Newspaper of True American, October 29, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 29, 1839 Page 4
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'We .N· eck .1 (II a saply of Cloth tjo'nt tt ountry ceo MEN'S 4,C ?#~A1flrY may;' Tlh ( ir aly'r: rlrlo. toke y 1 3il.laaa.unn'alruldiagCanaI oenrt. -' . ce L TRIACY, Mar liv 1839. ' rorontnrv. Mi' ol t Cu ,per fr Pale by 1111I . DEV E REUX rfl`' 2 Trclnpitoulas at CRAM1IN &aCOOPE ; O'ULERS IN PROVSIONS ANDI FRED, o'^ TI End12 Jula aistreet, Now Orleans. andVtnaily atom put op. mar 5 v Na.6Btojiar.. I Nn, 3, Ilianville sera,. IL JAM. CAINES, wouhl rrcpettfully ia yo Wn, baa frinada and the tublic that it ia coo. Is to rontt N~r. York aad. Bltono a ood * a utar, such a maahogany chairs. au 1. ttlo and painted ohairs, mnple nod u Oahofaay sad eoerry tablos of all tu borea., anioeta. secrotaryn, writiog i *op leo.. of mat ogany and cherry, wash l aSJjo. h lag , aoreathrr, bedding, &c. &c. trporotaro paOcked for trsporlautton with creat -ov13 r.A3UIOQ&*EL OLOTEIN. " TAYLOR & HADDEN,. e.. 114 Char s... Ceredu lII Vt a~.swcantamtjty i tfonr, arttcle pertatnias irgualsmqau'o dress, of the ltate style, at Nrw York N,&ITkýOGRMUMbO PRINTING " N'TA LISUIIIENT, J s3, 53, Magazine Street, ('ptliot Irinks' Arcade Wf'iLLI.]J.IU .f IREI'E, PROPRIETOR '~AK NO ENGRAVING #A~AUGUT BATOR & EDSON MW~,opsttrdohotffe in New tlrtroos. polsnoing Chi mloat ther la,,paria their p l a iat New Yajk, .w d s'plril ý dellrvidc cal plintillg Rnolk Notes. Bundy, Sill, of Excqnge, Certiliiratea nl' h~rpositr. Cherhiitd other Uportalltl, rrequlriagsrecuritt or biet; sddabarn ,,uundo tnmlt pit viiaon lur tifsk Bil Nate and Il, 'a'samn entlrust ,their o~ri~iens embrace the notes of 'narI. h d tam tailnstaluton, ead .all orderr will. be ureu~akwith p!rtn,lnlplsr, aodl 00 Ito sua tmon, Uf 'ear~!(OI I Canala stre. -BAZAAR. U~lSU di A~LLN, Nd. 3, LCICHANGE lorTEI,, ' ..eeors. of 3t ('4 IradlhJ ('aoon ate. "~PItftI'lt.NEW OtLK:ANS. ° tPOn TER3 P babpes in I-roach al,,I Engli-h IPorfuory1 Dleomag Casa aoll Iortalba Iteoks, vbs~ Reits; ierye' 0 5cc irt., Stock., Utmbrella,, Podi~a~ Fancy Articles. dli K. 015.r.U aol Zodiac tlouk togo:, fasnlub A TRIIER, 74 Grovier at SEL. , Ntq l6; Chanrres t, ho. thin day ra. esio aseev 4!Womrlrien of Watches, Jewelry, } at . Jthry will hestgcr. - EALERS IN &A1ltND.CAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, .f,. %o; 1\.3 G0RONDELET StaLE. af JOJB PRINTING. O IVERaasF DI.crATuoa, IPEEDILY.B AN SOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT TaE roFICE OP TIE Trige afmerie n, I'T. CHARLEta STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 APF'{_ " a t ter psap,, fo. o,,o by and 25 tles Jaockan fin 4.4 brown se.-ng-,naroin 0 d L n harteiugs, Iodinrg from slip Charle..on, for Pale by I IIRII)GE & Co, BACON--1COaks Fahn,. 10 do. Sides, end 15 do. Lo of Packet Slipe.-'lhis new line ofships has begn expresly built to run between tihe above porl, will be found of auitable draft of water: aecomliodationa for pansengers, end every effort will bd'nad e to give gonnral satiaaction, l'he h!at dheomposed of the I lancwing ships: " nerakoe, 415 tons Capt. J Iaiurding, Carolina, 400 do S Lamist, Charleston, 374 do D Etdridge, .htnljiana, 625 - do G Barker, • , do J ilowes, ,.t.d d do D lnHumphrey. T't.lro.s wl all new, of the first laess e Wf g ;ed eappered, commanded by men ofth-rx aseinc, bhaave largo accommodations, Separate ladies cabin; every attention will be put paseengers, and the very best of stores pro vdd. efor tilsm. !Pe packets will be towed up and down the Mil siotpppi, and the strictest punctuality observed In pthianepof sailing, and sihould tie regular vessela Iedetailasd in arriving, oteer slhips equally as good will in dil asses be aulstituted. A share of patron. age is solicited, aid the agents pledge themelvees te *eeomrnodate as such as practicable, to receive fd forward goods by smid line at tet most moder. ate lnarges, and to advlneo all expeonse on goods sh.pped, if requited. ale ehips wilr leave the lt and 16tb of every ma th. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERIhI'IT, 82 Conmmon t. N. B.--Advancemenata mads on eonsigsme;:ts to Mers. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov2? 1 tibROOFS--iTe V ausrcs be hoa;ve pocured s a great eslncee, the right of potting on iron roofs in this eily. They ere adapted to publc buildtngs, warehouses, and private dwellings, and eemlie at once cheapness and dursbility, and re perfeetly fire and water proof. Terms man Sknown, d adel . and a ilodelesee at eur establisltment, opposite St. .ls a ma skes,,T'herapitoulss at. ect2 E B COGSWELL & Co no~. t sS cn by ADAIS & WHITALL. 67 Grvierot"i LSltb JUUN, No 54 Conde street, between Domalnt and St Phnilip, keeps coasntoly ont ha nd an extensive ofboots sod brogans, atld slnoes, ofNw York manufacture, or men, wcomen and children a oall aees, which ho will dapoter of at very "amlltlies of is al qintneieC senda g ald n ~ r ro.r will tlrve tllir wishes atteld.ed to L SEtIOUR l11'El LEt i-..lrbla, l.ot lbs tacsh 40 ketg, a 0 Il ' 2H0 do 2ii " Enggli1 h d .e- r I-4 bbls. u4(H -a 11* iPtlit Brus*bs, ntriuu sizesl; I tie Veranii.,; Ista blaCopal Varnish; 2 " Japan I " Coach 20 packs Golmd Lea 50 do Silver do; Bint do Datel Mletal. WINIKDOW GLPAS,'Anmericne, Er¢liaib and French 10 hboxears, vanous sies and qualitlen. lostoa do.--O00 boxes,cuo.ignmeata, will be old lw. Al.. a general assortment of artiste' ecdours and cols, for isle by A W SCA'I ES, • NO 16 Canal street. PuB. Alabama notes taken at p r, and Mlisissiplpi - seM w!., receired at 10 per cent discoust for goods, orpli. tofdebts. joa I Iw J1 houned, is put up in bottles at the low price of hi) oeoMleth,'conaiting the strength of thraee ouncese of leielesorg, letsi-le tshe irtoes ,'t many other runts and ebebs kiiewn aotg thte lnndians as ellicacioun in curitg 'l talled e0Llces wihici has atte.ded the .s. of this iaesiabhlae Balsam wherevear it has been intr dno.e.Jnba obtained the confidenee and reennenda. as of raspsctable tdysiianys for ithe cre of coughs, eolde pin 01-tthe side, want f rest, spittlng or blood, Uhveenstplnlat &e. *To wltom ii nmay onscern. This is to eertify that we hLve inoer piaretice.freouetly prescribed lir Gaird ser's Ildin Biplanse of Ltverwo s',d Iloarhouand, with a dbiaidatld esaft: we canrdtteefae, frmn the know Id e n tihe, uatriala it ismieds fetee anud cbee"vsla stain iee..ce, recomtuenn, it as riu e ;s. - pnln~ratio. or -te" Ui~ctIont lof the 1un . Le 6 ri-r which it is re amende!. AI.BRP WII.I.IMS,5,l.). . CALVIN ELIIS I. 1). totbmes of tlb Boston Medical Aaoiaetioa. llsaosl OCtober 95. . laib JARVIS & ANDREWS, at- 19 " 'tinoniasl I'oliaeitllls ta '(IW i. 'Y;T. js-i- s ý1{ýTu-so-. ii reeisverd ta t, r ie ..*vby 'IIEKO11SE1N, uIIItWN & CO. __ .q ___"" No 9 C(.mti '. C)AL -'I ,,a eubhrrtbro have eonstantly ,In hand a ql. .aUpply of Caenel ad Livcerpsol coal. in bh ·t) t'npo" saperlit quatl.y, which they offer lot sl"j I.t'seI e.i' pntrslaa. ri. Ae,.&iSipelted by Ise Itat lrrivnl. fr-te log lnntirld (t, Nrtlh, Caunt.. Lehigh anti Pea,lI M l'ntleitt Gm , l. ,re krn smd a,:rrenred, put uo t it I.-;eoeu xlrewh l,,r Is.i taoal' uo- -all ,f wbieh ti etv Will tIeu.." .I at"1 tt,5 . l* Iit mo rsle lrllls . Ori-s elle o, a l .t'iMlleo. N. 53 Biet.eSr l L u tuila, will or It'lollptly a'treded to crt3 . & A SOUCLIE. imsta t chsr- 'w 0hi tiooopr, ard c[ edins gon linea, and" en rate,.a nd r a.n eia, from i'.iw'Y eo, a great variety at oads an. sir l c wr dleh rtowi tlar whtitr their fostel 1o.k aon' hnd, tkeet heir a.rentrveti erer- partle edia rublieeh ll d awo.ted eliatie grtrdia,eooutnon & Vtlab e r 1unet iders, loco, co and Luaifer inatehes, eidlii powdelrs, powder pouf and horse, toil powder, racket books and wallets, needle books, shell pearl, evry atd se onr.o eard cases, head ornaments, plain co rat beadeo teklaces anl negligees, bead cains, bead, slklbeesa, ct glass and ploin,seed,nilver erid giltbnada, nadinsa eads, bells anld tlumens pistol nrld large pow .ewrflssksleot belts, herse, telt. poeker and dueWling listols; double end single barrelled gens, Bowie knives, aced dirks, scissors, shearss,knive, uard chains, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, hai, tooth, nil,comb, rasmb. shoe, plate, leoor rnd dusting brushes, Colange, Florida, lavender, ruse a. d bay wautr,asso. td, and naucectle, Mocarsnr, herlr, antrque, and Ward's ev. getable hair oils, shaving and toilet roaps of all del. criptions, ladler' end getlenlrerns' desks and dressing eases, hair riegletsriettes nnd braids, plain, fancy and musical work boxlae, plain and gilt, fgured, coat and rest buttoas, pearl and ivory shirt do, shirt stndda, gold and silver pencil caaes, ootohlcerno and tweerers,plated and gilt lockets, einlature do, ilver, brass and steel tAimbles, hooks and eycs, eair pines, ilcitation fruit, hlk and rediok, shle blaking, violins and guitrse,ribbed and plain percenssion aples, lineo twice, reellted eust tens,gold and isiter lace sad frenge, R tter paper game bgs riding w'ps, walking acer, playngaeld, flue gold, plut assd dgilt jewellrv dre The asbove, toaether with a grelt variet of other arti les are offered at a Ihuleeale or retail oil aceun unodatiag N 6 Shell oleles rapairel mOYIE MAY, IlOuse, bigel, and leleelesll U iniste.s, Ne 3 Caroaelec street, two doorf trom anal stree'. Ilitations oalf ie following wooels anl .rbrhles,na ecuted in anmasterl) nisaeer. WOIAo ea a ILa ls. Mrle eye Eypt black anti gold, Ovk, ( an, e i d All nico, eollard do, (trirll.t or nvrd aIcltilec, .lurhedl to, Jasper, Ceerled Maple, I Iloel leteo, Blirds c .' di, blarby CGrlnite, Stilnl ee odo, Potolnn, thEir Vronel, Hove or Ithldlello, Yew Treeo I Italic,, WIdere. (trallcrl! ler Ilor a i ielllil led a r Ietellah los W oeod, i An eri tco (rery, Ash it'hhe uakb ke. k kc. C.arted ll m, Sperieinta to lie seen at tIes sdthel. oaints, oils, glass, npoar virlisn, te. otlhaII bred i lot sile. ml ItON, ý' EEl,& HEAVY tGOOJ)--llaI, sqaara nI nd teoe irone,.ell assorted. Iloop, sreell slid rod ireen, sail roils mlnd dloueh noultds Cost, (ieren ,h, nher, blisterldl, sll'ile, steet nied Crowley steel Hollow o'l'e, cut nd wrmhou ltail So t i spCikes 2ille, blobk eilc, mill anogrndt slolIeis, salt kettles Chaic cables, s aleiors, lies Ofi, log, 11 trace oloilts, ce'es mills Aeeils, vires, Halnllleers and betllows IVie. sle.ere, lig naet har lead; alsht Coall, .sl eookeoe sieves • Amts, eo'lello brad' elstod abn1er leles av shlovels Hook senl plcte Itinges, door encd window lookls Collie,, Ituntes, harps, and oltler os i l'ar'd ated Monilla nordage, lists and twioe 1Bolt rlid selte ti6g oppl'ers; Neev'al stores Ifalits, linseel nd a s "n oil A I'ull assaotelrcllt of lelrdwnre# stld slkip ehalldlery, I!way soil hand, e ill whllch are lelltel' fer sll at whale elas or irtail, te thle sllc la ,coe blllc tellles, Iby rcci. IAY't'e k Co. 53 011 ILevee. iUllElt' CI.ANNION, SoUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1': C(alcp street. Wholes )eale r in Paints, Oil, Varnishles, Brushes, n3It Windeew cand Picetre (ilers &i. &e. L OAF SUGAB--variuso qualities, rontleller v ice store and forsaleby SHALL 4. llItEVNE, mar '9 914 Mgazhine at FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBIA SOXT " GOOD IPII, ENo. 6, Charlre. lslees, Octe Doer Ibelcew Iienville. H AVE conslaolly on hbud every article apllertarin. icg to gentllenuen's dress, ilads in tie beet tlal. ser and rost fasllionable style, which they offer fo, caslh, at relduced pricesa. deed--1tiS38 D)EAFNESS. A NEW articleforerasous troubled withl deafness, (called tile Ear Trruanlet,) has laust been received, by tile tle of whicell, lte sli.test articulation of thle hla. alan voice is disencluv conveyed to tile oar. Any oucs who Ilas ever leen oellhge to cOllverse withl a very den terson, must ee fully seleilelo i llthe difficulty anrd e barrnssment experienced boUtl v themselves and the in divduals so unfortunatoe ly afflited. Bl the e u oft I V o Ear T"rumrpet. tils objection is ectirel, e ovintele. tie teest sesplieal have nla evs a nndoleedl'tleer deubts ef- o, having usedtlea Truulpeet. For sale at 'I' F GUON'S, Fancy store. corner orf Cesommon ano St Charles streets UCder ilr Excllange liotel. feb t B.4ILJ. FOR THE TEETII. r I[I1 E eatblished reputation and euntar.ltlv Incresn;o, T dellid for this enljrlil remedy ol'lain, ad lprr servative of thet teeth, lia induc edthe aubscriber offer it to the Amlerican pullic.. rrAlllemllelll tiay been made to su.p v l, .,ots in all the printilpl ciic nlnd townl in the Unilted Sllols so as to place it ithi the reach of those sttfering ald likely to suffer this mos tneeitlng of all oche, /'otbh-aehe. When applied ateorditg to direetiongiven on bottle, it hos never failed to otnd imotediate a od aonelt relief. It also arret.s the decay at dfta.tiv teeth, and relieves that eoreness wthich no freqlellat renders a strong tooth uselets The apliiation tdll remedy are simp:i, innocent, an not unpleasant; and the large number ofipersons in different sections of th country, that have alrrady experienced such deliphtfu and salutary eflaott hrom tihe uso of the oUnlm, are ieady to tear (far the public goodi their teatlonyv to its utt rivalled qtmlittes. It is an Indian remedy, obtained singularly a und unexpeetedly,and mat be regarled by the civilized world as tihe nmat valuable discovery rodman of tile woods. I'ria $1 i tr bottle. Sold by JARVIS & ANDRFWS. mr 5 Cr Common andi Tehanitoula s tes. (1 OILN MILLS-- Orders received for corn mills, by J apll7 SIIALL & BRIOWN, 96 Magazine a R ULED LIE'TTIIt PAPER-Just received a few 1 eases of blue and white wove ruled Letter Papor some very low pricd.ti fir sale hby DAVID FELT & Co. N Y S:atlioner' Hall, junea 15 24 Chartres JARVIS & ANDRE WS, WIIOLESAI.E AND RETAII. DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS dAjD IV'IXYDOV GLdASS, ctorner of Common and Tchoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANS. NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIDREWS. A large upply a Garden Seeds. aarranted the growth of 1837. ANDREW PMITII & CO., respectfully inform their friends and the publie in coneral, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tcltoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, kettles, and ptmnps, tin bath. ing tube, and toil cane, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass casting done at slhortest notice. Grato Iars of every dercription, stich as steam. boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bolts, and othor kind ofateamboat work, such as chimneys, breech. ae, steam pipes. 'rhey will also do all kinds of out door work, such as zinc., copper and tin roofing and guttering, &e. They hborve and all other kinds of work in their lioe tof business, they will execute at the shortes t notice. dee97 NEW -i.T11 .I.TN -its+1'-L, PAss CtIITnltsrt., Itall. iMl lS well tnost wuateriua plure is Ieos opel ,lr th, JL easlon, inder thell ee nm eullerhttendece ut 1IMr. JItr Mlel)onnell. 'll, esttl Iiljentea, ha. hbee nary eonsiderably improved byr andditional buldings Diiang room, ball rtoom, billiard rea, n;ne. pin alleys, stobles, andl balllig hotse. tireat exerotiOns irie badlt nlade to render tle pllacn rnlffrtnble t elll e all o Ieat resort. ITh re re fifty five rumll)lll fo.,llilies, and c,,n Iveninl out houtes t rrs llgr d l'r eglegle. gentieeon. Ii:e sail, and fillilg heats arc prvidl, d and ll elegant hbad of liusi fIr cotillion parties, & etxeiurnis in lie gulf. That ptar of it .laics lies iane liitelV its front of th e hotel is iod c loked hi sevenrl boesirlu 'in slands IoIt oithin a ftw Ihoursa roii, emore whlich am Cat Irllnd, Ship Islalsdl, Hllrn Ilan,l,anrt the tT:Indalaurs, A I.etter Iag ie kept at tile ar of tithe Excang io aeI,N.tO. whieh, a ill receive saily sltret,,,. .McDONNEI L &, VAT'EI.IdAN, june11 oExlchange H el. NEWV IlAyUS il1t4ll'; Alh-lS. -l mIIE say eh er have jest received er shi r Chatrle. tfra i Ilavr o nld alTr l.tI rall ita bluutili ll arlo meetl of 'inno,,f tes.aoneioting ill --I'inniaoe, I'iaol.s of ltolewond, Cnra.lan e n richllnahogatly oned. lorizeonlt I Punos ofrhte lilteet rosoout ld nldaho gjny. te:ni nprihrt Pianoftlt, ltee d do. ID"'l'hese illtrur.emst rn all manufoe tred hby tlhe celebrated Intelste 'I I'Lr.EI, & CIo. of Poris, ill ciOl. tai lI I octaves, ert of o mot superior f ieh and sc iltotd exl reahl for us bI aleerr PIlriel t Kilbrennor. which fact ftanleave notLing tos desire iu regard to the beoaty of their tone. Tit,,,otlanoures lid professor of music are rcspec.l fully invited to tall atid exanilion the semi uptight pianos nhiell are entirely a new artiele. E JOIINS & (C, St. Charleas et, JI opposite tle Veremaalt &. Exchange hotel 5) :FRIttEltATlol & WAkrElt JARS-6 san Ilganlv refriteratore, 2 painted do, G 14 gallus w ter jars ; " ignliln li ill stoira. for sale Iv ,"3 _ 3 &. J I' Wi'I'TaEY, 73"Csmp ot I 11.01 tIth&d I)-1st tohi.,luaodltlg ften steambiloat SItudrlp. For sale by A. TllER may 28 34 Gitavln. st j ht atd UBee, fr sale by (i I))IISEY, j., te'i _ 41 New Levee - NOVE'L itt 2vols. by Harriet harti tou 2 Algc lResearcher, cotpri-in_' ioqtirles concern. ing the mantal chrauteritio. oftie Norti, Ame,,rican hldiatls, first series; Indian tales and Lgends, Iy IlHenry Rtae Sctnlcraft, arttlto ,frracels tote a.Lt cea oI tle lishiacirpi, La kic. Alsoe, a new sunply of tevoans' Travels jp Egypa Araba Pa'ute, &c. Mebobo!h time Woanderer; Evisa,o by Miss orneg Ernest Mhsltravers Alice ILdy of Lyons ; ILrmle ; Cricltnoa ,lioc Sler ,oud' Workos &ee e. ,jusl reseived pnd or aale I,v LEXC . 'I't IWAIa, jtutel ' 14 tItlllp e NEW OR.U14& |AILTIMORE LIN OF ' . . ..... rACKE'T'S. Thia lineo will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly flir the tinra lto via: Ship Seaman, Capt. Minor, Bark Mary, Niekerson, t Irad Ferry, now " Stevens, * Solomon altlus, *. Lotlhan, Brig Architect, ' Gray. These vessels are of tie first class, have hand. some furnished s.commodaliosre, and are of a light draft of water, so as to adroit of their receiving and diselhrging their cargoes in Baltimolre, at the city. Freight will be taken for peorts on tihe Chesapeaklre or James' River, and fbrwarded by tire agenlts, Messrs. CLAIRKE & KELL tGG, at Baltimore: expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when required. Tie price of passage is fied at $60, anple stores of tl. b at qtality will be provided. Stearn up and down tie Mississippi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Hienvil'e at. IOir NEW YOtRK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] 'Till ' Sripa crtrprirr g this line will sail from Nowrv Orleans rand New York on every oteer M o day--comuencing on tire 40thl November--and to insure tire punctuonhty in the tile ofsailing, tihe line will hereafter consrit offive ships, viz: Ship Yzoon, Crlaptairn 'rask, to leave on tire 20th November. Ship Louiovile, Captain Parrer, to leaver on the 4th Decerlhrer. Ship Ilutasville, Captarin Eldridge, to leave on tile 18th December, Ship Vtcksbllrg, 'Caplrain W1aoodi ouse, to ave eron tire 1st Jorarrrry. Ship Nlisi sipi, Caiptain Davis, to leave oa tihe 15tti rf January. Tire above are all new, of tile first class, copper do and copper faitrlenrd, and upwards of 5!1)0 tens burthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly lir lire trade. The price of passage is fixed at 1110 dllorb: tlheir eabirrs are litred up in tile most improved and crnvrvrieit plan, and finuished in a neat ani elegant style Ample stores ofthe first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the e,mfort n1d entire satisfactian of lasrseners, wrir will plcse take no lien that no berti can be secured rntil paid ;fr at tile olFce tof trhe cronsirecs. These vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in tile trade, erwho will give every at tenrlioi ald exert themselves to acrleereli; t. 't'lrr will it all limes be lorrd li anid doren tihe Missis. sippi by astoabrtors, rnd tile strictest punctuality observed it; the tion of sailing. The owners of these shiR s will not be responsi. blo filr ally luter, parcel or Iackage, serrt Iby or Ilr ol board ol'thirmi, nrrle a regur r bill of adring he sigircd therelor, at lire corlilg Ihouso ofe the agelnt or owi.rers. Feor frthler partieuhirra cpply tl JD EIN & A COIIEN, llnov7 _O CnIIomonl St A I" tOR.IAt .I ý& Cil A liESrI fN C'ACICE'I'S This lile conslsl of hltr ve e el., all o flip first cerse, ecpprrel aridr'eopr fret. a red, rid of aiu lor'2r0 "l Iurthen, with hands oll ne l c llr odatins r fre pr ssrengers. T'l'rsee vessls re lllllnllldd Ib). cprains r el experienced il Ithe Ircdc, Who will give every at telltion,and exert thenlse ves to arcln hrn fativ rho shippere. T'lher will iorrrd rip inil d'rwern ti e Mississippi, and Ireve Now Orirans "o or ieiorve the 101h and ]Sti of erry mrn ih. 'The foilowring. vesseis error orho- lirne vi, : ilri Arnlrianll,Chrarles G, rdon, master. Brit C .aplan,J. ,. 'fThompson, master. Brig Alellrna, J. D,ane, rmastr. Bric trger Williams, J. Allihers, caster. Fiir ratghe r pavsae, ciply tr J. A. l'ARELLI &C.o, 6l Crllrrlon r t. New Orleansc r,r r 1. t.Al't.'l' II'TEIgARY SCti)OLCilAf'T's trdid ar T lero c I.rlerrri.2 vs 3 linA i'llrr ineo a's lierirrbrrr, r m;ee never, i n. vols rra'iCirroerrri rrnrer The Croppr, !,y the O'llrna Family loek t ieirhs Death, ncod tearrieges Dr. Bird; Rohm Ieirrr vtor'es and crpil l Jur fome r tie cr r nre Aut re grcar abi e ptain hliis city , as stated iIl u xed KJ irfiN Co :. cornerrl St Charnies eL Conuaur T his mrlldicin is ION llly rcomlnld, 1 d a.hs Abeen ertnive l i usc il t abovile diseases wih t'iOý tI'UND 'TONiC MIX'I'Utt'.--A speede sJ and eertigu in cre frcc tire rove rir cnd Agoe, remittent and irrtermilrert fverst preparer Preri the oreiae l recipe. iucwed to ofTL en t ai n t ulbi vereae success ro 1832, by persons eo the highesrt Irespecabilit irr this city, as ste ated it al ariexed utrifiate r t e of o outry. It is This ndici p is ing great virtueo, aend d, and ise nbeeing a tcivre, used in the abostve diseaes tage uof th distinguished It iso , that t diaire proibeor f theo resos of ipe wes b een induced o r it tlre punab. liake itr it re isepun fority. i rengroen that it rgesty ive more mens oe or eving obstinatey of thoses, two are sueto rieg under tihe scorg of ouvery bottletry. ts beenis a nredicioe prssessing great virtue, and when oisti taken cording co tewth t directions onasever faild of ot cffecting a erfec in tcure of t obstinatfeve stage of the disorder It ies nt all diNewgr Olea, ard erson of the weaket somachil drug and cildre loray take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organser o Binlles an Cpeit, ared sld requirest. more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is nciher rnercury nor Foarsenic in trie t Agedicine nor any thing ijuriouso tje5 tle hman constitution The proprietors are so well convinced of' its efticacy, thut t hey agree to refund the price of every bottle which has hcen taken in aecuadanee. with the directions and hae tot effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, bole agent for New Orleanr, at his wholesale nrt retail drug and medeiie store, corner of ilncyrlie and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apirie to je5 '". W. S._fI'i'tt, 48 Conti ot. PENSACOL,A IMANSION :lOUSE NEW' CITY, PENSACO(LA. TI IHE eobscriierh.itl,' Iurt.bhaed the ltere ind Ft t niturett thiti well kntown tastitabli-i ea., front Ifii Taylor, the late proprietor, will Ibe renady to receive i. tera by the 1et I' April next. Nitlueroua udlon costlv ilron letents wilt be found iht tile rerangements ul IlltDnill e uls. i n ,ew tIold more colodioas btathiag houses will Ibt built, aun warmt b-tit- will be provlded at all hours. A rtaike Swill be ttabcdu to hll Ilmltse. willb glo accorutllhed. tins fair horses ald carriges. w ii tl rate bursas and carriages will also be kept fior hire at nul elnte ;,rice., tll ,tl atlnd row Ilsi, with pelsoln to nthlaone hlen) for tll use of vilntere. Itiltiardn and ltibel roandOuslrh tuesally fua Iat it ateriug placesa, a ill nlal be furishd, nod ,reonlducted as .ol to itlntrfere tiltlto cita lilr aid quiet oftthe tboardeor. T'le intn etlll liqllters at i be of the be ist lllaiv, and to enMoire all alpply ol iet., it arbtelbs anirre o wtlytenodr il, nwltjtcn ill arite about tlle It aI 1tyI A11i Frederick Ilaalard, s nho for erly kpept so powdef r a hnteltt \X'.++hi ,gton city, will condact IAim Ito ef for tke proprisetor, aho, .ilth suh-h aid,nontidently assures thet aeeh.ra l. st latvur, alld tIlie i'rhel getalrol vy, tat thilly aill reta cisu at'e poisible .tttia; attd thIrlby expsect° to gi le genur al .ti- llctiilu . Tie local adv7tntage of tit hostar tn elreto known to n eta d a hlgnt. cued tie-eri lictt I:,e. T'i facts tliat I' t- i 1stite argest v tati f tile t.uvarllnlttl te eirnelula rendezt,ln of ttllte ;ultsrluad., ron thle taial ,'vitt clinmatte rel.itexd constan tly i u ting the atllllllr nlollt a lby the coolest I reenans tout riee Cull, tile htttuta of tihe bav and thi neigkhboerinj Sitland- and ritr; ithe abttlltno;e and dleicucy of thi fiO hitbl wbich the watters ahttnd; ntoitd illi; t oiity t:l lire heat uutherait b tllllnrketo, .vj Penaneolt In e iret-. Sferenr over all tlher plilce in tlhese latitudes, at bent lby anl dcli::hlfal sunuerretr. IlM.Elate bIiats nillrt Iretteeatleo eo'ocola aId Mo-I bdile, Ind a;'; at aitlill! &Le to a ta the Ita lp .an.teero Sfrot Ill,: .te" Or!eenn bouts. N i ARNiOLD. Pl'enco!at, I', t lt Nh,tI8:.. llr nltttie Wnen n'tiog to engrpe coroa for tbeii' fetteilhe, hontt aiddres ito prprir, t l'at sucolt or Mr Sewell T ' 'avlrr, e titaener pr ii utoe al, ;iae.v ur. Ieansti!. " " Ref,.r.etas. T Sanfordl, Flsq, iir t(iCoiitht, rI McliAlili, Erq., it. ibb it Mt h ;it te; S Tuttlur, P 1' lia, Esq, i. Net. Otica P ht--.Itltt, he, to receive clnlltun:ntiti tietI ft ipereon titt in ,b.e hotel, i, pilaced at te \bhlitllllt'u i tl fice, , St ('hSiilea Ixltttllge. t'I.OuIIDA [letiTtI :i(IR NI'VW YiORiK. 017' Tira.lers desiraius of takiil Ib Italor, a rouce via I'etllllcul,tn ile Nuortbare intfr:lld tllt l irst ' Ittt buasts will ColIst.ttiV, rull trot. itlhilea tI Ten-atnca,I leavilltg hile alld t leaiiacola ntervt'r lther tn nicrr ite lat of "lav. (ttd sttges will ahtay ltr p.ttvtiel ,, i tilte stir;t r to be in rndudhlenas to take Ilasultgrre ir,t i Mobile, it casne of the failure of the bhtnt N II AtaNOLD. Tae semllloat Critnpion leal:s Mobile ror i'ena enla twirce wrpk hb ':I I v . EANI MIARI IFARINA'S COLOGNE WATER tll tacIotts rof this aliperior Cologtte water, just r.'triald andttiir site hy tle dozen or singIsy bolttl.. Also A:lnelieato ttid l'enell Itilet piwders, pOwder r ulfa and bnxcasel shavin" slnd toilet sloalpS, cOvll efle wavl builll, milk of roneP, causatic l oll crvaun, extrae o utlSk, kaphallt, tolrd's vegelable hair oil, pottluttln, retltle dt ptrar, Florida, lavendar, rose and bay waters, I'roy t:,'o nilta, Marseilles perfuamery it tnrunk. veete u.' ite r id liquid, (Chleitln and Orris toote was, I, clotihtaie, tuoth, nail atd taleh bruthes; tgethler witlb al adlitional supply of fuashionable h,,r,, atd stll I raotb tand jewelry,forsale luw at wholesale or r tail' by SIMMONS, HARTI &CO, july 6 70 Chartres street. " drills, latdinlg front thip Char.lutlll, fr sale Iy a10 I t(ItI)tftE c CoI WotA. IIATS. it anoon- lk tbaea aslabita Wo I Illatv.fer a!e JMiN Ii GIAIIl.M. . sit If Roygjl ol-i e of bPhyteftui, L.ssi I lHE OrigannlVegetallle lgleisn Univerl ldi I itle, I,relaredly W ty2 riini, Esq tlenler eof SIoal oollege of Sueriseno l iio t ite pol e cary'stompany, 'eluhe oe lteColt ot a Sonety,.i eon to uile lloy t Un.ion I'essinsll Atilsiotion, Laipnsrel Plare, Waterdtoo Iridlge, alsd uPerl~eial Pulil of Guy' asnl St. 'Ihonss's lluosislal, otylon. T'his nllutllr e mcdicine, the result of twenty years' exopriulee I owl utswrlllttrl success in the extensive and highly resleestuble imrctice of the propriety. plurtm ised hy the tilnlty nitd obtuilict, l t is llow introitues to time lultie of thle American public, at the emrnest so lioitatio sf a lllonnuber ol'ntlemero of lntg sll llight atsleli.g in thie rofension. It is hoill, as a aglillll n r) l tellI, t check the evils inst fatal e oseliuences tlluusiug tislti tilhe s ofl the ulllerus lll a leutlelteous olfsttuluius Itisttesl fth w the pnblic by the niut f oslricatei iroofsnefmhacuur olusorss nird other frmtula, bya et of Iulelrtiilry, tui Irinelplu.l preterders, so toally ignouelsnt el medicul suience, that it imtpossilule tloe Suounstriut Ilu iculllue an auy lolngr e o down withl the ioutlltigenl peolle ol'thlls eouullulty. Ti'sce pills, nuill sndt nglrUlell in their lstllue, tluldd be lept in every fhilly in clasle olfnlllldel illuess, for, by I rel tlulmpt llu o iiliu str'tion, • -hletn, Kclyma, !asams, toi" ", anull other snalatitug eulutililus, wlhich l ue o fiurt lror uitlial, Io. be spllueli Ir elurclu'ou.reuutcul. In t'1, aill tlaoel wlat YvIItIegr.l l Seollh, sholdl neuerl b wUhnt iluo the . i'they l resoul' hi Flertst at 5 renalt, $1 nd $. astrlh b) evrve'ilroer aihle u's1ggiu, Il lel , lr nd vendor Of ruerliiiV hu . i ti United l.rluIti I' I tu Cnuos:lllss whitlh ool.uius llueutiulls, tIogeILer wuithl rstiuunil of pirufesiuli il bilit' fIruli the follu hig euuilnt ges.lelcuif Sir Astlev .inlsr, J Aclu'ttlhv, ,buhes tllundttl, 1. I)., . illck, NI. li., u; Aston iKey, A. . nituon s|n. lolesuit auslerotl (utiters. Th'lbe osri"iu.Is ocuy hr teon it poeusison sllstht (;elrenll Agelu , by clus u tilten musulielli is iaulorted ilti tills alunltly, llid to wclunu all npplicautiosll foragetluiet must be mIllle. JNO. IIOI.IIEJIN, 1'29 ) nerlly Place, N. York, Sole ;cnties:tlt Agrell for the United States, ..¢s. For sale s :iioleinttelut of tie originil plropriertor ly .aluts & I 'itrunI, Ilheggitls, No ItI Ui l solreret (lIetIuru Agentli .it' Stll itf Iollnisalln. jeitv8 [ I3tiIA" I1t .l'l". Si co, Nut J h'Itpzilae tureelt, tu 31 rss'u rcciviuug feust ltip Nuislhville, Lulisrille Kl'latiu Ealgle, sit, other ulate nnrvll. irain uhlit u-l l.eer cuiuiu' :, Ilsge nsid nuu w eleltel ussoltlllrtru tr it4 Boots, shoes uanl Bbroganss, Esillai ig ollle.ule. n'cl, tlloe eslf and orl ololaso bh Io Sd luality; do buultl, iud itst wlx peuedl hout ls o ecillsu qll:dlitis; nolets'e fllot cEall sea uul n suod 'iceu rn1. 'is .ttil' blsoglnrs, bleckskiull slos, bromusr an ll'prlus: mn lstto llu call' sd kipillpel peggeu sooes 'Ull Ilu' 'lui; iio Iholms; lo sliull kil oul sax ieggeld shotu! lt'l uIlutittltS' gsullrltrltuaentbusuatuoliuy etllaslewell shots Itit "ctll" llalt Jitll IlOwnligl,,l; don illY and n \lOi.O,( Iu lileu a stu ndi Jllt hrollttSui; ,lo c allfln est f I n lIlOlliS o u hlean shot's ttand tiei't s, do alfu c ll a'si setu wnGJs. I ai ritisi ttucl ! d ale h'll', n ratl, an ticleutu t rw eoutg itu Ilns', misurcs':uI ctillret's pegged al ul acuwe, bhtglltIta, t.tu l llltl Osh ,Pi ujc lig t utuil ,,d khi,, . Al.s, i geneedl assortment of men.s ofst wr ' ms n It irugtI tttttl ·l sl tt ttill o. I gculhlr with I ltt (4i1 I. i, Ig haust uasliv t 'itll hr eltt begans, thailed it iI Ilutm, made lex,-esslt for plnttiouiu e t e 's a gts od st . o fumiuibr of n lie eca t siosut hksiti nstututt' Igutnsl ry ssel and warx hr: tanrs. h.' rall stea :nd S(l ut Irather Ioottes,; le Itru lla sho tol .11 khnds nud nli( eiIts do lastin.g hrogIt iltlon t1 galhe,. o and setu d tlohtuut'ttr. Missrs' lsthgsprin s ., o III-gls Childe.'scolored belovc o altl llastig byeoN pu. tst:md aols, uce. hL kli Ulusia luhort Iltttppt d lhats, i new uartitle. ot'lu hs' hn ;e size hills oft Iliferenlt qualities; dho Ehihlrdr'r . tl|l'ntandt b,)'s black aldl dlub wool hlats of vrliutltuls uIn pe., with gceneu slssorlullluuct ofu bous' .tud illelnit u l lpnlcketslrnu m tie auote tiuellcd cities, all otf which gilolbu sillull uaneo'nnlalullI utetils, nluit I-1' NO MERCURYi" NOR COPAIIVA New rle:,ns, Nov.14t 117. .i 1OL'Tr six inoh'lt ago I hdltl lhe iaisfnltuulle ll toget to s-uutu b isettc , tlu r lusict I uttve 'u pp'liutd to stveu ial dctors folur a cure alnd tlt di, a ot e te Ine. se Il ow on lhe above date I ,ut mteb l undler th du te w of Du l oc Iluet, mlad Iexpe . hii llfu cure me1., Since Itat time ilhe dip.ra, wot wguorse, scnes tt reak out ct large u cers to Ihe u Illnb l tutf six or e tght on eu It legc, nud all ovf . ,iy ,uch , anol nIse throsut, atwld o it able to work c t he preent time. o, accoutmt (uf the diseasei 'leer oi the right side ofr the tlhrlat. 1 sl tie.v puihing iusc ele .olfil.rltly underth,. Bnre of )r. Iluel, ,i" Paris toI) te lrl tctl i cured J(OHe N l)uI.N. stldteeoeserl cluucdi ttrteusruc 1tholk Cr. Ilut; aII noreover | abssrrI . lito, . tf Ceo ti etlte htiott l t loltll Ito olIt il n lltt nl, iid nIo t t re II llolle n t io ll anel nlap ly io l Ir A. t IIJu '.. 8 ; C al -lnrtl, belwtYI'l·n ])Vulhil+j.· aud llourl~lll, Itr. illut io tltl 'ot o fronl .tt' o n'ch k,1 3t, Itiilll 4tl 3|. I 'sh will fhtd n tl i dottr ftor t i nihlol iJ t )i l N I) Ii ': A ,( , i r avic r st r e e tII" oth tt waolts tl see Iri, cll nt Nv.s l I;lNI. c Ntto Otolttot,.. tlttol. ivi. ,i w tlrlrnn-. tO b tI. T,:lt. O 1 , ~(J'1>FUtlllelhltl FROM) STI:REGTY'!Pi l~l LS, ' oot Ossnto '00 o onagsy'ft'o'o'r .. ' . r . o.ti o dil ot to, Is" ItO*++I'I.I·IT3". 'I'klJ.·I:S O1+ Ih·'iRRi'IT: IIll h(Il·hI T, lII(Ie'C· t h:l(ll or hi!II Il',f 1tooI Io t ttlt l ,, t , I 'I roes to it tue wiho ntetn ono sle u olose et inthootok toit itoo 'oa lth ifllootw cl'.I at (littlot ltt lt o !iltt S t n tt tto i· t.i'tbo Cootoioits I, oIT altitl c llottoo votheo to'hh; ry t I r , h ium porte ht in0 0 , toiego t . sch ibtetrn I froto ott] natholtro , in o ~ttvlat io'tttheidottoot th ook hlrtns enpsll s acr e ii h s t til -,e .e to a e tC1 d tl:l Se fiveli ve; vool¢l l jot oot ti l t , latto i i nst hc ft ot itt itilohjt inott the oiolh tot .gl wm.<Is: o etile tll h t ioisln llect oi l ett I tilot s'lt e, is a itt ot.,lse alot, tth gi hs l kt, Itoh ooo- i ts oio o ofot is kot liote cullln llers s tle da ll c, , . -, h It ren ttto of l too ot tot] tol fito tiollrs, nain ttot olio oll t'riicel, lld il lreoll ti e wte sr ll e lit f o o t i ti ore tfiftit.ottitio.o, a " + o'lttoseoi ,i , t . ..e toftoc .otktog;fi thl~ttyOll tllt~s ll~~inal llliell it nll~se br. evid cl I evenl to thle s.keIlr,+ (eq-+eclally- oi+ thlu ,e~sn l of lie Ile lll of prroof nc tilo nt e.oe) tltr t tofe lk ItlN s lo e tit ill metienillly hl~alible. .lid h en fi l aliolt oft IIlie o' 'itr I'rl+nzillm of(~ two h1nvh·etl .l~ll flt't ilolhurr, is nnwv oelll. cd t'on. tihe dutccrtinnl o vio"on erro o otlt t cent in thr so'yell or fiot ellitioo . ai tel ol o oe t oii t ott ti Il4'foooo tol. fite Inlpl'lt+|i'lmnlll .l+i fll o tlhe lalnit ceror !ihicfl h.' fhit~ Ipl~hlicaliti~, hi thle )ell 180'.L o)te oto thlo o ost holr s;ioll hotI f l olti og of sthe llsllo is illIh til 1rllm~netl~l~ nt D(' tie Thl.a m ld A no inta, whichl is eitotitit n rofoltt lle ottoeo rtosoottit loo w i the st elt oftht side tooit it toex, eltlioitl oie Exellt s oi l, tho ooioh t linll se aith ohi ellt er i nt:el t e oi i oott oud to tiet eottl+t itt ebetral kbnsollest, toloiio iih oli ooIo ofo.o.lp t i o toefitlool a eootiilitoje i o i es, tlteoll o th ot in Ih o est ioa tio nl onof melihrie nlo~i Fom eteltl1 a~d pt'actrealbusl liess nlell and.l l~llllic ofli~ e's whlo hae hl~llaetl'nt~itllse - o thte wsot k, itte llt Ittols en listisuisolloti yttg o Iolot iabit titellat tl, to tts tlg" r p i e" At coslo t iteriil tie inlallllllillV of thle nleliot l otiginally t.telttll itt C~rmlarSiill 1le Iol'ki, tlud lile eX1·(lill'lllT lt ,) i llrnlap l( altt eOt ltolhe esmiualttokttttltne l testk ftevt l- edllll it tltl t t'ge otntiotgtn0...owiott, tttcltott Ott i S lttetritt t sI,(+l~o lv,. e,/IISid..TIII., in s116( 1 hu~ 1,0,iti. ........... 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II L.ell ~uinbp of !.'¢nll h~i,, .Old i ici I sou ht ; till sm l.\1e In I .Pol ,2 I tt .C tell~ ~~ ~~~~~(1·1 Imrcrasv 11eC\ i1Olf,'++,. le nhlI~l~tlylli rtgooulolounloet o lll' wuh II y ...liloltollootlI oopvktooll'oo ir Oltl" ttollbo, oti l f otittokleh toi'ooo.v sI s. I./ Ih I ully loti'; . ,lt r i'v lot m . ,, c~ih,,~ .'xl~~i OttL 00 t aOd" ottt ' olooof lotoot' shool , it Hl.(ILI th;ltohllll ito w~l~tl relly .v. I tlr Icrlt trial t+,++ alll. w ore th l oloth t h ) ,.o t'looio sic tltrfi o' oIloriiCloto btlllll.+ i~l l'lPt~ '1 llilllllrl llS II rIPHl ) iii I· om e l~lil otlso o'Rnhlo"tnol t elto, ItIteel ntslielt tlt tnltt'etotitollottl) rOItt ot i ho1 s ito o" f l.oo of sjoi al sur t~lt),rel- iully wh Ii ill+ h t; e l l i ) Anlltlt eia s lr~l ol I Io flh i htmkl b31"i ils ik i(Llt illn'e -r t bd i d h uul ,lm hoo ks, 0001Ist n tots ' hoiil e,. ootottloottl'ltill 0h00e, oti'lo tilte .tt¢.ioo, ploiois, illtolist botl 00ll t ll oto, too il tooncoliolgtotitilott, otltoito n ttltc t itt fosootliotoi'i. I eo o llt .t et ' Ito loofotI svloofoo ot ooIr. too 0ctr ott, sns' dear of ,Y oeo, s uo. ! rloolsto, llah o. SOtll s oo okrlolocl sa, s llouoihslet ise ihis i ltoso r lt es t oh "11ilt ilrktllt'to en s loutl t i et I 0 t otoe nrste Itotltooell ttttttso, ohh Iotloel ttsoo. e xtosiorlo tin otiltotex sly tustltotl,-tiuit tIresoyor i osU .ots fi tol ilstois eito ll. toloelttisbnoloon o a ksoo it lottor 5ttttootllo lt tttots , aoeosilos sits )ooooutit), e nrus I5i'l ittsI8ot, olloItoiooot ooostto. niptol' 76(Ki00i'tsltitlsil til g ohllih ly toots itos tll ot-i solsoohoss fios or tiib foclslothst lliliotioslt of ilre, toil, osst isosilicr. nth e rtofolos dise o'tholosi til lti noll s lo tiserolnth oorllst golsrosihe othll'sne tIlotls fuf ¢Onllo-ou so t IUof tl 'orol o o sl i llilsos Is ' tse. F.lsliehytlss .n ritntiol loly. o',wlblos 1o Uoflohed SI lar. ASlElNc NA'I ere' ElScIEA illdlhltS.t 55n eectollh etnolloales of Pltel s li.i .nd hot Piosofe Col o hete alls 00100il-0 h iOOSSIP&o.S (lh tieteotll. t~ tr~al lula of YI u Ia v o Saw Ill Il hlarl, bcshlc S . THE'LORIDA LNE 'I From Mobile to Augasta,Get. :leaves Mobile every day at itreer o'dloek. p m:per U S'nltl boat far hlll' j.sndm nbovk Bidely,--thence four ipost coaches to Pensae.a-ii -thencc siteambota to Lnegrnce,' here the land reute isresumed-thence t via Marinnnn and ItBrownsville, Fla. Bninbtidge, Pinderto n, Ilowkinaville. Saunderaville & Lonis. villa ti Auguare, Ga, connecting regularly with t the rail road cars to Charleston, and the steamr ctacket' tio Now York, Norfolk, Phil idelphia, etc. ''se steaml boats are the best for the service, nnd the navigation presents more advantages than cani tie found upon any itramboat route ill the south. ern regiotn. 'The great improvements in the route have been produced by theconsttruetion of lifty miles of new rladl, y thlie proprietors, viz : from l IGronoe on L[afavette lavou, an arm of Santa Ross Boty, to Bryntc's Ferry, on the Clhathochee river, ten ill a ahov rhe Ctiwlird, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, wietleby ihe navtigation ol lie river, and the cone esruentlll detentlionsta, and moire recently ile inclln vctiert croissing at the Cowford, are entirely avoided, and a fine road from Marianna direct to Bninbridge, instead of the roundahout road via Chntlnhotiehee. lesseningl thedisannce about forty mitiles, and ic:rtasing the facilittes more than once allday Altt. r. ornch line of two horse stager every other dy lim kitnavdtlle, via Perry ot Macon, (; rit, iueCCIin with thie line to Savanniah and Darien, Gen., A llttl atea.motat ilies regularly between Bainbidgue and Apalachicola. Travellers wishing to reach ally point on Cl.attaloorheo or Apalach' colo, can take stroelcboat nt lBrwnsville. Mobilo it Pennsacla-l and Roule-D-)uring tihe time occupocd by tile relpalrs it brarts, the lroprle. tore of the Florida Ihne will ull a line of Iour iorse post coaches every other day between Muo hi le and Pensacoln. Posseneers will leave Mohile at 3 o'clock . p m, in Ite U S mail boat, land proceed iit llil's L.ld. in, whllere a tour horse ench woill Ic ito waitling iI elnvey tle to Ite excellent hoiseof alMr. Chllrtier Hall, I I 4 mile distant, where they will lind pleasantl nccotrlllodationr for the ilight-lceavingi next morning, they will arrive in Pensacola early in he evcening, thus avoiding tlhe discomflort of llihli tr hvellin e i. Oiliesl t t, ie Mansion House, Molile, nndCod. lins' Hotel, I'ensaeoln, where seas musti be eeo u re. ST'OCT'ON & C,'. niv I Iatino ,orle lstlruclton. )Williain SmtIh tenders hiis ervices to the cili, zcna ol New' Orlea.ns as i teacher of hre pian, forte. Mir S having beeun mtployd several yeari as t eracher oft musice in private Ianulies to B osrn, antld lo,, r t several of lefeeonle es.inare tnr its vi hllr\, canlnll t bul lhone It) meril lhelireOlllid nl(e. ilIe ts irermird it refer tio Rlev Dr Cl .pt.) Mlst .etsn & Avery, il.iersotn &. i .ai-ts. lii' r telms . e leal ,e nlply at tile bo,.kshtre of Alhxa rdrTowe'.41 C i pliet u,"'l Drugs and J.ledietrr. J i r- vnist hunta Ih rited hiltsci cll thint city lit the iitM o-e ,l eran.aelinti a i c eot eral \Vhlsale I)u -i h sitniss. Ilt' is now rec, i inc n hutl solppiI oi Iri ,Ss nod grnui n or i Ires, which h o iii Sll i lit-rrl Cte . t o rit v y rul e ri, t, nid ilihos,, i it, its-lh r, r, hi.h. 'hsicinan , marrtt l f d I lo. r", he It I ll Ir r illdl e tl cts suc.h t have never+cr It:,, i.f-. h roll if-redlll n tlis city. fies tlt11111e l 111 i trio n trtel ly legilirtalnte Iuiriestir. Ils sr-:i k ill ion e titcomplete, ond in in iew weeks will t ,e ren. ily Ir husioctes. All orlers frt u the ,uutrvY , ind lIrtiom merchnote of I i- eiy, recicting uch ordeui will be proptly attenlded o,. NI , N339C.mnlt st W OI, I SALIANI Il-'I'A l COBii AND V A - I(IET:Y STOIRE-- t trie soga of iteh golden omb,Mlo ') Chartres steert. Thealhscribers have re aeived, in a: lition to theirprevious stoek on hand, a fill and conmplet assortment of articles in their line; viz: comntb, perfetin'ry, Jewellry, brushes, locking glasses, fonye ariicls,\ot.e trsistirg ie prt 1 s follows: C()I IBS-torltioe shell, wroutlht acltttl pint tek,tw-ist, ltrilled Iack, lonr round, dressing, iderl, cutirlandil neck, Brazilian combs of every lescription amongst s triieh cre sone nMerxiecn patters, Ivory combs of cvery dnscripttlon, koro, droessi.o and packet', tog.cter with i generall ssortlent ofFre ennlh d Arilricatn. IPERlFUMEiRY-Ctologne, I.avender, Florido, horey, buy, rose, and oranee flower wnfers of every izce aind dec- cription, camphiorated Culolne, extrnet of ivrhrtutmtl, Inney sou ts of oll kiinds, lshavinig do ilni kes tiud Iirtos, crea l tidn, W\ard's vegletabl hair oil, bears sat llt toieedo. PIrestittoll melling sallooptain nult, hoirmund nllltr m in plots and rolls, orris lld hnrille looth wash ulld powdes, with a genernl asstortmlent of JEW\VlILLR'--some liph Intest ind ilnost fa.hiolna jble Sett, consitillg of while land red c)rnelinull I oer t jeit eardrol ps, etl ianfilagree, hreias pillns ofa gre-" .ce. I ific toear ni wiatch triiuulilotr gltrnlllt d siti c f oe- kl, -ril r thiittlles, silver and cull pt acils cid lgmrd ,hair l|lI l:S l.i-- Ccltli h nr,dust. t ,cic rl, thearftllol r, lnt, :lsh, toloth, late, calohb, Nail, shuavng, shoi- ai )llS nIcNt iloASSES-ernlnn stkain ceand tilro er ,F +, nlllossy, l lmiffilld anti reneh dlh'eting glas~os, hl)oI do, wtili n voriety ofotrer kinho tnot '00tcc ctred. I i.N1 ANIt ht iARIIEY I r ltI.eriS--, cr n.h ott. )l rin l l O ltlt Ot . i rtllie Idekstlid dri .'-t it.'l".' lsO a versy rit. and gFrti]r, p lllainalnd ladies work bes .l u illd hes si tll~ r l rl: l 'i .ith an tt liit l iatll m U lls, u tusieul *Ix,"n, .:c. cndi.nasl ... ...i . .....hind, violin ......d i ....... .silver uulld lt'r.tcd utltet,l a1i d elP tl t -lis,Wttl t .ic tar tl tro it adll nt ll il'lt It. itclr:llr ite 'l l)l- lt ul nn oitl -l - witht- i c I latl cslies, ereult I u c Out p, yrt'iltsont cap ch:mi i s ,, t dpe te, at se c s l, ic h e ed k :n(tcl' ic ry k il, it e llt s a n d f i .t ,.i ll ull d 'or i l l| I~o re s, rtz ' Rii llll d +tr tle . o rs, I tlll l em h r , uu ll tI e, tllt t , silver lttn c ,- , stl eel llllt Tucltl, Jl p rltn ic, yccirccf hooki ctd wallet, ot tlriio-c ki' , visI + sltd .o terittcni hntlt not tre, drolls, itsic ticoo fruit, scid tietlclic ihtces,dirks, fimcy bh-d rnehkltes, do w th ,or drnl toy tontcilc, o pearll utiion, powder licaks, eu aclid plaid sead beacds, gilt and silcer do, gum cla-tic r uspeno ders, and garters, plain and sword utoos, lhckgauoccOo baiurds, dice, optical viennes, jerwelurps, Iococrio atc esand drinkipng cup, with a groat varietv o otlher trt cles, all cfwhit II will Ibe sold ifor cashl orccity cceteltc* ccs oc 1"r monthe credit. B 11 1.iiito M o. 411 7- Ciltrtreste . tI'I:I.M OIL-.15UO gallons purs winter d Sperm Oil, in casks and itls, for itsale by IJAIVIS & AN)itI\WS, Whl leal.c Drusgg ast, corner C nmon and 'l'elchap sl n strerTa, ,.r I1 Co!'nss e Walter, PTrltosmr)3, ecs.-A s,..,.J .rutrle of cnlragoe, put up ex Ioi rthl :f l, trade; also the purest F eoch l'eef-l'.s rl, rsns r, cing every variety lo tile dis, foir sti by crt 2 RBEi:ES & D'IAN';. SAl{tNISHlE :-TeS.Slusrnoier, hitng lni iv .l.ta V hixthed a veruiuh usanofanctlur in .\ew t rleain, is ready to suppliy the painters and the public in generl,. Siy twholenale or retail. Ill. prices ore mod'r'd e, ino tlle qsality of his prduoela superior toallny ever s rlo t t this plpce. 'i'he getltmiet empoiiesi t sosulerintond Ithe int.le usfcnor has been at Ihr Isad of an extersive t lie t ohis kiNd i ur . Those dirsse to c,,ll at tile coruer uf Natchez atl Tchou i' onlas .Is, shall e Ireentrs ll with a fair sSlnllls e lf anv vorllisll thev Iea. wish to try. A lllllost the vanrisors re the eaon N.1i, woirrauted it to hange eeo I boi ia sorter. liTei helk vurish Ior slore a n d ,eni Lio ':'nistoes. Tile transparent varnisrh withollt o llll., ___. 8 _ II IIti NAINliI.. I Lt)UIL-3310 eadinog ie rlealllltr Inllepelrd sa. -I I,,w IIz .e . S.i ll t 'rllle i i )trl l ii o spll. ,', mai,. all o s h t*mip, I *'n u.l, t ,, r .s ,'l ' by 3 IsOtTE "i' & IhA" ' i(RN. 6: si u1 ;1':511 GA.\.D EN SEED r''I. .H+)---- -,,, I I. 'llr Iht! liheral suplllrtl Il.r hIls te el lllr ! v1i.l+ a lur and never ii was ai ntl o Il ' he rrn sr, v i'l er; neither is he connscis d i. lli al:v I..u- , i5 il I llllltry- bll h Ib l 'arl ite pllllli tlllal hi cinnecs ina iS every lpt.- imsl, i t ss iih se it o IIesi in Ithe dlifereotcl e II s f rop' r eq o ilist oif noy huse in t',i l', I si e ie. H1 In. i'arse sta 'd, plartsl , i ce. frlll ho Itea onos. strleluive. and respectble onurseries and see Is.ien in Fiinse, li ii.ind, Englaind, S ollllnd and lil I Illern statsll-- nd it will at all Iii ei be hIi Inrerest, as it is hi r diidy, tss ree' svln , is adtiihlll th . i ts present stir kt. large arivils of every dascrplin, rcllyv the _,ro-I' si0 11 3i ; also, engrafted fruit tre s, ,it all kind . The publice illy relyn on ilondsag a lll aoo s esrt, llrit to every)' nr cle in ule aced ins, ,I ge.ll ao I'quolty, and inmpllrted dirccl by . %Vis. tIiNN. 10, TIIE PUBLIC-Thi ulldersigcd llavlig Sstudied under Dr. Seitnidt of Clharleston, Soutih Carolina, anid for omsee years lis assistantl ill the practice of tnesdicinu anid surgery, halils Lite inor to offer Iis professional services ill this eity.; lie assures the ladoes and gettllemen thlat the Iltnt promlpt attention will be paid to the calls wllictl lay be nmade; and also offers his ervicos to the hlolders ot'slaves, being well acquainted wills the ditcues common to tllemo, having attended thlenm in .,.e sugar house in Cliurlietuos. The 'antous anti.biliaus pills eater tie composstion a, Professor Smtllette, with diresiotst, cas he had i1 the undersigned. The etinft which they hiari produced in tisl and other cities, has been Ilttetlded will tihe greatest success, to which the hest of ei'roncets can be given. Apply at No. 116l Malsa. eilno street. JNO. A,'LORIING. N OTICE-.Tihe parnership of Keilley, Mauont &Co of New Orlents I; llsaon, larri .u~, of ,.Nlatchez; id I larris, IKlley &Co., of1 Rsdley, was dins tired on he2hla or may last, by tile death el o Saiiuel A aalion, lle of the Ilartners at the firsls. Til: undersignelt, surviviog partners, will he carged lith the selttlitg and losniung asd Iusiuess as s ollows: LeviC Ilarrs will Sltend to he soetling ot' tie busines of Mason,, Harris& Co. nre Natchee; and Irri, Kel er & Co.,t itodoey1 and Ilenry Kelley will teeld to ie settlilng of the businesso ofKelley, .MaeoU & Co., at New Orleans. The names of the reveral firma will be esed in liilidntiouonly. h'lose iudt'bted to sid firms are etrneetly rillueted oeome forward aad tale early settleeents; and those hating claims will plleasepresent them willmlol tdelay. baet Oliten ne LE'VI C IIARRI e, HIENRY KEI.LE I'. Cawe Otlane, June 's, 18d7. • .6LBEAR'S Stloacsn'ufPenmalship reteived,and tU-foe saleattIlsir pernanent Writing Aeademies No. 8 Clhitrea'te;t, Neot Orleans; Il9 Brosadway New Ynork, Dauphliset., Mobile. Itise partideutlydesigned fir private learners, and einhols, and is calcdlated for persons ofnll ages. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and elamine the system for themselesr. Sieos are given at s lll hluses asn may solit the convenience ofl'al, and to clasises furmed ins oy port of the city. Ladies who prefer itcan receive ess.onst theirown ref eideores. Pesors pnaint e fa re of leeons are desired o attent.l " ' " s saell sather wibh. S.3 1 lu) BROTItIf.t. ROWANDS 'I'ONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AN·D AGUE. EN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, whnerev. or it has been known and appreciated. Aiready has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes ure than could have been anticilated by its innst sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agen. ey; and they new cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its decided and supreme eficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculuted to renew the healthy actiun of the stoln sacI, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the immnediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an cntire change in the condition of the systeim, and certainly destroys the natirve liability to relap see of the affection. Wilen the Agne is attended Sswith any otlher complaint, the employment of the Tornic Mixture will not interfere with tile treat. Sment of the other diiease, but wi:l even sflhrd as. snstrnee by furnishing strengtl aind vigor to the body during tile course of treatment. These whoI make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsrnie, Barks, Merrtry, or any other article in its composition untricnd'v to te human constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additlonal confidence in the use thereof, when they perreciv that it hao the of flctof a gentle laxative about the time haslf a bot. tie full hais been taken--in consaqLuenco of which, there in no part of tile medicine left to linger in tihe bowels to caues obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now offered for tie cure of this tlaction. It has been - used also as a preventive, by many who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it Shas invariably warded off the apprehended ultalcK. Obscere! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with tire enpar ieleod and universal suceusos nwhich Ihs cn. Slsatly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tonic Miixture, in all cases of Fevr and Ague, ftels warranted in erg:iging to refued the price to all those who haIIv token tihe medicine in strict ac. cordance wilth the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastirgly cured. Th'le subscribers are thle whosalico agents for tie South Wsternl States, and havei now on haiul six r ty casts of this medicine, which is warranted fresh anld genluilne. For sale it the l;uniitLctrred prices JAlItý IS & ANaitiWVS, Whode!'e Drtegsts, Sen-tt'7 eer Commonnnei rtitnrtrirreinrnslt -ii. " r r. '.t s l lnli it snlsll ,uiiitIa a istt'l, litS. MARY III(KliLANI) respectlllly anl. Ivmrnces to her frlillrs and tile lpblic gene. ally that she isIn prepared to accommodate thei at to libove establhishlncrt, and hop)es fr un her xnretions to render visitors co'illtrietabic, to receive a continualnce of former ftvor. Sheo fiels eonfi. lent that persons visiting Covi'igto. during the iumer montllhs, caninot fill better aecomllOtdatiolls than shelo can afford theol, on leor liberal terms. lier house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; tile bar is fuerished with the iost choice liquors, &c. inl hort,lshe promises , tn nothing shall be wanting on her part to give stire satisfaction to all who imay patronize tile nlisiaissippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 t HOLLOW WARE. WOOD SCRIEWS, SAD IRONs, &e. I'IIE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near locekinan street, New York, have received tihe past Ieaso, and are cornstatly rueceiving large ani extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which nllOW Consists of tlhe ollowing assortment, esitatble Ibr the southern and w estern markets. Illluos w ware of snperiur quality,)' consisting of ibout 15(0i tens, viz, Pints of 22 ditlrent size, frot 'n:S to 51) gauloon, Kettles, 15 s zes, from 3:8 to 3it gnaitmi, Keitles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to Irt gallonu. l nkepans or O()ens, 7 dirt:rnletl asers, ITea Kettles, fi do a I' p" .r , ii tid I, nijir lmiXe firo I 1 4 to .13.1 iinches. C-it d, ' 5 t ,l 7 c1i'nvh s. \V,'nod Serrw-, 91n).t)0i, ironl nd brias, from :i rinl, No. 3 to 3.:1 iich, No, 2I of is n.peri r .',nnlty and inrnisu, nid less Ju'is imprtedd t Sld ironus, assorted, ci cr-i,' of aouln 500 lbs for Tlinr's snd ttur'nn o I ,n Stsi weights t , t .. ,,:ns, aihnitd mtmli 1 4.4 to - 2061.. heis for l'lanotatinse, sien boate, ciurches, &e. made to order, Also steauibats and other nmchintery made to order. rt The alosve assortment of goods is particularly d recomlleod-'d to t!e ittentill of Southerl and - W\Vstoerll lmrchants, and are oiffr'dl lfor sale at low n prices, nld upon tihe Iost Ilerall telms ; it is be. liewed io in tile largest and best assurtient ever stenred for sale by any Uoiu oetablihmenlt i thell Unlled Staties. Mercharnts, by Inorwarding a request by inail, carn have a prin'imd circular. wseith diescription of goods, prices anid terlns, f-on hinch no deviatLun is ever naude, tnrnished by retuirn cf mail. All orders will receive imntediate attention. New York, 183d. Je3 I. II Gl.ara's PItfILIeiras. Imranmr Dye, for clnori tiie tlinr ; IBear's Oil, IRmalllnll bear's ureese, pi~ utlam, Ihllnaw's Fret lre mabh, superiar pail In wer, lily white, cream .f rosas, velemnble roua e, t eo aI r)se, hip silve. lkrea a s e lo Iti wansh, casb lt. fi rilii , rang fl.wer water, piowder pulff and n bix-, A It,'tiitii,1 S chlarcoal, neiy plly tut up 1 loaur a r .l ai, l'res. 11,t i lall i im ll rlle, krelllre l lh ac.i a Irh r , hail d bri lles, E. lhi|l drinsiiig allllls , lrmlmain in r ril, Swith avariety If othel r plerl ,i i rne, &,". 'i,,r Pale S y C. J. 'I{INCIIARDt ot 3 rnrnr al Canal nnd nll,.rboan .a _]AT 1-I:I eanc drab Ita.ia Inrats, mGriui. qialilies a broad briun, aid low crnwls andaling f ,llli chip St. I", for sl. : I t It Ii . 5.€',, imy 131 3hlngazine at lRtge fr e by ud(g ilItmIR, Inni 4 New .ev'mt. 111giial fnr ilia rmiriiaini loanir o Sei'ead a very a extenive sti oiIr lli.s, froItin ofair R'ilel l )itdDe ert K liVrtP st r -"' dhecription, ie, 1l, i ack r, iiik, nilm $Sai pini: lan ianve; eazncr, Sli. ors. Edo- wl'I'olst,&. it. &.c. which hley are s rsred re n exhibit to ilidenale inr.irnle. Trilner n codions nill te Illl'e kmnd iwn lit lil ii ie. alit JI .i.I'IEIN l Cillti.N..qraimmaollllla - . -. . ...- \ I.:\l II s i(J - -i . I )11)X5, IIA I1"1' Ir & Ip)--Are te w freinch Snine ll l Ia a sI;n I.EIh e, tFr, -ir Atliiei'', High. tasedr, c ,'ren cp :eI otad llll daatle irera,, 1sthin, etrls: t ler, tle :llld piicket iiistol; iliua rihand IIti split wt sar. cl ps,: crh1am 1pai n lal m ar nl vni , s, j eli . anr.s; Viol it itii.ts shell, m itoli . allo pn ilhbs watin s hk, thai al d la'i i he ii tII es, hai r Im liii : si -ir'il s I l'ck 'ntii .la n i i,; i rai tail' ln i i nllmllll i .ii -Ia ll le a.ii lel', I(ltl llll' ma ceilasi a l, m ila lii lianl t do;ll itlll.e J h1a i gln slaiiam ld tl Llilelas1s CG .ten lllr c orLn ; o - a:il -i'lasse aii I I iei ; l iiiliali a r rlit, br aiells l ll lllle SClnlreoall whit- i iileai til rt i ld i hailng. saies tol)ile We.nciaa atie warish allts; seimied iathl atshlona; ol sa sai sI'CW ay a ~loliSin ; anny' b.aa niallll i ii neckl.l.s ; tillir d Iil lt.; cla et Iook, alid inalluttll (;erl.nall hltle;l iZan'or sllni'; ll. and commll giiii sc lastioc sltendlet, aiess.iO cllts ll.te.I icifur tan aclr sil ve l' lie c ils; -. l'e y oI l, & c . & c . Tihe abovea iin lddifi(ii tio oIr forilier stmick o ieari. utiiiclas, nlaksaolni : asS.nIrnmi ai'v el m. itllalte. or sial Ihohlele orlaretail;as thle sigin atille tlhtliii Cofllh, Ta CJtlmir,.e lateet. Ii'L.a 3r Chlrrs lrltrl, New (lrleAAll. 11. SiRGEAItNT & C,,. mninaralrs at Flrenehl anlld Enilisli China aild Earlihe. wai . are n.,w oa ,lin: n lew i lrld rich ialftleraa o i ,renl'ii, dini l la nd Iii d era'mmmm, l i1,tI sa. t , l ilt:llarra, tli anin..llea li'nPaps, ternpOi. m minaaias trlamiI, bwIae, Il, iis, disliesa, lUreeis , wa:li btill. s ai.: ewea , llin bathslir, r. aie. Wailll cut and plnain rincli andI AimIricin I ;i. war.--_ooblc aliamlrlhiafanaimnittiiminaiden, jallica, I aares, inre eaardlalir, lie.. hu lle, ilo tllera. I I cll e Illtt preervr da lhla, ee ele o, pilihels, In(lias p eli id anild glai.isea, etiimla allmoe tlan, ts ccl i-ti, am . SI vn.rclmed, rnamlil olnd lbritrntia warm-caina i-rra , t ,mmr narind, emika lauIlk'r, emaidlirirkql.s, c aeamIl , alnp, s japan, r I rais , na lr:,l :.,s,,· I and Ihnauing lailllpa f in-. Ctaitear, 13erliall iialm:i l ,aill onllll lorks, liatlsr nili a inraill varlily atf .rielea ime, tlnllly ua.. ierelrinmiin. pmaier, Ier, hI I, ,mld I ,lslellllaln ell, fornielled w;h aIz.,ds at |he iIilI rsta. / oantlnl e trlies, anl a, kild sia a. I, bn ecnveyn d iih llll al ily t l any plart i hlie nlinll'ry' I Alan, apiilliecarsIa'1[ h- arr. itnis an. 'li t'antllrv ,liI. ml umllllitid ll ltmler. Neero ral,lhts, lIanl.eir, fHannr, llise, lnw.ll OllirilL- , e:l" eaec liliI aI . calief L , tlllik. raimie,, I Li ala r itidi aind I :. air r hol ' bi i ri rii uh ri.i iIns. Ii fI A t (:,. 1 . AMA IL AMANIOI tIt.IT 'ertAer Mail, Due Every Day t 11N . Cluae.· h veryy day at 10| X, M Waters Mail, Due every Sndayt . Wednosday t6y Win te- Cioes every-Moday Wednesda Cttl, oad Saturday, by 9, P, ý. S Dab every Tueodg.Thoruraday a Thekiake Mail Sattnlato ,, by 5 P. M. vi Clease every Monoly, Wednesditay EXPRI'IESS MAIL. ---. ' TIMES OF ARRIVAL,DEPART'UIt. DISTANCE &c. of the Express Mail hbe'w-r, Mooilt and New York.-leavia Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M bouthward. Arrives Arrive Northwoard. Dltatee. liwome Iteturn'g AlontgorneryAla. 2 pmn. 19! ta8 23 b II m. Columbus, Gs. 114 81 91 314 a.o MDilletigoville. os. 2 133 14 24 pt Coimtinia, S.C. 7a|am. 163 17 I Italerign, NC. 54 215 22 12 Warreron, Ve. 12 m. . 55 03 it I'etehrsburg, Va. 10 pta. 83 10 9I. t lli.cbtnottt,VW. I am. 21 3 64 Frederieksburg, 8 67 7 II p . Wnshington cEy, 21 pm. 61 64 i Ilaltiatutut 14 38 4 64 Ihlahielphia, 64 ai . 100 11 New Yonrk; 2 p. 90 Ci 1305 1.3 It. or 5 23 Northward. Couning Sounthward,ltl the im is asx hour ese; beilntg5dayssatnl 17 oumrs. 'TEN 1/OII.Alty REWA III. ANAWAY triat 169 Culroedblet erorn of oevi, estirerts,on Ithe night of M01hi of Augtl, anid wam seen the aext morning in Poyedrs eltreet, a tegro bty named CIIAIiI.E , about 17 years of spe, stdl 5 Pe ortherenhbouts i he dobhvery lack, and ti lsa ll aped imcnt in his speech, one of Iis ilag is ure, uccasioned by a recent trtlhr Iald on when ie went wa'y a wbhits cotton or linen stir and white ctwt, |lp anttloons. Masters of veassels ontl ster Imoats ale eattionetd a gsinst receiving or lharboring said negro, as.wll as all other persons, as the tltlmlt rigour of tle law will b. enfored gainslt them. 'IThea aoverewamrd will bepais frderive.-ing him se, Sly of the jails of either of th nt'ticipalitier, or at 169Carendelet, corner of D9evi. vtreea. _ et NI'T'ICE-'T .' colitlrlheil, hertto-ure alotio ttl user tlie irn of Itul,,isa , arertuto, nnalitarW dissolved. 'Te subscriber will liquidate tt6 aff'r.t tle concern in this city, td il pet'ont iahteb. ed to tiake payment t to himn nlyv and all thoeuaslyint clains, toptresett troimt forsettleate. tt. ang 8--, t 1 (iA Ill EI'1T ON CAPTAIN MARlSYAT'A '1.9 NEW NOVELS SRatt/in the Reefer, by tihe authlor al Peter Simple, bh in 2 vols. Cumminers, or a Witter ot Schltlas Iltfiflrld hi L..,w Stvlt', by Captoi t bll asill, IRouyal Navy, F. I vtl. Lord RoHldan, a romance, !y Allaun Vttninghatm, I to Sheppard Lee. written by himstelf, in t vols. d Comtpendioes Ilistory eJ afItl, Iranslated ftom origilml Italoti, by Notlhaiel treeno, in 1 vol. for rtuing No. 79 of lrper's Eoiuily l.ibrarv. Vols.:. & 4 of the new ctnltlete anti uniformt edition of |rashioRton leiravn's etorks. Roger's Frech l and English Dictieary. in I vol, 3v ANtgel'as French ttd Eagliah Diclioiart. Als--A fltw inure eo,lieie uf Clb.e'sl'Phrenolog "liehii." I.turge lturveyor'e i'nntlaoea uosfe pevror eilt itwh chaint , tilliurl tIflloui'21-4 antv3 1.- itch (.illutt's improved mietrllie I'oe upauntl npr., woigh &ce. &c. &r. uest reciveeda itd l'- eaieh y mI 11.;NJ. LEY)'. PrINNOCI('S IOME, &c. )INNOCK'' S IPI'ROVEID EI)ITION OF iuoldsmiitlhs Abridgunnttl of te listeory oft to thlichl it irelixetd Iuttanldu:tion to tlle ltudy llRoman Ilistur,, oland a grat variety of valuable itfo, rl otion addeJ. "lhrnolugbu tIll w . o lk tile +Mnlten lnstitutioes iual Antiilltitirs of the Iltmanun; wit nut sroueus biograpcliol nt d hlisttri"anl Ntteoei oad qneI, tinllo for examtlnltiotit atlt i elltl o c if c tjin. II. lustrutrd with thirtv engruvi.g on wooed, by Alherton SPi.seocto I proemed Edition of I)r Gioldoitlit' IlHitor7 of Ihglandlo .sltiu the Invasionu of Julits Cesar to the deotl of leurge d, withl, a cmwtiuotiua to the yea 183:12. \Vilth tistics ir exnaiaetiot at the eud l each section. Belides a valety of vlitable infruntria tion added thtroaglee the work. Consisting of talia of conteiperasey Sovereige, and tiliteatlt pnrao Copiuuos explalotory totes. tltutlka on tile pal ties, manners and of the age. An untlitea the Constitutiot, &c. . IllustUted ly tmany etnge tttgs. Guys' EtvEMeF t and an Aoridgneo of Keitt's New Tl'reatlise oil the UIse f GltbM. No American edition, with addiliots oud im lrvetnenl Stll nl expall tion of the astronm itt, al part ufthe A. k bean Alllmlanc., Just recived atd for .sal by WM ,I'KEAN dluv corner oCvltulto nnd COnouL sit Bryanl, . Illld s me oIf lthe m' e, iell pt ts of , d' .''- i'ti]:ll lltlS, with Jhe ap a ..lalix r : is c, l I ted b y Clri.a1laer ,J arl l , a v r r I v i | t iand Trill' k, di l a ar. it i·.r lal lira "h 'l'lth I.x cditi~n of tII 1)1'Iti,%, CI.IV'Cl, . 1 "v San llIll, Al I), wa lh a lllllliiri . IInalt ., " i ('Illlal a lal k "r'IE .3Il'Sh a 'Tale by he ihar ,t "f, Ir, at Mary (il! argcaady," &.tI .' rNl .,ltl ral alu r ill'", nSar Ce lre 4 na. ( Sslie P " r i43 lnrin , , r n read, i'iea I el l. h I l +l , " ll &, r f,"1 ,.a ni I1. a.h.,",a w'i lay P 'ale p arl tea d l. redn, , . i r.its . I/ re , u ll , O h"nld r, r 1c. , I ."', V a ir er i , cslluti l a. The mairia lek n l C Irei Soda. Seid li and Saral. ga Lpwderia a i, l'sL P-ltadrre, hbeaj a liwl hllr e and cll a gaal .Arhlilllle iar yeaslt, ict re ir ibread, ebuckwleat liuill's a' Elft'rnrirerit ileagnesian Apaeriaat-ra, eaah a, Llart ad aere purgaaiay iil 'ylpep'a,a or nlath. a il,e n aeraalll e a Idl lanie-ea, headacher paril! a1r h lo , a' A . Cy l ad ubeh . CIrrplcaca'aaFie atrrtal, o sef ear piollo fi. h an yhr a leralola asso ala, il cai rbleManrb P&ecsa waiea' Paaer taen and Vaer nlage ;riatish ane a ladlemo ta, ', OaealrEcia , t e. Refined L.q'.arice, jiadjhe acd Gar eanve par.te TIaha I lrulhlla, N S Prniicalll ,c rartancie ouDrail ltac, ehllarinr d ot h Wlll awi dander pale I rnad beatrl a larell taial arbnha.e drait rIia, ra'llaar, teooth, pawder ullT aend b icra', Pareaial ,'l aerled etai plalln lela, poewder, polallac tilca e r e Pers., cltnrteefacr, naaye, laIvle. er ryd I Hrida waler., aI the belt qihaler. I~wlatlnl' Maea,,,sr Oil, Old, rndn's hale, f Cniaamchia, behr's ei, vtnaarlty Illualr ena her meahea, iudlialt le aarking zak auperprr eack ink, &e. Sperm eaild refineed whaler ol. MI.,'K Linimcen A Ireattl etsicrazrl el T'lrh.rlaerirrli'a rare See 1.e, 2 (;EOIllo. Ji)NE.S ar ,reeainet aad rare of te Feerer and An. T awnill Ie readily dica,:iverea lhlereia tht "l'itae 1tit i tare i uperiorni t) tha ordlar a lntedd w treeaing a Itar anld ABuea. Ira the int pilaaa, e hg a Vega ah leaIxtract, td fret, Bau, any del'terioaa ail paieoa .aa ' ifgaediell it Hei yt Ie klaen a vith tlhe iiiltnant safe evln ba theill ltenher ,,fnt, 1.r a.dI inalid. Ia pre Vlnc I rlllplirf ae diataa.earoanana.taleIn' thie tcalntt-a. bilrlle aeI a rtin5'PIa its ao)nted lime a' lalydci tit. It eatrab bIathes a no,ln H alid |rnl1lllel l l t Al;L, by irvigollrating Ilcntlaareh,.atad -t aa i n cliar to lhean. . nleum ts l Iov.t inpllap neos ilr hll lhinn a lrgatlve, Ilaltyit ireraaa the Il.Nei elu rmes,' te liS luderClr to create aiI!,aerllta'·a-. bat c .i Tgia lll, "r" a ,tin,, tle several or cars o dlircation, ind tlala beacfits the hrae n with ahnlatevr oiatll' nleatioals it aiy be loppeased. ladividlaals, efer thll" of liae Mliatair, Ihave bPn exposedL Inall hlle Iarial nalcau'a of the dlsesae, tlt use Iel'aee Ca)alnyIa wll]l!leie r (hal't i tlwayl carab led ;in iulililiv to r'ularelle. 'I'ht danger If lbgaelllelll raleiees ,f hle Agui', tr vey evidl nl, for athe ac stem will Boea blrat eac It IUcl; pllatale tac be alle to ,rluc withi, aIeliarine. nd sleeadily fall a vicl tim to arih ieesaallt vrilealae 'I't 'laaa ia Mlaxtnre in ail'cred at eall iI reaes ulaibl t pr;ce, ati Ila eaa it t lhia the real oi'elerv oae!--eo thnt la pa'r tnail deatilutia arcl her y' frainlatedithiaaaituec, iliena t eolieitiig ilhe ail aud atlelnlance which is frulenlltl. delned tc , them. osnl very reluletantly bec.letned. TIah lultic ur. rlptlvtl caaa cadt Igealt the puaa. roua mitatiiaes of hias maedicine, tala are daily offeraed Ia ,lpelpaed mnly byl)r. aolii II, Rlwn;ul, at hL, Lall roatery, Maklarlsuane, IPhilacla'iaai. alae salabsribera air tiahe alolaietle ancena for Cthe tern emlat., ind nill aeil by the Crea, at lphiat lraces. 1' be had at retal aleo, at Aputhecarieas in the city. JARVIS & ANI)RIEW., Whalernale I)rlggisala, cara' Coelllarnn & 'ITlholaoulala jjIARI}LE CtIIMNEY PIECE WacenoUaa, [ Cu1somhaILE street, rlpusite the poat.offiee. Tha reuberiloas rare taow reeeivilag from their faat trie, in New Yaork, and will keer constantly an hand s goneral aseurltment af Marble Mantle Pieces ofaupcrinr warkmaatlahip, and ua tha lIatast patterns,. aaade of the blht Egyptianl. Italian, Irilsh and American maarble. Also, MIiumt ntst Tombs and Grave Stoner, ateulded( and plain cili and lintele, marble Iacinga, hearths and btoundara stone. aplater of Paris, Itlutea & Ilydraqlio aCoilot ae.d Plaster. I g Ulair, tgethcer with a splendid a atnriment el b ss teltlantd and plain (irates and Russia Iron rlates of he newest antd aiost approvad Ipatterns. Laltaring daon in the ueattt nlaanner antd at the Irast tallce. ahey lay. firat rate wUrkean ton ie ev" walk. W iA ' AIXN & S'I'IOUD. . I.IDtLI.'S NEW Wc)RlK,&e.-The Aleytrican 1,1 England, by the authorol''"A tYeIn ih Sptialt" ia Naolle Deedaof a Vomen, in vole.! 'lhe Yucng Wife'a jook, a maaual n imral Sa oas cad dumeasti daties. SJast receivel and foreale by WMI. M'KEAa. * IIll' tlredaal Boa.ka--l.nai,. Ia: 'halisia; da. * bAu dleeInugaa Iet ce aeppiv. reed i,, let A 10o1 l i ,

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