Newspaper of True American, December 13, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 13, 1838 Page 1
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)3Vfle 4ENS '14; -- PRICK 12~p CENTS. --?~-~mN V OILFANS 'HIRSDAY NIORNING, J)ECEMBLR 13 1248 Vo .-VI .0 1831 Terms of the ~.Nesppe'ftlr 'ress of New Orcleans uroa imonsly n4eld tIo at an adlurnll Inelleli, or the tl ropriet a o,he ld on the ilil of wMark', 1837. e .s.i...ti....-.t' v,'t. Itfllt'ifrft thiedlu dole par omn.u, .tartlaro .e ui-tonally i v , :r. t ADvElI s filr the tri-Ovexhl cd-lltrev a ,tr, i t1ahle oir iartion, advhae~l twh. prioe tyorv re(.nahc ir-+eert one: bih.ripfie will be disaeonitim.d iuti rreoraocs are ot"ertion, aii half' that price for earh stlfve iolFt 0e2: an) material ofteritittn Itroot tie original advertir-entet will be charged as a new ooe. YrtAaLr A.fVEnTISani,-.-Merehiets and rea era, orty dollars tof Eagiish alonc, ant sixty for both foe guaga i Blanks, Instrace Oro lers, ood otler sinian poflio institotiono, fifty dollars in IEnlist only, aod eighty for hatho laLugages; Shiil and Steanlaha,,t Fac totr, or o :uinssion imerloautts sixty dollars in Engliseh lie, alld eighty for Ioth luanlle. f\t ttnote.t, )ot ruo.i NirltCei;, and artinlcs erll tRig the. atttioi f tuile pnhilil: to alrse 0' propeitv, c trds of pafetonuroi, ltnteitu, oc. e.r&. will be ehore. I 'otn dollar per pa are fir tile inscrtiol ill acht al - go :.e. ou tt.ruetc.I rioes, or tdvertielt" nti, of any person al I a(ilr whe anll a isoible, shal chargedl ll daguble, and ill atldol e. A ddeldetite of twelotyfive percent. will loe Inndf to Auctinmtrs, eleSlr o, t Ia.rgistst io Vislrd l rshll al ,t tales lof reatl ,lstatet ilifufsled in ilth aIngitae, a.d 50 per ceet. ill Eglsah aloneJ : LO pfot cent. on salas o e.tfor pilfert'. ADVIelryErenTS oat of the direct line of Ioasind"e no the adfvertiser, sluit hns I egal, acltioll, adl pllllat oil siall, toany slaves, stale aaIIa.mlr 4c. tcc. will e chrlged I ,repao,.ately, and it fthe ordilarv rates. ADVea.nTror.,TS nott specified tn to tinme, will be pu.liahed lone i ollonth, loal charged accordingly No ildvertisen.llots of lltckrnttiieas will Is ,lblisherl il r any estei tllc.auid lInhe previous tioterliot, or I f'lle'itro tln oiiter ilaccs of alaltetoeaot, adlveriiino daily lte, .e,.onT. to it chlarged $100 fir ECnglish an * All ffoateeleteots of cot,lifatts for politidal offices will rI cltor.ed dotule tife price of other advertise ii ltlittb ()wing toe llo i nlntllIo l.ol li.titled by nwspalplfe .orplli 1re. rlh v have he toI i in t. i ll rlehP iol that II' 1. of pe r " I:m whn .;.w lottr hve not bteen paid wilill lr ini, o fter )rwlrlltall ihl allll anI0 e nlde knsve ,sar l. f ll(sIe l tollw1e to riuh other-lthey k lli ir tv 1 ,thil .lvr lor It tn aeorl.Ce or plin for ucsnll J. CO. PI'F t(IIEIfIAST, JIOIHN f1BitSON, flVYc",,' Prcat..--,V., iiI ortt i-efll,'the r to llide hv ae bote r.ll lillonet, s Itlo a its ley uare appliaole toi eh,.kl' ]tfprre. (S'ignldC) A.. It. \I01 \I'4CF1, hi,¢ \0 stitscr lihttto tire to',tu Io hIe than fi mnod. .at ltrs mLblt ilt iltica, fue piit N lld. NO'IC I'TO TIlE PUILCIf.-Uoflllletlhdl rI lllllr f t o lerorigotlfl hIlaevig sold oat or dist,,otaucd Ilit old ;iuflholo ceftahloshed IfA'fIIuN SEEID S''tflRE, illlving tw(OI InmosL ItnIoLtrmttsly rCIrul 1tcd by self. inleresd glarl , f thioll sarier lta-L s to a ilaSr his frtmeds g."f,.erly, aid t. e pilOle at lorg,, toht ", sillc hi.+ll' tIlA v0swt hi n two doors of Ils bler i r t orlnir et. llty, dt e. illitl wioellcr g filinl tit to-ittta eSUIrply If all File sauidrd kinds lf kjt-litrn tor vil uel t'l at alC t tol oef hocl owth a lliiS) PIorl o fll o t lO r n ratant"l yS, I83 I7. r f ,tf arly Ipu't of Sptl.r, ie tIo r. c1ivcd ail pl o I1.,'.I., hb to yiljt1ht lh;tlS Vieks burg, ft:liLen u y, I td Arkiltoa u arrIt itld in lorl tlas ,, Ia,, t!'eal friot Netw York. y1f the alhIts. sipl t ud anther pueklt, he to o dy t rl .thoun l y of OO' l Trcs oed .\eipar.i. l1oius, thluiug already received :viIiea teril e'of by ,nail. Tilte SIll eI r.rit r lt ' tltg 1ftt e to ac'-ire Ithile 0o, iic at l ire, thait i e IsIt Ipreint ias well 'hl bled ,t taco h ntit caili f 10 n rhe t Ju Ilit t ltaI l ..iu S,l or d rs f;,r all t the kinds of ,tl (, h ' , ds, we ll lL ir whoinuz). or rhn , lll a+s pir ever tin Silioo hs Iliter i cS lel lh lll:lltl i ll Il. llory, 11122. C.'·J""llt;y l)utlrsrol lmn kt (;dqtrllr,,· )ldt r" Ji)ll .,d III l,,w ,t n d inllq r",,0,nl ,IIV rate,. I,3' tIh p thol r rI eusi t- . l all, o t eid o or htlll leo turr nIlh:·;th. ilil , l: Ill int llg 1F9hor E gI lIh , I0,. all ays . n: oriblt. e iiii Ilut, i -i ll)ta I ii Ihl- l n .. t us ,cfl, I 'll, S I \ I' , 1, d' td Stoid Store, f5 'uhiihlllw sir, NI ) tha t Iai ,-,t yI IIt 1 H lll l Iiird Sud, r11 ~i iiii¥,'] 1f i"0 ; J lllllrl ' Iz 00,'d ' J.,lllhlet , and11 1 tile T11 r, ' fritd illh 111 iif f .ll l y o eI s ft lia d lral . ofj R. J ft) It-- - 1 I',i"a itI ',i. I f't . ( tle l tl . otl iii ',a, '- i iiii 11100 le.['. iill -I t of Itt J1% .1 1 ' lhl'lll 0 J11III ' I (·(('h I,,' 1111 1 1 tl S 1, m o itll fllI. , 'loltItI at llil 111., h Ib lilb I u tl i;t egt , at' tI' te tolsi. ',,al,,I lotc , etll/it , l" , I ' i g i. . id fe. Jl eiiii it ' . aill. , |.. .110 :ae itO-I Aa lth' nlttle l' a , ie %ii , t Ie lo ii Itc 't It, on'. 1 o I :,e fiilift lio n .. 1, t l. o l Iif hi-it' aull t 11.n rhet it 7i t Ite luiilil. . etll ' fIt ti,:fot'f - 1I ALllBlENI.' ; F' I)YSl'P I1,, 1\LXIl. lof ollinllll 1 lt ll" ell -trlth, of the di.e.vseS tIl:.t itijct iankid orit rte ill the stomL aclh. T1hl I'.xtr w1 used s hile wanll (he most tiprl e cedrl d silt ee" i his p.,;at 1111ud 11public mr tt.'ire lbyr lpw ard I f urly, years, i.r tIthe riaitE'l l 1 lh idhowia.I d:s. t*ls: Lise;s falp 'llth, l it th., l[t ll, I)i-t fllm oil, ItOl-" ith, alI ilo altt, Ileivioesso4 if the lead ael ineli llaillll ,) e ,) ITr lllllnlrity .e Jowel~, tanl d in till cases wh re hndig o tlOll lor it I utive habit i, found to exist. Thlis lued aite inust nltl b, lllllllmbel d nllllOlt tll h-st of slik o s ) l a IInow bfile IIhe public, as it i, fthe le inlvet ol ul the abh.est iila most i , ielltih surgeII o ii Elllrope ever l'rouht'eed, alnd l.][h .1ClI t Iof IplIepaillo it wiis purIIhasl 'd hV ti he I a e i It " l .( : i lo.l l o; lm . It isi agree nlfe all I pleasant to the tl'tt, n-ts its It mild plter iant.alwals keeps the b1owll la te, imparts vil andl lreIng . tlo hth syshem, llld elorll tillless It tilhe ll mild, alld alLl'*w tllrot-'i is t tl ' Ihost c.,lllirlll Iases t1 I)i.llltisil r ladigestion, anld prevents a return at arly fuure period. I NEw YsolK,t7ith Ainguts, 1338. SIt:-In lsellg i eneofliilcag ai .,ts.denltarv life, I hLLve beil troubled, i .more oLr less, with Lll.tinl ihr I"i ye I; fior fhe lsti thlc, ",trile s enV sullrintgs haovl' e beeninsupportable. I ha've tied s Iveral phy-icia-, Isdl l[ t lllll r olfqnl eIk oI di"it.s, w\ llth il [t 4l erl vin alll 11 hnitit. i dEsi ltiiid iio ever ibtiiui i iit.n eLmV IihllIr rliv'I; au d r, mimed it, elf d o llollh.• Ill ,I ho dr ·l ih I "a t,. rll ,1 ld' i I n ll ll y Itre sld to Irv .thernct l 'lll\', l vyspepic Cl iiir. I have t ow linishi d the fl uiili ho l tla ie.u knlow Iot hiow tlo exi ress illy L lirutlio of its WOldllertll v'irtuestied Ilhe t111:t0' it 'I ,+ ltilfttll.d i Iii T-(.lOrl ,, IIIi Io thltl health whl'lrh I. i lltht llust 1'1 ever. nl nd [ e half ia dozl n bollh tle it e a d nll l 1t' storli tl:l IAllo i t het llh anl | remain o llrs,i JColi MO)N ROE. Theaentt 1,u in hit pnssesion seve hundred tes thilolps wsimil r to the ahve, of hie extiaondiuLary vii tiue, of lhiia 1,,licinie. oL li by itpLOuilt titlii, Lat r. Johi ,sLO 's, 1411 thienviltl' street. inov .5 PROS Il'ECTUS. TIl. stebstlriler p-opsLis to i ,lish, in the be. gisniig of tht ensuing winter, a CondeLealimtio t tho twL uty vonluoes of tlhe Old and Netw Series of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised li four volu tms., 8ot., according to thl model of lPters' Condensed Reports. This work is now la preparation by J. Burton IlarrisonEs, Esq , of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted, by a distinguished retired Judge of the Suprome Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect frtom their persmlal supervision all tit adt.vatago which many naturally be reaped froml thiir eperienooe. Such a work is becomting every day more ne-o. cessary, as the origmal is voluminous expensive, and scarce. An incraasing curiosity too is mani test, in the other Stats of the Union, in refrencse to the peculiar jurisprndenc of Lousiana; and the crcumstalnce of tile numerous principleos here ide cided in the adjustment of contliet of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged oases of primeo uti liy to tlh juristof t the whole Union. Moreoves, th rising republicof Texs hs adopLod our codes, and thus there isa greatdemaold for fihe Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in L isioana, and occasioonally those to the more authoritative forulms of thile other States, will be added to each case. Tho work will form four volumne, royal octavo, and will be delivered, bound, to at $6 per vol.; in ase ilt should be found praclicable to compress it into three volumes, the p-ise to sub. scribers will be $7 pt1r vol. Subscriptions received by W7I McKIPAN, je5 cor (amp and Common asis. LOUISI'lANA iuIr; l rF:. rl11IS fu~lillllllil :lil II1 ·lls r iln liilll (1 . 11111111·1 11111 tna, wl 1~l I ill i-r III!" olo.Y ·F I nrn ilrn 11l,11/i i (· IIf 1)rt Il ter, ilth i eh tio tg oiiii ti. citiji ,1Irtl o, tu t u il ojel t ·I1I ititi, ;( cii it' i. ( 1. 11· 111 i Ill i~lill? 1.'1'111' ic 1 '·11 s1 I1R11: l'olle~l r. uIllll ~"n h, nod whoJI k :1 grallcr ute ,rune ollelle most collle)ldlnl'd uliiviils 0e1 4h , I r. iii tutu it it " i t o hr pu n t i tiss mi wllrill hl( ll: comprehended lil ,n r+ I I. Thl e I":,lust, deist II ImellIl , /l mlll ll"I ,II thel~)ll~l \ .ieum!!,, et'u t orolll h 1nd 4 imiii lliR X· IlllX hi I litiusticl. ill he the)I''relch, 1:.)iI uuI ICl ItINCAN 1 be Ilvillti~d lnfonc lld .lc. I nlmll I'll l.,=, 1·llll iol· 3'emt,;,b~ N riillSO Ile Ncit~op iiicns.~rrtr'1 ____ Iriill'l t.\ N~ FANI LINO INFIRMARY I( ,' lil· 'IeI1( IdInt 51I .1VV1ll 1N Rlill 'll(i, uisi lillllll 0r C [ A i it i ic :. cc , ii i Jct Iic, it tic ii c InIrEi,, Neit r tic FRcANKLtuttiti, it INFIRMPt i ý\lie . IIro ie tore rr: pectl" 11 lo ovI bolt Itttttti pi itt oo ci+ erecte mil-tfii iteid' cci A. n in n ary ndmos adt nbi slm ior inII, Irlnou 1 II' upioi ' h r i riit ,,t d . n I ittle ron dit eiii Iit' The h ilrllnl is lairige ni it liii t elt. l tut livi~i i *,.e inht Ron I I wIt h t cclt,, cci!!ol noel uein IInI I tiIe s i.iii ii.. lys per y, i' el ,I,,~ aihIeIcc rl·I.ic'l"'. i i slaves ulln o two Smldl 1',x o1 the I I1rdi,·lrn rI i'ctc; I. itt~ll;l( hIutit itSIR tic-u· NutiI1l. I' 1!II t! t ull l oiltui t'hlii-e hIIn extra I'II In :.-=dent t lh·P i,"ii ,Iý D Iiut d ii tuu to i.ioon I.,, rrm·i: i'".;e': " 'g, "'" t 'ip.,; 'eIet. [)p I:A\ sI:Y, 'o. I9 1' a;. 'I1·1·I· ) -u 1 ',"f, 1la 1 ( ! le ··-. hI itt .r o .1,1 ars ip ' ii'r I ,,,\nloU I\ ov11 1 1-; r iiti i lf il itic' 1 .h c,1 ,I Xii el, :I ble hitr stol h m 1d ; I m , ·1111 I iiii t In' '''n [ I , p op !iiI`i;(:t I L" Ie'll+ It Son's br - pr..p so· Lrul l Il 'iiii es of Cllsl ;.1,, of I! ,,,. , , - s 1 ;, , , i i i i ,, .., !,loc . ;.111Ii ;Ii a ; am i e ;ll 'it'll- itc I indfi , i-i' I i ii., .i I im i : ,, 1 ,,,· n, I . I',,irnh br;a,·b I, "-t ,tn1..; r ..s-I, l - i Io" I 11u vex; I,,I,, , o''1 S.-. ,, I, ,,,, I ,,.., ",; a l,, I, oh el- ;m 1 C -1: rro "..p_ 11~inllo I ,.t il t I 1it ;I ol I Ii 1 ',1.11. it,: 11 I-i I. i t i It · I , !I I,,,, ,, ', I',-, , I,. Ilrl w'.,'-, `" . I:.·lil.·. II o , 1,o; .-v1 e7, AS \, .' ; 11,' 1 ,v 1 11(.. ·11 ilI 1111\ · I'''''1,1:1' It il lll. t 1·s1 5 lI· . \I I~llill I· I . li p1,t 1 : "[ -:11 ,11·Ii-lll ill-111 li illeu ill .I, ·lli Ni iiiIIi" !',o- 1I1 ld 1 : '.1 1I , 1r~l i.,ll l"1 1'. ,I: .Iii;.· Il.. 1111 111'1'1\l·: .i II 1-111 KS11 1 - -111,1 1 11" :/i/· L lvi,_ 1',.'., 1...;, -s 1 , , II ~r,~ I,,,' w " n"I. v lh :,t "IIln, 1. 1111', -,l I'. , k Tilcf ~ II1 I r :11111 _m*. i , 1:1+1 I " i : 1 " ;.. ill· ·I . ,:,", , 11,,", of 11· - 1:1, 1: I,"'' "1~I, e,, ,,,l- rr nill 11 11·(11·1/\ \ 11. oe . ·l It Ii I t ut',11 r g ', I ; fi - I;II , .b, r I,,,. I!-," ci i hi ,,, , f ,.1 1 111 " ' uII I ,h' -, -- Ill , ," ; .+ , ,, v .l 1 -1 . 11 ,1 , u i fi itý ' )IIIt- ,1fit : 1 i1ff itItI I .-1' I~ , i 't ';''fl ' -rie l I' f IitI' t' tlll: i;vl '" llt l .i- ilo ll o i : i ll h St flftul. lI,"r I f r 4 ,11. , I tr1,1 . 1 - r , i et p .h ,.l I Ilefff fi f If".I ido 11 111 . I f·. 1 .:r 1 lo iT I'OF l , . l i t 'fif if' ff ff llln &llaeh., ,1Th -e. u · oI . l t. h b.y.I III-1 op ( ,fit. elelo, 1 c. l '1- he cti. l Ir ,t 1 -,ll. . r tI 1hV 4I14111, I. lh io. - is ielc ,el t by il eclurl , - t h r1111, n lpnsl tlif r (1.'ll'llllll un oi dltleh t , Ire'il II ti I. IIt I lt Id h r' i O ,l F t ill lm ' IInIIff' itfif V I.t1 i I, ,ll , Iff tif Pft f1 af d t Nii ll. ) t ll '' " 11 - I'f flffl., ill-N1 - tlvt'lll, fllllfift ffli flllt'i ''l t fthL' if AI f'l"tlll , ll.;lill' l I 1 ,ll ' f f'ht, 1 j4 f' tll 1-ff1 I ft ''f '' -'l If t' heI l It ill(i' f i' ! e.I lttl d -- shec41uIt h 'ftr e lit fit f f Ilf f£, I ,l41i t : 1 D e A b Ii 1 it II it l i s ' Irt :i. h il lt, Jle, I I'e I afLl Ill I ,o l a, (l, i, '4- ' fin ,t ff' f fff , fi- 'u -i t , ilNll l ht ll.r1i0' c sil .- 1 h , \. l l hNh - llo , - I f 'llf 'ff + ii fv f-i f' f1i 1ff l t ili l l f l' --lll, If n itfi lv . ,i I'+ f.til lIt 1 ( f11 I it', t. llll t I, N I', lI illt' il ih Il llcl l l I' ,, l) vel : -i I -11 I. 1Ih ' i t. ' 1!t1h Ir'f'- f ',tl il f 'ff Nf1 4 l',1 if se(nllt'l P( r'. I, r I' de Ilrlll l ' o lllll l 'l; . lh ( I A ul,, 1 ; t <,tr m lc ' liti ll I .-." t , ,i, dr1,,n.s,. '+= , , iI 'llt h t r, ; I tl ' h I r it f1!r t 1 1 P l t, ,i l i tyt ' ,1 i.; lt'r . 11::; ; -I H ltoll Pro e t ri + , t-,. C h - i 1,n Ilt 1 Ill, , ILtill llt III· Illt ll tlde l.l lu G M ,id 1 I'll lllh i 'l Jllllte. NI1. lii' f..l hlllnl II. t"tffllif ,'tfl ll l' I'f If r liun*t l--lit t ir -l. t1lt Ii1tfffff llf '-lftlllt'i fff dlCf , l;' , hlf i i v tl I 011 i( + 1,,lll r lt lope i ,· ltrc t 04!11110f'''f I ,' , 1'f f C i tf1lle tic , Nll t' Int tl llir lle t ll ( ,- t .lit Iif, 1,efif -I111e. I o·11 g. r i I p.hhn ue I, tir llellll .iiA l I tl , I Il` l "it l fllf f'i'-litf'd I ifffiff 'l lif-t 1 4 d , f 'f f l l1 Ill,'f Jfftff II b'fifd tf ft h fI Ill llitt f cf,'I,, 'It i' 'ff.f rtll L th, /tlllltf t 't 1 f1 I fA,1I1 1 t \\''t 1 'l l1' 1 ' "., e Ilii ir l ! i pul.: Ila Pao u elle hh [ u,'.. I1 llr ti l l s -l. fJla dlei, N IIt i . IDI.b - I .irt , - hI , - l Ite pot'1, ' frtf'ffit fI ', it f it f s 41frit fff I f t II~ 1'41 11 hl.t- l ln r c . l.llt i th, (.l h tl1tllltll'4 11: . o h 1,- r ut "', Iithe 1 ffifttll f tet ftf" I it t lenr: Per 1 ,'e a c r, to d , I ' ov14 ll 1 - t1 r Irt 1 dn i lr tl ii , i thlll ei ,l Ior t ht ' Slill s . i Ru I ilit' f'ul pu 6 " );iJ .1'ln1, ,am1tl- :t e ., !ITE I"rITT FTo . hen, of - 1 i 1, it nrnt sIto m ou I oL rhrc il at b, - , ~,. , 'v - ol dI roetillq tmuuv r h h h: ,, ,.,,-1- , I. m e "on I.rrrl I {II' ý fi ll , ?ii I" .h :, ,i. I , ' I. nt , te. 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I n ,, ," It- ..... it , , ilh - , , o. :.: o a , h ,I [i ,. , : + I ,·l,- " "T XX" cilf \ to h: , M \ '-.l. -'i () I:'4 ,11",* ( · ,lll IHol IIt i :sohI ' I ht - ,, r .. I , ;l11" hv :I r1.i " I, for \,n, Li . ':Ii , c/ lrn.. -De . :I n ',r ,;;tiI l. I l., lr v I,,, ,i f /,:l li , ia , ', r all.:k l t ;', 11 shlll, ,v. I Ill : · I o r,;"lll l l) ll ,ii .j ,t. N +'\o'+ O r 'a ., ( h i· , l .'r ý,n, ' ý i [ ' 1 , l, I) '. ýir 1 i:> Ti' ttll, I iI ,:" ' ht , ; 1 .: " -u t t ill . _h', t i.: w th .. , f IM [011 i Dsll l ,) CAY'S 1NM. I'NT.-No Filconm.-This ex. of" nriwll(*to, anil I:,( IIInVI'Li i! 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' '::i I iv lalndsoml f'urnlsheld accomodationse ll! olrs oif the best deseriplien will always bd SIJlh. 5. ' The c.dbin passage is $911 without S lr lli.or, and there is eno iquor furnishud tt , t < fl::::er, or cr w. For friclht or passage apply IIor to AMES, 48 Camp at. '1ih shipgs are not accountabl ftor breakage of l ls, blhdw w!,re, cmarbtle or graoitei cooperage of il, fr. rt ol'lrolun or steol, cir responsible fir any Skag;e or p'ac.l, unlleos a regular bill of lading CIi , a ~d il., rciu. at the oltliuho of the ents. N EW OIoLEANS No lALT'IMOtRE LINE O1 PACKETS. T'his ine will conoset of the firlowoing vessels, v. hwl hl;:v brenl built or purchased expreasly fot S Capt. Miner, 13.rlk Mary, " Nickerson, 'e ld e'rry, new - c Stevens, S oinon .aii, "" Latham, B i c Ai: ltit, 'l Griy. '] ~ \hl,. are ,iil' ie first class, have hand. ,,11, :u rld ,e(rrllo iunlio s, anI d are ofa light d,'hI of,,t ititer, soi as to admit iof their receivineg and b,': ,,,, i g thIir ,a ,gal io Baltilm e, atthe city, itr,' iglt hll e hL tal"in for plars on the Chesapeake E, iJ' Riv er, ai d i brtwardii by tihe agentae 'i-,l. CAliiE & IiEILL;G, at Baltuore; , x I r on ods sll,,d wil be advaned when "~'- dj. Te pre,,ic t'o pl,.eoge is fixed at $0i , !I- mhres lof the b st q,,:hlty will be provided. :--. ýt c Uiip anid down thie YI.SSlr,,i wall be tkeno For frt, r lpassagee, apply i th ii 0i illEDFORD, oi·-!7 r22 Beuvil'tt, i'F:R NEW ](111t, "i,, .a rnd .",w York Line of Packets ] ii h' iils co ipoing thI s ioe will sail e frlon it, ndl Nw York on every other Mon en'ig Io tilhe 20th November- and to '-,c," te l'cdl,,dl y i ,sh, llte of sailing, the 1 i, v :;1 h b lr,. lfer cohsoe of five ships, viz: l' Y. zo., ciptain pirLSk, to leave on the 20th 'il i,- 'lrh, C.Lpain Paclmeir, to leave on the !h I i ier circ . , ';'l' n ail ri v lllC, ('ltaia ldIri dge, to leave on the Ship V rk-hbr_, Captain WVeodhouse, to leave on it 1-t. J r,,arv. 0hipl 1.oi iqpl,, ('aptuin Davis, to leave on the Thi iiio'r are all new, of the first clas, copper , n• s e I,;ll r fhte, ,,,:l, .lnd iliwnrdls of 500 tone e, r f 1" tIro f'ht of water, being built I Nw YfkI , x .pils' le Ir the irado. The price ,, _ t r l t ii l 111.1 . llollarsc : their cabins are ili.(,,l ui i h, ii' ll),t In proved and convenient iI it. ;nr li'ni,'h d in a teo t a d elego nt istyle---= \ ll,.! ,1e !,. "o'Ihe, lie-Clrt iqualiy will be provided, lh vryv,- rea-d lidl to the coml fort acnd entire h.I i.ictlun ln I;l'sc- ,ngl"c i, w c will please take no. ,1",', lith Io Ibt co ci a . ll cured untd paid for at : ' 'c i tf'l , ro Siritc-'a. T', verels are olllllnldlled by c",ptaine well ,xI -i,,, l ni thlihe, trade, wiIho wail giive every at. i,, ,ir :llii , x ril themliC' .'lves to oecom oddate. They t.. ill lin l IbeI tI)owed up anid down the Missmi. i!,I bl cstcaicboits, nild the strictest punctuality . ' i"V' d I ~ t eil tli 11 of siall gI 1'|,,u (i I' o t ihr oc Fill, si will not he responsi. 'oir . .. Iler, parel Oer paick;#.r, sent by or , f n l ~,,',l il"h . i, i, .c Ieguilr bill of lading , ,,,1 lh ,r'o, .t file ecu litig house of the 1iii F,"ir Flcrlc r partlrolars naply to J i) I1EIN S A COttEN, a.l7 90 (lommon st o e N' I y ,:i, ,h' ...... '0 N i eliber, hnl to insure the p<c:tl ~II) in Ihr tilt:, IIf suiling the line -hi ' . i'ln "l' to etl' s on the 20Ith no v. i ;, l.i , l: /!:', ti,[ It< I(lo Ia , ur, to leave on the 4th ý ,,I rr/'iuc. ig,, l: 1ld,,ri,0. to leave on the I:,i li III l tllaalll iad S , Captain Wioodhouse, to leave on a tha Slop .|i,.s.,,ppi, Captain t avins, to leave on the 15ti " !,' "hip, Lre all now. of tlhe first elass, t+ . I ,i ,hl l . p1 .I r lat.h ni , and l Ipwn .rdI of 500l tond a Ib ill i I if 1It1t La,,t , ht of Wa i-rn, leinh built in .\,'+ I l.~ .-.- ll " e , I r e , I s 0 I :, I. ll ,1 1rice of taIsI I .!t·loll i tt S i t ,he 1lirplotol d Il-ll t'll lli e t 1 -lal lnand i nP iiitlt l tt. o ,Itcltslt st tle. Atmple stores of ',, lit-1 ,i'thll y ' e IT1, 6 i i 1 i I 1, In L lln d tler t regard had tol llthe ol .,till eoll o ,lh 'lio ol }l| asengers, who s oi c ,l .. I II ':" I l ln ice ? lh l noIIr iei al a Ibe securl' ed nhoa l1 1, l < or IlIIlI-l - h ' I .i 1 the ro(n ienes. '" I :, . t ; 1 tllltd 'l l ell ex t , . t t II lho , .iv Vl r, lllatllelli aon i i , I - ll ti, 'l" .; \III rl. ii e. I ev will at ;·ill~lll II he Ill iIail0l~ 'athe i llissi; a sippi byt ,t." bout ;, an Il be soo )l--. l punctuality observed its 'i' ii, Ill o tiiII e ill ,ips I ll a, ill t be responsible for l. li lo. ag a its or o here. Fte II 't;i, IIh I "lll'ttr. L 1 hi-l I tlhia 1,01,"t-e a a£lta a t i n Lumfori II 1Ei IN dil A COIIEN; 1\ L 31ilNSIO N IIOI tlsE E I, (I')TY, PEN' SAC1 )LA. I!F'! 0,r I,,a r aviI-pur used the lelse and fur uLLn .o ' 11 01 i_ s,1 llt,11 n w t u atubll i-Iin l, 0i(el0 A1m P ' .' ,, : i lt it"' lelt ' s ll h+ I tad% to rcreive vris i ... Io` ld ll "i ' l 11Illlll . ' 1,1- ,'l l ltl nIili iu tlll,-:i l loIbts l l .ill be fou ld in I'lo i I IIItI IIII l ' I-a ott () to aaaltohll l jlO l aL I tI+ . w -L I'.' 1111 0110/00 it toe :.1.11,00!111; llno1 e. New and Ils i Ir I l. 1, aIII Ilill' ht useo s V l he builtean / . :o: l'l ll . I lt ' 11 ll I . e ro, -lln, ttell blol . A tllll . t I, o t hd tl h let with gud iccotmmoda-A , ; . 1,I I ,u-I'- all curlol'cli >. Ii-s rule Iurses and f il' l+l he ,l or hire at I lloerLate prices; iI i1 i, i:. I hill llt-, ltiillt t inpl iot aLr lleafO r .. Il! I, l inptr w ill f alsobe Ma rnEished, 11 1I !, 1 .hlt : , nti to I , terlere ,it i the comfort 1 1 ,l , t t .! t lle 1 :1 ,! I ' '. Ti lle w i es tllaee qo I l te a 'ill Ii , lolt I" l ll- l Il: N , t, -lth(t o, if,ltLS i1 til apirst no 1, illi, Ii Otl : o tl , IIr al' ,a1 r bl ou oo or, tt whi. a t eferorib 1, I . 1i, i aai'a. aill olnoe beprrided-.. n i: eetl It II\ l i,, i e loc tont, N. ill 1(0(t 'liaisa ha el foe+ hai, 'lr, ,-lo, who itht , ll aotto nkideo tv s. ure toes . n1s1 - . r,i nl d a l frieands enalera ly that t hi- sil) , ,y: e flcry o si ibe ttention; and thereby i lal lnh,.ilantd£es of th s house. are too welt 11(1'~n I to n ,;d 11 I, oa ed. cu Ied l ripti.n bore. The SIht ~. 1 tl P¢'l t'( t o i' Ithe o,'oar ta naval taltiuo of the (.. 11.01t.01; hIn e 0.0(rl l r ldetzvous of the G.iulf aqgid" i.;1, 1, :.l,ln!', ( 1(s ~i w ':ih lr rsht d lcousta tly duo 0 ...: !!l:" ll" 0111101 ,0 "",11010 y thle co~oltst I tiout rho tii, ll': Iih,. bh it11 of the hav u 1ad the neighrollring "I-,li ,l( lso erg; the a t lldoce nd It elicacy of the i 1 0 1 i ht -1 -outltl itl t~lrdoets elV, auersulni vhe pre= acel 110t, ~ r nh ol.llr pha e, in the-e latitudes, as a t-11,1, boa'tll[ro hlicotnrl Petnsacola and Mo t hb , ~l ! OIll all tll l b, i le to take the passengers N B ARNOLD. n'esac1,!a. Feb. I5th 1 ^:18. I]..r ((+Jit ilel N I.n .g to tin~nge fboms for their )I - ,. 1('I '1" J l cor, tie former proptietur, at ,few 0+. R,'fRferences. T a, r0, FM, AlrtC ttllhm, r. M.h'.lpin, s.q.Lt. 1i11, in P1uh Ii; S Ta '['ylor, [P P Rea, Etq,iU Net. tice 51 St (chule. Exch.cer. l'l. )l;\)1 ROUTE FOR NEW YOIRK. Is( .f 11us. good stases will fn.ys be preovided ..v I "T.b -, is c hampion leaves Mtobile 01t f'eo.u. oM te In- a wank lab'?, fi

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