Newspaper of True American, 13 Ağustos 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 13 Ağustos 1839 Page 2
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: jPIO *I*Rllt uyrrrrlr ýý In oounection with this Offlce is. SPIUNDI AND EXTENSIVE ASSORlIMENT OF TYPE PdmphlUts Blast Check ·a~tJ ~ mm. or ·C~ln y DraReceipt., ,= em iAuctli. Sills, Ehew Bim. Sea~ Blls Circular, Amd every t ecwipdea .VJob Werh, tha mayr bwqrnir uw~aem~s Chink.,bt of Camuicatot. OFFICORIaf 1 TU) YRk 11839. I'oreideont S. i. Petern. First Vice President, W. 1.. Ilodgre, Esq, Second' do. Joe. A. '461c, Esq. Conrntee of Appealsor c 1839. Jatme Dick, Jomes H. Lonericb, tI.C. i'ommnck. Aibijab Fisk, P. o. Soobe, i mllw4 Tbcmponn, 'Coemmittre of Arbitraton fmc the month of May. John Hedlloetun, John C Hnrrinon, li.'W. Hugnin ln, William Hopkins, Barch Htyde,.r. P. A. Hardy. Joichtim Kohn. The Great Zanoe,' Maidl incloed every day at It o'olOok A.t1. In dueev.r)~dayoi P.M. The Lake .oalt (via t'nyicgonLo.) in closed every ?IIoqdoy,Wedoeolcav oand Fiiccy at 6 o'clocb, A. M1. Is dul veCryTuedday, T'hursday, ol Saourrdoy, olO P. M. The liosU e On Ricer Mail it closed ecery Mom. dre, Wednoedav, and ,onrdoav, a, 3 P. 31. Io enel ash mbermd by .owaothoos,. Arrive. irregulrly three ntms a week. The ~o Sara or Congo Mail Is cloneu every Tedsdy and Friday, at P M. In tont cad hoturono bhyanuamhoanl. The Adeaa ndvio o'Red River tm'itis tool inv n iely by oteumhodot icuce a oweok. Laoani-LLa o I RIlra MAIL toondov. ) Wedoerodmy pod }Close ott 8o'clock, P. M!. maetwoday, CoAnT MAIL. hesodny and Clovsntl o'clncc. P it. C AR 1110 L L ION Saturtmd VAUD has tihe onor of informing hi e tadih public in general, t;a hr hoas takrn tilo Ifhtel at Carrollton, where on vorust he. will receive thihcallo of his old friends and nil lovers of Focd cherr. telesis paries will be hndsomenly pvovided for by livinlgs litile nonioc beforehand. He is willing to enter ate aarronagnnnn with famnilion or individuals dosircius ofppnsing the summer at Carrollton. oo29 NOTIll. A.i Arrraegnnent t9o commnee le! Aonu'n 1839. SAW ORLEANS & CARROLLTQN RAIL ROAD UMXKR AftRANOzxtplx FOR TIE WEEIK IDAYS, From Carrolltnn. , Fiam RNe Ominnon. MM iu 4 'coc, A. N.1 o Carnt 5 on'nlpnk, A. ,M v - 6 Locomonijve « 8 " 8 . 0 ,. P. I ~·IIO·( PI onta tare ill saea t the game boat ' I,; the meek days Iul l oI'lonln, P. .: hbenl Loomolive will eave Canrllton every hour, 11119 8 on'clok, P.. nd New ODIIIOJI every hour ·iI 9 '6.lock P. M. Afte 10 o'clock a hnome car n hbea oboned by jtying 5 dol. Iwofor the Trip; ifonllod 12 o'clk, P.o3k . 10 don. Iva -itl be charged. Prnoawlpnog by lbe P8nmm Car molt provida tl£mmI.M with Tickets, athe tondn.tor has ponttiuindi. tlion not to anal. moory In lieulthereof. For the meomodaion of l ernna rviiting Carrolllon, in th5e, S larlrk n and who may tl wish to lemail there u" o 8 'clocnk thear that Ion heretofore lef Cnrolltn at 6 nlnak..ll naenm until 61 o'clk, tl hereby allowing Lhem ever hour to oy the plnoai ,alks io no.0 of the moot Iraatj .J Oase e isn tUOitad S totu. THE JACKSON AND I.ACOURSEg STRETTCARS Lae the hlod of JnkaMo streetat 6 o'clock, A. M1., Conal .netnnl ln 'clock and run hoh rly. At 8 o'clock they will aonmlnce to lanar each sld eaery half bour, until 81n lach.k, P. M ,oo.epxnri thnt innnoad of Iraliuo Cnal straet naln o' clnk. thne car nill leave htre at 0 o'claok I'. 91. ~',lt ipulanulnarl amqonnadn~ .111 nal olb lb , ?nalrr h ponP thaanahiol, aronmokn in theon,, .bao Lnwih n OlSnrtew Orlmans and CrrolUton Rail Road Compnay, JOHN HAMII'OON, jnlyl 1539 IR. Cbief Eng. N. 04 C. Rad NfW ORIEANS CANAL AND RANKING CO. H mHE n Steatphont Rebecec will leave the Basin 1 at the headl f the New CanAl, every day, (except eMondays) fer he I.ike, .s follows o )epart at 5 A. M. ti urn at 8 A. M. " " U " A . M . I a 1 0 P . M " a 2 . Pr. tei . 4 P. M. 5'I5P.M 9 P. M. And on MONDAYS:- P. t 4 P.M. ! n 2y9 B. CHEW Cash. MAYORALTYK OP NEW ORI.EANS. 7A E price a" tlher to dgy being $6 64 per barrel according t the tari'ff, the bukers will give :1 euucea.ofbrerd tbr ten cents. duerie the week begin rin otI Meonday next. tfe 12th inet. TAt louves ofsre Idqual ty, ee of three for ten cenls, shali weigh 25 per cent more, that is to Bay, 40 ontcee." july 26. C. GENOIS, Maaor. I.nasls DaMes.. Chbllelon, Acg ....... .....6I WCe tee, Aug........3 S ew Yk. do ..........3 Ciint, ...... Phltadelpbia do..... e .....3 I Louisile, " de.........31 lltimeot do............ 3 I t. L ax .. 4' Becsassh. Aug.......... 3 Lierpuol Jiry .......' 5 trucaon ('ar. ) Julr y .. 3 Pr do ...a.e. 3 eosenll Aug. d.... i | I ertn. do......;...It NuhllteJiy ............ I rr Jue......... .22 PORt'If OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEAIRANCES. Augut 12, 1639. Micle Gene Fey. eeawixnt. xteeao.. FJordz -BLse Jhli Sataerr, Niekersan; for lielmonre, ler W EJ.uar, i'arker. Charlee.a, . Co•re ttbedl Augat l2t1h, t1lD. lBMas paeeCdambih Whidle,;4 hours from GeMlvI.toa, •tieith & Voerhaec. Caimer Mteoe, DuLexicr, lie Et Leuie EXPORTS. DOEIUAUZ..Plr herqte Gee FP-CarloEt hates crteon dgdo eoebi .eel ease eanilhl, 19 blsg oefee, 90 bhide, stl pipe ItpieM BALTItMQ(E..Pebarqxue'o satera.. Cargo 40 keel lard. b hti uroexedsx, Sit ak aed t9 lids bhaeaa.275 3 0 i ,igi lead. 40 bh las, 3elt hllf e llh t sk . Cl1lALE0TON--Ji r ethrW E J£etnr..Carrn T7.7 uck. • .'• " hln, r hn i.ble7wholet do and i bxh resfit d eager. - IMPORTS. eALVESTON..p1r ateairne bllllast "" .EIPTI 0. I'ROIUCE tt ,eai.. Per .ramer Meteor..Carlo 50li pi"e ed 5 Do anaC tiB dt.9i· ptetre 3W too uonica, 6erg. and a tide lie tar47F hide.lilfrey, I.tadrio & alll, e5 'te. elbter K C 5 ,.01t, .0rcks Iled,.U khew IrLA Trier. .1l r1 r ,xun Tate At tthntx.. ito 0 akrexiene it i tigga, 5till accks ecorll il hIe apple I1 5I:. n le 10i ales orten N & ,J Dee, 7 Ile apple. P.ASSENcSERS Per etearm, Clrtror..tllte tlhlsiiel, M j-r trhcmex...led ecnrelt, Selsl Puel.Ce Sanaib, Z.catly Blefly, aed Dr.. "MEMIIORANDlA - Matee tef , l xl, n the 24th.a..lidh by evey nitigh tp. Per. Misi..ippi iim. and filling WORKS ON SILK. A (COeMPI.T; er.rrttertfthr hbet wnrks cn tia r llire of ilih Mulberry and'silk wonlrl° Ilednelin rilk wliirll. t)lldmlcergller silk ireiurirt'e xanuul. Clarkkeon the Ithltrerrv. Coebt 's minillI o the lulhhrrre. tree. Keodrie khl silk growers guide, . WhitMareh rc the MuIlberry and tilk wormte. Retert. on silk tr. E JOHNIIt & Co, Jirw c.r.rxflt. ilh.{lar Cttomlo llt NI'IA-licul.,lite Car'h,le lNice, ladling ieeem S D uellt D L usdVad for ,a!o bv J. THAYER, & CO. seg. 74 P-vdrasetreet SOAF t UGAK--101ill.t iin IclSa, fr icei; .r L saug3 JTILtYFR, &OX). 74 Povdra eat. _iUGAti tt)USI,* MOLASSE...41") .ailren º Stor, ..r ruld ly $ ITHAYFR & CO. . .g3 7.1 POvdrs rtl &estre, feruele hy 6 roft1RS . •,Q 4, New i.Lve.r ARD 4it tttes tater r in xne or erri -J 8 • I)11 SE1. 41 Newar evee ..Fýfi-.4)ig heatyiame eatd 20'lihafhrle ulce, at the i .11 aspccasoa, ersaishy . UIiOHuIKi, ie.DI.- i 44 Neto w lteee SS 0e t'r le . t e1.-J In V i WYiIln.-ed d r ol Ptrar's W1)i Drge.-i3h Vet. Peter's Rpntta. E. JOl.r0i & Cee. --- _. New Oriec,, hSrtioieel Htll I~OR SALI':r0. hales tires qelity aneheet lies, lea Itlip freei, Packer set, Aleirr, Apply e tie C-p.tan oa flard. o. e tier belhwa thI e Vegreiile o er Iln.. mayi I8 t\LE NOOIistKr'.-Hietory Sketches ref the Stareeeen whoiltrriheid it, Ilie Ieign till Cno, hPWe. In&felk itatdehd rereark oil Pasty,and at EIttT NetIter I..,, laed.techst if , 2trvl. 5&efglee-oePubtu Chuctre., Dicllerreeee, en, ea *a..rl b.lto ai a added adi.ertaital on ati etlohue i .n I d_-li wAeiaci; hyHenryg LarlBrueeh.aml enre. "' -f .reli elid.a nd for tale by AI. X T ' WA it , c .- arcan I' ruittel i iy le oly by Rees S )'lisey, Iol SAll these mamrne cchniet o the meet ,plese die epeci tie fes sforhiebieoty rolu tUrlltt e, Asia, Afric,, stn iUr lt n rie lniry . h ' Apptuvcd ltitt t l GO dey r ill be alrn 0f ]BY MEJN GussaON FrILrvUL AND SOLD. Official .lourial of tie 2l jlundcfpalltg. PUBLISH ED Daily Tri-Weekly & Weekly. WBS< Oit LEA N1t TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1839. PRIVATE CORItESPONDENCE. Helena, Aug. 5,1839. Dear Giabsom-Thns far am I North, and a slow pro' gress truly bave we made, bit when our conlition i compared with that of the poor devils on beard the cockle shells, Gen. Harrison and Vienna, we hane cause to rejoice. The Harrison crowded withtrasnengere, is a small hospital. She buried one of her cabin passen ges near the Louisiana line,and had lour others at the point ofdeath. 'The Vienna, which started before we did,ws left behind with several sick on boardl. All per sones going north, ought to avoid these smanll boats, as they are so hadly ventilated, and have snI h wtrethed accommodatlions thatt is lle t to impionibles10 escape siekness. So far, we am all in prime health,-being I.5 1in number. and what is worthy ofcotr.mendation, we areall rontented. Barring the want of spred, I never travelled with so smany persons, whish so great etsiaf c. lion. We have n lJne geatlemen on board, but all nen' ilble, communicative and rational Feople. To be salre we cannot bose of a galaxy of beauty at the table, though this is net the time for beauty to he travelling* perhaps. Were it nt sor very wanrl. lmlight give you some sketches of characters, hut,-enough. The cotton fields along the river fromt Vicksburg, to this town are fine. Tl'ieopinion givet to yon in my last is confirmed by every passenger from the interior, bolth ofMies. and Ark., and we have taken son beard a great many persons. A fair August will nutlies the rivererop equal to theit met nnneume expectations. and give an average yield in tite back counties. The Arkansas is in fine navigablle order, but not a bo l has been up it for six weeks. Therein a pile of mail bags, fully tenl feet high, at Montgoatery point, waiting for means of transportation. We took on board several persons, who had been waiting at tills place for more than a week to go tip the Arkansas-they returno o their homes is despair. The river is more than usually muddy. l.ant evening two or 3 places in our boilera gave evidence that all was not right. On examination they were diseovered to be burnt ont. We lad to lay all night and refair. We lay at a wood yard, 18 itiles below HIelen. I went ashore this morning, and visited several cotton fields. This was their second year, find I never saw finer. The counties in Mississippi, along the riger, North of Washlington, are llivar, Coohbonn, Tonira and De Soto. The tirst three, together with Washington, are composed entirely ofalluvion, and run back some forty miles. It has been necertained.that every foot of land in these counties can be reclaimed, and'it is the opinion of overal able men that this valuable district of country is capable of producing, when it is all brought into cul vation, l,20l,Ofl bags efcotton. This is no wild state ment,but it is a deduction drawn front facts in the po session of men who have explored this region thor oughly.. Nothing canhe more interesting than the facts relan. tive to the rapid settlement of North Mississippi; Five years ago it was almost an impenetrable wilderness, now every man talks as familiarly of its topography, as ifhe hall heen born upon it. Five years ago, it was the rendezvous of rrarauders, negro-sealers and Mlrrell ment;-now such persons dare not show their faces in this section of the country. Ten days ago a Mhrrell I man, fronm west Arkans, came into Coohomo county, and enticed a negrofrone his master. A party was forth. with made utp, anid the fellow was caught, lynched and let loose. The mnasteri now on board with his negro. l.. D. a Make way. for ;ld Tennessee. Memphis, Aug 6th. Dear Gibson. Enclosed you have the offieil returns pt so far as received up to this day. The Whigs ho.e eruse to rejoice as they have ultlrly null:fi~d rite pop ularity of Polk in West Tennessee and by a greater majority than they ever supposed. You will see haot Shelby county has sent to the Legislature a Loco foco -thus, as the Whliga ever do, throwing their power in into the hands of enemies. But itis probable that Mr -tul-n Will U. Ustr. I nav no time to say more as the boat is pushing off. M. D. el Tennessee--Returns from Sllelby, Fanvete. Htarrlo. 2 man, Carroll, leNairy, Madison, lnywod and land lird county,give Cannon, the walli candidate for Governor two thousand majority. From Tipton and I auderdale, thie accounas aracontradictory. Williamns and Crockett, the iwo Whig Congressmen, are elected by largi. major. · ties. t lu Davidson county, Cannon's majority is 137. Bell's (Whir) malsrity is 223, ovnr Brton, I(L. F.;). t and the Whig senator representatives to theLegielature, are elected by like majorities. 3 Williamnrn-all the Whig ticket triumlphnt. Maury-Polk's own county, all Loco Foco:s elected, but by a diminished majority: Rutherford-tl ns gone as was expected for the Loco's. Sttlmer-Loco Foeno R- Ioberson---Whig gain-Cannon's mjority about 400. Cheatam, j Vhig) Corgrees, same. Mlonfgomery--vote for Governor, very close; inajori a ty, perhaps, against Chealamn; if so, Johnson, Leco, is d elected. Repreantatives doubtful. Dickson--Polk ha, a majority, about 300. Johnson, for Congress, about tire sme. Bedford--oc, Foeo ticket hasea majority of500. t" Bell is certainly elected. . Tie Bonner states that the Whig canditates in Nish" ville, wereyoung men not mneh knownl; that one quee t lion to be met was Henry Clky or no etnry Clay; they met it,and, uinler all ilsadvantages, gained the day. Whilpt Bell, Cleartham, Jenrings and other Whigs o fen. ly expressed theiropiqione and feelings in faver of Clay, the opposite candidales contiuonially sang out Jackson, SJackson, Jalksob; Afterthe victory of the Whigs,trhey expressed their readiness to buckle on their armor, and enter forthwith apon the Presidetital struggle in support of Henry Clay; The MIail fromp New York, arTriel yesterday, brilg.. ing dlet oftlt 3I1d---Bt fewt iten:tra'ofilterest was ron tamed itt the opapers. A Tornado pasoed over the corntry in the vicinity of I New Haven Irely, lwhich, for vnolencea Ia.ed unparal. leled ill that eountr.. Trees of ll00 yeaors growth, were nprootled; Ilouses were hlown down. It tast a progrev. live whirlwhld, moving fn.the oppiosite directi to t the hands ore wotel. : Unitedl Ftares Bank ltock roal on the 2,1tl at lIP, in PPhil delphia;in New York at Ill alill; TEXAS. fly the steam pocket Colubloia, arriverl yestlrday, from Texas, we received the IHouston Tclegraph, of lhe 31stJuly, and the Galve.tonian, of tle 7th Aauguet; The lote news is that the Cumanehea are very trou. blesome in the West; Troops are about being sent against them tinder tind e commad of Major Rlos. In the East tle [nllians are retreating: TiheSllnwnees reuiaintrue t. the wldt.o, and to re. movnall dlmuhol oftlreir sincerity, they have given up their gun locks. Mrs. Rebecca Lamar, tie .veeroable mulrrr of the Presieirnt,ded on tlia 26th July, at time seat of her son, ofoongestne fevere. Enclosed in tle Galvestom paper is a notice, cattion log tile citzens of New Orleano against one Jack, or Jacksaon Hedge, by B. U. Butte,of the Vlrgioia Hlouse, who complains that Ilodge swindled I m by piasring on him a $110 forged an.te, of the lMerclleanr' andPlun-lo fr. Cla.y.-At his tlae visit to Geneva, N. V:, Mr. Clt.y was receired with lIeawns rs sorted froem rolml Vienna, Iy oa ommairtee of gettltemeen ofwhieh Mr. Gideon Lee wan ehairman. Mr. Lee woes formerly a Lnoo Floe Mayor ol New York, lbut lhas incea turned froml tie error of his ways. Wheln tre-cnrriagr in which IMr. Cl wan a rated, etenppgl d frroe toe hoel, anti that gPntlemln was about Sdt.'endiogfrmn l te vlhicle, sorea one taotg tleerorwd I roclnnlmd- - . . . o 'hre cheer s for M r. C a " ýS et re eolv "had lia wods esr.rped h ae lips, when three uc c heersr rent tlne air;that we Iancy made the hairs ,st Mr. (: sy's usn covered'headSutlolly rise ilt. aon I ne ; we doulbt awhlther olich healro lltyho" have seltoted tie r.0s, o Itro'eededtfro. thu tilroae th ira nhahitints of tlenoeo C As too as u passage coull be olhtnined though tihe crowd. olecedto a tha h"Great Western, ' r. ClayWa 1 w sh ohwn into tle arest morn in tie house, whic h wans I imwdiatlely filled to uverdowioatg. Here ie was atlrease" edt by Mr. eo who ' bhiae ordlil waleomromd fl sIho ill Il eartily loy the Irod, itn the natre ronftle good peoplt, of Gele'u;anda ho also etpreserd tire e ptire se h l, roh lion by this pnio of the titnntry of all Mfr. C1Av'sp ,oblie creeer, " . "-1lr: Cluy re|edi in a sOurt hlot. eltoquot etfeh -. rhaokieo hrin (Ir. Lee) and Iis fellow ritre ne rf thi" ric' fi;ot tot,,, kizotletttn. Ih so, hailuni re lrd t he and I Mr. Lee were standing, at thie time, face to fare, and not more than tour feet apart. In the course ofhiere inarke, M r; tlay obsaerved: : "I well remember, Mr. Chairman, when sal lneatgo on Imld theofmfireof Mayor otlhe city of New Yorwk how at that time alryol were at tien haed or anumeraus cotmittee for wetnmian tm e to that, the utrgs at and greatest city in tie Union. And, altho gh rou received me in the most Imspitable nmana.r, end although Mrs. Cloy was eeost werml y wecotnedrly your lady, still I ido hope, that in Otr opinione, at least, a greater tbrcit enilrod etween us t itheathn thCe dhes at this moment." The noise of laughter, celppitg antl huzzaig lwhicb burst from all iresast et that momentt, cTued the walls of the rootn, in which they were asemlna od, to ring again:" BY Sunday's Mail.-T'he two Steam Ships Great Western aitd Rritlesh Queen sailed fromn New York on the lot A ogut,lmhe foalmr left at 20 minutes pat one,and the latter IlV minutec before '. The crowds on tit wharves, and tile Long island and Jersey Shores were immenae-hoth left the port f eriagealutes. 'Fite packet Ohipa Ontario, Orpheus and Ilaltimore, went to sea at thet same time. The Queen ha onl boeard 103 passntO gers besideos t'hildren acd servants. Tie Western 6I, among whom was Gee. 'alotiltonofS. C. Mr Vincent Nattie.Mr Pepineut and C. C. t'ambreling. The boats will make to trial of speed. The China government has is-ted an edict prohibit ing all Lande with ioreigners. Gen. Gratiot.-Joseph C Laveille foremen of jury in the case of U. S. s. Gen. Gratioit ls pubiiohlid a card in which h econllrdicticerain araternenta nmade in the G(lke. Col Love I'r, males that instead of one juner in flavr of giving a verdict fRr tim defendant, there were eight, and that tn o were ldoubfu: SThe bIrig America,mailed 201h July form StJohns river Florida, having on board nearly 100 free people of color emigrating to Hnyti. Thev were laborers nnd careful people,as Agriculturists, Blacksmiths, Carpenter, ,Ship Builders and other mechanics. Provisions at Barbadoes by. last advises are very scarce-ithe sugar crop is short. It is rsurgeted by the N Y Herald to cotinue Wall Street to the North river, when the Trinity Church is pulled do n; tlhe oipeortuiity is certainly favourable for so great an imlproven.nt. Theatieal.-The National is c!osed. It is being ro. paired sc. Forrest opens there this fall. Wilson and 3Miss Sheriff, Ihen Charles Kean, Vanlhenhofl and Wal lack. Celesle will perftrm an engagement t the Bowery befire going to Europe. -A ugulstl h ts tone in the UritishtQucen, with $20,00(l in her packet, it is said : may l e so, she had no chanoe of succerss hollver, with the inestimable Celeste. fjiheial.-1The new light house have been establish ed on the Fielich cont in the Channel. One at Cape Carteret, lat. 49, 22, ..ortlh, and 4,8, 40, est lolng. fn. Phila. It j a repeating light t t minute inltervale, on a tower 240 feet adove the sea. The other in the cen. tralfort oftile like at Cllurbourg; lat. 49,40,28,-long 3, 57, 23 west from Paris. It is a small light, varied by bright flashen every 3 minutes,,on a tower 65 feet above high water. Germans.-T'he paragraph going the round, stating that there are in the U. S. 3,500,,000 native Germans and 2,500,001 !descendants of Germane, is very justly, prononnced by the N Y Star as in correct. That lMor mona would be one fourth of our whole population. It is known that the Irish compose sixetenths or one mil. lion-this says Noah, allowing 500,000 for foreigners, and 4.000,000 Slaves, would leave but 8,000,000 native Americans-olbvioously preposterous. The Mackerel fishing has not proved productive. Sev. rral vessels have returned without any. As UGLY CUSTOmr.ER-A marine rarity-but by no means a delicacy-was harpooned in Proridpueo harbor last week. According to the Boston Transcript, n body thirty feet long-a brace of ive and a half feet long flukes six feet by four-seven hundred teeth. one hun dred in a row. in the'lower jaw, and nix hundred do. do. in the upperjaw-wirll caverp of a mouth of about four feet diameter wllen agape-form some of the "little peculiarities" of tits long, low, piratical looking denizen of the seas, which is a large specimen of tle El ephant shark, (squalus Elephas) the most formidable in appearance of all the shark tribe. The public lands belonging to the United Stanes, a.f' estimated at rine hundred millions neres, or what would furnishevery rnan,womnn andclildin the Union, with t torml of from fifty to seventy five acres. MIasrs. Btnsell and Sharp, near St. Louie, Missouri have 40,000 worms rfeeding, and 0,000 Multioaulie tree growing. IThu Wsouri silk company, alr. feeding 130, 000 wormcs. Tile three colored men accrsed of a revolt in the ship Nonnandie, on her passage from Now Orleans to New York, have been found guilty by tile U. S. Coaut; one lies Ieen.recotmmended to mercy. Gen'ls Scott and Brady, were lately at Buffalo, wail. lug tile arrival If MIr. i'oiosett, to hold a cansnltarion on military alitirs. It was expected they would be joined by tih President and Secretary of State. Thile Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, between Ilnrper'o Ferry and Cumherlandtis now going on with great en. orgy. An iron steamboat, to be called the New York, is to be built by the Great Western Compemy, to run as one of the packets. She is to have two engines of one thou. sand horne power each. The Marylnnd Tobacco crop, will it is said, fall short of the avenlge one. Tie Baltimore and Phlliladelphia folks are scolding about the high price of fresh butter, which is selling at twenty five cents--We should be very glad toglet tome ofit, not sweet, at four or even ix shillings, in New Or. leaur. For old and rancid butter,sells at 37l per pound, and fresh butter at nothing at all, for there is none to sell. tMr. Stevens' Yacht "Stag" has been tauncned at New Y'ork. She is a splledid eoat, and will coat $sl,05t0, Site was built to rit for . t10,11100 against it Yacht, to be Ibilt byan Englismlioun., of tile name of Weld--,The Stag is to beinarvigatnd bIy Cipit. James ltRogers. City Tile wenther continues the n tile. 'lhe loever hus perhaps incrreaed a litlen and is not altogelher con. fined t the lowereclasses. Forltuat.ely but few otrUai. gere are now il the city.. New'Orleans was never so dull at it it at this trle. All tr.le i. at n stand still, and money so sctrce, people rarnnot get enough logo to inarkt with..l I'Ibe we nlter, at Natchez, has been exccerive!r ihot. on hre flllt-the thetrlmoameter, as at 9ri. A .tire iorurred at Natchez on tile 7th; four buildings ly were consumermd. The 'l fr was very threatening, anld its exlinguirhmlent wan ilruc owing to the Vickse. blrg iiililury cy mpuniep c there on a visit, who behaved themseelse in a must admiralte maiurer, working at treo engines,. rescuing the moaeebll, Ac. T'Ihe whlirdamt. age does aot exceed $10,000. tliar at Florrltz.-'il'he Charlestoin Courier, of tle fth contains, d tespatch from Geeo. II. Giilfin, As't. Adi't. Gel'l., giving information thlit on the :31 July, Lt. Itarney'des teinctrrertaa nss¢asinated Iby the Indians on the Uoleueauhtilthie river wlhere the' had gone in accordanee with the treaty of, Fort King. Tihe party consisted of 23 men, armed with the Colt's rifles; they were encailrid III tihe river, uiipmteeted and without rentitele. Thle nidirna in large force nlrle the attack at town, r.ri it i. s tPpoaned that 13 of tire mwn were killed, n.olog a irh,m lrnjur I)allsn & Mr. Morgarl. The Ciontllmanding General lian direcrted that instant rnellsires lie taken hIr the defence of Fort Mellon. No portion of the Coimmland will be suffered to leave tie garrison. Reot ?Rcrtilee'e Cometc Reports of Day Police and Night Watch. dArug.t 10th. Ann ievnnlde, A..e.ted fnr being "dre ~'- di P~. c n tchn disclargetd on pa. ing the tire, whtich aus scut by the itecarl~ I l~ ll~9 Clhin.t rite derer t the Sincere o* yyak~.. " E 5leflin, Slaven W Nlio, arre.rrpd drunk anti di. Inching the eance. ,laren and Noliui cmtnmited .ir 30 dane, th'lefltin was islcharged. G "nrnwn, arrested drunk amd disturb;ng tie peace, Colmnilted fn S tinlnthrs. J Altrre)y, artlnted .rnItk and disturbilg the pece, Comnnlited Ilr 31) iltvc., Hngh Hendrsoi ; Rol. irmrtron% Frank SMeGuire erilted ")l"ld ,htepittg l the Wiharf, Armrtttrlg and E.lleR~U; re committed f e30 dan each, ioridetrane din -Rich, hr a lcClurv, areerete Mound lytlig irunk, r ldlll.. 11 . fl ]. Iari l Harctin, trrtterl tounti aiecpirrg in Lnsoieitd SDvl. BlnZ s... lle.lleeping in Lafayelte Srleacr, tiincitarted. Alleznltr EwtGg. Ttnlntt nlltn, peter SnVrIr, nc ested fightring andI di.hrhihg tire Itence disetcharstL " G t t D {nn .t EI, .el7 I-el '' ~ Dt lttS . Ne~ ~riJ [ From oar Sunday Edition.] Skerynecki, the late heroic leader of the Polen, iha bean appointed to tihe ChiefComoand of the Egyptian Army. The Steamboht Albnny, made the trip from Alblany to New Yorkhon the '7th July, in nine hours nad nine minutes, inlclding 'stops. Captain Hoskins of the (Great Western was a pasenger on hoard, anti prtonorunc ed her the fastest boat in the world, going frequently twenty mitles an hour. The Tnglionis are at the Park, Mr: and Mrs. ceguin ant Lathnam are giving Concerts at Albany. A young lady in Harrison street, N. York, lai been strangled to death by the string of her bonnet. In N. York, for the week ending July 27, tlr: deaths were IC8. The crops of rye in N. lnampohire were never before known to be no abundant, as this year. Madame Itnrblide, ex-empres of Mexieco, is at the White Sulphur Springs, Va. Henry Wilkins, theatrical scene painter at Baltinore, is dead. Deaths from ilydrophobia.-Jno. Tighe, anl Irish man, bitten 6 weeks ago-and Tyson, a'enlored amen, bitten? weeks sincee,-both residents of New York. Jno.,aged 6 years, bitten 4 mo's. since residing at Philndelphia. Violation of American soil by British sailors.-Wn\ learn frm thle St. Albans (Vt.) Messenger, ofJuly 24th that an invanion of our nsil, accompanied by murder, was perpetrated in Iliglgate,nn ihe .d. Ttrreesnldiers, desertern from Miseissnqti Bay, on Sunday night, the blot, were pursued by some fitly sal diers into lighgnre, two of whom were ta!trn and sent back, and the other run into the Lake. On being told that he would be shot unlesa he cam olut, be answered that he would nrther drown, knowing his fate if taken. He then stunk into tile water, and was'drowned. The Picayune very complacently plblishes an ex trent flom aCapt. Mnrryatt's Diary-abhout womanll's taste. Did net our naighbor see. that the galanrt Cap tain was puffing his own good nature and knowledge whilsatat the same time he was indirectly net using the Americans ofignornnce.-It is time wtP should quit quo ting low critieiims upon ourselves by paid foreign tra. ducers. We have no objection to fair criticism of our manners and political institutions, but we must not look for any thing of the kind, in the Trollope and Malar. ryatt's of England. Alabama Elections. The Wligs are carrying the day in this state-Dallet is elected to Congresns y n mna jerity of 430. Thile entire whig ticket for the Legisln ture, has prevailed in Montgomery, Dillns, Wilcox and Monioe; ansI in Marengo the whig senatollr is elected. Intt Perry, Lee, (lwhi) is re-eletre enator, and two whige representatives. in the idle dister:ct Craehe, whig, will he elected. All the nccounts rere;v d are highly flettering, and says the Mercantile Advertiser, chows what might be effected by the proper efforts. We are firm in the opin ion that ifjudge Iopkins hal hbeen eanndidate for Gor, ernor;the present incumbent would have been defeated The Firemen complain that the proprietors of the St Louis Exchange, baher, refused them grog on Friday evening, unless they plankedlhe ensh--the firemen are a very sefaul body of men, bulit rather tonexacting. They are like spoiled chillren, want more titan is rca sonable and too apt to take tim dumps when things dent go just as they iesh. The system of Carding those wireh have furnished r freshmenets is nonesense and leads to buse. For when acitizen in the neighborhood of a fire neglects this salvo or ie unobl lo comply with the custom he is sat down as a niggardly fellow. Let each Company carry refresh ments with thcm-what else is their steward appoinced for ? Recorder'r Office, Report of the Day Police and Night Watch. Augustr 7.-Martin Malone nod nMary Brett,-Arreerc eri charged witth murderieg.Mrs Malone, Martlh hound to Criminal coert. t~ltnen Wilson, Ilichtul lrndily, P iL McLauglin, Foitti Ih iy leIdrk. all disthar-ed. Albert Willierl. \iii Newtll-,Fotind leclping i, the Lever loit ltandligWilliard len nnitttit d 'for 30 dayn No-el dischlargedl. John Snec-Arrested for diaturhing the pence, d:'s charged, Jines Collhen.--.Arrsted clppnaeodt tke ieplirnted in the murder oflrse ltllone, di-clhnrgedl. Ashby Gihs, Mi Worems,-Arreslte nas piie ons pr snonw ard could give n accountl of thlesclsve--dlis carged. Ort1.nt ,ii, oee,- OtefDenuhtl. 1ndi.,.n cin t -or rested lir all resealt and illeilleg it irsoe bluanld to ilit peace in $5110. Ellent Qitilin, llen Dlict lin--rcested fiiond I it g drtnkeianrittited fr 3 I Birst tec.h. tugh ltruge-arremercd iulnd ( lc, dislttrgtd Petr I'nvle-arrested i al soiliiiies pcrsoll, cim. mitred Icr 31 dotse. Aligsrtg hill--Arleltr Eva Ics-rres-ede ilUllt enfi ering several loluses w illlbotult eninieioai dli rinealeg. 'l'hus llrlddok lehraret flic, renleriing several of tlhe rooms otf ithe Plotters Illtel witlhtoat Ieituiensiont, sLti mitted Ior 30 days. Wet Itarris, boht Amtreoing, ttelelhi.-earmte tin tie F'erry landing roy Ithey hone nolace of residence. TIHE LIBEL CASE. UBIISIIED TillHS D)AY, and for sale at the Counting Reuan of the True American, St Charles loril,and at tihe principal Ilulk Stors, a correct Report of the late Interesting and importuat ltit of the State of Louisiana vs.John.Gih.oo, Editor and Publisher of the True Amtarienn, before tile Criminal Court for Li beh. jly 21st NA'tr ArrTmen .oretA. NIASHV'ILI.": IRAIL ROAD. 3 9 I haoving Ieen sa7ngurtherIint if ticr te oar ere tl starrt t t"ivE in the Lmornal lol ar.orin thre nt'trnuon. thea then ro rOrin he nIore ni t Iernos in .eccnnt of thl halthir nr TIlE lePRAIRIE CO7' "IAGIE BA THE, and lfutitu hour's start later tha'n the prcent time woulnd allow'r oesi I ren conv e aldinner; lterefore, until further Ncri e, tha fufelnwir Arrangearenas will continuer : •E-:K DAYS. 5 Deparr.rr, . Iloe8 R .r 5 A 8 A.M. 41 g M . A . M. Departure. RilVrn, I A. I 31. 4 P.. P.M. JAMES If, CA.LDWIF.L, august 3d,189 " .% INES, COllDIA.S, Are.-Con, tnntlv o!pplirnl "V bydirect iprrtlinrins lrre road ge irjje 'Wioe.r of the lrot Ielehnruled growlris, " Rheonish lInres, Cornill'e--Nierosweiner, tGrofen. berear, ,lnroorer e. 11827 Ilohk, Ruderlrejrtr, l)om tltck of li25, Jollannistreger, Liei Frauer Milch, Ste iil rger, l.eisrten &Stein olr 1II. Martteir Wirnes. I.ordu,d i;:rlicolar, Reserve and Sereial, i cases ae llo htrll' itrter ta+krr. Port Wine.-Old, rcere of'f d2zo, lBultled it Oporto Bordlnour Winer. Chaitera Lrfitle tal nCthteon Mlr grtnrr, Larse, l.hdiville, St J oliennd rr't Emilirt fineat hld, Paltrer Mlargaux, 1aser 1doo. .tr Julien; excel. le "ra le. Clarert.. White atnld Dessert Wrtines. lierrnitaoe, Sauterne, Gr(n,,eeBaroI.rtneL inehd Frontirnan Mucat:t Chamlaign. First quality Silherv. iullrguodly Wines. Rulnai.e, Ch a besti* ta Clrh sd ,'augot, Nreita. . Cordial. arnschinoiio di Zrt, gen ine. Mnartiniqrue, Veuva A,,nllhns, genuine Wlitte snd re Anti serte soe assortod leordleaux Itiquetrs, of :larioe rinzart ar Rodger, Old genuine (Grenoblell Ratnpn; Ahythe and Kirsalwasner. L ondon Porrer rarid Are. Bordeaux Brat"dv Fruite. Borrdtaux aheite ,Wire Vinegar. E JOHNiS & CO. a 13t1.-lm ror St Clharles-& Commotn st. JA M- C a...ffI.;iad anuother NUVLLTIWS Charle n TyrMell, r he litter Rloal, by Jeunoe. Chlevloy, or the ioon ol' lh nr, itv I.aot HulBer. Lady heeley, or the Wo~IoL n of lIltllor reply tChevellty. Lord Brlghall. Sketlch r I Pei i ,ic .2 ols. Iliatoricol Skealtrle of Stat.t rll ill the tile of George ihe Third, cr2, Nicrhoia Njo'rhol, No to II. Joec Shepp nrrce, Nr nl tL ,:. Alnnm BRllbn ad ltther atorfchrac erb by )errohl. Ioathel.f Sicily, hb ToNrckenno . SI'P.ll 1 Kock"i h'lhe-l(urler of I'urio. (,lloeolleolt, l new Novel nI vol s. Frrlhl:ia'a [Reigo of'rtrir ill I'artgtuy 2 vole. Piccioob, by Soi loite. FTie Iboga.tltrir , aptait i ' nK ib Richelieu, by lllr. n l e E. JfiIIN, & Co. jnly 30thIl 3o. corl St l Charlesa & Collllr.o ato. ioF`RoIt~ht.rt~r~ btia iti a new And fuor aoii. ctAl of fitre, ralpidy coming ino use, itiof r thern s wellb as oy ultclrl latIdes L isllsaignrd tot keepcoobwll r ,on slt, a oliJshCs in the cltlinorv deI prilneot a0 ore ii!:e.srv Ito Ie protIecteld fron the hheattfthe v.oilther driillg ithe otonuoeeooit. TIe Rleflrigotatur is now 'otnlsidered i0 iladi.srosnble arlicle in lte ecoolllov ofevcry good osewfie. '1'he qitllily of foorl it protocts tfom thbeweather will mlore Ihtonll pa th"e cOst ol the article every teor 'lite £tllllerih.r i coinstilllly recevioig frot Itle h ar. fcturer, h.efrigerotoro oflit!rent price.. The tahoahcrber ionap.lllited Ageiit for the oanuFac tIre., Mr A latten. Slprnlellll ol the lRefrie.trtlor ma Im cl?[ at myl store 5:3 Ricnville st, .1.U f ' W It C.tINEP. SLOCKS & C)...n. 8 Fnnt I.enwe, hote in store Ia large ontdeteoeiroons mrtnlent of Copper altt Toil WVre If Itleir .la ililltiotoctt re, which they ifter l'w Itv whalln ale. st" y i,18 F r2 i[1TEi1 ktegs bInding hoirn stoito I _ boe e r a irie , r lr r xl he b y J4 - .t TIl'RI , 24 (;ru. ir.t -iAU J-.4(2 iV >I~l:.;:--- ,s i , bu , Ii,c The DAILY Paper is neatly printed with smnll typa on on extra, double medium sheet, at $12 per annum, payable cumm aonnapyy in advance. 'rlhe TIt.*WEEKLy Paper, containing the reading matter of two dailies, $10, payable in advance, where no city reference is given. The WEEKLY TRUE AMERIecn, made up from the ddaly papers, during the week, will be rent to sub. sariboers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and to none other, unless an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectfllly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. NEW ORLEANS, MAY 18309. FOR NEW YOIRK. Lousiana and N. York. ine of Pnckits. To Sail 2tIh Antgutt. 'The superior Pack t Ship RISSISSI PPI, having a Ilrtion of her cargo engagen will sailnsabove. For lirjlirorlpaseager. hay. i elegatl ntc mlotidatioInn, nplli' o board opposite thoe Vgctabl Market or to JAMES IIIL'I,LEN, nug 10th 71 Camp streer. FOiR1 IVERI.POOIL. iTha A In loI fiat sailing Ship SCOT LAND Capt Merir;tman, can take 173 IHtles Cotton to tilup: for terms nppilvt to I EVI 13 [,AI,', nug tllh 93 Comnmoll nt 1)LU I -10110 bbi:,. suntiolne an "i i fhitr, or s ale by G 11I)(1 '1, jne, 15 44 New Leven I.O lI - 110 i arrels prime Mes, li1 ) Porkin ric Acid, Chloride. oda, B l. CaonIvin, &c. tilr sale by II IONNAIIE, I july 13 Cor Natchez, and Tchapitolvtia m. R Ua strA LLA'!'II EP.- tteceivedi'roml PAocketShip I hiiisich si u I lare sa llpl of ullssiia Leather which ,hill be sol lo to for cash by t I)AVII) FEl'I'.& Co. july i 7 N. Y. Sultioners lall,l (24 hartres at I1k.-100I0 l nasks 'l'iltolllln m limo landng, ioldi Lfor mule by S & . -P WVIIITNEY, m22 73 'itamp .at I EA Ol'I'O "II -'-lor Ithe roetor iun and -owt It of Sllih Il ., giving ihelth, I iut1 a lll lrrvnlting its tnlling of, suld at 'AM. III.' S mIl1 N. It Chaitrs at PRINTINIA PAINPIt.-A" IIVUL tl p,.rlr I11 r le lug paper o the following sizes. 27x oI-21ix31 Al." u 1"t olf Envevclope, twat tplnlity, Loading from Barque rtlnr osrpi l ' from Ph Iil.j *d~lhia and fur sale by ALE. 0 july "13d 49! Camp S' treet 14101Lt SA\LE-OI bS lb u uu :i( do slusllr house nmllola rer 51i fundl* dleliirer lll 11)111 -ils rol(es 'lv 11111I T1GNE, BROWN &('o. lfilliiE -75~ Ilrk UrrtiLi tar Snlr. by olyv ~IuII G. IIOI1ISR', 44 New I·OYLP 1TWV ST AN)AR WORKS.--J. 'T. Oitl,, ritc 11 Northeser in New Engl , l lin h It Smit's Cmpnniva View of Aurielt di etary.lTY Louden'. Encyclopaedia of T (jGardrlllc, , London1 Ed.· fPir "'in. Gall's I'mnpeii llll nilplleadlid I '""donll coly.· Shankespeare. 7 vtuls royal lit). l·Fnplt t liitll"l E. .ISIIN S &C july 171t---w. co, StI Charles & Common s& . IL INEN SIIIRN1'S, GIIVIS & SUn S SI'tSll Junt received by Ilnte "rrivr, Is, an n.=(.fltl' ni of Shlirts CravatsI, Suromw sno Lrlks, .!(Ive·· nmll So1s1(.1 ders, at thle Bazaa, Cornrll ofl t. ( Iirlvs Imo Cono strwl~ra. N. It. A roropkw , assortment ltof \\llf S0',irtin I)r-.oill cores, re,, shu iu, ears ill ros wood & et yIl11 & .SI I..\ N lJ (1L2 (; 110 l o110,17 o New I Leve NIWV itO(!KSJ-"71cl ('ruppy; 1 1' 1 it In 1 Irvthe O'Ia· N Jan P :. lO; (ill r Nava Iliutrrj ,f the I'. SInb;s, II Jack S ly rep lP *lrlyAisIworth; Phrenogy I h filmI fly Just ~o recivean for,, Il byFi~ INK(! INKl!! INK'!'.-,east rrlei,·ll on-! llunllr( dozenl n 8 onurell· ink, ...mooted it 11 P1I v IIIperillr omen very he"ý,, by dozen or ; rar e IrvPII~ DA 1'11)FEIN'Co. 11 ,i 1.1 Packet, 15110,, u n tm l,,r,,,,,, 1 lrll, 1, riti -- Pa er, o all r-,rnitobl,' 1 4,, , 1 bl medIr ium, Ip ial d I l rI P il sII rsuIo i ch IIE ' 1'(I II . I lii 1' nv. riv. "d a I,,gll:* issorltll rat of .noolllln· .to,~ of canons I Illltcr mse liunn ehPllil, of l(illl I IiIrlt . c~hdIJ' ~ V1 11I1:3 I:x·ln llnnn lfotol, ýl L:Jlllli* drlrll ýtrrnl, a Ier (1I( I trooli I·IIII * I; po..:"ýaionll Eivt ll iiuullrdili lely. Ap~lply to 111111.1? S: 11.11' 11 d, 1 rlrroo+ row h err (ier; 311lor- ul z6 & .1 I' W IlI'1' 1:' ni t : y 71.) I 'nni .v 111 10) k Paint, ground in oil1; :11la (. lliZ LT Irrl 1)11; Sperm do; jI'ttt; "811 bl. Whiting_ ; 'ItI1I and lopalned Vnrti . For snalt by S. L011 R,[y 28' I 01K-Ill U.In I.In ______ Ao TSllE II ( Jot r 7 eBioaS Ui' I SL-L; bl~ls Clnnrilindnn l W'naf ,I~ IICII', ll' m ' by IIlI UIi nE 1,1t 11 I'Ngin , 130UT1ER-.IIlkIngs Gns' anId p 'iln-A" in mirnpn for .lcI I by GI n oltn'I,. IES. 1'UI{K-ll: bhls Inn',In byum ALEX t h,)l, ir I Uuiled : taros, for Ollie by J7_ A T- IEIL 3IlU nainpn KU'r'1 nnlc by-Goshen n od Dion ly, big))(lSEY . 1 New L.eyt" I) 9I1 'lY ,'es 4e.1 -I.ow ell cottunud s,5s. holesr. 44i twilled Inwrlll rattann 3 mars buckskk~lin u,11 _ i Illlllilp (lt & Co. l 13 1llll g+ Fl inll t 'jnneL' (I i)OUIMI%. 41 New Levre. D11 1):l l{J-:x01111 I;·r( ·) 1 ,UI.. fr ,air byl A N AIs'm1(;'' ofilt' niginarsil~l litlr·s of n·e· nd it, the genera Itlll land liivo. P'ri~ lad in a rclollalc wtthl n reealotian of thle Ilona,-( of Relj)TI:SUII ati\.l a, 1)*: rlrllJ·tr l 4luy,1l3lJ. A few cl.lpioa III.I rece~ived and far R1II0 be ALEX ;COW.(. It, J8 4!1 Camp st h 1ý n1rS~E;I;i l lli 0 barr2 Icrlle··. rllii k·* i .uro `` fr sale bly G f DoSE1", dug 9 . 41 Nuw Lvtre S tile Parish and Ctry of New Orloans.-The 'State of I ouisio na : to all to who:'' thlseo presents shall come--greeting herena, William RIegan of this cit-i Ir afalg purchasedo at a sate madlo ry Ilhwlett & (coons, public auctioneers of this city, the property here. inofter described, has applied to the Clerk of this Court for a monition or adverisen:enat, in con for mity to anl act of tile Legislature "of" tile State of Louisiana, entitled ai act for the further assu runce oftitles to purehlsers at jrddieial sales ;" ap. proved tile 10th d.ty of Marchl, 1831: Now, thlerefore, know ye, nnd all persous inter. osted heroin, aro Icreby eciteu anil atlnoiishlcd ill dirr nanme ol tile SLtate of Liticiana, ald of tile Parisb Court, who can set up aily rlght; title or claim in acid to the' property hlrei nfiter described, in conseqaronco of ally irforniioiiy isl the order, do. creo or judgiment of the court under which the sale was made; or any irregularity er Illegality in the appraisouects anrd advertieoiimeit, it time or' man. ner or sale, or Ibr any other defect .batsoever; to show causr, within thirty days from the day this monition is first inserted in the public papers, why the mlo made shlould not'be contirmed and Ihe. tinelopatled. Trhe sald properly was Sold by. the auctioneers aforesnaid, oil the 2b8tt tay of IDecember, A. D. 1836, by virtue of a decree of tIis co ert, rendered on tile 23 day ofJruly A. D1838, 3 n a suit ecti. ted William Vance, his creditors and the creditors of Vaneo & Miller, No 10961 of the docket of tbin court, at which sate theo said William tegarn be. came the purchaser, for tIle prie of $31,900, paya. h le 10001 eash, and lth balance on a credit of nix, twelve and eigtteln monthlls: Description ofproperty, as given in the judicial con. veyneo : A certain lot of. ground; neumbr one, situate inl the suburb Lacoure,s in square bounded by Nayades glrato, Prytannee alia streets, and forming the corner of Nayadleand Erato streets, measurnlg thirty one feet eleven inchies and seven tines, more or less, on Nayades street, by ninety one teot seven linesdcop, front on Erato street, all English incas. tnle. having the use in couiont withi llts numllbers two and threo, of an alley iln tI re atr, of five feet twide, together with all tile buildingsr rights. wayscy and privilegos tlhereuuto belonging. The whole as per plan drawn by John Schr.iber, civil el ginOer, dated tihe first day ofJrunc, 1836, annexed It ailn act in thi office of Win. y. Lewie, lated tihe lilft Irdy of Frhruary, 183'1, being a subdivision of lot nur. ibur eighlt. Clerk's office, New Ori eans July 3, 1839. :1. t'l0 Il. It t 'y (l , rl . '!y :t!--9hb y "t l ,u :lI l air, .R. IMOFFAT'S VEGITliR,.I , LIIr. I i... nre .u s. well known to tihe pibhe tat it it i rtliy Ie reaeqry n giv a detailid saltement of ithirr vlue arnd nso. 'Ire iilovirnrg autclees will fully convicp anoy one ,t the claims Itedotorlt has upu, the puhlic to place confidence in his preparatilon. Frol tihe HUnmpldeo Whig of July 12,1837. Mllffatt's Pills and Bitters.-The Inst Journal con taeus additionu. testimonv i fvorftit fvorr higiihly import tLnt invention. "The l)ces of ther JournIal was almost elopped" to anrounce the testimony. Some one, in tih name ofrl). Mollfft thanks ts for insertilng the cerlifi cltre ffour neigllbor Bowles, rnd offers uts a qrmntityol the articlee as cump.e stiun.r ''lli is ver'v kildr and we rirurrise tIe moment we Inblr tlder like nfliettiols with our neighbor of the Joumrnal, ton cll on tihe gent. Io the men fiirmc; tire any fnboring aLrier similrr diif firrilliet to lihone wihih Iharue er Hveereil'mrnlo tpor Mrr Inwlese, Ihev hvoe. hris rtslilrtrv r Iln e "letulinr ardaplede.'C° of tlihe re.medv r tlhe diserns. T'le tmedil ciue is undoubtedly at soverteign remotey. lETTER FIfflI SAMUIJEL FIOWL.Ef. lihe following ltter is jfro, Mr. Bowler, Editor of lhe lfrpablicui cod Jouronal, Spiiugliieob, blass. SrniiitNO1.1, Jiior 1, 11137. Mr. Mifluit-Sir:It Ii nco tllirltee yecra iliia I iee illflioiil fiom ni infirmiiy iii the booels-lier conse iulOieilrlI sajppir. lofa severo illness of infl. ciciiry ieoollinli. I hie nIIoIral acInI of the beInle is los; freqiient and severe liiieonoccur,e'wilhinulloi iwrliiile and depressionl: Cllin, ltine being n OeceearyT every flew duesr~ tucomturacrn t ecrativenesil I (tare cllll*nltea good"L hYSiiiani , anhallvleII frdlil.,llIl st II kindlsl flll le. iii rilnle listc veor, I haver boughlti 1mud used several L 0f your "L1 ii"'ij Isie," 'ind hiae iiilnd mocrelo-iiiiii froi tunny conlnT relirfiiod iolediiriloeroio iy conrefr f ilegtr of tim 11, the, front oiv iiiedieii I live vit triedl. YouIIri, - AMtlJEI8DOWIVES. For roae in tide cilty, o Iho corlier of Coumion anid Tiilnpiiiiiiiiin ici. tine 18i '_..':.ý'I. i 100 Ib. Li ),u llirw rloeivriglrilll on boild ohip Orleans. Engle, Ilighluciiiier, l'oker humry Andrew, French cil nodriGelic play icrlo; fack. (airmaiiiio IBocrds; Chiessmeun, 2 1-4 anib 2 3.1 ocl Ilii airdIhalll; U 1 1J.lldlI inch blaldo Movii Knirve; Leather uil oilher tracelling Drcesing Caeve; (fell, I'ccker, III,reiior n's, onl lbcullbiIIg Isiiiedibiiobile and11 sinlge blarrlledi Goone; (Giiii I iogi; Slih b eltis; IPorlder aindl Fildtl Flaks; D)rcii InMottle 1 and1 lrilnking Culpe; b11remliiioi Cope ond CIiai (fdiiilerii; Clotli, Bair, iloohll; andl Nalil IllrallrH: Orri s rand Chllorine ·rronh \V.nI oohl Powder;I'toili'iiii nil ShvinR g Sopireii grealtvI. piet; t lv flair IBraiil, Riicgilets anl Friceulie ; Pearl i'iiiibtPodr;Eeryi(lags; loiry'al'lCushiions: l'oIlt Slidesi or fhlrlrers; Ont c (AEIticii Seopeoderc; Poider niflo cndi l oi0e1 Gilt Chlaii, Seai l oand Kh ys lKiir-iioiji; hcinihiklee; racerlie; irledNrcekierie ,Iii 1lliiiiii G'ill iidlSiicireil (coili; indianiihriiil, It-Iiriicl lnd iceis Shelol T is; Side end Direliio C b111 ihbi lflbilll IIto Ithifooorer istok hanldci, lnhesk Ibiir aoeortiicni verrrcoiopleIeo niwllel l oII 110 'Oil iiiliberal 1t10n0, iii the sig of tlie Golenli Co l. i"'.-if 711 Chirtreutreet. fi.(Pill n llo~ ihicl idellllil ey t)nl i I S 111 1 & .111 W Ih'1, IE:, 7:) CaOT, Iait o 4, oldait the Coreiriil lojiitiuiiieidJII ose a ir icy 0111treet e lol.be1111 Iicol ifi dr low torei Leveo eet 11L 0 an ooo Iuc sleds. .'icc liol cc-alim , be bob Ii lie 1111 11010 icocie, Nio. ill C~illoiio c eit. Apply iii Julc ,11i1, lb C CA:M IACR &. ('o. IOPLAl ORKS:-Ziiclljl or le11er, fiiiom Prchiie, or Lelicre rom Riomeo. 'rie Child llo iiei'ig Blioki. I111n ltuiiioiil iii) 111111 Como1. wt lorto Reivel0d andl fiur dile by Alec ii It. july 3111 4 ('tollp *(nrel. ii i idiii lb.II1 OI'IliIl. liii )l111111( r(r1( 1' If . 't I· I IiVlllll, or ilaflb IX Io l( , Iil P1 I'lllytto II 11111-, in iii al l)Il.o I asirdl l e l lI"I new loka Ildy, tir ir Ill Iliy l je li II hu cleiiy '1'71:11(,14Ci iii l 'i ltU l u 1/ionshilt YIItr1· flr sale by. Sy 0 t( I l.ANtCIIAIt11 13 (;,rao or 111.1NI .11,I I'I'-:1u reds, 1'arre s(e 1 Alan i ll (l.lI 7:, llVnilll M ills, r , II'. t., )r r: I 1. I-ir A ( , I - I I 1 , -1re I,; u" e ,t . I iil t 'v v in t F iJtI . bY I1.(1)1{10 : '1, (I1l ll H \i(t.Olid- !ll)l ,z in Iti u , Ir sll-, Iv t.1;7 (l I I( 1 : I .I N w I ,e , .' l - lult." l l New I .e'v.-r lm lle " ,1) r ,.lli0ull i lll tilT. ,lil1 t il S1i Ir hio l, ito 1 l1FF- i n I al i, e . I I r ot . It l l I il 1" (il E1.\. 1 tl f, Il ol,,l,, ., ..i 0 h 11 i i I 7 I liA ,dr,. ~i lll ,iun itn,{, 10irll Ir li.. . tv j I E I2?-1 , h ll lrl·, I the II' n < rrrc Jtinl. LiPO a lipr r £lant (y 101 () 1].. . I ( _ I- ,NG 1:ii nDu t.,., inll , r lu y . I .11I ll - , . Nr w ize to er E .( r fODAC CO-0 l ox . For 'I' sll b ' J nl t,. 1'2t . 71 l''li c ,l i. i e h Ii .RI lI No 13, o, i 1 t ito.oti lll ~ rO t's Pl unoo ship. 1For tl. I ff UtL II f aa a la.10'-;A t 1 w .1 1 ro it 1I tiil aa Ii'a ?A /1,% 0 115I I PER ion e - i tfr litrr llre, hur olott itton h i , rlotlll l i i ttti hl 0ll , tl' ilil! " ilt h , r l I bT :lle ly 'l H T llUI , t Rll' ill'l h I. It. N il w clt I ttlvll I ( itlat lo .+( t ilt' ) ll tia Il otr uh, I Ct), Eli', i l tl. r, pnp r • f tr'i 9 t IrtJlp( , jus IIId I id It tCltottl ttl t Iii Ito,,l )r e, Ssulo u.molccm h I gl10 s .1 n orner $1,i toll F o u sn palr.ii' tth rttor of t rttll _it _ uill A CX tOp ora J'I.l' i A. iltor otrm "o uot , , 2 ' ( I It F til IlI - I'tIl, 1v,- - i . l -ý of tio'olF d u.ti o i eto i itxoito o too.l, b"'I - el. anvl t ot ltr o toe~k i , lit ot o o i t lh) , A'I;I . n.. I'1" .0- Ju it J Ii'l,,it l . of N *( IiiC ll GEORGE C. C.l-b-.S, ATTrroRNE AT LAW I n ILl.altcnd Ih. S oritt Corot, tlt- Mistric" S Courts, of Hlrridhurgoal crtne f the adjaOcent coAities--)flice at thll City of fIln'ton. (laimes on the gOverB ni1 eith ., lfor Bont3y ond or oney, willr I undertakBco auol proptly attendhd to eithor for non residentsor rresidrnts of 'rexa. Address frita the Uniled States--City ,f lafustor. to the coa e of r. ticker, jr. (Texan Pudt 'Olite \Ogel SNew OrlnOaar. . o n lIImWnn i) F LOUft-Iln brls lire Flour loooahr i t nl)tt0f, I1:ytI', .14New LeveeO A_ _l_-Ki0_ se i drical corder fUr Mile by G IoltlSElY, l0 4, New aIrev NEW- OIRfLEANS treans and Plateolt Bi.arutt lakry-lWaters and i ltliUo . n. lNo. 9e, .Moroau (Uear the 'olltchartraln Ral: R,lod.) !'PldtL and Navy Broad, Soda and Wineo Itacit, Sugar, IButtor, Midlord and VWator Craceors. All tio abve anrtielosaro wrarrantotdl to he-oftlho firs f quality, and to toop in any clioaio, being coapletoly kiln drioed. Alo,--Kiln dried corn meal.. Ordors left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagart. Jr. oouruar Maoazino and Poydras streots, will rccoiva prol0pt attoltioR. Small kegs pot up exprosloly for otinilvy as. - 51,ov 1 i: &- I.II'' V rl, , .{e ;'a. 11f fle. f, .. . SECON1D MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. W':ERE brought to tie pound of the 3d ward 2d Municipaliy the following stray .an. mals viz: A Gray pone) stud boreo about 12 hands high soar eye:s and i.l eye supposed to bo blind. A'bro.Rn horse poloy with a few gray haire on his face, fore flet black, about 13 hands high. A I rown mare mule striped on tho bronat and bLck from the collar and saddle a otrolk nacross both sholdurs and branded on the loft hind quarter, 13 hands high. A boy horse mule 4 legs black and stript on the brcas' supposed fron the collar, about 12 or 13 hands high. A sorrel horse blind ofthoright eye a small star on his Iface with collar and usddle marks 16 hand a high. Roan Marue ith white face 4 fetlocks white and part of the 2 hind legs, cuar on them from thesad In, hrandud C N on tlle right hinid quarter about 13 or 14 hands high. A Black horseo.ponny withlq small star on his fuac: branded on the right fore shoulder, blind of right eye and between 13 and 14 Iamnis high. The owners of said propertly will ploase call at the pound of the 3rd ward gnd Municipality eitu aRed the-corner of Robin and Annunciation street,. prove prop)0rty pay charges and take them away on or helore iSaturday the 24th August, 1839, when they wrill bu sold at auction by PG Ga .llotte, pub. lic auctioneer. J. L. WINTER, Now Orleans, Aug. 13 h, 1839. let Lieut. New Orleans, Aug. 13 It, 1839. let Lisut. TO'TIC'll-Wr taken up by Ihe Police of the and uI anicipality on bhe ith last : found inhtlporpee aion of a runawy Negro, fri, chitin gang of said Mn nici plity, A Jigt flay Ilorare abut fifteen hands higpb, Ino, hind leg+ wlhit, atnd blind of ana eye, slt aims C uarl lNa 73.1. T'Ihe owner is requested to come forward,prove proper ly, ps charlges, ant take Illelll away. iw atsOrh aal,JaIv 7t11, 1i39. IH.. . IIAIttIPI, Captain of the Watch. A VIS. Arretd par Ia Pulise, de la Seconde Muni. LI. cipalitles 9 courant, trouvo entre le s tnom d'un it.gro marron, qni a fui des forcate dudil fl. nticipalit uin cheval bayi e!aire quineo peasmen d haut, Ies dtlux jambsib de derribre blane, ot mante, anai qu'un charreltt No. 731. La proprietairo validrais prouver ia .propriit6 payer lee trais ot lea retirer. II S IIARPER, Capitainn do Watch. rt ll r brotught tio he Pound u' the 3d Ward,2d A large' bIown Iloree,nolut I.1 hands Iigh-no markL ThI ownair CI svll ri , rey pauwil ese cull router at tnl I'tund stilanl ld it Irta aoune, t w eel Heiel larid (;inl st prnow ro npr ne'l,pny rehuge ail eike hl'i minSltled bl .re 2 A SnItar, irlI 311 i ger ueild39 awhen '.wit ura' illthe nal eIithtila i i uillttitte pasb Iic altltiilelr+ J. S. HilAtRI R jy Il e H-,jsIIy 1 , Capiltai, e de Walch. EjI~ i IlEN: N I, pt . o, th -e P*oli o isnlosi t aleld in Silli grand Chtisil trutal 14 psaasre de haleiir, sais ltarn . lot Io :prprintaero vaud yeirs I fie arl re. rl allr ltl-'e l illo all ironwle,eletro t r /i a &Girrd IT dlit iter or I'. a tiiillile e seanatla e puebll se jy 25 II iS IIARPI'IR, Capitaite de WIlsh. S.y.l I'I . ghb t to the atli. t Prise ,, of thie b d .n* 1 1 nieimplitlf,t: dhwPttto Slaves, vi: . A IIl Ito II mtltsl IIdlll t iMoore itlot tIhirlty fto ir year if lits slln v li rt l oth n it, l er l, lirii. ' i A ne' irti a, ielll ' til,luta Ihati: ry yea ril o rge as In e b ritna rgst - Mr. Pepie. A islevsa, manied nonsae na about tweety fur vts 11o e I layl s I h ehln I. r TRt C Y Ir c'. - ,h, .i' slavs i will pitsu.e rll atl he pril. Iand t D RII. S I)ES POt i tll take Iha IIaIra yo.I, i it.'T1 l ' 0is of thee i '0 . NIr' (rii ,men, . Ai ;. la g,,.-;1.: i.s-..,-d e pla k m-- ln accorl ll 1I1I11 llli-r 1 a ll. L g latur. e. tple.rm. ed I rllr . l Ir I s: e i ulllt ll. I Ilar i, tu ilo e~, t edli<, nil ,i*ntt o itr l . ie i Isi s rre, cnt upp tilt o h lda int osans. I'll IIir,, ol~lni l Jl M J ll \, ug;: the S I ns, m. hreat ly vnllrttr h I t,s r.vlic, ar I.e- lproqi/'htlrl.7 d, dit .'i Inver. , snot pri('s de orirol Ir.. qr l tre tl hl dtie Iruil. II. C . iEARPRE, 115 its Ilulent Ia e Garede (ivke o#the ,'recul. lancranee Co n lishan of k , rasn No. 21 Cahrmp St. 'CAPITA I, a'113Fl,10. fly i. n :,ll:iil:ihi mlsll It l tie Chirsl r of erthl ipasny t om r++<',+ ll lllliu lls. jly ^7 l I. TRA ICY, Secy. BURIEAIfU DEN ASStlitNtIES I)ES P00M PI tEilE DE IA NNOIII, oRLEANS. IAIn'Ll fitso li t Ctra , NpLsr ('A PiTn I,, :fr. 0,GU. lar uit:ll' tlllltl on a t Chart', I t do so Citnapt. i catllrit Irta ,i l ti N r l;ratiltim s et di. I Ioue, l it sorn r Palltsrl cit avStir ats aplllli - eattinl. O. l: l. d II C' ll i, Scrlar e. S W. COLLEHNS ].]'.< Jla l2, lit, nitc, lh tll ,.O leaas. .rv, ~ ~ li It'i; .+t h l lP;1 h1ledll, lilltlv a , Isas ts t It'.. ,I,'.tN l s 11 :1l : nI , sd 1 lr lla rIsall 'Elt. larr ttlir nti I r e "ll ll o th e l 1rt' t of + U ,ll y .+" p al -sell `4 lW e re ora i, i t 'inil a ani o I' . )L it.i l aselkshtoamtin h la 'ii,,'~ It', SIllrhi ht ilI New Loes slItnule th r ln , lr- ill . Iof .tre . ul' s ls'r e l. clhln i lll ila I It2llllll 'lile r e c t(i'dl ,l,'lfi:r 1h, 15h I:l:dh'nil'i macilulrarour Ia: 'niiiln at is'yiia iean y rtia u e iacaig li. e.. :h 1 ds ::il . IP Or lst of ltetitlugtoi MP asIoen lL ear 'T II ilsts a listsi I I tll , sol tl ti i ne . i h1 nd, I -11 nilr Anilerslu I ! "dune' , City anr country" apers will eunlrialte a lorhs Itt asfvalnl object by givn teli oln.llsll iidrttstieL Lt iw i.titlois. F J()tIN.. & CO. Agen, sage. (iih-Ilt. t'Cr St Ci lth & Caomm1 nal 'll URItd':|;'S CI/11d ,1o l. ') ( tl 1040-for sai' ItS .lleA N I .ofI' , J & CO, augl--fnt cor. St ('hlarleGsl Coonat isi. (I UNlIY fAti/ .-1i ishales" l i,,lcl sillaru y ilig. lX is stolat tar sals I,y J 'I/l A YER & CO. l : 7,1 fI oydreis ut e . ,1(Iltl(ft();:M ('I 1)911C.IbUtf. DICTIONARY. 11 yal ib ihh aj:p, mv:t aH ploimietI, a r.w edi/the hlells l'linipistiai 'J Ac IIile , Enfiehlsll Riiest iatfl'ttlstihi:.b l!'ilkibi.sams f.titire c"l I ituiis ol t Ane ienot. |*].v p bi si. 4110-ll t , lll l3 l . vollhlm 0=, 6vi . 1tpthr os on pp, 'l a ' iola tines Pr,. VM'tel,usa n llit:ld, aceeinta of I gli/a.+h hi'sk., re riv' iholdl ti)r sib by Alex '1n)WAR1 49 Caipeet. E1e1 o itF:l'. l , iA,". h ,hll 1, rte Illo i apretl on, rl 1 . btyl llllt.l , t G I-ic l Obs S lep F:y, .t .14 New Laeer Ai I)--I 0 keits' lcstluRl i 'I, rla. l islaslel Ai J I7it i'terI'E. 4)Ic New Lee. tf11)AIU lt'AII' '1;\ 6 llkP-ii "'usL, pue raehby .j/ iiol "7 It I) laIRY, 44 Netw Levee sll i nl men: fSltO e. ' --(+; s llarr,:.o11(O anlr ill, 'ogle , f'crreru l),, ',It leaite, sail lqt Spring Pia.,, lllainvrrtd gras .- I/ll:ts line pros it baxse, LMd4& is l . .e or: -'e Ca L.rd Phl. Feltn &o. N ' i' b.rk Sluinneroa hIi" Na `4 C.irtetsre Su.el. HtuANtu (It ',tit lipa ifalln it, in sir ;l or sale ss J'1I'AVt l FiR&l t03. 71 Povdule tt (COT'TO-I C CIEIIiEA.. S as s/i. l' asnitrpe..ied ins. Non (itnsLiaa as alsh Qntilsý /rlft ("o/Pr' , rn l ie /r.ihalolCrseg :x'i'.-e, (Cor,'rs if (Oraeirr 5t.} ). 'tf T Rit U .i,t AQ+:CN I'itIN'rIlN ; OFFIC-,~ • aorner 3 o "P r.' and St Chlarles Sirite, 1pA le pr,*mpt/q .Ilt tll·d d , [ ll1FRCHAN'].'a as hane so I1ttsTta'cL Cales. tA nu sr.f'f- offttf finr Neslrllt opiec.r by as/IraN is Lt/ (itlilpttt Itsitn ,of TRU'E,: AlIfTIIICAN Piscawta ) U rt l l, S ait. Ch strice ltiuae, sujt aiag eke Rtiot tia hout.' a Co'a ofite;ravier strnet irs/lthe I'mie ip ti/rs te"p earaef 1',/drs and St. C/t rles a treai. TEl'W NPOVf',' -I"ticslei tooutl, a daeel in 2 aiop I Nislithah s p'khshy No. 14. Jark Sherpeed,

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