Newspaper of True American, February 9, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 9, 1839 Page 4
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a1 ALUV Aflg ANtsri'AILNDAL II YAIUDAIt.R AND SCARCE. f(! vt'I. fEiPrT' 3Piowtp'yo.,, 2 voole dmo e Florats Rains, withitupert oiiln' dplnotee 11 "bi itl, L. rhilo+ýnnphihb Iq N ;aturc I.o Ier lja Ciriles, Narim 17!11 rc RIo..elepedle tit Joit set Fabroics NOW- MEDICAT. WORWI ole vit, on eor-r-Pht.hidii , od Bli id I.rg i'tl'dHinol Juitioetdeiee on lanncity "1*IiOA. nteooer-PrVttc o Iuegeeni 4 t tl t'- Knr96r%'-T.;stn's .urgerv Midsiirrrr illnetnrtd---::netes peputar Slrdieinl· Vrr'e firm .eery of t ihenintry RnIee',Ao lyric tl i'hcli try CONOORRIAt. AND DAUTIOAT.. !m ~, jAmltto cand Rtpositorvjfim 139 llla@4ah,.co eoitteni letionirv, London cut *l..ccoo for 1831 iclitegai Navigatido It If , Aeeni'rECTUR AND MDAN OANTCO "I t ,tui;,,r f Arehitecttet, Lmlat 2 2. i r ArchitecilLi 3 ol. innd~t. 1/I doU* r mhierotre. 'I'redlnbl'l C··p'ntr* ` Lu^Q'p''s )Iechnnir.'s Enevelonodia, Loudonn Ilau o )Ithrlmaticnl Tables rb'iltlhtcor~tl tMi..reiienire, re ie t t :Oed n, .Jlf~nol no o Oral I an non Ot v la, E nil me f ibt . Ceriotitiet or l.itcrotire,li Palttivnl EcrytoI)Y. byKay, do Vethnke Lt. hcrtt1. i of WValter iSott, 2ccl, coe litanol nod feoholla, by Precoott,3 vles Ltnkrttpeace ipleodid edition, 7 colt, R8tn 'td.a giierol Oiorieiont i of'lo, Medlical SDcie'ifi ('lassirnl, ill is -'l Ion~ 'n miiiri., ismo .rnglieh cod (Iserr~an, t atin and Greek. E JOHNS k Co. V74 toe. Chorle o and Commonoo ole. .() A.wS TONIC M-XT'UItIs pm freitd noes o4 co. ofthe Fever cad A4ple. 1 T iill Iwe odeiln ditiiettel clioreic the Totnic lilx nrar is snparinr to the ordinarycitdo of treating the Fr oAaailArt' In the foot tIpro, he rig n 'rqo. tlein. xtrct, nd' roco O ironhieay dclrrrioo tend poishoc tke inaditintda, ieot lneit taken i iiitheiutiis.ttcfi.t t Ocon he the telder infaont, oaglld inralid. It pie re iv relnaseif ite distooc..consoi nently the ienstiilt hitio IRi, regains iiti ontedtlonor ael ncoivityi It etiab Itshee a oun I end periAounrt oppetite, by iinigorating titoticcnelicend giees n relish to till v'\lnemlls ofjoltic. fluiu iOulinr ln hving- a pl. tiirociioqutliti, it rtmticii Ntit in theliwtel', to iocorttectitis disarder, or to crtete rtLIrr disenpon, bet tlticltiglity ylr ttiua the severl nr gitot yr digottiulc, rin thius bhelio the ryelrn withiiihncoer othrer aioirting.t it boojpbe toppresed. Inrl", dle, otto the me nhe 'oic hiittr av beenrxpoleli to ll tihe utadl causes of the dinease, Rad here ~caped ainy nyittpiins f ttrleorowhereas by the 11-P rfihthooion remedlies, thee is Alwcys crea tot1 'n iiierraeel linbilitv to recurrncec. The darger a f fqI srnt reicreo .itf the Agie, it vevry evident, ror tlhe inttm will coon becoine too tonch proetate to be Able to react withtmedieine, andespeedily roll nvic 1m to iNth incesaitnt violence The Tonic oIfenrd oiittol t reaeonahle price, as to oplat it tiiihiii the rene- rf every one!-to liact thlic poor and dettituto nec, hirehy ftrnithed wtll ovtistocce, without soliciting the aid Aand atteldatlen whic~is feeqienoly denitd to theom. to else veey rcelntotntlo testowed. I hi eu olire aee. riltrcly ocattioned ngoinoo the tilit riotsiitatittt of this medicine, tiat ore daily offered (IIf ,prepotod only h) ir. John R. Roerod, a his Ittln cccie, llitehitlbteo, Phlilodplptia Ile ebterihero car the wolilo'oele toent for thie Ncicih't\rttera Inte..c, alid aillirellhy tile geres, at rtim 'll'ilelphh iitrices. ti i e hid at retail olsa,at moost. rut0 Alttiterori- inl lt , ity. J;liVr c & %NDRI'VS, coS cc leCi c e Itrl ciltet ""n'' nlr Commas . '1'ehnilitn llnn m ,,, ePr" Co;munnn & l'behopitoulins. .l .tsssipps anRd Loutsiaun Hotel, . IRS. MARY KIR.{LAND respectfl'ly an. I onces to her friends and the public gner. al' n itl, she is prepared to accommodate them at , aavt. establishment, and hopes fronl her tr n to reonder visitors comr ortable, to receive ea ronlnmtance of former favors. She feels conli. dnat ti,at persons visiting CoviCgton during the nlnmrr ionths, cannot find better accolmmodations Vh ,n hlo can afford them, on more liberal terme. tlr ~~ ter is pleasantly situated, and well supplied ith every convenience; the bar is filrishled with tHe m,=-1 choice liquors, &e. in short, she promises htat n.tlhing shall ba wanting on her part to give Ian, alisfaiction to all who may patrolize tlhe ,{ .'iaa :tpi and Leaisiana [Intel. je3 T. swudied under D)r. Scl midt of Charleston, ,artb Cf:armlinn, and for soame years his assistant in the practico of medicine and surgery, as tlle honor ts ffr his professional services in this city. iii a.sseure thie ladies and gentlemen that tile most prompit attention will be paid to the calls which may hri made; and also offers his services to the hkaiers ofl' vces, being cwell ncquainted with the rdisasa, comllmon to them, having attended tlhcn ini o sua.tlr house in Charleston. Th, I.:nou, anti.bilious upillater tihc omposition ei Peolenssr Snollette. with directions, can be had orli ie nderseigned. Th'le effect which they haveo prdane.rdi in this and othelr cities, has been attended i wlht the greatest success, to wlhich the best of aratcncts can be given. Apply at No. 166 Magn. ar. street. JNO. M'LORINlG. 'i i;' ,,.tVN WAR- TWDrO CI s tWS, SAD IRONS, &e. r.'ll IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, hao. r-reivrwd the pact season, and are eonstantly rvei .vin. large and extensive additions to the shick l' Ihe anoe, goods, which now ceonsists of tihe ollnt Ioig assortment, suitable for the southern and wectcrn maikets. fIlinw aireo of superior quality, consisting of sabtll. 100 tons, vis, I'.os of '2 diflfrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, ttItls, 15 sizes, from. 3:8 to 30 gallons, kt:lles, 15sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, It k, pans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tat Kettles, 6 do hkilete, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Ctvto.'ed Spiders, 2 do erilcs, - - 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wa' boonxes fromt 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. C.rt don. 5 to 7 inches. Wo,,d Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :n inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported p, Ices. S.d Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for rotailiBg. T.nlcr's and hattor's Irons, assorted. pmh weights, 100 tons, asorted from 1 4.4 to 081,s. t.u.Is for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. male to order, Also steambsats and other machinery made to rd!cr. Thi alove assoortment of goods is particularly see,rttcrsnnded to tLic attention of Southern and WestVrnl merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever sflcred for sale by any ane eatablishment in the United States. Merchants, iy torwarding a request by mail, can khav. a princed circular, with description of goods, pricto and terms, from which no deviation is ever rmad,., tisrnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. N* w York, 1838. y.13 NO MERCURY NOR CUPUVAl co.w Orleans, Nov. 14, 18'17. A nnlCT six innath, ago I lid tile nisfortune to get . a eocrer dieanse, for w hi:h I have applied to seve PI dletnrel rl aier cre, and they did not care ine, so now oail ,r edae tat. da I put iyvelf under tha care of D)octor Hurt, ard I expect hitn to cure ime. Since that time th rli.r.e grt worse, s, as to break out in large ulcers to Ih" Iilcnher of si or eright on ea h leg, and all over my face, and iore throat, and not able to work at he pevet tiien oa aeolatnt of the disease; Iarge ilcer on ice riht silde of the Ithroat. I ant now putting Inyself eneclileutly udert lie cure of Dr. Iluet, if Paris, ta he perfectly cured JOHN DIEAN. I DO C [ 'I FYV that ilse anive ment;ined disease is finite well cured to itlw eawn atinlehtim, for whi:ih I thank Dr. licHn; nittol moreover I .rslire that the nmedi ine I have tInkel il.-i.t l.e lit, and did not idjure iiy tanlth at all ; therefree I advis mIriy f lir atferers at lose n timc andl ply tI In )r A. lert, 121 Caual I street, beiweeu I)liliatolh¢ and titirhriu srreets. tr. Hunt is at hii ,rle iin tl n'cltekk,\ 1i, intil 4 P 1I. They will find a trie dotllr flr Itis eomplainlt. J' Ill.N I):.N.N, eI Gravier street. If any one wants to see m e, call at Ni. 4It Gtiaviel JOHN DP:AN. New Orleans. t eh I, I18. fel, ID lv % a r t Gennuine IhJtsl·, s I of ,.Iverw rt Deal Ili . ,bn is pat ip in hIttlr ai tl laow price of 50 eents eaut, co.otiajio tle i trcllgt'h of theln lnet of' Livelrwort, benl :ts hii. irtue nlt Inilv other riots and her:.akhe allw n rnln indliisi as Piicacious ill curing pnlnteharv ermplailtls. The u iivalled S.aeees which has eatrended the ,ate of lii- iliatlllluthlcl lli; ehll ecellherr it las teae iitrio d'icedl. han nhltiloie r. il annfidolee and reclllllU a lirns lof Irepcetlh. lihveicianr, for the care of corgis, rcll., pnil. i:l the ti., wa-nt of rest, spitting of blond, ic'r conpllahio,. a. Tro i h.n it lilt, c,,ncern. This is to earti'v that we bv r.e i, nor pr-en ri. freqtiently prescribed Mfrs Garl per's frbutla I'h-:, iof l.ivermnri atd lio:lirholnd, wilth t d cnide ld c fnad l,.e.: we can thelrlfref, tfrnl thi knlow. Ie.,ln nof the aterialJ it is nade fromn, :,l chIei aton adllr (pcrielleec rn:lltulletll its a suitliri.- preparatlit i Crll thoie allertallitif thie hIIIt. fir wlli.l it is re n.msnded. 1i.BI IE1'1 II.I.IA IS, M1. D. I'ALVIN EI.IIS M1. It. nlphte, of tihe Boston Medical Asenciation. Pitent. (-nloetr ... Intlaho JARVIS & ANDIREWS; Il l a irn l it I i'.lt, anittll era "rlt u gl,, l Ilair hgivighllalllai d hetut.and I efitre Ihi-. til was nOffeer to the [ititle, ii hadl twent rimd iin hlanlr-eldta.fcaeaufhbahh.tea, thinitiaa. aiilo eillita nri.ift ir ant inevery lastallor its inlsarv ferrtah hrh I en r.l.itd. It hln ne er fai:vl to prialou-e a nCerw uJ itna iiili ,amwth of hail pI heady nlrcadI hold. In e4 Ia, h h'rn it loeco,+eal d. v abed crro w this Iti twill! v-, it ,t, r itder it h..nlhhv, Dnd proioie.' ra id lan t h,,.tti'itl grawth oi hair, wnmlthn the .ae Wliih t Ille Iiet-l. 'l a till gi*re na agreenable fera . iran and i a, : 'r. rule tio any other i ir Ilil fhr per lani I, aurltiw an-I hliiraiiig the tair. hle t i" aIt he'nt I. c ."el I-tie rale at I 't 4v3 fret. .r.S & D'F.A'GP IMMONS HARTT & CO. are nosw reeiing trou. on board ship Orleans, Eagle, lighlander, i'okrO Iry Andrew, Prench and Goernlan pIlny cards; Back lunmion hloards; Chessmen, 2 1-4 and 2 3.8 inh Bil ard Balls; 8, 9, 10 and 12 inch lhlado Bowie Knives Leather and other travellintr Dressing Cases: Belt. Perket, IIbremac's, and Duallinog Pistols:; dabhle and C single barrelled Gaon; Gamsn Rage; Shot Belts; Powtrlel r nd Piastol Flasks; Dram Botls anti Drinkling Cups; f Percreion Caps and Cap Hlolders; Cloth, lanir, Poot: srd Nail llraahean Orris and Chlorine Tooth Washn Tenth-Powder; Toniet and Shavillg Soaps, in a. riet; long Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frietten; Pear , anti Toilet Powdr; Emery lnis; Ivory Tsh Carshins: i Patent illots or GIarerti Galt Plsti .sltspenders; Powder Pluffs and nBoxes; Gilt Caimos, Selds and ieys; Ear-drope; Waist Bnckles; Branelets; Head Nesklnaera and'Claise; Gilt and Siiveredi Beads; Indian Bepds. Bells and Pitmew; Shell Twist; Side and Dresineo Combs;which,in adndition to their former stock on hand, p makes their assortmernt very complete, atid wilho seoldl ow ond on liberal terms, at the elgl of the Golden Uomtnl. i25-tf 70 Chnerren street. e ilie Sbthariher., Agente fers the extensive homtel of a W. & . B.ntchr, Sh.aield, Enoland, have jillt C reemved a veo extensive set of on res,r entsistine of Table and l isr.ert Kllivs ol'a e - decriptian, Pen, Pocket. Dirk, and Spear nillt tInivea; Razors, Sowis sonr. R, lg Tools, &c. &c. de. which they e prepoared o exhibit to tletradel ororders. Terms an conditions will be nmade known f atthe tilne. mll J. Ii.IIEIN & A COHE1N.SI Common at. SIMMONRS, IIATT& CO.--Are now reeeiving per ship Hnotsvillo, Eagle, Merry Adrtew, High salder, Freachi lnl Giermn dmtllee hiead plvin Eords: ster, heft n plctket pistols phlain, rihbed and slitd euioasi eopls; rap holderll; ciasurs , Ihzors, teot. e·a: Grillot's eommerrial and other stel pena; Vio. I ;or Violi Istrings; shell, ivorya old Itonr.tnhnal; wafirs k, ead anti leather purses; hair braids, front and sk ringlets; negro paffs; German ml t 'rench cologne t s .ter, Rowlands nmaoensser oil, imitation do; nntiqune and Iens oil; portable lesks and dtiaclkag eases: Ioaste blekilng; r staaianlm toilet glasnes; eonvex mnitsors; Op enl glhsses ati views; lltliall Inedl, bellsanl ilnpmes; i Senordleoan; whitrtwioe;toilet sid shIaing soaps; toilet owder, ecnimetie wash bllls; seeated satin oaertlionsi pool stands; telrw atsnlhiotse; tanny bead chains sine rebkloeea; hillihdl hall; poket ooks atl wllelta; irlnml holes; razor atlnap; finle nsd ll colmon gan ol:stic tuspenders, ers 'tsdalo; Beolls lucifr matches; sil coe pncils; Cirevnos, &e. &e. The above ilnlatlitio to oar former stock of fancy l'lalcles, makeahone :Masalltennt vlors t lcphtt. FOr sule wholease or retail; as the asgl ofilde Gohlnl como, 0in hlalrre street. nlOR. N lTICE-- The partinirhi of Kelley, lason &Co of New Orlean ; Mlaea, lnrrid &C., of Natchez; nd llarris l(IKelliey &Co., of IRoiiev, Cas disolvedl on he 21st of ns lani, Iv the death ol Samnuel A Mason, one of the partners l lthe firma. The uolderslgned, atrviving partnere, will be charged with the nettling and closing saind Isiness as follows: i rLevi C liarris will attend to tile settlino of thle business S of Mason, Harris& Co.. at Natchez; ani Harris, Kel eo & Co.,at iodnlev; and Henry Kelley will attend to Sle sltling of the biusitlcs of Ke'lley, Maion & Ci., at New Orleans. hlle names of the sevenral finns will he irused in liqaidanliou only. g T'hose illdcbtd to said firms are saonecrtly rsqllested o ocome firward and tiake early settlements; and those havinig claims will ilcase ire-ellt tll n without delayv. d ENRY KELLEY. New Orleam,, tnne 27, 1837. |TEAN -A.,Ie, FA- RINA'S COlOGNE wAi'ER Ie 2 eases ore of this sl.perii" Cologrne water, jst i I receled and for sale Iv the dozen or .sit-le bottle. a Also Aoneriiian and tsreih toilet pInders, powder rll antl hoxrs, shnlarini" [lI toilet sonaps, osmtcle wash lle, miilk ofr sae coslnetic coill eam, extr ae mnsk, kiphain, Wards vegetabrle hlir oil, paolataut, I tre c tie peres,l Florida, lavendar rosre and llay waters, mi.tet:'s mt, lorsciElles i)erfeliIry ill trinks, vegrrlt ide liitiol rmnui, Chlo riine and Orris tooth wash, on additional supply of fashionable Ifora and shell . combs and jrewehl-,fiir ale law at wholesale or ri tail at by SI"tIOl.(N, IIARTITl &CO, r julty G 70 Chartres slreet. ' N EV GOOflS--Sil;innn Ilarltt co ma errow're i. u .tini r from on heard shis Yazoo, anid Salratoarn ,en;dl brig Cotcrnlira, frot New York, a great vnriety ol giiids ii il their lillne, whichl together itlh their foinet itolk in-hll.d, Illmlkes tlheir nsirtrl lll very:, nlete. li fIollowing cOmpolnse a piart,viz: t elltwit, ,,r'- , u1 fk andidrcnsaii-comhcs, in rll io ofatll description,I n II diu rhcber, silk anedtorrtil elastic galerr, iouolntlont & I filne elastic nunlslllderr, locteo afiv an Lnciftr aintclhes, -eridlitz powders, powdclr puelf and boxes, toiler powder, a o pocket mhks ad wall its, needle hookso shell, pearl, iinrv ind liloriceo c.nrd icaes, heil orinucents, plainilo SI rl lecads, necklices antl nerligees, head chkain, head g nechities, cti glluss and tlailnsedl,silver anl giltheads, Indiall eads, belle aincd ilnes; pistol nd lalrge pIw Jcr flnasks, shlot behlts, hlau, Kelt. pocket and dneeilii ir Atls double old sinlgle blarrelled agns. Bowire knives, and dirks. seissor., ishears, icluet knives, ganlrd clhains, lanld ribb u llons I ust h leols, cllth, lnir, tenth, nil,coih, rlnmbh, slinelateIpt, floor asid dusting hrshao, Cologne, Florida, lavende!r, rose and hay swaterassorted esselrrn, n ald extracts, Mlnccasnr, a ear, antiqlle nlld W.arl's va iugetable hair oils, shavinglu nad tilrt oaps of all iles i l uptitns, Illtdie' and oenitlemell' desks and lreossig n uca, hair rtcglets, frizctlus llnl lbraidls, plain, fatcy anl nlnsicatl wcrkIk hcie, plain lnd gilt, liigred,i,:oat sid d ae hllttnae, pearl and ivory shirnn, shlirtiSudds , old nand siver pe1ncil eases, tothp:ks andil tweezersr, plated nl itd gilt lockeits, niaitenre doi silhcr brass and steel Siiumbles , hooks and eye, hair pins, iilitation frnit,blk if uand redink,si.,i blauuking, violins and guitiarsrihbed and hlin i eru-siion ca is, lile:l twine, siented ius11 ills,gold allrl cilrer lae and frnlaeltteILr ia er, gaee D hage, riling w'liips, walking caulc,, plclng cacld, fils ,oldl, platd and gilt jiiwellry t,-. Thel ahove, tnetherwith a great vairly v olfther arti ho. Isre offeredl atl wolesale or retail on acColnlnodatin, k, ternlm. Nlyt Shlln ombhs repaired. _ BiXTIIOIEMAEANDt RIEITA LI.COMt B ANI) VA YT RtIIET''Y S'I'ORE-- t cIe sign of the golden colmb, Mo70 Chartres stneet. The subscribers have re ceived, il addition to their previoulls stok o band,l a fill and complete annortntent of articles in their line; viz: combs, perfinnery, Jewellry, brushes, locking glassen, I'anv rtinlee, &c. annistieg in part as follows: Cl31 ilS-tortoise shell, wlloght arnd plain tuck,twist, quilled back, long round, dressing, side pull; crl and neck, Braziliano cnnbs of every desription amongst which are sotone Aexint patters, Ivory conbs of every deseription, hero , dressing and ,nckel tngetler with a general SeOl'lalltet of Frelnah ann(| Atlrit:all. PERFUOII..1Y--Cologne, lonvedeler, Florido, honey, hay, rose, and orange flower wafers of every size anti des cription, coamplonted Colgte, extroet of Borgntmto laltty noaops o'all kiln, shltinig do itokkes tlnd lots, cream soul dr, Wrd's vcegetalnle hir oil, bears ntd atll tiquedo. I Pnrlto's smelling salto, Idlai ndl perfnmed toilet powder, peaorl powder, polerpolt ad olxes po atot in itnott and rollsorrs and clorioe toothl wash and, with a genernl issortnent of JEVELI.IY--some ol'the latest tnd mIost fialhiona ble setts, consistingo l'white and red cornelian, to1pu r7 jet esrdrops, set in filagree, Hbreast tnls ofl gree' ne tlv of atterl, watchI tlrilnnlilgs, gilltt otlon . tickles, siler thittthles, silterdl mZold p. ceils lnd guard chlains IBRUSIES-Cloth, hair, dst:lt o,ernlmh,hearthefloor,l hat, leeht, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewosh Irntoltes. LOOKING GLASSES--Gertman sttia and toilet lasss, angnifying and French dressing glaossa, home fo, with a vnreily of other kinds not enumerated. IFANCY AD) VARIETY ARTICLES--French and American portable decks Io d dressing caseso soe very rich anil flily finislhed ladies work lloxesand tres nin t eases with and without m ic, imosnical boxes, Ac cordline o Ivorimon kitlds, violins antd gitors, silver and plated peneils and leado,woad pncails ot carnpenters and cnrayons, otole oloekcgnuotlandpisttls with antd without eases, percosson capn , cerepc uio cal charoners nipple seortwoivero, slot belts, gae hagn, portle Idacking, toy tc osetts, Indian Ibenlds of evecr kitd, Iells and plumes, fineand conon knives, raznrs andl cissors, tkitoles, needles, pias, silver plated, steel attd onnotm spt eeli eles, pocket books and walleto ol varioos kindsl, visitig coards and crd cases, playing carnnds of Frec, tieran and Americt maonufacture, dolls, itnitntiou fioiti, sti boxes, prllnts of various kinds, Salnllders' Ponrlcy's, Entnersnt's, Htillman's andl Illtwkiits trzor strop and metallico hnnes,ldirks fitcy bead necklaceso, Io wik tr-or drops, toy nwatches, r blttons, powdeor nllsks, eu; and plait sied bends, gilt aod silver do, gult elastic suspen dersand garters, plion and sword canes, hacltkgnion boards, dice, optical viennes, jewslharpo,n rlomobo tnmtch esn ad lrinking cups, with a great variety lotht oe arti los, all ofohie h will bIe sold litr cash or city accepttI cts on 12 months credit. BU Sf IMOICGNS, & co. d4 70 honhartres). mOLIIIAR'S Science of Penmonaoip receveoi, and for ntlo at thieir permanent \Vrithg Acatlemies. bN. 0 Ch atre street, New i)rloans, 18 Broalodway Nsw York, I)aophine st., Molbhie. It i prticularly desigoned foe privolte Icarners, and I.e.ons are given at sl clo hcotunse W aa snit the eovonuiecne ofully and to classes formed iany part ofl ale city. Ladies wlo prefer itcan receive lessons at thkeirown ref tidence. Prltcns poaing for tole t rse of lesson are . dsirej o asted until thly wrio nit well as ther wlhl. ni Ilil.E;.I & 'IltO'rlII... DEAFNESS. A NEW nrtirle fL persons trokubled unil dealiass, / (called tlheo Ear'l'rtnpelt) has Jltsl bee reeived, by thee o ot,r t Ilett, Ic 'liglteoSt artielatlinll of Ie tt. aitn voice is diolocllov e;ottveve:i to tile onr. Aty ttoh who h:ls ever beeo oilotge nolteo onerse with a very de, Iper:On lalsltIt l e fully sot i ltle of the dilicult aodi eo.. hrrnassme exlxrilll Ibolk n Ilty lteteeloes It e in tlividual, so ttlieitrttstle tlltoied. By thelte 1t. t" i ear 'Trumape. tIis oajectiol is etinelov tttiated. 'I'h monst settltical lhave alwtt.ns a. o.ndllld'tlt rir doubts alter having used lth l'rumnpt. For sale at I' F GUION'S, Fancy stor.el,rne o<f CAlnnlon and t Ctharles c rlcetr tit.r ',t 0 tt go.n Itr. Hotel. feh It SSperm Oil, in cake asttl Itllis, tr satle by JA ie Veni . dANiR tEWS, hlet alt irue g swte tornr -s' nd Tehnap w fli CE? LE.1ti-5 kholn, I ,nte Noo ew7 -"' ' -T h411 k 11s, l10 o W0il dt '2 , Englih dlo--5 1-4 bble. tI00 , Ilell Itaint trushoe, virio,,S lizes, I enr.e Venrmilli ,n; 5 bl,(tCopal Varnish; 2 Jag In -l packs (;GIl Leaf., 1ll( do llDutch Metcl. SINItOlO GfI.\ toS, Anterin, Ec.elish and Frenthl 10i0 blnx.s, vanoo. sires and qualities. Ito,-ttn ntrow do.--500 boxe, tontignment, will be Also, s Ceneral asnorttent of nlrtict' nfotours nltd t iol, for salehy 0 W SCA'IES N B. Alabama noten tatkn ot ot rt ndull M nssiniti Iotes will lie tecveisl tti le0 per celn discittn t fio" goels or in tI,oa. 1nofdlehnn. je I Iw .L.t)ULR-- i sl, ntlitng fr . streamer Idepend.l Scie, lie .1 DOt)RSIy. amO 44 Ncw Leoei. BOOK BINL ERY. Under the Picayune Offce, 72 Camp at. RONSEMA'I& HOWSON hen leave to inform I their car omers andl the pus:lic generally, t:al p hlay have removed their establihhlnment to Ni. 7 t C mtp street, i nnediiately under thie office of rlte a fil avcne-where they are prepared to execute all .r.ors in their line. to H iving received from the Norlh a supply of p in per anil materials of a superior qualty. for t a i mnanitncture of Blank Books, they offer their eerre vices 'o merchants and others, who may wish i work of that kind ; aotl having the advagtiae of eoe'rnl years's experience in that line, they are ja confident of riving satisfaction to those who may m fivr them with their custom. l For notaries, architects and others, maps and aI plans will he pasted on linen. varnished and mounted in the neutost manner, & at the shortest 1i Plain and fancy binding, in all its varieties. nl. CHINA tILAOS. E.AKrIt-e.N v AtAec nultt f 36 Charrea street, New Orlenns. W iM SIRGEANT & Co. importers of French and Enelsh China and Earthen ware. are 0 no.v opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, diningi and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea I pnli coffee cups, :eapotse, ugars, creanft, bowlee, plates, dishes, tureetlans, wash basins ann ewers, foot baths, etc. ett. 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Alen. nimnrerne si' glsware. nnr'2 THE FLORIDA LINE Fr .oi M doile Iny Agalla h, G. . leaves Move le M every dpy at riree o'clock. p an per U'S mail .iblat , for 11 ll' Lrndtli, hrove Blakely,--thlence four enichesoa to Peolrnaolna-theillo stelnmhnata to n Lgr ile,i where the land relt is resumed-thence , via Ma:riannn and Brownsville, Fla. Bainbridge, Pindertown, Hliwkinsville. Saundersville& Lorie. ville tolAugusta, Go, c-nneqling regularly with Sthe rail road care to Charleston, and the ateam inioaket to Now York, Norfolk, Piiladelphia, etc. a t he steambohats are the hest for the service, and at the navigation presents more advantages than can Shbe found upon any steamboat route in the south. ern region. S Thie great improvements in the route have been produced by the construction of fifty miles of new ycroad, by the proprietors, viz : from LaGronce on L.Fayrete Bayou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to Bryant'a Ferry, on the Chattahoohelee river, ren mili above the Cnwlerd, or 14 above Cedar Blulf, at whereby the navigation ol the river, and the con* -eltacnt detentions, and more recently the ineon r venient crossing at the Cowford, are entirely t avoided, anod a fine road from Marianna direct a ti Blinbridrlg, instead a the roundahout rood via a, Chattahnachee. lesseninll ihedistance about forty ", miles, and increasing the facilities more than n' once a day. ', Alo, a branch line of two horse stnges every I oth' ier tiny firt IItawkinavtlle, via P. rry to Maeo, il G (. connecting with the line to Savannah and Darien, Gen. A tllilo aoreamn oat lies regularly he ween B dinbridie and Apalacllicoln. 'Irvelle rs wishing r to reach a yr point on Clhrilahooahric e or Apalach - ni celn, cnn take scotlnboat at Brownsville. l Mohile to Pensacola-Lind Roeo-Iuring the I. time occipicd by the repairs of bae's, the proprte. e, rors if tlh Flirida line will run a line of flint it Irse poist conches every otlier day betwertn aM - i lenand Pensacola. S Passengers will leave I Molile at 3 Wi'lck, p m, ci in hb UN S lo i boat, and proceed to llall'i Laind ini-i, where a laur horse coachI will i-a in walting ,o ad citvey them to the excellent house of Mr. Charles t, lall, I 14 mile dlstant, where they will find iv- acconrmmodatons for tihe nilght-leaving pf next iorning, they will trrive in Peneacrola early to I he the aevcllln ths svoilding the discomfort of eat 1iht trr.vellinig. ne Ollice at the Mansion Htuse, Mobile, and Co. , linl' tlorel, Penllsaol, where seras mlust be seu S'I'OtlKl'ON & Co. nyr I NO CUKE NO PA. i c lIt. JOIlNSS ON, O)ine 110 Ilietuvil, stnret, con it les lles., practice to the trreatment of Vencelr Id iaeane, in all its diierent firats. d Dr. Johnson, a from a residece of tany yearsin How I pitals in Europe, devoted to thin trcoieatmlt f Venereal lk Di-eases, and froil Ilis presnlt extensive Iractice ill l that particular Irnc of tile ltroessioll, garutrantees a i- s'e, sptfeelry and elfetutal coure to mlac peraon an aret ielrbled wtbith ay of the tirllowing diseases, a ir: Ont (it)rlhioen, tilects, Strieinnes, Challcre, louitI, Semtinal Woeakneos, AIfcilirts oftlie Ilhedder, lidneyts, ti- t illn, Urelhra, Peirostrate lanlld, Swelled 'I estieles, e IruitiIns e on the likin, Sneo Tlhreoat i'ainl itl the Actd tha numerous symptoms wilicl generally follow hIliaiese. Itecent cases cured in two or three days without the t se oftlercory, iuterreption Irol busillenn, or alters lC- (ion i thie tmode ofliving. ill A tmedicine to. prrevent Venereal Dliseane can be oh ar tained o1f I)r.Jolllnauo. It is firli tihe recipe of the a Ullron Larry, a celebrated Freolth Surgeon, and was tued by Ilil duriag theseverul caulpaiona in wlich Ire set, acred a Sgurgeoin Geoeraal in tite Frellech Army. Sd old by Dr. JoIilson, at his oltice. I1 ho-e persons hat Iliulg any affec tion of Venereal Dinease, and abolt iY taking Csea voyage, or reamoving to ihe country, woul t do 0 well by giving Dr. Johinlson a call, aa proper Itedi hines tr their crce in the sllrtest time canll e put ip w witi written direcliono fir, their use. en- Office opni front 7 in doie morning until 10 o'clock at t, night.3 ABEHNTIlY'S i)YSPPrIC IIXIR. L)r. barewely, thllt greatest of Eng!ihl surgenms wits opilion t Il nine-tenrths of the diseases that affect Smankind originate in the stomach. Thin Elixir was used by him with the most unprecedented anecess in his private anod public practice for upwaldsa of forty years, for the removael of he fallowing diseses: Loas cflup petite, Flnatulilncy, Disteniona of tihe Stom ach,Poin in the sid, eleavinessof the Ilead aed incli s anion to sleep, rregularity of tile Bowels, and in all cases where Indigestion or a cstive habit is found to exist. 'T'his medicine must not be numbeled among the host t ofqack rostrums now before thie public, t. it is the sole invention of the ablest and most sncientific surgeon Europe ever produced, and the secret of preparng it was purchased by the agent for a very large sum. ft is agroaaole and tleasant to the taste, acts its a mnild )leer ieet.ulwve s keeps the bowels free, inparts vigor and slreegtn to ltee avsteln, ad cheereulness to thle lilnd, and rt few bottles removes the nnost coulirmed cases of D yspepsia or Indigestion, and preventsa return at any Sfiture period. SNw YORa,t17th Aeugeut, 1838. :15 Maldieun.street Stt:--ln cn one. neef leading a sedeetary life, I heave heeu troubled, more or less, with ieeetigesion ficr tell yenars; or thle last three years rv sufferinga have e beeo iusupplortable. I have tried severol iphyrici nw, 'ndid a mlemberrofelqenck eedicines, withoet dereving any benefit. I despurerd of eer obtaiyningaey pereeeaeenl relief, anl resigned myself to ile mlst [opelesls despair i was persuaded by many friends to try Abernelhy's Ir )yspeptic Elixir. I have now finished the fuelth hot tie. an m know not how to express mv i nirationn of its wonderfll virtues and the.mirancle ithet performed in restoring en no tIhat health whiclh I: e aglr lost fr ever. Send me half a dozen bottles n ta and except my thaukes ior te blessings you have c a erred by re storlllng nle to peertct ealtlh. I JeBlrain3 MONROE. rinheaget has in his possession sere huedred tea tiemoiale similar to thel abhove, of the extlaerdianry vii toee of this nedicine. Sold by appointment, at Dr. JoheMon's, 14 Itienrville street. anv. 5 P ROSl i.U' US. THE eubscriber p-oposes to publish. in the be. gilning of the ensuing winter, a Condensation t f the twunty volumelas of the Old and New Series of Martln a' Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in fotr Svolumes, veo., according to the model of Peters' Condensede Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton IIarrison, Esq , of this oity, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permnltted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all the advantage which Smaly naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more ne cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An incransing curiosity too is mani ti.-t, in the other-Staten of the Union, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudonce of Louesiana; and the circumstance of thie nlumerous principles here de, aided in the adjustment of -conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged eases of prime uti. lity to thenjtrists of the whole Union. Mblreovel, tih rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, .otl thus there iena great dentaad fqr tile Louisiana decisins from a fresh quarter. Conveirr ent notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those tn the mlore allthoritativo florulllt of the otlher States, will an added to each case. The work will form four volumes, royal oct. To, and will he delivered, hound, to subsar.lere at be per vol.; in case it shoulal be found practicable to aonpress it into three volumes, the prie to suan. ,criburs will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, oe5 ear Camp andi Coallnen aa. S 'ERlfU ll-ll barrels ie shl e a i. te fr sadle by t jal7 ABIAIIlI '1'lIIe , 34 Poydra st ' OAI.- .7 tnn.-t- fthler he-t English coalnwrll enird ) for trln baeaeat oia, onboard eleaqme Aelene front New (a'sle, fIbr ale by HI)LMiS & tli.l.t, jn.iil Blank Place NEGRO BIttIG N.-i,O rasas hssenat ebrogenue, N nEae n aneee d extrla tize, her -ale in j29 ISAAC InItaI IE & Co, i31 .arlneinnest itI.(lUlR--6h hartrr- rla eice I,raluls, lnedlg frome flat boatsn, anti fr sale by ___9 t; IK)RSEV, 44 New I.evee Ci' UNNV \(it--iC balea iu ieete, ani fir sea lea `T II Cl) )II'jEY, 4i 'vw l.tvve TIEl INDIAN'S FANAUL;A. T.qO the aeoferlnbmtis.t, rul kitngsrll lglut, & b siatics or hip gont, iolln,.lt cancers, .ilt rheunm, iphiltic and mercurial diseases, partielnrly ulcers and panfulaffetions of the bones, ulcernted throat pr' nus trils, ulcers ofevery desription, fever sores, and internaol Ce1 absessesfistulas, piles seald head, scurvy, bites, chio nae ore eyes crysipelis,lothes, ald every variety l'n- PIo tascons affention, chronic Catarrl,, Ilend ache proeedl- ai ing from any abrie hulmo, pain in tile stomach and idys pepin pronee~ing fromvariattion n, nfi.tilnf the liver, eel elaronic inllammtion ofthe kidneys, and geoenterl lebili- 0 ty eaused by torpid action of the vessels of ln skin. It I is singCtlarlyelltleeionsin renovatin. those enostiltions to' whiob have been broken down by injludicinus treatment, tic juvenile irregitdities. In general terms, it Is recom mended mn all those diseases which arise from imnllritius li of the blond, or initiation of the huntsr,, of wlmtver sri samneor kind. no Some ofthe above omplaintessmay require some tri- pr fling aslatant applimationr, which thceiromnstanees of them o ease will dieta..sbut fore awneeiremedly orPrloeatrm to remve nea the r ae, the INItANe S PANACEA will toc generally he found i tffieient. I TO THE PUBLIC. tn flow true it is, that mh lern Physieiran, n their s- am hitioo toexcel in their profession; explore the vast fields of sieneu by trhe aid ofhemistry, and seek out new re- nl suedial agents in short, to arrive at erfection in the lv pncutioe y meass of art lone,-entirely overlook amu l iegleet, as beneath uthler notsce, the reth and bonoteous m stres ofmelieine, which the Almightly has eaosel to tat stlaing out of the earth in every clime! Aidhowmneh U more truone isltthat whilethe American Phlysiian looks to to fereign conmtriesfor many of his nost common and tII inecesery articles, perpetually changing as they are at A the dictates offunshon orfolly, he is sortoended it iis J own country with an endless ewofusill of nedinal llanits, nt sUnffcinet to answer any indictinsiin disease or to cure G any erahlv edisnderiand yet he is ignoerat oftheir vir- tit nues, ad tiley are aulferedto 'wastetheirt tealing ol the tm desert air.' The effects of vegetable medieines upon the system are tem rary--those of minerals lasting. Trhe Iotrmer ex ertther effects and las of-the litter, mercury is imr- hi tieclar, act heicaelly umon the sWlhls, decomposing l the bones and tdermining tite eolntitutmi n by a slow anti sure destl'irtco.a Tlhe congeniallity, efficiency and SAFETY of vegeta ble remedies ever nlineral, ma lie estimated bry ontrast ing theaneient printice with the molerni or, ton riong il inore immedtiatiey ti:ler oer own observation, tite Ill an practice withthatthte whites. ho, in America, a onsnotknownm'teard of reprated ilnstanee wherein d some dereplod, nulrlednfrelen eing a rian, by meau of lier simple remen lies alone, ias affected otie most rapi I anelastonithilg cures, fter the .Mateira Medlie of ite at -emmill practice. directed in the most skilful mnannler, has foiledl! Andl whllo Isa not beenl srpl'id at tile eon inu'ativeelae and aathcility with which the hlnianfi'eee I- I sel'f from any disease, lail at the almost tots abstilnene ofelronic disease among them! Who has ever heard i ol an tnian with a constitution broken aml riained bya illtreatmentid Ad can a doobtexist that this lappy ex enotion nfthe savage from most of thie ills which the to Mesh of man is heirto, is chiefly owin to mre genia d sidaaferemedies whieh he employs! This astmnish Silg difference in mcees, is a fair e temltifieatioa of the infinite nlupeiriorty of the simple all safe means of cire which Gml has created for the benefit of his children, n over those which thle prite and the art of maht have in vented. n 'rom a long residence among a portion of the mhor'gin Salinhabtanttof thisncontroy, atlil intimate aeolain lance with the methols of cure of rome of their.mostf seiocensful practitioners, the proplrieto onit'l'le Indian's Pr, anae,'aeuired an knowledge of somie of the most pIwerf'ul anl favorite remediiet. Frothaosehe seleete such as were most elfcacious and apoproiates, andi after y various experiment to test their princilesandit srengtll, lie has eombaned them ill thie f or here presented, as the s most Ilerft t tiand beeficial loe the p.rpose for wllich it y is recommended. T he proprietor offerithis retparaiotion to the psblic, with the conscimtserss tmit he is placing withinlteir cen,, y remedy capatle of relieving nely of his afflicted ifel low beinigs, who are suffering ntder the various chroinie and hiln eo s ml co lainta to which mt is applinable. To snch it will prone of incalculable valie, as the means, and in many eases, the only imeans eFelieving tbeir sof '" l'ings anil reisting them oncemore to health and lnp Splaless.. Thia is notollered aso contlilOl remedy, that may Cper hanee eie qually goal with many others now in use, bat as one wlich is saable of sainig life i maun e extee easeswlhieb ail the niusuacltrenlediesfail. 'This it S asdote releatedlly; and thi is is t re tresUation ithasob ial tai whertleveri' it t as leea intrtduetird. It Is lty ihotsR three 'vearosineethis tpreliattion was presented io the ilioe: hbut inl tiat short space of tulle some hundreils of iersons tlit li tonet id, who would I sotlemnly dteclar that they helieved that their lives were I savell y it, rd ilnio nt iasesaf'ter they had trield many and perhaps all the eommon relnelies in vaio. iher ever it is knowlrit isrilndly cotiusg into it, and this id affordsthe most subsantialand onvilcing prnoof of it ig merits. Y Thle vatie f tlie Panaeea i most conspieiollosin those long stalinaig lld syphilitic and serofllois ita.eclio ins which iave defied ell other reoedies, aind partiollarly x at. ii those eases whlere mnercury la bsees so latisl !y isedll ats to cause distressingl ins in tile hones, ailen, Illern rid lcers, dangementit ote digestive tit c.rin These it eomdetely remnoves, lnd in all euses it entire ly eradicates ite dliseases lo d effects of nlerlCry, reh o. votes the conlitutioln, and leu atile ie atient son tll nll Swell. Ill rheumatisom and illnlceitei ansor thret, ics - l halyelleets are inot lees alilI:Irell, gii illmtInIn illliie uliiter'eliefl a. haell neiveranil dirtiei a ictphto'tired Ilitntlirl s, an llnacatiie, an lla i-nastinilic ade illlli neie all ill plleei'cnscc easn, ;alntiicandi ennietluloltee e. Gene. a, ally exllressel, it ililcreases all tile scretnita'l [il ex cerlposl, givstone to lile stomach, al exnliesOaltion in ,toh glands ill a articular manner. IFro i thise prio.i e pies itsoperitimts mnay le understood. Thismedlitine las !teen founll ighly useftil in many Pw ambiguosn diseases iot here speifiedt, and it Imas m hoel sed witlh wonderful sncess as a Siring and a Fall Pai Srifler, by those who are sinleet to comellatilt of tie eoest, a- and whose conttitoinlosrequire new vigor. Such per sonws itti well to uise tao ortheeC bottle, in small dle sea. WVhenerver a dliet dh'ink is considrted neceslt7, he thtis Panace, takel in a small lose4 will answer all its iUl'posesin min ch less time, at less expense, anld il a Ie fr more agreeable lIallner than the comnmon diet riik. 'the followilng erltifcates, out of hundrels sin ilar, li wlhch might he proredl, are givet to show the effect ol the Indioan's Panacea, in the vartios comldail.t inentioaedtland lainto nexhibit in tihe most aotiaflatory manner its siperinriy over the snyrulpl inml ao l use. CASES OF RHEUMATISM. Gat CealaxS'rO Nov. 15,1832. During tie last winter and snring, was aflicted with a very severe ainl dinlressing rhtumalsnl, ocostioned by exulnure in bad weather. t now likelgreat pileasore in stating, that six bottleo of te Indianlli Panacea, resti.ed t mle to erliet leallh, and I confidentl y reioeamend it to a s all similarly afflicted. ill JOtiN FE.RGUSON, King at. v w s CIII aLEs a, , March 27, 1832. I was m izaed about tilree years since, wid a listes sing m- rlletnatism, caused by taking severe coll, while ntnder Ii- theiflthenceo. mercury, aitll whi has disabled re ll from business nearly ever sinoe. thit lieriod to haie hen a patielt in the Marine tospital in Is e sr plllWads o ilifour monltts and nealy the uame length i .ir time il the laltio orlite tpial, al triel aollost ever he remedy, with little betieli. Otl the 11th of ht brwarj Sla, aithat time noareely able to move about upon crule. I es, I comlnenced thase of Incial's Panacea. In ale inoilli I funl niylfeleu titey ell from lain, and ait r dnow llhappy to lstotc i conslller invself perfectly well. lWM. TiUCKIW IIS, 13 Market st. S CASES OF SCRIOFULOUS ULCEIRS' ly NEW YnnAR , Sept. it, 1830. This may certify that in the fall[ ot 1825, 1 was seize with a swelllugit Iny neck and Ioce, wlhich nfierwart nlenerated adl became large ghastly oleers in my nenL. Afirrtryivlgsreeal ipbysiiinltono 1 dcantagc, c wen' to 'to 'Philalelphta, ailtnl placel st )sell under the eare, tes. Phynsi ait Btleech, when, after repeateul salivattotul 04to ito effelt t was llreolon cedl utterly iniourable. Alier. ey wards toonk twenty bottlesof'Swoim's Palnacea and eight 01 bottles of Potter's Cathlolieon, with no materlnil betefis 0 Despaitiag of late, whith habl now become a meihrco tl "a me, Ireturnedl to iy parents in New Yank, in 18'291, an g'ave myselfup to a litleering death. Hearing of thn' 450 great suceeas ofoTbe Indian's panacea, howeve, in cat i similar to my owln, wI e aperuaeled totre it,asa last m. i- uort. To my grent sorllrtse, a. well as satialfacion,~ li soolilfond etytelfrmphidy reeoverinlg, ant elmn takinj sevenl boltles, the ulcl'abeleiudellt l Ieame acperitl) well in the couarse l'two moiths, and have remained so ever sitte. I make tlis statemen antI wish it politihed ferths benefitolthonl whoare solfering nider similar e- senrfolousor sylldilitic affetionts, that they may know iv whatbo iuretinte who hts suffcred every thing hot death, ind who anusidies his life saved by the above 'v WM. IIINA) Celansrtaroe. July tI1, I d11. I was slRlictelt, fonryears with i IIler ha tile leg, on o' easionally saeompaniei witb ery.siielatlons hitllt'nlatill and aode2snivelti'c it theleg iantiinla jOli. Sevll aII oa' emhieot pbhyslcians exil'ed he'shlkillpolli it, bhv itil mtt pcrnuialnctlieelef. In ildiscase fine bnule v mldiaos l'oonaea male aipetrfent clre. F IOAIRGAIRAIE'T A WESTI', 1ti lMalkret SFor male by IIINIY IIONNAIIEL, dtluggiat, ogre. ,l toitl.c irlaurinlrs, h lllhoitioits slrens ii' NEW ORLEANS . NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD ItCOMPANY. ITHE stockholders of this company are lherehy no tilad that by a resolution of athe bouard of direc. iron passred on the 19th inst. the call made on theae on ithe 13th February aet, fr tile pavmeat of live dollars a slaire, was resrinderd, adl thle stid stockholders are further notified lthant S\VHr.REAS, hby a re.oltion of this board p.reed on the 9Ith last. a call has bheer 'ratao on ti.e stockholders of the New Orloeans anI Nasville IRil IRo:d Corpalay for the following pavie.lts on tile heeR sok herl respJe lively hythrn,avin:--.two dollars ile share Iavable an the first dly of Splleteme r ixt two drll.ts rer share pInvnable l thle lerst diy of Iccemehrr naex; ld two adllursper lshare atavble an the ii at lday oa tlorci nelt. 'ow tvilelefor" be it resoared, lthat tlra se.rrtl-r of this coaipanv shltl anrti'e tih shaare Iorldrera thlrein, through tih' public pir ntr o tIhe cii *tlrat in rflaarami y with the sixthr s.ertio of the charter, tiheevare ereitt.d to postrellean ry ayment called in en tile ltck r frsaia eCellrarry ftr Irle term oif sixty drays, frmn an after tre iday on wlich it ia rMade payaIle, Willathte exIrr ea S Callt udirton aowever, that if lot regularly pird withln tir said proilnetioiitt of sixty dave, fi'rr and itft,,r ,t rav on which irt should hnveieert; paid that lthen the tloar on whic:tisaid Ilraymertslrshold havbe hrei rriade, isarri rens : forited to ihe companyv, tihe chartrer oil that Ipint being imlt.errtirve. It clllfi)rlnity tlherefore, toslani call, all roek of the arstockholers iu said errlranv, Its tlhik proper to trtt Off tihe Itorimentsa on thir tlr.k to tihe ard or Iheo arditional arixtyvday, which tilre charer allows h11, are iotirfied that ithe paytrent ofr two dul inrs ie.r halre nalled firr,aald hile r1 ItII tirst oa Sel,. terrr next. many e Ineitpned under thie siirxth sectioln oif said charter, ilntil thrn iat dry of Octoher next, that the plymrnrt n: rtwo dollarir er share called fr, tud due ortlh tist dav of IDecember next, may Ie port Prainel util tihe 30ith lay tof Jannary text; anrd tie pay meat of twoadnllars pr sharre calldl frr andlte on tine day rof March next, may bie pirrotoned uartil tire 30th day of tAprilr next. ExtrailS of tua lainutes of tie hoard, tjune dl A R 31oNAIIt, Ser'ry. ~'lOatL IiA-r, ia vaaea-23 eirinc chine Woan V •Hats, for ale JOHtN II t;RHAlt. alp i Royal College of Physican-, London. s U. T.HE original Vegetable IIgeian Universall Medi utine, prepared by W Miskin, Esq. Slemorur t' ihe IRvnal College of Sunrgeos, I.rentliaer of Alptlre sa"'siemlmanv.r, Fellow Oi Hnlt ii.urt Sanelyy, Sutgeorjin l a to tihe ovyl o Unlon Pension Asiiatiotn, Lou r| elan Place, Waterlon Bridge, tand Perpetual Pupil of tGuy' nari amd St. T'hnmas's Ilospitls, London. tin Thids valuable medicine, the result of twenty yeans' gu expseinlee and unparalleled success in the extensiue l n l nld higllv respectable piactice of the propriety, patlt- A snised by tlh failty tnd nobility, said is now istroditeusd, tg tothe notice of he Amerieatu putblic, at the earnest so liilainioa *f a number ol'gentlemen of long ando ighi the stalndlin in the profession. It is hoped,, as a lrelimti- in nary step, to cheek tilhe evils and fatal coasequaltes iart anrglinfram the use of the numerous and deleterious ver nostrumnls oisted upon the blic by the aill of fabrientedl ull proofof mivaouloustcores, altnd other frnnali bya set of e I menoonerny, unprinoipled pretenders. so tontally ignnolun teel ot malieal slcence, that it impossible the monstrous fnre delusion can any lotler go down with tile intelligent this penople oftlis nemnttry. Tlese ptills, mil andl aglreable eve in their oatre, dsould be kept in every ftnily inecsea tail ofmiilien illiesi, for, bly their plotpt adlmilastrtlion, me cholera, lcrmps spnnsn, lfevers, and Other alarming pr complaintls, wlie too tfien prove fatal, may be speedi Iv ealr or plrevented,. In fat, all those wlho value god or l;ealtl, should never be without them. They are solt' a in p.clets at 50 cents, o and $2 staa ll,h by every rspet pal table ldrnggiast, Iutksellr, anId vendlor of miedlicine it thl United States it il e C.nildas, with copirnus dulreli(a, oins together with. estunonials of proifssional ability frtm for tile folltwing emninelt ges.tleltoe: Sir Antlev Ci;lrr, J ofl Alletelthy, Jan0es Illanntll, MI. D., W. oliok, I. i)., y J.Aston Key, A. Framupton, M. 1)., asld numerrus ex otllers. The originls may .e seen a possession ofl'the is General Agent, by whom the modioinet is imported into tin this rountry, sald to wlhoml all applications folragetncies ns nst abe made. of JNO. HO.LIEIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, apt Sole ienelsal Agent for tilhe United States, &~. thu For sale by appointment of the original propr iet'r. coo hy Swais & .t lnleEl, ])ilggists, No II Canial Street, ni e.ners Agent alor Staithee of lnlisianl. joul S ha S|RlIItY It LEIt & co, No 3'lunz7.iae slreet, arn ts l rst receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, lot Kesi icks, Elgle, awl other late arrivals train :h, mt I :tlelr~ cllies, a large nld new stleatedl assortmeoInt i I!isn,n Boots, hoes and Iroganls, sir nonsistinig ofgrutleien's fine callf ad Morocco 1,oots he sdo 2d1 qnalty; do buit'd, and stout wnx pegged boots n sin farioul qunlitet men's fal Icalf setal Id pr I ,. inollopls and blrogans, hIokskinut shoes, lrogal ut ms shlqeltos men's line calf atlil kipped pcgged Ioities in.II I rtognals; do hoots; do stoult kip andti wux ptgggedt shoets Ut - itd brognns; gtentlemen's best quality calf swei shoes, Ia I- ans seantl Jack Uwuiuings; do allf and IMoraecon c s i ckle shes and brogans; do calf, sea ol and ,Morue all I adiatn shoes and sliptit rs, do calf, buffll u seat wings, r .ew article; do fine callf, seal. l ad lmoroccolquliate of -ts; hoiys't , misses'and childrenl's peg,;ed anit sowed ti e inognos, and shoesof every quslito and kind. no Also a general assortmelnt of mllen's stoot war alll ll ct- r. l lnrolns and shoes, together with Itn,txat pir sil mgro luist qaulity, russett brogtans, noiledt in nll is ltlnks, ola lce'.t.essly fbrlul lltttioll iltie;0 a god lis. to I rlmelnl of mnll's fI.iutiI stu ot kiprnlInIu t brt'tgiiioti I W artier, nill a arge lualtity of uLm infieriorll qlluli) it r, sset and wax hltltlgaln. Lnlties' fine calf, seal, morocco ait grain welts, nl ll r p- mptsole shoes; to finte Frentah 'Moroccou atl, kit ram co t. ".,1,I slippeirs; lo role, slhoes, with lld without heels; so 1 calf, seal and sletrl1t I hrllter Iotlees; ,lo P'runel;ine sh t It ) full lnlns mil qulalties; do tasting Irigl; a Gaher iti 'all oxIt ti huto'es. Misses' lilstli.lstrilig tuIslltlln Ini r in gns. Clhitren's colored MorelcN o and lasting btl- ano - 6it lsnud btls, tne. it e entlenlet's lnelsatllionable ilack silk hilts; do black s t n Iidrab beaver do of a suplerior qulllityl do imitation Its ram do; broad and lnrrow brrim men's fine Ialh, and fo i, . Hlsita llo l shit uipletl hats, a new article. \olllhs in lit ie size hats of lilterentl iuoalities; do chihlren'. iii tl'atn'iund bi)'s blackt.o d drabt woollth ut of ti llt i t lusn pe, with general assortment li' bl! s' anld nien's ,. Ssill caps. ' hiMs assoltlntent will tie repletishrtt l Ithe arrivnl of - em It lcketrostin the oatit named cities, all oi which in S ilibe solhl aceonlllonldating tern. Rug I-tmf n it T- ts 1 J B I JlI. F O 1t T I E TEET I n T I Ellentatlinhed re t11tii iiitnatn coitsttl.tlIlteel-tpluiI demalnlid hIr this elli . ll Illlil rt, l il ilpli, aIinI rlri osrvltive of theI tleeth, has iluetd'lI te Iul-lcrIPer i s oter it Ito the Americanll publi. Arrattglentlll lV ieenll Inle o aIup liV aglents in all the prnllltcipi ctie at d end townsll in the Un it.d Stlr, so is tI place it it ti StlOt reael it those lltfie'rilg aI llllik-tiy Iii llr itis n ito r'- \hlePnt pp1 eI atCr l glrlll r it ) lilelrlle ll ii n ll si el : holile, hihas never frtilein mItoftid tfli nts std t lliouent relief. II alsoi arrens tile idrtla v to defictliv telethand relieves Ithat aorenrem whiclh .sr freqnrllth se lntlrlgrs a trong t- o inlltel The plllpt liaionll Iand ns remedy are imitle, innoret an oi t iti n anInu1 ud y lile large tiilnlbvr o1f perI oi ill dlilTlrl'nlll ll lilt o (it Ih I t ioui y, I thll iive tolr llh, IrxCli',ll rie -i. l delihll I i and 1alutaryv enIcfl>- [h,,II illt- u t-a &f I tlll, are rilll . to heal r (lr It publiic troi) Iheh ilo e illl V IIt ii lit Srivlled i aillatte . It i ts a Inlldi reI ,i o llllo illtl s I re I nlil o iel ro lthe a n II r i. ner II Ia g t o - e.tdn uts etll l ri and t(o i 0f0 Ie ' io t P u 'ce 1 per l ull:. stold, b i rstilt ISititito t cr b to nt0it , l ir (' , ( ,to be i r Urtlllltl lwitI a . tiIIIl, un d -1e i r, llona ofi thile irair rf ll ,io hlivll;k otld olti i" or adiscuul npt i ofiard ind tre and Aa pnli tged xGAR I)ID N SEIE:D .1'rllltl,, n port iso r i on, n /.t.,eo , 1 al7 . , i av incet berl n oat ildlllriollflly elcllt l tied I s] ef. iliter sted parther, tile al rer bis to itlpllre histi - still bnti:rle bs wIit h Inwo dor li ,,I' h late, or t lorner stlld, to be. a tursd witll a full nbled ex.o y esivet and csuIp ty or1 ad for all thr kinids of kitelerd nor Vegdsabil;r iols .elor rti f tle growth anvd ill , port oine il f rst estlolSO in Janury 1 137. ts Cie tiry Dearly part il Selaelltir r, lia e lr'n re. , coivud anplo suilplies, by the packet s.hips Vlcks. d burat, Kean lucy, and Arkil ron, all arrived in ory , usages, direct to ro Now York. By lhe Misis. sippi tld aoher packet, 85lie C in daily expso te. Tinn of a supply ofs Frllit rees nd Asparagus c e I drioots, havinb already received ivuices tihe breo by mail. 'The subscriber begs further to asulro tll., public at larye, Pocket he is at Ureenr t as w all rnawle to ,y meet and exectute orders fur all the killds of Barden inSeeds. either wholesale or retail, as ho ever was f A sinea Ihi first estahliahiiialit in J;anulary, 1822. to C ntry Da ealedidrs aidy ofalirket a gentl' rders tilled p t til oInoe, ad ll nist rnsodle atl rates. byc e Fancyd Wsllokh, ntd iellol or bsn-Of t lln uatre.t Catnllaloles, citliar in Froncl or E'iglish, nta I alweys ande obtained on pqualityrsono inaopll nl usulto, to WM plain, an f y wit G irdut Seed Store, irt 5 Cl str, onllused sn clli. L NO' Washington.--A constant supls,y o ro, g Sed, itl wor st. mired or polin; pulvertzed L do, t rb, and Shlakollrs' padried herbs,--with a reply oieas and a greant va Fancy Peketr Books--Under thlis Ihad will he fried a spflendid variety o"lad ' rand genley then's Spolket bootd, by Anote. L. , needle ltid tiread of Pila. Ftno y p to.ks, Cuspendlra, &e..Of the lat~st l aatter:n and of soperior quality, consisting of llililn adl fitgurell d ltil, botnlatlna, velvet alnd enloL) S Croks, lil igenerals pandli, and anety with lnd witlhullt rut.tes, shirt collars, sulmpl l,dcr a llell . ofashingtbs from tslpendirs, also, try el-o, worist. ed and Frc ttorlt do, with nb d wiethou roller, RUSilTON & ASPINALL'S 1 OMPOUN D TONIC MIXTURE.--A epeedy and certain curo for tile Fever and Ague, remittent anod intermitteot fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with emr ent and nuni versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respeetability in this city; as stated in the annexed certificates. This medicine in highly recommended, and has beon extensively tied in the rlabov diseases with vech distinguished sucre.s, that the proprietor of the recipe has beeln induced to offlr it to the pub. lie inl its pereent formt in tihe Ihop ti ti it may he tihe menus of reolleving manoy of tlhose who are suffering undter tie scourge of our eoututry. It is a neudiinnle possessing great viltut, and whnlo lused according to thile directions has nrevr falld of eltleting a cure, even in thie most obstinatle stage of the disorder. It is not at all diiagreeabl, anud persons of the weakest stomach, anl chld .I o mlay take it with imlpunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates tan appetite, and scldol reC uires ore tihan one, or il obltinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. Thle propritors are so well convinced of its eftiecy, thllt they agree to refilnd the price of every bottle which has buee takan in acotrdanca with the directuits and has not e:I:cted u a perfcet core of the feiv'r & agle. A. OLIVER, sole egent for Nuw Orleutts, at his wholesale and retail drug and mntdlele store, corner of Ifievtile and Chartrestreets. For Distriet Agetncies apply to je T. W. SNITI, 48 Contie t. i.)EWRtllE OF A S\',InDI. IF4t--A person repue ) seelillg himnelf aos ne tuher of Congree front 'Iex sI p-ig ha t bee eIooef J Ptet to lee. bilf titer fl-tettut, lein', nr tte '7m of Lt'e irtebr Iot, ortnel his till a c i'it hbf i, war foil MnSillg (un lte Cuomptrullcr'e O* lce--Stecond J eiptliy, )UlBI.I(I NO"TICE iu terebh coivr, tht I wll adl Sjmtlitrte at toeiep, 1t0lo i wet h er, year, nf.Ill tih lnetd -tr'ett, t1dII 1iwtll ierderitg ottmaw s one, wtitit tlt, Limiits ifthis .lloet ciplliitY . The, euoteutrtr to Fier tlomtt teilltt ' or matnee t1" tlf t!,edllitie dovoltlm llnt t t ni a. IPt l meet to he iade ln nlllly, i t ettt n te retlilhtile it i ltr S rvev rlnit the iturk ihas beten executndl ;.ltltrdi, to , ull traet. J CtI.UliJ;f feim:tdf tmtttlmlh lOtPf l(1tltt fier letter prtttt te~ t rtt,'itci Irot Net otw mter:. te l b iii i.r...ii t,n w ' H ' ur appemvrel credit. Aiot, I letiter p-e-,e ail It," hltl nm llltllimlat I)%V1l) 4.'1';1.' n ('L,, jn30 N "V1 tninreteus fhail, 'if Cthi nes JUST I'PUBLISHEDFROM STERROTP'rE PLaTES, V.e Fibh.Edilionof ROWLETT'S TABLES OF INT'FREST: No rr 0 which is new addled an Average 'Ti'me Calenla Stor, for easy methods for finding the lveage 'i"me t on storage, notes of nl or Itills of goods, uwhn o ur.- by chased at dilfl'rent dates, on ditleren't credits, outd for various armo'tslt besidtesa oe-tll sont omplete banokiog TI 'lime 'Tn'le, the Iest that c:n he contrived. or that fi gures can pr lduce withit the samle co.leseni compass, and size of i Ipe. An a:vertisemenlet in the book is in nearly the follow. iingwaoneris: TI The high distinction this work tas received throsgh It the tell Iregisltive ats prefinxedl to tile title age is a re eommendetiiot in itself, so unconmmon., anl si eoclu live, lit t nothing is necessary more than by wayof ad vertisement, to given a ollentedt view of some of its pe. n s celiarities: an ferinstance, the Interest has been compas- C Sed from,ie compared with, what is equivalestto four- Al I teen setse ealeclatione, exoamiuel in the prcsstlhilly . five times, al i prinled from sitreolype plates tested 1i thI rieiyty-one times, lrom all which it mlst be evident N Seven to the skeptic (ert-eially ni the t e.somnal ofthe de a tail of sroofi tihe Ipree) tlhat the wrk munst le nriit- Hi metieally infallihtle, td li confimation of this belierfa F I"tmihlm fl'twot hulndred and fifty dollars, is now ofl'er d iir the detectionl of anl rror ofa cent in the tresrent I or filth edition, as expressed ill tile preface, naknllgfire I' I' alrell peliims 1alfrecd for the sme error sincethefirst N pinhliatlinn in tlie year 1tS2. One of tho most conspicuonas fenltue oete tatbles is , in tie alrrangemenlt of tile l'ime adl Anotuits, which; It forexleditins, refe rence ondplerspielity, with the help e ofthe side nutl index, rannot he excelle; and tilhe saly Sty :and enase with which the in:eresl call he' If'ond to tnll s extlet of gtoleral business, witlhout doiblitg ofstoes to is hesides a convenience so essentitl, that in tlhe eilst: to nt of some oi the nlsot competent ilaid 1prlille:t llnsi itnass men and ipblie ofllera liwho sandeI slltitlerett e e of tile work, it lllls becl disstlgiishtel IhIo ltnhollle i appellatintt oefta Iltlastel jiite". e Atil ennsoieringI the infallblith v of Ihe nlelhol oliginally adoptel in rcomaeosig the work, and the exth(e anordinsry unher andl I, variety fthnlt'xnamin:ttinns, and tests of every edition it hospassed llithe press, eotwithst:tdittg the whole is hi stereltype, conlsideringll. in shI6 . he positive tc.curnelcy most wnleilrfnl anok i the wslk;" most certaiinis n. "nltan c natenllO liglre work of the a.ame extent, wlaich since tile lbeglinin g ol creation, sts thatl tile sname mnl-i s tel a u variety of tests in tlhe n sante titlllelr of editors; n lll, ' onle half'the nlllbthr, s is clearly shitoa il theli ltesliles, atest tand sit:lla , itri ihasl we trietd taiil Sprened in nerltl' all the tiank andi pol.litc trlles in the o United Slates,:'el hy thelpublic goncrally, during lhe long period of ryees, Jl no terrur of ihe cal ScUlations hals ever b'eo Ifonnd in parint, although cantinu tn: ll challengcl by tile off'er of very large prnemlmas. ;s, ihe in fact exlpresly adloptedl by all htsenonrss eo oflw cl serral ioflthe Slates as tihe 'to ote l lculatlon ll fr.latte inte.rerst," as esn by law for iank interest, accordillg tile Ibook is used, ald as sray he teell i ll art, Iby .re names oflthe sublscribers, ad a few of the s subset uent lureltnes, in. the list althenllt ofl tht book, i isin I ssession lf every cllass of citizenlls ill every qullar- I Is. t of lle Uoit ell Stct. r a a It is motreover well knownll that, bhy its rearly chleck, i) il has to oiften tltlctldl lalrger erltos, longl te tlley w ell mtrtll, even by thie mot cat'rel'nl nli most competentri a1lithmeliciiansi flat its usteltliess, ande llt absolute ne ion etssity flr itts nus, have been rexstesively inisled , I, i, l; so evtllent, inllceci, i vae hill its asillt tiiiges, nlll its ssaetngs, that, setettl yearsagn, whilst the irst edition o- wa scarce, and out of print, ia great Lnumblttr of secollll it hanll copies were soughlt flir, senle to a gRe tl distance. iI and pl'crased att imiots ipr'ices, as tlhey could ocensi.i noly ho picked tip at ltmt $l.It to $25 * p' co, erito, ok solne erlsonl have recanl. y declaredl, and ilillcner lt Cl e glqlnted that they' would lt) $501, $.)t, :ndl $t5011 l for a eltpy, Iftnltto lbe hadl for, nol lan idividual s the halter instance parltievhnely, Itvintg at the lantti iile rtxhlbited :lltisactttry pnt Iol, to srtel'etI persons pre-. sel t thait to hll it was ii eilllv worth llt ht lnley 1111 mornl'e Iste sating of his tterv viai.ble time, he brim, is very rich m.n n,.I in phhtc oflic,. i il likewise worlth of' nolwee, nd inlelld propr to llt ilpres., th:t such is llthe nature lof figte work genCierlly and alspecilly when llof' the ,'xlellt a ilmptlllaP (I these tht losi Ohat hat this look or its like bronn prepn. ei ill lhe uslllual nlllllllel, thuu., I the lmolll co lpetelhl calEliltorl in lle wII nrld, nul aIer" aryll s prints d, isost tcutiouly underll t hisI twn tiorretlion of ll"oiof sets, it i wouthl, almnot tlo a 1er1inty, hate been ' IInsi' t or re liVel .,llUnd dear sl t lniv p ,lllc as tl prh'llee d larile S lurelp explai.s. Il ll n pedrl'ct and vaim.hle hate the sterelvt.ot pi11s iof this o.erklblen gn t'e, thlat ttltsere tlheln, wlihthei r ln l lern.Cls and e rXlllOlllillart exanlilnl Siotns, naginst fire, ifotlh, general, lthey are (It) slhlrtseienwtl) constantly kept iln a plce II" special :ditoy, exceplt w I it prointitig. iv Alipledirel tins l to finl th l hsks and stttlllte iftut - I t l't wilh se tal ites, folilow the lprefi e, hich, in this uu h fllg :as i til e t lll pret ding edii lii , contain ml ch ill l toItr ilntiti colcerlig the rw ln llwful nloells of llo.mi i1 i n, .1' itt,, Ie ii) s aif g l a le, ke. li Io It r't:Ius only tos rtmoar'k tlliat, nath wilhtolding tdi Ulo' I ior l ol I ti ¥ h workly .work, wII i wlt asll lis llho '. ll cll'e 't. I cterst N'ooles og r' itrodul., n Holia, n m rls he tad frnd namae, lia ,nteit toexttaeoive, ofo tsityalli c it Ilitst lol . i .I:, iea or h alol o d dlla lel Il lli., .o l s tlas o 1 ltine. Is ariom I ot t a itoI i5, tI'll s i , llltll llr lod t antl sacrifice. \\l o l.d·elre IIIU atlll o stll relies i n l "th. ist nl.ell.gosl·l aoioallu r taeootntioo f11ll t blooi l e h I oi b eollseroteo t is ll gIoi "roi ity of the puh Ioitc f io a coliof lpl le s 1 Itprefli , ll·r :ti pllllll r uIge. , sale bI y1) theI [ h A rica a ao otitksil'ers its tW e Cyivilct ora is. If c III llltgl ly tl ntoh.lll oru' ".\ llr iln ISpaoia iln oit Pan i oo'eo; I ilttie; CIute t I' fu ti'x Jurt receive Clid n te. r al e by Wi li'l. 1K N, 'n. DLe Ve & srCHAF,FER'S Ciil.ut i.ou . Fg ll 1Ex tract of arailparilla, for thloe cure of ostinutei e. ptionsr of thle skill; pib ple or putules of the ts. 3: bles wh/ I C aris, ,rom ant impre state of le art a d; scaly Cernelions; p e in the hone; chronic sis. I heumattsm; to I. r; scrofula, or kineb' evil; whltt na. awlh libng; syphili(ie disea;lses, al all disorIders s anrisinllg from an impure sate of the blood, by a long by reaidence , in a hot climate, or tle injudicious use of mercury. lic Alen,-Cave & Schalf r's Worm Syrup, or It. to fant Preservative: the best preparation fnow extatil. tAiong whichll ar l the lo tll elnOg:-Islin t I)ye, e fr col rfng thue hair; lear'ps Or; pulrsian fher's. Grease; Ponlntum; iclllawa Frhaeo Wash: soI. er pecriollr Pearl Powllder; Lily White; Croean of Rolles; sy Vegetabule RoIge; Otto of Rosr Lip Salvl-: Kra. i nailt Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentrstice; Orange v F tlower Water; Powdel r Puals and Ilux .; Allers. s ran Chalrcoal, neatly put utp in four neo vials; PesAlon S re lls; Clgne; Kresoto I'oo:th.a che er luoan eHair Oil;-with e i variety of ,atner Perfu res' merires, &e. For wde; l by L W GLENN'S P'ERFUM RIES. he Corner of Canal and Ilourbon streets IE.'s IOYLE I . MAY, llmme, Sign, notl O)rnantila I 'Iinters, No 3 Carolellu~e street, two doors rIml Uooud street. Illtliltioll of tole foilowing sool tids ll mobllles,cx ecuted it, a masterl) IIanionr. W{ tllIMII I. R loghtoaoy, 'Egyptioan black otd gold, O(k. , (ialla :I Antico, I'olltdo dlo, Oritential or verld antique, Curled do, Jasper, Curled Maple, I Ilod Stone, nirds E,"e dit, Darby Granite, Satin WooMi, Potomac, liir WVool, I 1)ove o" I|urdello, Yew Tree, Italian White, Coromandle or Itlack Sillllln and lirUctella, lose Wood, Americtn (irey, Asoh .,hile Oak, hc. & ' ie. Curled Elm, Spleimoons to he seen at th shop,. Paints, nilt, glass, copal vonrlish, kt. oil bahnd oit or sale. t11 It(ONTEI5I.& HEAVY GOlOS--II. t, sqat.e nod handle iron, well alOlrted. IlooI, scroll tiid rod iron, nail rots land ptuigh C; .., {I"rnII, shear:", blistered, spring, sheet and Hoillo ware, col and wrought nails .n.l sikes Zilc, hlook tl, mill :,1I gli stoles,) Uti kettles Chla in cables,, aocl., IcIIIS. (xI, .l I at ol rc " alils, lcorn hll s Alnits, \ieton, i tlll lloLtotlSto lll l oWtt A\'ire, sh+et,lo tool bar I'nolo.loo ot "Allots, I owhtnd's till Ioti l" silles:ill shovels (tollto,, oIloits, Slltlpo. t it atll elr t o l.s I':Io" d t l i illa eol.h,g loo lilt: a.d t ie oHil al} seatllilln COplle;j Nuitl sII.res f'ai,nts, lilnseedl ilill Sod sltlc oil A ftll ;Sslolllltoot on Illltlo e aoll slhit ctoeoi er', Iowas) s ot hlo, anild wliolh at ItIotI1"rd f )r tiallt 1W nl' sl;e or retatil, Ioot th omot tnoololC by 1n+ IA A,1Ti h & Co. 53Ohl1 I.eve.r. IIARROWGATE SPRINGS tllll tlll tl'll ll t l ll ll TIIREE L.' It ,JOURA.I 1' P12.1O NE It' OItILE. 1NO. 011HR: pr.0lioI r of Ibois e.antoliohmo ll bo a the tott - sure ot ill(lllt illg to hi loh i llllooofod t1o1 I Inof it in general,tl ,it he will he in roltine soo the lhst lav of \leas to receive vi-iler.. 11e will also , int e I tllte be. nelit oftholose al ol-tnesoe, l tha there loave been Irllgoe inproveentlls nmlle, nd o others now gOill on ld in rnpiu progress for com pletion, w.h11t twill rouble the subscr to atcomnodnte Inamd larger Ilouo orelt'ill or, alnd it thi e samlie littl titlle l b ttiler. nl" lolii rtill heo aonlo odllll d it good rool l, or tltaoe ahe oi, rrler r11n hilve large cabils, eintclhed froou l oteo 1it buildiog. It is deemed InncIIP('esa.y to any anylthing in pnart ei lnr of tile charlter r of tIhes wtlter, foul it is gnoertlly believed that they are not iferior tlo antl ill th Southl erl Stales. All the alausemellto thol are generalnly tiotlooat 0Voterillg latCes, will he fouond ot Ihin. lthe hI .lo.. .sic llhat tlhis part of tlt i country aodnls, inas Ileen .eIgagel. n will be inconstlnt anttiotacealt tole Sprits dllriln thle wlhole esonull. 'l I lo bsrihelr will auvil hioself of this opportiunit in returning his .llo. ihned thanks bor olhn very liberr l r1tttlprot giten him lalst .ennOll tndll hopen I.v tl r exer. lion- tlhat have boto olotoa e i o ilproog allendo exPlollt tlt ocoonuoinodatiolns. to merit at liberal oltronage th,' pr, entseason. JNO CRt1M. no.3 S. - [ ' li a; 1.. t lt t l - , i. . or protioos ' oir o otI theo oIooe, ntok and lros, with vrm l aetyc "t 1 -,mItaitly - LIatonlll . I kin I , n d, hnor S lht ero th e app'htion . frt-h -th popl too1 roi .,eo I (;t jloton., -1 \ot I l'.ah.age iotrel, too.o ,Et Ctnro .Rodo t'+oool. iire toS. lip t IMAIL ARRANGEIMEAT NorthernMa, un Evry Da at 1 t. Norther. j.l, .Closes Every day at 14 iA-.1M Western Mai, F l aI yery Mo nd ay, Wrdaday S.' , l anld ant~lrday, hv b 9, 1. 11. by eCa th a losdee ro ly , P v 2 , Wedda neTheL everv'l'liahr, Thursdny, a Thela e Ssaani/ aatrdaa, Iv5 P. Mf. via Closes every Mloenday, Wednes lay EXPRESS MAlL. - TIMES OF ARRIVA., I)EPARTI'URI DISTANCE Ac. of the Expree Mlail, betwa.r, lnonile and New a York-leaving Mobile tlail. at 3 P 51. Narthwar New York daily at 5 1'. A oulthwsrd. Arrives Arrive Nertlwardl. Distanee. Time. teturn'g Mlon.omery, Ala. pin. 198 nl's 23 I 12 m. oCntnadis, Goa. i1 4 81 i1 3 s. n lillcdoville. GaOs. 13 14 2p.m Caiunoinoia S.C. 7j am. 163 174 10 RIaleigh, N C. 5 '215 22 12 0 Warrenron, Va. 12 m. .55 an a - Petersblur, Vn. 1 pill. 83 0 O9a.mI Richllonv , Vn. I nl. 21 3 6 a Fredericklaurg, 8 67 7 I1 p m. Wanshingtn eity, 2 pm. 61 6i a t irtimore, 64 3 4 04 P'Iilatrliapin, 46 tal.. t100 II 2 a New Yark. 2 pal. 90 Ci 13115 143 It- . or .l 23 s Northward. Colmil.g Soutlhwarl, the litate in six hoar i e I:s being5 dlos amd 1 a7 aoura. y TEN IOl.I.AIS EWAIID. - lANASWAY frum 169 toraondloel rerornr of llei Si reet,onn The light of 301h of AuRgllt, slanl aw een I Ia nex noloringi in I'ydrln stree, a negr bauy aamed (llAtlw.Es, aouta 17 ye7r0n of age, antn Irae it or elorenbitns etin heil, rv llsek, avnd tiae an iaprd le ient ill his sae, oneI of Ila lega io siore, onre,'oiao by a repoheulllrt;P h nd il whenll lie ent away ra wlit g l Tent or linen ashirt no. white coltoo InTlooah1. irl ittnlaer of vreals and ITeleln hbolt are elatlonld a gllinst reeeiailvg or Itarboring said negro, an llw as cla other plersols, asle IItIIIutRo rigollr of" tle law will he enf,rced aoginst thtat. The hlalo reward will be pnitl 7 fordeliveiag hint aint any of ile ,itla of ei her of a I m lnieipalities, or at Ca!) Curondelet, corner of levi. ae sleet. l pt 7 J fI'I'tICI--Th eloptne..ralip hlereotafrae ,xtmtliag lniadrr lie fir, of Idlbois & GOrretean, han loap -disolvedl. ire olbsecriler will liqtidate the affairs o the conerl, irn hls ci, I nl rer ire Ill prl, one ileb - le I IUn llke onvinelT him oIinly, av l aoll A h llaaool inp. eaillmo, t In;; enttII II I n, AllrmellleLI T. H II (iARIl5ETSON n. --_W. o. do I e. No. IIt'Canal Sreel Aae Orleans i A_I A alwnays on lned ron ;atnlly ht reoeh;ag Dru I Ia yes, l y hemicalr,and lan:a,amog anallr. ar. is nltlur- s l 1)IU( mS. DYIAS. I Antlmnay, erude. Argoes, rtd, ino Ieregalln, Anila(,o Slicp e ic t Arsenoic, ctrudel t, Al rm, do poawdercd, llrlzillele awoos, lltlamaollaviac Colalitearl, Ilonlx,oeralllei (n,opera, Aunlaeriaen, ao In refilId, olad Callalea.I i., lrinllllOell, rualr , alleti, ' Tam pia o, il do roll, do Calh, alap ticaara In r lotar, d o flower, Ta .10 eMane, litaa lmth, PFreAnh ITrries, Iaaaligan Ileogat, a aeam taatar, do atilla, l l Cltlmrilaes, do (J.aMlllill, dt Alaeic, Logwtnd, Caaaprehy o a~ssl'tetidsa, da St lataiago a do lie.e Jlonaai, Ila ao heozill, CanwoOdl, al 0 l, Nin.n.aagat, IIa..o..a., oil a In S am ri.n,. to Ct.rn, , lllll IO, eltee Iid cnlib lrdo n rafi..a, do lolarhe. IaI gl aiaci, ( IIIl1 o CAS. e tokinA, Acid, nitallle, lao lnet li l e mtriaa ie, ln opi ..... .Ir, do a p..lnri a do a ella e, I11ue viti ol, aait I.. rai n. I .an ola p a p, t I a lnna'Laaclanta, 'hhnrideIf linI, ,hlIl ltl+elM l'ries, A inel:ie llh l.llllr llulisic, Mag1 nesi., IEnglish, IIlel.llte.dr, Ito A.lriell. i len d ehromltle IolaMI Ma aaa flake, Slla carp S aio ,ii, sorts, SolpOtat I.igM~ie baSll a Sger lean. - ail cloes, Stip ziaa, hl a I aoias alt, .ilnap rliir. , Ci helnt, llarlair amellia, In a (tolllllll g' iCa Chromic )elow fry, ie. irr i ell0 d o o i.'oll do Ml p 'gdo cllJr l doI 'hlnilnI doln do in oili ,*" o nalalai,:.k It l ;a.n.dok REgliat,, aoIl l a.p nir, I.iatarae, ,,.v g.a h. , d o d o. al lll ani , a Alis hite E ngli h, ,t r Ino Allricla Ii ' c, roI i l , P .. ir. &it ardl l., llllnllmmil oi ass, Iats dol ' II IIIn P:a( g aoa kgrnnll in oild n, rcd I.rd : hsh ulh , II tiaat., M ,liat do A. eI'ie., aSlla a aaSpaish, grou. a aaaI cli-, do do refined, Seigrig da,a do India, do alnllrlhl i Soap, S'miun ho haagtil 1baile i al, I1") Aarac ic l ick ,An wlla"ia n a 'alr. la oni--aaparad 110 6 f .'il-e L AIll uN 1 hii AT'S NIEni NOF.Ir" Ratlit the Rtefer, In tia alle r 1 Peter Simeple, Ae ('umminsp, or a \Vintier r Schlos. lhrtli-leld n I..n ,t., In, kv (' hail Inll, I. yl Ntav F I. ., in 1 vol. Lard /Itlodtn, n romanier, by Alinn Cunningham, I w ntheppared I.e, rill,, by hinelf, in . l. d ('tpenditi.ra IisturyIof talyt tranlate from t orilgial Itann, Ivby Nlithanie Gireen., in I vol. fur nindl No. 79 If Ilhrper'a Erntiv l.ibrhar. Vol.. I & ,toftlltl,, clntm, le ne a ind oni;rf edilin h f I 'Tahinilon rviiet's lorkr. Roete'r's I'rw uth aud :urlinh Diiturary, in I col, oi AI 'tie ntr's rtenth tad I:?nrlish I)ielionary. "RiPlcZil ruTe. Su nrveytyor's(n a tm ·I e fpeir uSAI tla, with rlmin, Itrillihrd rainsy 214l and 2 1-2 inehe (illltt's i provd nlelalicP Ien,)lapanedpapertwigh &[K. &M. cr. Just receivedia Id for tala by InI:tl BENJ. IlEVY. .jl'AIN I:RtVISuI'TF:, &c, by the u tlr u Aye. Tnra il, f flnlrt, rhltraetar .f Cgcnernlor npplienhla is ihre Albori,;iie f IoI Anetricn, ly nrnAr, iq, The Political GFrammar, f l ir h I'nitd Siyte-,r a rmIopi a ll e m t i If 1 h.i m nhrai l p letr of at'lhe I ,b Th r nav n ,liwe noev'r l , W.ill th lllrr hti y. IOtlclle thn -Tttltd;ited l Tdptiledy tIlei irntg orn If tihe .rtn.e Stllr hr E I) r Manfield, w iq. A'bnrod's Ilating "!'eirs intgruperedt with chIaraeter iatie nlee:dole.,, sulvmglll Iland dloings of sporting urn in iltiace f tile pritcital'er rk r.h oEl: ngnad with analyticial contntent and geoerul indel of nalen, vo) llluers FOR TIE UaiRE or Srtoflla or King's Evil, Chronie Rheulntilam, Chronic (:Ctaneout s )iu- Pauins in thy Boner, by free eases, seta of Mercury the blold being in vitiated ystae. a'hii very coneentrated Syrup is prepared with the grealtriltrl llrlaacelltical are anm d ,a"retlry. r a,, co tain the lie ttir ipht i flt rr f Sarnaitrii in tflt nnntI contetl rated degree comlbined with other vegetable subntance of ktnonll ellitaev. l'llt rent ieederstiatunl wiith phtsitinns in being abl tuoexhiihit large Illnlltit oIf Saurnaarilla in a lma dinn, I.s been hbtinled in thin preparation--they, being ifully convirncel i iits meritn, confidently nmlllioitter tile courls of their practiee. Price $1 511 itr bottle. Sld only at SWVAI.N IItt)'I'lt.It'S drug nyore, No. I IC.nal sIrett, Wie oliltv b. , hi fresh anid gentine, dirre Ifron tile prert'rd tare, Sw l's Panaclleita ad Verllliflle, Potter's Ci.t.oeli cont, C:arlpt.urr's ere ri'ationa, and a large andl genera assortmlllnt:lll l .re Idall gs, 1nl DINNOCK'S ItP'ILOVEI) EIDITION OF DR n(;oil-nith'n Aridlgenlent of the Ilinttt, of Role io nhich is preduxti itdn Ititlttniittiot t ttie .tudy o lunlIInIll i itrary d at grent vnriety of valuille infer nmtint. added ihronuhntit tie wtork, on the Mannye lartitlltions aulll Ailtllllil.ti of thie Roin.;r witi nt manrt, d ynld lintnrienI Notet; nd tqtest liuoln lir exatinllittiln t lt idl of cnhd t ectliui . II ln.Irred with ,hlra, cn,'aV ,,. o n wo~h I t A terton li n llll d. oll Ilse Ic v-in (L (if Jlllillne C n1 r Ito the 10.111, " );e -g, 't,' with an ,- linn n titu, to the yet ,...... lth vtoeatllus lair t'xunultion nt the end o crllh.b ectlon. I..ahlcs a vlariety of valuable inftrysa ti" addetid tbronghltt, thr wnrk. Consitii ngf ltabit tif crotn!lnptrntn SUverei-.n and emtii'nt ptt.rrt.. ('opillln explalltntlry Itnte. Itelaulks lt n thtle Fi lics, mllallners nlll liltnlltre of tIle . An nt iln the CtItsttitution, &e. &e. ll&.alited by mlny edga Ge s'n I:at.riEcr i OF -trrtntnnt, indl an Aorigttier of iKeilll's New'l'reltier tn thle tate of Glathes. Not Anmeritai eitiontt, wtit atdditiouts and tlitruveentett Intl al exllatioll iofitlle dstro ,ni cl part ttttle An) nllt al A nlltmnU. Jlurl received and for anale Ity \V1 1'KF.EAN tnv 24 eoroer orl Camp and p otlltiO II.ItPEI'S CLA.SiICAL. IIIIRARV. . . OIt Ai E,trat, htad d by l Phillip Fn lnci., I) u, witl 1 nit appendix, euttlltl tiiltt rLtatlolatyn of variusl odes, & Ren Ja.Ionn, Cowley, Milton, ,Drvdua Potl AdiRun, Swift htiltttoltn, G tVakefieldp, t'Prua lryall, a e. and t otne oflu nI l're emlnellnt IN(t ." th duy-.-,ud I'IItEI)RUSn tit the appendix llf ,tllilna t ean.ys tell by Clristolpher ,lllrt, I r v(l faitun tt vl Ihnd.t and I rlt t f"l arptir', tlsttanl ititbrry Th'[h Expeditlon of IIU .I'ILI Y CI.IN.:(!,R by TI t Ro ,, Elq., I w | "[ttileti trill, tillutr utf e, by Ce .Sor y I l'rgu L_ ) ,l I" editlionl rol ' ..oil'nplasp I'A:L. 'I II"I tiPhrD he tiU., r :tleltt "+'ull." I'l) Ii ttnm;,liv.t, i.ir1 V t.l t new Itll" (Il &tl". Id:,, tm. .illlA . ýnr,1 'l+l,|Itn, tela. 'Il .searmisi l t:,.l,. nmr inl 6.tre, fo;n.I RI II ILAWr` f

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