Newspaper of True American, September 7, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 7, 1839 Page 1
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P11CM 1.2' C1.ENT. N lD" Bi'.ANV, sATUROY XjuaM. SEPTE 1B 1 7, t -ý I - Tes of fli eeerSpcper Presn of Neil Orleai unuirnmsluh nagreed lo at all adiou1:.Pd mteetlig oIt rhe l'rnpriertre, hidhl on il.. Mllh or March, 11837. SuslcntrrtoOs.-l'welve o)lnlrs flr the dLily pn r annn.n paoyvable emlli-lntually in Idvlnce : tel dollar firn the triweekly country 1aper, lpayable 0nle ear in ntdvalce, whlre nto cItY r"rreene' i givel.- F ive dnllors fur lie Weekly; Invaole. it. nmlvcnce. No a ibscription will hae .liscontinled until arrearnge anre nettled. In cnae of li continlllnre, on. week's notice 4o wrilang ml. n on invariabhy given, previous to th airintioln of subscription. AOVcerllnto.--)IeO dollnr perr lurer for lhe firel anertion, nrod half thlt price fonr ealh Ioboeqilcrt ie: nl) materil nltermiuon fronl the original advertieinelcn will be lhnrgnd non new one. Yr.nat.y Anl.acTlnrsn.-Mercllantls and Tra ere, arty dollars fll Egioi alonc, nnll sixty for bolt Inn Itnmoi }llonko, Inurttoce Ofiers, 0l1l iothr sinliar puhlie mnlitotiono, fift' dldlnrs in renlirh only, nnd aighlt fir both tllynggrs; Shilp nod i.leirmln.t FPa era, Ar Colnioiniaio.t nelrchlL Mloiy dollrs ill Eniglislh "no, and eighly tor beth languoagca. MoARntaa.n, O)lt rlont Norcls, aod artierleo nll tng tile atie ltion of tile pt blir to arles on' proplrty, earda of .anseoeerc, &.. &e. will t. elCrEl ane dnllar pet for thel hr.t ilnsertion in emol Ian IConl.acr atr.s, rr Advcrtiemnlnt. of any person ral naure, whln admienihle. ,ot ll Ibe clrged double, and it-advane. A deduvtiln of tweuy e rent wil Ie mcde ton Auctionsers, .ilerlft, ItYinlero of Wiltl, nrd tarohnln fanm ale of real amlute. oplioired ill hboth I0fIwRlmC,' and 50 per oenlt. in lrogtloh alone: Ol pnr ret. on eale ar onthr phrolerty. Ablrelrtnv c t n:es anot of the direct lion of lInincso of tle anlveriinr, i.h itsr Ilegal, nacilon, noll plnnrt ran snle, ronnllnv ollyov, otrl itloiilnlll, 8ce. 4.c. will b charged Tfor ecptr.tely, .nd at the ordinary roes. An inertrsiTlE . Ioc nut leeilietll ito tetile, will be vlthlrihtde ionlhl, oond hled No ndvcrti.nmcin i nof hImlntlplcir will Ire ptlhlirhed a all acole, iele I paniillir previous tI insertio, uor paytent gllllrmlleored lt n rmeoritil.l prron inl tll. 'rll.alre and il other jilaco IoI o InoniRel iiti, ndverti.sin dail .o, the ae~nen to ibe c.lrged $t(I) I Lr Bng li t oJne, and $it t in bolli Inng nLere. Al nnliollllcitl"eotn of :orlrlliial, for politienl o.elIco will be oharoe d double the price nof lther adverline rrk n(r nno sin i rf we lo rracsoo rhti n c iitn hl n is hit a id within tIae moth fr n reno llc inolii laill i e ni Ilnill kno*t n (e. fo r no lora tir.anle to ea lclter- they oli - Catinn tllenlnro- lit eto i lverlife or lrln foe lch. del oi.i.oIoI ,olntnen ill e Ol ndeaInie P.nI;nIcot. 1nigned) J.1C. tIc: Sc. ttOMtl J. IIAtYON, J. i. PIIENI)It.WAST, Jr)IIN r;1IISON l.tMSI)IN. I't chiy Press -\Ve. hler underrigned, Tcree to aliide hy th. harie ndliliOtllon no tar no they are a plicnbl Into reaa he orpers." V p, (s ignnd) A it . A r t. E .NC1.7, a44$ Norultanrripitiion ore tken fi evrs Ihaon i iono.lith. ... .RROWGATWS SPRINGS TlIIREEs lnA Jf r.INEV F ltc).lv dNEil' ORLEA ,Vl. oltleF prolrietor ,I io.I e ailiohnl e nt o Ill on l ea roure ioft n ln iloni to hin b ri-nd llof th nhlie in genetal, st lie will':,' io r'nliolle mv thefire I . of Mla tI relcivc riilcer-. I ic wiill I.Io , c inIe for lhre oh nell? of those tl lh-ta'l.'e, liltha c'e lthere he ,l olr eapid priore fior m Nli ,, ~ Ih..:,l I i ie Ie l i .rte r ther nto ci k n t Ttlllll .l l i . ,lll I Nr r iolih.i r Ithc hereltof te. o lo t l it, n ,lll,' Ii ll llt'l I h'l lr. l"s'anilic cnn le noel .,,lllillll,'l ith 0 'ti ol il)o[i , cr hoire whi prlolor onol h I' lroe larg.- alie a e:noii'id frclm Ihe tunic buddig. lai of the rlinlerter ci itlr r,, lu it fis IIoerlly belirri loot hi-n r,i niiioiilecinii o|l ein i. ltiie Soth cr Sre leo . Itoe t.4 . - IhP boono nlll ieoUd or Waterine Illr Ie. will h,' fololu . t li. 't e leet ntoricl thtothlisioprt oIil iiicolclnT44oI .eio n rturlli.glil hisilednrtl ll.ll,+c folr thc nsri lilbeh l thie oolnilo ldoliiooo. rl o nlmrit li.arb l o .irln t lI' th, T.1l a7l.iair-,coon aol,ie v n,c (lie iPra ii nlidlt+roo ~o l, ,. n ill i I iII. h l c . li Jlc e io . o fire ei i.ý-lluui i~f ortc'lIe . i~i Ill'it . Iie. 'I., &llloll I. , i , , . p ,t ,, , +' ,! e n tic :, ,tl . t. niP re. l o' , noi , 'r, l ' .,y l ne ', Il I i li n ci i , . ,n i *, Ini, ,o i l,, c,., elte oi lo a li i it, ,pl ,nll ol i ,.', i oi ,dei e. Jr " . .. f ;+ a , '.. n_;; , ,.... .. r . ... n o d itc nnco.,n lond , l Io clrn riid ,oic ,t Iron In ic.i I""1nl. , 100 r l, It hr..b-ri ,ilt' o; c I+,I I oI t (IIotI ,p .lel, n .0r0,l .1 oi. e 1 'f -: hOliIaeri ra ir i l :.tio, bels ih c ,, ' , lll ike y o si.lrge oa plolf rrc grlhl and sia n F lo'11- 1 e't+ .*1111+" l ,e r-: t ra iitrap i, tnl rl,.lli welh; .-hillinhd ,,on,k inief, bhynd blc dles ni d i.ei ; S .ioi h ii lll e, 'brc wllld 'ice; A llo i hotlln i o "ev r lo.grin'tluir, yleatr,. brsy s si e eI ll., 0 , .?o , v,.r dlisen l ltoploin ltbedp lnrl celiiekaolin nlo r;d eor ev.ry i 13 lhCanlnt. 1ý I r Calnal St, 1 IR. Jill! 4444.45, t44 f 4444 44;Ii".il" tet o Ul f ne444. p4-4.1ire to rite treatm.44 n44 of euere4 4 444 .44444 ,441,11 it . d 4lf' . 4444G44?. Jh. J,,&44,, fr4444 n re4idkllce .,f ,,n..v yearsin 4114.· pull r in 444r4444.c, 4444444 4.o 414, "re'4444,44,n \l'I1P r.44 444444asr+,nnd fo.,,l 1,i4 4re444t 44444444444iv4 pr44444ice i44 that p44.1444444444444ch 1of 444 44444fr.4444444. 4444444444444 a 6444 4444444444 and 444444tu44444u4e to4 m4444h 4 4 as are (4 lllylr d 44444 4 444444 4444 0 u 444sa 1 vi4:-, ( 44n4rrhnr 4, i 4'ret$44,44'44.44, ('4.4,, 44.4, (4441.4, f'r to ll'nk e + .t ;" t n.41414444 44,41,1.1,4.4 4 e 4 /: 4in. 4444rrilo 1, 44.4.4-4i 444 li ll4d4 , i4, .ll4444.4 I1444444., L.444444im.u444 444. 45k44 04,,,, So. T444ro44t, Pa44i4444 i444.4 And4 4444e 44444444444 '4y444..44 1444 44144e,4 generall444 144411444( Recent r 44ga ' l red 4i444 tw 44 or 4444'44 .44" a +wih i 4 4444x.4 444.44' r i44444 er44 444444 f.4444. 11) 444'', Ginn i4 44,44,1,4, 4: of i 4444444 A 44r444.,4. 44, prr444 1'444·4( \ 44.4 tli')-r all 44 444 Ilaron I~nrry . , ~cl l~i~rnle l '14"ulr · lr- ;;rrli u mid w4)+ 3444eda4 4444ur44 ,t44.444en.l44444444' 444Pre 4h444ln4. .Sold b Iby 4r. J.4444'444n 44444i-44444i. 'I14444 4:4per-44e t4an444444 a44444444 tie 4444444 V44444 1444.44,4', an4 444l 44kin4 Ic. v.4,.,,4 , r r444',,44.' 44 14,44.4.. n n4lll *in444tar4t4eir 444 ur44444 ie' 4 . r 444 k` c4 17,4 be put u4.4 4 Methl written lir~·ctimm f,4( thetir IIt~e. (444ic4444peni .444 i44n 44h4444orn4.44g 4444t4 h t44444444a 1.445' 4444n 44j*444'4444.i " 4'4",)4.+- , I-4.*4' 44.,4n 4,44 444 .4.4. 4",d i hr Mien with .,ll4.4, ('tale 444p.44444444!(444 444,4rs i44 Ste privm~n and publlic 1"1a:"':' or nlllg 1lnl . el' RjriY ywirs, frr the· relltl"al of Ito fd1,winlidi ;~lces:. Lams'ifipp ity 1'lae'rny, D-tlti~ of ire Str)) 44l,44i44444n4444444i,4444'44444444444444 444 !44e 4. 4.4 4444 stti,.n l~ siscep lnr.Ine t init fe Iliiwei,, and i.+ al, ll~a eases wb -re LIreig""llil,, or a , 4(1414) lCv it ii fowl to 644444444 4444.444444 4444, 44+ li444 444t,4 r4444..,4444x 4 4h4444.4 axle 44.44.4til4.44'r'. th4e it .44,4 and114+1 444'44444 c 4444 rge4 4444.4.4 4444 4'144444lu 44, 4d f 4,e e444444o4f 444444444 i4, .44444444 444.11 444.." ly th 4444t il 44 v4ry Ir44444 m444 ,4444444C ielW444.444444..4k4e 444! 444444.44.f,, i44444444 441441441 n444 (t n444444 i4.., i ,, t e ,44j. , 14 , c4444! 1(1;4's+ 4 4 4 t'44444.4nd,4 andr it fr blllr: nrenrlva + the mall~st c Illliaflrd CLIIeR of I~v'ysprp~ia or Lllddclileuti nllll 11114414114 rattan at lly· future pelriod. Stn:-414l cannnqqlancrnfl ierdill a se lenmurylifeI% I 1.1,4 hero Irou14lted, nrr,' 4(r lc.-r, w~ith Ialieestion frr eon gear'; foIr the Iasi thlree !·rari 4441 suti~ijring have beenil~lll,r-1,portble I have tried arverrt pliy-iciaux, and a lit, twr(1IIf gaaek , IdiCiu~l , with wtl deriving allyY benefit. I despaired of ever olt4,ialinl 4(,,y permanent~l relief, and r,`1dcnrd Inmrlf a, the lit .4 hopeess d4{cai w4(+ pernd,·IIl by lastuy fr,oad4 toI trv Ahe nllslhr'e llyspepliec llliar. 1 hav e now 4n1441, 1 the Cffulltl( I fall. 61r. andl knowH not l alw to exlrrlevl 44444, ; liratilll of its wonderfu i virtlle* and thle lnratclc it'l it performeda~ in rlroria~ m " Ie thait I,,:;111I whichI~ I t nigh' 14- fn ever. tend "Mr, half a1F dozen bo tte1i. it f e ran eCI11· 1 uvrllhanks tier rile I-Ie·(iinl: you ave : n e red 1,y re.e Nurinlg Ilia to per kielt heldt I rema4in 44441444, rCOI) Y MONrOE. 11, 4 IIN "CrIterII . ivid ~flier. (',il·P I i444 eeordw e1' wnth a r 44,,44i444,l, 44 * Il444 o4 :44 ,4 l ..,ra44 l.., ", pau (444llth 4444 , 144 8. 44 f444 4 4 44 ie . 414-4 ir.. i 444444w faasalellg ALEX TlWA~A ll W.1 44 .44444t IlzE.1ORRIIOID.n 1IAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex traordinary chemical comm. cition, tile result of science. and the inventln e a elebrated nmlldil el nman, tlhe introdimm nm of which to the publlic was inverted .wit 'le solemnlty of a doeatlhmd bequestn lhas since gained a reputation unparallleled, fully sustaining tlhe correctness of tihe lameneted Dr (iridley's lIst confession, that " heo dared not die withtlot givillg to posterity thie eanelit of Ilis knowledge on this osujeet." and he tlhereforc baqueatlied to Ilim friend and attendant, Soiomon iays, the mecret of liis discovery. It in now uoed in tilhe principal hospitals, and the private practiie in our country, first nald most certainly fo the cure of the Piles, and so exten mevely anid hf 'tually as to bafti. credulity, unless where its efiem.s are witnessed Externlily in time following coimp!ainis: For Drompsy-Creating extraordinary abmnrptii at once. All Swullinig-Reducing theim in a few heour Rhllumatim--Aeute or Chronimec, giving qumice ease. Sore Throat-ly Cancers, Ulears or Colis. Croup nod Whooping Couglh-Extermally, and over the Clmest. All Braises, Sprains, and Buros-Caring in a few (iours. Sores and Uicers-Whether fron'l or long standing. and fever sores. Its operations opeon adults and children in redme ing rloumnlinv amwellings, and loosening coughs and tightness of tile clmest by relaxation of time parts, has been enrprising heynnd conception. Teim common remark of those who have used it in the Piles, is " It acts like a charm." THE PIL ES--The price, y1 in refunded to any person who will use a battle of lHay's Lminment for the Piles, and return tile empty mbttle withomt being cured. 'ThIloe are the pmitmive orders of the spelrietor to the Agentsl; and out of many lhou sands sold, not one has been ulnllcece'fil,. W 1 might insert cerm ficmaei t,1 .lly Inlnt'i, hliit premfer thatl llo'e wieo sell the artiie, should m., hmihit the original Io parchasei rs. CAUTION-Namn can hme gr'nlnine withimrmim pdn.did ,eiirvmvel wimappier, ne mw'iehle is my imamne. mad als.t lhlt of ltime Ag. ie. r-)Ii110MlN :IAY;.. Sidh wl;m,,msalo niid retail, by COlm'ST'Oi'h & Co, Ne.i' York, and by u.n I)ruggist Im every tolwn in thie t.lon. For 0male line IY i c \Vao!e,! A., ornrner of (onm.non &. 'T'cilnumltoulams trelet, amlli by the Apmthm e:riee genmmermalliv. _ le_ : ORRi S&imi III. N .Cm.N 3 .3c11 imo'n-o"m rEm i I " r'relIvllvng:l.r l penll ) fite- it"o l p. lldidi ,l s - sIltant l and t.shII ina le n,- stck f C~l Ilane llbe, h ive iirv r mhml h' d in IlI a Iiar ,ml ,, nslmiossig l , -art mit I1 h ll,, a. e l. r 1 o hlln , le o lark,,m I and ,,, ,Id n o'+v- tr",,c'i 1 1 I& ,-s e.,al;: i e nv.r, ill. at,' Mei, t n i lre 'k 'ru k i,, L ren i efi m, 't l,l h ,q.s. ,.'. r 'h lllle+ . -, |rel el h ell 111,d rlr. i:. k to r l v" -t ; ro,;t new rlam. , ,t elor l tl a;' ife ' , I r,'lo fi v ,a~:1 iv i p s i . a .. c mu1'1nen, iekI+I-w I ln m t m I. n . ,v"'l ~I ., ri~llllimmimmtlmm: I I' 1 'ii I 1I : * ( 1 mim llmm ir miml.m ii m l m l 1e- .""m .. .... 'e . .. ".. ...... . . . I rl e tte rI . . . . r " ,i i, I . .' - , h . , . r : S .r . -,i ],- " r, , , .I h . .;- fi w .,,, ~.. ...., e r , im , d r., , . .. . . .1 I, . .tm I.. .l ir 1 1 .c 1 1 a i h ,i, m i v m' r 111 Ki 1 .ir I .I hLady n L ne- uni tr i I, r m .i mmii c mlm.,+t,+ ,m ',, im ii .. ..m i rI ii ' i i ,m.. m Semmntm bmmha he' ti thl : . m i in m c e.,ll .tearn I a . l p l. I ll ll",, I jlel. , lllll m(.1'ih L. l (I n'nti(nl'C Cr Icost ;'I; ar,....,a,.',lps Jl\ - n ,lrlI' hllt l r-s rl l it , , ."r ie,'n, rIl r e a n 'h llll. f 11.l Slklel llibt , Il l 'mlmlmlml Imm i, i i ' ,il" m . mi i l 'mm lli'Ii I 'l l r'n io vrl o ini l l" , immimh " I, mh m' :Ill, iimm blmlri nl , mmrmm ,,m . i ,ioi e, , I, , (i I rn ci 1, alemiimm lmmm Iem ' 1 1 o Ilil , 1I m1 mlIi' I I.. il a rIlvn mm mmlrrlt rl,, iim he s. m l ,llaommm , mm a ( l lrhI'm ii I r s,'urlr t .lwl Ir I. , .r , ( ,,,.ar t, Irei ,,): t '.' mcmv er mcit i mim I mmmgmmmmmcmmkme liimmr mmco v ihnv mt m . v, . l man u ll, at nmri itmm.r, mim lllrm l 1i M,.I i 'm . lh,' v m,1t T. A hm - ie mlmnImtlmk ,hII , sm t.' ,I , cl , lim m .,m l mmlmm m I m v ",. i, i w1i m'l- a.,v .l ',mll' ,d mr m m , ' c r m ; tm m. m, v, m r . 1m . , .. Y, c, ;i1t;, I . em \I o vim , cavIve mmi ' ,te. ' e ' , co m o I lThe omm m tllc ld , (al alk rlhrm m ., h 1 mhi l . m . m ie. i ig maclve r omi'.immmimdt . iiii imei amm),lnm , t rim. mimitsllt c iel m m, t r ch m vtmis ci, . c li:m .i ' l a m i s mining amrlm v I cml " i a i .mm-m tmml i e mi mil Uhoricmimm S. C. and ctmm itvaumi ik mmkefsi bee lot" mvia M. isrls , c .lo r Ut, Nm ew lr lilm' l ,mc \7,w OlT, N"m . n rom) llaihtllgoi cee, FImh mor a ll.n , I i a ml lmi. imvii, t y Aumudma. A mimmclmcrtake.,, hi seat m t aMe t.ele.lty lty" ,lllart eltetinlilercltrl, a' 'Il lOW l c& I.Imt iig m ,la I llel, cmd o.n, ao Mc lmm g coi m ii ihmllmim l, Non Orl:eiso r ml wblemmie, mm1 ilme o arrival at At August a l i nl'o vln l ll km lllmlm c ll weath erI ll::e at ·lll. w stetl,1mmc mca iyllle' ll bomi i' l ' l m lom . IrilL, Noldll w Otri c i tem m obile, do ic:l c rllo kis eiil i thites moe. Them m .m.mimri avecoiummd til "|'a .ll t.e hi..tnld (hriversw me no t Sif ar d h o lilt outherr eolol 'sle loe'. l'he i o(th , hard, i o Irate l ral cI +tII Baga lli illl dd iLL . :I:SItIl te tarav lr t1'rt i ecrnllll t nitrew., edlnt sIi ll IA pl e i lgeasiret fle Bll. u. l ars try. lel will . tteo h ld (ha il C Pia 11itettl, S C.o4 1111 1 dI ; (1it l 'l i klw Inail 1 'IIi a lediverso. r lt . l Ne batik firtm |dew1 rlewa l t v ate lAN IImm i lmm sa- c III e i l m . ipost eondlc healv al two I.lmanlch1 Ilo.l Hwkie svill oachem. STOCK I'mm Nm & C.. mffic m at mmlmlhsm Memmoile l "miii..civ, New Ormlea .mo .lvm ile, 1vtc mile Algl l i i tiio "h inlllt mmmiu m I mmi mli lakin . Iv mi' cmines mr mh,..,i 7 giles per ho:r, ii*h, (;teorsia hive else ht~er rl el:lree: ,I l It !tl i kl{!.l'H (hlrll +"l'd'rrtllt , r thl l.iltr tllhtt l, . e Jlmm+,. .Lda ' +rol,,le+., or the W u... mi s Ilot.r,r I.Lrd Irllollglllllm. Sietches;,,f P, ulllirn ( ell'hrxrtr? vols. 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Iva -, .1 .,1 ~.n ~,r '". 1+."r1' . a , 1 and Ias e Ii :i.ta r II, a' . aI r Invite m.y e n-, II l IIe! Ii lIml. . . the ;lr wairrlni tit a ai.llL' IIII I el:'. I r :a.l Id arjllip..t ,)q r,1 ! , U,11) l11'lll " IvIr yll i. c YdvaI .aelu h Il any cialy III lh UIII nI. j . I; . A lIi d z .n eii entll itvIr. h I lle nni . b l ulh, Itl.lrl 32' t 36 , lll ,ls. A +a. , Iklrel II. while pn ItInlckIl. hi l'ov,". v rr i ,I. -I:.eP. v. IlL 1,"w.. FRANKLIN s'n j I) s M INFIR RL. I d'l' .m , abpb.llh . mhorit a 'eu, h r .lb.l'- I. t r. r r lIar' ; .3 blwl'a Fal'llily .a llditie At....,..rt...ean ttftonI ..'tsieejn t''nma I1tr-,duaan ai )h.ll' hvatIllnes 'I- lL 1 . l llnllllll Alb ,tl'tt {',Ilhu g (tliri ali i.n Slick'-¢,,m p.te **a..a,? v.olume I anallll h v lllm, l mel'riv. nln )rnvtenn, for fale at v9 Tallmllp l, byA tee y a AI-. t1r1.)att'.'Adrs. X. (. I a-.t.led Ir sa 7 du ~til all.el..tI · tGo i, lte r Ii)1 utlr 'e. r t et (e. O m9 I 3 From I.ieve L I An i E v' . Ii Y t ,Pilt ll% t IIP14ry. rl, te FraANehKLIN INFIBMARS37i - 1"1 il " li nl i re: eCl t iu.l tlllerllmed lust late inn S tuai, n in errel:lted ,i tile Imst i rllrvd plalln, p IIo llr a l l lln most IIll iiralll e staliuma n the lllllau . Vrnl'alin, upon the rail ad, one mdo Irlm she ,linet i te 1 I ilding i -large a . I molnn 'onur ,tioulydividee an, ,i apl'rellls ell-r .ept eprate dlfernt c laaae" 'I: e inlitutn ion is Puppli' I with tor, moat skiltln en laentlive lnire lltd tual nn sles1e andspakilng the ri lll$ l trl lnln I lll,.,es. I'rivualt nromnllna " L hadll v entdinten lat .yv doi nlmr pet day., inclutii, . a llledeh +, &'. 'e8rl-0 ill ti or- ulary wardal*,lo ,dollarr per di ilovva al... i w ...lldl .... aurual. ll... he ilraordhltlu xur-' , live doll..ra. All capital -ieeiisI l ll..eannal extra. I!.e 1 "idlltnt pIa, 11,a1 9 tier )1 PddeI naa.r wit, orh .;,lil, o llllur ,,r ianll vIII n must he ll lIl a..ur tn, )r. A' , . ., I' , \n . lS l .ta pan ýt*ret.. attdaa 1"r Xl l1i, iE o +n "Tit."unt at, ,t', I r . "e'- y r.t roTRUI c ICuIEs OF LIFE IS A111lA11' \ VEGETABLE E KNOW tlla Ihealth And the ability to I l or, iontllltlt .tt we; alth of thIe great 1 s, ",' Iiir p. ",ll thsh i, II ,h u t other coun j-, 1'o prt - trv,, upr. :r , l;tt 1 lth by ltit in i fnltil whlhel, r',q ircos tilt u lt l itc iltt Fhe utnprecetdente popularitly and ntvitro;tl 'p. rliprobalti, n which tills itldltoitin tt atchiel.vt d throllghl t the Oll lt d bState.., tI i Con ill 4'l'Te+xas, Mexico, and the West I din,i fully jusotty ltr. Peters' in warmly tiand cn.e C'OIltionly re3 O ln In dlhng them to tile special ~,lit e of tile alflltleId. Peters' Vegetahle I'I lt;,re v o sI t r nI at eft lec. l cal and economi:al rietmedy fto dftltstei of the ito11111 tli on ituit l , that hII ever hell dlisrovered. Dr. Petere, the nventllor this ilnvalulttb! nt di. oile, fromlll 'is k loulitde of tithe ltn ilt temn, lderive! from a lbog and ext'mesive prnatlioe, til arrived tl tothit conu 'itot , t'et the great ialt] prio mary causes of nllot. rtei, is n d"rPnemanlllt ill the lfiaetions of tho tivor, or ill otlher nords an o Ic ererlsd olr dllllished s.Otrem:n. "f CLIP bit. noe wltlt iy thist. ul,.di'rt od, . t it Is ernlntoi Ifr h l - *Ilh (, : tI r ,".', i lla lll l tIt tilti. tOa o,' hil, 1 I, "l " or.l 1n ol prcl so f I ti ou t lin its S uo'r uo rl,'roto. oo, tlo'ult"lj ist h otlte tlk i i. t IIo ITIc Ik 'i ~ .I l I l a l h li t' n l Iot l lo L l lll u" i,,,t I itc : t, i t lit:I.t I ti it ti Itoit p tpir v otx Ifret: ei , hi t lo to ,i tit . :o i j utthi l '!t.l o ci c o fo sttilt' oir P. iter, cs ttoii., ,I"t the 1I. 'lo lhto Gann t 'eotry. l t, o ,ilh,:, ,tl,t " It purity o of the tood if the lvaus of .ll sretat,"a' tu a groatt alhutrdiy. Evefry lc 'lo rcflecls on tilet subject a lnorltl, will perce'ive.hat nll'trity oftllt blood is a sPeonl. da y not a priary com'plaint--the ffet and not trle cause of'dltaes. \V en thle liatiolllftll liver ,Ire d.r.lnu.d, anld Ith flow otf bile ilncieeSd, it is oten taken Upll by the absor elt vessels and . ;arried iltn the cr lllltl , ..lld blcom es llillng ell wi II tie blolo, a. in j Itundo o, when to phtient shows it in !.is contelL.ce. No this impurity ui blood its l·uld by tilln mcretsed flut w of ." io, and to roneylly it, you tllll.l eorrect tile seerotion of the liv , andt restore It to a oahl y state. D)r. P.terl llas spent iuclllh illle in exAperfient ing with i tl',rellt v.'geahl at inled n n , file) dilleasle ofr ia ,v 'r; ald III to",l rs Ili- Vegetable PI , - tie+ lel,..l, ..f,+. ,n v .., l, alnd ch-le .a c t lted,. Dtr P ,. fl r tti. it Ott1 c o , u t t Io ,; r, .'r oloosltettr'l by :lti, , o o1,ttcIe"they olii t'l diecov ',r I'+ . n,l, 111 ', -iotiler t o to b, ll-,III th11 on r oot ,,f witootuL a t y to jit. btty dant iv'.-. O'. itl qroo tittc .dl-, v t t. .il, Is tiat i ', V y io .. i. I atl',vr.ilye ptriic pi toI o. oltil o twe i r e .r .i re l i., ,o r oper.ltiv qual c :,,. o illh t l'tt v o t nIi l, l. i they tie ro 'itA , andfllj htvels by p rgl l. lhuh lIPy rlgul.itle th.: I er. clng..ll Ithe Iriuld cllreti ns. trtngllIthieIls huI Idi estive orans, ltlrly file bloo1, i tllv orite tile trculation, all give tune and clort y tio Ib lier.. Voo g t iynLtllll. They nit mild nd pleasant in theIir olperation, a;Id ie ley alllmi'st immediate conliclion of their utility l'rne the fit:t done. They can w take'n withl si:hty by persons otally tgl ; and the feo.;e, the infirlt, the nervous, and t(Is deliclat, . e strengthene'l by their oper lion, beccause they clear the i lytem of ad ulllllmrs, qutt nlrv is irrlLa biltly, and illnvarialy produce soulrd health. ilThe Vegetable Pil a are a sure remety lor ctun. dihe, sick and nervous Ilheadachell dys epsia, contrl. nes=, sieknes, oftuel ttonaceh, oa.rtburn, ill Bilious conmplaints, tlvers of all kinds, and lf taken at .h co eclllllel nt will invriab!y check tihNwi pro., and save the palltnt Iy !in a protr+toted ulid da.oltirrlous sle·Lns. I'ey oae inv.hi, rlitle in nor oc cit e , ' t 'l ' ,into to wih I f ltlto 's .I o tc , a' io nub+j, ,t. 1'i~, y olirate n ii a mlllld alld speed purge n,-d r," L a aalat .,lid curt iu ts .tlll dy tfur w rlnus sin SII. lil hav. llltroducO yI I Veg . table PAlls to ithe lt;ilt lIn Iit. t I ,I I iv re e 'i c n l l c 'tllft ,:t at oft .ir it iupersr ,ialie y it cur:ng tl ens'. a so, many hlhttr+ rom respects, I"' pih t.+'lln, who have acd thle in their practice wit., the best I mIght pubhtsh a mall vihuan 6, cotifitctos but consid, r it. ullllece. ary, as the mledicil, v.,ill recollllell iltsell to nall who wi I make trial of I. T'ile above pill aro ill boxes, cuntaing 1Ii pill each. Prier, 50 cesll p r box, D)rllugg"it and countllry m,'rclantl cant be srup. ,pli,'d, at whole.. n or retail, at Dr Peterr' princi It I irc, lto . 65 Plydlas street, between .1agazine na'd Clllllp st. Nel Or!pILne ALSO Ihr .a.l by G. N. Morsison & Co, 1I Canal isr':,s : P P ||,alia, drulglnt l112 old Lever, latween toI. two mnorkets: Mr. IBrcnier, dIrugpi't, at the .t .hillllngl , maLrket : C J Trincenli, drug. g t, conilr.r (i" ( ICll ea& HBorhnn streets: G A 1'.,d t & (c, rlrn:tlsln, c.rller of Tchi upitul- - & Glrod ..rretl : J lRoase, drgglsl, lifayOet c:ity. ALLIGAI I)I LINE. Mobile to Augu.ta, via Florida. Leaves Mobil Tuesodays, Tiurs. days, and Saturdays, per the - splendid steamor Ciamplitni, (ex. cept in else of .t rmn,) to Pe sacola; thioce per Itealller Lo Roy to ii1 Grange, and thei co ftor hlorse post coaches, via Marian:. B tithridge, Pm. derton, Berrini, Outlaw'a. a d P. rry, to Mo.on, GI; thence via Milledgnville, alnd Sparta, to War. renlon, the ro per rail road cara to Aougu:ta. The Champeon Is in splendid order, with now e ,pper boil rs, e,,wererd antac ppor flstenecd. Tlih lte Roy hsl 1 eon tilnrl!'ghlv Iepaired, her acolnllodltilln, are a. !.aidst.i o ll I ai: hll T ,,t beat ifll Stlta Itioa ineInd. atid C io .end a ltachil- [ y ir t . t the, t.iuset iier-elr.g tetlli na. Vigalioni the I o I , - '-imi'g rat thie 0ti1t( irei perI le, Illand In.,ki. h TeoI.iare .1..rI.iioirtas.r , n acy r sute in the e tr try iie iver.r, to a, carethl atnd attlen The iridgte. iit'rtiofore di a-oro,,s have b" en new ly built, to lit h.,pi o ,ere di nirt itltoer co TIll 'oll g hIllllls- i.v Iv' , 1n otily Ce illged,. anid .,re Iow a glood IIs i iiV r d in tt iollth. I 1, gnoerarll known thir Ixle ac-d:llktine ait hrdnlls orf the rootds enailol t tii 1 als utt all sea sons to mlkoi great ,iped. TLheir oilIII. s r. clurlo lo te trarci or fromi the ordinary latigu ofi stige travellintg. 'The Lino is inow e erring its passengera from Augusta to Mbile in four days i a d t.vl ie hour , or to N w Orleans in tour dtay- and twenty hirs. going ito Augusta, the tleh is six days ind seven Ilors. 'ITll lone notillty employed inc travelling Is t ti1e itoe a. i tiei other dtrcetiona,' ut the dlffr,.ne of 'tilmo on tie . utt.,, is caused by a day iing list in Pins.ctni, wiich. ihowever, is (ell rep li by hlie ,p orlroty it gives of.tet g StheNNaey Y lrd, (te otd Spani*ll Firts, etc. Tile Itr.eol tr iloo t1 rlc at tMaon, isii agntin at toar toI l-, t. 'i' i, r.:ragel,, lltnt will t" tnl 111 the trav'. Ir'.. ,i e ti :tr , ien ti it will be tihe itlii Iren ' rlon .l. . i otI ,as it I o 1 tw I I t other -fir c , . Tr es A m ielonn:tlt ":"Ai.11(:" a F[ aln slat..t . of I' cl. i ,e eo ,:,l..ey r ov wih ell th Ilrol|rlietilr* gaurtea iri .c" i..a. geri ti!ii pen.ruity ol hals staiLre tar . Mr;1). Io lloIl ifi. n :to Ce l:tan iat tl.c Err hin..e Ilitel,tN t.w t:Iott',a1t at ail Mac0a :tn kirtlac, Fare throng from o ! le to Aug..ota, 347 50 Thle Ill: extentll, ii abr.lnc to Ia 'tllit;oeece. ht Chtlattaihlochllo, t linte etinects wil11 the sleamblat carryllg the mail tto npa nclhisla aill St. Joseph's. I'tleoe at the Maonei, House, aiob to. tml7 (1 I;OS'I' ICK, Agent, l'aobile. tIC ,-6" ht'-tti icet rice t , t l e fI I': -30sas A 'r'rie , 3,1 (i r vierot L IVE P- t\- KFll --I f envye7 ru, ,ir at - ttltt1 .tt1,,ia 'o ji11t--Ii- . ak- "t'hoctatn Lian laurndg Irco S hip l iterutviatto tireoti tIT.ia ap 19 Al\Jt J WH'ItIT\I;Y, 73'inl* s ( l .+ FI'NT-ld' msi and fl)of flor .loe Its - ai 'I I B:.II i".. 1- n 13.1 tim1 in, ( '~ l .~i .u f IM ."--t l i ,s A I' aillh I': . ".,, At"3 ;.. , '" to groat oleirltrv ot 1.'tli uri oticlled (tIn I postion , eslpl itlly il I'te Northerll Stiltc'. lear" the trottriehor b rut l tle ,~d I toE y ioy thiig in its ftlvor ; for it has beeo onerally eronocedtad to it, thot it i. h.'yoirl o ll oft coor, p.i , tht e hla t Ii rootomedy' tear ,'x ,,rot ,f com aot, hot t lhas ever ho+een diieto. v'rZl2. I'1ted to p'oll'ed tIL url:oty of it, ope. r:iti el it v. th,. app-.,r; . , oo ''' r ' re.a ; as o o c, rs, w uollds, corll' s I v, r soor., e;lc.ill.l'· i'', ootte wlo.. Iogit.Iol'. pi idso er ao ooipkooo bilto s -io&. ilnn0in. oiftlhtoy yiclt to rit a 'jiaretitly s oo iu on o i ii fla. .nce Thui o oi totrl aithed I i r t-ve •. ilovt!roto. c.lri', or Ibrelk ant , h lt . "' f ill T. I, ot,,yo, will alitoy anto oorht'olry coira.00 , 'e'r in oIo, weotko: aiid to ill oitt dotoeroItot c.iooc of wlil, s. illct og that t colln Ito lotlginolltd, hlto: bl.olll de.troy.,d toy t in oeo tioron two troii tle. l , ttie tote., of pi caiou toiles i vilicicy it s otruly ,urpriiolng , ill tvtl olltl l hlot fa rllotid dogIl, fr if atpioil t oI lime, its power oof atlrlotionI art 0I Woodrfoll tif l toy" will itt onco acront thtt' poison, nlld thui p llgl. vlllt it f i, eroior ding Iht yloolt. I1 it lIlo l·sl greotly oui'troi, too oly on Itcilt loeretoofore o sodo o'ooooI~rthfocoos bcts omo'ttoloiatbtioftiiorettio ,.iteri,l'l ri g wors~ll , e~hlspi'd Iq., llund in shlort th.r 00 Ii .u'ri, ! .It.o coi. at',., oiooy tilt to tie tot Ti rw i.prayr I,*r ,.., receive~d atle I-.t. a thousandil cortlioato't. and ot.r dacu-moalll-, Io o iv r ofha "o 'eiflo Oifotntii " owoaroto of a u'idrnid of walith werii writittoi to r fIp t .0I0 I(!,lllt!iLer Uf lI" Me,'dil.. F, -itcoy, a o 'otiiog hl iioi -ialgy ,rd u tss~liil Sot,. Pro nr. ltl, . 1 'io oerly talrit, Nolae Yolrk, ;;lid toor oilo at tot Povtolo io o!ra-t. 5.,w trhcloano. Cl1F. .'4. -.l(' I II1',-I.).: ;. I:(I I l ,it"+ ,"l. l ). s' t;IN Ft. H.llhtiN'S C'*m ,n. Itrtoi of ittuooiiloa oa 1parilh. --,c @tah se, mnt oto oi,., ctual oefm ly e'er di tll.e fo ti ilooi' " onoorrken o , o i ,.llictlures, \%+llWlhaes l:ii,, il, the lUlnek al,,l ,mus, rlupo,:, ocakthcoo. *atillvi,.,o, klioticn, r lalt, clllolOtl II too 'io ohlio. 00 00 poooiosseooiig the uitio u , tod :,'ctill cillt0 i tho iu ll o lw0 ole0 red to t0il0 iul0ie, h.. ,':." ieolp leor has I(ll Ioi reior io' I0 tImiooua r.coi n-t elul',+ n rclli ite, l rll ,llll ost 1 et'liil { otl of ht " I ,,t' o l'd I e0 l0 l a oi-Oll oill 000 hti'-h -ol 0ln 0il1 ' i tI tll etiillii iiai..,,,, ,+I i.a IIL·1I, .let.\lt-enesIseh !+dtllh lostl l~fll milch "f Ius clar+lle from thI ihlthkeh wh ,baiets htil. erlF0 Inlf.ciltl,el s+ heell dll tld in l th' iltmliltll o slllll tli gLe. Thilt lrooloilor l t oillie si of the l Italsl0l0 , onllclic irillg t ilatl oIore'l0llc0li0 litise o wodi til'tictI el h o h too morSle r'ocesll'r(h'd andII nmole usI'fully u·lShi.i iered dshnl in the prem:nl sllte. The a "ooo reed ce ot omoinesoit - l'toIooo-.oocofcii lroooitoIc'nco- L.; l' tlle i llent s ll itloe ill tlti' itlglleslt 'e i lle i llol taile most o ienrlitie anll learntl'od i othe p1o.loost iolo. lcoht tireg in tho .ile ollllilil of to is , rep. llltiot increasei tl , elenc't o ttli ' llloto 'r, Io'tO i.lilng n1 L optllliol L frilly lOllt oishioog, and oorioatsioogo the mooosol .;giiigi o xoi'ootaoiloUs: o. hllle aIIn b e ' lldl ith n r!' l most sminenll l hH i aslsllulPl nII .I -tulrgeoIti otlttirt pl-lllllolho ly etIo res toeoo ot I 'i. e-ll ao tr lil ill 'llvoir of oarnyorillr, whil' t its uOo e i Ith r'nliple l hIlllospiialsl atltL eiL d i iu tci i l tlinll ioi! h sllt too titl Il,, tootioololo ltl t oottIlo) oot- Int) o too ti nlsl,. +t.+ll e l'l+'l l Hlft.eti, .l l II ,., i slll~rll I1l' l l~ l(llit lllt 'lll illll il I toisi OIg oi'oi a ,hmto .hred si'h, oolo 'oI'Io . ftio I.g fit llot. |,ro iloturi l i.olt d o, the test ia i d oxperi ec f i tl ,.,,';Sl t a moooo othe ottlleolc o olho ' hilto ex'IoIPreo tdc , I i n + of i 00 otlrao'o iooi tetlonto ir e r i, hth ,r lhalt, ooy adooptig it foth io o hotir c,,liness :, . il.'l prteiice. Th hir" o1, erlvations w ill hC ,,herafti r.r Prepari· e IIr I) J II "T|horn, C'heniisi ti+' ltr ollrto 0l i iit ollo I' i l - ... .l l n .f ioo'.t oo1 i t'i'e a oot o Vs . 1 tt 't't goooo ttoerotno t'oocojt sh itopoo sai r eo nt :-1'h'.i ll i ll ; 11 001 1i ' l--'il OM. 11)li% TheI to i fial fill I 0a00l10. lllllol I 00 1ot aolil 0 00ll 10 i ii' I . art00,0ll lll( 10 000 . I I000 0 II. ill tSlol lill oae oh yttoroot abtoo ' too hoat to dof 0000 beitte1 ,r0n0~0oooiao i l hllo' Io ii the mo'ao'l Iooh,, lt, Ioofoi iP i I~ c llr~l l Iilllt' l. lilt : ++f il~ip Ile.+ nclalul, lr lhlll telI+:tI,.l l'o-l r-edi ,s otior tli.xrel ti, he oo hlioo , - o otfloto i', 0 hicht , tolml te lrieslr, I ctl n pl i vll er+ p r% loia mel, whilst it ho lle t inllot lll1te lhe !Iti lillry cte.asant ellela'. ual ,I lll ex.. perlieilcted frotll cognlilbl. romI G II Ila)a, t it tl. U I S, PhysiiC.ta rrto this i 1tioro to-taa lein r|atio' go-Co n t' | ' ll~ll . it ri 0100 t t le lrrtII ke ei loll Ila 0 a t 'lilt o oao test a ln g3i ta tih i:ll:lla b lleL'. p ri:,l . f r ipre .rLatomn wi11hig yoluteli suthess in so trill+, it al eall , rlewt;l'd llr v.e laho Ua e t - f itto otoroo'o-o i ii ng i t ' o suc' 0 t nto - Fl l \o' e h' tU o .oto r, I" t S, toirgeol llr G(i)'s It-. pital 't Io or otooo aooo'oo'oo i ito-to torl4ig oo uh e Iofoot to.' lj The nlform i uioiteitls t ic·o, o. o a tended ilh oPltatini.= :ili.ll~r hil, .t. dIl t.%il Iil.o tilt i l o itoIIoI toolrll oh t itha olll to Iflo knoW to lio e tro ly ' lo r . lenolo o I..o the suc0 e it r olo, l o ,'ll' d' l ' t ',o, n.i. tf s a flit'dil r-'lpo you f.r 30000 it1:,hltllitilll' ,r. l n , . "r-ta M11' A t uroin', Io it tPtifC S, tc. Ne. tlltololoog le ito oel too 0ll 0 000 E alo'elao ion oer-tr l sesof viohool·l i oionuil 'hlllf c 'lidf li lo hitholro botf ld tewr prescI· ·ri t in o iaeo'li oII oi , I O l ialt 000 rt~lo+ cIlart-t t'l'd llm .dtllilll 'rt'd h ln e.11 Ilillt Z ftlmtl sull'e i;d spetditcll'+ elll'e.ttl'lled Ibs i't, lit I fewl ihays I leel mysl .,.lht'l 'h housed mi.t<tie that I nolw iln nII pra., .ic- Iloth puooi ootd priv:o'e rtmoo metll and use iio oithtr.l t-''romi ti \V lhtoir, .I I), Phi3siciafo to Cit.' Ito tilt .t. The trio' t.t wh'eh i ctlo e tiivi'l 0 or me00i0e0 amonloo i, pt tl , oil ito iso.ri.,lt o tee . tlhus to, i!lln ce. e o o IlOer a v, ill it' uoe, &li i dt.e i ii to at t o eo at 'fo iio e a I of dtt' ito too a i ftoht tt iO moaihlt i co.n eioo aoilotion oooit" irto Frlom l C 'Fhonpon, .111 ) I .t L. loetooro riso 0000 siooeroothanks fto te r alu l-apf t . se oi t o ' C Oli . o.i'l to,' it c 'c of t,,oo inheO , Ot,. I tot l-t ot'' toot 3000 iurr t rhst bro'uoo toa, int o ictorottti~ foo'l.ovo'oofolooofo'oootnioo 111ot oogorfotliI., ita the medica wortlo-- tore, etleoooo amt ctteno.tul l. ito coleo l'the aboo e clasao to t Iarfrofie grgao pletoac' i, tohlishiig to the wootld the vatloo tle iUnalitietiot4' o00' Wtore it oocresosro, the propei-tor ocoul hf e fur1i000 00n00000 more lectiniooomuOlil ,gqaltly at eooo.oirotontrsno, th 0-,we O oui t asti that itt o totgr'oo acrnsiheoroo hfi o i & orpi ef lo a.llitctich othto toon co r, o illt oprooo". gOnotoocoooamcrbi'ofntoooo'oooacgowrragior notsaoloo ttooo'oto.'o,.i~hilla-ro'll,1., th.oe Itoo oolttooocoo=fl o l'l ootooo.~i+ alt ,othar't ihi ...i rI, 0ri tt. ornonm--potir op in oo--oh to totto i t wh it r e hto itoto., heihi haoth oaos , ll pteo 'rnt--to ontetot ilno,' woth ono reori-o-ti~orint ,ihi oor tonitihii'ot oo Iiti hot.ioocts Tr"' otvel oo'l a' otseitoll, woooild fot toi o hi t oii o,,,- hihlht olta ' it d 'roo ht ,, ev tot he tii p mlid,.d withl 1a ,rl'e+tr'=t ,ll wwi ng~+ + lt. lid Atootooe00 i t0 -to o dichlo' i. 'oml ou t1 l;n: too, of h' t li' of',o'o 00 a f ih,- disease, withiut i extra c angl , co!. t anl~il+...ll f, ll aN! sllunitl,. ,ir'cti+.ns. f'ooroot ha lK.:I' 'it C. . ico-'I t[ .,'l,. ..( l,+,.,,,l v al . r'. i.i". 'II fI le \ ! I - I. , I I.. tn', lpollbin t LIiutn Won ··lrctror Fr' lIci (ro ,u1 It' \' ·IL ILIIILI tILL!eam t11 ri ZIP in tIIrourllhl.tIiI - lt-il 'n rh, r errve I;rll'; c ~'- ti hr n c , I..k, hank 1· enl l n1"0'1 : i ",! l'...h .ri l ~nn tnt lW 'er it r- It lt' ilt-.' ,,ng n llh It I~ ~~~! ('LII!t" ý~ar P~ll~ 01r·r IlP)··(IIt'l\ Inlr IAil NOm l (riI' 1 L Ht SOnL"I,-ILL or lll m n ItIL 3. C. Wok r:: pl 11·lnnr It.nrnioli. TILL' I I,. i V -, L In Cr jvat 1'"'1 ILL. LII. f, tiem -. 111 \".' 17P ~ ~ ~ -0,.I',t . II E I I 0 3 tlll' Fr nrh to v-ie 1··d ta omit . --. n. Lk in. anlnul··i m"iat iespevlilnlly t Pnt l* !n Iii, f.-:en I h n lo¢d , :Irchlo P I n. , "tIlL' "' Iy11 rrcei la, it L n,"r ( l a-"nr'm11n .,f (11 (11 1((· r null ! 'l 01 h I - g 0. The I O la...,r roI·prti n aI Irrot Iz- P n.' r-t , 81H n 1h 1 It IIoI." 1'~r 0 11" 1R,+"'n1" .ole in , OIL .,n the In'l. L, yo rooL, ~II ton-,L In n ..v"'rI- pn nt rn' ont colrt I t! and I one! L o lC d Itt III iI :.t 1/1· r" 111111 * I''r. 1d 'ot nnI, S n rn r L Ln..n ni l in , l l * I1111 L . 0 1: lr. I . indILI. ' lrlt ,II Ilt.rl .-e s in" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ L - I . li an!t lIIt't 1.'I n. I r rr . I-. . n~. L . ... n ... ..-IL ... .t. Id rno .rnn,.. A- t. I ll.l w I In Ln L iLItIa~ f llI-t'.rltLr "(~ \r a har1 , n'! (1)111 r., ld enillllb (R F *l -~~'~rr ton N n 4L~1·~ I! n~!·o P4e Co-tool a it a ,. It- nr~LL andt I, I' a-LI' r 1.0 Id .,: n I I.. n.! f 3. i a It 11% ,Ii! n.I 4'Ir .11 t vlL..-' 10 LLI;I4 I -taL hr-1 " I. ' tt ,k In Lai ' I , 1nIi, r mILL il lllI'llIuLt o dII I, 14. s, `lo..ngiI-r"t.I.,trILL "'. ir ic epll Cr .1 iht . . L'L~t'nt-CIoLt';L -"o &'l'rh toI.'i,nII nooL 111h .,1n.' iIt, oI' viIIlr 011 1.1L tootk.,s.. tdjt* 11th, nIL' .aLn 'l~t~t - i It' uk,"~~ 't"'Woj! an. tar mle 1115 ~ ~ C,~ III~ ·LJ ;II llljd "I II 111 II I'i"5"glll. III.Ia.II5 I. I I·'l Ill· ·11111II IUlllil · AnIr. In'lr, Inalla l'~ I nt'I I~ipr il~. b.j'.. pa·I' · illl · 'lll.g ~ iu.S la l l 1IISISIII Ibl~l. · n.An' i, .5·· 111111r I'· ).11. III.11 11 r II''d 1III 1lr~ 1 ~lli. h 1151551 CA I I O 'li a I IlDjlil - '~ r 'Inll~ll l·lllllsS)· 1 11·11:l1. iiIIIC·Ij 5hlgbriblp aI..I,...ghOl a l.Ie .l1;·a I,· I.. ll- ~I. lI I .sdls 1 IVCllt. I II Iai-saslPn~adI -l. in.-l -asI'rll~l' 1. Aa..n.,,,)11)i..I lank l~ llC :r··1·1 1!1 IIPI InIS·li. h 1 n' III clngiISIl .Ia~l lnc I; ·in 1I1I ·· sI1 1 'Isi Sr~ 5.lnll abanallgll;r IIL. 1111J il~l~fl-nI-'~ 1 a Ih., lie *IAlc I' tn' 11 ,in' I ',lll ansit ·i 11 h.J( · I1II i l. I S'I1(1e;l lnlllai.lal.rikillr.its a·lacidrl.i~lT snIA.I. 1· 11(·· F .~lbs~bsl-iIarcxl (·llsF i..iO,,dtr~ s1.-. II III ll~ a g , -I Ithfll.SlealScrllcl515Ilnn .r Is~rrll lrr~l~lI 151E na'. S.II-Ina· sliCT . UI ·III Al I)IIII·I11ti 'I·:-i I 'I rn WV (G iCFE.\ri. lile Illr. · it rnn!nnri g to hi. le, gill l trmoght I~l ttl : rrllht nn n ixtcr a iii, rapper Itlato-~r Iltth"."n .uthrh ingC'u tri - nnd nr hu^_. c·tn hnt! uinn gI F·It tlnl ii,. a I ' ntrs !n,ner; oflltr. ,til It eanl~lr rerutlll for them in;I· it 1,w I, ir I In ll i II'll PIN Irr..! c c ¼' c. ' in Oi* I '7'"'~ ' ' ! r lrna 'Pr, lie . trt"" !"r+1 :,tn ·rr, t i·r u wil b ('I?!' ii & I 1Fitt 1, IC AI t' w ifl't'"'.21ii' Jiii I ll" * 'i'll I I.Ik ''' p li - t -I 1, n "i w t "".t `t _" ":. h eat ein I ',.ror i: iL P ti ' i."r I I( . ' tlU ..\t '.. .ta cd. ni. 4s :, 'lic= .'I (I~o t t iii f Jl I I *I . I~E--6 11 F.1 d1 \c-Wr I." lii 11411- :. i o gu r ,rrt·~ r +. i . i, i; ,t iii 24 ?? rior Weetlrr!; L'.CtF i ·· xa·· I 1 I +ýttli \1:,'S : [l: I.?i.\A4' 'r .r I c:n v~ ro* ta c . i riyt . .ln, i

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