Newspaper of True American, April 20, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 20, 1839 Page 3
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W J3[ISKI Y-110 bbhl landinlg from Stemer Mat I tiol, foIbr sale by . i. tlif1iEY,. tmIt 44 New Levee. U IUNMI IBAGSa-40 bales in atom fr sale by . mar 2 ( f" G ORKiY , 44 New Levee FURNITURE! FURNITUREH! JUST received at the I.ouisiina Furaniture Ware house, a large supply nfou New York and lBoa al. l'ersona in the wan of' fitrniture would do well to eallnnd oselect thleir arliclen from one . o best and "ragest toncknaow in the city. W IWARNES, di 53.Bienville a 'N B-Partielnr attention paid to porkiong and ship iag Ftroirulre, fre.n olfxpesas. ' ifd-2w "TO COUNTRY MERCIIAN t'8. A eOODI) ano"rtent of school andt nmisnellaneoon . Ilook. Alaso a supply o IBlank Books, writing and letter PI'aper, Quills, Ink, &nc coslauntly on hand nld for slIe uu good terns,lby ALEX 'I'OWAlt, mar 1- 49 Camp at r HE BENCTI & BAll OF ENGLAND--By the authoir ofRnaldomn recolleetions of tile Lords and Comuoone, and tile Great Melropnli : in 2 vols. Neal Maloneo nld oler taInles of lrelaod by W II Carleton, nudtor of traits and snries of tihe Irish pea uantry,i 2 vols. Just roceived and for sale by m25 ' A TO WA l, 49 Camp st r 1")12 It -Ib 0 knlf boxs receiving fro m tion Stol peir sluhijCol umfinuaan Ii Ibrisale iby m2i5 dIIA,.lI,& tIJOWVN, 96 Magazine at ( l ANII ..ES- 51r boxes sperm eandles, just receit sd C per ship Orleins, oIr sale Iy md SHAIILL & BIROWN. 96 Magazine Ct STE. l 1ST ' lt' aspellilig books, copy boohk and 0slates anud fur sale iby -m14 D) FEIT & Co, 24 Clhartre at PLRPEItM 0I-11:)N casks winter and auonmer strained I SZnrmet Oil, for sale by I BIltlillG & Co, aitri I 134 Maiazine at 1 , saloe ly I[SAAC Ify(ll R i &W Co, april 2 - 14 Magazine st IPAI.0N--l o.ka oidloer, nir sale b, aprt p20 1 IEIIt(11iIW, i1 Magozine st ]-ACOIN t111:S--fi0 caskso Cit inluinti curel ill Sstore, fior sub. hy 1G ItollSEY, .ll~ 2 44 Nevw 1Levee - A'--I ii h'l- s Northern, landing flAiu shiop (eai 7 Ionn, fur sale by SIIAl &I BRIIOWN, o..rill ., 96 Magazinme 0tr0e0 Sbfy SIIAIL & Il&I.I{VN, prili"2 :ii ,la iiliO st OAKi!M.-lf Iflneh m In, I, Itusaia, landing Ifom . shii (itntnOll,lnoll for.nsle by fpril 2 SIli. 1 & I&IIOWN, 96 Magnozine st r tl.i,U\V CAN 11) I)I xc mjoll l l, aII llo C dllnles. fli'. nl" bIy I ilIll)'il: & (:o mar 21 131 lMagaziile at ` ' !A\ htnding tram I'ittvbur:, an aaaarti malt • of .iJnrs, Vidl, a |nd Vilohw (;llass, t whulefale and relat, lt II lli1 INAHll, Allr2 1 (VI r of N* thf I i li d ellJhllit I thiiii fitt mIA( ILI".I.S - 3l 11 JM oh+lla s slf Iiurri els ill store aIt d for ui . I y L II * I II, i at[illt :l3w 1 C,,muii 'l t I nl i '2 A IIAIIAM l ' II' , :I (rl ers J w ,!, lAll,23,l 'l'ild ltt 1111 ,.i : li.\,ll II.31K 11 ild"N-I Iou1 do of bea I/ till work om. hill, .en t au l tiril In this market, .lull 31 :l ;rnif er +t I l T II ( irlver 'l llO n 1'' %1:8 1'11.1.1.:IIJ 1\ 'N IHa u K-i, - ý ('conely'· (ira ,ullir-- .'rli*r"' c)ookely i ti I lvI. ,, i- l. , oi. Ill h .n l b. h l.· ,l,,IIb . h lll d III Lt h ,( II l \',ll i t ,IllI" I l"hii )l 1)2hll II llltlll \', i.o n 'u I11l . I ll .i l .. II L IIII b lo 1 j rt C', li'ýr 'illltllnlil- - 11111, ii h h,,l' ithah le i,. a ahi , h t,.. S - dw ,, I'la. 'kt h )Iik I it-'I - IIF T'III l'I,"EMAl 'S Is. c.,,k l ly na l h ll r l ,' - I lr- l io c nii <. l-es n gr GeorI . uall1rd, ll , II rine tllc . j iniI thouy IPirk-r l A W lninlSS,1i I", I .V a In l I' . I o f the lrtor w rlh joll tll rE - 'lu l ln d ti-u lu-irquiii li ri i t. Ill-ON & o lle Ihliiitir.nsl |, % . llllln l 11 1 l i· J ·il l' h% 1iIII I lv 7 i I . 1I ,inll NL I) 1 1i ih .N Ilil tiN litiui uu ill l h' rlvflurlll l t, (LP@ I, lI·wlnmg .tl.nle I~Iv i wret ly ,l.l'l,, Ii v icii. K Jtlltu illllt ill ii It II l ilr i iet, A \V hi.,i Ii 1 hi - l 1". li ,lt I 9 l.,.l,, s I Ii) & AVlllllll ,III 1 rl - pli IiII (.O d II Iuht, t 1 S11'1rol ' l'I ' 1 f ~- 7 oI Il onIIs na.l, J (lll, S e 'ktoll. h l,,.l'll- r ,, \ u . l. Rants, & ,'. IIIaii I'" . I* I', , r '> a,. ',, , . . tl ! Vii ' 11: 111: , I. n n lil m ,i\ s11, (INIi l-l I . I ( 1 l.+l E t, I' 1 'II-d.Si, ! Iele ttI+l" t Irn II l·er lh i, f i L D n i ;11 v book II(rii m a l e -Lt ne n1y li m yo (`t Ii, I r"+ .1. II '+" . I· 1 'oaf 1 UX fir : - J Iv ~ tf ý,rl, :ýli't b;illll n : +'ll I v rn ' I,' ll - i"., .1 N Ilia tho rn, k l, IIr t Ch les tndl Clt, st Il l~ l- 5 r I',!,,I hIIII( k l irP hnlll; n g fro TETer l N &i . 111: 'Y,(ti .8'r;,vier at SINIEI: ) I011,--3 eonaks riceiving from Newb York S.arlship Mississippi and fr sale by tair5 SUAI.I. a- IfRtaWN,96 .Magazinae et SICNNESSEEIIiACrlO-7hdailsorpimquali plty, l ldillg to ste uaillaoat Ilser, fl r sale rby Ri ; A IIIl. :111A_ 'TtI tI,;, 4 tlraarnrr -t TlENISN II hA lS-- boxes, landing fromaneamer I IV hner, for sale by ABItAIIAM 'TRIER, sp il 3.4 Graeier - F.ACII , IRANDY--I barrels old peach brandy, t;J~r sale by t1ra UItROID &R BARSTOW. 7 IBankplrace ICIiOLAS NICKLEllY-Nos. 7, is and 9: also thItr irst sixoas in one part: wath a variety of - very intereaing buuooks,just receied;l't cale by to7 A TOWARI, 49 Caiop st O Rite NO' IT.HtOltAPIllC PRINTING ItF FILE, 5a3 Magazine street, oppositea Itks' Ar- o. W GREIEENE takes pleasure in annoancing to his friendi ad tile citiea ofr Ne. Orlenna, that hlie has at l. RhhbIotlgh Litll,.Eualrlh oil a par a ilh copper pllate a ,rl:lllio i.a llrlll the a aht ililies he art ha over r coptlper t lhraina:a Irl lro bal flrll all a- dtrlr i llerustcd to lillnt a+:1 nol hallrca erltnallla tt ellgl'ilg arlld aaelrly tsL 00lle :-p a' te printing. " Merciae',a w niaig tCirculoars rent out in lthir own hanld wriilg,cun lhave ally qaanitv at a few hours ot.Ic icrcr rthey ili loneacirouted foir them in a nbeauiiil tile Six h aIhas he.roo rre givel ieneral satiaaoelinr tnlll he Ilist repeoitale comatIr nessOion in this ril. (ie:alnemenor dnsirons f havling Visiling or blrsi- a lee-s toils firishrd in lhe rest irmrtrar, will do well br alliti iathe I t lien and see specimenls. leh. I, 18319 N --Iunalk untes neatly executed, an circulars, Ihrinled ait 11i hotr' anitica. StI.I.I SttA"'IlU'E) +dilion of Jaleas on tile lassaioas, li \llenil. of Chlrles Mathews, C:aunedian, by Mrs. v Alnthewra, in 2 vols. just rreceived and i r sale y t itar !1 " AI.EX TOWAR,49"Camprr t j CNN1Y BAGA-100 hales 20 bushel gunny bags, t io store and tnl' sian na v- - ll J I'rd IIAY1 EIt & co. 74Poydrt streel NEW JEWVELEIRY. i ii . BEIJ, ItiChnrtresstreaet, has this day receiv e d',c nr slhi Sfa,-anga, 50 dozn. enamelled Breast 1i asa wlrliol will Lae nllerend larlt trade air idlara cheap r tho a eaer lefore it ore-d in this city. Also 51 dozen .-hnased o niig, fall patinraS, together wih aIt great va riety f cIehop ranill \\ 'lk . eai-thal al l Branches, Iting it,.r (haaeanro Lackeura, Cihaira, &c. Tihose ira want will do well to ex ie thiiis great assoartment.a a 1'. S. 'Old Gold and Siiner wanted. api 15 N TICI yr .-'Til suscrb.-r having bought at auction N rthe .At leioarv store owried forrmerly by Willann Evan- Tchi, ra poilas stIan p.rpOsite tien Vgatatla market S Ir n i:t i ipta tlnta ltelad al--bega leave ti initro - -' -h o s a R aid rhr puhla l it, genteral, thalt e jl:s pal chi, eratallihlrrta orander the d rectiot afC an hle anod m st comraerant npolneearya a theat l he ebraet alali ileS a mnt c of iart irpraill tii iaa e fon d Eaanl IiYi tlere, in pl h a oian opfte eriptionr pI 'tpOcaref'l. 2 n ltlTI 'E--The irlarrtnuriip existing t Otwran the ,l sl-rih.r% arnder" Is fira of Yorke Brothers, n its di+-sltl Inv lillacal raareot. on t te .th Fhruary, la:." . Th,...u;. of th firm will bh .jed by Edward 'trkelan hot oidatral C ats'aff:ir. .'; F VYORK,. op ilI g - P P YONKE I DEPOT OF CELEBRATED WINES. ONSTANrI'LY en hand and regularly sapplied with the most celebrated Wines; warranted pure mportled, Cordials, London IHeer, &ec. Rl ENISlt WINES. Oldest Leisten and Slein Wine; Steinlarger Our Lany' Milk ; Johsunihberger; Itudesheimer Sparkling Ilock Dam Ilock, of 1825 llx'khleiuer, 182d; Marcobrunner, (tirafenberger Nerersteiner; RhDrniel win glasses BiOlt )EAItX WINES. Chatenu Margaux land Chateau Lafitte; Larose Leovitic; l'ulnmr Margaux Snaerior St Julien and St ERmilian St Esteiphe enrl St Jaiier,, exePlleat table cluerl A few halfhoghenads of StJlien aMedue WVIIITE WINES. Iermnitsge, Sauterne, Baras ned Graves DESERT WINES. Genuine Lunel and Froaligunee Muscat CIIAMPAI(INr WINES. VWhite and Red, Sillery and O(hil lee Perdrix BUItRGUNDY WINES. Romanee, Chamberlin, Cleo de Vougeot Nuilr, Sparkling Burgundy anor 18 E GG-- bbls landing franm stenabont St Loua, I,r arule Sy AtItIIAAM TILERI iellr 18 t1 (ircvie ' F: labsrnra r ll tterut at 'i Sthe following goods. FIATS-100 enals moleskF silks, nas sorted sixres an! brians. 1l00 do best No I do do 180 do do No 2 do do i 10 eeses best No 3, nassorted sizes cand rirde. 20 'do lnaver, a saperior article; t50 do Fine Nntria; / 50 do Extra do 200 d IBlack anal Wlhie Russin; I 5150 do Elerat Black tiarrese; 100 do Muskrnt & Coney far broad and naaro-w brnns, for Iever and country trande " d, All ranks olfmilitaryr nnavll C.nleeesni a do hdo Clrillrees rilk l mead tussia ts,aII lsnizee. Cups-Far. Otter, far Reel, .tral, Musksral, end hatr Seal, in two dozen cases. , Sealette. Cloth Caps--Pickwick, Polish Avri's hI shpee, eofe tope, / Ferret), Ioa. )ge, Military undressl, le I.ealther loeingiag. hildrel'a 'aFey' nrbane, Plaid and 'clVet (,pn, Freaclh pastlerne. Stoeka-S.all, Silk and Bumbazine. of 'hlll` irueirt styles. tIhelerellis--silk and cotton. Military I'lun s, oiieee L ' ilk.e Silk Ilaldkcrchiels-- 'angeo and Spitl'iJe ,l. Ilandboxes oIr hatters, wooed cases, deleille lcr fir ganolI. TheII above reeolls nomnprisce a Ilar ,t e ,ke l c ll afthelates eet e elttern, satlll will he'occllil It pla l ad vllncer,willhellt lndchargaes eot New Vcrk )e.:r<. The sellbeeicecrs aill lake Irderec ilrc ,cIel, mc r .e ',ern alnd T'es aeerkrts, folr tile Ilceas r A I Icl;,1 i ) '. , Ilna nlnanu.iecturers, New York, nal Ic thl ,shornl+t lposIble notice. (ierlnu and lrench hI'uIIbeeltrl. Naval, Military, and cehe ono I lalers, noal4 (:cearles a STAIltCII-10fI hialf boxee I chg I h.l ' ll Char Ir nlage, ned llifor sael b 1,t 20r $ ,0 'll' ' tee\Il l : .in r t lnar 2!) 29 l .Magnzine st SAT:IlIES-A large (I .,,-, ,sc.t -l- c lPId for lI aecercecy ice ne1 I.i 111c c lilt IN, ular ollngazine at 111 El CLOT)lllf l 0 com o e assortmant, I r C un inya II 11 I lc at clcnr c c 1c 1 Mar azine c t I Alcht i fa ur ia.' , : l • , it i p rice ip red .by the cb rI I. ,; II h- pose ofl it o tier lllllllng tl res. I lit )NN.I I l., nli:, r :l , \.t t, 1 u,"ln T ha pitoulanl st JXCl t' llANti' i 2 l -l Ii --Irenlh by .4 onar23 I1, 1 .I I),E, 131 Matgnzine st `I`a IRM C.\M)LIA"--3 hIxes 2d quality sperm ) ('anidl a h Ied lng lon u ship a i' ( nillllll, filor sale iy eie I (ll.llllil'; cc. C ,, '' , book f t i*e Ins nll, I ly JI t les, with .ple di el LInol t'lilrtt% itl ).;. NeTo a lllo u l in ol'tr In+r tls of I eaind, in Carleton. I'rclr'lit l a nIe , hc ttie e lnther of rec'I tlh ions l of Ith tIc lcic t eecel Ice )lec. a'd f a lhe a1 . r c'yc ol'c,'rccec +trilai. 10 ,1< , " I-e .'h ,'m I": J 111iN'+ &, ('o, gaRi / II IIt)NNAjltJil.e hot pitulat & t 1 I.1 J- e t'"--l e B skslnshn..e ccn'. /; • 1 " I XNw I ,, t leIc1e , I ) , )t )' row l l .. .to a I'I rta ,ol iret l,, ililnl- _:" 1 I . 1 ) & 1i.1lt{.l' (lV, a l nnk IPlace NEl\ Il .l:INS AND NSlieVIl." l.IIS,, tlAl)I (C11 O IMP.\N . NIF 1 AMIlli N111; INT. Fill v i , ". 1 1-al lv will linvr the Repetl tit th foot of I r il r.hele,.ve r v e at a A. le . toll le trn at I I. '1 w,'rI 5uu'uiida r' ,w en ne wdil 8 I2 M. I' P. t1. QyI ('iar flr privrte parliet, providLd thle nmlhel rll'tl'cerlnt, ill he oeelr diow '.lilth ralt on on'e ldua.' l evlii, ii t I i t ' I lt. r rr . (1I" PATl:NT FIIRE ARtMlS-Jtst rerivd - ýr shilp 9 s.ira v lo ri, frItI. ,\cw . +rntk, ia m e use Isor tit of|I'tt llnT illsan belrrr t Ptlsi a, Ita r ,:le at m 28 (itGSSIP & Co. St t'ltrles llotel ILtUGtii-J,.t trldlng ihon M.scrin' a uipply of alrondl , bitter atl sweet lit ntlrite root, itme juiceeaSelt.C n fllrrklna, asel|Ca aT lnloll jllice, herltl) md, AtinAryv s ledls llln lnr r lintkse, and . intll, rrrtaltlridea, Ibrlline, orimllange Iluwtl ater &c. tir wh.lesarle satd r-tul in stllty of 1 II ISONNA I:I., Sor Nanrhtte &' Tehonlitoutlie st LN IVAW litltKt.-Ede's' Clhanlerv replot, t olnm ill one, also, ant additinall "surply of i 'lllty'ta eritllillnlt law--Jtetpenll'S tn illelling, brl-ck etlnroagh's reports-Jost recetived utd mdr sale by 2!) A TO WAIt, 49I' Crrtp at I DI tCINES-A full antd trte nuply ufalraicinrre VI. imported hv the snbscriber from Europe and the North, clnstulntly tin handand for sale to country dealers and plant r. oil tir lorwesRt terl u. JARiVIS & ANDI)RIEWS, m29 cir Common & Tnhoupitolas at `)) ICE--S .naka plrin'eCui lt rice, ' nlauding from LU schnooner Black tlhwk amd hor side ib mn27 J'I'1IAYI( , &, Co, a G. UNNY ItAGS--25,000 Guanny Blng, 22 1.2 and 3 bushel sizee, in bale..and bundles, for sale by mar2..2 I ItltltidE & CL, 131 Magozitm L II.ELCII Playing Cnrda-Jaust racend Irunt New 1 " York, a full grace ofl cry aupnrior double head Cards, fursale by dzen or grace by I. DAVID FELT & Co, NY Stationers' iall, april 3 24 Chartres at I lALIAN Sdiwing Silk-One mtanti bate rent Italina I Sewing Sill,forsale by PE''TEI LAII)I.A\V, npril I gti katnp st Ij.LOt WITOO bob nauitarfita; ttlt dnline, Ln sine L . r ftr atle by G I)ORSE., april 3 44 New Levee UIrTIt, 10-io keg supetrior Western Rllerve .Ut tar. ilor sale by iG. DI )ISEY, april3 44 New Levent SAUN.Y BAGS--351Il in store fir satile Iv nprl 3 (i ItILtOEY, 4t New i.nerv IIIRTINI(i-150) batrs of Jmakson or Indian llead SlShirtings,nor sale by TE'I'TSON & AVIItY, april 3 Ili (iraoier st 10lu aoiri Ha-.ana COFFlE-3-.ttt trtg oIi.I- Crier, I of purime qnualitr. Also itlll bangs Ihavana do fior sale oi lavoriblrle terni in liotn tot uit buyers. Atply to ST'E'I'SON & AVEAY, april ,, ... Grat t ,ier Ct W ll.KIt'.'t-o bbls, lainding froar steam batt i iIIar t nIltrip sale by am14 A TRIEIR,31 Gravier at OULI) CAIDLES--175 boxes assorted sizes re l ceived fIrom ltston Ipr tip Columbiana anid or sale by SIHALL & BRlOWN, S u25 9i Magazine at , 1/ lIlt1 Ll:- 1L-7t brla lrttinirtoul attirta SVandali., . or rale iy ABIIAIIAM "'RIEll, , prl r 1r 34 Gravier st WISiliM AND GENIUS OF H.AKSPEAKRE, I OMPRIISINGi Moral Phaiosophy, Delineations of i LJ Character, Paintings of Nature and the Passions- seven Ihundred Aplhorism and ctnelllneallaneasl pieto., a. with notes, &e. lThe whole nmakingr a IalText Boolt for the Philosonpher, Moralist, Statesman, Poet and tihe it fainter. t 'lhrpirit of the East, Illustrated in a Journal io a, Travels tlIIIgh ltourneli,duringan eventful period by D) IUrquhart, Esq. Just received adt for rsalt iy v Lit 1- i E .I-A--iti d,,zetn Btlckbutnt lfadltirn, for atile by LEVI II GALE, at apat i 9:1 totttt it 1jAVANA iUtiAR--t.7 buitxas nhie ad 411 dir abrown asugat, lading rimn schnner WVarwick, fa or soale by Si & J P W'HI'NEY, a9 73 Camp at OFiFEE--150 begs Manilla and Rio coiffe, for sail rby StALL & BROWN, 9.n 6 1tl agazine at tn VALUABLE ENGLISH WORKS. E1 8EWTON'S Principia, it two volumea et WrVght's Comnrentary olr Newotona Priltipi:a, iu he Vitat's Practical and Scientific Treatise on Calcarious an Mortaras and Cement, in I vol. et Smith'a Panorama of Science and Art; embln cing the " principal sciences and arts; the methods ofl ork mag rn wlood and metal; aslid a miscellaneoau seleo tion ul useful and intterestmg irocesses and experi SInents, in O-vaL, with illbstrative engravings. Ilutton'a Matlhematical Tables; coutaminng tIhe eoln ohe na., perbolie, and LognticV Lognritts. Alu 'at, Sipea, I annoIts, Secants and Versed Soin, habth r naotinca and logarithmic, arnd the cqplange diacrip. ail tioa and use tf l talables. Simlpen's Irectrine and Applicatiio of FhIxinolF,.int rola.' Forinle by WM aIckEAN, L.jatitl. .- nor Canpatnd ('conti n al bHIPPING. for Europe. FUOR LIVERFOOL. Passage only. Crcker, wdl have inmmedintr. dlespatlel. For piaage, hating fine aeo,,odantions, apply to & JP \VWHI'I'NEY, ,pI IG 73 Cp ..t Iat FOI LIVERKPOOl. 4 I The Al I fast railing sllip OSCEOIA, Cat. Child, will have immediate despatch. FA r freight of 301) bales, or plassage, apply tot ROGERS, (iGRAY A Co or S & J P WHIITNEY, pi h If, 73 Camp treeNe FOIL IIAVRE:. oThe A i fast sailiNga shil NESTOR, Capt Moeswill hv nreeive deslatch. --i olr nlaac of fteight or paessfge,apply to hail' I. H (AAL:, 'l Collnonl At FOI IIAVRE. ," The Al anad fost sailing ship ALlCIANCE, SIs, ply to 1, A GALE, __ 1 "93 Cotnmmen st e FOI CORKI i C RI Poanege only. . The ship CRESCENT, Captaiin Pallns, witll have bnimesdittotoe delteh. For pasage, - having good aeomotndalimss, apply to .pI . . I I GALE, 93ommonst SThe A I new fast soailiog ship CTA RLES, Capt. Coftin, will intet with itlmoediate det., patrh. For frcight of 10t haIles cotton or ssaooe, atipply to L H GALE, aprti t 393 Common ot FOR IIAVRIS. - The A I l foilt snilino ship CtRIO-. I.ANUU, Ulnputi Tennev, woill MRve iame Ilinte deslntl, having the grotper trt of her e cargotengtged. Iore eighlt l 1011 bol es attton, or pol siag, at lily to ItAI.E, aprilrI 93 Co mmninon est FOIl IIIII(REAUX. The brig VEItNON, Cuaptnin 'rrpkinr , ,wants'201 boles coto to fill p. For freight of wahich, or passage, aplply ts ape 14 1, H I At ;l., 93 Common st S Tihe superio.r A I s aF l ()I'(II'I, Capt. Mt srrill, Ilrvi lg It e nrellaler . r oIf lr careo , ggd'l, will haove imtelintto do't.ltcht FoIr freight of r30 bales cotton, tor oitsIge, appyI to palr 4 I. II (A iA.., t91 Ctmmr on rt 12.1FOR .LAVEROOV. I.ttoooe otldy. i. The A I and very fassilin t stil hIoq rIt E N,ElNlIttltol, 'I Li TheobIhl, will hove d.epatchl I'or otnlageonly, havioat hantollslne aenlot sol ati'on.t , llpy to 1. 11(. IE, lprnl 5 9. C'olnin s [tOR IIAVIRE. Tltl fine .hl CIUIAI)IU, Clpt Scl.ik, having all her car'o engaged, will ill in ten days. tFor ,a'oe (nly, alpply oa hoard op ao.ite polI l, 3d Munieioolity tr at a9 9'l'E I'SON 1 AVRFlY, 171 (;rlvior st FORI r II LI.l.,l 'l' ON. - 'I'le italr lh, lRr S.It'TF:C3BIIRlE, Capt. Doeallt, Illaoig thle mlolt palt of Ior r, oegnged. will otet wlth lespt Ith. For hegelt or Imsn.Ige, napply to tht! Captail ll Iboard, to tt.mite'I' .ulur a b ihatldiaga tr to ut S"1 I 9I)9 & AVt2IIYli2 fit'rinets J,.VtiII : . -il - to . tt The alglitntr .ship I. IIt'UVIt I('Ah, ('1 ptall J G li I .1 Vi, .i ll iol o i..r beli'r ti at ger- .C n re of ilt frt ord l I t every ateollt It lll w e pigd io llit r t lt l t, r1.1. F r rei or pSSa e apply II al llllltlmp strIl l . It ENS, Iaot g ht i tll ill hl tall aa ilnlt'oo -t, dim.e deslu Itltn' l or Lhe aloeor I vll :l g tihte3i greater Part of h.r Alro engaged. For bnllnc, of aol a91 Comon st FOft IIAnlE, V ap 19 11 (?i l llllOa of Coastwise. r ui ml loar le tr ' I Mi ny, te : (np t . "'h .1 I , " . havi ng i . ht f llh r (nlro e kte ll r h i'e illlltz Bulttte dspa.tch. Ior .la .lce of fr. I 0r pasage, (t. NN W YORK.i r eguhlrlt a etur et r dl M, tyChat, dlast. IhI,' r r Line c 1n ' ' F hth paT rett fi.a r attlun Cat ket shith t .io.t n f.l ii I N \Vttill ; tl v, Inat , will o l pa t nc h l . Newy~a Yor k and the w ariJnnttl. n lIn o llns, t r Illt,, the alnt. lfi bro.rd, lnp (ier hnwr . 1 tle I V,+.,,tad Th +n ekrl, ( lt t e r \\' 'H . il i NoJw lln . "avor rillhi Ir a 7,3 Camp Ia S & O tIIIrolo 1 FOI Ni, S T .'.I . l'+ ket ,f Mf hvt '.d inst, r L- ia t + ,it l. i rk li t' . '.. The fill. fen:. t sailm a p iketl ship ISAClI - VIlII Call t, Al~elle II ,.+11]sail a- vlme, hv tt. oatPICting i t ,r t lfet r cargo enat'l ed. F Fofer frc;ght or , . viom - itro ae 'o,,n dea no tor, a p v o l pe i L. r 1 ar. oote thr V e Ito talo l rk, l ort , JAS g t III .0 N, 6p.l 1I 4 '6 Ct lmpstreet. fRll he ouisvillRe wlh quirk dee .IpatTl rTahe .lpr sle fier WARWICK, LA I, C a.a ('ptrlo, wait, the l ellk of l 0,thrrl to con- a phr ea hi e cn a rgo. For freigeht of %, hi e r tpas-o g : u e , ' ,p pl yd t o S & J P W I I I T NI' \ " at "o, S 7 3 Cam p at i ew York end N, . Orleans IinP. FOsa R by ISAAC R o I0 N TilE new Ship T. IOI.INToA, Cap tain Smi.ha ,n will il hn few liaes eaurvtlt. part of F her cP a aru o d. b FrrTlly Inrfreigdtht if the re (naiagder or pas ooI apply go. eaptail Slnith, o!,potite thd Vegetable Manrkehte eto PIe tER IoA aItOAW, o0 all 6 lE 7 C amp street. of FOtR BALTIMOR.I On SThe Al np ckfet nhrilOl.EASKA CapC CHI ICKS. Capt. I'ttoto, &c- Ilt 4w- 0 lawks, will have tdespt Fher farei. For i nr passage, having fulrlnished lr a? llations r apply *to Pd S" 'J upeITNIEY, +5 , wa 73 Camp at FOR IIO.Si'tEN. R T'he new, fnst siling barque ROTlIS Lt i It I), t w aptain taory, has half lhet warto l enaged, and will have deIpatch. For ra lance ul freight or passna, a t ly to aol SI&wO, J P\II ITNE . 73 Camp at The Ar r nl, m siligp si .a t IgAAt l lualICKS. Capt. Peters, will-eet with ie - a r ediate despatch. For frCight ofI C m I ales o al'! 93C C11Io a st Ii 13l Malaite at C.t l W I.o LEI iI Ul.-AlITN ItEI. .II. S. L'A~ The superiorI, frt cla IN I I AUDIS, pt Ska Chir', of the barden of "000 bales cot n, now read to receive crg her at Polt 7, " ld Munici tahly,worito. t 3 lt E'tN & AVERY, 1 Gravier t -I)ARrASi.S-3 tse cseoaciag a general assort 'I n ti Parasols, all dihg l r i l l I"pnamlm, for 75 al n' Ilit ttd poo l ti i15. Pulic are repe ctftlly informed that the above Co. xchange otel, t Charles t. mar I 51 ti e white, do 75 atdi nner linted past i 211 do mlediu'm do 60 po bhnk fin1 post All of wlit.ih are of a vrerv sup rior qloli., nottl will be sold low, to cloe a enottsignment; byt al) . A TOWAR, In Camp ltl at I E:\V MlUO Il(: by ,lanoavrii r " Hastle, Ihmrloa,tl, Ilaet0," Itarerolle--wordn by Mliss Estello, tadi f eated to Ilenrv Barrel, E.q. ronp.tised by (G. .Mla nnovrieor if .' Orletn. , received O ith the gelatest p-l ,pliswe at lie New York comcerto, SE ,OHtNS i C& o •a l___l 4 cnrner O tl Charle & Cotmntn C ts T YSIB-ELI AS-1t we Mantatoand Gintghtam Utt U Irella. a o iaring a ncomlplete aaslrtntot, laldill ty fruotri.J Pnaler lir tsale Iby ISAAC BRItI 1k'i t. I S mri 1:14 oiaailte st. at \L Oh' F LE..AN4& tAifItl)LLTUN ItAIL ROA ) COM PAN'Y. " ARRANGEMENTS FOR 00 THE WEEK D0AY, . Front Carrollton. I Folt Now Orleans. at Ilorse Cr at 4 o'tloek, .A.N.llIors e Car t 5 o'clttck A. Jo LoomuliVe 6 .. ..ILocomotive 71 . " to " a " " I " .i I , i : " I 9" 9 ' : Anr lo'.a',lock a Carealh be obtpaind by paying 10 do artfoir OtheTriTp.• TIltE JACKSON AND LACOUROE S1RIEET CARS I.e:lvaoCalal teel tnt6 ojclakA. A. t. tl l t rtan Iltrl'. At in alf pacnt' o'clock Ihis car will colUlnence rUlllillp every hall hour, tlad cotntllle throughou the day nttll 6 'telo P A1. s (rllm Ithe hoead of Jickotl 1tret. S I'ersonas goig by lha Locolo tatve laut proiden themneltst wtht Tihlcket ns, aI t Ie to n tey will eItaken by the tC.tdutLO ra. Oe 0l0ce New Otlealta ad Carrollto IRail Road Conlpanly, r"- poydras etreetl . JOlII HAIII'SON,. o- tovavll Chief Eg. N.O o. C.R. tfl' 51)5N PFORIrtK, COPIW.K - L. Slctaks London pntter, 7 dlzen each - . 300 eleela. braziers copper 'le. 5011 pircer Kenlucky haggulg Lth 't0) coils do bale rope ^p- 1511 do Rustin rope n I(10 do norohtrn do + 50 baskets Heidnirck hamtpaLn.r t For sale by CHARLES INiHEn Ip m16 itr FOR NEW YORK. I New orkh q. tr Orleaous line. A NEW LINE of pckets has been eetablished toIn rull belween N, )I'etrIlcns anld New Y ork, to onslsottlnfvr tfrst ratel ships, viz: Stip St. Marv, It \V Foootr, matster, I" l.tololi . , n, J (t Rtlosell SAtlur, IIl P I)urley, " Tlitooe slifpt weeP houilt io 'Neow Yo;rkoexprto"llv fr tlhio trade; ort ob a lhglht rnlleholt to l Xatek tnd wio o ll)ol bt.o s t I'e ctto deel ltion ll fi lar. Tr'their ucrolil, nll, iosll (orpnsnaenpas comprise all thatosy1I rbet ,,ired fur Ilme ill "lif rier:n , Untll the, ship.; I Iow uilding trn co:o pletel, twoo filst cJotos Olijoo /Ioll OPJtooy tioir plina . l't gr.nteot pnttoto!alito ' Hill be observtd it the IimPt of snilinl, anId ever r'l·lnonuable tac'ltuuhttitl ext nded to ohippters and Ilssllegers. r fuirther n rlilelltr+ a pl y 1 too l srs, ol Johnson . J Lodeni,No.WU( \Wl streeol,New fork, or to jai I'PE'ITJ'E .All)l,:. W,!;,i ("imp} st FOR NEW YIIIIK. [Louisiana and .ew, York .ine of l'uaket.] l'To sail regularly as advertised fioum each Purl. FIlE line is at tlhiw momnt o o mpo;oed of the follow Sin ships, btlt fi mlo newv te-els will Ie plutool t tl o Parly duy, Intkiong Il t0lll ootaor w.IV in nil, os lor wilt nllohof onert betho disrlt,.hd f'll m o his o rt every week during the year, fltsr afllrldtilo irom t hfi ilitoes for tranlportation and at the lowest rurl lI lo eiht. Ship Yazoo, CapLtini 'irntik. " iJsissppi, " Ilt-lh. " LouisviIP, " Ale. Saraltoga, Il, thwnvay. t I huntsvill ,o l " l :ht rid Slhatkeslpeta'e, ' o i'ollhPoer The above, ships are all o~ f thei fisot 'ltse, cppered and l oppeo r 0htltenld, of a lieht ol t jt dr ht f water, III hoilt inl N w Yo k exprels-ly foIr thel tlalelowith elegot rennt ollrllnllltilns fill llt ngrllR and cloul ded lby lbl andd ex )eipe ltl+'ed lltma.terri. The price of po snlge is fixed o t $91, wlitohout wine, be pr(Ivided, III,,a ev,:rv tttelttitlll givetl to p ll),ot lte! the o oilingo rliqtoroo atmlloot tgloo ieo inoro fro ,rtoiculo or l t oshiol o'vo looll lonto h toowtrl oo ap dowo i t1,rvr Neither Ithe owners or ca:tain, of theose ve+ eles will be ro'spoto loo e for jewelry, o ullion, pr)eviotu stuon,, fil, wer or plateld war,, b(hettkl e of glass, hollow ware, Mtarleo grao ite, coperage oon lo i, reast of io n oro pllt oil 100rd o lf 0the 0,. UllS, retooo r oo ilo ; of ladio.o tre tukenl lfr the saile, all(l tIh, value tthtreofexpressed. Pus I ight or pasui n c t',iclL7oooom Io P,, t o ini-l 0000000. g 000n... I rr d to. .. ei lll- l o A oi . ohip (n olo io i lo 0 10l' S .|ttlirJ. x ille llill ('opium Jh'hIII .I|/tt/,lt/ ( +lllltl' t I I1' C frIe , I 'irksbur~r +I toaji J Iounker, lairthe, Captain Cilll lll . K'ashrille, Catuoh.u It uu. Looit.a, Coo pt:o i Trlotal ()roooo, o to Pll 0 .yon % alr lhip -- Capta l 'lull tsle. Ner Ship - Capti Nihols. pr, -s o I 'rr this trade-they rt of dtieht oaolort o w tr, ndul nlm t i onvariatly crossl the o Iar without deteo - 'Phese pneketis are counnanled by Caphinius well ex perIncredll ihe tadeand illulwa srxert themselves 0l00P l o' l o of oi l e o 0linl is xed alt $ oll, oitoo.r t t olll 0o 00tho or'l ole. "l'e ilol tl oV towed :lo anIlo d w hII erwII h lr. tll' ro ill lltlliy" l uI1 m (to r tli0 d. [They ht e haI ns ollll I v furt n seoulle(ll , t. brelull e nio ai.fll l 0s , i fl I 00 0!irst 0 ol orii will olio siste fmnoo hrl I no l or o1yloo olr.o IIo or.1o 90 Ito i l o-Ti1o lilyet 100 000el p lt Zo board, ioo leoi i rouo l lar bll ol'lodoll be sllloed t Iere-lpior, u 00,0 0ooitc oo0ti00o Iot, ror the Interior. .,. FO . 4 4in l A ' . S4..- A ni liie-,nv% i I( I, h A. 11. for · B o lt , ra~ ,' cy l Sida:, ''Fr I un-htr or ia-age apply to Capt. Hlo( it .II-lI VI.WIRI Il.T '11 1(\ 444444, ll)r'1 .. l 4', I 1"l '' \ \ 11 . l; ' ,s , & `I4 4 44ll, 4 i4l4 4 ! I ll 17 -:1 and 0 t t, e4' 1...... I 9,. 1.1, IL 1 ) I EI] 31. 11( 11, I . Tl',1: rk l llI ,11 ,'i fI r clh mhin,4 4 rev or r4ed h4 i 4 4 4 the44 he:, ,., ] 4r wh rli ei l ill, ar e o ,\l illIlil e t I.ný 'l plint ,Ik iolh tyi out 44 aining 4 t1"-r iI, 4ma s or Ine4n, 4.i. rj ivt I, 1 ait the Buazar, crner ` 4. . 4h,or ,s 4 ('t sP, , 4li, 114511 ,Y \I,I.AN, per fill . .xch.. . . nge 1 oll vv 44 4 4 4. l'.4i44 1l.4 , 4 lh ti4 4 , 4 '4 ,'c4ully E314 1 4m 4 Orleansi ii sfr thi uiils of F ielr' mv, MlirIth iPld yl April. Ilis n4 so)l in in the practi.ce, 11 I.vouil, 4 ll o profe'siona4ll kill and xl el 4 lollth in the444il 4l ' ll a and imechaivIal deptn lillen : i st.i'urpassed in this. ' counr r, will remuain pelnll v ely n. l t Or felu Office",,5 ('anal streetI N 1ICHILAS NI('K4 .lil4-N.,. 7, :i. ti8 , al.othec I irs t six n hersllllil in one traom, witi ai variety of AI t very itreresting books, just rit, i ' It lJ for sls Iby me .l . A i'() V A41 . Il4 1 4( 4 tli 41 )4" CARD -IT 'rI4HE LADIES. ci W ILLIAI 44L4.l., No.10 i4Chartres streot. c4ntin cot ties to purehnne old hrokin .olnlleer, old gold , Le or silver in any thrl whatevcr, and pay the highent pot 04ice ill 4Orh4t4 4g. 4 Ipdies rlho may have ol, fIbhioned Glol jewelry, jut viz: ear orumnteis, h4ins, ,neckhles, h4ckles, linger col rings, or in fact anly articles- of the line,, which is h4ing pr4 die land of o us4 tloli444 , .an 4lllxch4lg the' aam to 4 0et good advillalutn , h r ulitei£! Its nbo1 +. it I N v--Watchesllttlirv andi ll letaclesl repaired illn d Ithe be.sta nr-chlarges .moderate... id J s4, 4149-4- de BAZAAR. l'a Corner of St. ,Charles "4 Common street, 44l EX4' I 4 A N 4, "' I1TEt,. 1r4 _US! ! & All AN woulul r4esp4c44f4 lly all th t 11 tell ti onl atilzens and tranarer<totheaircmlelr et' . 4assor4ment of (444entl4te4 's linen -hirts, do 4alh4ric, with hnorn irnts. fitshhionable linen 4frolts: hlen cl lars: silk, cotton nii 44erino 44i4 shis an.,l drawer1: 4ca calllhric and silk !llllunldkerchiefls: Ilark mll ' wy "l V -l'i vats in great variety: smiocks Il everyr ds,'riltion .llt 2`: elatic andil cotton .In.penders: silk: c,',m o.I tlhr'ml V. gloves: genlts hoskia glov.: u4lll44l( s and canc4 s 4old i mlounllted. Also,-Splendid assortment of Inades aal cents Ari- v lingdesks, dlrsan ,lleas, purl ohls, pe ll'lllrlSl , cut- v lery. , ieit urh goods. Io, TI) TIlE LAlDIES. r PR IIULL'S UlI'I,:R<I AlBlMillM1I SUIPIP .'ILdt IIIS new instrument lfor tlhe radical ure of Plro. 1 laIpsus Uteri, or Falling of the Womnb, by ex- l" rlnal applllication, lenplersditlng itho re of the ib. jectionahle pressary, in confidently recommendld I to the allnicted ias the nians of a peLrfecL restor, ion ' to health, it never lhavillng Iled of performllilng a' cure,evae under theo most aggravated circutmtan- i ces. It has received the doculde approhation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir llaenjanin C Brodle ; Sir Jaltes Clark, Physieian to the Qeenll; Dr Ashwell. Lectulrer on midwifery to Guy's lo( - i pital; Dr Rigby, hloturer to St Bartholomnews; I)r Griffith, lecturer to WVestmin-ter Hospital; Dr Ramsbotham, lecturer to Londlon hospital ; Robert Ferguson,lecturer to \VWestminster Iospit. I al; Dr Swentman, lecturer to Middlesex hospitul, sand senr neeoucheur to Queenl Cliarlotte's Iving. Sin-hospill ; also by Henry Davies, ConqIuest ;B Blundell, Lee, Mlerrnlll;l, surgeon leates, &c. by i SDr Morrean, president of thoe Academiie Ronyal. Sde Medicine, Paris, and Aecoucher to theo I)Duchess li- D'Orleans; professors Velpou, Marjolin, Paul ° Dubois, iS t son and other--and in Ntew York by, sor of midwifery in tile university of the city of New York, prole. I~eldfirld. and Francis, U John ý. stoem, president County Mad Society, Laurens Hull lepresident med society State of N York, profsls Is V. McNaughton of Albany, profs March, Cyrus Por t. klns, Duanc-Drs Thos loyd, (fiibert Slllith, i Hosack, botearns. Ludlow, Kissam, Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Renslainer, and mianyv other distin. guished Illphysicians in the U States. S kG IhIull, Oflico 4 Vaosscy st, Astor IIouso N [Li- A eonstant supply of the above inotruments, , . with Dr Ilul's mulprved Trusses for lerllnla, will Sbe kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Mlarshi, Wood. Sville; Booth and Mallory, Memnphis; \W 1) \Vilkln. son, Somnerville; IlHall and \Washingtoln, Nasihville; SMcNairay and Ihialilton do; R I. IBliss. Florenc Ainl; J C Spotswood, Athelns; Irby anld Mliastin, H Iluntsville; I)u Bo.e anld Rff, Mobile. apl I lm, S.. ,..1'\ - i \ lT\- i-ii L LI'riitiNhtT. T P. FIdREI4MAN &4 C4O., Nu. 3, l.hAgazine street, J are rpceiliig their suppllies of Fall nid \Wnlter It. Clthiag, and will voltionn- to reccive shiplmentt eegu larh' ihrnlghou the seaool. 'TheLr assortmnte t being .R I lare will enable thema to Inpply l rehants fromlil the counlltryv , Allt the shortest noliee; for sale wholesale & retail, on accolnlo1ating terls. HINESE. 'FRUNKF3--Jut raceived nn aasurt t enIIlt o4 the above article, prev4n4ati4es ag4ias I mouts, wilth peelrliar brass Itoksrwell ndupltd flp la 4dies dress or for holding all4er. &t, hd& m extreilely hl andh4ana4 nle sh l r4r4i4i t0 i4 4l4 & it.lo,4 S| Aey " Eof h1ng'-.h44 el '4: 4 -h4j 'i s 4.t Bedo4444.44). 444,14y'1o 4 4444444 sTATE OF LotIISIANA--l'oPrish (lot fir the purish und city of New Oorleans-to mu whom tl.ise piesents; all clllue, geetilr: \Vhereoa Jo ntCis Ctopelaudl'arker, of this city, havin purchased at a tn le mnItdey Hewlett & t'cens, publiv auctliloneers of thlls city, tihe pro perty hlernlilit|+hr (1Csoii lryten, ihe rehyy cittt ani tnliiott.itid ill te ne o curtd, hn a CliedI ny rile ct, lile o ll c llolI in i n il tio or npet vrt Ii llelt in lelr e-llri lll i c m ll eI Ce t i ilgi-Y Il tlri of lity .it e of lotl e. rii , r lepid 'l t t f.Ib r lie Illrt er u altla fIie I e rIll title ts I no p lll iier. Ill , t ill tIne urior e d th sa l el l 1th tivy I oI f i i , lll, I - lw, o ltrititrl know ye, hid t l er t t lter-tel r nlher ill, a oereby iets snd , thll ollel d ill net(Ir l on 1me Ily salle of III jilli.itll rll, in Ie the ir.l jt udl, i. d I d il rellitors It n 'it' cred itors f n l r l courllltc, who no IIs , lotrrtht, titl I llir 11 it itrd J th arkru l botV e It re b l rio illo l Ii e i 1ico oIu o1,71 iay-II i / :i. I e e o e illll t tll h it let r 111111 i ' t lt Ill ilt ltili'll t lilt o, Iletinl tl six rlllntslhlll er dl' le, ii lr 'i l !:e' , d i i l lif lii-l tll. In Il rll Sr y l l t l o thltiti e iii ,ii l l 11 l ai i h R iilll i t 11 11111 i i "lill. so ,111 1 e + Io + be , o l i t ii lI llJ(;- , luguiti d. A s I'he lll llI II'o lt It ii ltd t y Ihe till- i e ll ill e 1a1i thi e rilh IiLL y if J e. i1 ll r,,I . t1111 1 id l it S . lo ,I a det~n', of tine s uort, o r,,en d of b the y:id" ,ta o Jut ly . I) I , I lt uIi oil l , I i u 111111 ii V n ily , i s i it . Iiur and Ithle cli ri i tsr of V thi 1 L Millel , NJl Ii' I, or i1e` d ckt, of t hi court, l i t l h1 . r le I ,s111111 a li Pirker Ii Ollillyill: plrl r, llsIIt l llll it'l+l r 1111 1 1 I Iu - it w il t h e aftl er fid nwt e, vv/.: I il the promissory nortt of tJ lm' T ker da , d it t,,l sTait )hic ,lnt, l ith:e8, i order of t ni i ratoiond un nh l , J iixhlnl mit ihl it, 11t 1 d1 11t illr lile Iutt i l r i x I tilt + tiurd iltg I ih lllitr. n ilt l 11111 . I'il te prll ,itor niote of I h. -nImi , i tiII on ti ill it It , tllfm o lrb iiiiler da llth, tor tie I iiilio,, I".o l. i. In the pro ,.isni.v r e o ,h .ame, t ,' I les ntr.e dnIv, t tie oder o~f m id r ri1t' l uv te sutlel ti e ni i t hl' al ll tlll + n ter d aie, fnl 1114 1 iillit ill u l 1'. Ill thle promislory note ofl ti hel lllli IInt-ided Jlon ,tl: nle 11h1ly t tth 111111 r l ii ' -tyiiiili ,ii , r " hy h, I'i vI Iv III-, .F In thil e nl+a ry sh note 0' tIv" 'h o . lhltd v llt n I, 1. 111 til re ir olist t hr Ill)! 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I,11 ' .:1 ' 1,L . .a ........... ...-C ..r ..,,l In-: S- ruosse pour Iaparoisse ot Vll dla u Iouvlle SOrh3.tns--L'elat d Ia Louiaiane, .t tous ceux quie ces preactes concernllclt salo t t : tt Attendu que James Copeland Parker do eoto: ville a'ant achet t ut t roe vent lltte par Iewlet et et Co nas, enounteolrs public de cellto vdlle,l propriut, ci-aprs deecrite, s'est adressd au Grefit dou ttello cour, pour Un aris confortdtnt ia un aclo de Ia 't Logislature de 'etat de la laouisiane, intotul: ' ActE th pour confitner leos titres des acquerours nux ventu th judiciaire ;" approuvd to 10 Mars 1831. Qu'il suit lit connu, ct toutes personnes intltrcoes onoot par rts presentos solutltios au nou de Petat de la Loulltsl u et do la cour du Patroisse, qui pourtaienti avur dreot A la propridtd ci.aprs decrlte, en consequetooc d'u ( d6fdtut do formo dans I'ordre, le deeret ou io jugomuit ,t do la eour, el vertu duquel la vente a ,it l,.a. , ou de toute irregularid ou illdgalitd dalus I'cu' -.'tol, I 't, l'avis ou lo temps Et lo mode de lao vento' pour t un0 anotre cause quelconneo, do faire voir, dans ; tronto jour it dater de la ublhcation do :,'tt'e it iota i t h Spourquoi la veote ainst ite ,ib t cralt po s clltc irml e [ t et houololgude. Lu dite proprittd fut venluot par ole sur.dts .. canotur le 2tene jour tdoe lh;tembre, de I'ant. j ot, oe aortu u'uon dttIt de c.ttot Cour, lonu I '. tt do d It+ ,t do I'tmot e 1o33, dans I'.t.i',tino de ntt. , Vane. c se; elc.lnein rs et lo. cr: lmenera du \'ulne et hi ! Miller. 1 No 10,961 dl ducel:t 'e cotte ('our, ; laquello, ltoe diu J. C. P oarker tr, t r. . u I pour to prix do lt,7) paya25 ble do la manicLe s . i vanlllto savoir 1o. En un Billet do J. C. Parkelr do la eomum do $630 I'ordr , et olodol.dt par John 3hltchel, portant hta dato du It dIicumb o 1d3t , e palyable it i six nluin 1, io. o.n un billet da susdit J. C. Parker de la mimes sount , ' l'rdre tie et o o tdottod topar . .l Jl'llto h1tchelle, do It mo dato, tit pa) abl, dtoe [t. EIon o llet ou susdit J. C. P'trlior, de tl moorne Sollumme, a 1 'ordro doe o omduso par t : i John Motchoull, do la Im6iu date, t t payable t dlx. Iluit ollis, hlu. in uuon hilet du sulsdt J. C. Parker, tldo la Sorulne duo $6, a l'urdre do et Inlldsst pIr sus.. ('It Jolhn litcllll, do la mew o l o at, et p.ay1 t l bil a Ito. E n un billet dot susdit .I. C. Parker, deo la llrlne SOIlIme, I'otrdoe do ct endoeo par to b it Jolthn Molclull, doe la oulne date, ol playab lo douze i o. En un billet dll susit .l 1 C" Parlkr, de lit oUelano I.old , oi'olrdre doi, t emlohsd u par l.te Isd i .dJul Mitchel, de la tmuluo date, et payable tatshut" t o. En tin billet du suadit .1 C. I'ar ker, de It Isom l e doe $ ll ,l a I'ordre de, et eundtc pr u Ic oud. i" dtkn lMtchetll, de la milto date, et payable ta six IBo. En utn billet du susdit J. C. Park tr, do I i mole, sotm ne at ordrde te et endol e it par tle :sd t Jonlu Mitchell, do la mmct date, et payablto a douzo muiis. 9,u. Eu o. billet du susdit J C -,rker de la mdo n r0eolulne, a0 Irdre do et I.lltde tooitr o ldit Mitiched, do te io totomn di.tto oe , et payable a d oxhslt Im~oos, [So. Enl un billet du osudit J. C. Parker do la solnllle loe $ 0,. a I'rdlre doe t ondose>d par to sus. dtt Jon :istchell, de ta umote date, et payable a e0x lt1. ln 0u tbillet do susdit J. C. Parker, do la mUem soonoeoo, a 'urdre do ft endiosd par tole susdt - John MiLthell, dea Ia memo date, 0 t paytayble o a S Io. En unu billet du susdit .1. C- Parker de l Sine luo suolle, a. 'ordro do et endous3 t Par le susdit Jthn MILtchell, de la Inoot e date, at payable to dix. hiit iolse. tI, 13o. Eo un billet dul susdit J. C. Parker, do la er sunu de $6650, t I'ordre do et endostd par le slts. dhit Jollh n1tchell, do la note date, etl payable a six mo E1 n uon billet du susddt J. C. Parker, de la Inmnesoulte, l t'ordre de, et endussd par le susdlt John \lttchel, do la meme date, et payable a douzo lt. motis. t t ,o. En un biliet du snsdit J. C. Parker, do la Ila- eae oUnullle, a Ioldre do o endons p.r 1to bsusdtlL l tt; blu Mitchell, do la moIlelllu daLt, etl paylok a au 1 iu. m lo .0 n u b illet du cutdlt .. '. P'arkcr de somme de$GG0, a l'ordre de, at endoead par to sus dit John Mitchell, do Ia mtetno date, at payable a 170. En un billet do suadit J. C Parker, de Ia memo somerte, a l'ordre at endossd par to rsudit Jlohn ltachell, de la mle a date, et payable a dnlzee 18o. En in Inliet du eauslit J. C. Parker do lac memo unaie, it I'ordre do rt reldu,6 piar (edit Johnl Mlichell, de lIta leme data, et payable a ihxhout I Ilois--lbsant ecrseinbleo l bualite la llllle do 01.zO 0mllie, sept cents piastres. l)ucaription di la proliridui d prl Io rrnsfer judlceatre, .avuir : lo. Un certain lot do terra situl doaes e' fanu. houlr. S u,let, dtiga.d par Ih No. a do I'1nI. h ,rl. par les rues St. Jhient i,- ll jamtin, 'l'ehtup Ill s t dlluz-tt . ineur.eati 2 I0f ll,, 7 pucisit fu IDace a la rue Si. ''tl a llll , lot 111i) plods d l pruulfdi iur, mllseml lbb tes Btes l:s mI:lilll(ral.llo S IIIIItI Iip Loua t ia les droll et prIlvleiBes ia ll appartemllent. Co. lij ae tre lit de lner: situt das to s. s dit t:l bour., ddig4i patr lc No. 9, dti l'ic t 101rdc par eis sti..m ales rues, et tiicurant (i5 plods 7 puucs d. c e foi la tile St. Taoit i , stir ]11) pltd, d o to du oulr elt Ie t Io hgles pit ara llc:c, ,to t ia lli anglliei; einselnehl Loutec., l UeLLi(aorate Ullat t ns II. dioll et privlleges y appi rton it. 3. L'n autre lot ieo i rre i ali o dat n t d t lit)uourg. d1ighd par le No. 1(), to I'ht do e ' ire, ctr ll ials ,dltes ri es, et ll rsllt 211 pleds 7 poluces dto face i la rie t rI. ''ih0 s, Sllur 10 plds do plfoudecr c111 r dles lit sii piaraI les, le 1ut, i lie.ure c l--it,;e; tic l ll llll tui t le ~t t t llhll r. atlonll eltt l s lesldralt, Cl priv legelt y appll . I IJo. t.a - itre; lot do te lre sitCueee dans lo sltit '1 faubourg, de sigc pr Ic No. 11 u I'ii le Irf t part lea s ites rldt e, l lleliesuran t i, d , l 7 pu ce de itae ,t li rue St. 'il hornai , ur' 10i lledts de par otaic dle r o l ll ueIs s p ral .les, 10 l nl to , it urn aln slal,, ; .ol.ln llhu I 'loutes lo s auh rtlolhlo s et Louo ' es druilts et privilege s y Ipp c.erte ll t l i " C mi lle lot do t, r u l- elll: daIn- Cle udt faubourg, hi~ igul par le No. 12, dt i'' et b1,red pir les sus diles ru0s, et formnant I'nceignoure des rues St. ''humas et Jenj ran. lusuraut 27 p11ds tru1- I put'les et 4 at l l oi id o fa' a la rue i t. I1 hoilas gsll cilat leds do prolltdaulr N t dl e litie i ah rue 'aI +l j iarli, t it , ,l ibln i ,1r1t ;17la1.e0 ; enclte llcll Iiat ire ,,.tl rati tons, et tou1s !s drolts et pltl; leges y) appartelnant. o, Uc n lot di 1tirrt slt e it d ans 1 motlllltle f u bourg. dstgulli., par is 1. 13 die I letl borel par lIsn nIl011es1 1tue, n \l':,ur:alt 27 pilcls, 1]) p rucesL et4 h ines Ide tlee Ct lIa rue Iiiiim1 uin, i t r 133 pl ds 7 e poute er ,t ' lgns de proltlndour, enltre des llgoes Ilara\lleI l tou lt, · I uearc a llul-u ; eIsIumiIble tout le al ili ratliol+, 1 uat i us 1 a l et it l' - l iege r y a ipp lte ttti Cei. \I t tut tio iouti appor' t dt plan ldretd par 1'.1 \ cieiclls t, dI(pmt tll tl lor ga i .e.gald- et Ie e ],;itt, date' o .11 l),omlbrr. 1 e39t, ianetl d C uni e acts atil gruftf of l'\Jlhatm Younrg Denis, latld le 926nem lour dJ Jduvior 13:I, is 0 Lhlts lots ,ttt des sub.e divisions des huts los, 3, L, et uni parte du u lut I No., 5 ellnl qg1il appr't d'ln plan dres1 par Chs.i 1', Z l ,po i, t tpuld voier, In 1 ti-- r 18,3, ti annex(r it n llint,, a ll gra ICt do Wltlliam Young Lewis, datt le 23 do Mars d,: lI m1,ne anne,. Breau du Grotitier, de la Nouvelle Orlans, 8 Avrd, 11l.9. i av10 J. OLLIE, l),p Greffior. S:'1' I Inn l. liia Routl ICI l lt i n iii ll, l - ý}1 h1,ui ,1 1i] l i l nih l nlon and for sell, l it" I 1 L i' J I 11 I N Y,7 .l '.i S1 , h mI tlh Iril ll h p r , foti ll r e quv n r i .\ 1 . 11 ' : 1 ;i- t i c , 1 C0 1 i 1c ---; t r ii 1 1 ': 1, p S "I l gl< d I C tl , .l hll ,n i ll -or I ,ot' l . (i l ,r I CC h ie I, 1 -1111 y111 iiti'ii, I 11 I--, , tni - i - c I-I iti--il i kIp and ,'( al lh luls, I hc i, ,,. ip Fl rm1,,, ftr oah , I,i .....' I I. . I: Icc) I. _-NC MC' , . .iii .. .+ I. cl NI , - ,aI i cA 1- t- n I - J1'1 hi J I' I ICC . \ +i,1',, 1 t Si i - i t h . C . ,, ,in t n l t autu I ."1r.1C , C u I u. I I!ltlitl \: C 'o, t]it bt ,i o ,int t Ni I., 410 ,1 lo lltet .' epil 1 " to Co, C , i , e r !,v i Cle' il n tl', t 11 " L i 1 11citi'l-ht s li, i it) u ,n ,I 1il ,J 111 C- 1 e lt C1 Cr- ItIINe a a) it o l'n I.y llihi1ltAl, uc l I tr I- i; I.- I I ,'-.'i Hur , Snpr I ... I. l ii,,r \ h N it,' 1c h ,,t l ,e . sts I 1. I , 1 I 1t li. ! tll'l, i I'rh, epilnh st I 1''1; itl (iBent Un t r Ih t 0 \1'1 ,(1 . ; ll:11\ ti "4'rItl N, ir i..hv C -+ - t 'I \ ,-- Iti ,11 ' ia a tii, ii Cl i i , l'hl 1rh, 1N 1t II I X 1 ll c(ie & eC O', 1I1 C 1 Itnec 1, EW OIL . SI t il ) c. 1 1l 11 1, Ito.Nl ) Ai-it l. i, l-il19. E ;' tr ic t 'lo lu th e M hin u le . o f th e p lor ,edl i gn (.f thI ,: tResol-ed, T it ithli' IuI taw aiio all IlI Slitoc.lkhlold., , wning abolve n,;ii han.idrc l shulse, wIo. ref,1 th disltt uitle their stitl kt , plirstU t tloai rsolutit n under it, of the .ith day 1f 1\l1t1t1h 1a. , ,1r wt ll as thic i1+10.," o1 ull th ose who consent so c dil"ribule dl cir lutCrk. , ,iI liihed. JA.MI'. If, CAI. IW EI., niii "| "3t Pl*,lietel IDE;All NEL% i tX ,'1,I. , '. I.. , ..',:-- ',. .,r, t.~ ,,..,;..'`-'` "h'4 i+L m :.I I( Ir I'.\ fV tI'II I'.I l. l AN l.P I I lh ., lil I. 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Whotlohcr t dlot drink 0 0u0a,0rrd l0ee0r0 , o hlo 1'uo ace, tukel l:, r llu l dolo ' hboio-o. 0:r o ill ula ,ih +OlO. h .loUo o Ioio o . tolnt e o otlt.. Jtrt , ItnI' Iiiu iur :lure us.i lt+ Inalalt£r, Ihtln thln LulllluJO. dial 'I h.1 f,,lottlng cert~l8fitc out of helndredv Similar, whit l]+gt bite pro' urrd, eI ki c n l tlo ,haw) the effect ofI thehlndlil' i I llllill:F* . 1 II, u+ nt IYU. CulllIlld tellt. ttL~ rl.ll lll·l Oi J i 4 al,lu t :h t, I lt, l i tin't nlaelattlctur\ nlatl~tlr, it.. +uarrlglt.' loocr tho l lulo Io t olrhIoll d uo -. CA0E0. oo KIIOdUMATISM. Chorooo4too, opNov. t., 'thlo.o I)ulrillg 0t00 ot winter and oerlg, L wt ao-oicted Yoith o vo.y tevel o u.d ,hat rt, o lttg ohettatlnl, occasouoo d y o0T0o.0u0 t iu ull w'ulther. I noT w take) great o. ho as O Ih11 o latiolo tor .1[ I},,bt:l' uf thr h~dln'. L'uuucet re.tureod lie to perleoh heslth, poI conll t orotlo roojooaoooo it, ho hodhmiloolt olictd. JUHN FERiGU,-N, King bt 0 Caorlestolrnl Malrch o 7, IO2i 0 00n0 .0 i 0ze, ab o three years Sltce,wlth v dlherriloo rlob iull.{:-il, calusld b, P t 0k0llg h ;eere cold, whll e to der the luylt s clio, o' thrfo raoo, sold ooIhclh hao dohsbled htr from buonia -ti ] l Jt+.. c aIt, t. l)rlllu tllinia pe ur d I lave hee s patiUent ]1i ]tr1 JIlo'lt l, 1 o rllla I oioo u oards o t S !ur udlost ofd 1isltr ti,. ++Isi+ l lt h ll f tiwl£O jln the I|altlnlore Hextto l, ,IiJ trlCd tJalmosti e er rlh1d . 0 ito h IlLto e bk nelito Ot theoo lldllo oht I oh oru ooopol, at 00 oohtln l loreey 000% 0, or. n YtolrOt u r ,lt h., I l itar lll lcd thie uoe uf the o lloldluo ' r'loUoe . i une 0,00 l 0t iod 11~on,1 oIo'ontl, ly tree I0I0aiu, nd 00o r ow htlot Jy to lat e, th.Ltt I LI uoo d tr tttllEly pltll e,Iy welM. Cq'aol. 'it IoR, 13 Market ht.. CA5o: OrF Citt'L'LIOUS ULLCERlS. New York, Sept.10, 1830. 'Ihell, re if In the f ll erllf 15, i ae, elled with a w,.l III ilI.y ot lind 10ea, which rlterwtrd hil..rated, nd It triP I.trfr a F tl cer, nI l liy toek. Altec trying several pilv.m.ultll 0n ~ i11+, 3tl -. I t a t- htt. Piti talltthlte and pinL ed i -4 IIt, u-Ir tie. terp uli L)r. Pllyalc and Reachn , bwhe, r aler trl,I:t auln.lon, t to n efITet, e was proouncaed utterly ie ttlraOn i. Afiertird. l tolok ltwentty lottle ol'Oea' PCltes. tn, :ld ildI rall b te, l Pnoter', CtltullwtOe, with no material Iwttlflil. Lth'pallilg leol'ie, which had now becomes burthee 1n, Iýln I r ul'Zon to l*"yporelltlll heew York, io l', a l, dgarn 11.y, o nt, a ' rlcg blelth. Hearing of the ireat iuccess lof ttited t i and lacca, loe er, ill case simlile r to my ovL,. I o1 a' ir3.nladd to try it, a a lust resort. To ey great ae,-. Il'. . r1 tl n Iertulli|tnC1t l, I hO t tUnd aynelf rapdly ras cpr ali.tnalc uu~ ~llpoll taklnlgF s.VenI bottles tile ulcers healed, and - 11to Ilt 31t1i1) sitl o the oncuurao otwo aeonthi, and have l l l l er cT I , this etatCment, ant, d with at tlbtteull.,- I at lfle Iel t u rittllos d wh reheanf.rnlllg under s.- . ollnlr scrl'urlt uh. or ynlhhtlttn al.ctioea, that Uthy may knowe shat oi lr aI I it i-red .every tUliUg bult delthA alto euldrnr- iht, rg -l hsed by t dIlea ahoeyr . Chrleston, July 12, 1831. I uns allirl,, lfur entr. neitl urll ulr in the leg. -e·sUinate; all na kl lllpauied alt aIn' js culluu ,ll'ltlaloninu nd r lcalard. I,; tl 'I tIrh lea :ol inke0 JlOutt. ecver:. entlnolr t rhy.cianl. - exelrted tl eitt kll IIIItOl 1, bUt I . ittloo peII lntlUtelloutrta I . |a I " elll t , live bottlhes lor ier llIt td ' l'm nur i alde a pvrfect. Lue ....... ttl AiltTi A. wtI.-'r, I Iarka IetlIt. ~ l.( l+--IlW:3brl Inlnditg front slreamlbt MNcm {h.. la, Or P lre by G I)aREY, 1i;u ,n 44 New Leve` ttut il K--511 llt r rectified, lamdlig hfrm Ptemns. SI r iienlillelt, fot r ule byI it e DRSEt, ut.:1" 44 New Iave.. IT A('(N SIi)ld S-i.0 aaks molncinomlm eared, landd n1,' 41 IttJI)RSIE, 44"New Levee. Tah E\IInSI'-ui odneillie plnd Ite Io mrt s ale b ud C at |lll 'f:&1) t It&l''O)W, 7 titt Piee ]Iad9 oo t, e'.t·r C-.tnpeottd C/in-se Soep re - olnllllytll)l . Ith Ilnledl.s o, Madrid tnd Charles ton, nlded rntalit, nel ility, thile press, End the l'.l0ll: a1btllnce cf oil thllnge. plltle opinion hal ,nI,,otted it a.d larted thle ttfictleney of lady L. 11 otgto.n'.a l.t. no pond Chlllrese staap be)und sus Irci-lt lot u otter or nrin worn, I b ttplee on the fan , tt bl.r, tonll, eruplioa, prlttl. Ileat, and eefaee I o 1 It skin, ithe lhealinlg quUttlie el this soap tll tr eradOl ate. It is rcno.etOantoldPd an eas 'lt.-Ill, o ttIIIIttbnn s.yp or eoalpound llr gentle. tallllltto br1Illtimtni o, thle mt plexio, re.rav. tl tuIre ol, e r,' oId mp 11atltg Irrt.tUrs et d delicacy ta Iht Ittln!)lxlOtt.n TIhe- uis:c.lattcl dtietiiiiun of a olIt aIod hv ilt. Iad, it' "i;3ll nlnny Ta object ef nlll., r able interest. Expslere, If warm rlltteteel tIteniot k eI'ce and hetle neltlle Inoited er hard he tlre a lnd te inllt tie otll derrl fr tlnlslary ha " I ell rtltlrrtl-. st.uell, lttl .t l t mertrely to th nee aes e sary e\,,rv diay arts t lli, but evel to ijs rhivrk - p IMlt ele~aEllvlte. . hi od :l iloale M.d retail at N.. 95 heuse st Prlace $l. m r jltll: p.hcIre a re+teetflullt ifoerted tihat tase all .ln tol,, is erneted 3f1 maee,' ta1 i..r..ed Ieal ll . in en all3 and ltout allirahebaitnaalioelin th ieuboer UIt!cll, upIon the ruih tad, one mile tfrnm the Miis 'e bhaihlllig it lare ar n moet eomea odhulvi dtidnd tiltt plcrtoeuts, for k'R.elnlO aeptate dilcreemt Cleseaa nll dtl'oreut dit sen e. a. ThIe insttution is supplit wilth toa most skilfu sad tlteltive tuaoe old elentt autet., ad speaking tier va. Pritete ruonta ntlav be IhaIl by genlemen at live doli Io tnpuns, dtlu, ino113itttll ttendnlc. L,. Teenrts in et or'ihary warda, rao doller per day. SSlaves alca tao dolulir. Small Pu in 'the ordinary All canital surgic l nloeatlnna extra. tI 'lhe reoident pkhaicia at Dr Weddeman,to whom . tiptlicitia fIrr adistsaao tmuet he made, te to Dr C-A - Luzenltberg, No 1; Rtaolpart ttret. api191 d (TO IMPOP.'IERS OF PA'IENT LEVER WATOIo FS ANit tItVRNIEN'I'. 1 SAAIUEI. & tal. VtItntteote Patent le eiacBin le . a atrat. Le.rl..ol, int.... the inlpoters o0 the nb..w,,g lic.eantha theetrhe rrnvegraeraa hr aclel eatpplyipg Moo. - It Olcatt HeJttr At Co. ottNew Yeak{h, hisnriems cnw they are tpenr to rmceive orders ftar Fi*.ritll Work, ua the nwet p esilela aerne Pt tenrat torn. adrd, act reqtqblahi e. rlr*lntpcji t ;~- n..Y'l c t. . ' . "- fiae otefhief'Enginha r sfthe New Urlease Aqlgi sio to Rail Rload, Mr. JoLe fdmpme a ha.sI/sea be ned uhis placeo iwtlm all peeriua "hltri~l pea i ah .r tishils lnlnnsatun rga·rdig atl i . 1141 or will aplyl at re Rail Road Offie, Pneydls ,l_(( . :- . .+:, • .?+.

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