Newspaper of True American, January 1, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 1, 1839 Page 1
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'TS., NEWV ORLEANS TTUES :ilratr, hhld an the 1Sti of Mle.:s, 18 ic.- Il'v.ilrs . it hllrx fir r. ii 1 d i si~triatlly it It II. ( ti-inVile colt-itrv p.soinro ,v r,:Ertl I Su : ,v whvr nu city rlaraoce I- r.n I viii ia dicontinuen untila r .+co a Irt' c of l i cutinllte, oine w. R ic I finlet a.I Micriori y givncci i t is 4s tab t subscrilption . . ' , Onn dnllnr pprsqnreir I1r (St S that r ,ice e fr echl msuh- tI ,t on rnlint o a i original a tieo r p S a new one. ar ng;iah alone, nond sixtv yr ,cov l a InPsurace Ol ees, anrl o(rfly 1 r, , fifty dollar in El llr c onl ttis o asltulgaes; Shic s antd *t anbo tl - i.iso inr he rlts sixty l In hlo t y Ior both ilangzanss. n O, tIenRr NOTICES, anstoii ,rtic - rll ti o tphlihe in to it pre jely, r. s-tA, dn. dho .r i' t ca., l.a n xf lifru inkorti r slad 4c. `n - son au ents iv, lsisrit as ae agoii {Ir, t ,aj. .onlihod. in ho.n i ar, , i glth alsone: 1 tilparat. lia dorpa frply. 'y 1 Ac.vhnec Sua. n nout of chi dirit l ii. ti' bt 0 , A hes ,.avi, as longl, anitctini 1il { o Soi soles, rnicnway ltavae, ntrny atiainalt; oe. * till b clurgel tfor sopa.atcly, and tit the ont .: rtl -. A-vItrlse Nn ra nt tpeoid acoW {lb Iu' lixhed one montls, and charged cov i n ly, i No stdverlisein.ctts,oi Iankruptcie wil lie piliSloi Iv 1 anly cape,o icles+ paid lir i)revioint I iloealiox, or t lonvcileosot 9ontcl biy i riOPOcIsn lloer ,l:re ini 'slo ri. "p'lc'nn.atn. aid other cilace of nticinlni ndinrth ilo Sc thiCe se+na,) so ion charged $5111 o;lih a- ct lI _1 anol $153 in both lan.n.cnaes. i nxounnnincn eoaf ci nli,iotta finr f lao' of incs Ibe clarged double thia price of at er a!vfae irorp ft , they have oll ie toi thuellc iiiei, i th et n= ntie oF perasol whose o ccotlltt har:tv nlt I nen"ldal o.itill one month afler preiotntlltiiln, ri lltie ni de Inov (so far an practicablell to en:ih othn.o... ,hey tli I-tinl thelceilve IinOt toi anlvertid e or i :ino o ri uchr by ile aalrlvo " . ·s e (Sitsllelt }Qj i1a ,u oser tliton+t arm tlke fh r est ;.h·, lt i I lltlia. µ0lr :auntf, is ill caeOI . L)ostc l li'. NO'TICE TO TIlE PUBL[ .--icrdiiinded . rliaors of tlio inrlersignecdl Il vi;, , ',v outl , cdiscnnti ntil tOllc and ll)ng e ,'It'. t O.ILDBOOU S.Et) S'Ti! Sici arlsln Mo+r,, Ir L ......n most i,,l.....ri .... y cir . .i: ' , . y, ,lf.t otrtieso, tilhle rlrer 1o1s , n ib 'c i ,ic Ilil' friinls geaarnlly, nn1 thel pulilic a . . t c I tll conntili is withiII ctwo donurs ,- I, it'., or irmcer sti.d, to ho tlr ii shll will .t o l r:. . I t7 iio axlpIly ii l o(i at;nictlindrd I ,. " kI cel /o Ior c egle i ,nl B: i lrSd., of thel w ! ;ini ic11 port of ll Iprent seasonn. 1837. ' c.a.. --. y part of S;ptnt, ""r, an l rt . va by lle p.c, .t c !: c,, iks. I ~i. , !· : , a n d A rk allls as, ; al l 'riv ,, ::i ilR o r 1;011 Nw . vYork. 17y a.l imsi+-in r ir1k'., l1e i. ci dlti nx",nnnrta. ire. . i ,+,a;tdy re itved ii v ,ir .o i j ol' by S. .. : ! f nrtal er to i - iire i, itbic .7 '-. r , , - r i r s, ,,I h'r it pr volt led to, i.. . .. . t r allt ii iici .I .ir I l," Rae or rtat'ill in v ane. r w I+ .u ubll.. ...." I. . . ;1"'""r. ' 'a "'- -dl , 0111, f pltll lbpcrl ctl ,asp; ydv,. It.rcelia • t lW. p r: %1"ýiet. l I ow i I t, Tilt / r il.s I. ,ao Wll I, d l ,i , i v" It . [.n clt 'tllci li i. ti| rr i , e p ill al IIi ii - I l |l u 1 ' " , t o 1 .- ill .1" , , i' , -1....'e Iji, J l} U 'lreJ Iilr, 1 l"t u i + Ll I .. V il· we! I ii t CI v a n . itf, vlS+' nl'r h, o I, 11 -,r ,IIcc - Au.~.* (Icr t u r ii tlow IN .' . t nse +r llr. ¢)It c e i l tlwo If 11, [hau tinelllr tl si n i i,,r i. , |,,in .... , , , , , slc inciiii ioe t i cc ie 11 i. Ai .yit isi th bocill i ti r1 cicllO t t +1, r, cyli nllh on e ra v ge , l r c i ccii In c -it, - , ii 11111 a.we rllrnn ic g ing rllnuoni 1 II, tcir ivle r c ,(i - Soa hthn cle i Tn I it sc in ae it on rin L ir , a c tl' ei r I ,i U rrcy, op en ,'ifro t 7 to the morn; iiI ' u luka r ii;p.+tl +i'c o,,,, :iua pibairn,,,.... a.icc lo'lonboa, .5 . 11t. A~ii, rstnsttL,,"i'1 L I IxR. (lr~nert~itvi ,;r ; " t nonswas of oinion that ilt 'd 1'.di' I ll ae) IIAX .(FYC 1 · Inllbilol originfte iu ItheII t1u1 ' 1.1(011 ,10 ld Iv U idlli Witil oh mIoltd o. u' 1. klel rpus 10 ill E his private and pIublic p Utca 1( upol 11. do 1f1rty I yearp, or thinrlbl,vnl bhe lflao1.ll1101 wtn w tllaea Lo't .laplpetlit4, FlatIlency, I t-it' f the S ech,Paln inllha eidp,, " t! u t""J' j n nll oij. aaolnt:aIe dirpt lrreguluriy 1;I a` ta , al noara where I ii 01(1111 or Ilu o l t m i. i und to 'rhis medioille ulst not be nu " a doig the ht of qwtuak OuntUruO\Vnn wllftre t , b.hib as it lb th - t sold invention ofl thielllall e and 11111 fie surgeon pEuro pne ev lledr L'd llllIdd Illk Il)lIlgit wall 1lurchlased by thke aget~l far I " "ae;;1eon. It is greenWie an lplenlasnl 111110 a- ,u ll l, l lv .111 .011 lrala.Yol eil~atho bawidoiri .il'rl vigl~r alol . ktreu tlogta tile lyte, 'nd eke' lood " - tle mindd, anti Otw iotlesremovesthm rIll lifllrl caleas ut Dya}*taii ?:: rludigeliol, n d pr all 'a1 e oran a anyr Vhapt-in ronbaqllllcaoC ieadi.. ii . t1 mry life, 1 en been tronbed, lm re or lile. ;; La.'it eloll FITr yeartl 'lo, the lust three yre Y !Iailni ehrn..llman al e. 1 01ave trim 1s 001 hide111 Rallllru;lauallel iedicinol, Ir6 .1.ving ally till. I eapulorJ af o r bi: " 1oil permIanlelln e til1 Ith 01 h.I, I 1 11ee 1,olr nan perso *y linaC ' 11 ' 'blull t lonll 111 *!; S koWe tili11r. 1 have At fill ' , Cline of itl tlt .arr kaoa tee lad lblw ti a I i' I lirlbrll in rItnrtll ri II Oat Iluolll h yll1 II I loa t far r belld haf nabt u d !k a, bio l soc ilt IIfu bletill besin co -rd you ail (IC r1 * e palels al in tis pOlIO I c .'0l4 9 imidr tebe tnMttIdt tndicue da ah, by,' . 10V eats A Dr. n~llk n~oiuq d~ldliy. nov. 5 penlfralllil Reltril treet. _ 3. urt PROSI'C'b'CT Y i te e TJil' wuriatr paOPs .' l LuIn O b0· 'Iletlf Ie ohmsalng wi5.ter , Wliam 11, a.E44Tllr, e I(ilri the lli r W3I.1llt i rius of d~lglb ahd Judg of In w in fourt 517 10 Jllt I ihOl~l·Ia Irhl~llr lrt f o'- orditS g ttoa R ttit otaP whirh #5drnred R''orl p ar ;lin: r ' .t Rtonn 'A nl fl tjllr ailyc aO0 by William F1 dE,. titor Elnor 1 n tile II retneoureea by aInpll , l lier lljlr au' U 1111 k ll ee alaaic i eoll alij t tlll nlilUd norlonci ani hllntiralll rMerObeel, 9 i wrk is doi~j yno~c I7t ata lte orgtinal is is Iarpeniavoe netlolls An inamasin a froli qa isaia nn the otler 1tae01 of thOe ° I earo uae in9iuIeoniQr1 ofa taun a I0 jJLak0nce OLa1 o 1 ti a o, Il.the uul ogma our adlludg~ile l tt, o pritneifil. lho jurist of the whl oe Murwalul, Sepublio l ourcS bnal bla fro 9 lo ns, indicaei Ic aa nti it 1Uieik, cul nct ithoda in the 'Live nitia of ·· la e8L will. Col " z'm·\ ",jrt Vnl. SNEW ORLEANS Steam nad Patent Biscuit Bii'ery-Waters and Htlanm. No. 99, ljornau (tevr thb Potelmrtrailn Rail Rand.) Pilot a.lid Navy Dread, Suds nod Wiell Iiscuit, Sugmar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above artileesr nae tiairtltdd to be of the firs: quality, and Io kebep in any climate, being soaeplletly kiln dried. Also,-KIdm dried corn teast. Orders left at G. W. Prichourd and Ta gait, Jr. eorner Magazine and Poydras streets, will rccuive prompt attention. Small kege put up expresoly for family use. i1dnov L UR.-1000 barrels landing in store, and for dIsale by t. IKlrIsly.Y A i - d15 ADAMS & WIIIT.\LL, 67 Oravieret IU!lUi0tl)S--liusiuaippi Flunds tiken at7, Ir's Lc. tilir I ve, fir (;tinceries. 1115 - veqet I ERSEY--7n bales Kererys, fiat SOII.-l--5 barrels Tanners Oil, Top II casks wittier Oil, Bain 40 cas flll strained' do, firnt CANIDLES-300 boies Spernn Candle, for likee sale bye I I (rALE,;, hair d7 9:i Cuinmnt at frees NEW PUIK & BEEF"-2 bills mcsn, neil 4llbbl. Bal N1 priele Plrk;: 2 bbl primle Belul; Fir sale by G DORlSEY, Il 4i$ 44 'Nlehee has u A GCAID. tr TIli'JONIeS, Profeaeor of asiginig, Ihe (itionr n ' ,i atd Piano-lirrts, hasu, ati l a caee her arrdivnl lie Itrot Gllang w, ani d rome l c vi rll y, rlelsr pl:ciic ill liti- h a rle htteld Glaiirc,..atle tl,,eeea trui hatr; l heir eye- aga oin atlelivitrlteito sill eive aatielueti-,e tii) ln . fvie l'-tttil tttl iadei as to capallility, &.c. cau be i.uleu on applieatlin to lirs. Milfard's, 17 Itoyal street. d8--1111 )OX CHl .\lt-1110 dtl"zo Ie-x Clhalir, jeint r' e oivcdl, and saitableo tir shipping for ale at tilhe I .eniianiunl Furniture Warua Reo n u1ot13 \V\I I3 C ltl\'ti; IN EW lh)Ol,---Nnlueon'atu tls:'irt,-,-e.i:niiiga that iilt Ptilni,t a lmacarsc, bci uall In ituui . ill t vh io; 'iTe I Middy, or nyanes iruit the lI il tef inidward t.icellh,, ina vol;plrey's ClIritmu ' l',dtca lfor 183l); " sr ! - ,,'s I 'h ri; e e. li fo r 18 3.1; j lu c rec eive l ca d h r - LOUSIANA INSTI U Te. vi -. IS Istit iucton for the edleation of el'o.n .neatle- are .l itii'I- , G ill Qet intlo opecIteio 1, 11 ilt fist 'i( )CItt- RO to Ier, in the Ibeaiulect -tore .if tih llMelhlist Cliurch, -, ctl-ri of(Carfici'elui an. Pocdrs, unider the directioi lfilths .lecrsilned who Ilit occultie tilhe chair ol 1, t he ilmatic si veral C'alls ecs tlftho iorlt h iind wll i inagyrladate of uno of lthe ttust duloerated universilius of tA orolp. a e The coarse ofstrtieci to io pruler d in thi seminary tile d will Ih e i collllre r.lled it theIl fl. ine diveitiennavz: I I. Tihe ,ctl e uh drte 'tlrntel ler ericli. nll ihe ric hIlch4llu ofr tliorrlngl! nlltt accolnp:ished E":nglih ecd- he. _. The'i h Cinesl i dol rt o denr, Lonlrehl sinlg lthe b.nliln nl d (.n l I l dIreek ll| llt e will rhe alu eie thllel rech, Spat iit a III ( loTiii nuctlleI ,i ar 4I. 'ie c'l talietticl ;I a il i l oill li i a.l iel, etrt i en jI ". (; ,, I rehllel i a. AI -ebra ,eeln rlr (JIh, .vo Tri n,,mo i.- ot 011 ii wlih Icir l ult, iiuI liia tato . 0v11 1, cliii'. c ictli eli ir triectl at eeliliiitlll eit I n Thhtll eviiiiic e Iti' 'l '" '1,., & Mays b,1,r (tt ) ui.p rn inulP xprlente rl." , ite '1":,; n l tiactea ic the M alodr l l t.a cnvn- :.l- Mii th be Itn l d le~ n ild tlieel:llll e t( o e tll( r. h e . orl a Ir itn tttll lIt A N rk in J (;IllSON tK q, tIl l'.c. iLt O.IANlON, L.ouiiana Coelier, tic ,li .1 Il.l 1 I.\EII(G, ti I C li' 1':\.N E' , J \'I(:l lit!S ON .l . Le Nit .I)rls .i.. er I . .... w to I let - DtGill ttuelilii i eev'Ivl li O I i l' EI'. , ,,.1U (ais ,tip hai , 1 la t reiri ,Iccejt e o , a to { a " . lie•o .l - l4,11,il par chip :lt i_:,r, ll 1, Il, .l tl ,vul I~o.;,l .np~n ft ,,,r ]L ·pcnu h r ll inll ,11I1I eln"!(ll ·lc S tilt I t c te it L on ; hn I I d. li i Tiemd xt. ') I ,. 1 I tl ; IR .; ' . I t i Id II it,1 1( 1 = ', i . clicis, Of.,, , m or, -.c Iiiv i .r v all I i.e . r l ll " ' i - I l i' - , &i tt crlii, , o taic ..; t .c i llc i 1t- l1; alt i 1 snd 0-i lr ýh "I1; tc ue e lii li live nd . l rh tlubi" iti:i1 tie tihet eel C..(1,, 11 Itl' lt I rilea ,t "l+s . It etit l"e t., h lhk.t a 11 ; 1 'lllll h +1 - lck-e l , til \ ' 1.. ,I, - 0i lnuitler cc-d1 aittcic'r tecle 1"' Inci te o-, 1 -:1, II ; 10, ,IIe I're ha ,td elr =, ; Ja l1:10..t.,I T ai l gu.l:v+ IC. I I 'r On L r 11lie 1,: ,1 i1:, 1',h10111 lira a0'-, `"". i'rip, r, , I -ir :IEb; iches. )1'K( P ']1(0)110 & . r Ie f -l-i ccil a ndi l h1 a 1 ,'I' el t iek)e; Itole It1a e11111e 11"h , ith e 'C, :1'c't II \N I I e. i e l e ,it and c eed'd Rose. , l|.xw od ,l t gold Ic lt r i-b ed gold, F-.iicy colored and gold Sct',:w tlth' er i e rl eg l i nd1 ,ac alltol rli cea; P ilc li and h rtl ,I I, I .'1' I\' '1 tt)l b I(IU|ZIIAINA. Firstx Je lierd a lr ie.i Iat v a' t eI Coiug to.l ThlldJs, thea 61h hy l 0i'olt :euvPllee'.-a . I're II.' lion A 'd )at"h ulul, d I.I1 le. \n. 11,311 twe I luca. b . A l.t y vs. isCr.editor,. (ugs )c1l3 ea'ln.tyIe,, aF st t q evf Cu l eluA :or A l.ia afrge, v ydd ,a of r1hce c d ." db t i esoh ofth le A lld lulu i 11 a a tlloIC u oi'dsti ibatlio Facy Icit a1 lv.ble' It i ordered -tcv the Coart thirct holu ditri u nte- di e ev"f i sra ti e ve e ti l cid a ll ( al htr c in tser-l t e , sc h tile i t ll ' l eei ct nnirlte ll day la llio tl he id lii eltiltic tt l hd C r le ad c it a i ,(ttileig shouldc etlt e h ln lih Ilglotd i ld lu ae diaattcca , ci ereto. ,slac dcb-n-l Pdt A LaI.5A N'C, Clerk.rr I m 'I'A'DE--P L OUISIANl----i-N - Jl Prceie w gr I 4 District J uliciairo. J Feato l)ec qde : a re selt Ial I'llouorab v A MII I11ehannla, juge. Jonah Mtll).sy vs. asg cdr the ciietre-No I l,:13-"1-m. 'c.rdo Iiuver Clti ei l teeiq, avct de A Ill rg , l ds ra iers de flory i'iu.olvable, et cares avir ectr aln tablelau d1 dnstrt - sa bu*loa C ll rn et ordpc oe qalc ur nr.n e latrday, ati des ihentnul ctn maut il alto able ,it interi ea 'cc1i]i inct- e faiielt voir damll eil jdi nra doIe h rblicutioa dl cot Imeall a s. lea ,ai e.. ito. le nolletIti lebit lcrll..ud ie I .era.t ta t) t1tel vo teegv tecoalttfilyiu scion lloda le-en fnedsu. i etrlhol et v bll coseqt lne. n Irt l da D t'irlil.1311 . , inost 7dI I' A L-BI -NC Dp (relaior. 3 ree . mh ane 3I'IT' Doi I.OUISIlAN --First J PtliialeIh .,1 I. tIt uric tn lic.John May Foster va li ts.t 'rvdellters g eedy cha e rledt creetaes ocir Veu.x ` Fo.Uter. heC credt. I aead eucir d orsi, J y FMaFote anicr n eiuu& Fostera r Ice eitic' reytc notifiedlto appear in oeqm n idcoiurt on i otii ,leitu b bittd aita d1 mtmer c ,, ct I i eo'ceok, a m. en''w etl ;seifty i itn Jetiy Ite why saa d Jailtt Filt e. e o , r iclhu i cah Ieo lilthv se "ejft cc efteit of ilee laws ma.ta for the reliea of iasolvent Ot ralny ebtors inJ acltial ceuoody Cnnwei no.d Bradtn Emi(.rs. I are c r iled te darole Iiabsent creditors i t.i I- Bv order of ah t Nort adisl31 r Decm rsal. 12e. f tlv a tec-ialadf& I ti ' ateid t lNC, dv IIJtik. itnn . IDisrrict Jwlic enie, John May F,,oter en)olr see ng isuyc.a.eird y the itie rde titii do t Devu ix & Foster. Les e sae t brea crediea eom Jehdt'G Doed-Fer et to Deveul d aol i c, Ilmui ac d .liu mu dulibaree w pe. n II t coairs ifthu iii-1 vie of eltvea, teadl inr the mtna tia.e all pseestering seoiatet Kicig be a1,ipeisid w g ceicracadl ibe soaetat rlttloacu |llil tItle Peee. r y order ofr Ie tcatt. - Bu7toe AlItl eND PID.OT, clerk. • F Clerk'les DIrtDleemar loe. l'.IS." w Ibv.a dre-liar isred. r h i ).t • 'r a tI '. ry yth --il~e E" A'1' JID A LOU1lSANl-*i.J ur di pawruioe M eeor Ia (tlaprcto et villo do Io n lle. tjrleitn-P'rt gcotl'Hoooi chbtiIIhrles aloourio jugc-deceilbrO1i t'JS-iNu. .I-48-\awewtun Richard, w. to toreancoero at Ira crcane.,c de John GlBoyd & Co. L oejvi n des bioic dIu pctititIuORFre6tt accepte nar l n olur, an lbenfce de tic 000 cOunciO ri dos ce icrotic Jdolt o IBotoot i oo«ti tnc t 'Ot euns ao otoublec des creanoiert sit locou a I 'ntdec do II BO Ctnnao, uot.oohtic, veodredi, 4 I'd0er 1838, poor oeli otrer sto es Mite di dit in solvatle, an attenIdtat ointtt ptibtooiteo c00001'la0tr sutopcat lcolbieuocdodit Ntwtton Hbltedd asopi crreoteec II.I lunari nioitin ~reprecoonte ies otreooci- to ot aeiwttPr ordrc de to cour-Boureu du tirctticer, to lire 1838. AR'ttAN~O PbUl~r,trremtr. STAT'E OF I.LtISIANA, RItI t.oprt tot the Vocrish ail OCity of Now (t' trace, Prooctut sito Hocorohlie'Chattt' 0 flhorttau, No. 11·rt ~[ltbo Ii. Gib oc;i orot c o~co. his Ctcdisiooo Upont~sri otd tuion the p ' rtiatoed the C dl ooe, i crtidtotti he t o u Lid do Oroiduiojon tOOa bloc l oodcythe - ol 500,t00 0. 1oaja t hel l{iOti~lt day of of IDe ill dii kr 11·4 be t r:~ /'&.4 n BA LDNESS. A EAUTIFUL hend of hair is the grandest orne t A nnt beltngiPg ha the haman fa'me. Htow trmnno e Iv thel.os o e ittos ans e tlh counicnae, a rm a r s slley Lrilon the atraarane aeol"fd ie lehih e sea mtony to recoil st heineo ttnnvaredtat sosretlt'otae even to slllm eiettte to ovoid . teh t and sneers o - tlleir arqun lt~sneeatoe remaindert Of .eir Ivre seeon at seqavtty asphtin retleet. In short1as ot en t.le Itos of iraeerty flls tile generous thinkstg 'snlth with tlat neenvv rinking glom as laos the loss of ai:iR hair. 'ro pert all the osaun~lsent airrnmstansser,Obhhidte' s nnla onf Colnthia 0tops tihe front fallea oft'sn th firta leticationa, n and few tottles retorens ii earli.l It likhotis prodoces eyohrows anit whiiker; evetnat the fair tmno lurnsng grea. mskee it curl heautiftillv, nnd (reej ifratom certf. Nauntnovti eertilietes'ol tshe firpl tesl'tathilityin Istpport of tilt virtour of Oldridg> tBalmn are -I wn ihy he proprietors. C03 Read the following:a-- at Robert Wharton, Esq. Ists Mayor of Phtil·Itrlla' trn eertiliet stmnv he sea' bhlow, tothe high 'tar it tirof he fitlnwinar eansloan. - Whim tsctl.he rcigad thi tetchy netteo ifev ties sehave cled I tt fet it Coltbaia li'qcore d ha J. Oldridge ol e -Iavtfanediitnadlt hlthy e.rnei blsenhtlaaly a0s prevnntive - lagtiiit tim filliitg aofl' hair, but alma aestas restaor sive. a ,-ILLIt.fM TlIIATCIIEI, Senior, Methoit Ml inister in at ietorge c'tiarse. J Nt 1i6 Nnrthl Fiflh 5. It JO IN P INGLIS,i1h Ach stlreet. JO. N D TIIIMAS, M D, 163 nletatc JOHN ,i PIiREY,lthl SitrtsreatCreet. tU'hII lMnCUI{ItIY.f I3tttoth iht st. JOHlN lARI),Jr,193 Arcb street. It is keLnwnt that tllree of te aIlnov ignlers are ,nor, than 50 years ofngt'., lat tile others not less than 3110. S[Promnl tile Mver.] Conmonealtbt altf fenlavln ina Ciav of I'bthladelitlti. I, Rnobert Vnharto.. Mnyor ofsaid city of Phihlde. plha,slo Itratv eertitn llnt I tns wett sc'lla.inttttw ilhs Ilesres J P lnglia..ttton I FI;ore, astd lhagh it OtiCrln. v hose ntnme are sieaned to thle nhot ecerliftn re,tlhat hley are gentrlemet ilt chrliteler nat r'nseealtnlilsst, stl as tales fulllrolil tt)Itt le.ltginen tt tt t alttttill eerliflc'te. h, Inwiltletl eof I have heruncs o r et mv t hal ald tattell ithe satl fotbeI eity to be ffted, tlhis i t ilop of lltaeoontlthr, &e. a [L.f " R]ltEItT WItARTON, Mcoer. O~ ItVl E Illnt eachl bottle oflhe theItllltite Italtll Its a ltl nlid etnavetr wrlcapper, ol whlich is reprncttter y tile cl1 Jf~inhattrn, AC Sott .hitletlte atlll retail hv Illter sole rcoentts fitr .nt to rica. a 2 Flettete (treet, stiir lttti.i Latns ,ne ndotle I t el . Parlstrenet.and by IttOst drtggislannl ptertumenro t acb Iliecml~ltrv. SJARVIt & ANII]IRV.WS, m W9 ittleosle Acenta, 'ew Orleatln. [r O(MIRI D & 0iCO'S l'ttn clid New O iennec 5 Li Of PacLt tclipstlat:Ult new lille of shlips lies1 been xprth slsly bhilt to nltwe.en tlse ahovo ports, and will be flound of atllis.ithble dral of water: eceonilnlloalionis fotr plsscnooers, and every effort trill Io tmdl to t ivo g.nera l s tic s action, 'l lie Ilie is composead ,l'thltall ltwing shltips: C(hirokeht, 415 tons Cupt. J II:lrdling, (..aroltnt, 40) Its S Lemast. , Charl:ston, 374 do I) Illlridge, CLofntlano:6 Its3 t1 l t Bsrker. Sednltn, 21.l d* J l!twess, Itmlaoy. (i35 dt D uanphrey. Tle above alships are all nw, of tile first lass, copper n thltt eneld an tatpltered, cdomrninded by imen of great expieriene.. hiltvu liargo iacolnnodatiolnl, willt a sentarntctladllceaclbit; every att tint wti he d paid to p-1tengrtn, and thIe vry n .t of utores proee vided tor lthelt. T h t i cketts will b- tove y up land down the its missi l 1 nd KiIII th Y to ric t.,st Ipncteuttlli yo survival in Ith ltmetia ~fianil , tait shnlttitl tiltt ret Ihlr vetseol bh tle:ilt I i:l airrtvinl. ,nlteatr hipS.ns tlly as gotdl wtin itn a lll tt tstl o lcI. A l.sttitre) It ron-* n a e i s olld eh i r d , l r ia l I I io .g i lt I h l ; *tl t h e m f e l v e t o I- cc ld ih a. l! as prtctnitit., tt receive Sul ihrwlrd gtlt.t Ily o ti intt at tlte stt t tlnoder. *x to {lrlts. 191 tt tthncc'aalle.pon -tt on goods I lece the tst and 16'h of itanry m; tonth, lFor |fr.ight or p mag.e. applyto t-he agnats. J A MSi'l I",ln 't J SIIoatttot ct. a..; i N . l. At ntt. ct..... .. t 00 o....ig m .. tt.. i tih1 o .11t,,s r , A :. tI. L ..ti rd & . Co. ; . . . . FRA' lrIN INFIRMARY r ill 1 1II, w "c I , t. i y ior l e. tha ti ti e in tl i, ] o , 5 nill4d wo-ulrl I.[I n *rllln e *Itltlolinlr. in Ithe pIIt ,JrI l u ilc ii l , uti e l eI loimt l te alissis ii 1'i dIcliliiilii a Intc' IP1, t(.. ,liollA ivid o l Jetrivn aj)uttb Ic y ht Mid hbv gentlemen . t ive dol . I n iitt i hi . illt diury adt llir per liy. ThivaH titls Iun ++ilwi. SIltll Pta itt ie rdienary r.(l l+te. d, n t i [ll lieges. 0ii0Niil'i i ASPINALL'S C'OMPUUN D 'FONIC MIX'I'URli:.-A speedy and curo for the Fever and Ague, remittent and initerlittelt fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used w:th eIunent t and uel versal success in 1832, by persons ol tile highest I respectability ii this city, n stated i11 the untilced certificates. v This omedicine is highly recommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with It such distigusluiled success, that the proprietor of Sthe recipe hla been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its cpresent o brll. in tile holpe that it imay be the meuns of rehieving nmay of tlose who are suffering under the scourge of out eouutry. It is a medicile p.ssessing groat virtie, anid wlhen used according to thie directionsl Itus neoer failed of effeting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not et tall dlingreeoble, and persons of the weakest stomnach, and chiildren may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or ii obstinate cases, two bottles Y to effect a cure. Thilere is neitlher mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor aniy thing injurious to the human cnstitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its eflianey, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been takon in aecordonc with thIe directions and hus not effeeted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole igent for New Orleans, at tI his wholesale and retail drug and medicine storeo, ,co:rner of Biieville and Chartres streets. S For District Agencies npply to t 5 T. W. SM'IFI, 48 Conti at. i1 proved ,:tetifice. " 'togivce pe.rlv ws liteless to i teeth, n To eill::hnic tnhe ti" rics end belsaty ll' Ie ioetuti, ANd add u fagrllit swOeelnoas to the Ihdeeat, Is all uratillcllt long devoutly wivhel, 'hrutih ne'er till noiw cefl e aively aleeved. Thi oCth tleired reuot , urts will it use., * Witl princltOnest nid hich s 9tiah lion prove. The Or ris Toe't NPoble, while it beaulifies te teeth, enremlvitg and iireveitiln every uppearuane of tartar, e sdgivig to e. a Cclear od piarly whiltelesa , im r poS th ae cohor of'tIt lip and cues, and Rives edd,; i lna beauty titl tle ti eitlsecbrle uf the iwoutl--by its diteetig propertie ite gre ttle tends to preserve the teeth trinm dc its ind it iese imart ttIlit pteuliar and fra..gnt ewCln•s , the hreathn for which the Onrie lton is ro juSty anid extensisely celebaiedi et Just received by .Itllt & ALI.AN'S r ,"Fancy Stiie, E xcltane Ilntel, td d1 r c'ir . Cnrles and Citiioin ste LNtitlt.l l. II. ttt'1 ."4 t ee, .2 dnez.a esesit in store, tfop sale i.y 'SIIALL & tIOWN. dis • 96 latinuiie st COUA L. s NTHISACITE and Orrol Coal in casks hids and in" lot. |o to suit ijnirchaewrs. r Orders left at the. ial yard in Cnalel street, between i Carcndelett satd tlilolaie,sur the scounig hou-a e If' in no.2. 9 Bailk lh4ee. - COUP- ''S LAST or IOMeN AS F)IT'Nt-lby (Couper,sequel to tloeme 'di, ward hould.' l- 'heT Middy; new novel. in 2 vls. Nnispolain .ileitniuni or the Evennain. at Canehagbre eis n 2v ,ituu es. eMitislitford'sle Country Sito, i. . .Yankee 'eitions, nu I vol. "b ina0tensls nI tssould be, tib tIe Rev. II WVinnawr. Ptyaiciul's Manual, .y tlubert Madir; asnt otlls-r r nvelrties. EJtIHNi&ilt.t tln, nov.s It erSIt Clarlnte *Connns , 161, H h' iinis i vi e hehin rceaw'tnred a ti.nitnetc on LT tepttysursveyr iof ULttited State. wlirds. te, thi ropt oftute, caHlrq il ecrnioca rl s tte Leioiie ttu rsrvey a MIt , Uiii li. Seh l e I . "IiAMOR H AY'S iNlIMEirT. trsordinary'chelmieal t of soienoe, and the iniention cul neii, the introduots na oft was invested with thi elsunta. heqllest,lia hsince gained a repa filly sustairing the corroctnsse Dr Gridley'i last confession, that die. withllout givilng to posterity the knowledge on this subject," and ba0i0etltpd to lIis friend adsutteida Hlays, the seeret of I discovery., It is new used in t* principatl hspi the priite praet g ~ oir counrt.rfithi certainly f'.r tm to the Piles, end so siewly a d tisially to badlle credulity, u whereii efl'ets. are itMessed Eaterieally in following coispltint - For Dropwyi reig estraordinary asrpt Al Seel. ne th. i Lmn a fe, hours At s ll -Ac or Chronic, lilvia' quick ease iat-Iy Cancers. Ulaes or eolds. lore T d Wioplig Couglh-ilter rng and fIover ars. 'It iperations upon ·lult ed children ist!.eoc tihtness of the chet i.i eolaation of the parts. ses fn been eurp.risntg nhd eiti on. The oina u esns h remnork of to lie have used it inthe lsw tPiles, is "It acts ike'a r lirnl." Ir THE plLES-- Thel' pci, $1 is rerondad to any :ne. person who will us. al. ottlo f Hay's Lid itnett i t for tie Piles, and eutrn the eipty bottle without h being cured. Thel are athe positive orders of the proplietor to the Agents; and useof many thou- ad sands P soh, not one leos been ucnlscessfIu. ciO W~ niht inoert cerileo at. r any lengtsl, but h prefer tlit thorse who s:ll the ortilo, lshuld es h, Inbit the erigilisal to porehlsoare. ChUTbION--Noisn cah be genuine withoutt a splendid engraved wrapper, on wLic!t is ony naes te, pnd also ltat of the Agents.O mA SOL)MON IhAYS. c's Sold whplessale and resail, by COMSt'OCK & ns Co, Noew York, and by one D uggist in every ni yto'wn in thie Uoion. i For saie by etl Wholesale Agents, corner of ins Coili.iui d& "'ehoupitoUlas sisest, and by the Pr SApothecaries generally. je3U " HE underrimd have. this dea fortoed a e'-pnrc- e l Io s ersm i1i friltle Itruilcii of era seural Commis- in er eloisad Furwartiing bsi llse in is th .ire, noser tie so lirl i HAI.L & InuWi, ai.d ovIe token tle tlawe Sd Sbrick stori, l6. 96, maeiinr t pee .t(iaolur ulylrausat.) rn m tcti; ri Sltl.L,JR. wi c Rererve'e: JAE.SI y el G II IIIWN. oe Srt-. JS'" Avery, 'hbiliog &.i ltrk, or WalVtiol u.. V lsoglgt, Iluo. r t & Ilhwthlcr. J 'haoyer s et.. se\V hto* tor -o' &hlialh. Ne~w i)heLe.n. vs Crucket & Sarl'leighi. John Faoiheld lal p a &sco., W'alktIr, t.,II:rsUoS ca .. .he Iiy B'rie;t b Chickering. rBosrto... tir r it 115 Dets.v CO., ul' t 0 li " i uidedia tovgeo , . Piae opo aIr C s 1' dltsey OHN , h , wd n' \lorg n, t. . Pu s -ur h Pb, enn. e ho illo L e s , atIst ll' ei Co. l o es l dlgc.rtii Ns. it dllbridge, lu-itellt, O. J hui s \t'o ,b.luidg , .i.q. tChitli'olthe, U. J & It keatoi, n cll.4. Nu n 'lle,TlRs. oea J Enoser P i.larKs, Ii.sq. . &Al ruo, I I .ouIm 5o. d I es ,iýT'T Di' I\ I.LIUldl.NtC-o-rs de ... l, a JIt, ,ie.. Ville t. o's-Pt, - ren't l'ltlosrulule Charles ,lau..i., jag.-- o l.'i2 l lcu s i . tkei 'r, a . t,s ' lluei e tt d ,l te r , Bu tI n i e A d.0 .0e - ns , uucier,--Sur leCtwe".t e0rctgine.teloent Jr lapetilituo e eel ta.h:kun n retn Itair, it erst norlinlll e liit tlt hnle . vs. b;eeles cr a cileIr ,'idsulvahlc sit lieu e pcilesl csur sl iuq Janiur 1 A,) It dii blsores dt lmtiaii ta .is de dciilcrer tit he. aft.ires dhc 1'ta~urt v ub) , l :on atlttllll, i ttnteA Ipottr.uitee et aa, personae urotcuee ; el .. ," tIvus cVs uotlies iour repress fet t5ee sleiti.ir5 a Al, s ,en,:P ditr Itntcll..tour, Ia doe 18 du :del A Ml .t U t tt, DWit G *.rlier. 1 T t 'A'I'E iF LUI'SI INAt. Piarls 'ourt le r lthe s sPvernlae and Citi of New tiills: s Ilslel ills e I h lan. ' hl.s ,eilsr.te,J hdg.,DA'. Iltl, IUll. i\o'. . I 1.,2, Io' lekl,'r e. lii h;rredhr. Uoli realseir ' 1,11 he iulitsuia ul sd t:htsueioshisleai e.itoisordered 'I Y ' ,, k i .... t "ile sle.l/ lnt's ut.,iors pry it, tke Ipei ,peait mst ItIta )I O ",I :tlhay ~ltialllnay naI. ti , k,A,. M. tuv .. o.d theIel to chew e iIs t. rilvt e su sI i.uilvsit t Ii lie siscl uisgd ierlr i i. is oulao W 1.i in ij lle i arsr uiuIe ll ).:Cedings gaOiset l l , prison alind pperty die, stayed. It is iltrther di ,'rcu ilseil I ieuw il hie nulouioted to rCll.ieuil A. It it' , Clerk. i'lrt ( C' I s( Il lire. 15tih, l.I" . cal T'ulL' il il' tAT i \AlSl lilS . of', iI.AA, tisaS i' 'rhu lcrers have ist stire a few Ibrrels ofl ir llitjleiul Peoiai usv aieiclc lately invented iiuNew li ufok. A few blrrels rf lits I'etitwaslaet olneibard tihe s e, tice t i e lh rst illte lt ofn the trial Il at i i that Ills l . ol cu eit are qllUl it) 3 s Iihis. ,t Cinl, attl fltat hi caie I "era tlhe i. iilli:lldy in geil.l ilsig (Or keepili a g,'.I llUslu'f steal, tlhiis lol inillli leipelsble. Thle di etolers fu ts Great W'esierr ll i'sled the purchase of 91sl brlb for the noes o l'oll e s hii wl ilh wi s pi111 lsl board slay ier last dlo trtr'.. y. or ora triaol, pply to S LOCI & Co. N I--llft 2 bits a a Iti lma can olly lie lelii,:red It Inns n leisim bat, utll se got a furlither Sluply wlhit w A ills be it a lw dys. I Ir dee6 - - -- - -- - SrUl1Ki ISLANI .SA1.1'-:lll Iu-hels 'I'cr-. Salt, londling fraso bark bhllelei ril sd for sale I,: LL-VI If GALE, gur. Iov0 93 (Coaloonoll i u£i E, JOHNS & CO, ed iT .rIONESi'S IIAI., curier if st. Clihares id cd ('lnon lrseets. 'ITbe ubscribe-ris Ievilg recenv ved alndlow ion slore their Nosr lirt li erl o r goso ii ml Iso Kislushid. Froliee aosll leo .llclrb osifr for ale lile hfil with loew i arile.: S Eligliels Irawowg papelr oTall elves, do writiug do slper royal, troal pub. mediulm ald deilli, fooslscap, letter paper, y e ex. large thiis veilh; do blue lasid; do do Sare copyig Iilper, at all sizes, t is London adlllid ritol bsard; do f.lncy loiter and used i.ote ipaper, Ipin emboussed aid coral lro I of Aeric.n ep lIetter anill writiag palers friom stege lhe lest Iills ii ihe Ihi isit, and Perryaoy Pens f all descriptillsi; Ioy Ileol trerminia llo Felish quillsl; tepsen's aod stie JI'erryal's writisg fluids. Mornson's and siree l'erryea'a saot copilyhig ilks; English sand tle Amerielil f,lie a d quarto oupirst s Baler no Rodgers A Suen's best cullery, eOot'llllg ihi drk5 Ip a skid desk kInives, raors and setls. a re Pocket biolks ilsd wallet's Russla aol Morocco ire s lether, been English wfers iand neling wax, superior quali Sha ty; l'ravellieg Hseks uad del.eie cas-s . aue Ackerloea'o aell ,lsetls's best nature c...o,e i gUe. Ilrsikmene s ond Acl.ernmis'0 drawing petlseil, d1 r, tIruwing hunks, Alllcu.s asld Ilitish and Amer. oro, hs Aoasols. bir lo3i, Blo.s--Etgli-hl. Frelaehit}inmish, Itulian,. i;er 'lall ciid hiinal, eoatlhllg ie elaeicals eaw, lt. mediceal wolrk, literary. &r,. Just receive-' acnd ir sale by i ,.'si & B J . .CA.& . ANNUALS9 AND ALR1ANAL0. rcuin taerr. opIUF.NDIDLwtLnn AtOnualk,-Clw IBook of Kuy- F ºnally, eopcrb co dplates; Fiondesa Tableaux, und iialler iIT or w .-; Fi.har oDrawing toot Sketch Bonk; BIeauties Costute+,-Hlohs andl Bloocuilor Waverly Kreepsok.-I'I Imprrial; F Orlental OuoauI ,lorurO me Not, JorIrn,'0 Purina Annual; rnricator" AuouII)I1LI CommII Annual;1 Ftisrolrhip'· (Haan;;l l'lnohr's Juve.IeI eketchtoel k;I Young ladle'a and onounf or .thnwen Annroual Marie, A Watt-; Chsristmao Talos. Arnericct Anna'.s. The Token cd.l tlantlo c 8ooeoiol Ihe Violet; Therttl; Sir Gilma&,s'aoanual Keei ter & iloaon ile Almanac. I Alan'oac's. Amorican Almanec & Icpuaiotkv efUeloal Knoomedge f Btutm's Nnuilcal .booonclj EJhos & Co a. I.otisiana Alomooc; Crockelt-ComicOGeromat AlImtiana Stewort'o Dlty fo 1839, couaiuing a blank Imeto ruoduwn for every day ol tho y3earS d . coroer of S CltaOno aonl Coannon ate. 2?8-5wr M EDICAL BOOKS-Jost rrenoed and ltr tate at I the new tmkoetnro. 4y Camop stre..: Atercrwtbie on the smoonacht and briao, 2 Sls Arnorrooo I'avlPasce t volet lb-tli hnaomv 2 vtelo-Bell tia the Nerveh Buck's ttitrol J oieotoudronc Caaopr'o Sorgery.2 wolo Culier on ilaolodes Cocteilt en otl'tdical Experience Cooprer'e Siurical Dictionuary l)ungleaun'O Phyolog y, 82 co.s r Dewer. tot lttldeu-oItoee on o Femta Ehlet."'a l'ractlo-kttP 'O T ale·ttticl -do. on rhildfeo Ghao'* Soegerv, Sevls Cw (lbenlo onthe Ct itt - looruc'. AtttouoVdColta - ° osi ot the NerveC onn Ie Er-k-LoCtcmee on Choo i olae- lnon 00mf btioel'o rPnocoie, So tot' a Ihad co wse~entir io fifty dllars. to tt is. system ot written rules wich so iimmedi stely l h ";..s 5 a , o ttr pons erry itttividttt ef ati state, intrrrnterI amite teteety with the neleb tt.tfElhertin .sttulrtrs r C.Nlmtet md which goverrns vettesi a11etimin. ns i bLlwtisntltett anllt. had cot wae etir It i ste of written rules wnih immediately nperters olme every iulividu.l of tihe state, iiterested either in n.ieultueo or e.o, etcee iud which governst the diqupstion of aso much property ,anting to usfeoni uther stles, (Itht-urndie asimos a..y othertreatlae ulpon law--it ilos utoch the teat-book and manual of the merchant todl thie tilanser. as it is of the private gentle tuan ilsd the pruokasionls advoc ee. .he lawyers of tie autjisuiog states, and in fact of al those states poa tile Ohio and lio mui)ippi rivers w hich find inrl for trleir prt.hl.e in Loaitalna. have a ire Squernt uecesitlv of referte to the code, aod make it sa inmdispenable ruqnoiite to their lihrsries; aod in the cit of New he hook ivo a suis to Lo foudl in t Uhe merchnlt' eo.ticg moom, an upn .he desk of lte judge, or tile talel f then ttt:lrnev. It is nct srprisiogl tIhref retht thie liret editimtn ol'he work was so qlick ly diisoloed or. atd lthoogh a nird reprinlt.f it would ii oots maculure ullupply Ite public orcesiv, yret it Swould be iipereel auld unsloiaclN ry onl.a autullteae witil rfermnces til lho Reporse anll Statute, int ors Pr to ema race tie nnumcrou+am ooeudtoonte which hvre b.en m. omode by htie iciot.r.rt', nod tlhu isolpmsrt drcimoam and eonsrtuclio, m whiclh l1 w ýe beu gtgilrn upo ninny o oil inrlicres by tie h.llpeire ge Cornr. Th'le pullikoheri hlve secured, lir tli. roenersl ruper intendenee and editorial departmenl of tioe work. the Sproluesiont sn ie olst ci \n heenhock S Upton', Esq. a me.mtierof tine Now Orleans Iuar. Pite thle. Judge Slullnrd, Judode BIermades, cnd ton ,rrorga Knetls, have each hindly assisted Mri Upton wikh th valuablle - Inotes which thete Ihse eollected i lls i coorse oý their t- rudiel and practice; anl od Mr N I.t leonino,tthe Iarto 0 nerof ire tptmt. who is also en.a1ged io time work, Geo wIstrawhbidige, Ei.s. presented thre Irete nlane of refr erreu.o ontni oed it m his ofliee py of the omer, cnd whisi nave been inmde by hi.t dritrg time whuole eril ot Ihis dii:inguished uroleseeioiusl lalor. 'rhe puldish rerra ucVttrufiaR ci ell trusttit tis' annomatilon of the work till be all thut induletrv aoid labour, aaositrd by learnint ndud experiutce, clun perfissrm. mI putting forCith Iis pr sic osi asc sollieiting gene sol mlbscrilers to the work, tltulls ullihter oake pride in the f. i t itu the of Ituisianu ho nautihorized tile ti overnsor to odir oti.s to llould Colies of i for lipe mutrs ime mofthie Latte. T'Ie readhles um ils which tmus iumther was take by ti e Assemhly, evinted their Jist sense of time valus mntme thwork:ad ihey thirelb extend ed tlat confidem.cs: in Ihe ability of the pablistiute and nliltors whichl ii i is I ll s nOt wholmly !muuirerved. Time work will hi printed in French and Engl;h, upson good papIIer adl Iwil dclear Ityr; nor will nos to iel.e s rcare t. r sprId t mak tihe .whole me:hllnical excullltil iu f ittcsrresoi.lm will its crest illlmertaoe It will proebly ie i n ilv for ielivery in heo nmoutih ii 0e Srpt,,tsmr rext; adi tbe price will I , m n m tai criite, fi- feen dill'-fives dollarsi to ie piaI at the time of sub -e crihitig. iThe cssmeriithmiii lists once closed, the store price In will he twellty dolluiaos per copy. o p t I . II It . NN S so C f . P ns hl iis e ro . ROWAND 'S TIONIC MITURE, int, PF-R FEct' AND AOUE. . 1EN years Ihve not yet elapsed mince it wot P. first regularly eub ..itted to the publi .; lut it lhas etained the highest reputation; and has sup. unn planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherrv. l or it has been known and appreciated. Already I & has it beon carried in every direction throgoughout the United Stateo. and still realize nore thaltn could all have bero anlicilpated by its most sa:ngtlite frields. 'F ousaonds of persucs heve not only eino relieved, le but Se.tueid t. he ihh and vigor thlrough its ages. or cy; aoll lley now t nrtee.rni.i t-.ti;t,. at ivlry nolt portnoity, to its doeided and supreme effitty. IJ tol is composed of such medicinal principles as are v:i cdlhnluted to renew the healthy action of the stmlto clve, livr, atnd other important digestive organs, to the loss of which harmlony it the immtoliate cause of tihe disease, It is appatent also, that it produ. ece an entire chlnlge it thle conditlon of the systenm, and eerlitinly destroys the native liabiility to relap sos of the affection. Whet the Ague it attended pm with atly otlher coiphlaiont, the employtment of the ttcMi bliotuteo will iot icterlhre witlh th treat. mont ol'th other di-ens., but wi:l even afford at. ste slitinoe by lurnishing strength and vigor to the sit body durinig Iho coutre ufe treatment. These who ta.h make use ul thit nmdicine moy be assured tllhat va theore is no Arsenic, Hoarks, Merrury, or any other o article in its composition unfriend y to theI human il constitutiout; being entirely a egletale exlroct; atnd they mlav htve additional conflidence in the l ,Ile t, ote, 1: bt they pereoive tltit it hs ite erof tit o.l oIfa geltt luxttive about tttl timte Ihulf bhut. it full hta been thkeho-in conLquenice of which, er here is no part of the medicine lfull to linger ill t lie bowilo to causo obttructions, and other evils, i .rising troml the use of manly of tlhe renmedies now lit ..lfered for the cure of thits aftction. It has been tit used also ata preventivet, by many who were sub ject to periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it has Invariably warded off the apprehended attet. i Obsere! The PIoprietor, fully satislied withl the (i unparalleled and universal success which has cun. to .tantly attended a punctual and regular use of the it Tonic Mixture, in all cases of V.eer and Ague, tielt wurraoted in engaging to refund the price to I, all thoe whlo have tken thie nedlicile in strict c. is cordance with tire prescribed directions, without o Ihaving been perfectly sad lastingly cured. c The subscribers ore tile wloletale agenis for tihe South Western S.tates, and have nlow on hand sis ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh aand genuine. For sale at the manufactured prices JAIL\ I~ & ANIItl.W0, W'holosle Ihro.gelcgl novl27 eer Cmollolon kb ''eholupitoulas street. OIIDEItS RECEtIED FOR J.loNES PI TEN'T COTTO.Y GIN, By Ils Potentiee, No. 53 .tlozinte street. New Orleanstt "t'O BE MANLUFA(CTUITU IN NEW YoRK IBY RSC.LF OF PRlCES-Double faos. c FCor a double Gin of t) saws or more ol each stylitodler, making I60eatwsin tile stanot. withl feederl br as, &e. ac t $6 pr Irtaw, or $950 I For n Itouble Gin of 60 lns vs on aytlider, mor 110 0awa il tihe sand, feotdetrs, &. a r 6 poo' stw, to 7-0 0 O Fr do6. tfa'AltwonIn., or I saws ins staod, at $6 .3 per saw, tor 50)0 L.1 Foer dl, of i slws ont du. or 4.0 slas in a starnd, ~.s6.50 per saw, or Ctt O0 SINGLE f:11I, y For a ingle in oof 0 Staws or mlore, with utole oet u'lcetlars, brode, &o. at $6 per Fuoll. of 60 saws. whit, eeders, or t$6 90 per saw, 0O enr do. of 401 aws, with feeders, &e. ..8 'st0e 000, hi t)al, PFnr edo. od Alnwt, witth feed-rs, c&e. t $7 51O pe saw, o150 .O lFallteath *are desired, for feedert, ailpplitl o it ,ette eoah; thle nooller oflteetlh teing u1cm0 ewltl o lth oot.lllr of ttws Ole set of leedl'r it is eta.. sildercl however, will wrear ottt two or mlolte sets of sows. Etla saws e dtlieliitO l ents atto hlm . The Gins orderel, citl be deliverel totthe agents ul cr. pllnters Il aUry of the sea port towns o the cottum plan totor States, e t lo al te prntres tlge otets fyim)tg tik igo tlod ot tcm same ftro m ew tork, itd ilcomiug tr tp..iblel fo thle ttiotnt of tile titn. A lipt wrigl willlhe witIl tie iltt inl Fpot thernt porwhete e tiredl the claltr.l fur whose ervticrs will be xtrn. lut t- motderote. IraOollinge gearemLo atesohe entoereid wheredecire. to rlettotble memrsbuttwillht beari, ode lttt. tiots powerofultyT desttilttittt.ttl bheFurOtisthel e like mtoe. Small acem engines canO ato be 'deretl if de rt iWt letotlwto hewit thlt gee torderst fpr Gins, tho lhould ctonotpstO.. tlem -wi .tltei clews iit 1t egal totireSOmoUttleerto osws, breaw, broses, 6cc. lt isf told they liffer i opinion. Got Soete sclmlmom lotmger miototelrtlt tike .tlt The selmot toe' is It to Il Itestt' otsem win thtemt l itte oi wiobheSor 6 rows. tottheS ott ot llety cNhi 'ttlIt tolt watt more thant. otit 00.0te. eonod tilse (iOtiuta col toe|t to the inlh, while ethers weat 10 J.tni' .. tah dirttmnt w poefetbty timsImldn ti olta itiwmfgo emftulRl thm in eoven tt i o+ortfsoorett, we ett * steal oflgtn eeeties auot t m10tt ta lima fltoe they sa i ate ito tti iettotti' uco ott cit' nthCe totth ex~ro e ·ba lie nq at sltili e mirte remely wit ie v MI ser.itinfefom a dtlanlceresl sate oftleiluitti HItiing heeltn ibmitted to tile tett and tlr erIC d il lte moat ceteierateId snigthe facally eylimvet i lttd eih d Tb dtlir atidalioit 4T its exutnnrlitl, eitriP .itn eversy whici iae otider their *ltae., by' sdoltiig it both in their the ,i jiubli Suit pivater1 pIestice. Their oI erviiiolm till be ioerred he.fte. Prepared J II Thioi, li.liotil Loudon. Prit $1 50 pereolt. TESTIMONiALS. Frrm A. II Salmotl E ;Fi t " ,. Sieoen tot ti. TI S 'litas Inotispl, n it Lee netr eo Anc ioy." The tuiarl iw have ma le of or Iy't.alr ticil t itio 1 t I saritey ofeitse, Iotli onlletlll fen-le, i.lLn its stItit to S irotd alo o highly foiasola.le, that I do tll ietilate ah dlcl pronOiillltoi it oe of tilhe rstitu cltiileenill tlliclci(ut Fle iemelheu eier ntflrelr o the rl l e, lad tle to th, or notl exrlteLme, I aitn pi anelo rye ertiarce, tuilt it e. Ilort etllllllCit tlit sltlic enilaslltit tfclis usutilty ,a- r:p 1)ieccrl d from enrnptih rc, Front G II Ilaywmei, II I C , PhbysiClnto to the t p Miuy EelIMe Dispel enteir) t k tski lgrril plitofsie ill redlinn Iny leetinie v to ihl e Ih ll Iro alos of ro l 1oeartinll, itidelgyou the O i oa oeisy f so follyv i$ttrlle h lll~o e le ea eiI iin' tl t s sl fltb'itrl ex asliir nlurled in rilltiitdg It to iuch snt e Bitd ltr"I'e Fu Sn. i roit I Co1 o , FI' a r ScI erget tll. o Goy' lir.e Til ituiftern oen t.ell atllo telhe lti -- alnei'nir it tlIting 'ntr niedtliolu aitlimlg tlly liriit flliledl uit ihe llllldi ;it , hs full ised in to I t k w n to e truly tolne -uted. "Mo il ) til ss mtllil a you a) wll de.siet, onIpl) iul silrxil) it'.tiyyou lo' ,.y your t tlrlnl e tilr ri oollii ce . N o r From Sir A Cottier, lt S P ItC S, (£s N I lny lr- Icving tIe ildcedl to tTr yooti, t:Itllt in stIotstiita in e.sisof violent t;oltiu rhtI ilhli hall hiltertl ti.Itledal of ecerc,ers.liptIhio iilx tliurtoe lIy !me, illltviig toulti Sit Ssurl iad Ste i)' ll s c .re t r ellrd I it, ti it trew ilhs I Is le r nueliafil delty hoold laloi e tlie i ht i e ii le S. it iorebiilh tbiu iuld cllivtaL rkonaiuntl all lid e nuln i- other.tic id FloAt G IV lalir, M l., physicien to Gl)'s Ion h, i'T e trlei te nli h 1ab I ate gicrl your mCdicin Sil. i mong g uotier, e..l it l il ti 1 bie a leeu- e c thusee h Iict, awill iIlaicll.lil tO u InteCere in its uts. nil 1 ii Slt o but ll ctl Oa'j nstie l ii ad tultlly io aidd In'tohrle tat el v noll I hln ominelinttltin of i sviltut es. ' Flcan L Cil'laoipliontt MI 1) F ItS L. Ir.tulc yeu In). sil.cre in thiwk n.I t in caldelle tre lat ce s 'it ar tite lt'euiiL l'i the acure of tlcaicrhloii etc. I oeel'lttl letl e l. t IT lst taiouglt It Ioieliinlt tilentir t uehich will l rOvO IeS ildccltlN sTOinUl" slitiI fl - iti ih,, rniiiai cViii hlI-a surc, Stcalt aMil ellrecltel ri ti i tinblitihg t lt dh wtonthl theo vluualne quelities atou A" l it Vere it neceals tilir, itlric'il:.r eail Ilterucld h relishl ci o Ip lnil mly ore lel tin iials cllralti at ao lllll-llll:t il Tii tihe ti .y- ulhtei but i, iuts thilt its euccesa hllhl,.ri ihe: cllr: th dytd exptse atll whicih it Ies be. i etltti l. vua iii I ' p il. ll r lllllllll lllos ' i t ol re ol isall olher is i s neti ici al le chir-put ti i itti c ts- ciI-lh unll.u illn Wl lh it lilly e tklken bel ng hoth rltin',l 'id, Ilea .in--itsl tl I cl ctlir e el a th i i ni r aetri iitllc h i di tsp ,-or llnflerinent liel nlbuilces. Tlicvllcri reltcidl)t ale 1 ew'c,td lald thli tahint iltet hlthly a-icil, i..1 aIo.t i,, vce I . to he u ol,; -t'nild l wilih li'repiitiiin pios.stiitig the oi l l ie v:dlagea wrl|h tle plreseni ce a,"ui it.c alt in Anconniceiotg llthe Melioue ise pianlIille-t etleca- be n, tar of lthe dil'erenit sttages of the dtiseote, ni-ttiwt ain og Oi en taoatite i, iiotaiii full al ainllle lo ielllllus Fr salne by SICKILES Ki Cl. ioI 3 awtn m "0 iUiCn]Illtel.e - p" I TiHOaUGc IN FiVE AND A I aLn DAtYS, led Fromn Mobile (.htlbansi) to Allgtsta .et.) hle T IAVEFS Mlleile ever lithler elan, iniuia,.iltcly cll, ai. Ij tihe arneil I'lhe nmail ifrom New tliransi pt r lhl as. EtauIto:, to Itlnkcv, cadltes e ta lenitae..le : Ia' sItmnmulttis (ltr I'eoeP lla, Ik e lclla souind ntlllt i :llnah C 'ho ta illacie liter anil iey) to C(ell'l UI,; cltllles tillelltet Iat ia Sletoiun, Uhlattalhaiarbe (Irtrl Sh-t laltullte Icr ll ier ona,) linlta Idce, Pildcraolne Ilhwkihsville and .nei- ate n villne, to Allgis. A IIslenieecrllakilrn Iris at-ilt tt M .i .s i I bile is in no hieecal ll heigihonevolw Il osit g litegi s th uierrncc tinb c.t eecitintituc interests, the 'I LJti-t loe IA LISP is nt tnle .onern, anilt ui lrdee oe at it, tI1l " uthrlcienct lci tay lsatriol w it EKuIINTe clI(!l hicec li ta.- a .riTval Au.gill siti itlteai t citiled, thri ghl all aw lthl- I'l al, enrtloltt ally lr tatitI llll ii amtl r tso 1111161 iilila see .w H:ct s i I lollhl iphllSoldl oieieTlt. Thy -n at New te"lce i Me. S its, it enrcitl . li .Oli l. itti. lehe Agents for slnlt lllllcil no ai.,sl'ea sin, ahlccau ld l)iterliaa uel saleplmsseed l the s.tthecni monlltly. , Tl lte 'ie inult, Iterd, natlurael ancili, Ile sitli and iultet. I lL Sit tilng .teter sitigaltin, ti litere eid aeltlletnilaiionl N. a. liltt ilie uttieelr splect, celtiiiica con til plea iii hIg vuariry; cnin.ctedl as it were witlh llilm Rladil ltloot a 6, tJhizrlzil I , Ccc llil the In paekem t li (tSc i ice, .i' irn. eeles eln rle ih Ncuw olrk l inevw Žc ile.els Ith tire Lm*e Toa It tharý--Itlnlingltit it) in 12. ito ee Frinc U.laltthnoohoe, Flarila, we Irav oe rIttiin 1 e to (.ile vie Qiccy tlld 1Tlithiuseo. itiIbt !sartliuii 4 hr i on lfos inineltll l ts In l atrcnuhes Iaorn lPl il.t.lllnvtlll I taut nae to Mill.elgeille, nd olle to inlucona, ilit tro ln ice enchesl. STUCK IO') U. c f,. -. the Aenerra, W4th ian. 8lS. ,i- O)fice li Malnsinl Ilouse Mobile tl ereli 'IliWatne, Nec Orlelans to Mlel, liils ins thlile to Aligustci 540,it o Claalristtm to New York, 180- tit i n, Tlate. _cw Orlm-i so Mobile, hiovlrs ro". Mobile to Algitac, !i i` Alugati tOh Chalestanll , 2 2 Charlllestln to NeW~nrk, Ki- 258 i - ehls Mkntg 5 otilni pc eclr ay. or I oiled lIr Illoleut. hiclu r sive O cil StOl ltes. no In N. II. I lg lease to Inform the piibli tiha thi, bridlgesontlh t Chstllhakitteswlnin aildIc Iilel L.oLi ne.ek Invejusit leei .ointleted I.y ihe gotenit gvent nillt, (tiec Il'y ubtasltela nlielctgagainst.thi tsi te all steed route sac thua haply t lInud; a tillt II.onv th i t ilencreeoflec rciti tain I elieriVeLcibIt Il the iutaeaFlitSIr al's, ihcinerasal teatsereatof thetcs iocu·t i tntl is itelle i water ronule from i ellsll . (l, io .llar Illu ff, it is admnlit. nie0 eItyll s who hv; psisdll i.ttlhiill int i IlleiSnllliiti hitoncellies beciluy etut safety. Tlie hciilges ilUi (tt at- (coi'ic have elai liva cit'eiltatu. J M C IIAKEIlI to oXIt AlA ILE CHIMNEY PIECE Wa.illous. .0 Cuelintllleusu etreet, telllltoits the potl-clicitu. 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Rocky Mynistais, under the dwecrtis.o.I'I A B C F M, perfoessesl ins thi yoawi 1835, 38 an.' 73; sastaitishsa dascrlptios otrtgsssssr~.Phy. ulogy, climate end prluettossa sand Ueu she sas mssannssers &s tIselunsl ot nati vtelywithVO ML , a of Oregos Terriltcss by Rzv Sant' a Parker, A 55 the Risess0 t~ 315 ,iaUoeO, by Alio Psale~h r a rr:lt r 0uvhe 0is~·" ltg efa ·y8 lass 4se~l. u.S va l uT ei's uMbb rate,.; ISJ file author of 14rulie T i· Oy ysa * A l; i rbnb * V FoTi.ur 'sd: "er- isn, Coesseer Ileuueso, bd &ssthriTbes b[ely, Bioueiegtws.-E, t URisiwv#r MreNurtoss Barry Corswell, MMa Gupr. .Cipisiin Moudwis, and ethere; in tsT o l· ý ic '` Tssa Lis ass AdvesIteecao ssNseistolaYtea elibr editudas' BAa, with litelrlstira1,JtaPe1rz5 No. 1 Just re , eied ased ree ahtf 1tm t OMPA St $ `rI·; lt.N` 9 I t s i nltr~rtv Win. 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