Newspaper of True American, December 22, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 22, 1838 Page 3
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RACI NG-. --'-IX JOG I EY '(lVr!A RACES Or ERI 1'/Il; I.OUI I.Il../..1 C'/OHi, . • f i tl,; F. I11" 111;[':TII hlll t 1h,' l I ustp oncd to First Day--Swe' t n.'keI It",aao rl ,l'---mile heats-- alh rip ioitn $t 0l, i i l 40 i I ri su t clnoed--Jl 'I Mil A . I liia ui:an, W J 31i nor, and "CCS I Ftar.r. niame Day--I'roprietors' Pulr, nlI--mile hoata entrlnle e$ ), nadded ft Ill )lur-c; Irl f r ill hors,'s. .eroul Day-'The Creole 'urge of 45001l-mil, het Shame Day--I'irs $'250-mile hnint--Ire fitr nil Third I )ay-l'aropriua r's It'urine !,- :ll--two mile henrt; if tIore IIh n two stlrl, lthe ': d I-l to be cll tilled toII $ il- i b tlll twol, ith ,' ll11r 11, 1 r .er Iive $1,(0i1. Fourth D!ry-Juckvy (Club l'rse $Ii,:u)--thr0 e mihe healt ; of which the eCot:'+,ln best will ibe ,ntitled t,, $31110, ii tmor tlOun t'wo start--if but two, th v winn:er tto eCt'ive $1.550. 'if't Day--'l'h' loisinna late, valhe $1,(11)1-two mile l ne.ts; ,iv,.''e r odI - ml avr will nrry nL/ Ibs. - fillr vlarih.illl tl utr, thri t m n) a pp )ri:nte weiights. Sixth Dny-Propriitr's Pi',e, $lot-mile heats -hest in 5. Seventh Day-Joekry Clnh I'm'r,, $ ,500l-four mile beats: if Imore hllln twol - t tih svt lnd le, t hor.e will be enlitled to $.00--il but two, Ie wt llliu r io receive X2,(100. Eighth Dan-,-l'st e'ink-ttr wil- Ii ntlt -rIn trauce $J:3--p. rl-fne ft nilr ,iv -vlt I ,I )1 age. IlI-NIII A ''tA i . MlA \1)tI-Il..l i" M.\ ICi;NY, noP 8F I'WAt'li iUt .-atr JI I'n RN AtA All: .; Y. R F PI'A !l A TI' l iy tol J ltr l rI.o I ' o ci , and toit otlh i iersin nonIlltea bil . It . riltl Itit1 1. I r.xi Ja n i. I l ' li al I , ill.. Tlih ihlatho wasell til ll to,, t li,,ild,: Il it norI .1 I·ulm being entirely fren e rin I I ol-e of the Mrels udn tie ra g. 'drayJtlinr, - . tlr ' mll litl 19 ti(e 'i I re J 1T llih r,<'i lv ivid, : i t ~ two h r ' p rt i Ii ' h U 1 l it tr L an, Grlk, llal a rlaic', \ . ' t I . I u n , order all t discl pline a r. a th re ly "ol oI .. a n d oI ,, ' l.b, - T"l.r s. Juni' le,.irmu t, p'r' h lt I. 'II - svl , a p p r, " t-.. I h+r n e Nlm ately +.Bd. A ,. ,idit, Wuo e ,.".,tiu, ter h," l,,, ,im t;,.,i; Iard.t ' tu r " , ,r l rS'" ln, d i, r li neutll l l IllIl U' ,,, tii!' ,,: I ev r n li ir ' ' h " lll i eayls. ln a 2 ti n II\n t II Jtl-I7 CP I A 1, i EN I, ;; i t I t iT ,11;" lh i tl0l.- N.. - W Ill . taui ,ll -. John C tt rlhd.ll,. rt \1 10i (1ER, r hy ir ('I rh -. oat of a Jlla ,e t. by Marian, rnln Irl ttl' l ld anv bor., mlrll y l r. t (lll ii ld - : :'hi+ •. + in, ih i hllth )&I h Iir ,u i o, I ' I l d-rllr r a'tshr nliuch Stitr a t' ~ h , p i" i ay p ++,, u in e" or tour mllleP h e.o ver the .laelirrr I'lrtl , New.' Or'- I I Ie-n I ti ll' li rlh m l, h, a11nn'.r 1an.n3 . ThL h..-h l to Ie onttt h, f ui- le. sI, k,, and Ihr aem. to hb" run aI+I+P I l ( iho I le r llle'4 ril it lll ; ll',,ui II 1 J ckcy tun ll lll the i li t olll l d'l n-n J:ll11 1 r . ;ll .l. Irllll llr Ina io Irt' l - ll it i I on S rl ^ . I 'l le .i I ,I n.l i t. i.tItriean: i 'st i t, I b l t. r I ' i t i,,' of and i ' n - p1) nil O tt-wt , t,;" r 'ir - i - l ly N l tI E . .e , h- .,t p pl ie iii, h.lhe Pate U, I Im e) l pail'er'l, Ia: d'.+ 1111 i l , I tI ,' I i ti- IA -r-- -' /nr. , ' t ,t :i l l . ,' rv r rh .: il d . . : ! hI I ll t - I lletrol.ritar l I te.,.1 a n u ld Ilo'l .oo,.. I- ,rl:"u tu . 'rl1h , rlh, <.1m ~I ran li ,. .,: drln: .n+ .- 1.,',, J. r, r \1..n I,'k ( I" 11-1i),+. 0/ i, l l(l.ll ilit/ll If :ra ll Iii \h. "il n; ' II. h Sito h i' I ..n . t ,I 1, 'it M eIdxicto , ( ll...l£1 , 111 It,,SllV1, 0 ,11 i I ttf (l i' . iler'. A' ll tles+ ti er a, r,, i<' +r.u ;, i), .ut 'dhit Ir, I andri nv ll Ianlllrl nq il ll r ;,tilt+,.P v. l I.,r r , ti 'lllln ' t TP \- I (ll e r mt d w tor.' , lI tr r 'c,. + hpl v,,liIe r ,h ,, ,,,ll.... 11 lV l,., nI o I" l.,n,11,; 1.,,r .+x N 1:;\V I 1 .1 ' ; I. \ . l \ , \ rI . -- l IICI l l), li.\ll. 1 ll .lll( 1 'Lll l ie a \ 'll Sli. n 'n ,Iin , I t- t n tt I ,, n-n n- d , , , ii \ u , S h il .a I". L, 1.. k e t , r I o' r nr i , ,l t' r I l;" i anltll ,, v i xt e n s i" oo ntrI I A , n !. . .\ , I, . hi ,-of -!n,- n1, willdoi welJl lea/lI] ht'iur, i1".rr /,,tug r/''evewhero~. 7 )lil\'I'S I ru+ý r,,,, tniii:: 7 l-'I;I(·1 and A .\ll(·li It I r 'iiI, InI". l u: lirrll rln/ Illlll;llll II aIII byX till 1IiiIli & CI1, dillX .',. B Cl:3 uh " erIhI2'1"n ItI if:, ladin I I [', it, l M lina, '1111 1 ,"111.1 1 ( I ' 111 ,' I ' Il' il, I II I "laz' tto .S'ttr I I I I ! " l,, "(. I 1I ll' 1.ur Ittt1 IIh..'It I.''- II ft... orh·ii 1"i.t a I.r131 1: 7: o r rw or IIIP nn+;lint IIIll'. . 3:17.+ I'1,7('171 1 III elfwL)I.I) I1I ilI)I -}-n, 1.,.[ 11.71 N the i It NI, Ihrllell·tI l I ," t Iltll ter 10",~1 to not' prod..-(Dual XXIII,,I 1Ih ~ol, It ::; 'lie !" ct takes Ili, I! ii , 111 .:5: 1 ."lil- I 1'r(:, to r11 i Prui, t n~", I I:::: I: ",n Iii. I I -, I i nlnuo )'run, ,I:," I191r 11 '1'r n_. "!' I o La I · tlllp i AI , 1!1," .ill 1 111t 111111 a It It ItI1l r'II i",: -'-Ftt itr I? i ti ,I 'Iu, s u & li: . i, 11, C l) i n i '..o'po ulb,."... "ru!' -1 1 17. ·11* 11: · 1 11 t l rr, I"'r t. I r, , f olr 1lllr I l nntlt) l ln ,nl In s I trl N t9'll I'i't 111 Iin 11l1111 101 I \ . 111 19( 11 I,;,r u r I lu l~l n II.\ !1 ion 1 ill,' I'll' I( I.'-''- I( lt~itl I 10 Ii i iJ cnn~ru ilII ,ulr r mr, At t," l ,"u -ih'",ll th, N I, , )& o nli huem 'I 11,It ,d II"IliI. ,1 11 t· l'cl- , L ihim.) . eIh',,:: I"i No er~ l ~~t 1t1.1 ,.! x;3(1, ",1 m « toiT & II. or ,tu FO~ IC1I(Ir oft;: r ,,:,, t,"1v ,h,::a t 1ir l:, fur ! mlt-h, 1 much tutu. he Im 'ýt .,1 7'hu -. 1111,,, I' I-u'I l·3;11Illln I1I).Ti.n 'l h, R? IR h ard) , ',, Co New 0.1 111I..CT(·iklP rifl£F 317 , I 7,rl 10ecr by It L' I.S &l I)'3 .313:1K, 4 , S rpcr :ti Ilui,, * I, 1nrr n''11,41, ('h `.nlc, JT'F' i 1 - · Ili 1 '(11 1 nn ,It or outer Iloi-( to am, I)Uit ell t PLO bein1 in it, nr I.e rx:·r1! il lv i " rr:Ill nlj enlP I II'll~ tl-it oeaao!i (y~'ill evive and(main -o 3 ert e1 an I(o .'. s 111 r 1o ter +1 l/lllln lY 1?1 1!1':!Ire 11hle ( T ,'e u · F.:lt·l ;~i:'1, I l P;: et .;,!r by ~ r dn 1 1:); I'. \1F 3 'srpL MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, i, ittrdl fro;t. 17 Ltatlot.t S tt I'l NEX 1' 1 l) t .t)!'rS,. r t \r. -llA 'I N TI.L "'llI, V !'I. (1 .Nviat ou' )lalrnIs, & ST. CU. .cn., Sr'EcT. It I.A ft(; IE ancud c,,tnniu Itorl nll oser I.retnt . " I u ltivl ,tfolrre, :3 ~l u sItn , reei.' 1,Ivn1 t 't , (Wi ., -/1Ii";. -I ," 1,il rb rapher, ,ion th e p nfi. N I The 'the)e would ima cita good diill nloSo. ,To IlT.. .. .. tt ()NI two 3.yrv dwelling hut , No. 'ri ' troo air ter, InIa.r "tri tl u (_ tcie, standing to bck I froilu the ht lg ior lmoln, wer ll in ish,'d, a n I . story kithemn with lBour rou,,,cisisern, well anld ver et njllilimtw lt iiike n i comfolayhh- reRsi de. ce. fry:; small I.m ili, desir.n.s of h',ing l ir- . Ati - 1ly to O. decd n,-6i 12 C:llp st .It r;Et'. ..r-llRI:E QUAR TIo II', a i.qtcnre of t;fl' groins wit 1 two hins ti herenon nu'ar the A new ieark.t on i 'oydrau it. Atply to ott it'l'. CLANNi iN, noi it I t tamp rt To RENT. t A omfortabhie dwelling hlouse in Carnen n delt street, a few doors Ironu ('rain utrei. It lits reei recently painted up, and in now in guod rtnullable (ordeir; ptossession given imllltlediately. DIOYI'LE; & MAY, norv-, 3 ("a)rondiet E S Twot hlouses near Tivoli Circle. Applvt. g . iilltit) lBALi AND -I-i: iC;Ks.-A, Ilge o H® l slll ;t ofll Iilitard Bll s (it s plleroll r qllll iity t the lBauzuar, cornetr St. Churles anI Coltnu -. BaIdl &. AI.I.AN. unoIi xchangie ihotl. lNItl,)II xVtlITEI't,'----WiI.+ou'n IlJttrti vu l S illilll] \ iter i everI , si t I, ju t re eli d .i the ISAZ L.AtI,corin r of St Charle alnd Colnllltl sI. BUln \t". Al. nov'J0 _ I':xrlhlal g, Ihtel. 1st twn )rlllahement Iranlsporte au llno 3, rie du clanal joignMiot lt Bllnque des Artiitnl, n vl It\ ISl iAI, INS'rI IJA T,.,V'l' It , { - l,1i-i r.\:Y 1 A l..NIP --.iust received andi Ithr sale h, the s. b. 'rib, u o n f nudesu tierut, ,'l (rioetun n i ; ('landit I fiat d,, il. F nd Itil tiu : ltin(tl t and (t IV l, uu linis •())Ii :l(uhles; 'lriangles, iehl uand u se I)Itu n (C iaialry pIrl tlllrl lllan; Ililrnlt ny dl) with cr. ; L(oinI ?nile , leiior; @'len h , Horii ; I'rn'l .,,l ; I! b,,nhals. l E. Ju I"Ns & Io, lo", co rnerSt" (]lrie and 'ioml onl st. '.,Ii : tit.e - tLIe .i'S . N.S Vl I t1 R. It. Co. t S datee; (l suit pullr: hll*er ,u lov illy II1 JA '. ( \,.1)WV :IL, Prewidont l A Z A , lt. (f'orner f ,S"t . (.Coha or ` Co.non street, S)[ I;1 .5 All.0 1 woild respeelfully call lhe - : i ,t i tll o ton itau ; untit ,r 1 c o tiri,, ,'t, l etycn f I l ll t.llt Ie ;lof utan e' s linen hiret . di c , n lrc l ,,lhklll u',;otillt, fi'llintl'iten linen Ifltons: oilIn C,; ,11 : silk, illnlr l;l sad nIrllutl o ldr shirls and drant ,: mi FIt iUlliuln d I· n tih ' l ilLlen elntre<+ ,ilsll lrlorelpt caln .'evi, e nllrl a nd xxtctlle s, .\ msod,--Sllrlr il rtmr ut of Iadies end .nt . ,,i-i tl',e lth sk , Jil ''.£e1g r'ases, D,,)rt folios, rLit'IItCa r, ell,- i r1ENA:'I IANI1) S(+IP Volt ,N'.%l-E-'re sib, hers (I)f r fr slowr Swetalt, f nf ix hlnrlllh (t d ald d l riirt , Ia w , , I ind, e l sh. "IBy.. lse,, I 't .,c the I+"L'. . re , i n T hi, p'ri )b till, hs hedati nd a In ++ )' t ry f lrri.d ntfr. and+ i lrnslcnrhh byo ii-iJ n ,V " II S I1 ! . I. a, \\'W h ei, i.,'h l 'Ipr, .o. fal l -,irle .,, lr . ll,.>,r I 'r () i, erlln lilcllht or , tl ,i-i d n Ie v . i ll -). te + ltu.111,n i, 1 nrofl I": , 111imerln rr', n1,i i y hll bn en. fil.y dnl/lar. tlihtd,Junll a Iltll, li:liti <111,' J .r- e.(h. ), ,;t . . "l' l) tll; li: Il·,r ;;'il i srl t tllrlt l Irnr ith 1a.. ,,l l tnrl lt ( of t Ihe it ne I I,,., tl,)i lp,', l.. T'Fe. Ih le , ill e asl lh s . it t at lhi- Ioiee,) illl re /r. (:;; \ Ii r 'i..,,:1 :;.i~ol d ttd1 of ,,,fl imf Iol i,,r o)f tihe' N,,w ()lh blao - 1 1Id ( ·,I] wn 1(iilS I:set,! t, I, ,/ ~[,+ ., 1In s Ir ,,.m Ir n II ill ed ti i ids olsr · wi 1 l ,t h l . a rll Ins i) - l ig I g holiue.. \ _ h. a+ t'i--'t 1);" il l;, r h i ~r',,l,+ ih "sad If:,,, I[. ',. I , l , flllhr (1 TI.+ Ihdl Ii,,,, J 1,11 ,' , i) vdl irl'l 11111': prher t o +,FU,)Ie , illl I1 1tInl r a d iat,., I(I 111st "C ( I ( )l), t o le ' w ill l h e l Ift, : " c e t; i1, r I, r re l i th e " I ..+r . -.-"--- v-- . " I , F - S, .ii,'77;',,;.n . it. , ..... f iliI ng , o s. _ 1AI :l'P' l i-t n- oe in silks, - s tIi0 do bist N, i do do 1110 i'. ', best No 3:l, assortel sirs. anld hrims. '(I do Ileiwir, a uprior article; 5: l. i , i Extra di lu hi tiltk nip \heti Russia;i 50 id Ex\tra Ilack Itu-sina; r 10 no Mnl.iskra t (IonIY lriollrOnd r1nd narrow brilln, t for Ievn nllid ionlllltrv tiic ; " 40 All ranki ofruilitary & nav ( hapeuos; -do (+hilre. s silk and Itu ina i l ints, ill siies., iler, /hfur Netl'e, tXnira, .llukrat, and hrr,, Sieal, in twen dozen . ansx. Sell iitt i . 'tlOilt (;rns--l'kwiwick, Polish Avril's hat do, Ingather Iif O nllll rinl' hiliinulir In l m lillinsi, Plaid nnd.Viilvet Capn, IFrerh ptIitrn-. Stoks--Satin, Sdik land liinbaiinue, of thie leaitst ilnirrllns -sik and rotilkn. Silk n I li,'lrclnt i,--oii- gli n intlitael dn. andllllllox ls llr Ilatttri, wood cnses, double tr drve Gnods. Th,, Wiloio goiii- ciinepi in lN n i sOrlk, ink d rill vnnrn, withirust rndharhes on New York prices. The iubscriilrs wtill take ordeirs fir solluthrin, 'Ill'r1 'nn 'ITx.ts mInarketsu,for wI hIrnus i ofA11 sinip & Co.,lint .lin nl'taeturers, New ork, aniid nit thi l sh rtiest ,ssiblei oti:te. Grman andl Irench 'lunshtsn Ii ihlt. Naval. liliitar, an:d Fa nhi nnhli' (lIners, uxciln-n e IIotil, Iln l l , 11 l le, ,t • w itilf ink;· tlno rlhmini-t l hi- ll hlt h o di o d.ll erl u P id J "mrold' machine i o py , nk; 'Terry's k ld do; .)l ,intlrd & Nnves' hinik writin' ink; I'erIyl ik lrTeel pens; iei tie, initt A, no' dhick illk; E J I. lno)ll's red ink; Iouvllll o hI dlllln and 1,r sole Irv "\V 31 k+lEAN, der ll i ornler f ('Cl, Clllonll it . irn llll it o L' n(dl'll,, nrl lltlt'1lll in h al hlnll'ld' I lnd '.tlt? hixes" ibr sale by $1111A. t5 il( t N, t:l1 . O nltlin. li3 bhis bling Irmn ste.inwi , ian l, Ior n alehv l117 it I ItlSlI,.Y,41 Nw I.ctt vN. I INNil Ig,--. oiles bs ei l few s ilom' I Inod tbr sleby 1 I)()1IRSEY,44. Nw Ievee. 1)ORLEAN.S.--tltOthe Iemnovwd to No. 1, /.Ante TIT nl. door tii th, Exchanlge Biank. tit--1 'itl TEWI":1V I L\1V it) 1 Ki-,ult reeived !er ship IKim ipi'!. Irh'on I'hilaelphi ha, at the IPir hookstllore I!Cnlllap street,i mih's Niii I'rinn, in : large ectLno vl umes. , with lotiies alnd tol the I itet Alnor iin case,, hy Geot ge Sherw ood. Ar'htbold's Practice, new editioln, in 2 vlumnel, for ale b ALE"X. TOWAI. dii II\VNTI itLL.IiS, I.ER'\.\lD---tihike fmom i the premises ofthel subsnriier, corner iiof I)tauphin iland Clli sir'elr . on Wedne-da v evenini tihe nilh r ilstalni I brotn tller ,Jilt a l Hnt' Horse, about slix 'yearn ,d, n little : ionve milddling size, iiine whnite foot, a l il shomrt tail, had on n hnilter; it is prest.ineld h hlas beeni ,alnketll up so tine person, otherwise he would have re turned ,f his own accord The ibove reword wil lie tpadlt to lwhoever "ill elriver theil id holsP to tili iunlersigned, orgiv iilll informiatial s will hand to his -iimcvinri. d20 T it It'li. " lillY OF NEW I(thEANS-;Seolnd llnnicipility, 1m Thinrd Wlriid- 1)'n i cLiLer 2th, 1ii38i. Thi' nil cr iof properly on Front ievee ,iieit, arn herey noti unde r the pienallit ienesrihed, in sixity duev from this dite in iexecitig the f lwin Wigoder, to wdit to have it ter stones nii, n thir ' ft .t isaved ni , lld to ihate the slle paved withl i Innl ituf lake riUick. SA l-I. KIll iURt , dl ('nomtnisanri, lr \Vnrd t NLLF-O~b, l, \NSR--,le Munit i ,irale.,201),. S En pinpoi,;terI, asInIn IPlt rlat s hillste sur In rl- rd lan t 1.ever do Fronlt ,nt ipar los Ipr"t ie lPS ittlil'sr'nr I11+ ii ,"r in ti • er a 'oind nnosur" di rile, csout prtie diwr nm len- i "y tnonrees elnPl Il !;t joulr .q i sllivrnt ct!e ,Ia e, en eI nt nt I orlire uli\int te fairs ionlferstion r Ien h:l:tp ittnesi iiant nei ti h , r pinpriie reispen ive in lonien brig hIs ii In in i rn erton mlllt :1 ladite oid4 n 1,anc. h oldr.ets ,ialree rte g lO I i i I a v e r s i I i ic Ui i I , i i l i- n r" (id, ani l ,ihr itone W .r iI lih, If, tfut aled n- pi, t. ,PI "It . ia , 1t , : n .p ,. . .i... di:* S1141.1, & Ii liW'N, 9Gl glaiins 1 ~ SHIPPING._ oPer Europe.. SP. (;:1 , I:I.,, ý , : :r, ., , Il,, r , , ',, r p,, I rt o Ir~·l·l l i t'r.r. ',,rl i,, o, h ip O ' I,-...,,,l ,L -117J i t st" h r o .FOI: IIIV l 1{ilil. 1ilo or l di I II.'m -1l ,l : n1i, m l l"'tt p't'otnpsoly, hvI'itg very I it, ,e' t, L.VI II. GALE, t7 93 ('Cmmton - t Coastwise. SFOi NEW YOR'K. rhr A I supiroor f t sailint r sh ip .AF2 . - 1' k T Catmn ilSnw, will ' t wipA h immCadi-t Io 'I on,: tt,)o' icr 11 ti ,I0g p attta l t i 1,.%' I II. ICALE, d7 419 Commoon P SFOR INEW YORK. T 1ru1' -o- .uet lOfr aktod oh'A PROXY, C t' herrt ii, int ric I ,in a hlle part of, 110 . her earg o .egael , will s oil ln her regular h dles c h , or , ,, applyo ot ord, opp <'it, the i Th- .11 Ifnst.ilil .rllhr PACIFICr , rilln. i Padl itrdt, g i i ll oti t ''ih rdaoto tr. - .Iag t onlyf, apltlloy t, W'ittont I' nl,Rt i I 9 oitr . 1I , 9 t. Co1m on at lR'l IllN TI oIu \IO 'N ) o.o Td e .c I op or o l n Otp .poit ah' P oMiot, p . I dlTr, will mi.iet ,iih dftlolloh.-n t Ri Nfi t I Kor . i I - -' k{ f o f1tt he o21 . o.t. 6 h e R & J I'r nd tasini' pf ,7neket o ti , Il')' l f ilsailhln brht; OIAVE BRANCII, A lr C apt. mer o In , wil -I l sail n few dai -; filr dl9 95 Cor i mor stt i1 I·1I Tli+ ,n Ihilt +illit, %I In- hip JU PI'PI+b , will or withe Interior. ient'rn l rot f taret o. 1n h.rtrd, pply i t s, " iT N T;OSV Y VOlRK. tin in f h W in o" Poketl. . ,· - 1 s AT h wA l , JhIll , IIno N n ' r Alll lE rfTy, 5: ! w ill b(iln wombu hI lil) Iilie n him nn , and hild I h o 01ll , t inboard will I r. IlT' t h' tell +. or f 'ighFt or oas0igo, hn oil elr.alt Iirn +h u n nllu datioin , an v bot rd, l p ite the int. , 'o1 to 1P1" ooI ,' oLoi oL ' , I.AI otI. \ 'at p 1117 lluredP ave r^ n1Y ll ts tilt n +sh . e tho trp l a t hein ttok tierse l iow her iol IlliSiT- --l t.oto, \rNt A NI ,iI )III . 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V["l / 117 "ITIIS i I.tI"iC &. 1), 'll atnowLever NEI I'UiiLIl'A'TIOINS IIEII M1N'rchlant' ata l, il mplrisin' fhe principlet of tradescomntlllP e~O 'e' andI kialtll ;, witlI lerchant's I1'13counts, inlland lleld horeign hills, par of England: elatioln pay nta .. 't '. by 11 F loster. )emnneracy in A..eri'a, by Alexis de Tncquevill, in 1 ol. eM1 Maa ,n i hi physical structure, and adaptations, by R.oert Mtlio. 'Ithe Flower finrden: containing directions fir the livlon of all ;ai den ltowers; with selected lists a the Iits1it atlItllpnr v Iant.nl1, biennlll ial, and perrenllialf tlaaw r ptlants, in 1 vol., .ltno. (;Iilen' ingtt of Nattlret' taotltilling fifty-seen groupp I af anlials antI pltl'.; whit I opular decriaptita'r o-I thler hall[lst n . Iy l Rohert \Illllle . 'The ictims of (t amint; being extracta frolll thl I ia v o lla :\lllaerieann 'thvicina. (llltrl ta lA llll l r la u Ir ll ntthait's Adlventures, v ile nil thor oll'It.tlin, the Ita e..',' 'The Old Coaatnuo(tren, A Rltsidtuc,' of ilevtn a, 'rs in the Nw' IHolland ind h arlinrlt alhlarlis, Loin thle .\ldv'nturesr f J. F. 'Contaell, ladited i'rlom his verbal narrttina; in I nI.tetnsot's Civil Engieineering of North America, in (i r f's I:i. l.r v, illulrllt-d, 1 volt, ivn, afr. tata h a. itIn4atttual, voa l tl, aab \Vehaster's 'lenlwnts ol Physhie-, I vol,1'?mr .. Roscoe's I.ife ofl.o'rnr do Mledici. wilh a mnrmoir i of the aulhor, in 1 0 ul; jest received and flur .tle b. 1a L1 e rlata Aat nov' t l ,r oft anl -t'at'tap llll.m at - I)It 5.\1,FP-- \ 1.,t rao Negro, fromnt20 to _.i years of age, 'tll.l guuaranted, hby dt9 I, II a1it t.9:lCotemmon at 1,t : atlt:halt atialy a tir Car.ef.. Slerr desri!ttn, for Scene painting; Oil tad Wa ter coLrs; irnher and allists tools, alld an extena stock of superior \Ai NISItI/... ra111 the anufnlllllllarf o P i Smith l Co., acomprising iai Nol. I & tt lutnituta; No. 1 &' ,Iotalh Varaaihl : ald I . ataordtmt' ,.aal'atir llaIrk Jap)an,nand Ilrown ra,. bItto U ,re Cr.'m green, i"n 25 .Ib. taaal, gr.untl in 1it, III 10 ai ll u ni-ler- ý-tl ier rn"elh green, nlsn mn oil. 12 hcrrelis Spiritn of 'IIT perII cp e m fII lh ited (il. A "istl'. l'olnrs, ,&e. (ihceve e -stll," l.ti , .nn o,) anld .111 laxtt'l F tata Lt k, t ir a. f l, the llint t gore of the suiscriahr. MONIaEI.IE I EIIll ' nb.'rilt, is lake a e 1e i t rim their patruns, n tld the puhlic seemr-lly, that they ate now pre paredt to exiit thelt l fall fihion. GOSSIP S* C'o, FashinbIle Ilntreis, I'.xchange Iltel, .n l12 st. Charles st J UI'S rec'ivtd Iv the nat-tt, iLVers, it large assortn'ent of ItIhite a lotnr Iagtther with a great vari tr'v olf and P'la/in 'l'ectlh l'tntt hlers, suitlale for fl.gra and Ith tels, w-ah' hill Ile sot low by the pack gI)or I oze . It It \hita. N & co, d)--,,v 17 (Cnmp, and 81 Common streets FIb bI" I t 3da""t'ta t ai ''t t 'traata, Louisville. For dI (Conti st SI't m a ranting, rovint Itllde; Nev tr Des i r, OhI dol t von remlculh r the! b.alti:ll t t.ind in the. t)ri llnd i t tomance; The W\hile thlost of the I'epper.; Thou art lollllwe )a.nId l hove lltnart hnar fnllll, by l:iiSs Sher Tfhe nelfrug an .I 11ning; I rare not lir spring on its I tikle wini by II tlta ell; Co:nll, lolr , a II aI nrl illr. r w; A i li i'ii lht (tl tl vvllll lli. ilt' ba t/bn','I l· l 1i; 1 h9 wlchedl for- hie,; Fo me let fail n lt tt one to m at frunll:g; 'c'r tlhe water. I tllllvlnii l; Thi n r sI i o lolto ike I NIttn, tarnttFt lilt th harp hv T La. rre.. - Qta' rillea. .lunt raetvttt d atrm I ar -.h'i by SI '11'T L. it - A n i,-ir j ,[t a reelver d ' cat n .a U t119 !B tsta M nzine el r TEN I). t)1. \:. RI ARI ail tm-,iv on elri, ll N inata'ap gita eirl feeratie. tteat alout at or t7 Cna of att , se.ut ',ilt, mheoe lt'eOt or4aincs high, eptc- k-. I, anod ..rngli-h, i. role, has a down rea look; sltue ilro iv 1-1'. g,'d to "II. Itohntenn. ,ll'i 31 . ROBIT;8'01'. it \" No :tO Rasin st 'I r. -- \sp lenchd n-,rt'nwnt tit totv ftr Pnr 1or':, 0r, on bont" coop.' se., of varmo( patwrnt tj e I" 'i .. For stile by S L It' 'K E , l" rn, t: ea-on'" F-'tves for ships, steam heatr, or eottls, a ". wror emirde,can cook far over!Oyper.ont. 11 a . 11' d I t preseil1t:, Slll'J JDllif'i:ii .v CO.1IIfFSFIiON V 3T N M I1 IRCHANT, o. 09.1 'ydra. Sfe er, .. P. FRlIUIMAN & ').,, S .Ifwonleate fCloieIIg EstblisklhstI, - N,. 3, \lal u.r>rC sire , H AV+eotrntl oult Iran a large supply of Cloth ip roe, .anl.ohled tir the cuntl;ry lr'ade. Their aS. sorlnl.'t b+ing large, tmerchlntt+ Ifro tI ie coullntry CIan bl supllllid at tile shorle Irlie. 1 FIASII.ONABLE CLOTHING n TAYLOR & HADT)EN, No. 4I l'haIrtei i M.renl ITAV It o i t:UtI u pply I e' very p etile rtrniin I, gFntllem.n'o li-s, Iof the tIntest Ct I, fit New }urk priers dert 20 ,LB. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, nor 8 N i,' ., Iti, il .reite'. MERCHANT TAILOR 0 I 67 Co llltnlll It eet, BE GS to inform the, public that havitng purchased fromn Miessrs ITOU II, SKIt'G;( S' &+ CO. part of 1j their ,lock, iat will continue ti, hl ui ,+s nt their old stanll, lppollsite Bish p's |tlliot., whllel, he hl pes to interi a .lar .r oftheir lltrona.e. le hling h lde In riea neelnts nt the North to he suplplied ilon:hly with tile b ltelt elll molltrl thhilonh: le golda ]nr 14 CLAY & CI,AIiK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. IU2 I'ovdllras street N.ew (hIlans, - aASNUACitiRi R. or Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps (OIfill deoeipion. WARM, COLD, AND SNH)10 iER ILA TIIS Fixed on the mist nprved priniple. MII Il) LE I), FI IES, Se & of O.lrders executed ii any pert of ll, Seoutheln itatesa. 'l Dr. Ilobelr Fi I.,iuldo. + !. 'j F F I C I ExcNJini. lIeNrir. Rln el. Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, E, Ni. 102I Pi'.drel sreet, gT EI.P on h l nd cim.rme iil, plY of Lead Pipe, J .front 2 in. diiameter down to 3-O in. diameter. lilr s etil ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING hot [ES'TAIBLISII1IEN'I', b No. 53, Magazine Street, ( Opposite lianml;' Ar-ado. WILLIAMJ GLREEIE, IROPItIETOR nrl r H. PARKER and PForw arding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LE.'VEE, UP STA IRS. ed Ne 3l-., .Febr. r i., JARVIS & ANl)RIEWS, WIIOLESAI.E AND) RETAIL IDEAI.I'tS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE S''UIF ' AN.V)D lIVDOW GI,.l' LSS, Corner of Common and TIlIoiupitoulas streets, EW RI1' RIANS I NATII'AN JARVIS. Ji)IIN VW. ANiltEW\\'N. A large upiply o Garden Sedls., warraited the growth of 18137. St AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. 1. JONES, c AUCTIONEERS. F Ner. 61 andl 63 WAITEII S FREE''. rE IIE undersigned, lving eti,hblishel themisieoi in lI"' -. Mohilh for the p)roIse nl tra-tnctmn the Altion bll nlld ('olnanisiot buc inerS S in it, variou blrlltch , beg ael leave to inform their frienui. and -o poulie, that they are nlv Irepared to receive cOlnsign.eiI nts. and milk lierale advances on the samne, either fo prive ir pili (' sall". SUIL()l\IAN I. Ji)lNIe, ISILALI. JONES. Refer to YVeker. Knight & Co. New Orlean.. lllbile, F bl i9, 18:1. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUel. SLATER. AeI.RAnMe 'lRIEiR. o SLATER & TRIER Forwardling & eei oo ission u 1erchants, No. 4II I'vlras Street, NEW R It lEA NM. They will devote their p llicqa r .tention it the sale " i "\Veltoro i rti d e ea. Referenreel. Ali inl lebordsq )a llart 1 Shil; r New Oleans. i A U Ntl ltoi, Meesr. Ir bohn. I)nron & Co. J I) & 31 W\Villims, ) tCripeo, Wihl & Cu. }-liituni . ule i' I Vleil Esq. C lItrb, r rv Iirnth+rs .r CO. ` Leveret & 'l'homa. i New York. Von P.hl & MeC Gill. SItnfird & . Ilvis. St Louis. hgtil w, Shaw & Tatum. luhwle., I'Paur & D)unlap. } Alton. A It .kin _m<re 'EPs. ) DOYIE &- ill, I)EA I.ItSt IN AMERICAN & ,:N(IILSII CItIWN GLASS, hle N.,.:3 CaRono Lue'r SravFT. ,, ni INSURANCE COMPANY. lee 0F NEWV URLEANS. Pa T'his Company aire now prepared to takF e RISES AGAINST FIRE. lit No.24 Mueson's bluidling, ('i nnl iteerr. L. TILCY, | as New Orleans, May 15. 18P3. S'eretiry. . thii RIl3EIIT CI.AN NON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER WVholesale Iealer ill Painti, Oil, Vuarnisel . I ruNshliFes I:30i \Windlow and Piciure Glss, Se. Vic. ST. W. COLLINS A TT'ORNEY S (C .VS.i.LOR 1 7' LA.11: CoU e\t . i prat l is i i uth St aUr anl i:e C, d C uit i. C li eats ~ill lilbi ii itIhe Clerk'. loine, U S irenit Al Ciurt, ie the Ciou l ia Ilhui. buidiiii .-_..... jiI j' {A CARD. 1Ei undersigned have aliened a horuse in thig Eityi tor li4ro4j rea).c:in44a GENERAL CO1OIIMISLION ,12INI-S0. ()ericr, N.. 10 Ii :.4tIl STREET,: UP Srtn 1)41he house at (:rand Gulf, Rlion.. will b. connnued in vb above t i ..u:,.:I,-, . Joh: ,1 Giltmore, 4icksbur :g, Ali-. larperO.,turlentrr t Co (ha,,~d Giulf, \1iso., 41o.or ,4 4-,. :iii e 1illurd, N1Yn iloo, Maim.iH N lew Orleans, Joy It., tJ.. j412 T ONIMtN I'IUKLEI),4 SAUCES.:, &4h. jO: 4received 1.1 b the subscribers.rr 12 lmxan JL~nllisl I'ickles, assortedll J.J " " Sauces, I: 10 ' :\u.(;h",u o u el1~ julTL, 10 " Asluv~v past.,H 3I) WA, Iloki,.g, 4..:- &4diOw, ? v bores super. l)liueri in gln~lans nn (2 4V la OtSilct 12)&lo 4 ," " Am-~rlell Flints,. G I VPRplit"C1.44 .10 \ .\ : JU Sfloe4 ear 1'o""i'aI. - 1u'"ziu~l -NI .4 Ot 4) 1)1411 ItN :tetnp rr bc r o h so- rirhn er .'I,ymtt'tI,,. ci, 44i))')I 'Ilr4 ý u.wl!I Irid614))1ri41. F,.:-r od l a l.':hu1/ 1 h) Ines a w ithithe fio nd. rsig lled, , wi ll , lb- s lcppl! FRANCISL Il.SL1"'V.JUN. u4 1823-f _414 lt.\NH Triutnp"Pul March of the L""uiiil'a Le nlaglltllarnr ouill iais ) R ltll 11· r it le 1II sr. 014114 man 44 J1))) r, tlt,.,Itl).0 It 1.1.10 of other rluilS; nritnionls toI Ilallo' celehrg rd air from Maid of :\rtl"; Host thourn love file my Mliln to-.l.,vl a celeb~ratedl suup,,Ieduira teI (:1 Si,', Ilrltcl. all 1111 nh11-1· · oupo110 I,,e :55 li I. lin.-rruo IOW41.' (Iidel;am .. tnl on Lund a I5 assllmrell if new, tam,',,..blr uuONd m ip der, Musier: Voru~l an~d Instrumental English, FrenchT~nUI uud Germa~ln. For u.,Ie by is TEAM IIO.J'i'S·· FOR S H:\·.·--ITlr splendid Strain r" . boot tutu \VI W1. \V.\ ILI..trtt. Iln v r llnlill oa tt file inl'ecPtiun Iaw, annd is of ooylei,: owl,,..IY· - TIle minion limit ti vrt( :It Am ttt., w It rh is nowr r being repaired, I1ul wilt l be in II)1'tl· I' order inn1 I."".. .a ya. Fn,- tents, which wll berf lnl) eral, il I y f~ - G11) \ i1 lll'l' MANrr 27l Illeot, nl'8Mllllr , W alnult, and pa~linted l( Ilirs; ..Ili'?, It ill h, be oulr ir ther lowest Bush prlcen. n" dt 11ln il; r_ l"Cem d uuld toy sole II dlO 5 . tTSON & .\v.kv6,' c, r; t,,a r n l fliSlANDocltl.TY iND (fH ip EIXt I r' ;'I"' AT THI OFFICE OF TILE Trce .irnerirtne, T'r. (rIli'L,:eS S:l'IEETl, NE I.K |') lilit I. MIcCOLLU.M & BDO.N.Yt , lactor.9 & Lconeral Commission ,llerc/ants, Reflenwes i enew o)rlea iklo.r, Abernathy & Hanna, n/drlot & Ilicl..y, BUSH & ALLEP, NO. 1, IT:XIA.NGE lIOTaL, "oriner (Flt. (caf iorles nil ( o.. :o.lon .o s.y. LNEW OR11211·:1. a1PO1 ITRl . and Dd :orl in Iro "a h I I. 1 EnI li-h rerfut,'ry.; Ihre'si_ +, e , IC a ,d 11 [1 . I t L . tldery, l2,,,, lo 4i , Stock.- $ . . I . rin.+ ne -l Ii'.iv t ' . FASHINABLE CLOTHING.B r1oDLY. O.r 4S' GOOD H IA. , N1 . ON, ('harl't.r tret, O . l)1 ., r 1., ,. h lv la 11A r r ,n, t inill v in hlanl d ev ry nI el . "t l i Il -ii f o l "ll, ii ýel ll. i ps 11,'1 , :,r ,, , , in ,h;. 1 r.i ,n I FURNITURE WAREROOMIS " rT IL1.1:1 11. "1 1fI.XtI S, tnul rl ,r.'.. 'lj-iy iu S t' I llt llF . I' , '. 1I,5 l ll illl tl ll- ( h yI.. t -s, d.f+ads, mape ai ,i t l 'h l-t , e'erv bledh te dr. , A tll ll u:tn, u cIil , "d tu'hllt .It, l ltI N i.. Fu nu1 ur-e I p cke, d fo r ,r1 |, ,'ut oL ;, th glrat ciii,' Nil Ici .cp.. -l...... ...... . ,JOHN . (1iIl DS, N'GRAVI'l . NI) I ( 1PPi5R-LI'I.- E 'r I ER. s.+. 3, Cra ~n SIt. I ,l1 .1, (tl'-+r : r (+ and lprn ,, ,, derr h:,n'l ; '():r+ bil!, tse a nd[s, u, "\ nil\ di' lr, . . -l nd,ttn a.-,surt. td ilver phatrd aun brla'S dor P s Car,ld pr'ntd lon, plat- u'eady ttegravr1. •OllN ST l" [,A T l', No. 5, Pla lt Slr i.t .. n' "( ' . I('c) IlS:I" tN MI'II 'IIA N'P, "MPOIRTEI. and d, aler in hIanter- Pl·hei and t nning I. , llp loagl lhy c t ho t tl ,i,,otl l hto rm,,, y nd evry a ,ltmto paid {o goode forward e S ite iir. Lort L & Privost, N (}. no Ii / ic:c:i;. c l y l A CARl). CHRISTIE & SIYYOTT, 7holesale Grocers and Grrmsnt.srm .1'ltYrbutdls, No, '7 (C m onil S tr'iet . ,ew ()lllo ns. [ -lPuartihdlarafttenti,,,i pnid to the putting up of t oi ' lt nd Ship stooec. ORLEANS LITHIOGRAPHIC OFFICE ORLEANS LITH1OGRAPHIC OFFICE ] \ S 'T A II I Ill l ) I+EJr ltl , ýe r lt ll Ion o f ll l l h : Imp la n o h t AI · anI dr,,wi, 1 n r, 1 1 i, I cl, 1'(, ll el r rllrllll: r Iit·l ll l 11 1 sl cl s .n d'v ~I of ve r. 111- o ,t'll , ' t :.l vi n l l~ lr- I to dep o ri' lnle 1,111,1l1, a inId 1,t orel 't I bthels; bank cltecks,(: ih. r Je.i ,til'.I' prtil t -. ii " Nd " lv dt itll u leheap nitlld ex)lllhpitioll t l N s ti , hy llt ' i(l)llNir . N1. Boo anl N a inh , aIlly o xeoroid. IIn 1 1 CYCLOPtEIIAS! D)ICTIONA-IlES!! ,11.:L ' C;'eh u,,wd 47 +. 1-., Ii d mrhar I;nlcvle - r pmtht, I " lm -n 1', t Vt ch ,ia II E. 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I AN.D O, fllSi l~h1 & 0EA (kiULL.S, in 2 vol S 'hed \T i .c I Ii ,-. hi - v.lll.r ýh r q.! r- I1 ++II ,, ,11 I o: ,,t t i "li, !i; T , i ';ll ; i:. roll l I~nlnnIh I,'h l ,.oh ii t u< , ,, .loL¢ I, iý.i.,i-' In ilnnnn1 Ani I n~ 3 i t un f n t" r A , epotors I'rel v a rm e d ol t arll v p n re u rrll E( lu (~t ( ttl:, It , 1 it ,it in".te , Ja.l ll rl terI, 1n :. bn) lnhIrt I'enr.; Vol 12. .1us ee ividt([ nod fur le 1 11 \1"K1(|.\ N . -- LAW lOOKS. TOR ,AIE: it the New v io,,., n , 41 ('n o L ,etr.T, 1, I: Ju hnoi1o', 0 'I,.t .1 . 1 I;. h u,. et, v , , Rep rt., ti ol,;: I' t I)t... ,lle t, ::1 l. nni" 1 n Jlintt'.enl'n ; I 'in t ' 1'rui lilt.. 3 n.rih; H I'h nd I0) :lll3 i: (I' n tlli , I naws 3 vIn- , d-o lUla.k-I ~, i 1.d I; do in in ll-; ,1, Iquiry Ili-,t 3 v .d . li S('lui I lt , olnlm nnn . ti, " Ivo ntn; nionde ni.ninll ' ( ' h ui cryll ey pih err 'I , voles ('4tl', lr. v 1,'.' t .),rt , -,h 13.r,", s Ahblo I l I, 1 b:lh ; 1, ir nlar . n .'t lD es 3 : ol. Brluck ll orll lll. 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ANNOAI, . -ANID ALMANACS, FOR 1839. 1',.ENI)ID I lo,.on A ualt t l,-T.'ho honk of Itoy S al ,y, pla rb +t+d i' lhLte,; Finden's. 'IT bleaox, and ",nlle v' ,f Gl ,'.-; l.lrr. ilrawm. , l oomnl S t I BlIo tk l.uI.rloes · ,, tumeoo -o,tHo a l I i.P os..,m ; \l,. t:M Kd' +ake,-T'rhe ,pin aru; (Orient;l'l- n uaiIl; F241"-r t m l. utu; Jomrl' io Po lrp Al nnul; (ucri, r, Ao n InouIIIII ColulcI Anll nl; t Frie 0i?,i'+ Cll ool . oto'l).l.ll l tvtnih+ O. t, o Youne ;ai 's anod ro ll, or .l tII . n'n Aunualt A rtrll' A \'tllt-; hrwPrl.m is '.allee. A ericr.,m, Annullsl.nll l. ' 0h,: T (,,n 'I o olati ' t'vei; T'the Vio:e,; The i"fr; 1 . oiilmuo's o.on l lteJoilter ' Hloouon ife Ao'oi uant c. Al.manac's. Atel ic:aLAl .+I e &-. pI -.oll', v (f U elnl Ko nowledge :. J, h,,. &Y ('o +. L,, iFauna, ; ('rocketl- ( 'l liic- GerrUliar, IAlmIInI I ', ltwaruh aIiar o hr Is o9, .coraining a blankl n memo . n uiduml fur ever, day ,f tih "l,'O t r. F: O:1 .O Il &. 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