Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 21, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 21, 1860 Page 3
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ivu \N r S' COLH MALE. if" Bv virtue ol an order ln • Court of Bedford county, ;C !'f 3 . n ed will sell at public sale,, ■ on Thursday, the 25th day ■ atract(jf land containing 80 | ! -.V; s> a hout 20 actes under cultiva ■ ftr.'-Tf ci j acres mort> suitable foi meg !- I erected a two -lory lor I' I*'"' 1 *'"' iMrharn, a ! f> a young apple 01- 31,U ... " an d a sugar camp; good rirti t! '.(ie door, adjoining lands ol Ellis -*' S '< r „ n lien Wonders, Jonathan Bjmgard • * s ' .i,er< si' n Napier Township, ■ e ;,; being Jate_the residence of ■ deceased. The sale will be lt' . t \ M. when terms of sale 111 c-Vnow#. Persons desiring to pur fin i thw a very desirable property *•' ' CEORGE X- ELLIS, Adm'r of Geo. X. Davis, dec' i. ■ - ■ \* L) " r te inmentary en the la ! ■ , v ia went of Henry Weaverling, late I iC ce'ice township, d-cU, having ■ :' t tl) the subscriber, residing in said P™' 'r : ' r ".j te i< th-re.'ore giver. to all per • ,0 rai.l estate, to make imm^hate t- ' , aettlen -fit. MAiiY VVEAVERU NG. ■. .. \cJO. Eaeciitiix. m i'Oirs NOTICE, D • li " letters of &lm*r-.:fl(ration ■ i,. ftflde of Worman Jotimwn, late ot ,! cV having been granted loth® I " "" a Jts-Mii knowing themselves f ■ irrr liate rayne; • and .hose havtog I 9 ■ l - u JOHN MORS, 3 I ?i t eriuN NO • ICE.. ■ j ' Xhe Stockholders of tfie I .iDrd Mineral .y, ace hereby jtufieil that the Mil ! elee i m "I 1 ..sid-iit I ','. It, rerurso' nid (><npar,y, will held I • .iv pirtlSm-. ° a 'l'nursday, the hours JOHN P. REED, Sen. '2l, 1860. Secretary. 11ATIU* Vi'l I* B:\E k \ :il rtecnni.-W Ites eat m ad ,&n act of General A-s<oT>;y ot me ommon- UtthofPeoiwvlvar.-a, nt. led "A ; Act To reg , e She Gen. tdl F. , • < this Lommon i..':h," it i- enjoined up.*u me So fei-'e put-ue r.o o. said J'.le, iioiif, u. I to enumerate ■>< -aid no .,hat officers are to he el rted. !, v. ivt. 3. UKE, Sheriff tu tne I " Beutor.i, no here. 2 ,V known and *Ke ihis puuiic notice to the -ctors ot the County of B-ri; ..J, that < G-nePai ~t n will be belli in -aid County, on ihe second .flic', .ijth) October. ts*:\ a: the sevcial election viz • • > e ecto so; the Borough ot Bedford and town >i :>a:G to meet l the * ouil in --aid Eowgn. • ... rtora ol Broad rop tn'vo-nip t•> mr?i t House in the town ot Hopewell. I:;.' elect", rof Colerain town.hip to meet ■ the .■eoi Joshua !•'tiler, in Kainsb irg, in said town p|#ctnrs of CorrAierland \ alley to'vn.hip to rt as!. c ■ w School (louse erected .a. the (ami -; i !>y ' „ i VVdip's heirs m soul township. :tie• lectorso' Harrison township to meet at . ruse number ,1, near trie dwelling house ot KeysT in snid township. . r>ctors of Juniata township to meet at K.ev ! elrctora of Hopewell township to inet at the ■ u... t.-use near the bouse of John Dasher in said tj'i: ill.; • ' ■ '.srtcrs of Londonderry township to meet at " nifenuw occupied by U'm. H. 11:1!, a a shop, .-j.urt, in sard i.>nhtp. Die r tors of the township of Liberty to me<-r p.. . r : .<oi House in litonerstovii in said town 1. e e,Vi 'ors of Monroe township lo meet at the hcuse lately occupied by James Caniell in Clear | r. in 'aid township. T:r eleefo; rof Schellsburg borough to meet at . " ck School H in said borough. 1-r ectors of Napier township to meet at ihe 1 ; School House in the borough of S-heli-- \ i. T!o elector? of Hast Providence township to neef a*rae bouse lately occupied by John Nycuai .. i < ■■■ : township. n e'ectors of Son fee Spring township to meet nf '•* School House near the getked st church on : ie ' of .Tof.n G. I'artley. Ite electors of West Providence t.m "si pto me.-. >• the log School House at Bloody Hun in said toSn- Jbe electors ot M. Clair township to meet s* the '• - near the dwelling nouse of l> . Tio"t in aa'd tert snip. T electors of finion township 'o meet a* "he .HISS rent .Vlowry s Mill, in - -id towns-, p. i e-.ecters ot ho:itu tV*olbeery ■> to nifti c' ~e house ol tiu nuei C .>r n.<i No. • - u.iti 10 M'd t; A hip. T"e rlecton of Southampton ">c -lip at the icmie r; Wat. Aduri . in card towiuhip. I _►, electors ■ ' the town i.:;o MuM.e Vt nod ber ry ' . ' •at ;• e .ious oi Hen. ; e it. ."be vi[. lageol Wcod terry ; a' which '• nes and places tire - ' e r. r vsi)', • 'fft by bat : HNM PERSON for Governor of lb® Common wealth. Ovy. IT.KtOX for Reprerer.tative • Congress, o irj inction w i*the couittica of F'Hto't, FranK n, Adams rr I J.ini: 'n. : 'M. PERSON,in conjunction with the counties of Sainers'it an! Huntingdon, to epreserit the coufi f'ej ot Ber.' Wr.!, Some:-nt end i J: j . tingdon in the "r ate uf IVnrisylvauia. i \ f> Pi'riSONs. i:t <• : ■ -luetion v. i'h th? county of V'T.erseT, to fit! the ofitei* of Members of the rt-uae o K" preei tatives. to -present trie conn 's cf ficrttord in 's-o -• " the Y- use ot Rep t's ntaiive.. Nr. ,'F.RSON" for the oiiiee of Protiiot.otary, tl"?- istrr and Recorder and T'lerlc of the Courts fur r' J ord count ■. !, i FRSON for the nfirc of Sheriff of said county. , Ni. t f.BSOX for the ot .ce of Coroner for said CO'JI'tV. "v .. : ERSOX for the oldce of Commissioner for •i(i cour.Vj. .V fir the :ncc of Toor Dttcctor for ?a!ai county. ONI. FLKs.OV for the ot'icc of Auditor for said county. : "i 'o he opened between the hours of 7 ->• t ,n "ne forenoon, by public prorlama • t 1 to keep open tiil 7 o'clock in the evening, 'ten TrepolU she; be closed. Police in SSereby Cusvcn, , ' Sat r; ' excepting Justices of the peace. "">2al. v any ofnee or appointment ol prohtor ' 'sr the fmited States, oi of this Flat®, or city or cerporated district, whether a commis oned oftcer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, a- f r ". t.o i or shall be employed under the |(|iila- | r G executive er Judiciary department of thi - S atr ' "cy city, or of any incorporated district, and j "°i that every member of Congress snd of the S"n*e s-rz'f.sture, and oj the selector common council of *'•') city, or Commissioners of any incorporated dis is by taw incapable af holding or exercising p lime, the ofSre appointment of Judge, in cf ' >r or clerk 1 any election of this Common e* A nd that oo inspector, judge or other olficei "/' ejection shall be eligib e to be then voted i a . 'be sai l of assembly entitled "an act re o e actions n" tri Commonwealth," passed y !"19, further prov d<-. as follow., tc wit : " I hat the inspectors and judges shall meet at the respective places appointed lor holding the election in the district at which they respectively belong, be- , I fore S o'oclock in the morning of the "Jd Tues.tay ot Cctoboe, and each saiu inspector shall appoint one clerlt, %no shall be a qualified voter ol such dis • •In case Lie person who shall hiive received tlie second highest number ot votes foi inspector, shall , ot attend on the day o! any election, then ihe per son who shall have received the second highest number ot votes for Judge a< the next preceding e- : '' lection, - hall act act as inspector in his place. And ! in case the person who has tereived the highest j number votes for inspector shall riot attend, th<- ■ person elected judge shall appoint an inspector in ins place, and in case the person elected judge ehall iot attend, then me inspector who received the highest number ol votes -hall appoint a judge in his , place ; and it any vacancy shall continue in the board for the space of one hour after the time fixed by law for the opening ot the ejection the qualified voters for the township, ward or district tor which such officers shall have been elected, present at the election, shall eiect one of their i-iimbc to til! such a vacancy. It she!! bo the duty of tee several assessors re spectively to attend at the place of holding every general, special, or township election during the whole time such election is kept open, for. the pur- ' |K>seof giving information to ihe inspectors, and ; pnlge, when called on, in r.-lation to the light of any ; Tson a-:-essed by them to vote at such elec tion, and on such other matters in relation to the assessment of Voters, as the said inspectors or either of Htwgir shall Irom time to time require. '•No person shall be permitted to vote a* any e lection as gtore-said, than a white freeman of the age of twenty one or more, who shall have resided HI this state er least one year, and in the election di-- trict where he offers to vote ten day, immediately preceding su h election, and within tvv.. years paid a State or county tax which she!: I ave been asses seil at least ten day- before the election. Rot a I citizen ol the United Slates who has previously ; been a qualified voter ot this ■|frat- and removed ' 'herefrom a:u! returned, and who shall have residn! ' in the the election district and paid lakes, aforesaid, shall be entitled to vote niter residing in this ftate six months. Ymrifittl, 'Chat the white freemen, citizens of the United States, between the ages ot twenty-one and twenty-two years, who have r.-sid-il • in the election distliet ten day- a- a fore-aid shalj be entitled to vote, although th-y sl.all not hav paid tax. "No persn shall be permitted to vote whose name | is not contained in the li-t ol taxable inhabitat.ts, 1 jin unshed by the Commissioners, unless : first, he produce a receipt of payment, within two years ol 1 ; Slate or County tax assessed agreeably to the Con- ; : stitution, and give satisfactory evidence on his own ' oath or affirmation of another that he has paid such a tax, or in a lailure to produce a receipt shall make oath to the payment thereof, or second, it he claim ■ a right to vote by being an elector between the age of twenty-one and twenty-two years shall depose ' on oath or alfirr) ation, that he has resided in the State at least 0..e year next betote his application, and make such proof oi residence in the district as is required by this act, and that he does veiily be lieve. from the account given him that h® t> oi the I igc aforesaid, and give such other evidence as is re- j quired by this act, whereupon the name ef the per ' -on so admitted to vote sh.ili he inserted in the al phabetical li.-t by the in-pector, and a note made op posite lh ■re to t>y v. riiing the word "tax," it he shall he admitted to vote bv reason of having paid lax. ' or the word • 'age' s il lie shall b® admitted t > vote by ( reason of age, and in either case the re son of such ; n vote snail lie called out to me cleik-, who shall , ' make a like note in the li-ts ot voters kept by ' rnem. ' "In all r se whe r e the n line ol the per-on c! tim ing to vote is not found on the ii't tnriiohed by the . coi3'iUii-S'.oi"*rs. ami tssessnrs, or his right to vot-' whether lon ! thereon or not, is objected to by aw quilitied citizen, "shtll be t tie duty of the inspec lo ex .nun" sucli persons on o th s to his qu i - ifications, anil l! lie Claims to h'Ve resided IVlthil) the Jit-'te lor one vetr or more, his o -fh sb.iH besut : licient proof thereof, but be shtll m-ike proot by .t. !e isr one competn-t, who 'hill be * qn.ii ' : fie.l elector th t he b s resided within the district ' I lor more th in ten d -y> immediately preceding S'id election, and shall i.iso himself swear th .t h;s hoi: i -1 tide residence, in pursuance of his lawful calling, is : i within the district, and that he did not remove in ihe district tor ihe put pose of voting therein. i"Rvery person q-iililied as a ores fid, ami who shall u "ke proof if required, of his residence p j and p iy tnent of t:\e', as alores.uil. >ha it be a.liiiitteil ' ; > vote in the township, ward or district in which ! In sh i.l rt". 1 • 1 ; "If any peiMjii sh ill prevent oraltempt to prevent ' any officer of an ei 'Ct.oii under this mt, Iro ri hold ' lug such eleprion, or use or ihreaten any violence to f any such ollicei, ami Stia.i inteirupt or impropeily i interlere wild him in the execiiti"r. of his duty, s .:i 1 : block or attempt to block up the window orav , ajjne to ry window w u •:-• the - me may be ho d-n lor .sha 1 rn-tou- y .listuib the ... niche .-etion, 'or sh ill ,t c( - or practice eny inliaiiiUtion, threat a, force or violence, witn ttie to iiitbience undu ly or overawe ny elector, or prev -n! Mtii from so- ting, or to restrain the freedom oi choice, such p.- - " -ar. on conviction sh i 1 be fit 1 I" ny sum l. •! cx ceedim' jive bundted do ! >rs '-il be i-t.prismieii tor r ,nv time net •• -th in nor more th in twelve months ' i tnd it --hi II be shown ia the Court Ha the tri 10l nr., i- ' .-•<? sh -I !- h -1, ti at ?1 per-on so otfn ,or 'own- :p wb' .-e aid offence was committed, nd entitled t.- vide tbttela, then, on conviction, be .-.a; l be ■• c: t- A'"t d:>p iy a f:lie of t t <-- -. th in one h; i! .' --d nor mo - e !li - n on ' t cm - -io! - s, aim be in* i : oried not ie-sf tiom .-i\ uiontii, n >r rnoie tnoi , two vi*..r . .ny per>on or ptTfon - " make any b-t or j w.igi-r up a-: the re.-uir of any election within tne Co nrnonwerlth. or -nt ' offe- to make -ny MICII r ' 1 ur :.? vito . p- •" pr >lo .ie men h-t or gcr, u. :.u cojivicfi * ther.'ol.he or tti'-.V -aat. tor i r-; I mtii jii < t : _ •*-fur.-*.--ie *-UtfO'l'. *!'' V ' or of ■ iered to bet. A/oi the Judges of the te-pecX'Vi* di-trict.s nfo'.*- 'aid, are required to meet t B?i. ! t"i<i, o Frid v, * <ext fo lowi/ig the holding ot ra.d election, the/t irJ there To per'oim iho-e th-g > required ol them ' bv law. (i j.-. ji 'tntier my band, at in" ojTir* tn J> 'dj * r tl. this "'it rf-77 cit Av nt. in f u year of OK r L'" 5 . oa" : t;,ttan lnc 'i'hiiu Irai a t .<■' rty. nud the n^iity , flj hof thr ind'rrendrttf of thf XJnit'd State:. ; ' VV.M. S. KJ,i KiL Sflr.riff. I j Augh -t nut, ISOO. : MiLiTIEi" vf. " i OKI)Eli, NO. 2. i Headquarters. Ist Brigade, ( Division, 15.l 5 . C. V. \ l ' The several Companies, iSt aIF Ofllceis and all r - members of the Ist Brigade, lffth Division of Penn . -ylvanm Volunteeis, are hereby ordered to attend ' ! an Enc. mp nent, known as "Camp Taylor," to be heid in Bedford, commenceirig on .Monday, the 1 5th ' <d October, 1800. and to continue ?ix days. Companies will supply themseive# with Camp r , Kettle-, as there are none to be had from the Flat. . Fresh meats ca.: be purchased on the Camp ground. r A cordial invitation i= extended to all Hi- neigh ' boring Military to pairicipate with us; a -oldier's - welcome will g eet you. Ample preparations are making lor the comfort ol ail ibov who may b'i ' present By order of LP.ML"EL EVANS, ' Brigadier General. Ist Brigade, 1 "th Div. P. U. \ . Alexander Compber, Aid-de- arr.p. Evansvtlle, Sept. 7, 1860/ ; iI^ISSOLL'TIGN. r ; The subscribers under the name and Tit!" of Ferguson ,V Shzier, have this day - (15tn Aug. in-'.) dissolved by mutual consent.— - The business will be conducted by Mes.its. Fergu e sort & Line. d ADAM FERGUSON, Sep 7th, '6O. Si.MO.N L SHAFER. : kUE IN J IMI-. g ; 99 WiLLOUGHBY'S CELEBRATED , * DRILLS" are in greater demand than ever, this '* fall, and all who want Prills must order now to se 'r cure machines. Call soon at Hartley's and examine d this Great Seeder. l a "?- I®-] ■- Iff ACCAROBI, CHEESE, CRACKERS CRYS- —t 1 talized Fruit and Gum Candies for sale bv c iu!y2s. A. L. DEFIBAUGH. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. A GREAT IMPROVEMENT ■£*" IN PIANOS. ."/J ' GEOUGF. VOGT takes the opportunity nf inform- i ing his friends and the public generally, that he 1 has removed his Piano Wareroom* from No. 628 Arch Street, to No. 516 Ar-h Street, where h<> will keep constantly on hand a large assortment ol rhis lat'-iy patented PIAN'oS. ivhieh'have been pronoun ced by the best judges as far superior to nil other Pianos in the sweetness and purity of their tone and construction, heretofore manufactured in the United States and England. May ib,'6o.-6 mo. . _ STOKES' GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND J NO ABATBMEN F. NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILLE STOKES 'voiitd return thanks to the public for their appreciation of his elious to please, am! their liberal patronage. Io order to keep up tin- kindly feeling, he ha | yielded to rb solicitations ot many ol his jriends , and inauguTii'ed a hi- i stein, ol Git's each I Garment sold. To his choice selectionol line Fab rics, and made-up Clothing, he invites the scrutiny io l the public, as well as lohis new mod ■ oi doing i>isin—s. Laeli article is warranted lo be, in t'ab -1 ric. Style ftij,! Make, equal to anv gotleii up in the : City, ami .e pnee, (lower than t he lowest,) marked j mi the Ticket. , Each article sob), hr measured for, is accompa nic.i hy a Gift, varying hi value frmsl to S! -n. N. |t.— N" i.e hut the mo-t -kdiful Designers, i Cntteis and Workmen employed ; and satisfaction :ii Fit, Fashion. Fabric. Price and Gut, guaranteed at G RAN VILLI; STOKES:' ONE PP.I F. GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. May JSj'CO.-O ITS. S 1 P. PERRY, PHIL\DELPHI A, Manufactures ACCOIINLBOWfc -1 th® host ity. Bankers nnil AlMflyits can have their Books i u led and bound in any-y |e. CJ7~Pr--'tnium awarded Gy the [ lanktin Institute. ( t P. PERRY, v i F. VV. ( onier Fourth and Raeestreers. Phil- ■ atlelnhia. supplies every article in the LOOK or SJ A 1 ION TRY line, at low prices. Hav- ; ing superior facilities a- a nramnact mer. be is enabled to supply good- wtv low, and make verv tair profit. Order- by mail ■ promptly attended to. j OLLF.CT TOGETHER \ All your "Old Books" arid Magazines ; t'.ke litem to PF.RRY'B Book Binderies. and Race, where von can have timid bound good nud handsomely *t a low pi ice. Mav 18,'60.-6 iris. | FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 43!' C/Ji'xT.\ ' !'' R /-, A /, PHILADELPHIA. May 18,*66.-1 \r. .-J i MMER TRADE .NOTICE. BONN. RAIGUEL & CO., .Vo. 1 ,'l7 A or/A Third St ret/, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF FANCY DRY GOODS, Invite the attention of Purchasers to then extensive Slock of fancy Dry Goods, Silk-, Embroideries, 1 Cloths.Ca-sinieies J-c. May 18,'60. INCH ESTER sN. CO. GENTLEMEN'S ECKMSHING STORE, AM) P \ TENT SHOULDER -F.AM SHIRT MAN UFACTORY. .AV 706 CHEST.WT Street, Above Seventh, opposite the Washington House, Flue Shirt- and Drawers made irom measurement a' i lew davs notice and in ail ca-es Warranted to lit. ForniuU for measurement tniiusbed on ap plic.itio:: bv n ail. LIBERAL INDIICEMEN IS TO WHOLE SALE BUYER-. May 18, 60.-J yr. VABTHA T. AIARTIN, < . ft. HA>l c D'S, I, A.!,. MoKKF.L, til >. K, EE, IH.hi, >. -I. NAM IV. WA A. H A K E R , • WITH ' MARTINS, PEDDLE. HAM RICK &. CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOIIONV .\"j. "10, -Yori 't Fourth Sr., pktl'u. May 15.'60.-1 yr. ri BANCROFT fcCO.. jLLj. • - ...-a; ■ ,\, WII O.rsAl.r DKaLEU- IN FRENCH, GERM.AN AND ENGLISH 1 ANCY GOODS, .A"). .130 Market Strut, Pfiiiitltlphu. May IS.T-L-l yt. fc RO.\D TOI' il \ii. UOAl) ! k *> I j,-" " " •-' Arrangements have b''en fffeeted between Ihe j PENNSYLVANIA R. R. CO. and HUN TINGDON ; Ik BROAD TOP R. R. CO.. by which Freight.- are 'transported at th® following low rate-; From ' Hopewell to Philadelphia, 1 iur, 02cent |er l> •r --( tel. Grain, "1 c nt- per lhO ihs. Merchandize : Westward. From Philadelphia r-> Hopewell, per lot) -lbs., l-t CL.S-, 75 cenl*. 'id class, 00 cts. 3d eta s 50 cei.ts, 4tb class. 35 cents. Salt Plaster, 1 JSO cents. Freights Westward oe received at the Pennsyl vikMa it aii road Station, l-'ith and Maiket Streets, . Philadelphia, and for" aided daily. Freights Eastward ai® received at the Hopewell i station' of B oadtop R. R , and forwarded daily. S. B. KINGSTON, JR.. Freight agent. Peu'na. R. K- Co., Phil's. , S. S, FLUCK. j Freight Agent. JI. & B. T. U. R.. Hopewell Station. R; Coal. Fine and Lump, always on hand and for sale. S. S. FLUCK. Sept. 7, ISOO. NOTICE.— A W'tiereas ieilery testa mentary on the Estate of Natltgn Hammond, late of St. Clair Townsbip, Bedlonl county, ilecTL, have been granted to the subscribers, : notice ij therefore hereby to all persons indebted to said estate to make payment im | mediately, and those haring claims will make j known the same without ric la v to AMY DERRIrN, Ex'. residing in St. Clair I p. JNO. MOWER, Ex or. i Atsf- 24-,'90. residing in Bedford. ; *r,EYSrON.KCIDER MILL. This celebrated machine, ! greatly improved, is now offered to the tarmer-r ot ■ i Bedford Co. at manufacturer's prce. It has taken , over 10ft Premiums. Call at Hartley'* and see it. ' [aug. 10, 1860. FHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. Fk. g o G h i), • ,V*o. 632 Ch*s f nut St., cor. of Sen-nth, PHILJWh'J.PHLI. PIANOS AND MELOOEONs. R.VVKN, liACOX & co's., nm.UT,DM'H .V CO's., ( W VN'X 4- CUI('l) J A. H. & C' l ft, t ;S'f HKJF 'jfr S * $ rzt 1/1 * i * • ' . MASON & HAMLIN'S AND PRINCE ftCO'S. ' AIELODKONS ic HARMON I CMS. Pianos and Melodeons to Rent. Second-hand Pianos, j May 15,*60.-1 yr. WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION -*• PRIZE MEDAL, awarded to G. MEYER lot hia two PIANOS, Lqr.don, October 15, I*sl. t a * :- - -: • ' - ■% / .V xj.V.".'-'"* ■■ |F*lf fe "^F V Pt-tfrsu\ *s A 1 : , A to- sf— .' I - ' C." Or— <*. MF.YER respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that he has constantly on hand i PIANOS, equal to thosb (or which h<* received the Pr ze .Medal in London, in l*i ; . All orders promptly attended 'o, jand great care : taken in the selection am! paef the same. lie has received, during the Ja-t filteen years, more .Medals than any other t m:i iter, from the | rank- j iin Institute—al-o, l''i-t Preni urns in Roston, New York and BalDrnoje. Warerooms, K. 7~- ARCH S'reet, below Eighth, | South Mile. PHI LAI'I LPHIA j May 1, l*mt. lyr d? P. HUIIF.R, Cft 'erCCEfs-.n TO J. srmvpt:,) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN i TOBACCO. SXI TP AM) GIGA R*. „\"o X„\ orth Fifth St., ohave .Market, I'hit'tt. Also. Manufacturer and hope •* r of FORI,ION AND OOMF.s'l'lC SUGARS. ~ | May IS, lhfit'.-l yr. WILLIAM KAIGI EL, JAMES M. WHITLT, t SAV.ILL MOORE, SOW ARDA ABAMh, V I.LIA.M G. SKILOTAN, UFNRY V. ATKI\-u\. ■ MAIGUEL, MOORE & CO., ' bjkTK, UAIGUEL AN'P CO., ' IMPOK IE. ItS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN I) R V GOO D S, Not. 220 222 A'ort/i Thii'i St., nbove Race, IVest shir, PHIL.]DELPII LI. May lS,'b!'.-l yr. JOHN O. JAIHs, ISAAC WKI.SU, H. G. STKRMNG, ; WJI. O. KENT, - A. SMITH, 11. . WEI.SU, CUARI.ES sASfKK, SAlIt 1.1. WHITE, J. TOMUNSON. j | - A MES, KENT, SA XTEE & CO., , ®e IMI'Or.TEKs AND jobbers OF !) li Y CI O O D S , 230 k 2-11 NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA.! May 15,"C0.-1 yr. ; •■ • ' "' ' '' ' '' ' !l <• IJ--. SI; ®. I •- • * \ v>, j : •' E>| tei sgl i! u; *J j * r£*y~if v* s * i, • ....V' 'V \ N APERIENT AND STOMACHIC PREPARA-j > tion of IRON purdieJ of Oxypen and Carbon, • t>y combustion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by th-| highest medical authorities, both in Europe and the ! | United Statea. and prtynirtbed in their piactice. | 'J'he t>sr>erience ot thonsan is daily proves that no preparation of Iron can be compared with it. Irop-i --j rities nt tiie blood, depression of vital energy, pale and otherwise sickly complexions indicate its ne cessity in almost every conceivable , ase. lnnox , mall malailies in which it ha-, been tried, i: has j 1 proved absolutely curative in each of the following j complaints, viz : lii Pfhi/iht, Servo a v Afffrtiati*, P. man at ton, f't/c --pr/i-na, Con*r>p ition, l>iai rhaa, Dj.irnUn,, In a pit t Conrumpt-ou, Srrut'ufottt Vnhrmttntts, Suit 11/ifitrn. Mitmrmtriiritiuil, i!' h il< >. C I'loroxix. Li Mr C trip/a i it'. j C/irniiir Urtnlarhr.t, likenmatiem, Jrtteirnit/rnt Fever, ! ■ Pimple* otr the Fare, A". I In cae< of Gene rat itrlafitv, whether Die result ! oi acute disease or ot tin- continued diminution ot nervous and muscular energy irorn chronic com-j plaints, one trial ot I'm restorative has proved sue - ; cp,-ml to an extent which no description nor writ- 1 ten attestation would render credible, invalids so long lied-ridden a- to hive become lorgotten in their own t eiehbi ihootls, nave suddenly re-appeared in the busy wo:I las if just returned tio-o p otra r ted travel in a distant land. Some veryysie ; in! instances of this Kind are attested of iemale satiV-rers. emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, , viin (in- exhaustion, critical changes, at I that complication o; nervous and dy-p-ptic iversion to i atr and vxerciHe for which tbe physician ims no ! name. it .V ; ■ - • . ■' /, rtira* c r1! kinds, and tor reasons j i arn it la to n "itirai iht, the operati >n "i this prep.:- ratiou of lion must neccs-arilv he salutary, fo:. uri ! like the old oxides, it is vigorously tonic, without • being exciting and over-heatinv: : and gently regn ' lariv aperient, even in the most obs'n ite cases ot [ cos live li ess, without ever being a gitstric purgative, i or indicting a ch-agreeable sensation. it is this latter property, among others, which ' makes it o reinarKjbly etiectual and permanent a ' . remedy for /Vc, upon which it also appears to ex ' • ert a distinct and specific action, by dispeising tlie 1 'i local tendency which loriiis tii-m. " | in DfMpepsta, innurneriihle as are its ciikps. a ' i single box of these Chalybeate Rills has olten sufli ' | ced for the most habitual cases. s In unchecked lUarrhtra, even when advanced to , ' Dystentcry, confirmed, emaciating and apparentlv ! malignant, the ell wis have been equail decisive and ' | astonishing. In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength, d •- I bilitating cough, and remittent hectic, which gene rally indicate Incipient Fonutmptwn, this remedy j has allayed the alarm of friends and physicians, in ; several very gratifying and interesting instances. • i In Fer-t'itlons rnherrnlo'i*. this medicated iron ' hjs had far more the good etf-ct of the most can • 1 t.oosly balanced pieparations of iodine, without any 1 jof their well-known liabilities. The attention of females cannot be too confldeot i |v invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca ! ,es pecu'iarlv affecting them. In Rhcnmatitm, both chronic and inflammatory, 1 in the latter, however, more has been - ; invariably welt reported, both as alleviating pain and reducing the svveilings and stiffness of the joints ; and muscles. , ' In Intermitt. Kt Fever* it trui-t neccssarilv be a ' ! great remedy and energetic its pro s giess in the new settlements ot the West, will pro - batdy be one of high renown and useinlness. ~ ; No remedy has ever been discoveied, in the whole ' history ol medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative etlects. flood appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, j with an unusual disposition lor active and cheerful j exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in neat flat metal boxes containing 50 pills price 50 cents per box; for sale by druggists and dealers. Will be sent free to any address, on re ! ceipt ot the price. All letteis, orders, etc., should be addressed f I to .. U. Si Locke L Co., <=pnrral \senls. i 0 CEDAR STREET. N Y. July 20tb, 'GO. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. j.. r.ADCiMi.s. * t rarsi M/ATCHES AM) .1 EWE LB V. ▼ * LEWIS LA DOM I * X LO. JV'o. 802 CUES) IIT STREET PHIL'Ti. (riKST DOOR ABOVE EIGHTH STItKKT,' Would most respectfully ask the attention of Citi ! Zens and Strangers to ttieir Large, Cheap, an't weli | selected Stock of GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. ! JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE, CONSIStIXO IX PART OF Gold Hunting Lever Watches, full jewe: •<!, j IS carat case, $lO 00 ■ Gold Lever Watches, open face, lull jewei'd ; 18 carat case, 30 00 : Gold Lepine atrhes, open lace, lull jew- I el lei, lb carat case, 23 00 j Stiver Lever Watches, Hunting case, full | jewelled, I Silver Lever watches, open iace, Jul! jewel j e ,j f t-i oo; 1 Silver Lepine Watches, Hunting case, 14 On ! Silver Lepine W ate be., open lace, i Gold Guard Cf -.ins. ' - "" . Gold Vest and Fob Chains. 10 00 ! Gold Pen Holder with Pen and Pencil, -I OO 1 Gold Pencils, I 50 j Gold Pens with Silver Holders, Silver Table Spoons, per set, Silver Ten Spoons, 1 '' [ Gold Tbitnblef. •• ' With a large assortment of Silver, 1 able and I ea ] Forks; Dessert, Mustard and Salt Spoons : Pie, 1 j Cake, and Ice Cream knives ; Sugar Spoons ; Pre i serve Spoons j Pickle Knives and Forks, etc. CI "Also, constantly on band, a magnificent a-- ; tort men! of Jewelry, consisting in part of i'|ets, j Rrea.s' (iiris, ELr Rug*, ringer Hings, M iniature cases ■ for I. *L t. and 6 liken se- ; (/old, l.hilt dren's armlets, ami even thing in the Jewelry line, j j of the latt at and mis' approved pattern-. Gold and silver thimbles : Wedding Rings at ail I prices. Ladies' Chat*.lain- *. Gold Watch keys anil j Seni- ; Studs and Sleeve Buttons; Opera Glasses. Always on hand, a splendid assortment of Diamond j ' Jewelry. Also, Diamonds mounted m rh-- nsosi ; i beautiful manner, equal to any work in the United ,■ States, at mod-iate prices. Silvei plated Tea Set-, Silver plated Knives and j Forks—beautiful goods, and look equal to Silver. CALIFORNIA GOLD BOUGHT OR MADE UP TO 1 ORDER. j CI?*"AII descriptions <>t Hair Jewelry, such as | B!'•*<■ tjpu-. !•:.,) Rings. Bracelet . Cham-, (.'harms, j • atle to or r in the roost beautiful style. Old , "'niche- i Jewelry taken in exchange We run send by ma. l, with perfect safety. Watch- | 1 es or Jewelry foany p--.*r of tire United States. All I i orders mint he acrompniied with the Cash. Not goods sent titiie-s the money i- fir-1 received. Call j j or address LEU'IB LA UOMUS K CO., stig Chestnut Street, Phd'a- May 18.-fio.-f> m*. I (JOKING GLASSES, s A ENGRAVINGS. RICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, j The mor.t extensive and elegant as-ortment at the 1 very lowest rates.—G!a--es in stole of every de- j j scription. /Mahogany framed Glasses, lor country j j sales. Print andPoitrait frame-, Window Cornices, I i Gilt .Mouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing ■ (ilasses to li'l every space, by on application. j Engravings for Grecian and Antique Tainti.igs.— ; ' Catalogues grati t. JAS. S. EA RLE &. SON, S'l6 Cii 'stnut St., Pitil'a j iM.iy 18,'60-rJ vr. jnpo SCHOOL DIttEtTORS <s•' j TEACHERS.—The examination cf Tea-j i cliers and the reviewing of c-rtificates, will tak-> ! place in the several townships as fnll.nvs, In J j wit : To Cumberland Vallev, at May'® school . I house, on September 22.i; m Harrison, at Curr.p s : school house on the 2idi ; in Londonderry, at i Rrdgeport, on the 23th ; in Juriiala, at Buena Vista on the 2thh :in Schellsburj on the 2Tlh ; ; in St. Clair at Eight Square, on the 2Sth ; in 1 Union, at Mo wry's mill on the 29tb ;in Hope ■ weil, at iJisltt t's on the 1-t Oct ; in Bioad Top, ! at Hopewell on the 2d : t't Liberty, :it blotters- I > A*n !• * hi* 3J m MvLll** Woodbprry, st Wood berry on the Elh : i i South \V ? oodberrv at Enterprise on 'he f>!h : in S ake Spring at Hart i 1-vN (in the 6th : in Bedford too nship, at Bed ! lord on the lOtii : m West Providence at i Bloody Run on the 11th : in E.i*t Providence 'at Householder's on ih- J2th ; in Monroe, at Clearvil! -on (h l-'Mt; in Soti'hamtdon at ' Chaneysv ille on the loth: in ( <derain at Rains ' burg on the lfitit ; and i;t B- ;it ird harongh on ; the 20th. The above examinations will commence at I nine o'clock, A. M. Teachers .ind Directors should be punctual at tfie hour appointei!, a we wi--ii to tt"* al! toe Directors on the day of examination, in Ib-ir reso 'Ctive townships : we therefore earnestly | terjttesl them all lube present. All Counlv Certificates, issued since the last retriUar t nvnship examinations, are hereby ren • tiered noli Teachers are requested to bring then- citiiicate- wit i (it—m, as the former Sit j . riotetHietit iias i iiietl to furnish tts with the DupiicaD sot tit" sa;n •. GEO. SIG A I'O'JS, S''i"L !0. ISG >. Co. Stiperintendcrd. j ' •I "SpHTBI-IC s \I.K OF ('.!•:<> KM ; K H. K.VV'S REAL ESTATE, IN HOPEWELL TP. P.y v lllue of ill ordi tof Ilia O ph;>u Court ot Reitjord County, the undersigned will offer at pub - . lie sale, on the premises, on I'iWRSDA I , |sth of NOVEMBER, next the following de rribed r-al rs- J tare, viz : THE MANSION TRACT of said U>- , eea.-ed, containing "J-A .. aer--, aiioilt t'-,. acres I'.e .i --ed and under fence, and in a high state ol cultiva tion. Tu j in (movements are NE A' LOG FRAME HOUSE. IJJJM ' j BANK BARN, and th-. nece*ary J— -1 T. out buildings, t'his farm is one of ; the best in Hopewell fownsli'p> being good limestone ; land and having three good 'prings and orrhird j Thereon. One other I'r.ict containing 115 Acres, ' J per. . : about Ct acre*cleared and under lence. Ihe im provements are two Log Houses, two St hies end . ■ out buildings. Them IS p. good sjuingon th prern 1 ises, an ! also an orchard thereon. This is good and, and in a good of ce Ovation. These lands are al! in a good .section ot country, i within a shoit distance of the Rail Road and at th door of a ready market nil ?h * time. TERM*—One thi d to remain in property during lifetime of widow, the interest theienn payable to ] her annually— one third in hand at c-nti-mation oi i sale, and the ualance in two equ 1 annual payment s without interest. JAMES E. KAY, , Sept. 14. 18 60. Trustee. fURMC SALis OF UFAi. F> " • TATE.—In pursuance of an order of The Or - i phans'Court of B-dford Courty. there be ex , i pos it to Public Sale on the premises, on Satnrdav, . ! the 6th day of Oc.ober next—the following Real Es- I tate, to wit : One lot of ground situate in the town of t.oena s Vista, Bedford co.. with a two story (tame house, d plastered, and stable thereon—adjoining property of - John Girver and Charles Hillegas, late the proper ty of Nicholas ii."gg. Esq., dee'd. d i TERMS : Fifty dollars in hand on confirmation ol i Sale, and the remainder the Ist of April nxt. aftei 1 confirmation. WAI. GILLESPIE, Sept. 7. iB6O. Aotn'r. of N. Kegg, dee'd ! HEALTH A NT) ITS PLEASURES* OR DISEASE WISH ITS AGONIFS : CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM! . vt- r . ' J L-s - J ■, ■ \ NVy.J.vV; dr . --a -i, : y ,. I> • j<d a■ -; . Holiowfiv s Pills. •r Nervous Disorders. ; What is more fearful than a breaking down of the j; rvons system ? To be excitable or nervous in A small degree is rnr> ; di<-tri-*ing, for where mi a remedy 1•• found I There is one :—dnnkbut little wine, beer, or spirit-, or far better none ; take m> rofi'ei—m ti-a liriMj prelerab'e ; get all.the fresh ait you cai ; take li.ii, or four Pilis everv night ; eat plenty • -otvU. .o<lit, the use of* slop- ; atot it these a,;! -i, f,, - ,ii- followed, you will be hap I py in mind in-, s'.iuu. oi body, and forget you have any nerves. Moll era Daughters. If there i? one thing more than another for which the.e Pills are i famous it is their purifying prop erties. especially their power of cleansing the blood from all imperii,e-, and removing dangerous and | suspended secretions. Universally adopted as the one grand rented> (or female complaints, they never fail, never ne ■' hen the system, and always hling about what is required. , Sick Headaches and Want of Appe tite, These 'eelings which so sadden us, most frequen' I ly aiise from arinoiances or trouble, trom obsfruc 1 teii perspiration, or lr,.in eating and drinking '.lial , is unfit tor us, fhut disordering the liver and stom ach. These organs must be regulated if you wish to lie well. The Pills, it taken according to "he i printed instructions, will rjuickiy restore a healthy action to both liver and storrirch, whence follow a-, a natural cotisequence, a good appetite and a clear I bead. In the East and West Indies scarcely any j other medicine is ever used lor these disorders. Dsorders o: the Kidneys, In all diseases affec'ing these organs, whether ' they, crete too iniich or too little water , or wbe- I tner tbey he afiiicted with stone or gravel, or with aches and pains -ettled in the Join* over the regions ; ol the kidneys, these Pills should be taken accor ding To the printed directions, and the Ointrmrit , ! should be well rubbed into the small of the hack at , | bed time. This treatment will give almost inline ; Jiate relief when all other means have failed. For Stomachs Out of Order. I No medicine will so effectually improve the tone ' do the stomach as thesp Pills -. raev remove !i aci uty, occasioned either by intemperance oi improp er diet. They resell the liver and reduce it to a healthy action : they ale wonderfully efficacious in c , cases oi -pastns —in fact tbev never fail in curing j all disorders of the liver and btomach. ! Hollowitu's Pills are Uie best rem edy known in the world for the following diseases . ! Ague, Asthma i Billions Complaints, Blotche- on tne Skin j Bowel Complaint?, Co' ice. Constipation of the Bowels. Consumption, Debility, i Dropsy, ! Dysentery. ! Erysipelas, Female Irregulai ities, t Fevers of all kinds, . Fits, i Gout, . llead-ache. Indigestion, , Inflammation, Jaundice, Liver Complaints, i Lumbago, j Files, Rheumatism, Retention o/jUrin®, Scrofula or King's Evil, i Sore Throats, I Stone anil Gravel, Secondary Symptoms, Tic-Doulotireux, Tumours, ('leers, Venereal AfFe-tioiis, Worms of all kinds, Weakness fiom what ever cause- None genuine unless the words "HOI.UOWAY, NEW YORK AND LONDON," are discernible as a Water-mari- in every leafol the book of directions around each pot or box ; the same i may be plainly seen by holding t:.e leaf to the light. A handsome reward will he given to any one ren dering such information as may lead to the detec tion of any party or pnWies counterfeiting tiie med icines or vending the same, knowing thetn to be spurious. *,*> ■!, lat the Manufactory of Professor HODLO VAY, SO .Maiden Lane, New York, ami by all respec i table Druggists and Dealers in Medicine, through? out the civilized world, in boxes at £5 cents, Cii et- J and SI each. is considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. X. B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each box. Nov. IS, 1859. I T? o & SA L 2; , I 1 OR TRADE, A fi'st-iate farm of limestone land, in Morrison's Cove, containing about 131 acres. 100 of which ere cleared and balance w-il timbered. The farm is well watejed. i'he improvements are a good two story Frame House, Log House, Barn. &c. Theiu is a good orchard upon the p-emise-. The fafrri OJ , inn Bmomli-id Furnace, lie? half a mile from the ilo: idaysbttrg I'u npik . and lour miles from Mar tinsbnrg. There .s a icady market at the door for nil kinds of pi otitic*, and !i? land is in a high state lof cultivation. For particulars inquire ot Dav.d Darnel, 111 possession, 01 George Cletigh, at Spang ' _ALO— Gust-mill property in Harman's Bottom, now owned iv Lewis N. Fyan. The iinil is a large nam" ' ! with five overshot whells ami four run 01 stone ; in . good order, and ni a good settlement, with a isf f.cient supply of water. The farm contains nearly j 4UO aores ; about 100 alluvial soil, and cleared : ami . | the balance weli timbered. The improvements are i j a large brick house, tenant iiousp, miilei's hou.e. - I barn, distillery, .Vc. The farm can be divided with f t out di-advaiitage. Teims reasonable, ALSO ! A tract o! Lan lin St. Clair tp.. containing 93 . 1 acres, or thereabouts, about 55 acres cleared, With a two story log dwelling house, tenant-house and ' : two log 'tables thereon erected ; also, an apple or .. , chard thereon, adjoining lands of Win. Keef*, Jacob ' Seuilei and other.- ; iormerlv the property of George „ j Kimberiin. - ALSO— S n Farm of tdG acres, about 100 cleared, With Double Log ilo i-e. New Bank Barn, ami t-.vogood orchards :hereon, lying on the Juniata River, two miles , from S-onerstown, and half a mile from the tail road. I'nis rarin ,s composed of a good quality of river bottom land. 30 or 40 acres of which can be put into good tr.-ddow. Ihe whole is flow in A good state o! cultivation. ALSO— A farm of I IS icresof limestone land in Liberty Township near Stonerstown, known as the "John i-'o'ei prope: tv." adjoin tng lands of 'Squire Eeriairi ' ger. Sto er and others. The improvements are a " Log -ou-e, Log Barn kc. There t good water on the preu-ises, also at orchard ot good iruit. - \LSO— -1 A new two-storv Rough-cast House ant two lots ot i ground in Broadtop cltv. -- ALSO - 100 acres of the bet qnaiu* ot Ind 10 Harrraoe-- couuty, lowa, neal ti.e Al.sso'-r,. and slo-e (o tI. countv seat. > ' —\LSO A Lot of ground 1* (- •• •* c.'y. N*b<a?k. i- ALSO 100 anes of land. . Southampt :■ TOWNSHIP, BE T A ford countv, lately 00 NED by H'm. Lashlty. '■ TERMS to int I"V rs d o F.. SHANNON, r- J,„ 27, I*oo BOIL ford, fa 1 K LOT Or PL'RE MAPLF. SUGAR, FOR SALE J. * JIIL) 90,'G0. A- L.

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