Newspaper of True American, August 8, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 8, 1839 Page 2
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TIMg1 ANI|KtAN Olwino,. te m'neeiorn with this Otdc it a $tENMI AND EXTENSWE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FORl TII6 PRINTING Or PO.cphla taulak Cheek ouenks1es 3tu1 of Zallug la hw IMS ýImi ttle aeseL ars Amirevaery damepalim *FJob WerI shaa S may b .eqmir - Chamber of Co.n.mer.w. jiiaclRa FOR TsE 3&0a 1839. Prelident, S. J. Ptlern. Pleat Vi President,W. L. Hod`e, F.r"I. Seeod do. Jnr. A. Merle. Esq. - Car miteee of Appea_ for 1839. J amlle Dik, Jaonea H. Loverich, U. .C. C.mmack, AI.jah Fisk, P.O. SorLbe, rdamorrl Thompson, £orauaittin ofArbitraion frr the raoth f Magy. John Heddletoen. John C Harriron, 1. W. Htntin trnt, William Hopkinr, Enach Hyde. Jr. P. A. Ilardy. Joachim Kohn. Mall Pe ilreIs The G.eaEr atrem Mail is closed aevry day at 10 o'clocrk A. M. Gdue rvrrydnyv at 4 P.M. The E s Mail is elorl every day at half past 10 A. h. Is due with the Grnat I-aateln Mail, every o'!ie ake l (via CaeinRton, L.)l is rentd eerry Monday, Wedraday and Friday, at 6 oi'clok, A. M. In due every 'l'uenda, Tlhurday, and Saturday, at 5 P. M. * T.e Loiaeau le or River fail it cloed every Mon ey, nesdayv, aml oatnrday, at 3 P. M. Is tenl aMroma.. d by i t.ambots. Arrives irregularly three limes a ceek," The al Suara or Coat Mail in co.rd every Tuesrday MaI Friday, at8 P. M. le rent and roturarl by stramboats. - T- ..dtudrieoi oR ed.Riter Mail is at irreglU Mondary, Wednesday and Cloaa at 8 o'clock, P. M. Starday oT MAIL. lPrera triny and Co at aturday. Cloet o'clock. P. M. CARROLLTON 5' HOT'EL. t AUD has the Imnor of intrming hin le atd l m public in general, lunt he has taken the Hotel at OCarrollhorn, where ho treusts he will receive tie cnail of his old frien Is antd all lover.s of eod cheer. Prtve, parties will be nhandootely pronilel for by ivinlga little nottce belbrehnnd. ie is twllirng to enter into erragemento with families or individuals dresirous sffpaning thr aeulmar at larrollton,. to I NO'l'lI'E. e.w Arrrageenrl to commentce eIt Augwel 1839. NEW ORLEANS J CARROLLTON RAIl. ROAD saUmr ARRANdOEMNOITS Fon nHE WEEK I)Aor, Prom Carrollto. I FPlont Newr (Orlsns. Ho.e Car nnat4o'loek, A. M.oe Car at 5 o'cok, A. M Luoemodne' p Loornorira 7 - 0 0 . 0 - 12 " 3 J 0 ,, " fit 1. " I " I " P.M I S ,I' P. M B P.M t • 'p 4 ,! ,° . . , , 1 Il '. .:. .: o, .:. letANGEMENIT FOR IUNATS: a1he cars l) seore at the asame houri .. i the raweek doyp Untlt I o'clock, P. M. wIhen La Loomtlvn will leave sarrolliton eaery hour, uetil 8 o'clocb, P. l. and Nuow Orlealr evety hour A until o'rioi , P. MB. " After 10 o'rlork a horearor can he obtaolnd by payin 5 dnl Ians or tirh Trip; fcoald fi after 19 o'lock, P.. 10 dol lars wilt he charoed. b Permt oing by the leat RaCar must proside thenselves with lioket. asn the condactor hu SIoritive directlon not to ere.ire toeyn leu othereolf. r tile iccomodalion ofperson, viritinw arroll, in in Ith. 3 atleck mar. tfd whso onam .ot wish to remain there us il 8o'eloek toe leair thna Ia heretofore loft Carrollton at 6 4 o'cckrto Mirea untro iors 0$ o'ctek, tllerebyallowingtherm 0 1pet hn:r t.nygIrhlp. rnlna t warlks iuon ofe o the moot Auaatirjl Oulrd,: . iL. n ted Stat .el THE JACKSoI AND LACOURFE STREETCAARS L[,aete ho.nd olacka.oe street at6 o'clock, A. M., rat at 0no'elook had run hourly At a o'clork they will b eommenen toleave snch and every hallf hour. until 8 n'clock, P . exreptlno tbat insteard of learla Canai street at o' eock, the hore wil nleave there at 9 o'iockh P M. t9 It it spOretlc'erly reque.ted that gentemen will not putI their feet apon the cOhion, orsmooketin the ears when Ladis eare preset. N Ooe New Orleans and Currolllton Ril Road Companjy, h JOllN HAMPOON, uy . 1 t Chief Eng. N. O 4O C.R NEW ORI.EANS (CANAL AND RANKING CO. lI IrE cr Stenoahboet Reberce will leave the Basin il Sht the henrl of tho New Canal, every dy,(ec IMonday) fur the Lnak-,a follows: tit Depart at 5 A.M. I Return at 8 A. 51. - A. M. .0 10- p . P.M - 2P.M. 4 P.M. ed 51 pM. 9 P.M. Li And an MONDAYS:- t Depart at 10 A.M. i Return at 12$ P.M. th 2 1'. M. . 4 P.M. 51 P. M. 9 P.M. may. 02 . CHEW, ("'nah. MAYORALTY OF NEW ORI.EANS. lh HE% price of floor to day being $6 663 r barrnel br aecording tshe the ri, tile bakhersa will gire h2 II ountcc of bread frr ten rent dr.luring he werek b~6in. singn !tlonono next, tIle 4th innst. Sfe Iroavee foer. E end qofliryr of three fortes cents. shall weigh f5 per the oral niier, that io to say, 40 orones. July 20. C. OENOIS, Marer. Aer, Arr-err grntie.l NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. inl 0j Ir havine heen riigeoted that if theCar- were hr hit start Rat FIE inthe mlorilne rndl ovl in the nftrtoolin. that ttle visitors wouldl hr mor nlrmerolls on Cc *eolrrre fa the Iarhino at rHE PRAIRIE COT WAGE BA TH, and aiolfal, hoor'r start later than YO thepreser time would allow visitors mnoe con.nioenta re {t dinner, ther-fnre, untl further Notice, the following I Arrangeenrl wrll contirue : Delprture, Resou. o 5 A.4 8 A.R . SMP.M6. h I.eparturs. Reaurn, bai S• A. M. hle It BM11 I. SB. 43 P.; : PM. I JAMES II.CALDWEi.I.. bo asgsont 3d, 1819. Prersdir. Chrore t Jy ntre a rift Cher. ,,, .ly.........., auhltoa.,July.......... 28 l New or. o d.......... Cinoiaati do........ 3 ing Phiitdelpt.s do............m I Loelcille, do ...........9 alttiotoea do........... S9I 8t. Louis, do ..........:0 ov sorannao, doif ...... 8 .lverpool Julyo ....... 5 o Aourtoia ('oser) July ""....6 Perin d ......... 3her lOtin.. do...".d Londona. do......... I NashvilleJuly ............ 35 Jiarre. arn T II ......-- ···· . --I o...... ....' C OIIRT F? NEW ORLEANS. August 6, 1939. CLEARANCE. Ship Eqg'. Cok.h Kntor., G ,ern A co II'm Realtl., Roc., Harnn., Iubb rt SI II Auhhnj& co .11nqr axil.. 00na n.eag. Pl.osar.l, , Mt . Srhbr Ryon. Pear.rall. MLon·. r::.: Seer LirClni., A .oil.eoN P1uFi, Clrrl Jtn II d, Sloop Select. Gnh~m, Mlobile J 14 A .bridge ARRIVALS. A.ugnut 7, 1039. EXPOROT.. Ind, si00hd kA.2,,.g, Ihih. an.d 00 l,.l. -,Lu.e 35 be,..moF .ml.nndrt.. .. *......... Pnbjg . LCnorl.,nd ..f.-1 2 2 n..k. 99 ,.g.t ln.. hm:ni l, 5 Iran- 11-4., 57 Bark6wheat, 15000 dollar.. PIIILADELPIIIA-, Pan b~rgnq 1371 I.. Whg Y nt.3Pa b~rlua carton, 21111 pPR~gt toad. ISIPORTS. No rom A ,lh Iln oeqIueIntly nnnnmportnn IIOtCFJPTO OF PRODUCE J I...o , A: FnY L,., r IC... lO p nnetl,,.. Jr··linl.q..d,, rd.. I.iI.,lnd,.& 9, ki0 111'lt lod.. P,,on.., 160 atakan.,,,. Griffith t lR.ome.. 29 (igb3. oken,, A *( ' 1 .401el.rn,;61.1. ....i, o & . HeedsIn.u bx. ehidfl., C oin.... *AI,..ndi.... Pe:ne inn. Vilt.ld 1161lC,2.. tIoo )C To~da ,,S 4.11. otnu, PoU~ln, Beli cy and Deg PASSENGERS P..nlnnng, Vhtciped...Msd.4,r harrow Aine,.d Ve,. I 590 siI,,,,, 0.,o, ML..h.II. 1C..,. Vii kite, G M:chmmps, J I No mnd I eeon0R Charles, tlnisite ·,lly. n o .d.os Wiple., Thntn. l.asI,.,, g.,nd I for reamer A Fn.Airr.. Mee.,. W Erskine. Jewett Lock, Marh) '9inFr.oyJ M'Clld Poeo;;, Nsllocy 101,11yu 0011y Hel. Vl nutdi,y ,l6.1m, Ligg., Flnn....., dhi.Id., Cu... MIE'ORANDA Fuiehlier nft. Li,,1911,s on 3l; towed do.n 911.1 b.o.i,, Uhm Very ;ow-n tipecttioe of ob.. auhl.:rz.Vl WORIKS ON SILK. A COiIPI.r".TE a1ealn l..nlofl kebelk. ,Ikl k he D'nrne of the Mulberry and silk wand. I')a drlm e n it worn.., [.Wrkia cel ~EI D'Hemerr~tue'o silk cu lturie, nInannol. it~v~l Cl~eulh~ Whe~brry. C Jhi a.USl of die M tnree. E rmnih', silk g.9n7 guide. fanlllorr on the Mulberry and milk wan.., .ote'lsa,1lk Arc. EJOINNSA t'o, r J61111 .froer efed. &Ce..110,,.. sake a prunue r..0,,a uC, olnat from ° tl.MD Rnes aad f irs r e h d * r iC J.I'HAVER, &.o. ma90*74 Pnydra. strt h1 L KFSVUAR.IIki. . More fo, rHarlIa La[3 J THfAyTS, &470X. 74 Pni'urva., LUl IH..U q NO A ~ rl-0h.,,rl In. So e frle Iby r[AYER o~ CO I a0l3 7Padra 'I U iI 'ITRUE AMERICAN. 13Y JOHN GJIB38ON. I. r .IR U.L AND nL& . Official .ournal at the I f.lIntclpalit. . PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. IY1E, 1 OR IEAN .a. THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 1839. PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE. Natchez, Aug. let, 1839. Dear Gibsoon:-- hae just arrived in the "Hill City," after a passage f 48 hours, having experienced a three hours detention by fog. The river is veer low and fall ing fast. We got cult of the rmange of the rain district, of which 'yua nere to be the centre, at Baton Rouge. and there foond the wind prevain eg from the northwardly. Ar f.r as my opportualties wntm,t ever saw the cane look finer, and I amn told by planters on hoard, that the prospect is equally good'for a splendid crop throughout the sugar region, parlioularly in tie Lfiturche district. The cotton ieolds on the river margin, never looked finer. They all wear an interesting aspeet,-whitened with the snow-aeke staple. At King's plantation, above 10 Port Adams, they have begun to pick. In the hill coon at try of Mississippi, they complain greatly.ofthe drought ry and ofstunted plants. Even f the river fields turnout full pickings, and the back country districts recover, the general opinion is--and I have converred with more 5 than twenty planters, all highly intelligent men-that thecrnp of the valley will not exceed that of last ean. son. But these gentlemen areat versaalgina. Many et of them tell me that they have found to their coat, Au r gust to be a deceptive month, and they are prepared to ed see the worst. I have some rerious intedligence for your columns, -' ..t . ,- "..... - v s.-,ur of Mitieisnini. Wilk;inuo pleseent ernop, btt dthey who look to toany others for such a happy result, will lean upon a broken reed. Not fire crops will effect so desirable an object, so deep in debt are the other cotton growing countles. The direct shippers from Missinsippi porto will all lose heavily this season. One man who had hought largely,-you know him-will lose $50,000, and so on, pro rate. As to the lanks ofthis state, it is not believed by any he one that any of them is solvent, save the Commereisl, ve Agricultural atnd Planter's Banks, of Natchez. the tr. Commercial Bank of Rodney ,the Grand Gulph a.d Port Gibson Banks, and the Union. All others are reckon us ed outof the pale ofarIveny; and indeed, oel the above, thePlauter's Bank ofNatchez and the Union Bank of Miss., have been wretchedly managed. It is canfidently expected by the Loco focoes that they D will get the ascendalcy in the state council., next year, and they say, ii they do, they will pass a law winding M up all the lhnks of the state, uunless they perform ee.r lain conditions withi, a prescribed timen. rhe whgas' however, calculate strongly upon success, for the D Bank quersion, through the Union Bank directors.(neere ly all loco focos) has split the levelling party. Many o the whigs do not approve of the plan adopted by the Mississippi journals (whin,) in advocating the banks at all,a they were founded by the Loco Iloos themselves. wT Tle cure of R. J. Walker excites some attention. At A a private individual, he perhaps erjoyed a favor in certain Banks unpanrlleled. He found bottom in the sea ofhis speculatiose, and now he is a terrible anti, bank man. lie goes for extirpating them as excreecn ces on the body politic. He lays all the present evils .0 under which Mtissisnippi is laboring, entirely at the n doors ofthe Banks! And )etthie politician owns ome 6 40,000 eare of land, bought and paid for by the help a of the Banks. Ilia acovunt ata certain bank in Natchez shown the balance on a side, that the "gude auld Scots mant" would take frightlt. But he is one of the faithful I-and thatisa support to all that is goad! You would II be surprised to hear his dealings and conduct discussed so freely end openly by hia fellow citizens. Prentias, they say, is sure of going to tihe Stenate of the U. S. let theelection result as it may. The ,Me Nutt party will opposa him, it tile leoas carry the day, but the Runnele iarty will run the yotng orator in. Speaking of Walker, puts me in mind of a good -tory I heard of him, and this will illustrate his manner of loca ting his lands. A let of80 acres had been omnilted to be I entered by a gentleman of Port Gibso, in a certain see. tion af the country, for the best of reasons. Mr. Walk er saw this, to him,strange neglect, and forthwith enter ed the plot,-when lo, and behold, it turned out to be a LAE! 'l'he boat upon which I have come thus far is eteered by iron chain,which were put upon her after the disaster of the Ben Shererod. She is the Alton, and is coramended by Captain Sellers, a gentleman, every way capable of discharging his duty. He eas made llh trips from New Orleans to St. Louis, and btck. Hle is a thorough bred pilot and a scientific engineer. Let our I boat be omlmandled by such men, and we need not fear. Hle neversuffers his bat to land or more off from the latding, without being at his post, upon the hurricane deck. I understand from Capt. Sellers thlat e is com. ing out with a new lhst. We have on board, teo Texitat farmers, who are go ing to Illinois for their families. They speak in the highest terms of Cole's oettlement on the Colorado. Natchez looks an she was wont;--your friend of the Courier sends you his best, and anys that I must tell yot, -"The moon shines in Natchez." What all this means I cannot tell, but lie says you very well know. I have dme as he hndt me. You shall hear from me at Vicksburg again, when I maytellyou etone good thingn of Prenttis, which I have beard, if I have time. Good bye-I will see you again, -ershort--ae the man in the play says. N. B. The barbercharges w eitt for shaving,-the unconsciona ble dog! M. I. P. S--Old Cowell and his daughter are on board' bound to St. Louis. Granite.-A new quarry of this ornamental and abeau tiful material for building, hus been discovered on Sta. 1 tera Island, New Ya k, and a company formed for work ft ing it, with a capital of $3110,000 It is now in full i operation. The stone is described at similar to the 5 Quincy .ranite, but much finer, and susceptiLle of a beautiful polish. The front for a store is now preparing as a specimen, and will be shipped to this city this full. A The quarry is inexhaustible, and the company have not less than 54,000,U00 tons, a quantity that will last a pretty long time. J- ames I. Caldwell, Esq. has been applied to, and will, we belirve, accept of the agency of the company for thlis city. ARRIVAL OF THE BRIl 'SH QUEEN. This splendid steam ship arrived at New York on the 2la liet.,abot i0 uo'clock, A. . in sinteen days, having ileft 'urtlmlouth on lhe It l.2t. Tihe political news is unimlportant. Cotton hna further declined from one to three eighths of a penny. Th sanirs were small and the markets were extremely dull. The money market continued in tite same state an by tile last udvies. The Bank of England, it wasn said had determiled not to advance the rate of interest be yond 5 1-2 per cent. This, with the fact ofan inarease of the revenue tr the last quarter, affected money nnat. terr rosowliat ftvornbly. The crops in England are said to ie very promising and in some parts the harvest had already commenced. The papers publishll lill details of the death of Lady Flora HtAtingo. ier remains were covryerd to Scot load for interment. At the reqouet of her fthnr, a poet mortem examination of her body was tnade, and the result forever puts at rest all doobhtmas to her innoceneu of the charge that bhadteen preferred thr cha Mr. and irs. WVehater are among the guests at I.urd Brougham's noirbe on thle 9th. Lrters from the Hfogue state thalthe marriage be tween the Prince ol Orange sad the Prilcess Sophlla of Wirtemherg, is null, according to the laws of te coon. try, in con10 cquence of aone informality in the prelimi.. nary proceedings. On the 8th Mr. Home made a motion in the House of c Commons, for a select comtittee to enquire into the pecuniary tranesartions ofthe Bank of England r inte the reasnmption of each payments; and particularly to I ascertain how.fro these tran actions produced tile alarmt. ing crisis of the manuofcruring, eommereial, and inoan ril aff9irs of the country an 182 '6 and i, 183fi 7; and also enquire whether, as the Bank of England is at a present cnestituted, there can ever be stahility in the eurrancy, aoruotfidece in commercial transactions el ofthe country. AnRtaocu BorsoltRy QuasetaC.-flar Mojesty' overnmet has ercrtd ,two tammisiones to proceed p immeudately by Ire BSitish Queen to North America, to guanine into the possibility ofnimplifving this ardua Oua undemtakia, and bringing she i-teslsun to a attl andhonnotabls setlement. Lieutenant Cnlooel de, o tee Royal Engineer, an oflfeer of Iligh reputation in gesdetie oparatiosa, is oe of tie ('omnia sioners. Theother is Mr. ealt ,er*lonaugh. This gen- is tlemen has een .elooted an well for bhi ientfic attin- . nemas, Iht very istinmt anaqalagance with thb detil w d ths trousiesmae quetioo.n as, r sNhe top. g" knowlede wlhich his e.atensiv travels at is N. A.atri. il.lassleahlted h It toequirs -.lae. (.Hinirserial pae tn--. n e itr t.. duary, iflltaauly, 1319. oh a.r Se'n-An it snot likely shat I s.hil ha ne spare ul.nto gle y.ou icrrmaton esi.tlive to wse nap sgc ham L-,asun,furinlg my sharoet eojoaurn in your gol n it A , niCei a few moments this morning infre the. 5003 of pilots, linding, hoarding, et cetera, falla upon 0 ntothmrw th. Ionding. features of thsejoyonus voyage -borer ou. We lt Portsmouthl the 121h inrst., at tll past twelve nO'lock, P. M. runningoff at 11i revolutions until seven o'tloik, when we innrened to 14--wind strong from - W. with a hoeavy tea, think and hear in the Itrison. lI3th--1m clear, hbeautiful weather, air ctod and refreshing. Wind dead ahead, with a tong awdll from he1 Wemward; t.t 4934 long 5 45 din.23 Um. 14th-Wind W; no mil; 13 revclutions; mall mrain; wind ncreanues twards evening; ship rides like a qteen; tat 4636; long I 2 diet 218 a. 15ti.iStronmg Westerly wind; head sea running; 12 to t4 revolution,; tat 4923, long 15511; dint 181 m, wind shates tolwads evtainr; running ganllatly over the billows; ships no wate,; not the sligttest strain, but carrion on with ail imogiieable eae. 16th-Wind.W 8 W, strong, with a tumhling croa es; set trylail, fore etavsaile, and jib; thick weather coming up; ship beheves nobly, rides with infinite majesty, not the eligitest starain, just as eeasy a cra e die. 12 o'clohk, blowing a gale from the Westward; Queen rides mngmlicently, and to se her by the mere torce ofteam powr nmoving onward 8 ai 9 knoU if againnt wind and sen, is a ight worthy cfall admirtiin. d 1t1148 56. long 21 8; dlist 2O m. 4 o'clock, atrong wind waitlintg through thie shroiuds; along rolling reat onlg ne elar t the wteIl, and quite enough, so easilv does in atieeer; .11 revolutions. Il 17ih-Cloudy, tfresi wind, N N WVdead ahead;ll I-2 it revolutions. 9 on'clock, 13 roevolutionor lat 486. tong 25 I; dint 198 i; strong head wind, snd high sea; ship ndes henutifully; wind roar through the shroude, but makes i no other impreseion upon the Queen than what arisea d rom the increased leristance shie has to ovrrcome. 18th--Fine morning; head eca. and wind blowing is fresh. 12 o'clock, lrt 46 56 long 30 11, dinl 131 m; ii- heavy sea rolling fron the westward and northward. iht Sip rolls with the sea, and somejingling among our glee alnd china goods: but fottuitsely tie ship hasnot yet broken her back, whicti our good friends in London in so kindly prediected. e 16th-Lonu seaalromn she NW; light wind deed ahead; 14 rev; let 4/13, long 3448; dilt 200 m; Im suils, hut rnnning off onatl gallantly. e 20th--Wind W. head s; blows elsh; no smile; herd y propellhg ginim strong head wind, and equally strong heda sea; im and 13 re,; la 45 30, long 39 I; diJt 182 m. - Afteron, wimtl increasn a riingtutine; ship rollingo tomore empty stnmlche than usualn; speed reduced to 9 rer; high sea iall uight. 2tnt -Sunday tmwning-Light cloudp; wind fresh ta from W N 1W; a'ong rolling sea; noadils; speed contin on us reduced to I1 rev n n sht to day ota 454, log42 t *smooth en,cl-ody and hae; 15 ev; eship ro quiet that oone hardty knows lom i anirt way. t10'elnek. Thick t fog; Itold, reiula, hank w.on tte; steam working expnan. it iely; cut off t halfstroke; tat 44 33, long, 46 .7; dial 190 re. ' ' i s 3 0d, Tuectny-.On the lBakes It.t night and this w morning; thick, rainy weather; wind W S W, smooth sea; II a 15 re; runiing offfinely; lot 43 40, long 31 20; dilt 224 w. ty 24th, Wetlneeday-,Wind W; no oail; long sea from at, the Weet;7 o'clock, 13 rev.9 o'ctck IS re in nal thin he a.orningoi wihout creaing; lat 431 ; long 5. 50; diet 2i6 m. Lightcloud.; sun gleaming nccasionallv; got sight at 12 o'clock, swell of the sen subsiding; 8 o'clock, 15 - rev; sea caln; rtining nlfhriskly. Na, 25th, 'hursday-Wid N and N NE; main topseil set for the first ime set sill fore and aft; 12o'clock wind f, eeher, ing from the N; re 15, 16,17 ald 18; rttvinig tff i ila mo t gallant sat delightlul stl-; letn 42'23, thng ry 6030; ditatl 2'21; i 0o'clch I'. c I. wind all gorei; sea in calm; all uail ande:, warmn, weather, If w bich we have.had none efo're. 'g 26th, Friday, 6 to'ehek-Wind S FP; set enil;l 7o'clock r-wind veers to W, all at I ini lt ih 4114 i , lol g 4 34 dist24itm; 12 t'clock, wind N; gitl hbreeze, reviiriian; ,teody itid tunirin,tit aS7? o'clock ,P II. uoootl Fro;e running off gaily and lightly io; 15 rev; no montion; quiet asa beat apton a mill poml. e1 hth,Sarurday -Wind N hy W; no eilt; fin morning; moderate calm oen; sail set ab, t 8 ic2ck- la at 40u 9, h tIeg T7 93; dist 241-; aermnon ail sail in- sea beantiful y t smoth, ronnitg oifftdelightfully. S 28th,Suiuday mioring--Msdo FlotingLigltt at half ant I o'clock; A . anid soon ater the Highlands and n. Sandlv Hook Light House, waiting a piot. "in Teapassage ha been effected with the .reatest ease i Antl comfort, although her rn Ihand a fair wid hut once, and that for a few loitre only. tohe general state of tile w iod has been dd aheada l the pessge. TlheQeean has shown berrtelf worthy of the eclat which has uni Is vernally swaited inoo hier. 1 do rjoice, not so much oil account of the Queen, as ulmn the ground ofseeing the pritciple of'Ocentl tsem oavigetion. whieh I huv0 . ao iing advocated, most sucereufully and stuisfactorilv p Earried out, upon a sule which Itraust will leave n dohbtu on the mhii i uann oo, of it final termination. 'our obedient Servant, JUNIUS SLiITH. By the arrival of the British Queen, we have received duir regularfiles oil Eglielt, IriSh nd Scotch pspers, of tit very latest dates. London of'the I th,Liverpoolof tO 10th, nodi Lloyd'd List of the I1th, all on file in our Reading Room. The Liverpool correpondent ol the New York Str, I nfthe 5h, says: Your great ciuntrvnman, lanniel Wehttr, is in Lon idon. It is said that the American tmerchants in Lon don are going It give hinm a reat dinner. ie attended most oftlte Courts of Low, (lchaperoncd on several ocna sione by Lord IBronughm), and at each visit had a seat on the bench with the jtdges. Mrs. Webster lihs beenatCourt. as well an Mr. V r. At the Qeien's loot Bullat Illuckinghwm Palace. Mr., M1r.n and Mliss Webster, were among the guests, (in the onfftcial lilts of the company their nantes ore put first) lnod there were also prernt, tht American and Mrs SSitetini.Aliro. Pion, lir. Vanlderpel, (lf lit U. S. Il ouse of llcereuentativse), tnd Mrs. V., Major Chase, (U. S. l.ngiiern)iad his ady, MI. . Rnush, Secnrtary attit Rt. Singleion),ittoaeld to tie Legnlio. At the ast levee, nloong thie Precentotiona. were Mrs. Samuel Jaodnou, Mrs. Frederick BronaunMiss. Murray and Miss Low.i Tho Morning Post all their dresses, but ! shalo onty colpy thtn of nmrs. Webster: "Corstme de Cntir composed ifa moeet splendid skirt of whim tulle car a rich white snin sli, trimmed with tittle and rihbbons tam of rich striped bhue watered silk, handsomle trim. tnoed with tulle and rihbbons. iHed dresde ofsitrich fea thern and diamondS- lappetr of rich poinl lace. o slhold hitn, mentioned tht Mtnjor and Mrs. Van Buren were at the Queeno's tball. he FOREIGN MARKETS. eli Liverpool, July 10.-Cotton.-The market opened on is naturday lat wmilll avery lanuid tone, and no ilnprove. met ha oneeurred eincl that day; on the cnlrary, the Spravius depression has been much aggravated, and the qanlily purchaied was Ibarely sufficient to eiat the eI cmanslptin. P'rices continue to rredo duily, l12d tr pound decblie avilne been bhnilltted to the close e oflat week's businaess The entire qnlaitv dipnard i, of during the poast four days amounts to 50011 bales, le including 5U0 Amerrican aod 100 Bengal taken for a July ll.-The gl.o in ,the a tton market line in. l.reated, and pr iuan aye herlter declined I12d per lb. rdI Tie quotatin fr fair uplanl is almout 71, anl in somr rmealre aumiaal--tih average buinessa about 1500bhale per day. hau ere are no symptmrtiopinleraaen t in the meonery market. Flonur 31 aid 3s 6il1 per barrel, dity paid, and a. the duty 8 ullper barrel. T'urpentiae Ose andi las d k- per cwt. intleor t pri me new. Te demalnd for lobacco i inenarly suspended. er [Correpondente oftiLe Courier and Enaquirer.] a Hare Markert July 9.-The enquiry rfr coitrn hars been less animated, land to-day the sales not exekedl _ 8 11100 haler, but prices are well supported; were th II. market to cuolltinue dull ror laot time, a decline would of take place. t In Rice, the fill ing traneartions are noted to day. a10caehksIat3tf; 50ast31r und2a atl3jfS0. The minister of public works haa just annaouned to d l. Merrnillnu, deputy flr Havre, that govemmea erinaorly irntnds entllalig two line i. f .teamere; onae Y beien Hatvre aed New m ork, tire ltllher Ilelteen Blor deaux and the Glf of Mexico and SOillr Americ. Havrme July 7.--Ccttona.--here was, at the openieg of the week. a good altendance of buyers from tirm eate rirctorepleni lbtheir eatiatled lockr attl ilnaltane. oously atite export deal. ra into tie market, whose g ecnaietition, aided by the preeina mata oaftbe former, caused a progressirve rimae in the pricesr. Chartles Guyrar. , Ib.q., e thi cite., and Capt. Wim. SH.Ciase, ol the U. S. Engineere, Ealne passengeras i the British Queeo . y The iail due yaslerday, failed beyond Lilr'raron. , The boat arrived ite in the aftmroon, and the few pa pera we received do ntt flrniehi any news. Moat priobably we shall have no mail rto-dla, as we ltearn that tihe Giraffe ia aground at P Ie Clhristian. 't'h electins in Alalhame, far members ofthe Itogis lature, terminated on Mnlnday-the returnsi from Mobile 1. cauuty, give. the Whig aetdile, a majority. Reorder'a Courl,. Reports of Day Polia and Night Watch. Augut1dii.--ltalIew o Bane and ettehim Kellv- aAioreted, lud ightting and dltarbed the peace, djin. Maritli Hogan--rre.telad, found drunrk, dischargel. Pat Eagan--Arreoned by a weathman, ior abousing Shint whilei lischarinLg his duty--discharged. Henry Fey and athariee Fry-Arrested ......d ciha c ter. and atg indecently in the street, die R,,ltr. Seanlan-Arrested foretriiiaga man with a de. canter, diseharged A. t(ioufrey-Arrested, fouaid under eucpicioua cir cumatancer, dichiarged. F. l1rown--Arreaied, for diatirbrng the peace, dir. M arlin McKinav--Arrested for slemliing'oney slid watch, comnrdttedl for 30 de.s. ' IiMr. Yoang-Arretaed, found lying drunk, disehar. AugaetSti--Sim Coinoly, John Irwi .Jai-ene Man. o acd John Slagan--Arreted, iound drunk, dialcar. Jame Cailins aidi Andrew M'Bride-Arreated aslrep h n thbe I.eee' say tly b rve no place of rerideace, dit. charged amcts Wright--4 rrated an a dangerous andr.aikiou. i character, aerrneittd fer )t ilays August6th-Jameat Kelly, arrested fur rapping on the watchman' beat, dislciurged John Derris..-A reated fer gligting and disturbing the a peae., committed for sirx laonlhs B. Mcarinua,Charine Gallthar, Wm J.on..edrr, e ted drunk and diturbiag tirealcte Joneceomliiltd elr 30 dup; the other h wn d Plra ; n m f Jol 8 Alery' Arrseatd, ftuad sleeping oa the wharl ertomlittep ro ,p0de Jlohn Brewn lid Wm dolen-Alrpetnd, n ag ien ald kbed, Bas wn eowaUlred or 30 days; Nleni wu dichalgerjd. PARALLEL OP THE SEXE. - 'i Nura h AAuIr'ican eaye there iat rem lkale. r titiola oarqalt h twmen the ret, w m,- , ie i, Aotl. e i afourBem trldiarlnled loaac, with a wisdmt that rhaltene rarIirre laetr.eded dri taon. Man .Women is eautiful. u Ma ag d atn4rlt*-Womaa i d;ina s di A . an is eat in netion-Wamas in a•. ring. 5 Man shinss.abmad--Wom an at home. p Man talks to eonvince-Women to perusade and re lease. SSlan has a ragged heart-Woman a soft and tender 'n one. 1m Man prevents misery -Wonan relievea it Alan has rieeac-Women taste. Man ha judrment--Womn soneibiltv. i Man is aeigof justice-and Woman is an angel or meray. . otatringp of Counttl. id ns SECOND MUNICIPALITY. STuoesday, 6th August, 1839. or The Counnil met pursuant to adjournment, pro. s seant Hen. Joshua Ualdwin, President, Alderman Hall, and Whitney. JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. S TIIIE LIBEL CASE. Ks P UBLISHED THISDI)AY, and for sale at the 1.9 Counting Room of the True American, St: Charles 25 Hotel,and at the principal Book Stors, a correct Report lea of the late miteresting and important suit of the State as of Louisiana va.John Gibson, Editor and Publisher of the True American, before the Criminal Court for Li ng bet. july l at Bur FOR NEW YuRIt. not New York sad New Orleans Line of Packets. Ion Packet of the 10h. ad; The A I elegant Ship PftWHATTAN, C(apt. at M IcCenn layin aconsiderable part of her tut cargo on hoard, will sail as aobve. For ard reight arpassage apply on beard or ta SPETER LAIDLAW, n stug 5th 66 Camp Street. ng' FOR NEW YORK. 0 9 To sail on Wednedeay 7th inst. esh The fst clesa and fast eailing areute tin, D It'Orlts•, M R loaodles, master, will 4 . e potinve so~il as above and can take the t.o.. v .r n rm rpfa t if t te aanlniatson be commmotinOse Ia or t4r a nm sod teerga Iaasrengers iak spply on board opposite the Vegetable market or to en. L CASE, & Co. orL. H (lAI.. di aug. 6 93 Common street. EOR HAVRE, RND To sail on Tuesdayt6h. 'he first class and fast sailing Ship RICHMOND, Ceoat.T W Winship will pos Fm itirely sai sabove and san arcomoduat 12 bhi steerage pnasngers. Fur terms or passage having liandsome aronmmo a. lions apply to LEVI H GArLE, gh aug6th 93 Common st. FOR NEW YORK. et T The new ad very fast Sailing Satononer otf COMET, Capt.Sterk, will he ready to Sail a n na i aEtw days having tie greater part of hle Scargo engaged. .Flr the bulk of 410 harrels or passage Me harv" superior accnmmodalions apply d bortd oA.po sif ito Jeffivrso t or to L. I (;ALN., July IBt11 93 Common errveet oak NOTICE. 3Tirle Barqe DUIC d'OILEANS, Capt. no Hoodles, fr New ork, lancving lat thea Le. veo, Pasnenger aereq aue.ald to go ot board oe Pl ix Teow oatas, t.,orrowf afernoon, at 6 P M, and can ccommot 4 e oealins pasinsenger, i; imeaditno application is niae to L CASlE & Co. Sas 4orl I GALE, Ka8s Common it. maif GRAND FESTIVAL DINNE ..m. nd Frederick Proteor, informa hs friends and the public gecerallv .tltn on tlt Ilth Angstn inst. he will gice a I Grand Fesaival Dianer, at the termination of tIle Noh. re, ville Rail road, 21 miles from tae citv,sand on the plan Ie taltios of Sr Louis Lebranche. Tih ground selecled en is elrevated & covered with s fine growth oftrels. 1 he rfare will be theb.te the market sail the lake aefaard,. eh Tickets to be hlad at ir Proetorrs, Arcade laiotl Coffle SHouse, lthe Verandah, Contistreet Hotel. St Loais Et Schange, and.t Richard Murphy's Coffee House, St. in Charles et.--price $1,50. 3I "no IILOIt-tlnit b-erelo iresht euperfier Flo- , -i n s store, for sale by G 1)ORSEY. a8 44 New Levee L ARD--801t kegs leaf lard, in nsec, for le by at ai I)tRSE ,44 New Levee. ed A IIA aIPAIGNE D)EIR-1-.1 bores Hoston Cider, in stor, for sale by .i I1)OI0EYV, 8 a 44 New Levee. F WE-Si] RI.--3ocs-lan d e -n Dr or Kursev, frm Chartertoa, aiand far alte by a8 S f IILANCIIARI), 33Grsvier. LASTER OF PI'ARIS--10t bhls lalading froa aa! ip S St Joha, will be soad low if taken fram the leveei .J B IIULLIN, 74 Camp st rj I CNLRUl .t-250 Irias. superlin in store for sale by a 'J20O G. DOItRSEY, 44 hNew I.evea 1 15'J ES IEI.F in biull h,,a at the inspae rton, far ,V1 "ale y Gi DOItSEY, . rmay 31 44 New Levee n I [.IE JIJI.E:, la.dir g fron Hava.oa. in casks, lar ut rel and dleajcbai, fs,tor sate hy an H BONNABEL,, . may 8 Cur Natchez & l'.l'l,,it,.l. ,t V.tLIIAItLE & SCARCE 1.0WV .a.... rY AR'l'IN'S Repoata, a ferew ca.ies o a left, in 19 SI vale; Louisiana liemlos, to vole " et Civil Ctole oft L.aisiana, E Jcioa. Co' s Cad ode lt'ruclice dr, nara ed ion SeJgeant & Lowaaer', leportacfef c in tile .a.g-.I aaliall oUrlt, 32 n01s. iVilliams' Mlussaarusetts IReports lr aterc' Reports, 12 vol; dlo ondoa sea dali c; Archbold's civil and crinlinaal Ilenadings a. Alabolttan Skiaaina; Bit ilev cal lilts BIeck's MledicalJ uarispruidele Bell & Beratir' Chancery IReports 0 Chilttyv ai lill; do aon Conracts C:aitt''s P'ledings; do Praaeice; ldo equity Digeel Chitty's ltllekstona ; ('raiae's lige.t Curtia' Admliralty Digest; Iirest Iaaws of U S i Edea's Ccerancery Reports; Faonbltaque's Eqaity Foram Book ;Gould'os eaPieling Ceow nn ipaurtnertshil; thaiaaal'a 1.regl Studies Kent's CuOlncllltrlere Leigt's Nisi pricue I'othier on Obiaatiaona Preles' Digort, let volume, a new woik Roscoe n Evidence; Ruasell on Crines tSaders' Ialialagn; nSmiths Cthancery Practice Starkie on Evidence; Story on thie Constitution a Stevens & eanecke oil Insurance Tollrteas law of Executions Tomlin- Law Dictionary; Vatteal's law of Nationsc and a general assortmaent of all ostonlard Englitsh and French law books, anonagst the latter, Merlit, 'Toutlier. P'otltier, Troptlong, Durantot, &e. K JOHINS 4. Co, 30 may 3w Conr StChn rlee & Co amrn e ta i D EEFP--2Ol brl pri ie aud 20 halfttfrltld ese, aat tihe inp io ectiotforsale by Gi DOI( EY, june 12 44 New Levee e j6 S &J P WHIl'NlY.'73Campst United Staes' n a10 ta+N ". uld Appointed by the Federal Court at New Orleans. OFFICE No. 109 COMMON STREEIT, ny. (Exchange Hotel Buildings.) SAID CSomniuioner lakes mlidavits under and by to virtue of tlhe Acts ofC.agress, pnaed 20th Felra nt cryv. 1820; Ist March 1817; theJudieciry Act of 1789 an nd thler act of Cnt grees, ill ssch caunt made and o providled. aild (Comatiosioner Ias conrideratte experience ing ond ties f rmt ofeaption anid certificate whivel Ia te atood ihe severest scrutiny of the ablest Lawyers a" pril12 e N OTICE- w ILLIAM IDELI., No 16, Churtre at er, continuesto mallnltetrur ally article in Iis lilte a. lhort nltice. CItarges noderate. N. It. Watches. Jewelry, ?lri Boxes, Spectacles i. repaired in the mOst Rtittflut marner. i Old liold ad fSiverclatlld. n ay Ii ii ONUMIENTS of Washngton's Patriuotism, wilthl a Je rOte imile of hina pu lie Aeootea duelring the Ien. voluttioaryWar. I folivovolume $34 t.71 each, will he tn."old ateot opriue,tbhe proe.etds of lilt publiention are to a- hrtdevoted fitr the eteiof Ite Wnshingtotu Manual Labour Schel l and Male Orplln's A ayl tn. Thin traly national Work oughlt to he in thi htands tof everyt American; and editora of thie Cityv and eountrv pnpers will contrihbte to that henevulent'ol tject isby giving tis advertisement a few inertinna. E JOHNS & CO. Agent, ng. 61-s. Cor St C(harlea C7 i Comlnm rIUIRNEil'S COMIC ALMANAC .Fti 1840-for Slesale e E JOItNS &CO. aug 3-t- a cor. St Charles & Counn ati ie. I.. G1INNY BAItS.-I0 halee 2 bushel Guntiy iuge, - in store obrr nale by J THA VER & CO. aug 3 74 Povdras street. U.,eCULI.OCHS COM.IIERCIAL DICTONA Y. T o Bvol with mtail nnd ttpplnment, a iew edition tg bruglda, wn to I-t Jiatuary 1839. (G.lls Poatipi+ma ' vnl oume. i Etriels Hietimy cf Plliloophy. Wo ilkinsotenlcs at nd C0tel,,am of tae Anciaent.' Egyptiacts 480 plates. 3 voaumee.8vo. a. lnltitus on aO ilctithot. 2 alaumce. With a valuable selection of English honok, e r eivedeand folr sale by Alen 'OWAR, aug3 49 Camp tI. TALUAItLE FOR I.AWYERS.-- d vol Peter'e d " Digest--13th VoI. Peter', lReptrts. Just receaived anl fitr sale at E. JOHNS & Cu.. nug3, Neu Orleans, Statiorre Hll FOR SALE-2,t hblen fiee quality Noriern ianv, U. landing fruo Packet selil Alabama. Altply to the Captain on bhoard. one tier hlbew the Vrgctable o r - may n88 N +W &. VALUABLE COOK:--Hinty Sketehen 1 ofthe StatesnUeu whn fl. trislhed in the Reign of Geo. the 3d, twheit is added reiltark oil Party,aud an appendix, ry Hatenrv Lord IIbugham in 2 vole; ketches of Piahlie Cltarnelers,;Diseoarses, and Ea ays to which in added a dissertation on the elo-uenca of thle Ancients; by Henry Lord Broutgtnm in 2 veul. Just received all for sale by ALEX TOWAR, july 2"uth 49 Camp street. BACON IDES--75atskb superior Cineinnn.i our S od, in tre, for sale by G I)OREEY, ]litltj uu 44 New Levee SARLOR ORNA M ENT --Rre and hben ti ul enrineituea, fc r sale oely by Ree. & I'lanae, ead at Plnagh's Mus1eutm. All theneornamelnret connit of the most lattei did mpecitmea. of orthilagy fromn Enrcepe, Anit, Alfrica, anti our owe country. Approved noten at 60 days will be tak en at " II Vo&IM00 casks Thonlaston fits anding, sa L for e aeby S. J P WIITNEY. m22 73 Camp at " A OTTO OIL--Fr the restoration and growth of the Halt, giving health, beauty and preventing its alling of, sold at WM. DEL.'S m31 No. 16 Chnrtres at Y p r r T N PAeF'-'R.-An lnvoiceol Suleriiir print.. P0 ing pnper of the following aie. 7x42-2636 21x36--2232-19x24. Alse a let of Envelope, Hard. ware, Medium and lontll Wrapping Paprra the very Maie qeality, l mnding from Barque Jnaphia front Phil eadlpia nnd for se by ALEX. TOWA11, di july23d 49 Camp Street.n F OR LE-- hl l- a b oi t rsuaru e 30do nsuer house mnolasse I25 do clnrille.augurr 51 fonotdeciterue 100 siile rope tly IIERMOIENS, BROWN D&Co. July 9, I,39. b (Conti r t. No.9. W HIS KBY-R75 BDre ectfd for Sale by orly 2nd O. DORSEY,44 New Levee TOTETW SIANDARD WORK .-J. T. "mith, The i Northener in Now England, or America in the 10th Century. SmIil l' Compaertive View of Anrient H Ditory. Dl.ouden's Eaenvclopadiaof Gardeninr, I.olo n Ed. i Sir Win. Gell'O Pompeinna. a splendid Loendon eopy. SShakespeare 7 vole royal 8o. elegant edition. E. JOHNS &.Co. of july 7th-lw. car St Charles & Commnn sta. LINEN SIIRTS, GLOVES & SUSPENDERS Just received by laln arrivels, an ossortment of streets. N. B. A nompte.r oesnrteno t of Weriling Deska, . Drnuing ca e, portable shaving casel In rose wood & It. eather. my6 DUSl & ALI.AN. oer RN BKOOMS.25t1 don ill stoe sad for nae m22 DOHSEY, 44 New Levee N EW BOOKS-..T Ther Croppy,' a tle ly the O' Ha at ra familyv; amoirn of celebrated Wnomen,by G R I P Jam s E:thea Naval Hitnry of the U. State, by I J Fennim2ora f oper, anthnr of thie P v, e. I. Birth ,Deathe and Marriarlges. y Tinok Esq. No.2 t Jack oheppard by Alnsworth Phrenology in tile fa S t LEX. TOWER, 4Camp at e CiORN I500thblc a landin from ftoheat and tr .... res -,Ida a o nrh l..hi. M1 INK! INK!! INK!!!-Jete received one hundre Sdozen 80outce ink, warranted a very stperior nricl ,very cheop, hP dozen or grace i,, DAVID FELT & Co. NY Stantionemrs' Hall, tne i ' 24 Chartrers areet rA PEII-Faolamap ofanraoiqotualiiines nrlk Ii. t lain tipJ Letter paper do do do '" -Packet, eomlerci.l and BDth Post 12 Rlial andl uper royal cartridge paper Iroinlonger'a do Cotatn asmplino do d Prioting Paper, of al sizes, suitabla for city and I at. ninlrv papers. Alst, doutble medium, iniperial and Pulver rope Priutin Presses, for sale by AI.EX TOW A pl, i june i 49 Camp t J UST received a large essorlmelt of sumlmer setoes go aJ of various palleron; liten ahirts if ttoe qeality. CGOSSIP & eo to3 Earhange iotnISt Citation at 3Eh0 RENT--A comfortabhle dwelling house in Caron. l delet ireet, a few doors l'rot Canal slt; possession r t girven inmmediately. Applyto tOYI.E MAV r .1.L 3 Conrdelet et RAN & INE3 half and qr casks braoe Io dy, pe qr casks brown ySherry Wine; 36 boxes pal S & J P WIIIT'NEY. lv 3 . 73 Camp at PA1NTS, (11.5 ac VA LNGedH Ee-5i1o kega Net. and 2 White Lead; H110 Cani.ter Crooems GreenI i Paint,grouro in nil; llMch do. Linseed Oil; Sperti di; hPatty; 511 brla. Whiting; Copal and Japanned Varnish. Fbrenalehby S. LOCKE it Co. n. d 8 Frint L.even I t A. I-3D Mhls and 41 Ke, primeLaLrd ig4 1l StoretoreSal by J 'J'IAYEI & C P July 2,d 74 Poydos St .. by HEIRMOGENE. BROWN & Co, june '29 No9 Cotitat I oAlIIRS--800t feet sll Oars, mnv 14 S &J I' WVIrNpYEY, 7: Camp 1 0. MIOFFAT'S VEG E'TAB I IE L.lTF. I'IILLISte e o well known Inthe public tlhat it is hlrdlye. e-II ceeiarv to lire a dettiled stot.tnet of their valiie ond tloe, T ie lolwloljg articleo will ill'y convine tlly ine ul' the claims Ie ludoctor hta up,,n the public to plae c cunfidence in hits pleoruioina. it Frno tilhe IHimpden Whig of July IS, 1837. . iteffoe'e Pill, and Ilittere.-The cso J ravl cion- al reins addili,,nal taSI1el1YV in favor otlhlil lighll inport-t n p taltl invention, ,,lThe pulss oltlte J itril 'waso lln, t nt sloupplld" to tnnloll'et ilhe oeslilllev. Sli. llle l, in tl nenlle nf Dr, [lltait tlleanks Us f illmr ing the ,'ertfi- n elitle ifres i'iglbir Blowale, uledil ,Iroit os n qn yll lii I the rlticle l cllleonslltion. 'I'is it v'ed kiid, nld w Ito druiti i. thIe nlonicllt we ltr l)lulldir like illictinu, withl our lieigllhor tif lthe Joirnal, ill call oil t it egent. a Ilt the iretIcll lile, are I y llboring lndler simllir di I fieutuire toi those a hit h Ihtve no leV'ely 11110 repoi Mr 0M Ie owhss Iheyv have is testimonv to tile I, Ictn 01 r tinlldltedness" ofl ill relmt'dy Ihe'dlineitc. Thlie lidi. chic is ulndoutedly a atvertign remedey.a l,ETlIh"rEt Fr)OlM SlAMU.El. IiOOWI.E, c Re'publican I nd Jiiurnal, pllioileihl, .ll~s. it SPRIeNnLtI:l.rl, Junie 1, 18:7. 1t M Ir. 11"R'l-sir: Ie is ,n veliier ,years that I hltie sntl'ete'll fron iiiiuiiii u; tenilt itiehwv-h Caie l( l' , nl ; l ll lOp osen, ft lvere illli lll s is i .u lllluniir) i etll ll . The lllil al ral tIeli1 the oSinliui le it lot'; h freellnt notl severe pains ocllr, wilth ll'h weknssll E. elli(delpre.sitnu: catee lieu beeng hInIeeutCu:ir eteriV few 1 dliea lneO(tlttrlcl costive eSv. I hIne onse' t'd I , phsi'oi , anld hlve lrled laltnt oll kiinls If pills dl teer:isd, which s.eemed luitted Io m llc ase, in vnlll. liI ring Ilhle lasl yur. I Ihde bought end udieilo e.lie n t ofnulur" l.ilit Pills," ealm have tiind ioil hitrlu eiii frm 'ic t , mole I lieftl ld adallelen ie1s to i lycae (fr letgl, lt of tulle, tlho; froimi uany mcdicine I hnve vet tried. w Yiiurs, SAMUEL'LI Olt'L.ES. a, For salein tlu ciety, l Ilhe corner of Colnllt"u tell0 dp 'Tchlpiioulcs stc. cmat I8 1..lvltctlio hil I' On CO, are lnw recelvlintlreoll o on board ship Orlenns. Engle, Hilglitdier, Pokr oer lelry Anlrew, Lreneh alld Gernlnplay cnards Back gamnlon Boards; Cihessrien, 2 1-4 and 2 3.8 linch til nrd Balls; 8,9,10 and 12 inch bllde Bowie Knives; Leather and other travellii. 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All the above articles are warranted to be of he first quality, and o keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried.a AlPao,-Kilo dried corn meal. Ordern left ni G. W. Pritchard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydr streets, ill receive a prompt attention. Small kegs put up expreaely for 9 amily use. Ilnov Lh YeI)tAULICCEII:-NT95bl, landjin fLia K Geo Cabot, and for sale lby hS & J P WHITNEY, t may 3 73 Camp at a _ TO RENT--A dwelling houae, with rtai ee 4c. at the rarner of fo'ciaalaoulai and Joneplh. J sl~urataory sore an Levee tnreet, betneaaa Biennille and CIleoiaIoae atIta . An office in Gravier lreel. Poe-aasiao can hegiven immediately. Also. from first Novemnber nelt, ai two tory warn houae, No. 19 Common strert. Apply to jtly0l1hb HC C AMMACK & Co. S)OPULAR WORKS:-Zenobin, or letaers from I Palmnaa. Probia,ur Lettern from Rome. American O plendidl wnrk, taReded Wd Our Iad Flatwer with baeautiful Coloured Plates. a It The Chlildla I)rawing Book. 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The ToT-.wcaLr Paper, containing the reading i. matter of two dailies, $10, payable in advance, ry wlhmre no city reference is given. - Tile WtarLy Tauc Amsaoans, made up from the daily papers, during the week, will be sent to sub t acribers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and to none other, unlesa an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers reapectfully solicited. f JOHN GIBSON. NEW ORLEANe, MAY 1839. ren TAT DE Le LOUISIANE-Cour de Pa. roisao pour la Paro ee aet Ville de Is Nouvelle ans-L'Etat de Ia Louisiana :- i tou ceeux cos presentee concernent :-Salut. tlondu qua William Regan de cotte ville, yant t. uone venets faite per Hewlett & Cenas, en py. ears publics de cotte ville, la propridt6 ci.apr6s ite, a'eet addresad an Greffe de cette Cour, pour n avis conformament a on acts de Ia Ldgisla. I ture de L'etal de Is ouisiane, intituld " Aole poor DI confirmer lee titres deo acquereur, aux veates judi of aires ;" approuvd6 o 10 Mars 1834, Qu'il soit con. n- nu, et toutes personnes intdrer.des seon par cos n presantoe sommds an nom de I'otat de Ia Louisiana h t, 0t de Ia Cour de Paroisee, qui pourraient avoir droit I& Ila propridid ci.aprbo decrite, en consequence d'un ddfant de forme dens Pordro, I deeret on le juge. mont do Ia cour, en verto duquel Is vents a 61d aite, 6u do toute irrbgularit6 on illdgalit6 dana I'estima. Itr- lion l'avis onu le tome et la mode de Ia vents, ou R pour one autre cause quelconque, de faire voir dans by trenlt jonurs a dater do Ia publication dr cette avis, puerquoi Ia vents maci faite no serait pas confir. n.2 mdeet heomologude. am- La ditepropridt6 fut vndue par Ise ncantlurs, nsu ditns le 8lne jour deDecemnhre,de I'anrde 1838, on vertu d'un dderet ji cette Cour, rendu le 23de fao Juillet, d0 I'unnae 1838, danas 'affaire de William re Vance & Miller, No 10961, du docket de ctett cl Cour, a laquelle vente Il dit William Regan seat rendu acqu6reur pous l prix do 61,900, payable mille piastres comptant, ot Ia balance a un credit ree do six, d,uzo ae dix huit maie. lain Description de Ia propridi6 d'aprbs Is transfer Judiciaire: Un certain I tde terre, ddsign6 parle No un, situ6 daune le faubourg Lacourse, danas ilet formd par leabues des Nayades, Erato, Prytando et Thalie, et and ormant I'encoignure des rues des Nayades at Era. to, mesurant trente et on pieds, once pouds at sept ape lignee, plus on moins, do faco a la rue des Nayades, i unor quatre vingtl one pieds et sept lignes do profondear, et fnace Ia rue Erato, le tout loenure oh, Anglaiseo; Isl dit lot ayant on common avee lea lots Noe deox &tres I'eage d'une elIde dana le fond, it do cinq pieds de largenr, ensemble toutea le ba-. tisees, tois les droits privileges at qui y apportien "" ent. Ainaigere le tout appert du plan dreesd par ion John Schreiber, ing6uisur civil, datl Is ler Juin, 1836, ann6xd i un acts st Greffe de Wm. Y. Law. is, dat6 Ise 5 Fevrier, 1839, les dit lot teant une sub. division do lot nurnre bhuit. Bureau du Greffier, Nouvelle Orloean, !e 3 Juillet, 1839. J. OI.LIE, Dept GrfelSr, I t july 9 3t-9thjy .3do 3.1 aug. Ins TATE OF- tOISIANA-Parialh Cert for re a the Parish and City of New Orleans.-The do State of Louisiana: to all to whom these presents shall come-greeting ea Whereas, William Regan of this city, having purchased at a sale made by Ilewlett & Cones, Co public auctioneers of this city, the property here. , inalter described, has applied io the Clerk of this ale Court for a monition or advertisement, in confor mity to an act of the I.egislature of the State of at lmuisiana, entitled d an act for the further assu ranco of titles to purchasers at j dicial sale ;" ap proved the 10th d.y of March, 1834: Now, therefore, know ye, and all persons inter. er oted.hlerein, arc hereby cited and admonisheod in 1 the name of the State of Louisians, and of the I 1 Parish Court, who can set up any right, title or claim in and to the property herein after described, t in conseqaence of any informaity infornaliy in the order, do. cree or judgment of the court under which the sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the n- ppraisomentsn and advertisements, in time or man. ti- nor or sale, or for any tlher defect whatsoever ; to Sshow cause, within thirty days fromt the day this monition is first imnerted in the public papers, why the sale mo ,ade should not be confirmed andl he. we Imohlogatd. i, Tihe said pro'erty war sold by tie anctioneers aforesaid, on Ile ..8th day of Decmber, A. 1) i 1833, by Virtuo of a decre of thin court, rendered nlr tl, t23d day of July, A. I) 183, in a suit ect. i tl ed William Vance, his creditor: and the ereditors of Vance & Miller, No 10961 of the docket of this court, at which sal the said William Regan be. t came the purclhaser for tih price of 83,9(0, plya. le Ile I11001) csrh, anrd the balance on a credit of sia, twelve and eighteen mnoths. a SDescript.on of property, as given in the judicial con. veynuce : A certain lot of ground, numbeb r one, situate i I tile suburb Laceourse. in square liutnded by Nayades SEMrato, l'rytunone anid Thalia streets, and forming the corner of Nayaldcaand Erato streets, measuring thirty one feet eleven inches and seven lines, mlore I ll or less, on Nayades street, by ninetyl one teeat ven d ilines deep, froal on Erato street, all English manes- P uie, haIvo the use in common with ltes numbers mI two and three, of an alley in the rear, of five feet wide, together with all the buildings, rights, ways and priileges thleruuto blelonging. Tho whole an per plan drawn by Johnl Schrebber, civil ecglnoeer, il doted th frst day of June, 11136, annexed t n act ( in the oefice of Win. Y. Lewis, dated tile fifth clay of February, 1839, being a subdivision of lot num Clerk's office, New Orleans, July 3, 1839. J. OLLIE, I)ep'y Clerk. I, july 9 3t-9th jy 23 do 3d aug id 1OTIOICE--At a Mieet- of lieN live Am;ericai ecc l lchuneiiseaoeirty Itrlioln Iitini tle fellowiig Melniber, were elected Offices, via. o AhHenry latlrnl, Prerident t r A 1A C'rosman A Vice Presoiden 1V A Cyllpin Seeetary. l Roert Imnglne o freamlerer. 'I FNANe. CUnMMITTE A It Cltonym, Daniel Wood. ; ruff; Jaules Jlls, ly order of the I'resideri. y w W.A. CIIAIPI .IN, eJuly3 ere.iry. ,1INS tID oi. , spirits of 'I'upentia, a eupply d, of I. ed Oil in ipeand barrels-40 Baourels d Spirits of l'uretlne i,for ale byh a JAR Vl & ANDRI)WS, E July 6th Corner of tllianti & T cbahpietlm!a stn tA A OARy -5r01111 fee n* i f a b - j6 s & J P wHITnNEY, 73 (:amp st 1x\ ALAND l1'I.Fi S. i7t it A N AIISTflt:T of he mriginl titles of reeord in b the general a load fficei. Printed iln cordane with a reeolntion of he Il:inre of ltlreeantamives, pan. I sed2tlh Mlay,l 138. A few ca.pieos it rerivd anId M Y forale by ALEX TfmWAl, Il_ "49 (:slulp st J IAotEshcC.,TTn i r :L ndtuher NOVEL 'ii Chnrlee l' the Bitller Bleod hy Jines.. Chlvely, ,or the Men of Hnor by Lad) B lzer. Lade t.+evtelev, or Ihe of Honor, reply (heveCi-ey. SLord Broughiam. Sketches of Pubhli Charmea r 2 vols. Ilist,rical Sketches of S tateo en in the time of George Ibe 'hlhird,v2 v o. Nichola. Nic3 lehr, No Ito 14. Jael Shepperd, on I ito 3 . Adam Buffand ether n nof chareteer, by Jerrold. Isabel of Sicily, by 'l'ckerenoan. Paul M Kock : The Barber of Paris. Conocnlonet,, a new Norel iell O le. Francir'.t Reign of'l'rror in Paraguay 2 vol. PiUccile, by Sail ,ine. The Iiulg notr, CptaminK)d, ne sunice. Richelieu, by ltulwer. w pOt es. E. JtHNS, & Co. july 3I-3 . cor of St Charles & Coonmon eta. bi FRItw.RATOJK tl.b is a rwoned ueiari n rcle o'furnitulre rapidly comuin into use, in n ra thern as well as soultern lattodes. It is designed to keep cool and sweet, sue dishee in tile culinary de partme. t as nre neceeroar to be protected front . lte leot IofIte wenatherduring ihe summer aenson. The Refrigerator is now considered an i diapsnsuhle arlclin the economy of every good housewife. The qllantiy of food ii plrotects from thie weather, will more than pay lhe cost of the article every uear. The subulriber is cyotantly rrceiving from the manr. facturer, Refri erators ofdiuferent prices. Thre rLbterilAr isoppoitnled Agent for the lanufec U oA EATE. RSpecine gi lte Refrigerator. mayhie aeel at ly store 53 BfienRilcsat uly If W It CARNES. D RUGS & MEDICINES, PAINTS & O11S SOil of Viriol till Carboys Rowand's "lnic Mixture 20 cases Carlpenter's Chemicll 20cases Sulphate of Quinine 3011 oUlees, English Mnltard 50 boe.s Tamarinds 15 kegs Epsom Salts 20 Ibarnl--Alun 10 bharrels Aptlltenries vials 9n boles White Lead pure 5011 kegs-do B 300 kega Colored paintsl00 Oe.. SBpirits of Turpentine 50 barrell. do do 25 Cannkler t olgate'. Staret 20 lone. geWill a nera'l bnernloeintof medicineu, for gle on tih mnoat reeuonablht n I t. to . o., a I JARVIS An ANDREWS, Wholuesalie DrucIIhIt, corner Comlon '1i cltl&pite aI a.stp. 2J F LOUR-1000 bbls. uperilne and 5tIt do fine, for s-- ale by G( DORg;Y, h jne15 44 New Levee A PORK-Of Barrel. prime Mansa. nd . 0. Pork in SStor for Sale by JTiAYER& Co luly 2no 74 Poydene St TDRUGS-Juet landing i fresh nurply of white wan . Guava Jell), Gum Arabic. Tamarind., Cream Tartar. Sel Soda, Spin Turpentine, Pearl Ashi, Tartn. L ric Acid, Chloride Soda, Ba. Copvia, &c. for sale by C II BONNABEI., july 13 Oar Natohez and Tchlpit nhulas. no SUSSIA LEATMEP....Regeied Rum NbelShip _C Mlimisnipo ia luape npply el Rusia Leatlher which will be bold low for eash y DAVID PFELT &g. . jUly 7 N . Y. .lationnara IlI, 24 CLhartr SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. 1UOTICE--Wa taken up by the Police of the 2nd 1' Mnnicipalily on the 9h just : found in tine. posen II Sion of a rutway Negro, ai chaingai, oguf said Mu 2 ninipnlity, A Light btp Horse .hut fifteen hands high, Iwo hind leg. white, and blind efone eye, and also a Carl \o 731. The owner is reqneated to come forward,prove proper ' ty, pay charges, and take them away. New t)Jrleana,Jnlv U111n t39. t H.S. HAKPER, Captain of the Watch. A VI. Arrot par la Poli de la Bscold MuHi. d A cipalit6 le 9 courant, treure entre lea main t d'un negre mearron, qui h fui dcs forests dudit Mu. nicipal:6 un cn eval baye claire qutioze peumen do haut, lea deus jamlbe do derriere bane, at morns, ansi qu'un oharretto No. 731, La proprietaire vaudrais prouver a propriald payer le tIrain et loa rotirer. ai 8 IIAllPER, Capitaine de Watel. to TEltEbroughttb the Pound of the 3d Woad, 2d o Municip,.lity, A large brown HIrse,atolut 14 hands high--no marks t The owner of sndlprsocrty Will diese call round at the Pottd situated in acoeona, betwen lilevia Sand mirod ate, preo proprlerytvdr eahrglas ant take hmllm aya,eoer before Raluroav e,.. d RAugvut 2839, or when he will be ald at auntion e PI'G Gitildte, hb a lit seltlioneer. J. 9. HAnIPble, or N Orleens, july 24 Captain al the Watch - EMMRN E ta depot do le onde Ma nicipailte S on grand Clteval bran, 14 plumes do hateur, sanstt marquee. La proprietaire vemdral bien lore. so clamer at depot run earronne,entr Hortyl & Oired tri d'ici h Samtedi Is 2 Aoun, autI mealt i cert vende n I. dit lour par P. a Gitillotte sencanster pblique. e. jy 25 H S HARPER, Capitino do Watch. t0P Rl. brnghl t t ioe Pul i 'l's.10 athode ts ic tnipulity, the f llrwing ealyep, vi : tn A nmualto i0an ntnmed Mloore osodl tltirty blir eatr Sof age ays he betlngs to Mr Leharte. o, A negr Atae n uimed Pal, abont fuorty oyear of age, ir. ayo e belongs t Mr. Pepite. A m ldeco moneedunmed John eoul twerntI y our yero ol age, nys lie herlonglrrto M Richard. , Thes owners of t id larveewill plekn eall at the pril 8, on of thlie h2 mun ciality, prove propert par Charges On andlake bemawsy. H S IIAIPEH, , july 19 C_ eptarinoftat Wetch. - WN' Et ameohs A seeeagerde Is Nacoade Manic ,to palil( lee erlave suiratlnt, evonir : at Un ttulate ntommo MIt)IlIE ag d'aaenvron 34 an ta de ditat aplt ttteir £ Mr. Mr. I.abhrse. lit Un negre mulatres Romn6 PAlUL du 4 en, o dieant appnrtenir d Mr. Petite. 'or ttInnlslre mnmt JOHIN, ag de 24 lte, - dinar npparte .ir A Mr. IRichard La propi6tlairso dett lis esrlavee, enttpria de vnaie lee rnetircr el prynet lea finis. a I H. 8. HARPER, 01 J15 Capitine de Is Gade . . . . . -UL_ ... .. --m. . . . . s um Oflceofte Firenuhuan sure e copc oafgoeans CAPITAI,, , 3 }1(Mp s Br un amendment ln ta Charter of thise'i Cmpoa granted bo tro I.egilanture. ilme havre the pli.inlege , I, taking Marineaed River rinks, asd are now prepared to receive nepplicatlioas. july 27 E LTR ICY, SEc'ye . BUREAU DES ASSURANTES DF. POM. PIERS DELA NOUVELLE.ORLEANS. Reo de Camp, No01. CAPITAL, smh u e O.. Par une oatendadment bin Charts do e Comps gule accordt6 par Ia Legislature, it oet permtie das. surer cootre des risques Maratimes at do Fluve, ast its aent prat.- re teoir des appietio.aal a E L TRACY, Seoretare. a REPUBLIC OF TEXAS. TRldlauv DInParTMa.y, City of Hloauton, 17th July 130. IN pursuanne ol a requirement oni law passed by CongrIas of this Roputlio, approved January 21st, 1839, making it thie dutly of the Treasury to advertise nod coias to be sold the lotin the CGi1 Y OF CALHOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice is herey given that the lots in the City of Calhoun will be offortd at Pub iv Sale, on Monday, the 18th day of Nrovmllser nost, between the hours of Ton o'clock, A M. and our o'clock, PM, alt the Capi. tel of this Repablic. apon tim terms set torah t the following etraets front the law above tmen tionedl " Sec. 4.--]i, it fiurthor enatied. ' lntha te d lot in said town shall eooff irrd and sold for notloher cur. rmocy lhan gold. ailver, audited ppera, or the pro. miesory notes of this gvernmeno. Sec. 6.-Boe it flrther enneted, That the raid 'al3 shall bo oud on the following terms, vip : (tor fourth partl to be Inidldow, and t ol,rither ithre. forlth to be in ,'qiql iilstaulmtns or six, twelve noi tighlton tlontiha. "See. 7.-Bli, ii lnrllher enacled, T"pt i' aeny p1taot wle 8ial.ll. purlhaplonoty ol theso nl;fcrr,,,, loIt, lhall f i to make paymanl of thd sevw ; ii stallim,.nts in eonfuruoity with this Act, lh or tlhy Ihall forfeit all such sumsi,, they may hiov revI ously p;otl, and the lots purchased by sach dtl reil ter Askl re:ert to I. t goveornlent of cia lie Soc. 8.-ti it frrther erne'ted,'"rha alt perrou,, chasing nnd itohhg tamamo slne, anId tit P.reedent oI ut ed to i.urpatiinttl tb hem, a eo l r, tiOho last in, alInent shall hllve been p,td." T'he clal will itiltue flrmo d.y to day, notol il of tilallve s l ,ohu l vaieer d,.ipiird tf. ('ollhouoi is cituateild on ti, ot ol fn ll tuNtag,.r. du Bay, lid frolu Its dlvantageons posit.on, wa. probably l,ec,,e tile irincipal, utmnometul city in Wesllern 'I'exis. A Plan of the oily mlay be seen in the General Lanid Ofioe. The rvewraI tapers in this Repibhlie.thc Ce oer cial Bulletin, Picyunea and True Amt icane. of N Orleans, will publish notice until tihe lay of sale, JAMES H. S'I'ARI Secrentary uf thle T'renasury. (GEORGE C. GjiIlDNS ATconrev Ar LAW, l ILl. atte.d the i,,rulee CoutIt ani the ltittrior o'ourlt,ofllarriolurg ind s,o ofithe adjaucenv coelle-tii- )Dice at theCity of tloitl.. Clailms onl the g..vr..elal, either tar BIe.... Lena or money, wil he underlik, in a.l promctly .ttolded to oeiihir lotnu reidoitsor rto.idt.ns of ICexns. Addrea. rtnP, ti. Uliied, Sat,-Cit:y ol louston. ii. tile crr of S. tIkler, jr. ( l'exro Post Offie Agent hew Orl.ans. 31, mar 2 -.J7 G IVit'I(, 44 New Levee L E S A( IO NA JREIK onotu t dfi6q t o oaae i h me paymenti do lenra actions eot due et paya le 5 aout 1839, ats bureau de l cornpaguio. 13jtil at. E. L. TRACY seervtare. Edward Lelonta eiontra s cr6eancieos lat crdan ciers deo Dimmock & Lafonta. jTAT de Ia Louiaiane-Cour di Premier Din trict Judicinire-La eesuion des hielle de I'm solvable ayant 1id e, eptde par Ia eonr, pour Ia benthieo de sen erb.nciore, ii sat ordonng qu'une as sonbldo de dnits erttgeiers st dee ervdaniers de Dimitock & Li bnita ai. lieu en l'dtud. de Mr. A. Mazureau, niotaire public, Is Vendredi 30 Aout prochain, k 10 Iheuroa du matin, afin t4ie dh11b6rer sur s a effuirea: at an attendant, toutes peurotltte+ judiciairea eontra an porsonne et son propritlta suot aupaendea, Mr. -Edwin L. Loewis eat nom m6 pour reprbenter les crdasciera abeanta dana cutte afflairo. Par ordae ds I t cour, ce 26 Juil'et 1139. P. LE BLANC, ddp graf. a I-4t--al 8 15 22 ;, . - -- -; - .. . . .. . .... ... . Ldwtrd l.nfroa ci. his crediatwt and the erediora of PimlnOr k & LeLhte. SlTATE OF LOUISIANA-Firs Judicial Diatriet - Collrt. t'l ote teauitn ohe immleenla' lroper ie an.eep..d by ile court ltche benefit of h. eredithrs" It is ordered Ihat a wlecing of hie reditort and of tihe errditorl of )intitaoek attd Lelbota, do take placa at the office 0f A. Meareatt, 0is noary puhedl c o, Frrlav the 30th lday of Augua 1839, at ten o'lcluck, A ,,, hea and . there to dtlberate on their efatiriand it tile Ices liea all judicial proceedings aetinat their penrens and pro r ery : e stayed. It i further ordered that Edwio L. to i q. e ppointed to r epretot tl e absent ered turn ill Ibis cnae. Iiv order of cnurt this 26th July. 1831, 4t--.l,u8,a15eaT. PL BL E ,NC. dep. clerk. lFIC IO p --tj bagas Hravaa grean eRa, ftraca Ity ,e 7 G DOR113W, New Levee 1FLOURth-|b bri Fresah Flo-ur- -isae y Sjuly 27 G IDORSEY, 44 New Levee SlAID-800O keg leaf lard in ettee fur eale by 14 J2 (i DO(t Ey.41 New Levee ---IHAS.PAiN itDE l.t-oae tirtclohby ( july i7 4( D IIaSEY, 44 New Levee L SIti IECEI VEtj pa Sltapltirhencoa large cen.ereao Jm Inenttrtel Pfee...-Gilolo Slarrl.otneial SEagle & Perrys DoIe paitmI, and I lt tprig Pena, Also eaveral giroma a'Gilloat fine pen. in bkaee. Sold by the Graeor mig Catrd by D. Felt & Co0. New York Stetiowra Hall, No 24 Chctnica Street. H OLLAND GIN-lit pipea Hnhand Gin, in ,ore anltd fcr tal ho J TiAYER r co " ,. S 74 Poydra at fl' TS.--. kpga (.ioken and WIern, in atore jane 12 G DORSEY, d44 New Levee CO TOI CIRCLa R$ aT PRINTED WI e real e eldilon, ·ad a a stylte anaurpaoced dit NBw OALaItsI, or elia where. OcesE left eLCOMC rrTo Rlon i t81. Charles Ex' hnae, (Cotrter of Groaier St. ) or 16 T R U E AMERICAN PRINTINJ OFFICE. corner coft Powldia and St Charles Sttect, ttilt be promptly attndd Into. TO ERUCHANTS. -IMERCHAN'TS . n am B.UaTuricuL Claecv. .- struck ofatfoar loara Notttca, by .sn tt the Comptine Ruotn q/ T'$UE AMERICAN PaiTINGt Orlitwr, .ChrleaEhalnre, ·inio Ike PRap tin Rooml O Cyallof Gravier attc!er, mt/fe I't .s ingItdc, ear,.. ..Poydnus wsd~to Charies straa. NEW NYOVEL, dce.-(3.aaacna, a ove in 2 rah, - Ni ,olaeaeNic lels , l~re Plceytc j tsv2th aCujid-ndp fao L A t jellr 25th 'P~s ap atrer L

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