Newspaper of True American, April 12, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 12, 1837 Page 2
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,fMsarch 14th, 1837. 1+That the ordinance adopted Febrtary last, providing for the rpetual ground rent of the square Sunded by Canal, Magazine, Ctmirn n a*i! Tchoupitoulas streets, be, and the same is hereby repealed. Sepa to the Mayo.Jasth March, 1837. SHUA BAJDWIN, Recorder. ,he. -icti nrt for the for the ..esoh- ij q *gown jIbouqded by Magazine, Common and Tchoupi. inS streets, be di and sold e: b credit of r and : ,yeu rs, for satis facon of et At torbýmid this - aes shall hbe ric(ied bylot or num. .. V bli °"p t cc ae shall be de osited in the sVJia fins de c .asings m io- e nited States R , That t ea6 pinion of this SCoun and necessary for thep i5iee and health, to con- I 'tiuva srtr ethrough from Tchoupi tool ee.street in a straight line, said Natchez street . dr islhereby authori sed to gve public notice in the True AmericLatad Commercial Fullctin in Frene h I Fi g~sh tditin ten days, that itis th ,,tjionti o tOis C'oecil' to open and bie aid street in conformity, with XIiP f, the Legislature, enti tled aiceatm'oegulate the opening, lay lug outfM'hoMii.i~ ng of sifreti and pub-. lic plag *is thereity of New Orleans-ap proved!,f A Aril, 1832. Sen 4oyor 15th March, 1837. A B.ALDW.N, Recorder. Resv Th..'mhat 5in the opinion of this ,Council,! oepedient, and is necessary fhr thb ~is convenience, to continue No e street from Magazine to - Camni'. thin a straight line with and of ·,a tl with sai.d street; and the Slned to give public 'u 1 nerican and Commer vial B x 'reneh and English during ten d it is the intention of this Coun peas amid street in conformity i with -f the Legislature, entitled an i act to re .nlate the opening, laying out, a and im rng of streets and public places p i the . ,. .ew Orleans, and approved 3d of Al,1S32. Sen the Major 3dth March, 1837. JOSHUTA BALDWIN, Recorder. Ileglvpd,.That the Mayor be, and he is h-erebyasethorized to draw his warrant on he T er of this Municipality in favor fJobn arret and John Corbet for one is Senate the March, 1837. .1 H AITyA BALDWIN, Recorder. $ Reaslted, That the Council approve of d e sal..made by the Comptroller, of the art olfRlbnmoke-house in the line of La- N ayetted T hotwo .Tchoupitoulas and c 'COmw e streets,'-adjudicated on the 1st e rnst a y Se ihe Mayor 158th March, 1837. JOSHUA BALDWIN,Recorder. I, Reldvaed, That the security offered by uhn .,yers, say a deposit of four hundred lollaruor the faithful performance of his ontract for lad ilg sidewalks? be accepted. Sen'i t Mayor 15th March, 1837. "a>HHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Resdoled, Thatthe security offered by hombs Mulvillbill, contractor for setting ourb -p tr stones, of Francis Bell, he cep roryded, that additional securi may required at any time the Coun il ma ~ h proper, and in default of uch ardtieal security being given, the ontra shall be null and void. Sent athe Mayor 15th March, 1837. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Resqved, That the Mayor be, and he is ere b'uthorized to draw his warrant on Se Ts r rof this Municipality for one hous. nine hundred and thirty-six dol re in favor of John Tobin. Sent tothe Mayor 15th March, 1837. .JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Resoeved, That the Treasurer be au ho izselto ; Fire Co. No. 2, upon he warant of the May or, one thousand eaven .evene dollars thirty-four cents, g hamount of their account for cur "at oxp.elses. `Seno thb Mayor 15th March, 1837. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rebl1ved, 'That the Mayor be, and he a here. authorized to give public notice, cordgto law, of the election for alder n hisa Municipality, to take place on he firstMonday in April next, at the fol winugtwmed places, under the superin thndence of the inspectors and clerks here juafter named. 1st Ward, at the Arcade Exchange. Irspactors, A. H. Juskeep, Dr. E. H. Barton. Clde k, ; M. Stillpvall. 2d Warjd, at the Municipal Hall. Inalg4eors, Sobert Layton, rC C Wi to Freret. 3d Aisat Ji·rvey Norton's. Insjgetott, Edward Turner, ., s.. J. B. Genois. C " .P. Beckman. Re f'f. That in case any of the above am.d persenis shall refuse or neglect to t1, .or he, and he is fully authori Spaipoiint such others as he may deem _ teeplae them. e. tee Mayor 15th March, 1837. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Res I Ved,1 That the Committee on Po to enquire into the condi o quarters now occupied by the en in the third ward, and to report t.exspedietncy of changing the said a tiopre ventral point of the said a,.d likewise on the expedi btcreeaipg the number of watch a i~'i`said ward. elento the Mayor5sth March, 1737. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. I, DULADY,r cently arrived from London, in h slise ha pas sd, a erl ye s .l a, dcclloi gptulelw in tde firset ratk iu aaicut, to eaPs hLsielf oas gover.rjs',, - iWn apils at their homes as a general ow b ih. ies offele lesdueation, Aiy.. f at fllwl•acciaaomp'ish St4isaft. Dawinig in varaois ti i wax. Retirmices can hi 'liaei' this 5iy, anbd the imsn i alaiseiwials fr oiE.ulalud can be ofliered. cwakw aasir d insr ., L TRACT. IthE AMERICAN. t rLIEn[ anu1Ir AND Tar-wawn.LTs AT caKa' A~ eADol eOR.Eta or S t n ATCd sno. S EDITED B tN I 8 .SO . ' NEW-ORLEANS: WEDNESDAY MORNING ................April 12, 18.37. t" A meeting of the Presidents of oll the citv banks was hld atl the Union BankJ ae.s ln Wlilsae ntis wore e UNOANm..'sLr adopted, and will be submitted at an early hoot-tlaismornieag.fsrg a a i ea(e ..ea y veral Banks. . monetary, sait irii, cal ninua _g4 r'ity u quire immediate and e$ethl ivsanae of relt=s,, - and believing 6hit ti e phto~ maitl tconfljece SWholeonome, ns that it a Fitassu wseeat amability, but the ippreheeneionshtdd Md.t Ikth refperd to each other which' Wnfortunaif.4erange their qpe I rations,utnd which at' this tihe cause such gene. ral alarm'th Ioghout d.eodmmaunity;wnodin aordet' to correct tlhis state o'f li Be it sealved, That the balkahere represented shall, on to-morrow, r, vive the regular daily ex change of bank antes.with.each otlher, and in fu. tury continuise to tait dvhadrge in aocount on any day, all notes held of the respective banks, "and in no instancee whatever to pay from the coun ,tec these of other b~nks. ,That an immediate settlement of aeccoannts hall' l made between all the'banks either by cheeks on the North, or Bills on Europe, or by specie or bills receivable, not .having more than 40 days to run, that are held under discount by the debtor bank; no balanee shall peremptorily be demanded in specie before the lt December next. That a prompt settlemont upon these terms shall be made once a week,' and should any un willignoss be sh'own, or dilliculty interfere in such' rettlem(n,, it shall be left to the arrantgement of a majtnrity of tlhe Preipldenlanf the several banks, who agree to undertake the duty. That we lurther agree,to begin at once crease of discoualtsin our several banks, on dalhe discount day, to ten per cent above the incom.igpb such day-until the. increase shall amountto den per centlof the present line of bile.and notes dis counted, excepting where the charter of any banki will not allow of thie culargonttet of its dieotttats. That in order to bepatris co..iinuance of canifi dence, each bank agrees to furnish,4rough its President, n wegkly.stateCiunt of its condition and of the operations duting the week in disoeants and exc'tsnge-aend statienonts to Ie. esubmitted to a meeting of the Presidents, to assenible on every Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, at the Union Bank, to devise proper modes of action for the banks, and'nure fully to know their respective condttions. G. BURKE, Chaireman. 'The advices from Tampa Bay confirms the news lately received. Philip had.not yet come in. Twenty Indians were Suwanee Old town, the 30th ultimo. Three of them escaped, among whom was the noted Hicks. Two com panies of Dragoons left Black Creek, April 2, for the Suwance river. The Creeks are at their old game again. Gen' Welborn near the Pica Swamp, had a battle y which resulted in the death of 100 Indians. This a information is from Irwidlto Alabama, dated 25Ih Miarchl The Indians bad retreated up the river. The Rillthmond and Frederickeburglh Rail Way, is in full operation. The income from passengers, d freight and transportation of the mail, was forjan- v unry, $5,016,-February, $6,276,-and for March, u $10,272. 'Passcngers leaving Philadelphia, dine in Richmond the next day. In due time the whole h distance frotn:'Boston to New Orleans, will be o travelled by a rail way, and that tee, before the a Nashville railway gets beyond Uncle Sam. The conduct of the state in regard to this great work exhiblits dgrece of supineness to its own inter ests, that we did not suppose cored disainguish n l'gisac:ure convcned for the furtherance of the s puiall: good. A fonnlish run was mado upon the Southwarkli bank of Philndelphia on the 3rd and 4th instant, but the holders were met by n prompt accommo. - datinn of the specie. The Bank kept open on the 4th, till 9 o'clock P. M., that none might go away disoa:isfied. This went for to restore confidence The Offieers of the Second Municipality police I -nade a fine haul of blacklegs, thieves, gamblers p and ruffians on Tuesday evening. Among the. distingurr, are the honorable REntac RTnos, IIrr- p nc CLARKSon, and WM. GLENA, alias BOSTON B rLL" They were hrought up before the Court, and after ri examination sentenced to prison as vagrants, loaf- iI ere, or suspicious persons;-one for 90 days, and n the other two for 30 days each. Let the ofiaerra do their duty and the Second Municipalily will p cease to be the place of refuge for the off-casts of the earth. On the let of the month, the Sunbury, Erie' Pitthburg. and Sltnqlehannah rail road bill passed the Legislature of Pennsylunnia, and was signed by the Governor. What will the gentlemen com missiolners do for funds these hard times? The late numerous attempts at firing the city seem to he confined principally to the first and third municipalities. It argues a great looseness' in the organization of their police. The.govern meni of those portions of New Orleans should look to it for their own sakes, as well as for the general good. Celoste is drawitg tremendous houses in Mobile. .ier benefit wcl- a perfect jam. She will clear nearly $4800 by her engllcnent in that city. We cannot nssent to the opinion expressed by our cnrrespondent upon the merits of Dr. Wil liams' pretensions. The issue of the trial at Wash ington and his unifoerm success in his practice up on the Eve, seem to us proofs positive5 that as an Oculist. he is without a rival in ihis country. But the Doctor is fully enpable of defending himself. On tile morning of thlle 31st Mrch, a tremend. nos fire occurred at Utien, involving an nmount of oighty or 100,000 dollars. A large portion of t lie property was insured. The wind was high, and the Are was raging when the mail left. The ccontry seems to be destin'd to suffer from the ravages of the fire-kilng. The following story affords a beautiful illustro . tion of the ambition of those men who, without possessing the reqlisite stamina, aspire to an lho norable station in the society of gentlemen. A well-made, handsome looking youth, was in the habit uerepairing to a cottage in the neighborhood of his father's mansion, for the purpose of paying his devoirs to the lovely niece of an ugly, wrink led, and toothless old maid, numbering oit less than sixty-five years. One line summer's evening he was romping with the girl lf his heart, when suddenly, up started the old maid, on his ap proachinog her rather nearer than he intended, nrd cried out wirh great prilmness;--"'Take care, Sir, -take care,-de n't be piliching mlte,-datiii i-.e "iMy dear Mldan, I ain not piaching yo'u,-I was oluy with Ju!io;" said the natrnished you th.--" Oih I did'nl know,-l onJNARho.ghl Id cry IN TIME." Who goes to thIe t.up.oi t..aeltt Seniramide, --this is enoagl to tiling a crowded house. Be sides, Tabj sings. The iarues had a line house last nilight, lid the pieces went off with great spirit indeed. A slip Grif te 'I , York TraMsctipt gievs e the ilforpmation that Mrs. Ililton of the Park Theatre is dead. This lady .was well and fuvorably known amog onus as a flinlhed artisle. The Iltldsop river is open up as Albanyi The stham-boate have recommenced their trips. Flour with be apt to come dlown rapidly. The court of inquiry upon Major GOtee, is now in stl-un at iSavnnah. Nothing has transpired werthy of notice. ! Every day, you .i verified the fabof the fly * upon the coach wheel, when ie said in the Inighi nt se of his vanity :-FWhat a dust re raise! j Tn4re evn so cons cious of their rW.,,l I ness, thLit their dely satiefactiop is tof'buse the upright 16ad honorable. For the True Aimtrican. TIE GREATEfST tIC3lrlUG TCr. In these there, wien chesning the pu` lic is the order of the dao, when principle nid virtue ire ry dieenrdrd fromr the deenlegie ofr every man in prli g lie ift, we should. nqt wonder if .some empiric re .ttld ft)and dndbhhiir to persuad le te snph. r that he could restore the dead to tie por enitula n mon to -talk without his hond. Diseases sf the e -p "ao elltunderfonU bow in , and°,; much has been written upon the suolject by the m out beh'phyusicinre, that it weri Uliopinn to imn Tle for a moment any tnotruItm' could effect what ts- he uiired skill of the faculty it'tlhe old world hlas f~lled to do. Humbuggeii as we have been for e .arrs pat by itinerant loafers, doctors, &c. &c. "w.e did not sexpect to witnel, the hisher tronchti o melicipe lbrought into disgeoes. cBut lo!-and 5 behold! there comes into our btrders a celebrated a English ocalist, oceliste honoraire du rol, corres -pending member of a thosaond soci-ties, and ..: t:tn Oculists de se J.Iaoeto Louta XVIII, &c. &e. h r afedisng to cure any diseuse of the eye ithat can be 6 bhred; blazning firth to tthe world -wo he is, .' Ihat hle is, and how much hie hes been persecuted; a lvertising that he will attend the poor for no dkig; telling them, when they cone, that it tie Seektry of one of tile churches will prdn e a public roomt for hin., he will redeem, his promise; anld Stalting a prieaulsar care to signify that a bonus pi fie dillatre nust aeeonlpaniy every erder, or ihe will nut heed it. The course of the eoalcbrated oculist has ibeen iglialized every where lie ins n gone byl-the verrieat hambuggery ever known. It came ott on tie trial in WahtIionto tlat ire always required a certificate of his skill befor lie heoperaed upon the patient--so testified one A.r. Ruze.l l Baltimore. LikeSwalim, Reef, Lee, and alt tihe othler nostrum makers, this redoubrable eye doctor paints to the millirons of certificates that he takes care to procure from tilme tio lime. They are the trophies of his bright career. All pereens who have any regard fir their eyes would do well to avoid this wonlderfrl eye-lot. The public canniot be too much on tiheir guard against the travclling doctors of the present dany seeking whom they may devoitr. Iowcvcr, Ire chances nrte that thin oculist will inet find so'eiany sbhjecls in this lati tude as Ire was wont to do in the north. All nos trum mnanulfacturerea and aecret doctors should be eschewed as the wsorst enermar to soaciety. This eye-disease-curing settelne is the greatest hunl btlug yet. BY the Govers.ttnet Exjpress. $ OFFICE OF N. YRK iE AlcLA, 4 April 3d. AMaETrci to Tn ' PAaI.-The onecuocs and lonf era have called a great meeting in the Park at 12 T o'clock to.dey, to devise measures to brina.down er the prices of moat, fuel.r bhead, heef, porrl, and It small esausaeoes. These "weancalje genilemren, Oi as iam WVeller would call therr, are a "day nfter tile fair." Prices and rents are crmaing down of their own ereconrdl, and in ohedioence to the eternal nd unehaereabl isow la of nrcommerce. Abou it ac year ago the loafers nd inocofneos helped to put ih i up prices u, their Trades Uniono and strikes for wares. Now lthey begin to fild utr tih,, f.lly nf. their cOnduct, and lilks thre fiol who Watcchns theI return of the tide oi the sea shore, as so.,n as it rwas iHw water started upi and Il]ustered--"damun you huttonm, you big blackgunrd oeean, why d'un 't Oh you rie--rome up hcere cm.c nlong this wav, yoa whrite headed rasenl of a hillaw.', The sea if B' courae nhevred, and the tillmws rolled upwards Or with the tide. "There,"r said the fool, "iI tld you I would make the ocean de as I rid it, anl Ire damned to it." S, it is with tho locniecos. 'flrv talk nibonut bringing downn prices-prtir: esa nen c down of ltheir own accord, nai according to tlye ill- c varilable laws of trade. 'There is no more use of meetinRg in the Park albout sech a inll.r--no ntre uan of kiching up a riot--no unilhy of geirirg rip a Or iotnb t tearr down a flur store. Thealonafert had htterr think of mendin. their breeches, ani let 05 reices regulate thbenmsaves. Ains te lonafe, prints and poets, such as tILe iEenine Piosti" thie"Plain- r deaorr," the "lo,.r, cie., we linve havre a wordl to threri. These chlps say tlh all Iranksnarid raek ing are Ihines damnalrl--thatlr they ore the legii-- Ai mate aetaer of all the speclaitive rulin of tihe i times. So they ere-juo t as tie element "fire,"i which cooks a l chickuen to, allay our hiuntirtnr and suslsin life, was tile cearse of tire erect eonfelgra tin of December, 1835, and destroyedr twenty ti miilions of property in the first ward. iBanks anrid the bhnlking system, rightly used, have been tilhe I lruse if the prosperiry f Ihis country--lutred, n they prirduce as terrible effects us a conflaration --hut in tIle present state of society we cia In W, Uat us well without fire, or steam, as wiltout banks. OFFICE OF THE COUiIEt & EU-.-ri:r,, April 3, 1837. The English and French packers, whose regr - lar day ofsailing was the let inst., will, i oll probability, sail this morning. The remittance. carried out by these conveyances, consist princi pally of bonds issued by the U. States Bank al ready described-andl of which about 500,0001. sterling have bhen sold-and of bonds of the Milr rio Canal & Banking Cimpany in favor of ard en drsed -by the Hank of North America, at twelve montls date frtm the ist of Mtarch, payable in London at the house of lessrs. borryso r, Cryder & Co., bearing interest at tile rate of six per cent. per annoum. These, in thie first isctance, were sold at I 1t 1-2 per cent. for paper, they were after ward sold at 109 per cent. for cesh, as were also the hionds of thi United States Bank under tie or iginsl price at which they were pureibnr ed, for the purpose of raising anotey on them.a In Bills of Excbance, no great amount was remitted, the Ex change varied from II 1-2 to 12, the latter rate was ahowever only paid for a ittal adiiount the average paid being It 1-2. - The albove amount of Bonds sold by the Unitel States Bank is about one-half that they pulrpose to issue. The question ofa shipmen t of specie by them will be submitted by the President to the Board for its decision at tll ir next rmeeting. That instit tion and tIe M,orris Canal Cormipeany, con tinue to purchase Southern and South \VIWest terafts. The purchlasos manlde of tile honds alluded to, having taken a coJnsiderable amuu,, of paper out of mark.t, tlr here was in great press for money on saturday, arnd tie rates of discount were centsc qoently lower.- 'IThe Ballks ton lisco nted inore hItbrshly tan thley have done of lute. U. S. iank a hires sold at the Boanrd nt 119, nd we learn were afterwtarls sold in tile street at 120 for cash. Inlelligence reachied here on Saturdav morniitz of a very hleavy failure in IPhiladelphia, and by Ithe Express Mail ycstrr-rlday, we receivred aeennl ni frIon New Orleanve, on tile suspension of enothecr house or very large alorllnt, r Ve rerer to add thai tiheltate Ofthrillts inl that cety is lo"thle m1ot irrelannlr:lt desar ipion. Tite frurth day of thlis ronlh is looked forward to there wi th tile est apprehension, ia onr thatr dny sonie ery heavy payoleuts are In be mlade. cor tihe last thtr tlollthIa, few of tIle transerions lwhich Ihave taken place, have been for casi, and in coiasrquerire tire aluoutr of paper afloat there boifcsal dleteripti.i. Bills to a large ansount drawn by the Atlnitie or tiea,-New York, Plhiiadclplria, Providence, and Boston-in particular,--harve been protested: 3lis siseippl Btank notes were at discount of1" per crnts Olhio Bank notea were unsalable, as also all bills drawnt by thre lust rtsrpectarlu houses on lthos secrtions of the country. We are informed that tile Manhattan Bandik oc this city .will shortly issue bonds redeemable in 20 or 25 years, bearing an interest of 5 per centl. per sarlrln, capital and interest payable quarlerly at the Bank of Englanud wtitit which intitution tie Manhattan Batik ans establllished a errcspon. de cc. IMPORTANaT CRItINtAL PRosrcvTIOeS in C. rnTM Pr.ATIiNr.--Ve undermtanrl, fronl various quar ter-, tiat a urnberof individuals and instiatut ins, le sidering lhenlselve as haOing beett illr-gitly bert.f of their properly by alrre of ti-u recent lhduric s, art pre;naring to go before the grand jury that will ans aseirrle this rweek, and Ihere t mIake eolrolnifa of froud aid sweirdling io cerain rsleek, land, ltes, aId imortgage tlanseatinno, chich have beren pr-' pterated during tlre rlasselnr ilain fir overtradi.i,. This is a highly importrant InrYcmnrer, nlld nrial bea the cause of muc Iaptd ti tIhe loraneals of liht wh.le reountry, if preaecutad wihhout Iear, afl'c tion, or favor. iATANTED-Tw'ro vessels. not irawing tpore tihan Seight feet when larded, toproced to Attakaptr, and Isad timberfnra Nortllern poret. A liberal fieight Will hegriven ifimmediate aprplication bh made at 02 Common stress, to e2 GC JOHSON. (i1OlN-O98 secks corn, in rstoic and for ule itt 12 AJ Paydeawatreer by s12 CRIVOT & PAIrE. F---. bbla pridme aros beef, for sale t-12 Poydras street, by 12 0GRIVOT& PAIGE. DECl'IFJAlD WHISKIK' o-1-5 bbls nauding froln I steamer Columbu. for sole .t al2 t, DORSEY, 44 New I lvee. e laat 26 Poydras a,. b -12 JVAII. I J MJIISKEY--tn bbls rectifriedc landingl and ¢ale VV ir all G I)URSEY, 44 New Levee. FLstlttI--. bbls laudhiug from strame isr Siaiyir, fr raer at I3 New Levee,, by al' G DORSEY. fFett'o OF TOI: Torti Wvdnteday, I A. M. Aprt {1 i; P ,;17 e The transactions of yesterdoy were not tl maclinterest. About 1100 bales prime Louisinun Cotton weht olf'at-from 10 S11 cents. Flour still sells at 6 in small qanatit s. In other uticles no change of moment is obser ab'e. The money market experiences no decided ihange for the better. Some relief is beginning to he felt from the .ietermin tt on on the part of merchants not to pay tile hills nccpted by ithem, andbasoedon produoe, unless it b in hands. As we said ý . yesterday, this will throw back an immenset amount of paper a to the qunaer: beat able to meet it th'i prboeediags of the P Presidents of the banks, in another column, will . hailed with tO pleasure by every member of the commmunyI i STATEOIENTDoP COTTON, Oct. I, IB--No. Ibaloeon haond.............. . ,702 it April '37.-No:h bhal ree'd this, day........ 002 . Total do proviouslbit ......O. 1,01f-403,12 (ipril lfspon thlisday toLiverpool;.. 7.8 5Jl,b25 " ", " " Rtostou,..... 11 d Totldonprtlounsy. 40lt ,i2 - 404.100 No. of bales oni hand not cleared, 97,6t 9 8TATEIIENT OF TOBACCO - Oct Ilt. tlOh-No. hds on hd......... o ...7.27 SAlpril IIt Itt reed' this day:.........OI4 Total do provinnsly... ...7474 8.176 April II. Export total toda ... ... ........... . Noo.otild on. h.d not olear .................. 8t27 BAGmSb,. AND BDAL ROPE. It will be seen by the following, that the Commission Mer chants of this city aluve ltered their comnaissions on ales of bagging and rope! ` On sales ofuBagging and Rope made by the tondeelon ed this year, they will it tll lcases tharget commission of ie per cent. and for guaranteooig uch sales two and a hal per eunt. LoUtsvLL, Feb. s8 ,87.. James Stewart, Forsytl Co., Buchanan & GraOy, M'llvaine & Honrys, Johson. MeGinnis and Co., Coleman, Ward -nd Co., Phillips, Reynolds and Co., Borr, Pincknrd and Co., J. S. Cbenowith aud Co., S. and I. Bell, WV. G Bakewell, N W Ford, Thos. J. Read and Son, I. I Hill and Co. Ewing and Cromcy, W II Bacon and Co. David Heron. Nnw Y0t. LsTo.--3, April. United States Balhk 18 l 4; New Orloets Coanal -l: New Orleans MAchanics' ad Troder' o80; Dofhnwar and Hudson Canal 75. s NEW YORK MONEY MARKET, April 31. 1 o'clock. The failres of houses in New Orleans anud Phliladelphin f,. latge amounts, has d a setrious effect upon the monoey lar hot here; andthe bright flipects which oere hebl mtt on Saturday, have forn ime beesn dissipated. TIe price of stoks needed from one to three per cent. on the frot oll-of tihe boardt this moorning, but on the bd ther was a little advance, but Ity left olfaot oower rates ttan the closing quotations of our tot. Still, in spite of all this, the general belief is that tihe money market will beome easier. Three o'olock.--The Expre Malil yesterday bro.tght infor motion of tle failure at Now Orleoan, oftrendor, MlcKonna & V'right, for fie millions. ]Morgan Co. the agents of the country banks, have resumed payment. This retoared coti deno in toe eastern batks, whose notes ar0 daily shoved into into the marketby the vilt praetiee of individuals Ptipngoff tleehanics with them. The custom of changing good city tlo 'ney for couolntry ank paper ought to be discountoenanoed Iy every honorlola n tAti. larcihrcmstance is, that cash prieos in loko Iare higher lthn II is nonw said that Mr, Bllfdle is tohe tie candidateo of tile whigs for next Preeident. They think he is too clever for a bhaver, anti deserves oome mark of public esteem. Foreign wheatl old on Saturday at 0 dcoline of tnearly .I0 cents per bushel. TRIESTE IMARKET, Foebruary 4, 1837.. Good 'WVeat is wortl i 8 1 5 buhel. "Rye 78 y(90i cets; Indian Corn, 90 cts White oBeans , $ il without bago0; filou $ bibl. Freights to tihe United Stats ::0 cents buoll. RICHMOND SIllARE I.ST. Tile Bank of Virginia shres brmlogllt at Ricinoltd oil the 411 instant $113 cash; Faomero' Baltk $IIt0 ditto; andl tIle licl uotod and Pntoasbuogb Rail Road $9:1 ditto. BOSTON MARKET, April l. The demand tfor Cooe is very limited. Porto Rico is 12 ,,ti. Tbe market for Flour is hoeavy, particuttlariy outhtrn, whoi stock is large. loldeos are anxious to elf-et sales at o 0.n iatckerel--smll sales; No IdOf at $9 75 and 8 7. Sottihcrn oats commantd 52 aoute. PIIILADELPHIA MARKET, April 1. Coffee ioqil and steady at 12 8 tod cnt.. Stock of dmu,.s tie Flour is light, a lot of o10 bbl sttporior Ne- Orleans oluld atl0 150. An invoiceoof green nlted Hides New Orleano, ohld at ti nell. A eaggo of O hhld New Orleans Sugar otold ont tihe t Iaf at On er cet f premium i pa fti,,r .1h'0i can J)ollar. Exelange on England 111 . !POW'[' OF NEW ORLEANS. ClEARED YESTEROIAY.-11th. Ship Herald, Lake, Iiverpool, LII 1(ale-ca0rgo 708 bale7 cot tort. Barqueo M,,olo, Davil, Bostoo, maste-o-o10g 550 bales coton, 4(111 bills pork. BrgCriterion, Tisdale, Bc. oston, S & J P 1Vlitney--ant o 57:1 blcotton, L:Eý bble and 145 hlalf de provisions, rP1 bill, dour,,, 85 do pork, , 11t bgs wheat, 711 kegs lard, 02 Ibundlo s Iolther, Ol.x1 hides,,and sundry matz,. P.,ig Enrlgy,3lMoa. nApl,0,icolo , Shields, 0 , .,Turner-r1sor1 ,*RCOol ~I(llOi,,o,,,. Scbr, Agoes, S,,oovo Charlecton, 'F J Fo,,4oll 0 cu-cargo l:I9 c ,ks refined augur. . 011,, Peru, Place, Mllbile, Gl2oot S' P0,go-caoo 161 1,1,'1, 4our. 70 casks -con, 3011 hhd,11n :,20,,,,,ter ca14 hI. wio1. Schrr Anldrew Jackson. Foster, Moblile, Boesch .}- Sheflieldt cargu corn outs, flour·, bale rope and hbugging. Scbr Atlantic, Stevaus, Mob,, eGrivot 30 P01lgc-c;rgo 1074 sacks orn, 2 casksa bacon. Bohr El!,,rt, Perry, Apacchicull, Mayhoo. Bliss 1 o-c&rgo 9017 sacks ooorn 106 bils pork, 50 do 0our,0I Itlhbas -m,', boxes do 5 sacks cotton aced,l iron lre. ALIRIREI) YES'T'EIOI)AY-tI1t,. Tll heat l orpoisel, Dvib , ,at the l,,,,. 1 ,,1towe, to sun Wh,.oip Andrea Scott, and brig Corinthian; brought up ship 1+la ocn.·~ Uia, anld ojooloa* . Lett the P,,,,o 1,lh, [1 l,,o,. At It, busr, ship Cha Whaon;ll nollthing In the o0fing, or uc0 0 i~ tI Ship Majestice, Purrington, Havre., Feb., to master, in hulint. SIhip F'non,,,o,,, Woods, 26tlh Fb. fmI.jverp.ool, t A v J j Illo,,,t,,n &,,,o -c.u go dry goods, hyldg, eo, od I o ail roa,4 iron, to .1 H (:ruham, (v Vance, D J 1'olrnlgurt, II IV 11,1, kin, V Da, idl; S \V Holbctm; LaPo11o .,, 10li 0 Uncuirl \ IHooper Stetson, AelryA & co; Colil,1- c,; It 1l (;,,tt,1.,2 Yeatmuu anld ml~der, IteengIers, C Rivers.· Haig 0,,,a Birdj, Moybrry, 33 de 10, Provi,,,nce, R11. via( Kr Wesl, o, I.l 00or-ca,,,go 211 bbll potat,,00, empty c,,,ly , to master; r 1ports brig Orleans to have celled in 1,. for this poi I. 11rig Dc40 mrk, Dh lce,oc28d, fm P, ooldoue,,,RI to oowtoo -ceargo assortedl maze. Scbr 1Hudson, CIoft, 10 4.0,, Alaraodo, to 10a0t00-ill ballas1t. Repools D It Sleep of ar at Vera Cruz. 01o,,lb,,o.t SIoo,,outlI, Iaible, St M tinsolloille,,o mastoe*-r cargo 85 bdles cotton,, J I Plo,,I0 "; 88 do 501,hds ru,,,,, d, suxnr, Lastngles, Desmare k co; TO balels mesal, 84 b"' 'a roltm, 1 'I'oledo,,o; 8 bales cottono., Le& Il&ody; 70 hId!, o,,oo-, N 0. J Ick & co; 3 cot wheels, HallIIIihen; I bale. 5 haolyo,,, WilIeoo, W'lker x co. Steomoat Hinds,. Voil, Bridgepoot, to moollor-cnrg,, 410 bales 1atl0, 12,ailey A Abbott; 140 do 1orandero, 5IoKcolo, 0 W1right; 10 Ieoor ,tee,,r; 41 4 IlL.SStr1 3 Loigh, lMlold, 4 eo; 3 Buchanan, 011000;118 For110 Pol,, Iigh 0 'r ll9TP oo; q Ioltuholh & TIloo1,o; Ypo5ge, Chaf, 0001; II N , .: Feod; 10 N & J Dick; IO Burke, Walt J000;000j00ri10t 1020,,e; 174 M1rtin, PleasaIt,, 0001 1 box oIoo. Proscott & J3oo. PuotoogoooR Collis, W Dooa, 3 Porcino, Copt Moowoll, W WV jinhillo. Ste0,mboat Ilomor, Gulier, Louisvillo, to master-cargo 57' 1ales cotton, and 30 00,1e tobacco. to Price, Johnson & 00; 40 hhdl loIbooco, 6Itee lx seed, A HWlollace& co; 21 hhd,! to bacco, lI ,,,,,,, 1 IIgan,; 11 h4lhds tobaoo, Bir 0 Stloevo; 1 box spun 001100, A Moo,,,1 170 b04, bee, 8 t11s 1 x. seed, Sum mero,, Aleoonder; o 110bbl0 000,, 491do pork, 115 kegs lard, J O Coleman. Patten or, Miss A R G,,,nt, Bliss C rcnloho1,, MIss McFarlanel Do (oot, Cpt Duonseth, Messrs Mo,,,,, 3J G ColmesInil, J BProto, JT Adair, J Ward, 3 G ColemIn, L DL Locroux. Steamboat Columboo, Jones, Mloysvill, to 1m0attr-cago 120 bibl 3lour, 2421 do pock, W Mokkey; 11 kegs 3rd,!, kegs, 41 boxe tobacoo, D olorin 00 em; 0651 kegs lard, 342 0bi, folou, 914 do pork, AI Raney; 2600!, el isoky, 010 do ,our, copltain Jones; 10 3hds bacon, J Laodis ele 1 doz broomo, W,,ilton, Waolker k o; 155 hlils tlobaco, J II 1ilton1 44 hhds and 7 boxes tob000. 70 1h0ad r01tl, 5 h0orses, 190 sacoks c001n .ll 11end ooehlago, 50 bill, apples, 60 do potatoes0, 01w0e00 0,n boo',!; 20 hhds,1 booes tolbacco, J Veirin 0 0,,; 601,2ds 3obao,;oo All Wollaoc &o c; 13 1 ead cotle, J Mhayor & co;711 3,1,2s pork, Yu e & Ilrotlhors; 14 horses, T Houton PaIssengers, Mrlls Yo0000ild, Me fired,;lis Morro o llsono. Dr Foxg, Mucc, Tons Carp, nter, IRolo 1,, tnOllts, oho;,,, 1,1 P,,o,, H0,oo!, 'ioo oil Ra:ndall, Paul, Wilson, Procter, Dennison, Deal. ,&10,,lllboat'I'oo,,oo,,oos Dasoojld,,Neo,,cill, toT iP Mlinor 1ar4o 144 hhds t001ac0o and 37 ales ,ottoo,, N 3 J Dick boco; O7 baIooe col100. CarutO2e0o ,IHlarris co; 17 ergers, Chaffin ,l o. 60 hint sl t,1101, 585 bales 1ot101n, 6 pth ,,doo, 10ice R. Joh1,000; 145 hhd.!, tob,00o, A Pciur; 3 tons ca00 ings, 1and 13 poockos md4e-. T Il' Minor. Passenges,, J P Bradley, II Ilofliy, SK Borker, R Wolker, E Wolker, J3W Gains, 51 S11,12, 1l. P0(0,0. Slol,,hloal A000,,eoe. IloIdoo,,,,, Little Rook, to ,ooor 0;lleo 17 lmlF1 cotton, MIoo t llllo co; 1064 Lnm.ntloo klI'4lomp 0on;442 Bullil Shi41p & co; 12 Her an,,o , Brioggs 4cc; 03,box es ,dze. L Comltok; 13 packs poltrios, I,.illobeuvrkoo & W01, Steamboat K Butuel l0, DawsoneCilljcia,,ti and I.sivoille -ccrgo (44 b0i s e " 17 hal! do pork. J Gioddadd; 1517 narks corn. 1I6ll, ; lrd, (C Gould; 3700 sooks corno, Kirklot tlh; 09 t1e0a lx I ee, ,J II1 Co;,!,; I11,!,, toba,,Oo, A H Wlallce & ro:25 hIlds Ihums, J Veirijl &10,; 475 molaoses [,hs,028 dlo (four, 1 .corn, sid 3 bils pork. I lot ,adz. 27 hooocs snit " tdry poultry, to ownerson board; 1 hhd tobacco, I~ccll. 1111o11 I&llon,, I'eooooors; 1r(1,0,,,l and fomily, Mr ID.,', sonl 01nd fomily.M os Scott. C It Willionlooond :oIy, oIooolehe and ldIy, Miss Wa1, lo. Mor Joon, c;apI I Broo,, Oojor Mo tcod, 3,na'd, Wnllg, All,,,, Shlelly. llloollolm !Onker 11ill, Polooe, 2l'l;,,ohetoo, to 111020r cog O414 ha ,les cotton, 51 WhitV &1 co; 310 1l6,rke, WV,,ll o; 31BucknelO Stnto n & co; 139 N k JIDiok k co; h1lyV II,, gnat; 49 Peyroe·. Arceuell & co;: 42 Lambeth k Tillospsnn; 72 llcltoooa,, 1H1ga1011o; J0 Braondr, Mcoenna 0 W right; 31 l.olelSloddox c co. 27 Iier v Slowoer !00 AllOWllace 1 cc; IS Mlartin, Pleaonto N 00 10 I00,4It, ShippO kc1; 1l0llo. ,oll By rno & co; 5 kloIroo,,p0V, eBiggn; 4 N & EF.od;0:l trunks 1d104. C I' Hurst. 1 box mdze itTho.lpIson; 5 bI,.las akino, A 41 Mo,,,,,,. Passengeoc, R It Walker, KI M1,4,1s, it Dorsey, Hn~lth, Gilbert, De.lay, Mackey, Rodney, Ilosticlr, L.ockh,.t, (G,114,, Veto, Wilkinson, 01 neogrooo on deok. 3 fkLatot SooIder, 0 White, 0,n Sumr c00 Ten--ar,, go 1051 hbdo tlobo, Rokeson, Wood t co. All Wallcc e, c0. J If Gra0,, A- c0. MEIEMORANDA. Majestcl. Apoil I, caw on, tho e Berri Islands, a !toge hllip ashore wvith an rockrkelse onside. Columuh s toweod dowo 10e ,ull of Tobacco Plant. Nauatical Intelligence. IHOME PORTS. At NewoYork arriood l0t April, sclooner Rebecca, hlence; 3d April, Moogtret, hence. Al 1Boo,, cleared 31,t Maooh, brig Caroline, hithr: ,0,1h orrivod hrig Nofolk, ho,,,: cleared N'l on, hith0r. At Bolalotimre 42, Apoil, Exile, 18,!,,,,hence. At Philade3lphio, orriced 01 April, He0tor 0 Viooent, hence; 4t1 olocl ed Grace Broon,,, ho.. At i'Poojidnco 32.1 MLloch, c.leaed 1E11,b,, Lan,. TRUE A2IERICAN OFFICE. (1101 01 1000ll wit 1041 04,,4 In1 connction with tnis Office is A SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSITMENT OF TYPE, FO0 THE PRINTING 01 Pamphlets, Blank Checks, Catalogues, Dill. of Lading, Labels, Dray Reccipts, Legal Notice., Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Dills, Steam Beat Bills, Circuara?, And every deseriplon of Job {Work Ibot my beo reqlred. DC-The propriolr rc.opeccfllolly calls the attnlltion of lI,1 public40 t 1e 1 ohve Carl, anl assulreo the,0, 11h0t 4ll work iotrutled lllioo h car I.e Ikel, bedne at tle lhorlt, t 1tice, in a style. unoulpossed 1:1 this city aod t1 tlle i.:10NEH100&C\,hs NEI041-Jusl ecoplood a rg s u. or:mot of Seines. Ii,,,n si to fifty folthom.,o loo a qulnelly olCost 01ts, £0r oolo 0153 044 Leea at. by all 2 .on LAYTON & Co. 5ý\),¶loltK-;u9 D11a snern", l,,ro4cr 1 y. 1' oall ; Dol 013EV, 4I New Levee. Mt. (hirles Thmeare. Fouthltepresentatinu oi the ITALIAN OPERA. TII.S EVENING April, 12th, The perr:llncltIe will connm lea ic thlin nCt frotmt o1 l inii's Graetd Opera SrIjio, -SEEMIRA3IDE. 'The principial parls by Signora PANTANEILI ndu bigior itANDI. Aftr whlich, Signor G(. It. TAdIJ, will nmalke hii debut iu * ew Orliantl,nd aingth .rGrandl A.ria, withl (Chores% d "AMOR Il' PATRIA." To eonclhle chih (by verv genel driry) tli' 3d Act ol Or- -={OMEO AND JUIIET. In whlich Signori PANTANELLI and PAPANTI, ry varietywitt wie I tappear. -i Pnati Opril( r tlotE. j'fi~.NINA p-,- Neo A11raguement. grn e ttefoxtenrsire sit a nd wl known eti b lnent T.(ornr of Pearl adi \V'altt stroits) lating been Ke N ase l by t he subscribcr lie tates pleasurea i t ot t i l to ihe tutli tte tht ltle lineror of tile luild iag hus teen renitted ond rolir.db-tl o loms trely fnroibhed, painted atid cleslenord--inhI list it is now iii coatpe.e orarr ftr thn reeletion oFhomartdors. Th s'lulbsocriber Ioing litly- aware of ihe great deiere ofte ritizens tohoo aoet it alie FIRL' RATE 2 Itt(iP.1 in the elty, toe nst tltui flr, ine o will hle pore either labor or exnouse tn bring about titI great dcid erot. . niable isn b sheall i raliablvi e r epnlrled in ci" rry variet'y, with thle beat the tinrket tlitrtds---lis n N• p lirnished with the loiunret wiso ansd aiyttnor--hi sleeptin tgnlllelltaten is uernt ieanl al.oin--tnd plItv of seervnitis will at all umtes be it woiting to. give ltroen lt wttehtin to thun wa nts oflhis ecusitoers. lie is larotirulnlrly well roelied for tho secoa)Metla tion o0,'a1Iiiliesas Itiolnouoe coitoiiia a Itlrge tislibier of onrlonrs titll hod rmonts atoeltied: lie will hlve erriagets nild lorses oi all limes it rea diitstes to conivey tin hnarders oreustntmere,oa their or rival und of exrjnese, to aiid frost Stiean anil Calnal Beat. lle hnles thast Travellers ititl other's will gins him a cll, nd jidtige of lis nocolniihitntsioni for thettoelve, as this is the ontly mtethld ty whlicelii tilerits of his estliblishimiet cai hbe ntisfntoril1 IrsiteI. G EORGE I IIIELI I ER. Cineaitinti, April Ist, 11'37--f. a1t l ''CI]---&--D l'[' H I{ S)IiOFOSALS in writiii will be rreivriedutil ttic Il5th iint. for dlitelhie4 the iPlrttttoiitit littering troilld, at tile foet of ilrid eirett, i1tid fir i(.li the oide and rear lines of'tbat grouud, atli d g le o itritli td enovring wit t shellso, tie wilbs tthrouhliout thie gravei c.pih. lProjiooilstohleleftot R I Williams' osie, Mer etnllttiiLo'xEolehge, Royal ot. _ l* 4t .10th ins.,o'ne bay horrerwilh a ishlte snrt iel s tis fore h.'nd, and a whit.n nmrk ona thle no1;i.t.i nl18e one( ortenin coloredtioneyt witi i now}ire sttlr oi tIll ftRte heall, bob tail, tre two liinl feet w lilt br'el Ite hetllkr ilowni, Itleoone white hobse. 'l'e teowniers Of saidl h11'1 eos are rqllrsteel to call oid prove tIreti n'la el .' ges otndl tabe them awny, ntilerwite they will lie solll at pulblic itrtins, on thu ld€l icst. by IP A Gtillntte, our tipseer. JOHIN PRICE, Connlnioon' tlt Warld Itvl Mulllcir ~lnhy. I Z INE Y'I'IEE'I' PRTI'RII'g'I'. 7 J3YIS.'1/1 €"1 .ihle(j.'O . (Olhiee No. 47, Areah. Excbnaae.) -'kNolrirav lot, insal 11 o'clock, ul tie Ariaulo Exclnange, will bi sold witbouot reserve to ilose a a, VA IIARLE I.O'T OF (;ROUND, odiljsing each oltlir, nntleitanteal in ils laiine lst. lIe tveron Julis ntd St. Josrph sic, itiesosulg R" el 'hs5 ft. frnalt,iy 1leott 126 ft 10 ih. in deptllh nrelalile to ptsn nowexlIbited at ilih AreaoI Esex lhlis. lerals.--.'.he Ilrelhsaer of eitb t Ilt tii flellolt notros draw e anil eatoread to th.tisfionlflnIt tife irolleir et i t itonlltls itSr Stillsr l.ei tltle wn tielel t ,ntclnst oli hel.r nnote. nf$I!83 e~eh, dele res .ertivelv II the 9th Maliy 1L37:'-8-3l9-4tit aitl 41 ond the halittlO, if Eth itlirtehut, iiioney Illo ble in I antII yeo 'n t'oappiroled etl,.orLd I llps'trcerlired iy mortgage iintlltinil Ilnyllyent. A CARDi. " 'G, thie tinerlcroednd imstteneorttl on the Iliesl PIlti anl wll plblltaltlre aktnlthI.r ellr •r ille tire All illl titQal withi tile IllillllolCillel i i I tof ll'l at i l y a lt i nt " ) ulalll Illllle.i~ llit~l fv I.PC(IIUIql e 1er, an p ,.s ,,sng eil hi~he~t ollrder~I ei ..'c en:odnthnri~ l end ,'OfIIIrt.L- " l It~wllefon, Jan V.1 Nl(odin.1to J Ton llIsw I1 IiJuaoetJuliph \V i_'e J'ttlwo ('ttlto, ,ltlll .ls' - iuinh tt I.ift Iotle. Jirteent J Iul'l l i . I llh ' ' Il ) l - A lyII, till ~le11l, 3 i hrle iiteI Jtth' AtIlt' I r. I CII . \V I' l .tuor T ' io (titeliel A U W\i, n 1 e . 11O 1 i1 it V T ,111 ' E Co, \V N I ' X'w.,) u. j ll'. VI' Il 711 Ollt~li VI ll~liili "lintii~) PSIII SFlitl'lt~i'tll't' IitttI llllnilitlltIll Ii it, 'ito l..... ollgO', io, 1 11·. i Tlld li ·Lrl'\; iill8 dlIt(':ltil(J'l Oil 1 t 1t . Ito '' I • ll, - 1e1t [o il et l ttllittff iae ui ,I \\: 1) ','.t111 0a1111 , I tIll' otteGuh~ t .. e \ I CAtTION'! And-100 JI )OILAIS IvEIVWARD. y TItI I1.aT' oit the lihe .It avrreilia_ "tq'Tir- tL6 honk rof )t{e subscriber I t sent cll I ot i 'r' s l kcte it eontined the followinf" le d, ilcld e -.mnlel, Ih pblihe ,e mcaatioed ,,et receivi g N. iltietx, nt one venr, $737 00 11. 1Nichiols, do do. eldorsed 13 M. T. It. natton., do do. ) C 37.5 (10 del,, Il,,,,, teo dii eiinnorsdl lle). C. I). . n.alt & Co, two to randord by Neoto til llald , at three years, edorsced b S. Audirn, at six months, endorsred by 31 Dinr eitl, S'lla', 1 .00 001 n)e )ol,, 1U5: 00 I lie. tlihief ,il reurn file inoet to te, ol-er ier ihrou ]l thie p,t oRte, I will enoe ,tl o (a, ,y nll-os d)red oLlarlle, thll qnnestihni kakedl. GUTS'I'AV! J IILRROIUG]Ii. Nnw On'l'lnn, April 10tl,, 11137. ;It ~-------$f-D -.,g-ff-i..WfCT ThOG tOOltII4 RSAILL. ~ I E lldrecd doills inorward will n e givetl by tili snlicrlbcr, to ailly lit.cos1 who till give suel in lirlnation os ill oy led to ie detect on aed eonvie li1 atn the uiicendilliciy ii iieendirois, aino attenipted to snt fire i lt IImrpIrumises on Sn.alrdny Iilht nast. In addilioni , we, nuld bceg leave to cull attentioe to. thie rewacrd If 31000 DOLLARIE ) offered Iby tie several Insurance Cornilow ies ofoue r city, for tle deteetion ofineenlcinrin-nes-which sln ill itio be lind to whoeverwill infmniid conviet ile villain or villnias, whno were concerd in ilthe hboeyu tlugrnlt atiipilt to destron our pro o nrtv. nlo I)DOIE.10 & IAA1', Neo 3 Carondelet l oIr. l ( D10 I)O1 I L AI R. F IlI ;\E VA RIl . - A RE\'AliD ol'one tlsonnind will I b ll nd to iy IelO0 DOII.LA 1. It"E WAIltD. A Tl.EWAttl. of n lltolsind doellaur ll l in paid ito sIi lirsoell on giving s ielt inforl'lotiill that e ill leud to lle e illrellnsiion aili ernvictihi, iof tiny piilrl elliiacr d ill ti o nIll ud dreckless ati ullt to set fire to the paint iiiiei oji essrl Dnole nled tlay, NO 3 - ron,, delet streel, onl Sntarday nigit last, by .IOL1 l (A IAIAT1I)\IN,I 010 n rreeo-ler 3orl Mnill2 iplitii y. ,i VILL.I (0 i, O ie BEn li hOc,-TinEXA S. - rntll towne n ofl'obinlldth s is Ieautl rifullv In ill ilo - o la leousl v si'un ad on n Ilrrr ch or arti n it' tnla t; (le claad, coinl ire,.or i, all.eoc i dcile h-o Pl ssh Canbelhtlh Il liahe lihil) cirt niesL. d1 o ilnv If fietr Wiltc Ie, nill eniellr d dil roiIe ini tihe b1C k llf the ba ill l frh,tteeL. T'irhe ve.y liberil le ii f, setieh.tw1t (ltiredibv thee p t oIfetOl" iJunel iln thenIt to nhIIesan nd Ildiedll' a to itsI theret cliles ill this place as ioonei a possible. Corret i ieif ilr e ot1 1 itav ie see-'ial ii hi ris ciow, Iv i ai ig n I b" ,It. n ai , of lainstreeu t oin Old i.evee, who are tegulaly 1:1i inst. lv tiue ight walth, lriu commi tite lo tl potund ie ou ri 1 frourd house1, ,i Wrd7, `5 'ci pality,a sairll ,.bite litari, ite J C Pulr [le thge ht to tin ouis.hoek.-' he own's of isaid eaiihali are r ""ý.letl to colas forward, prove propcl'o y' 11i1ob' ll'r"-s tid hike thoin aIway, i or belfre Siwliy tiere It o inst, oln hiOl day iiery will be suld at II ,'clelck, bI I Iall) t Ci minieaso ry3d iWoirdl,dl llnicili-lit, A CARD. i' R. WILLIl ', thie Engli Ih Oei-t, letei, n he I. pullie that is ai t e iri iiiTMrs. VoCoIster's pri vate bhiu'hig hluuse, No II,L. lalstcicet.,l w ere h .o1 Ile coiulted lruit 10 to) 1 ii'clock, ,aiy luclid ic, aid enteliieii lltlhctd ill clir eiesa nd o cr;l nsI in illa l ily tfl t d i t)i t t h o (le cew 'n it e ( li st Cgie' in, ei,'v dnvyuuI1n ooleci.till4l ito oek,'l,,k. Illcwillalsoicons,'it t o is'it aie aged or iulir un per-o: )swho rreside witi n the limais of thciti, ono relvinfiig one (leiv' i niotilce iit ier, oa~tionlnghross, and i lc.- dolllatr bill, iln lie a ill ~fiend on the same, or the 11,owiag dayll., teta icn t nlld 6 i'clocki illed gi,' ii r:ntdllid opin oaim thle canc. 1lo;ica. byl tie pIrivate door elf No. I I, lmex beolre thle )loUggi-t's elliop. flor Nctceh, wlillce ie willgo i the th"l lee Viik-birio, thence a ioi fi- Meipbig . i the fe1.iuie lhence fIr llouisville on'tle 5tih oe June, anid tilhe le for C'iioilllut i oil lie l7it -N. 11.- ni seeind editio 1 o nlr. \Vlluini.c 'l'e,ti.e. nibe ii' ,YlE aid hAId. ded'c tedit!, ir Iliee M1.j-ti. 'ic - iecgdcih(lio lrenlell, anil the Ilelgilmc, (3101 t~ll~g in l1110.) lmy be had Of lhe Aiutlior, at New Ollelns. i l1O'l.EL. TIlls vhuicliclinceni in ini stullh ofnriecli= enaoles for ti' n leli'cilodation e u" c iejn i ,c !,& Iolln i, b dislph'lsel mn ) n ass ihn aiproncihliig seosn i ct arlollton. ''he leotel las recetl: been aowly fuirnishedll, +.0110lultly tile ,ll'boor. WI ''i nr urge aind aiiy; ti e '0hahlnikiyemfCi-olluo i nim, be o , liit Io all wnti fisi it. 'l'T ere is i tian lied to tIe 11( (l, olie of Il.' lilOi enltiiive inisllplenldid guriu,' ii this seceiien flhe uniun. T'1'hI tahles arlq iv spie li tlie lost liberal nlanr wlii tile belst stlie Netw Orleuni Ma As ttd vii,,icli',nt cn,, receivne on Iy linn Id nulieroeftlmiiiies it iiiiy be well tilat illipiico sliou'lli he ilnd7 Iu irlyn'i tns iess'hle. inlll (i 2.11A'u-ltMvidlnki 1)1 NEWUIILEA vS. - Tl,,. pries ot'frte-l inaur tl dlv, heilm-'7 l-5 ceits per hnrrel, uccordiig to thlie tariff, the bakers slin I gve 311 ouow.s, of bread for it bit, dlaring next week, fi.),n Mon. diy tbhe lIh inst. IlreaId of ilhe seeonl qlnulit, or (iof tie leoaves for it hIit, is requiredl to weg: 47 -. anut ces. D. PlIEliUR, ayor. _ April illh 18,;7. TIIENTO-Io) boa i'itren nd fer sile i, - - aell "1'E'I1ON A\ ERY & C'o. . . PARAS3LS. *r lHE suire'rlooas 1'juIt eAceired fiomo New York 2 .. ases of tigoed Sonati Paraleo,o, 'f French manu atcture, iashtioalble colours, which are offered olt the low price fi $373 centls each, nt 76 Cnai olreot InCar Royal, by oaJ I FILLRY. ILKK AND SATI'N GOODS AT COST. TH i balooce o.f th stock of alsoland sootino of tho sullscribccr, will be i dispso, i oi l at actoal cost ill 1r.w York. Tlio' are rolainiii, ag f.w -jices of rich fioigrd sat in pisioo anlb figuri d olll o i,.ilk, n .plorior qilaliti; do goros tle hllck lnd cloul;; jt ando biue Ik rous de slwii and Italian silks; al ao, t.very lw- FroInar and Irith PapIlino. r'Tro e d(hlirofn p of prhl',siao, will hiod it advanlttge ous to call it 76 Canal oir.Et near loyl. a, E' ILLOD Y. I ttiZlllE ouhlcrhr ior noo olsotniro a supply of new I oocltios, r tcdiocabtl pr sips I(Cooocky hold otlltt k owayr, tono Now Yor, oad isllg to part of hIe follow Illor: ich i Frnch ct'intedl jackonetl, pioi aad catin theeod, now pteocrs; 1ritirlli lawI1 silo c r stlipel ro, a asplen-. id il'tlicli tight oloreoid Io lliliiih ehio lootmall ligured Ilienchcamiibric; silk Scol. oclr, oooco'totu ton IgAi rI, po' t rilolti, oleita s orkd, aid i e oii'tr I loto cao hir00k onid ioicn iiht~lutuIs, iliu in ito-sti lottd, 'aeo bordir ol anIlo Icr'ns i at i lkl Cn kl str et, neir ail son ri, I st Saorisit stild CtY of NeAlsot oienllO-I hlserey cer ti onenw rlle ati, iasoon, srod gosrio lor'is goro far, iibh ono. Aioo Aolso e ierdsc Aupecir soit liril Iritish Soo. Tei l obor wit itst oi orhea goc it hoebeer steecr t he citro o ivl wort s tindo,'looo ioocle0s 0on-arl. oieea iro tot oi L 71 Lnoti sitrcot, ear Rynal, tin eopitl N .x toft I.,t.ilY. No. 91t8.=---Ils.IIt Loisl ob c. tiosoeotl-rk. S'F'ATE it O1.IUI1IAN A-tI'soi it Cootc loto tire. SatNriol nod i eouria Nec t.lolserl.-I te roety eli fr, tht ooluroto, 1a 37judgtet llreoie irioo enaeroedin tistic Coltr lot I to e oII f tol Ied o lttoio I Oi tohsi o e a ,r | btoilb , in ti avortl o toiol liVgloloes lhI)Piiiwic, to-lit TuhLs caiuo woas this las toctll ti ll a fro i he Cltnrit. TisCooct -hoeg cnoeid fiuoot Io hoviooo that tie isd o l o on o d ti rosdonied lt e riiotni a loi il, ool tpouo coobinaog wct ooither wonitnos a his 000 olo rerol, ritirog. g w ife, to istood ooe i doletoloos, ho odiecrd, ohdt onooi meth i f divre a petrdi .lo of tie 3 an t. d h e th l~imtls tof Iliarin ayh hel e or I t" I tw enerl C , I .'lJs lt. In rostiisav wlloceol, I behertltoto ioe i o l hlsolnl oII IICel ·tco oofI thero lii itouttt thoe cly if New Orhl'not, ottl lit Auntl tarv tf latreh, in tole . ar of Loir d o lo 1,i aoit ri l.t lt e lh i h atdllt Ihite0 0000 ati d Ithe ciXy-li"St eortC of the It cpcodeoiec of ais v Uni llhd lArtcl. I "t •I. 1. 15.FO .5 t t. Ii. GUOII~, tDpotelotvch.r ltti/O-htoi-.-- stoot ,,iiis Soito hez cio,tircoiiitrosoi. 'I'AT DE tA I.OUtlIN>il:--, ur do Piaonose J' die ia Nioovcllo-tlc~ibss.-J o-r' otio quol Ito 3ter Jisncoior, t87l j ot'ilelltoiit ccf-oo os1 c ot; i lode ointllll d e i-oollo iotio s o ai a lez ciori e sion Ioir, i ro Is n- tlo n iv in 0llne li T ravil:r t I a('~.llr thilOe li t ilsf~illtll lhillois iiclajob dn\'ilt e o -t I fe li er T ae l lahala( it I i ciie e r:lll ag-lr , v en eOlllclll~illnre o,4velrt., ere¢ ulne entlre f'nlcine i tlrsooi I:1' + • d !ltain en..o , l etIletr , get sdi s r" b on r ellc n t ]e tiv re soilott areol os ol thEl il jitr dap.IsIL i toabo esIinsntahqatoahillu exiiltnnt al'lllIu'n Q lr(,se It ealtrr . )lel+.libq (1hlllllllldre' i4. rl ll'lde6,ud,, ~llr m) et d ..'.a11ti c 250ll0u5l in at ll'ne -e d ol iifu tltllr olfi llle Io l'iioin. sigoc CtIttAilL:iS llAUIItIAN, 4itl"vioto , 11.17. Jogo. ('. ip lt, 1 toll lil Oiti oilli I oril sC X (-.liinr ci-de.'...u. ,l lit l o ile d e hit N lloto iIllctrl o, ccr stocionurtc- ta% llfJ7, cit]eiiscriio i'itiil,-cadeiottnceds Elni..- Un [.. Lii, ~ u Ottolll\~ lu 01 . it It. . (ItTYO (i. l, 1i r llro ji-fotuiril, e i;lr d 11U.I i I- to.If n o llolt. '.o c it -qtc-t o l S 10th 000ll 01i. ii I i lltlo ts o yut, .Ii 000 010 eII' l 1 0 I tottit 0'iii ...I. tttoo1. J. I)(),\ o o wol' l (c.'orl n'er Jh no.\u I n t -lcl l no l noll:ol t I Ot II t: IIt tI)t 00 T0 I t:IP AI.I0TE. o it-ttooo 1~·- 1· tooI~~I·~· too! Ic·ilot,~ *~ lotoonof,, it py eri let r t t ·l, I It++ It o uv erolie ut tloll lsf 0 • lalllll I1o1?*I~le IlI'I((I lll. 'lte .lllililllllil. XI()Il intUlllit.lll? '1':'' l .h. Vn',,. Ihlat,, c. e.i II, .r lot.lh.: i II 11\ or hl i a e ,I 000.0 ()roc-too illll P lelr too- 1, 1 Il to 1o 'It Ti-00 It -. ( 1' 1 t; [1; 'll' -'llif1..-,i- (; ht' 11 I,7 .b ~ (IUIllOI/., i.1i" o i, o t oort , u , otoitoo tit l .osifnloo tol ooih ilt, fidhot- .in-- ' I t.I. . dio t.'.ito ol: 't'o " t ,. ri. < \ 0 tool ,to t ,to it , 110 1 h,- toot i " |i - 1. ntllo Il.,, I slo,,i anl hi - ,', to . lllrs thirt'.t-lhrl, i l+.tytd, .~· inl th, I. ,Li-l tnfir lht l i uk-w t)I. itll t I l tih iu b"oo 010oitoo olfholo, ol llill onol ot 11 ,)t1100000 h t < A , I:ito tit, F1.'<uIIl lh,,' |,v + f .\to toor It itd" - ohhd thoototol,-o-o ,\ n- i ott, , 0'000,d cl , .ool Iftt. tt\ o -. a..o+ttoctto oi1 I \Voiolito ni (to o t r t l to lli0 h,] \\ oIlil ttin io tiiti. tl. 1i,,t i !,,,, +1 .}iiott l t ,t t :ltl. .im +\ih ,, I'.1.. t % . I· il· I.. I <- . ,'. l i;( II hi ""· iiil 111 i,+ 1 (il -i~t Ilflhfli'tilll~l flI~ flil ni/ llrli~ l, ntoo It ', too l h +V la. I to- I00000 Ot Otto, +t.Io \II. 1 IIII' iii." ~ iill tlw ., (I, ( at i lll ,n ll t i wan . . all, I1I1 ' Ili"· [ iiilll l, I()I- lillli,,.. i~ lll· l mnI1 Iillnl Iq ti' l lil· Il lllll r,1,.,I y ] ' . 1 i . l ,,~lll 1 1 ,, I :0 •n , It o t O.a t *'la d +,i'iht hI . I -,~i --T 1 iail thhon ' lot t ot I-i- t o P I I~I.ii I11` ~ll'0 l'[v Iill~l li,, III: [,llit aT1 lhialll ik 1 ,+ C('iah .; ,+ i ,i , ir\\ ner tiwr i ll: I ":' I"' I.II1·IIF ri ( +.s ic , a ,I1) ii ~l l p ) lllch l· II·lll ill ,.ll. l I~ fqirl wrl IIIlll· II IXV lt ,'l ll+L ~Lor( . hark ?(iI'·ulrt. (i'l l l1I 11"." "" 11Il II till Ill~l' l tllil: il ·'(lllI Ill . ll, .< . i Trl~lr) )(I) ill. .lle~; l ·~n :t~r hd :Ihe1 Illllillh> tI (it'( ]11 i I'Pl~ (Iho \ , e f, t,il~llil.,.ii lll O t :Ilt i ttl|l hll l;,u. will P .lil. IH ill V it)(· " flit. lril· nc 11 '.' ~lilll ,h ii 61+,'It lt' I und cxInl~..i-l,' l I th.iia .' \.·li~h llitid th tiL ~ :i I l • t. / . J~i l, llt] \[il~ \ ns i~d l'¢ |li i:ll ,' f 'l it cx 23, Is0,619, 20, :.5, 2, 33,21,062, 63,59S, 113, .'Ir t he dsraw otbers I/fe 17th. Clas ef ate FRIEE SCHOOL LOTTERY. A t'T'HItORItS:l)y Act olf Its I.etŽSslutls.',I, .1th .2Ist ''. II.s'. i~iana, tr the lonse lit u.1'the ''it steelis, Sc'lhaal So.eiety," pIsdsdandc aiproed the ist Mtsrch, 1155. ClASS N,,. 12, t'OIL 1337. '1, he draw,,,.. In s\; s'lr/esie, s, o.S'l,.edts 151/r .dpnl. 75 Aunthcr I.,titer v-ts7 Itrawn llstllls. 51;111:5 F.. I',izes Ii(sllsn Dollahs 1 of 12,000 is 12,000 1 of 4,000 is 4,000 1 of 3,000 is 3,000 1 of- 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,170 is 1,170 10 of 1,0 is 10,000 10 of 600 is 0,000 10 of 500 is 5,000 15 of 300 is 4,500 170 of 140 is 22,600 12i of SO is 10,080 126 of 10 is 5,040 126 of i0 is 2,520 3,7 0 of 10 is 37,800 23,136 of 5 is 117,180 27,81 atltnslntittg 1.o 2 13,090 'I'i."krls-wholle ticlcl·~ts14305; halve~, $!50;11111rtcr, I'ssstn"" f 25i ;Cketts $1t5t stscoesld ts dralW ast Ieilt't i 1,ssa, 1 ol e doll tIhe utrC',e ts. tstsl I'sl' cs X tD llarvX it, pl purtiunr Fo 'lk . pl t he ttsssses's.,si'e 37 (rosestr, $PIAJ lijoiliC11 ll, Ib,: c (~ t etsc sIota Illy (rends, s, d 10Sf 0;1:xAr~~btelsist.. Coth,'tss Itt ,ssltts' Fthe ail) J IC I jli, l gIsI. , erb Wsssssss 3e'ses w's' t oP. s s,) snail s cup tssitssssp his, I'er. ssr;:i'tt. ' a "vs pool se-s- ill t he rl omai,' Ril ' :I b slter +,a III, o; ch. la ll·en p I I1) the Right watch illL' 01 sslil? o ,'tintfs sr, I I. ssslt'stelt, sls I ssy eh gesP therw is e '' t sy lsolll d l l pub. IsuIs aucls- tion, b Iby ' A Ili'jlslote .5 ssssssoses.' Jul12 'IN PRICE, ('sisssedsr,-, lstO let Wss, t, SeI .lltsieit lily. W " e[AS tonh~tsb In atie psli5. prinet-s of the _,d Matsit v t Itil 's sf N.' 'ssss noedIl) I S, 0 ba 2. lst t -a fae h .sys he he lsss-'-s . Mr. 2 dwl. he ot Ir ill tsltely 1 it! th e law asd thke It, )'st . II.S Il\I tl'I'Io , 14 t/ Ass ls.. ~t't's , st's Ithe ale pit-"t r i] '',fl~ .tI ssi cipi y o It th 4th ol oos.,,t, it .1.', 'sisl by tlts esstnulS,Lht " atbossit IS teas l'i'c..+s' s it'. shelousst to.Is . I s ctl ts.ssss l~~~~~~~i ~ ~ s sO' l.,rwl po~ rprt iecoissssn-tas. hert's,\ 'It S ,), Is''e t, HOl' khe's I desi 3110 Isb els firs. setse h I.,..-, .1.nn tntukc fir --se sst 11:3 r Fi s's' illls I s Ike lseIt. O - st- , lilt 5.10 II 110 /11 5.55or so s fur sI. 'sts1, 5.5' ~,pt l s b ( 10 'I. l' 1'I Ilv w d.t : r ssss ai it. Iota to soit 1 u. r 0hu tcri, tIt -' Clavier Ft__c', ___' al 0 11(1 1 )1.hir; Fill &, If.!ejTfIIiN Ell1 ! ill 3 Cil 111+1 Uli Ilst : kra rnd o Ftile It t,3 0r o iet. t. b Iýs',' ttss s-Is,. s-.s,' reset 0s i1 ruvitr i e tlsIr' Iln 1f.1IS ''5 s\'Ts1lNst L ý1110 i 1 - 1 a k l ri 'I u - t j d u IIJ Cr uu; 11dun . ic v,'ti and i 0,4 othe choic I JIIASA d i0°~)ca a_, 10 _ hEI t I 0 I'tOtE (jh-si'hodloII isi, "'1~u ft r-i. ft t~ ar-id,,In lis 5.,a stil st .s, y , t A/ ."'""lt ,o the police prison of tihe - i v ni`stoplity, oil tihe ihllt llsta negroe uw - cd MILlY,bunt 40 ycar ofage, esn shej,: e to M11. Ilarrison. e 3 e 1*_ Slier owner i requested t coteply with lo all C ptor~w'P Arought t he police prie of due I1 l th itant, a negro h nmli CAl(Lehi, atlaOllt 30 year Noygenay-.. ae StoI Madoal Diera Giancin. her atway.k im pwy I wea r a .II prove ipropNrtyj tayehHr~tciro all Cptlain of tlm (AS brought to the tolipe prison t tioldity, on the 5th iatut, a IloIrioal, about 10 yeas of agt, aysa he Telrt Cntmlln; The 0rlIt'P1IyN nive piftp.j gea, and take hbllt away. F Ai ol Capalen of the o ýTAie brougltt t the ptoliee prison of eeir W a e plity, on the d msneta , a Mg ro m lien, abult 32 veeres ,of age, nays lie belnoga' Achilo uttreelle. T'he owner will prove M charges, and take him away. HF u Hs 7 rat Captain Rofthe iVct itIougt to i e olcet pris i Oij iplity, on the 28th arch, a no Priee, alanui lit yearn of age, say he Baler idol. Thei owner will pre M atli ga, and take im away. SITA il Atought to tNhe pee prison of TV eilpalitv, on thtlleat SiuhaM , a r el Mileas, hont ad vears of uage, says be blo.cap Rozilimos. T hie owner will Provrov e p,. gas, oed take hrim away. Hb pA N na Captoon lf Watc W'Arlheooght to the polity prisop o th ni . t cipnlity, on the 5th inastant a o mulnNatt JNtod Zelt, aged about 70 years, aeo he I Mr. Clertonet. The owner wil vproeao chargees, and take her away. F aol Captain of the WIa ! T ipality, on the Iti olarc ha sqnll om John Bettev, aged about 70 years, eayl he M1ir. irera- . The Owner will prove charges, and take him away. P S last aC Captin of the s -'1 RAY. -Taken up one haSvtallion 2nlace, the riglht hint foot wiite. Thanao ' qlesateid to cote forWarl, prove pr pertyv, pay €,, tot take said tnimal away, befire the .W isas Iit oiler ttat timo, it will It sold at publiaih tinay I'. A. (uilliltte, Actioeer. V. MaDOAL c 03 Cnommisnary d Ward d MUnioipalli 1TjlS'IRAY.Ttakern pne blackule M wolepeweue I withil some wil rkeo on toe baekl The owasa . quested to comne firward, prove p krtv, Pal e aell ttlke said animal away, before ip rIo, alvela left nter that tiele it will be eld at, pldie tcctlo, by I'. A. (Guilliotic, Auctioneer. W. McDONALD, Commissary Ii Ward a2 Rd uoletlpny. U3 llTKA Y.-'l'aen ttp by the eght watch l the1r I wort d dmloieiplity, one sorrel Maie, no mat 'IThe oweller is reqluested to ome foelwardr, perve pr terty, toy eh~rge% and take said enieml away, ier' the 15th nt. If leftl after that time it will he sold tk public a uclon, by P. A. Gullllntte, A neeineee. . .IeDONALD, Comtmiosry 2d Waid e.I . ..h Muieipality. ElSTRAY.-- 'kebn upy t aigt ot-om do i I. Ihrlts, t palpsih brand on the left hip. onr. is relqested to cote forward, prove pfp r, p0a eb r gee, anl take caid trium- sway beforeo the |th -tieat.. Ifleft alcr that ittme it will he aold at puhlie aueilt, biy I'. A. Guillintte, Auetaoneer. W. McDONALJ" a3 Commnissary itt Ward, .d Mealeipa'n-. Enj St'lRg. t.Tii tkii up, one ehooout "armai ' l_ witl n itar in hisa fioreheoad, the right lofIntee ia, hit, nd the two hind feet. The owner aa req.netae to o Ie librwaord, prove property, pay elrg e, cd take ae nailtln away befo:e the 15th hlanol. Ifleft hafter lhia tlne, it will he sold at public acetion, by P.. (itiiilltteAtctietteaer. IV. McDONALD, s3 t eonisaty 2d Wardc , 2d Municipality. E I'lAY.-'raken up, one apurnl Hta'l tirol hind ' nt wVhitn over, the filreloek, tlealum requetshi to, coae filrwnr, prove propery,elpa ohcar ese, tadtt takn said attitta awly slaore thel 15h instant. Ittleft tlicr that illtte it will beanld at publie auction by I. A. Guillittte, Auctioneer. V. McDONALD. a: Collmitiatlry i Wolnrtl, 2d Mu: ipelity. ii . .A - re ttp, one hay boree, hiot ft it llwte, altl roalh btod. Tihe owner i reqgnoes.u to co.tlt firwarl, prove rerperty, pay chegees., arilae ttaid Iitmal away before Ito 15th instant. Ifleftaftr thalilliet it, ll he sold at public auetioI byP. A. G .iiric, A actiotiter. W!. McDONI LD, ti. Colntmis ary Id Ward, R d Mulieipality. Ti 'C'l'll,,AY.t-'1'.ien up, one bay poesy, hband on the J'I rihi tfle shotlltier and on the right hip, and the ritght hlinld filt whlite. The owner in reqoeated toenu fta t:lrd, iroe pro .rty.y, piay eharges and tikLeid nl. a l tel t ay he,tttre the 1t11 instant. If le aftClhrht time it will b.: attt atl tlalilc a altean, by P. A. Gtuillielte.. WV. ilcl)ONALI), trommiasarv 2I Ward, a3 2d Municipality. Slierse,, 5 t.2 ,hnds high. an1l rough shed. The. %Nnlcr is requestld to cate forward!. prpety 11ny ell.rroe*, and take amid animal awn]ay i " fb tiro 15h in anat. If left after that time, it will he sold at pbll- l lltiolu Ivt I'. A. Gilltlintte, Auctioneer. IV.U, McDONAi.,D Commioea 2d W d:ani , S' c..-=-'nklo u hy tile night wan h, bay [I blind Ilorac, 15 I 2d hoide hihl, and rough sho Th'r owler i requested to come lorward, prove pr errcy, nv chnrrgtcand take nd anoimal awary bade thie 1it, If left iftr that time, it will be sea I public auction by P. A. Gtilliotte, A utioneer. n3 W. MoDONALD, Comiuui .ory 2d Wad. W 3 d Municialitt. . .'l. l.-'= .k"i op, oe o-rret lor.e, with Solitoe tril iI ow- to hie1 w ootile. The ower ti riT l k.-ter to come tirtd. ritove I roperty pa. ,h an. d d t ttLi ol al alwy, boe ore ilia 15th instant. If li 111 1af'" that tlne, it will ie sold at pobtb aueia-. - by I. .. uoillottoe, ArnctionVr. WV. McDONALD, n:l Coilrs-ary 2d W'erd, ' d Municipoi.lty. 4c t1 P It hi 3Y.-l ,'ukcol e etr0 gen yn ts i w iweller is reqoeslte i to forwa'd, pmrove prio per ty, fy chorgcs ,l ,d take saidl oanial awayt hbea., tI t Ijntat. IT l;t after thlat time, it will t asold at. Iltblic ouction, by P. A, (;uilliotte, Atuctioneer. W. MCDONALI), Coamtiseary Id Wold, n3 2dM1 , RicdliyLr. ` tv A ir t to the pritau of the 2d Munoiipolity. nl tie 21d inst. (irI" mean, wloe albls - -It Clar! ae Lewis, olays le belong to Mr WdeleyMy mew, he ia all it 25 yearu old 5 feet 8 inlcbes high. T'lh ow-cr willcomply with the law and takes ha away.. 8 F. S. HARPER, . u.R. te S Capt. of itie Wathb. WV I t ikok lln npl O,.-hbigh watch - the 2d Wat oe tile 2'3d ulst., a semall bay mare and er foall ile owlr r is rtquested toprove properly, pay chage.,. and take thm away oil or before tte Bih of April, oth erwise they will be gold at public anctionby P ArGn I. loite, auetoloner. JOitN PRICE Commilssary, Anro7 lt Ward, 2nd LMunicipality. A birought to tile Polij-e priuon of the 2Nd Mu. •rA nltropfilyt on tle 4th inst.. a mnegso man m.o calls bhiNeol EDILUNDaud oay. he belenga to Ma. am Sholbo. ite is about 38 yeart of age, S faet 10 iath. s high. T'Ihe owner will comply with the law and take itl away. 1 S HARPER, on30l pt of the Watch. .AY ORAI. Al' Y "' NWV ORKLEANS. onmrreil of the &eeond .lunicipality. Sitting of ''uesday lst Marel, 1837. SL:SOI.VED, Tha't in lthe otinioi of this eouttneit. I it istoledltent, and uoeestiry for the public c0n venienaeo auhllealth, to continue Natchez strreet .r Tciplliptoulhl street, i o ltraiglht line with, and of the wine width at said Nothezr street, t New Levee street; old the lMayor is herebbry aultlorised to give public .o ttce ill tile ''rte Americun and Commerrial Bulletin. ifn brerch 1and E11 lLit durilgten days, that it il tle in- tellnllio of thds Counbil to open onil continuo said etteet,, in lolrlortllly with tlhe cnet of tte Legialature, etitled,. "tL1 Arct to gilate tie opeting, lynltg o.'t, lnt hm Ilro t rcg tl0toa and poulicpllIces in the city of Noea Orlcnns, &l,." Apprlved :3d Aprd l1832. lroSigl 21, , BALDWIN, R corder.. :;Liged, D PRIEUR, Mayor. A tree copy, C HEARD, Secretary. A geeobly to the forogoing resalutieo, and in con ftnri itwitl tile provisions o. an act approved the 3,1 l'r;3 1i32,n tltlleld, "an Act to reglatll the opening,. lasyl ., ot and improvoig ofeltrots and public place inI tccl ily ot New Orleauos, &c." No~ice is hereby given that is thl inteltioln of the Council of Muon i.ilplitv No 1wo, to have Nuatlez street opeted and Lcntinuedll t.n Tehoullitoulas stIreet to New Levee at.. i It straLigIht lillOne with, and of the same width an saidi Nteb.e z street. 1) PRIEUR, Mayor. lMarch 2d, 1837. O'N FOR1 MH I RIENl' aIt l' eolutioi ci deauo, et eo e vertI dIes dispositions de IlateC approuve 1s 3 Avtil h832, eltliltIe 'Act, pourl ;ogler l'ouvcetre, I distri Ibltilll et l'lamclliatalon decs ru0a et places publilqiee d11a11n111 t vil de Il Nile Orleans, &c." Avis eat poune 9ue l'itlention dt Consoil die In Secondo Municpalite clt Ie t'aire ouvriret continuer In rue die Natchez deo l1:1 It rue, TlcltOpittelasjnsiqu'n na rl e da to Ntle t.eces, nliqlel drolte et dc In ont at !argcurqu'a maian t'lnnlllt lllite rue dler Ne' Ie S2 Mor 1837. D PRIEUR, Maim. MA.V'IJc ' -T (IFNE T ORLI.EANS. Coullnril of lhe Second .lurnteipalily. Sitting of'ltturndy, 14th Mlrch, 1837. R SOIVEI), Thalltin the oplinion of thi Councili 11 ii is expedient, an0l 01eessary fir the public ecoo vefnielte, to cotlllillnuc Notre D[ome street frout dagnai.n stlloet ito Camp street, in a strait line with, and ofeqnal width with said street; and tlhe Mayor is hereby at. Illuriedl to give tlnl nolltilce ill ilt'T'rue American and (,-mumetcil Blletin, in IFrechl nd English, during te r. tayt, 11111 it tis tile initeltioln if thin Council to open s011d ,tre it, in conltorlity ,viibl ilt dot of the 1.egielntutr, utlllit:ecl "'n Alt to rcllllt tIlh e lltelopig, laying cut. allnd ilrllvl.llilglf streets n lIl lhlic plates in the city uIft w1 Orleatns &c." Alplvllellv 3d Aril 1832. Singned J IIALDWI N, Recorder. Appl'rllovt'd, 31t 3lar1hll, 18:37. igoedl, 1). PRIEUR, Mayor. A tree te py, C IIEARI), Secretery. A.r.eadly tl, he fl,,Iliging reolllu tiot, tld i ceOn fo.'mier wilth.Ila leorliillln ofln act alproved thie 3d a0l , 1,832, ltit Atd,"n Alte to regulate Itio openiuCf Inlvin oillt nilt ilrlllltig if sotrees to nt public placeo li tile clily of New Irleose. &l.. Notice is hbreby givn llntl il is tlhe iite'lticn OFIl the nnCotil nI f tllnitnI paiity Nol two, to hlave Notre t)1te a st ptoedl froint NMg azi1e street, I(l CalIp strlet, itl an etrt litne wilth and of tie ttllae willthll s alid Notre I)Detc street. tinlohIl ,2.,18:17. 1) PIlIEUII, Menver, - ON t ( Il- 'ýrI\1' u l1 rulu ltine ri dolter., et Oit virtlu d'tn arte ipilllelve le 3 Avril, 1822. oentintln ltz pior re;ler IOlltI-eilrtC, llt distlriliution et I'ameolo rtlioll d,'a rltoest l p11es IOlllic (111 6s Ia ville te 1n N Ih olrlenus &Ce" .'vio irt dlolne 9ce I'i.ltlctiondn ('111iil rle In. t.llllndc I Illinipolite eel de fare tovite t I'II .n:Ntln Dam, l'lpills h rile de1. Megaile, jlngt a Inl rtlr d 11 (Ollan, en Ii ,it clrihltet to ao iargeur bit' n Iltintlaottt l dhnBt rue Notre Dame. i!,i' .2 Mr 18'7. 7 ) PItIIKUR., Maoi'. l' l .OpIt s-1;0 I.b .'-o ertroc to .lo-e at 41 .M' i" h c.)'h at! " 11021CSf',