Newspaper of True American, August 1, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 1, 1839 Page 4
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L ANiDS. SCAro. iAMaUL. 't3B - f Jyerrn ,fe taoAr 4 oianoomso 5ý6ercAant ao, a6, l: amitt J P FR4.-MAN & Co., Ite£.'I ug chat e. Arjegsa N tb.l , atluguine Street, l. VFodo tod.,:,.,n:, . I,,r,-,,,,pFv o t Glh , cull.n letl l tlt Ir tI e C o lu n ry la d s. " 'h e ir a s . errnte nt li lares, mnerel ants all the canntry can ber teýpGlli;d at the ahortest notice. --," . n",l I INSUtAN e E COIIOPANly OiF NEW ORLEANS. Thln Cormany .. r now,- peonsd to ts.e - slati aGA, nT In a .n k Ik. ol . E LE . N . Ne.I4 Mussonu Buildi4,Coae st~eet, OHRAM & LIN C PlEVR, ROCElatAINn I)E...ERS IN PR OVISIONS D N. - N9 E L AND FEEDP Nm 79 and 8"'Julia streett ew Orleans. Ship ad Famity stores put up. , mar 5 rVonrITvnm Warnesoos Nei. 53, ianville A Irat. . WILLIAM RL.G6ARNEN, wouNhl repeatlfully in. VW ,form hi frienud and the ibhlo that -he n co.n 'srclyidee Gving fromi Nw Ytok and main I gaMd • keornt-'n of Furniture, much an matogaety chairs, Pofq.ied.tesde m!ae an! peinted'chairs, maple and he IeFhedeteed., nmahogany and clherry table.l of all tAcnpti1l4, Oureoao, toilets, ecereeary, writing leek., manlri en of mahognany nd, cherry, wash a'aodl. looking glne.anc, featitees, bedding, &e. &.c. NU. Furniture packed for trenapotatio i44h tgreat Vr3UROXLULU- CLOTHING TYLOR & HAIDEN, No. 14 C( iwre. terress ||AVE aceustnantniiply t f every article .pe.ito,,it eo getleiou's drei, uof the latest utyle, at New York pl'e dec O 4m19IN IA , ITfORlIAPUIO PRsINTT S ESTA LISII M ENT, •No. 53, Magazine Street, _OppoLtte Balki' Arcade. WILLIJII GIdh.'E , PROPtIE7'OR BANK NOTE ENGRAVING rEA1 N Uw nr EUATc a& ranso LjAV oltelnd an olfien in New Orleano. nposeeaing reque advanltagen ci th eir Ilhuo ii New York, Gtr the pooppooso~of ereyi and prioting Bank Noto., D(e Bl of r.uchllaluge Certifine!ce of trponite, ChebelI'nnd olhr'gppornt pllme rsi, requlng security • gaiitt lforgeriees·ld have le ade mple pt-vicion fur the nfsk:lr.pitng oall platens nild imoIreetont en,truot. ead iotheircere; their Iieci:le s elmbrcethe notes eof over fine hlhdlPd banking iiltetiutions, and all eilers mwill be eocated with pnrotptitudi, anot on tle usual 'erme Otfica, coer of tlOyol o Canal etre... BAZAAR. 1VU1 di AZ5rq. NO. 1, ECSrHANGE UOTEL, L.mnwr of,/d oteommoea te,. NEW ORILKANS. TNPOR'PER9 and D)elers in trench ed Efglibh . Perfuma.rv; IDreing C.aes andl Portble I)tekt, Cutlerv, tl-oiery, Gloves Slirin, Stocks, Uiobmellns, Ca-nmiuld Fancy Artlieles. 15 KENT'UCIY.Iii.oi",and Ilndjinin Rank Notes, fthrenllc by A TRIER, may 3 74 rovier t .JEWI:LRY, AT WIIuLEALE. I. HELL, No 16t Clinrtres el, ies thi. lnv rc apnona, "Jpetl'0,l mid (tla,. Ware, they will be offer. elatttle Iewmetlnerlelcprice. apt 1 iOYL' a t AT, A N EALERIS IN AMERICAN k ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, Nu. 3 CAROIDn LET coTRIEr. o JOB PRINTING. - Oo EVEnRY DloCRIPTIrr, SPEEDII.Y, HAN DOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT TIHE OTIOD OP 'THE True Jmercana, "'l". CHAII.ES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 . all SIlLI & BROWN, 90 MsngnzmneNt .shleetings nnd 25 bales Jacknan tit 4-4 brawn shleetiag, landing fromt ship Charleston, tbr Cale by a I IBtRIIGE & Co, AC' N-i0 Casks Ha Inl,. ]O do.Sidn, anld 15 do. Ssliters, in Store for Sale by July Ud J. 'THAYER & Co. 74 Povdrun t. I L O'aIBARl & CO'S Boston and New Orleans Lio of Packet Slhips.--Th'l new line oa ships aon bseen expressly built to run betwaen the above ports, and will be found of suilable draft of water: aeeommlodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satiasaction, The line is coniposed of tthe f'lowing shlipls: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Hlarding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seatman, 240 do J lowes, P Dolnbay, 625 do D llumphrey. The above ships are all now, of the first ,lass, copper fastened aulld oppered, commnta led by men ofgroat experience, have large accnmmodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will hobe paid to passengers, and the avery est of stores pro vided for thern. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis sisanipp, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing, and sltould the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good willoin all s. s be subrtituled. A share of patron. age is solicitS, anid the agents pleldge themelves to cconmmodat as mnucllh as praclicable, to receive and forward goods by mid line at thlae most moder. ate charges, and to advance all ewpen.ea on goods shi.ped, if required. Tie ships will leave the lest and ]6th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRITT, 82 C.namon it. N. B. Advancements mode on conaignmi.ats to Mesrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nova7 at a great eapenese, tihe right of plutting on iron roofts in tilles city. They are adapted to public buildings, warehlouses, nd private dwellitgs, and combine at once eheapeese and durability, and are perfectly fire end water proof. 'terms inn be knowna, and a nodel seen at our estbhlishaentai opposite St. Mlary's mnrket, 'chln pitoi. lae,. oert E B CGt it.WE.I.&L, Ce 'ý -'`,Athl U.'l l'rtlL.staa.L'atll t--ue wte A hby ADA,1B &). WHIT1'ALL, Jll h .67 h(ravier a L ,.;hitLI., No 54 Co:nde alrt.t, belweri Deiain dltait t Philip, kee.I cOnruallnly on hand al axten.ive l seirtlll ,lt allnoats satd rloganos. sitd lllmoe, ..(New York ilanllo.fcllire, folrle, i lllen ad ctlllldrtn o01 all aeeo, which he will dispose of at very nioldrate prirrs. F'aalaliee of hie at qaintance on seandine tan rore will h dave heir wtiee attendeld to LS S. ;OUR W tIH11 LEAtd--S bblm, l511 Ib rnaci; 40 kegs, 100 . 2011 do "25 Etglish de--5 I-4I bils. 41110 ltlt P'aint lrusllue various sizes; I ca.,e Vennilliai . 5 bla ('opal Varliteh; S ' " Japan e I Conch 20 packs Gold f.eaf 511 do Silver do; 1l110 do Duateh Mletd. WINDIOW, Aimerican, Fnrglish arld FrelOnch 10110 hoave, various sizes and Iltalitile. BIltos .rown do.:U-S0 buses, elo.nigmeolt, will be old low. Alaei, a general aosortmaent of artiota' clours aend ole, for sale by A .W tCA'l IE, No Iii Cattnl street. N II. Alabama notes takes at I r, and Mliesissippi notes a 'UUt received at l0 per coat disaoutt lr goods, or inpa ti afdebtsl. je I Ie j IHE Genuiseltadiaa Baleotia of l.ineewant ln itlte I hound, is em t up in buhtle an athe lo.w plrice f iti cents eaah, coalutineg te ntre.tRgti of tltreW, oUStoe of Livelwort, iest le iathe iirtnes n tu:lnv elter rottsO anti herhe known aonng the ludtseln as elicucioui curilg plallintary cimltlints. The urivdlled staceosswhirh lta attielled tile ose of tlhis iemestmahbla altlnt wbaever iv fso been intro duced, lhan iotlited tile clnfi dence ani recotllnendn tiona of respectable Itlyoicialr, for the cure of r'ug s, esldo, pain Iat the aide, want of rest, apittilg or blood, liver eotplaiat, &e. To whom it aisy cnneern. Thisa i to certify that we have ia our praerctice freqtettly Iprescribed Mrs Geard. rer's Indtias alsam tf l,iverwort a d luaerhound, wil Stlideld good effect: we can threfore, lenn the knLow lege of ntea mteriale it is made frool, and1 clhrrt.atlnt and, operieruee, renooatesnO it as a uelert,-- pretaratiullo or thease ailsations of the l it.' fnt whith It te ieoit&A. AI.BEILI' Wft.Il 4111, M. D. CALVIN EII.IS N,. I. lMerte,s of the Bostona Medical Association. t!ueaet, (belber 15. ealeby JAIRVIe & ANI)IEWS, _W ., t 11t r I nt I ii, ltlit'tltlw n .t . salhby IEIltOtiENE, Ilit W: N ic CcO. COAL - kle .tt,..'r Hr at, vr tar ..... hnd a Itrae atop;lly of Cnanel nld I.iverpo.o coalo in talk. af npernr quality, which they offer foe atle il Itoer sltit purahaserr. Ale' etepetedl v htt lert arrivtels ftrom :.., I 't n.dl tihe N'rih. Ctl.I, L.ahit, and Pa tel d,1, tluini Cta.t, hr,,i..n antI sereened, pot i1, it h.,lalPed. easPrenal' tar ,o:nily lS.--al of w'h ' tlhey will laitp,.see of o ttil moi t e on )c Irlae tPrllla. Ordera leh at IthIer. ffio, N'l. 53 Iilleaville et op etitro will le prolptly ae',ende tn. ce s B. A S')(tLtE. NEW GOOD.-,Simmons Hartt & co are nrow 're ncalving fnrom n beanrs hips Yoo, and Saratogah =ndhbrig Cofoncrdin, Item New York, a great variety ot lgoods in their line: whichl together with thleir fron.k stock on hLnd, makes thbirenssortwi ent very , plate. The following p comp a pat, ll twis, r.r:;dle, tuerk ad dressingcomhb, humdoofall descriptions, In dia rubber, silk ntd worsted eleastic garters, common & lsie elastic suttpenders, Ic foco ancdLoeifer matcle.e, ididlita tpowders, powder pus and lioxos, toilet powder, pocket lonks and' allets, needle books, shell pearl, irory and nloroeo card ases, hei d ornament, plain ral bends, necklaeso atl negligeen,'lead boltns, bead leekloees, cut glass and plain,seed,silverand giltbeada, Indian bends, bells and plumes; pistol and large ..w terdnoke, hot belts, horse, belt pocket and durili.g Antols; double andsisgle barrelled gns, Iowie knives, and dirks. seilsos, sbears, pocket knives, guard chains, and ribbons, waist buules, cloth, hair, tnth, nail,c.b, arumb. shoe, plante, koor and'dusting brushts, Cologne, .lorida;lavender, role and bay water,assorted easeneos, amd extnale ltslteasear, bear, antiae, and \Vard'sra getable holr oils, shaving and toilet soaps of all des eriplins, ladiesn' ad lgentleme s' desk and ilressing cases, hair riegletq,friaottea and braids plain, fancy and Onspcal work boxes, plain and gilt, igurcd, cont and rest butlns, pearl sad ivory shirt do, lshit otddls, gold and silver pencil 6aseia toothpicks and oweeere,plntedl and rilt lsckets, itmeirse do, silove, sbrea and steel hiintbles, hooks andm eyes, hair pins, imitation fruit, blk Sad redilnlhos bllatcking, violins and guitars ribboed adplaiin lsercussion caps, linen twine, scented caoh .enlgotd and siler laco anl froge, latter paper, gaine hbag, riding w'aips, walkinlg cane,plaiaig caeds, finn gold, platud and gilt jw allry & h. P ""g The above, together with a great variety of at holer arl lea aor re ail t wholeoaleeorretail tor aiyeoin dait terms. L e N B Shellc oma repairdl • UOYLE, k MAY, Houls, kgni, ail illmIniwIai r IU aintr, No 3 Carloadele treet, two doors from Uanal tGret. Imitlations of tile following woods and ntrhles, . aouted is a masterly nanner. i I woocs ns osn:. Mwihogany. Egyptisn blak cand gold, ,mrll 9. Gninll and Antieo, I'olljrt do, (Oriental or cord antique, Ourled do, Jiipe, .Cureled Mndle, Illoowl Stone, BS:din 'Vo lllt i yotmae i, lair WVool, l)ove or otrdtelln, Yew Tree, Italinel Whie, C loronid ulle or tlck ISienna andi Bretrlla, nose Wood, Amseri ant (Rey, Ash o ise Oaknt kc . o. liee. Curled IElam, Speeimuns to be seen at the slol. Paints, oils, glais, opsl varnish, e. oi hatd a llar sale. ml RON,ISTEEL& HIEAVY GOl)St--nt, squaOre andl bundle iron, well assorted. Iloolj, sorllslid rod iron, nail rods oild pluih mooulds Cast, CGrman, diear, blistered, spriiig, sleet ail Crowley steel iHollow wore, eat and wroughtinsils ilt spikes Ziec, block tiin, mill algrinml stones, salt kettles Choin cables, anholrs, htoes On, leg nail trace hliains, corn mills Anvils, vices, Hlinaraniid lirbellows WVir., dleet,pig nil bar leadl; siet C.sal, iuId ornkine stores Ams, Ilowlaol's and othler padles oiiit shovels a Hook anll plate binges, door and Wl illdow hooks Collias, Hiints, Shbrp. and other nxes irar'd slnid Mllilla eordlge, lines oid twine Hlt aol sheathting oplper; N.vol loires Palita, linisde sidi sperm oil A full nortment itof lindwlie snill slilp haindlervI always on Ihand, ndll whitlhae o ffered fir sale at whnll.e' sale or retail, ons the ioss flvoItl ble erms, by mb LAYTON k Co. 53 01l i.evee. LROBERT' CI.csNNttN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. Ii Cnalnp street. Wholesale Diealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, lrusbes, ,330 Widnriw and Picture &c.&c. SOAF SUGAR--vnriuus quali:ies, .illuieitlv il, Li store and firsleby SIIALL 4. BRiJWNIS, mar 29 . 96 liigaslne es FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RORIASO.M .' GOOD UPLY"l IN.. ON, Charnrem eelles, One Door below Bienvillo. "LIAVEconstantly on hand every articlo appertain U ilug to gentlelen'l dress, lmade ii the best lon.11 nor and most fanbhionablo style, iw liitl they oiler 'to casl, at redulced prices. dec--1838l I)EAFNll I ---" - -l.. SNEW narticle forpersons troubled with deafolesaa,; .-allled the Ear eTruopet,) has just bciii reerived, by thie nlte of oliich, the eligitestn icrilotilo of the Iha. man voice isdieolnctiv conveved to tie enar. Any pnan who has ever neon ebiigeu t.u eoverse with ai veiry dee persotni mut lie folly se, ible lof the dilllly and miil arasimenterxperieneed both lte tiluieeli-ee and the iu dividuais so unifortunatelv allietcl. Ly ie ucs of tire Ear Trimpet this lobjection is entireiv oryiiui d. 't he most sceptical hlave airi ayli ni ndoilcljiheirdoubtu otter lnaving used ilil 'l'rumpei. Fur male ut iTI F GUION't, Fancoy storeorncr of CeomonoI and St ChaIles streetic UIIIler thie Exixlnoego tel. li 3 StlN'I'A1U Le'S BALJM FOR THE TEETH. T H HE estabiabed rep tation ad conotantly inc reee ng demand tor this eflot tal remeldy ot' pain, and pre servativo of tie teetb, has induced the spbscriber offer it to the American public. Arrangements hlov been lade. to pljedv ngents ill all tile prilnipal cilie and towns ill the United States, so as to place it itli the reach of those suffering and likely to slltTer this mua haraasing of all acer, TI'onth-ac he. WhV n applied according to directions givern on bottle, it has never failedt to lbrdic innediate i aui Inanent relief. It also arrests tihe decav in deleetiv' teethtand relieves that eorcneese hichlse freqouently renders a strong tooth useless The nlo iicantioo aol remedy are simtple, innocent, an not unpleasalt; anld the large number of persons in ditierent sections of th eonntry, that have already experienced such doeligtllf and aolutary etect oam ihonse uof the BIano, ar reed' to bear (ltre the public good) their tcstlimlov to it; cc rivalled qantioes. I t iall IEnditn recmed, obtanle singlarly and uonexpectedly. ool uto bIe regar.lcJ hy tile riilized world as the tmotc valuable discovery redman of tbe wote ods. Pice $1 per buttli. Sold by JAtK\IS & ANDREWVS, ar 5 (lor Comllmon and "t'ctaeinitniliR -1. ( ORN llol.S-Orarders received foarton m il s, by Snap117 SH..LL & ,I.Itl)\'N, esi lglzinore SiILE I.F:T'r" rt'iAiPR-Juct .crieded - few lL easer of bien and wsite wove rletd Lot ter Paper sosie ocry lao Irriewd. for sale by l It aVID FELT I6& Co. N Stationers' Hall, june 15 t tChrlreea st JARVIS & AND )IR' WS, WIIOLEiAI.C AND IE'rTAIL DttALtERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DoYE STrUFFr S iIN) IVI\DOw foL..S, 3 Curom of Common and Tehoupiotoil a streets, NrEw otr.EA.mS.. NAT'I'AN JARVIS. JOIIHN W. ANIIREWS. Alargi upply o Garden Seeds, arroanted tthe growt of 11137. A NDREW MITH & CO., respectfully inform their friends and tile pobtlic in eencral, that they occupy the new brick shop, O19 Tchoupitoulas street, wllere they keep constantly on hand Copper, in anti Sheerat Iron Ware, of every description, uch as copper stills. kettles, and ponlps, till bath.I. ing o,' s, anod oil cane, of all sort and esizes, and all other blrass casting done at hoortert iontioe. Grate bars of every deecription., tsoht an steam. boat stirrups, lig bltains, screw bolut, anl other kind of stantboat work, suclh as chisinceys, breech. or, steam pipes. IThey will also do all kinds of out door work, auch eo zine, copper and till roofing and gutterin g, &n. Teloy aove and all othoer kiocd of work ill their line of busituas, tiley will execucte at tile shortest notice. d,'e"i7 o..t I Tl i 'rtiIlTcN ti't L, I'Aso cte'tntaoAN, 11i.e. T llywe weial bono ctlig lae is i,, p hric en oto r the t -season, Iunder the Vnerditah" .e E i:xteng ue hel l Mr. John Mlc)tonnctell. '11,! establiactchcenl tlil been vEtry teonsiderably iaopro(ved y taoliticc tJ[ buIldincclo - tg rohnu, bal rercol toors, l iined e ,in clcca,, SNO.thles, cnLcd ltieg ltotle. Great exertin' s cave t ct sodef teh1dertie ple coocfrictltle coc n leaut recur,. 'tIhrc re fifty lice Eccnc focr flci i noe d o. reail, stio li-hal.c hea oercr providced, cLi In rcc h ad rof for cotititloo palties, & leor-iclcoc n tillh cu1. I That tsre of t i rlicl lied ioCriceio.toly io front rtlo, hIotei i o cnd loked bt severao Icaocift W nooi, l "itloii a few hur.;c , aniloooono whnlcc are Cat islando ISiito Ishaoco, Flocn 14.,nol,anr tbhe (c'hccdlo1ecm A ILetter ieag is kei at lc e a ar oflohe lc l:caog I.oa tea,N. l. whlich will r tt e Dai, vItetln . Sk1)00NNEL.L e \IV"''lItI\MAN, jnne ll E\clcnoge Iiocnc. T IlE sechn ribers .hove jUI erercivedt I're bi . ('larln p from Ilavre and ofctor for slie a tl' lnicol cuo11 000rt meset of 1'inololl) tt eannsintilg is ;-I'iuoi cc, c 'icchoe of tR-oewoc.od, Coolaoas and riclh cc h,,og.ocy "cood. ilorizontacl Piaosua uftet richest rosec'ccucntd c ncllcc o-c a oyemi upriehtt Pinooofooltes do do. l 'I't ee incltruo rats ard otll Itn ll/nte ured hv ll eelebrnted llaklCers T tIt.IEt'E . &. Cao. f oI'r. i tci 1tinclaves. ar ofo It ollrt ocpericr ici, lece exl ressln for r by IJlecsra Il,'t rl' C whieh fact cnaycLave notlhig to desiroe i i' 1 boeallty ofcheir looo. Tilt alntloturoe andl professors of cloutc ar respe t fully iviTloed to call and eoemlilln he st ei ituiCpight iollloS wloiith are ehltielv n ae t arrie,. E Ji)ilN, &o Co, S,. (t'Bc'eo st. JI opporirte tile '.r'stdah b Exh.clooog. hlc.t! I) ;FltIIEIIATIUtR c IVAltER JARS--ti ta L hogany retrioerator, ° pointed do, fiI 1 gallon wnte r oars ;t ýi ixgioc ra ig o scoia 'or frtle Ic nib3 SJ 5 bVI J P VI't Y' 7t3"C(nmpet ' [i.ttl' itttEA --lsi hhloa., loodioca fonlct: tvoetboa: SRuolulph. Fursaleby .1. rt'tlLIt, may li :3 (Bavier st 1 EEF-' hbalf bIhle one aetd 20 hItl- ilo + pIr It nhd I Beef, ftr sale by fi It)DOSE" j one7 41 nIew I.evee DEERIILLfsOK - 4 NOVEl. in 00 tab. Ic liarret lartinrea 21. Algiq Itesearelou, comLprisiag hlqlirsi eeoncrn. . ist the eoharacleristes of los Norlt Anletcan Illoiaus, first eeries; Indlian "l'l.a and Legends, Icv IIoesry Rne Shteloceraft, alttl; ofTlraehoa lo olbeaoi. tes ob the Misid.ippi, &e &oe. Alte. c neow rooplv of Stevens.' Trates is F.gept Arobio Putoe. &e. MlPIno' tbe \VtIoadr.'r; ERviota, lv tMis, loc.lrrg Ernesoct Mlloravers; Alice l.ady of Lyoos; l1.erhlev; Crietcan tl,- Sherrtou.l' \\'Ork,,, r. be, tlu-t receivod nd or solrlc Iov ALEX. TtI hAl,, jr.oe 27 44 Ceop s Sf TorIk & Baltimore Packets ! NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessole, which have Iben built or purchased exressly for the trade, viz: Ship SPaman. Capt Mi ter, Bark Mary, * Ni kerson, * rlead Ferry, new St vone, " Soltion Saltuse, Latham, Brig Architect, t. Griy. Those vessels are of the first class, have hand. sone furnished eccommodlatione, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their eargoea i DBaltimole, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and ftrwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KIELLIGG1 at Balttnore: expenses on goods shipped will be advatnied when required. The price of passage i fixed at SiO, anlple stores of tile b at quality will bh provided. Steam up and down the Miassissippi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or pasange, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 12 Ilanvillo et. IFOR NEWV YORK. [Louiusina and Now York Lilne of Packets ] 'Ill': Ships composing this line will eail from Newv Orleans and New York on every other Mlon day-commencing on the 20th November-and to insure tle punctuanliy in thie teo ofsnilihg, ths line w ill hI realter cnsisi t of five stips, viz: Ship Yuzoo, Capitain ' lrask, to leave oni the 20th Novcmber. Ship Louioville, Captain Palmner, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Ilunliville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Slhilp Vicksburg, Capltain Weoodheusc, to leave oni tile let January. Ship ijliseiosippi, Capitain Davis, to leave on tile 511th of January. The aboe are all new, of the first class, cnpper de sid coplper fevtened, and ipwards of 5l'11 toia Iurthel, are of light draugt ofw ater, being built in New York exlressly for the trade. The price l passage is fixied at 100 dollars: their cabins are litted up in the muest imnproved and convenient plin, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, aiild every regard paid to tile cirfort adl eltire satisfactioun l pasenegers, w'co will please take no. tice tlat no berth can be secured until paid for at the Wlfee of tile consignees. T'lhee vessels are con andr.ed by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at tenlion anld xert thelselvaes to acelmnedate. 'I'he will at all tfies be towed lup alnd down the lissia. cippi by steaablats, nd4he sltrisctet lpunctuality ibsirved ill the tit,0 of salliig. The owners. of these shilps will not be responai. ble lor any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them,, nleas a regular bill of lading be aigled herdelor, at lie counting hsoue of tie agent or owners. For frtlliar particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COIIEN, nov27 90 Common st SLv UORIEAiS &CHAIRIE:STON PiACKETS Thlis line co lslr s ofl Ilurvessel ,all oi ilhe first eyills b'owpperd sand copper as rned, and iof NllhOr4ll . n 111 rlea, r'ith hlndamia eolnCOltiletins fIr li. sseaers. T'lcre vessels aor enllli alndill by el experlricld ill thi. tradee , wilt will ivn e evelry at s ipper.. e'llr will h se t,.Iw eA p nlr d,warn t. MZlssiesi.ll)ii nen irleve New Orl.ilns ,n or he1aor ole 01h andil 1h of every i. lTher lueluiwiit vessel clel, e JiIII,, h, Viz t3i1 Arthia 'lic rles c l rrit , ter. Brit; (.. a prllc ,J. 1B. 'I'llOo ll[+ul mll laler. ]IIý Al llleln, J. DOanlle, laster. tark Rogai'r willhilii u.t. Alliaer, i Auoier. P e r Irlr t or Inesre, eiply io J. A. AIIELLI.I &Ci,teh Ci ntrma el. Net Oileans, ire I M. C Mi.e rilni. Chrecin.1 lsr i.W. I e in.... ar. I L "t'I'lTl' LIrtIRAV rs CIIOOl Clcs kitn' 3 sdi p'Ierstin oI tLe''ihe, 2 Slis talitinteal's Deelcilr alk,a it a nevvl, in ela Ticii C ropi , !. tvile O' ham r Family Mlan srltt the li op l o1 h Slciy lila ; l.m.l elsievii h an aid Marriages New u pll'g ulor Je s c '- The Iluurlnllrt legraln a; Caletui Kind traI slwtr'a Itlelietllu ocorner St Carnl ets ,r C(IuIIIII S =-Xn o iCeJ'we I oS'olcIi-, n f dr .hlnr.-l v.. RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S ('0M IPOUND T1ONIC MIXT'U IRE.--A peedly Jtoa d t c w tin curo tbr tie Fevn r and Ageu', remanittnt aned intermittent tbvle; Iprepared rlll tile original recipe. Used with emine nt anld uti voral success In 1832, ly perisnsie of the higichet rielrsetabilitv inl tills city, as staled in tile nuliorud certfiatesa. " 'lhis medicine ie highly rro,'omended, and has bearn exltensively used i, tihe above diaoasec willth such distingicsod vaullcccs that t proprietor of ti recipr ie h lucln induced to oei r it to thie pabl. lie in its present frm, in ile hope thait t iiiriy ihe tie aalia lll if r viI eviir any of tlose who are -uffring oide:r thle scourge of oaur cUltry: It is a medicine porsessving great virtaue, ad whleo usedI aecokeing to thr directions has never flilo d of eftecting a cure, even in tioe mo1t obstinate stage of tie disorder. It is not at all tlri greaoble, ani pIersto ofilnwe wealet etaiomach and children ieay take it with imlpunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates e, appetite, til ldo require more lhailt 0le, or ill olitinateI cases, two blattce to elaret a curo. Tlhero i neithlier ericurey inor arsenie in tile medicine, ler any thing iijliuus to t The hl luiils cosilitio. The proprietorn are so well convinced of its eftiecy,tle. tthea y agree to refund the price of every battle which ells been tnkai in aecordanc', wvitlh the directionce acd has not eftfcted a at perfrct cre of the fever & agtle. A. OLIVER, solo lagent for New Orleains, lit his whoulesaio and retail drug and meodleile slore, corner of Iielnvllle anld CIhartren streets. For District Agencies aplp!y to je5 '.'. 'W. 8' l'rltI, 48 Conti ,t. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEV CITY, PENsA3 COLA. TIliE r sc bilsii'rhtveinluo brhaedb tbhe Iire and fir . nitureo' thisn elal koiwn i stabli.cbnert, fromt it Taylor, tie late proprietor, will be ready to receive Ik toers Iy the lt it Aril next. Nut.erots and cosily imprnvements will be found in thie rrangrelnts t e a fhr lnitneinl Hlooe. New atid Illre conunn.lion, bthlinl hi:+on will be builtand warm hbith will L.e providd atlil hturo. A stable S11l hle atltahed to tllh Itlhwe, wilh guool ecl'Ollll' ot"d tillnr fir ieorrr llcld Iarril e.ia i te Iiel at ini e Illd earrlalg:es will nlir, be k fit f hire at inollllnte iprices, and rail nln l nw boats, ilth pionlslm toi nltllnge tllen tr ite onuse ofvi-lrtrte. IBilliards and otbhia UIiitinui'-nioii rl iiailv ftidl at i aterirug placer, i ill ale liehitllrtie, nd Aeltoniillucted :is iit to ii.teritre wi- th ile Corfiiit noild itietof the loardir. 'tihn n wi.vtaind tiqitlt wil lbe of the bent llllily, iiiil tit eIsIlro it tiltl sti t) ily ofi ico, i cargo s h in arlriidi b-ceu ordered, n hiclw vill uori t ultiue the li cl l.iiy. air Fredrrik Ililrtlnd, who fnirnerly l(tet t sii o ipllllr a hoteliart lnWashilltonctv, ti ll c ml-uCt It. olle for the prqprietor, !who, with llllsh ail clnlhident ill'y aasre the visit*ers of last ear, nod his friends gtneirally, Ihal the will recu,ive e.very puIoiblte aittention; and lthere-ly exeiots to gite 'einal ut-isactiun. The local ntivnutagoo of it n hor., t re too wall know to need ia ltit. cied dereiptiti.n h:re. Te fueat tltnt I'nlioltl is tie largeat Ltava:l tntion of tihe tuv erlnlllte thie .elirell rcndenotlus of thte (Ill' quaod tae; ible hlhlriy tit its ,hinuate reirthed conllo og t bh + rhuer iil4h thei li tote of" tie' bit' ind tlie neirglboiritg is contd a it:l ei'; theI c!lllllalnle nold di*licnry o tile f,-lh wih wile;,.h hlly w)re.n .hI uld; no" I t '. ' h.. l. ty to -iet heit iiSouthern inrkets, ovl I'e.t, usiu l aihe pre letin ra tver al otltr pltc ln the-c ltditer s, its it hr:llthv alnd deli·_ilul . eUllllllf rftl l[ll. lle rateii boat idll rl beltweell Pensacola atied 1lo bile, tl , t tin tiutv t b ele to tke thoi pi .tgrse N B ARNOLD. PIenetsol, Feltb 5thi, I:t3. .'P (entlemen wi!hing to eRrirge rooms for theit MIr Sewell T 'l'aylr, tile ttIttlt'l ilrotltcttr, at c e.v Or, leatos. - Ref-reeres. 'r Santfrd, th , "1ir C Collutt, It tlAlpin, Esq., Lt. Kibhv, in Mob le; S- TTaylor,P P it, , E:1s, in Nei, Orlets. I' -.-.A letter hag, to receive filr nerso,- at the .bhve holtel, is planed at Geo W\~liitianll'i rflice, l1 St Charle IenIixchiing. FLORIDA ROUTEl FOR NEW YORK. IF l Travellers defsirnl e of tl kigl tile F litt lii Iout via Pencletltot tihe Ntrtlh, rne initf.rted that lirl rate, o0.llr1 will lolnstllill v rlan rorl. o blhile t, T'tlancola,il leavil Mobile alnd I Penicol~a l'v'iy, othe, dot nt.rr Il,, st of lMay. Go,!i ot.ues will alart he pl'ro idea tile itlnc.rl,+vrto I, I itit ritoe- toil rIletrr t in-iii o rol lobilr, inl oi o ofIh,: "lilut' olthi: btrate. N Ii AaNtI,.D. The eteamnhoat Ctlhampion leaves "lolbile lor I'ena cola twice n week hel ut Ivt JEAN MAItRIR PARINA'S COL.OGNE W\VATEIR c rasc Intreof this stuL)-lrilr Cologmue cwater, jolt rtreeied ititlle lir cblr the lrocen or Siinel. bottle. Also Alllerican and Fr'ench toilet pewdlerc, pouvder r ulllt adl boxcoshringc alnd toilet soups, roujterie well balls, nilki of roses, nrolctie cold crrunt, extr ta o mtaruk, phaln, WVaurd's vegetable Inir oil, pomatlle, erelte de pcrse, Florida, lvender, rose aod r 'ttv wahtcro, I'reettis salits, Minraeilles perifucrve ill trlbnk', veetit Ile r ;ti liquid rouice, Chlorine and Orris tooth wach, clotll.h har, tth, uil and flesh !i.rehe*l tgether will n adcltlional uc pply of faohiocuble hurt ,nd Brelt! ontibs anld jeweliryrsale low tI athtolIeooe or rntail by SIIMLONS, IIARTI"I CtCia ju!yli _; 7 Chotrtter street. Stills, lollinig from i hip Carlenton. for sale byh I aoli I HPtl DGE & ("Co, i, trifAtl+ . il- ca.. -iS dtr white \aoui c1lntfr ctra JlHN II til Cll. I l. al lb Rnnyl Collnge of Phlysieanclas, ondon. . HE origtal sVegetable Htlgein Universal Medi cilne., prepnretof by W Misklin, Ei. Member rlf ti lioval College of Surgeons, Lioestiate of Apothe ess''sLompsny, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Suorgec to tihe Ioal Union 'Pensitin Asnociatiom, Lnotsce PlAue, Woterloo Bridg, and Pernotuali Puoil of Gy' andil St. T'ihomls's lHospitals, Londo. This vaalltle teoeteilnes the result of twenty re:rs' exporilnce anid omtualleled sueess in tie extiosive owld hgighly trspeioabla luti e of tile propriety, putr.o dised by tilie itltltv and itd is l n ow iriodolautd to tile ouioeC of the Amedcao itlbio, lt tie ealiett so lieisaioti.o a vuosbeh. &|Ig.otielen of tongasd hitdlt istanling ilo tile profession. It is holell, as protli'i. nDry slte, to chek Ihe evils asd fatal orisisg from tile star of the tinniermis and so ele eriioois noatruons Ioitted tw ttir p)Otlim by th e siti of Ifbrlatted iroofsof misleuloulos;res, andatlier fratds, byo set of mueroelsisy, stitprinqpdled lretenilers, so totlly) igunouwt oi medicaul science, that it ipossible the motstroes delusilon can aly longer go down with the intelligent ,o le ofthlis coltry. lThies pills, il sa.d ogrite.ehl, iO theCir i dttre should hle kept ti every fiamily in setis of.sodden illneus, for, iy Itheir pronlst adtmiltiitl.sio, cholesr, claps5 spsis. fr it."'.s aiid oiler alorotit.g eootllliits wrlliclh too often hwone fhitId, uie litm iis lyv eiredl or Isreventet. Ii fot, till those won vaile giod heaslth, shotll never be wittltheo u ' teml y Th are set' io packets at sn ei tm, oa d$l Q' ereli, hy eer o rtslleo ta!ole IdreIggto hinh,kehllr, on )d vetilnorof tueditue v ii tit iUnitri StIolen ii i'e l(sanadas, w.itlh cnldolUs lirections, tongeler with: esanoiaih of prositioll altilit)- lhrom tie Ifnlln ing enuinet g ieIenle n: Sir Astley Cooler, Aitbentelly, laotes Iluntidrlt, 31. I)., WV. Book, Ni. I)., a. Aoiot Key, A. I"tlaliptol, M1. D., anul oulerouls otlhelr. Thie originlis may he seen n of te icneral Agent, by whoit the t msliitie a imittotlel into Ihil r hlalulrs and o whocll all applications Iorlgelncie. stall he ol~lo. JNO. IIOIIEIN, 129 W\averly Place, N. Yornk, Stile (fciesal Algent fIr tie UnitIed Stales, t.e. For stye by alljiiit nilet of the origisnl to lel' tor. b v IS1AII . IlliO711YilIR h'l9girt, h'o I1 Cait~l~l sit'el, r-tos'' Agent Ifor Staillice f Louislin. jl vSl El EMIY It LBE f ono, N i A'l0llagoaieositeet,le' ll rw receiving from sllisnNhtshlaille, I.oliisville, Kentltlk1, Pagle, altit otlier late arrivals trolt s. 0."thern cit , ls. Irge anl niew seleted assortlielot ile.iu, Boots, shoes antd Brogalls, ouiotsig ofl'ggleolmenin's fine oltf nsl Morooo Iotes do 2d qualis;t do bullth, ssid stout as peggel Itos os -htt'osntlaalttie; omits ' o eIt I c al not l Msodnira tittai iisoslt a hirogolst, o alehkio sboes, brognos wml sllilels: metil'l fine ncalf tns kipeld morggeL shloe. ,t Iragltis o) bhe ats do slt kilat l hip ws iepggelld sloes rllAblsio genttlem's lort iamen lity mcalfswretll ro ilnaullr allul Jlik I)ownotdgs; do eolf aml -%loIocmos t hlle dllherllogllbra1is; don elfair d soa| and Urneenn I idliit shons and shilhipt-s, tDoelilo ll" aLlnt se Wollut iaLearticl oin tnlle nolls c erl. andll oroeoq lltsarlet iot2; hloys', vtises'aml Fildhiruns peg!gel uln l soued Ssogussont shoeso do every1 t ilolit uld khi a klll. Also gurld a b lcns iorloelll oei o it's stout wl n , riti liltnogliti ioI shtl ir olt toether olts l1,inx imhiar ilro Itot suaIlity, .tsa tl broiatns, .tiolet io Ilts Ick; tiane rhylrcsly fillo pllnut:llilii oIie' I gad :ns I rtlnello Ios Ii's gn teal sloul khip l nto brst aInr-g s, iii wrlcl',, antta Iloaae qUtllallily oy rll illritirtlir arliuh ssnt oliI taoh IlrtplllS. !litdes' lille ealt, snail, InrcisOllll i.ralin welt2. HI ni), xllnlcl) soh: hoes; d il,~u Flhsi .l~t/lll( alid1 kioll~ i~lme in kl s slhcel inthl w illll lihe rlt Ni htei IalO nthl huhl ova l pcets;ro tho one; uttits widtai'sl nilnf hisni ra tIll l ittilsititil iol the a tlii is ii: d i lliI hIrI)gillS Iiii aihoI' mooald fooed hootees. Nlisncs'il~igsilng .ting shioe.oSol,i il5a Iis. Citlhtret's colotrd loaeeonnod ltslidbut2 ht Ilner' a eixiuul th4it tocue e.S.c tha i .;entlenlcsi's niefashlonollo blianekilk osiu ts; rdo blncek so Itiro bheaves' o ni a st lnriaitli ialla'.liyl olit) ittilttiot IL alm do; hteoaldlo nrroew lio r teir's , ive didii, I hIf Halsla short ilille ots Iall iu iltile. ovltt's" Iaie size hals oht Itit tlhre n' . tt i'n. ei ia i ci. ' l thrn hat iia o uialvritno mIns es, avitl geoneral issorninent of d i ' sd co's sit cl aps. 'sills nsoiinltltriitwiil hie rellrtuliishlaiht tltte arrival oij c- , iainhctnslr~uu t'ii nitie l tlu retl citais, all of' w ! ui l na';ooi it'nlli tialghits. tg i-if NO MERCUUPY NOR coZ'raI V 'it Oi)cll:ilaln, .l 4 ti;n7. A flh''T'vin tncnith ugio I hlu Ile iillllle Ie put : iia Rori';'l tli::hltoiin r lii' hicli I Ihmve ul'hlil ' tt nove oiihuethiulmrcmhiroei sisilv doil tiilnehhint "o.oliuu'u oil thle 111h 7 l al.e dat I uIlut mvr rh Iller Imc.? eie of "ll u, lol ih~ Ion.s '.ui w hise I au t-hnko u in ari ,c " In Illu nllllllt~r oF *ix ur ti it o . ra I I iv 'g, i uu1i all ovPr ,lay lliO, tl i hll uct u t(uluis itt n i iit tall n' . ti i IIhlk at le1 pre.ell lill u, ol. at'I1Cln i i'iiuuiute; orge c iii in. a hiithuittgiaynalt a1·! Ito. Ilitu' ito latltah yIlocaIl le 11111khr,.. Iau I <;l.v 1 I.ue IN • . llld'lil illltI l th,'(d 1 eIII' (If Ir Sll tiel , ft lll f *it r r Yi(l., I tUll o Illtrrh t'lly e lllle s 1 ·l l r Jt11 Iilh l I)I .; N iljl~ II I I thiun-t l lii ; sa il• lati lll tl aill-u int, i viii"n1 illlluuau st-aue ni~iii .ol iii.l l l n il iistilhli 'it all ; Il ocijic'(,l [ aiM -cii., h I l ain' W c i " . " h~nls ie1lil 'l ull, c ntllli I e llr A. hl e', I c hi (llllanlI r in h lulntlull ).ul ihh' aitiu Il aiuli'ii oi.nh'e n. lir. ''nun''l.til nui a 'J u'' i'l I, uni tlhyi,: l illtha l a lir a liii'' u l ou li lh ii iaLnln i nh . Ji'niyni'tvae hI)iana .' , ai nkIrir lr,. If al v on l "lll iailllll4 o .u!ltt ai , N ,.|lIir G + t ,ni. tlll i I )Ii :l l. fo11. lia A l nll Fich I,' hut; 'll F'.nitchi' tl h 0I jot a, liii,, /* l ulh iani, .,,+" i Ir tlilinln is . I .iii ' Aom ( rla ip li, U|'lll (9I'i.i . tOPli llm II1' UII*.% In~tliO+l hlr'll Illi i Iht 'l. at ta o, Ol M lll i .[* Ihllcrtin D tl'll uP' :" i R'` ' (11: e111+(1 i I . . II· - [I rimoth at l'hhI-reit dates, -uC iill' I-rIIi ai:it hi.ts il. eal ts lll rl.lll licsi.k~ , ll allll tI.¢ .O slee1 1 eP .'-.lll'iC~liln l w h , Ic rnutush " I h i,' I aul sie of llt. nlos. "'lrle ll~l~~lr lT~ :lll Ah'iu'na. s+v'hit ,luau in;IIi thin .o intuit 'e'iihar,ii Ill 'l( 'l'hfigid. ct nrl Ihllsw.,kh 2il Wit, lld • oll orle In si~hlle al'ts illrt·I lix!.d(1 tll h(tIth~lla.e,;II tis.'- .Li) 1!· HIn II (lit'tlPti. ll Ill itsclt; s l le lhui iikllv I anuo I ,- thin hl l hut i hti., t I nnlli i . i tsq Ii n In;- ,intI niat',n haItilh eIu t etIn ll'ntisiii;.tii tv SPllni iI s it-I c'liutlinruhisianfin innhii tli~a luupp llet I,n , i hmsurtonin| s. cdes fl'r,l:hll I'+llll 14ld wfitwl el· slIol~l lll~5( . 't t I*-C ole Ilispl'i.: l t lll alilil li.+ o.XI i~ ilglrel tI~ ell l' olhl'lnl-l ii*..e ti uuml'a a nutstululeui ihlt n inuiii e t,luis tst tlllr-it l tnic-cn rh lt i l]f 1u ] ent al Ohi ithiti Uatat hue sdicndt sthi skrlt ic (ail: 'ai.c n ii tin lie non-i " ei "uol'o'thlin hurelatce) th "tu -tiec'kol thins nimtlealla hinhittltic, intl ii ru'iuir Iuu',ititLttn'I i u'I. tnulitii'iu a' in t ir llm~il . 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I II tit r of n lll all iunrt, cai its ihre s a r i n an. for tat a t liace ord Iln g .so i sll e hork is t'lo , anlla s r w y ht IIn in erll, birll .i i lllle at h e subscrl u t o, and -i ,e r fllthel tIri a yii III III I n lotto b had llt+ h( t bI as, t' 1111an imlishi+ Ia ,uhin t al le 110 0 Ilevr siic tlic l ist :-l etting of th.e un,,k, is s in -l ' ,1 i C,','~ L ott ilrI'r , t l'1 ;I0,1 , its I n e % v I|'+ q ot is olllnh' tl e wlIe I f Wlil tl ale ttt, , ts t el C 1Ihe1 , it h.l o I l e~ll I wrl t llv l , n oIe. "r ~llm : hatel ay " eh '.s.. ,il1 ,I, the n .f s elmeial uon el 51ot most com t, ment cIIllllltlor 'in th -at l t s c l a': t ,.I ll - Iri, i lh i ne -ut is Ily ulnr i shll I ci t rell tn ~ nll I .,li isi el to ru llllrt it:ir . hII llle In ts u|: nsle, nMr its ltrelllg e, Irllli el at n'r . pL: ilsi , t hitlI fi r l h e f t"i11ii 1 wsrilsl re r l dl nng u t of Inkit, .:n gnail aun i ao "aar nt hindco, iest ,rc e, is fjltr for, oe01 to ageeath 1 st ( bs.ct h t i uall rse ntl cio italllin pir . Ilr t/a i raan hf e'rluerh .elh l h. iiked t .ote, alfr glo Il tl r ·lt o . 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AntIled5i eclio~ s 4 o t it d bFth 2Wi i11 -iztm - tutr est w ilh nsoI11 01t'., fl'low tlhe |e1'rr iitr, i ihfe ia thmii Itr11J I2 1' tI I'ltltt'k t&t, hlwithan/'g t hi Ih+il +¢1 1;i},)1. ' ,4. t.'0. 0tt <~o h .h + halal THE FLORKDA LINE Fr.ln Mbile In Aturtr,Ge c _ _ leaves oble every daly at ihrel po'clock. pm per US mail ih ' for. iil'e Ilndlne, above BIikely,--theince ol pDost coaches to Peosr·er-i-thlLci sneclrambttoats III Lcgrllnue, where thlllrlnd lme is reaulned-thncri vci Mallancnnnd BioIEcwsvillie, Fli. Blinbiihrdiiie PLrIdrtIIIII, tlUwi: incville. Sn-iundcrcvillh & ville Io Augusir, (an, ciinectinrg reenrly will thP ril ro! cares to Criarlistoe. nld the !eall tpacketicie i owr York, Nrrhluk, Pliilirdelphin, etc. I'esteeall rborae are thile best for the service, nnd ithe nrlvinlion presents more advantages tiacn cl, Sibe foueld uponj ally steamboat route ill tile siuit. ern reiir.o 'I'he great improcrvements in the route have been f producerd by lthe enntruetion l itiy mniles of new I roadl, by the irpietcore, viz : friol cnGranf e oi LfecFatte lanvuc, an arm ol Santa Rosa lDy, Itn I Brynrlt'o Ferry, or the ChaRttnhoohere river, tee iniles brve ie tie:owlinrd, er 14 above Cedar Bluff I wherely the nrvigaiitr oe tlhe river, and the enr.* selqaenl detellitols, end mi;nre recently rhe incoc venient crlliin nt theI CIwoIrdi, are entirely Svoidd, rn'id i tilne road froir Mlrianna dlirci In Batibridals, instead eI the roulndnaout roald vin Chslenhioclerr , Iresenrinr rherdisar nce r bnout fortrd iciles, aned ilu:r eing ihe faciilitrer loret than Airii. L oernech line of rtwo inrore stnege every c ther d..y tcoi II rwkitevllr via Perry tIII Macniii, i ci, uonnlieerinr with the linte to S~vnnath anii aitrieni (Geir. A A mail rteanmlhtlr tlils regulIrih behweeI D Biiibridle snd Atllcehirolr. 'Trivetllrs wishill Cto rear,'h iry yrOIr on Chattrhoachee or Apalachl eoln, elln tok reiOirttalr IoI t iBrtreowncele. Mobile to PenIracrle-n-l1tnd Iome--l)rinrg tihe time ocupled by the rpalr it i tI crlIl itel piroetl)rI. fhlr iII lhe F tleida lite cill run ie Ine ru hifur hnrse p, eonclher Ivery olther day betweern Mo hIl' a, d Pt nsancobl Pcssengers will leave Mclile at 3 o'clclk, p mI, Iin tile U t mail brnr, anld proceedrto iall llnl-i illg, wherler a loer horse cleih will Ite in waitin i conveyr lern tot Ir e r xeellellt hiurrecc Mr. CllarleP Ilnil, I 14 Imile dlsdntr, where tihe will find plleaalnt necollllOlld~llolu flr thIe next mlllrnllllg, thev will arrive in PelmIL'eIola early ill the rvenlnlg, tlrus uvoidlln ithe discoml fort 01 niiit i tr.veelliin . OfDiue or rhie Mceion Ihuse,. Mitbile, nrdCrl. linir' Iltel, Penselut. wherle cn a rIerRIust Ie Peq r"+ItiltKiON & ('& . nvi I Pianoe A.rte In.sLructotn, r#'illillnl SIIII III tradeIer his, to the citI nes ol tNei Orlearis n i teacheri of the plant fortei. llir lavinr ileei evmply,'yd several yese ac r teachcr iec cinc ict privotcic hmtls in i-ecuh ind t1l o, it CIv Iral iof tle fiII.nI le r unintrl.S in Iry virIIIty, camenll bt hilllloqn+ tIl mIeril Iheir fUllildhence. Il is eritr itd tIi, lifer t I v I)r l .pp, t cs.e iclsrn.+ itvry. Ar, .lmlhrlrnci.u&. Jlelier. 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AV -iY STO -at rite citn ,Ii the goideI Ceititlio ti Chartres stcreiert iiicichrethers lave r, ceived, inl a liti n to thelir pre ititr c ti..k or hrir d, a trull I anel compla et a rtrllet of lrtwlee in the tr line; vi: con ., IPertlhm ry, JCwrIlry, Irulllle, hlokii gilasser wllich ae some Xlexin t! platler , Ivor l c l1 1,of +)['ever " $1"?,:";,F;"f .a"::lit:li:: bi rwi Cit iic datrick Ri~er Iio icrn, c the ini cri lakt t~~er whiihtri ith rc . gI ltrl t --or tnr llterieolir culd Autoc iCt, mlti crFI .Moc iIY--cCoItcu , lveihlr Fdloridt loney,. hu, rosenlrdi tib liwclr waILc ceit"very IeIe and ihlte, SerltttdriIrtoit .lrcltlh t wtdi C pot g itel, T ue i e ra ncotxee ritot-i inii1 ii lintiio ulititi cii ii ser todi a ecJ cpII c a cfll c1 ,·IR Y cl ithl i iIIestik ani itLI )io crea((~ili·1n F s m 11( 1 .th, Vud' t..llllite* filai IllilP herslelndil l eti n e d () . 'r 1 i.h in ' o f( tl w itl e a i r , o rt e la h l a tn d *Pl ll l l Iollel slo llers t . i. l ln er, ir. lent pIum of a nll', llndlltll tIittir h crl pt ill, Ic i rI ingi i r l oilirtll titlrfe irrth ket Je, x ll (I,., ,,.. il h.~i · I~ IIII .e l]lali 11 1)(1111 h] llt of Jlr ·I'.\V lI.I.III Y --stunt, eil1' 1 th,! l~tetrind ino) 1)/~ i.,himm11 111 jilt i.'ll. cou,,~l~i.. 1 Iilllof l d h I~le "e •r e· Itilll It i '. t %'I lPIit' ll~l'lilS, uhlll·II ti'hn lil(.1· hilll .Ill +,l v. III te li.le.·, ilrlr ii pit lit I ateil, toi n , . N il, r lric i ir Ic, c rllrrclld ' I:A N("I" l.t V. II I .:T I toti a n"+l --l ir, cci poiA iccinlti ctilr cct1ce cchrrcwicc t r'r i re i i ii 11 I liyib tc ic ih ltTI lll 1tic,1renh 1h, *1 . -i v1.1111·1 1- ·iih lll~ Y whh ltll ini-i,', nl~ l h'lll~' T*( hl- .\. I torlll~ ii .lrlel t II' Ii,- vi lhlri In -talr hlr Iln l)il nt i C t I hlc ilillin Ci trltnlih iciiL ',tlihrllt I'1it it i lr t ,h i on r tutu it ,tri 'tl --i ii l t c tite 'lIi. . U 1 I·r l ? T r l~l'tillhr , lt h l llnI , bt1 h lccli i Ii Irll Ili ,h hI nll l i llri l ' T hllt I 1i Ia.ii. k noF ll ~'dh'>;.1 ,i:.,il.,. iI'.h'C *-h'l' Ilil Ctil,+Vl UIl.'TCII - eh11, lcll. L ,,ttlticct rIircii i hti"lll cr ti urn i ki ll I lllnder t Pi ,mt e -de,, d inrters, ihlaintil wori • un , bIckgaunn1 bii rtic , dic e, n pii jitcl vie nllnet, jewshacrunt lei olotuk iit. ich' ee m ll12 nioith erlit. i 11i l I t i. it ci( , & tc o. 4c 1 c ic tit. t ?Ir11 &str rr s. 1 El'pl it 011O,--I:i)t cutlo n p, eIr. winto er r,7 S. erul Oil, il casks an hl Ir11ls, lor sale bv JARVI.s I ANI)[EEW;,, 1l. le-al . rl~ sts, cornelr t' uI o aII d I chap trade; Ilo l thepll, ll. o t nrh, o. All ll r\f ¢h ,li ls" I & D'I i AN. t1li lc .ll rl·: -'IIhr il lllllll l r llt t II u, ll r rm m ll lnll/ i h y ,olI ulnnnf) ellh n ih n i e'e I I lea ,e i l ' ,l I ro tl r l ll s u sheupl ytel - l ill dar The e p 'b l In t v o ru l Ili 1u, . 1l o tllr r lnl. II ll Il h o In .lte r l III, n IIII I lll t l C. '1'h " I t' l.lllllelll III II I l I lt l sul llltnend •te It lIIII wlrv h - I enll l b ad h I it xers ave do, bItt C tltlytt this kind it, i.r31e . it *ito proeot to It, cull of l l(t ; th ,e i , ·on iv lld Ifo,, ''ru it n e I 'tr. 'Illi ' illo l llll toll o . IIt IIr.iole,1 .. tt. t 1,10 Ita ,:luail ls. The p b ali. nl'paen- tl hl ri',t ih g a I.ll, Ci. hll IL w N.l, I . Jo Neow I,.uvrp. tt .ilt tr t htleo t gItl d Ito oientill O tt i 1at.L l t tlton l t Ii alto gti" .1 011 0 00 0t - %i . t i 0h alt lo b ho o. lry O mI hlt; 0 nd ho ilrt llA lillly t No Iie tollgl AltOl I I0.10 iir' I JNO ,id .1'. d:l t n r t ING . h lldersof avlelsllll,( e g.( ell'cquanted wi th the t'.oL- llI I ll ll l l11r u1 h . Illrl II hi ti t h totlll l t I tltl P I t ill ohotihlll a tt I r . m prt( 1 1o o 3 o.k lart3 t rivo.i '& 1 o . ry 11 Ž lroit0 lll,ll0 I-talht I t i rotlhig of i io : lotlltt:, ii. l rillrc iroV , It -o o' the ui lrI. 'tUl .T-'1 efyla ol. h t o i uctt luth illto h rod1 0 ell0 , inttttd l o11t1 r so o tedi',t to olo I b o oyi. 3 qlO~l-ly n:I'll C1 IIT Atlia;:/: noe , thel riner sr atIoe tr .ntit , I. r y II tI nt TIle ttdiroltn,. 1 , uld i7 a ll[ 8 rll tellrl , 3l till Icllre ve o r oi" thr l .ises us use r vr al etim s h ly. ie ii 11. Iro Inl c; and i]Ill, r Ills sh!rv'cus to IIo Ilalrs, of avthe bl e n \il l ell l cl- lat cd 1 w ihp thle u.(' tIl il" nll U t n , ill Cl I, I l'hKi u. ýI o hn",n thy ou a anti r Iu , upl lt> l la. ter the e,)mll sl tio n ml Profp rt, lr o.. Llr, . :lh Iie, .r\t ln lon, call bn lhd o d tie ulrc]erlgnId. Ti, rn;:ct \olllchn the, y ha-ve ird ulea l 1l l tlllw o th['r c11.ll I. I lls ittll.ll i ;,'ilht tio I re ltenr rilllc( , I e .o ( iol l Lh . ba sl, tf Nd I " rri. Khe l e y l, o o y I wal y u " I (itl i-.s I e, - I s l"-ro of uv hll v r y tile Ieathl uls -dilulU f -nxo ll. 00 I3ll"0 tile lll llllr, ru i)1l lg li r,lc. y \ev G Lhlris w1: fltclld I. the flli g o1" ll `:NI.III! of LO TI . IlarriCh . -U.,tIl Nuelhez; rrs , rri.% Khl o l. llClltuli Iolhle a I iio| slo'ur s his wllltasslst [ewe )r trco ln. The Inilllr c n sl H avaralgiry ls whillbe 'Ileo., ilare ill l le( s nid gnrl eme fr l e I th, reuee ]ost orolmpt forwl atr l I nmke parly o t.'II[tel !II;; l nJ I chure h ovlder of lai v , e will I tle.." t v I nII 1 uIinod w leley Cu, Orulan, J(muse i , C18I37. TOI.BEAR'S Seience of Pecmoortiip received,nnd J for sale at their perlnaiett Writng Acaderomelo No. 8 Chatres alrevl, New Orleans, 189 Ilrtadway New York, DaItphine at. Mobilh. It.inparticularlydesioted thc private lenrlers, and. hoeols, antd is ealculated for persons of nil ages. I.:ldies and gelntlemenl are invitced to ll lnd aulllie I the vysteli for theroli lves. L.essoll are giv en at sicl houses o. a llait tilhe convenience ofall, and to classes formed in any part of the city. Ldieolto prefor itu receive r es(nlls at thcirown ref sidlences. I'-snsra payvit e o tree oflree.on are dreired o atteil, • ' t " ' sse oel l othey wrih. . .3.FK UI1 B'I I .R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, F,,R FEVER AN AGOUE. r EN years have not yet elapsed since it waee first regularly submiited to the publie; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Agueo, wherov. or it his been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction throughout the United Stoletas, and still realizes ntre than could have been anticipated by its most e.inguine friinde. Tllousands of persons have not only been relieved, but reotored to health slid vigor through its ngen. ry: and they now cheerfully testify, at every tip portnllity, to its de'ided and supreme efllicacy. 1I is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew thie healthy action oftthe stom ccli, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loos of which haritony is the immedlialte cause of the disease. It is apparet lse, that it prollu. cos an entire chantgo in ithe collditioni of the systlem, and certaiily destroys the Ilative liability to relnp ses of thq uatecotion. When the Agio is attended with any other comloplaiiit, the employment of the Tonic Mixtu'o will not interfere with thile treat. ieint of thc other diu-eas, but will evoen afford as. staotnce by lurnishing strength and vigior to the body during the course of treatment. These who make use of this medicine mlay be assured that there is no Arsenic, oarks, Merraery, or ally other erticle in its eomposition untfrielndy to tile lhuman constitution; being entirely a vegetable extreat; and they may have additional contidence in the use thereof, when they perceive that it thas the ef fict of a gent e laxative about the time Ialf' a bet. tie foil lisr been takcn-in ecollsOquece of which, tihere is no part of the iltediciar ellt to linger in tile bowuls to cause oabstructions, and other evils, arising troi tile use of maty of tile remedies itow ofleredl for til cure of this alFfection. It has beei used also as a Ireventirv, Iy mnlly who were sUll jeet to a periodical recurreace of the (hills. snd it Ihas invariably worded otli tite apprehended alta.le Obsere! The Proprietor, ftully sattisled . itll theil tnplar tlell tid nd llversat ruecal ss which Iias ell. stantly attended a punctual aid reullltr use of ite Tl'oic Mixture, in all cses of Firver ld Ague, ieels warranted in engging to refund the price to all those wihol have t.eot the mledicine in etrict ac. cordanco with the pirescribed directiotns, withlout I ivtttolot pIl erfictly and Iastingly cared. lher rubllscribers ire the wholesoalel agetst for the Soth W\Viler States, and havI e now ona hand siX ty ornto of this Imedicine, whllich is warranted fresll land geltlieo. For salo at tie utlatifactured prices JAIl IS A ANtitElts, \Wholesale I)rt.egiets, ctaor"'? ctae aon,tea I'oot aiit 1hit nsl irst. -N- tliraccppi Intd Louttsatalti Oeutet5 IRS. MARY I(llKilANID respectfully an. nounces to her frienllds and the public gone. llly that she is prepared to accolmmodate theln at 'I ablove clstahlishmeell , anid lillpos frlnm her xertiolo to render visitors comfortlblc, to reccive I continuance of forler thvors. She feels conil. Iut tlnt ptha ersons viiting (Covitigion during thll nrnler months, cannot fiClb better accommodutions than sile can afford themr, on more liberal terms. liar Illllhus is ploiasuantly situated, and well sup1lied with every eonvce niliice; tie bar is furnlibled with ite lmlot chlloice liqillrsI &c. In hllort,she promises "tat nolthinlg shall b. wanltingl onl her l;part to give tire ritiilctitn to all wtho may patrorlnize ltI lississippi aid Laisiana coltel. j3ai IIOLO.UV WARE. WitOOD SCRIWS, SAD) IRONS. &e. /i'le IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 2- 38 Water, near Ileehtllna street, New York, have received the past sensoni, and are coStantily r eceving large and extensive additions to the stock of the ablove goods, which now conllist of tile ollowing asitallitellnti, suitable for the southern and westcern mairkets. IHollow ware of superior quality, consisting of abllt 151110 ons, viz, Pots of af diillrent sizes, from '2:8 to 50 gallons, .Kttles, 15 sizes, froam 3:8 to 30 gallons, ettleica, 15 izes, frotn 3:8 to I8 gallolns, Itlkepl:it e r ieOVeno, 7 dllIfIttut itzes, Tea Keltles, G lo Sklills, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 dI )rlddicr., 4 do Fire )Dogs, . i de \,t.on Ioxaes from 1 41 t, 1 3-1 incheo. C.rt Io S to 7 illtc es. W\Von d Sorcr\ -, I)tlIl0 gr s, iron l oll It lr'! s, 1'roii :8 oich, Na. 3 to 3:.t chb, Nt, Ji of i superior l , l eity and linill, and less hallin i JI e' ilmpored Sad Irosl, asoortd, in casks ornbout 5t0i Ilbs for iretaili ng T.2 m's nII half0 r ' IrIo , assorted. ,ush \wei n 'I, 1(u toni , ami rtlled railn 1 4.4 to I13:ls for PI unttlions, lstal nboats, t urclr e, &c. mtad, toaprdltr, Alsoaoi and other machinery Il;ad to order. T'he alove assortmlent of goods is particularly reomlelllllondid to tO!,e altotetlon of Solutlhernll ittd W.sterll eiirchallts, anlld are offered for sale at low prices, trld pIIn the molllt liberal terls ; it it be. lieved ito be the Inrgest and behot asoeortment ever toaftled for sale by ally onl e.sltallishinelt in the ULeelc Sttcates. Mloerchants, by forwarding ai request by mail, can lhave a prl'd circlllar, with descrilltinli of goods,li prices anrd teirlim, f-oult which no devlstion is ever lade, fnrnished by return orf All orders will receive inimmediato attention. New York, 1838. Je3 1, IV Glrarn',.r I'r 'fme@ris. inihan Dye, for coloritng the ilar ; ilear's Oil, RIoliasta ear's reen., p.i.oatt.n, 1selltan's Fier dce \\ash, pearl powder, lily whitt:, cream ,I rasae, ,t'-ats!,, ltto of rtsa.', hp salve, krros e t"o'h wnah, caillhlllo dIhllllicP, orang, e i1t a.,r water, pota der puaffs and box,-, A,At raeln charc:anl, neatly pullt p in fouar .tnao vijai, Pres. t,,n sails, eollo ne, k reo ot,l toth nchle drops, hanl brnuIhe, E i.tllah der.ea.i combs, Iallan h atlla, with a vaiety of other ptrlutmnt rie, &.. F'-r salei na C. J. TlRINClI ARD oft cornl1r of Caii;1 nod l ,,or!,nl ets - l g .1T',--I:I ,I-+'-~ , dtl t . !i l ha." vani,,,,, 1unli ie++ I for rihv 1 I l inG . la'iat a'i - attIt New itnv. \tV'. 1.' o ,"h+. , e l Sl Bheffel d, 11(·m1 d Inn liner justl -eive,. lt very extl neive set of ll .rt.t , con islin ol I ' 'nl pl l Itlk, tw Spear l oitlll t h atoIte ; l-tlaz , r. s'. ida lInia . O.&. &. 'hai-tilt an', .rep o+×hthi tlo hetra~le l.rnrodeata.t t n ita u d'a o . aill i t .,,l," kn. wn . a I the li. ' llli; .I.i. I.1:I-N & . 1 C l III2N.ll90 o P .inmn t. t it', lt ita p rkt pito" .;phlin, r'hht d at l ' pil CenI· ,H aps; 'a; hlhrs; aei ',l r% {al 'rs, it.n t s; (aillot's co.minlrid :i I oth..r sta li p ll; Vio ,, \'. Ih .t1'h..F; shttl i, rv soi, hat n i 'aliirs; "k, he.,ad atlld tn i,"ollr iil'.r l; hair hPo ldl %, I'rll ot nodllle ack ri .I. l,"Iis ell ll l1ll ',m ; iermil ian lI1l FrencIL I coll gntll .tler, Iowlad a -is n e tacter oi , i nitati do[ antilue out he oil; tah tl desks iid drestitg 1ses: put al I ,,.t.s atl I tai.;'t Iolna a Ilih tad" h t.t and t ,Itmes c etllen ; wt hi- - wia e; .t6, 1 oilnat scl ililla sap ; toilet owder, ac dsttie ash hallt s stced utlttin cushionis; pool et I'ls: screw cahilna.a; fan. head chains nlo aeckl::h, t:s; llllil 't niat s; ip cket ld .ks ar l wa: llt tts; I meml ul bor:,; razor taral,-; tin!: andrmol o c ts n u - Illia er. pruspen'ersP, arteslrsa . l ll s Itlucifrrs, n lch,,; sil rr p ils: C.r"yu. t. dI. 'FlT ahovptt i addition to ollr formerl.l stk of t- c nch s, mnht. at hnit terd c 'Iupter . o.,rc sut rwhlta-t. or . "t Rie tl; sa the sign a lt-n Goklen Calt f a V I. . i :S t e. w i n id r i t t leri of FreN L a h, hl iing and Itr st rat' t, I -tai a , tch .-, It, a catlt-- ttps, tranots, sup!r., creasts, howles, plt, dt-heao r e:s, wc, ',a b s,,in, on' owes, h a al h aiatc, te. ale. a . RIch c anind plain Frenlch and Ar gn.a. war,-b-,airhts, chanpaipulnea, i,.man e, jelles, !' vh, winell , cordlnl s. centlllr, howls,. dolnlters, aI -II ra, presetrve dsha s, ct lera ý a , palciters, la pl lis, I l,s. du tlad gdstanans.alu a e shalos, ault cl .:-err plated, a ranzt'd and britatit l ware-n a ..a orn, litlqar atinds, catoke etakeaa, ennd!renl.ka, hra ahes, spiosa,a h ttles, rt'in atnd lanplat, a.ugalr, acre.1s. lamps, iapanaid trays, aranl alnnad, andi ha a.itt lamps, tin,. cullary, Garmant silver '-toona a d 'r , r og lth.r with a arena variety of a rractttles Ifor fl' ly a.e. Ma -,ri hants, planters,'. .tla , and a'..i att , aartiathed wlt, goods at lt.e lot a e.ra u d,.le piers , ann pa: k- ,ta as tao ba caonveydi wtll satitty t i asny prtn otl the cttun ry, Ao s a, tpothecaries'g laataare noy I'o l Countnry 1l-rchan'e atilnd Ptanaer. S-.'era. clI - oiblankesta, lit tnne, Iaannevt,lwell ia.-,a ah-e-ks, litneas. rtalilcta, handkerchiefis, S,- . rea.,.,,t "- and Ior s.ale nw by rho cri.a RtOpTA & Co. . a::n." Cur:,! anid Chartres ana MAIL AILANI I81M C'N'?' AchremaliL., ue Every ilar si I133. 'tIrae14 Ever dry t n at 104 A. n1 i rue ea r err "und Y, WedrdIY av vira Coloes every Mtaay, Wrdnreday CoastL, tanI .alitrniv,'bv 9, I'. ,.ii. I l).e 1 varr.''lt,.thv Tu rsa vla . 13hme. every'MOuldsvWedtlead ay I XI'It(ada 3iAll;. TIMES 1 )F ARIIVAI., I)11'RIUi{I( ISISTANCE kc. alier Express Mail, beieIv IaIaile nl New orbk--laeain. 5ftllile diilc' alt 31'. P . Nartlawar New York datiy at 5 P.S1 routhward. Arriver Arrive Ne.rlanrarnl.. Ditnc. Tle Ilemrn'g Meeitgorrery Ala. o pi.. Ia ) 198's ar3e 18 Ir. h u 1 1 94 31a.ra (Mill'lruiie G. 133 144 2p. Arittiia .C |a.. 181 171 lit Itrleirn NiC. I5r 215 I1 -rrton. a. I 5 m. 55 ' I'etertlturrg, P1. lI pro. 85 10 Pe. m ]{iclhliuuvlV Isni. 21 3 14 IFrederiackltarr., 6 t7 7 pl~p e... .,ahttlt cia ot,) . m. :pt llnhl , 38 4 n1 Silel hiii 64 em.. 1114 1 I I New ourk ppine. tl S i Nourlivwaral. JOnheirg iie"vItwardt: tie Cie 1iv s aUr ber,iaial aysptantnllM, Roal --?1 h,.sa; t,..itm-5 trys un~l 17Il (urs. ,%NAWAY s R', 1(19 (:nrollel o na r .l f lie ) inAllo i l t ov dnr ai a e nlo e ,i ni Iier e er ar t e rh s lbi vreeii, aradit atr lal i o Iy A eral, Iwl uaea.taea rln illtr liqki Payrtara ireeiC a a )I INNt'aII (:iAlII: tlR leac Alyea r r ua ll i, O R ionr th lll lir ll Iiell l i a.h rr ae indo d Sei e d oiliat in filrs In.ll nI In l i o le si us r str t, i cunr Sl aarecrllt hart;r ueieaail viet blalit hu wullr rasiw k aaet e t!{lltlo tit' lille~lt hlrl ntll~l whlile etll ll~ll i 1 tit.111)· M vs { r cfv lrs s tltl ule:,ll. beotit4 are ellltil~l,·l i I guinst ireedvilg or ltrlaarkirg aid IPgr An well b all oilier ermots* u .Il ths iii atiat rirr ( ttr Ir' e tarr aitl be firrlrilv. ItillieStlk i lalCy aik e jilai Hi f ere nibe illln ii le i or att 163 rtil d Gnlri rl ee o vu i l re L a tit Illl 'Ik e i rerei r til ri i iti' ir ll aihnvin areai rei aorir'.l~l raisin l il, riiavalerl,u irlal. ta~iri~s ..gS I --:7 i i {1:''.O CAIA"PAIN 3illh21'T'l',s 3II:9 N-il'KI... flalllic tIe fefir, by t hir errriraaaar Peter Minaile, 5e ' r i it e a a ir ateinireni a. f ar" r "lri lh I i ( i' a i la I ril Ilall, llcect, cv II.1 load elkblhn, a rullllrree. tar AlilIca (Ccirenillrghra)rI cc .ae+raiet r lieer averrlrt ri lir rltifi 2 Trls. AIlteniott Ilveatiu1aell r cj'#.'ieg,(trauh, tuu I 'eea eIrartr l R trrarl i lay N tatilirii ivecire ii, I aal~f e "Rw lialar '.'dfdu l lrrea erat ir.srar Iirrat aaiiita...... diia" atp |l',l~iaeiugbr Irriava' ll'oreb. Raies lacr/aelEPC aeaat /aa1'rieh Dietianaryei r eat, 3cc Aeurtai' Ireekh iial ~aei/ma dirie tiaaaia. A ts~ni --A fiiae, wInarei tra liralieaai'uil'd rdI' l+in liabaig oeittai iur pruved Iclhlie I'lpirlrillerlaa ipen, wrialbw alct rie.ivrd, tor eale by It fIBENJ. LEVY. I'NOCKS. C n1103W dee. PINNO(IK'n l'+ PIOtEli EItlil'oN OF DR (lihl.itllhs dhrl~llteslriaiui i e il ara l ivair to vrl liich is llretixetl" Isntn tl l in l lo l 1. btile + ) Ilaoiacn }lihlraIaTar aalag v aeti1 varirle orlhtarbble rnvr Illarliraai rlaaiai'd lhlarigtraai i b' rWOirk, Oa ti a e Jer m Inslilut ri i a aita atiiiqrr attili r' e Ilu.ia+ir.; ia Ir iveraia bliatranltairal arral u iitaiirieli Naieas;rairl 1aecl t iall ar uIr aralLrJeralian it t tl end r1" aac r eiii'tt. II. h~lst d w itll l~ lirclven~ vi ;a , vA ia.a of :lli aahtlliir farllllatilcr IeryII i n ofJ + Cmsar lU • 11'1a1h 1.f t;t, llrge 21 ,I wVithl a e~llinll li ollen 11o 1 he v aalgia e, al c llii t-il'elr ia et .lrrlic . Ic cIa ir aaria amIh Peir ll . iI v l y of viia'aarge aiirtleiit 1i19 Wrld it1 I whero aaiactiir l all r uiwrk a .l rlhl g a f ti.r li I1 ll" I'uiIPitl illl1iar raiarcelreig iye It'I I aita u ila itatraral (+l'oio uit tlllhl tliallry IlIIIP.· IICelIIITrk..i o Ill p ihl lies, llltlnnIPr·* lltItllilenl~ll· t I re, U ftll l:+ )\11 Ilu~ll . .) lhe Ci ratilutillel, ..t'. I..(. lh l y e'aai e. a il nga t irCecia.iiari.e.. r &a., .trllavOr v, are a reng', at (i" lar i ia N cw l'rra iaa i anlI tia Ic.e oil. h tuII,+',+. Sr Allaaariaat ralitallla, awtll lllli eallr t. air ar ll ti n a ( .rth ira)aaa ii aIt fl h ati e Ar. Ja nvret rirri ula ar atl{.113tKI Just rccei te! ean r rrar tl e I pv areI aI'Iai:A N tlo ¥. Zl.I e rltrr 191' {;illtlp) llllli (:11l lllltll 14{t II~l 61ll'Elta CIil.'Al0 i:.l. ilt.Ait1'. I I nlAl'n;taaaaii aa it linll Itilraraaaesll , I) Ii whllva Idapel, c iSV i lia'ni .aallcaailril auIrll aIi lisiiaa a Pi vi lcla Poae Aialllli eiaF, Rail t~iraiaaeei1aaaa 2 aalalk<!l d IIava,,i 'llitui ll. .Witrri arrar rll ..elaie IX., 1 0 Ir l tell ry Cllriaalaiharaa S r ia rt, 2 Iuic T v + s lll inl'aal iarrlllaa a ,,nl ,a'aeaaiaaar riv I ,r la 'ltela*ea tea' ia' aaellt i rl llaec Il, aeair I s .lllU il 1(1_(1 l· 1111· I). V +, .Il. I lllll IIp I " l.+ .%t h, rl~ I,+ "., l T111 .ilH JlP$''. alh I' ,v athala n ir ua . I .iarir 9%laay e)la, air'm.], aaa,.asralav~hiccs vt,-,,r ni '['I I tiyta uali Th Ii.l trll :'.1'II\," &c r, llt 'iu] ,)llliul+++ | *))II 1 i~i , , ' ti f"l:l Tlrerl Co£llr rare til re lI. Je h elrriaaev WM 51cJ\. r I i- Iii ItIT IIAW 1 p Pr i Ino lll', inl l a .l l.a r laelll "a P ds n a i Itai 'lei J i l. I ilaI lt, t.i" iy s.)i t 'l'l . r 'rllr ll " llll \\r n lkn,/, rca pdclla i blS l'lllal a ht nra ,1 Illy' f, ilhlll.l ,.i llg. r m r Nld r, allt"lI l nl Ilhy I, tl U_)ra l., lloil acs lllll Ilu rllC tr+riclre :s Irc'll ll .arel rlly ncteted. 'J'he lutluhvw g only are per Pro aod.,, Stldli'z nal Snratagn PON deta. Y' eat l' ih rit, b ring a ,h liI. IIe nai elegant slIasI IIIa oryeast, in raislng bread, buckwheat SCarp tnlet' |laid E'xtraet, ,rf lp o ern cl pUla Int ihehlod ge&i ,itlet, u I'.od pia a d& . ý1 nllll rIIInaIIIP, ( .r rlllUg: ; r ritln h si tiet, chltn, hloailh wUh, Inller pualld nitd bexes, Irrllllacr' earbl, ic O llal ,e h troh w l pe(nlr pudf and .,xlre, I'Pllnlicea selacred asnd !liii Ilnilat inwlt, 11N elalltil Cr(· lI. de Pose, rlnng. f'.l" r. ......, I......or ai . I. l rita id nl. a, at tiiiln Itr nnar, oIfit, nta'tiis ric N Pat.E it the lentl ,,liue.,d It, lands ,,lan .a Oil, Old. mrli ii. a h inl n I o If lr i, i sna naili , vr ofat Anllt,L i lnltlilIhe E Valartllg ink, liptal r .tlarllk i t k , t. , h11 "h tl. ,r1.l.ll lln ill 'I h,,rhrnl'+( .:rn'P L S.e For tre.,n, ,ot e s tredif ktoe P,'ier stl .oteie. T. will IernYh kl .,, n'ie hu Irving e 'fr i th faM x i tullrn i. g leriall oll1) flilp" Ml rllrd i Isctll ing' o So"tsumori olln.. Ipn tfilenii othae Iheat at gei ni a ellll rct, o lftn t fei ill, ny ti'l 'trma ian, di tno Al imgredtn mr A1v hle Mtken vit th andll lh i n, Ife a ell tl'erll i, ti e lr II n (IIni sai l l( id. it pie Ieait'n,ln iltal. . ii li.n . c le l ly lt r ttu it lll e a i gl ih e r lt w'inted llltind n le Invit n I e larb L.o ePlr li n re l rlllli ll l ull. llll l omleitt' by i as terli ng i g [air, t erith a, i |PIeat sorm ena o 0 f. eitf rl'uin Ill i ane , Illi t lln l nae ' innt, iet ai the t h noe I tse a ilviiu tfi irn ert or to l ren te to!,tl ,i ese'., b dlt t lirl li.h Ii , tihe toua i t r Lan tll ptaun d . ll n ilike aU, aniii c all," oa mii rtal m arli 'lu rhaluenive-l a ly o llllll b i lt'lllr ii ' aelt I t. tt , y1 , i" ,l ,', a, Gits. l ii i ;'ni iiint i ta ittti '' vinh d . , rl''d at .ngh " litnii, prie, i n a a nt .it i hi ti. t pll ( r a t d. lnv r: -- tlllll. lie, hi r, llllt nd nhtisl el.:;+, aid nr , ':tr t ucr N, th iut' rhuh anll tn fna lt Theal u ll l. it. a iltly Jthh,, l.hte f 1++ for ! '11 iurllc x ar I lute nnl' wo il nall h lt i.r i ,t pot nlecl ri, ie a i tila, citya J.\RVIi nn& A NDREW S, Wtholea.le Itrag:irts, i oa C'nn & 'll'nl it iunll s es .I ni'lStOnll nllo trant, olponitel the paotni.uiian. 'iii auhamrilirs are aIIOW rcceivita front their fanle trie. i, Ntew Yorkl, and will kep ecnltar tly on hd a gi.ira.l asnoeirtnlt i. lltarlda Mantle Pieceas at'aupner wnnrkmanslip, and ua'ttt latest patternl, i1a4 of I]n tent Eaiplian, Italian, Irish andI Aleritaat Iarbler. Alan, illonumntsl, Toraas IaLd arave Statiec, stulded 'iinad plain sills anal hintels, marble itaiinga, hearths and boundary atone, planter af t'aria, tInitan & Hydraulin Cnmtnt anal klhtsor. ig lair, togthaer with a nplendid ananr.maent oa h ans aouuttd ani filiati Grates and Russiia Iron watas oftahe taneaest iand minot approved patterns. faltering data inl tihe nlateaPt tianer and at the tleat alttee. 'I'ey inve firt rato wornkman to 'Ant": ' AIN & STROUD, NLII LL'S NEW \VORK,& a --The a Anican Ehgland, by ate authorof"A Year in Spat in Nobtrle: Ih edt.of Womllrelln in 2 vole .1 'The lTontu. Wifel'a aook, a man.ul a metal reli uan and dlmeltic dutties. Ju.i rceivell nd fora s.le by WI!L. WKEI 4N. E ItIi ' ietdianl i ,,,.ia-- oi.n in Plnhisis" doa / ih,,,ih'liiiig~ ttewa nupply, i.r'd bt t.t Irta A TOWAR 49 C.

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