Newspaper of True American, December 30, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 30, 1839 Page 1
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II Pntici 1 - --- NTS. "P.IEW O A O ANI I)g E'II 60 ,.... . . Vo L,,-V 1 No. 2091. Pllrce 12: CENTI. N~~~tEW ORLEANS, MONDAY ~I)1)I(Nlr(;, D)ECEX~I3EI( 30, r~:!.Va--~ r.0 Terms of the xNewspaper Press of New Orleans unnohinusl v agreedto at an adjournrd meetin el' tile 'eror ierltr., I ,+ld on the 13th of IlarIt: , I 8:B '. Sensclucrltos.-t'wIelve Dollars far thedaily pia ann nIpa Ivale nelui-unnually in advance: ten dollars tor the tri-weekly country paper, payabllle one ear it ldvance, wheore Ino citv reference i. gtvern. Five ,lllnrs flr lthe Weekly; lovnble ic. dvaoee,. No a ibsarilption will be diicontindld until are f settled. In case of di continnance, one week's lnotice is wriltng tanet on itwariab'y given, previous to tit xpiraticn of eebscriltion. Anrnnrtsleo.-O-il dollar per manare for the first nert in, nt andlf that price for each shsequelrt ile: an, material alteration fro:n the original advertiirnemenl will be chiarged as new one. YAnt.vr ArtinV rtsctas.-Merct.tnts andil ra ere, orty dolllars ltt Englinsh alone, and sixty far hoth Inn IgtageL hiBntks, Inasurlnce Olitec, and other public tnetituttion, fifty dollars in Ettnlilh otly, ntlt tgllhty for built langltnlee; Shitl and Otenl),iot Feae org, or Ceon:tlieio.l mtnerhlnite sixty itll ngliet me, ind eighty bor bott ltngingel. MARRInota , OfetreARo Notices, and artiles eall leg tile attentiontf the public to sales o' property, sirds of passengero, benefitt, &l. &e. will he elairre I ole dollar pet square for the nrst insertion in eacll latn Ing.Ie C ...o....c.ort, or Aldvorti.em.ets, of coy pereon. Ai nature, wheon adeiissibl. shell be charged d*oublte, sad in advance. A deduction of twenty-eive per cent. will be made to Auctlotteers, NlhcrlRf, Regiieroef Wills, utd iMarshals on s:les of real estate, ptlllithed in both lautguagos, ind 51) per cent. in Inghlish slotte: 10 per cent on sales or ether pruperty. AnvaIrlee.Cr.nT ott of the direct lillte of busaines Si of the advertiser, such as legal, auction, atil pilattu ion aler, rtnnnway slavee, stray animnls, &e. &c. will be hergedl fIr sepo.ately, andl t the ordinary rates. ArtlCitTtscottrs not tlpeeified a, to time, will he pubhlished otte ,nnth, and charged accordingly Ne advertialemecte of aokrupltcies will he puhlishedll Sany ease, silies paid ftr previous to insertion, or paymenet guurnnteed by a rropoltsitle person in town. 'I'nratres and etlher iltaces o ainnsemlnOnl, adverti.iie" daily i rthe aonntt. to he charged $100 for loglitsh i lote, and $150 in l languat ges.oc. All annou;ncementti of elloiintels fiLtr political oll:esn will Ie charged doable tile price of titer advertise t.eno&t Owting ti the iione loess stainettcd Iby newp.ooper prerpiet.ra, tile ilnave coine to tie cllnecusiln thllt tll Ia iee of pereonu whose aecoiitit hIve not bell plid within tle ountlt alter presetatioln, sItall he oilllle kLnuwi (to far as praeticahle) to each other--they obli I`eeln theotnlelvea not nt alvertise or priat for ouch detlitlquente ounles in enase of .deance pnaynttens. sigined) J.C. It S'r. RO.IIFs I. itAYON, P. P. IEA, J. C. PII.ND)RGASIT, JOHtN GIBSON, LIMSIIEN. Wiekly Prees.-We. the ollcdereigted, areer to ide by tih lliove culnditiulol, as tar as Ithey are apllicahbl to weeily tlalprre. (Sdigned) A. l. LAIVRENCE, SNoi subhscriptions are taken for less thaun 6 oataths. Letters all eases, he ost pliid. - HIARROWGATE SPRINGS ttleallngietery itittit, tlel. TIIREE DA YS JOURNEY FROIM Sf IV ORLEANS. i tHE proIrieto.r f thil esadlisiment Iles thle leen - . ur of anl~unltingle tio is friends ail the public in general,tltn he will be nt reailine-aby tharst day of May te receive visliters. lie will ali, siaeeteor tihe In, melit of lhser at a distance, that there hlava e b t large improvements n de, ad others nw glilte oil atid ini rapid progress fr ct;npletiont wllieh will elnale the snbscriber to accmnodalllte a itich larger atilber than heretolore, and at thle sanie time nnth biler.l Fatntili caan be accmmalnlltdated itlt goid rlnis, or tlhre who prelor can have large cabins ' enached from the matr Itaidling. It le treled annacenssry to sev anythinin particu tar of the character ol these waters for it i|generally believed that they are not inferior to any in the South er Itatles. All the amuisaenil that nre a erial'tIlI frond at Watering Places, will lie fundl at this. 'I e best music that this part of tht cluntry afitrdla, iis been .ngiged, and will he in contaent attendance at t te Syringe during the whole Iseason.I '1 he eisnciber will trail himelf of this o pnrtunityV n returning his nlufeigned thanks for tei' very liberal .auttprt given hti lant seasun, and Ilehes liv thle enir Stinnti that have been nle il iniailraviltg and extenlding ithe a tt:oamnodalitinsto merit a liberal pnlrnagi Illth resent season. JNO n.3 A DDI.IFItY WAILL:.-- The subsetrler', - m (fuctrer, and wholesale dealcrs in aeIidlerv goodl, are now receiving by late arrivals ftromt ti north, i1 addl itU to their former stock, tnt extetn ive Srintrtltlll afaritii:lres in thlir lhnt, atnolp w-t- i;re te fi IliiFlin --" - Ledies and mtaisea pllan quilied s.ddl,e , t.eiln ien's do Spanish ti do do lext'arn du d.i do Creole do do doi Amer. do dia do Eglish dr Youth's tie Spanish di, do . do Creole do Inmer.and Eng. brdles and bridle inountlags, do do nlrt tiuteanes, ated, braes, and japatnned conach harness, do n o do gg andl snlkeo do do do do IBdruu.he do cay, cart and wnagn tdo Saddle bags, double andia'gle; vailices; IIm dien addle bags. Urnissels carpet bages best iron irainle esther lile trunks, brass naild ; leather boot tIop do, assorted sizes and varroas styles; hItlsers and pistol belts; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and pitllutrs crop whips: wool, worsatd, cottotl and leather girlits iand sursinllaes; stirrup leathern; trnltl straps and worsted rCein webt . chaii and t od.k hanles; blind bridles and lines; S orch colla e, and h.rse and mule collars,il all quaelis ; in. recee, buck,bear. steep antd ht Iulalio akiins; plated braes and steel bridle bits of ev ry descrlption, psited. brass and steel spurs of every description; plated, brass sld steel stirrups of every descripsl tion ' Togetlger with an cnmplete assortment of every article in theirline of business-all of which they offer for sale on ,,ccolunluo.ting tcrnes. 'They will also continue to r eceive itlrungh the year, by packets from New York, fresh supplies to keep their stock ample and comuplete. KOURS. DAVIDSON & co, 18 15 Canal st. Rtl.elH MAIEDICI ES--70 ipack~nes fresh ntedi 'cities, received per recent arrivals from tile Nurtl rn cities. Liverpool and iHavre, making their tock of medicines na full as any in tie Southlern country. 't'lheir fine tmedical preparationl are Iront tie celebrated ,nunu factory ol Mander, Weaver & Co. liot a hboll they nill be constantly ountliat. Planters, dealers and I e)si cuiuns will be supplied on the turet vorahble terms. ,,ALtVtS & ANtinitVSe d7 cm Common anti T'Ilalpitoulus ast NU UttItE NO' AY D It.Jic'l NSON,OflMce 110 ltienville street, can fines hes practice to the treatment of Venereal Disease, to all its different frmas. Dr. Johsor, front a residence of many years in Ilos pitala in Liurope, devoted to the treenttnte .af Venereal Diseases, ted fruin Iis Ires tlt extensive practice tn that particular oracteh of tihe profession, guarantees a safe, speedy and elbTectal cure in suach persons 0a are olrnead with tnay of thes ihlawiag diseases, viz:- Giucorrhoea. tlentl, Sltri:tlean, Chancres, tlin., tSeminal Weakness, Ai.ctiuas ofthe Itladder, Kidllwyn, ,(doas Urethra, Prostrate tilandI, Swelled I esticles, Eruptious lo the Skiam Sore Throat, Pains in the And the ainuaroadaympeplnna whsich generally Iollow ias disease. Reeart cases cured in two or three days without the use of MeAarry, ieraptiu ren:u Itusiuena, or altera tiaon in bthe ed ofliavig. A o edacine to ptevent Venereal Diseas e ana o obil latled aof Iet.Johslln. i iis Iaia tabe recipe of the Baroll Larry. a celebrated Frennrt Slrgeau, tcld Wa ned by hiltu dnriog to aeverl campaigns iln which lie oerved al Sorgeno Gnoeral in the Frenleh Army. Sold by Dr. Jubsoou, at his alice. ''bose parcens pingoy anyf,.toua olf VeusraitI Diaeuar, ad vAboet eklng soe voyages. or reuoviag eo bthe eoutn v, weuld do well by givig Dtr. Johnson a call, as proper tiedi piaea Ior Iheir cuae in the sllortes ti lae cau be Ilet op witlh wrileut directioca foe Ihleir use. Ollticeopouirap Tin Ihe mornig unotil 10 o'cloek at ;ight. AIIERINETIIY'S DYSPEPTIC El IXIR. fr. Abernethy, the greest oC Ef n!ish lisrgeis the a opinion ttt uil.e-tenths of tha tl csea thaet altec qolfki4oigitlnte a lthea stomach. 'I'is Elixir asa tedty hut w~ithde mtett uepreecedeted etcpeds ill is privalte and public iraclice filr uliwards of forty er., r c foer t a he remoet tfi fllowil disepsres: ls o rfappeite, FInlatletncy, Listeientiol f thi Sto - pelt, Pait in ties aide, ueeileaineof the hed atl iea ci iatibn t ro slep Irregulority of the Bowela,, and tin oll rpae whalre Ilndigepjijo r a cvstive hlai it is e urn to xisLt. Thia metdicine mutnot lie nambeted alot.r the Ieost rf quack nostrums now belbre thle pubiic, as it is the p ole ivention ofi the allest and oqUt scientlifie asrgexo Euarlop ever produeed, and the secret oP lireparig. it was nllurchad by tme agent for a veiy large sau. It is pgreeaola cnd iletautn to tile tnae, acts an a mild aler Itelt.alwnya keeps the bowels free, ilmplarta vigor and ptreigtn to the syteo, ud cheerillness to le (Ilie , and a few buttles rent.les the most eonfirnied cnsc uat Dyspepsia or Indigestion,ged peerelena return at any future period. SNew Yoa,l7til August, 1833. 35 Mad iso.street. 8ti-lIneonnequaenceaf lerding a sedentary life, I pare bceli troubled, mlre or ole, with l.digesliolt for telt years; ior the last three years lly eulfheringa have L enieitalll.eUortcae. I hlave tried several phyeicietno, Sbenefit. I despaired of ever obtainicnl any perltnllell Srelief, and resigned myself to the Iii itt Iiopeless tdes1oil was persuatded lly many friendsto Ite A.ler et)hy'". " yspeptie Elixir. I have nw flnistiled the foeulh II t ,lre ld know nlt hlow'eo express itli u 'tiratiolln of it londeeful virtues and the nriele it Iast perfirntcl ill eatorotv iate Int titat health which I: -t sighst fItof. pver. oeed nes Ilaf e deuen hottlca a t i a.d exepet fay thlatL ior tie bleaings you have c o erred by re Lte rin a tie I partu ..t health. I renainyoura, J4000 MONROq II&IEORRHOIDS. * JAY'S LI ENT.-No Fiction.- Thit ex -trordinaljlcheomiral comp ao itionr, the reulit. ( of science, and thre inventn ,r a celbrlated onili e. cal man, tile introdnr n of whliel to thepulbl ic was invented wit Ihe solemllty of a deatllhbed Ilquest, lhasn since gained a repoutation unplaralleled, it fidly sustaining the correctneses of the lameotod Dr Gridley's last confession, that i he dared not die withlout giving to posterity the biouefit of hi, knowledge on tiris subject," and he thereflor, bJquoeatled to Iis friend and attendant, Seionooi Hays, tire secret of hin discovery. I It is now used in the principal hnapitols, and c the private praetice in our country, first and mosn certainly fu tite crca ol' tie Piles, and so exten F aively and elI stually as to baffle erednlity, iunlen wlteto its effea.s ire witnessed .ExterIIally inII ti follnwing coUllllaintr: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings--Rod.ecing them in a few hoers Rlleumoatism--Acte or Chronic, giving quicr ease, Sore Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup and Whooping Cough--Externally, and over the Ciihest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Coring in a few hours. Soros and Ulcers--lWhetlhecr fres!h or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations olion adults and children in redoe a ing rheumantic awellings, and lonosenilg crughs ando tightness of tie clestby iolaxation of tile parts, has been snrlprimag Iryond conceptir. The oennlmoon remark of those f leo lave used it in tile Piles, is " It acts likle a charn." T'iE PIIES--Thie pirinn, .l is reoundod to any person who will use a hottle of Hay's Liniment for the Piles, and return tile emipty bottle wirihort being oalred. 'irose are tire positive orders of tie prpricetor to tire Agents; and riut of meny tiou. sands sold, rot o0ne has bren ulrlrecessaiil. W might insert certiifleates t any lengtth, hobut prefer that tlos.e who sell thie articloe, aoauld e lnbit tire riginul t, purchasaors. CAUTION--None can be genuine witlout a splendid nagravnd wraipper, on which is my name, aed alin tiae of tre Agents. SOLOMON IIAYS. Sold wholeselo aind retail, by COJISTOCKI( & Co, New York. anrd by one Druggist in every town in thie Urion. For sale by thie Wholesale Agents, cornor of Conl non & TciouUlitouils street, snd by tile Apothlecaries generally. jci31) JORRIs & Co. N a,. 31 Charlras slirl,l le ,rwc i rl'cr'eiir rlnd iellnioirl' InIIi -o splhedtd, Sl-I cn111tl el and inibri l r ,I r -stllck eo Clllthinr, lt.ey hilies erer c lchilired ie this nc rkehe, colsisill it, nrt lor thle foliwinl aririclee: lrlue, bliue blnrki r hlnc, Imlld crn Iariw, rilrOn, il,,lir, lahduln snokit. end grlden olive Ircck e d iresl I ca s; heivo.r ;ible d aul rriindrtn nrock als, errlregantly lirnrish. - d; i fancry au iil bllrck r asrre ad cLi ei n hlh antaloonii. enlinsh slid frch ay ad rIiI iIRl e aill ,ilk and s.iln vents;: real new miarket cmllforts; cnglish anl'lruorh flicy ned p!ain surtls and Ielklt; Cirllllless, bilk eweb ' llld c llnme'siC slIr pendere; (·h;mitii llorinleld mblll 's wotlI+ wes!h I];iii. nl, silk aold coltn niel sherls ii c drlnrsS; tini tiffin and c,)ttOl shirts, wilthlJintn bolsom,ln i)lain IIIii rlllelrd ; Iv c ir n p ,s arl mmp]til I idl silr k nll i Irrllas rt rrrbilr" nerimmm Gl vlr--,Isr,, r, hb uullll il rticle Of white kid, for wedhl(I n s alle. ,e.; Siralliefclld eelk nsml randana IIldkIel lain y : urdanrl dl eibr drerd Crnl'rlIc dro.: s;ilk, riI[ w*'nthsl mnarinot, .ertsn.+nhwn, anld b~rown ra nd white rnttn hl l hII.scp'ill .i f weiu'h mhrly elftlr low lhr rh.r~rolmirmreer' l oteirrnlrner!rm oS iil NoeI I.dry a C.eelrmeiuld haise ,YSop re e imieeeled iar rhu larheP .1.\lid and Ciarlens gnoI relrlied ryaiitl, nmlilii ' lile .reis ii airid leh gtlanltic balahnceC ti all IIlhl.% paurl~o opinion u [ tl ,cleoed t adi plt,'ed thlie tlimllr'rey oI lbaoy L. nllnlltngule's n Ctlllllihltlld (C.hilleO l soap) heyrond s+tum palelln for hltter or rli. war,fll linlphl. aol thll flu't' stln allrlle , Iic erll:m liond prlickl ' hellal, nl i ymm llers I 118 ii i o f li8 lll, Ile hramli lr q' l.ll ltrs II lir' seair nill aon enr.rriic;.ir'. Ir ie iilreo.rrr n'lrl .d r l s me ni ia i lit esha . 'in e r..p rnr 'o', lliurdrII ir gfnIlI'e. illell, hr hitinillurlr Ir . 'me lpl" l llxr err, ,rIrenr Ir.cklelr, ied lnic rrltin trlIsle'irmr aerU I diIfCeecy tIi -t..les leIItrelheiir. ' ier eirati ' dinii 'rl ir eef a aesurid wrerir biji, rs wc b ma in ic rerljeer rir enasleabe ntrei.liap''siri' f waranri 'I run ii lie ie, k I :, l lre arid Ir m . i ll·n i e t.lllrer d oir Ii lrl ++net|, alld t eilt Invleslllllllow ef ullsedl·rll ch asl.n lll f I hIveI bteen reIdree I sIee oe wIeitit erielllrl o e hlee . II.oa' - siryr evlerylm dy:l aris rsul el,, r ut VirIe t rl iJ1nirI'llrlE .I Si d eledaunclc.e i S thl vwil,,i+,+ll p nd retail at N,.. 93 Cus.nrll. h fus e . Prlume 1. el Tni(,UOb IN F-IVE ANI, A nALFi+ DA.DP, Proml Mobile (A labinmrei) to A rngnaIlst tIn)j LKAVES lMobileerary etht'r dra, i.nct-e.ri:rrer .leii the arrival oilire iil i'roin Niew ()ritni i r th II sitelrllJIJat E.rELINE I toi Illakcl) , corroelles to li ensI l e:C.i srrteallllo;rts(lper It il.tilnula Ila',Str Iilros no nldrr anrl CIhot. taolarhle Itier a tl o5uy) to cedar Uliefu" crabes rlrrncr ei'l .leirian rsn , C Ihai' luri cir ce, (li'Olr'mel'i Olllt Vem, nOi,) faiarbhlige, I'elert'lrr ilaoki'srrdlle aled Iotls viiib, ei Aurulea. A losselLgectcokil r hlls r iI.ert Ot lli. hile is ill Io dlanger elf beiag tl'owel euit or elsirg Iti, pt u'reierer fby other orfliritineir iutrrsts, es he li't L.Ol IA LINE is but (ne conceln, anl saidei tle cos 11 Ihrorirghlirrt, arnll illa rely wrTr rlEl'r.lINTa r 1ir i1 le r rlr'ivnlral Augr sta ill r i lhllt.iee pleci nel ll rt ·rirr, ill iwe:ah. ri ce'ld at any seasoni tlrlreir , e most 41+lntsIe e I srrphe lhoul occur. "I'I.h .;crit Se.n rlrals Alal is carrirrrl Ly this riole. The Agrirris ora stemllod tioll, 'T'eallms, , Co.lllchesullll I)t'ivelrS e il ot sllr|passed thie uouthlerr cOlllletry. l'thre slUroIthIs,Iheeil, irrIialr'enIslr tie siie andil inter esti.ig wuteer ilavigraiollnll, Ire rIme a econmmodatio l y etlfard tife tlrveler spiaie lee l c ,rtinI, Erllortr, aeid r alleSa irg vietyr; coi ectell as II were withtthe Iail Ihead CUe·.lshicllc 5. S. U. ul tile lackets tb New Yank. Itavelers erll Lea di New York erl NUw ()rleansll casn Ten I ranrs--\Wallhingtonl city in IS. oFrom CIhattahooebee, Flolrilda, we fhave IIrare Line via .rilc)'y aoed Tallrhassen, to St Marks, 4 hler post cEachaEs, also Iw IItralches riom ialen kihsvill olle ta Mlilledgterille, adl oer to .lacrrr, lilght Iwo he oaceics. - STOCtIK liO5 & o. Ausa'rrT, ebit .lainr. tin5. (tilicea Nt lMansrin lase l Mbile II Distenle, 1ew Orlearlst a loeile, 15tl mnile o.tlrbie lto Agslrtan, 541 i Aelesla to lbarleston, , Ife Clharlevstorn to New Yk, 980- 180I S ''jtoe, Nv Orlean I Mleoile, hourrs Mlobie to Aagrsao, 312 Arr.seta to Uirll;+reilnee 12'+ Ihairleston to Sew York, at- 208 Makilg 168 miles per day. or 7 miles per Ier, inclu sive lof'allstnoppages. inov I I N. II. I beg leave to infom the publiicthat Irh Iridges nver thle Clrtahou heswupe rol airln HridI L~bolr creek ilavve jrst li!ll cmrllrllted +, the geltreral .govern mnert, (the rryesaclese l opernrlgthlgrgiraslthis sali' as' speeldy route are thIshalpiily removed;. ani.d lhave tin ptleusree ofle unlllg ifrol tlrvellel.r'hl thire oclchs,lhr. 'ss, riiiv.elrs an ort arl r'e o the First aot'ler'r'rrd aIs tt the Swater i.otle erom t'esacuolat Cedar Itlufl; it is hp pit, teor hfy alcto tace psserI tirreegl it tu ho1 Ill nau'|rssel i irecnnellies ereaty arrl :artfy. 'L're Ile ridge.e hireerl Georgia Ive h ern at eenl'eelpailred. I1 t 13AIIAKEI|. J.\IES'S, Cihas. i'ltRFELL alnd other NOVEL'TILES Charles Tyrrell, or the litter Bllod, by ,nibes. Clnovelo , or the Man of Hlnor, byv I.l Illltwer. Lade - I /vloe , or the ofl Holer, by Lady Clteeliy. Lord Itrougiiham. Sketchesof Public Ch tractlr 2 wals. lii itrical Sketche of Sn llea lellt ill the time of (eorge the IThird,S2 tbs. Nicholfos Nicklebv, Not to I1. Jacl, She ttrd, Nt ! tio 3. Ad.oi BD, taud oIther to it tfclharacter, by Jtrrodl. Itabel tf Sicilv, by 'Iuckertonn. (paunl t IKo.r: The l l,rbier of Paris. Concealleut, a new Novel in ! vrls. IPrt:ia'a lReign tof'rter in Paraguay Pitaoilad by ,ai lite. Thle Hit lltlar, Captain Kyd, new upttlie. Piolhelieu, by lul er. :. JOtINS, & Co. July 30tlt-. ty, cor of St Charles & Cotmmnon sts • fle sillile of lIl it llte Au.:t ts duLrtl T illgllK I... . volgji,,haryWar. I fllh veto.lume$3l1 teyj each. wil IIe u UlMl o Ecl.I rive, t ile roetls g of i's PitrtLI ion tir, ito he ole ad tifor lii ae of ttie Waiit a Kg iti tlai i t.µlicur Schoul il titt.t t yprlltlla Aayiolat. Th'kisatuly OatihaiI Work o.glit to ha in the ilald of every Aelorilnll; anl edlttorl of the City iail couittry papl rs wit llllribulte 1 t hi i l loltnevo llle oltject by gi nllg tlis advcrliselnlllt f w illn, n rtonlll I JOINS ,v Ci. \gent, og. ltih. C~r Sht Charlesl .t tCI'nllot 111' Ia rlollllills rOV ili ll q var ii .*i ll ir i l'' itt tyn I itel iarttjiedr the i r'e T aha rrt n1untojf, Il {(trilre I oftAEo Peppors; Iphou "ueoid L t l l tiV at it.le, I By I A iii-il I ri ifi - th t .d lrti(ttr l I r oer s ilh ; h o I Nir Ito Iii t oni.t, ittt tinIetl i rh i II, tr tltitg -r i 30 S purte " Si0lb heah, 1511 wes I d l1, 25 It e eah,at For ale by tlhe Aget ; . JARVIS & ApNDRIW,, 5 • 95i c . e Coo.t & TehLpil as erwº ap & Tclnitvulký a nudtrn~ss. G(ITTTA VEiC·i'~IliI,i'i. AN IVni'A.i.iil.iC IEIFI tiin I' itK ISEA IN.E0.-'i,, villul· ,. vr Ill vi, llll 'l ln nllc ~ l~ln`I-i I,,, ler·1III l~~nr h~lr~ t'IloIy'pvlt,,g~ql'l, Otl lwllir, iintt'vdvryvl"Ja.,l 211111111 lmv,iJl, e,v,,,i,,,tiiirlrl I1.Ulll~lIl~rIlll~.l I,,,,,InIlml.llJ.llls~c ~r Irrall L ~ ~. l t'titit'itt'iivpv.l. it'vcll~..11v fvI,,,'-vIv,1TllllllL. ~ ,'t'll ilwlil Il :t'igvl Vv-tvCl,,vvl nrelill~lll RllAl jelvl vvv v-,':.t'ivv' ,,i I,,,,1\ -yv11 vvt vI ii :1(.lot' ,,.II Itt,,llo iv-ii i, vvI(ir vnircl l ill* IIIP. 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J'sssary, sti Nos. bosi llllle IasIa is Iesil, II ia InllP iE ss l i sbi ds I sI I.lrlllL.ZO I:lIIRII"llllOl~tll htl tile Rlllhjt,+ i. i P+ PX ,ts.YI silll be idly a'I sied v r byI I r i eI I aii sd M tIt. elltes r,d i s oe s]iseaktly he eiilb iunie y r'csn t:l"' Instl~lctionsl ilt II..,lrtillr , " to tim1 alt,1'nt11 01 till yrtill'i hlui aIy en lln, filld t s h y ai ill tILech 0 Iurcllcl'S..-.r prtil .nouier Dt'+ ]I¢.nlets. a l '.e ai n , ''il ilal t ie at. Plrice 73. \lr Jaml~s, recenlty llr~llV,.I In Illis eji(y, beS IBl'V'e ito Iniiri tlle ci'zeiits s is Orletin s that O ie will Im+n on acadenlylF l n1 lonr nidy, 1. Jtnuor,, a iNo. I319 Tuhl,use s~r(eet+ fr fII. II1smwlliu.= Or; ,~lh ot liit i s uxes, ill lrani'h ind Se nalish. in i hicls in. n'ill be a i tly lSe s anIsid Mri . 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'a. I Lit yETE VEGETAL I1L 1TE I.\Uh, eitit ltlealtl ntd the ability to labor, contitluotes tio wealth of ithe groat masn of tle peep 0 in thii. en in In st other coull trie. 'To preserve, tiherfore, that healthl by natu rat mean is a griod, mnoral nd p liical sclelne to foldi whichl, roquires on ul unt i ttentierui TIll unprecdente I popularity and ua.vrsal t ept npprobaotion which this medicine ihas acil ., thronugh, ut tile Utlited Sttlles, the Cualnad.l.. I Mexco, altd tie West ldieo, fAlly j Peters' in warnlly iand coe entillSely rec,:. ,, thrn n theIn ti he splciall 1otice of Iheii afinteu, Petetrs' Vegetalle Pt Is are t sartist, en ist eti . toal nod econolnieal remIedy fo diseases of the IU0101 enonrtllit elol , thlit s ever oeen dire iuvererd. Dr. Peter.,the inveltorof this irnvaluabie nrtedl. cinel, fonr, his klnowledge of tile 0u4lan system, derivel from a lonrg and oexten:ie o Iracelee, h-si arrived to t is roneluionr, thit tll great atld prie mart cyllnses of most d.seases is a d:rangrllenlt in itle lncetions of tile liver, or ill othellr worils ani it. croas:d or dilrt nished selcretinl of lIte blile. Sr well is ths understtanl, thati it iscelnmon for personos to say hen they fel ni\oeli, that they are bin , m s anin tIh lt tlhey hale too much bile or tile stolnnnirll. On thile oither Ihanld, whent tile flow of il 0 is dieimllwh, tilu pr)Cssea of diies inn is imperfecrrl tly pnrttrm u. the ptItticlt Iele es weak and enlaciated, bheetanls rollrishlrnent c nllrlled I1n tho liod taken intoathe st InLch is not proper y ex tracted, and t!,o fe0d is ejclted in a elude state. Dr. P1iers is confident that thie fa4llnlls IIgoe:n Thlory, so cadlhld, that, l impurity rrf the inlood in tIhe causeof oall dineares,"is a great abehlirliy. Every on' , .o refltcls on the subject a tmolrret, wrill rcivretbhit niillri3y ofthll blond is a nnon. Id not a pyrl4...4, C *iemi;nillit--t ll· Iet nod 14t till' cansl orrlr'a dse. X t,1 : th1 e li thlatiionsif tll.e livir ,ltro dir.4l ngid, aoit irI flwr of bile inleleasvd, tit is iil, 1 44 tak 1 i li 14 by tli abs,,r ent vessels and (.ar'rid, into llthe circul3Ilatio ;,nO becoen s inhng ell wi II tir bloodl, as in jlnlndlIee, wheln te pttient shoS it ill !is c)llllliluntenanlet. No this itmptrity ol blood is calse!d by an Incroased flow of dle, a,111 to rlinejly it, you Illu*t correct the eereriolls l' te live ', and retore It to an cilthry stlte. IDr. Petlers hs spent inc1h ine illn expeirilent- ing witlh diflfirent veI'g:tab e ledi .nes, for diiieasris ofl' the iver; and ntiiw I(lrs his Vegetable PI 1, as tile besot, inos toovenint, and cheapest Iloledi. I cine that can Ie prepared for general use. Dr. Peters fler trs milllnsolthait his long ex eri. outring with vtgetabilc iitdicines has ehcabled him to dlscetrr thile true nd only substitute answeCrin.g all the purlroes el Imlrcurit s writhout ally of their iatte .dlnt evils. One great tqua.lity of his vlegettabl pills is 1that thlmy Ihave tile alteratIlve printcipl cote bined withll tiheir eiatharlie, or oplerative qual ties, so tllhat they lnt only ciiollse tilttonliach ndil bhe\wlrs by pllrging, but they regulite the ler, elanll0g the itorbld s:ecretiola, atrelri tilelts e I dlestive oreans, ilrify the blood, iltvigratie tihe circulertn, an I givo tone and energy to the Mr.. v olls systenm. Theiy are mild and plensnet in their oieratlion, and 1 nvey alnust ihlmediate conviction ol thlir utility ftrom Ihle lirst dose. IlThey can e takenll I wilateliythy by persons ofany bge; anld tile feeb:e, thle ilfirm,i thie ervous, anld thIe delicate, . strtngtihellel by their oper tiot, bcausi Lthlley clear I tile sytqln of .land hunmurs, quiet airv 0s trritt ,hilty, aiid irvari lily produce souid health. I 1The Vegetable PII are a sure rerlmedy for Jat n. Sdice, sick ad ldrvous headached dys urnin, vr.tirve. Ills-, eillclrllss o 'elet stet.lrul, heIrtultrn, all biliousi 1 cG lllla nts, IoveI rs of at ll k ltlds, and if takLen alt Ii cllnllncellellllnlt wiell invariably check thrlir 1 r.o gr.s, tnlld slvethI patilent frotlll a proIttracted anirid tdanigerous slctlness. T'hey are ilytiable in nor ious and l'polloedrical l allectiolns, ls. li a. e tit,,, anld at omnplatints tol whic,. f'ollalcu ;ll ,lnl anc itljee. Tirry oerati e assaiili anlll niiert, lili "-nI nanasfeond certaiin elliy fit iotllas I0 I children. Since 1 have introduc ' my Vegetahiln pilis to tliheptilio I have recT4liv d tlnlteoillis ceiltilleahIs oft il eulerihr allicacy inl curinlg dlsl.,tse. .s ie, mlaity letters iromt respi'etatle ilhye1iilelLns, 101 hiave used thel ill theilr practice with tihe best I mliglht pblislh a snall voloume oa certificates, bllt c olltsid r Ilt lllO,'cesary, as tite nledicir e t ill i recollllenl llitsell to all who 'i I illakeo trial of. t. The aboe t plls are in bon s, contcaiong 111 pill- ch. Price, 590 ceetas pIer box, Drluggists and coilutry imerchants can he sup. - plied, itt whhlesa or retarl, at )r Petrs' irioei p I n:lie, no. 7.2 .lsgazne street, New Orleans. ALSO Ior s;ll. by G. N. lorslsonE & Un, 11 i('altstretl : PP terlie, druggist 112 olhi Lover, betlween tit two marketas: Mi . Dreeiier, druggist, at tie WIlhinigtoi larkot : C JC Trileihali, drug. gilt, corner oft C nal outtrbon astrets: G A Itletd & Co,drutaigLts, ltraer of T1ChoupitnuaI s & Girod slretsa : J Rosni, druggist, Lotilyotte city. oil i ALL[GAI tsI LINE. Mobile to Augusta, vit Florida. L Leaves Mobilo Tuesdays, Thurs. .., days, and Saturdays, per the '- sl endid steamer Chatmpion, (ex. cept in c.asu l strlni,) to Po sacola; thloce per steamer Le Roy to La Grange, and therce four horse post coacihes via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pit. doerto, Berrien, Outlaw's, a .d Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thence via Milledgeoville, and Sparta, to War. renton, tlrhece per rail road ears to Augusta. Thle Chalrmpon js in splendid order, with new oppier boil r., coppered anld pper fastenud. tI h Il Roy has beea thoroughlly repaired, her accommodations are as handsome aus any boot. 'Theil beau iful Santa Rosa Sound, and Chcpta. watellie Bay piresent the most interesting steam not. vigatior ins tile Souah-blllrng at the saintllllloe porfectly land losoked. 'I h Teamll are not surpassed on any route in the coultry ; the drivers, to a man, careful and uttiU tire. Thie bridges heretofore dangerous have b en newly built, so that higih w nlrs di not ilnterere T'lreratieg II.ouseoa rave bcell Irostly challgedl, and are Inow as good as on any rose Io! the South. It is generally kecown that tie excellnce alnd hardness of lthe roads enable the tealias at all sea solts to nakl great spucd. Their srlurothl , as no. cures the travei or froml tiu ordinary taliguu of stago travelling. 'lhe Line is now e rryilg its passenger, frost Augusta to Moblol In four days aid twelve hour', or to N, w Urleans ill tour days and twenlty hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days antdseven hours. 'Ii tlune actualtly emplllyed mir travelling Is the srmco as i I the other dirrction, rut tihe difflurece o'f tlun oe otne .i oe, is caused by a day being lost in Pensacola, w.iuhi, however, as tnall repaud by the op ortueity it gives oaet!clg thIe Navy Y.trd, tIe old Spanish Forts, etc. 'i'leu travelor also sleeps at Ma.con, aid aganl at tl or. tentonI. This arrangement wrill citasni Llli tlhe travel trllos iortllward, when l llh ,ill will be the s Ille furom Mlobila to Augulsta, as it is t iry inl the oLther directio. Thils Acvertiserlllent coltaitls a aIin staLt mertl of facts, the accuracy qi Whlliclh il: irop!rietora gaura.tectua acth passaungr 1i thet penalty of hie stage lare. Maps of the Line may be seen at the flx hange HlotIl, Ntw t)rleass, and at thei Mo.siol loause, Mtabilcs. Fare througnh fromc M.lilo to Augusta, $47 50 'rThe le:o ctllels, by) a branlch to 'T';llall.lseo. At Clhattllouhol , to hio ponOectc with the sreamboat carrying the mai La .pl)a ap iculola ani St. Juselph';. tiltiec at thle MIasim Ilnouso, Mobl In. rut? OI OS 1 WltWICK, Agent, Maoile. NOIV SI'IENIill llt Pe so RlltI PtImtle. J UST rechv, d per ba eALr .l, rliatI I nre, and for r Ir 1t y l the ll t,-_·l.llrs- 9 itoi Gticl'c G il',mr , cu r(eric , elegantly in. ` 1d:ltllllicnt'll cSctllllrrs t Ploc' , lcclll, ' iurenlCUac word, be':tll y I I VOlllmewlhd, I. 611 ,u late. 6 ShrleI rte o lacll.ts, aowcruld,ery orlnlellntcal 4 Li col,+ ail ,laves, ruse./yod, Carseems aid Ila. h r etly t vs , plain n ea.v. di p ll' le I1I u · Ir,, t tl ll ,Ior | icc ii ac lllrl. e IL.) The Ill ate lrrf" at, O..h Itiro :e eblae manufat tore oI l'I. r\ L I " arts, en ix 13 Ics boxes Unllll.uwd T''a, ill aire t.rl . J TI tAY FR , Po.'71P I ' ,ea j'OUIt 11Oc'r i on ha latin i Tm aiu 7 . .5.. .~bE II . ?[co I ..\'r lll. . . {+lr .,;$t)I1 d ,.,-vee -lrl-l, I, ii dl I; Zon to tlr ir l r r.rr. c I.s,l r. eiv'' ed frolm Eng I111 pe.r lhi),. hestoer, Idwinl anld . oi tolI, land b reent arrivl T froT Ithe nOTrtherI n cities, Ithe f IIdowI, g iorTment aTO iIrdwar.,Iron, Steerl, Nail, Anlchors, halils, (orld.e,I Leatler, stils &c. lheo uoltr f aulsle on aealnorwlon tinlterms: IIARDIVARE. lm uer. and ht.,'; filk , na-on~tded, of all kilnd; lTIOn OT' T mke,5sTic,, T. padIes, 0Torfed kinds, o{+lwlallll',n oo l OTT.' llrV;IT bTgITT ' I T1iT TI O I ollll U cro ,ll rl I s, w o h p,,,l p. ,w.; .., err- s kinll e,,r. amtliadle.; lhootn: ll belle; ltn o torn tioi;ll y CUoI Comlib; woIl -crew-; egr lurk<: Anw, icand,,rl cks-; pallotk-; ,::sin book-; -,rely lre:l; enli ad p )per l x, ";angers; ch1 te1<; '.rTT allerl a, t lllitllhs' oI l genernlo i bliTlhlt k T ls. vi yr-; no Ia g ellrel llellnt ul t:bll e cutter)y a. d helfl AXFCS.i Iln o t'a. n-l shell aIx.I .a\ tio ' ip tnrr:;Mi sllt's brand c lin t Ib I ax.. , itllb It a :rtllll Ill ,t.' Iools; Gu l- o lins' ux,..3 and IS.J dozen last steel axes, malllde by ver gok,d pltekhi d l IRON. STEEIL. &r. IN tToU fltrT , -ynlTre anid ound irot; l.ltintI ore boiler S!lite i l lon .; hap iron all size, - I ,t .isd sh.het irOn; IlT' "IT'T do; hTeet CTl5 t Ts el, T. d ruI t mIewl iT' sqiiare bt / shl', a o ;rt , I s'Il, mIalo , o lllske; sol o lo ' "an do: b,.- (1.) I"usoh>h blitered - trel; l3iaen n I ; e ano l pig lea-J, whol,,l s1zen. N.\II.S. ,1 0s siied, fIm 0 t 1 ' .roll t inc ; I . line claq IIIand; :ll kre, -u . lintd loierose hoe wals,o , ill'.d Iy t - It ' A- ' ". ! 4r t Il,. ki:eT r T large ns so)rt ' me t: 1 i i. " ditll`,re t Imnllll ulllin c i1,-; hil ,, . , lio gl in. slulo e and a ltarg lut ( o . rtedl ize. Ta'rred r opde a o . no.; roe a r smalll alaill n rop,,' o t lbw . 1" ; ... . to i n'n11 1l11 ,e ,1laoili e oJ o,, o. , t lll i " n vcre Sy u ,very rtllicle inl rh, ll, '~ l 1 bn.b ; IeUat er at al kind-,jlst treceivd Tfrm lll Ph hi (11. AND NA. ., . I'OR., 0Tn'ukO S pi le ..intar strlanolt .i. A l,b IT d o;100 llsl ' Td Tll ;1h li T'iOv Ili ll, oil; I(l I le.-TT IhlITe'Ol ,it; dl To i onl; l111 1 Ibi la; 1 -T o l I'i, h ltllld tloo -ill: " I dolT so1 a i-*h y p ll l l t illd ! mpo -1 Ido; t,'..t.l- l tln ,,ll1 t I,. \Velh,,.-ll' r white h alen. &c. add,*-n ll' , (IlTT1 1fTTIIT' PAST[l. FIor r'lrani ,,f. ber+.tifis.g ridmt pri-terri. II,+,/ 1' 'eeU+. r 1TII 1.,5 ; r" TlTrlT l loT 1- ,,t', -n-lllld t ev ebrilt. y i tir:Iv tldlih ing fre -anyr . Ith is Itrm l rn ,f ir:+I di e lm ple : ill to tly last l, so, h ^i iv h lorticial f" tie' + srTl .nind 0pre1i :ll ,in oIl l, lI'e, 'l .l d (I ; l r l e I it l Ist ; o 0T.'T iit ln T' 1 T, ' 'or t "rc. Oiv olIe i.' l 0 ,I t A s" l't, b c o il oh I hi I,, le. i , i rp d (= tI i sr ' , l hN I +lor xlonll~ iIit llti~ll~l Lotlla it,(111m .) 1111t, ? )C O,·d SI ARRISON'S s I'ECII'I : OINiT'IMENT ''eo great celebrity of this unrivalled C n. position, especially in the Northern States, leaves the propliotor but I ttle need -to say any thung in ils farvori; for it Iha beel: .morally conceded to it, that it is beyodd all ca5omparisn thso b st remedy for external complaints that has ever lren disco. vered. Indeed t o speoled and certainty otits ope. rati nrl have tile appearance of iniiaerle ; as ir c5 rs, Tw onds, corns, hover oTrts, chiihbIains, while swe . lingo, biles, piles, spider a d snake bites &c. ims '. diately yield to is apparently supurhum ,n ioflu. ence 'lThus if IprTiprly aplhied it will removeI a ilnvterate corn, or break iland heal a lsu e in five dalys, will allay and poerectly cure an uloer in twoi ',weeks; and the most tdesperaIo cases o white aswelling that lcn be iungin.d, have been dostroyed by it in less than two monthIe. I,, tle bites of1 poi sonous reptiles it.offieaciy is truly surprising, all tleven in the hlte . fa rabld d./o, for if applied in SuelO, its power. of attraclioln ares so 'olndr'ulo tioo. lly will at once, arrest the poison, and thus pro. vent It f oin pery tlng lie system. It is likewis p goreatly superior t to any r. dieino heretot,,ro eco. r vered the backs and himbs of ltorses, l.o tetters, ri g worms, ohappIed lips, nod in short for -.very exe'rn.l boddy evil that may tall to 1ho lot of ll in or loast. Thit proprl tor has received at least a thousa.d certiticales and oilh r documlents, in fay r of his " 8 eciic O sntm'entT" upwards of ;. hundrTod of which wore writteu by rospctalbiro mn sbers of the \l'dloal Faoslty, all breathing the saloo eulogy ,ld ,atisthection. Pre ored at 1f9 Liberty street, Now York, and efor sale at 72 1lagazi s street, o Nw Orleans. S I rlnar T6 If SANCTIONED .Y Tllf FACULTY OF MElDICI N E. rtIIOtiN'S Componltnt iExtroct ofCopttii at , Sirt a L |arilla -A co-rt in, sln, toal most elleetual reme t ever disJterotot tfor tht . curh e iof Gonosrhtn, glectls ,.lrictures, Whites, Pains in the back und oina, semnan, w.,tkess, atIletiolns kdetir, rt'onl, scorbu.tic hi Ih iltuvductioIn of n medicine possessing the usefu d tve virtute of th( otne tow otfeted to the public, sto I cteritor haso but to relrtto the recm l slat.l oils ol'ol. I-I n)rool the i . ost c'llt11rlnt of the tot dhoal ftcloty ill IEmope, believing that it will be dtll apprciated when its merits are more fully known. The'o ialaton t of tnio tl, soextensively wsed, loas lost much of its credit from the dislike which 1patients tomer) express o regtrditg its disagreoolte taste, dlst'urbh:ne produced it the hoU els and stomatll, ot its h-retolb.r inef.tcienv wht tn usedu in lt.e intttanat.lory stage. 'TIl ptroprietor has ulta1., euolltsxis of the lalstem, colleiv inlg thalt the more tiivet tualiti.s wohld thereby be tooth ttore toottctoen ott'ft oad tot e usotftlly utlinisterelt than ill the present sliae. The :bove mell tcine combines in grellients Ihih re . in the iigh.lq tpi.+ le clalop tilt most. scientific and learned in the prolession. Elch drug int tthe ,mposition of this preparation increases the eltoetoy of tlfe olhtttr, producintg ant operatiton truly a-to tislting, otd s ourpassing the mst sottgtintt exloctations; possussintfott the same tiote the advonttage of its eloing admilistit id wilh potflot success in the different sta.e. fl the above list tate. flhe most eminent phoysicins sdt surgeons oftt tthe prset ay express their |e"led alt probaition if t(.iot of Sit "s:tp.ri ttloait whilst ito in the llprio.ipl Iso'.aitas and putblic medical institottops hao le i, altil still tontilnes, .rt'y extensive. It Wo 0 ta lay orte remedty withi the celebt.lrd tll Ahertiethy ill all venereal iffections, nint in oltbtillinttepltanleouse pl' iats, r'i|sing froma 1 disordered state ofthet gtotiteliquefti/1s., I lax ing Loco submitted to the test and experience of the Sjois celebrated lmolng the thllcty, the) have expressed their satislnetion of its exttotrdiiary elicaeny il. every case under their charKe, by adopting it both in their Spuhlic alit private plactice. Their oil cra:ations will be anserted hereafter. 'Prepared by J tl Thorn, Chemist London. i'rice $1 51 per pot. TIES TIMONIALS. From A II S1 ,ono, isto. ti S, 5'o-geon tf ph St T1helnm 1,s llsa,+:dtold Lcer.". oin A4natolly. .. The trial w Iislt t fia' miu:e oW% oulr pretnurtinn in 1 'ari]tty ofrises, hoth atotl and lfe .ale, ill its resllts hate Iproved so thighly tfouatl',tt that I do toot htesitate in pronlouncillg it one of the mosnt :lllblle atod eimluothm remedies ever uottrey d to the public, at l one it a hich, totn experittoce, I tcan titn every rtlittce, whilst it does lttltot t ohte the sale unlleasallt elloectsusullo ex periel'cd from, copaiba. tFrom II itotaoo, Nl R C S, Phlysici't to the Sto \U.lvbrunhe. 1liijpeitmlry. I t,'ake grt ptetsore in thding tfstimo.,y ton : va..iAble ll iro s oil ioir prepiriil wishing you the slotces sotso fullt ree f in t otnample rtwarf or tht |;1tir al expense intcut. r ot'l It britlgig it to suh con. tFrom 1 1. Coopot, F It S, Surgeont to G.u's I10 pital The uliflrm solel.s which ha|s to tsdedif th o athlfinisi teri.g your mlltelitine :mtO nI 11 patients alllicted with the hove diseo s, htt, ully saticitet ot e t that it los t ott to be known to hc truly opprecented. Ma) the s0)cess yAtl o ooll 1tslto, nol :itply stlld peedtilfy repty you fit ) ir valuabletf t fletfofttiott Ott Fromn Sir A Cooper, I" I S 1' I1 C, &'c. te. Ilavitg beenh inotoertl to try your Extract its sevetl cmcssol siolenl (i;onorhtea, which hId hilherto ballie, every prescription administtret.d by me, Itoittg foun, sure and speedy cures ellected bh it, in a 1tew dat s leel m.sel.'i,101dh) hound tostume that I now in a) p.t tie both public tol private reommend and use no Forom Gf W Ilair, M D. Phys;oti to Inuy 's Ito pild.ll The strict test which I have given your medicine a ton t ni patients, Atnd its itnvati:btt stlcces. thus ite twil thn t e to Ierosever in its lose, tnol I sdlett i buhtot not"otlofstiote and of dItyl to idd Itt) .eble fest nllnlial icomnO t le llj.4o1 of its virtues. Fro', 1. C Il';i,:son, AI I F It S I,. I return yett rVtt sincere hnls lip t It ti vahliLole pre tlit oil'ot o;xtlt fort the olo tt l"t inorrt.o, to$ I 'at relimd thmi io hae tot tat titosett a ngt t lic iito use ttfio'h will ir'ov a iloidrttottii, fong tthlt o in the medic: world-a sure, stoeeoy itlltef elitl ill 'ciesl" the otttove class. It aolirt s liot. glt 't t tltlo tt.e Ii uto lstlintttg l t l e I di orItt tho valouable t ifdttiti aoo ' ot i 0otnertt r fcutcon stinint tito t a it distertioo,, Ott lt o f tmlnottlalito this t .r.tlt 'li l . nlj) st.tit all tothiet-tit it'' iel flolt it |ino -ttttttf t in opotIt-lo tor e in w o tirt it maoy gos ofltt beiog bot' eas,-t t I r otlet-:ttot-i.' l:tofoiv oattre, with n ettto tItteinliot "icl wonlih findi this meldicline highly iisetiil, uiiil nnltlh ilent. t o h.e Unlivoidrd with a p|'elmlatiutl lpOsessingth ie all vahl~tges whlich thet prlesent one con.| i tAccomripaniing ie.f Medlichine is a I iuplet ex ihiiia. t ory ofth~e di'|lflellt sltages nlfilife IliscaIs, wit Iout1 a elli~l chlange, etlnaining f~liI satl :tliih dhleo~hlii ". For soil by SICKLES it (). Oatoal Strot. fIth· I.~ttAbN'. aAX.%tn.e· at SOLD IV ILL. i8Q~WffiIA5L, oar. Ut' NanChiea and Tahm 11n. ai~mnA. F O bcR thne nure rrrlfebuantnim, nerftl or kiebngt1 d.Fl, t .- .el,..r ... ll++ C.0.. l.+ipi ...........rl .+rI.+".", rpnl.' nttit alld melcurini diloaene. paeruinarly ulctners ,tnd IIputqe. mnkcllunl oa ili. bonehr ulcereted nhrnlnt tnd noitr|el, eia1te. el etlcry- (lelrlptlon lever .Jte .lid tllterusl nlncsml, fi'L. hin, piler, en:lld beadnmcurvny, idre. eheruie rore eye', ornej'ttf e1r.l.%lulcllca, +url Ivry nitcunn llolls nne ucftinntri·' ii d ni~rl*ls~ ~ penccain. ernnen enend, bantersn h II"I ..· i h e 1 61 Ill .Il.h ud lli.prl Inn, o mn dl.+flU Wlu'lll adllciane ii tilie livre, .iilri iAnlll l n In the tidle#ye,, Iiud ir+UnHi deiily cieidhlyIelni h lld ratinraau of I elWte ctn.t·lll olli ltnell slie elnie i br neu donn 0y lnettthll trealll Urjatlnlile irlnejni,.llir. |lnn.trelinnntelll Ittit. " iOllllnl.idUd 1II nil nlill e diaeaeqlnhnn lle necimlptn% ninineh,,tl b ond n-manna~ an nine ,nennle, ernnIaneeeenenan ar ollele nt nba ti lll. nwnpaiite tay require eonee trihlilt en nintatllt ni plinie nn4 nsk\;.l. nicnlnnrelnnqi nba tile .111 nInann hbe INDIANS' PIMARA wind.etll" be rtuntd nI Siiaat. TO TII. 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