Newspaper of True American, July 6, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 6, 1838 Page 4
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raasa lajpi Ealu Louiiana Hotel, S._ ..'oovmfrj, La. . . . MARY K1ouLANtI respeetfally an. IonOoai to her friends and th public genes S"E that shwu prepared to accommodato thena at i1t a.bov. eetablishmlCnt, and lopes frlm her '6frtiouis to render visitors comfortahlc, to receibv . dostimttance of former favors. She faols confi. that,tpersons visiting Covinglon during the tmer months, cannot find better accomniodations i t;o she can afford them, on mepro liLbral terms. 1 lol0so as pleaoantly sitnuted, and well supplied r eit vry convenionee; the bar is furniolted vit l * moat bhoice liquors, &e. in.hort, she promtni -at nothing shall hi wanting od Ser part to rive tits iafila ctleionto all who may pptrooizo the • in lppi and Ltrsiina ,lotal. 1 t 4 r rIiE PU.O.-The ouni.eigned. aving g Ssetudied uadPlDr.. ScLnlidt of Charleston, k. tC i.o na, s 'l rhr some years his asuWnot in 1 prao'is" d"mpdimine and surgery, hasthe honor ,rofr his prmelionel services intilis city. Is saamoe the ladies and gentlemen that the most , Ipt attevtitst-vill he paid to thb.alls which Stk'Se made; aod also ofrs his ?arvicoe to the ers oflaks, being well acqnuaoited with the Metomoan tohem, having vaeaudd thlso in aouse in Charleston. i Iansiss asti.bilious pills attthocnmpo.ition .f roheseor Senolletto, with dirsetions, can bb had andepilgned. The effect which they have pilslidl i this and other cities, hie been attenhlud *itbl t grealest success, to wlhicl tlhe best of -salbrdes can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. n nWARE ,,Uoau oeKA6 e, nhAl) IRONS, &a. 31 HOWELL WOQRKS COMPANY, No. ,' 98 Watec, hiearBeekean street, New York, i.ny received the past season, and are constantly -rceiving largo and enten.sive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the following assortment, suitablo for the southern and wester nmarkets. Rollow warn of snperior quality, consisting of absnt 1500 tons, via, Pets of 29 different sites, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 1d gallons, Bakepanl or Ovuns, 7 dldorent sizes, Tea Kettlq, 6 do Skilletr . . 5 do Flatspiders . G do Covered Spidler., 2 do Ornddles,. - 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 de tWagon bVlxs fromnt 1 4 to 43-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.t(11 gross, iron and brens, fr.o, 3:8 nclh, No. 3 to 3;9 ethen, No, . of a .un:r0ur quality and finish, and less than .tuele' iported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 501 ilba Im retailing. Tatlor's anl hatter's trips, net.rtei. Sash weights, 100 tnme, aeeso t ld lifrot 1 -1.1 to Dells for P anl.itions, vstahlo,:lts, churcthes, &c. made to order, Also steambeats and! otli-r ma;chincry made to order. The anove eseort,.ent ,' goo!'s is pnaricolerly vreonmcended to t'tin l aeti, u, of Io)IthI:te and W'storlt mercbunts, and are fllfri.d Itr ase at. low prices, and upon the oitst ili:r',l termn ; It is he lieved to be tim largest iand host as-ortnwiot ever offe red (or sale by any ono entabilshilnt in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a r.qquest by mail, e:an have a printed circular, with description t' goodis, prices and termse, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive iommediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 L EMOn orraur & 1trICLna-sOar i'oiii Le.0-' m mon vrnp and 'ickles, asserted izes; also, 6t boxes of Leias'& Haskelll PIicklee; tr sale tlorc a aneoo nmetlt, by JARVISi a rlIILEWS, 8elIm -or Cnommon and Tehalpitollns 4 S, OAP--10o half boxes No I Soup, lrol of .Juuer ( Gould,foraleby ISAAC BI1)l'i'; o, CO. m16 1S3 tlin arie strnet. 'TU LI'I . O \'sF m t doeiline house on Triton street, hbo . teenm lTivoh nirelt and Caroadaolit e;tret. mad). Apply to J OTT, SHEEI.I..AtiiOWS, ker--t5 \Vheelb:uroe., '5 • Srt do. in du te. It'r .alr by o HAMI'LIN & COOPER, m15 8.Iuln At LAl. and r.oe Lrp alt tL.tter t'ap.r, oi all qul Sliliies, consteting ot very sle.erior nur laid, blue and white wo, , aod liar' lnd ruled rough edge record cap, conetintly on hanld and flor ale by I'AVII) Ph'LT & CO. tn51 N Y Stationa' Hall, h4 C'hartn a st. 110 51) boxesa f:3 do each lelie V ine, 18'-t, 50 do of2 do n1o do 1821; 5.f do of2 do 1. I Port, 1,iti; 50 do of 1 do LI' brown Shirtry, 101l 10 pIlp extra \lad.oira. For ale Irv IIERLOl(F..\i, BRltOWN & 0I1. mr 00, ti strC. LANK B(1)KS.;tf every 'earioty if roling rnd binding, enrestantly on oand; ilsd l'rhliiag, ltuiia and Binding tneatly xeculrd, tit toirt Iotli., hb IDAVIID Vl.'l' N, CO. Rari NY itatiouoro' Ihlll,t I Chartrerol. StFV ; ib--li hOurtI h proo liAmecrii Brandy, Inrdiog, fir t.aule hv ISAAC BRIDGE & (Ct. nm21 131 .lagozine su0eLt. A NEW rtwo story brick Iotlu', titodlld 5 doors fron tho Secoanrdb raicihtl . ttllltoni Stitbar+ar street. iLtnt very low, posseosion given ,lumediatrlt Enquire at the premiselno. I_0, tl j LOUR 00 bhls f Flnr. i 4for eI byI e1ý l 00 (i I)ttloI,;Y. 44 Nerw I vre. .t KI B.Luu aided hr oae I y m29 G IrORtSI:V. 41 Now 1 evre. AGi N AI AND |t1U, 'E-:Ii a . - h I, t.ggwla,. 150et coils Ropela, landing from Aalbaeoador, ftr sae by LAbYET & ALEI.U\G, ml9 17 Coototervea st. W At 2 1p lsta1 K ltuev II-gino, lanld in ii from steamer Gun \VWon. and for erre by YORKE, BROT'IIEIO,, le6 65 Camtp atrert, NO MBERCUR NOR COPAIVA "new Orleosr, Nov. 14, 187. A OLCT ix mnonoth ago I hall the mislblrtue to get n secret diesease, lr sxhich I have appliidl to smee " rl doctors for a Cure, and they ,lid not cate mer, o now on the above date 1 put mIyelf lanl.r the eare of fleoto Huet, and I expecthim i core t r n. Siace that time. the die.ase got worse, IoI aI to hbrek out ill large llcer to ith umber of six or eight on ea Ih lIt, and all over my I and sore throat, and not able to wro k at he pr.nt ltime ona accolnt of the disease; nlare lceer lre riaght sidell ofte tlhret. I nm no plltting I se eonfidently aider thie care of Dr. liaet,.,f Paris, to be perfectly acured JullN I)DEA.N. foe 14 ly I DO CERTIFY that thoarbue nmtentt,oed disease quite well cured to inv nwn saistitiien, fit whir II hlank I)r. Huert; aald tIoovier I aa8rte that lt ti, dil rihe I have taken makes me it, auttl did iot iljare j c nealth at all; theirere I adlvio otr f lltiw auLerrs t o lose no thou anil apply I lir A. Iller, 13 IlorbOnll t. l'hoy will find a tre s;lilo tir the ali t cn oisit. JtiON ItiiOAN.It0 (ifatir ii-ie l. If any one wants to see me, cull t atNo. iU airu i. streetr nd they will lhe satisied. Teobe pobliihed at the o ltiioif lr). o.!o'O. JOIL\ O'iN. Now Orleans. Fnb 1. It. I t I. rU II - idoiihn e ltoh) ii-I 'oCltth iPutll u. . r ., .. .. ... .L hound, is Iiit oin ib ottle at tr n low rr:t: otf I Cents each, contaiin Ill r .trngt- l 11 i li LI:velwort, fe l Ise the ailltu ailitIro mt io - ( I,. " ir - alt herbs known b mong the lldlhns a-it ,.ilelt ill crilt. pllhnonary coarplaints. Ti, u .riatllrd success which it.a :io, nt aliie ic ,f this ine dotlnmle Bo:tloi, n~hl.,r I e it u Ilh itrod, bas obtained the t nti +.1 . la n tions ofrespectutle physiciant, fr dt rre ati .m colds, pain in the sid-, wanlt itf re', litmg iI a blwotl, liver eomplaint, &c. T'o whlron i lav concern. 'hio is to ctrlltv that we have In oar practice frequnritly Ilre:rtc I t 1",, -o ner's Indian Baalsao of Liverwort a 1 tlot: iottld, withl a dee.led golod effect: we can there-irP, freot tio know. ledge of the materials it is miad fr l, :nrd bdselrvntu and exlaerince, meelo+Daen0l £t as it tollel'io irelra icu or all ,hose aficctinn9 of the ltoL's for whnics, It is re mmcudel. At.+[1 l r vi LI-hS, M. D. Ch.,LVIN E.lIS it. g. Members of the Lsetolr Medical Aa.u:eiation. Pneton, October 25. For sale by J\ RVIS & AN I)RE.S, oh I.1 ',in n a I ,, l (P bt it t ll t .ta econmnlended by the Medical Fire.llrv St"I'LER'S Effervescent Mo neeain Aperient-F-Ir Sdyarepeiaain nr tIIilosti ,rII. lrtrotoi abllltt , gtddi. elr.ahdaehedr, neiditv of Iho st,,lr.-h, hubitual en- levaneos,.rlcutletnditae e.,geut grait el, ..candmItul aluoed aca geatllecooli'tg pnrgaive. This desarable preutaratiio ha rnceived the natron. aeu of nlqny eminent iremhersat al tie aiuorio.t, rt d lsom a disoeraitg rahlic taai.y retrtclohle aod un.ali cite e testimoriall s afits .fthicrv ns a medtiino hbae been elicited. With all the plea. -ng qualities of a -lias of edaowatoer, it poaserse sri ot te miedicioal prolperties of the Aret al pr essd slhios purnatieot; it 00 pleaa:at to the polnte, lnd eratfttlt t trh torlaOh. IMPORT'ANT CAUTl. --T'll iinrerastig prrepa. ion sand great demand for 1lot e i's tIervescenrt Miott rlan Apmrient. has been an indracemaret for to of. ferah tmlitationofrthi valuable mediintle. IPrh'sers are partieularly warned of this fact, that they may be on Iheirguard, and not procrer an impure artrele. The publik wr resletholy infora ed that trl sulesr i bars are conrtantly sot.plied with the origioul ia.l gr" Laian preparations*. or salr who sualt, a d relntl. SICKLEd at ClO. ;aectna. m15 40 C(narl street, N 0. ARD'S Vgetd able HIar Oil, for the restoration . aidgrowt eth ao Hair,giving heahltbhnd heautt,and I rewrttetg bhlaldhtre. Ilefais this Hair Oil w'e offered to the pubtic, it had .een tried in bund.rlr rt :caseaol baldness, rbitoies, anl alllag oeof the hair. andl illeverv inslane its sraltary as s.ohe htPrl reialoid. It hasneeerlai ed tI p .,dual ilte end Ibeaotifiul rowith of hIair on Ihas n..lreatl bald. In casen where it becomes d y aud creares io ro:. this lO1 will v-rv roon render it hil'tihy, anld pti ace raie*al be.utiir l growth of buir. wtiout te& least iail'jasy1 thW I.. l. 'rifhs fl (HIivrs re atetalbler fr.o +41s itr.dtletesee rhetyr II-tv lir h;Itre h ad gliosuing the hair. The It ir dry after tsiing it. For sale at a tore, 18 Camp street. - 2 REEM & D'LA.GF. 1SIxaul UiAITr & r'o, rO'ann v receivan1trot on ~Ssd ship Orkans, Eagle, l{iRhlander, tsokc'r etasltdsswL4, Fasr h and Geneca uhtY esrsn ; Bard k ';Chessmen, 2 1-4 nad 2-8 binsh 1lil u.nlill, 8,9. !0 and 1' ioe bll ade B o iwls : laSer sl other tmrsellin Dre)ssinog Cns: Belt.I aett.BHoremnan'a's, rd llDalliuag Pist.'lsdtutle ant l oit1a barrelled G(ans; Game Bags; Shot Belts; Powderle st Pistol Flasks; ertu. IBottles and I)rinsina Cl n:i tsion Ctpe s n Cap an. Holders: Cloth "e, lI 'en:h I aind Nail Isroashe; Orei- aOl Chlorine Tn 'oPnh War onth Powadera cT'ril..that S.llhoving Slaont, ill rrent s... Sets': Iie" Hir l. nils, Bioelet.s ns1a l"sirttte. Pear; rad 'TPilet Pnowders; Emterv a,; Irnrvo Tub Ca'hions. P~anta Sit11.ila ~as oses; Uolat F.'s'nis .5tosol's~.;lr 'orandr Plat,. rlt as smxe; (tilt Ciltain, ledls atal Kes'; Eartlopo; \Itaist tt.,'hleat lmsesista; ileati NeaCkhias snd Clititte; lii t a! lld eiirad ternol; h tttitltt BeadhS. Bells nndl Plumes;: shell ''a'it; Sitle and t)ressei e Combs; which,.ill additin, to ,heiti fomer s toa k on hinl makes tlheir .oear.mant very e o'otplettr, at wi e !ta ld 5w .nd onlibernl t'loit, at sItL igt of tlh e rt elIo Ca.tdt. 2Ž1.-0 715 Chortrs-o atseet. Etl'. &. P&.BatshEr Shsteisid Enrollad, hove iuat neeied a ry e'xtenriv set of pan'o rt, cotsittiatn of Table atnd Doss.r't Knives of a a .la e.sri;.tin, P'en, Prockt; fitrk,b llltl Ser0 tttitt lattite'; Rtoesa, aorts. Elre Toala,& do.s. & &e. whish thee' ase ptr-ared o enhibit to the trade tronetetito. Terms atd aonodisittna sill' sotaade known st ttat ti tte. m16 J. 1).It. BEIN A COIIIN.90 Conmnn st. iliMNS-I N IIAR"h'&1l, 0O.--Are now re a iwi r Oe Int'i tttotaa.till' s, ogs, .lt'eev Andtrea'lTiliI. aoclr. |"renoh a~nd (4rnnn" dlouble |iead llovin~ e~r.s: Stnr, bclt tau pocketd isaol; alain, riolaeinss1 e. . it ._ullsio:. cops; enD hnlhlersj; Reirss i I{ lz<'s. len. Fc.; (:illOtt' s t)mmelre :,l tlll. olie del.I hncls; "io· ns; Viroli.* st~ini.; .sellPI ivory end hlorn eol~nbs; wali-rs: !:, thead atd leather tuOses; hair btnsids, front d111 eak ri.nlot~; netaro palt,; (tetstman sol Fren' h cnlt'ne hter, ltiowluni.tlss mnl sser oil, imntation do; aatiqtle antl he:'s oil; Iorltahle desks and dresing etases: past ialt.lna; ttttntal sns t gilet .l; e sol ndtxli'sosa, .tla. el ghlsseao tnOe v tetn; l'liloae h. ellt,at I t n. ottrdlon; whlitl twines tailet anod sirelin.g snaps toitlt ostaer, eosmetie wash balls; stetted atin oatshlont: peml st,'sd: srew eslshlons; litey head ehails :In neeklasc; hIillial tilla; p(cket lI;o!ks awl walett: G(erlmlan ltlttn: ra:t>r ttt'5a loe aod e ttt act. hlttit ous'lelt, t n to''r .terl'al; Il.'ells Lucil o ,ilrsatclhesoso il es' l;nestit; ('Creytn, de. &e. itt ota r ets mer snt' ek at ft I 'wholes, ore rt:';lil; alls the sir of the (;lt ( , , lhioet. e .. lain &. • tt., q Chards ' ''w'.l 'a t , l ', t i . il+ dle I115 pa tur e l ofh ' ]":1 . I Theuo ers tt uel. s t. rit ' , wil t th ''' w ~rith te rli" sl+Q lt 11- ·1 ' I".iII. ~t~lli ll++'tl1o-r W'. I.'+il+.'.'L + weith lbstling+ w u II le-! h+her said uice." oft Ilow.+ : el &. c:o.,n ::llllha v; uill I !|!,11ry I(,,lley will irtid n, ,,.e , liu.elthe bo'iei 8o,.f. Kl'¢."h.. \,U lslo &. i'., t N r 'I 'i "e a, of he a. .2al ihn- all e Itrlanr ."tt, i. I, t 18 7. tth o an slcitane w is oi tcil'ritla aaOlt wYasa. jalel \ i ll litled u (IiI Crle ltre h r e.ll th doz en or s'nl e wlt ttlt +lt,++,i.. 11. !·II· llr (I a Tn-.1 (.15nchil (:ilet powdeas. , p owder: Iask Itttl ;ea.'. te sats Iu nn. a b le I il, p rno .F::ji t : \:: I to II i t, wY. " ble w t"I liqhai .n en, ,'hlo7rine and Orris th wb,, 1" , O1-SlIh 'sIiao 'r. r &lctt o & are owl anru'',.el +it i Ia i r -ll. Iv If fio dli en I r + ill;;: an b, tll'; N.crivi L Iirn sarv h'sllehip 'lao, aaaar h a.itOglw s llbairaI a<'natie, frloa Nells Yaork, a rel vlrieso toi gI'al I tIia , - , i 't ic t. ol.,nIS el r l , t.stert etIt lia, hilkl nMl,, worsri d l elstic h·lrllrr, i omllltmo ll & tintke Elastit n.leo i.trs, I'h ttlt, lllel, r nd i ulld e r e ltsteli ; i I ie t s ali.. o i l, rstl r tl. stell eltlll ', .rtlll tpt e lt l, f ins e , en nl and li. ern o Ito .ioit'sn' FIle orll,rsk rerse nhtsl' tt'is at'rrt.alsss ir.tpwols, le r t a le , shan to''te's. I.'n' n, t t :tt'a at ot'sst it lth rlions, silnat sl and Iesall eslrla, b o,, h d i l .rtnthliti.n.Ie .tttpeivtt iteos itt-igttbne h.. odl'l no tlkd..a'iearss,'is'ate,1..lo.,'twhlaaiaale lers t aadsnie't,b iareasens,frizteasoafth'ins, paantlhtssalat. sC eoibl si t'r ess lilhien soil is'i plaurin, a t 1 vr al r ti. I t P a, J al nd Fola eray k s tit tettla, t i aoItoandwe "npeel aadtstiothlp ,latt ca d i t baket.l IIa.I ni e . o e 1 e yllOi ilsllsll i ( k h.n ne', losir lis . e t'tt'l erv It,2th' e. 'rh h elll,* c omba re p tir : . ell twi,<t i, if', N Ill'T',si i O r la d fl dhe erin liflh I lk - invse, lsti ti'i'llllla. .hslero, a ot co. .t ln '.ee' iit tehit so , tekilled tsiik. loots ,ond .1 'ef l .f i hdl , p h l, er, alerk, Irtn itl'tst.s Mltsit a f eat ' s i' n I t - I ]o-s ghi.aaaei sote, ar t' MIR x n nter-c, I v e .llll , y ., dascriptioe.l+ , brillr ]ltit n g l ad , pttillr, .etlsilv l'nn l .iht.'.ds Ltera', l ssd 5s'tiant oflh hro bu h. mcellr I ,ili " tttto t iii t l til-P i .llr u ,elslr , ; on'I s'llt~,l 'r l, t ' elll' , ta..rseap. s .L' r Iai. w h llt l w irlet ima dlleI ls e1|d:lyh tlr iHIR%)llt Itlt'k· euili, e Siil, :lltil-,lool, iisilll; lllhi ritirun,) hlenmplh lor f led CollourL hxr eht Coflvgnorl lO 'tSt atr . t i lt.tidsr , st ie til e is- o r . sos'r.. o oawi t .sg at' l sowdi"r, pon I tltillo s ''t.. lllx.l. gat le hui r pt lls, rlla ,rin. ol l Chl orin[ otO wfll d" rand nao.s, rIidt'ae sno.eit .na a lsta l t' 1oesson JE'tlEtL~lfl-s'..ttt'thls atest..,. I tt t Ottoathta ble: etts, ha ir i nago hit. iizItt.e and l ri d porelain , rln .ud. je.t hnrdrop , pear in d ivorye b hi,'t pihh +--h b r hlll, .si o rtll in 1t 1 ]lrl lothi|,l 1mir jloo }jlS le' r . . ,ait. . lo. or. , a' t y b ail. r I. It lass i re do , t'ila.i ,:hi n. ho uI rLOJINOl G Iltl lAS(er hCSair S i n i l', stati lll. ota g.\i ts'i t ,' ..g a h , ttd li . .st I sIsa .s .al Iosit'lsi'1' . stite r 'al.s ' oti l ' l.r s'.' ia," I "g<, h ' lt,, .11d h'.h iv lllrt'h o,. " I. o ''aa sit a'. it .a rlss ital o pllt l l, Il ol wh tl1'ttttr, :st'I , 1.:cul i llll N ]m Sel o h.r'nr'! ce+'lnlr m u llrlil r ht ,I,'wl l Gr\' il':l- ilt i, ] l I I Io~eal-d,..tts..iianPilst. f l~vi.vl}i~laql]s whivh m~e 1111 .|~xlt~lll 1{l. -.l it Iiit q i'iv f, ! I~t,+1ri i~lll, 1o1.1, il~l +.i 12 1111 i tl.l' l_( i ,. " lt a ý ()1,)1l: llt'" a ' u i,":.noto , t", i: "1, o N r rr ~ý I~ nt tlr" ir t"" l Il .r ·: i us nl · -II11I! s :v u. (lc Ic· ii ; r t." u cI r l: . u, 1.J~ ill lnj· I'(I' o'·ra 't:.nPot dt. ool't(oni,r!.O I i.lttd u.'Ii b yort:iao r t o nl( il aLtoo a . NouESS' on ti<an to fopoooat,no lmnd "In n pr Lwliuo no %wt It ,lt 'Itt c ltnittant leson, a loi n townI ' nttnlltt'B i Ii.IIooPIo.ill ot'IL~ n1 .)2 ItIo,.lto li( uir e .ilJiEAR.l. iI ()tlltoot A \EWV ortie. forLI 'am ao aole St Cwith de at,"n ~ ':(I (culled tale I oIlrino.o,) has o boon rucnt I) barrii IteL expos o~nt-.'OoI. 1. IS,~lesudth o r": i I'toolx~t I nl - , I e.· I 11I1 iu rllI.I UT H r. llll· , I ' 2 " Jautta Illn 1·, u l I it"' 1" tL nll' i. Fo ale at r~i~h'I' F' GI I IO'd'., ('an::y btoie., votlor o; 'ommo and St Charcn vtre.p n...r h.".:<, Ir,'< I-Lei. i~h I: rut t d , tit l aluotlr n'tt i rblti", l or x IITR by rolW ilo le.& fo sn atr nnneJ Ibi NI: A:s street lr;atIIrnld I t~l~r '%' puill I 'L ::.1 -.ý h i· 1 1 Ili t 9O doY: Wirloi (ii . IS 'ntFte, ' :.4 -((lQ Oto.', dotto-.ot, 4!haao4,I NotO fIinr itrIo h , Voitu SzsolI N1 . (pal Y:, t i dIi.1n o a apan lt n1oia Onfiaitoau.adp.d MI1. t\'ILI.IAlS, OCULIST, NOW AT THIJEFFERS' O t OUSE0, JEFPYRSONSTREET, To tie Editor of /lhe Lotdisitle .Adeertlier: : i ; llI-It appears by the observationlt of the Editor: IP Iof lie iNashville P'resbyterian, Union a 'T'r;am- tt eript. nIt well na the edlturs of thile el lphlis Elimu.rqr. ul that the "Old G(entleman. lt' is amonllg thie I)ctorts. This a is p(roved by Jhis hind],- rE, r lltooitt tlint his time iT i but shorr, lthl t Itit tt itllud utltlAl d A nlelltnAOian people are able + to jul .e t+hr thl'lstc lves what are Ipull atl u t impllol'itons. 'Ih'h wOthv edlit'rs who are )Doctors, r the prpie'tors, t,"ittrs ' o' sub-elditors of the hbove t nanlll d .jIouml, till e ,crv lette r 'rto I tetm'sons I l e rusturs.l to eiCht in Ihi. bovle places, pllffo. 1. The fact i t, t t I tlver thad surlh great succe.s within so limitedl ia period ait ten tor twelve o htt 's. Olne who was aed it't t tev vRtor, wt n had onl.y seen rl' e light tro hi' 1irth. .ti m to site tl ftit't w tu issh teut i So r mlt, hotel, in=ltuad of b, I1e obIligld to be led by i ii. 'two Vollll l.die, a hn ihal eatsch ,lot ilthe iglht of one. ( eveohne for teIll vea anlo t thil/ t her for nearlv two t years, halvillng I.,t ol thela the other let very wean t vet each of those vonue ladies began to s.e with both eyes, which benefit I pledge mttelftstill continues. ex eptingt tht tre undt r thie influence or domination of the Medical Iloetttrs. Antiher is the dauglhlter oft respectatble merchant, wtoso name I am bound nt ver to mentrlon, (as he pid le m Ies), who said shle ihad losit itu sight of one te, fiotn the ae of Ii; to h, but that she now begians tn read large letters with the Othel.r eye cet .'lotel) shut. This the doctor editors kr.'t, tn the gettltman told me himro f he. It ' con lioe eti his dnuhlter Ito If t ffieI e of tihe edieai editor. that they might he iutrled of t lh tt F t. The last l 1 hall unruion- i an eldlerlv e''ntlehlan by the t ms e of Yount, nearly seventyv 'Veat.s l'f nage, whbo derlac! pulb licly Iv letter, which" he t.t , to aUl I11, I iftre Il o)iia],.c in Nihrville bult one, and hime.,tfIntid ne h had pl id for 'Ihe insertion ltatevrr they df:anll, d, who d i lar rl in that letter that lie he otatv d!r e of the 'iohtt of one veo from t ks aitr t his irh, which his mo ther.ti tte d l i ht . .. ar: , e ian.,I ho the nleatl ls or small poxt tin[1t ino v tea coluld not ollia" rco the lizht of Ilth sIIun, fir the first time thlint I .fnctlhvets, but tie stars tils, Ia lld was c h, intlin to di.lit.i'h many ohjects; nould did, bifre 1 left that ce, , n iv lprof that hI st, ol r,'e to wallk aboutI I., s o with the other r e+ t conmplte , l,,t d. tI' s d.11d e I;:l been ninether ,t the 11'tho' i.t ':pise pal ('ih rch for I l. 1 llI.o ., Ill' t I t I ' lint h nit i l {I'Jk t - e td t h ef'. i tin .o be col , liab. 2-.. 1 r ,a1 " ev' "nr^vn , a re t e l ' :tr Sashvill e. i: :: .,vind .dieal . . d wIr' , s. lit ll elr fi,, ef',to , rt - ,"h I,1,, i i.a 1 1, " i [r :,'!. 'I1,t,' jo rh n oi l . l lis'. ,It'ili'r :1 llh 1, l" f In o o , .1 tI l: l i.. I I. it ,I, er d I :(11n) L ; c 11 ' i' l.m t -., o+,,t. hl I," , s It ; rll rllll s i.l'the a ll:lfn,. o1 f,( c IwA 1h . I,,lo I 'ilt'i It rn j i' t, r Il f the mI anll , I av li ltl t i I it, til t it' tI tI ' i l i" .-i l ' Ito11 ll "' t I I I, ' ' lt , i 1!i.i l ,t' 1:,l I '" ] r i of 1,' i ellt , t le s lel ,ri dl II1, ll : I it ilfl" .i; siit o ' t o l11li,u oi l', i t'u T'tlltrltl I-.' t o11t' ll t el id l.f u,,h l ', is .,(,l nf i o t i etoi ' I ,,iis I itt ni oJ l : w·l .l re 11 titore,'d l t .t r t m h 1. It 11 d .tot' il l.i ! v tor I; n , w .l .illl Ifl r riv toi ,11;'" . +o ', S l o he in t tti h h two :, , .t e _tt."'t II l l r i t , 111o1' te'ler I lyi l It~o iIt I I o tll . / " i ti ll . ,1iot' r h-im,, d w,, h il's t vitt . / .,," a ;i int ' tot 1, t ot;t '' tt ttt/ :-,.I.i , ii' o ' n't II:: , I "fll.'e If.r .. t nl I. I i ,( aht i \ n. 1, biI h'd I1 Ite i ar o ii n l ilts ph. i y! I, the w -y h dirl, ihich lei said [ r 11..,ilh of the t' 15h-- ! ollf iw A ' ir'o(l se hatesheli. v r'. ,llel d il , hi; ! ii I .11'v 1 "wlIo.r , pretn in ,' tiI t I l h h I it I ill ..I a< ", 1!i "e." r :lr , cl. ll, l ih. ' 1 1 ':41 oo ' ,t11il It11'',t ' It , l-' l J ut r l, o ,a l l iht'a , , sot t I ho.o n if. d.. I I. f thi, it jn/ lg Boni tl 1 cunt.' I hova Fc .d . boo;deditI this dV t ill , e t of lt I r sh l is ItI ll. l'it'l :Ittlt I t c rit di, it - I a Ilf , IIi fir or ,, l~i of theht'. IV C c te 1 irIli ' of hi l.t I )t'r rth,,, 1 ,,lesw nd -il\ rl rL , ,i t o . ' n hapit Ih. dnii, t . 1 ell r;1e l. ; , r al f tli ttr/ llt tt , I el t ii It llllll I Journal , b r s k viol alto dins th Aliin , i of this w II ih t sne or 'totiinr , ndn I i, te t t l . lia cI, T hl I/1 . l i _ . ItIt r/ i fore, attlv t'it! i Lr v li in ,lre idt-rvii lav- ,vi p n r1 '11th. RI ,cl ! :t, l', d in i wt isit t/ it ol ttnis h noh lu i ll Iwe tlltI to vI I.h r liot, , i, s o si t t In t nme' " l i e wls otihe infi l. it wll Lf h v mult r a tll ,i ,'t , to 1 ll'i welll "¢ r1l< e! 't 'he I rlg h 1. ., a at ii1vc f r ware, e " l cid,. n. hat, nidhe iallr ,Iha h ". l" I \o f tc oi in. l ul i ,l h c e o ehvlrr, , m I. wilhol. llT )r llllill. I'tiiitl : \ nlh llt t' "i boll;t hi l ,lfr . r vllte, tiI him a w ei l r dlle o .U p top . tl , v 1r! I ' l"l arn intlltelnl 1 fir i ceV l i . 111)v l I HIt 1t bho, I t.tIw, our it S to lhe I:rill f ,, ll'lt lto I.: is 1lyl st. v l t ll e, v1 w .r" l III I, Illt ll . t11" le idil, w 1h.', hr lsa 'd'b ttl~inyll hwlil\O 11 tin i hou pr1:1 1rlel l h i6' lffir pwuh l,'.',tal ,t l' i iitry " t i t:, ,1:11' ifs I .'t oldPl' e'rdit s to''. i i, I I.ia i,7:! in th IrNontod r, nay IoIr" Ii thoeto 'flit- :;~v -'1+1 1r ,sow c .tlpllol is hbe ol , ,Piil , ii.: l t·1, o01 "" x lo ,trift li xal: t my Ih , t I,1, \.t. \ :illl ,i llh . ,,i. if, C: i i l ' ' ni (J :rl e l+: b : i li· in t he m all ll .,l v. r o wii , m ot il 1 E t, to l' i a l i , 1 o rl h ul!e. I \;If- 1 i l, 11 le r ul ,: .- ll .h at b,-, ith SIlI t r. Ir I t i i.i . l IiI ii ithe vi l' -bIIe i all, he u ve ''v i' d . m. , i'l r; ] \ o h i,,i' :.I ' i \ I 'll' ', : , , i, I i 11, -, I i t a, I'. o hl ,l i1 ot,1 . il. )? 1 ,, ,d ' I. c Sll i <'dunu pubi : fl. I- , t, .'!i,J i s 1,/ t l i.,I,. t I1' i1+,.," 1 l I llni, .' %- ;1~." , ., , ' i ,i lii. ii thI i \ 1 n" 1 t , n , t I 1 1, 1 , - ~ : : ,% ri t Io ir h.a ,',ol , i ,i aut.; ol ; t hla c, irtl illH ll.r , ( if . ,111 h", " , tc ' ,. il '4Iiih11,111.,, \. I 111 :", =o i ofllr 1 f.i, l' !11' ( 1,1- II s J;ilt k no 11.1 vno], IA ill a' i.rl ti l ",c r ,u ..t n i i, a.... 1, ,I h ', , {in , h"i e.sl1i6 til " 1e 1 1, i d ,! l,. ho , rI! , , '" "I , c'- Io gih' r I o, hil 1)i, n " eitn a l-of:,li ,l m , .: I o. ndh' I ili. I re It e l llbll· llp r pIll lll ;ien , (t <)11, _ t , .,: . I m Ikoi , i :t.l i sli h C. n or t , 1't.t . ,a+ t' a r t1 I ; h .n : om 1, . t, int aI . I .of ' i h a " ,n 1 l o l, ". - F'. ý. ýolle," x ri ltt- 11 the non~ ",,.n.` o T :: li/C ll I palitul- dm, c llIeI o~n e, :u".u I , h II I, .II n. I,,,t:l: tolld Ilr ~ m ill,,111~ -lehl I11 on,: I·\ i· for El ll( t"- ";,1 lil...,. ,!:,,, ill ll 1 ,, ,"I! ·I I~li t il, I" ,:1I1'·11l ·L?. . "a. a1 111.11 111 ~ I .I1II·II1'II , + 11-(·1 lu1 111) ~".v ". 1,o+ 1I1 Ii;UI ,:1111 a- ie hasl L,CI·II a ./ic:ltnhlis i (!;Illlf allli »Il r"I1,1" Ii. B. Cn:; :II· III 1lII II()·I. 11 l 1,\'\1 `,U;4 ,11.11'rl~~lii (IF 1.111 Irll 1\l:l 1,',". o eI 'IIII, rnl I t,\1- 11r IFL ctl~. ,i11I endt~n hta n~1,1`r11 ýan ' hn turn, M I N (H FI', lI' I Ii Ni' 1)tep Ii`I1 i li ii a - 11 \ a~,Iu n,1 ntý . .ik al hit rcnru -,: t'Ita ý"titt n~ I .ttt r.,1F " 1(IX 11'11 :1kI (1IIE'K4 FIN IIflh.lfa'i l'I I ,, l atL ; ,I I. 1,; 041 he curenttheumatrnisn utlaorkingseviltou, S.a.tica or hilt g," . ., i ttiucancers, salt rheum, siphitaic and mercurial t:hteases, prticularly ulcers and piofinrnifreeions of the bones, u'eerited throat .it t s-t trils,lli.enrso teei diescnrition, leve cries,n.i ilternal sbseses. fistulas, piles, senli helni, ~turvy, biles, chro. nie sore eyes, eraicpelinh th tl, rodcd every varietyi oi't tun'tts ntlletiit, chronnic Ctl rrt!t, heantl che toltct'eid ing trim anV alcrid thtmnnr, t ln in th i stomach anI ds- I pepia p|c"ne-tiram tatrin, af.ti:ctioas of the liter, c hroni t il.o:ntation f tithe kihlys, and genetiu debili ty eruso Io h a iorpitl aetin if the '\ ssels of the skin. It is tillcct taa eirictcitllill ren ovatil tinh oet constitntions who ,'I pie been tbI ken doitn t hoiijttionus eatmenl, j lVRvlile irrel"lritites. - la ,ene:ttl trlns, it is teuno - c i.l t Ill thost e diiae les w bil.h avrim i ronl i lmpllttitst of the blood, or ilitiltitlm of the humors, of .ilal .1r taneor kind. onme: oflthe above cnmpl:.i!ltnlata equire somen tri flingncaiscant app ie't:i,'ns n hit il]il irte 'llttlttollnts of the case will dictrl"", but fort n ner.tal rellel Or ', ~it:rllnr to remove the tcaus, the 1 UlAN'S AI'.NAC IiA. will genencllry behnound sufficient. TO THEB PUnLIC. flowt truei it is, that modern Physioians, tn their am hition to excel in their prontssion: explore the vast fieldls ofsciencae by the aid otchemlistri , ant l seek out new tre medil:l tageits; in shor't, to ar..ive at pedtieCtion in the p'netica by .~lme of art stone,--eltirely overlook and ,cgleet, as bentcui thei not ltee, the rich and bouinteous stores of iedicine, lwhich thile Alnightly has etedlll to sylning out lo tl le e:iarit in everyl clinme! And how mlch ilmort Iae isitthat while the Amnerli PIhysic illoo k to foreign contrieslor IaIy of his nmost ctitnlnon and inecesIT :. articles. tlrpetnally changingl as they are at tihe dictates ofl'fiion oerfnll, lie is srnlrclrndd in his own cnltnlry with an endless rofusion of medical ilnnts, sanliioit to itll:\er any illliention ill disease or to cure aiy curti.tIle disoirr: tandret lie is ignorant of their v!r tue(, and theiy ti sutiered i irto t'wastetheir healing on the desert air.' The ell'tet of vegetlble medicines upon the sytem are i temporar. -tI.ole of minerals lasting. The 1 iormer ex , rl their L'Tects and pass iofl-the latter, iuereum in par 1iclr, nlet Phelticallty uponI tilt iilds, deomtposing Ili' IIl . andil umln ir.ltilinn the constitution by Ia slow T i.: ent,aeui:lilt, ehiienley itod SAFETY tofteveln b le r onl'edliei o'\er mtinolte, Ita oe estiatied by contrast in I t:e alttciet tnt'tlice wnitl the modern; or, to bring ii etor oitdiatelc t terto to' rttw it observatiotn, lie. Ildi ,ni i tra:ctice with thatiofthe w hites. Who, in America, is Inot knlowrill ..,:rI of Instances wherein ,:t,; ,r dvhrcli pid, l, lll ,,l dilg l 'ii ntle Indint, by motantsof a i,' i ,,l"le rtnrdic .::e', h::': a:ittcit d the mii st i tl apid ,:i Iuntoni hio., t crt <, a llerithe 1ateira lledien tf the pI .U oweI tal ll"nl t 'tirecteal in the most sklilful in:erll, SI" ; t+iled,? And uho hIt. Ilt beentll silprlscd ill thello nl . 'tith .e al- I Io i iltitya itllwhilthtle inlianfi eshintm s," ! liamn anSy di tase, and lit the alhmost rtla abtahslene W. tin'O+,ic dlisca-, among thetm? W1h'o has , let heard : Ii t lllt i tItt itlltinll n broken at rulined !by il l res at .\:,d 'on a dolubt exist that this ha.ppy ox t. i t n ,al tih ..\: ae firom, 'mout of the ills v'hirh the '1 ':I oll: ma i, he Ir ,. is rlielyv on inic tol tioole cll i ,,t ,:l rcnhoh whiil) i eripleys' 'Phibs a~stoni . itn : dlinl--r ,.ce II, :ace l, is :I faire e nllilcalio of Ithe i on e sl peri, lil tit' le 1,;toqle and sale fltens of ellre wuliilrh find hi, s t, .,l d f,'r ItheL. neit of his Chihrelln, o, r thos,, which tlhc pnite and tho aie ain of m have in t i l I i sele [i'rs nIt,.lridlou nnm a pe1titon nfpite t nr l Iael phehdInh.'O t slirer n thplllllle a n cdn lllllea illl llitl. i I w,: . tlb helit m ie, ll dl of "Clll't eo 1r ll" f Ioe IIfsteim ost: i rf ,tli nd rs, the prI olr 't p luo Tl, whodiau's P < ill r t : t his ts l eg o a'llf inill n thi e liost with thlueln alo, fcos1th, t . n'ies, icon theseiheisleeted ,I raem e toil ! e `I.l:L a ao d i'reiia min flld oirl riate ll atelr h ' I, n.:I,"0econsphd ill t w il et i'h s ale pl"iVl, Tos Ih I u.t i,, ll .t .i . d1'le if llab:le bailo I is t IIie m all, i th ilr th only nwaos of a Act ing t1:ir ultb tt i"i Ita iv I1:·i(.tll sh it Ilh/iI.I I itih" sllain 'itoll lhisl' :1 i'i. thaai .l ilbl,' oirelieniui many o| "t his alllirt:d eIl t 1 ,rw :mni+,yo illii :it c aolllm'ii il ilt'. • rlions 00iv tnhit i id o I'rll l,:l,'ll'il, I, llhlSll l Insto lic l ir t is ap licable. 'I'l ,t aal it w" ll 1llol w i ii Ii ell e i tlle e'. In, as thte mnoL , W.i ll, l.l il. hrl l t:, 1 l a 11, I o l u le 111or )olue i o iiit ir sil= 'i, I," ,. . ller i.f r""iul'oi .lll ila once i ll hl it l''l ll a - llrll , 11 r ,1 i ie O ly go wh rut' othe s I,1 tl i '" ,I as o vhch isenanblhh, hi' sall i", ililt' ih li e ; Il i ,, l) ; ~ll t o e l t ongs ic , hl , i, it, :l ion was Sto ,I b. i , o I ill I, ne .., h, alht i [hr, t had II'lt i I Ii ..'1i·· ie' eli..~~111 1 l l. :PLlV B(~11 1C-· ;n'~ ·ii·· iii li~lli 'i : II( ii ii 1111.1 )I l i b; ili).II :I' ; I·\. li~ i·.:l. :;.I- · I ci heh h .I ·, I· lieil~ll i ii1111 i~~~l: ~ A I~!~. I·: I·i· PtI.\ ll 111·I~rl Ii A !'I·' III·*. ii ~i: l~l I(i I II1·) L i. iii. (/ ClI· I ifi(! ilI tle111?15 I.; ll · .di ll I11·1I (ll:illll i'2;l ii ~rl' lc l ii i!· .1;11· ·liliii lllll I l. i jii a~CU. 1)l~l: '11111i~ )iIIl 11 11. I iilii~i~llf~ s *iiiii'ii li hI i \llll lIlib* jl i l il I '1Ii. Il~iil I ll.iii CB 111 ::1.· :,.iislilillillsu eil'.p ilil 111~11~~; 111.; 11. :·'Ia.·l1 :.! I~ l iill~ Y·C.* ·(II I~8lii~ II II:. I ... ;111. 11 11··. ·'.I. i ii. CIlt~ IllIli~iii 'il t ii .1111 1 Iilel i n~ ·lliji· L i Ii clr i · I( iiiWr li~i)l philllt. ll· I: i lii: IllS::-111" cN''' ~ltl)N.AgIIEI, dliuppstl ~i s A' t(Iil~l:~· II A. · \ ·llil:11 \* ZiASIINI IE I AIll. Lu II) U;l: i 111,1( ililili 1 I. II(: I· l /l .iii II IC lli·· 1III(.·\l~li~· i~ll) i .:il· ii: II(I:ll ~il lli Ci\I·I4. I Il.ll 'ls;·ll \1Ll 5.'itiiieehiiel 'Ill(Iild perU1; lil' i~ll I'~ ~l-ll.·r ;~~, I'r Ii: ii llI·~( I liYi' k ill l lii 1:.. I'III ll~r: l~·11 1 Ii.;.. I l ii- t l'li l.t l~rlj q !,?:isr..l. I1 ;5~~'1111111· lit'I Liii' (L~i j )rSl~. r :iii'')\ ii ilils 1111 -~VI· 1,lll icl~ll IltPie II II·~· cil o lic! l t ii111 II· til~l)' · 'illl r1~.l llt iii - I~lil·: ~lal~·,, 1I;1 I` 11 P'111. lie~ lCit-! ntil 1,1 'l l:(i' i ll 1111 ~/II/ I ;i(I 'II ~l(l(11! 111 ~l(l "i f il ..::.l ii1.1.111; cee-2 (Ii. iT~i .hii \cI. ':I·· f liLt~··, I~I 'l-)'·- ItIfI 3II (I.UIRl·IIPX(IAM. ,TA TE or LUUISIANA.- Parish Court fur the i P orilsh nd City of Now Orleans. TlIE hI'ATE OF LOUISIANA. 'T'o ill whom Il th lse Presents shall cornte, Grecting:-tWhtret s r i,lles Hanle havi. ti l ircll.ed at a stle unade iv the . herilf ul ie iti I tf Otletal the proper!l O Ir.tinrther describhd, ,ias up1lied to the clerk of tiie ri isollrt, i h wove offiee tie dtch d o l sansle as recorded on v the .1 any ofilpril, A.4 1). 1318, fitsr a mnitisiotn r atver- I li.CI lt ill (coaoralin to ncl Itof tile Legislature of the g stale of, atin ieildAn act for thie frlherranssu-i a ne l tl to iurhase. at judicilsales;" approved i tillth ihiy i! crchl, 1831. Ni()W eelfrefr know ve, nd all persons interested hlrein, arnt herelv ieed aud admonish-d ii thle name of t th,.e at,; if Leniiinna, anld of the 'alish Court, hi1o etii set ip iany riglht litle or claiim ih .nI to Ice Io-sLjt Irseeiltaer dsrcribed, in eonreqeence ol any ll.. eilr in the trdor, decre or iuoioiest of the court c-,-ic hblh tile sale cato l adetor aoy irregularity or l::iv inii the olipraieements and advertisieents, in time, sr manoer ofaole,or cfor any oiler defect whalntso svet; to show cltause, withii thirty days from tle day this ouiia is it iert' d ill thue ubheic p oaper, why th n eel. co niil e Moculd not be sofifirmcd and hono long.ted. 'It', od preeriy wa sold Iy the Sheriff of he par ih l re~ai onIJI tim 1 4th day of ApeilA I. .18.8, by virtue of a decree of this 'ourt, rendered on tile 5ht dnay fi"ieeb, A. It. 1838i : aetit elt\tlicd lAlexnder ii hlwlao ll cc. dIset itons c, No |11,37 of the dilck et of this Colllrt, at whlich sale ite said James Hnnce hesanltt the lurchater for the pliee of twenty unlo tousand dollars. Descripltion of I'rolert.t as given in the Judicial Can reyoltcn, vri: A ecrlnin lot of erndl silhllted i thle sliurb An nurniition .lias Laoursee of this tity,ii trtetir No 5, anid Ilot having lernch naso re, i60 feet tfront ol Tchou piteulas tlreet,:,1til feet lter on Orangers itreet, anil 60 feet on .nlfeaunde dl oalt testrev, in snuch Rsmanner thalt said lotfalroundl is tit) feet eiide froint one side of the sqiare to the ithcr, togelther withl a ldwerlling houses lollt lag oil 'lchoupitilnas itreet, tile kttelhen oand dle iesdiieits, ilsc the distillery etablithments erected hereoa and olther buildings awl iimproviements, the mc tsniehir, i iten.ils hlements antd ilxtires bltinisitig to stld dl-tilles ., it+id p ledll en( ce anlld a ippll llllalle, aed the righitsctionte,iIil privileges theret he bcsgisig or ill itllt wri~e upllel C;rs'-s t fth'-, New t)rieens, Mle 7. 1838. Ini-Ij.J-I.rj' JI. ttl.lI55, Ileptity Clerky -'1xht\'l S 1)1 . I,-tI.jtANItS:-Ctc sir d I'otetts pit'r ht paroisse et eill tie la Nsnutelle Orleans. S'IhI'AT I)~ E L\ LI)UISIAN.S.--A tousECIux que Jld rs prl'%entes12 ttlcnclrnedl, alult : AttetainI qutet .IlniCs .| lliise oyttllttheth . ne erlite faite f atr le Sh--l'if Idtltprtaeisse dtt'Ortleatln r ci lrlis`t( i-tprs dceritc, s'test adres~s~i tist-llc-ilds-tti sit l.. a i l-vsitsc lit siertfgite( ll-s- I CiI tjotits Ilc ' elte IC t'ntclie 1838,8 petit unt avis -ontolnellel t istilt Ac tci dt lt Lgishtulre dle I' IEtat de Ila [+otlitiolllt' inltilulft AeI e eal'iur u firlllml r leJ titltccles cq atqtlt.elll nllx cllltes jtllicilices;n" sp;rleouv. Ic it ..i ls 18.ib. Q illi sait(olllllns , ct ttlles l l-sonl laes jlldlq'l0LC~SIeeuIll IIap cesB II'e~elllC. SonlelIIct, all nnlll tie 1' dtUicit·, ell t:I):I~eqLtt'nct'~ II(tlll (f.+tilllt (JU t'r,,lne delia I ordrlt, he "aecrt on l jllcltlelnt l ie li i r, on \cr'tu iiltiel is vcilte i lie ties , otn s e toute ilcs tlhslrellnte oI ill-gittie dae lestention,11nis oIn C trIps t't h mode ,le hi n, c" i ri.... l.. ... ..i. ti..e tS ee tt isl e loi-i, dnis t-tirellt~ jOsii a dI ter tIi a t llt ic tion flecut te a u i r 111 1uoi la" ,l;te nlili j ili e itl' erahit eus coltil.b e et Illinologube, I.n IioilOi6a fut veidue bi r s It' ebIot uFldit, Ie wa to,-zii ,oe Ii 'st ' nlvril d t I', ln e on It ti, t'ln viilitu tinii 'lcnt de celi 'oltr It.7 ,e t. n iri,' c Irn t Ilhs ntr LIc cIci, nit-,lcuiisil eotrleleniciii ct I to liatrons.liciittiri In elti Iit die terra stll· an i ahhbltllrC l tls 1tin-s tilliilti tis 10, n.; urn e dIo itti vilr l I.slll. I'il ii atli ,ttt.( l dit i atlt unit I.ta,- [ii'ltrl Llase a niu f 5ltll r litiie ile. Ibane a mlciur ,ite 5 ilic d ll, -tlty iai sot :/II !it Itq itt ,r,, ~l., /,,tIIII llitlt~ lle |'r ',.] S /lI/ i- 'cflel l ll a I: uite t l ll -l l r itouh I Ite Alal qii sit -II tuet-'iin- , s isstli ice s tib -in-a. f·e et .xtt 6ill.i'li:)...; h.inlwhiell'hlillP'niiltsl-it ill-tal cI c lt. l i r'i a utll iIc l le l l d lstl il risl-u du c iu d-I , ,t it Iii i -is. cit e DIar ma i l l ,rei. l"rNoltli elde Ir6ln s, le' 7 i, 18'th. r IL, id,' i-i,-- .i.d e .1 ' e c i , l' I, ;I i -i I . 9 ill; a, ii1i Ve b l: h ISi a nln :. I' i l \hdl clin.+ "le r,+'l m:',',i ,re W .\lainki, I's,1, .\lemi~,,.r. I he I1Roy Coile .o. f Surlge ,tj l ka. i aht'ld\t.e n|" A o ..tll e cu,-'s tau tln , Fi tltl o l`hIfLil a ot :ill l. c ill, S (.r( , illt !.\i :l " niuhm I'.'gsith', A' .,el n1· ,ll, Lani 1 9"+ I -l ; ii, I.+I i-t l-.l. - i- r d -',,rphi-, I'-il of 1 u- 'i a:,ls.Th,.. ,[", hq;td.dcalonM~. Th:i l (i:.. . , rl. hciii., tll ststlt if I oi tlll r sil i-i 3.iem l iiilay m-tici-i iiin L po Iti tis htpi I r 1111 jtt ii Ii i i i n citi-It ei 11151-i : '" ii. ~I, I1 -l•t ·( t, : II'.'tl Ill ( \j. 1).e Ill IhL,' 3ll hI. t . ,,.Iil(ed~ J+\" .l, h1r:h ;(lllt.[ l,,+il~l ' 01 ~l~tl +hOWi~ll~l 'tl~lnlC, ilici t··o, ,f ,i n.lhi o , t , lii -lllt , i al t i.C , a..,i,,: i d~e :,r 6:+h,. " It is hi,'d p os a 'e li's ti-ti -ti Ii-il fr,,, l a :It l lle b app loItI of' tihe J'i:ginl ,.lv.pritelltor. .ti--"li~t I I , t-- . i ll,,,:,ioJ~j~ip i~il~ll t~ l c i , ul io.:'h tn,.;ilc'un [ t i ts'g--titt ,Aitvd ++tlr . -.tliu:d i tl u~qst;il htn-l itll tiss is' I ,!-lt hhi-i- ,.'s +c I 'u tiIu . i ,lisi , iri -rn t+. d ltitl i~tiiiti Is iwein i mi ii. t.n,lli-iggi-in, N~it 11 Cctl st.ilt. t, Ii ener A e. t ot ti cs , 1 lttui n. h uri , j NF'iltX It 1 FI' mow, II' \, :.nic u , "1119 ec[:1119110lg'r l il ,911'199919919',11, I9 ,lle '011)1"~ citiil .',c' ; 1I.I'gS lill C··ll ielewt ed is \1u1(.l·: tone;~i, ul g, aloe ,,en's 1I Ir~lj(:( III,,- ,It an Moroco Lo[' dP °al gm Iit:IIIE 'Io hII)1 .I, and slant wax peg e ll l Iee e~ndl., ~ various ga a!(1 III( s w, kij, 1's 1f~ cl 1s191 1919oot 111,1111 .,~«'ý !,,,, I 1i. , ,o ,' ors, I t1kl h 19 9199 btu 9 1 ,s X 9 . m pels; illll li li l t a:. 81 1 ipab x, eg Illts II \·:l"io ll Sal :,, "l11; dIo 9oot kip and luau tgg\r x~ 1111 1111 99 I C s lle ·a, , 1'1, )( ait a f s w;. attn.'s, onion sho es Lin,.,lsmpv, d o il~lr , bail lt ;p seat 1 1; nllo I law Co llet, ; 40 ii':,u e., I e IIPi X)I· ad ml lce quarte 9 :1xt I lifll l lt9l: ,, a 9. , 11; 111111- 3 9,11 d 19 111,,1l 111:11 'illi~lll l II"IIIL1 12!,9," ~rllzIcrrl dL "..[lnIl, I've: WOI Sill . , 4c e ~ 1,a ar I'lrc9 o, I . ll 99 , I 99 lY tl t'19 I.oks a ..r [r a .' 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'&;!li.-s ;lN ;'l9'p911o~mn ~'9I999iluiti..119911119Is :1,19n and)99 "9o,' 1ihcnneaitcrnnee JUSTPURBLISHEDFn~RI)MST~j dlEOTIPE PU -TEa, Th/e Fibh Ed/i/i, IOWLOETT'S TABLEYO OF IN'TEIOET T: T O ohioh is now add nu Average 'ltime uCalcula I tor, or ecsy methnll for oflning the overage lime on slorete, rotres of hosodoor hills of oods, hon n ohaell at tll'errtst dates, so otill'eerout creoits :,od for v:U iolls IlmoIllts; iesiodesoosoftil aod conplelte h ankin g Time 'a','le, the best tlhar ello e clmtlrived. erl that fi or'us ica P .elll ee within thet same onlleooetl omlopass, Hrod size oftope. An orverijomeon t in thehook is in onrrly the follow int wootds: t'he kigl distloetion this work lita reeeivel ohoogh the too legislative acts prefixed to stoe title poge, is o ee commend.tint in itself, so unleommon,, snd so etouelo sive, th t sothing is neoessery more than hv wao of ad verisemettt, to giv a eoudesrled view of some of its pe euliarities: as for instance, the ontrest hoas om.lo edfroo, and co.m. red with, what is elquivalet to four teeno etlsef enoulatsioo, examiuedin thie prest thirty five tinles, and printed trom terenltyple plates testotl thirtyty-one times, from nll whieh it most be evidentl even to the skreptic (erp'ciollp ool t oe e.stonol ol'the toe tail of praf in the pretioe) that the wsok mu0st hbe erith metitslly inftllible, ond in enrofirmoleon ofthois helirsf premiom of two houodred asndliftsv dollars, is now offer et f.or the deteetio of an error of a cent ih the IoPesIot or fifth edition, as expressed in the prelface, making five I lare pneoio, oftireo for the same error sincethe first ptnhliestion in the pear 1|10t. One of tie most tonspleaous freatures of the tables is inthe earranement of the Time and Amonsts, whiol fore xpediltons, rofrenee ond.rspiedity, with thhehelp ofthse side tnd index, cannot he exCellet; and the .fty ty and ease with whiclh the in:erestl can be fouedl.o the extent of general bhsiness, withoot doubling ofi'sms ishesildes a Convelience st) esseotial, that in the estlmo tion of some oi the moest mroeatent aond prcettlh bhlsi Soess men ro poblie olfliors who hao e mooole greot use of tsle worl, it taosbeen hr isditlgouishod hoyttho honokable tlooellaliol efofa '"mester ptoce". And considering tho infallioility of the mtethod origilally ado tedl inl composing thIe work, sand the extraorodiory niomber and varliety oflthe examisations , and tests of reery edilion it has possed lin thte preoss, entwilthstanding the wloole is in sterealvotpe, eonsilering, in shRit, tIe positive accuracy eouroel bv the eoereeeoentrtr mtoes emoloo. m tile vo hnmenel )s'heee hehlup a1,d emplmtieally s't~led 1' the most wOnTfol'otd hook It the wsoslk;" most certainly o, tln oe n ilattoto figure work of the same extent, which since tile Ioeilningot oereation, has had tle same norum her and variety of tests in tile same inlllserot ef ditors; 1o, loorl olle laol'tlhe nlmer, as is iearl) olowl ill the pre1 ec. ierihs, tats ste n.trl standrlod, it ks l·IN trhliedal lroeed in nerly all htto bholnk onot Ihllc ottcos io Iho Uniteo Slateso, nd hv the public goorrally, dulring tle iongo perlod of thfirt-tive rcooo. yet no eoror of the oal cllalions hIts ever Ibel ould ill print, althullgll ,ntinllu ally challelrged h the nofr ol' very large premimns, oThe i ict expresoly lad olteol~, all Ithllourtso of law cl sevoral ol'hoe Sttec as thie " r0t00 of etlclll:tiohll tiOretalultlo iltereolt," osoulso hy lao for bank ilterrest, ao c iordi ieges the book i t eSed, ald as way so e steo i part, I. ,,,n tlanles of the snlerihirs, anld a few oIf C th Il-bsoqelent oocst:o ers, in the losl aot oho ood of tlh hooot, ailn posU",.n C 'e rI' closs ol'cilizeIns ill ,evetr 'Inr te of IheI Uliloed otohes. ttist itorleoverloll knootooohatot, tiots rerly cheoek, it has so olto o eotoected tlato: o err.o. rs, lo:ng afto Iotey were -modeo, even r tile m~osl ctlol.'il :ill' mootst eomletent arillmlelltcits, lat its Hsefuhlne., and the* ahsohte ne ctssio, for its tsooo' holl b oooxnitveloeo iooisoert op ,n, so evioto'ont, ilnced, lorae tlholl its a:Itvao:o~lpa e, ando its sI, sving, o Itllast, a\e ll.l t iloos:aig, ohilslt tthe filol oIdiioi Wlsses Plarce.t llO ote, iod ou f in o a ge ol lllmer of sroollll had co ith welre sogl-hi hlr, ( ll Itoo ao gre t ItiitcOue. nllld e.ll it Inrlollq pr'i,.,_'s, as hllley Colld l ClonvlliiOll lty In I icd upIat (.lr $ ll oto o$25 lir oitY, and10 hllllel 'llt'llllllb hs k t' rleCe: l.,. d~echutt ,l. nl.ll ihlns lllln r. cl dI be quoted thtl l tlhe llll no :'b p ivy , 5II'P, andll f5011 itor at coo. , otII oo to be'l oad ot'r I t $ll 0, I i ti O :li i ill theh]t i.r ilo t ici arti bhlyl., htolioo lt tilhe 5000 iino c rxhil ited sioiotociory pro:oo, to o tveral poto.ooos ie Ini.t tII ml to hinl it was rleally worlh that llny and .00000ott tiough to e too totog of 1too ooe, oootcabttitooi, too bcilga~e, wry r mental in 'blt eoflc. It is likwise vnrhlly orf r oI ce hllt ioted proIt lr ton inpre r , tI: tlrl lh is tll' Ilrltllllre of ltg e work kbog eoolr/ty s;n l sl p'ciall ~ il 000l . 000tl000e I ll 1t 0In i 0 0 llllllll I the . ta; s, I.t had this ho,,k or it, like b, onI 0 e0it - oI tI iIIt oItti, l i ii,, .............. t0iol, hi t]o't00otie -..... ..... ..... cnlr.ll t i thl lm wwI d, ,,le llle rlsI pI ril hdII III.'| t ca.Olioull. Ii,',ll r hisonnll Cll r' ctio of pl 'oof'ct. ( it ·:.l ~lljl(·lll], i I I)rl ·, . I I(C1:lll to tl , h 0l ilell tt El'irot Itenl1ll··. € de.',il I o o ii IIL oo itt it ejo t pr00 c0 e itllil.l ,,: Ip < pl eln . B utoo sl i eltll :i t l] ,o l h'i' le slll I0 i 0 0 ..o. e t ,t i 'h . ,t i0 000r 000k.bec i Lll . ie, l tiIt L'.r ions. ,.hbs bfir,' fn,en r I trua.rd!bc in+ tv rexami t u,.l,.,i ', · llf . to li d I Ih ho, 0:1 , to.l u 0. o tooi t . i 10010000001001 ·li iio.oioeoii 1 IoIIIjie·'( 0 ht:i 00, 000 to t rol ,ill olllllo o t pii, = • l.r~all n ,,l th i -is,1+ .o lawillm,, dehs l'olema|,ht= 00 Ih 0'l e-., 00, ..'0', . o i l y ,!l,|l s .100 c0nt s ht e" ' itoii I .I i b. iI · o oI o t i " 0 I "IT . Ii I llhl , l r .0 1e /a to . i .10.n oo6 t/uio diias eh I m .! ltld 7.i', ..v ies. l,-h. t h.u ly ilrom its )11belcH m nltl all lin[[ ,l, :i ', o ly re,ml~~tz i. ;.' tol saytY i >thirF g o I I elln N ilin liton ii 11 111b1: lil i -tiie o" i lit, i 6 a I .lrll e. \ h . ,re ti iiii, , bi tl shll rttli o- i h i dis, spa l'll t a d~ we .,,,1.. dlly o ,h publicl f'oi i| c'rnsihl 2 anlcel= of [HIw ''"I11'+ ;II.d lhll'r lll .. Fer+.h, lb the t !:s J ml i tlIl. IvI, the siir er~ hV '. or,, M,(.] .. 11 ! ," .Lnll-i .l .ln :il:ntaly ut his oilieo, 113 • ,i i n. u lo :l 11 'ht.i, n11 . 1it.t).0 dll iule street, or 1 d Votll,I lo Ith'i a ,letll t ot l I 'en' rt nt d t" hplelitie oroaitrs; atld l t t lic t n -o't to'tctiotolor ive it n Nu, , trk, % %rill which li Dr..Ioimon Illl I ti prate ice sl.hly (o thl treiniinint of thlos dli-uses, Nit Il ti a' to uotnltttl'ttd'dOnt.ti tea-ot: Ioa ai 4 eahtibled it, r aaUyl any of the iltotaity' aotltlaiu. in fnrot to :I dao jswitllllt iijulrin. tha i'llnutlnllltionl by mercureea' or tny othlhlr ielerrioa oitedclinle. Ghonollribe., ;let, StrutIIule, ii Vlillal \l%.kness,.\betions f i"lht Bll d del, idnl s , lr'rol tIe . olltnd,llel any of thoe s Ill alier lstr.tin a t llte' tiotu a, whiclk 'e lrally iOilow negI!e t t:1 or II-tI'ipt i.aec of' VCnerial. Scrofuloui s ores, ll. l-ted leg, calel wtorts, re.mnoved iy sillm)lp nlem . Id of' It lllla llat, wilthat reastrictiO dict, or inllterrup. l ta'en, r-' ihlC in the clmtrllll, and who f-6l deli lt t inc enlhag Lienilly physician, by :,'n' ling ai stnl tllallln t ' f ehor 'Ie ay Jolter (pio t taid oillt Ilt i' Irlot''iir) cIlltct' lter..iollnenllt ' advice, lir thrir oea n oIuImIt, with 'Idi-ine, rnecea-ary t be used,!.rwar. :h'll. $plctolle olfits p'.tl idol where patients cena ever co" in ':nt t a it catch n ihr. Attenalahce iaoll morning until night, at 143 Cautonl Hou-, streetr. [i('ioncsllittiunlsa trictly enlidenti: lin all cases. at,.: Id ) (Lt' & .Y, litt , .tgt, and lrta entecat S at I'ntr, No 3 C ta,'ntt ei. strelt, two doors 1.on:i lnita:tiolls of Ithe lillo. in woods :ncd ma:''ble, ex ecutctl ilin n.,at e : 1 lillt M'ttt', 'e t.-taN, black and gold. lk, ai. eid Anutico, P lrid , I ieotAoI ir v 'd :lltlll l, {'ll'-d d~o, 'Islp , irals il) ..o, tlie y t .tnt ate, s4tin \\o Wl, Potmac, Hair 11 r, l)nate or lthidello, ew 'Tree, Clhdlitn Whot e, (.O nle or Ilack Sia nnA t.t l irecte lla, tote We I. Acmaeti in ;rey, .\sh White 0:.k ke. l ke. (trielsd Eha, lpecim llns to lie seen at the shllrl. ailnts, il tla os, spn"'l :'islt, ik . l tn a'ill noI agr sale t t cu;dl htun'triso, well cenad nted. li.p, serll oad od iton, ia:il ait e :,dl ptloh (;,i G, ( l. : n, tlhen:, Liblerld., spli.g, sh1lt ahd Crowkey .tecl iollow are, cuilt nr d wrotnhl ails aita d e ikta Zinc, block linl mill aml gritnd ntc s, Sdtl klUats astio cables a, . olateiois, Ilier ()Ox, u w II tIa (. a thaia cor' mii .\Amtiho tices,1ll:uninersand allian a Wire, csheetrpi and ha leadi - hot Cr.ael, aned ieiklng sltarest Am.ios, ltowl.nd's adl r ther nnat al lt shoIels Hook andll plat hlillges, door window oollks .'ullis, tlulnt, Sh.h;.. ald ohller axes al'd d ll ttilha acoirdge', irt's a-nd t-ilie tell anl slheahio g copper; Naval stores Paits, linsteot and speru.i oil a ailln asira. ratIt ofIe hardwa' ti., i ship chandlers, always on halnd, anl whlirhlaeol redfr . .ile sta ldi. sale or retail, on the ilobl tet fvoracld tilrmIe-,, bly Ino- I\Y"il'11 ke I (' 53O()ld l veLr. FI¶"ROWGATS~v SPRINGS . ano... -rrv s. TIfIRiAb DAi.' JOEUiNLY FROM XEWl' OR1LEI INS, S1TI r' prietur of this r.tabli-hIment has the plea n9 sure ofanlnit out,:in to ilk fiiced: Wal thel ublic inll eulnaltlat lie ni ill be in redine-i by tlle fir-t dclet oi Ein ta receive viitterts. 110 will isoo slate 41r tohe b - nefit of on at a ditl-ltaeoll ' that ti'hve he pien lIarge illllrovelentsnle, andt o lhers l,w goilln ol land i napid prcresr foc r compl'etion, w.tlI will euoo it the alllner bet to teollodlteln a IIenh I rger B ulllber han hlleerl.ore, andl t the lisam time romuch better. FlllOiliesa batie aullO lllllldllletd itlh good root l or toantutaho paIltr ican have largo c:biits etachedrt l'rot hae muill building. t is .dlemoll Iltlllncenre v Ico slay anythinll in piarlicul Iar of the character ol these wattrs, (i' it '. geoertlly Lelievedthat aIl nare nor iulbriorto any in the South er Slante. All Ibe ololftnotllra that are tgetroltlli' liuod at n\t'tclio ('itoeec, will he fioundi at tlit. IIThe best IIIiC thll this patrt of th ' ountry Ialtbrnis, hla ben elergaled. anl will be inirmostlnt t ttendrlllla l thi oSptril daring the whole ri:on. the.ubsoaibt t will avail him'i clff this h pntrllnity in ret.rtning his hutnibh"ned thanks I'r the vierv liberal suport ivet. him lalot .ason. mll lprIn the exN r-i /i, l i x IlL, e ll , I1P iii iii C ',I ll. i ltlet- e eilnioc tSo ifa avlre been l.- i hI cnintea ndit dingt I e at mmodlation', toi illt a llberal patrinePr th ip ae l t.tlaon. JNU (IlaM. S I-C 'ý It'?ILL i' , ttr remoig u. rl 11,u hair fiola fr lthe, neck and unir ., a ait ui ,ll Mly ai,{ certillhiv Ii, Wains; the skin liner mlt lu a: lidre Io^. lptlicaton. . fresh supply i ,A I . lass MAIL ARRIANGE.. ENT Northern Mail., ~ I Eveery Day at 12 51. Cltsan Escrolay ny at 101 A. 21 Western Mail, FDke er; , Wednenday an by a oflh e lae Clones every Monday, Wednesda Coasl, `,and t;taln y, by 9, 1'. .t. T LakeMail e er ''t oe.lav, Thursday, an The L a torda}, Iy 5,1M'.1. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXI'PRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAl., IDEPARITURE. DISTANCE &e. of the Express Mail, between Monile and New York-leaving Molbile daily at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P.M Snouthwlard. Arrives Arrive Nortwanrd. Distaner. Time. Return'g Mon.gomery. Ala. 2iln. 9ll m's 23 1 12 m. Cluimah, Ga. 114 1 9 34a.m Milledgeille. Ga. 133 14 21 p.m Colombia.N S.C. 7o a. 163 174 10 IRaleigh, N C. 5 21l5 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 55 f1 i Petersburg,Vu. 10 pm. 83 10 9a. m Rilhmon, Va. n1 am. t1 3 61 Frederihksbnrg, 8 67 7 11 p a. SWashington city, 2 pm. 61 6 5 SBalltimore, ij 38 4 0 Philadelphia, 04l am. 10 1 1 2 INew York, 2 po. 90 8 1305 143 Ii. ar Sd 23h Northward. Coming Sotthward, tile time is six houni lesso lhing 5 days and 17 honrs. S TEN IDOLLARS REW-ARD.- - ANAWAY from 169 Carondelet trner of levil streets, on tie night of 30th of August, nad was dlin next morning hll Priedra street, a negro boy named CliARhIES, abioat 17 years of e.e, snd 5 fee or thereabouts in heigihtl, rr blank, and as an inmped inlent in his speec,, one of his logs is sore, ofcaaioned Sby a recent hurt; e had on whe e enlt away a white otton or linen shirt and lwhile cotton pantaloons. Masters of vessels and steam boats are cautioned a t gAinstrceiing or eharboring said negro, as well nas all other persons, as the utmost rigour of the law will be enforeed against them. Tie above reward will be pal frdreliveric g hil itol any of the jails of either of the mntneiulities, or at 169 Caruodelet, corner of Hevi steoet. sept t OTICE-Th CulmltnerslFip hemretfere existing t ndcr the firm of Dolistes & arretnon, has bees tlisslved. T'e tsubsriher will liquidato thes affirso ithe concern in tiu city, and reqoires all pertronso deb. l to makte payment to hini ,nly, and all thaese lag itcl s, to prlecut Ihrela fr settleutemt. t i e--, I1 (IA RETSON No. llnCanal S.reet Aerte Orlens TIAds o lwtvaon handaeneaontly S receiving Dri . ii ( Irle, Chemials,uad I'a:sin,ualoou tllei ar. tillocauit l u.i.lf. DYES. A tinlimy, cide, Argonls, red, S to ctgulus, Atnotto, Spae.. hArunuin, elltde. Alum, do powdletud, lltazillette woos, -alsam eloAvi, ( Cohitneol, IldL, c,.rulem , Copperas, American, to ru i ed, C HpIbAear, S lIriinstoei, erato , 'lultic, Trmpleoa it do roll, do (Cohn, Io lowr, dn, o M.hlo ine, li'mbet, FPrench Lrlries, I Callll dides, tie I(naracuse, (;in lo Ah's, do lcatiosmala, do Alidkc, LoSu ood, Cunpemahy it. toetltetitli, o St iDomiiga olol wIiac,3 do Jaunica, iii as itnll ll, Inl . fnintell, an dieoanon, Tartt, do , pal, ,rontth. Mhlader, ombio, Su rstotped, Nieargi, ooastlre I do S AlueIire, cto Cowo, 1 I.II CllallllholIl ClItF do MarIsevaib it o do rt lf. do laoehe. it,, guicaem, CIENII uALS. oIn Ikilo, Acid, nitrous, dl) itettelie, io muriatie, ti t I, o i,. Ion vulllh ie, d) Sltle ol, e lilor vitriol, ars 1ineChemola.,a iti! tragl lloItiCtlt :dhltre of Iheir, I : hg ll:lllht liegmanll,% " dIo 61,. Ircig. t. inid io.iphist., i osi- t :i, Ithlth, Itlnellreslt, .i- do Aniericnni liednchrootitintiotsaa noo:nm lilk, SUll cLp no'n, tl i, So lts, Stgip i ntlI II ;q mnrict! bIl!, SllFtr' l'an, t It, I.!limui, PAlNS ' -Illanet ,it Ralft h i .t (l r e ynllown, tIy, to d, ipce d itIn a lil d:, ialap, oIt greeendry, I d.. h I l, n ice, ie dtn it, il s. ,I: rhl.;ro in I I ,ua tlntk I gl tlit, x l n !d ,. ri t :,' It, o,,, l ·g , nlin. llll ,o . ", .. iu,ino +l't., I AIt lm .t i c l , ,to. ., de A In r.vica SIIiIh.,', Poe. io: --", f"rilitl il t Il;;, lit ( l lllmk .ll dohl h ;'ni y,-t k, iti d ;i g l;llln in nit .i'lll ]t:.vrs, "1 ', iio yl'li tl~ II lrr. I'APTiUN '1 I rC Nll e N;;TT- EW NOI, iS... C-u'an ingsli~,.lr a W\'ilt(r a~t So hlessq Iai Cehl in I.... i/rica, Ihv ap are i asil Hall1 , Royal Navy, F.I. J.nort Iflclb, a rucmooineroo I, Alan (Clniniongham,l vw y/cncr,orrtd f.e,'. caritl- by Id oIft'el, inl 2)V c 'r. oeNdio.. Iictoryol Iely, tlrnlotc-d from tie+, ccricin l ltion, by Nottthnicl (;rtPnt e inl jol. for 'leNo. 79cl f itlrper's Easily I.ibrar. Co, I l Ic hlWc lolanlet1 and uniformn edition. clf Ittshtblccj Iroinc's tlborks. Ir,·,'r, Fcachl mcl FSisl Diruarsihmty. in I vol, 3ro nA l.n,'a Fioren, crl Eoohlish I)ietionarc. A lsu--A l odiw om'e ltiesof CO mahe'Phrenology "l~inzi" Lrze.llrevi's nnlnassael orps iper rqua . . l lia ] l s )lr - 4 a n d 2 1 - 2 n e h e . illll' ipoved metm e lic 'esc,japaned papers, weights .t reciceda, an for sala by BENJ. LEVY. tPAIN REVIlJI'ED,&c. Ac PA~IN REVIIu'rED. &r, by the author of 'A year L inl Spainl,' in 9 vols. 'lrit/s 0o/i lndaramcharactrascngeterall t eppl table 0t / ~idj~ie Aboi i f itorth Amnericad by ( TurnaoEsq The Political Grammatr, of the United States, or a tomp-le vicw ith the theory and praetlice of the geatra aoci 'ttlle st(orierllnlollol, citlh tihe relhtitne Iletwecnt tlteen -dleicted ooco adatptedt to the young men oftheUntted, ru~,b ED3~id,I esq. i'Ai;Or.da H~lnlig To~rs.r interspersned with eharacter i asri,· ill~rdurcsd Pal' llgano d oingn ofspoertine melt, in cl iocicnl otircs i o elt} prinipatl oreok hrdera of gnglaend with anulytiecal ctontent, und general index of namea, vnllhlols. [fOR THE CURE. OF Sertftlt or King's Evil, Cthrooi Rheutmaties tChrnie Cutaneous Il)i- Pains in thie Bones, by free eases, us of Mercury ithle teloe bei, in vitiated lstate. This very concentruted Syrcp in prepared with the grealest pthllracencrtil:l care and ccoraoy,antd contain lie active prlcireitd f Saren cril a in the onet conen trattd degree, ,conohbinted withohtler vegetable subatanco cfiknowrn cfilacy. IThe creaot tdeli'dmtconl witth hysicians in being abt ccc exhiibit a htrce ,I lloticly 01 eroJmJ)arila in a ante c/con, hoe. Iccc,, nlchlinetl in this t)relcarati--t hey, be ni rtlly toncvillcedt ofits llnt:ri, cmloleatly administer theuo-irco ,cf flcir tlractice. Prier $1 .5i por bocttle. Sold only at SWAIN IOtlHl''It 'S rl g c store, No. 1 ]Cnal street, who cccyi be hIad, frrshcaod ccnnine, direc t from tle er, rie torts, N ccaio'a l't n lcia and Vnrmificge, Potter'n &t.tali c'et, Cnrpciter's ProraratiollS, anid a largo and genera cca-lcrrlnclt of trent 1truogn, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. I )INNSICl.'S IMIPROVEI) EIIITION OF DR . (l ollntith's Alcridgtret of tice Iistory ofa Ro n to lienh is prefixed an Introductiotn to the rtudy o Raotn Ilieore and a great oneietv of valUable infor cnaticllcadded lcrolgthot tlhe wco-k, on the lMan tern lltstitutijcc tnd AlotlAtities of tihe Romnans; with nn srierous Icicgraplhieol at id Ihistoricel Notes; and qutea ii.:cs for oexnnttc on at thle end of euch secti,n. II Inlcrutec with tlirty engravilgs on wnood, by Atherton l'ln.ococs' Ihciroced" Editios of lDr Gohilacocitlc'n Ilintory St, IEngtlaod, lionm thie ilnvaion of Julina Caesr to the dle;th tif eorge c-,I, with a coctinulatico to the yea Ip8i. Witi l tlltSlilla tbr exaclilntioo at the end esct rccietlu. Bltaides a vmietv of vWhlablN itforna tiecladdeci tlctrocghloccc the work. Consistiag of table oc conclccllc,.ls ny cvereiClr m anid eloioent persona. tolioac. explanatory notes. Recicarks on lthe pol lit, cclaacore acd liticrtce of tile .e. An outliaeo tic . itwccitouioa, A n. &. llustrutaeod by maly egre Illco. livco' ELEcacoTn dF A aroclnonc 01, Ol AOridlgmoen ccft(eitllh'c Nec,-', eaciee oct cle UsaoF a(lobqs. Na,' Airiicc, citic,1, witi addiisico nitlJ impmveecela TIl l expitioln of lthe ,l rotolieau pact ofi the Ali rico,, Atilogndne. Jcaltrecerivcd anc lliroatlecy W1 MIKEAN nora 4 corler ofCamp acd Commnon ate IIARPIEIl'S CIA.OSICAL LIBRARY. -j ORhCRtraaolated by Pihilli, Francis, D D, with 2 an appetlchx, conlulhecin trncslations of varioun elcer, Ac. by BnUt Joncon, Cowley, Miltcla Drydac l'ople .\ddison, Swift tCihttertoit, U v \Vakotield, Percoan Brync, Inn. antd soce of tile 1urcelnseinoat poe of at day--ndlct l'ItED)RU S, with, thle cpctpendin of helit tronllala ted icy t.llrtlolpljer -cll t it icci vo Icrci iccct volcmc.a 18 andi i!tuf/a llnrprr'n tIlanhic l Iihonrv 'lic Ioplcdicoco ot" IiIIt/tltEY CI[INK.ER, by ,lnoliett, i, I), noclil a oelocoir o1'1th -bcthor, by T1col 0.0 tlco~cie, ,Ult., toO ,echicoac loi Ilcc[ ttratiaon, by G4 'TileE .IP$Y; a 'l'.elhy theaccthtr of aUtRiahlije Ilcy oli crgu lydy," -co., ,w eclhia, 2 eel. ocaplk IXUL FFO I}rty ilu nUthor os "Pcalha. h'ehe DHc "r d," d..c, heticl volucme I V nt m new ret. nl'"EI re Caocplete f Ikob. Joell reoived an WI'M MoR ,;VAN W.\cON BIJES--N6 cahks Cilocinaiti actie IL lauding trac thb+enl'.lcchnoat Et;mlulae too Ile. uOGI2RT & IIAVr c

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