Newspaper of True American, October 31, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 31, 1838 Page 2
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a Re 't. T Wfailis ent irreg - r o r . A ii tta y and st -sat a, o P M . C b, atrs .itlla. jV. L. Hodge, 8d dol Oriaor RcedWeer Jlofil is sent irrceu. ..ITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. oa Dick, Thomas Barrett, ilA Merle, II C Crnasock, Sj+jI.f Laverich, Abijah Fisk. GEO. W. WHITE, See'y. coast Maail. "Yna Chamber of ." rcr.o .+.llid S Joi-JPel ter,; President. f a A. QuIarrti, Vir s rsidatb. ro ' . ni L.ruodg, 2rd, do. t G aard D I o C Thomast BIarre t l , Hme Lotderich, a ija ll MaFi S 1.t , ai CEO. W. lef th, Sc'y. 4 -toe oa rt s iiCLenIIi.t IEJo ld . t, + k" I. ict ibrhtro u.ibrill h lOnair a ac Itraot. 1,ho t , ltrIoIi . t, b k re, rom l,, Bieco. to i oa o itmalto, Bi Vart Pad, L rdi t. •cnro, doysi Roeclarir, Ki daal. C s rmCPar. artsth. .C to io,i, brts p ta lioe , -i Ardti ai , T atr , i te Oa ~mrhat- , cot, La iarillc. ht Th Ikp cirr , C oat ma from Trret. cW ir,,, . lftd 29tata 3a ha1ai io, sad.c., 14O.y aihrrs . it Lio 0 F a.n.lin. and a +Br rmig : ti~ e lnVt sp dhiays f Okltal m a1wnd to Gnne ,. foid.. arno, Ho8m( , r1 b wo mild .., o2.a s al nl'a. b i Ctlifor,. d on. M lrgaht.a asip Cfrese, Iao t M a.rabrgi. 9kaTwalicRttRPiliac. Ifnei, fiotr 9 irPat, lefrtah, at Ih a " c a. l to s0rata.c Lein Jdrrls d Edgar. a I. rob, ac ip ercatrNo, -brigtiklar lire.r.,,i U S , rr epor'dit • arh er , .rl IotArp tiur tlrui, ro tu.a r , to li a ltrr..i l ot tillo, I erit Baet No 3l , freelan. fromT Moua acak Ri r•a 5n lia leiai, and 9 acos Cmida Iltrio., to ictrdi absr..rcrgo, -ship Cllftor , 3 B. l lng CV ll, r3 dr ys fro cargo , B.l ld Th, 23 d y.· icet o . crtT arlit.. - 0ohr brollopnatatoa. and ta br 01 c, tcr..rei. riark rlMar Ripetr. 1 alar. 1i5ra, J liaticti to takttier. o, era,,,-, Wts and b t tClaC , Tossh Kingsbry; 2 Irunck dc, C C Cobb. MCOMERCIAL. Chnol..too, Oct........t..25 11V,'epshinslnn, (t nuo . , 22 Philol, p1111l .5.. OIL . Ž4 Now luk, do.. .......... 4 inim ti ,1.......P Pb rilad lp t:. do. ........... 23 I.nuixv lIto. Oct..... atm r o......... t oi,( l.... ......19 5,l..a lhO c..... ... ...Dot5 I..1rrl4un', It ... .....20 811110111.hllll l~~~~~5..,..... 41 . 411 (e ) Aug. 2J1 IPursl Shpt ........... Slobu.. c...... ....... 2t1 I, 4ep1 ........ 19 illeo .t..........:5 IlIr l.. 17 I:xPolo'rS. IIAVRE..Per .hip EMalt Aoa..c ugo531l balecoLttoln, 11d 3u0 ,nil hrldea 'FORD..32,r brig NeIson Cai ..32' bale cotton. .02 ,, oleleloml lend, ald 1221 taŽ pig iron. `"C N, ACI..ler oche uv, n Jouo. .. "3Ž0 1,1 0Oour. 900 11111111r a be ill odtue 1"o1101 .05kI, colŽ,. 10 bets .nap. Ott resins brown paper, 3 7 rear., felt., LOUIS1VILI.E..I'0 1ot01er Mlldim,,..51 rrI I c. , arthnnsre. I'OR"1'3AIOUTH.. Per bLill fil~kiogbnm..,·· l g., hay, pot. W 0s, alld 0111ko1Žl IŽI:CLITS OF PROISUCE. Month 0lack R1ver.. Per PŽ'Ž 111,r Vloipds..poe..,Žuo. .,Isles cotton, 1l. I l .rth "0 T1 umŽ .,loŽŽ. I7l , IŽ. el-1.l. . ArruilI " a, 41idA L.edo"" cc, 3:du I 1Žri, 11041, A 0bery 4, Manna; 24t do C Tuledllla. I'ASSI:STNC::?. 1211on..Pc, ship Clifton.. D Pnrr0,, Ill..o, JŽŽo I.,, D711 P Ml'llble allŽlllyP F ItJŽŽllh lla. a J lerr01, 1:. , S 1lŽ0,, E P P11Žlclml, lE iu LCII', F DŽ.llŽ'Ir., W II Fraler, VCicpp. Joshua Vane, WV B'liss and L D Were, and 15 551,15 51ok Rirrr.. IP m ..'. V.Žlocidr..i4e..tRock in1bm, 54hg1 rl and Ildy, Mlool.1 1111Ž I.1Ž7 IC 111Ž1, Aleul.4'C. J10Ž0 Martin. Carleton, P J 1irll!e. J) ŽoŽs..I Lo..lo., J 1' lliIau.. 1olorrm.Ž L Melling, CJ C eivi,, ElI PSaote,1.,I4 51ilc..PIer. ennler Win We 1Žo0.. SmII th01011. J.die .ps. combc.. Mr J31Ž1.a11S, ESS 1..Ž II 0' 1.011Ž1, 5.Ž.ur, Sl2,1, Ju51. 55 Whit., 111.., IŽ,..Ž,d..I on dloc. HIvre.. Per shlp Oeosne..V David, V B11d,l l' Noelrh,. L.outh & VeloŽO,:.. Ali,. Cordell,. 4Ž,, I ,,klalrt, Iloll.d .4 54113.t1, 5111uo1 & RLŽ21..d, V1 Dub.lo, Ilru.Ž1, &1 Sifi,. P Iluneld, a V log,. said order. tlbWtl..Ie11r Ihip ClilleoŽ.. cargo. .1o2d odzo, to J A MLoies. CIaldldoI 01 'Plnfl, Blogart .1Ž li, tour , J A Ielalr., Wad,,j 01 015', 4.Byrne, Ileo.,0uw I1oJge,., Sl,,Ib,Ž, & 11.11. 011Ž,, & Watrmalltn, C: Dow.,.I.0Bid, I'co, IV Narcn0lnl~l. E. J1hns 4. q.J Thlayr a" Co. WV II, Fell1r, .JT Jst, C Clly*. J N Rob5in,Dlerive. WII t , & C. CioGer.d, I.ay1.on (co. l'jrrŽo ((bo.oms & M1. FgPg a Blo1k, Pareb k1. . 1Žl. Ž1o.Ž. KeoŽŽŽ. E D 1:y,I LbiLŽig, J Voa, AdoŽŽ.s J1 ForItul', C1.ri.. r. Ilr.tfl4 CJo JPlllen, B LAllo, W It Cral,., 1" li..7., C CI app, and o1d1r. 1 - LAT CAI'-Just roeivel ole1 hllurdledŽ r1Ž1111 of I.' SI11lull~o'041151111411 Slk.i S'alŽ, Ilrl Ž111Ži.Žrrl 1511.5 Husnsopne1oi faulptoq .iy, for tale lute by yDAVID FEL.T & CO, Ne'w Parlk anrd Oitatioi,er'n Hall. No.,3 2Ial3 4 (-hiŽ,e,' 1511. 1111P-435 -oo 41ut,, soa, bloe, of J60ieull &.'I'rowbridge, lanlding trot. I~h·p Caro-~ lies, lose sole byI ISAAC BR2IDG1E & C). 1 ot:t31 11 l'Žz:e. ( UNNEY li.Ž011-8J hal 2 a '.1 1.3 bushel bag,, Sili.or, and fors..l I., ISAAC 520IIDG2E & CI,, oc131 1354 1\IIVzine II 13ROGANS d& 1100'I'o- 50 4:11e1,, 0l1nin1ing m01n'S It .13 bipbroga,1 aniS calf Loot1s, iulld.lg from. .5ip. 51.11bl51a1d Cli(onl, for el,. ŽŽv ' eS,3 AŽC 415)C.GE & CO, t I o"11 134 Ma53lzsp A TEN 1Dl.LL.ŽIa to1W 11 12V. R UN iltay 1n he lmorning ollf (, 3:115, OlŽIl.,,llŽ1 p stove 1A'1IIIA sosls, u o fl:', .g.d 11t thirdllill' jyea1l0 13111b French ,..l 01,63 :-u,,Ž I, isc Iwell c l,1w 1 n11 `UII I1 ry to pass hcreolf as free. 'I~larabove reward will f, be W1,1 11. rb elivery t b IOi'LE& MIJAY, P' 3Cowonlhel'rt I a Captain. of ,eorlo, Ioole 11114 and othe., 1111011,n. .Mo3ed -5.50,1 takinx 1 wuv or bothŽring the abate on. turd Slave, undelr the penaloly III the low. 0! oc31--1836 III :'rOPES-..o4 S111,11 lolov llg; trot. chip 151;11il, di some o which ate of elP nIllpllel, 1.10 lr 3D 1e.?qoipp pte1nt coal 114ve,; 22 (.11010l co0111g at $lovee,.0 store and for pole by g S LOCKE S CO, -v" 8 Fontl Let .e ' N. R-Stove Pipe tŽ-ode, and put o11 i0 111 parl al Ilia b, rity,0011ho rt no1tic. 01131 1 KOL.ANI) (GIN-1S piped land1ing 1Ž1 01111Žp Slam- t J blir, and or sale by J '1IIAYER & CO, lb 74 P038dr.0.s aS .. 45AIiSE10-fr0 1 bl So or Ilu011 Molasses illn store, and for sale byy J TIIAYE5 I S. C(', pa1 ha574 P7rl11lofe1 Iho .5 '511.15125 & CO, n11 74 l'0Ž15111 At I"n tUUAA PA SI1.-4U t1uI.Žla e f.le Sugar Paper II M Sanodinigfromship 11 Mala1rl,, an faor ee ly r TTIIASELL & CI, he - ct31 _1 Poyd1.1 .1 bhe G t NNY 54AI20-Ž41 nlr bakaotd 000 izes1Ž1 landing Al, U from 051hip 5leledi, a11 for sdaleo ILv .o31 11 &.J5 jb I WHITNoE, b, a1135_ . 0C.oai At 91'1 u~ RSSMdTONS'46 11 1d 72 Lu11s BritesllllaiOne. " ,in 5to11lldtnr 1111 by Ie 5i CANNON, wlO .Bcc1l 55 *I'01hpi5oulaU11treet 1 no T URP '1'41.(.-15j banls splirits ·f''urpet~tiuc is t T Saaals from shŽp I',dO0Il, P, forale by .SANVIŽ & AAI15152I S, Druggists, oc126 101 Co00l1u0 & TrholjlolStilb,, 11 UNAfl .lii-15 Llea:,,3 & 4 bushels,jin slate 1er " 41 1 Mtisfu r sale b tru fu b T 12 54IE 31 51RO., a ` coCommomll & Mlagazine lre et 1ot (511111115of .00 b..rroi1 c111 be t1kn 1111 (1.1tBil eal.tnitlae in Nutrn Dam rtrct rat 54lll0 W 00 au, a1lipSCo, 'PR HYSDE ) &BRO, r1, A to01mi 0I MaNlgazeine 11111115 .N Saod 'JC11mlc,111111rconta11i15 Io'e Ch sIo g f+tubetpadue el, Famt and ISAAC 1RIDCE & CO, 'a I354 SfeazitauioH lwh 114AS AC SStGE & CO, po 134 SMagazines Ill. kegS s of prime 51150lty, inI st11e 11i ' b SLAOTER 31 TRIER. t1iŽ i4Ž Puvdlra t lot m-150 rnauu' uuty landing, Cf.( TR HYDE A' H ;RO, at01 p4f cr Cl.utunoor & lagazine at c ut ['46 4. 535C5311'SION CAPS. foe l: do CS5,os lheir old IoS ,sNo. N Sr Ir1l i *sII*O rpo' reI a Pl Sine doSblSe bar Aks#,10,018 doe Ea li It percuo I be era a hick y olr rpr onto ·: yea MA E ia il titi htaris or SBlank Checks tI O paoills of Lading I .abels, Dray Receipts, q rl, INotcer, AucOion BIlly, DiUrams, Showt Bills Steasn.Boat Bills Ofrocuars, And every description efJob Work hasl g ny be required. n ]' The promrietor respectfully calls the attention of the public tto thn above Curd, and anisrres them that all work intrusted to his care shlall be done at thle short eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and I. at the I.ment ratea. T''lE I'UE AlMEilCAN. EDIT'II)D IV Joull.r I.I YN. FAITRHUEL AND BOLD. NEi'W 01t LEA NS : WVEDNESIlA Y, OCTOBER 31, I13S. . -------- (t- The Enpress Mlai, yealtrd y, failed beyond Charlerton. 'y VWe htve hbree, aked fterqtuetrly, the rel design If the Van Burcn ,,tt.on in urging upon tie countrir tre I~ited Suc Treasury policy ? - iey who know the tmant, nod the clique that his Cunning wan s have called nronnd him, arm at no loss in answerin, this quetter. His real object mris to perpetuate ttte Preside.nitl pmwer in his own hands, atnd in duett ime to force, if poeniile, the people to call out for a splendid Central Govern ment. Hence his b .1.d ndel opn corr,,ptins of nd the source oi all power in this country-tlhe unre stricted right of snll'nage. Htrnece his bhio attack i tll upon the elharactrof or glur;ous N'vy. in order I to hImble its offlieers tito, a sulpport of irn, as the tii founitain of all honor. Hence his unprincipled of condut to our littllearmy, wilh the enreend in us view. Gence his proclamation of the dangerous o, doctrines* .f hio Extra Sessint Message. Hence P , every departure in his political course from the paths pursued by those statesmen who filed the Chair of Slate previous to 1823 Every body i , iho knows Martin Van Buren personall)y, knows ti thai at heart he is a stern hater of the people--that he is a royalist in the most ob!jectilnable se nse of so the term-that, like 'Talleyrna, ie coaunts upon o. the peot,le as a Ilerd whoml le ann move and turnt n at xl ill-t hat I. is a0 m ,itiottl as ever Cn esar or. gin wa., and would he as cruel if he dared be so. R W\1 are ppronchinga period when we must sty m whether lie shall have the opportunity of carrying di nut his unhallowed and wicked projects against the Constitution and the liberty of this coluntry c It would a emt that he has coutred well upon tie mass, whomu he regards as too stolid tojudgee forn Shemserlves, at least so for as recent expressions of de the public voice go. lle knows, and every man I knows, that tIhe American population would re. i cI uke mort signally his wihl and wicked attenptt by cupon their liberty and prosperity, but voters of such sort weigh but a feather in the scale. It i t cron the unituret d strangertlhat he relies. With. i out the Swiss armties of reserve thIat he i nv so be well, he would nevetr have reached the cy. By theiraid lie hope, 1n overturn the institu tions of this country. At the next sersson of Co. of gress, !heref,re, wit may expert to see the wedge pet of the I 'Tr'easury druven up to the hond into the thi Constitution. 'l'at g lorioua inrrumeo t e n ee rent t anunder, fa:rewell to tile liberty of tle cl t'l n. tim We still, Ihowever, hope that r Tartit Van pu:en will be checked in his earreer, that ile niereen- ten ries who r.usarn himt will Le defeatted, and that alit proper connIs is will once more obtain in high res places. Bnt when we hlope thus, we canliotr t wll "ihy. The wi"h is father In tile thonglht. r France.-Thle ship Guronne, Kimball, from lnavre arrived here yesterday. She reporta cear ing portnn the 13th Sept. st that her dale are noil so recent as tIhne previously received by the Royal William. She brings her passe ng re "'the new eompany intended for the ()rleans theatr. The news frnm the ,continent of lmurope has no in. herest whatever here. From Frnnce iae gnther that F many periironne gainrit he henvy import duty on sugar had Ibeen anlt to the miinierry from the oenr Sm rcial eliesrl.n .iLa rdets fur sillki ad hbeenreceiv ie ed in ryons from iur inIthrsa which had caused N some activity in the Itrde. The quantity of suganr cmade from Iees ih th) ear in [Franceis 110,000 hhds. France. Englnnd snad Turkey have formed a commercial treaty 'togetr'er. Rothschild, the milliontaire ihas taken the Bgleic loan. The of kindred spirits who misrule Hanioverand Pru.sie 1- are shout to I.y their hrads tagether to fry howlir much ftuther thet can ethral Iheir loving sub. II. rcts. The new Spanish' ministry is in a peck of rtitrou Is as usunl:--the Queen's General Erpartero h! rshown his baek a to ihe Eiort without show in his fare to he Carlislets. The porentate of Pt edmntnt is incensed that his regal brother of SLonmhardy (Auetria) has forgiven his enemies. Thie (teram ns ore going n railroad imakinig, fior the irpoite iof lconneuictir' g tile iitris oi Ie R[hine Swith those of Belitiuun. An earhlqunke hans dor Snmuch niisrhiel in Illnl'iry, enualry ,f Zilauder. The Greeks or. inl arms asinen King Othn, and ate Si iss have iie'led o trh de mainds of France. There is mc, c.u-tic Iw.nisy ii the fall .sting paragreph re gardir : Calptain Marratlt, extraucted from the Cinc.intlati .t.w.. All whoi think, mi"! feil ith t an undue proportion of spleen and vitu pa ration, h ha ben exhibhicd towards This faor inner: aa harshorti s unl ecn line our a ounlrusa dignity. unsutetd to uur hospialiiry's pride. What is he to us-of what importan "e is his enoo1, or eci' report, that we sh .uld nlike a national nmatcr of his in. dividual upinio esl It his censure ie ju.t , we but add ta its sting by persecuioni : if it be uh jurt, we g ve i iimpurtunei Iy making him a martyr for Fpini. n's sake. It mould have been far insre betcninig o sr rharacter, as an enliglened people, itI have sh -t n by ip lilelas, Iint we were superior ito his n.eers; or if his od'ence pl;ced him hryand the pale of courlesy, to have treated hin witll ua. ter iaddler It is 0n antriclite of little mtlind that they cannot brook reiroon, sand hence a large portion of thie asue with witi'fh the mliltr press has Irresparered this mnn; and IthIugh it may pinch somtte a little hard, the sansible piorion of our a journaltste cannot but odmiit that rie rebuke of the SNrws" though isevere, isjuat. Carr. This di-tinguished foreigner has leIft ur cty fior the Fs,.t, having it is sld, i been osrternd homne by le('tts Iromn tile British Adnlirally offire. We cotnsider Capt. Malrryat to i be fairly drvtn out fi nor cuuntrs, son let usan cn gratdlate ouralver, as Americans, on tle effect c uflur courtesy and msgnanimity. lThat thisayn, a lien cn slay have cotnnitit I some indalltilrsiimis p wllile atong os, we dmtstl lo,. lie pi oalimly had a tie idea ho very thin shinned we are--but then p it is a pity we did not bear iI mind that retaliation a is nut a ville.i Antlrier of tile Chiarles.nll Steasn Packets Iha rmnt wih an accident, ithough flrlllnnaelV, lnat. a itnded with Ilns of hife. Since tie fearful des. traction of the Iulaski the very name of a Charles- a ton steamer has elnveyed a fuany of alarml, and this triling misfortune of the fNeptune' ihas been read with great anxiety caught up hy the fearfull memory of the past. II appears that the steamier -Neptune,' Capt. Wilson, from Rsatimaore to Charleston wamnting a supl)ly of fuel was putting into Smithfield with a pilit on board, whotse igno. ranc, or carelessaness, stranded tile boat on tile 'alorse Shode at the mouth of Clpe Fear river on the 23rd instant. Captain Wilson, to whose care, politeness and freediom from blale in the accident t the whole of the passngers bear hounra )cdo tes ti. many, sauc eeded in getting all hands on hoard of h the steamtrr GovernorDudley, Ivy, from Wllming-a. ten, which boat arrived safely with them in p ChIaleston on the 25th. To Capt. Chase the pasr sengers also express their indebtednean for his cuurteuua crr.loperatlio in promotiang their com fort,and contribluting totheir safety. The boat will be got off wthlout injury. 1T In the hurry of replying to the Adlvertiser, yer:erdny, we inasdcrtently used Me wiord csan. teiltfirmn" inristi n1 e "at:'-onit mening tram plain, thought-ia e .- s iiteteari:e'! teja ag*h tith tl .reat'ico; t tpai ' bteeridd by c TY The following wrli written art cle is from the Nashville" Republican Banner," of the 25th imstart: FEDERALISM AND REP UtLICANISM. Tlhi party in power constantly inounee the Whigp' as Fedetralits, nd endeavor to lahlm thenelvesofft up oa thile cooutry as Reltuhiicanna-Jehroonta Re|iIJ licano. "Slnw nte,' aavs Col. Pk,- e a Federattst of '98,and I will allow you n Whi, g ef'8." ill ail ofth'i public addresse theyv nmake a parode of goilg hack to thie oigin of the old Felert ol and tHellican parties slid affect to argue the t they have derived their princi pies pure and o naditeratedl fro t tele latter. So far tn this beinlg true, it wil not he difficult to show that the loeaders oe the ,nrt in ower areo sat of impudent n itlmsotolte--" woives in stheep's csolttng." And as tlhsr may he deeled - nd words," we shellhn proceet tht , justify hir use, in thin coonoetion, by establishion hort- beyond all cavEil, their truth. hrI- WLLtnM It. GILES, we presume, will he re oglnized by our OPnPe ent it tilte very highest authorite H n this srlbjct. To hine then, wetw vl refer for ths origc of the old Federal and Repuolican : rtiee, end tie di.tins tive tlrineipleo whichi divided the nl. . hin apsee h in S tie oIoun e of Repros .rpttiveh, in 1802, ot tile J rlhieiry Rill lie states e lmpatic ally tine dyfhrence helween the two partite, to whlech we invite th candid attention of all reader*, without reoprct to party. TheFederalise -"Oil oee at le,'" says Mr. Gil', "it wao contended, that in Ie orgaietiz n of the Coosti tlieon, en due aportitnmcel ofaueethriety hrd net Ir ovuate among ho several depasrtments; that the Legio Inture was too powerful for the Executive loparlel.nt; . and to recs and preserve a proper eqlipoise, it wa n'etsary to inflsen ilto the Execulive depailot, lrent og piasiton, ell orsiicial p'ouwers re t.ntielo nith t!ie t nd tio, epo nlei n ta mo. i dslhusive ue onerc cc, ".; ; or in other wodo, tlo lace in the fEn I e eae h.;ndr all the PATRONAGE it tea possible to * -rsl creale, for the purtosoe t protecting thile Prcsident agatest tie full froo of ll corstititional rscpoenribilety itoll to lhe preople." - So mluch for the Federalists. Now rhe his The RepublicansR--e O the aeler aide," seays ie, It ws eeontended, that the doctrine of PRATRONAGE es t no repugnnt to the opinions and Jeeliigs of the people; , that it was unneeessarv, erpensve eand oppressive arnd that the hiehest energy the "government could pos no"" se, would flow from the confidenc of the emass e the the penoile, fotlnded upon their own sonte of their common ionterses. n Hence," continues Mr. Giles," what is called parlt Sin tile United State, grew tip frome divisiet ofre lopni or- especting till two great characteristic principles iz: patronan e," on the one side, and on the other "a far tack reeponeibi-ty ol all representlatieesr Toa PEOPLE; rder t adherence to tile g lenerl int, rests, c." the I is carelry neceessary to ponint tie olplication of the ecrenterlksto tilt peries odf theI pesent dry. TIle pled people ofthl U. Stoens klnow which of the two parties is Sin in for of I xecatie patronage, ndr which is Inborin to curtail it. l'ly lno tno at tne ti his succeeded rons once in getiog h bill te Senate for thlat pr. nor pose, which woes stfled in the Htoue oflReprosentntivre eby these bastard RIep licans. 't hey knolw thaJndge t White was deu,,ucoed hy the party in power fe voting led fr it. Since tile days of Mtr. Giles, the patronage of the government has inncrase d to an whtn rots extent. tedy The selfi-tyled liepnhlircn pcrtr honve ehad for versn twe the most salenlute majorities in Iboetl Houses of ten hate grsms;sanedooftff fron attemepting ye oE tnil the over. grown and conasnnole inreanning ptronage of teie gov mof enr r they haver rejected bills ointoduced byt hi an Whiges for that purptse-hills tile very samee, rae, its et literalim, which Ithey clalnored fwr tile lassamge of, ern when oat of powner. or. Tlhey are, toercftere, FeDsALtSrs in prieiple aneed oREPnLICAosn nlyY inll nee while thle WVHrens of the present tay are unqestim.onely tPseoneICr ANSce:mcai s y tag to tile nnderstandin. of Mr. Giles, one of tile moat log distinfuistid, unemepromising memhera of the old Jef fersonamo RepRublicae party. e Blet let ai follow lit. Giles a little frther, in his ac ry countof the inanne rertlled to hy 'etie farvoars nf the the poatronage system," for sustaining end perpetnotiteg their party. They endeavored to eteffit their ohject f ysr eny . S. G. by "rcrtin. a monied interest !" This of desired control of publicfunds, hl further nddn, was obtahined by fending thle debt ptoper of the United an States end the State debtr--hby raising armies and na Soies and adopting other schctne of epensoe. At Itndian tear he adds, sprung up, he wonuld not say I'Sby what means! of All tha neoe::s, annl moe hnave, een enj.lye bv "the ieteorers of thie pttlong' nysrtet" ie our env. Indian ears inre s:rollg lp er we ill not aoy hoar, enose cost h- will not fall oehot of tenLteo millions. 'Titr arnly ha been inreased. .argo enlehitulrer aoren anually r.ode fir the Navy. AItnroprliodtOe for ltcernal tmlrove e- meitthrae large!y inlreaed seince tile Veto. Tere.ese teeevilf the In n ef the the Stiseisii.i' the sale oftho nubic lands and the inerease of b.lsinesso it all t' Ilte departr.nt ol thle goverunlent, lnve ertargtrd itm opatronage to a fearful extent. Not soetiehdr with otil hthis, thL party io poter are graspig at tIe hetire pole bh lie 'l'rea-nrv Iv n.aoncA' ofthe duh-'irrantry lill. Thi t is thteir great rnliance ftr " erecting a itonietd interest" I. lll snl perpetuate their powner. Call there Iell be truly calledl Repuhlineis, neonrld. uilnge tr Ilroselnse ill witie, ir. Giles ullderstood the M ternl (Certanily not. They would have been Feder alists in his day. to Iscompleteithe pnallel, we call ftialtten ioen of te F h render to anothier paragrCaph in er. Giles' teet'l,twheieh twe are sure will strike every one as a vnry extrmtrdi. nary coinciduence 'Another circum tnnce," says he, "nereuiorly favorable to the dvlroeatere of exernivP irrne.e., waos ithat d riteg lte teell Ptreidlli' ai ter ", the chierflcxeeulive agietrate Possesed n greater i -. re gue ol popularity and tile cohfience of the people e than over was, or perhaps ever will ie onien n - Slashed to the person occupyigd tlhat dignified station." t" It would he impr seille to seate thlt ease of Ge-r. - ernal Jackson llot t e relslt ",Lrdvotte, of exert'. lirve palt onat," with t.crtr preci,.sn i. ,. ague+,. 'T'here is a differen., hbt it 's a derrer only. Am n General Woallinghtcl Ievter wielded a tithe of ihe ppatronage possessed by Gen. Jaokonn, ' o lhe never p tseessed a tithe of Ilie pocer. lie may hawe'p. . csseed mare unversanl populorith, bat e wasoe tro great nod too goeod t lan everto have abusned it. It 'urthermnore, the Federalisls of his day won uld have - ih blushed, we might say ehey were tot onest slnd d patriotli, to desire the flagrant ahhsee of pntronaoe thst are now practised. The Repltbhcant of his ltime would inot/rho pernetled it. But wtat tie Pformer, wite a i their solicitude to ere the oexecu. live eloithed with his "dne apportionment of am. thorie," never dreaunted of adv)cntiog, our self gri. a tyledJeJfet''io, a tlepuhlieans of the present day ty unblulshingly assert, mlainlain and praetien upno.n .enl ef In the case of executive patronage, fromn a di- sea Sion respecting wlhich Mr. Giles tells us, sprung ye what iso called party in the United States, the party ro - ow in power are as for iahead of the Federnlt ronl of '98, Ra the latter wore ahead of the Republpicals ift of that period. In fact, Federaliset is too good a fte name for ihr leadels "f irie present dominant party. ien .llonlarehistl is the more apprepriate epithet. Rol Wehat Foeteraht of'h98 ever advooated indirectly due or avowed openlv, the rnlnstrous doctrine, in re- Sol' ferneee to parnies under the govern nlet th tat to m tile victoers belong the SeP'nLa?' I lehat Ftidral;st in the olden time advocated y thie open inteferctlee it electionas by omicers of tIhes Federao Gveernlnet nlt ' Whnt l'rd.ralirst of '98 over desired the Presri. te, d.ent ti wihl thle vast petrnonae of hie office ioy ecure lhle leleon of ae successor? We rleet tilltrno, thatn the selftaryled Rernhlienam Sert of the ptsent tley hove exrended ithe patrerntore fle syse..utn poenin inhinnite ly beyond whnat the Fe. Ina' erali'l- of '9, whol, are eharged hby ir. Gilrs with Sn having I.een tho otelors of the ysylente, in all he sru.cloe ofe prni, ever tloght ofu resorting to. It to may he prerum d that Mr. Wdire stated lie nacts so, if Ith Fns. as etotretiosh. re telold annietn elis up. teenie I ct+ilesttnl elie h thwo Ihoe v 'acls sinkl i ni~ 'l00gni. Qn d rance whel cnepIrod wi h he iacknowlndoed Ne msts of Ihe lrpop now il peewrrl = A wolf n'a)/ put p n alleep'o clhing and succeed ~lf Porn time ile deceiviog, hut lein weottis/h prvepenritie sW are oure to bheroy him. Oenr optonent mnay Set nnme the namen of Repuhlieans and humbue , the iS letoplo Lir a wole%, let teleir peinciples, t heir prae- Lo I tices and their obIjects will ne ele end neake olaei. Store feat nor only theer Fede'nlese, hoet thecir.'lunarch-- 'tisr iete.--Btitnene li egep. Coinn UrreoICA'rED I have perused with interest h several com. municati, ns published in your paper or late, on the subject of wooden pevements, and as you no. licit a tree discussion of ihe subject, in order that tle public may be enabled to arrive at a correct conclusion, I take the liberty of augtes'ing to this Municipality the proprioey of Inving down a few equarea of their streets with hexaguonl blocks of Cypress, Ihe porte of which should he Dreviously filled with hituminoui lao r t r ptich. The writer was in Washington last spring when a patent was taken orit for process.of the above nature; seaples of ntood were tchitirtd, ilia pore n of which werre coom i'letcV i cld, ithen reeldred imperrvious to Sateir. 'The pat a lrter purposeid tt eaxten il pI plieation of l:a lprcesr ti timber for pnviernetne, and to all classes nod sizes of tllti er set d for the purpose of naval architecture. iHe profesed itIn self capable of filling the pires of the longsta spare in such a sttIple n nlaerli, that there would be no inleretice. Ieft for tile admisaion of water. Now it iuch is tihe act, it would be well worth tte attention of this tluntcipniity, as it wiuld imake their pavemenste of vt ry great duration, and would at once retove all danger Iran their decay. It ti obviousa that heraoinai blrcks of CypLre., com. pl,-tely injected with the ituii.nous lar, eeouit nut be liable to shriink, tctse, ueltl y a pae ment well laid down watit themO would not get loose, even were they of much larger diameter thatn ihtirOe now uatid. 'The writer is acrquainted with the patentlle, arin weuld redal. acquire tmlre apeptfic infuortatiun oni the it dsireI. A Ni'W-CUM1E.. REv SIDNEY MITH -T['he LOlrdon QTirrterly, in a revie w Ity "Bls,"equies nmooy good things o0 this wntry divinc's. The Irllowtug an edoit, not amnong the rest, is mtr good to be loct if it be au thentic, as told by a Iortner American minister at tihe Court of St. James. At onie of the iolland banse Sotuday dinner p.arties many years ago,'s club, then foirming, was taltked of, and the n.ab!e hostess observed that the feImale p ssion for diamondsr was surely l.en roinIrn than thie rage for play among menc; cupon wi ch Stdiey Smtithi wrote thle finlowine impronmptu strtmonot mnat approtpriatnly mw a card: il'hui t htilt.ea that all "'iat's brighl est fades" 1 mtintadful f thati knave of Spades, I'lTe sextont and his subs; Hlow foolishly we play our parts: )linr Iciisr a drnanands set their hcttles, I'c set our hearts on clubs; T'HE Goaertor's Doer Gitards will attend Comen ny tneetinp Th'ltis Eveaoitlg, OVealncsdav tihe 3St SOctober, at tile Dr ll tuoE, t.]azite street at 0 oI clock pr*eiscly. Punetuol oatttlnaneisw reaquired, as business of importance will hl, subaitted, and an reis' tiea of the r. uatotdar oflte nu-ctomnntissioned oltertrs wil behelld. By ordur of C..taln Osborn Croos. toctl JOItN t Il8SON, (Orderlv Serg't. j)ARLOt~lt SOVES.A-.l fw I'hilatddlp is Radi a ntrorl Paruo Stov, just receiverd and for saole by oct31 S. LOCKE & Co, t 31 Nt. 8, Front I.eve. NEY BOlKs, Mentmal of P,liiicnl Etlios, de J . teed chi fli for t.- use of Colleges anil Studonts at; I rt firsi oyutninai rolok I. Ethics, General and Potlitical; Book 11. ''he 2talte. By Fra:lres Lieber. Records of Travels, in one volume. A Trip to BIston, in u arr Srs of Letters, to tihe Edi tor of thel Unied States Gazette. Womatn aos slte Shold E, and Woman in liet, Social and Domestlic Clharacter, ial vol. Just received and for sale by WIV. McKEAN, Oett 3 orner of Camp andl Conlmon streets. TO-DAI ! $12,000! Capital Prize, Tickets only 4 Dollars. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 41. Autlarised by tihe Legirlature of theState. To be drawnTHIS DiAY Oct. 31, 1038, at 5 t'lotk, P. !. at the Mlebhant's Exchattge. S. DAVIS &'O. Managetrs. 75 Numbrs--12 IDrawn Ballots. SCIIEM. 1I Prize of $12 000' $12 000 1 do 3 000 3 t00 I do 20(10 2000 I do 1200 1200 1 1)o 100 5 do 10(0 5000 2 do 800 I 00 2 a 600 1 200 2 do 500 1 (1 6 do 250 1 50 10 do 2011 2 000 10 tla 150 1 500 20 tlt 120 2 4011 153 at too 15 800 63 do 50 3150 63 do 40 2520 63 do 30 1810 63 do 20 1 9110 63 dt 15 945 33 al., 10 630 3,78) do 8 3,24 23,.136 do 4 93,744 27,814 Prizes, almounting to $_1_5t 3 Tickets $4- Halves $2--Quarttrs $1. Packages of25 Tickets for $101), warranted to draw at least $48. Peka.ets of25 Half Ticlet, $50, twrraontel to draw at least $24. Packages 25 Qatartar Tickets $25, war rantedl to draw at least $12. For Packages or single lTickets, apply at the ott MANAGERS' OFFICE, oct31 I(i Chartres et i chasers, at I to 60 bdaye s,.ir, "our salo by tlan, 'STET'SON & AVERY, _. ___ _8_ S -tcraviir et. athe ()IIEi.E Io o till do. nood din cheese, landing and or sale by coalR L NIAb NC 4 LEGENDRE, bna. o2l6 At & .j \e I.rNove --d \ H A"ANA Srrt Alta--u.:.--.lIi Cazadura-, lga S line a d Cannons of di erent brands, in aele re- audl " sale by axle SLATER & TRIER, all 40 Potdla.n t il y ines, rieoeird by the slip Orleans, lnd forr hal r1y by Ir BON7NAnI'Ie oetl. cor Natchez & 't'it npitoLnLa od takn otil torate i il te owlllebou+e, rner of be alngaziue onti Lafayette trets; apply Io tt.. 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Pif Cgritts of the Ithine: t oug f 'it Br i of Pandlisc: ".wal uy falilt fir loving so;lu The ' ylva shal ~ bI'u mIv a le': Forewtllb if ever fieslrt pratt er: The deep, deeir seal: Sing away b dat y Ind E by rigL l Cllies oft le revapcr hell- O1 thbe broad vaves of Ocean: 'J thou ebreeze of rlting: The n llias et. tie pt.Jes Ieh in 'or Srow: lonw getly sweet Atno.: uen Bt1 Mry'ls escape Colue wlilt the andalight: t'he Swiss sn eherds: Girl isof the laughing eye awake: The Elf king: My boy a T'nnwly: '1 he lords ofelealionn yen we call: fly heart . isall alone: Gentle lady, sweetly sleep: Feast of the Rose,: "rwere vain to tell tlee all I feerl: HoE e, a e dulet: Giveearu ut l n oTrds, ( Lw ordd: 5th Psahlr: aolo, Cholrus and Dorology, lilt organ accouCpani., to m Unt, by Chi. Holtlttutn. L ia Sturire, rotmace: Dal qul Seobiaate AppOrei dNotturd, tor 2 voices: l liif e, an ltiit i cazonette, by Aad. Caralori Allan. SFOIL T'I. GUITAR. We lhall meet no more: The Land of Rest; Write to mie, Love: 'ree 'l'rysting Tree: at o'er votng to Mor ry: True Ilove tat ne:'r foriget: The lovely leart: I saw theeceep: I nt a merry Switzer girl: 1'toe tlatler's s Seranade: 'l he Guitar: Rieiu n'est i beno que to ilt viI - Ingt: mra Diavolot Le pte ayx clres: Marech it. I Nor tnta: Swi" Air, with variations: Three ftvorltt Waltzes: 'l'iot Duke of treicstadt'es Valtz; l'is titt last IlaRose of tuutnllltrwithivarittiono: Atttsctlellt filt thlt Guotlar. I a g;L 'I'11E PlIANO FORiI'E. I oL'lia, de Il'opera dt I)onizetti: II T'orqanto Tae so, by llrz: At-ria alla.cozzete, with :varioationa: Fal taie' Brilliant, op. 76i, by lhttten Suisseo et l';rol, Quartre petitMbloreeauxa, by llunttn. 1 Nationool l'yroleseAir, with ear. bl J Watolanl: Rle embrance f fluole. with var. by E. Mlanuel. The aI d English aolloptde, by Ihtalen: V]'ole de in lolle: 'Ttutpet Galliopade: Casorti's Gallopnade: Le Solitaire, a Walltz: tin le'erle Volse Elegoute: Les nBa:adere: Set of\Vollzee, by Strlauss: Le Salon, a coliettion, etof Waltze, Gcllopades, 4.c., &c.-Le Soleil,a \Valtz: La I.oe, a Walltz: Funeral alnrch, by ljeetihoven: Mlarehfio.t Bellini's opera In Nomma: Overtuore Le 7 Dieu et los leyadereo, araned ftr two plerfortots: Lo Soiree: Three Brilliant Waltzes, arot tnged ao dooett for Il youtt pupils, by untlen" Still so gently o'er me steal- re tlg, tor Plute and Pinooo Forte, by C Czernv. he Ju.t received and for isale bt y It CASEY l,)- t P'iano forte and Mlnsi store, bt noct26 19 Campat T ~C AYENNE PEPPEI-27 boxes Underwotld's C.av- N Santune Pepper, now laading li'or tih ship Uo!tum bus, and for sale by J TIIAI'ER& CO, oct96 74 I'oydraq at ,,.dIiTE AVANA MUGAlIi--40 boxeo iu store in and OIor alna by do SLAT'ER 4. TRIER, octl8 4i0 Poydron at 5)URlUU DY VWINE -51 in atore. fot sale 1 by I LAP'i.R - TIRIER oetil 4d I'oydraees' .O)'I'C ON Weighlr' town Book--Just received a few dozlen Caottot Wrizher's (twn lBooko, rlod and boond in the neatest matter, for salet bto )DAVIDI FEL'I & Co, Noew Yolk StMtioter'n lflal, ott.O0 24 Clrlorest[t j 1l1E2.-.l10 bIoi e ioonot owder tea, eaoh 13 ibt, a..l . 10t Ili bboxes lnperiaol lea. ilt more, and Itr tale liow by ctr0 7 PoTdrt a _Ii'PP. --IU bang Ptep erto lnding olitn ship Col- Tot e lulbu, and tbr.ali by J TIIAYER &CO. not0 74 Poydrana st SlIuOIlIAl~t Ketchtp--51t b txes laudiug thotn ip l -. ('olo:lbus, and for sale byo J "III.AOI'EI, & CO, tocti 0 71 I'ooodrat _t i UUVCiIO l'NGTEA--O h'it.'-lto-te, I'oonchotal'o f in luroe,oandtfrnslceby J TIIAYER & CO, oa ocet34 74 I'oytlas at 'G UNNY lAG.--75 bales 2 bushel bagns it, noe, - 'X and ltur abby J TIAVEI & ('O .ete'0 74 PLoydlas st l-1ACK:liEl-ad Utol IC'inlt-53- bkl. tof No. I, 411 2ndo ltckerel,inwhhol atd half Iarrels- lt0 boxes oafCd Fish, ill store and for sale b ED. 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N 1OTICE ishereh given thlat in corfrlity nillt a 1 resolutionothtb- Council of tile SeCodil Monici slity, paased at their ittingaof 'I'uesd y, tihe 23rd inst., 1 wil receive at oy ofice, till Thtrsdaiy , thie 8t a f No. etlnoernextE, Itrponels t. furnis all th timber reqi. red ftl bridges snl tie lother Mui, itle works for one ear fronst dale of contract--exclusive onlyof asuch timl ber s has already been contracted, to bea urnished fir the wharves. JOS. I'ILIE, ocr29 acurvesor. BUREAU DU VOYER DE LA 2d MUNIC I'ALI'TE. A VIS eat par le prasent donnb qu'en s efnormitb 11 d'as resolution do Conseil do la td Municipataj , rose dines da so asonea do 23 de o Insis, je reneevr'ai mon bureau njus q'aon jeudi 8 de Novlembra procain deaosee pourla luurnitpre pendant un, al A porter d jur deu contratde toas tlea Iolea ncesaires no pouts et outres outrages de Inl Munipali5, (arIx dc'ja con traets pouor lee wharfs exrcn.js.) Lea bois asreat de cipre ascis an moulin et de meilleare rqalitr. Jfl. PILIE, Voyer. Nouvelle Orleans, l 29 Oetobre, 1C38. NOTICE is hereby given, that in l onfrsity v irl a resolution of tle Counil ofrta e Sectnj, passed at theiritting ol''ufesdayv the 16th inst., I wilt receirve, at Imy office, till 'ednesaday, the 7th day of Noremtler next, proposnls for asupplying and delivering all the Hribksthat mray be required tv said Mlunicijalitr for Itweve Inonlhts font datr rf lIe conatact. 'Ile ,llid brtcks deliverable in suchr quantit'es ed at rsuch pia. ces as may, from tittle to lime, be required by Ithe sl' reyor. J)S. J '), "IF, oct23 ,-rerart IIUIE AUALU J lOER: lIE 1LA SECOU e fttiU NICII'A IIlT.. AVIS et panr ]e present dlnac qu'en eonfoi;at6, . d'uaon resnoluti de Conseil de I i Second,,l 3luli. Iplilt Ilas.Ce dae se ssanace du 16 le e mod, jt - cvrai m lon ibureau jlsqll'au 7 de Novetlble pte ill des olies potr f,lair el (ilivrer !lmss Ica brilrellsle~ te Ia ilaniclsali.b pourra avoir heeoin pcleat elll ni A tnrtirde la dale da eotraet. I.os lites bridtesa evrrs etre du lare et dela meilleure qalitb ct senrt leeivrt:s tar quanttilii et aut ptlaces qaui seroet de teln. a autres deaignes parle voyer JI. PII.IE, Voer. Nouvelle Orleans, tI 19 Oeblre, 1939. and Zizza br'nd', il I pipes, half pipes. tlnartrr casks, lnd oetavers, landing frol ship D.llli, f.r sale bv ISAAC RiDll)GE .%. U;1t n,0t9 . . . .. . _ llrgaziane t et. S At,T--,8T , Ig I.iver..... Sttt, \Yl,, ttgt brood o ld lading fromn ship Iel i, fu sle I ISA .C BIUlIItGtE &CO, t g, an,1 40 bales Hlamshire Sh;rtl_, ,laioi nfrom ship Delhi, foir osle bI ISAAC BIIIDGi: &E 'O, oc1t9 1:3I llI|cz I u"R - TIE 'OK EN FOlR 18 ..os c. i.. T[riIIO Token and Atlantric Souvenir, t Christnla a.l anl New Yea.'s present for 13S(9--1, dite by S. Ilistory of hti Reig of FterlionlI and 1- ni,yin iet iCntLohehV \Villinm I. I'rescott, bi 3 vltt,,. d eoili Ir Just recei;lldand for sale by oct°29 cr ( dI,. uit 1l ) t O ICtORI.ANS NICKI.EVIL ' .-t C:- 'eaitbill i lacount of the l)) tu , 18 lll ll.[)rltllllq n i u risingtt, dowufitdlitr ndip c,,ntel r rlcer toh 1t \rk, by tilE ll, Enildited by 1Do~ze will r istatis bfol 1 'birL. knowhldge, frito er 18D9. Ary util . of S tll and Ari-Or ,iAt.ttyrd i' iy yll , f n msouill i rlvrntio. a d Hll ld h nlllr tlte l ii% i- ,' ' eiel (+, IIuad or yoeial EollmLtI·|Iy withltli ng:, l'(t J.[3rl.g ,du ;:fit Itoyuto e tGoler ir tihe das h .iing loo w i t nr eal Itoavce, b8y Thiora. Miller, utor to A I ov it tile Woend, I'a.nuties ef the (Conlty, itt " toh. uld ,rnoed bIound, or tIm I ohar, . 'Tale f tbe Sean, by tie uttalltliort m Pilot, th ll hes, o, i l bert Beet Edc', now chtenl,)ll t . l comltletr series €f Labeln , f or ftthi ' , ihclm tit stll s>ll o ., to ris, uot_ t 9 ne of Camp o, d C'h rmut ', r t r 1500 " oi'n Isatrainyd 'e t t" t, - 40011 '" tefiue'd halei Oil; 50 barrels TIaue'r tOil; (111 bohxes Get. Rlobbins' No. , Extrar n-il 125 "',E A a & \i \Vinulvteon r's No. 1 do 200 " Sperm Camlles, I. store and f.,r tale by VWIIITEIDGFE & CO, I- oat' 9 71i Ma_.nzinc ct 1 lauding trot ship Colu s and ttirdre, f n kJAe.P VIV .T; ANI)RIti' S, oVrlh saleo I lru fgi t s, tt't29__ e_ r Colnllln &'I't.Iiitpttii t 3io 1t i--INm tOW (.IASS-Ill0 Loyt ... li 12 1 t-iittc ScGlass; 50 toxes 8 by I0 to: fr'oiale byl JARIVIS & AN 1)tt 1\\" ,ant e auniholesaleIra '.uiurs r oct29 cur (noCllr on & L t(lll'plln.rl POFFICE N. ORLEANS, & NASIIVIII."E It. It I ct Cas t er ilht, 18il8. y Tin Ctrr untnilfurther notice wSir stuet a follows I o SUNDAYS. ti A M 8 A i JOI II COCKPYN WEEK DAYS. a Departure. Pe urll. 3 PM 5P A ot24--tf JAMES IP CAI.DWV I,,re d't FIVE IDOLLARIS RE\VAID, T4 tTl~lbe given to any person that will inform me S whrore ly stl;ve i IENNY is rotitiitud. Sht is boul five feet follr itb hes high, marked witht the snmnll ox and when sbe s t.aks nhe stoters very Ul . he is employed some whoee in 4ll fabr St. Mlarv. JAMES I .A3IBI1ET." to ocrt7--3t--eod ch AS I'E BLACKING-i-9Lirrelis 'N'o. Iuslult'u' i Paste BUlockiig, hding from htitip Iio,',l, Itr saile by ISAAC BRIDGIIE & t(), oct _ 114 18 lagazite st Dress & Masquerade Ball, t WASHINGTON BALL ROOM, la St. Philip strreet, between Ro yal & Bourbon. r l, Mauatger of tle bohve naied Ball Roor,grate Sful to Ins friends and tie public fit thie iitllllri rlulled Iatrnage brestowed tn him lorsevrral seusotti, - respectfully informs them that the establi-hmenl t han been eonlalged for the amusemtent of visitors, slid itiii dergone inllllen e repltire. 'l'It bar will be ,,urttossed Ils bIy none in quality of liquors, and the Rlsta uratl ,, ill beI o kept by tie ablest Rsiltiurateur in tile United Slitls. et. TIt rotom will re-open o Saturtday ovenug, 3rd of cnt November next. by r GRAND) DRESS & MASQUERAD)E BALL, Ei and will take place aos usual evry Mloday, W tVednes dt and Satuirday ovaning, duriug the teabot, wthich r will and on the Itt of May, 18;9. l N. I. The reateut ottuntion will be paid to keep- Itt ing ierieet order throughout tle eaulblilt...... as was our done last season. DOG FTOUNi . : 1W AS brotuht o this officu n'ITerrier I'up; tle orwt- wil er culan hoave him by proving propertty mid ty pgl flr tsit ndvetrliotnlent,. octl'--3t 4 ANGEL'S File Plters,lust received a l'ewdozen, oTf Co Sdiferent sizes, and Ior sai low, by etri DAVID FEIt & CO, I N New York and Stautioner's Hall i CI otel4 24 Cthartres a I bI I l--'...-on.. cae. of London lout-, receiv'd p., shiti, STiger fuom I.iverlpool, tbr salut Iv ILOLtMES .& MI.I.P. oetll 7 Batk f'iarn l. /l, ESALE& ,t ilE'.\IL--:0l 11 tottilo Whitte Jau W Leo IPuoro-7,5((1 do do No. 1, toa tp iU kegs from i'5 to Itl)0 rounds earb; just I.thdig lod fortrale uat thit Pait Pltm of the .Iclrloetir. PIlDONI IEIPI, oct27 ' 058 Camp t1T 11.L 6ON SIdES--St!! ,-asks supedour Ci~einci ti L cured, itn rtore aud for ol.t by G DORSOY, Oct127 41 e irrLe vee IlAGNESIA-A sutlly of llIurys Cult.ined 1 -'d. 1 nesin, and Butler's 51afgneanim Aperier, war' ranled gttuine-just received by tihe sor trttt . Apr SICKI.ES & C ýt, OttO?7 40L Caullstl SPERM CANIDLES, OIL, Ai. - 41t barrels retinetl iVtmle t )il; 4 Carkt New Bedftrd \\'iter Oil; 15C asks ltooflg Zinc; h(}0 bonos No. I Boston t ont;; l at; Lags IPlavnrot Cotlbe; 50 boxees hire Havana Sugar, superior qual. itv. in atre ond for sale byi ('on JOS:PII COCKAYNE, octl6 :, tiGrair at EMItS SYRUP in . res lI do,. eacrh for - LJ sale by IREADI & Bt.ItS'I'O\V,. RED BEANS-It scrks in store and for ale by pet o0'97 44 Now ,4ccre L I _( u a.i ! The . ". 4th time tii eaenlto f the aacetasful drama of ) THE LADYI OF LYONS. ON 'I'HlIS EVENIN(I. IT. 31, Will be pelfurmed the thrilliag Dramano THE LADY OF LYONS. Cl ade Melnote, Air. FrederickL, Col. lIn)ame, BItarret, Beaueeaur, Debar. Pnulene, AIrs. aiariet, S Widocw Melatlte, (Greene. 'Pas Spel, by Misse Wray. t Song, Air. Hodger. The perlbrmalee will celoncle with tlhe Fare of THE DUMB BELLE. Vivinn, MAr. Barrett. (i'Sn 0-k, (ireen, Alonvers, Kirklbnd. 3 Eliza, Alr. Barrtlh. A SELECT and fresh supply of )ry Colors of ev cry deseri rioo, for Scene paintig; Oil and \Va Icr color; Brushes and artists tools, and an extensive stock of supeior VARNISHES. from tile manoufotorv ofP' B rmith & Co.,cempriaitn il Nos. 1 &2 luroloitor,; Nos. 1 &L 2colch Varnialt, aind I & ll2 ordionary domlestic Black Japan, and Brown do. Also, 2(: kegs Crome green, in 25 l . etach, ground in oil, and 150 loatsiseri uoperior Freeth green, also at oil. 12 brrreln Spirits onf Brurperline and Boiled Oil. Artist's Colora, d&. (Reeves 4 un, L.ondon,, and 4l boxes French Lake, fur alo at tle aiolt Store of the subhlcribvr, MIONDEI..I, Ict122 53 Catp m t CO.-IA It1'NERSHIP. fEORGE GREEN has this tay formed a co-part. rLrahip with his brother Cbarles I. Green; and will contioue tile Corniaiou Bausiness under the firm of GEORGE GREENE,& LROTHENR, oct 17 3t 26 Camp-street. Mansion House Hotel BAIL ROOM. No. 122 NL w Lav.., Tl etabllllibmeot will Iptn on THUIRSDAY EVENING, Oct. 18, on which aoccasio tllere will be a GRANI IIDRESS BALL. TIle lacrierlpr will have ,oold order at bI Ball Room, otr which ourpose e has egaged officers of the Police. e. 17. I-LOUR-iI bLa-s s-per bte flour, jlut received; n and for sale by LAY'ET & AMELUNG, oct23 17 Commneroee GENUINE LINEN S.'I)IIE. 122 Royal Srtreet. OlIIN II. MIARTENSTEIN ha fo, r sels, direct Sfrom IP It lnoletouries in Silesin, (Prllsio,) a large tsortmlellt of IoDamask and Diaper Table Lunen, 'l'we, Napkin, &c. Also, Sheering Shirting, I Ianoldkellid, Creos, Bretagles, Estolillet, plltil Ins, Mosqlito nettilg, &c, whioh are wcrrntled to le all pure lilen. Also, aon asortentll of Stockings ,.bIatl, e. oct'2--3tp r., c: or, rceiving Ir Im ships Saratogoand Louis 1V villefroml New Yoik, and Carolilna front Beolll, i anld flr r for ale on oeeollnlodldaillg terms. 2110 ohxes SpTlerll'andlesa, 50 b.ags Java Coff,'c, 211 boxes aI'rer, t 50 tcales atnc h gl, I OI 2 i brarrels A lnd1 , 10 11 Filbert 1I1 ILoxeal (;oron' Le0 mn Syrup, e 50 drums fIesh Figs, l0 loases Table Sarl, keg ltec coI iie, 510 keg' nail, 1 ass lrrltd 31) hexes C;o.bPel Chllese, 51( boxes hllstal Wiue, 50 boxes 'l alllw C:aldle, p 511) cas fleal, witl h a vall:e T olther goods. ,,!N .OI 0N & 613,Ii..1. oct?1 7 Irot2l ievee 1:.111 t.;-0 bloxe rjust riceierd od litr rol by oct3'' 7 Banruk p'lace SI1EA11: & BII'I'lh'. _______ 7 Itook I'loe the 7 US I' mce welll prFir hilt Loui sville front NrIei.l f· I or a7iII orirod p to'li,*l· ho, t ri tt1 t1 , 11311 IIb . I t'-t edo boo. tool,,,, ,go 'idl'l 'Iulololo ado nc a wAu. Oo-rocooot. Ad o,r I 'fabo's Also, lToiffo r th" ·I LTv ('0, u~~t- Nro I bk tld Sotati e'b 11all, _____2- (hort-booI by .1f I, '0 c v tru ;\ , Pao oot lane ++u;tlusl ofvorvsupeior Stee'l fens,1 f(ol 0 si mro it.oO~ pa00t o l, "Phw' S l i t (illobo (ooot Poeooooolagl an la']1 " Pn, l no n of olobd Cur sale bIy II 11' t 1111' & C), led Now York otobo ,oiooerr. -boll, , n di,, 'uo s il It"IIeILtnu fr Id b ,"u' rtl8J '11(AVER, 7b1 oo,olroo-ot 110141.1": BalI': Il;ck I') lying ('lud+--Just rTUI.Icilrd an Ll~~~~bb.1dll-,, 'o..,· tboolbooI00 ,,oko; lip; ('a'dlr Its ee lllo : E l ir I tles , ,rryr vilil, r tcatI , I M :2)1112 0 1, I1-7llnder , fullesio, , tc, forr o 'le by fh glloct or dozoon, by I,.\\VID FELT & CO,, 1; I'Narv Ytork Stootjottre 1111, o2 t?4Ctortrert Vt dOULE X ' I'IN 1t AR El l. AN l' At CI IY. LOCKE 8r e ()., continuetot to moolbufioobore 'Pill ,.tA Wre i lol ootsvrious liorma, too too dr. 'their otoork ,f Tinot ortE on and is Itoroe jot esive for country lust's ha(()ll[, andl~ de·aler in fire artile in thee cityale 1(0;led to, oloor btohir stock. Also, on [land 0l0 Colplploor ouIooo okioootooro; 150 do LAIto.. Sts 311 dz. Copper angor houor Ioooepo. Copper ineusures. ,w LiquorPumps:( OI nd I'Turpentielr Canisetr. of Cop-1 per III,(] '1'i- a ll of' theirl ownl manufacture. 3)OIKI-5 .1 bll. Mloow tool dPrimn P'ork, bootding frow fL altlbooo,, for rol boy 1ý: LYKdT & AMELINO,, om3 ~ I7(:olnlelce, mire A-10 FEIEI III logo lilt. 31111 to. Hotant J le by T1'ETSON & AVER otlA 88( G ý\ (:lilS~liý 1 axJut ccivd wo hue L dreol1 ounds olEoEglirh Sealirng Wx: of ssort ed qtllitrr ororri very superior, for sole by DAVID IE::I; ' & CO, New Yolki:uioners HaIll, oct9 Nr 4 Chltrtrs at B AGO \ .ID S-30 ) bohdo CGinolnnoti crurd of lupe iore quhlity, for sellr by STETSON &O S S AVERY,, 11 o:"05 1188 lruier a e.iOblI'IANA AIlot,,-lo,s-ut ,rrted irrdrj ho,7i Ed Idoui o Al' ontnu for 1838, roloolttrd fi,, Alolooaewll Miri*osppi slid Lo,,dieloto, for sare trry rhetp by thre 1!ozr grocr yrs onylr, by IDA VIDI FELT S O Now to lok Stationtrs [loll. 24 Chartrestat (ý OI' I1NO I''KRI-;So:S -lotrrcoived from Noe -Yoork per sobot Ienrtori, mix very superior Iever (Copllb I'rrrses; a10 six elry superior crrw CoIpying 1,re-i.A, six first rate screw Notarial l'rrooo, all ttr. rauted, 0nd for sale lw,, by DAVIDFELT &C ), SNrew York Stationerr Ibot11, 01:195 24 Chalrtres at I I JIOUIIANA INSTITUTlE. ~U 1111l5 lts IituoioO 7,, f dor t ohoiott otfyroog grntltb d me. will go inoll oorrotiono oil the liras day o000' tuber, too flhe bho 00m 0trt h, r of th trellodisot Churchl o corner of Carouddc t wobd Poodrn, lrundr thtr dioootiot Sottloohue lurdersignledho hls oco d otherhIlair ,,tr ''I'... i 'MerleslJ in 1:0wool. Collgres rthle roooot Mild who, a goaduato tofone of boe mot t c1lerbr~lated or wets,;.-{ Itbe oourse ofotudies to be pouroued I ,t I ry will br ot pmttrlhrodr ito Itt billowing div\·rir,,;, I. Fite Ehotlioo o1'Itajoooooooot. .tolooi, .iy -ill bIrnmlhes ofa thorouglh an uc.04oO0.Jtlibtoro gl 0017 ,70 2. The clhr i ,l drprortornt, romprreending the Latintoool d reek languageo. '3. Ibe d.Ioortorroto of modern lanrgua~gr, in whichl will t, taoglot theo IFroonch, SlpooJI and Urdmun Inn gunlge+, 4, Thee u1 ,hrllltic l nldpilbosoohhic iodepartoro t ;f rtlcourpreroloootogo brbo, Geomrvory, th ttwooriogo,,,, I.trie wit tlhror poroot.cul ojojolio~tioro to Suroyi,,g, N vigooto m, Atronomooy or.c Nattural Philttophyltytond; hI '(hoooootrorolbootrotool by pltbraOrl'~iR exlprimenrtstr t. SLj'u~lo tg CLootro inr oollod II t Ltnguage wiill I re torfood null attr,,d.d to wru1 thle lot October. ICJ 1:A)DEILMANN,A31. ( J (iIISON Eeol, PEtt1 tlbttO7(OOT SIA.1NNONLooiarito Coirege Ito (A LUZENBEIIE, i . I)UNCA\N I-ott J NICHOLSON EZq, Nre Orleans. setr 5 11138 [ 11 tE1t.SI case Gtoo 14olt mg trou sl~ip liilh, r( for prale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, ________ 134 aloogainoea. [Ar.0 I Alit-00 lou kg mo~tiourr, 00 sole 1by 0 11015EV. t _4,11127 44 Nrew Levee I. " 14 h1t-a u4. su701100tot ti oiuiur landing tnd forsole 1I I'-"' ly JARVIS & ANDRIEWS, D~ruegisla, ort2 cror Cotmon4. Tohoo, ioeoeat SXCIAnGe ~on Bloston, for role hr G J ISAAC 114106(E A- CO, _ _127 1:14 Ma1azrioer IIEoAoOVAL. H1 E Undelroignrd has removrd hid Notatrial OfF·o to tihe Veranoda, oil St. GChorlen treet, betworn (uooou and tol'oo swo. WILLIAM CHRISTY. oc;r9, 188ll-Iom. 'AP PAI'EIS-Jtotrrrrieafeoanen of tvrys t. II horirr thin bluo hI o tillle atoohhite ooveCappo per a ott n ool p ,opltodid orticln, forrolo by w AVlD ID'EL'I' k CO. octtb N V 3totiotxci, Itol, 24 Chtorton st Firet night this .euson of the new. of MY YOUNG WIFE &,MY OLD UMBIRELLA. "is Eeing,, Ordobekr 31s, Will Ie performed the laurhable Farceof THE TURNPIKEI GATEf. Creek tSr. Cowell; Hir Edward, Poke, Joe Standrloet, Archer, Ilenrv Blunt, Plumer. Peggy, Mrs. Cowell. Grand Pas Soul, ' Mad'e Ravenot. Ater which the musical Foredof thet POOR SOLDIER.: Pat, Alrz Plower, I tanry, nwell, Father Luke, l rhert I)ermot, Kalhleen, Mras Smit g Norab, Tlhel an. An Ovrture by Orchestra, The whole will conclude with the new Farce of MY YOUNG WIFE & MY OLD UMBRELLA. Gregory, Mir. Cowell, Peter, Williams. Tooi. Plumn Debar. linah, ',Mrs. Plower. T AINWISHES-A large and Oeten2iva stock frone r Vthe matnlactory of Pl BSmitl & Co. coupriing" ill part the folhwieg: extra orliohing no , do no tfurniture no tIdono do 3; eoach vornish no i, do no 2: varnish no , 2 and 3 for orti:ory use; black and brown japan, for sale by aeptl9 '. 1 NN ON, 12 Camp at EXCHANGE READING ROOM. T HE proprietor has re-litted his Reading Room,in . the St. Chailue Exchange, Corner of Grarier and St. Charles atrrst, in the neatest maoner. Besides all the orireipal .apers of the United States, of every city and state. the Canudtas,'l'eas and Mexi co and Havato e, tion room is regularly and extensive. Ivy supplied with llthe latest European palera, Loyd'o Lists, Anl Prico's Price Current. Also with nearly all the Literary Periodienls of tle day, Rod has there publieanioas of the London, Edinburg, Westminster Metropolitan Reviews and Blackwoods Magazite. The Nortlh American Review; the Southqrm Liter.ry Knick becker, The Amterlican Journal of Sciences and Arts, Cuhinet Miscellany Demnocratic Review, Gentlemen'o Dl agueine,Arterican monthly, Bently's Miscelleany, tihe Mexico Chirurgical Reirew, and a variety of others. All these works ore regularly subscribed for cud recei red. Tllhe roomn is also supplied with u large vuaiety ofmaps and atlases, Niles ge.oister, Levy's Price Cur. rent frrom it. eonomencemetr , tnzateners and variey of works ofrefrefneeo. lThe mlost active & i.telligent news colleetora areem ploved, to give the earliest arrivals, and no pains nor oz pense will he spared to render this Reading Room the first tile Uniied States. ubseriptions are respectfully receive!. oetll-tf FALL & WIN'IRER CLOIUl'HING. J P. FIREEMAN & CO., No. 3, llogeazine street, Sare receiving tlheir suppliea of Fall and WiVnter Clothing, and will continue to receive lshipnentr regou larly tltrougholot thle seasol. 'ITheir assortment being large will cnablle rie to sup.ply nm rchstt fIron thie 'ounlte , t the shortest; for sale wholesale _ ep . . . 5 t'Alillt itt / rg;fl iu llllloier i ! hlive faored a co- l)rloershlp nn I tIr tit< tit-: , t ttclI.lNELI, & WATEI'.E1At. a. ;ih Itl"hl ll , t etrl, oni St Cha les st., Fron and af: o'. tre lir~s sla. y ! ,,: ?7 oellIr ni. It. +t.iiv lbul l li i the citizenu i st-u n "rs ~o I,,r. , rml irt .lle:. ct'lll , li. ih.. hberul putronagc h iin -illi ilth I.." i.,i1ile 1 it o u llnel thlir dn laell:tmn t" X rt th'(ir natilted eflorlt to pl.fae, while Ptalien te ot lnelrs and g ierul co,,tt lt c their uIet ald holle thererl, to esotre a contiluance of public ifavor S ld pltrooage. JNO M'DiONNEI.L, I) C WATIdI it IAN, Thke Nllchez Fr.etreditrI Iusllile j1 rtnal; Now cc York IEx res; I'lhisdcill Ihllsrsld aud Set ,rel; Itou. tnm Atlas w ill pilease 11hli h tlhe lUve Ihrec tg)Is, al d b fIowarll thelir accounts to this o lice. ocllo-im L c ITTEI Pi-I' R.-i J ues rrceived i smn t Brandy. L u, ill., ul, Ii clase suplrtitne bln letter paper; sonm very low periece; IlI cases tlauertlni wbliletterl Se paper, d.;;; .2 cased tbhi, ipink lIeer pellll;l'i 4 c.mles su el ik, iult icket slt Ip rr size; 2 casis superflne letter n~Islnrted cilors; _ cas:"s suIp rllrlle oetavo assorted colorsr I.for eussle, wiotsIlsiundttreti by ) FElTl & Co, ce New York Stationers' Hall, or C115 AC (lunestre eest A NMW Artisl , .h ,, t s ivud ti t5t3, Bii u il lste ,t,. Po prudli lot ofArlnltor Iledsteudu, suitble tor oihlatersmall] rouons the, pu hli are respec tully invi tt tll 1A c ll t exalu lihe tdIsame. IV I CARINES, ,+:,I --- + l ,,l 'l -AI A o. `2ilt1 I n.otrhr T.usuuhey tliy iu store,. S II.IIMPLIN & C )OPEIIR, s. ts l. . Julia it. at ---i T(O DRUGGIST'S.i li fhm N ls ., d 9I g l groei lFlllck (loiurt Ilisler, 49 d FIe>th cold do .Its IIi srv'u u'ilsilid il .It . ; I - It l cuter ,l A llreut siltl do Seidliz I'owdters, for sale by IDAVIDt IFE 'I & tCO., st tlt N V .4tatiolners' i1ull11, 'llrtro st in OTS, Shleui nds rittroii s, s tup sig a general % a.slrinelt tu il s ble ftills chitv or s counlrv StIrde, lllidinE tfiolli *.Iip (Cli'eordiuI, and foIr ale low A F )DUNBlR & CO, sep8 21 Cusilnn HouIs Rt zIII ' tS Calciled lutlnei lIst received per 1it .ll sl st1, firoml N, YIlrk, i f"w grtue o Illl Sy' Ptntilhe calcined luftgucesi, lur ssle by the doIdz. or groae by T)DAVIID FELT & CO, sei'7 N Y SItlitiners lln, 24 tillltre ft TO L,'T. -INES I-Very superior Itld Lond.iu Pa rt icular South side adeira n itn Pies, halfipeso, quaIrter and sigh casks, tnd lultlled-i- pcrtel by thu nublcriberndilet froto, ltd,.irai, tIhrue eats sill: e. Al) othner lescriptiolus of.tlldeira, Si.erry and Port Wine,ines, wood elid bottledII t, ttrlPl by S ETSON &. AVERY, ortl3 88 Gravier st SOAl'--29 s boxes Goul'r No. I Sotup i storeau-d o fr sale by . J 'iAYEI .g CO,d octl3 74 Poydi El uR Y-Ilt 1 uisil wsuf tiff it( n is sutte ordet C for sale by ClAMIPLIN & COOPER, ci3tl3 82 Julia et. S'tOhFIE-2 bu ga ol Java Cuiee, Iauw laodia Itront liip Ritnzi, aud Iur sale Ily T R IHY)E & 11RO, octu l cor Commontt & lMagazine si ,ALS--1tlt ullie assorted, irts, Dyott's llulaulh. try, for usae at cost, by I BONNABEL, octi curo Natshezo& lsCThopitoulas ( ASsIA-250 lnmts Caseiu, landing fruls ship Per / duett, and lor sale by J THIAYER, octl9 74 Puydrs. IJOi'UI El amaiid ii tsuttnles--30 grocu Wine and i 100 Porter bottles, tfr sale by IIULIlES & MILLS, tlt24 7 Bank Place. O FFICtE NEW ORLEANS & NASH VI.LE RAIL ROAI CO. is drawilng on New York, i sums to suit purchasers. JAMES H CALDWELL, oct24 President. IDES --32 hhdls liacon Sides, in good condition, in LIAYET & AMELUNG, o'-:1 39 'uonluerce st 91.1',thf I0F O.luOlI LEANS. f Is -,l" oorlit t,-ida 11 i l) $ 150 ier bare, ARI+Cc O UT,", iih, ii; t,, ikers shial givN du ;rim p ,- ln , , J r ,. e ert , otrr , e hl Mll otuli i . 3li st ot o <'B' " : li r-.~I Co. Dr l't. ill.i) o t ithe ,Liacl. quality I l el, "l 1 , O, t , e-wh "I ,r , e.1. l iait,, : e:3 t O uct er, . r.7 -_-; Ct. iEN, Oa'or. S'I'-tE O I. OUISIANA, jnARIStH COURT for til Paril of the City .f New S Ureillrs, IPreselit ihe Ionr, rabtle Challs s aun rian, Jt5e. )etbbcrt25tl, 18:38. No. 112113, Wia. I). I'oop er is. tls Ced ,tore. 'bhe Ceti In of propertyu by the sPettilns r issauuted by tise Court for the blnefit ofitis Creditlors: it is ordered that a ateeting of said creditors be held telbre E. Barnett, Notary P'ubli, on 'I'uesdyv, Ihe'27th of Noveber, 11183, It le and there to Leliberae on Ile nffatirs of the hisolvtent. i the nsan lime all proceedings against hls person and Lerop ertyare stayed. It is frther oldured that Jnl. It. Grlnesm, Eil. bie appouinted to represent lte elsetit l order of the C.ulrt. Clerk's Oilce, NAs OrlenasI, 5ith OltuLer,lG38. A i AGUYOL, oct6--3t I'v. Ci'k. PI'AT' DE LA I.OUISIAtIE--Cou l de "aroisae Iat ville e is Noiwlle Orleans: I'reeust 1'Hoao rblie Charles Ma, urite, jilgu-No 1,20-W mn D Cooper consra set creaciersi--La petition des propri. tas hi pbtitionuauiro nyant iCti aeneeplte psr lacour Ipour ibublu61ice de ses crslaciors, ii est dscretB qts Oitl assolullse de-dits crhantciers sit lieu anu greffe de E ittariett, tloiltie public, mardi, Io 27e jourde nov anti ire 11:8, i li heures unu mlttn. afit, d dteltt;rer sur les alfrirts dsh lidt lilirinittlair, et on o'tendant toutsa p irsnite l coltre nea l uersonngn ou es priopir;ita aos t arrdMse. Pr ordrs de In Cour--Bnreau ds Orecler-Nllo Orleusts 55 Oct i8 ,8. l26 oat A lI GUliYtI., Pti. Greffier. NAILS-S500 kegs cut Nulls in stores, ond lor tle by S LOCCKE & CO, oct.6 8 Front street. SIlllI''E lEAD--lt kegs No.1I & 2 gr.,t d i, oil, in stere uud for aslye yI S LOCKE & CO, ortl6 8 Front Levee JUST receritsedl t Itihe Louiisana Frniture Ware Rooull% ,5, 6 Ilhmnville rtreet,l'00I Maple nnld Cherry liedsteadt; a firl rulte nrlicle. Also, a eguond a'sort. Inthlt of Maple, Wuoltl, slid Paintlcd Chairs, which. will Ie sold for Ihe lomcat clash prioes. ns ' 11 R CA IiNES. Juy7 hi tlismnille statsel.,

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