Newspaper of True American, February 5, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 5, 1839 Page 1
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PurcE I v i w fletiI- TOYA Piac 12; CENTS. NIW ORLEANS TUESDAY MOIhNING, FEBRLUARY 5 I86.9. VOL.-V -~r --~~---·- ~ -~~---- -~·T 1·~-~~--. -~l ··-·. -~ - ~ -r-.--* Termss of ie Nerus)rper Press of Newl t)rleans ono nin iasli a+ "rn"d tI t na'l a . I'm ".I ".-u '..If,,.. the rroprieiore, b.ld on tie 131th of Monrl., 1837. Suascatrtr.a .--I'wltr bIll tr fir It ii cily po • -or u.'l u, i.L¢e aq fli~tn Ill in o vessie: tie "do la l.r the ti.wan!kly coumtrv paper, pIryble one Syear in ldvaice, wherts no citv refereneoo i, iree. N - tbs.riptioc will be dibcontinueL until -rrearages are settled. In caseof di contlinoace, one week's notic I in wrrUtln mesooe invaralb.y given, previous to th .siephion of sulscriptien. AositIessno.-Ootoe dollar per siuiure for Ibe first sertlno snnd half that price for eaeb slsque.qrrj one: ann, tefi alteration Iroin the original advertiemeno will bec lged an o new one. YgeAnLVY AsRTl sRb.Merchintt anil Trn err, .rtyodollsro fil English alone, and sixty for both Isn Balks Insuranee OnIeee,nd other simiao nubihc5 nsttititon, fifty dollars in Enqlish only, antil eighty for both longusaest Ship swl Steamboof Foc t-rs, or Colnisisrion ierchutl sixty dolllr, in Ilnglish oe, aodeighty ior both Ilngasgoces. MARRsI..ot, )oITAR lo NoTIC-S, and articles call Sing the attention of tihe public to oale Io prlpoerty, cords of paasengere, benesfits, Se. &oc. will hi eolsro ene dollar per square for the hret insertion in each lun gu1 ies. COMMsNlCATIONS, or Advertiement, of any preson at nature, when uodmissille, shall bo clorged dohble, and in soncean. A deduotion of twentyl.five percent. will be made to Auetioce ers, Sherfi, Itegiiers of Wills, ad oarshals so sales of real eatate. puolislied in ithl longuagoe, and 50 per ecnt. in Englilh alone: l0 per cent. on mslos of other property. AIrvnRTsaoeMNTs out of bhe direct line of o busonef of the advertiser, such as legal, suction, anil plant t;ol sales, runaway slaves, stray aninalc, &c. ec. will be liarged for nepa.ately, and at the ordinary rates. AneocRTusEnrTS not iliecified aq to ime, will lie pu!slished one u nt , a d chanrged accor linely No adrertisem ate of benkrueItci will lie piblished io any case, u tes paid for prevlous to inertlisi, or payinent guoroanteed by arrrloi, tile person in town. Il' earces anil other places of olmSelosnt, ntdvertinit daily ortbie aenio. io Ie celrged $1)i for Is nglinh a lone, cad $1511 is l ot r Iu tog.oe t. AI anoouncerients of cnndihitte for polit:enl olfieno will he ehorged doeble the price of otuer advertise sent,. iOwing io.the iinoes.e lon suiitiined by newspapc.. prorpietors, thery ave oe to ti e 1i181i n thlt lre eaieso persit s of riet i eriont h tv ll Ie, !isnill Cnunw (o far itls irielticall to each Olltr--lhev i H i g itintlltehsmeloneves iot i advoertie lor triol foIr uchl delionquees, ton les in asre ii aidsince pieptrlls. (Signed) J , C. IDiu ie r. itelMi s J. l lAYOfN, i'. P. REA, J. l. I'ILNI)CNERGAST, JillN ilBISON, I ,MISI)EN. Vreekly Press.--We, tl,. umlereilgedl, agree to nlbiile by the nliove clnditions, as Iler s they ire nppliecabl to weeale ipers. A.iarnedl A. 1. I.AWILFNCE, l$ .N i sUb er itions are taken fur less tlhan 6 monthls. Laters nmust, in ill eases, It post tpaid. I N OTICE TO TIlE PUBLIC.-Unfmeotrdc . rulnnrv ol ile iundersigledl Icivllg sold out, or discoaltnncled lis iotld iiloing eonhliltshed GARDEN SEED STOIRE, .Ni :i Col-icc hoie- S,, i-I, Hasing been most ctrcul tied by self. ittsrested parties, th beg to assreouroeiie hi: faends generally. cnd tile puhlic at hirgEi, that ,e tit coniaues within two dirs of its late, or former Ostlod, to be faroishled witllh a il tlt cl x. - tenoive*suplpy of all ithe stoidnrd kinds of klclhelo or regetable dcred Sarile, ol the growth oidtl i n port or tile present eraeln, 18"37. Siece tihe early pert of Sepiihlllhr, liae as r,.. eoived ample sllpphine hv the p.icklt rtlliti Vk. I. burg, Keg tuckyr and Ako lis, all crr.ved ii , r plaxu;ega, direct froili Nuw Yirk liv tle sippi anild aoihler p,ck-. he is Inl d'mle expet.l - tico df o.eppIl) if FruillTr ccc.clIl -;i r In . Routs, hlavillng lready rcc,,ived ! ivlleas tllcrT'ol by 'lion subscriber begs frllcthI. to assreno tiial p ie at lret,tlt lihe i at re as woll rollrtillll cot .ccaiitoooeiriciie llthc gd e t i it It tidmlic Sice, cit first et, ii i lr inl Ic l. , rlI : ,C-c ii Couuntry I)Dlaeir .o.w It ik,.t c ; M reS L111t...trh fillud aL thk Iew sl t .l . l+,t ,l lgo '',' ritl..., :,y the p eiuLd tieir ,.II. ,I1h .,(lll l r Ic H, e ] , tluellunlr n UtteL[ogt B, ctlh:.r ,l F+'rctleh or I''tlhs, ilIo tlisual, to IcM iiIiII, (G iudeno Sit. Store, 85 CuIt olllhoiile cit t. I .1OlE..--A i:outiitaol suelfy of Ilird S..e, lli .r mixall ir plait; pueized CI olul hellirbsc, vUll i Shi r driled iherb,--ulh l hil ply Uif ,t.m. cid Ilbilllam ; ,li t tr.l': At) P -. o toR . ' 1 1 s1 s l, it e,,, ,1 0 r o , i It , rP," ., , ' i. es hi, pr ,' t. - B'rise. treat1. ot , f ,1-.3,l I i)ler asv 111n '. fr lt 1 '.r -III1 Irltes. lf t f)o.t ffdw on,Trh,, aft le*loIfn3 3 3ie.f rsa al 1~s-t iii re ass, mi fo,,Ul hi ipre.+. i v, h,'. ,' Ie e nlher mu It Lat pi l, "alult irl l,,'"h t 1i ' lhe lrl.lll.llwu,' " , i Sl ftI l ' 3 V 3ll. nd llt'lll i ' ll o11 g r tl oll tlll y oltn , ,l ,, hatinityaflio of Vn- e.e.l .ieas ti/..: l.Owi ,wten 3r30tfl toeir r3 otf .. nti .ot ff3k3t ofllllhl wl h i ,,llly r i 33ll it, o ll u to , I<ii llP .. d i - . .o tfff:ji i t3r ll331..33 it tl , 30 Ii 3 '0333 ff3l0l· l I - m. la , k i rnd lhri n r ra.t rath e s hnen d . Tw ,h ,l I . h x er 't It' s ErupAlolll 1 il th e oe relll,1o r t l ellgsus all. he Ant li e toe ye mtotius oft e loi iiti go eo, ay fl n onith h Itd entl te s .yeoigt.lre( il lwo oco ltee 3l3y prie3 l ll o it onile in the o ol fIt of epill.oI A ullcede l,. Itre ae nt Vellerealll Iie e cle he ob - aie ot uf Ir.Jo letlllst Itif oi oo t e lllt it Ci itn t e artsn l.urrvr I ade.ibrlllPt ed re t ll Su rgellol l urn was t served as :trg m ,llertl illd lhW ' FrRelltuh Army.t 9. St.ld by lh. . Jh ie ill ce. I b fit.i lro .tio n uf l VPllteret l Ii 3ll 3l0.4.3 3 0l 03 ell tokio. slea voyigev or rlaoltiil t te e.t Ullnouol, otuld it do well hy giving L)r.iJt o lt o a O.II., r. pie'r . o eine s ur ther cu. e i ll ho ulllle ll clld lell pa tc t11 Lip wilt writen dir'e cion fit lhe31 ir ii-fe t t Olffice leafruom 7 In the murnilng until L0 o'cluck at i lght.l " ABEIINTIIa". I)¥+PPPI I 1xI:L Dr. kor n'tly h ,d th .htio ooti l t. li i.r. u i tior of' v.i Opyl:'f .lho3 rtl s o.i he slleto th'o I d llseot t l years, f.r the. rellltvi l of F etf.ll',Ilite tioll,ooeell: Lor iletlu p litr., Fltelllle cy, L)i- llliot lll oIf te 8 0 -ll ech,Pain oi te Aidelile.vines of lhe ei i itt d itrli tnilo I I. .le p, lorregulrity to t rl l , t altl, ollnd iin tllt Tases w uhere Ildigprlion or. a otveoo uti it i,.io fe too T'it ioedicile mut o111ot11O ItO noeed I.oIe tlis thhot euotoefn loruiornlll.o ort e of r lpic, is iit othe I ol invelmllll Orl'h ac:lert in d o .l h ienltll fc i uellrge I Europe ever lraduc:.d, eld fi,'- secret oIt lpreplP,iu=- it woa Ipurt:haed by tillt flr vetry lure so03t3. It i* egrCe.lle Rn lerts.lll toI le to Il, acts a., n lid Iutter fist.alwuyt keptl. hil bo.wois ftre, illlrtion vlg..r told lren.ln toll tl heyst.'i, Edito chf.r'llltl to teo in llellt , tnod i few b roth re lemol e te III f le fIllirlmed cat s if nDyltemeio or Indigesliou, tund prtevents, rt lrl at ftoy faotrc period. t New Yonx, Iih AuIIgu'stt, I18-8. :45 ullllhlslo streeIt tlu:--I aetolletkieeotoftletlditlg tvo erhiitnry lire, I have been tro. blel. , in , re o r e s with to.dl. .-iii i '~r teI , . ars; fe r o he rt ll threo e eri t ll. , tl' r.i llft r lneve beeniillllpr t lle of l l I llt Io tie l e pl. rey-itedll, I etd in l hlerof lallt'k c olifi. .% lt *it r - lts, inlllen bhefil. I dk.'loe oIf o iv,r ,,lfolitelll: so3 pi30er 3u3e0m reliof, ai r.ti,3te tl f lyf elf ,Iolhe o in ,t io nl'ol o'. d' - oo s,, [ vwa prr'"'dtld [)Y lllVy friendls it, Ira tIbt(rllhv'e tivs.elle r .lixir. blhi ve T elili Cdoao, l lu tlhi hot fie , and k olllw not I IIt expel c) r tile, ull r lirlll ( f itl watnderlhlu viri uef s f ld lhe l rlt it 'i ll ll le t ill re to ririo n . t r- m ath a t h e .lth w hrit ch [ .u. h , hn - t i n - oever. e ll t otee Il ,lf i dll zn ltlllel I e it lld cxcel I mlv thealks r relou sint ldl yo honve .ll erred by re meTIn lathoie t ioroCt tihellt. or jl01tt MI)\II(OE. rhebagtllttet ion hi psso-.ioln reve olllltred teo timotitft sl etilr oIl ihle' aebohe, lf' Ith erto,lelilltyrv vin Ie of m his oedicine. teSold bfy Itiep-it oe3t, .t air. Josttier wll 1431 $it,' iville Iorel. ll3. TIlE suhbscriior Io-uloee.t. to p.lhli.l. io t feA h.. giuning oigf lt ese o winter, it (Co.tliaon t the two.[ty vtoooo of tiho Old uaoe Now Sorif ofl Marl oi' iouisiau o Reporto, to be coomtriedo III feltr B,,., accordilg to tho mtodl of Peters' I Condo:sed Reporto. Thii work is now io proparation by J. lBurton lHarrion, Esq , of tlit city. ao.i.ted by Williiam F Brand, Esq. Thte Etlitor is oloe perllo.ted by a distingllihcd retired Judgo of thie Stpreme. (p3tlri, and by ollo of illte ittlog Judlotg.e, Ito exp.ct fro,ll their peorotl:ol tl..perv.liolt all tf l atll loltote which stay natflrally Ib r'peOld rom. tl.iir Xo),..rioo ,:e. * Such a work is becomilg every d.,y 3,3333 no eesary, ast t tte 3rig3 n l i.3 0 l0ll f t illllte, t'xp .. If.. and olreeto.. An illerOulsilli curit.iity tl i olll.lti tet, Io n lhe ohthr .Stt.30 of ,,o I Uto ;li.,l, itI rottro llC. , Stofhe pe.lolorjtritirotldetee of LIouI .otht1tt; odlthe citrclllt3ltncL O of the t l rI.t. II..aI. pr,lloiolful here do. cided it the tlj..tllotw.nt o' confliitt of' la.., matkcs flh knowleode of 3 lr 3 dju0.ttj d of. prime utt. lily to thoejorist.,f1' ft. whole Ulintl. Mforeuvao. the risll33 republic of 'I''x,.t ham dtpltot, ri ,0 tf,.,. and thlls there isit great dell:.d for tho Loall L tlltOe decisio.f fro a fre~tll Convenient notes, indli:cting the parallel case. decided i Louisinon, ond tlotlottually tl:oso III ithe omre aothoritative forluos of tlhe other Stotos, will ce added to eocll The work wi'l fero fouro voltmoo, royal octavo. aend will e, hblond, to tlhster.hosra t *f per vol.; ii .ae it ohthl I bie louna Ira, i ic.Ohllo I Compress it ill3l3 three volutla...s, Lte pi-itc to sub tcriberh will be h7 per vol. Subscriptionu received by WM cKAN, Jas sat Camp and Commott ate. NEW OIOLR-ENS Strum and Patent Bicuill BtI;.ery-Waler ansd Itllmean. No. 98fMorense (near Ithe PIlthartrain Rail Illond,) Pilot and Navy Braid, Sedl and Vine Bliscuit, Sug-i,s Butter. Mid'ord and Water Crackers. All thle ibve articles are warranted to be of the fira quality, slid o kop in any climate, being completely kilo dried. Also,-Knhi dried corn meal. Ordern sleI at G. W. Pra chatrd and Taga t, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expreemly tcr family uae. 5nov FLOUR-1000 barrels landing in stiere, snd for `sole by (i. I)O.tEY,. d13 44 vow lr ve I Sdli D hi &W.l, WtVIt P I.L, 67 Gravivr 110.;'!S--, liaesi..ipi Fian.l, asei at 7, Fr 1.a. t. . e, loi .;roceriei . d" 15 11 EREY.-7(;bties Kerseys, OIL-:-5 hIrrelu 'l'uirr Oil, , eit caskb winter i)il, B 40 eask. fall asr:ilned do, CANDLES--;10 bouxs Sperm Condle., for sole ha L H GAIE, d7 93 Comlnon P ' NJW PU:tK & BIEF--2I hIo me.s, and 40 bbl. B 1irime Poerk 211 bbl, prime Blel;, for alns hy G I)ORSEY, dfi 14 Ytalwerne,, C st I). to R I. JOCNtE., ro*f.sir of silging, thea Glie, no d Pialln"-Sle. Ihee ry u.raurate arrival lr i (i;ln.grow, and frio l several yeers pr)lalic in llin. i brl o r~lhl d Gl ewI al eo al-e ltterIs er+ell lilt her sVy. a llll, of in tIrueliin a ill uive *stii r ctinsi to ) puo il. ap 'll t rllrhll e l tMll'li, l I oyal nree w o d8-1 to itJX I'tIi -I1( d,1,z hipin re , Ch airsl irt re woivee- and siitailt for chipping for sole at the Louiln F irniture War Ito all. nW 1 II')) --v , nleter'- ono l .ur --is ilh P'. ll e, e l-r. l erer, Ili, teice,,el in '. tl ' t Inll e d In - o -er r ee i' rinOe l l ll a of rvoln l tle- i r ar i's Clhe aimetl illP for i l'i.3 jle , rt iver i fciure uby# IVP t'K A ", dclrnir " of ornor ol f o l. n PmIin, u indlre di ,ecill LOUISIAN A INeKTIT fpt. P lls! Ilnstieeeo ohor ,he ilreioftioin onusgcttnTle- at i ren, iill et, inltto s eltierier tIhe fir, it iltiic', her. in the ha~ement etorv ,if tb-c ll trbilh t iCohurch, eorllr of Curri lehti nnil tl a, tilaril.srtf dileciii~r ofithe tlildrsigned wl halio.occlp:ell the chlir of lnthlllmatic in vera ('oll ees ofihe nrtlh, and whiel in igradl nte of oneR ofi Inemst .celebirated atliversitie of l;iI rIC n The course of etc liei to be ipur+cuiI in thlis eellintic ti will ie eromprelenl, tle -. fli, fcl ,i -en" divis +, vi: I. Tihe I .: in, hel dep i.. eli ntI l ern ·lrr , ll iithe ar Ilches ofa tolruglh and accotnlis eld lEnglish ed- lr 2. lhe classic iI delirtmelut, icomprehending the Laen and (reek lan.rnages. '" The drll~lri~tiro nt nIi llnieili litImtigi r'e, in ,hirall w L lrnill rt il circic h I n p en cedplotiail l tiersa lri iilg te llll hllrre llc. h .lia lld ill Il I. 'he inueit n i ics Ii illhld Ip ilomnhli .a d )eplrtrPl i Iotl.preherldine AIge lra, ..emntetry, it-, rwn Triglo lii . t " hrill . I.i ,tr II"n+ .r l bh - ir;l lr j ilh e eiper ll Iu.t lll. Ja i:"·lclll (hlllt-i-* ill f11' X llllll , ll.n lLletwll it, le lilrllleil aid o eiii (ld t f ,, . C lclr ti lI.tillce e r a C J i '-)IIIII\ANN, A Ai. I t: l .: e r . v "+.+: I J ; llin\ I u, sq. n ev i'vreid-ntM .IIcNNiV, I..uuiian College, f 'r i" 1.1 ZE/E\11 ;I , I.C (1 9N '.\ ,., I le lie no (I q. Newilrlelans. It ,,:I.l , S ..r iti L a' . 1. I r ,i' ol.r, S,,lnhier. 1,1i dh , li, In t-i . I h, ,r, W h1 .te s Ici e, il i ti li. Ill i t, i,- ll, i - ,I ,c-.c I . l ice ci I I c d I li \ l 111 11 1 ts ,l(I • ,lt, ir. Il e ,,"." & Situ h,.-t pr. I. 1 , i ad l'en ilnl; lr... I': i l itl-lr-; I cl I A h le >,l;ll; lnr Ide , n , i n. t Il ' + I Ina t+ ; Chiuno 3,. , t Qi dll ( ill I'u l . ort.- i lli(---li , 7; tiP I lr ti lirto 'll 1 r ill. declre t10. l , I I ' e toll l r i+" ca- ; J Iocpc t Iloli, i, e I.('. 1' I ril t t' lt 1rnw -crS, A -. lrc1 e rId . I |,i-tellhd gold, IFa uly lhl led + an gld dSIlrw Il .llt ri S i 'i (ll at: it +,e o lii Pr N II 11.lipl . I 'imearl cnd Gold I ni illclr-; 1 I l . ld i- lr I o. vNUKI7 O IT tit (&'C., rscet llrlly ti-r.on ti e they occupy lhe llw brick shop,, 219+ T" houI i.e. II stralO, where they keetl conalstatly oln hand ll..I i(ppeir Tin and Sheet Iron War , of every desIripio,, a Sa ch an tills, klerll, andI p lute, ine blth, a Sing tlu s, eid oil can, of all nl rtl and litior, and all l i- otler lrres cating ione rLLat hrtret notie, o P GraIa tare of ivery do cripltion, astcl as steam. i hot astirrups, hbog coait, sorew Moll-, nt el othier t kind oftetih-.t.c work, utc - s ca lhimneoys, broach. o ate, stans pipe. 0 lhey wil alsol do n l kitla ite not dnor wo'ks 1, .'nlc a zinr, cloppler Il tooliig andi gullerlin, a eo Tny .lovet and all otler kinds ofd work In i ir I ine of bustnells, they will execute at thei e toshorteatstnotie. tlec27 t I i t.RI ld &l CO'S Bton cLlld New Orleanlls - LI of Packet Ships.-'lthos new line of ships has been expreocly built to runlli bwon tllhe iabo ports, and will be fonund of suitable draft of watner cecontllodaliona for lpassengers, antd every offiirt I I,.wll be ollldo o give general sati action, I t I lano is composed of lthe aI lowinlg ahliplet CItChroke. 415 tono Capt. J ilarding, ii C-ir tline 40111 o t Leoistl, Ch.r lieton, 317 do I) lldridge. SCnllb anlt, 6l 5 dio I Hrelier, SSeaor alln, 2411 de JI ifowei, i a.eOitimy, 625 ltdo r -unoplhrey. The ntitbove ships are nll now, of Ltie eirn lant, h clfenp rr isO lteld ld coppered, cooiattndd bIy of greet experience, (Ieve large 1ertlactntdatinc. wtill a elnIartte ltadtieicble.every attention will oI p till lo ti arll iri, anid ithe very t et of stores I r~ vided let 1 fish.(ws t` i'llii paLklt. will bein lwed up and dowin tihe li Sthe tue of Siilo ieg, a ld sooutl the roe vtnie, I c readot nauinI er cioel o. cIt r it. In ll.(oll...UItiillplnn .Id Will il al cr les be ultlitlull, e. A it tillo it cg rlr, iisti agcth SIrlegIIe, e t mlves i oi l uidcro thiittte eihs iolc ae prectiolle, t eene - l.Ini iarwerd gll Oi by id ia J ll ni Ilols e,- th e eei-r ate llturgce, utid toad. nclllli all .ep: ea n grooln re I hi 11es, ri -irq ir .dt L'le slipai ill leave thle lt lnd 16th ot eviry rolith. FIr rripil t .r Ic. tage. lpply to tie aglgti.t J A MIFRIH'lT, 8 Comletioin st. S N. B. Allv.loceetsri itele colsiglritte..ts Lar. to M.etrs. A. C. Lumibard & Co. Ist v27 FUIRN'I'URE! FURNITUJiE!! U U 'l eloeve at t.le I.ousia, i IFullrlIt e Wnr. hoelln , a large sap iy .aulI l\e" ' or\ 11t t l 1 tonll. I'er. lns ill ithle wall w )of irniltU le worhl to .,ell1 .to en il, nlsl a ec'lll ir tIa des l UIII ho ,onlle lh i l i11nd Slarget -tltuc.lkt it l tile City. I I I N .l-Particular attlentin paid to packing ag l Iuip ing F rn'itlure, freell, oxll e dd-p':ov i-litIl t 1A',sA an I.w Yenr'a li+t--A l, oatlhe S/ },ngllalllUld 4meri., all Anullun , ill tuo It · at lha B'.te ,'lor t Al.IX I' OWAIl, hlert , Ri lnte o nrnien- t ofthe ltk+ suituablla thr 11e +ensl.l t':t hl e Iale. d - 41 n ITE.iR:t lti.,i .1 --l9 c'se.s ,rUltlt blug~sll , -L.hlU I--fiti Ilrrls '}lhice I r:and, lmdog ho.u II I L b iat, auJ, lurb :de bI ja l o IIREYI 41 New l tat .~NA ' I AT;-t. .6 ,oe rte at.t I I.n Iu.r .sl . k;epJ;r ; vri re n. 'la ain"t, raI " i- r.," eja~ 9i -s.p lýrth I n 1'lt 0 1 i I Ai. t lt ) a t, t" It , it - I lit~ I--.i. t -.i ti hies i llllllg at'. -tln , l r ja . illret did, i ll to Ir e i by . l 3 u i} T -- h r ime r l "1 ;Vt ,h 4i I,, nu , S tale iv J TIIAVI& IR ,d, ja3m 74 Peadra R 4T.DNPF1P. , REIAUT FI.L head oarhlir in the rrsndret orne ment belongina tI. the humnan frame. Hmnw stren. Iv the Ioe nt it rhlalnrent he tellt.tnltce, and proms titrely Irines n the Tolrd no', which c i mar llnt Into recoil aIt hbltC lnie-hered. and snomleticel evren to Ilily .a.ietv to avoidr Ih tests anld snerc of thelir nei1R il.tinnnce the reltlainlder o l their lives are cn seqicntlv snpey in rertitenent. In hrt, not iv n the Ioa,.fi iuopertn fillt thie cenarno Ihtinktic ninth with Ihl nt onvv linkine dloom an dar the Inta of I:i- hair. no veret all thee . l et n hirtlmllnnt .%' ll'idet RlaIn of lohalmhia rn",pa the hlir frlat. fillin nfanfn the first npplientitn. and I few tottles restnre" it arani. It likewini prhlttcr e ehbrowa and whldkers; prevenlt the ilar train trninie ermv makes it curl .lantifillv, and ar"c it from acllrf. N.,mnraet certifiaentr. a the irst eapeeltaniliny in Petparl of the virlues of OldridgeC' Belm. sre -lhown hy the proprielors. ]P Read the fClinwing- Rohert Whnrton, Esq. Inte flavor of Pliladlplh lina certifiesr a my herlsee behlowi, to thehigh charn, terolr he lllowninaeentleaen.. The aIilaraicated do herehv reetifv that we anve ls.l Ile I-Itlec If I'olmbia lij'.veredI hV J. (lr|ldriee end Ihave fiond it liihlV nervi'enohle ooti ilv a prevenlive aecinst die fulliog ott'of hair, but ac a eertain roteur live. JOIIN P I"Gl.IS,321 Alch street. JrOllN D IIlI.AS, MA D, 161 iance I JeIIIN Fi'lllt'lIhl Spruce otreel. IlU'.ll ,Jlc(l'UlllliY .-.3S ll"hd sht. J l )I GA1tali, Jr, I23 Arcth trhet. It is known that three of the lhov signersl e mnrt than 51 years of a.r, and ithe t!,reM not less then 30. [FrIm the hipveer.) nt nnwelllll tilll h if PenlA vl iri nt I I. Robinert ihartnr. aor ofte ot nid aityoe ir tlce v hoI e ilnmes a re igned It l the tillove cn ' i tiaclle,a l l lia .V re ,ntl el oli , ef i lraI lr llr l re~i ti lh il Ird itl an s inch fllll crellil t Lisould lie Eicli to the. said :elliir',lle. In whho a who reilf a htie ohereunai o -iy lithlla sliad cau aed Ihe seal of thae cit lc Ie IIxll. tI li.r e1 t It v of Dtceimoter, t te. " e re[I.. n le R EIi Vc ic.l l '(N c i N. tI Mevor. Olleitilltallh h blltle ofithe Gelillinetlnim tlt. in plendlid enornryed vrplier, os whech is rAprwIfnil Fie I Nll ,Li N IN.I,, MRe ol' hlllic ar d retfall v tief olerin t11ae tlll f Aill ri i. e F eri tede" lei 1t mirt ii rlldontv ed laneo o, r Iet Pear l al re o1,st by most druggbie isti ,idin I. ilrllerf l I t augh he eouctrv.t , JiE 'IVII & ANDRN W liSer. OIheInildinie tr latat o-la omtithe ia lya divieo dlar elOlnl %teoc h Adevspah .a mieht c cr Irlarnse. F Ri KLeIN Ac e aIspa nh eI llr-i+ pulolicl t'alr re ecatt'ill n r t eeif Ilr lll t erit i uti titn i erl e , the mar l tt mrio ed l otie r , dU ti all .i'y alnd uotu t ti h "`tabie sll ·llliltiol in Icl t lh ur ht'ral liti, llOthl l ie ril ie 1,ati. e ltti le Iroati thie ia tur Ii t.. ta g hlceta h ,iI ll"lin e iior g a 1o o t teT e dvieth I i. llin l . litil Itari s. lar kept, e '; ep,,rote. dill'ere ll elases, ai.nld I Wt~t, Il el t . ,ieitII.. alttr it i lilll n te,iI., oii d ar c . c1and erlatell- ' pl-atklitir, aura t ier c ii Iad, cite tatle n tii lie dl h.a ls Ia. , bonumsn at nd an d .t t 'Ieliut iltli laher ary Ia llrdos, tndn eoiacll Caei. dl. W in'll i tnlll dleI , ,h lul-e lld l , llo P x ci i ( IIeor st . I wi a lnkd ttIIett , ll w t anid dithe ralll dlar. ao ll c sit-l ler ll lellln r ings l nd a e rt a. .,d ,, i t lll l tr :i hll :t l ill, + i o 1u1, lliNllLtl+ d ii I,!r it . rlely g,,i tIm. e \o ' wI; Ia r, shntli. aIiiliio t lv r ",i :y .a.itlt a. L.1 -nkl-Uilr ttr a h hd will tu tallllt s- g cntrh a ll ard er h nplli tat . l llle lner F, , y t ll . ill tit cit. ir n ,\ill i .--OrA i the IaiL lsa p t and tle ile s i r l y, c.olnsit g pll :,27 i ll .l hntliLu, bllil.llo h, veveL t I Andil- i AlulI rtoent anllts riiht1 , b tn, ltl thlnlls it lrlld frnod versl b tucc- .ll 183, . ctat y ceicrstn o c t ie Ihllest esltict:b i ll y in tills city, as s, taJ i slle .tt.n il erlil ica llc teis. ltt , with uds.ilt-l rolt e rt , p tlln a ldiinap is hilt w reo ri,· aend.ll alt rellt las (mly ,'xt glltc.ll la'y WuIt tate eaII dlgprestly aI fItl rI dl tiad~l, hy A. L. Vucci.thllat lld : -ol of Pltlet tdellh s e pil. tt f.tto ctlt , lllti --tai n b rlA telinga , anl y opthte iio corniti. sofcri.lg ro tlheir lllourge of oiry.Ab, Eou lll. I is -oiiid llng t tie direclioor ll Fnlever frid A of, culllltetl l catre, itvln ul wille s l O; tinrepared ctrlaO oe Lt oeesrei lar. c I Is nlale ill n dO-aIribla e.a oaid ithe or" i il recipe. Uewear etail ..ll children iUn veret i uceals ill 18py. Itby perenm l the dhiglhest or altll ct: rlt i this city, as st led i nldnll t leui ed moertiticc.ts.o" eut elibt l cura. Tlitire is aaIhaccyhr m tiglcy niol rel'i.l il Ius highly reeonor ny liln d iuliuhas l, l.teumIla. i IllVe.c ll t .X I tsl t prlpribd u rn w rth -'-leeai cemltic cUeccs+. tiht flte prciodtor iAa" sho rtteille has vilc iuailc hed lie-.n,:r it i thel piari lie iti its lprcv.t flAort he holp . apoat it liy ghes IIh- lelU lll ts l ilg lalllnlly of tllose who llrel ularieig und thi liac oeeerily O Oate ilouitry. o iase tcclia ti tardirhe hirecthl Ile iaCoevr ntlid hof nlottet d uclarel perfen turo i of th obstier l saglle. ofA. OLIVEtir. It is alt Illgr New Oleabs, atd iprs ollllsf lie wea ralil drtouh, and ehidrel Ia styre, cake It wititgticpuety. I a eclleatltclpc the diaiaratil organs, creats ol a airiv lit,, andd C .arlr i rtruirs tur ec ouo, or ia ohtiaatei caalla, two billlis I Ilert i cure. ThrA re ist a ipcry it cry ol r jt the huma t. V. Sctstitu . 48 p dorlti t. octali egn t ihth rice of aivery battle which has beei ,lfakla ia oecitar.a C t wt.a the direI aheti.sant lid higo A. OLIVER. sole atgoeot tIr New Orleahi, at his wIteallao atd rtail drug lagd t nedeth e siore, gctrner of ecitovlca and p hnirtres c traets. ctr etistriet Agehcit, aplepy to j.a- 'c.n W. cie I'ilc , 48 C nli gee I'ATE OF It.Lt) eal.tA. Fit Ju.acust we- 3 -t it Court. TI'hradai the 6th da) io Novemh r. I'pe nt, th It I onl A Ii IILodaaIn.,l Judge. N.. II,; lU, Jua lb .I..ltas-y s. his Creditrllll . Ito moillol l f I. itt Itor sq ~lf eCuil ) l 1. lfrgue, sylllhc of the Bred' ih -, tllfille ]ill(a al l ll dta l~ll lg a It.ilellu of d.,i . l i .t B roa e ".t hi t a llada bo lt the ipub.icattl i Id.i rIi - e why .aid Iinhl.all st,'uid init be hut.halogled ard c.n rold tll t t, t ul .ld s'a ola 1' 1 ' I.e i.A . " GC-, C rk. ITo.AiI' D'e. I I. aUlal, t lgr . N- u dl I'l. ovrs .i a I r li.r,.l .lll iet t rr , a, , t h at. t , '.. l . I..... ... - . Ptsllt' i r it[t I ' lic,Ll lr. d I)deveaax & F, tte r. Lr(-e I•n "lll et M u ri t Il n, Judg).'4le l NI I)o~etl:N8 Je Jton 'Iri s tas tll l r ha- h ri. a "r.: i .s de sir-1)e r llr at l . ill I: .IIa". . n- a , , -' n I I Id,1 lr thl IIc ol it 11 B .i l III IC o .t QI ltll il e(I r I Ii , .'l ll r exile, IJ, lol' lll, 18d J I , ll T '";a L )lr I 'LOli ITrauil tP o er (lll. esh Ihi iw.ei s"itl,. I. l h tlieiotiitiei ei' d .ebit llt· icllatIallOlt e ,el . ,+, lerk' ; le.. , -e ember [wt..L ,ltlt ce . , lltl . .-.l I'llirtl lanl ' it of NewI O.- ell e J alllll l tlIt y tll. . .l l . t ih a g . a d t a. t ues ea a 1i u lt .I a Lr i , D t mr, lht rAImrles ,.,h.uJia. b Judye. E Ne . llav l i ewt l l i. lthi.e t d his crtlr~ lld .. lha etrei i rs , if Jhilla di is n r,. It,,d byJ th cl urt lir thd ell ll fi 1l ' a ll' I :lelllo u ,,l t iho . i t Jot. t a Ito oI h a ,rn ler lahat ioi tlt tto, ll ha t illr the i tttfiC lf IIt B a i elf & .r t qr nIt"L 'V I'llllliC, oni F:rltav Ilhe' 41th d ~* 11fIatl I ,V 18:38, Itl.nod there t +i diatberate tlpo 1 raia e s n" a fth ll .OLi 7 alrt b rllt oIhh Allli rol'o L it OPlitt.It llhll-l hi e I r, i l l, : .t t . l lt fb . I ko.i riO llram tt i,,+ Ile ulIpIpuiuted t nt,aaitI r tr eI h u l. it cr'edi, or. ia , tllis case. Ily orlder of th " PUl' |. AJIM dNl) PIToNw k, clerk ('lerk, ('Vl'or, D)etclber at8. 1o 38. de, .I-:It lae ý I D;.qriet J lI.civire. Jelni, Go |)ec,,albr c : Prt·.ellt I'lllulnorl ol A I1 Iluellallall| juge. Ja h llh +alllll , ats. za,rcreault.ers-- No [6,3811-- ur u llltltn de I+. otlvltlt, i'io h s. , ,u l + " l ' enttrl iiiiall · r calh de d-trl trlou ell "AlJ e,'tte :,ff i Ce il e l oIrd mixnt qll'tllll• tl;-clllblt,:, te.. ceanculrs de ,'illolth:V11 1e ,.t a ,irey illutre':ln e li ' d, Illite ,,lir dhulle ,I1x jllls lie Ill ,ubli.,,i'. tiu de :cl 4 It., h .ol agac of uufit . -elohan I-l, tl el Ies f.lllls liluese ll eOlln cqut' r. Etl.tllil ,I.'. n llallllt(e 711'i: A JPA lpl~ll, % \C, 1,,p ,1'+t'fir, Irý.'l tr ,lall'l. Juh, tl iy.l l L F II)r vs It,-+ t iudl l r, aillzlP· ,i tol at, "-e l 1'11.,pe e 111 ~tl -olltrlanv. h !ai.h • t .1 Cal t I"I·'V lack a.tIot. 11. sheIII ell' -, nI tullli n a d d.14 Iiiiil ,h' ,,|v• C .swall .Ild B1.thl. t -q -. ýdRAF I'S uU New YVrk, lurule by l d1 d ANDREWd & [IROTIIERd. an 1_titp t AlO bIttORRLIOiDS. I" AY'S LINIMENT.--Na Ftion.--'l'his ex. W traordinary chemical collp sitolun, the result of sciencs, and the inventlrion a celebrated mlcdi cal man, the introduo.s n of which to the publ:c was inserted with the soloaenity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, filly sustaiining the correctness of the lamented Dr GrOdley's lart conl'esrlon, that "bhe dared not die without giving to posterity the benefit of his knowledlge on this subject," and he therefor, baquaathed to his liiend and attendant, Solomono flays, the secrel of Iis discovery. It is now used in tihe principal hospitals, and tihe private practice in our country, first and most certainly for the cure of the Piles, and so eaten sively arid effectually as to baffle credulity, ullcssr where its effects are witnessed Externally in thk following complamnts: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours Rheunoatimn-Acute. or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sure Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup and Whooping Conigh-Exatrnally, and over tile Chest. All Brusses, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. . Its operatioa pon adults and children in redun ing rheumatic ie lings, and loosening coughs and tighltness of the lesstny relaxation of the parts, has benen surprising beyond conception. The colrlnon remark of those who have used it in the Pies, is r a It acts ilike a clarn." TIll I' i ECS-T-'he price, .l is rerlinded to any person who will uae a Iottle of [lay's LoIrinient fIr the Prles, and return tile empty brittle without being cured. 'TIhese are the posirrve orders of tie proprietor to the Agents; and out of many thou. cands cold, not one lihas been unseeccessful. W'e night insert cerrificates Ir anr Ingtle, but prefer that those who sell tile article, should ex hrhit tihe erigiial to pareihasrs. CAUT'ION-None can be genuine without a splendld cegravsd wrapper, on which is my name, and alse that of the Agen.ta. bOLOMON HAYS. Soul wholesale andl retail, by COMS'TOCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in tire Uioll. For sale by the Wlolesale Agents, corner of CLonIe non & 'Teleioupitoulas street, and by the Apothecaries generally. je30 El'T tT DI: L.I~.OUI$S tNr1N.-Cour de Penamse J io Piaoiose ri Ville da In Nile-Or,eras--Ple met l'ilorrale (herles Mlaurian., ing-Nul l,:l2 Isane Baker, neL...llermen d'tenu, contra sre cre eaniers:-Sur lecture cr enregis relellnt dc lupetilirn lt rabrleal en nietle rf',ire it eas eerdonner eu'une asrcea h c des rrl-nceii, anl e.'iairalvakle nit lieu ell iplille tour SI ril Jamuier 189, a l ix h uaees dcl maiin all. do dllile'rer esr ir- nl.,ires de Iillervablre; en atteillar [,nles . , Dour-ites e sit nperson As so:it; ,t L. ,I 'i n eel imnlllle pour repreolaer es eieaucierieledi deeC8 AI tiitllr, I Dce 18 ier. iA'E f \ Lt i.l.A NA. ( a'ists oirrt fr the S a:er h and i 'ity of New i irlllne: pIreen, Ilhe Ihon , huari' Alnurlcn.Judge, Due. :Iith, 18.18 No. I1312, Ieune Ilakor e. his i'reditorr. Upon readliog t' filing the Petirion ai d schedule in llhis case, it iordered hI the Coullrl th a eerling of the Insolvernl' creoditrs I ke :rlhie inll ,p en oure, on the i.,h day ofJnoluae y I i 9: at Ill o'l ck .1t.. al.then Ind tlhere to sllw cause whi' tier -li i Islllr lel v hruIIl coOt iie diisclllllgd acnrr Sillnl low arIr ill the mialntine all lroceedinlgs aeaillst hi t'Piern andi prrlrr ale stayed. It i lurther de ceed Ilh it L. I.Iw. r, .:lq he lppoinied in representi ime allsuot ireditir, by ord.'r of ihe i'clr t. A. PI +'UT Clerk. Cilerks'Otfice Dec lith, 18I8. I' to-ci' . llan.b. er. . .Draing blue and owhire v citicI r(11, ea ' so; Iceilr rtiper; ivo'ry locrkel r stl ''trot,, cial dti; filleo tit|tit Sic t in I n ; ,ri rir g of evr dela rl iptholl : aIrhil, u ' _lih alid 'rench. l .rreiio~rnvrurrvr to Ifl snrven.;'ilOred el s-'d old .ild-ileer, ipl:lin and eoho.ssnet, iccludhig every d,.r aiot crlrhrin., fer a:l," y IAVII)III Co, N Y NStatiourr'. fall, jac9 4 CLhartrers ae E, JOINS. & CO, T fl'iONEIt'S IlAt.i., cUcrel' rt. ('Charles ovdi (' onUOI streets. th'le scb.srlhe"s hrIlvirlg recerv red lln tllt i ctRstole shelr IsUcsortIIPIIT tf gr;ld i c I 191i I,',crateri'E d die N rdih ointr lu'r cah Ith Itl F EL g eli Icrawiug papers ol'all sizes, do wrllillg do sopetr roel, ri)cet Inedilrii iihd idelalo, i laci.i, ltter falter, c.vying p per, at all "lrres, Lt.ndo soi|l-orlsl Ibow+; du f lcym l.ter anld te paper, plain, eplin lba d and cural bro cl, Nlter ciii wriling pallers irlolr ite ,es| n ll sto he M[ ei i, Per, van eons ui all descrltion,; litt .i rrlanl alll td Ielelih qulills; tepheol's atr d oPerytn'sa writing llids., Molrluesol amlll I'erlrun's hlest copylng inks; English oiIi Am'rrcan f.lona d quarto cpilrg lroler. IRodgers 4- don' best eutlery, e rnoliellpo i dirk, pen and desk kniver. razors anid erie softa, Packt beokle land wallet's Russia and Moroc. ,alther. Eiglis.h wifers nd eouling wax, Supelrior inu.u; Iv; Travellirdu desks and dresiis cas. s Acklrmr'lll' ruind r man 's lll et n.le re , ... lrlokinllli a acnd .r.ckenoLruran's drcaingi penril., Dr.twitg ihcor8, irAlhnurt nod Britilh aud Acnrl iC.OO A.lerdi.' lur U1839., Flrrel, Sllpninlsh. Irtalian, i i ion IIo i ntlhl, coo iri iing in cIaISical, lire ilirliceal e.lrk.,iterary. Cc. Just receiver ald i tr sole by nor,,.O 1t JtilICq ,. ( ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOrn 1839. aP.Il..NI)ID LolIn .\inuall<,-The Ilink of IL)o ally, s.ln erb ro.l'l dlotes; Findet'i "t'ableaux, Ul, tinaler ,f 'timur.; Fishers . Irawiing Looin $kbetlrh Bnook, Bleauties C.rtnllries,-Btullds ao:li, Mlloeeomsi Waverlv Keepsake,--'I'ce Impierial; O'ilon tlnniuanl; Forset me Nor, Jorrlaul' I'Pril'alt Annlal; ic:'ricatnr Allllllll Cune Annual; Fienlathriip's tiffrmog; 'cihler's .I venile Sketci Bookij Young nadi's and tyoung e ,ileinen'os Aonual Alaric, A \utlt-; C(hrlsimns Tales, Americani Aennela. the T' ken ao l a.tlanltic Sculveniri "'I'e Violet; The(-lln; Mrst Gilman's annual I(reiavser & Itusewlle Al:aneac. Almanarc's. Americe An tmnanc & I(eltosiuoy ofU-eitl Knowledge Blim1's \nulli.ol hllllnc; brJ has & Co s. Louisianua .Ahnae; t'rorcket--f('omio-G'ernmi A lmtrm', Stewarl's lii.rv lor 183'I, conutining a blank Iri memo rulduln Ior every day ut llthe yr. F. IJHINS & Co., eornuroeifr Cibirle and Luniounon stv. C Ill , unlleri lI, d h Ive II tir all I t co-ptr. t ilrs ip llE r the o tralnrnci o of a ' eneral I'omns -ion nlld F torwarnintg ilotno , in tliis n t,, onert Ie ' el ,., ",, r. . v ,l iulill , tt.o l.d I" I~ i , the IlelW Itrlck storl, .u. 96, la.azil tnre l, (n ner .,y ra l is.) I El(It l'E SIIAI1.1, Ja. Refercnres: JAItMES G BIIOWN. St .i. Avery. Whiing & -lark, W\{nlt, i CO. c 'V Itogilrt, Itltgnrtl I.thor. J Thayer & c~t . RLEAN.V n. tOn V ihall. NEW ()RLEANS. CrUckto , . Shlr t leigii. John FI"lniield & tln., Walker, I.Inron .4c. ett; (lligs I 'lhiock'ring, 1 losTan. I1tI ti n II t l I& co, P t!hiladelphi I. htvi ' 't e c Pittsburghs Penn. i Edgrrlton of 0 nIlhridg. Alao-ietta, O: John ii'ollttidg , E-q. C(IilliI-nhe, I. J & It eant, r co. NhIville, Tenn. J nE li p I TRnr tAl IA. -- . A I'e, t Lo.u -l), '1o. t 1'J ! r 1P'ItTI \.N)'T iT| I+l;>1 i Etll o,"S'I'FAI lit I I' I S'l'h. lll Fcribes halve iln s' le a few ,,nll rl+ of th ile I'nli ,t i,., m ife tt .ty ine, 1td1., tu'r Vl'o ,ll. I few ll , Irlt clnI l t *'rIt j i l l,ooIrl l-o . G ie t W et w l ~rll o r I n 1- l ift i t on t r -tu er. ifr t Ih o , l. ult o ll. trivl n sli . hi ,ll tt lh e i l Ihs. of PI,, It 1,. q ,t oti l . h 1rh. 1. of I0 ItI In tlIt in h atle hlll'r ther at it dilit.,tli. in W +n ain Bo ir kee,, ,. 10i brlls for thtl Its l of the nhi . which was ;tlt ati board Iti ll dso l it I a ttlU lre. SFr It tria-lr slII CFF S L USE,& C will Nt t R Ftrniit Ioevt e I t -its ll J i rls ts i t tit n cra ,n only he ,lcln eretd to olMenl boao, ontil w1 get a lfuithr 00illply *hichi dtlecd s00 1.101 IiAVANA& 1t]FFI'.-410ltas plrle quality 1 o iltore, end - tl hrlels i stor lt Fli Stot res, i.I 0t,,In rtr . t, in tie Ilttral aintr it nltotoo, 01a, 11011 lOtn . a 10TR1 10 rl Il . .i A b ,lil, fluir i trt i ttGal llhtr .1 i tl e of 11i i ofa I lll i . I I- il 10 ) al Iarr lt n ortand .a, fir aonll, hv +. ,ll ABlI(AII' I'lo It rIt., "14 Poydrt it fir ftn8 I, n C B il iE&,lltlh'. tr snti' h t S 1it -t .i " ItIll t; .\- l. t .t.-.;.. IJN'Y I.At1 -.-25,ll II ha blat altd buadleto,1 t .reted itoaee foo atle by jaon $11 ISiAC BRIDiE & Co. 194 .Nlo.gon4 - It.-N'I',ulLS, siLtdel, isllt. slir,, v.. L lasisagtrau rltll p ltp COlltitttion, lle for oaie--rlt 16.000)tet of slas, boet quality, fromie 8XI I tt 2iX2i8; 31itt kegs white lead, pure; 3:0 do green Iniml, in 25 -ibr. keds 2n1 doz lupaltldanr Ioirsign;fl6l00ti lb ihraga l6 do aiplendid tOle00 ground brushe , alsoe of01000 anod 000 do; 2 creme green ill powder, superior article oo d itl coal; a largo aesortlnent of cas toots of esvery size and qunlitp; sable pencils for artists; flat nlarkine brusheas far merclhants; artist's colors in oil read Ire pared,in btoxes, itled -;i with all nlecessory brkusaht; artist' toorls, c. Flake and ieniitty wlute; 60 trcks gold leaf; white and yellow wax; iath ur!ii; ansd t larle iny d choice as &o., for iilelwhulesnle ald rltail, at the hlwest rin.e, by .lltNltl'lLI, a2R 58 Camp el. NEW EDITION OF T'HE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIA/ N . -IT has been fir some tise made known to thite putlle . that the sutsacrlhrrv are ensreed in preparinl for the press t new edition of the t.olisiana Csivil C(;te - They were,. Istra tie lirst, awarn of the great dilticulty and resplllonliiiilr lit l Ing thse puhiilicatil it the work, and it was t ut withoult ertr hesialtion that they l ist setled to the undertaking But tile presenlt edition amounting to bout three thousand copies, and whilch had east the State tnltre than thirty thouIland dolla, was entirely out of print. For ltore thnn two veers past, the tIsnl p, lie of the work o hasbelt front iltirly to fifty dttllars. It in a eyatelo of written rules wnich co ikmmediately operates aupn every individus l of the o tale, interf.ted ethller in .g iclnure or eolnllert e and which corerns the disposition of son imuch property ,onnis g to usn rulll other oslat, than.-,nl-ke llilsl. a i otherrtlsesaty i opl; law--t its Is liIIn h the In l.bllt k "a- tld s illlllaat ol(f ts( mnerchUllt anlll the Illanter, as it is of the private gentle nsan anlsl the prlfersiosnitlndvc tr. S I'lhe lawyers ofl therljilliig sit'0 aand it fi ct s fll Ihu ste .tote ptll th. he thio nd tlis-i s pi rivert hl lild ia uart fi r their pri odulCe itll s oa l' qulrnt 'eesily of relireaIIce tIn the codle,ol mlkit i i indisptrit-lle siqtisite sto their lihiisri,.s i nti in the eits of New (irle tas tile hlook i its sure Ito L,: !s llll the tierih-ot's nlottilg rtmt , its uitt n hIe , dek o.f the juds.e, or us' Illllle Fifths atttornsey. It is a( t smrk+it " thereflre that the first edition ofllhe work wais so quick ly disposed oii; and hlloullh a t lepint of it -wuld itt stnne ittellsos re suoply the public netes-ih, vet it w ld he iltprer:ect nndl stnsnisiletrv itle I-s lln;a rd with releruces to tIhe IReport. antt Slanltue-, inl orrll' to em rare tlhe ilttermor llae lentllsit which iIve b itende by the I.reillisint re, and the isllprtant de(ii ns andslconstrllctions which hae been given upon ainy It its artsIcles by the Stlipreile Ciourt. T'Ihe liblishero have secured, ilr tile enerel snper intendelnce and editorial depsarnent of tie work, the professional sernices aol bhrelaclk S Ibllin, Esq. a tiel oer of tile New (Jrlestltllt liar. The Ilin. tle Ilulilrd, .uder- Brlilmudes , and lion George iustis, hve each kindlyv lssisted Mr I'plo n with the vllluble notes which thes have collected in the course o their studies and practice;nnd to Mr N It .entoinsr,the lprt her of ,lr 1llltonl, who is also enegedl ill the work, Gee Straowbrlsiie Esq. s ins tr.entsd til rrrrat mass of tefe rene.soontsiled its sli otise cty- of the coder and UsnihI nave been made biy hilm dulilg the whole period or his dis.l.guished protessiolal labors. The pullish erts m rFill n Iro trull tr i tt that t' l nU ntins lls of thel iUl rk w;ill be all th 1 t iinl trl v ll labourl,, u.-i-t l by Iellrllill ai iInd exp( iecl' , e(ill I rtlnlln.t iI p tln fortht i this pr siOecttn· il l' _ Coen - Itll t1scribers to the wI ork. I pll l lks T dr ' inh the fl. thaio tsllt I. sti 'iLir t o t' oI a hi I ii-iia:i i hut lto rized the toCle r to ( "r .r rone thoalnaad u l. ir. o1"n it , t,, oire use oI ie °mtte. The realine.s wi +it whic.h ti1 .elnse olfthe vnllno of the wrlI.; nd ti , h' % lh,.n1hx ,>:+lend- ', i el that confidence, in the ability of the pnhhh.c', d and e rlitor which ii i Is Ie e is t whoillv y IaniII serrel. The work wIll b.e rintled in Firench and IanalIah, upoii ,cstill piper assil with clear Ii ter; nor wniI art ex prell..e or oare ile sporedl Io lllake the h~ole mnelhanlical ti exetultiln of it eotrresl)ted with it e.rPat il ourtar:ce Ii It will pronlhlv lie reay fr delivery inl thle moth iof Sr pt-stiller nitxi; " tii ith, price wiln Isi, ti . srrilo-r<, f.lesnt dolller--fi' dtllnrs Io sle pai lit tihe tils e of still The iubscrilptil lists once closled, the stoire price will be twentyidotsllars ler y. . li rf ti " Itl:.INd -b CO. Puslishirs. ROWANI)'S TONIC MIXTURE, F R EI'tI AND AGIUE. rCEN years have noL yet elapsed since it was 1-firt reigoliily sobiritte to the public; but it has uttinin'd the hlighest relputat;nll; itand has .ntisl. plainted every other ieicine tfor the Agulle, iwh verv. er it I; t lleenl known :lt id al pr ii ted. Allipady l ii sit l c:lrridl inll t"v ry dllll'tllo rl thllll ltlllho the United s hitlltls, tll -till re. lizsit in tl t' iI hlvel Leen tnlle iatlily 11S Ilt 0II ilogne i lnlll Th'iusanls til ' persons hlave not only heen relllv'iiI, hill r..lttd t he lih and vigor through its a}iin.' cp; ind thliey now cteerfully testity, ill eveSry ip lpurtllllnilty, to IS Iiid: d s ull suprem ' .f'.itl y. I; is composed of such miedlcinal principles s are cauilllted to rli'tew the Iealtlty aclion ofthe stoll ach, ver, ant oter important digi'tistv, Ihe o s of wI i Ilalllrmony is tsie iet tit .tliates cause oil' ti disease. It is apparent alno, thIl it produ. e.. an ntlllire Cilage III thll conditl o tthe s yatI , ani cartailly d slruys the native libliiltV to relap ses of tilti WIVen the Agile i. attensLd I si itll ny othiir I'olplllll, the employliment of the lTonic .loxtle wi.ll not ilnterltre Wstb the treat. o!entst of the other di ease, ihut I'i I even afalld as. I y turnlishing streigth and vil gol r to Ithe tnody dusring the tcourse' of trieatment. Those who t usk e of si ti medicine mai y Ito ssireld thi.t there is no Arsenic, Barks, IMeurrrly, or ary other rtiecl in its composition unrietll y to the hum n tllnstllluionlisi l; einlg tillllrly a regetll.. extruIet; itid they maily haitve a di ll t l cof l idts ,5i llt In I ihI -i. thtercof, whlen thuv pi-reive Lh, t it h is io er- I Itd of ag iiI i laxative aIbout the Il mn half a b-I iln full has booeen taken-in icoll " u tlt tei of whichl, I inre iis no prt l o ti' ie inu tdililo hi t to linger i I tie howdl to calos iolstrutolins, and olthkbttel., rlin traio the tle o l' manty lp the rtedcll s now ITred for tithe cure of this ttlotison. It has bles i so-d aleo in i prevenitive, by imany who weote sillb St ton periodical recurrsence of the ci Ulls( , and it ais tai rithply warded ofl the iipprheiiodld alt t.o. Obslerve! The Piie tpri'tolr, fully aeti5ltld nth tih lipar sillesed ltd unillversal successo vich lis at -tantlY attenllded a punctuatl and regulasr usel of tlre fali Mlixoturb, in all tates ot bisver atd Aguo, lelt warranted in erg ging to refund the price to Al Ithose wnils si nslsotn s I t hle sntticie Iii .sriLt cli cordasnce illi cthe prescribed directions, withiout having been perincLly and lltingly sated. The subscribers are the wholtsailo agenlts for the Southi Western States, anld have now. on hand six ty cases of this medicinoi whilch in warranted trash and genuine. For sale at the lmasnfucttIred prices JAIlR\ISi & A1tlli' , \VlWolesnle 1)rt.egiit, nonv27 co Commion t 'choupitohls street.i ORDERS IRECEIVEI) FOR J ONES' It- TEN'J' COT'iJ'(LV (;LAS Il.e l ,' le '1e,'No. 5.; \ shetzinr tl, NS.e lirleroi sO '0OAE 1.\it F.AC'rUI.IIC IN N:\ YOR, BYl RIlBERTR'l' lOE &1 CO. , SC. LEI 0' PIRICE'S-DLode e G.s. i For a tduable Gin oul' ott aws or tnae .n Itech c) linde, ll:akilng 1l60 sas s In the stland, with tl.vdelT, hads, &c. at $ lie saw, or $90 tll s Fore Ihetlon latn of 6') ,t "s'iet to [lltl te, $O leer saw, or t F.ordo. 4t'tiwsondel.or I saws inla 50 lt stand, at t6 .t Itper sawro, or Flr do. lof 10 staws n do, ol i saws ill It soal, .0 p0eii. 50e saw, or '26i t00 SIN Gi, G. INS. For a siengle S ilt of sli st:t s or ior,, with o.e set o leeterss, batds, Sc. . t $t6 per saw, $48O00 Fordtl. of ftl saws, with leeders, &C, At t$6 Oti pJro", saw', ot - F ol, . o- s w staws, with feeders, &c. $6 For do. lot't saws, with feelers, lce. t,$7 50 per saw, 150 Oil ixrlt1 tr .th lltret dresitredl, f.l' fe.lders, sllpplied l enllts tlvhl thle l nab ' ofte ertll hlt'illg, all t 111Ial ' the u in b ral ll lls . On eset illt edrits, t llscot sidrted Ihollrter, will l Iear S1 Iwo i'tllee sets ll soil . I']xiv 111 a 1 s ak Sjl~a litNO ..ltl s vno.c ll. 'l'h (i11S ls n ht alih ' I I, tll btt tlee ltloCl lt Nlll' ll'l eIe ,,te't the cat 'tres ste t'l'ttse agent , w'll be olio mi llt t t It .I ,lteotll tot t rt oitert . w rill t t eSti l.;r 'oniitat "l 'ittte ttogtl 0ttltttr ett':. tt h'ietex ril , Iroll riolllilh, geIai'a :dlllla e Ito orm ·red rhe.c dc:,hl.ld oit reiloulilble tkgi., Lit will be charget i extrlL . HlrL Ip w er, ol'an) desc Wlr i hm , eau he Its ib hed o l. Ik toillons 51 11ll ilte colgiirs etii illLso tL o'der'.l i" le ireil-. It isdesi:blE, when plllaniers livc orders for Glis, tth' tshtoultl aelcconlalny thel witt heir views illn regal! So tot' erlSlt.a t 'tlonc . saws, hlasshs, btuslht ee . It ts hI nlh heiy til'o opitiono. oote ttehito seesI aIr ' lillloetel r t h: othiersl The most olnllot l siz t Is t or 0it|ches its l. iti wise tt Shoo I ieeh.,o beer wish 5 r r' IirWs.. br I slhlies il askll le,% whill otherl d, I not lwant moreth't hsthmsst. Some wishtsaws with 8 or' lreth to the ilcll, while others want lOor It. V imhll dlallo)l we eer t i t. l lle shlttld, ai itheilt e o l'i i It' i e) trti'es trnh Iet a iti il: t a of lhn w Ih et t iat th e t:In ' fttllC e:)etIt. Tlll o !t c in r vertt • Iro h th'ett . ne hteL ih is Il'i in oll sc|'crti , we sallI toaklelI t.eI l te moil st m odern .ii14 al I ed I1:f .. ie,. er ii TL L Itd, Irc n ' l ie lI mn it il" Ol Lelu ie. A. Ik . Tho Pi tot Right, for tan .li of ithe cstOSt tI 1t s1g Stales, willse sold on reasaouatle tClls. st rSmoss AN ur 'AiI.h I I lft, kAUL'It Ok'- 1n51J CtINE. T IORN'S Compnioold EIleact of Copaiba and Sat r Sparilo --A certain, sale, and most tlcetual reme dly eter discoverd fort. tie cure of Gonoorshea, (setll, Striotures, Whites, Pains in the bck and oinsl, aemmal weakness, asfections of the kidllier, gravel, scorbitic eruptions, LSe. In tlr iroudction of meoedicie postssinr thie usefu and active virtue of the one now ofilered to the public, tile prol ierlll has but to Ir'el' to the lnuloenrus recoltn Illell aliolsl iceived tlrum tile molst ellliunlet of the nle atperciated t he', i's mTrits -re move 'litel±r ktAc ni. '1 he tole.o of r,0ciba, ser.ttoirterch, has lcst lfdru0h ll its c. dil lro thl e dislike .hirc plllaens orrllel'd) express flega rdi.g its diafgreedi.e taste, dlf tu.ebrlrt prolllcee Ie theg boeljs s. maclh,'r o a rt ift htretott iamieit .lle\ \% l, urlt'ri'l tile ilrrlauctn.eorr f irage. r c 'h a'eo )rieoclr whens I htho l male anallayIis Of thle Dallcot, coucveiv li g ts a' thle r..olre atcrreqroif'iestO.tltterlfefVy rC erIrIcl IOlMle Ir e' .tlll' t'( l Mal orII sote ' keoil'tfY fdlllilrtisrrl.el'e thll. ill the poreset site. The abute ted cine omlllbilesin-r 1i rfedierl tsr fchf are i tfe hfig.let repute amot trle omust scientific anc Iu,.rlred inl I re prlolrasion. achi ,dlUt, in the oo1miosit iOf I tllilsplrtllpaatio inrea'ses the lflohcrv of the other, rtte(o.icg an operoe to t rrdlly at-u islting, ld esurpassing the most satgmcft ex.cetatloos; possessinlgt .the fSale timll tile alitlrlllu e or its being administered w I perflect succetss inlthe dil.rert stages l'te abe ls r ea,. fie mlost eminelnt phlllyinlrrnsallnd S.rge'rnic r I e plneslt day xllrers Ilteitr ecuileuled tl r olw aliuu it. li. rul " c S a .Ir's t .illff , o.' ilf t iltl tle ill tile .tid has itals and teifi tetedicealt iutitution as It i, rlal still coltiolnesr et's extlenlsilr. It waos a .lb o'lle tened)'y tit thre cl ebrated it' Afler.rthy iat all iV ell.l - ai ct tlle cll ae ill o stiln. Te ulflefitos rnll'ofIrr a 'riiu l r a lo s i slllclcll lare o| thelldigeatiy al'ullctttll tsl . Ilasi.o be , scrlhrttr d 1r1 tile tct allor experience IChe i most l .elubrat.'d ano tllhler lttctlllt)', lthe, have expr'essed i sa t isrtil orf itrogr..f ftl-arrt inry r..irurceeitr'every f" c:lr . Ilr nder I rt . of :ro 'gel, h vto adIfptol ..' i f tt 't h e i .rli L fll i rn Ir ' ;ftl. I:.:leiCe. "'ltilo',i l(i erll UlltO:! s i Illf I eeII11el hl -. ll I'e lll'I ) T 'Pf oec ., C eriost Lolonlu. Price ;1l 5.1 per lput. "STII OJN1A IS. From A II Sallmin, Eo.f, F 'I S, Sue'geon to tile St 'I' ltums ilospitall,ad rIIer on AnlltoLmly. Tarot) uft , ', lath llle .I l'. e (ul l tl'e y i.I.'ti llll llilt iatf pronouncing it ore of the most saleable a.t eflicacinos Irem lies etl r oileired to dlll ' i blic, aml oie i whichl Ildoer InO producllleutlle .lle Unpletllot telli ctet, usually ex eot 11I II.) a, ol d,3 It C St, Plhysician to the St .torylebu.e JI)isjpensar). 1 Iake gl':l pleasulr. in whlaing my testimony to the valable prop -t' ies of your prep ratioe, w.ishing you thel success n LU so fu~l serr l ese an a1ple reward for tihe Itboral exlelse inlleuredt ill rillgi it to such1 ol letato ialrl'ctrlrl. F'ru i' Cuoper, F ItS, Slrgeor to Guy's lies The uni.rm su.cess which har s a' ended tihl adminis tr.inht yoU' ntledlcine mIlgll l" III la'tie Sr oaftifetetl wiltt hra.t.te dis.eles, bIs Iutly attislited r e ti ithtt has toly to lbe kllrnown to be trlly Ippreeulttl. May the Success you so swell desel, nmpl.y and speedily rLepay you ifor ) na.t ,ldable pi Ilrnlto 0 SP C I. F ..r.n Si. A Coro(erF', It S II C P S, &'o. c. Iltoill g been'l i tlloaced to I uII ' ' o : xt'li ct inll se'elalt L:l esA', h,i (;Ioo rtllll ia -ll1iclh Ilal hitherto) h:iftei Si!%lr Ilow rs I t io'i I lloi ahert' l l bym" I g fou nill d t~o lll] sure a r't'r.r ,-e .',re's e'.'.cted by it, io a few tays I ice bilh public .od private recommenler d tll use non lrom oG WV Blair, M I), Physician. to Guy's Ito I l'strict test which I have given yonu' msedicine a ron l patientos, A f itsf ivr'itble serces, thus tooh w ill illl ncv ie to itele'e v elr e ill its tilu, a It I dee 'm iti but an :let of jlstice sald of dotu) ta ad L Itoy feeble tesLi monia: in collllellatio of it;Iirlues. Irornotl .. le Thompson, M D F It S L. rletlrrn llony sillcer Ill:thlks l'or t e valutable pre I't o)" 1 Extract t'or'tee cu'e eof G.imorhmae t c. I feel grattful that tol a~ote at otot brought a medicitnr ilose wrcirch 'il' I alt.i-r v6r deritslurertuytrn hIg .ntleightcIor ir rhe moflica; 'teorhl-a ,ult Srretdt'y agrd u ellrctrlal Lur.e ill elses, I Ithe bolllve class. It sliiruts ite Rg1..t pleasucre I in publishing to the world the valuable qualitieso'. our W~ere it niressr', the lproprittol couldl here flrlnisle mllan morle Illllllnis lequ.d alls coumer.ll atory as the t o e; ibut t II llsts thatllll it lgreat ell(.re hilltherto the cll e t & expenue it whi ch it Ills been I rpared, i ,1ill II''oeits r1 t.rt t ht.amng lr r ce-rnr ig public. O'r ,e i rec tu endtltt' trhis l. I n..' nve.i' , a erroe a*]1 Clll lnt.i is ,lit aIWtlllll' eI 1,1n nI- puilt \ 1 il" .mt~s-diho e I rro 0ie I lll | il iime) It t tke. buig ic h)t co ls vI peoa I 'ol--i0 tanei , ( t , It .nth ino rI ,trirtion in lliet SI' t 'rlll l rll ell el (llut 1 u .l'lo.ll, , 'l rav , llert .s i espr I cil.t i c\t',a L rt(e, containing iull anld ampl directions. Ftr .Sl, by SICeKLEI'S n riO. m l 3:w,.irn 't Ctro ,nal Street. "m iRGI' i1i IN FIVE AND A HALF DAPS. Front Mobile (t Itbllll) to A ugustra L Gei t- E'VI. Mob ile evet) other dao , ilnm' .inctelyv aoll.l Sthe rr:nt'ril of the mail f'rom New Orleanst ecr ittl * ".tuanbtn( FE.1:lTEt, Io Illakel. oachlles to I'enllacvl it.u.lllllholts (per Itclls:la liai St IRosa sOlllnd aadl ChIoo , talaelue Itiser andll Ilny) ii Uedar BinIC, enaches thec via MIriai n, Cohattah.cochee, (l'ormerly Mou0e t e'rY rnonl,) Iaini hltrge, Pinde'rton; I tawklisville .nt d I.nlli:'' tillr, to Aiiugstn. A I:passen.geer takilln,; IliS sent at M. Iile is in or. dm:ger f being thlroi n out or losing hr . pr. eI tl.e other .olnflilctin ilterl'est., ori he F1.0 1-o I)A L. IINE is itI not Ict ncel.l and l tI1er oSne oit! tl throrlrlgrot, eii rma hot f re TI {rtI utAINTtr upont htrc l i e i . . A tfiri'i i rt tIle s lIt, cl rotl ghi l a tl neat ,;r l't llat au, slCI. Ioddesu sem.. most unlirlleseei CHlts to'plle shunh'i Til!h irel Ne c O)rleans .ai is t:'krhn I y ths tulle. The :t.nt, for allolu•.nda i'nt, eo''tt., Ctolchre d a vitieroCS alre . spass 1 ed i 'the r tsoultlul'l e ellllll try. Thel smollolth, hlarllId, natual roIIs, tile sali and inlter tslilng u:Lerl aviittial, thel Iner alln accmtnlitUl ion, afllhollrd ther atelters p1121 e orrtii l, tcot.l .It,sil anli ptleas ig lliritlI comlected s it were wilh the all Road Charlestorl, S. C. and tle steam packets to New York cll Ilrea sh N ew York frolll New Orleanla I I.EL:. 'rhlt5 I I it l rar-\Waslin gtoil tbity in 12. Froml (hattlahoochee, Florida, we have a o ia1 e I.ilrlea I.rie) aod T::!Ilaessee, to St Marks, 4 hors' post claches also two Itoanches A Irow H 2lawkiusvills onel to Mlli[iget ileo and olle to Mlacon, lighl two lul r coaches. STOCK I'UNS F. co. AuntarA, 2(th .illl. 1835. oftice at M:nsion ihlos Mobile I)istaltv, New OIrleans to Mo:ile, 150 mile Mobile to Augllusta, 5. " Augusln to Charleston, 13S CIh:rlclone to New York, 980- 180 Time, Now Orlean to Moile, '28 lourl S Mobile to Augusta, 32, Atlgnata to C(arleston, 1! Charlleston In New 'lok, ft- 258 M\iking tIri miles per Iday. or 7 miles per hour, inclu si.t " a Oll sto l'ges. lov 10 N. II. I hag Itrve to inform the iphlic that itl br..idge,',oer the CIr'tahouct.eswanlr arnd Ilai rrLahti re rrl , Ilravre ust rbeell c1pleted ) Ihe generalltl gorer"t mt.rt, (IhI "l. iobstales operatingagainslthisalfean spec.1) route at,- thus ha, .ily removed; and I allv h plea:stue ofle :'.11~i r..rom 1Ielle'rs thr. the coucllers,hlro s s, dr.ivers: t1 ea.s n're ll the rtirt or''der; alrt as to th, Ir f*. r'l..i .In ;m I . :.. , ' "i7 .m, te r":, "'fin l y aV ,:s I ", .o,,gh it tt h ,,,,r rsrc,:,rse, i l nmvelties rreal.ty snd felty. lThe bridiges htr'houg (eorgia hav.e iso breen rep:ied. J J C K(;AlII II ARBLE CIIIMNEY PIECE W m.stnters:, Ca Cu.tonlhouse street, opposite the pot.ltlice. ' The rubscribrr are now receiving from their Tac. toriea in New York, and will keep onstantle) eon lhand a general assortment if Marlb. Mantle Piceattes of EptrItr wirlmnasthtll)tt, ad Of the latent pltternl, made of the best Egyeptian, Italian, Irish and In American mlarble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and ic brave Stones, mvu'ded and plain sills and lintels, " mtarble !shings. hearths anld boundary stone. plaster of Paris, Rmlaat & llyliraulie (Crasmnt and Plaster. l ing I .dir, together witl a spllendid assor!tment of i brass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iraon I Grates of the neawet and Lost approved patterns. e. Lerttri done i tlhe neatest llallnner and at tlhe shorltest notice. 'I'lhy lhave first rate workmen to I .et Ihe above w~ork. I ite. 1 i' ES KAIN & STROUD ' ARKEI R I ROCKY MOUN'AINS, &c. .LOURNA . of ari Exltxprlong our beyond the RI{lkv I ttnttains, uldtll t i dI,ratlion of the . B C F M, pertfrmed 1t the years 1835, '36 and t0 73; containingt a description of the geography. go. f elogy, Clllate and pfoductnCtLOas. land the nuilte., I tIl erlls and nSatoms f tlte nulives; wltll a Map ,f Oregon Tar itory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A I bI I Ie River and te Desert; or Recolllections of the Rhone and tht ,hartrebrse; by .Miss Pardon, author oflth City of St tan, &c. ill 2 vols. Tihe Robber, a tIle, ". " the altlthot l Richelieu, t1 TI,' Gypsy, Attila; in 2u ' The Two Flirtsl or Ad.slure in a Country Ilouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington. E L Bulwer, Mrs Norton,. Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captainl Medwin, and others; ill 2 vole. The Life an- Adventures of Nicholae Nieklcehy, edited by But, with Illsntr.,tions by Piliz, No. 1. Just re. eive nd ad f' sale by p L'KNJ £ojPlASSI,:, TEI't I.IOtME'I'Ej1ts, MIIICtist c tPs':5_, -,& --Just rereived and for sale Ihv Will. lien. , toree of Ut an't1 t Ciommon street., , g neral us llltlllm, 1I so veyor's C1O1oseII t a.henl.t,e.l IImrtl e"t:t l, I I"aw |g ('aen , SpIontg 1)tl , t-,", -l nag Baov lles, Ivory Pro. Ivtev calre-, ,tnutrr's `rles, Gllass Trianglms, ' I aI'r.lliel Iuler., itertlr pes, T'hermo Iato r, Canmera Ohbscras, rurvryi Chain., r Meaesnrto Trape, fie. iF N. York & Baltimoroe 1,i .. IACKETS FOR NEW YORK-New Lnes. -To sail punctually every second Mbo" during the season, fultor not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tonn Capt. S. bSetfl Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Bert, Ship Arkansas, 627 do E 8 Daonne Ship S reitga, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jacksoue Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker The above rhips are of the first class, noppereda and copper arstened, at d having been built in Now York rx ressly for this trade, they are of light draft of wteer ord allnmot invariably erOst the Lat without any detention. The comlmanders are melt of great experiernce. and the ships will alwayesb' towed up and down tile Mississippi by steamfients They Irave handsome furnished a ccummodationsl and stores of the best description will always ha furnishe d. Tile cabin passage is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is nn liquor furnished to the offeers or crew. For or passage apply on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camp st; Tihe ships are not accountabln for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, eodperal at tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading is excreu:ed therefor at the office of the eOts. nov27 NEW ORLEANS ean IIALTIMORE LINE Of PACKETS. This line will consist of tire following vesssle. which have been built or purclhaset expressly faO the trade, vis: h ilrl.eanrll, Caut. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, a Ira erry, new I Stevens, , Solomon Saltus, I" lithami Brig Architect, ' Gray. These vassels are of the first class, have hand. rome turnri.hed .ccommodatiion, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admlit of their receiving and dischilrging their c:lrgoes in Baltimole, at the citl Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, atrd l rwarded by the agents, t Messrs. CLARKE & KELLi OGG, at Baltimoren expenses on goods shipped will be advanried when required. The price of passage is fixed at S6t0, amnple stores of the b satqahlyr will be provided. Steam up and down the Mississippi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEe. BEDFORDs nov27 22 Bienville st FOR NEW YORK. (Louisiana and New York Line of Packets '1 111 Ships conmposinr this line will sail frot New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-eromnurrncing oi thet 20l(ih November-and to inrure the punctuality in tite ime ofsailing, the lie,, r ill Ihrenitelr consist of live ships, viZi Slip iY. oz, t'crltahi Traik, to leave on thre0thib Nlovralni r. Shiri Louivi:lie, Captain Palinrer, to leave sh the 4th December. Slhip llrutsvrlle, Captaini Eldridge, to leave on the 18th becernb:er. Ship Vickburirg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave oi the let January. Ship Hissivil:ppi, CaLtain Davis, to leave onr the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, coppera d, and copper fitrtened, liand Iupwaerds of 500 tend hurthen, are of light drlught of water, being built in New York expressly fir the trade. The prine of p assag is fixed at 1011 dollars: their cabins are fited.l up in tile most itmproved and convenient Ipln, and finished in a neat and elegant style-s Ample stores of the first quality will be provided; anid every regard pilld to the comfort and entire satisfaction of lasstngere. who will please take no. tice that no berth ean be secured until paid for at the offee of the consilnees., T'les vessels are c nir nr andred by captlains well ,xperielcrd in the trade, who will give every at teritio and i xert theInmsl ven tr acnnrirndaete. The'y will at all tunes be toweod tip and down the l..iisi. sippli by sntaUthblats, mnld the strictest punctualrty obsrrved inte ihe tre of sailing. lite owners of these silips will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by dr pat on board of them, unless a regular bill of' lading be signed therelor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For filrthrlr particulars apply to J D BEIN, & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common et FOR NEW YORK. [Louisianad aNew l'o!i Line of Packets.] sirltiLt ships oeurl.rlllTi tis ta Irn will uit iran Alte U tt leaultnd i'ew fork oa evoeryother Monday= ,IIencinUill onil thet 2hrl novemrrberi and to insure rli s rti est litrl ualilty in t t ti re at asof iiing tire line tr ill Ire :liter eonsis of lire Stips vi : Ship Ya:oo, Captain l'lirak II leave on the 20th nov. Shrlip Ioeuiritle, tapt.ein Palmtier, to leave on the 4t Shlip lHutsaville. Captain Eldridlger to leave on the t It e icerib i . ;lupi Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave tin the at .itn au rv. Ship .lisrorippi, Captain IDavis, to leave on the 15th .L-' lThe chore ships era all new, of the first Olslu eplhored and coppeerl itertene, and upwards of 00 tonsa burikhen, tr euiht light dreathd of water, beiangsbilt in Iew fR ork expresslr for aeo tmone. The price ofpas :ance is fiel at ore hundred doawus. Tiher eaisil ab iltletd elron tie ieIR imnproved anrd,.onvenieat plan,e id. fi ,isredriiead antd elgient arv Is. Ample sterernt the first quality will be provicded, ancl evry sfgaroIh iL to tile comifrt and entire sctiatactiocrof passenger, who will wlease take Ihotice that no berthl an be secured an, nit paid for at tie office of the conergdelee. hsI e aenkets nre covnmtnded by 6Cptliun iell ax perienced in tihe trade, who will give every aneittiotl and exert tlhemselvriee to ccomaodates. Ibegnrull an all tines be towed tup arid iltun tlre Missiseillpi t otenleuoas. anid the strielost plactuality ebselrved tl the ime of sailing. The aonrers of these Ihips will not be responsible ft. aEy let er, palrcel or pachkage sent by otpullt on boarddn theni, unle.s a regtllar hill ol lading be signed tlseirefoi it the eorutig Itouea of the agents or owners. Far uirlhir particularsa, apply to fa BEIN & A COlHEPItN; noe 13 9011 tlMmsn as. -P'SACOLA MANSION IHOUSaE EIEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T I'IIE aubs nrler itavhlg pur.hased tle leat t.ed fit nituree this well known astablishment, from Mt '':,ylor, the late proprietor, will be ready to i'eraviea ra t"'iNM'p , ~ti itlts. .l'fYfovementeo I be fbietid' in the urrtungiCeni t of the Meantion Hour. New ald more counmodious bathing houses will be built, etd arml b thi will be plovtded at all hours. A stable Sll be attluhed to the l louse, with good aceourmudl. tiul:S fiur tu;d ecuriegeu. lo'iltt irtl hroaes and t:lrlges will also be kept for hire at moderate pritee nd sldil md ltow Ients, w ith piersons to manage them aIr lit eti t of ea1tts. Itilhlirdas nldl orti, atl etenuteet tsual el i atl. oateritg pelces, ill .leb oumiahnad ia.-d iu llllutei t, irnt to i,.telforreith the otifoll cid quietol tihe butrder,. T'lh wines and liquora ill,, Ae of tire beat qulttty, and to enture a ef ic, t nra o r ses areotle Ieu ordered, which wihll arriv tthut tile I-t ti SlTev. Mit Frederick Ihtruard, .hot formerly kept sopoPulafa a htel nt \uishliliton city, sill rendart thia ha el Gfe tlhe prul tltr, ho, siill sutith eit,ekmfldentl atureli the ,jitres oflnoet .ear, and hi friends getelaell, that they wilt reecive terv ptusible rattenatlin and tbleet eirepblets to gite genoeral atiielactiot, 'Ihe local htietitges of tt a htouse are toa ritll knotwu to eied a teogt. eied te.riptica er. 'ThY fatels tl.nt I'rn.culu iI tIle tergot avael tateioa b f talh Gev.'r"meet; the genleral rt.dezvts Of"he Gutllfsgitit itn; the eittltity ot its climate refrerehgl Outatly dee tillo tile .aooh~, tir ttlttt by the couia ' ttgl tle i;ul. the tetetlv of the bay and the tllghetLsia t'ilntd illd tilere; ile aiundaoca and dlaistracyeu Utlh iih whichi the ontere haound; and he ptwiit, to thl het t Southern markoets, jire Peluasha the aPi terence oter all tlter places in'there le.titudehj i. healthy ald dellghltlfll sulnmcrretreat. Firt rate beonte ill rc t bhetween Peheulee td "g bile, tnud will at ll titmee li ale to tabe the pale Fr l front the New arieaahbbatt. N B A,&NOLDRe Pe.nertol, Feb. it,1 3It8. Q e (icntlmtett oinhiig to engilB tecte r btom!' filttiiee, enll It rese the tproprietr, at PeonaaMlet of Mr Secwl T ITayllor, the linter rpa utar, ci 05 rOi Refi canoes. Tyi Sanford, ll, Ir(: Cullum. B . et,. Ltr Kiiby, iu Mob.lhc; 8 ' *laylor, P P Rod t P --A letter beg, to receire emwan L .L ' pFI-o. at the , hove otel, is placed at Gtewi in " ofiie, I St Chntle3 E.rch.nage. Piiun.A R :TE -11a w ! olltE ' q i iEl 'Travellers desiru t pf ekift gt. via Peliitcitttlo tie Nlort ht ,lee ht e, Iheals will eentaetml rahb fron. ,tvine Motil, and Peemacola .ee.t Iat of ar. .ea,tateatge ,,wiltl e. [the aoub abS.o+ be in mdites to re Mlobtefneolae of the Crlture of thi. .:ee - RLB The eeaheait Champion lmen a .-l ltice twi. a"

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