, lh e went up. 1o Ith ertonis and -nairerts ah.inv , i Iitore a froond roncear ld, ill a dork cornel. thel a lfon o sreted rnlm o hin e. It was i hthe shrll. eofa childn , eontonode or chest of iralo .rsl aloi 7 (er 8 inlhe wide, and 3 or 4illchrs ds lp. Instead tof hrcee drwe s, it hiad thlre con pnr onist .entswih exltnd- st ed the nwbo!e lergth of the eonintoule In the first I .coinparn cn- ere places for slntnl pistol banr. s, SItoe rallted horizontullr : tire second ir'. c-ainc- ts Isned to hold six barrels in directio int inoerinrn o to the rilght and ihe third nas to hIotld tihe Pime nunl er, inclioing to thel eft. he folowl is i n tlic manner imn whiich tie irnlinso an to be dtili inrged. A battery, to hc nitlacle, n wouiri, hi mrlns of a siring irlite fill the brrelh heoit niln g with t.e first rank aond then in surree. l Io line Sl r to tle atIn oflires by otrin rof gin;o rtler, whichi ar wI. soOcalulattI , Ihant iall the barrn's should int rie on off rit ionce, bIIt one after aotitnl ., so lat Ihose I" i telinrg to tih riuht anrd left tiigiht halve a wrdor Si rongo, and s lll s striike ithe vitil altloIld hr escape n fronl tlie Irorizontal range. Tliis ex, alcuian i scaoeho said to lave ivern ry Chnmopin, n himiself, o hon afterwards staotd thie iniasrcr in which lie hod an IprtliStcd to empil ni tilre nahliilre. lie wars to ob- No, lain a land cor, n ad fill it rithit furniture, as if lie ter Wats reaoivlng fro:m Isia Idldinrs. The machine he' waas ito tiheplr-r at thi : i-hl sf o or feelt anrl coneceled by a n iattrass. A nporter hirfed at bancrf i was to draw the halid cart n A tie rtiad to Nriullne nnie tie slot hier thie .g would inhsein hisibe cartiage, nld ao lhe pllrrr eomooeot, Chsallln in was o iull tihe stroitnfg-,t ie he machiotn. Chin piotrlh ai it, d i tr ii llt i ison,:- for threetoe or ur tar Inirhs f tir t iing c rreil in lhe rit,.s at e th ne t oil iof tire tril o ithe hinisteri nf Chfrnles X. tlit ntisie.os, lwhorse nnnr is togert, has - een arresu.Ci, To, and is ill clse c nrfietneor. I is l sad thai Slt ICto haild frquently declared, whi n tb lkling f Chao n pion, thtifshe rwished tohbeereveoeinc in oi, sh hle acould tell ainye tiigs to s d;&dvuntlnre A ila fetinong-maslr named Jonsier, livieg io the Ri a IO de VI rsaillcs, io.ns narrcstdl ,esti-t-rd:v TheII plicei sre actively ienlored in proseeuti s lorthier ioq.i I err-s has AN ACT. 'al inonirporate lth rmnpanonf theColioado Paoh and Inslitote of New Orleans. Whllereas A L Phluh, Rifhard 0 'Pritchar .Ines P Ireter Jou es IfI lahwell, 'lihoun s Sli d II aend their osseainwca are d .:irous of erectin_, an establishment i New orlleans f',r public aths, on a new ;ad xt.lsive esc,lie, and have applied faor nn lact o i olln poli rnl i e tihem tt o , laccomplish thii oti jecl with i ri2 1er ficility. See. 1. IB it enaeted b t'he S nate al dlfl lrse of Iepresoini t llivs of the Sint ofuF L uuisiann, in general ass n oly cuill ned, that the said a11 ove namned pe orus nndn ollher, their assoe iate and slert sso le, = hall he a llr jl? p)!iti and lrporatel hy the name of the eOtOiipanv of )l "iiChnDofeJ lath anli Institutlllel of New Orllii," l Io ly tdatll name shall e ci fld tsu r noh hccide sied to make Il and isuoe rnend, antes or 1idholinsi l file ir llamen11 of thl works by o e Ienll t I enr cdted ld lirinf tar delilednl, to nlke co ntra ts clnell tel l ,it! tshe I ad inis'rateou ,o urid w"urks or bioy an d ha ld onlth. such stl propertv as ntnv be neoa sdrv nnd prper for the errletln of such wnorks nod hei;r e lperl - nalnes; to sell, Ienae nnd dio.soa of sueh pro- i perty, nd to lmaki :ill regulaioens nnl bye-laws lot onntrar to tile Collurliltnion aindl lawsof the United o1,tes and of this State. See. . DBe it forlier roeuarir, Ce. tlie bn ill Igs to ihe erecled t y said oUp lyi, shall be suchI as ony he fotund itabl e fir an rxtensive ao lhinli csshbllishmnii, willth which 0ar to I.n cunne, led I sopargleoOs 1fir thle oeeuonIe If rlionus lioear, and sceieiilrc linae mUlOlls or oif ond tiduals at the discreition of he direclnors. Seoe.31. lbf it further enaclted, e . 1111 lij capiltl stock ofi said can ,ils shall not ese eenl tliciiei f tnr miheniolfd4 fdro r, to be hld, it hOi;les If O ll llre d dol are reacl l sihar. 'I'jj honks of subshritliln fonr s ei siot k shill be ipen I nd in the etiy of New Orlans 0t thne illa e of thl ( !'coa Isluraun Cto p(onp y of raid city, n Ihlle first Monday of May, eigheen ihundred anl thiir.y srven, under thie diretoiiio of the said above named live ino!iviua!s as cileiissio iors, aud shdll be kept open during thel spice uf t::rty d Iisi If tilthin tohe sai.i peril a grrnler ue.noUt o sfares shalesl ave iea subscribeihd for :ha 1 lla ble Ices. sary to e tire callplll ii;,f'eiid, tha1 such e fsabseriptions shall be resduteid y ski g fcrom Ilit luargesl so hat beeond the nccras te lima ir, no sablscriore isay fl, lor oi h,"enO ,li , unt'l the aabseripi.TIs shall iinoe been reducid 0oi tle srue amount af capital. If w;orii s.idl nulber l daysthe full atonaOi of c.tpitr.l shall n11t hIve bee subscribed fir, then the bMon say oF beinb eontinued open r berenpd ened withi It so pae fir six Mnoold from tlzi oiilai1l opeoiOli there.f, at tlie di;crr tion of said banrd of 'comnteiioer, it being heli. e expressly un.lers.iod that said roipony, shila n1t gl snto opleslion unless tiere sal'l havoe Ieci subscribed slimes to Ile ar lllatut of four hundred theusand dllsar.. Srst.4. fg ii aurtelr en treed, &e. thie saffairs of said compasno shall Ie administered iy a board oil diresatrs fire i;t 011nbc.r, wof sfhall1 lrest froea theiPrown niimbhr a presidenrl, and maoy also csa.i etritte such ,moffers rcud agenrs asli they may deemo 0 necessory. Theu said commisuleri alla cons0'.08 tote Ihe first board oa directors, and shall coneinue in Uoifer till to flirst ?,andsv of Februarv cigh Oteen Ihudrel andil thirty 014hlt. On the firna elonJoy II eightefe Iuodreud and thirty eight and on theli i.., I .L:,t fr ut.naro of utl :U;i- cidlng )eit, a: ejectioo by the slutockholders o said a:ntioer of directors shall be mnolde after duon notie in two I newsapers pubtlished in the city of New Orienn*, ftr the space of fiftect dtays. Each new bond s!'I'l c Itnmence its funclions on the it t Mtll. a of February of each and every year, and shall have poower to fill up vacancies in its body occa SI'outd by deat', resignation or per.. a enlt ob sense. ire, r,. Beit further enneted,4c. The ltock of said compnny shall be payable in such instalments and at such linmes as the board of directors, by due pldrlie nottice shall designote, and thle neglect on tihe port if any sioekhlIder to pao suc'. instal ments. shall create a forfeitlure for the benefit ol f sulh company, of the amountt already paid, souh n.titee shall o tle esaon as in the preceding sc titn is tentte plnted. drec. 6. And be it frther enaneed &e. That in consideration of the services rendered by osid A I, t'lrogh, in originatingr and preptotin, the bchemeI and tlans for sal est ablislhmett, said A In Plough is hereby taveastd whttl and lhal Ive the right of abscnribing feurand holdlitto three lun Sdtred shares of the capial stock of La.d company, in case an amo fnt of stock shall have been otter. rwise sbseribt. d fir, which, togethier wilh the sh-id nulbler of shares so aceoriud to snaid Plough, wouttd be snlIicicilt to comiplete thle entire enaital; andl if a less namount slall onve been otherwise ubsceribed for han omay be sfllicient oo complete ch c'apitall thien the of sobscrilion of H aId Plough shall be diminisled proportionnaly; it be ing hereby provided that the stock of said Plough no hereby nccordlc, shall be paid for out of the g, eras of profits of said eompany, over and above eight lr cent per nnumt, altd protided firther, tan said Plituglh, his heirs and assigns, stall be .nrirled to his sholnres of divid nus on said three lhundred chares of stock, notwitslitanding the satire sha ll not have been paid for by the aforesaid excess onier eight pcr cetlt. (Sined) ALCEE LAURANCIIE, r Speaker of thie tluiso of lRepresenatnives.o (Signed) C. DERI3IGNY, President of thu Seoate.s Approved March t lth, 11t37, (Signed) E. D. WHITE, G.recrntor ol the State of Louisian.. ml - mmmm Zj C0' .tniiif . J- lOFFICE OF TIIE TfiUE AMERICANI ry Fridav, April I, 1837. rC Wae tr till in dilfculties innumerable. No one knowarr hoba long he wrill ber able to go on, aid look where you wrill, all It- is dlot and fear. Tle measure of thie City Bank, if acted or d by tle other bankrb, will go fr to restore eonfidence. It is a i' salutary alld a wise measure. We have to record the stop. page of trwo other houser. If tle banks do not come forrardr and sustaic tile busiress mot, there wlN be smashing wark. We are totally rabhlr to ayllat Cotton ist orth. Expcri rened brokers a.not arfii any price. In all otlher article thetre has beenr a general dec'illce. Flour is 88-Lard 8 1-4 ris s -Carl 608 lt. ThIe amount of sales is very trillirg. NEW YORK MONEY MA.\RKET, March r t1lt. It pprearstlat tile Josephs 1have t ogae past redremption, ' paper is sellingfor 30 percent. A report isnfonat that the Chohnts of Baltieore have burst, tbougt it cannot be traced to a correct source i Ti differencs betwceen tihe prices or stock for crash an. oil lile t erre not near o great as fornlerly. The run on the a Lafayetto Bank coatirues, bat with io fears for the result. Morney is scar 3 per atrcent a montb. There it not more than three milliors of specie in Ncrw York. Fo reign Exrbange is from t1ll a t1. Barnnett pradicti that the worst has not yetcome. The lerrechants are about petitioning the U.. Ballk to take trheir paperrandissuepost notesrpaya hlbr at a fUtllr day. STATEIMENT' OF COTTON. Oct. Ist, 1f6-N.'. balesron IhaI....... ....... 8,7,0 Aplcil I a , '37-No. hialrs rec'd this day ......7447 Total No. do rce'd pcevioualy 46E9,50 476.407 ' pi lC7- . b 405,122 Aipit 1, 1 837-Ex. Ilse day to Livrerpool......... 731 85199 S, . Htac........e.. 17 do Antwerrp... 4419 do Phitadelhlal m25 Total Expo: Is pi eviouscy .............3,379.2-382,764 102,435 STATEMIINT O TOBACCO. Oct. 1st, 18"6-No. hda. on h .......... 777 April '2, 1837--No. do r e' this day.......... 13 Total do ri evousaly ...... 52....5715 5068 April . 137 Exlorts tii, dayto Antwerp...... t151 13,145 T "ta Philndclphia....... i Total do Ido previously........ 7,124 7-5 2464 LOUIShI.E AIAIEKE P.--Mareh 27. (Flrom otr Corrcicprteat.) Bragigg ncc flao i ope racmria stationary a . a 9. ae d 9 a a10. SNosalts. Transactions in Cofee brisk 3 la 114 rarsa nlad Rio. The article is i .lir demand. Sone parcded go oalf t 14 a 14. Eagar terlinlg rldownwa.rds. N. Orleals 7 8 in hds and hv tile hli. 8 0 4. Chaice aos Tobacco commands $O 75 a $3 75. A fair arlicrl rates from $1 50 to 2 75,. Flaer it, clllitng and dull at $7 5 per per bbl. Wbiskevy goine down and airPhler from uew 1 a 31l. Pork secared and crmonld small. Messl britgs $leald prime 16. Tlhnmarketfar lltcan is deprescd. Ilnras, prime It, alog round from wnaollr is corth 7 a 7l Stock of lard moderat , and demand fair atO aila illC gond reqauasat 84. Molasses niercer anl held at 40. Marhet ners oeffquickly at $7 50 for No. 1. Markert well tockedewlith Ric saleable at rtorS. Butter is wortrh lsct lay t.tlle rive.r ommae. ds 145 t o te cargo. Og. a 37}. Cacn 43.5 There is great searcity of money in this city. We ae just Igle ii to fee t the rffect. of the suspantlons in New Orleans aid New cYork. Thepaper of your aflnks are at 'I to 5 1per ceet discouant, except thlat ofthoeCommercianl Bankw ichi is at par. 'lihe laboring classes sutaer much from thie qantity of unllctrreut paperfa ont. EUROPEAN MARKETS. rlp the IUtica.l IIAYER IARRET, Feb 24. CCottor--Wr hCave reice red tli seek 91446 hlas, erd rold 1531 aIles Louisiana, at ag5 1411f; 2178 GOe gin at 110 a 145; 210 Maobile at 122 a 12. Sonee lots of U. States Cotton Ire realirzed an cdvanc, ard thec sales of th.e last days Ilhre een large. News has been received rt iverpool from tile United States to Febi. 3d, t ith tile assurance that tile crop thellr re would not exrceed d,500,00lbales and t nateiaalla advac. Tlhis to glether aith tihe rdoneuld at lanncherster bad thle ef'cLt to sart business there, and produecd ar adraner of l as Indigro-lly they wayr of Egypt, we have news fror Calect Sto Nler. 19. Tile crop woaahl IlOt exceed 110l000 p.oln 30,800 had been cotracled for Ergland at 2lE5a 7si ia ru pees, Wllichl at an exrlrage of 2s 4d is equa to 13,15 a a3.73f hlcre. Tilet first pubicr ale took place ont te 11th Novr. Sares here0 cases Bengal at 8 50 a IL0f. IIAVRE, Feb. C4. 'lVe hate letters Lroim Icerryi eofr Irdry tast, R0lic frst. wl e ir: e announce tile salr of 4000 bales of cotton aont tilt dayt at f aadrvenre on thl prleet of ehebprcyofsaae e.. Nras htd been received at Livrerpootl to Feb. 3d from Nov York, r I tioning au advance of .c ll in that market We rie also acd I vicesr froc Alexandria, F.gypt, to ..ii Jari. Thle Pachlla had put 2,1,000 bales of cotton at puirc sale, and hadl realized5 185-8. Of tints qunlity cica Ienlet cere teialced far tar-. seilles, alid the rest for Liverpool anld Trieste. IIAURE MARKEiT. .halllonre haIls hecu sold at 85f, and oil at 43 a 44. 50. Tolbaco-1-48 bids Ketucrhv by the Ecaator flRe New Or lresu, sold by acctinn at 1 157f. I'ARIS MIONEY 1.iRKET. Lreek E lc aldcc Feb ' pcst p ,tr.--A ood cddelof I ccllelrcasns has pcl transactetl to-day il the Frencclh teculitie, andl quotation. eiltiiltl to improve. Feb. 23, 2 'clrock.--l.cre per cl:tr, 109f85c. Threes, 75t 9 POe, r0c. LONDON MONIEY IMARKET Feb.o2. There appears to he no doubh tlat the Livcrprol ncerhoratc have far'ncd tlleintelrtioa of raklga alnnplalicatito g.ecr n lnlt forad chncs ronthe rsecurityof p ,e artieles ofprodfce now lying in tile governmet waurrho , c r which tehey r l ,l ctc dlicposea of ill the irreent Mate clf ilie ma kcr'b except at a ruic ous lorar. A nceeietin was hied on Statrday, d anotllher was to take lircP cesterecdy. on the albjcc, when it iwasr to be cie foird Pwlllhr or lnot a deputaltion hlohnld he scht to Lolldbo to rci,:it asritaneo from thle 'Tress ry If proerly haeked, C there is an rxpeelatilcn Icre tlhat tile iapplication will bre Sl ieedl, lchhil' flaccdndd od wh, t orcacurred hr the ye r 1t3, wbenl fir app( icatious,,owevdr, were much more nuu crus, and cilllldrld Lo:nlun as rell asI the priucipal'ott ports. 'e'..2I--('ai F ing priccs--B uk IStockr, 207. : per ct Rot 91, 3 per ct Coan c '. :S do 9977-.:.1 y e at RNed 9cA, Newa :' 77-8, Ilncia Stoacks 2571, claBende 2per, Ex BuillhOOI 23 33 pm, ic do 5001 3'Al ccccs fcr ra,, 90. LIVEI'tOOL COITTlON MARKET, Fel. 20. There Was rceicdelcrlle ic:1rovee.lct in the eottin market tIc-day; a lively dcmland racritested ittetf, ard S13l llhrc'erer sold atdr all adne of rd on the clarieg prices of last week. S.ccci. alrge holders witbdr rw their ltrlao from hr miarkets. 'IThe sahs consaritsrto 41 hde lracilalrri 01a 101, 30 Cearacr, h o10 Srat 6d, and the balance Acmerican atl 14 to 10il. El CANDIDATES IFOR AILDERMEN. Fl"r the First Ward. J.1\ MIS I. CAIDWELL, JAMESl, P FRERET', SPENCER (LOYD, J. O. 51EUX. SFor the Sreond Ward. SAMUEL J. PETERS, EDWARD YORK(E. HENRY LOCKETT. For the Third IVard CIIARLES w. SIIAM31IURGII, RI. II. cNAIR, FRED. WILKINSON ("WV are requested to anllotlnoe ueas candidates flo Alderatcu fir the Third Ward atof the Surotd 3lujici lity, the fllowiug gentlemen,who will he supported 5y u majortiy of tih vhters of l at card, viz: (:HAS. W. SIIBURG, \. P. JONES, FILED. \\ ILKINSON.--Many voters." lgOOlK AND J Bn PIIN'i'INGd. J$aaks'A.d rrtde, .Nlrteaa slrecl. rllTIE rprrietor of the 'T'ruea Aatran respertf1l11 Si naform his n'rids and iaathe public that I.e ias, i colmection with his paper ollice a splandid and most ex. teasie ac oltt1ett type for the rinting .f I'. M XI II, ITa, lBI.ANK CIIFCKS, CA'rALOGULI, ItlL.S 01,' LADIN(G IJLA B1l. , DRAY RECEIPTS, C(t(IS, AUCTION and I.EGA. I NOTICES SHOW BILLS. IILL FO)RMIS, [L5 elri: el)lta, from lllav ,an, is dischlargin- oppo site I)elor street. Consignees will please enrd t eir permt.s otn botrd this olltllling, tnd attend to thl re ceipt ofl Ihrtir toottl. a3 CITY BAtK, NEW ORL.EAat, Armi. 1, 1837. At a eting of the uoard of Directors this day, the fitllotting rcrsol tttinll was adodpted, viz: Res/rved uuanimaously, 'hat all ptersons note indebtedrl to this aulk on Notes or Bills of Exchallnge, under die colnt, shall hale thheprivilego of renewmg tho e same with the samlle nallrs c.rv ilt dova, less Ill per eellt. tutil the 1tth day of November nIexr; the Directura of the loBank re'rrvig the right to require additional se. curily, whenever they Iltn dets it proper. a:l 1'0111. J. PAI.FR .Y, Cashier. ' I'RIAYEDI from mytable, rot ner of Poydros and SCaup streets, a puir ofblck Pororrs. Any person takitg tp .aid Poutts and returning them to the stable of the oulbcriber, will be lielnall rewatrded. ;u W/'I. HILL. I of , -. .. - - F'oIPO NEW OIRLEANS. CLEARED SA'J'UOIIAY. oil I Shp EIlwi, \Wlcnn, llnre .ll 0n mccorut--Porere 4. OCIlly IS coooo Ilif rlo'oe eoJ,,. ub- Slip l.P,,rolleo. Le tlhy, Ilnvro' Bley & A bocl--xc.0o f x x1 h 0lI s E(tollll lqllhIrleCl of .lrque Iotnxwk, o :oioo. LcverLou lSIcl.0.le 4" oo-.extro073t im'( In .~o lto. . II g 1Iu\%Srker, Rrllu,Inn, Au otorp J A roelo oo-ouno • I 9hae foD~lio , ~~ ln 118 dlO tobaco, hjl hhda toh~a~co, I-, Be rig Rlllrh. Pitumln, fl:,lnu ,, ~yPelter--earle p1,,! . fitr, 41- I410oxol fI ~ll oiko leol. 0524 oc lool, r 1. rl I.17y0, Boll, B0osl0lll. o lrlllI --xoxo,, r 0u 1 dIdel iloe'r, rcl Un11, 0l0Uhl.ud,. Alex~oiil, 3 W Z.icllotix & co--ourgO S0 hIdc llcxor. :C- I0lig ohiorc SVahIc.,unllthow Phi;udelpI:ll, 04 3 And eeoc 1nr1o 00j0 I001le c ,Pol, 11 I hbl bour, ]50 cot-ke or01, I rlsko e helloi ckihle, 500 00.ty l11. rii " Ii l~llnl~r l, or, 15 Plids coIoi,, 0J D rllxrol--enroo iitl IllllSl lleo , dll eat, 15 e .bl 1nd ol0 cs Ihll serll, onl su oIry 0lll0l0. A 4110 tVWlo!.iHoco, o lliJolrocl,, Sx gl;ork, W 81111e Il--ceago erl i IC lol, f l.l4u ~ll t ky, 4o. Sle, llClonrlotoe. ll0ck, Poer h u ted gro I0 curies, i. viniuno . 1c. Sle releUlorecuwell, rnlklill, Lx xm.oeIor ln blelloe r- rlol:A0:loU:li, uWyo,:Tpieolo t~ic,,dl ox-oxogo, tOO i,.'-s (ll v L',,oI.. ii ehr ]':fl·n, .llitlll ]. ohile, GlVot ,. Pnige--etargo ~l~ur. Il, polk, lulrOll .trdroal. * AlTVlItloD ATURDAY. l'nwhont Tieorb e0, l lloe fIlltlel PIl; toeoedl oil to llle Lnl 00Ilx'q lleetS'1101111,cc.lalI 1l,.'Ir1 1 rig Ecerlld e ud crole (eU allhle:tlrougt ip nli,qltes Eupllr los Cdl n imelllI luw, toUe|ll('.'1illo'elohlelloaqLulel"lo del 0lo [301, rxe|or.C iu Oilrel llle.l JlxlllllollBl~cln ClBI 011e 011.eeI hilololeu. 1111 PS.l 00y-Olg CII m, P.LOr 1Od$rfm N York, to 104 J P . .Vif Illeec,--c lelg O rld 1I0,110 ,o eloolll,, Ililloleds ¢4 PO. A u- cOolO~oo. w CoweI, pP opoor,.j (:lokPnyoe, A Kllllht J Re0l I& ro: iCoil .o: [)ulmoln 0 col POtkll T lh, rle0lt e : tucklle:l . 80t1 l tol o . ; II lto1el ; Ihlterl &o Iiwdorllllx. h ,e DIINPI J II I:iehl 4 coo oIelly. Y . 0 con 4" 1o N 4" Di1k ,04 co;l4oollld. I'Poeogolo,.lr nlr01e 11od hlr Ilcllhop. 10 . u14110e Eul1hrlte1 , I'lneron , I dll m N3cov VPo;k, t10 I . tr le~lr..() ;,si{+~rl tled ne B (rnn sll. I. Yealtultn, l'oit .e d 1 1t-1 loln ll S, 0111 )0. K '1 1 r.1 g .1 " 1 oi A I r.ll t ox o, ll o I )ollkill II Pnasolo o J Aollrewc \0 FIolxlesx, ,I.i ex 1ck, 10 \ea llh D0 Slee t WIl t elv, IVu eee. 00alk1r11 Al g J I 3' Ih Ilnlowlulh j T or & 00, 01104o I.-oo;lori ,ye 0 nlclulle; irxlke'- R oe ' i', 0.1 C10e1 Ire•udoc, 1I..11 IllI ll l & eo; 1 II(I1 11 Opi l o & 1 Il€l irky; luce I~r.lloxo llllllrG o: Hrl, 51 .011,1 IyB .hut.xfoxJ loi,,..,. P1.01uca 'lc;in: Ko 3 ly, Slsu ,.. to; D ullloriu C ul. S Soslnerl, Coio A l I'elelolo , rIo-10,0 Iylux, \l'uloo , 10u 50oP 014 0,hr C ror: li, Oel locooel ll or. O c I IIVnllIO \l PlOc Stcr--carCI(UoI. 470hiL',e Me:!flU I~oxes Fliqlr 5 cniks ,v1II· ui llsr f 0llliukllll AII .,i nl. e lrlll, J1efl ,lelll.SIo llllorllllolll lrrllrooll c. thollllool;J Axelol? o: ,o tIIPt1r0 0liliff hordr. I'oClltlole. Btlc PoolXp .V hp I'or. tr0, Shl hlooer1ori li,, 0It V1 hl',ilor. A . lv':or ly, l I3 0," II A Wo;sro, Pn, 1exhr10 A Pr,,oiler 1,11re, 11 SIC llloenlhllel, IZol I) Ol;ollioo*, A vrrlxlltlI0z, P '0relxo, 12 Couo r llt, C (rebor, Sollo. SIIorvne I.lo, oo.xurl, 1,, to nl;cller--c.,rgo 100 II , te n1111n.1.oeo, It oox hl. 00r11 Slil.o1rl, Ilhllollly, Sillollhr o 1v11r, 'lex ;. b J Reed S~llir ,lllll..ell. Itotl,011 I, e1rl , tOI 0I 01t1r n st Il-oc he. e'reksl~ ur. to 1.0tI.r- Scnreo 4b:lleescolhm.. WhIP J{.lr r; 9 J Ieed'&·n Jn .I irk 1,~ l, I~ossrr & Io; 10 P 1ur 0l:1. & II 0I0ca; 12 Itllill. e o colllc o eul; 14 LeL o - Iltlnlo;I h4locr, , ) JoA1 • or, i, I;7 ll ,1. 'ollclllllnx luroknoro ,lOlllIll jr CO; ]OO N & E Pool :l"o,. 1;o BllIlke, 'll.- 4 P c.l;4pAl.&clllloo.:.OT I 1nr1* l l:'7 I Wlllpt.h 50'I'hol flpon: f llollhnloo 0. Iloago:u;8 5r no lr.x ,ocloKe:,el o \ lO, p, +sPii. ,e~s h e lllslO. ulc. A 1' l'lllllll..snn .4lrlreorv ; A o lr, 3 tlIloy, Ill ,I I ol,.o t 1lr Jh+on. hoio!Wol:thl, Echool, Clsoeno 1llory ;Porol, BItocoo,. D, f ,o l,. Ste:lllhoiolO0 V0olsc, coltlo .ler--enrr o 1x Ilol~lhuotollxoon,ooco, In oord. 51 lo ]lub, I, ,t00 .1 00 13 N Jf)ick ,. ; ll,d~ e O..n d &o; 'j7 Il kner,, I O.Poll;.io c ,: 341, n&1 l ........ 200 .0. Ioxlrlyl; ,) I~flurolo p ii~i4 I%0.o: llolxllloo. l~ip o¶.10lcl;lofl Jlil~lll 5~ A1431.ooti~tuovn~xo.o AIIOIVED 0IESPERDAY. , D~oM:xr.,nrot, oPelperxolxp0Ifill I orloll Io mncler--onro n l Sloec ioo, 201111 1111 Illkoo I, 10 111,10 0ppl10,lO P S~lxyx 0114d Sc rl Orl tl.G'eorgen fti lh' eo.+lt--]4.1 bblr mle0]ls er to oe - tOnllho nl .Tek ||:ntk, 11, o111 O otl to Ill,&,d0 0ll . -- ere 43I l ls ,Uto II1.5 hl ider to (: T ) ed.n. :13 do Soul, Oolsilroxog iddo .r B 0n er 91 G Gr~llxll. :ll 0 rl,.100 11-144 1001S0eC00, 10 . - leEB~lI) Kehhe. J l(b ll·,h \·Ce: t llJ P["ll . t S%'oxti, =tlbeo l , I .01, 1.e0, .l KO er no , 0 0 1 all &Ilrl. 0010 ,ll0l0nt 1 tlltlll0 l T, i f . o . LoII SI K o IH:It. --en ro u bollcs 1ottr1i1. Bu, III, 1; t & 00co; 0111 hc lourx 151111 rye to lhlo 0 Iltyrli5: ,110 1ullr D111, iu& Irw0elle 52111110r olok. 00 hc' 1101:1n'+. 1,1'r' 0 I, olooo, I, o....lx. .el ..... 0 W il' ,; :151 Idolc crllloPko 201 fox co,! . Sloero,.. A'exuldor, 00 kegs h Ilutlox s04 103 0 1und1ries to or er010 0;-) c10 ,ie lrIlx,,Ior. Sloielooio 1 Wxrittllt. Pn.seulFero, hliu 5 Cl0lll0, 5ll1s II BcsSon, TcEloo A II lVonlll0, Voorellx, I)eo llll lioo. StI1lotlu~c, hI S A; Il 01111r00t, J tltlrl, llOeW lho,+I 5 Srlex CoPoor. J I0leh1t, J,011 o poSul, Dgo ]/PnewlOlole oc, 51qstler, .lell \Vhlnrtotl.Clooper, 8ou h,.ate, pi e o StevellaoP. \Vllo.PIhillio., Me s IcOlilor, 11 Olenlnlmoxl Pl'|lletn0l, PorrolCi Pilllnoo ln nlnntor--cnlr0o SIhlolllb;Ilcol0,J 131o010i 01 CO: 3 I9 I·. flu-hi+ i e lls ,IP S)) llus lccoSlud r~o Ileoo, Slrtsoooo& Sloe 003 "e 8 boo 100 lilolllolllOh n11101010,12 lllac 0 r101 ·, B111 o.Iloouu- ol.o; 17 1, li u ISo w.11 ey 1 Ie ho,,,. .1 hlll ilnd 0. hlce, toh;iro o11,I , llldrim% to owtler oll n Ihd. Sleolinlontl iri hlOl I olroill ,Ilo.,ho S , tp,,0r ol. A ter--n1roh011h1,,:.xrtll0o1 I11111111 0l1ip1 10 IIO dl N 1j, Dih k O" .lo 11 ,,, ,I.o , .l- 'lloollloIlollocol ] R,. 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SOl,:lloc! toorlol,,r, Oloeo, Plold SI!ll?, to 10111-- 0000 r 1I4 h11l10 Illollsoreo Ilh51ds u 1 llr,1 0 ohhls corn,,, , BIullitt 01 pp 0 oilld C10; 50 Ihllld .llollr, 45 hl.olo oleCBI x. 1V 50' l wIO r, 0. hloi sarn, I jli+" I.Ii mll~t incas... , 1lill1th1 0lld3 ' IholnllSOllol; 11I0)11 1 N il00 lllj, o J ij il;; 0 do o;dcr; j poolingci Ilodoror, Llylop ode. 0.11 bob h l, l)olilu, frouo J'eanl. Sl~ldiooll, o, EOUe ty o nr0Lo 005 holeo crltore. TtuflolltoIuii Sll,O IaldoOIII ToII, ,lwoo oudhv-- 00 0.10 hloleo 1011t00. - th, toi 'llooe Ih1 t 0l0,w, Co, 'Teon. ll todiloo ce-10 bl,-oloo001 i 1l0e |0i.ll ,ool CrtlllooooflTooo. Slolieoo xo--06 h;lIes rot Inn --t, N +. J lli~rk, 3111rtill. l'Im.+;,lltS & eo: Ilrllffhlr. l.Ii- l'tPl tIo,1111 4. \VriOil; OohoeUoo. IVox4 01 0o0 CorIlItloo, I tlox 10 4" Pe, lElilhtllil l li, llilil J C1 nl l l ,- lodC r, "if lElI"()OA.DA" P. Otennler Slllltlo-leo llortllllhopt Mlr.llxIo ? rier Oo.ine hur14; ii,11 Ill,o toi 1 l ,ileo I101h11; oretli. tioxt .111i lh t 1,0 Oexoll Ilirox: 0Dilo.oPt No Ih, A,.erio,'l oxt0o 1111 Pod Iloy lo 00111 Coo C'olli, 1.1 ]4: 2011h. 1110100 I. 1101ohe11i11 P~lshl~loltei0 Ishilid; 1 0 i000011.hh I0(rk0. oliolllood ilir rouolkit 1) lvls' 01i l000d yoordiuailol lolllxIio 0I.\ll.l. itdo;So 3 :1+1 l.1, Md clho 01r.l10i0l llhoo, t I. booiboo, .51i ilgul~qulill. 01t 0111l1i co' C (o belho,; Icc April. l,001 J.lin IOllllIol )1. 25 Ilileo hoelue c .l N oCI. Pz ; SIC eC I ll0 III IlloO o .0.le o.Y "t L 'oI lA dolll l.I r-p. R-~r ,iiiiI ,:i i iii, SI St. Charlces Theatre. ,r . TI -_, EVENING April, 3d, Will be rrsetll!1 the fe tjace of IIUN'1'INo A T'RTI,. Sf Mrs. Turtle, - : - . Mrs. Pritchard. After which il YOUTHIIFL QUEEN. Christan, of Sweden, - - Mrs. Shaw. Steinhurg, t t . . .. . Ir. Barton. 'Tottconrclde with the drama ofthe \VIIITE EAGLE. Elector, -. . - . - Mr.l Banlister. CIImtIIII, .- ir. Pritchllard. WASHIINGTON GUARDS-ATTENI)!!! SIATED lhatlvt oneetigl thias evening, (Monday, "April 3d,) at 7 o'cloc, at tlhn Armorv. Puuotaal attendance is destredl, as usinres of implortntce will be traaatr dct. Iy orader of Caplt lIery, a3 J.Jil. WAL,'TON, Secretary. A (CARD). I R . VWIl.I.3I+MS. the Engli h Oculist, inforts ilc plublic that bh is arrived t Mrs., Wr cerster'as pri vate boardine lauise, No 9,) C: cal street wlere m v bIe carnulated fian 10 to t 'clhk , by any liaes autl gentlemen alllited in thelir orvs tad rars; and will also gadlyv attndl to tlhe easas of Ite ipoor, g.atis, till the end of April, as soon ao tIe vestry of o r church is of. fered to Itia fir thel r rceptllio. Ile will also consent to visit any ager or infirm Iersos who reside within the limits of tte rita. on re:eiving one dat', lnoticel hy let ter, ralttillnm addre's, and a: ive dollar bill, when he will attend on the saoe, or the bllollrig day, between 4 and 6 o'clock, and give his calidl olpinion on tile coas. It is hi. itenttint to Ieatve thitit, on 11et Iet of May, whlenc le weill go on the 13ll pnrox. fIr Vitck-htltra, thence again for Mermpnis on the tlth, tlterte fr Lonis ville ot the 5th of Junt., and thence for Cincinnati on the 17th New Orlenar , A ril 3d, 1327. KlE ARD & IlA RSTOW, COMMISSION MERCUANTS, No. (17, Graritr ltreet. a3 74, 46, 55, 52, 66, 73, 19, 18, 61, 1, .'fre t/,e tdratl, ql" the I6lk/t Class of the FREE SCHOOL LOTTEtRY. Class 17 l ill Ihe drawn nextSat.llrday. Capital Prize $12,000--12 Drawn Ballots. Ticl.e!s $5.- Scheme to-morrote. J. K. \MEAD, Malnaaer. MAYIIA LLy t O NEW OJILEANS. The price offresh flour to thtrl, heiug $3 25 cents Iter barrel- aerording to the ttarill thle Iakers shall give 35 oatteo of bnrad fr ta lit, lttriat etxt week, ftroa Man dan the l itnst. lBreadl of Iht; second qaolitv or of thie loaves foirl a hit, is required to wnig o95 er calerlr aore, say 43} 3-1 odn"s. D. I)RIEUIt, plat or. Apr il 1st, 1837. SAl'S & HAAY.--2l--. bts-rl -s Ontaad 1Ot 0 bilal s Hua alloat, and Itr sale by GRIVO7T & PAIGE. o3 " 1 d Povdras at. SANNERS' OIL .-5t hI. qtality uTanners' Oil, for sola by S. & J. P. WIIITNEY. l 8 Conti street. T'IVES.--32, 00 Pipe Sltavec, on htIaIo l.nt boa ftr sale Iy S. &J. 1'. WlII'|TNEY, 3 8 Conti street. I[ACK-aeEL, CFME'isL h. &e.-IIlj hlos Nao , l,2,-and • 3,31ackrl; 300 boxes Codl Fish; 500 bones of Setuvlkill lHerrings; and .00 bil, dry sahil horrtin-s, far sale by . & J. P.'WIUITNEY, a1 I Coati street. IV lE'RPlOOL SA;l.'l'--G!t sack, jtlt recerived and forsalo in llitk Alley by tt29 Ilil_.IES & MILLS,B n ak Alley. OILN--1800 b1- hels corn, in gnross hags fr sl . .44 New l.vct april I G. I)ORSF'Y. LO.UR.--1501t hbls Flotr, itntliage Ia lato laaout )and for raloe by (1VIII' & PAIGE, 3 _12 Pn.draa street. . iTI.l. ;1 kor Y -tip5rtor t'esaterll Buttr,, for H atile by IIt.IVT &: PAIGIE, a' 12 Po.dla ocet,, UIUK PORK.--15,000 pioces bullk Pork, on borll flat bot, for sale by G BI VYI' & PAilGE, :i. 12 Poy dria streetl, B SAN.--50 bbl' White, ond 2 bhla Red ficorn, " for sale by iGRIVOl' & PAIGIE, T hoe3 12 Poydrrs .lcet. H.StlSKEY.-100 bhl' seperior old M ononrgahela r Whiskey, ill store and for sale by 731 a3 GRIVOT &l PA ItE,'12 Poydras st. a PPI.ES.--600 Ibshols dried Apples, good srtele, iro in store and for sale by GiIVOT' & P.AIGE, S 03 1'2 Poydros street. pt P O .i.i -0 bbln neso nod prime Pork, 'or sole by ao3 GEIVOT & PAIGE,1'2 Poydra s1t. e 1EF. -62 bbils prime bee!, 21 Ibls jowls ; 9 bils LO whirte beaus; for saoe by J. BAILEY, a3 42 Povdrno street. 14 T IE JUIE'"-.lust received, 'len barrels ol very L frersh Lime 3uice. H. BONNABEI. at o3 Corner of Natchezr & Tcllopitooulns t. IBUTTERl419 kegsr, poert pritae for table use. For go sle by a3 . JOIINSON, 92 Cmnnon st. j 11SH.-60 bbls Potroon Hier'igs; 31 kbbls and half bids Shad. in promecondliion. For sale by 113 G. JOHNSON, 9d2 Comman st. No i'0Nl' UCKY BAGGI[iL-90 pircer very good, 0r for isale Iby G. JOHNSN; a ',o 9 2 C o m mr o n st. C AItl'O of brig Clhrubl, fro It Mensstna-5t1 Luxes of v. r Roll lBrinstone; 134 hoxnes sholled Almoeds; 40 sFcks White Bo1ns" 50 sacks Filberts, 50 halosorck lt Filborts !09 bago \%l0lnluts; 100 soft shelled Aliornds. 3 crases .irlllorls Paste; 3 cresR pickled Cauliflwners; It. 60 sloabs Miarble for tablres. For sale by A e3 READ) & BARSTOW67 Gravrier st. '1'RA Y.--Vas taken up on the lnight ol' t1 27t1i rd , i , l2ti Mlerchr, a blv pnooey rnare, both Ihindl feet .white to the fctloeks, otol left fore foot while to tihe fet Ir lock. Also, a brown colored Iher e. whlite stripe down his forihead, nad crenan coltred suatle. 'The owners ofisaid tlnimals are requested to come ,i fwaord, prove Irropoertl py ch.o arges, and take te'Im a ,'sy noi or bofer the 15th instant, ot wli tth day jtier will sold at pnblic aoetion, at l2 o'clock, Al. Ir, P. A. Guilliott. et Auctioneer. If. B. S'fRINGIIl, a3 Comatisearv 3d Wardl. StNE loniredl& two rcsks pickled Ihsntrnol b ..docr fir sale by J. A. BROADWELI. & (Co. a3 66 OlMrnein streret. ACKI I() Corn, Oants, lin, and Butter, to Ibe sold at inaeteion, at halfl-past l0 o'clock, this iay. at tihe flat boalt whorl; nearly oplonsite Jullia strelt: O26 O .is j large white corn; 150 sacks primt ofats- 30 ales shelaf orats, (firrst rate;) 1200 Ibls fircsh tal e II ter in keg.; 150 AIbs lrerhli table bktter in lmpe;, barrels appnles; ldanaged corn, &e.r . . Also, A Good Flat lont, Ac.; il tihe Furnitrre nd Trals, _c. &" - _ apd STATE OF LOUISIANA, itFIRST JUDICIAL DIS'RICT COURT. In tie matter of EDWARD BROO)KS es e IlS CRED)iT'ORs. T i t'orrdered bIy tihle cort thallt ta nletig of thle cre ditors of tile insolvellt, oand nil others ilnterested, do take place before II. B. Cerse, Esq. Notary Public, on l Mondaylle Rth thda of May next, at 10 o'clock A. Al. for tie purnlose of lelilhreing generally oal tile oflirs of the estate ofthe isolventl,--to appnloilnt (if they dreem it necessariv) otler wiilic.s in tile liet of tle sytdics deceased shicerher ahpointnttt by' fortler meeting, t or Int eo nirlmr pnhrtpero oftlnr survievir. syndie, andl to conrrfr utpon hint soch pncers, and glive ibun snuchl isrotuc. 1tionits hitk irterest of lre creditors of said estate may I rotlire, or oas nil be dreted expedienlt, And itrisftr. ther ordered, thallt Ilenry It Denis, Esq. tie altoranev herrcltofnre napoiteid to represent tile absent creditors, be re-apiptinited, and tlotified to attenr ld I mneeting. By onrder f the lion. Charles WattsR, judge of saidt eonrt, tbiS ltt, day of2iarle, A. D. 1837. a'3 ew JOHIN L. LEWIS. ANALYSI hF IEA- I'Y. -- 0EAUTY illastratedl chiefly by an Anrlyeisiand Clon.s sificntionr of leautly in \\'oinnr , preceddrl by k critical view of'tie generl hrlpetdleris of Ileaty," l v ihnne, Iolarth, Burke. Knilght, Allison, &r. told foillowd by n siinlibre view of thre hypothesis if tierty in Sclptltre & Painlting byl.eonrdo tie V'inei.Winekei. 0 rmulrri, Mlnll'gc Ilnosi, 'c. Ire Aletirlr 'l Vailher sin thorm of"iPhlriognomty fitntded on iPhysiology," tihe "Neervous Soystem, &e. 'iThe Sitis of tile Tl'imes; a denoted byI tihe filfilment I of Aistorieal PIredictionns, traced lowa'freat,u thie iBa t otnish Captirity to tire prrseet tittle. By Alexrntder ( Keith. AI.SO. and additional rpt1rl r of Davit'a Memoirs oi A aron Burr. I.nhltte, thie Pirntt of it.' Gulf. Solrrth-'Vrst, by YanTkee. Jest receied nid furr sale by WILLIAM el.I A.IN, _ oa3 _ Corner C.tnp Rnd Crtet n t steen. '[ ItAY.--T,,keu tip one liar Stiirinport bo E f.e, tile rit ld fot ,ite. lie o r i re qnt'sled tlo come Iliiwerd, Ieore tr rrorte, pi, charges, tin tlake srid nrlimal arway, befrire tie 15h iill-tt.t If I ftafRerlthat time, it will I e seltld at lpliic aucOl lt, by P. A. (uillotte, otetitrecr. \V. MlDI)NAi.I) t a3 Conmmissary oe d Ward, I' d Mi , itripali, v t L Sei'tI'I Y.'"'kiero,, ti ,ne i[,irk Mile, -i. ,, li.oih 11-4 lraei,nlre ali the io li d uin rt a r he ei eft thir, an Sour. ilit,' narks on fIt,' back. Tir nwhe r is qureeredtoeoin~ltit.fiurii,ink iriitioiet.l 1 gt':'ftd to roar· furr.1, pu,,.e .......... pv ,, bnr.,, tn, ake saiionlti Ilf away, before it rotlrrh instant. if left ariler tlt time' it will IIbe 'Ol at publi au orion, by tt. A. (lilli orttor A rt r. W'. 3IcDttNAl.ii, Conunii-so r il W \\nr a9 _ u_ t it'ipnut v, T R.iAt',-'ake- r ti, by: te orgh't wtrt, it, tire ti rI ti re r t cipalhte , one oirrel ,ine.t, nin tMirlk. Tihe OlVl is reqP IIte, to come foiword, prote pro= portv, v c nr a ld take sr irl nni lta a ray bo f, re tilhe 151 instant. i filci il afiertlot litue it rill Ie soldl at ipublic lection, Iby P. A. Gtillioitte, ucironoer. W. lcDOAl)O, I. Commissary ontn 'W ard, e __i1 d Aulciripnlil i. 1ýý S'l'lii0V'-'t'okt'it it11 ir1 the nirt'tihtto with one iinrt 1I_. l{,rsr., :>p['tligl br'and flu ttle lefi hilp. T1b e wirer isreqtested .... .,mue or:..rd, lpr,,ve..... prty, py char ... co4, nod ise ru l lltiml 'i aV ielbire the SIih illstnit. i Ifleft aifter thait timl it will hle sold ait lnllie auction, fly P. A. Gillittie, Atneinrier. W.l MDON \1 1D, i.3 Commisiar, 2d Wrard, 2d Mueiiipility. S'nrlAY.Taken oIl, ore ebesnit i .,rl horser with n star in is fi; hed, thrie right tore frtit hite, and the two hind feet. Tle owner isnvi re.cted to cttle forward plrove propllert,, pau i]trg.,, lI tilke .ni; r.:aiartl awo bhufinre tile 15th Iotnnrt. If if, aftller that trire iii will bt sold at puiline nl:til, Il P. A Guilliotte, Auclioncer W. MeltlN, 1f S a i (',orlairsarv 2d Wi ard, 2 d1 litictioit,. .'TlIA'l'.r-Taken tip, tone sorrel heors,, the righ d ilhtl rtwhi t overI the firrelock, Theownlir is reqlluested Io eoal e fiorward, irove prop arty, pat' cha. r ,Tr, Iand take raid aninal away before ."ili15111 .t rut.t if left after Ihat tilne it will be sodl at pIullrir: clltiu ly by P. A. Gailliotte, Aoctinrer. W. PrDONAI.]), n3 Cnt.olmislry2dl 'eord, l Mu1 icilplil,. ( E STRlAY.--'R. e.. tip, ln. bay Iorse, hinud fri uwhite, hn -oid e 'l irol. "'the wrller is reqleserd to (tltP eorwadl, prove pironpertyv pay crlgiee, trii Ilhek said anima awny bfore tfie 15th inartiu. Ifleft after !1 that ti: it will t b sold ait pullic auction, by P A (iuilliolrte, Aurlioneer. W. eltN\oltN ( :..3 9dPI \Vrd \d 1uii:,i aA Coniariiinrr Wart1 iiit'lliyiu'ii- t SI ie " + one bat .nrv brood nn the l ri. t fo',e shouldetr at he the riht e i l, ai d tSl-r right hinld fit white. The miner is r (I1 nrtedo e, -ne fnrward,, lalce pro paety, at el rand IIa tke sait tl mal ntwav eft,re tilhe 15t insa.ll . If eft ltlr that tittle it will be sohl at public antint, hr P. A. (iGli'Itte. W. 1Mc DONALD, Colmnni.nryv 2d Ward, a3 ' td tnicipality. bar+ S'I'1CAY -'nk kill by th inlight natelh, errs bn dlJ ie r-,;, 15 I-. hands higih, and rougih abhd. "rte owner is requested to come firward. prov4l prlerltv, tty elterer,,, and take snyid animl awany efonre the 1It m tant. if left nafter that time, it will be sold at public auction, hv P. A. tGuilliotte, Auctioneer. W~I. McDONALD, Commiassaty 2d Ward, a3 llt 2d :Mlnicipality. r S'I-ItA Y.-'l'aket, a h) by the nigtatl t h,, t,,,toa Silli nd IorsAe, t 15 C l n2 hnda hieh, and roanl shod. S'The owe eris re ueslaed to come forward, prtve pro Iprte,' a l hnrgu,, andtake said naiatal at.a, belbre the 15th inllot. It left after that time, it wrill be sold at public autilon by P. A. Guilliotte, Auctioneer. R__3 2d1 Municilality. F 1p.\ Y'.-TT NALop, aonn soarrel arne, withr Swhaite stripe ttown to his osttils. The Ownvr is requested to coies flrward, prare property pay chlir . es, illd take still anal awanvy before rtte15t1 sitantlt If lft after that Ite, t will be sold ttt eli' suction tl It . . Gnillotte, Auctioneer. W. MDs ONAID, a 3 CoLA mnisnry .Id Word, t Mualnicipality. 1, S't'ih A Y -'*Tken un anc large gray tinse. The I owi ale is rteqlttett tt ,cole fa wLd, praVme tO - tprt, pa hargeIs, and take Said animal awa, hefre thle 15tliastant. if le't after that time, it will be sold at pubhlic ou ton, by P. A, Guiilliotte, Auctinoneer. W'. cDIONAI,), Comaaissary 91d Ward, ...d ..u Initp.ity. 1~OtLA ES,--)5 tiner., sul.erior qualify, i store Ili tndftr stle at 33 New Levee, by ,131L S F RANDOL.Pt & Ca. A VANA COFFEet 50 bags, e wl ld btng.lnd Sin stre, for sale at 33 GrIvier at by 1,31 S G BLANCttARD. jri lNýCIN\A''I BACI,- 'ltN T T nprior- tanorktt V 'or and fr sale at 17 Cmmounta stret, hv ,l0 IA.i ET & .I.T:&LUNG. ``V:0t110 oxaes ang, Jan so Id es Gottld's brand, re L enived ,per ship Graltee, for sale at 1t4 ltagazint st. by t,30 I BRII)GI & Co. F . *' :.--Tlhe stbscribersalut In snao llatnding fttom ship lenrt , ana invoice of Ftntture, &c., t onaisting of softas, CnhItrs, muSiC stools, Ottotntrs mattraresas and silk Ipillowas at 431 Mautzine st. by m3{) I BRIR )GE &Co. na d forsale by JULIUS VAIRIN, t 0 oli Povdra st. INCItNNATI L.ARD.--1350 kegs, lallding from astenlr Spleladi,ltd ad fr sale by '23 LA'Il' & AttEI.UNG, 17 Comnmore sat merce at. bv tt7 7 LAYET & AMEI.T NG. ACON--6l4 hIhds iderite and thoulder, intading from tealllerCuolnmeree and for attlei b tl24 J VAIIItN.2t Podrasn street. NE hunldred ltIls fresh Corn meal, for sale at 66 O Magazine street by _ l_30 J 1, BROADWEL.L & Co. ORN(l , NWISKEY &PORK.-350 so tks of corn ti9 ,ldlts of , hihkey; 90 bble of loar, landi.g and. faor sale at 41 Newo Levee, bhy m30 G DORSEY.' ^l41:`:'- t=lraa rha Ttirketatto adttta itt ntttr,- fur Ssalen by m30 J II COLQUITT niat ) t(ravierstreet. 3rOBAnCCO--Il oxes Virginia pnntd htntp to baree, a snaol trticle, iut re,.ived attd will b sold at 15 ellas at 16 Gravier street by lO J It C OI. QItIITT. '1 OF')Ftetl . eaf Itga flttt Itattan entiee, lttdintg an I .J r sale at 5 Commutn at. by m30 . A GURNEY. ( MMON WVIISKEY-hiElh ptroof, ft r tsle e "y Sti G Dt)ItSEY, 44 New Ievee. 1I7 1tK.-.ttii0 hlt mess aad 50 di u priuin pori, i Sale at i. l'o, drUo at. lt. ta=U GRIVEOT A PI.IGE. r .)RNCIPE CIGARS.-0l,l000 li'rincipe ci grs for sl;dy by JNO .st lOS' It, nmG 14 lravier treat Is, ACGON-28 casks Sides, 7 do Ilars; 3 do Joles, lU do assorted;lauding from steamer Persian, for sale by a7r STETrS-ON, AVERY & Co ia EAF LARD, Amelune brand--l000 kegs Lard an just received and landing fron aMlcer Mogul and ftr sale by LAYET & AMLLUNG, 7 17 Commolno street. C INCINNATI BACON'-74 hhds. sides. do hams. landing from steamer Atalanta, andl forr sale by m3 I.AYET' & AMEI.UN(G, 17 Cnmierca st. i ASTOR OIJIL--20 bbla fresh castor oil, ia atore andl Is for sole Iyv JULIUS VAIItN, mll 62 (iravicr st. lORK-:300 bbls pork landiag, in store and for sale y by JULIUS VAIRIN, mitl 26 Poydras st. S1 PERM CANDLES-I60 boxes sperm candles, land ing from bri Grand lTurk, for sale hv ef22 S.&. J. P. \VHITNEY, 6 Cotll st. It UEA.-R-ll baoxes you,.g hyman tea, of 13 Ibs each Sin stare ard for sale at G ravioer st. by ,m27 IOGEIT & HAWTHORN. (I LEAR POIi K.-If t boxes clear pork, Ciruinn'ti 1J cured, in boxes of 100 lbs each in store and for sale at 63 (irasier It by uf 121 8 BOGERT & IHAWTIHORN. DORK-400 bblasmess and prime porki ins tore and Saorrlac at 63 Gravier st. by in98 BOGERT & HAWTHORN. SlTAII11l'A(iNE.-2L0 baskets Chalmprgue in,estore .. ind for sale at 63 Gravier st. Iy n128 BOGERIT & -HAWT'HORN. j% ACIKERKL &, IIERRIINGS.-n1 Ibls and half I1 do comlprising Nos 1.2, and 3, of latest brands, in store ulld for sale at 63 Graier st. by r28 BOGEt'i' & IHAWTHORN. B ACON-70-easks bacnle cn=isting of sides, hnalll Santd sheouhlers, Ciaiennati cured, in store end ft sale at 63 Gravicr st. by naiM ICOGERT & IIAWrTIlOIN. m282 BOGERT & IIAWTHORN. LI EMIONS & ORANGES.-375 aoxes I.eraurs, ind 9 25 do Oranges, in suplerior eonrlirioa, rrecived and for sale ly m218 St'I'E'SON, AVERY & Co. - AS't.' IR 011I--20 bbls Castor Oil in store tandt for s tle nt26 I'oydras st. by u198 J VA IRIN. W 1 III.KEY-2r0blhil rertilirld whsel.ry. i store V nd for sale at 26 Poydras st. by nl-2 JVAIRIN I ACUtN--2lI0 casks Iest f iecininatti eurefl barconir l store id far sale at 20 Poydras street ryhv 111r8 J VA IlINI I LD Itill EIF-14 ciasks dried beef in store, andll r sole Elt (6 PoIdras slreet fry S11, J VAIRIN A COMlM1P'IEN'' assistant lDruggist, is it waat of a situation. Address S. I'eet, of E II Kelly, Druin ist, corner of Poydras and Magazine streets. 1) ICE-51l tierces, rand 28 bfItlro Rice, aow landing I I ll from schooner Ilirani from Charleston and for nale tit !f1I CrolirIUon St. m .1D1 BEIN&.A COIIEN. lII't'EII-.3i0 caiska loralrii frrrrwn r it r, ii inas Slilll luartsl irlstrre rrlfd for sale i1t 63 iravier st. fr fby m27 B lEIIT H& .AWTHOI N. S I) ['S -IN SlEET1' I l{I.N.--:fi fcka in .ifrre olitif 1 l for sOtle Iit no. 91f Cllrloman at, l 7' . 1 1 J D IIEIN'& A COIIEN. 1 AI I).b I "ANIY--i ,dla fsI o f air s y .by - 1 . .\ II1) & IIARS'I)w 67 (Teh vier st. IIE11St 'I'EA S--I Iboxes Yeln llr Itral ca, in 13 11 boxesr, latre imnloarrlion a nd if fCin fle tavor, store clad I)r. saEle by BOUERT & I.\\'l ION, lit 21 r3 I:Itirliey r it itt - f0 1 tAS tI;S Ii).-2 lr0 Morllla esihif h i) b roard I tlr iarlque Itlerrlr, it goull ordlerndrl for saile at 93 ('limlllmi.I. ir arn7 I. 1I GAI.. 'alitKEifltlLEir, Af-.--1 erros rf.pior Silk - ff fhdkl' I do high elIloir filiigee I; 1 Ifr girass cloth jiilefrjisiE rcrreived nsd rfor sale frt f (Camip sf. f1) by rna7 'OIRKE IIIOTIIERS. 111 (I1 tEA It I'Olt(-301 bida ar sale ll 17 (' r '7 St. ly m1'!7 I.AYEI'& AMEI.I'NII. 1 Ni..l--016 afg riia-h ounid Cinri riinri Irti- eon Sill fir ril rae order, jult receivid allll fiir alre by _ 3 S 1 Ill & IIfIINE, 153 t roif.a tf f nir :rI. t all forsale by GElV Ii ilfl i I-9, 'ydrosst. Ica S)llX\ l i rss _,; c, a n fite arni; ppi. ordeIr, j.I. j i rf ll r i i fd n n i r i ir e S , 1)y f mII5 I' .II c cl.lli' C 1 11. 49 I II'rrihoi ln 't - l: INS-:ll hIoxes frhi ICi irni rr n'i !,t I II aI llk al. Iffer I s ifON f)\ flfff -IIli khds Iansii in e urnil fi " •1) Htoier Iah i an il for fli hv J V 1ItIY, ( . / II ISiff i ( ll Ir lls i tk ilr, l i gifir 111I i Ir S. lll InIIhmr. 12 . rdr st. Iby i f(iiIVOT & IAIE. k flu-.l o,.! dra' at. bt". o III17 " I ;IIVOT &.A IAIGE. at f t27 0()IK 0<11 <1) c rl l:i t.,. ý - II:I LK E:'--ý0W lblt litihl +Oof, air maleb, t19 (i 1-200 is iR Y, 41 Nrw Lever. Ul At. \(UA WIN,- ); it--. cltir atks 10,',c i Mlt,-ti m ill c ill slllre lll four I1e i t (i (rtilli r a t. by i l i7 lOtERT& iHA\VTI N. it It lia lItrlrPa. -rIoelt bI-e accotlimoai eat Nio 711, ('aa, xlre t. 17 iD, i lt-310 bi t i ll, hin .to, atlii fiealc by m1 J. VAIRIN 2¶i PllrI.v srrcat 1 AC( iNS-.3icasls IUlrpir iilaton for tFale lby u I Aill WAIl..CE & Co. tank Alley. A U It--I Ito agso-heiadtc n the ", C-t. I7-Fr colt by N. & J. I)ICK & CO. i A Cii ;O, kegs flnrl,,t flhe landing forsal,, bly IT ,IA_ 7 O I)tII{sEi :, .1 i li, i i ievee, r' I.0 It.- 1(00( biais aI the lad g a. d tier sal;,+at .i 4 < t. , Levee, by mi7 ( 1)R1 .E'. I. 4 \XI +] IED.;-117 bIl l pgood ilnhn tta r folr , iii no. __1 ____w I.e:ce, by il,-!7 G "DOISE. LE' I'IO1(K--10 hties., foir iale sby alt l G. DOI1:Y', li( 44 New l .i III t Xl I - ,' Ia0o ilSTtONit-rI , b 1" JHCC .IIIN&A C. lie.N, t:l lt\\'.\gX--- i gIb beeswat i, ,n In!tin y u r 13a:lh by mil S SLATI'I:R, 42 Tohlets It. L Iil .1 .1 MIRSEY1 Nll alF Ii&'Co. S tI' t aN KE : aNtie-- pi' r for stc l L _ H C C )I)ACK &, Co. A L-100 crakg hlndn, n for sole 6y mFo l y ni Qa DOR)SEY,44 New lves. - I E 00o ssniog and f, .... le ud r - 3c 71XIIkNtE tin ianglatdl, fot tr sain Bank Alley by miL9 I1OIOLMES & 1%11 .LS, 1VE6S.430166is for vale itt i m'cL) { B DI?,RlAY, 44 New L N ,rC. Cm r1 -trs-70-0-bTr , by sl- - v LAYEL aT&~ AMELU I 1R' 1 e ae r. DiIRSEY, 41 New Blevea . IE dLId' - h1 t Alfitbliitcil'iiln teitit parck d for sale lt Ina 9 G DORSEY, 44 New l.iee. (t o, "-s i01 skaiar jiit lan de aud fOr sole by ) ni63 Sl( )i,& BYRNE, 153 ',l'coutiteula a-t '. ICE-51i1 tic san in tiore andfor nsoe Iby P 'L O A GIURNEY, 5 Cotnitllun St. ( OI1)15 '(t)t) alit-ls , lttlditta natl far atle tit 1:? I,' drras q. bv inoil1 (GIlt VOl' & PAIGE. t lllw'2 11 C C 1AMMACK & Co, 65 Gruvler t" JO\VI.} .-ltU bbll far nolcit atiigctc. Ity lo0 J I1 ROCAI)VVI.Il. & Co. LARDl &. 1 'IU7i'ER.- 200lees .uiprior quIality 1J lard; %0 do \Vtlori lRulttcr, just rcceihed ;:nd for t saole t 1l I'o dr:a street by opril 1 fGRIRVOT & P.\IIGE, ,'0 ,---.01 gpisa scks if cont; 151) tnny L;..a. Ido. . lalldtllgfroicm steamer Sllendid. for stile ily S m3l STIFTSON, AVERY & f 'o. U.iOl-ASSEi:S IiA1REIS--I95 I asars . large size in stere ald for sale by Bl OG:l:RT & II'AWTIIORN, ol iCil Graier st. J t Cla, for sale at 44 N-aw ieve by apr I 1" G DORaEy. " AIID--A ti2 kegsgsatltcrit" tliuci~iuati leaf i-rd, lan .-i aing froio .nlo..tICIr. plclldidl sud Ift stle lit no. 17 CiCocnn rrcestrevc, by 31 ILAYET& A M ELLUNG. Of(iWLES.-4 -llhtlo lndI tierce lca oked Jiuwloak il.t ddiilg fitot l Fitlea r Slleclditl, nil fir sale at ino. 17 Cooninorce Ltrei.cC, by m3L .LAYET& AMIEI.CUNGC.. (' IORN-llob roclia latding tPamt actiticra 1u oalirLk J ld Alloll, ailld for sale a14d7 COlmnercn t. ,ty -mill LAYIT:T & AMRIUNti. A IELUNG FAMIILY IIASA a to-ol)a pured Illdina ,nd for sale it 17f Comaerice ct. by a31 I.AYET & AIEUI.' G. ''OII(CC:r.ltI'I llu Itsbtiong itiit Fiat bout and SfoIr sale at 17 Conuorce c. Iby ca1 LA YET & AIIELUNU. SACON.-17 eaka \Vestlrn eraotked, onslisting of 11 lldas 'f lotsa; c ofalhonlders; I ofsidei-; tasuort ed, for salc at Iat 44 Sew Levee by '11" G DOURSFY. F lO.UR. TtleFur-land-ng--frain stPan n -boat Sll.atnlii, and for soale at 5i4 Cotlllltt t. by i3l A GURN 1V.. S UG tietltro1iii Sgargo, ii data ito.) fric Isale act 44 New Levee. iU31 G DOR SEY. 1Cn4SIA Sill IO I 9r0 palcnga- Ilosacia - slct liron, itaw in stocre ald for iale iat 9' Cuil. ImOa .t. by tli J 1) UEIN & A COIIEN. IICE---n100 tercei and 50 halftierees iu itcrt aaid o,'sale a 90 C.mnon streetl by by .ii31 J D BLIN& A COIIEN. r (,AI{D,ADIaCORN -3)))bbilastrtttt park; t 510 do msns do; i03 kigs lcrdl 1011) sacks corn, in g:aod shipping orler for aale at 1-$3 lrchalioutatilntlat. by mt31 SIO OO& 1YIINE. " lIc~k, mad fur sale at O2, Po'dras street by m31" J VAIININ. " ON.--147 sack- ia good oricr landig fraaN Flut 1 IrlJ 1 J }".ti N. ' eleniiner lodskogee, lursale by i.. Do ,W - llt 44 N.1 L'vEy for sAlGetlm a y sore ao nr sal,) by beat' Etl i' & 1. ort rhe i' SEastort IHerrillns in rile oRli ad or a.l.I SCARTS, \IWHEEL IBoAIRO.' , &C. catrtl; i w lrel burro.e, 12 do-t br y whocl , no. w landing and for sale at 76 garIw; 7 47 AE iAn:je hy o I d tr, l .--r5 w. ha olcd 0lwtl signioeor by BOGARI & H& o .. ale of _3_mvinWRl M11 do; IAdoaan1I da for solo at no. d 2o5I! rid aSm27 1 & JWHL irg paper, inr torat artld rso Iae l eh _ BOGAH T & HAWTINIIOR _ ftU 6.-1 (ir/l r • t - _ at.._ , 6 rvinro t 'IIIAMI'AGN.. .-70 b _nketo Cbj pn '.s ote brd,' lnow ltoridtg, all for rale 1goy IJ Btie 3 J 1) B31N T& A COHIENliCod N. l n d W A R -- t5 hhd a ti . w are , as ortedjus t" 1 bd, and fTr snu by O . rd 3 Ja D llN& A COHIEN, 90 Con0no I I1 OLtSSES-S-o O ganllonsrn a for ilei lar itl T- .ove rotc city, Oy READ & flARs4'1j/. c trit 67 ravIer atreel. A 'Ir'I I.E i S. '-PtFiny r.,roTeef ot-fir. ,Cenllo ttctil. ap, recl atired l for Salte by If m23 B( E 1I' & HAWA'I'T RN - £3 Grey t y, for stle ot 134 Magazine ot. by a 0.1 icr I BRIDGE & Co, OLA Keg Boston "on so Mis] l no - r sizesl, landing i'on, bri Pica, for snleb Kl tnn. ISAA; rRID_;I. & Co, 3. l'skt lee t T boat ando for sale by SLOf &I r r1r12 1. . th· 'rth.stohMa..c m b einan for sale by G DORSe-ar "o cr21 oir dfolcby Uoftogy , ,1;T 44 New'vL, e Rlt'ER & ALG-l6 hihds porter ord 3do".. r o owIrttoling ior arip Uitoe Stator, tod 0for ho.i ot 90 Cociorui, stll. by am9- JMD IEN & A COIn. S tn al t hw pric e rortoka tonsiemnent, for . m4-" -o< 'rrr o t i cy c2 S AM!,. S LATER .K t' :t 1 k, Ianrd, werero bllottr, a gol, il felc, an n srwet Ilalot n. ailrry r ni, Ibr ala at4 l'Priytrnot. by it?9 SAML. SIATEL fr -U-'i ly b ri oa, heor-ic aid forth nIo.t 63 OGrvicr st. h E lIHOGERT & IIAWTHORN. +1 ed to order per ship U i 'il State,, Tu-ner Pwa. er, fro P tiladelphiart, are rearstre to oRatteod to tIe receilrt of elhe srmo, rtliortvise lier wrill Io storod at teirexper.r c r30 S & J' P WHITNFEy J'inseicr'o U/lice, Aord hm+"-~(t~t'q 'vlio are ilnebted to t is Mluni ltlity I:,Ir rvin-" oh e d i ft their pro rty, aro in . frrirr'ed l itr I. ItI Gneitr', tois tfptilitc d Collectro Suitill e trnonicrr'r io teoysaftecr notire, against all delinquentl , itl nll~lr u lletiuu Sr!II J DI(). NE, Trtasurer. - J'eor.cocecn "' U//irc, Sr coo,. .la,,iripli,. fl.l.EC.. INS frretic ao run IRLeAl Estate anlt CJSltnve for rho yror ttt13i, will crtantiro, on rhe Srits w ill be brotr ,ght lter toir ell dayl s rtir' asniosl all deiiq ,rrerrt . mwOt J DO:ANIF, "i'uawr S3ilt.ASSES 'CASKA.--IItO olIacteaeWak read I fr, fillting, and for scle by G illC.UKLIN, 1a'! 79 u orotoin street. ýJ 4 Sle'r, fulr .i;0o, crlridore i by to, dated Marrh the Irhh it sixor daa, tre, a I1n title Mayt the pa' te'ant Ling otuptr.d. Tc lThictrr will hIe naerdod lty n ,l i ig 't , I- :t liltI'll' c & .FO .l.Ey. Il., t'11S IN \\'t)l)0 S-l'n-r..oonsotn,.o-trj.. 4e lengins, t I n-) l 'Lr whieli raiil rued mim, ax. in, wol id 1 lx ilehllcry, irn a ri e brasos ca tltngl, T'h." Id, 'r.i'n' 'ig, n ,+nt, fiar tlhe allyvr, wor, will e alaeUU tto dlliler ti.,oril'l e rrrii aerirlier. , I1t r .et Itil' I II AITlItICO N, ,1%jttf'I:3.-.tLcir;;iLt Ii Ire tr.2it Ibor V'irginia,ia j., :I w lo I , all pr, r + h:tioi src ettled aetrooal nct rrre, rsill I ''i ' l ri ri.rit rherm ro Itr. (Chaloh \nii"nllllll. rlrt.: i ( Ii rll r.l II tris r I rur' rirake at I I III rIeI h I r rlh r1. t lllll):'itlo " 1dlal 111 p ltellt. _april! :I 3Y N OLIVER N ci c h I'llr , I t r'nir.n's I' t PIrortartle Forges, ( 4i lh rritiltt nl a,'ht rit'dill'trerit sizes, oSld feti sao It ,hlu tt rrir. r,, tits corMner of I'vlrubr and T ieo ,I, it 2hs ' .el II c A bv ur i c-cnoc r t KI'i arKIll. 1 f I N I':, k .., n o rw i h i ..l rc r I u n to (A te, e tlla r.ei S 1),,,l Ne.hil h, ic tiu :91;0 +cI eri'; l(l)blxe IAlua c'In t ct i r ,et roll Itrin tnne ; 10i M cork; 1r 0 bo xerl. eS Iholtc , fr alc e o lo 7- 1 r e ,·ltlntIaC art e r ery Tc1'lr)rl'nin ' Mir Eitt'IIAN'dlrer b16d, Iit|, 11 l. llllpl ltIrttlll lif Tilnl Ware man. low, nt Ithe c llult e ofl oydra,+ anld 'I'coullitoalas it.. by thril I-rw S I EKIP. 2Sde,, (lOItS.-a: botesI t'otictmrke t .onarbed. F. 31. Nlo rs t95, S.11:1. , 2 ;:110 lailed Frort thitrFIr, l ritilll lesitoii ill S pte)tr'1eir last, a0 'l iotter t 'ti ln r1 r- rthe or.or It ire r trrrr kfltly rereired jia ial:| '"S'T''ETS1O N, AVERY & Cn, I- :tl Sl \ l fr tl-t h lslt n Atl i<Is, Irlhra ll lnorc, 1.11 n s1 i.el 1 hvt een takei t ryl I c"hyu' i rai nn,-l r rII -t I irrh iiri taklo , l lnrketi i r It It I e irr .Ic , .iiirit..f h i ca me will bc th ilr b ot2 re., e.l a: 9.1 (',1 ·1) h b1111,11 s rt, y . - . LII GA I: XI \lIIIItli.\ AXDIS .-i1,t ()1s' PINTINGUS-. j ! It'; ,11.'. t ichl lrd'e l nl d WL\'itI previul , t lUihelr m d,'arllll ,lel«, itc l he ll,tiunl l f \the la e mld g Intnl,,leric 'it riso ih, t, r ih r iic -Itno lrit cotIl't tion of .ttit1inn{ stia r alil iic, "ol,; c ils ao exhiblitong it no. 14 t'inltrnct, stret (i",'I (1ii tr.) where they wilt r. illeenh riiriliiaiCli, ,ihr N ~a hi lt rv thei ,1 of April, rOn lhich 'tlr ) 1! o'cl.o ck, t. h tnillr· n be di.potroor of li aiiti~no ,.2tpd \VINIt Il.\l & Itll'S .ISS\'S 'PEECIIES, Ac. It if t ,,ri c t Hllenorarle Wi lliam It \ r iinttih , and I hertie t Ii. i. ittlo .\l lialihs ki SOei 0ill tcl lin iniiiry biosncrarbical sketcheir. l' eth 'iueig I lrd' ,ii brtlni,, ill vols T' u te o tl g ltnr 'S I'n ocii , ear t v a. Just rreeivcd and lfr sei t at the corner of Camp and" .OIIIIIIn n troncIitry :l11 Wcl MrcKEAN. I ' ANINUS) I n Ean , I. y ell Author of "The Skoetclie by Blao, illustanlive ofeverv day life and eve r ihy Ii'people, belng it o altilt tio i of "Watkins 'luttlte. lllael orher skCtchles." Minor Morale, foi young people, illustrated in Tales S ald TIravel. IlBy J.a klonwring. J Jnit received nd ura sile at the coer ofl allp and Conln on streets, by mi3l Wil1 MeKEAN. uJirrau du Tresurier de lat Seconde llunicipalile. i- S I at'omnrsdi, ui .oieilt it attl Muiltl.tpalitc pLotr; LE lienig fititea ftice de leour propriote, lont in fk ormnes qlli Ir I. 1 R Gtieoiie, ia etc ultilnite Cullecetar.. Lollx ial ie iiayroIait lpt Ltor iltreseatatiti l di reteiv. Liront Illtiliis ct olensa I lis ixjara Alpro lao naollca-. lien ilolront pourives l'ils I'oot Ipar.ees. l1itl - J DO)\Nl,"l'resorier. Imuarmi du T isoarier-de la Seconde .Alunicipalil. A Aollc, clei d tues. lur Ior . l. oprietr. forceines it loes esclaovesi pourl I iiitnie, Illb-, commcner l I S 0 Avril, 18l7.i I. t. niieninti ett intoome Cellecteer. Ceux qml I liipaylroi:t pia lur lit presentation du reco tent iourlies andt dix jairs pllres tes pioursuives judi. I:itlie loerollt con le citn tre coxta q n'auoront pat iitlnisdlnti cele'l]i, n l8 J IOANl,,Treaostir. "A.V 5 boa [ ltlltt the prison of lhe d Muniepoliy, W ti ol te '2 l iselt, a Glill riu , whoe all hie self Chrles Iewis, ~Iys lihe blelnls to Mr W of leyM plli lie ii . hll L n re ohepoled for oll icontrhe hig Thlle owunr %s ill coullly with lde law end tlke him -wutlay.0 F. 8. lAR.ER, 3 apt. of the Watch. have cit oStaken ui bl ptie niOtlt waleo .ihofth.e iVard theawllu r is I'v,Scaled p. itIlye lprollry, pIY charges, alll taKl thCaollllni, l or li thre t ilr ofilrei in dill. They hie rtei w oill be la lit public all tion by P A nuil clitc, aucit rlioni. JIN ii'RIy dtCoimlntiaryct CIn7 1st Wrlu'id, 2Ind Munict iplily. iiO'Ltd'ICtF-irr.1us i )-h ini flar Profee.iontl edI r f ivicer, will ieasI Ceill oletuween Ih hours o f nion all nfive o'clock0 du rilg the dare, with 7 Caintil ri. ol7 A L PLOEG, lti & CO. JJENKY I lndrrSKignl, In e i-os flr term oftar of the S. Nrw Orleal s nad Carrollton Railroad, inform the pulbie lthat thcy l"r responsiible Ior all contracts or lligatiuons, onacount anfold Railroad, entered intoe since' the fst i & Co fJlllr lill e t All ileCtOlllltt ugiiustl th railronad ftolll the prt alt bove Sti led, Nltiat el Ioe li-nted at in e offce oftle rallt ieribers t Carrolllon, or at tlh car-house, ill New Ore lealns. Thefld lrtherh llhli e plbli, tott tley will A A lol tiensr era re-po u >i ,1 , for of y dabts 0ree in their nlau,lexe rlu it f le tp oi the swritteI order from thenll. 2 A HARiI'It &._ tE LtllCK· C I OTIliNG & liA'lS--l.,un frotl brie Old Colat anl filr nlellet 131 'Thleu iitoulxau .'it- the sfaD serileli;, 21 eugas Wloal llllri i lohint-; 15 do fillhoitlOn lhle silk lts; 15 dlt drab far lts, with broid brims. T Thllns C. Ci h & c Cll o., t e iLliltnt will be st." iedM, lt.l tlhe allclion ill.o Cudn , nssio s baines i coaian toed a t No 43 Cnlui slreet by 'I oa. C Cash, luuler the told tirr. 'HrlIOMAS C CASII, IIENIRY IIOSKIN. Nvor Orlctlins lllnrh 77113 .,17. L oditioin, bright sfli sound. For Ftlle hv nil7 G . JOIIrON,9. .oni st. IJST lefliildig, inld f.r stile et the stlore fi the eub-q:.n" lher , Oikegs CrL e i.r,.i paintl l e quallti tye toel Ibm. enh; 500 kegs \Vlitn Lcad, ilp"e.l;20 gallons Li. reed Oil; 851 g"a'loua Jalpla \'loriri. 0I barrels spirits Turpentine9; 2. tcallons C.'opal Varlllsh. Iles, natlwllr,dl rrhhmmer Morlolul '~0al bn m

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