Newspaper of True American, December 7, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 7, 1839 Page 3
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r Go,, ria'. ci m u; yi r..i ht , ,ri Hle r cii, .nandi timf re 'teperl y . " ri tndAp rd mi tcrlhed. fa e name u o u inlbritnlly inil. orde:reereeor judg I entdo( lci.qort ia te'r Dwhllh thu al w's udle,:or b.ny trr e rity a r ille a,,-lty in oth Wpph isorne ia la d. otheli dtf c whatie evr, r to show in ce, o-on wihit Wtit. "839lAM viAnrtu, hya tee o tis ede. sr t renered ton dhe .' etioth eif " uplotperVd ilat oaIcth .o ihof:iet.o iht u"]mr Now. h r, d w uI'lie tre, tkno io,.elilad'd lt.i f rse telretA.d l. igt lllCbiit ltde o March Ao . D . r1839, i le ' sitr.antitled tin lark' C t wi;pr of Charles Brewer an rid in. tlhe enittore hil U rl d heaaorit r onf Clei s oeil, No. le ,8 dg Sif tlet tdotke Clofallineur 0t which t' ile othe said Ilo ary William Prlerey hecgamne the purcaseh , tbr the ieet ofefour hu n drld and thirt-fve dollars, r fi yabli t ther ef" wlatnj vtrito show cdnfi, - withinll'hry SDeoriptonrtof piedr ery, as giveuio irn hie Jndicil Con-t . d pulitoi ter pr, wr the smi thso hud. sruld not b cor - ,. filedo il in o n, h t e and .homologa Tlde raidpteopery ias sold oti e he of sleriulf ,I ner iah aofrsald u tonhd e tiaenieh itin of Setr lein, AdigI. hminr ehiled and o eirso ot f Ced nrle ('ithl, ohl 1,819 f the dock atit' i rdin s n ld ael ilie h t- the lin Il IIr l itry Wloroam Ptlitre Ireani tllhe iy ofhSelther, (olr Ahe . 8fr39of tour hIunred f nd orthirwty- are drollrs, pryablio esi itleo l tion t o iolirtyo, An give. in ein J llieil Con A ceart n lot of gi oun, lhll rl e i cllhan o i.nd lli th o ete ioebillial Nihicrlliatn ad d lI, na. e itl Ilteml olie ysle L. McCo' alosreatioer, the lf y of Noert )rlciin, tllhs curt oa tile tliiethm ur+l ldlu y I i ; n Jd wvhie lt won oridered u oarlcourt onied n il grtyfeel dlrel l, l39, Iao be reold n th li l risk n Je0",r ttl , and Ih[ ll, foree hi ltiecing d refuiti troilAl cnthlly wilnlna l rer n ilind rCon diio* e srid Judicaiai. ' lS 'Elt be g tluaeted in ahe Ieariho Jlfriuon, in (lhe owin olnrrolut lon rignd il nated ei ntlmberetour ine leilii Ai ta al lan tlcriwn bl Benjamin.J1 IhCiyr, saorl e rIo.rI of cll ianrisldle or tile, S.taeller llr d lua lr 18.3i6, id t ceiin n r of tij l lcio er eo, H. uo , ct itolstry io ublic fl d t1ism it ondil toel osrerti ime cld leilrt Jasudre fig tElat do lm Len sincll ronitunn Aurla ltreut. chmree lUnd titrea o tirylllltte loot in o d oefuth d rston t Jel p erl, oni, d inroini d ried and tuo lliot e 6din ns alioi a iimjlininle ljine dovidine ii ent dItan t ut1' , prorongtvier li qe Ioa ti ents, i iti gts, c. thed eunto beloing.i r a w --eVindi. Ite hllionole A. lrlichrt o all Judgt of ' ntiiit id Coaort loreii, aonirer eml ty of Node nilner, vetours, ont uetai d rapoprfty to fi 1Meleroe, dr 8834.. rrnin trit'oenn, otmrnifourts feertorne lntdruliene tifoni2 r cotisremorqial Elalveni aiNCi DoiClerk.nt ,ATAT DE L d LOUIShN NE-n Pmir Distninrei raicor airetic Judicicain noi-L'E dloi la. Loodii, ~ re te tus c&d.t quo ci n l eson.dls codncundct a dit froihe oneu ventod, ehin por da Saoriff do aroileve.ffeiom In proLride t ci.aprin dCorite, io3lt d u c ur on grofert de colte Cotur eo n dule touin lt o .dejtr6o ide ardix.stou irne jor da'cobe Sire de LMr A839, pour cnnmord nt Bt rln solon do itlegial onu tdeo Let do lt Le iou la, ent u aco "out pour con lin0r lae tquitrelo dce nt ours tcon at judiciai proia e approuv t 10 rasfr Quil soiconnu, eae outs pr: rsonaos ineh lcs SW'plt ancprohcntoi voooll, o r te S n rif do I'neat do ln Leoui ie or do ato Coer do Prniede isrio Nrivllo jeerln d Mars d6crit, on colalneco d'un d uet do forLa daes i'ordreur, Is dcrt nier o jle eil do ila Cour, 1 n dru d e ortela otre , rea oalte onrgLaotoe irryuloril6 oW t illra lilot da'i i'eonstia8iu 89. Poavia onorn tcmp tarnaoimntodo do in vendu, ou pour n pour iole rs do qte lcnallc, ado fare voit odions dtIoo iournla dlter dodin 1a0 MICia, tion do cot avis, epourqeoi Ins vanae osinri fdireone s 0ant pos eo firolae at , tnt lnoloo. o dito o pri66 fIrot Aondru par Io Sn6riff ses. ditn r avid tetto jour e lo lIdroe doie I 'altgeo 1839tt, l veru d'ny, d6reli de mrle cur rvill do la Iaitrfle Ac Moriin Ccil,,rurno de C.dale- BI wne &al vs. Let tr 939,ihno Icur ord 0ritic n I do do arI vci, a-No. 12809 do iocka e qe cLtu Courte, d. a. quielle vnt lel drit Henry Willi l a Irn nllhret trenduos ntcur pour lae rix do quitn e oenolt cinL alante ptiatfris, prayble cialptogad. Lrent ription do piid propridlb r d'lree lo rllansfe judieiaiere, sonavri c r Unt crtain lotdtortd, la mrolsv quo efl n'usgj r.l W t llutrNichol on"" d l ull, r ono ventri(tre s li1or Isan I. Ciag Coy, cnjiarieu l do let villa od ins Nluvellue Aldilnr, lr IIlMeas 18:19, on vpu lrtulon jutornont d a cole jior. do 30 nviuar rn173in e uo toIIMar 1o j 9r loa M our ordoatnda 163,de mren tndro lu deMris e .le dt riaqla ue ChlrtMll, iti clae rle ia ae ie ligaenf do rai rn 0 e0ln i it e l rLEl eir lC o torlres el condt ion e Is d ttalire idjudicaotio .e IC lot d 1 ter dagit sit ndodohotlit Paroi*.S do Jef, in In qolou to villr dje Cliarrollyon, itWi o ligni 6 P i ry nto! . Lqh to ut it dor tl, piilthA, urn i t l.t m I llart li Ilenlltuorip ;iion d Intt probltr isln Irn dtu Ialcaiisnfo jodioo Jatvior 1t3a, at d6aros6 d,,ns to human d If. IL. Culoo, rull,not.u public In vii.e lle JInu Noarall, AOtldtaine, clI ara88 d:19, on drs onto trente trout ieds do n rolun onnr ti Itnie 1736 rue dentIcur It Migre 13o ,o divine du orn No.n:, eldOnen, n blodn tonsto druit, pln 'iliieai &ea qIn i y apliartin-n 1 l'euin I'lionorab'o r . n M. thhon acfnnnn n Jllo o da o r a Cour suatltar, ec 16 Nure,nibre, 1839, P. LE BLANC:, \ ar 3t ill 30d Dpurltin UlierI IEfUULIC OF '.rXAS. TrAsunvY DUEPArnMEr, City of Hluston, 17th July 183.9 0 IN pursuance of a requiromaent ofa law paassed by Congress of this Relpublic. approved January 21st, 1839, anaking it tile duty of the Treasury to advertise and cause to be sold tite lots in the CL I'Y OF CALHOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice is hereby given that the lots inl tile City of Calhoaun swill be offered at Public Sale, oil Monday, thle 1lth i day of November next, betweent the hours of Ten o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi. t C tel of this Republic, upon e he torta set lurth in Pc the following extracts front the law above men- Co tioned I"s ,o Sec.4.--Be it further .nneted, That the lots int I u ll said town shall be offered and sold for no other cur. (i ready than gold, silver, audited paper, or thit pro. Ii umissury notes of this govertoineut. I1. See. 6.-Bo itforther enacted, That the said lots shall be so'd on thle following terms, viz: Oneoe t fourth part tu be paid awton, and the other threeo Sfrth to be in equal iitalchtumlt of six, twelve tal oighteeu tlloolts. I , Soc. 7.-Ile it tarther enacted, 'hat if any T person who si all pturelhas.ay ol ttheae alureo.d I.ts. shall f il to iakhe p.ayca,.t tof utl. nvsU:atl in ttal ants in confurmhity withl this Act, he or they shall forlhit all asuch sous ,as they may have previ- I ously paid, alnd the lots purchased by such deflil ter shall revert to the govurmtneut of the Repub lie. Eu Sec. 8.-Beu it further anneted, That all peorsos, aliens otoxeuptld, lhall lave thie privilege of pur chasiog and holdilg tea sameo, and Lite Presideont is authorized to issuepatentsto tO thea so anl as the last in. staltnont shalt have. been paid." The sala will continua from day to day, until all of thle lots shall have b'ie. disposed of. Calhoun is situated on the East entd of Matagor. da Island. directly on the Main Pass into Matagor. r da Ray. and from its-adventageous position, will probably bectno tile eprincipal conmeretal city in C Wostero Tuexas. A Plan ot the city mtay be seeo in the General it Land Offite. The several this Rtepublie,the Contlter. eial Bulletin, Picayune and True Aatericon, of N. Orleans, will pubalsh notice until tlhe day of sale. JAMES fl. ST'ARIt Seretary oft' the Treasury. .. '.i)i9ESo, &c.-l.auding Iromu ships St. Louis, .lJ Cherokee, Louisville, Josephlne tand Ohio Putv. rhtlbatr ill claa Sicily brimstone do lldlbgo ill CeroPlnI Mfadder ill caboks,arels andl kegs Stlt i!tre in kegs Floulr Sulur ita barrels tlroatud ginger in do Race ginger it bags 20 bbls custlur oil mutl sda in asks Satlirutus in do Sedhitz aid soda powders Castor oil b,,:les Patent }eidliuie vial%, as(lrted vials Paint and varuishl'brushbe litbh a general as-arttslttt uo'ltmedicines for plantations atd dealers. For sale byl JARVIS d, ANDREWS. 199 corner Cool. Tl'icapitloulas at ALFIfRED IE RIOSSANN, or the Adventures of a . Frech gertlllto--a new novel hV ii \V M Roy n(otl.a.od fornaleby J JIIAS\VEI.L ar.Co. nO5 .49 Caep st ENGI.tLII ANNUJAIS. T HE BOOK OtI ItEAI '\'f, edited by the Conn less af Bltessington, witll beautifully fiatalted en T'e Ketpsanke for 1810, edited by lthe Lady E. Stuart \VWbrtle.witht twelve aenraviega. ilettil's Picturesqueo Auallllta ctaitning hiastry and ldecription of Winudor Castle 0a d itL elvirctas, edited by Leitch Rith ie, Esq.--I1 dllostratioas. Also a Iorthltr supl ol Ithat splelndid work thilet Shukspeare ia.lery with otler nlew anld valuable Eng lish books. Jo t received and for sale by al3 ALIEX.'IIIVAR. .49 (natp st LAT ESt' PUBLICATIOUNS. I lTHE Dam el of Darien, vole, by tile autlhor of the Nan Iarrll,ut tlhe tipsy Mo[ther, by the author of the P'rince and tde tt;lllar Adv* ntres oft at Attor ey in search of practice, by tlhe auatlaooflhe :ladventltres uta a (uieutlelmatn ill seatrec I of horse, '2 vtal Nicholts Nievotty, No. 18--ad all other new novels, aar saol by E JOHNS & Ct, Staiateare Iall, 117 corner St Charles and Co+atalltat is I Jir.i1M gotlen t .eof Al.M.cey f v •steglilnel F'iortl el. 1iee ete. ee L .Llh cb ccs iel r'.tbcy. Wr"elt y CFlgndehi'elloc tiltN:o) l ioer's enee l aechriot m · ".:r· Etir oillflio'i" rd·n lai"u! :A1 i. : ;- dor Stceoc C n eelm I". l .iltoleen " ".'te t ' y, e' c o"eo the" I. •eo ll o t' • T E rVI'K¢ - n itv lrl rfiikT iIcI , o i. r asL,: le 'Iee ule loe loiotlct etco oer ingths inb i eI T "ll'hllle eh r i n intll Ite. R ,sa . he gi eai Puela .ib. e'don'oeaioio. '" - lorre le Notle , onehcrietee -ee.o n .el .oeoyc r's preentpo by •8 t.'rde(.ri. "k.4hoherl, ILoenl editio tefend-tep'so )lleoringon l Vlitler'c \creelh, noelteiseinns S aend new e leee ur'p e . e.nle , fi,r ic e le llnt, l l e dlio o n I - ei• ne Jt e, o UN ntie acers luoll, J es .ceill ol ' l or (le l ar E Jf IL e an ('Col.e d 'ttil2 il nintd grvin r; liilis d In v AcL.kereoa No Co ., c iondon. T"he Cheo e Ocm l Cep lieo entollnlllell tle e lw f(ee fheb g ecllolll' llivu, llc t ofllc(if t Le ieeegle , fI kllloo r 1 " h leo - 'I tcccl I I"f heeleee t ll re gaull l cn&l { .1 ohy W Lewis, Ie.ondeil e e:1'e, (Ch.,) IC r hL.giAsnr inn H., iof pi eore.1 ive O lj)ussr 2d .ivil tnd fr ',d sale c, rneed, b. y VLw. W I 1.o ST TIONls l's I.mI.I,, NIW Om L ediiS. -r aott lei.l oel, d flr' t ileuI e. Eill . \ J ) l, ',o. d2 ich byl i e wil love l ee hee i eiei l eeeie j 'e'iced eoe feer sle' by 'I. IIt\OCIFI, &. to .onueeesoor to Alex. 'rowAIt, .9 Clapl lllnr tr O ,. -d ei I(N II)IA NI(dc eeKIICIlI', Noee. Ill eeed '10jeeo ee. Aeivd and fur sle eb . .I'SWEl, & eiee. E. JOHNS & CO. STATIONO R10 11.1,L NEW ORLEANS; at e rt nt ofr lieel len c o Pl _ hI sad)-ciiber. ,fleer the fillwing lise to ie e t". Uliu a itta i nee l the bl'. I li:e, ee l.l 1 av. low. Egelish Draing Peapter, (TVeatnan) )eev, 2e 01 ieches ble ale while ewove I l rie, 311 o dol FlIrh.nt ot, .a Io 2:3 doe 'lunbier 35' o : do A leII , 31 de 11 o doit eublel Eleeieet, 4ll ee 27 edo Seenlie orie n, et e t , 31 dot ,ol ro pru, (i i d l e 17 do All lhe ind ve extra tlhll:k, ro glh grclicel . American and Engliisl large Binding papers far Banlewkorb. Engriset Letter Pa1eres. nIteele tieer, wic lee its.) (W kt 2olll e r use < 1 7'r. , and lee leen' I.nrgk .t sie e Packet elu-t, r 4 , blue lid white ove, s. f. e rcjeee oII Itll do oI do e o do du blue liide Ilank i gst, Le. e Plure wore t'extl n cti ec l oc'te thi ek I eesl ; do illt Iclrge Ivo e v eeiet; d, git Ltoli o i Pll w chille ar ied ,Illle wfvo t Ilo ak, b;lt c woee e F:elllle eiell lore agelled i.lpoll ptt do gilt Fool~lr l otll eleegil I'olnre nd aad lli1z-11 veiluin, post, oll both sides RIIath aIrld Vic p l sleg tll Eng'/lish. Note Papers, 8m). and 16me. Ptligee c apere whio eee eeg ll e giltl I'eelrn slelt oie iwlt.ei llete.i.d nd gil itllcs t eec'd cee 're l Bree clllle Ie d tnlered dilk meted, d g llcielcleec do American Ltllter Papters. *.C lio '''t and l',tti,'dolatip.t e r An11ei s. i. (' m ,,e ,rmh I wl r, wherll I tn !tlue wovle to IlildS't 't 'tacket t;l , ilt, u e rllute Comton nlize Alties' . lettter h, lte cl blue wo Ae 1 l dlo doIt do hone Inhl 011o1 S d lud0on , Ionl rd's o lodw'in', G ilpn" , and of all other good mills in "id Ih post, \ i1. i and 1 ud vi( n' , Ir. if :uli , Ipost r . r . whtil1I I. t Ib .... ' ..... lbaid lihid ,,ot NIo. Q, al tlh . -I lo .wovl al{ Anlirs' in, IindIsons lHr( ord r pa f. + l. I'd. rih I& ct't. I ell lsh notarial, dIrm' crol coo dh rotgh edge; , A+li s' s.llier rtep he, wveY it ;Y e ) ..: dr) '.vlntr atl blule + and I -o '. io's a'-R:nc /p, , . 1 a. e t ho d, iNot. 2, white wlve i s n llub llr ll ,fall o.the.r e'1oodI mills in the U. . . *. f. and lillne No.:1 ,1 :3 (:u'tu111111 F lOtu l ).co I 't di o ll/edu Papers. Sope'r lho Un liand ' sheet pll, biit lined IR'ol, t 11,++htIltlid " h'll rlVy do+ d(Io ',:),d t'llt ilol r Rem+l it sal A.'o11 solos dp n bth dal Lies and centse olun1 l s Fools. ap, . . fain l lined, h o"11 i No). 2. fod d(, dto d+o ln1. eln )irh ardtware a(ccol1nis .telordl or apro h I, h l fint n .lhsic Papers. 3Susin: )nrp er iltt l, talnd In it stavesih Io do " ( ) dill) b r r. do do lir :q orea (pirlitiolls) Sial uvea do do tlt fir atlitar Colored, Mlarblc and iFancy Papers. French, ioyal to l det'y, "lazeed, all tolors Germ i o iiI maIr co l (s, do 1 l l Irlb I p llirr, row, I tt(1 1i , drln I lld cal tho rllllo t lln lln a l''t l a I a11 d p r in t, \ tlr~. ll a l' iillw e l'r, sill c )lor. (Gl)l, nilvelr, (tppetr llld LeLd paper Plain and fanllcy ittisse r Stuart Papers. Priti- Ip aper all sizes iets quhitii to Sa\'ll tirot b ,rwn, hstlardw'a ,ultid m'i seamplling do Carrridelt r at. { iet.w hil rlt( tl l brown Ist-i"lie.l ellow t e, lope, royal And caI o i d t packet poset size ltlitng tap er, t :tnlith, wtitee do Atleria red I lute ueiln it ull and lis, al O(il.a pr frlipttylleto ressei I} ltt k Illte i tllll err { II~t+ 1u paper, large and double eleplhnt I. t- 8 1111- a lllnr od I'll'r I ':uvitlope< fI blte r, whiie, t l ted, etmlbosed p Ierhi. l.i. p~prr. .. . - r-\+W Ii lot.,.ý-A.\ n,.w spl , , the hl,,ownm , liJ ks sn sae, ritt lse 'sdtt y the usl sriber. 'C'tHl -'s Coket' it ; f veIs llntlatlll 's Slllllllar of thl e Law. u(" set-all, wilth Ian ! rent'seu emaerie , t 'ridelst by tesassn .lohs o l h.dnIC"s, Ealr'.I ull Writs Coke's thteen book; of Iret, te a ri dgeid i John A iger.ll I. h 'lrlual o(f I aritine Lawb s , consisti+t of treatliseo ola ships, freihto and ils.trallu; trl'nsla[ ri ed Irlll r Ih )l atil of Rot'l's, w tl tillt)n ', Ipliev of teII i. S. E JIItNS & (:I , tN ( Stalillte' Hall, I 1ra cornl')ler S.t aharlr 111111 IIti I Flll n 1,. lp r Tll Pounta of America, by John Reese; splendid LCItrltiau, i<r pste !for it18410, by Rev. John A Clark; all ~l(dltl ill' ,,l'cco, Llotlllnt , Ira li ,,llS 9,; i'iel- t I. I , bly re is C II Wr ate srm tan; etrltll, i r rdd iT'l ( lll ftir 1111i. a Chr(l tlnll ttl ti ew Ye 'ars' pIre etCtlte; l'lrlatlel1, ealtt fuer llt ItgIeU ,et The ('hi.ld's Genm for 1,40-Also, The Gif,,iL'0-The Violor di), and I.ilerarv b;j,,'l't II 18111, fll . sa hby it E JOII s Ner, & inCo, lnet's hlall 117 cn elttr S)t (,hal'l;ta t Commonil at /rl11l splhndlid AIulll Pdied bIll the CoateIs. lf lr Ill'si't0)u, .Ind islustrnt'd with twelve thuge aid highly inisited engrlavi s jiust releivea and i r sle thy " J J IIAS W\ LI. I Co, 1125 t]!) ('iiill, st lb NEWrt.\\\C IIe .-{eeri rt or thu Is'is. Ii err C(htrclht Crase: the Co(uowllllllwrtltrl tl' I'21111Ira n i a , a t til e a l l.g eP t i O I ( f J •l i Pr S ' |hl il ll ll (1 t h re r8 wo AI.l lrtl Vrenl Ial d o h l el rs b S a l luel \liller, II 11elll ler of the Philadelphia lare "lagee o. n Atm ,nent n11111 ! Sacrifice, a new edion, in 2 Wvolule. '} v)o l)oal tiw" 5th London edition, with nuilerour currttiius aeud addi tils. J ist i'eceiaed and lbr sale )V i no rU LAWVYEI:S-A new supply of me orllownsg l Standard FBench Law Iookls, jlst received Rorons, (Coides lstrt1t1re, I vrtol ")tlrllluler ,Coe s de dl-ois diranais. 1 risr a a 'rt onl Veate I vc l E JOIINS & Cr, bN e Sratintrs' Ihil, Pn_ to orller it ChillPies alnit Clttt1 slI '' U I~ti 151 t',P~l&. S' l'ltil -litlt drsigned. have just received per shlip Rialto, t trol IotLondonl, lltl oill.r tir sale 11111t irePtms large blie wrve Lettel Paper ile 5ll do do do laid do e ,t 1 io do white wove ,o 20 d tinte:d gilt lhncy do theI l i o11 do dl Note I'iaer Ig' I dIIo do io do request 1n do ItIIie pIaper, 12 and 14 staves, ornanell tal--all Whartlll'l' 8 mtinaal'aeture. 131 nlk icrds, gilt and orlalllntlt; color boxes, rose weoodl d undt slll+hoi llt y i br'as; olllllll ld)|;tallt illoel o. SCoior boxles, wrtle slildes; ellor'i in crIkes of tll kield, h Ackerman's; eatr l uil' blrushers, as erpr quait f kie I.stL,oitrelicerte d, ewllathogny and Ibutty' don s atr'irrtbel Io broze fr orlliees,te eletantt artitle; l0 oI i etr isa r blr er, hest q(ualvt. oqlla"e ieree; delttini , I tbl , aoekoilable fir sehllt''le: mrouil'tl h ritel s, \\'dtI Sgo l sosd Ack' rlll'll's; Ctvl'yln plt'ers.l tilir' qtllto; etas t opiloo e llk, itrsoitrjorlttagn i dltiriPltli t'Itl.ttal'bl, &L a18 perullelent blue writing fluid, il jus;; Perryall tpels tof . .ll kinds, S. AHc. E JtlNS & (u' a s 2n " .Stationer's a .H1e, St ('hblales t Go s..:sst. S-... *" :FOR:NEW O YORK. . ILOUCJ,.I4 A ":A"N.D NEW YORK LI"NEK OE@ " .: t'('To:ii ai ii."J tk er.llt y.l. .. . 1" TJ l<;ine i cb:n '.eo r ti Ibi.O1 . e E ps v ni :.i " T Ahip .VA/'.O ' . Copt, 'Io be lif'MSvSSIPPI Pi' iiillatd " LOUISVII.LE, ' Allen • " SIAlKS i: Ei IF,' irtn I HU\VIVIId,.E, , Elridrl,' " SAIRA'I'OGA, " Illt ovay ithe nhove hips are, nil o. f Ihe first ,:lass, cppered ,III" ,l |h.lel It.I , of i t li' ht draC ght of waIr, Col( buil in ew York xl prsc ly .l I r Iithe tr , ilh Pelgntl le nllllll i s l ll r Illpn'se rs, and Clllllllm n dl b ab,' lnd ex1 ri d masters. The priice oI f pssC l e ise fixed nil $!I, wilthout willnsl r lirs r r ; uI.pllh slore+ ill ev'y other ( ptIII iltr wi , , provided, llll evely .t t MIAll I .1 fit l II, line. h'lle sMItion wIll oIi nii li e he Sol I i nd dowi te rive:', ld tl grea telst LpucIII u 'l a it I losrved t s In l til't i ftl -li' . .1 NeiFter Ih.e owners or cuptins of Iles ships iill be rrslplusihle forljewellr', bulliolln, ipre(llu, sto11s,1 sil.;r or plaiIed LIware, lelklage ofls, hollh ow wlle, inlrll e or .laule, col nergll l oPlit, rlst of i'ron or steel, Ior frst, rall loe value thereofxlpresed, u-7 1Y It FI.O I)II'K & (C.,71llIi tn .t F(lt NIE\V Y1Rk Firit Regular 'nlTaet.-- ihi nes' I ine. T"o sail on the 11/h instant. hler cargon nII.IIPIJ' will In .liVliv sail Ii S on, ll hollllxls IIIa ly I, lhe C'a Cllatu iu oll blotd. ioui tier bel Vw the Vegntabl Alaket. I orIo 11i A COlII EN, 911 Conmon st FiRt NE\V YOIII(-TI'IS DAY. L.ouisianna and ANe Ynrk Line. ' The ICElant, tost anili.g, n.gulr parket ship MISSIS$IPPI, Ililhtrd maste, having ,her entire car,' , engae,' Iand ,to hrand, will he desn nnche st el, r. r , te freig t of i IV, orc I t.1..l, blyviln sp I.ndid uo1 oi 'l ll'lllllcllo Os, plllll O honed, ult (ter bel w the, V',. h, e le M rkv, r ,1"i d1 \Vl WI:tOSI1lCI &. ol,, 7I(I .iilil at IlC N 1:\V Y1K. IEP To I nil ,i I ht rdav next. Nerer o nk and l,'ew Orleans Line. a'. Th ee I'i rketship , Ultlei,nl ptai N. P. iDualll. hlas ieein n dmi 'l by i he inhleh elLmy of the wenther. For Iroight of200 Ibn. d cut ,0 o, r pusso e , ipply |on ...a.d or,," ,,J n I IdE P I . I A W.' ,, . .rd ('illt a t FORl NEW YIIlK. Louisiana aned 'New York Line. S T ilE fIs; siling reguar pIk, It ship SOIISVIiLLE, AIIIIu nn- Ir, vie a p rtin ol f her ell rg nlll e~I wit! IllC te early I e I1)111:1\.- (ill('h. F,(r 1r'ei ,ht I)llsieri illlhalllvng:LeriI nrco m.l S1111 t.IVI' OI LAW I Ct ' II. c ror the Interior. e . . The 'a pa tket -ipl FI tANIr I'tl, wta tain will snil a. ,h ,,,e, havh , . l her eo eln igi, F IrIit;.i l vte havin, rliclu l furnished l I' il', nodll IOlC , C ply 8rn ti onon d FlOR BAYOU SA.l. Irdlo hu P ltc. el. Inl lll 111111. r I' ll' . \Vu rriniC ,r dv mray, ti Il u .0clukI n.od llh iH n Sri awary Su in ilord i h i rh sto houtr. F lr Iroght a'r p asr Snt Nlni hC nur 1 bruordor ti IFI - IIIIC - h- F uilnilel B iAYOU eRA t'-r t' Oll bo 'll or to f~b25 ilIRA31 & \VIIITAI.I. l i l l J IEWELRY.l I Ili, ^'r N,,. Ilf l YI II l 'IIEa srl l.lE'r, A PULI A orlrt i ua II-[ reFF'1 . io4l n-i ting of" I I a'll r r t c .s u c k e is h t oro <. fil' rl f i de. ' sh eL v esIX ihiuo whý- I, peenrit, j~II . l ot -end calatd 1h6ni , soCds l and kcy . :(ril htr I .io· l afrol sa(:iis m o kll i,, '?, iill, l. o,I pll o:k l hook e I, l I , Men h :'lll th I dII blyw Llh ,s, S1I. i Ie . h w in . f .lllot Ilil( e rI A I - Ill I l llll .. flin i l,, N lk, andi fr )ip h I y i ni d li, i lrl I i ~l -l ' l l io3 raI o vierl t ,i I7ll c I- . N11A II hI llII LI Ml 'uii At el- Yn ,h Ital - Al I I4r I) i a e ra," h I S -I hotlo' l In\ ln in rlhnr sh nI. t.I" : l b I, \n ' I of m N,.h mn r d t A /I I ,.,o--0 ut.v ' l ,ti lllll a I.Ntl, 1in ie S. , llN , S ii,, i , o II Fahon b l.r i - 1 1 117 Iinn r st A, i .huls. h. r retailh IN , I , dA51 1 :io `) lCI'-- II) t i,''" liii-- new Riil h'i 4 I ilini 'I brig k E11 inrls, u . I", -lil- ,l Illli l ict stoiv h ,; Se i a i . III, \N 'I I.\ RI), 13SiianvN er s14 I t_1i dtil-- L r. ton s o ling i aiiiri liv li i 11e " ll t l l il',n s lzed l, I (lolh p lle i i,,T- d........ . cro r n ap wr l i .io r 5110 ,t o shhoe papl, ' i nso lI coNs o iFu,>al4 by JI SIIN J IIAS\ '.i & o, F:A w .11 . i ,l, .ui .11 . to 'F i ,d , , _n I o r _1 ul d.t S i ( 111111.iI l- , t.I New II evee I!! \Y-11 i hale ii uilv ltoly iudi ii i fron sl i- iarll, frn' nili d ll a t i t e ni, it i sil r sll fri I l tlt e l e, by IoN. F. 0l 111 , , R019h. t 7 e .11pt a t A -. I )- S," Calts and w.vhelbarrow , hl ndiltnd II romn slnip ll (h R -, ia p a elphia il t 1 e fro the I N--1', s 9 (;lo 1 llll h ls 1I l iatl i 1i lh is iuti w i at tt ii le i tori o i l . o t'', pIL i-2 1h .v o 'k Ilav, i .ndru l tg it l pl ,ehl ore, otll o i,ii s vii l li " Il 0.1 Al ("0,11"N1 . NoN 110 Commonl 4F O 1I-I II {I,.I..eN-A It. rt-lsltrtleut u 'l'rT ft, r g 'ii . t 'a ol li. i of iii, t l Iz)'s, ., s: e IV , . I & I i RII & Co, o Nat I al , IE tit t- larshinotmhv Ilof lhro,, S ii Exhiit't c ItIo ., . ei h nii ,s st A i l Il twor', l iutd i nt R , ir t fll 1 th lal v, war- i t I rnted t, I It -. of l, q iulty IIt ally il th rilet i y, l toW l an- d. a tils, , e b Iy d P 'ETERI E 1A, i) .1\ fV, 10 Lo ohh ('FmJ ilotp st -.] iiir;- p.'(i'EN'i' FiRE 4 :IiS - .t -ll ,ll eF d' sortnePl l o'lll Rilllelsll I stIill el iod harit I' i hll. S Ihalres HoteII ASl OR UN - 10,n I b -r . st (,iarhini cl roll ei inC, a or il,' ti io,[, i tu A itiltl i, ,i .. 3. II rl. 4 & 'LA. il(it p l i`-,,ull ,ii~- cr lanil l ll 1,eiv te. d hande reI, ly t n vino lv I Ily IE: D Rlt .S I ', lli74 l'evr 0 o 4Iim he-t nm i A I.i , whch ih.v uoilr II , inpet - t i , t, tile. ctt ,eu and pub i i t.r nr ll. For Ilu t byo o (III) I 0 Fo. ii Nav lilt M il ita toi l-hi ,itlllil llit'rs, underi 03 I ll : |,' tehl iP I i,, .t v 'llrles 1 ti, 'lo(ol I' -\tittetilw vi II slit s Ael Fril s • llept, it slloeldid is rhlef llt, set), as iPtlso's lthP lle olzed Pg lyamid t t lu' e, iti nIIIuw ,tlihcill lip l our, Cookill, I,aal I. Asl .'.'t o at. hc. F r va l b 111- ' T1 it & o "I I)I:VIotEUX, 1L nl UIIlAN('l .IR),3 t L.uvihri t,2 . J TIIA2IFI : Cu, 7t __ ,as at 17_ ui"! .1 'I'tlA DItI l & io, 74 I ,i'odr- a l t 1. aito by 11il1 I -(llto i Ctti at n " G DORISEY,41 New L,'vve LOUISIANA GRAND REAL .ESTATE AND STOCK 3V utt otitp of ttje state of aiouIf r 1far4 CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND Pto01RIEn'roSl. - [IJ The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respcctfally presented to the Pubire. TI e HALF ,MILLION LO I TERY will be drawn in December, and finishedl at one drawing. TheI TWO MILLION LOI'TERY will be drawn on the old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Numbers in one whoel, and BIanks and Pori. s in another i wheel. Both Lotteries, unlder the supervision of two Judges of Couartn, WILL BIE DRAWN IN NEW OIILEANS. The If ALF M ILI.ION LOTTERY offera chanccs to 1,291 Prize.s, of: wch 33 ,re Priz s of Rentl Etate and 335 of Stock, beililes many Prizes corin posed of'l'ickeis in the Gr.d Two'f Million Lottery, aflfrding a particip ,tion of clhaern'als to the holder of a T'icket for Prizes as The (;RAN D LO I I'ERY of Two Millions of Dollars-10,000 Prizen!!-to tle Ifll alount of $2,000,000, of which 1017 are Prizes of Real Estate. Only 9 Blanks toi a Pritzl!!-Sinpla Nos 1 to 100,000. 100,000 'Tlcken:ts at '2.10-i2,0l10,00,000. chline and selling price the sname. Amonn the Prizes in lhese two lotteries are many public anol private buildings which adorn thel city of Nw Orleans, ard are th, pr io of its inhab. itants-thel Verandah, §.t. Charles street Theatre, American Camp stree,. Thea'tre. St. Charles Arcade It ildigs, wth t Iltel, Dwelling louses, Stores, Building Lots, and many entire square of Ground--besides Stocks ln BIlnks and otheir institutions of the State ii' I.o.siana, amoantting i thle wtule to i - TWO MIIILLIONS FIVE IIUNDIRED T'IOUSAND DOLLAIIS. All the Real Estate and Stocks offered i Prizes are owned by ti em n.l in lthir posse.ssing:- lie acts of sale, with cliear titles, are rested in their firm. and recorddlo in the o0lice of Adolphe Slazurean, Notary P'ubl a, and alice t't' coilveyai~les, readyly to trainsifr to the hlaller. of Prize Tlookets, rxnll ,t ti.oa irnelnlbrance: ''The properly is set aparrt unalterably to thalt ol and oiliIy puirpose, ad can, I no eveInt whatever, be convey'ed otherw: by theil flt tnil to tile holders of the Prize Tilkets. AME RiCAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $510,000, IN 1,291 Prizecs! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NMXTI'; and in order to gratify, at an early period, tile purchaelrs of tickets, t: e combination is adopted for this Lot. tery nly, of 1 to 75, whereby the drat ang will Ibe comleted in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numbers from the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at 810 each---5675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!' SCHEME. CAMP S'T. THIEA''IE ANDo GROUND, Will be prize to the holder lof the t.t, 2d anld 3d 1)hwawn o.. .rs . .. . . . $150,100 T et eleoitentlt blur stor * brick building 0 called Amitllrln's hotel, rntl g thee cornerl of(C l apnd attelz sre ets . . . 4[1,000 Prizei. t 41th, 5till d titl. 'lThat valubllle five stoirl brilk stolre on Old Le we street, occupied by Mlessrs II& WI Hop , kills . . . .. . . 35,000 Prize to the 71h, 8tllh ad 91tt. Tlehat elegant dwetlling holese cand lot, No 74 1iowl trert, etlle0ied eV (y 'V ( oodriclh 25,000 'erize to the, 101th, I It rtndl 12th. T'Ihct tso sleery dmteleh dwelling and dotuble lot it 2d N1. ecupield by J .11 Hll . . 18,000 I'rize to tle Is.t, `2d anIId 4th. Acs entire squa oorefgrtcllnd ill foclhoOll .iDcu. eiatie,ed 1. hounded by LIierty, Benton, Mlelpmeele andtlT 'lersichore sis. . . 14,000 trize to Iet, 2,d tlnd 51th. T''lett llue stlry stollr nlld llt eolleer Cemp rlll J elio ctreet,eccupied by lMr. 1. I.autlier for dry gool. . . . ... 1,000 orize to IstI (d and fnth. That olle story store and lot corner of St Mary ad Juli t . . . . . 10,000 Ifrze to islt, d and7th. A certificate lir 511110 ticekets in the two million lottery, al $20 each . . . o10,l The toreteee a heolder of tlii prise mer realize ie hppv destiny trointin ptssessioL, lthroughl eII r Il edihnlt, of the principle porti l)lll the variouepjlell li prizes in thie two milllio lutlerv, will tle a- Prie to it , dletlnd 8th. 'Thiat lr lee builing aIn ee rtenive fit ill tile city of Il'.attyee tt e,lhueutrg iellltivaudl ele rtr \iVu-cingtetll iend Chleppet.wat tos. 1110 hy 200c) ee[ 0,011)0 Prize to lst, Oe teld 9te. A eertitit ato, of 425 ltkeCts in the two millionl lottery, $ II cl . e 5,1101( Pl'eze to Ist, 'eIe and 10tlh. 'l'hat eIte story dwelline hoIlle orand lolt, 2dl 1. Nayvaloes st. next te doutbl lot cortcer of Mel ptilloHe cre 7,500 i'" t ie 1et,"d and lth. A cerilicate fir 3i5 tickets i, tile two million l[ll",¢s', ait $. I3 e lt, 6,51)0 rize i 1 , 2d a tll lth. A doelllllcg oe d lott ol n Victlory st.31 311. leiog 2d oel lot tirling ctrneer of li'En ' il t.1e 6,51111 P aiz, to Ist,.d unntl 4th. A eertiliaee ' ftr e3011 tiekets ill the two millieon 1 lutterx', at .11 ,1touch ,0l(00 I'rzr tm I st, 3d nod 5111. A lrt e ull'oeoi ,o v Nyoeiles.t. ed M. being the third elo e eron A1lpol'le'e ot. 5,5011 Plrize Ie Ist, :d aned Ith. A r.lrlt ete i '211 2 lickerts in the two million luelerv, et 2l e5 etraslt; 5l1eet Irieze te I. I.1,:11 ell 7th. A crrnlllfi. tor i 23 tikels ill tile two inillion lry, u 321 eLcie 1,500 - trse to I lt, 3d nd e th. ,At o w tor'. dwelliec house and lot, 3. 1,t . on o)'l;ni st.lnxt e corner lot of Victory at 41,0n10 Prize I, I lt, 3 'd utled 9th. A d 1nabh'.111 1~· 14)1 1 t ll '1''ln p·1c i)' st, 21 . adjtiu i ee t l.. I, :)rrll I h . NavI I C st. 3,500 1 l', ze It, I t,:hl an] I11tth. An eligibly ritoale buildiug lot it. llitions te.2d 1. 5th lot frell tehl ol corner of at. ot ze o Ist, 3d ndr l'itO. A eprize eeme itilg t I CertfifC te fo r )150 etick- 3 nlle elltire: sqllllre of ground ill fltubotlrg An u 'eiatieot, d . Ic one ed by herry, - lia, CiemIut aI l Errato sts. 2,500 Prize to let, I11l ant 5t1h. A desirnble building lot, 3dA, 31 corner of 01o ree encld laeatret .s., 1,9011 A deiinll bluildlling lot ·i leet on Nlontegaiut st. 3d . 4th frni Moireal n st. 1,81)0 de Prize to Ist, -ih tend 7th. Ahln relne u l ire o lrnf rLd, 2di . bounded III by Ch1o, IPelu, I rratlt and \Vali et,. 1 600 be Prize tol Islt, 4thil andllll th. A paia rion oflla Ialre or ground irn 2d I. bound. ed by Erratut ulnd Etgl itAt. . 1,t00 bh riz, ~In It, ,lth an,, 91th. st A square ol'grttnd id iid 31. bounded by Mta. i t, Pine il-d Cli S il. l1,0110 il I I'riz+' to Ist, 4th and 101h. st All litil e Ilulldii Iat, , liltlolur' I.iva it ti o uf , lll.flt e, t l'et on t Wahinglon trelet, 3d lo't from, Chipawa meet 7h5'i I 'rize to I t ol th and 1 (I1. A.-% Iii Is l to i c lit G l'l .ls f yet' , 3lt lt t o1n \W shinhton str: ee, and lht lot )ram 1, i.t l iil u treet, 73111 Przt . it -l thi tn i th. li t- it t FSilr btuilhing lots oif Ogllnd, city of I o ll.ette, :!)It 411 Hi.t each ti hurtl l th rile t:l, .1 ti, i (itt , Iftu ut.I dI u r Ittr y it Je ittl utt'll ti'ulch 2,1)(1 Prize to I .,:rlll Illnl d .51,-- [. ,, 51h mill,) 7111- 2 aInt, 5 1h Iatd 1 i-hn 9ti th i ad 9lt 'i ,t 010 fir ild tillg loil o if ne i - h, atl d I aa t to 6, 0 t f ll h-lt tran ter a.tI gtotl nit-,i ,.l 10 I l 'ir tolst. , ull ,ndl 0th - I tt, ltho nt-2u l ,l 1tet, 5Ith atid 17ti ll-- I it, Iiih d 7th -- , 6ih itlar prize-, ell Ih a certlilt t O i ilhe two tuiltl utle'V, 3110 tike t,, lot $A)ePch 11,0111) a Prize to Is , i lh lllt-In d i.. -ilt, 7th1 i Iind l h--Iat.. 711hiuil Id lli-- l,S th nil W -ill , t. 'l'w prize enh a 9th.crticat o 1 cket iotell ailuwin millio loitteliy1 'it& tleI s's lit h$'1.! lt -uiti ill. 5,0[i 11) Five pri zes, each i shales of stock int te tu tit ,1t11 ' hlal-h, 4,tt1Hi Itizt, 3 t,,It, 0 731 ithd 1h .t $ i, .S lh and 1 h--lst, til, t a ld I7tl- s il, th nlld Otlh-tl, 4st. Bth mid llth- ,. railroad tork, 301 tsh rIll a $ll.ll .111 . 3,00 PIrize t I t l, 8th iid it 1 h- -I tI, It h aint llt I I th--1,t, 9 il and 9l.2h--lst, 911 tand 0ll0ti-- h1, 9 ,tl al d uI.Ih. 'igiht prizes, llcll e o r ourifie ute u l l t inl the etwo illiont hiG rv 1 :0ti cketS , rn t _te ,e h. Lli ,01)0 Prize to Iwt, iciih and (12ti-lit', thrh ainl 12 nt2)ll-- i, 31il d N -i, lhw l iid 5t-n l ,li- a11. n n h I-2d1, 3r and tI 7-lI 3tl- id niuds , lh--w 2hd, 31 aNt, !llht.7 p ih d bn Tell ny'z.,, ouch :3 ..ares of etek in the a hnk PdTe l udr and 1thi-l- aenl-l prai e1 I 3h inde t(il-2T, -hhli lll I nd hllll ,4 and lth-~di 3, 0 41h and 9thi-7lth 1nib and hn d hh-'d,4t. ad Twenty prlze, each n certifiate, for 25 hk ackter inll t e wo two l l er 511 tickets , I $two m li l 11t 0, ( Prize. Io the .d, 4th amtll 1211h-- i, 5th itntdl IIth--21, ,ib ntland 7ih-- 2,5ih1ud am:011--S2d, 5th and 9t7 - 11d.511 i tnd 10th- 2 t.5th and 1 I h- - r Fe, 51nr annd oih-2td. tihou .antid 7doa--1, l1 nlld lth ll- 1, illh aii 911i--1d, fi h aind il1 h- -2d, Iflli and, i l lili--.11, Ilh liand 1itfi-- .1, 7 lh ld 1tih--d, 7ih n11 i 9h-i--d.7th mIiid llth,- Sllty.three prizes, eaeh one ,hare: inl tie ()co n lllllel uirlune co pll i bllll ores, at$l 5 3,ll 1 it ,30 Prizes to 11,'b ill hk , ats it l I Ia li 11 )tt. ltteryr 2 I e.i tlkl t ,lir t, I ll •t $ 0 25,200 Pl'zes to tickets having tily three drawn OPJAa '2OTT~~P TWO MILLIONS OF JOLL AS. 10,000 PR~IZES AMOJUNTING TO TW \\ 0MILlION\S OF D)OLLARS, DI. W N ON THE l LI) PLA N (iF BLANKS. AN I) IPRIZES,-NO ) I 001 NiATI(ON NUIILEIIN. 100,000 Tickets, at $240, - - - 2,000,000. SIMPNILY NUIBEIEEI), Iro 10(1,000. The scheme and selling , ricer are tile tme, a es no addlietion or re(llvl iena are madeefor tee te inthCis Iotery : tlluse cuynhieeet gxpejs:eet will ope1rate i a Ilre d fretina lio thie valualtioe sel on the propteaty. 1101) EOF IF DAIVINO;.-TheNt hbelr, Ito 1110,0100 will be laeda' in enc wheel, and tle eame nulrer oflI ankse lndPrize ineolawiaree. 'Tovery nlumbelatr drwn fra onle alacel, a tiaket rein Ite Blanak and Prize whlaeel will he dlrawn, untilltheewhole are drawln. TILE FtRII'' DI.\ A tIC.1\1I1, (I,' lTIIE T\' lt) |It, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. & Each day'r drawing under the .Uplerisio, ": Lw, J,,,gPes of C(ulc.h in New Orlcans, ullia the w '' ,|telled und soullele by hlelll. 10,000 PRIZES. high, and pt tltes leis a Iront of 141 . ,et oi 1 aint 1111' \~IAI)\ I 11 C(III .III 1 plOOr harlh 1 slre 1t, and [l t Oi O1111111 tct o i t +treel . Tile prihcilli Iortoln ii' ll p l till lll Ir t the base 1itl sto1l bry co prnIIIIi ,& Ihr ie hir iir c( lll hI 50100 ild , 'iht +toret, indltl l rald enllies Io thl toel, f lr w $hich the r1m1inh r Oll lhi lhl hdl edtlicu+ i+. tlt+iilrlel, : llld .i +Lpcl l is flOW Icl~lyu l l 1d lt n. . . +I l iihE kra, i IIItmll thiClh a uend e+ tio til i1n,000t o f t.hbn e h<ntunte l old|h e. :1),11' 111 I I"', .INI) Iir Itt11 1.11311 1,· 11(1~':ll~ 11111111* fl I( llrlPIII 11111111r iit SIIC(Fli~ C( ft ll'i 'i.C 1 "~iilRI l' TlitA011111 E 111 RIl1U 11 l i t'.i the sce1 'ey ulllll h' lt tls ii Il' r "llt +lll t, l t lti, kt . cII'tilh . 2I I 5)10,100 Thi Iin it'itt' "tt i 111 c 11itr 11111 fronto 1311 lttlt" nllil til'll)t ll~ l T hllltet'l' l.llt III 11l11 Alte 111111111~; lr(l, (~tl lll'~ I i rll i. o l),Cll h , lllle ]s streetll , w itllll L ithP rllnIt'I l' oy ,nicetos n M hrlh e l rmel+ . I T hecap)1 ciTh 1o Il'+xt (llr· Xlht'tt llllllllltl (IP I PII~PIT t l.t+ l~ i bh _Ri f ! 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Ti.he enlllil-r Illllre Iquare ofgralllmul o1 Ierynlehs stre .ir, d m nici alit, i tf ll lull, bunllde d hu i nter I lll allt }I r d ll-n Grallde s l2it.3 l i ,000 ri. The m;>tll"itt ip bliy,' c tore 13,. l)ot Il o bc ",Pl + i "jll ,Jlllll+ £].)<l 14. 1 "'he en4tir .444.qu .4re4"4f 4444 44un 444 Bent 0444,.'.by (2 ep,4.,'h.' 1,,4.'lr . 1801 o 143. Thee.ire,'4,'e o i 4u,),lil4I en. o 7 n1'8e.ue stree4.4 ,n~ ,ei lil coll i Ili ,4 1e,1 7 bullnddctd by Ilettenl a1111 'I'rriri i·llolr sneerslr 13,1100 heru 14. '1'11P entire square of iron lll( 0II ,l on h reon ntr street, 2d l Ioulllli elite, lie , lllil log 13 lotst~ boundeLd by '1'urlrri(ichor;, liberty anlld E~UI*TIIpl of 4t reets4, 111,0 s i 4een., el '4,,' I.n44 ,e,p~i4)"',, cony 04'. bi)b, ¾) 4.44,4.4I I 444 4,4., ...,. 4.' I .'tree ..4,..''',.. i39 hp. . ) 1.1 .l 1,011 11 Ili. 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'l'hlr sguira I of erea,,;l art Thalia .ores, (·I· I _'d "I.0 Milo sui, boolld'd by , \\lllpu· "lre, Jacob ,,.J 3,,,,) '0rr s 9,4104 b44 _:3. l1l u I ono slaty Ibllillinla 111 ;rIia mewl,11 Jullljrr tor the corner of St l iar)' a0111-11 l (·111111 h 'a bake ,.', 4.4'' an ,'4a4in 4444 74 Iee ,0 2444444 4' 4~,'." 4 444',' '44;)4d444Ilpon nc L spre 44.44444444)44e byI4l40)444'4444r40l4)44 I '),1)011 '""e _5. '44. ),)' l(- s ilI f 4,n,,.'.4 4 44. 4Libert 444 4rt _,1 ,n. it 13 lts, bon, led blllL( II? sllll C e ,III.1 11 y d, 0, 40j 444444444 4404.4o4,,) 4o 4 044oio( )4.444.4 ' ,n. d7:( ll Il : lute., bounded by hite and 1 J, p 4,44,4 Iou.Ocat £,4-4,00 tll 27. 'I'1," one. slur,' l ! 1 Iib liIg w O .tune,) onl . J"h44tet,_ ,, e n3 ' ti 4,4 1,40,,. 4.4 I4l4sec', _5 by 7" 4i't 4 0,44044 it 23:. 'I',P ,.are of groUnd o~ It,') nIC Ir n .1)0i 4 it 44 1·(11, p) Il 4v Is, b d4[ly Iby Ja .cob 4444' l .4,I d , 4'er-w '4 ll ''444'4' 44'444 11,4'4 0 04)440 ' 40 1. 4,' ir 4.44 4'e b44. in an ers,,; ,, :31.'Ihe s k,,,,4," o.f ýr I4.v 44,,,,dliY -lreel, e d of . It; D Ios, bolultded by J acLub, Dolllls .,, d :31II. 'll'ic lqur l of .roeII Id on Thalia i(- 5:18tr- 511 2,44,4. 4f ;341ots, 44444 444444 b4 .4,44444444444,30b y '1IJ h ,le)rr'i :,,Meets 6,001)i des s l~lreel ,I i. ., t psil clVllh;,l ' street 8,000 47 et, 11 Ii. III '. t4 bo nde by Soli4, 34. The Ipl Ill , ,onr.,I on .1 po13n slrret, _d 1 .I0 in. co,)nrj of 4,g4,4 ,,4 c 444e44 , :., I ,44 y4 14 0 t I 4.'. 445 4'.'. 5,00 4 15. 7'hlrue eq user, of crowd on liel :o h? 1"7 2.4 ,2,. 1 ,,4' 4.. t', 4 ou.nded 4 y,4 ],,war, J 44,.,4,,..4 4 313. The et 4 oh,l on llll~l I01el' l r ?treat, 111 '0 2,, 4.,..,t 4, 4he4. 4,4ne 44,,,,. 14444444 344 by44 4,40 ).' .44e '.o2 45'.50044 44. The') nu4' o gr44. und'' ' ion44~ 4 h44 i 444 ,444'. 40 ,,'.,,,,,'.. .f I00044onddb ] ua .lnsl ~ 444'.'~tupne .Ine, 5,4,4 4,44no . 0 ili :1,. q4 410.4.4 ," 5,5 )0 1 4:0.nep 4)444 5,0'4410 4.4Th 4o44 ra, ,INv,l.4~, Iur, , 444.' 04.44044 4)d4.4 44)440 '41si o or, .44.'4,444444)44444444444 45,80(1 00 . 'Ih 4444444, 44, 444444un 444444cul~,4444 CALDWELL, OAIKEY Sc. PRITCHEARD. " Ole Aug. 3Qh 1a3Y MANAGLLS ANk PhrOPI(!ET.nS 4 ,I' halrl-l l fg2d i. of lto 101t, hounded II Dh nu I anud CL a tF l.0'(1 d odi tler }l eitty 6,0U00 •41;. The ImF lot of Fr,,oI fo ,,i l hln F l ., lo o,.l.' W76,0 .6,0014 1. 'tT'. Tie squa-e g. r nd,' n, 1 1 Thai|, street • ,I).119 5 (111, hotmdod by Jlu'lllunsei. ), C u nd F'elic:ityv 1 lrtl ( 5100")( 4)). r'Ihe Ito str ay Io ickbls o. uill a loh(t on .'ashil;gol I st: e t,city of I.1llflelte, bl eiog 1011 (1.11 ill (h1 i '"'a 1 ,p 11" , and having 1ll lee 0 rout, yreF 11 n lv ill d F ptF l 5,000 49. 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IF,FleIret 4 , 4Ii ,000 I4t loi lololn Ihlh which forms+ lhe corn0r of Tr.,ihore h , t . 4,00 .6..X lot IF4F oi on A ll eoI4 3F bl y y ,F003 1,1 htI: 4 b FFll , the'2id lot fFIoI that whiFh , )f', 4L' hle 4OllFF F o F..] Fol4l4 le 1',).1 F . 4 11 1)l. 4,0)00 4,49. A ,lot of'F rouFF d F irFllFoF A l4,,,h14 ,l, . by 47 l o FF, Fljoi Fin F the Ft Form i n 4FFF CI F, corn . Ff oFllmeFeF . 4,5000 60. A 1/r 1 1 oar rouond, 'o n'hI aina St1,11 ,12 ind. b olnnm u I1 rlt, Ih NI u ad by Soi~ o and 3 , F' ( F4 ,, tFlFt rFF. - 4 , FF F 4F,F00F) I;I. A lhot of gro unld o ni ani 6lley ollllll 'llt FF)Fx1t to 1i ^lot i. I Fril Flile torner oIF ApoIIo ('F4 .t.,' y IFF 4 , 1,,, FeFd I. 3.5400 !. A ul fi f ro ( u and 'FFer4 ItehnF Ftreet, 0 2. .(l. 32 by 27 t11.1.t, |W 1I.0 the 2d f'roB| that 43. A lot ' ,'' rm Fd u lF, 44lFFlloe Ir4 t, l Ilnl. .Fl lllFo hFll, IFIcFh lolm F til e coUllFer 0 - oll. l ,,o ,,,,ele ,e , 3i.41 by 127 fe t 34,500 P01, 0)3,13000 S3 . 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Ib ('l erry nodI ' Thalia st.el.'S 1,280 'I 4-. .\ s 'laro t 4,I 4~ 44rnttI 4 4,dntg4 I.4l .dI uIelllllll 1 by M1 Illl..l d I I)llllp l tl tl ts, alnd by c the 1'n , e hl4,,, e4 , , , 4 ,1,.00 ti uu 4e, by 0\ u.4 i.'I an Pd r oll s. tr.t I,4 ' 0 b 8. . A: iiui i.r l n le o lllllou d c) llilllill. 1 I hll boulled by l.i 41 ind rlono . l4 I, .'ls 87. .\ , s,.,-, U . f 4,, 'g,,,..l o 1.t,, i, ',4 10 luo s blu nt onhd b) I'l I a r nd l..t'I ,, wIII-t I 809U 443.. A r, ,f - .q" r lr (. l lllolllliol I,, ,14d bolllll d d ,l , P ltr ii, Ii lll n l n l .4l44n 4:144o 0:1. A trlila _igu" illr's rI. 01us n ,r d l, o UUllded bI, I|.ullltl .ell .hty and llll r 1'rp ,neat.: )S)) 4!)l, . -i4l,.'l4l4lr '.i.4 ' 4 )I ,.llllllnld tll4lhe cot I Iiu·Ie it"Jol(lll n IIa ...llil hl l silrl 1100 uIll 0)1. ;: tlriilllut llllr S1 (.1 of'(1o m " r.llll u uO;llde d by 'r' rliri, hbole al aol s eets ll.l. 8000 4,), . A 44,44I44 r444 .44 tiofg,'olll d - 44u0ded l3. .h nll inlu l l.: r . of grI unild .und lrd *y ('lit) "'lh4 P 4 4' 44 s 4 4't s 4400 !4I4. A 4b44r4' 4 l 'f ronll d , (lllllilill'gi 10 u 4 s4 bounded by Maple, 0,Inus and P ine selo'(' i,. A lot of ironlll d .n . aslliihgtolll ltreel fire fIh frlnl ilh l 1bucbh lt lin ll (t lll corner of I tlip w nsrethe"n' 10 by et50 )4i. A hl 44 4 .4 o d on 4'alh T.n 0street bh im ti., ! h 'IAlll boilo l tI lt t whi h ll' hfI e e.milh c 'er o1" 'hi lpenl an t-T1 i II , .Ill ,by I't1 fret 750 s ;Ai · "l a l l ll lllhl I'n tIIa Iingl. l' hts blunidd by \hle,', luphioges , fine and Ve 01. A Trinr,,u,,,,r s,.al,, of gr,,,und bounded I44 ('hos4lllll tand ' hallnt. 4 il. ll s 4 401) ")11. A hIn h lrr ll Da , rf ground bounde1d 10. A lot of l roulllld fiorllilg tlle Cn rllner of -Jet."rv IiiJ a i thlCIoIo li sTree.i,, bla ing %.5 Ifee or, I hI e fi rllltu l, i1lllt | . 1 i i , ilt t h l b ler 330(I 1111. A lid of - ground forming the corner of .herey nlll Io,) L rlh shtecls h ilt' ne to arllllllte, Iit ig , ' ifeet o1 tI e folIrmer ilnd 11 feetl ol tihe Ill,. A lot of groundl onnjerse 4 1 by Il teier, thelr 7th tromi the lot fonriltg the corner of W\'n-l ilng nil street . , 3 S10:. A It of Arnllld on Jersey street `5 by 115 feet, bing the I 8h from the comner of Wash. i1444 i stree4 l , 500 i 104. A rilngulalr sqtaro of grulnl bounded I by Clio and 8prmll, n"es . 31'0 by4 Pear a.lll 4 hul ,trets 2. . 01 I4i4. A irian.ul ar l sglll re lR ( gr4aI4(4 l 4 oulnd.ed byv t4lll4l4ope, 7Ine ad illllE llphru44 .y.le S eet 2400 S117. A t~in Jla ar uare of ground, bounlded i by lil li , llll ', 1 4 4 44 s 4lreet 4 . O40O S9,370 prizes I share each Gus Light aud lt ikl n sa e i. llp av, a it 10 . 281,100 1O0 prize, , 4 li44 re each 4 Sl4 .l4 li44l4 's 4 L. Illnl e .to2:k, l . .r i , 7 . 15,00 177 priers, I share each ()cean Insuurance Ieonlt: stll lit ck'iV St' $440 Blt0. 4443 I0 prizesI slkhre steh Merclhatlu's Insurance cŽO4I44anyl ".Ock, at $40 . ,00 4i prizesl, I share each, Ecango UBallnlk eoln 444y44t44,4 k, 4.4 *40 . . ,3l0n ) l0n ki4,', I 4ulliir each, EI'4 naknl rail4 l Rail I{ll o, ,l,4p allv st4 ck, at 100 3,00 10 pIri.e4s, I 4n4r4 r e4i4h, W4e4t-rn l4rii4w al4nd 1 Fire Ilnsuranc..e 4 c....any stock, t0 _$3O 500 Tw.o millios of'dollars $ 2,000,410 AT-a' TH19..dF~fiC#::` True J./ I*1aý14,-N --Ce d"T CU C'oLr.S3`lt r L oi", ETA 1~1n21:EiI St, No. 53, Magacocne 'Strcit4 Op(popst Its ltcke' Af' . I'IIj,L1..l ('11 KEjVIX PROPRIE7OR it it: * JARVLS p i~,KEUi'.S; Wi lot.EIOiALE ANI) ItE'!'All. JI7EALER:I IN MEDICINES, FAINTS OILS IJ 1'R STLTFN AND ))IV WI.)APOIV.&dSS, - YE\V.OIII.F.IPI ., NAh'IIAN JARVIS. JOHN bV ANI)RIIWS. A lcrge appit o Garden Seer'ececUiTwratd thigcotil" CLHIMPLIN & COOPIINR (ROCERIiS AN NIE l S I K IN. I ILOVI'SIONS A:')) l EE1', 1n. 7n,',d 8' Jo ,,n -terr, N..c Orleanr. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. I'AI (Yi5 & HA1)1)ENl No-. II ('hrrIcc. M-ireei IIAS' I: a con.itat tutply .1" evert adxttcle peti't,,ing to ,ccllio,,,'a dreenu, of tlhe satic y le IC, at Net, York tlrirr . dPC n . DONEI.i &C tA~r, AI ERICX UN :C I 's(liSl CROlWNSN (LASS, N1.. .ticoc'co Ite SIrZA RIl BUSH & ALLEN, No. i, EXCHANGE JIOTEL, "timer of St. Ch~ rlrx and J runnnoa ·LI,. NEW (1I.EANS. S21 I'OII'I'EIi inld I)eo,,1', in 1 rttI, cod Eogliihl I'ere,,,,'r,; It ,,io ('no,-e:nd I',.e .le IIlks, Cotlery, iI ,,ni,'o, (iluo Sleir, Sienks, Umbrellas, Cou.+ ntl IEnc Article'o. d5 .Wervrnnhe,, /i In,'r , Cm,,,o.rron MTerc/hnL, .f. P. FREEMAN & CO., It/'Jtoiera e lotbin l IEstablishment, N~o. 3 , l1lurlrlte it, re.-t, TI7 AVE cnstiti, on hand u urge supply cf Cloth illn e,,.ill, eb'Pl.l Ifor ttlie' tvn nirde. '[heir us. lvv'en bing large, meircihiit' fo,,otlettountrty can be 'ejpplied at tciiile F 't tmtic FlIREM1EN'S INSUIArN'E COMPANY OF NEIb ORLEANS. 'Iti,, CotopnItv rnow pt'Iored to tob,, RISES AGAINST FIRE. N.'. M4 Musson Ilelditing, Coccl ort.e'. E L 'ITLACY. New () ices',, Thii Sf: 1:18. i'eevs'icy. - lv lU'I' CL AN NNON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I': ;fi l, stree Whovlesl tivI' (ilet,, 'k fant, Oil1, Vesnitoltec, BIruches, lIIu V'inde.waned I'ioete Oin" &o0,A.. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. R O ISI SO.M .I GOOD 1 MI", N.. ON, ('hnrlr't harcel, (I lv, Ilvvvv below Ii.nville. I j VA'Evvtnlitenllilv,, nd ( verv orticlt ,,'1 rt tin I ivvv i' 1te'ti nelvn'c do'eea, Ieeed i, the be't tons vera 1 Ivi litoioetblv tle, which they slcet' fo l, teit vlivv d prime. drv-I-183fl BIANK NOTE ENGHtAVING RAWDON' WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON SAVI Cl opeed a nilice il Nt Orllans. p s.esinglg I eqqualttlvantuires nith their tl.luse int Newo Yik, filr tlhe pulrose of engraln\ g and dllilntg Bnnk Note, Bonldi, i~dls o0t Fo.l tttllgt, Certtficates of littost s Checkl and other itpoarmat1t papers, leqtring security agaiist ll orgeolie; lunt have I de iple ll povision ftor the lill kepile lof all platos and it)pest ions entrust ello te r cure; their )speio es etbrtcethe note tolt' over fiie hunldlel bLnki_ intitution., and all orders will be exeelted wilh iroUlolltue, Iand the usual telIms. ()licu eorner ot. Royal end CoIil sts. New1 ()rh an*, NIovembher , 1839--f. IEGUI l.A R PRICES. ST.L OUL'l S'TI'TlEI' ES'I'AIURIAT, OPPOSITE Till. EXCHIANGE. TIIl, Subs riler has the honor to inform him Iriendo and tlhe pbhe ill eneratl, that lte will olen, on the fitll illtllt, a lestaulrt, whlere persont will be served etellrdill t thte hill of lore, at regular prices; vie: Fity cetslt o lit Ilepltkfst, aud eventov-five cellt for I) o ". T lle hrettkloaot will of twit dishes at o pt uDIII cup oft, ice n ith molkt, Iolfo hbottle of nine ald brand at .l s eretimo. ilte dinner will consist of ioe dishell at optlio, u asoup hiall bottle of wineand bread tit dikcrliot+. A grl'tl otlher ut persons have been complaining for i lo.g tillne It l he il ouveiecliC e iIt tables d'hotes, hllellro Ilv are obliged to be at legmlllr hour. The u orilel hilas t the hop"e of lhviuo oh inteod that inconl vetlitler ill estublishing his lRestalurll l aIt re ular prices, lli wheir persons will be tteldedll to It every hourof thie dlay, tt al cheaper irate thou at the rtble d'botes. She subschriber har also et8rlllnt saloons for private aLrtles, Ind will execute city deltnlllds. D I15--w MICIIEL DI)OUAIS. TO HIOUSEKEEPERS, HOTELS, STEAM BOATS, and COUNTRY DEALERS. nlli: ttsullsribtlers arie now receiving direct from the nnlltufcto'ries, olrge supplies tot ila-t, China and .tertllteuw,oe I l.o~tkiug I ,lases, 'Plated led Silver ware, I a s, Cha :Itliters, Jp1neryt Kitclen wtute, and blt-,' tIttoittgltgts t nereoflty, .hicht-heY offet r at nuisllnldv low p)rices, ntL NoI. 17 Ctllh street, and No.84 ('mlllllnltll ,ctl , t211-4W ' I" I1 lI)i WER.& Co MANSION HOUSE HOTEl,, IIAVANNA. IIIEE undersignted, iresent rolrietersaof this well S tkntown eslthtlitetut, catlt eld tIll Malutioot House, Sntua ed ill ()hrpin ltrert. No. 19, have the honor to nnttounceto te public, thlat their grete-t ctre andl l &- terain, will be dedi'eti to ttRender cumfi'rtable persons who may liv or thln with their pitr oln t e. The ad v vantasb poe O .sed by tile house lor travellers, for its ,lol0yconvnience,&e. are no well known thlo it is n Ulillt - rlrd. to rnullle(liltt. the .l. .eist _,I2I1y C1UNY& FPI'L'I'ON. MANSION HOUSE HIOTEL, a la Habonna. i OS infrasEritos nuveO, proprietarios del birn l contocido estalvtcimoiento tombrndo MIAN SION IIIiUSE, s tottdo otl lt call doi1 l Otrapia, Nurn. 119; tioenu el honor doe nuonciar al publoieo qe sus Imqyores latin rzos y attcneione storatn dedi tiaas it complaccr h las persohns quo le favoreo ) cn tcon ui patrotito. Las rcoteiljas que pose di., clIat cts a parae los vingeros, tatnlo per iu looullodad, cttllodldl.d, etc, etc. sotl tun couccodas, quto as illu til lnu lllortarlas. o l set--ly CUNY & FULTON. t OI~MANS'ION lIlO USE HOTEL, t la Iattanne. I S soussignos, iouvoauox propridtatirek de01'6 - N tob issemcnt siltue dons la rue du Ia Obropin, 1No. 149, connu tons le nort de MANSION lit US E, ont I'honfleur d'inlibrmer le tublic, qu'tla teront tous leurs effirts pour so rledlie grerableos a0 ux personnes qui voudront bien les fovoriser de lour eonti;ncc. Les contlodies qu'offre cette nai. 0 ron auxi vtoyaeurs snit aussez connues pour .ne Sjooint juger ntlccsairu d'en fairo :e tei detaoil. 91 sot--lv CUNY & FULTON. Ii A t t " L It;tlt, No5 lt ld Levee srtrelo in addli S lito t thelr oir stock,huveri o ceivedtllrom Eng lad, pelr ship. (Ihesti., Edwiio.l aOld ..llnlllnU.ttt, and by . 11 rtetenllt llo'lrivll foon the II o r elllnll cities, tith folloewing. n iIOlllulelllut u! Ilttdtlo , o ltol, Steel, Nsils. Anchors, i u'Ltains, (7,,ttbtge, L.ealnhe,, ',its, &c. hob;e. tlie1 ofler oil ftt l l ct o lnlll a odalrtil terms: IA It )WVARIf. Ilet Irete caltot; ox tttd t do; tane, o aorroer oieclitiot, i tn o I t .itltoydollts; brihtt t ical t slel lo s. nlld slt vels.tltd nt .rp itt; ri .ollttiilllt hIOes; grubbiito hoe; tlack II(l t'trolitto Ihtton e ; boot A coitogo' tLnlrt; btiockttuith's otl-" lw,, hunnless anod tount; files, tossuited, of albkitol,; 01 Ilotlson's Illke; sockets aldes, assorted kinids, Itlan.d's nd olilo's inill saws; cnlt steel whip undl 0 trro.,s cot oasoso; hIood Sawl ; co1 i r skinllllertaltd'adler; llllltllll nI, I tIoo; lnllion t rn o illo; lttry obltllll; woottd screws; leg looks; Aloolietoll door Iooks; itadlock'I-octlin 3 J books; >Irnlc urds; e'sh nil paper boxes; augers; chisels; rarlnter*s ind suliths' tool.s generally; bright lmaple vi. ces; and a geneoal aduorler nt oufl ble cutleryoand ehelf good.50 AXES. Huntt'srast olll nxes,'lauyton' pattere; Huatt's brond nlld Iltnd llt xes, w ith anll nOltlllet of I-I nit's t lts; Ctol 100 liso' nxeso; and 151b dozen .unt steel axes, nlde by other good makers. IRON, ST.Fl., Ac. iO 100 tons flat, square and otooli iron; Bollinre holiler naod Ihl e illl; hoop iron, all sizes; CRussier sheet irlon; It0 Ameorictan do; sIeet cststeel, nod cast sleoel in square ntid latt hlars, sslolcttd, Salttletrstllts tllke; Crolwley o011 tsel; Geroan dto; toot (l.) Englilh bllitered uteol; Baeli . iin; plate zsin; sleet itld pig led; ishot,.all aznes. 00 NAILS. ~0o keen cut nails, well assorted, frotm 3 tt 6 inches; 50 casks w,+m+_,ht D1|ail. fine clasp ard ordor 51 kgs t u 100 r lllhd tuils; '5 kr'ed filne Il!rse shoe trail, Grialn's. ANCH()ORS, CASTI'INGS, &c. 000 Anclton I t tll sciZe; chain enbleo, do; 10110 French Ip Ios to IO1 pi| tls; spidlers toll skillets, 1 large seort ii0 oelt; lIi0 stulo keltles; lloulhsl oftdifferellt niulutulcto riet; vlot n gltotss il sizes Noova Scoliae grind luollese 0oo lttd a nlarge'tock Cullen inill stliione, assorted lizgqr. SHIP CIHANI)LERY. ,.1001 'laotrred o r and h.rlsers, as.wrted; lige and'-mall alull r lpe, of tihe Iet kind, and Bodton mntnuineti .e ,000 ott i ols anid liodtol lies; and q variery u e0very rticlte i. thoi ip chlattndlery line; leatherio al 500 I tindtlusrt ieoCrived Iroo PllilteltlhiL. - tll" UANI) NAVAL S.I'ORFS. 0110 0I Ilsk. pl.. e - itIr lelrtits .otil. i bihills Iill;O ht dlI at ld q.a l hoon ollili;10 ittri;eo liused oila;tu ilie olt hi t id ll t50 o lilth ioneo roli;. 5 ilt. ott o op; ol too to intolt hbloh; sipirtlt of urlupeiut'eo ireghL #.tid jotlO dl; neetefuut oil 5ihul It. \A'eithta'a wil Irn, bt. e4

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