Newspaper of True American, April 21, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 21, 1837 Page 4
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A CAID. CY StORE.-ult sah=c-ih-r. r:rtidly inGtm thOir frietintil tnd t nOrr.t ;roevtli, thatt y w and will be rseeivitu. fr.o Ute Norththvir iea;talso frj t ir.uti . 'lite latter plce will mo$Ni nl with .a slplenlil variety of 1'erfluIor'y, urtiselte,&e. amout. wtich wili I'h i fooued Plari .ml gtiste iU rtounl bnttle,, ofa sol,,rir fllavor. 'heir t--+. k bh.a. to procure every artiele ofta very upO , ittý, anl tasir orl.ars. inariably urge ipruove attejlnlrs iet1 kind anld pattrn,. s;" , tattt--W\Vill casl+iat of choice selet tiols fromt S. tlttry of N. . 'roltiss, Iro:t Palri, ti.undon - PsrProt!ibe'stnlotifaLtories--Iooe eneh -..'.. i liuh; ;nttnla the litter, suneriir Tooth Ilrusheo, a ll hrret0~i* uea coe adl t iltic:ult to bt.tin. ,r a, !PkPsoa lq uxs.--Ulnder this heautd will be qi. arleodo~d vnoretr of hllil-' told gEtl'tletCII , ?tc-ao'et tbo as, k ote, Car., Needle ard:l Threldl ('.as. Fuavr Srtotcs, S..+ lRtrSlsos, &o.-Of C the latest - ato, toRllll ud of taritquality, cooniting of ptlainand l sati, lOtb.i i.t . velofttauid cloth iScks; Itiutn " llto., plain ll filfecv, with and withilot rulllc; lhiirt Collars, &.o..titll.poolu s lotnle ceX'o.+sly for tils " ".tirrket, calld "\'teshiiltun Srtool.ll . vl;d l ltI, Guma lanic..Worrstedoand Cotton-nett tl. will aund without S forlsta Pantaloon Striop, with wire +priorhi; and greti variety of~ggctlotneo's w0ar, mndc exlcn'+-Iv itr the re )tit trdo;by A. L. Vanhtrno & Son, of h'ltilhdrtlphi. Ci.oiras. *neral &completeo .sortnt tnlt of Coltnbs, k --from their ohifactory. .Alo, E:g!iah anlld French lredsing (dttit &Co. Paasroa Ciaos--From-the manuoateorv of Iinm B.,. Bartlett and Forl; F:renuh and GUrmialat do.; a* lsilards, &c. &e. .oa TZT he above are bultt a prtion of the ortilee rc - eived, which, in addition to their fiormer stock, will be a" Siow forrash, or city a.eeeptances. o6 REES.& D'L.ANG.E, 1. Camp at. ='+". BOOKS. ".k' " OVELS-Cvril Thornt'itl; Thel' Yotn Duke; 'lita ' l tati;U Caleb Wilriam, Dc Vere; Tile SlnOtlulrt; Mcslina:Tlie Spy; Westward Tin; tenry llatet.l ton; Talen of he .lntihb Spa- Velenrin-t.;The Inotlr , lnuts; Canvnas1ilne The .l'ly C,,llcd;'l'hc Ijlfnlir " tlnate Mat: Niflita at Mete; Specu'ttito; lIlubert Wandall; Witkons Tottle;'Sketrces of a Poit Tioln; tandom Shots; Elkswattawn; The Alan of Ilonoe; Nuts to Crack- SheplShnrd Lee; Diary ofua l) ssra -.' Tales o'Oar iNeighbtwirhood; Thle lisitlierit ' lf lnfessions and Crines eoa Lonildon Clegomtlo; esofFashlion and Reaolity; The Mailcnsi; Dauon. I+ ttlt; Tales of a Plhysician; Seamperiowti T''he " ýSboketch Btook; Ciuise of the Midge, 2d eris .a_ cIrey; Legends and Stories of Irluand, Tates M'* Peerage and Peasantry; Love and Pride; tI Ha j Soulangundli; Kolhnilgstnark; John ' - iistltohr Jonatoha; The American io " a tlltlhilla Isettlers fronl Algiers; Mo Itattalsn of MlHtttmns; Tales of the Wars if Mon treans; Gil Bllas; Rodeirick Random; The High' land Smugglers; VillgeBolle Allen Beck; The ,Modern Cymoo; Chances and Chang.ns; Winter is " 'the West; Hunphrey Clinker, Frank, Horry and Lucy by Miss Edg'worth; T'he Pick Wick Clul; S Msee aats C'letk; George iulrolllbe; Home, or the Iron Rule, Ilurry OReCardon Eot anld West; Thei Warlock; Scenes in Our Parislh Dare;r The Coon S tess sd Oilither Tale,; Roxabel; Gillbert Gurney; The Linswoode; Allen Preecott; Twelve Motltho Campaign in Spailt; lily Cttiil Nieholat, Iost snoond; Paul Pry's Coilmc Sketch Blook; Belftore Regir Patti Ulrie; Miirrihn Coflitl, Toln JIones; Paul bifford; Eugeo Aratom; liovereux, Ths Stu deon; The Bandit's Bride; Mysteries of Udolpho, S cottilsh Chifc.; li)on koixrote; 'rhi Hunborian .Irothers. Also, a variety of Standard oand Clanssi cal Workstfor sale by m o3 tlfITC+KStSor- (:no. i., Cfl.hateo ,r. STATE OF LOUISIANA-To all whim these pre ,t Bents may concen.: Greeting. Know ve, that ihreao, Francnsa .0elicoirt Bienvnu,a residellt of the 'r.-.-inrh of St Bernard, hots applied to one, Octave S lRouean, ex eflicio, Clerk of the court of Probates, in orod fcr the parish of St Bernard, tbr monidatio or adver tihement in confirmni to the act of the Legilfatr re of the dtate, entitled "Ait act far tile further ossaran. e o -'otllirf purchaseers at jadirial sales," approved on tile Sllthb areh, 1834. Notice is hereby given to all wit i ke may oneern, that by virtue and prsaant to an renmdered b a the honorable the Court ofPrbbntes, in at.1 for the nprish of St Bernard, bearing date )ecombhe, 14th, 183, in the matter of the etleessioo of Antonio Distarnu ls, granted on the petition of Francoin Meli se:Brt Bieovenu. i, the undersaiged, actig an Cx ofncio alettonoeer, did on the nbthll day of Jonsart, 1836, nt Hewlett's Ex. i n ., in the city of New tirleans, nxpose for public ate by utctiont, tho propterty hereinafter described ntd 4adjudicated tothe aforesanid Francois Meticort Bitenve tin;, he being the last and hiyhest bidder, for the price of Aevent'y-even thousaod dollars, viz: DeeptnlinO of properly as givetn it the Jidicial con veyaonce. lit. A Sugartldantttion nith all the nbildihas nod itt provements therron, ituatoo in the al' t onf t 1r heard, on the Byvoi 00x Beauttf, at tatt six mi-s iro m 'the river Missiae':p,i, meltsrinlt eitltcen arpreatu ani 4 h1ses front on. btth sides of tile lllvou atx lorllst, with a depth of fotrty nrlpents oil both t ides oiaf saidt layTou hounded on tite upter fine,, and on both sides of said Bayou by the propertv of the Rotaln Cthoflic Church ofl'te parish of St Bernard, and ou ti e Ilo er Sline alsoon both sides of soaid Bayou, by the plhtatiini of Mr G N Aliard 2d. Another tract of land situated in said pio h bot tween the property of ti e tomlnla C atojC i Ch(urh , Ihe Parisc laoSt Bernarod, ans d the properltt of Mlrs Juan Poar, hvintg 28 toitc aes nd the fet ori on both -aide of said Bayou ottx lacufc, with a dcptt of l' ft'v sr nets on both sides of said Baronr. 3,1. Another portion of irt sid ir d on thle nIorth lionrt el said Baonro, betCween tiCe plantatiot o1f 1Ir Pi'orce Jenda, an.d that of Sr Jeal lSol h avin .l- ries aind Plwo feet front on said Bayou, with a dpthl of o Ibrl ar pents. 4th. Another portion of linel situated on ile clulllh pate of the said Utrotll, beoweenll tito pllaltntiil, f tli said Pierre Jorda, jlt tiant of said Jean c li.s, thatin. seae tiae frontt ou said Bayot., with a deptht of torty ar oisenos. ALl the catotle, horsaes, anialttt, and tll t! a mteOatlet .t.rWapefly ppertainina to said otinlt::taf . And also the 58 followo l ave.: loeie 48 years,-Maoir o5 IearPn 't Bob 30 years, rBly Jackson30 yours; Iuoto 28 a eaIrs , HIesor n " vs W'illiam 35 yeaars, Bill Duplottt 3 rs, P igrdl 25 years, Little Bob 25 yars; Ice yearst t lt, 'Iobv t' eaors, Little Snmedi 18 years, saao c 17 t vealr; 88ill dt do< Tom do do, Beoaunparte 15 yvers, little Sam 1, ! errs ILaicha 16 years, Bocy 60 yrs,, Yazoo a5 years, Sat mou 9 yearn, Mary 2tD years, Silvio Ilirkslnn 15 t ears Silvia Jackson 3 .t,, with her child 1" ttns ol d, 'arv . do, Abigail 18 do, Amelia t5 do, Jenny .30 to,, ,,ire 25 do, Maia 20 do, with her two chlildren, oine ,f 1t moniths aid the other of I montths, Dollt 20t' tt rsStS. eano 35 years, and her two ,hildren, one of 3 years &. thehoter of 8 months, Rose 45 years, Jttlie r28 y .ear: bher child RBtis 5 years. Judith 530 e al, au, hvlr chil Syearae, Cboiotte:l0 years, t',tty 2 yenrs, Atnt fti0 t, isaon 1I ye.r., Ntte.. it.',tlr. Cr...e. 1,0 pear., ly..'I .dodo, Clue 35 years, .larite 70 years; Maria 5t0 yres, & her child Marie Louise 4 years, Blett h0 yeaers, beltI 40 years, Little Rose 19 eItars, Peggy 15 years. Conditions ot Hale.--t'lhe trchaoer haltl assunmet the ,i.stion to pay the follnwing snms to wit: Pb[ um o.a of3d,970 to the Bfankl ot f Lottitinta, on tie Lth Aprif,lttlo. The sum of $1'..50 to Mr Baiot .lT:- a0r , s'n tlhe let March, 1835; atd the sum of 10i,:1S0, on tI 1st .ltarch, 187. The oum of $1,008 to Mr L B Mao-arto, orrthtc 30th of January, t336. Atd tie balance at one, two, tire' :-t I f,-'o 'ar:' 7 eredit, in n'ltes enhort,.l t,. t'ilf,l-t:oitII, , ,trtlcinl tugage until itutt litYll-t.v t. Whrefore, all p1l'.olri who, etr, s,'t tip n!t:; righ, ola e or clattm,1 itlltndt tthie lth,' I f ttol ralilto , tIolf-i t i tlaod,andl elare bove dlcrri,.:d, i;s 1 ," rc "fun informality it t'ie orot 'r, d-crre,, or jt I gll,.ml- , ,',rtre I( .niR'a, lnd l.ud,.r whit.h- thtte a-e wats o oih, ir ay cealrity or illegnlit tits uliil'aitauieitel or ua Iv.ctitt- - oiesn , in tilie or a.ilret n o sal.c , oc r a fin lln y f, erra u r i O defect whatsoevera iterohy rIt'ihad ndn Iiah el, . " I shaowconie withintt thirty'dt,' It',',the i ,!-lirn-t - qlenof thisamootilttin t'he publllilppers, iro, th I .r llt a to nade as anliresatd, shot i, o ut ir-tl t carni¢d andI h nmolecatedt ag'reeably it) the toratrelo the ptc, iifo.t., ill Wiinell ioltnhll n' satoll o " :limh. tlt= -- d v of Jone, A. '. I0ft3, illa 0I0tth year of t'. int;? lOi l of i .hi r .. :.c 'l l ,i. ·l ..i k. ' 1 :. '-- L . al' 11.E 1,:II'ISI I SI 1'.11)-].. ,' 117_-. ,,-, P A I N R .V I S 'l ' : ! b y th e -ior l' "ll lr " . .ill ,ll i • ll l S lainl" in 2 vO ii.+- ,[[.'rrl ('.'5e-lt':'/:/, nl "l. i lT ,I I1~ 1 tbetnthor of "Cecil IIde," intoty i l. %G/ ' I.r'/.'.o":; :1'e dPlnenl, ond otfher ttle,, by the hatOtor, tf h Iy'. i-l-l l vols. Nii'od', ltami Tllltrtt itir-i.m , o ct-<d t ot e_6 charuoteristic ottct.s.-e, iamn and dtot ,,f 0;" sifiho "lNiC of a Siilourn',"&. tUl : '+l :. {'Cotmllllt'll:l'l,'7.o it'; te-dAmterica, lr Jtoseli 'torSte , t.. I ). I -ii ., llllt - lated by Dr'deo, Pop:,, p.' ',m',, lhtisuf ' ioifer-,f inulyv@.. forining N l221 and . if "lll i. (t'i:-ivn! : Libe.u ." litfatuttvi 'Jartic-, or r s f- 'a u" to '"-i-r and mnlarl'tre o t'tfrhe It itei -'l:its hit it 'm, ty" t1t,jr,, General eaott, U. S. .+u',u in :I viil. Ju-t it,.d eJ fbr sale qy '.. i. :, gorn, r' ('unt-, lill, & 1fin' ;t , )Y cornet Cio,, L l tmuion1II~ -t,. - lr.,bee,'e I'hrrtrr. Collection of Colltpmii I t-"."s, on vorr toltil tie. eetirv to itt ittiti olt r-riatim, i1mm ''goI mt11· rat hcitdn, with nuittiwcc remarks on the pyeolltr jnnntttciatioll anti use olf rvlrion-' x oral;l. 'I'lla whine 11 jltyoed as conaiderably to f tcilitntr the ucic' ti'i l ofot a ..erect ,rontutciiiiot of tihe Fcoclh. hty A hcliiar, it new edition, revisced nd ciirrei'tid. Seeietiiott of toe huIndred of Pte'rrina', e,, r.rl'ii nieCd with a keycctaiiioitli'tec tox, it!it-o II an firi . 'ranolation, trriticd in such n manner ttc I,, Ittm. oat t11t retire betwnen the Frti'iich and It.IICictb i-iotn *iintot Iren workt 'xt.liOlin tlijit '·I1I·1\I, haho al eet bye a short trt'eti c on the socomi cclii't I. rtc Iktoanae cottipred wit',. those of the I:nItlill APcnouncing French Pricier, o the Sctholar's r;uid t* the accurtto ptmitutciahomlean it it.'toia m phc yi iio French latttt- ager, contotainin its lemteittii itt-rrin-o to' she beet ustge, by Blernartd T'Icttotici, j t'i rc-iv I unti *lr rate by Wf tit to AN, ,at (Jr Camp .4, Con, motI.. ER.CIstrtnoelated by Phittip Friot c i', tflt citii .drtA e q. by ietn Jotict, Coict, iueMilt -n, tIe til., SJ'ol'Addioctt, Swift Cttotirririt, 'l? i M It- u, y I'oll *Nryende. and Wonmnicl thtcrceii.tciiwtjt ic the ·U RUS wi~r 5lth te cppetio :bit J e. I rrz u-l t .ti"V.01t1rttp , cite edittoit with llicit iming lim, it; t ilr o ii tUPR.', tiLti`KR of " NeyiUtidhi ^mi fterAtob im '(q. iFFOR! tio v tti ,;ttcr tif pt. (ie 7rlPA1"; it Tule3by tbron'IA it *tc Fr brI··N, - r 5ti. tt4 C"" It 'in i -,un l'iile e 0. Wltitctltctt," S0o,11!:o1 1 'edII' Pp'ircn C tit Itto, 15i hit it, no N : imi rr.~t. I iii Hi (ancOt itto-t7i',u Nt 'poti 'I- ito fi 1'it-,"a J 'itu tt i a ow receivind from pltiys Xx'll;:!e, Luisvril le Ktibntckyb.b Iole other Ilte bbbltrls trom lb .orle ii : iatter- .d and neIw siolietrld asdsornlioit S Lhis , r oots, Shoes and Llros ; ns Sanlsiiotitg's line c:df aLtnl hroo et boot' do i' q- fly;3 do Ibilid, and stout wasx Iw ged boots o Sar'iots nlalities; men's tins calf s(:acil ud oiroe. t•" p.. tpums and brogb its, bnckskion hoes, broans asl Sltipevs; men'sfine call anld kippeld shnsesnn i Illbroms do boots; ido s.tot kip and shoo anl. brogns; gentlemen'r best qitudity cilsewe, shotC Sbrogans and Jack I)ownitngts; do calf and Mtoroc obuckle shoes and blro.lnis do colt, seal and SMooce' ldian stt eslaOns slipipers, i do calf, bull atn seas wmbt :, new rt'icle; do ille c.ll; se:l nlid moroco qlll:l(rt boots; boys', mises' nnd cbilidlle's peg:ed and sawc biotjatts, n t tiots of cvetry qattlit toll k:it. Also a general assortmnlnt of n(,le's sto waIx an t ir l otans aml sooes, togeilher with lt),it. polt 1 "gro h bust quality, russ1tt brolonis, nuiled in ll siut.wts, male exprlessly forp tlaolation use; a glod a ; ltlulle t of nel' filln . and stout kil russetst brogans, Iw . is'e lllI a i le uan.tity ci .ui i i:nflcrior Isl rtussc and1 wax Ibrogwlss t Ladiels' fine culf, seal, mn'oceo ,ntd gnaln welts, or t ibtbtp sole slocs; bo liolne tlrench F \uot'lo ,noo kiil rs IOltnl slilctiIpcrs; do roal sloesi, with lind without heel o calf, seal andl stout4nather bootees; do Prunella shbo iof -llkinbs noid blbiiitesb; lo oastibg brogans; bt giblet 'dt:tsll ltree biootees. lMisses' lasti.g.llngib5t slbcsa: brhogans. Chbibren's colored l1crcoco cutd lasting be gan I snd boots, ke. (;eltlemen'sl fill s!lioonable black silk ilk hats; lo Ila tnl dtilb boeaer do otnt a sp eriort lality; do imitatib Illtam do; lbrom land lbrtow brib lmen's fine h:drb n Ibl:ack RIssin short llbnapped hats, a new article. Youtbb L.o size lots of diilerInt o ymlitins; d. chihhirt. - len's and by's bl:lck eal drblab wool hats el" varioi lrbIws, with general assortenlt of boys' and menll 'Tis assostmc st will be rellcntisltd b) the arrival eoll a ockets rosm the noose onamed hities, all of wtll will Ie told on eoonllllotilltng lterns. seg t--if 'ENNEIL'S MAP OF LOUISIANA,&e. &e NEWb MJlAP OF LOItstAN., willt its crlallbk ro . ll. n distances, fronm place to livtrt, along the stag and stieambost routes, by IS. .'l entser. irITCHLI' .'o IA'P OF THE UoITtED STATES, 5lbowi the priocipal Turnpike and common roads, oit whic a gie'n the distoanes in miles from one place to anotht nlso til eources of thi eamls anod rail roads tblroogi oIt Ilia COstUIer, carefully compiled frbom the beot at flTCHELL c ' rItAVEcLER' lGUtDE T10ROUOH TH UNITED STATES; Iotals of the ronds, distaoCes, Ften boat and oasel routes, &c. just receiovedod for sale - WMit M'KEAN, n23 Corner of Camp & Columon sts NEW PUBLICATIONS. Tals of soy Neighborhood, by tlo authlor of "T' Collegians," in 2 vols. Agnes Serle, br he author of "The HIcireaa," in tw volhoues, Elements of lnternantonal Law, itll a Skente of lIt Ilistoro of thle Scine, byr Ilenrv Wieaton, oL. T.. t. A Praelircal Treatise on Locomntolire ERogir ope Rail A'nays; work intnndedto show tile Cotlstrtetion the mode of acting, and the eloeel of Ihotle engios in I henry nsd."ts to o the mrans or i .enrtnir img, ol in lnnpecptionll l te lonad, id tile results t . ii produce unlder snrious cirlcumstlnlltcer,nrld in dierenet to nalitics; to determnine the qnttitiy of fluel and wnter i Jill regqire to fi tll proporlioens wllirh onht tol ndoitetd in tle conslrtction of an engine, to .tne nr swerany inltended pllr'lose, ret.: wilh practi ca ll tables ,iving at once lhe restl.s of" lte f.rthulrt fitmdyd nop Sbgrealt malsy ew arseritnentsb ltade un ibel sebtle in daily practice on the LivrrpooTnnol Al t. lRatihae willh msiy ditlrenlt eiller I deonlsilcerbh trains ofearringes, to which is tcttled an appendix, siltow wilng tie exprense of enonveilp or.ns bv lronootivt ongines on rail nroad, bo Citev, F t1 It de'Panb r.r Jtstreeived a andf rinlrt Iy \Vt aI'KlFAN, s13 Cornel of Cnlp nad Cnllnnon otetets. L E'I'TEIts, C0,\ VEItSA'I'IONS, & IIEC.OLLI C TPIONS, of S T Coleridge. Koningsoarke, o0r (ld Timeo in tle Ne" \Worold; ie ing Nos 7 and 8 of tle Uniftntt Edition of Pauoldiong' Works. Colton, on the Reliogions StSte oftthe Cotlntry. \Whale Fishery; beiog Nos 26 and 27 of tto Ileoys anI Girls Library. -. Just receioved by J12 C I .AfNCR.OFT II Camp stt. C APTAIN MIAEItIYATl's- iW NOTiN'I.,&, - Rae lirn he Reefer, by the urltor of P'eter Sinpli in t vols. Rkimmings, or n Winter ot Siitlons tlai'fleld in ltower Styria, by Captain Blas il lBlb, evel l Na, o . Fit s., in 1 vol. Lord Rotlnn, a romance byi Allan Ctutnitcntotth , I vci. Shep.oard Lee. written Ity tiimsell;i itt yob d Compendious llistorq n J Itly, tuoinotorei nroot tlhe original Itsteoc, Ity Notltnici (leeno, in1 vol. for roing No. 79 of llnre's l nriltt .ibrarv en Vols. :l &t 4 of Itle new tittlltlelto otl tlllift;trf editiolnl of t'ashit..on I.,in..'s toellons. Roger's lFrench anod Eho,%ish 1ictiiioonars,. I tol, 3ro. lgttgnl's Frockh tnd l.nglish Dircliotoir. Bno,tar's 7'lehomnre Bolotart's ey io l''rletnque. lolmar's l'rtrench Colloquiol o hislroeos. ionlmnr's lr'rt h F'ob/es and Key. .trno'i,on First (flass Booh'. Colnru's I'irstl Lessons on . lrtlhnrctel DI)bernlofitnt nad ho00s'0 (.'topll/rte T'realise on the thbl/ nrL of Disnilla/io t antd l'er/if.cteia, new .Lso--A flew co pl:s "af lulwer'a 1did't Ithe L ol tlhe Tribunoc. IFor sle Iyt ntl t'. "1lhi1\_ ftNl,... oh b b ot . l Ill l o'filI t ' ies of ot loon o, ,p ·ti l o • pm I - ci pl llbmule entracters in" Lo'd IEvron's Ioem s ,. itutonlp aro'Milith",: il' .Il l ustra tions ' ohfe il ll ]+ I I .'t+.q I . l plil btt [s ++i th o Itot .ts t llo,, orti ollos e!orito to, o to h' . pl ot. I.otlh oe (tdof slil. of l .bro, toktot r i llg o. 71' 'of aitotw of t ii l ie.o.! Bt'tt l o r Dodel . y I ii t ntt ' I it th Ol an Nw ''t n el: , frln fin g-l d < • it Illtr) .llc 1o1 l 'lrlllar llt \Yloll.'h .+tilll kt '~.l l~~llll on II th< .'put hot otto o'oog'to t h'nf'.. I allorottootfolh.'it l'oo'oof-a to h l io. oti. to h o' b t lo oo " n of ihro en.o tot, . l ott tll 'ol , oIo''ll .oo oooo'i tll oflo ooo tl+totLtotoo +\Ips . i I t/t't o JotooItt S: o'op-t/oooh. I, Iot otootel Pot Jlluy wl, il i ll wit h hy l 1r I .1filll z rhltll ll ,lld t l+'+.+,', liv \Villim Ih'.+:k,.nd~l~'] l 1.. I +.i e u.'"J lb F g oo oooan of il oonlooo liob. Il' Root tolllolw . oa ' 'eli 'ottorti t p tortl . w0' itbh t l, h rtoi to g ott o i'Jt lt ' Ill l llt l jio. , 'jot, toot u .thoro, , i i t. ih I th nl l of t t *, 1 . f Instra ih,,ri' tIveni e ra-iBs nr woo. J b hll r tnr II Ti tor I ilmlovo of tOl ht Il o t i i h ' Itrott litr o.- i "tlt '':t:oilf lf r t thti S'Io, . t I Ji u I oe r gtoo tha t deatha tof G or herUd, i f t ftn iut ion c l" t'o I::ilr2l. l l Wh elllltoln Ithr e nllt'·l ol n at. the nd o "l'o ded B ro nl. k o u il. the biork an .Itig o ta l h.In , l+re dhed hv a ,o . sa . la 10l. bIN l,+ J '. l'0'otr,. 11001 . o tols,, o0 t nor MI corner fC upll~il~ :C·O!lll ('an 1 I/ t'lt.od' YO l tlhe . ... .. . o i T. -1. ,le l n d D. i . A I( he... . a UN uOTi P O . It'.tIh toot,, !ot'oto to'o loot, I on''otfi!,o amo ho+ 1 0l 0!,r t' o ,,o oo'o'',o T D'Ilrl ,.,!~ b;.I t:I1o 1:nlh. re1 .+t"" l o·II1:I Il~inhe. tlll· 1, 1I)-l~~i l~ ;: illI t I-· E l ri I(1I:1.Iiil( i(P ill rec a t u.ln rto f /' t I 7t',/!, mJ ir sreo l tf /to woh ltI+ C 0T I.o1o 0 ' t1o 1'litm + j I i '.l:l. lltri) ll H;l/ :l~il . 'el' .ll'l~l ()111" N,'li, izhh Irhotl: h,' hll I o to.t' tol',h,, ,il. toot,' tot.! ''00!l IIth ,! 0,0t ., to.,, to oam t the 00s~u; ra . !'yr.S ~pt,"01 - l.t tlloot ooot.' tolost O hlltitlo h WIi ; lih i f' I IN ' I whh i 'hll~l rl t+r· i sl sk(,l<:I( h(I ,. 11( tll" j~ (Iho +:I oll I v~lll~~ I,.L" Icrll l~[i(l.,i, . all thll: r ofII Turne'lli .-sl A(in lill' lll i 'T " tiJ'.l"0I00 001"Ot 1101000000 '000. 'ir* o h ,r ooa'o'o ''t'ooo ' ' p..' l iooto, e Ioottotolt ll , t!,L , I , ti."c-'r ffl'.at·,v · I ':ih iil.qIilll )-II (;lltlbl~ l it1( h hS (lf*~· t ji rlti , . ()I' IIII, ll Ill,., ?1'1)1 ( 11 ll' U Il.!;· , I ll'jll, E (II I ll:s+. h *ri Itiill l,.It . 'iiilillido III( ll' l! cxped:~r~~: itii] 0, 'oo'oo 'o'oll lt,. ll'llllt o l'l' t lio I lli] t oo I . lolo illlo '' "'000 ' 0 i iltootl,' ! I" -, ir. I c,, an v s ++ ,. 'too''.l o'." 0" Oh' ito, " o +ijl oti1. , .'.ort , i, .Ai, wh o,,o, p, ,- -:i i:3 I.ib+ ~ of(e a ll wum w++, r· I I'il: · . ,, lt''j'l''to''torI-! I'o,,b,t',,'.o toot r .00000,I toote+. to,' 'Ob'o-~ ll;.,, Cllnl wiP. . ¢.{ l,.,;t. "~ t~ m l A h',rl'liri ' I.* illt' I0' lo ' rht I 'lllll ill ..-.1 I )tN- ;,' ' ','ro,-; -.1 ,ll t '!It jll+o i lillolfltti ll + l+hqon ''-1 otrownolh0000! t,O-+duih h tooth',, Nooto' tootke, su.:t''o'tooooooottoo+io~ot,'ooi totth,'th .', ".'+' 'Otoot Ii lh tto, I ot'O'nlc ,tho i Itt oooo hioooooot'ooiotll+'.hio b obott .,,I,'to''.'otot fooooooUtiot I , ,i . ..... l' .... l I . 0" Ilot.,',, o tl'oo" 0! i ttltottttor o oI' o oiotl o 1,1 ttll. t.h I tot'!t.ttoto lh',+o ',oo , ootitofotoooooooo w" =oooito oto11 l it 'ioit t o toot, .. .,:ooooio o. ,-.o t l, ,,, :,,,,,,t, .... o,'o,, o:, l' to 111t'l 1lml'(l·i1, niitll~lr~l \'l't7'l .lltblho l" " m~too F oo .'ttootlo "lr.ieooo..ii! o't'Oo4.r'o 00, 0t lO 00' I'0' lothto , ooo N ::to .\to oio,' ottit,'s oi" t 000'm~l; Iooo''t' o. 'oto.I itrtjitot oI.ol ootoi ooo,,ot~ lc 0000,! , oj IE<II'' .Mu ,i' 11't. 0 hooti~ KJ ol .Is i" til . II' jot Stl'oo'oioo t o, i'i h+ni oiot.o'iof 000 Os ' , ooo~iof itothst 't o t''oooi.' jot I ' i+t~iv ( jf t a t'o'oooo Olfllltt i n hl hrlh itoo ih, lU,'!,,. i0'oollio'o of i'o'ooet loolhusex. tllih,+ IIOt . t! 'j n i r o t o nt,, . ill,. .1. - It' lop'';` " b' tt 'I~··lli . ,i ;;;;r ( J ,1~ t -.i't I ,,!' 'totl 0', ito'l' lot, I'0 Ot~tO ~~v.N g·ll'r<n. tqlililll. .ltl :ltll ,i . ttndI iln c ;rid Ilrl.v,, eli t I'tt to 'to iz 'iiiiiatx.ll~l ,"ll oittl' l t oolil tl ditto' Ilorot' + l Ilitotli'lo it.0.'ohi' itiiN J. [ .otitl t.o1\ I''()thobt' 00ttl too" 'tto iTo I IY i IRICIIARDS, Tobacco and Snuff manufac turer, No. W17, Cau, r, New-Orleans, wishes to informn his Irlenms nid the public in generel, (1t.1 he 0now prepared to itrnishl un thi.l, ill the above business, andtl IIs cosllitatly for ale Che tollowang articles: SNU FFS. Rose, German Rlappee, Mencaboy, Enaglish Pari - .:llegent, Amenrican RIqapee; Naichito tiets, Inlltated, A:merican genlleman's, nflale lnot, Italllketlt laptpt, Iraish lauekgnagl, St. timau, Caulacos, Paris, 'Pure Spnish, 'lalf et arse Ilappec, Scotch, anda genne 0 toth powder. Fine cut chewing, sweet seoted lor pllain. S lille eat smoking, of various qualities. Rib-loot Virgoins, Spanish, eo. Tlle naboveoatioles re all warranted as g dl, ,f .t su iperire to any thing of lte kind importdl, ltand will be "t llnisa d to dlealers oa tile Inest lihtal ter, ns may 4 29 MAGAZINE: STREET, NEW-ORLEANS. TOSEPHI KNETI'LE, & Co.-ltmporters ofForeign ' oad Domestic lardwatre, re receiving from Eu rope and the Atlantic Cities, direct from thel Manufac turers, an extensive assortmlent of Faney and hIeavy llordware comprising every article in tlhe line white they offer low. itountry Merlhants and otlhers are invited to call and Sxamine ileir stock which consists, in part, of table, n latther's, pocket, saddler's Oar strmw kalves, plated and l Britania tea m epons,nertle, pins, looks and eyes, sho e ela and spades, tongs, shovels, fenders, andirons, Brit raulia natl jalonald ware, lnrtles, blank books and pa , tper, looking glassres, anvil, vices, sreOw laites, tand, Sselldge atid nail hlamtero, smiths bellows, Americant and English blister, cat, shear, Gernlan and erowley steel, r ploagh moulds trace, ox and log elltain, weedinag, Louis iana andlgrbbing Ibnes, lMalttocks, 1ilk axes, crn and grass scythes, Collins, Kigs ntald Siattons choplog Saxes, wroght, horse and cut nails, cttnon and wool cards, cofele and corn mills,ldanes and plain ironas,his els, gouges, lohks, sad, ironS, tooks and Ibinges, guns. ' pistols, shot, .owder and lioIl orllor aske,pircae.ion aps, powder. toea, sfi, brass antd bell lMetal kettles, gun, Sknob cehest, trunk and pad locks, bridle bits, stirrnps, _ _ 3 0. r;1, " GOODS- B Simmons & co are now re a1- ceiving from on berld slips Yazoo, nucl Saratoga, ellbri Concordin, from New York, a great variety of good in toteir line, whlcl together with their former stock on Ill.nd, iakes tlheir asotment very complete. The folloo lng coatpose a part, viz: shell twist, ctrl,silde, t' tk and dressing eombs, bor'ato oefall descriptions, In daIe rubber, silk and worsted elastic mSrters, co aona line elastic saspenders, lon loco ntlcend Lifer mathees, Seidllit.powtders,owder ptfs and boxes, toilet powder, pocket books and wallets, neredcle books, shell, pearl, itory and lteroce card ecases, lhead lornaments, plain co cal eallras, necklaces anl negligees, bleadl chainse,hoa neeklaces, cut glnon atl ptlaia,cseed,siver nand gilt hedtls, Indian benads, bello and plumes; pitttol-ald lorte pew aer I0tsks, shot tells, horsee, belt. pockof and aoeiling pistol; doul·hlelndsingle barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dairks,. sioasrt, ahlers, pocket knives, guard chans, and riblbns, waist buckles, cloth, hlair, toota, nail,comh, ruand. lh, latsho e, dfloor and dusting brushes, Cologne, Florida, lavenlder, rose ald hay water,assorted es.enaces, and extclacts ,,Maoeeessar, bear, lntiqe, aolid Vardls voe-r getablo hair oil", sltring and toilet songs of ll des criptions, ldies' and ettttlemens' desk. an dtressing conaes, hair rieglets, frizelttes ad braide, plain, fancy and musical workiboxteo, plain and gilt, figured, al'oat and vestbuttons, pearl and ivory shirt do, sil t studd, gold and silver tpencil cases, tootplehk a and tweezer; ,;lated nalI gilt lockets, natiialare do, silver, Ibraos an(d steel tlimtles, looks and eyaes, Ihir pint, imitation fruit, hlk anld rcdtlk,iaao blacking, violins and geiaoro,ribhed iaud plain perenssion caps, liton twine, seentetd cash ioens, old alld siler lace and fringe, latter paper, game bagsriding twhip, walking anes, playingcards, fine gold, pltanl attd gilt jowllry &e. liThe above, together with a great variety of other ati cles are offered at whollesale or eiail on accommodating Nte B Shell combs repaired. PO vLi &1 MAY, ilouse, Sigit, and OrnamCnoI J Painters, No I3 Catrmidele street, two doors lion nd~ anal street. Initations of the following woods and marbles, ex ecuted in a masterly mat0uer. WOODS. I w, LE.. . Midogany, : Egyptinn bhock nwd gold, ic Oak, C'i:ola iod Autico, Pollard do, Orienial or verd alltique, r Curled do, Jsper, SCu'rled \laple, IBlod Stone, lli.rls I'Se stc i trlby Cltnile, t. S:,tin \Vnod, I'ovlmn.e , Ilisr "Wood, Iove or c lurdello, le Yvw Tr'e, lIalian White. r- Coromsntsle or Illhck Si:ann :l:ad IlroctellR, itme Wosiodt Alnslrio': iGre-y, As Ash itecOak, k ko. U. &re. Curled him, ' Specimens to b sreen at the shop. 'Paits. oils, )lalss, coli \arniscd, &ke. oi kass ndmutoesllosc. NEfV )i LECANN SAI)DIDLE & IIARtNESS WAREIIOUSE, No. 31), ronRNl CisTc sIt1c tc AND CllIurtsII S STS! ill sTHE Sutscribers 'are ow oos rsceisitsg by the packels In. otheahr hlate a'limals liom New York, ill uhlitiol Ito tIhesir former stlol,· , a Ilrge inld hall'some assostln.ll iof SddTlsry, stkinlg tl eir s plllt li l the sen.1n. [nll e :Id con pilctc-cmlpri jsitg e\ccy kinl atc qiuality ol -rticle ill their lime,:u on. which are aIdlics' nd 1isses':llc, piain aod quilted, St(; seII ILts.'s dsi Pilsn, Slunish and Creole, I'iilles, b ttlle Itlltlgsnc mallriogscbs, - Saddle bags, donhle:ml bitlgle th V ,lic s a.d medical bags, -rcusscls anl Valencia carpet do. VWorsted girtlhs adc sursinglcs, Cotton do do. Viorsted and sttoininl webb, Saddle-trees al:d stirrl leathers, I Inlstels il d pistol h lits, Ilest iron ' d leatllher tirunks, of asorte. d sizeiPs, i litns nail boot top do do do rVtCort, sgig atd crop whips," tcs. ' si o ( nilctltcsc 'stct ido, Pl'atdl, ios s ciii Jilplslld harilness, D)o io sIo gig slc, Ito do ds IcleouchIe Ino, Cart lbrecll iho , scoll:l , bridlls i1d l itcs, Ihook and chll ha h ties, C completes Skiiting, harI ess and boHt leCsthes, t Iourocco,, sihelp ld Ieog skins, I Il.oso birllls hs t llc ci tri"y coblls,. ogitheII c wil t iai oNgs assotit ent it" ilaceld, s icss cn stcl "lidhle s bits, ilttl i chi is, slilislls , slts ls, ic si ti t o'w! iSlortationl . A is, 81iK Iist s .uhts. , sfi as bli tslst, .f asio.t e Cl sit reCtiestc s lic o theo IsmanI lc slav st ol ttlokd, iIIsi. all of hich sicflo o tigl t lytosslde tat retla li t thc lowest pLiccb , ccsd os ttIscs to slcs sIt'ls twill al.ciiic lts tos I'es tkie tl le , b"' thV paccis flo.ot l New Yolrk, Iresh sllllllies of' gods ,ii i dCsc illOl ih th(:lit C t t f i iltii(s, ill 41 S 1i IT II, IIL .R1) & Co. "IITIIOI.iSAi.ii AND IRE.I'AiI. ttIA1.Elt is t hlouks, ScI:lnncv, Itolslcl oist'uii ds, , iIlcsc \rticlcso, &c. No. Ii4 islmlt strleti kclls cosillsot l) ii Ilick Ilooks, 'hiip s nI lcIllcos, LetiteIi PI petr Pocket Nhas, Cops do Ncluiitdd withs, Irolio Ioslt IDe.k do Haok do Pomckt ll.ks, PallckWt do a r ( ,olo .v, Ihcll ioin aper, P erl ilc s, ics . ' in, do coh du trilh Inskc, isst toI:tthg toh do s i o t i t lli \I h h i i . llc i sll s w illigd , sks , ilml-sss g dts I) i t tl. Ie: shes lil'st ic sl cit sc -bo sitsInk ('undr, bhick and red fltinst (sd ( lhits sic sl'nih Iii u do Sesli cg ti s I' *relai. doi( \\':i d st a ps, NlIs.s ( silicd SI:.'es, In l:,lls, ort .lhl :IIiII Slate, ti .c I gests St isc oi l uillt s ttletl ,it selitns h s intoll u , boll l rll i I'P lmIs rnii eni " lckgaiino do S"itsii, sd l Ios D >I'll( lit Indst ' ilhl ' (lict , Sil i"stt 'sis I )iStt'tsllt Itit iss gWstssels loo bilt d' s a ii o o lohs, I ,, l'its itisv it \\'ri i , s s altltlr , Jonsli' .\c e it( (l illdo l cS n sie i ch..x1mer 4 sstrisct,d ssto sew isoss isrsrs its! suit stocis If.hi l+.+i Iohi d llt,+ 'il Ieash Poi:nt ource c els' c sf c :s c rc, Icu fl'clie , Sil' r il dllo Iits I hgls tr I'arlsllt i ,l I (iii s is it s.ii litc iti'.l P.t't ccl utee do do brisheris Re c. V t'clg ttsod t ' Ilt'c Ini" titlis t' w 'igh ts, cm- c, ta i ticdih:d Ii ,ks. ]0 ll ts tislts li nitsh! Lsns d t nst "s ih r , lo ,i'stsit sni 1 oit, t t i, I." I , li , 1&. L llck\tn . s c\oag zhimci c ii h tIsIN: s(N't s letir "hs run'tis c l r.iw, t tthe.sme r il , ihu atis ns i tre tiNew rk )rlr.] h, sIuo) sirf o',y,I s c u kuliu i- iih oirtrv , ,'iii.' m ,i Ii h, I n \ sniunbhisic, rtir. s I iitLoiic ood Is lo-1rt \itiiiini. It i· 1 hbl.tinularlyisl. l, d fr prnilt ule r, 1,d 51idis h s llsrle leacn are initd to tll nodi xs ine In h th s t , f I ilinthrl el, Aceans ure given at ftcou sbststu i e as mtsic t ii.l itt ri , norig lhlaIts end s i rmei c i'n,1 h J/7a r r i S' E'I O.N, AVreeI o II o re (). Pl' s t rosscins l for oe i Ott elt of f Icc sioni s ei'TdanId "I ir .od e snt s their prts m ntllst o si s.ades fits No. HI (']m. slrrrt,Ny Neisoso tscoscd I:its lity lway, .' ' 'fiiiI, ii DI phisits rt.,iFlohii lo .o It itiioisrti,,sulaoo dol lef s d for private sissarr, a li r I.P lis.s ad ss ilsoolsein lire ignvited tocals alo Roseisir i ts til _ OIl.ilEAit & Illi Tific El . l I !_I " 1 1 I Lofa hine St. IB . SIMMIONSF & 00, Ijo now recivn . rem .B non board ship Oraens. Eagle, Ilighlodlcr, t'okalr, aletry Andrew, French and Gerosan ploy cards; Back eogaunno l oards; ChesMnseln 2 1-4 nod 2 3 o0 incl Bil liard BIlls; 8, 9, 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives; 0 leathr and other travening Dronsing Canes ; Belt, Pocket, lorseman's, and Duelling Pistols; dauble and single barrelled Guns; Game Bags; Shot Belts; Powder and Pistol Flasks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cups; "Percusniou Caps mad Cull Holdre;'Cloth, Iloir, Tooth; and Niul IBrushes; Orra and Clilsrino Tooth Wash: T'ooth Powder; T'oilet and Shaving Snaps, in great vto ri.ty; longllkair Braids, Riiglets and Frizettes; Peor and ltoilet Pwder; Emery BUg.; Ivory Tab Cushions Patent Slidaes or Garters; Gum IE!a.tic Sospetders; Powder PTafh and Iloxes; tilt Clhaie, Seals und Keysr Ear-drops; Waist luckles; lracelets; Bead Necklaces and Chnins; Gil nand Silvered Belads; Indian Beold, Blell nand Phl esn; Shell eTwit; Side and Draesbin Combs; lwhich,in nadition to their former stock on hand, makes their assortmrm very complete, and will be sold low and on liberal terms, to the sign of the Golden e Comlr. j25-tf 70 Chartres street. V VA!il'I'¥ .'tol')1.1, 1o. It Cam, strueet.t dter Bishop's Hotel-The sttbsrihbers at tso ope a"lg at their new stand, all exteinsive assortments or arttiles, thw-ir lilre, emnprisitrg every variety of Corabs, slt.letes gsn Prfimrl err, Lookig Glossesc, Plot iog Cards .al a large nultlbcer of Faoey artic-les. ''h following st t- Il't a dleseriplion: COMBS- Tortoise na d Brazilian hih top tuck, 1 t and enrted; otie. to. twist, long, seo, piff, side; pose, ad a ,nd dressiag, itvory aa thornt fihe Lcall, dressing and nocket combs; horo, redding aml horasa aambs; wooden;t d dressing, fine tooth and pocket con.u. tl l'iEF0UM EIY-A general assatanijt of Frelnchl t- and Amerienc Perfilmney, consisting u,, .l tgne water a- in bottles, of all slapessand sizes; la.,, Floridtn, d, rose, orange, leamn, jesamnine, bergnolos, .tllrulfletr3, letc. ; Incy soaps of every clescriptioal; maetsar, atiquall, ael, s vepetanble Iair oil and eursliotfluidl; hltorine tootli is- wash, arhoni ann l chlorine dentriicee; scented atul pl:in ad toilet powder; pmatm; prestos salts, et. lorlaSitES--C.- isin'g a, great variety of cloth, )o h ir, flesh, teoth, nail, ecmb, sbavalg, plnte, hearth, is- fine and plain dlusting, sweeping, crumlb flteituee, as, scri:.!dig nad white wash, horse, shoe and 1loner's s, scouring, paint ald varnish brushes, and lsash oal grain I, ing tools of all sizes. at LOOKINIG GLASSES-Comprising galt frames of valrious sizes, 5, ., 2 andI 1 draw toilets; (German stotia, toileota l ouke glass, magnif.lng miors, rs etc. PILAYING CARIlDS-Esgle, Ihory 8thI, Braem, of igblander, Spiel Carten, Frenh and white back Play let ling'Cards. to. FANCY ANI) VARIETY AIITICLES-A supe , ior assortnment of portathle desks, ladies' nail gentle d- met's dressing ens: s and ladies' work boxes; IO u); box e of varoons eritans, suitablr lea trte new year sad Christmas' goils; locket books ot all sorts; suspeln tiers, lmusic-boxes, lead pencils, cmayons, violins, bead Ibgs oa i tulrses, an assoatmenw t oft ftarcy catlds, supcrior ialilj' billiarId balls, paste blaekinl; bone, shirt, vest, fi ll ld suspender buttons; peartl'l ultos andl shirt Stade, znez' strops; gs mamrlines for creatinl lightht Siantisl and anelce segatrs; Illnetaonllta, P'iis, ;.:lappe and Sentcl satalh;~ a ssortlutet of plain and sf ol canes; hack .ammonia bo:ardis; dice, ltutey screenls, optics, Jeois hortis, hltanlotlicas, Iociher tltllels, pins, recllcs, peclussia le, :pis, dlrllnkilg ell cups, nti fltlasks anl galne bags; stret'l, silver and plated sltectaca- .sa; thinbllrs, twine, etc.; a loaoltlsale assortlteta of rlOgtat inags, alltd a l;a;te arie - ty of otlher articles, all of whlich aill be soldf atilo prices, fI' or city aceplta:mecs. d may4 R I '.S S, D'I,ANGE. . S1i. --N'S CONCb18NTRATi.l ... d COMuPOUN'AD SYRUP OF SARSAPARILLA, FOR TIIE CORE oF IScrofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rlheumatism, Chronmlic Cuttanous Dis- Pains in tle Bones, by free S ases, use of Mercury, Sealy Eruptiop , Mnercurial and S ,'piliod Af -Piatllalaes or Pustolsa on tim ferctions, there, Riles, b, aua impure habit of Totter. bedh'y, And all disolrdcrpt rising from the cantaminated state of S the blood, the iujnlaliralountate of mrceurv, &e. F T.O 111 t soccess that has hberetalre ottcdaled this coavenielnolt an active Syrup, it is with tie fullest j cnlfdlence offered to tae Medical Facurlty aut sulfering community, as the tmost powerful curative agent in tile abonve rntred diseases, and for til lItrificaties of the bloodl and eradicatton of such cnrplaintts as arise frota the blood being in a vitiated state. Thia very coneontratod Syrll, i8 preparea witll tihe greatest pllarmacnrticrll care alld actdttrrate, a lcontdaiuse tile active principle of SUrsaparilla in ti;e most col t n rated deagree, eomlinrod witll other vestable ostlistatres of knowll efficacy. Thia great desoideraltom wvit plhsiclals it bieing olare to exhibit a large quantity ofn eaoart Sailhtl l i a tal dose, has been obtained in'tlhin prenlntra u--they, bring fillva eutvined of its meritsr couritenatly admilatt tr it n the course of their practice. price $1 50 plr bottle. eold otly :It S oAI, & BRP.l)IotIE'S drug store, NoI. ii Cnal stea I , wt"e tay he had, fi'eshA talrod iataarraertanr, tha Ir.r'aTa tors, Swailn's Panlama Urll , a ti'rlltiniLe r alter's (i trali cIl, Cuarpenter's Prlelaraltions la t a lilrsa a ld ge enral atsortment of frlesh drtis, e rlle s, &e.l. t il aF Elt l AGIilal ---.sst rcsoid Irttuata's ', a sii tixtulr, ctvero Itfils io t'ca thls iIst d il·ess, Rng of all llisrases, Iaf trlri:u'lt "et-a r aoaa taame :tati Ag c. "hl'is Icielld cloe is ttlite; .clllv admlll lt to I1ac_ eeli lsc] thlt Ilrtensionlls of helt olery InodI of t1'<, I mielill, IIalnl LIthrefoire superstede, s the eitLp loyimit o IwlJ .lllccer merl'irts of tie l iea xtlln rasts uon Fe rar itm t:or cia t ghalleS . It is Clatiral, I f u t l , t.t lcolls II st" lll Ol preest re llalpsle it'th \ie I ,sw w ei t' at-n hae , tItN ta , l i :, I -111 ,r111 11 1. - It I I __ ,t'ttalt aI+ s e Ience:l an0 unpar of 'llled s ccss Leto lotsi o thelJ]'. no ihe l o 'heg lable Il a'rt evr.: e, i trile Iho.':' CIt llog' II Stitie.lng, I.iuetratie of A eolhc ca rl" IH t:lly , "ciIn ) +l Ip IIe :t II't Son ci.t , Sl 1 •,no tio to itle lIoal I Union Icet simt Astm chli lile "t Irutnn tIs Place, "u'othcs~o Ilciadpe :my d Per etaual d w lnil h ao on.flig anlt Si.ul Tihtlln:s' lr blit: , I ,hrlll oi.t T hsle dr uhl, e 'dik n , sl he.l'lsr l of ei 'n yV '" :indl highh ires pto":ote rantio, It Ih noo vn - ised y t(lu the Ic toll ilm ilit xli 0isn0n ionrs ' , c .1 50l? . 5 1. 1 01, 1u rl 1 1, 12 g c cili, it N iii . Y I i lhe u' ec of G lt.r Amr tie itl tit , d tt tt e, w'c. so ] 3cl (Con nb r l Ull . l l' n( 211r.ilal llC a ll o lol- I1 I gh 1:11, iz+ in the lrofli o . t en , h Qs I,, a lie ui Imry stele, to c~heek the <dIls am.I l'oot ronn~ll lt' re. icritn t I', o ln t ihe nt, t i )e lill e Ir ett hi. eoit Jl'O0i l l H 'S T I la & /ROT H E " till utfi o e I tti toc et ge hli c I, )'ii Xtl ul t( o ptli\ il C· c I uto uiul Iiied i clt, Ih ,t it i mii I, i th, l 1ro i o [ s At(usc i clla, n penl l g I lr\t, o b I i bl I i., o , i I 1 ter, hnll uui:mnc, sholu'h l:e k t in e r Pot. \ o o i ca les Ao thn s lce illoess, for, theletd ir1. promb t. o i l:nll r u; , choker, 'nr1nI, II R ItI,s, flii. , ' :lAt ofIt, a u ll )g ton :. lnin I, ,rich to i , t iro vee I lt I hltslo .. t v e , trillc Or phRul,o t' I . lit it w , ll w h io.e'ili i vdoe o d alyc utl , sh uld rbe %nho hr e t ,e t a ' ' 1 ;u' , sra hl in o rckets at it ellrImtit ti tL Iu':I."_' i .. r d ' ,it, t t c tillele t irugtist, booki d lle r, i adi eidor h tie: l yt .t 1 '1theI r, e1 F i /1i)ter ant Iit' ao tiou, rI tio c hog Wlhe1I.4lh h-himonal;s of rofslier sn ,l hange l n: the l ibg Cn in e nt ,me: Sir AIttiit Conic.., i AbernI th~I v i t. s Ituidtell, .it. i),\' fi?, 11. i ),i 1 iJ. Aston Key l, A. Framptut ,tltI, ) a !.t i cIi te s olhlJ . Thl e o1 r 1111igi ls I ay be sa-t~lt n- Ii_( ii l' - " (i 1oenl:ll Ageoti, y womi the r telt -ie iio i 't- . l toe othis ,iuuuili Ill. to Jli i o till applicatiolt , fu"g lll c;h+s ,1NO. . t Ic),i. it, I'39 W; cel , N. Yol :Stidrle Gljenler:d A','mt mr i th, " lo. ,s &ll, L, Flat' .'oo" ipl/e teot't , ti lhe (igu c I,;/ I ' rlr to . fotu i't ill t D tilueilatt'(h u il lul+'w , iod oo lh'r " 'I it T tl.l N i l- . P. l'iieIF I & oCI . jio' I A (ý lN I vuu I~ l tic ltit rlod e, ttg hilt n o 2FIIIie of hlolltii.tllsb tteilt 1 oeniit lloittII I tielIloio .i Iiil to iot,,,o o i in ttttentios, , ii,,er lse 1,ositelo S n.od lF reii,,n ico'l '% "l r !)t i 1 tl II/Ntf ili, " iill tin tu"b iuleiI tnull iudiehdrleei i -; on o int l to .ite ooi , ith fthe wo rks of{"'ie) uPf-t V, altln" . lltl os, \ ,li !i + ,I-I', Stor1., ý.(% ait nt]IC+ Diploma w' ,,ls <o l -l;r iG t.1 llcour wilhf r'nlit n lit l, l.r I) oln otEiI it s d ine io Iv ji st received a to i' ere ty "uW t1.1'Kt Ei.\N ,l Io li '2 Coto er i ,1 (ih o lllll " ('allom llllll sit l I s i'sidenlee llt litlile I'edliI1m h . CunIIs,.,, or il Yu\ ; Ilv Modell de .qht; Ilatasrn, tr hsni Pat'd frlht- thle. r:Liho fi" Sh lltand Noe'. s; Tlhe 1'o Ilrc a] I':la ,rsi, it 1, I, I, . Ailtue rieall t di'oo wit ell - n mi 17.crnas 1. crl. tlilt..: ili '2 vols. I)III KF' D AND) [.Iý..LE['I 5 lhl E31.P -- ew edition: _ tillso tI to o o ell i I o clll. i ut g I i'lltil l l s o . J tll v n o wtP, - io i eI rse- ao - pro o With i lift+, bt Ie t v Io illfrd: , Hil, oe pl c iitl tc 19 INol. X'l te l; soo i 1t m ll A oti i Sc rip l in llO It'll]X-v r ad il r'ti lltfl, s iof" 1;13 "t"ier . )h, AIid Ia1] ii~l.O ller or 1. r* (hlet,. by v ihe I le l;c, h • \% auditedl, con be tat tled Ior in scripp; ro, ido tl the nu wt t R ,% 1Ir'/:l.. 13 4N', 1lrrel.holll' E::,,hinge B Brower, & Co TlAE just atseivedat their )Fnrucishing Ware-holer 1 No. 17 C:amp sttet, by recent arrivals friom 'oo rope, andl the North, large aolitioos to thIcir stock ti uselhl andornamentul Iod'skeelrping articles, which ctl lectively (they believe) form an nssortsment more geller al and complete than is to lie found in nny similar estab hlshmet kownl; eonsistin of SILVERt WVAItE. Coffee ad tea sets; pitehers, wsitero, castors, enndle' sticks, cups, tmbloers and goblets; tableh ani desert ltorksc; table, desert ond tea spoons; marrow arnd gravy, or Ia geot spoon ogar tocgo; sog'r, , cc nndsoop lacleo; ; scotter, fioit, poichloog and filsth nives; pickleclo trsoort knives anod forks npkins riglgs, pto. pcitltivtllv hom the motnctorTy of Mr it. fardiner, of Nc-eYork, Swhose longestablisheld ept;ation for tie manmdsetore of silver waioY is suitIcient guaroantoe of its superior uoality. LA 'ED WAREl OF SIIEFFIRLD AND I1tU MItNIGHAM. Tea and eofftrorn, tec setts; ensteors, liquor and co dial stands; soperb enndlehros, and Epcergues witcl milr ror plateaux, tfor centre of the dicner or s,,ppltr tale; watrrs rounl and oblong, from 8 to 1.t inches; beef steak and vegetnboe dishes; rich dish covers; cake oandl b read baskets; decenntcr stands; mnotle and chamberoiC oandlesttcks; wine stsiners;s coolers and syphnls; decan ter lobels, claret corks, tea strainers, tIlte bells, tea, tn tIe, egg anl mustard spoons; egg boilers sand stnds, toast mcoes, kc. SILVER ON STEEL WARtE. . S Table and desert tknives, folrkos Id spooons; soep and sauce ladles; butter and fish knives, chesce scoops, .-' paragus longs, vegethble foohs, cte. lAPANNEII.Y. Filoe Gothic Sanldwich aln rhut l e ornel waiters, io setts and single, ti-om 8 to 31 inohes; do ofl'ppieor mar/r; bread, cheese, and knith trays ; hrge upriglt pilate corwoocro; spice, Sogako aclo(o cash Iooses; prsocsioog coos; Ilodia tea tables io ncets, cadolies, Jappco:oacot oocotd of rich tortoise shell, etc. l.AMPS. An extessive assortment, amonog swhich nre Astlle lc isocs all bronlzecd aol gilt, and of riclh et glass; noIotle lamps do, do, each pin a nd withg ass Irissms ery a sslrleollolil rot gloam do l hloolzcd ooocd JapacnneOo side or hrack.t lamps CIIANDELIERI S AND IIAN112G LAMPS. Ecoglish and Frenco colt 'lnss chtlleclliers or Iostrs o 8, 10, 15, 18, annod 24 lights; l'orencroh I'oozed col gilt Grician lompos, 3, 4 aloo 8 liglots; hall Ishmcos aodi lan terlls, riech brollze boat oretre loeclo for Illlill rooms, from 1 to i lglitts, 1:np shades, ghlssesran wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANIILESllAS AND VASES. Bronzred calo marble; bronzed anll gilt. and all gilt, witll fixores, etae; eoutntilng hnuse lnd kitcheton clocks; brocczrd inkscandcs, Cegirl oo paper wcirghits, tiherLome ers, c.sloraoks, accdolrstichks etc. CIIINA WAIE Ott I'POICItCLAIN, IEnglish and French cdining ldeserf,, tea alo cioflre ser ,.ices t lins white, gotld edge, aco sroo rich tancy ostyles; spolendid toilt set ts; n.atocer asc mioilk jpitchers, mantle vases; oncy cnrd racks ando baskets. EAIlT'I'IIE VAII. D)iing, desert, tea, co.te, bheakflstand c ppi er setps; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Canton clhina diiLer setts, etc. CUT GLASS. D)eenaters, pitllhers; clarct and clored hock deeantres; howls, dishes, celery vases, sal standls, sllulr bonI\s, b ltteor tnbs ilclgr basoons, tumblers, wille, cloenlciaimllr, clart, rodlaint lenonac I'salco jelly glnsses; fine colore heokglalses. Also,eanslle shoades. TAlIIl. CUTLEIY. Fice ivoryhalanlre htimdles, self tip and luook lhalulle knives aod tlrks of 51s and 53 clces, or by thie lozerl; ivory Ihadle knhives only tfr silver forks; guard and game carvers; lolR slices for roulnd lee, orycsr knhives, Ist cr cks d lichl s sksog ar ott erok seltrws, ric. III l'1 ANtA AND IILOtIK 'FIN \WARE.. 'cn nso co tt'ie settsand urOnIs, with l and c 2 fcets, suoitable for lotels acod steambolots; spoonsanld latdles veson dislhes with covers, oystrerlsor dlfiglishes; dish covers, iplate beaters, cotitce greegs; tea kettles on stanls with heoters, egg hoillors, etc. FANCY IIAItI)VARtE. Ilo'as and wire fetders, brcss s.tdirons; brass nd steel shlovels and tongs, cto; cEliper coal hods ancl conch ket tiles; blorss slittoocs, chtiomlooev tooho0ks; .aBc:lmnedrt , ll b loloe haCcctleoherth brlrloots, faloCc lellows coocoolllno brIosies; crip ioig anco ltil Il nti' chlises; unbchlla stacods, grste feooloea for warmollll'c plales. IKl'C'II'1- "f UitNITUlUtic--.oonsistincgofiro., tic, bo'o*,, coerep andc "cooo'rtc.roces, hoeilsg a allrrctioom cl" oil cieccilncosos iely erooro oroirr csosc eprs, 0c t'ihost rvrliyartd wire rct laired ald repolosced as -%lntclti l,: ,trill lccl oo cot. Ic'. li oND co. ow. l IlI"sl' l rl'eOird noad- tbrzi e :lod .d 31 enci u, M (ol7llires shellT t. Te sibscrihrs harer c ei dl, ill0 lolitiono to t 'heirl rol vi' n so 'lir0 i , l0 ill 0 o ilirll l e r0 1 00l0llll rll 0 lo' artl h , io tlook . Ii . 0 i CIll'rl\, : Ilr~lili~lel' ,h'wllllrv II`rI·( hvs\ I·*·.l'khl. ,. 's.:.<lL' I]ZII/'V illr · II'P lt'" r 'll~l·:illl) Ill ])II'1~i Ir(l1: I·llow..:0 l'·1 . t6l't)l'3E1Y1-ltlis Osell n wrourhl uli i do'kl eort, ulii(p hi , rof ll in ld , .s hn illn , tin ll n " lil'lk, Ihazilin vm l,. n of e ry d ·,r'st'!" i l lli dl·( i i Illil'llar ololo oollo locoil~al tItorl. 00'tn 'lti Ilc 0000i00 " 'r cook, ilN li l iiC r i.t I itcllc. o I loo ETe w oelo ooo-.. n f nlw orlc l lt, tr,, I o • ' 1l c itlr of T lo , al ' oocr oc,1111 oI Itoo cc in u' ontl. c r~ir ll])h ccllr os I c coll c c I llil 'll , c .c Ililallill, 10;il:1 ,;11 1(kilI.!-, s II1 ,.. ,I ill i:l·1Ue+ anI *,: t':lP l·:l~l Sill l ·-il 110.'ll'' (I(qrc tIC lizl~t IrI~ II)til b l li ll.. lt - 0, i n' (1 neIol- lllllIin p I W, lh l OrOKs, , 'n. I i(l l , t h 1 rjetil" lll lDwar 14, h oIIt' e . e I~lirllltlxlll'lrr . wilh ;ii L-(,llIi l l~siXi• ll 1~ ll~ I [o lil " ~ Ilt \ll 11t 'l o ooy - o tlci ' 100h l l clloi 0in 00t1 focicrnior i Thc 0c cronlt,' 'oroo 100000Icccoo0c'cO Juto c'; rc eio e 000',,oc r tccocc'oc ''ci h sl ctoc l Oi Tit clcKi hh o Ii ",,00 I s + i. I, . ic-I a rrllls, coto ', Ic 010000 cco lc coo illlor(* I.oo .t" ' hclicc IbilHlcl 'htll l 'I10 (ici.oocoo otoiocil 00... tool •, +:'iv~rlhhlli-s, i~v'r nd ,,! 1 I) p 't ic ih+ nd iuirdll , h h IIII -ll{.iP·lll --t'hli h ll nh" II1l.; III (Il(·'" l! (· +" ' il ." citi, .olot Ill ]i lllihr rc' o oo llilo i 00.10000 IO ooOOcoooocc 0 - I" P'li., 5 SotlO 5r 1 1 It 01. II 0. 00000000 10l. lc - l i slltico dO c illcl 0I00 ' f is ccIcl ifooccio 0it cc hoI"lc,' llicooc coo- lc 2 tIoo ccII '':hi wit":l i I IS .zir't \'. ' l~it ilr ind l~iltll iHIIlitl i'l'llil'll.ll ,il 000l cc.n, ilo io cl,, c I, O o .,oo scc d cc , I,, < lo ,,c . .0 .,o.0,0. ('ry r~ich ar.d fil.! ·,h! ihi;lh m -+ h l 'kl I 7.:,,.;'a~ l<l l~l.... ' It ailll Is(IIII1 . vari~ 'l , l .ill)L :IIIIH rm ulr s, .i llcr andIII)I dat, ,+'.,' il\ ned h'I;Iw0, v I c v oo llcloltr 0'0•0l0h1r 00 .l1I 1I I olinllilill lll (.1it,( k %,_, .+i an l i :ilid~i n i+.i ':lll el·, II·l I~ (l>. i, l 'illi-, ill, lit i i..iuii 'n I~y I'h il'.'P ll . .l e'i~ ool, 00r00'0 il llIcO ill'S, .co.)1, i l l . Ic a00.0000 .i00 0 t Il'a ,.eltl ll.lhlur; I,'l~l-ll l P-fcvcrv 1illd, he l (ls 'iiiid ililii i ·. 1,'e,.+b 11;.1 ' ( Ilhll. i].i" fl at',lll' ji·~·e li tl ~ll. fi)-~;( I l:l Sl iw r a :I·' :,111 11iir/.il (·I.lnki.m III wIl JfvI~ir)~ niS•- ;·il. i· 0toic'd:;ajocc ',io coog' cooolectcc.ccccc If ,'r t il. cnci A~'i.5 ioccoococo 00.000 ,l000Oo tc < ooll coco >0r0000 0 i 0xi,0-cc oriocSIoci~li~ 0000 10001001% a~,1.0.0000!lelO\ ihj Ir\ sl,'s llh:+;ul'r,,,, t , I,, Il ··, i l'S l +z+," ,,is · ' - [cooo ie l ll coIcc I c oooil+< I.l'0 0'0 Iblct col' o .... co 0 oIlln . 10),lo 0000,lvs Icctr i lll O c-cccolo'I cob ,'t , h c I'coIo -i r il 0000 1r I, t co - or. In c .:lqoot coo fo or coa .. 'k. i 0lind dicli c'lL ccl i,"l' lhOO icoo io , coo '' ' . 1000000 11tffttfr's' 5. t II1'1<~- k 7{)~l- ('llzli'l:rP51 l.\ 1 y ' "11n , or ill + n, tli, " I, :-O " (, F r 111 Y iT tHiT or LA Onci r h HI t i rite u uhi:. I provend o, I il Il nl od J.ii t 1:3 35; I, e I l S it: h b'" 4dlli~rollt !h '.|ti,:; J "ll t1 nr " p,- d et 11;0 i o sr- dolt el' r 1l I li.t IeIr lit ' exc Iut T i a L . of o ru. II ()I li l II art'us ; Itis '+ tO If:on . ;lid I +'\V " , J lind the o lise . f ( I 1 iltl' ,'. I JN.i'I ti t lf , Ii 11, in t e o es ' tlaho e -. ! il' otl e r elltle I yI .nl a'l-.lir I ilsly F7rs1 .:lebylelt elr,. ((- lh , llof l lO.illl- tl, I IIIr O llll ELt ''i.l] ) i il l ilr' + to the(, I,, t rt;- , ' tI 'H '''''lt' ""lir Jll Tehaptlltlll: ItuII'. '' o Ii 'tl , . alt Ie t. ;n o t I' i , hl llrb"ll 1 dll ll' l r' I'ill't 1 l n l 'l Ill" I t" ,, -\ I) I 3I 7,? \#3 te1 a t v . I I." u )Gra nlt lht'('il~ t'+tl' andtxl l ,e l' [ '"tut-iut 1'1 r. lt , , IS t', ittl i th: lll I ' sl : litl u ll itt i . il h t' I € . )I t I li' ' tttt it I" r txPtt+ ].tl u :.; 1 ol. l, ii i (;: t par Ie Ielt dIontiu ''' i tlt' l 't l iz"teem fIII iI r not .l ,l- Idi t, :I i lll' rll te it o) 1 1 '\\ ,. lit+(. If rl i Ll 1 it' i tlh i ,1 'Hli tll' ll H 'iter l U ) lU "\ýu.1 (i ll-li t| ts l''hll't' rla Ix i il v ll IlllllI.|. 0"x l t 1::1) I'P( I l +k tIrllt l, (ill "yoIIIuI a(nt, il-l I 5I l . \ 't .+e I+rId Ilr '"oe ,Ihll u.u 'i de 'hl'i , Io l ilt, ' i' e pi, e et I rotve Itl 5do .hii ler13?l. e I , P ' 11 'tugc de Pe .hilliet [ I:it . 1e5 l 1u'.' e ll lt'I. 58 It le 7 I' 'ri 'r 18']7, et du týitle eec-, o I let I lu + [ I,; l i, lutul. titt tt'urrIutle d't r !c+:n.,% Iiutitule ·r, i'lnc lf nli(x i'llS mins t hmes.c+, t alOt Pui it liit tu iio Ilio' Ip v· e le Illi ' X lX I |iP3 . E't lih I'e,+ Sd lillt ' it'tlclr rti lll o ln lettl' pa-e I llle tIre - ',,ndel. t o ? .;;;gin l nl llo e tle ietattllo |a .i int l ltt ittlu '1a I )l tllll "-ir ll h dI Xll I'er actn 1 l lt i1.' lii 1.ud t'uueltttulet~ i't'rrtu' ItH In t'tuIH rr lt lH it room" ry ellets uClvwiH eulit Hom d;'tltl:-uve rpli "ll ordo ue, ar Is flit J I+ do . I'oliite . i'a h t uiI qi hutl' dit I'tttll .it ut' t exe'r'' t e' i ii flio' It k tolln till I I II '9 J Icl ave tt ol n le :not lde Juillc t 11137, aloe ]cfl itto IravX i eil'ulnt txe utt I itn .urutut l tc rix a t eH il l lon rle3Ints llo ll tI ilrel- et X I li t ri i lif'.pr l€ :llfis lts .sno14od ee\ie" el ,td orir pa 1er w "I" ax l tl I l,' irr'i r, 2:37. 1,7 ).ii \'%%1 . I', 1,.111 , Juiol do Paraisse. h . ' thetelleit,fl tid I:. '..s llebr t 'G ,p.lP7 ,c ill ice. 'I'HE INDIAN'S P'ANACEA. DR thcctureolrhe1nmalloi m, eroinor'kingscvil,gno aaeitica or hil, gout, incipllienlt cancers, salt I(:lll siplilitic antl mercrianl diseases, particularly ulcers rt ilpatitilnlfetitois of the hones, ulecnrted tIhr at s' "' 'il, ttils, ulcers of every dieserlption, foyer sores, and intern isesses, listuhls, piles, scald head, scurvy, biles, chr vie soie eyes, evosilielis,blotlei, aIndI every vnrietv of cl tctioutis llbictio, olhlollic Cototetllr eoaI illae to iccel. ing from anty ac'id lumor, pain inl the stomach iuld dy Iopsiai proceeding frim virin tion, nlfectioto of the lit " ehi'oiic i otoniotion of the kidceys, snd general dcliil ty e:use:l hy - torpid action of the vessels of lie skin. ia sino il:ll lmicaiic lsin renllovatillg those constitutio a hio:l have been broken down by injtuiicious teatmlnl ju:~i;ilr irreguhloities. In geneit'l terms, it is retol ollnded in all those diseases whivich arisC fronm implliti of tle blionl, or iniatation of the humors, of w:iatcv ciiae om' kind. Soioe of tle .bove complalnts may reqllire some t ling asistalot npplications, whilh thccireoumstatles oft cas- wiill diclote; but for a gtneral reeledy or Purilical to remove the cacsi., the IS)IIAN'S PANACEA w generallvy ie foundI sufiieti(.'Ut TO T1('11 PUBiLIC. Ilow true it is, thit modern Phlly sicians, in their n hhitin to excel in tileirl prolission; exlore tile fitl of science by the aiil of chemistry, and seek out iew t medial aogcts; il sihort, to arrive lit perfection in t plictice by means of art alone,--ntirely overlook a nl0lcict,as5 I cclllllti lti'iilntice, llericl sl i lollbloud stlores ol'inllielne, whliiclh the Alighlly has caused I slrig out ofl It earth in evry clinie! Andl how llil -l iito fi ic is it lthat while the Amer'icn Phlysician loo to l'oi'ig, encoillicsi'ot minll- of iss most comnlon i iitess1y alrticls, Iplerppettaliy chllogillg as tlhey are Ithe dletiltes offloitllon orl llly, lie is sor'tunded in I owln ointly w.ithan eolelss profusion of medicenl plan' sullicitll to ilanswerliny indieatio 0 in disease or to enl i ay cUlliible disnrdler;nd yet he is iguoront of their vi tiles, cad tlhey are sult'credto 'wnstetheir hacligll on desert air.' Thle enclts of vegetaible medicinei s upon the system a temporary--those of mnlillen lasting. The lformer e et Itcirel ctsnnd pass off--the latter, mercury in pi ticuill, ct chelically lpoll the solids, deconlpolh the bones nid uintlermiiing the constitutioin by it slc iiand sli'ue destrulction. 1? he congeniallity, efliciency and SAFETY ofveget ble rl'loieilesolve mineral, may hie estimated bivcoiitinl illgthe ancienllt lprntice witli the nodernii; or, to I,riig more immcdiacly un:ler our own obseIrvation, he 11111 ll iractivei witl thlt of the whites. VWho, itn Amoicl lhas iiol knlownorl'heard of I'ree'ed instalnces wlir some idcrcpih, ullnpret''digl'ticle hiilino, by mesnll, her sinle t It remedies lone, hins nilcted the ltst Isi alnd astioiiscillg cures, :lfter the e l:erira lMedlia of ii common pretlice, directell ill tile most skilfil man hs inilul Aid who hais not beeCn surllprised at the con lliU'c'iascai nldll:i :ility itll iwhih thiII din frei s hin selll'f lilnm ly discs', aitll atl the la:llmnost totn:ll abstinlent ol'fhr.oicdiscwecuseamong thl Who has ever hel: of on Inhlh llin ill l n consitutio bloroknn and ruinell 1 ill .trem(nt l And calln i doubt exist ithatl this Ihappy vi . enlmitiln of the slavage f'rom most of thlie iltl hiel iti ileshi onflnl is heir to, is ehiill owinlg to lore ger.i' IlI,( sall: riem.eius whichl li illlnl.vsi 'rils astuo isl ilg difelin'rnce in slccess, is I liir iexemplieilotion of ihl ilofnl e superiority of' the simple andllll iii means of c which God has renteitcI liii tle behfilt of his eihildrli over Ilose whichl the pllide olld the art of m.lli hoave it From'o a long rieside nermolga portion ofiheit norilgi arilhlilllab itantsof,, y intim ate acq llill lnllce iih the mnetilhls of clte of somne of their lmn ! successfl.l practitioners, the pIrolo'itol of 'lThe: Inldin' P'vacea,'acluired a kloblocdge of some of the mml Ipowerlllland finorlit' illdies. Frlom hise hetslte, isuch its were most ciiacioulls and i i ipro prites, mIlld i, variolls experiments ll test their plilrinciples and fsitregallh lie has combined( threi ill the folrmn here prlsesllted, ias tl most pil't, ctl aind bencficiil Ior tie purpllose lor which i is recommelnded. 'The iprop'ie'tor olnlirsthis preparltion to the publii with the consciolus.llss thaot lie is plcing witlhintheir sea a reielly cpblel: ol'relieving imlly of his ttlliclted flI low Ieilgs, who are slufi'llrig uindei r the v'io'lls chroni andll obslinatcoplllinsil to whichit it is aplllicvble. 'r(I such it will prove of itcalcuhilble value, as the tmeans ndl in many cases,lthe only meaoinso o eieringvlheir su er'iigs miiid restoriing lhiem once mai e tio hniiiltllod hit . piness. Thiis is not otlcred as it commonl riemiedly, Ih: may per chlance he equslly goad with m.uty ollthers non in use, bult nis one lich is capable of sul ig lil'; in loalll extremi e c:ses iiiich all the unus reiledieslllil. This lilinslove repeatedtciily; ailll thiis il i rellputatio itllos Iobil tiniced wicli'er itiI hhas be'i illltrod( ilted. p'r'eletll d I(h 1ublic: B im tehpibll li(uns t splice of tlil , t l: c hl:tlllll i:oI I ' s( ' ll 'lllntei eii li , nll ll L llliW(lllc s lum.l y I '.'lar I hly lae th I br L'li(ered tha 1 thei. Itcs IIITo sa'llved by it, all i lln mostll .,Isesaicr Iitheyl h lad itil u liid perhaps all th i lr lm i Ill l('dhis in in.II 11 i er tver it is kocwt it iscripidI ocoivg into uxe, :lo lli clln : l th l :emost substatli al idll d ol nvitc:l.l: if i The (alhe, f file n: en i niosh :nlirun iniC i n ll lll nsth iI :lcil::l. :·l fillb:it, lll~ lll ll.: i tlli MI Ili :V lint'il ii. Le I'lil dl l'ssing pains in the bon.'s, (lodes, L ril t.Icrsu lerl'UngtemeniCit of the digslilc ( rgala l dl.. 'lh se it com ,pletel e' l 1 1 , andI i all cas, l ll I"'l i ,c ll li s the l lils ar :u ll I, . rtos of0I I' e y.I , t nlll l il h ipnll cf, 1 I. I ' ii, 'i '. ill I l I i: li 'l. I I Ike i '" ( ollll:', I lllll ilollih:' () , e" xl ' a15 n :,l' Ia e lllll:, lllll.:.l·l l lt;,re -,(ri ' : o dia ol , vli dlll', air :lin I. 1i:l'.<, ti:,l ii i i: r s ' t e lll ill S(l· I1111 i r~liIo -,,, 'ilt~ ln tcllo th~l stoiach: , l dl axci:, I cl ,i i ihe 0h 0il 1 in a p iicul nr.Ill: el'. Trol these prince Shsic'vi'ri)nsi '':l illc ot i(d, tocc· c''hisL i i eell t has ll 1, li orlltl ilt l hit I'l l u fl in n:l il li :'d'' a '': 'o"st i:: vsl:l i ai w"ii " i S or l ilo a\ ll . IS 11 o use th. O lll1i. ll tl' \i' in s, . .. this P'oallelt , t e, io :a s ,lv dl dos,; wi l1 suew :all its C. rp I S tl i luill tim l I's x se an II :1 C.\.1"]: c i icilcic : 1 i.\'\i. T)iringthe last Ii wi hl il : , i , I w ts ::lllicl iI ilh I vry wwrv.and distre~s miy Ib unllon-oi nrcnsioned I'a 11sltuyo lv:ed II ""I I· i," "l ." ~ · .,U ' .. . ..ll........ .. " . ... ......... .... .. . ,lOI:N FE SOI.:I"o(IN, liit1g st. ('H, t t c.vrov , .1 rh E'T, 1I.0 . 1 1: z 111 : c1- 1 b1ýo) ,l,,11h cal.tit3 r i ie t 1 i lh '(l"0 111 . 1)w , rc l'.. . ie!h haslhl d5 sul cd 1m l Trol, hllu . csI Ilt: 1 ,J 1 I", b l1t' . I l iir iis 1( ,vi dl I Ihal. lie, it a 1 i el. t it'. i h l , l ll:: I I f th(1( :,l, i~ Ilos cis), 0i. :, I I oh mllHa , al. llllh H l llll, nllllo IV lr is;lllmo. he lhd of 1,runl ll, 1 i li el c I"- t h O 1 thel h III \. I t Li Itt.1": 1. .1 b ( t 1. T mma- foul:, t t thtIit i T is 1 lh',! -1 t in,+ t ill . t llllll 0 ) Ii. , I .as ,t i'0 , uill I swellill iii inn,)' In ek. ',l a d ee, li(·l AI a er rlle r olrerae illlh nd :IIwl u : llll eII' gl:Sl l)l ~ rl.e s in i iIek. . . i 1 i (0l tel l t111 s \ n :II it tioN : I h , I S .( 11 T hi :ll llr lrl~l ll l tl )) l hu o:ii i' iiii lh.i . I t .i .ll I, lphihL~,- idnaf old lhch .l ic.t wf on,!, r le rt re o' S. i I l I ii, iia t i. h I ei .o l I i, ll i¢ll s ;dl0 m ls .i lnl oll cl, l1 ui. llO n Il lll,,(,h n lo ll . ll ullrl eu t A e I wll I. | l , h,I ,,,0:0 ( lllllt. l oI'S\ 0 :.hlli' 1 i olll rig.... 11101h1' (, ) hT)Co'dlolt'(0 1, 11o0i meh li 6 hr ' efIt lt )II pi , ('li. , 1,LX-h, l.::l l h(W ,r,,t une i il hrll Iil il \co nbht'] lu ll" cl, a 1:03li.I d :l1,. Ilhruin- If I he r.l.l c l ll' l c ds ' o he lm ol( l' lllI'. ull: tllL) I I O 1i tI in ll,:lslS sII.: 'II) II I 0 I . II s I S \ I 1 h i. o I\C·II" I Ir I , i Ii " r - l II , illiIi . l I A toi1 l i10lll e I110i1 iniiiii i llt 1i i t ste e i t ilt. mak i is Ital :0hI-SI l u onii 1,i t it l.ot It. ittti t tI(, tl ir ho:ll ttoltltlll. llli ll htt lll:lil.ilil ) (·I1I hIhC t'. I l'Ai S RI' - lll lltlll. l : lh( \ I I ) ". t, fee erna eo u n n lith Ill) t ,liS he1. oottr t of 'A01 ot o.i l or s )l ,hilif t o ot, lh t ,-lt o) I li i kl .t for th:oepll·t o has T rh o t11t10 tioullt i ty I'. o hter, 1ii3 T'he I'jolttc1l f(rnuotar, of the oniled Stoitre, or li.d.ilett, ieo o 1 .ilt tltetrI til t .cdlihy IcIl f the 1 io0 rot j iAoi neoed rl, ttitg Ti ,ro w iltetlip rd i , h alcter Tio oli v i K its nn dlo rStIIh itil Iluell tE 1ioeollll bo.i I l i J'o oti e ohoroot r l h ot lire oils f Co l llle' r i llll.o, 1 . ". ford.l .a.:i ll'dcl r ll",tI r h vlt, h ,lil heZ r. e (;is llte cill)itV 'td a teosl e 'il, J' "o tile t.u l y hiL -ll h lll ' mlit re i plioti ha Cit li lov t C'liet lo,'' PAIN tite eiVe, o ItIni i tile, tie n il p i, " ' t6l' 2 a lvols. Sitoi)t '' e0 otl..ical rammar of thj 'iteIc. Shtats or , notld stale .tOV l'olloo S w ilhtlth Ilflnioouf oeee o nd.nhIt' --Itictel of d a p ll t he ttO qt llo lltoo g ) lo he U ltted Ai Nor,' 's llrutit Tori s i]tetrtot:t.t d 1, ih 'hCru c i e' i ,''ii It l h al m1,' Sliii, 3 0 SIor Iii' i t , it j o/. 131th, iN lt Ittle eports. tllr, with ehnins, Iillial'd 11dlsd'21- unit ' -2 i "0 es, &l. &e. &,'. ,:.1, !t .. .. , .','1 r,', S,,, . 7', ,'...7 .... . ':I. , TilEIt EOIIDA STAjLOID FS'FrAMBOAT L IiirUUcGIt IN FIV'E AND A DLI cA, From Mobile (Al nma) to Au L"T DiAVIiiS .lbil elery olher dn, rit , llte nrewsi' al oftll emril from Woew stali- boat EmEL[iiNto, o Ibikelv, ieoles5 It steamboats (per P'cns.cola li.i, dt i ls tihacllie IRt er andl lay) to (edllr BIotal Via Mnri ti a, Chibtahoobee, (formnet i o non,) Bainbrhlige, 'indlertomn; iowknllabltt s ville, to Augusta. A i:'stcgertabkingbt cr bile is in no danger of beigtlhrown out 1ire:rneTee ly oitlher eonfict interest, s i1)A LIN is hut ne collecltl, StoId trnsO be tbheosuglio, antd mnyy rely wroTH c.nlir Sraivll at Augstslo ic l time lpecified, tio ill ertndd aot y Scson, Il less some motl tiolihe shliiili oceu1. Th^ Great New is carricl byl this rolle. The Agets for tio_ i ti, 'allns, Coches and oellltcr, se po M ts t -he o t rn coictry. T l'liateionli, hird u, itseral reeds, itle . t ie Lsting wter lavigatlion the time Did a I iltbrd tbe traveler stlied, cetanity, ereeftr m Sitsig variety; eonuecteid is it were ulj hibbltll T i C mllrelcstoll, e. Oand the otila . uc .E Strilcclcres cell esih New York f.lro at ks LESS TIIAN It lA1st--V\':{oinftolm teile ilt From CUaltollooome, ltlolloritha, twel Liell Via Qilicey ald 'lialithossec,e loSt Isposet.eoaheis, also two BItetlobes from 1 s, one to lillcdgeville, aud one to ot leon, ecoalirs. lo Niseo AI orutlgi 20tl Jn. 18R35. J i, Olee lf l a ltlasioniI I Ose, Mobile, *isallaums, cw Orleanss to Mobile, r 4i b loib'e Io AeUgllca l t- Augost to Chlileslon, I " Clsrioston to New lYork,lS S 'Slice, iNow Oclealla to Mobile, Augu:sta to malletrton, i, CIIhl{leslon to New York: l g1 IlInkingI 1 68 oiitcs tier day. o? 7 iiles per a' it site o aill lollliges. lo I N l . 1 Ilg leave to ifliotii the iSlt e ridlgcs eooct tihe Cthalnah.c.csw.mll t id 5 ieltrek hl tie ltil bcn etnllltyt ee tm eiie, f ni,,e , (li itYol y ollicttrs olc1e thingncgaiilit tht sipeedy :to'te) e thus ilnljly irOmoed; sudI dc:olslle olflelnilig fi ole ticle rstl e thlelb is S, dhitt s alil. { r O:lds 'l IIIme 01 Ih0 frlLt o{.der- emlll ice iule s erotle Iloiieircoho o dititiiCr ltlhifd e t tdolto il whe lilo e ir, d: lilo n.h glit tlloeil itu otli lii tLa t ely i eclftely. The tirllegll d(ior.giili hal:t nhlo hiuiel{eiihedt. , At C I Algt 'C'llO.I:tS 4'. SWAIN rN1o. 11 (anal trechl Nerw Orie,, -T1AS always on ilid constunlly & racevin bl 11 lyes, Chemicals, aud l'Guins,aiog themau, cllomstl1JC15. DYES Atitiiriy, critid, Argots, red , do rlgulls, A lllillo, Splniald Armsenic, clllle. Alum, do yowhioircd, Itsozillelte wood, llslsani ootla i.s, Cocliillrt, DItorux, corude, Ctit ieraAmeiAeri do euincud, C Etl ICel L - Skiiiciiiiiou, clrtrle, 'usotie, TI'mleo, to itoll, do C.olrbi, Ito tonin, to Mlime, lni{imoti J"AreOnel It.e{riest , (stiioiil, i lndigo, BengPl, I o i n; cii, ito llsuro po tlo MCnisla (IIa nl'ides, ie C {in e'l ale Goi aloeos ito (iIs toamei, do Liribie, Logwood, Camo.iel, 11 mis lida, to Si Domic5 to ll Iacmiie, do Jsamai, do beiiine, Cutinwoied, do ciiiiil, i'rlcgh, Mlitdleri, omblo, do lto tarinlpl, Nieaurga, Rosllna, dIo do S A{llietls, do Cora, do en pthir, clliilre, ilo i .llrsob dlo do rfiei do o Hhe. lto geihtum, CHEMICALS. do kiio, Aeid, nitrous, do oilsiec, do murintis, dof ,iume, to ulphuriet, ol shela Cch, lttole vsiltol :i , 1. .rdgeal, (Jlnail , ! I p, ido Nu i tic. CO'losi vc mallllraslia Ido iI nhiii,it (hlioride of itime, ii cr hi Amci 11cil.l mm sii meu , Indo c ti " t l it ld t rtcipiole, (aui.goi:l, AmlgebI ed purealt. i Ido a l llcOlltlcic elOs* .lilill i filI iu t t'l i illt a ti fl Siii , tpii ie lS ui, li i i, dolll. h i ch I li tllot~s, do . c, ei e i, Ii i t:iI, Sui lt . lil i iti i II LI, 1i lYi:l: ITi tli'iEgr. t i1 tblll io El ii.ra IiiAIiigSLid, dho p ' mitil d mhle'ot do1 tIIn o Ci , o tter, lit r:ll,""i', a-, g{-eenI tllSi" do li I'Iliv, do tdo itel, Iie i huharb, 1'; 1, I tol cl, , gEgodishd, tilicI 'lcit (erntalidroy dih .i .iou , l',ski: i, l'afl;s do,) <o,.l l t:l ll, l " do buc A i ct iot m in, do Admeldoe., i 'ull i Iltlliltb, ii (i n roldenlm : o )'e rolad il lit i.tll ti, Spii.u do roIucdli nl , InU r L0~ - lit 'i I:N1.%TA, 31 vI tri slit-*,l at 58t '1'c loupit looti". J -- . L.. I',I Fi 'U , l ent ist, respectfullyhit lifllr s lthe publlc thaIt bel Ih:t ptrlpa red, and will h tcolatlld It I hv : s :ll, trhe (lolloni og v )rioD e 1)nta.l|Mo iI( or m I he., dfo isr ss :IIo; t ailll .eiollll s of the teelhuI lgo\!i b r:.<ld and itti-so,,rletic tooth howders, ophiae : 1.11 i·ngc;,t liloslll gitiSl pll llnI d ashles, eden iiI t lix, r Bl;:sght ,.hr " rlMo. W h o I tllicit, MIli-soAlnld t .ll ,l' 1,,i s ltl i u sll ; c rilll(l anogre-ou1I l s ulel rs, s.te Iii~l r doctor'~s lte. (to ll,+rl hcrtll, a d gl1111 sI) l.II elipnli lIi tii lt'cd tIrl l On. 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