Newspaper of True American, May 15, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 15, 1839 Page 4
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g W0?LE.ANS ieo UALTIMORE LINE 01 i1 PACKETS, I d iThins ip. will consist of the following ve.sols, hlifrl.vt a liec built ur purchased exprissly fio A Sh i lsp tSei;nn,. Capt. Mmner, . .BarkiB » ir, oMa Niclkerso, >S»:. M - Infra Fkerry, now Slevons, I "4: . Solomon saltus, Lthanm, S rig..Architect, G, Gray. M Tm esel are of tho first clasw, have hand. "mlotrqotoied ae.omnmodationo, and are of a light -illiwaýer, so as to admit of their receiving and fesihrging their cargoes in Baltimote, at tle city. SFrrhllt will be taken for ports on tho Chesapoake * j es' River, and forwarded by the agents, menu'. CLARIE & KEILLIGG, at Baltimore: 'penses on goods shipped will be advanied l4ncii quirod. The price of passage is fixed at $60, ' aple stores of etie b t quality will be provided. SSteam up and down the Misasisippi will be taken * tIt occasioans For freight or passage, apply to -,2.: n. vGEO. BEDFORD, *.-<. Jwa4l7 22 Bienvillo st. S.*'*-'^AS;;;1..^. ---' - -" Hienville et. I FOR NEW YORK. [Lumiskta and New York Line of Packnts . iT1E hiSps compoeing this line will sail from Sew Orleams and Now York on every other Mon ahy .-toommencing on the 20th November-and to idire the punctuality in the time ofsailing, tho line will heroafter consist of five ships, viz: Ship Yone, Captain Trask, to leave on tlhe 20th1 November. Ship Louivlvle, Captain Palmer, to leave on the , 4th December. Ship Huntavillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the S 18 th December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the let January. Bhip Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on tli 15th of January. Thaabore are all new, of the first class, copper d. and copper faotened, and u.pwards of 500 tone tlbthen, are of light draught of water, being built in Nw York expressly for the trade, The price earipanago is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are ulttd up in the most improved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire eatisaction ot passengers, who . ill please take no. tiee that no berth can be secured until paid for at the otFwo of the consignees. Thene vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at tention and (exrt themoelves to aconmrodate. TheIe will at all timnes be towd up and down th Milsis eippi by dteambonat, nod the strictest punctlnally obtcrved in thi liie of sailing. The owners of these shii.s will not be responni. blo for any letter, parcel or packaga, sent by or Sput on board of them, unless a regular bill of' lading be signed therefor, at the countling house of the agent or owners. For further partliclars apply I J D BEIN & A COIIEN, nov27 90 Common st e ~-- - 1; HT ko tEw ORLIBANS 6& cIA RlLESTON PI'ACETL ' T his line co. isisr ol I urvel s I Sl'. ,a l Ih Ito48ir1 Clams, clpIIoled d ce ilr liast.m a ned, elnd of an ol or200 ians . url ci. i Bands, ne ncromodlations or ,.s . O vessnmIs are commrnrr rrdrd rq crp ise terienced in lthe Irnlde, w;r, wll ..ive ve1ry a ll idto,ande rixerle r e selr .s looac ,m ,a-rr. ,h oer-. 'l hwv I1e l oi rof ed pu anti dr\vl . l Ite w i pi anod leave New Orleaais o, or before IIIh and 150b of every mtorlth. 'iTh follo. ig s cor.oppre I te line, ri : Brig Arabialn,Clnarlres rdn, aster. I Brig C apman.J. . i. o. Imson, master. Jlrig Ahlroenn, J. DI.,aner , rrrastr. Ilara lRger Willhonis, J. A libiers, mnrer. For freigiht or pioeaply I J. A. IBAIRLI S Co,61 Cmarn, n er. Ner O mleans, or 11. C S M.rder.cai. Clurlstren. nert I TLOMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Urleans S Li:o of Packet Slhips.-Tlhs new line of ships tina been expressly, built to run bhetwmcn thIe abov1e oft% and will be lorned of suitmlble draft of watIer: aceomrfodations for passengers, and every oilbrt will be rdrle to give generdl satisfaction, The lane is comprosed of the tb lovering shrii': Cherolbe, 415 tosr Capt. J lardir g, Carolina, 400 do S Lemht, Charleston, 174 do D Eldrillge, Columibitea, 6nl tint e ,.j0giessai, 240 d o lorE, Bombay, 6 15 do D loltphrey. The above ships are all now, of thie first ,lass, eopper fastened and soppered, conmmanded by rmoern ofgreat experience, have largo eaccolnrodalonos, with a separate ladies cabin; every attentinul will be nd to pasongers, and the very cost of storcs pro l [or ltohn. le panckts will be towed up and down othe Mi ei 1, and the striteast puncturallby observed ill the Floaf sailing, and should tle regtlar vessels be dntsine.I in arriving, other ships equally as good willin all cases be substitutill. A share of patron age is solicited, and tihe agents pledge themsolves to afeommodita as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by sa id line at the most moder ste charges, and to advance all txpoenes on goods chipped, ifrequired. Tlhe ships will leave the lit and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRI'T'T, 82 croinmon st. N. B. Advancements Ina de on consignmoints to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. Isov27 hlIIE Genuine Indian Iolsalin of Lirrowi t told Ilore ibond, is pit up in bottles at the low Irice of 51) cents each, containing the strength of three ounceI of Livetwort, besitles the virtucs 1o nmny other roots sind herbs known emuog tlhe Indians eusfficacious in curing pulmonary complaints. The u tivalled success whilch has attended the use of this inestsmablet Baltann wherever it hts been intro duced, has libtitned the confidence and recommenda tions ofrespectable physicians, for tihe cure of coughs, eolds, pa in the side, want of rest, spitting of blood, tirer complaint, &. To whmn it mny concern. This is to certify that we hivtinour practice freoluently preccrilbed Airs Cinrel ner's Indian Balsam of Liverwort a d ilonrlhiond, vithl Sdecided good effect: we can therefore, front tile know ledge of te materials it is made from, ntd observation rad3 x perience, recommenr it es a spcerino pcrepr ation noral those aftsitions of the lungs foir whlih it is re mmunded. AI.B- I'R I WILIAI1S, M5. D. , CALVIN EL..IS M. I). Membea· of the Boston Aledical Associntion. Boston, October t5. saluby JAIRVIS & ANDREWS, il 19 ',tIt ,I, I P.c,lnLit ItIos stse T WEN ITY.TWiO lhiln Coaust u no reccivcu ui.u jur old Bhy HElt31U GE.l'., Bi.tlt\VN & CO. _-may 3 No 9 Conti s'. 1,RLUGS--JuStt lalding triou lMesinr, a supplv of . almonds,'bitter and sweet liquorice root, Nime juiee.esaence ofirrglinot, s'oencof Jl.lumon juico, ,lmcp aml canary seeds, Imannn, flake, nmd cannll, caniltirides, brimstone, orange fliowtr tvater &c, fio wholelesale and stail in alore of 11 BONNABEI., n.29 cor Natchnz & lTelionpitoulae et rIVDRAULICCE1 INT-'th'-i5lslnding fronm ship l'T Gco Cobot,ls bltr sale lv S S & J p WIIITNEY, . may3 7:1 Camp at IMMNIS IIARTT & CO, ore now receiving lroc *ion board ship Orleans. Euale, Ilighloioer, i'okcer .dlery Andrew, French andl GrIemn Iilly carne; Hack gannnon Boiorda; Cltessmenl, 2 1- andl a -RS incli Bil ard Baille; 8,9,110 umil i incil Iland.o Jlowin Knirves; Leatller uld other trvllilg IDressiglp Cenr.; ticll. Single obarrelled tiotter (;;toe ale e; Shot lc Iowder and Pistol; ;. n lh' Ilotrlm o Ilnd l)rilLtin (,ICI; P earcmiion Canps ant1 CHla Iolders, Cloth, I nir, 'iod; and Nail Dirushe; Orris ind Ciocrine Tootit WOahl Tooth Powder; Toilet amd Sbavlring oupso in c lat va. tirt; long ilair nraid., ti.iglets anIl Frizetv; I'art: nd Toilet Powder; Emcrvy lIntc; dlrv euTill Ctiusiono: . Patet Slides or Garrter; G(;ti;I E! ccic Snspccdcrlc.: mpowder Puntc and Boxeýl; Gill Chains, Salo anld ItKcYs Eett-dopn Waist Buckle,; Blrlo,clets; Ilead NectclaeoI ard Chlilu; Gilt and Siivfred Ileati; Inditan lerlas, Bells and Plumes; Shell Twist; Sicr and l)reI.sinz Combmwhilh,in ntdition ti their forlcer sto:k oil iancd, wiakes theiir assortment very etrcoplete antd will . ar end ol liberal tenns, at thie ign oIf the Gulr.n Colntb. i35-tf 70 Chnrtretrrre. jiSSIA.'irITu. huit-- -aln, , ianuding tirI ,i s jltuiu )Dun aIu. r' ..1" y i _ I- ?, I 6 ,riD(F & rCl, 134 Mng:iie eth OtESTICrrS-5 ba'e 4.4 i ,.wellt trtouo dse. S Sole«u 4-t Iwilled L.'aell cotont, 3 ease buciskiii tripii, la nding friom ship St .ouis, fBr osale bI Iy9 - I HIlltlIGE & r io, 131 Mlag'zie st lROi QOF-'t'he r nst etrcsu howeI fc rcda at gtA .t l ne-, the cxrigit f pcottinig c.c iron roofhs ry. 'liey are ndaplrrp to opull build ehou an ied plrivd plOst dorlticn, R s st ein eiLochipessn and dernbclio, :oid are WE* to and water.proof. T.....s ..... is tiWfand h n d itodel treen nl, oiur etaliicshn elt, oppositP St. ltarC'o me1,rk e, Tlcspitcu~lns uc. oct. ' E P. Cftc n ElI.I f r C. bitdel tirBi supply tf Cpe nrl snti LiverpoI co 0l, In bulk. of opiupriti qualiy, wthic h they o.l1er lic *~nF 50n05s'l4OOi, ponotiooeeM Also zJpioCted by Ita Srst nrrivttls frrn EBn lirjtid Rll't-" IIh, Conn-l., LCJhigl antd PeeltcI .n in , tli, .',hen nod scrucned, p! ut , it, iltthdto' erpre'oily or ftanily u, -.:tII of wll:c itc flolt t ttO eftirh lAffipe r 'c, 53l nvil itt. j ].i l . , t e kl pl IhKRIOOE Urtr&o , t maIll lettr . t. 1) nlnt5O;- gsst. 0-,Y; nae onJhtl I, lot. Ic L " ua l 2 5 bod ies J :ac k s,,u-,m , f l 4 :l,.h oi.inghlaiig fium ailiip Charoetone, or pale he · ~ ~I r BRIDGE &. Co, g,.i t 0 lN-15 cae. asaunried nummer , i --u ~lns mnb"ip Cb arleston, e fill c by Li M'EW GOODS--Simmona Hartt & co ar& now 're I I ceiving fron oo beard ships Yvzoo, anld Saratogi-.' "ndbrig Colncnriei from New York, a rean variety o goods in their lille, which together with theil foroneo stock on lu.nd, makes tin, ir a.snrt cut verye , Ilte rl. The.slklossing compose a pairt, viz: elI twis'it, t.,,r:.l;dl', stck and dressingeomnhb, horll do ofSall d aserlptiopi, I - 4' dia rubber, silk and Iworsted elnstic rartlers, cammon & fine elastic susplenders, loc fles oud Locifer inatelesio eaidli t powdies, powdner pufs and boxies, toilet lpowder, polket books and sallets, needle books, shall, pearl, vory and Ioreco aerd rnes, icnd ornuaentai, plni rn co Indian beris, bello and phlies )istol and Ioage Iow Jer ltsks, slho behu r, hoie, belt. pocket and udoiliog iuistli; double and single fobarl nd cuns. Bowie khnive , , and dirks. seissors, shelu'-, pocket kinives, guard chlains, and ribbons, waist buckles, rlont, lhir, tooth, nail,comub, sru shoe, pinte, floor ardl dusting brushls, Colsgne, Florida,lavndcr, rice ull Liav wvsatr,n.surtsd cssice , Si and extracts, llcusar, iareu, rlntier and ntard'os vc geable halir oils, lhtrintr rn1d trilet soaps of all tes- - nriptirns, ladieci and rentlcenreis' ecsk, and llessing eases, hair rieglic,, frizdces ant Iraidi',itlain, filev ant muSicnalwork boses, plain oli ilt figured, coi nld dl vest buttrso, pel' nnd ivoi shir'dou hi rt stodds, god and silver Iencil, tonuiohreoks and twoezers,p itted and gilt lockets, riniature do, silmer, hbrNsi aurl. sel ',inlolese, hooks unil eves, aeir pins, isitation fruit, blk and redinkshohe blisking, viclino and guitars, rilbed nud plain ipercusion call,e linon tine., scented coh- 1 Oens, gold and siloer Irce and Cringe, latter paper, guamre b g,5rid gu ' w ips, walki r, r c nnr.hns., r iyl cald s, linel D I 1o 1 pa Id ad gilt jd vre"ll o &e. I 'tle ohov, P g elher with it greaut ariety of tsher anrt- i rlee ar olffoet ast oilesale or retail ouc acouiuroduting - terms. N It Shell co ml repair; t Dh .Y cLE O ho's, hoLse, Sign, rnd iult pasinre,, Ne o 3 Caonauden i sl;een, two doors liomr Calal street. hnitatiois olrthe follouing woods and oearblttes, ex eouted inll a masterl) nainncF. WOOSns Mns. LEn . C ,M adiogully. FEgyptiani blacik and gold, C OAI Goita a ln Antco, Pollird do, Oriental or , eed antique, murld 'Mtaple, 1louoI iStone, Ilids ye do, DAlby Granite, snir Wobod, liruotonlrc, Ilmir Woon, lrove o I-essdelhor, bYew Trete, htihr White. Al Whilne OakI , hie,. r ;. e. Clt-lcd Elm, spclcmens to be seen at t ui shop. Pillts, oils, glass, copal varlish, k c. oo hll ind lter a le.l II ON, STtEI & IIEAVY (iOOl1r--llu, stllatre ndi l bundl, ironl, aell tassorted. lo1p, scrll alnd rod irou nail rods und ploubt t mloulds Cirst, Germ s , shear, listerdr, spring, srheet sad Growler steel 0 lollow rnle, cut and wroinu-htu ih lsiialspikeso Zinc, block till, rnilt inllgi Indl Stlens, i ai kelttcs C ai CA , lici e ti i tlrs , o lris. (Or, log ar-1 trace Cainsi corri mills Anpli1, N ices, I li1nnn al-Nd bellows, ai d endklng slo-es (Hlusk tnrd hire hinge%, door :in,] window hooks l' Id aw i ih ordig , nt . i I % l Iinl I+tc ' 's ;dII ll I( ,cil 8 1" 'm a. s t fo n d'li l, % vejlit e ., I w , t 1 fr t, lt 'wiie, tL sale ;I;- I'i ilOl l the Il h ils ltrlit'iS III i [it! ...... . , T I.\ 6C Co. 53 'i In . ..... NE I. I hf f\n l 'lnu ipril elrlIrii ii ]iti i I llko'ltl I ' . ( e t . l(i'II } I Ih" i Ii , i It rd: ci t uln r ,iiltic ', h il,. & sll ..'cllNi , - tltn of , nl, ing4 used O it tl ilypi. iFor it l i ' / apt117 I.\ I.I & IM lt l,'N, !J6 ,z s , O_ t +qtnn;"i d ir ,ale by 5ii,\l.l. & t, Il \,'NI. matr 29I 96i 31"tgaziuto 't .sa . . . i !!; 1!i T - L . \l. i\.\0\ , ----. . \. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Conp si.ret. Wholesale T ealer in l'uiii ts, Oil, V uri ishi,, rushes, 3:iii i, t vi n. ,.; L .1& . FASHLIONA BIfE CIOTI11NG-. ROBlA.N..y ...' G.OODILWZV iiii or i -nviille. Aj . E I nn.att on old everi, tre uypperi - ler' Ili o is t' i. lliol lle at ie,' l v ic lll, i l c t.ilt I, I oir it lo theu, Ame*ri ,l l . l rra 1 V in h lltloh! tho blupb'vl n ;i TIIll ll vti'iT IaIdI e toloont ill the Futl d : ta h oasII lillt, it ill-i rl thne liew l i snffi ro 1- ll , lilol ls 1111) i. 111i, maj 1 rl applied l to coh dinl ° , to dirv, ,tions i v ill on I file, it hol av r I, i t eh, in othed , and nt r !iet.h It aIIi rlllo r lrS , t I II~e t Io IIIII llt a to'thflOand rlim s that rn si. ic irluth lroldls IL rllt n toolll TllA ie i he Il lial olion nIl Iremedy artl i sim lei innocent Ino np %ill-l ; ihhi if,!lth l .e nomber of Peious ill ditill eni s'C-'l ii-.. .< sinllai, nt e i n llSl l 'l'. IheAniS , III *.Il' I\" VelhtrIithal harllw, Ileide reJlDe ol 'II Fc ii ,l,.I i l X li z Sl .1 I o T.lun t r i ll chses-l , l od a!. liel r 1nr It J boo ui\i'.d vrorl s u,; thc too v.'luoblen dui L.v' rdli TE LEAD , th w l lid . li[ee $1 lir horte, T1 h hTl. l, 2II iplii'Tk ToT I TTTTeTi; .I. NAS & ilI{V , I WINDOWr (L A. ,"ierllianeN, Trl ,itlh and FrIc,, NVlrt I 'Is, ll ariT.o Cse l -(Qi liti.eutll ll. ie Eo lliA Cael tlreit.l i N i. Ai tl, i o nTite ail t c II, I nd I li, ili sipA i WIIOLEALE Al TIu 1 D. UAl. I IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS LDfE SJ'L'TUFW1 \1 ItNDOII' GVSS' ieli~ do--25 - l I. I- 0 1011 1110 ICorner f Coln!in T.. ll u pit o t t, ,JibllN N ! (OE. opiNikvl niS A lar Gol u elyo Gar; . warate d ule growth 100l0 I),)xr,, Aritous an . hnd qualiirv., thley occupyii the new brick shop, 219 Tehopitola looi n a urow S doe-l Iro n, Iore,, Ti e icr iln be Also, a gIll ras ci lsToi llll, l t ol fd partfist.' , Tl Il i and N B. ' Alab mi a no s tlaikeliin l it 11 .iI .i i. l WIOLLSALG AN[ I{VTAIL DlPIXR8 IN .e r, ier of Commn lld Tchoupitui le, icas s leet .` Ed: V w cH a.1A, s. NATIIIA N J A 1I\' I I.itilf t iTi ill ti l T o tdo iutinid i oiTTT cutTIYr w rk JliiiN W. :\Nlil)I e.;\Vi A largso, upplcy o Galdern v ti ilsr lutedi t e I glultlh - Thryi &rI v e COn . ril o & ,,r - ,pil' ilo :,olm 1 l their frie ont and usi e l, L i1 eentrcral that they oet p tilt i i % hlcri! iill le T2 i1' ld itoulao t ireat, whlo theyV Letl ennsl 7coly oull ha nI ,C,pper, Tin mill! Srihe Irol WVar.Je, o ei er vw dceritio", si cl i s elp,- stillyt , iu iiic , aoni d ainii id , le hl th i . sll, d, arl.nd ofilc s r'i all orl. an d sr.zi ll aI d a l othr brass cTi, Tlitg doue al , rt w i notiice. eratn b arm of utle y de eralli ll, ler ll aS llll. bheoat btilru , hogl ue ntims, i-e.. 4!t,, all i othl I a l c, it. unll l pips. bteikllX eec tr h h Souge . i'loy will Tie io ( Tit Ihnd , if cu t idoor a wor, te ii- TTTTT* Ii IT-c-u,', i&e Tbhey Tie live aind ::!! i iler i tii d ot nruk lln thecir lin u o tibuitie, ic'. : itll txel" . at thd thorqes notice. i ed e i 'i 7 I sI1eGOUR , ili SIi Clie de siri i t, il iiiieTTelT i iii e inr Ti d r.Pii leie llitl SiPlIecNGl llalI,; y r i ii NoaPfN ew Yýrk ..n....... c r I. rmeA , w mný b1 1 e ciliildren oi al l ne s, w icl e willll d.Thisl eio i i i nll e ieTi ol hig e ,l I ii T iin c adon ,ieni , ni l an r or 1 -iel htvo rleirv isi rs a. le llld talo ,LS SEll 'L TiLproti eii CONde, lid caTsi., Io ell g al rthA i il T hini,tlerndit g e winli ip Oiii ind a Joh t n ,,la -uolet by I i llDthe n filie C1, i l ,,. aIloc who iertutic a]u, I ave NeTiT i ukTli s u tt, i d "'3cliem 1 buitdi . ei t-vet t ai ihe to re P i,,z i .crior toii tai i Il ri i - fo'iiielt if to cring Places, iii i, tn li ou iI . T ci t T he uel iugiged, nifd will he in t ahutctlieculleptl lit ill Fprings during the wholie soea, cn. 'I he suely iheib will avail himselr of dd io oppL mmil' s1upport rive hill lart o..isilo cd h, v, the i er tIhe acluoilieotIiodieg to ich-it a [liioeW coldITI ti t llp aes, t syeaIson.. J I 0 I L/ ,\1O.N sele by I BR.IDGE & Ci,,, BUSINESS CARDS. SUB PRINTING. OVEROY ODESCRI1.,T ON - WEliDII.Y, IANDSOtIELY AND CHEAP.LY EXLICUTED AT THE OFFICE Or TUE Ii-rue americtla, ti'. C11AILES S-ITEEl', NEARI POYIIRAS. A CARD. IE &- S1.iNT,'I'T, I17iolejale Grocers oad Conotission tenrhants, No. 27 Couoioo Stiet,N.! U% l oil s. O 'PiurtiobtrIaattenti,-o paid to th - u loing up of Stoou tojl oat ai dShip toroto. SAtIWEl. 'lO1Y, 1.lerchandise Broketr ' Con, io,,on .Alerchunt, (113 (ttlie,36' :t. Comp t -ror-F the' present. ____ J. P. JRI.EMAN & CO., Wholesale Clothing W&Riblishmeelfill* N o. 3, 1, M sgzi e sir- 1 AVE~VF. coustae on hand a I larz supp of Cloth o too ing, t aloaitzg r lt li( t ourtt tttttot ttoft cor be It upplie l itolte oo liorvooft notice. 33USIi & ALEN, NO. 1, EXCIUANA 110nuL, !'ornvr qJ*Nt. Ch?-rfes oudl Colm~nolists, INE.W ORLE.PAN14 11'O1 'l'ERW t flnd Deoloo to I'l F itoch d Ec ti'tti Porfinioot; I)trooiog Coot' aod Portto ie IPtoks, Cultlelv.I-v ~ cl, Woves 11,lirip, btoehs, Umbrlitelllr Cotoeo,'to I F.tlto Artictle'. (15 fns bA 'I w 11 BEU, NO 16, Chw \'w, 1: has l~k d), ra U Vt tI I illt Al At II' \V of JIAt D01711,119 & lie " t", L ` " Iý I A.N'fliC lIt N & FNtii IAtl CRO(WN (1A X-. :1 UA ROX11I.F.1' :ilRFF.T. 41 FASHII0N A1LM CLOTHING 'I'A\ IOR &t MADDE1)N, No. 44 Ch' Nrtire. ?4 tit t Ao t Ile.' , it t he aty o s le, No ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PnVINTING No. 53, Moagazill Strcct Oppositei~ Iluldl"'A lead".lv u ) r I BAX!ý.N'W;''E EXG;1IAVTlNci RAWDON WMMOYT CUAT1 & EEDSON IlVE op eued i`~r`l1Irl l~ ll Now IPilll1,1 va- 11( ·1 I~ .A'o~ ~ u I poo't tttolot Bot, Ntoltt Ittll- , Itilo otlwr A 'n oht , I tttttVItoto'oot S(e'i11 11 t -jlji IN ' -mu ( )'lII, FURNITU WARE ROOP, S I ..t .. IF,,to wr-, itoup.otnal'It W1ILLIAM R~(~iil. CARNES, -tildl.llillli~'rl· b· firin luý III,., plilmo tl!-i t hvis (oil .lll~i \Yi~l n~n IvNnvIm id B 1,na IINSU i iA EN'PANY O " (· O)I'll.!:. ANS3. Thi, ( liv i,-nit.,r now premurel h, take RISKS AGAINST T-,in . No. I0tussIN c aihg. . thie original recip5. Uted wtth cium t alld , ii, Sversal succ-s in 1832, liy 'ccrci of tihe tic'hti re'speci iliti ill this city, as stated i i t ice annexed c lrtificatecs. h'llis mecdicine is hi;:hly recpo-mended, rind has 1 I extensively e usi in c i!e abive dlhnais with Siti atid l hished iiii , t i t thi! vire topic a i o lic in its ipreent foiii1 in thel hoItIpi .ll ilt it y il suflluring under tire ecourge of r olur culntry. It is a ie.ediciine pte.seiii0g grcat VtLeL,ot w hen ihed recorldng to tih directions has neve r t lld i. I- elrtillg acsre, cVe in the Illot obctilleat ctag Tof tlo disordcr. It is nolt ;t ll disiagrcetbe, adtl iersonis of' thle wealcest stoilach, and children mayii Olai it Withl i clii i illi strengthens i tIhe digestiveI ergars, crcat.s a appetite, i nci sitvcie reuirye imore Olin uici, or in cstinate catsy wo isitec to effect a cure. There is no ithllller lecury tior I rsenic in t e imdliciinu, noi r iny thitng hil uious to ilactthe auin constitution. To proprietors areCi so wrll convinced of' its clivoact, Ithit thiy agree i to refund the price of every bulllo c- hich lias inlen 1 takoen in accordanc, with tie dirhtiions and htias noti effected n a perf-ct cure o i ihi fteer & aguo. A. OLIVER sole agent for Now Orloeans, at his wlolesalu and retail drcug and itedalicinll store, corner of Ilicllolle nd Chartres streets. For Iistrict Agencies ap! y to je5 T. W. SMlJlTI'_ll, 48 Conti mt. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSEI NE ITY, P.iti.itet.. IF I ti i ii tvii iiv chri'i l .tic - lease id it " nilu u this9 well ikl in ustIali-limhlP t ffPnn u lli d Tl ylo," l aw tl i tor, \\vill Ii! rCeadty . r'c eivc \i, ter- by ithe ist 1-f Alfil next. Nun'lrIII o IIIIn t'lY illly i ll.lrlo'llln u Iill be founlild illn Sth e airrInell elintsl of' tIh MAmIsion llMise. New alli ore I:ollllllliolll Ili lilli i ii s will I' Ibuill, i walrlll %lwill lie u ded lt ill lolllrs. A l.itble will BlIe t tached to ti loluse wilh oI acconi Ii ll tions ti r i orses and ciurriages, iii t r iorss d enart-il osr will also e ikept fll- hhn, Ili I llod lielt: prices lind si aLl low Imi w..ilh l iIti lll an lllwlll finr th ,,rse of visltrr. tihei:r s nild thlllllr 1am sem tll l I' an ll " I I mlo Il atrltir-ingi it r I ;lt i Ia 1 I t urnilished alu - vo'i' lohlhetld :1.'i ll toi i al,;ýrc "hh i li coudi'rt 3tnd ll Ii o rl.rc Th; icl:c ud l. I ll ci i ,,"I ile e al ith ll!il ., Io r slr It ul n .i pb t lpl i, I o ýP I i I ill lritd li ,'' cu i i 'cdti e hl i t ll ill :ri i, i c t tl I I t alie ,ut r .. , N !it d. 'h, i r , .,, , - I m I , r I h n,,! 1 , 7"f I t , !, N h I i' ,a tl, r A a ii-:t. li t i n'I, Ph , i, 61 -i 1T ., · PIt M " I <1 l ld tlbe i L O I h ! ,,l iil li It- e Wl i, h o1, 1 c ',. lvi i ie : ,t, ,t h rth, ' .I el 5.l ll.e. la h oit l ru Id f o -llllll lll . ilC" "illt i 1i, tic oi i•i a nioielicl it 'L iac bil e, i i c ti ii t t'he u i tiio iu i-i r I i r i . IlI: ih I l it s et , Ii ; i. r lilt' I l tllo ll i i FIC1., i l'.t h ciiv p, Ille pwa rlolr , m l of w r sI[ o th, er m e lI a s1 : xit rd,, as a -d ll i ýd wnhl r i .l a til It I~c i 1I' IltjtH' I-' III C tNII ll >b lii i l , ciiith bcilt v ii c it l' - I a ml 31 ,hil, a n -l wiit ;11,t ! tI l ai lt'I aiiic i . tI . r c li IrIdlsloi, if thr . , (;..ll r tlill l , i.,h b oal er. r l). f.)r tale e ul hi. (] m orc's cill . 1 ... m de l Roynl College of 'lPhysicans, London,. rTtlE origttl Vegetable Hygeian Univerli M edi L nine, P itl by c\ Mi.kil, EIIq lleMnBer of I ie royal College of Surgeons, Lincetiate of Apuotle cary's Cuompany, Feillow t'lloit Coort Society, Surgeon to to the lloyl Union Pension Asocotoion, LaneRskr P'lace, WVterloo Bridge, and Perpltual Pupil of Guy' and St. Thomns's Ilospitals, London. Thin valualle medicine, the result of twenty years' V experience anl nomralleled success in the extensive and high!y respeietabl practice of the propriety, Intro nised hy ilie hclty and nobilitr, and isnowt introdluced i to the notice of the American itdblic, at the earnest so licitatio e .i a number olgentleniet of long and high suandintg in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelimi- t Inty stcl, to check tie evils cod fotal eonsequences b or'oisit; tlin the use of the tiumerous aln deleterious e ncsltrioms loisted upon the publie hy the aid offabriceted on proof% of mitoculous cores, andl other frauds, by a set of p mercenaryi, titltrincipled pretenders, so totally ignorant r of modienal science, that it impossible the monstrous I dtitoslh ccti any tonger qo dont wtith tle intelliget I peolile ofthisou entry. 'I resea pills, milid and ogreeable in their rnture, should be kept ic every family in cases of sudden illness, for, by their promtlt administration, cholera, cronllps, spasoms, fe, .rs oand other alarming eoMplaittIS, ihichl too often prove fatoal, imay he speedi Ih cu.l or prveolet. lit fact, all those who value good health, snhohil ever be without them. They are sol' thi packets at st eelnt, $1 tcMl o$ each, by every respen . table drugigict, Ilcoseller, and venoltiof medioi.e iii 1ii n UnitedI Staitesi 1 Ie Caladsa with colious directions, tggeli,cr with: estitontials of professiotial ability from tihe Fill int g eotitnot genitlemen:c Sir Astley Cooper, J Abernethlir, mies Blulndell, M1. D., V. hBack, Ai. iD., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, . D.., and numerous olters. lhe lorgil s Imyl be seenl npossession ofthei (General Agent by whom the Indilicie is imported into I this itis triT, aT d to whom all applicatlions foIragecies !,,ust bo made. JNO(. IlOlI0 lN, lt V198 erly P'lcoe, N. York, Soh: (-;catcd Agent for the United States, oe. y Forsqle Ik lippoitteti ofi tle nrigioil tltoprleto. lty h61' AIi" ii e,.Bio'ra t, D)oligiltsn, . IL C.ol streelt, itfener Agcnit :for Sitattheua I Louisitia. jul v8 E ItyY It I EIl, & co, No J Mt:,zicc street, are It : nw receiti l ilfrom lshitps Nash.ille, Louisville, Klitlohk, EngIc alnd other oile arrivals trom Ithe ro. :rtlherl citirs, llargean iliIew selected assor'tinenlt i-y, It:.i, Boots, shoces and Ilrogans1 ri- consisiin of'gltleilen's fine calt aned Mluoccco boots lIo 2,ld c.lily; do bkliPd, aii.I stoaut wa pegged boots n - vartis qualtitics; men's filn call' seal alid Slorocel lPo Illis d Iog ransl i buckskinc shoes, broglls .om t is: ilenl's ihlme c:ll' toll kippilllcd Ipeg shoescalld I togt,; tit)to ioots; do sititi kil und wax piggedl shtoes - Ila IIbroans; gentlelmet's best tlclilty Cll sewel shloes, I co·ans sdl lack l)o~l iigs; do elf anii Morocco r i lAkl i hlloes alibrowos;l (1Ci eCllf seal and MIon.: I lialln shoes ooId slillelL.:s, do .adlf btll' aCm seut wcigs, Sl aticl; do lille caltf, setl. al I morocco I llarterl isols; eovs', illsrus'tlrliuchildrelll's peirged and st:wed Sb oans, aI,,i sIhoes of ever. ' qtilitv and kitl. Also a .genllerll assortment ol rmelln's stoell wax and0 G "t.s 0 Ilogllls "'lllll lthos, together wilth 1 ,031 KJ M1irce I s, mad o x'prtssly fr philataiio I usei a g-od g . illl v lll I IIt le alll stout ki ri sset Bo l ll iw ti,:d a .ge quailltitylof air inli.eiioriality re sstl: l was l blr lg:l.l I tulis' lwne call -, tia, noroctco Iin grain r a lte, lnd I iIm1p sol, shoes; d, filIe Fechl Movroceo told kid run 1`111 slill wfis; do rol,, shoes, w4hh an, without heels; S IIt calf, sal1 saon llll r ct ool t si ; do Pruull ist Ihoii S itai kinds iwl qitaliics; o, lti ig broganslt iga iter , 1 all(I Ifolxedl i,l lee". Misses' lasting's Iilg shoesolllll lls lls Lihi .OC's lo'll 0lor'ct 0d lastingbro l g i-aw:llI botlts, I ll 1141 b ciido oi o cuperior quably; do imitaion tar it o t I i lo ."I l ro brilt , It lit e tic l III i i 1 -k thu.hiwlhort I.happed hal, :1 leo, aorticle. Yoihs 1 i l :) black anld nl db \. (ol haIlls lit" %l-'ious i Ih , , h t r i o'l i ) bI;:1 th d rival of N0 MERCURY OR COPAIVA I S1OLT li o molh ago I lad tihe misfo-tilune it gat c ('1 0 lhe, d - i ttil tl li t "Iltlloe" I1,1 e t ilt Do-o Ilet, nn I exlt ol hini ti ire ie. Sione than titleN o i lit i!l o r ,it .:, it le- anT all over i 11ly, fines, atl I ý nr. thro' t, an1l not lbl Ill t ý*o l'k It it,E to !eri d JeOll I).EAN. DO uitE( I l lr tC d te ill,' w ln enti tllet lo, d dIJse! if liltr:lu Ir. Ihlt 't; a ldtn o r 1.P , Hrd re, II " t (IP Illerl" lit . i lt 1- t l -i" I . -"I ' li 'i l i i1 u til fI 'I . ii' i IT ii ,1 .I IJIiN i )I, N,. tVt I r t Veet. I I l II Ill T i . ,i t ,lii ii . .' , i_ d-I>. . .t-ri, i i. i I T t li l . . , ' .Ji I it i t ' N. l o," I t ito lI CI i- it l iFt . tl t ol low.-T t l itie hilt .h ise t lltle uilltoi l t iei a iT ,i " tit l ll t AIlilig- . I t iWl.- .li;l i, s lth Iii l ,ilI ti.i, lilii; s l t4ctt iIli-t ith ., T\ i li-. nt i is tcl si tt, Sar i ir t a il l i lts Io 1li e rl~~~ill·: ,,u , i+ ,+ tie~i, e~l nce, e Illltlest c lhas ,lctn Comh).. " l'iomCt n Iitiii r el, it hi t wile i s i lc ui d l" t td o lnll I ,lih'l S t k ul winthl u e .,cli,. .th d r thirty j an , , I; ' e : t ck Iim. .s" 1 I A eli: ' ioflli.:.c nt ill tn t coiloo ifinmiIo otis a blie l aow Tel li th distincttion This ivo)rk ho s rvt c ked ii .olgh Wilor fif It h lllie, -.s llPsse irtli l t i tle 11tirtc, - in fi l e - i tlin i i tllll th I iitlt I 8ItIC n l sl onllo e -f tloe itits clpiTous Fli t rilll" ohlt if ll e is i t'vlle rIll t cllnl ll thi. e wt i se l ' 11 llllo s, t Ici fto. IeIIe , th "8, io lenc a htt d iti i ti , wI ilthiTC - ol IIte sile :.' iI illnd , cIilll iiOli tt ihIeije i L-It Ith st Ityt ýt~ l s l vt x-alillii t-ti i tiilli tIll! t ty n rith fhih i tut erust c ia I ieu toti tt I evvit ll'l<i I . lkeiltic (e'l-inilh ion wotl li- I li- i- . 011111 theit ti exlte of l r atli busnll |]i'k es s, t l tile iIk ullbliltIe r'ilh- s Sitl l hils linle, I:i c l eisoi fiiElllti o iit iil'thi i lti : bsln .ii itilttxtiitthundhred alit]ifi tt dollars, istiiuit of.ell tin of sile e ti It ole lotw ertror olt iit ti lt Ui t lutue li oriSs fi 1 m iiooi al, rli i l elri i 1 Iwh la e lmai ilr l iuse hh cm llosi l t, Tllhe lr, d i at8012. Oa e iety tihohe I mcon.lati lons, adtutl of res er f Tilio'a s it hospasoet d tinles Twilhut andin otihe who i stin -shleI idte m idlPinsxlititil tin l he i 1.t, e tll it ithe aile utialy t e I i ie wos % o li d ril e sallle xtledt, t l lictl II sillce dllt thlginll'ingo, cIatrliot ,ll has h th e ill eni l u, m I .is istst : o lth. ne um;llbl eIs)ll| s n, as is clet tl e el.nliO tie Sti ftLle.l'lo o' nlCiC l tIl m ile r.e tit, q lt nd l lr f cal si n, sm en woolI pi u blic t ffin s wll ) a nt l I ollllla .e t lad il allyhaillliS el'l h teld till elli l il llli l ll con" Ei Ldeings S il li l li'lhl tl l lloi hi t tit ll' lt l Hi Uil - d .t ell . i conIl , l i 1 - e o ovS' ) u. i. ll oii u ei sell i sh l oeth I archm s o wind tlie t har d tlweu o k, ~lllll~l~i~iil. ll i~I' ll:"It|" .1 hi ll ,+ kno t te hy Itsh . rea d cltOrek 1C lI~jrpiqSS Illrs, jjl-,Snq ent i · oall o- e ' oier hCIe rILl Iscushredf sis ow, n u e le ted beeI ea sl tied Npon Slure lws hevu het l dsV ils t he ljflir iiil-lu ihll S l ed i ikthe U a eln crll, sll i- o u " o hl b o ik ti l esl 'la Iyt I lliiiiy lecR, ! a I n I c ia r o i ih' '- lire i, . ll , t t tsame ,i I"ter . t is"t a l Siinc t siileu d ltin4 of crh e lltion, has lilthad o ltil nSml iull a l l bh lltii d p utl If 10m + 10 0 $ l 2p'lik e i i' litors I0 ] i, no on s ha. fhe numberv as isclaed, 15 l ith ,nll ris i i l les u t t is tesh t a nd : i l sa n it' h "a lk be n ll ried lt iIert, h ,i, ll l one . ll haill i lllle l ,I, ill, lil] ni eXs i llileu i.sal , l nt d:allingthcllll It h t l the. same 11 i I ll is"ie wle U ll" fou ln Ill printollb, o tse rel - on lie s I 'T I...J k im ill i l. t , ll lit l l iapted h 1,1t oll owlotsli bill tI a I) I v.11'. t'rdd it , +;tini ,+ ,+++ Hlic A lice. Ilrol lt e It is:;] lItt.i i1vt, for 1te , , :,nk im l p r ertoo usI q lliJ, I m ic t tlhe +,r il I·+tu :f iu ie oIrk ofi erallo i e I sd in 't, eht Ihloh t i d' vo k to it , l kke cr., lei iar tio ti.l:., ell ll i sl l im l rtio ll of rll. V hetise e -u tl l c tl'oi nirltl itn ,, I ,iern c ;le llir w te r it, -l s of this worklb maI. th' t iinse cr i.o a to'r"i, It iivf -irI, i heg rl l e n I i, ,, alRhu(Iw - h 1. h l e , i ri Ih a t old i- ts -i 'i, lli .i t -ttiwllt, l aoo d p mo r' s.', t 1 , .l Iof l I u Ic r.t, Iiv s tl ." be I l( w ichl I vpi mihedebirUe h,'erest 'zablesuwres tprtien .0du , of till e \','oz t Same ini r a diy' aishono so xt )nlvl ly 1un| d n eoliiro pre r h A.t 1on , it n.k it is S lum % orS that Wiokho I lww ri-, s ,. ý;I; T]rt hi e 0w 11."Joh 13li , sust. i al - liest + c:di,,ionv of 70 r hop i iOll t'tlil " Lof fi s li a- |t I t tht itime, a t of i ,.:e ] cerm ti.e saey n rtilof ' t c i lltqee. W: qle. this ilki h or .ts lke flim. oprollh tolihd ilsic itA ._ tiad vrosi. I,,, the musl1 t h mla c tntiu %-lh an ol pre tw to : crt ainly limebeni unstfi e fi o re LuIit il l , .ois lM" a , I hitch o.s v tlale l ha ve tilre Si 'st fi read , fs W t r:it..l e r' l ,211,15t, I. we (bt.Ie THE FLORIDA LINE I Fromt Mobile to Auguats,Oe'. leaves Mobile every day et thre o'clock. p in per U S mail boat Ni for [lall's Landina, above Blakely,--tence four post coaches to Penaoeola-thenco steamboats to Llgrinue, where the land ioale is resumed-thence ti via Matianna and Bri wnseville, Flan. Baiibtidge, Pindertoruwn, II Iwkinsville. Saundersville & cOi villet Augusla, Go, cenneeting reaularly witll o tie r'lil road cars to Charlesaro, andI the steani L Saockets to Now York, Norfolk. Phil idellphia, etc. 81. 'he steam boats are the best for t ,e service, and tl e onvigation presonIs more Advan ages than cant a be found upon any stitamboat route in the sieulthl a ern regior. The great improvements in the rot e have been f produced by the construction ol fif o miles of new t road, by the propricturo, viz : fromt LaGranre on SLaFayeite Rayoou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to I t Bryant's Ferry, on Ihe Charttahoochee river, oen miles above the Cowlard, or 14 above Cedor Blff, whereby the navigation ol. lhe river, and the con It, quent dtent!ions, and more recently the incion venient crossing at the Cowforl, are entire:ly b ad voided, and a fine road from Mlarianna direct q te i liinbridLge, instead of the rundabout road via b Chlttahoochlee. Icseosaig lhedistnnee about forty miles, antnd in reasing the facilities nore thatil i, ocee nday U AlIr, r. raneh line of two horse ltage ev ero J olher iy rtoom lawkiraville, via P.rry to Macon, G, cuonnecing wilh tile line to SavannIah nd a a Darietn, Geo. e A mail setenmboat ilesa regularl heltweenoI 0 Baiibtidrge and Ap;lanhiinol. T'ravtllirs wishitlg to reach any point on Chatinholochee or A-inlehl coln, can iake stonioat at Brlownville. a Mobile to Peaiucoltla-l.and Route--During the time ocenpiued by the repairs of boats, tihe proplriei. 1 tors of the Florida hine will run a line of otir ' horse post coaeles every otliher day betwieen Miu iilenold Pensacola. I Passentoers will leave M,,bile at 3 ol'lolck, p llt, in the U S mail boal, niid proceed to Ilall's Lindl t ing, where a four horse coacl will I l tin waiting to a eolvey thei to tile exellenlt huseof IMr. Charles Iall, 1 1 4 miile disant, wlhere they %ill find 1 pleasait accommodalions for the Iight-leaving u iext mlorning, thev will ;irive in ielnsacoila carly f in Ihe evening, thus avoiding thile discomfort ofl t neol tricvellin4. Oilice lat the Mansion Ihnuse, Ml,ile, anrd Cl. L. lius' floiel, Pensacola, lwhere Penis inust be secu a Sredl. STOCK'.ON & Co. nav I re'd'.STOC'K'TN & Co. noc I of Pianeol 'tFcltcoIntrurction. William Silth tenders his services In the ci", je' zens oa New Orleans as a tencller of Ihe pianllo forte. Mr S having been emlployed tpv't ,ral 'Vents as a cacher of nmusic in private Icnldles in BU staot, r and also at several of the feI'lile selinaries in its I t, vicinity, canntot but h lttett et it tli ir.conliid nce, T HIe is "permitted to rE fer to Ift, v ti CI.pp, 3tosrs io Stetson & Avery, l1ealderson & ;ai'lcs. Ia 'Fr lernls, &e Ile.i e apply at tile booltkstore ofI c Alcxaatdtc rT.'we:,4 ,i Ciiist ,t . ha Drugs and .fledicince. Sc J r .,vort has o,,ened himseltlt ttthis cily lor tY the purpose of ltrallsactin a gtletnral t W h.tlesalet all f)rut, btusiness. fle is now retelvintl a full spply I 0l Iresh and genui le artllees, whitch he' will sell on liberal terna To city drug-ists, and d os, e ,I f ,he interior, io phvaicin,~nf merchants rt nd tph'ltr he will offr inducerents such nt have nevtr be, fort been of.itred in this tity. His innti-t n itt to t ldon strictll le.ii fintlto businet s. Il., mtck %ill soon be colml lett., "ll'i in a fv wv'I's will Ie r+a. Id tY for btuitetss. All orders iron thIt and fi from merchantsl 1 t i- c.ity rect iving 'Uch ot r !X will I te prompt ly nitl nded it. I o k I N'. 39 1. t le oI I 'A If KF TAil Ii-11 ll ND VA .IM ' II'Y .'OR-E-att the' ign of Ihe ' golden th coin,1 Mo ' Chartres steet. 'Tlh ulslcrib'ers Ihve re- I1l I ceived, ina .litiml to Ifthir previms sto.k haud, It fill wi and c plllet, iassortment of Trtclt' ill their line; vtiz: d comb, perfln r, Jevellry, bruthes, lotkiing glas, '; ftey llllV i lesh '.C i tllnll in art Ia l+dlow, : Ci31m I--ltorltrise shlll, tf.roul t atnd , lli tnck,twit, I qnilled back, f lont roml d, tdr s tin t, tid poull; cmri anlI llec:k, lBrazilianll vnlllllis of evrry dvltper t lon lnl I'n t which art sitle ' 11exient patter-ie lVoro ftttt t", e,. -t dacrlilitolllo i h re, dre'sing l 1nll pi ete'+ tol5.111' 11 kill :tb a r gclttrtlt 1 tIt'-t- t ,..e t ..wr, Florido, hIf, a I IIi ni r I lll " fftll ff I . eet'll ll fI I l il t • .l " `lal . a ... lll... pdoW jnl'.ýI : Lll hair <ill u hear. Ini .ato in p, z ,I ro llp,o'rrs kind ch < tooth wash of itlld ol p-%ilt, %% it ,l, ih 1it ,en rl t-t rio olt ofl i Jfl Yl,'i ' Il ..f - fo l ll l i I . tti' llt- I I f:f f lif oft t litle and t r d t c ornt lio n, ttot u 7 I je, elardrop, i , te in ihr-rtt , I ll.l.c p l of ti t .. . - Iv of lpalil'ill+, "lIlPh Lrilnll li!lnv +, aill mi'l '.i1+ " . k1i'kh,+, ýiJl,'I lr thilhle+!-, itrr lnd +:tl h t icili and - iiu r chui ili ' I IUt IlE -- lthll, niUr, d st , l l l , , hi r hi t, fesh, tooh, iplate, coil,t Nit l, Avlit il , Isho I gl lll II l illlm, n od tjli llell h dl e h e ; hl ' t -ii h ii t m f k h %oll'i' lh, ill hll' , it':l d. ootfAetti can mANI Vtll s.mlt'l l '.--rontI iiii si urtaiirl l llltimo;d , aillol: , kll- l ni tl ." ý o. A ... l Iit' h . ,livl ilr· . lI, .ýI lild ol'i;,, i jo' . . 'r ",, h.": , I t - +. Ho,: p,.i.·i, Av er 1i1, 1,, 101A l lll ilo', Ul t la.. 2.,' v Iv4,. ket-t . )1,,+1 r. l t i ', i 0 3 ttttch't , caI' a card l ýes', r i hl .tl ilk , i ; .. , o Vti ,, h l, y boaor s, 11i, ori ll llflt oi, jeweburps, loc loglto lli c or oilar t If" t ,toeftok, c 1odi . ii ill Iff7l,', tro i . , 4Id 701 1bltilutf , 'IRIM OI-- 15l glit re ionter i S ltllln oil, i. call audb Ills, fur t ale It SJAIRVIS & ANDI'EW.'i Whoalesal Drugg sts, coarner C "itt.) und T'lhap l' is, l ire is ... , r ie tolo4tt Watter, I'runtt t, 1,c--A s,,-wo or ticle of e tolog e, ptt aull expresly lr Ihu reltli; t' trade; also tile purest I' ench t P'ritnior, lllbrto Scing every variety tor tihe lile', for s d by ct 2l REE:.S & D'LANi;. ', I l li S Il ;S- T h e S I c "ii , -r, h a v i' , !,'.-i 'is ; e s ,. I ll-hed a arnit h tlano fiwtur. i , t - )rle:,n' , is restd, s, -pply the iainwtrs an Ilt,, public i i gnertl, ! tby wholt sae.leor retail. Ili, prices tire itodttrate, and s quli. of hits t prtdnoels superior u liany ever brounll Ito illi : l:Ie . ut ie g'nlllc alllln elll o'tt " l ot l superitleodl oIhi t Iosusllll , I ttl r llltt , beeo t li.o Ih'atd ca ti e haxltltsit v oestiSlllenllat oIfIlid killd ill Eiulo i. Those diae,sad to er1ll a e orier of Natchel., ad Telou t uil Itools sL 'sall lie loeentod with ia flairl saple of any varnish they I llia wish to try. AmIllo St ihe i varllistl s tre tli,! c 1ah Noi. 1,warranted nor toI haig even in tboilint whater. The block varnish for slores and steato bilel I- chhinnies. Tile transparent varnish without so'ell, & S';&c. "r _ II 11tNNAIEI.. 1tILOUI3-- )0 .. tdilg fr ,n slteatler Indepleid (I el:uco, .OSY, .3 I4 I Ntew I.ov-e. li :ne uims9S w aillbatei Sttpo-ioo at-0uto10 Sgenuine article, jist recrived by . Oct 3. REESE & 'h.N;, 18 Camnp a os ilisorl lRip-llll- eQItl Missou'ui otle rope, unade allofh,,mpin or,-nod for s:l, by n 3 I)A0(;lRT & IIA\\ TilOlIN, G3 l anllleir si . li ARDN SIl- ie-. (i;sAclD gRs tloxptr.s hlis grati oilhIanks U ito tll I ., for the liberal supliport le bus , ec aived iince, te c,,mmenced businles in sIlis ilty. UOillu sole pro , rietir of ite seed store, 17 Co", iti n l,'rr , lt I. e lnot and niver %a%;I for elst nlorlh rn ntdI v llndeL; nlritler is lie vohnncetd Waith any otlusec ill is hi'u1.tittt'- biu t hc e issures t hl, public that I ll coinllnetions i o ery detpirtinmeet of tlhe sel d besii ness, in iol dillrent cotuntries d Europe ar, ettlt , Io thait of any) house i the LUite, Stlatesi . lie ins. ,'rl s . eds. PIl:ntt, c. lllo tille Ioi t exenusive 1and resperl.ble nursertit antd Sit toStlin in Flancute, I Holland, liginand, Stotland, and Ithe no ther la slates-- d it will at all nioes be his inrer.ial, its it o is his situdy, toIn receive, i addiolut ito h pIir lnl ] sto k. large arivals ofl every description, roally the gIro. th ill 11138; aIlso, eugrultedt:ruL !irtw- .! Lt.- h-piiblitiTyii rely on linding a full us ortlleot of every artncle in tile seed illt-, on genus to quality, and imported direct by Wi. DINN. I -"O Tl'lIE I'U BLIC.I-Thi uodersigned. havingt t studied unotdgs'lSn Scltttidt oft Cjtarlestoo, South Carolina, and ltor somte years his assistant in thli practice of inedicine and Iurgery, has tile bollor it to offer his prolessional services ill this city. it He assures tIle ladies lnd geitlotoeon that tihe Itoist promllt attention will be paid to thle calls which IoaSy be tIade; oitdl also ollbrs hisi services to tile holders ofloavcs, beitng \iell acquainted with tilhe disitob sconlllnoll to thtolu, having attended them in ie tsugar houso in Ctharleston. STheo Ialus anti.bilious pills aI ter tile composition oi Profeilsor Sbinulltte, with directions, ca0n be had of thile undurigned. 'I'llThe ffct which they Ilhave produced inl this and other cities, has boen attended with the greatest success, to which the best of roltretnces can be given. Apply at No. 1Gll Maga. aine street. JNO. M'LORING. N)TLICE--The partnerlship of Kulley, llosot &Co tlf New Orleao ; Allasi, IIrriiol &Ctt.ltfNlatt:iezo - d ll'io, ooi Ch., &Co.,of Itolley Was dissllvell oil y lE21st Of Olsy Iasi, by also death of Silnnell A Iusion, ole lofthe isrtiners ofl tlth farms. ''llhe undersigned, survvitig partners, will be charged it hila the atllitg andt closinig said hbusitess as IbIluws: -Levi C Ilorrio will attend tot the settling of the business " ol Botot, Iliar"is& Co., ot Natchez; lt!d Illurri, Kel ey & Co.,at IRodley; andl Iotioer Kelley will ttelld te lie setling oithlo blosiueas oofKl lev, -onoon & Cou., t New Orleus. T'Ihe nutles of toie oeveral firms will be usted i " lhjuillathelonly. 'lTose ildrhted tIta toaid fiGrnlr ofre eatirtly reqneted I colar forwrud aad make early scttlementsi uand thoem having claims will pleaus presee t them without dday. LEVI C IIARRIS, IIENRY KELLEY. SewOl(rtaMaujque 27,1837, u~sr~ulrnnw - TD OLBEAR'S Science of Pel:manship received,and Sfor sale at their permanent Writing Acadmnice No No. 8 Chatres street, New Orleans, 18i1 BI1odway New York, Danphine at., Mobile. W It isparticularly daigined for private learners, and schools, end is calculated for persons of all agea. Ladies and gentlemen are itnvited to call nid ea.oatie the esvtelm for themiselves. Lessons are given at macJ houses as Nsay suit the convenifncc oflall, and lt cliss~es formed in any part of Ike city. Lndies whlo prelbr it can receive 'essons at theirown ref sidences. T Pertens poayvig .e It rse oflessons are desired o atenri "netn t werll athey wrih. S: ..AX BRtLOTHIII.R. ROWAND S TONIC MIXTURE, FRn FEVER AND AGUE. T EN yoars lavo not yet clapsed since it wae first regularly submitted to the public; but it r las attained the highest reputation; and has suIp, I planted every other medicine for the Ague, whlrev.1j i or it has been known and appreciated. Alrond has it been carried in every direction througotit the United States, and still realizes I o 'n tlhan ol hav been anticipated by its mnost sainguitin frig Thousands of persons have not only been II but restored t., hellth and vigor througlb cy; and they now cheerfully testify, a Ii portlnity, to its deoided and supremn & It is eompored of such miedicinal prin. are calculated to renew the healthy actig tom Sach, liver, and other important d rgans, tie loss of which harmony is the te ca se of the disease. It is apparcut a. , t produ. cos nit entire change inll te condition e systein, n end certainly desLroys the native liabil to relap- o ses of tihe aolfetiou. When the Ag attended ii ewith any other comiplaint, the etmpl ). ent of theo Tonic Meixtue will not interlfbre with thi treat. rmet ofthe other ditee,as but will even afford as. isistance by lurnishling strength and vigor to the - bhtdy during the course of treatiment. Those lwho inake use of this nIedicinte nmay be assured thuat f there is no Arsenic, Barks, Merrury, or any other i article in its comiposition unfriendly to the Ihuomain constittitution; beig entirely a regetlable extract; i nd they imay have additional conlidence in the use thcreo, wlhun they perceive that it has the er- i fioct of a gentle laxative abont the time half a bot. 11 tie full has been tinkln--in coIsRequentee of which, there is no p;rlt ur the icedicine left to linger in tihe bowels to ctaus: obstructions, and other evils, arising front the use of miany of the remedies now oflbrled for the cure of* this aflection. It has been I used also as It preovelivo, by :many who were suit ii jcet to a periodical recurrence ofi lie (C'hills, and it litos Invariably warded ol'tihe apprelionded attaci. Observe! Th'le Proprietor, fillly satislied ith i the linparalleled and universal success \hich ihas con atlantly attetleid a punctual and regular luil of the A Tonic Mixture, in ell wicses of Fever and Aglo, tirels warranten d in en!gaging to refund the price to all those who halvo takeno the mtedicin itn strict ac. cordance with the precribied directions, without i having beten poerfetly and lastingly curedl. The sthbscribers are the agents for the South Western States, and hlave now on hand six ty cases o' tllismedilicine, which is warrnt led fries i and geanine. For sale at the imanluacturd priicebtG J.1L, Ici & ANIM \11, , & \ h'li.ihia h I)rtvgist, tiii iniit (' l~lln E* 'I. Clli llli. ill( L S'RS MARY K IRKLAN) respectially an. noI unc to hlr friends and tile public gene. ially that sih! i. Iiriparldl to accommlodate thcni at 'to bo c iitalisi cnt, atil hope fr ln her !xertions, o render vipitors conlfortable, to rUcoive I cnllitilotlllu cC of icOllnbur ShIe ileIs counf. lent that ipr:omi viciling Goviaigton durinig the iineoir intonths, cannot lind better accomic odLiuas tllll sl canI aCllrd theni, n n1iore IbIeral terms. liir houise is d,'asantly siluatt:d, andii well slpplied Swith ov er' c eniniuce; ithe lar is iF :trn , ,il (the Iost cicieo liquors, &c. & ih',.'. pr oitiS e " at nothing shall ,, Wall 1 llo her part to gi,: ctire sactictim s. a, ll I wi may patrooizc o iti. lisissipl i ..-: lnsiana ,Hotel. )p. i'itLl0OW- tVARIE, W\Ot)OI tc'Ltt c, ,NAD IROn'.', A". l 11 iO l:,l WORKS COMPNY No. oI oa Water, t ir lce(all:t ret, New "l ,k, navei re'ceived the i)st Iaiio, alld are o.statly ieelvinlg largo alttd e.eti -ivl additions to tlite tockl of" Ihe above goodst, %hchh noiw tcllsts ofi the allo 'ing aS01tmen1te, suitablU for the southern andI western markets. IHollow ware of slperior quality, cotnsisting of uhunt 1500 tons, viz, Pits of l'22 dillbre t .izs, from ':i ito 51) gallons, li 'tls, 15 mI z., fira 3A i .1t gallon , ticttlesC, 1 iz,,Is, fro I :1: to 16 1,IlI o 4, t sikepans or \votS, 7 hdlremnt ý:zes, Tla Kittl,.e, o Shilluts, . . 5 do ( cvci'riI 'opic o r, t Fac re l)gV, I b d V igcixi from I I I toI. 1'it. ;incIhes. C6 it d,,. 5 1"i hh . W..dc ci w, ýi) i()gross iron t rassfrm S ,,N,, :I ... t 19 i ,, N ,, -I of . q'l iliy and finlish, and lest than Jm Ic ( i, i) ll or ''S aIriio assortcdienit of gcaodi is i.t.ic.lrly c ctailinc c. lrcomtid ntold the tiicu atilcioti loi Siuiciccictcccc TrIIh rdca an d liti r onalbred i r i lc.tce at liSvd to weit, 100 tolast ail best nlr nl ever.1.1 to olrel for Pl ,y lntationu, steamboats, chlrchc in & Asrc;l Iy stabat rdii and a enachint by madil, cto h aTe a asorticuu ent of goods is pain rticularlyo, prices, anlld tolen the miost hberal tr llv ;tion is ever madeil , firiisllid Iy retiurn of mail. All orders will receive iunhediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 Under tihe [liaune Ofihe, 7i 2 ail il) st. c i RONSEiII A '& i iOWSON bei leave It inform Siil eir cutstom ler liand lie public generiall t,:, IIey l icv rilemoved their est llshment to Nn.lo " i ll i street, i nlll iirllledi l lt lc r ffe lice P iyune-wherd irlilthey are piepared to ixeuttoi all 1 orI ts ill their lilne lr 1ing reccived frlionr i ie N h a supilly ofpa cIlp E anld i aterials of" a superior quat l 'iiy, for l tiil nanulaeture of IlMank looks, thy ,ffeeribrr sa - Sice ro mlerchantslll ad other, who mali y wish ,tork of ihat kiild ; and having the ladvil agic o ofl severl years's expeience in thatl line, lhey are S C llllid llt )of Uivi.g sts lacti:N to tLhlS Who mLay flvjir then with their Acsim1 n. Fur noltaries, artchitects iand others, mips and plins ill be pasted on linen, v rnished sand Iotunted ill tile lerltoest illanller, & at tile shorlest PaIin and fancy binding, in all is varieips no. Si.S. Bcer, Shellitldo, qEn.htfnd, hlov just eeived it very extlensive set tof it' U i l t n t, oullsistillnq of Table anti Desimrt Knives J o.- -L dese riptio, l'en, Pocket, Diltk, ando lea hltnis; SlrpointKnivel;ol' Raor - tors. IEdg ie '',.Is, l, Il.II &, [, iv li l are i.)tl'laCd o xllhibt to thle trnl c fr n m . 1. Tvlll-t s iind c lldlitiols Aill I . llltldl, mad e I" . it Iti the lime. l1lG JL . IiI. ilt IN & .%t 1111oEN.90 siConmi c i. r1M1ONS, IIAIT& CI).--Arenow receivhi e . rlle ship fluntceilhl, EcIgL Mcrrv A.,iew, i ig.h Iander, lFrnch l,Iii German di,o1,le I' a y 1 inr .,rIs: ves;; Iillott' em m lltll rclllial and other steel pens; Vie ns; Violi utriings; shell, ivur"y and hon combs; watrs; k, had and leather purses; hair braids, front c ndt , crick 'inglels; tilego pt.c (el l Lnai and Fs tw h colg"r cI wtero, L uwiland Illacasse. oil, imitation do; antique Andil bears oil; portable desks alN ()rsl asell s: past blacki'neg; stali o a l l toilet conl vex lillros; oi - cal glý sses and views; India. fitads, be llsni dl on es; lolelleOll; whit- twille; toilet aid sihaing ouls vtoilet. owdler, csmetic wash balls; scenetd ýatin .ishollls pool stands; screw ccshions; fhaecy bid c chain ecknlccS; billicari lh et books and wallettt; Germallniiones; razor; fine alld colirmon guill oelstic cstSiendters, gartesdo; Bells lucillr matchcsi sil e'tc bolae ii adil" ti to oi l It l former stock of anic. coesalcet. c taol;, osthe Lb lt of dile Glctdca Cccc, oa Ullllm nsc lartet. g11LGLA-ý,, %R1EN (iccAcib c701u, a ~ u t .AL: tc , 1 ,Lt.itt'iiui.i ;\£iS 2. ci D J lli S36b Catrie srlel i, New Orleans. N[Tlc, Siti I'i'NT & Co. importers of French ii and 'ic uulc China and Earthoeti war.. aIre Iw opol llnew aid rich pliatters o1 nleakil, dicn ccir d i Ia srvices , btit 'ts, p hrh , ha land cofvc Coups. tell ll, i.ufrlls, cr la sio I'o le, pltei, dihAc, uuricccs, wash basins a- oteie, oiit bliths, tec. tie. Rich cut and plain Fr i ch 21 Ain, rican !q warc- gobllets, chlocpaigtcc, Il lilades, ivlli I clarebs, %ic-, cordials, d (uclc re, Ilc e , (dit , u turslc Iamp shade and gIlascs, canidle shadi, salt ccl lers, etc. ,Silver plated, brnzed and brieania wartw--en tors, liquor euands, cake huhkelts, cundihnclesic, hranlche1s, sions, ladlee, coffc a inplssgars! creams, lamips, japanned trays, astrl tald d hanging lamlpe fln eillery, Geroan 'lcver s Ipou l aed forký, together with a gireat variety ofarticli ioc furi use. Merchuants, planterie, al, 11 sitemboalts, forniished wih -Iiids at the Mieost re. onble prices, anl- lin'iked so s fto be convey, d I wih safety t any part of the coun ry. it AI^so. cmceci h isein' e. ca no% V, 'To Cucntrv Mirchlianis and Planeire. Nehro cl ih, blankets, fl %ns, ii ise.s,lai 'll hirtiago, checks, licnens, calicues, handlkerchi ies &a &c receivd and c or sale low by thc subscri. be:a. ROTTA & Co. oct, cortr Crtanal and IChartin el hMJAIL RHAaGAiMA NT O t Ma CloDne Every D at I10A. fttoyherh mai, CIom.o En'erV day .1 A. SI SDuoe every funday, u Wedriadoy Wester. Mail, Friday, by 5, P. M. y wy o the CIt se every Mlnday, Wednesda Co end Saturdy by 9, P. M, Te La M ail Iae every Tev5iiy, Thurrday, a - The Lake Mai Saturda3, bv P. M. via Cloes every Monday, Weduesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEP'AR'TUlR I)JSTANCE &e. of the Express Mail, betw-nor Mooile and New York--leavin MoWle dail- at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daoly at 5 P. M Southward. Arrivhe Arrive Northward. Iistancc. Time. Rteurni' Montgomerv, Ala. pin. 1l8 i''s 3 h 12 n. ColuimbtlH 'G. 111 81 91 31.lm Milledgeville. Ga. 133 141 2, Coinnbia, iS.C. 71am. 1603 174 1 Ralcign, N C. 54 215 22 12 Worrcnio, Va. 12 in. 55 1 I'A ierhurgr V,. 10a |In. 83 10 9e. m 1l~clhmnii,Va. 1 in. 21 3 04 rderickur, 8 7 7 p m. ;Ilshinglon city, 2 ppm. 61 Ilnlliinorn, I;) 30 4 04 I'Phiilndelillia, 1j am. 100 11 0 New York, 2 pil. 90 ci 1305 143 I. or 51d 3 Norllwnrd. Conin Sontlhward, the ntile is six lour tles; bliig5 1daiys andI 17 Ibonr. TEN IJOILARS REWARD. R ANAWA'Y fr.ii 169 Corondelel earner of Ilevi . strcts, on the night of 30lh of Auglut, and wae eren ';le noxt mnring ini Poydilra tireet, a negro boy or therenlciunlsin height, verv black, anil heanu bll ed iment io his speec, Usn of hlis loge is ore, ocuasionre by n recelt hll t b. had on wlhn he went away a whilr cltin orf lillell sirl ind nwhit eitlon imntaloubls. Masters of vecssls and teram boats are colbtioned a giinti receiving or hlirburilg said ncgro, ao well a all iiilier pieriiain, a Ie Inimo.YnLo.or of the taw will bI eailloren. gu'd il them. ''llh ýv reward will bepail dissolved. Tim iiubcl.riilbr will liquidate the nairso Ralllin the Ri ier, by tho althor ol Peter Sifple, & Cumiiiniis, or a Winter in t SCnhlos i lai-ield in .lov.a <t vr'n,hv Cnitai.rin lasil lHnll, Roytl Navy, F.L •.S in I v.l. Lord Rothbn, a romance, by Allan Cmnniligham, vi Lehc er . vllimi 1v himself, in 2 vals. it (ini.r ilimfi llisor iiof to!Uoytrnnlnlted from tho ming No. 79 ci Hliarpter's Earily Library. Volre. : ' & I of'l ihenw ciiml et ll nid utnilirm edition of I'liashi.gton Irrini'is Io or-ks. Roger's IiCrench aind Iinglish Dirtionary. in I vol, 3ve Kiugiiiat FPre nch ,and Einl.ish Dictionary. At.sei-A fiw mori . c"'o ierncls Comlbe'sl Phronoilogy "lienizl." I :lrie ara"pel) a rSl + ofalel or flu x iou),, n rlciiic iirdy Ali.s Ci.4 and i i,2 inches o &,,. &c. &'. .Sejjiii ci micmolichlmImnj i cauedpuersiwegn. Jmut nrieci imi',d, .i foi'- r sal i m by IN t hi miollh rimmm Im ni ntut mitllo ieiiaindy ol.Fr Ile ll'& Iif l ii m'momm~mlma n nid n L imiOrm edition Imni"l ..hao i- -t),,On the M nNJ_ L ._ I'1, NM n aI"K' S HOlMK, &rl. 0 u, )lNNOf It '. umgli' Imrimp' l .r Ao- oln. In i cl'; I mnr ''d uitrh dirioan iM ve, I i mii i, i Ohthr, tiio, I ,e , by Athe rn ra iie ,ii-m lm l- II m',lld, h miltu, illemiltiliitmlllWl nrlien 1l tr, , illlNN.1 1 , 1 li;l ~, i fl i 's Im ti i le I ,itn .,f JO iLL. caesar to fth* i, it a -woin'intion to the yey 1JOti.l , I- I I xlkllO r t l l' O" I t R l ilt rN to,rlll I . t- 0trl mi ,f. I(/m al le aan tonle (') illlliM Ik ,if il;lleolll l i i to tim'. m-Hi ililll l.i a'lym, hmi tll e Ami ii ll o ,lllanle (, I lh'. N, .+I " 'll tiwt' Oni flwi t U'.ie GJl" (llobes.+ Nov. A,ýwii ,iit it++ , with mm,lmitni aln+ld ii mprovemlent o on i eiii, l iLil. mII 1:i llU'2 mmlmlmm i' i I i, ll(etl mlll Itln llm il lol iy ~ 0' o andrli, ov WII mIi mIimiiEAN iy I cti er Oil'Canii i tn t'ulninin sit e r m:»|iolili lll toot lll;r l, onlrl; I. !l og by ( t O R . ', u t td b v h i llip I, ra c is, I1 1), w ith I'll lli'i h .ll, ..tlH:i.; ll. l r l, I......!aTill . I of vaIrious o,1,., ,.. l, · i&. o '" .I .......,.., ,,t , ,, Drydihm 'oll. A110I-. - ,- ;1llI( (f"t . ll tIt lld, f i el , PI irso i ., . ',i:l.. ll , l '.e ofi 1 h ll l M, i' elllll t poets of t lt or. tElmti', eith the i pp r li' x A Iolio trantsle tl T ill , l, Itlt y il lj v,,t1 .t hi r , ttlon .l.{ lll ul",; i "l , ie. I'I t's++,+ll ib,.iar "v 'l'h. l: ei~l b , :·I, f ~1· II: \I ri llf ( I+INK;:11, hv S.l, . ' r I ,l " . , r I an btil I . , .ll ll .i fl l llU lt i o"o.l o'a t'oo., it' a yltit ukeilof w ilNl l, o to f i t I Il i It lllll r 1 o1iA jor rl o 1 lid.o cl b u a 1i u IOt Ir n be o $ ni, as i j I|II It) ' I C !t- S ll',' llmt l . h El . e t. 1 reAiiionci n ii l so, .Murnt n lioti' e1 a Se aire, -tmir .a4it|ii r endidt t i orl t in acli o fot, e t'll io' 'll I bit u" los t c rov ed, citr . ' , o loll , -' -loll'' . The I 0 , oIly, 0ale0 0ir Ic'us hrulpltnr, &lc.o Cl'e oter', o ini xtrcl oI s reand artilla t - r.n i i osi\ s. il.t b T e I, o *. hl lll trll woeleant Rtind L1qurice jtuib S n " ;M &SIIUDVe po l1utc's E Itfn, r Fe , ,, 1111es iln ApierioenIh - F'tr iUS L 'Ts .NEW OlKA , re c.ihe o Aeted r and ol 'ele t ll tie., lolytdf s W lies l headache.d l ler Il ' a 0 o oilitr oItltche, indolble t l'arko Uinh k eosuS ri ptr ik, & c. Caropenter's ilid l l ExtraIct 0 f so rsaparilln f os ir tiletl l d dd i cg- Biti an. J.uerrid ilierice, jud able byand Guanl e pani ls Pre it e' ' ai r l ic ollui' ' rl,,i l tot l. i. ,-ii , lle oth wshli Spowder punlo s lorli nel t liol, oyrlis seened en l N'ot the he qpline,, ln tand' 5Alla 1 sarOi, Old. od,,'o baooloft( Cluaollio, beo.osil, uo varioo elof lciler and ol i tr mattloe , or ind t iblo inri g rink t perior nlaek ritlal &c. H ay's ac i a Tperm aod rclhed whiste oil. iiay'nLitnoron A troosh assortm0entl of ithorotrt-rn'i(;:trden See oco 2 3EORGE JONES i IW.\VAND6' TIO'.iC iIXTURE, Po, treatment and cun of lthe Fever and oAgue. I' will h;e re:ily diso vered vhereintheo Topiv Mix ltren is superior to he ordinary Idnea of trlnatg e Fever tood Ag-. In tle first place, seng l .m gai, f . ble ixtracnt,and free ronl arsnydelelerious and poison Sinouredienos, it mte Ie token wh ithe time ot.n safe eih br 1ls ender iuftant, or agted invalid. It pro velnlls relapseof the diseay, consequenlIy thlo conotitu rilll Solln ltg ollsi. uled l o o an vti'ilv li tesab lshe.s a .otrlllninl told, jporolna t r llet etite o i y t vigorlaing ofstol cillo d gives an & r]isl to lt Ienp, loemnt nof taslte. Pein ' v totoliar i oh i pa orpl nt d qooito iorelaonso 1r 1: o the ootols oI, tin et a d ios tois dpods a, r tlo crat , te ri 0-t, billoa l I Irlo lyto %, .aoise on ie severo l or '001d0 tollt t dit''tlo oo , td tli l oto s t oo tetto oytile n -li rlatt n foier .e TI[o -voofthl Tooiot ~ r ixtore, havo Uld have l e'al"'da riled n voll v y. l i, of hlern; whereas by thw titlet46,e ioottlet o ith idroawaysrcoa t ed n llta iuvletc d lah'hity it) reotolre oeo . TI t danger f f ottel oe +ps of file igIw, tis ver'v evi( II, for tilhe sv 0ll 0 will s toon , ,olit o too m ioollo prlostl alo to I be atlo o toi reaolt'viO 0iooltot i tla:nd oe doily fal n vic l 0rd tit 0'00h it r oooiooloo. irce Is too t inc it t l i t hito Ilh\, roa:cihoev,, y oue!-s I~lso t l'm fie plot and destt ute ot'hII blt.thlrlll oo el ooooo o I th t rt r olle oot o w ojiio robin arse harey rurnI &1 TRilllUTI y 11C h~e aid '-ld a~n ie tiCic 4 freq oly deoald to too i oot 00o001 o t ''he lul, ll ria y e . throt Aov ; o p ano lo ognstolle, sp. r0iut0 ilItio0 of thist ikeoitco , that ar8 doaiy n oflinredl ;,r sa W, The ots0cr ie.lllr ioo o, wholosmantlIonts for ohe I l, I leoi'lia to rice.. Tr. be bud at retoit alon at . Jttt Vl: & ANDRIEVWS, i rsul co; d Col aton & "l'llopitoAnl a 11jARBL-M COUMtMN EY PIECE W.ahunoi.. , tooo i Net Yorko, aonod soitl heep oootanoly on hand a gooo'ral oaotnortoeot of iiorhto rlMantlt Pieeos ot 'suoo)boo'itoo ,'i k oo-iotolop, and of tho latehol patterns. Mado or tho bost Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American ooarboi. Alto, Motmouonts, Toronbn and Grave Stories, moulded and plain ills and Hiotels, Ilarbleo !tcilgs, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Rooonon & lHydrantlie Comont and IFlaster. i g liair, together with a oplendid m'aortment ol 0 hoss mnountod and plitin Grates and Ruasia Iron alctrs ofthe newont and osoet approved patterns. Leltnring done ill the ilto lesnt oanner and at the rtost notice. Tlhey halvoel01 otra te workmen to *d) IAJ tf AIN & S'rROUD; "i)E.L'S NEWV WORK,&o.--The Aooroean i 'n IV-, .1tl, b tIoy ftoe nnthorofn"A YoTur in Spin," in r0l,|;e DLed .of W oulen, i .2 vols. 'The Yonooo W oife's Book0 a manual o noml reli oous ouoo domesrtic duties. Juol rceiveo nd for sale by W'i. i'(EtN, t , it-1' ,ilod| io-oooh--L:noh -oo' .i -.tI t do. on IBi 'l'H TWAIt, 40 Cmn

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