Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 19, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 19, 1836 Page 3
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From llie American Gardner' .Magazine. PLANTS. On the .Management of Plants in Roams. By Robert Murray. Gardner to the Hon. Theodare Lyman, Jr., Wallham. Gentlemen: Amidst llie rigors orstorn winter, hnw deligllul it is tn exhale Iho balmy ndors of n few select plants; even the lovely blush of the expanded rose, when tiic whole face of nature is clad in a mantle of snow, mi"lit cntico tho most careless admirers of Flora to supply their parlors with those de lightful hnrbingcra of pleasure through the winter months. Dut in nil the numbers of your valuable Magazine, I have neyer observed any hints on the management of grcenhouso plants kept in rooms or par lors. In order to supply this deficiency, 1 have, in as brief a manner as possible, en deavored to give n few remarks, which may not perhaps, be unimportant, you arc aware that it would require ton much room lo enter into n minute detail, and enumerate n great number of species and varieties, with the modes of propogationi I shall, therefore, confine my remarks to those kinds must generally grown in such situations. In tlio first place, I shall treat on the proper soils, anil llie polling or shifting of the plants; secondly, hnw to arrange tin' plants on the slngi's or tn the windows; thirdly, on the watting of tho plant-: fourthly and la-tly h"W lo destroy insects that may annoy tinni. I 'ml' now begin by considering the plnni procured from a friend, or purchased r mi the nurseryman or seedsman, and ia!u tho first part of the subject, namely, aruls and potting. I may here merely men tion that all the soft wooded kinds will do very well in a good rich loam with a quan tity of vegetable mould or decayed tree leaves (1 would Wrongly recommend that a ouantilv of vegetable mould bo kent in store, as it will suit almost every variety of plant); the same may be satrl nl myrtles, oranges, lemons, Aucubu j.iponica, Verbena trypliylla Aloysia cilriodurn, fte., but. not quite so light; the most part of the shrub by, or hard wooded kinds, such as ericas or heaths, ftc, like a peat soil, with a good quantity of wlntu sand well mixed; two or three inches of the surface of the soil from an old oak wood will answer tho purpose very well. There are seme persons that think there is abated time lor potting or shifting plants. This is an error. There never ought lo be tiny particular time; it ought to depend a great deal on tho state health and growth. Some plants may re- quire shifting twice or thnce a year; others but once; the be.-l way to ascertain whoth er n plant, should be slutted, is lo turn it carefully out of the put. nnd examine if the roots are untied about the sides and bnt tout of the ball, nod if such is the case, the phnts evidently require fresh potting. But it is not always necessary to put plants in to pots or tubs larger than those they were taken from; if that worn always done, they would soon get out of all bounds. The ball may, with propriety, be reduced, perhaps to halt or mini us tormcr diiik. In pre paring pot. bo sure lo put a handful of potshreds, or bricks broken up small, in the I) itlom nl each; then put as much soi as will rai-o tin1 surface of the ball to with in about an inch of the brim; then place the plant exictly in the centre, antl with a small wedge-shaped stick, fill in the soil between the ball and the sides of the pot being careful that no civitv is left; the soil should be filled to within half nn inch of the brim of a middle sized pot; if a very large pot. an inch should be left for water; by no means heap the pot with soil, as loo often doup. o-pecially by tho ladies. After the plants aro potted, they bhoulil have a gentle watoriii!:, and be kept from the mid-day sun tor two or three days. Arranging in: plants on me stages or in the windows When a lahle is allotted for the plants, let it be placed ns near the win dow as possible; place the smallest ours next to the glass, and so on with the second and third sizes, finishing with the tallest back, so that they nny all have an cqua share of tho sun anil air; by no means place them the reverse of the mode ju mentioned. But some of your fair readers may observe, that the beauty of tho plant will bo hidden from their visitors, especial ly those who prefer show to the health of their olants. This inconvenience may bo avoided by having small stages made to fit the windows, placing them on castors, that they may he turned so as to view the plants, or draw back in a very hot suni-hinc. j should think there would be no lover of plants but would go to a trifling expense in order to have them look well. Observe to give air ciery day, except in very severe frost s. The loitering of the plants. The follow ing question bus bern'oftcn put to me llow often should plants be watered? In answer to the question I would observe, that there never ought to be any stated limo, but when they are in want of it; and thai want they will generally make known themselves, by the drooping of their leaves; in hot weather, they should be looked over at least once, if not twice, a day, and nl ihese times only to water those that arc in v.'nnt of it. larnof the V'lief, lhal one Ihalf of parlor plants arc killed or sickened either by withholding water, or making too frequent nse of it: by tho former, the plant will soon begin lo lose their leaves, and by the latter, the soil will be kept saturated, and the roots become rotten, which must cause the death of the plants. There is another cvi), practised by the ladies, which ( will mention; that is, having the" plants in saucers, and watering them at the roots; ibis is a practice that cannot bo too strong jy deprecated. Tho water ought always to be poured on the surlacc, 60 that the ti hero may ail be equally relreslied. 1 am ouinm that there aro many persons who will not agree with me in deprecating the use of saucers, on account of tho carpet and furniture: but let me obseryo that I have no objection to the use of saucers, provided they do not allow water lo stand in them. Such plants, however, as the Agapanthus umbellalus and Calla icthiop ica. &c, can never be injured, but, on tho contrary, will be benefited by standing in water; and, at times, let the plants be ta ken out of doors and sprinkled over head, which greatly refreshes them, and takes the dust from (he leaves. If any of the tribe are kept through tho winter. they should not bo watered; but after they begin to show their flower buds, they should havo a very liberal supply; on no account keep them always damp. Destroying inscfls that annoy plants. Tho chief enemy is the green fly, which can bo easily dostroyed by placing the plants in n close room and fumigating them with tobacco smnho. Let the room be well filled with smoke for about half in hour, and their denth will bo the result. Myr lies, ornnrrcs. &c. are infected with n brown scaly insect, which cannot bo do stroyrd by tobacco smoke. They must be washed, lent by leal with a pieco oi sponge, nipped in n mixture nt soap ami water, impregnated with a little tobacco. rliG whole should be well mixed, and uscu n little warm. Yours, Roiif.rt Murray. TFallham. JVoij. 27. !G35. An Itinerant Horse, llishop M'Kcndrccs celebrated horse, called "Old Orey,"aB we learn from an esteemed correspondent, died on the third of August, in his32d year TheDish'ip obtained him when he was eight years of age, and during the six following years rode him thirty thousand milri, and after this he inndo cxIimi-ivc journeys. Such was the good Bishop's regaid for Ins faithful relic of his travelling days. Hint ho reinenibf reil him in lit will, left iilin twelve aert s of land for hi" exclusive grazing white he lived, anil e'presed ln wish that lit carca should be buried after death. W. Methodist. silk culture. A bill has been introduced into the Legislature for the encouragement of the culture of silk. It proposed to nllnw out of the treasury, for tjvorv ten pounds weight of cocoons of silk, the produce of silk worms raised within this commonwealth the sum nf one dollar, and the same pro portion for any larger quantity of cocoons, to be paid to the owner oflhe worm. It proposes n lurthcr bounty ol one dollar lor everv pnunu ol mcrcnantauio sun reeled and thrown in this Commonwealth, from cocoons produced from silk-worms raised in the. Commonwealth, nnd fifty cents for every pound of silk reeled without being thrown. We arc glad to see a disposition in the Legislature to encourage Iho culture of silk. The advantges under which it may be so generally pursued by our agricultural population, entitle this branch of industry to every ni'j and impulse which it can con sistunlly receive from legislation. Boston Atlas. In the last number of Stlliinan's Journal, in an article "On currents in water," it is asserted thai if a tub or other vessel be filled with water, and a hole made near the middle of the bottom to discharge it, the water will acquire a rotary motion from west to south, or opposed to the apparent motion of the sun; and if means are used to produce an opposite motion, on withdraw ing those moans, the former direction will be resumed. This cannot be the effect of chance but of natural laws, constantly oper ating. Tn some instances the buildings in this village on Thur.-day morning were so com pletely enveloped in snow that persons sleep ing in the lower apartments were entirely excluded from the lip-ht of day. f n this sit uation we nre told that several persons so far overslept their usual hours as to have lo-t their breakf.i.-t. An honest old gentle man who was found in tin predicament at a very late hour in the morning, being ask ed why he had indulged himself so long in bed, very candidly replied that his room was so dark he could not see to wake up.' Bratllcbnro' Puenic. Curious reveusk, A French noble man of the name of St. Pear was recently found dead under a hedge near iho walls of a splendid chateau in Normandy. His death was occasioned by starvation. But what makes the circumstance particularly striking is the fact that this very chateau had formerly been his own, and that he had lol it together wilh a largo estate in con sequence of his dissipated and extravagant habits. WHIG MEETING. Wo are requested to give no tice that a meeting of the citi zens of Burlington opposed to the election of Martin Van Bu ren to the Presidency, will he holdun at Howard's, to-morrow evening at 7 o'clock, for the appointment of Delegates to attend the State Convention at Montpelinr, on Wednesday next. WHIG STATU CONVENTION. A Contention of llie Whig uf Verinoni will lie liolden nl llie Village of Monipelier. on Wrduenl.ij llie 24ih day of February, 1836, ut 9 o'clock, A. M. for die purpose of noiniiMiin a lickei fur Slnie Odicers, and un Elecloral Ticket Hi be re. commended to llie undivided support of i pnr lion (if llie fieemen, " wiiliuut dislinciiun of parly names," who me opposed lo the measuies of llie Naiional Adinini-trution. The commiuee seeing no just came for further "division among Ineihren of the same political faith," cordially inviie I lie ami Adminisir.uion freemen of ciery lown in the Stale lo send delegates to lepreseul ihem in llie Convention, In making this call, the coinniiltce net at llie request of others, and in designating the lime of meeting, ure govern ed hy no oilier inuliie a desire that such ac tion may be had us will lesuh in uniting llie yotes of nil those of llie same national politics, upon one and llie same lickei fur Stale officers mid Kleciois. II. II .lti:i:i). ) Central K. I. WALTON, V Stale JOS HOWKS. JCom'te Monipelier, Jan, 25, 1SS6. DUMOCUATJC AN I'l. MASONIC STATE CONVENTION. A Democratic Suite Convention will bo liolden nt llie .Stale Ilou-e in Monipelier, on H'tdntsday the 21A day of February, 1S3G, ut 9 o'clock, A. M. for the purpose of noininaiing si licitet for Stale Officers for (lie political year ensuing ; uud lo take into consideration whether any or what notion may be expedient nt litis limn relative lo a candidate fur llie National Presidency, together wild nil oilier mailers connected with the ndvimce. men! of those principles, for which Antimnsons hum ever contended. The Slate Committee, seeing nn cause for relax in; lhoe exertion which have nl i early achieved so much toward rlddiii!! llie rnnnlrv nfnn in-lilii-lion deemed by in Incompatible w'iih true lili'Wy and nil principles which rcpnblicm should most cherish, carnclly request the. attendance of h full representation nl llie several loivm in nils bote. The County Cnininiltrpi nrc requested in notify Town Coininilieps and see nil nrc seasonably apprized of die cnnle nipl.ited Convention. And nil llioe wlm urn nppnru lo oecrei fsncieilcs, anil nrislocnilic monopolies, williont cJi-iindion of partv names, tire invited lo ii'senible in their res prciiic towns nnd choose delegates to attend nnd represent ihem in the Contention. MARTIN r I.I iN I , 3 CALVIN ni.ODGGTT. State Committee. SAMUEL MANN, ) II. M. A. riMIE Tliirlington Mechanic Association are here JL bv informed lliat their meeting stands adjourn, ed lo Wednesday llie 24th inst. Ihcn lo be liolden hi llie grand-jury room in the Court House at 6 clock 1. Honorary mcmbeis, mechanics generally nnd their apprentices tire invited lo at lend. I he question lor ucnile is, Uo the toorKS of nature excite more wonder and admiration than the works of arl : lly order. JOHN JOHNSON, Sie'y. Dullingloa, Feb. IS, 1836. BURMNRTOK V K MALE SEMINA It Y. fjpilR Spring and Summer Term of thi .St. institution eoiiiioeiic's .March ltd, nnd con. lo-.ies 2'2 weeks. It is important as far n practicable, that pupils should enter at the opening of tin; lurrn. Twenty five v nn r ladies nan he accommodated with board ill the family n'tuelinl to the Seminn rv under the ca'e of Miss Green, Priu- cipal. Burlington Feb. 17. 1030. flHE subsciber wishing to change his -- occupation and residence, and lecltng unwilling to leave his friends and the wealthy town of Shelburu destitute of a riiysician, ofTtfrs his House with con venicnt outbuildings and a garden, on very reasonable terms to any Physician whose qualifications merit the patronage of an en lightened christian community, For further information, enquire of Joel FAincmr.D Jn. Shelburn Ft. Feb, 11, 1836. Colchester Manufacturing Company. rTHE Book first opened by the Commit JL too for said company will be kepi open for subscriptions at Sidney Barlow's Store in Burlington until the 20th day ol March next. JSAJiUKti liiutvUK. l SION fi. HOWARD. Com SIDNEY BARLOW, ) Burlington Feb. 13. lf!3C. 7fTE havo a fine lot of good Brushes of T ail kinds and prices at tho Variety Shop PANcnonN & BrtiNSMAin. SIIiVEIt SPOONS. X7"E are constantly making good Siver Spoons and selling them at the Vari ety Shop, I'ANOBOR & UIUNSMAID OLD RINGS, wide nnd narrow, made V in good style, at tho Variety Shop 1 ANGflORN & ISlUNSMAII) DISSOLUTION. flMIE co-partnership existing under the firm of J. Hutchinson &, Co. is Ibis day dissolved bv agreement. j. HUTCHINSON, PETEIt HALL. HORACE STEARNS. Bakcrsficld. Dec. 30. 1835. Mr A. Hall having purchased our entire interest in the late firm of J. Hutchinson e Co. and associotcd himself with our late partner Mr J. Hutchinson, tinder the firm J. Htitchtnson Sr Co. will continue tho business at the old stand, where they will be happy to servo those who may lavor them with their custom. PETER HALL, HORACE STEARNS Baltersfleld. D'C 30. 11135. E&OTICE. rriHE subscriber requests all persons in. -L debted to him on book to scttlo with out delay, and all whoso notes are now due to pay Ihem immediately. Those who neg lect this call will find their notes and ac counts with an attorney for collect. on. Wm. 1. SEYMOUR. Burlington Feb. 15. in3G. GRASS SEED. A BOUT 60 Bunhol's Herds Grass Seed of a superior quality and the growth of 11133, just received and Iir sale at HOWARDS. Burlington Ecb. 13. 1U3G Guy Boynton's Estate. THE Hon. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, Comes the subscribers, Jedediah Bnyntoti. administra tor of the estate of Guy Hnynlon, lato of Htncsbiirgh, dr ceased, and represents lhal the personal estate of said deceased will not be sufficient to pay the debts; he therefore mid hereby makes application In said Cmirt, for license lo sell said ei-lale for the purpose. Jedediah Bovnton. STATE OF milMOjYT, ( At a Probate Dntricl nj Chittenden, ss. Courl hol deu at Wil'iston, in said District, on the lGlh day of Feb. A. D.BI3G, It is order ed that an account be taken of the debt and also the proceeds of the personal estate of i-aid deceased, and thai llie heirs and all persons concerned in said estate bo notified in appear before said Court on tho first Monday of March next al E. Chillcndcns Hole! in Williston, aforesaid, to give bond for the payment of dobts. and show cause why licensees aforesaid slmll not be grant cd, and that such notice bo given by publish ing' the abovo application three weeks sue restively, as soon as may be in the Free Press a newspaper printed in Burlington, in said District. Given under my hand, the day and year first above written. GEO. U. .MANSER, Register. INDIA RUBBER APRONS-Ladics' and Children's sizes; a. id India Rubber Cloth Oyer Shoes. Jim received by LEMUEL CUUTIS. Burlington Jan. Ti, 1U30. STATES WANTED. T IB undersigned wishes to contract for 5000 Whitn Oak Slaves, for which a liberal prtco will be given. N. B. Persons having unsettled accounts with the subscriber are invited tn call and ndjust the same, and nil those indebted nre earnestly requested to make immediate payment. C. SEVERANCE. Ilnrlinrrton, Feb 5. I83G, FARM FOR SALE. TUB subscribers ns executors nf THOMAS STORM, dcccoscd, lain oflhe city of New York, ol fer fur sale the Farm in Williston, Chiilcndcn county Vt. being part of tho farm formerly owned and occupied bv Giles Chittendon. Esq. deceased, and lately occupied by his widow, containing about 135 acres.' On the premises is a larco substantial two story Brick Dwelling House, two Barns and two Orchards. Part of the tract li Woodland, with some clinico Timber, mailing it a very desirable farm. I'or further information opnlv to Win. A. Griswold, Esq. at Burlington, Vt. or to ciiuer oi llie subscribers per mall. U. F. BUNNOR. I Pr,.lnr, C. J. MANNING, s xcculor' JVcto York. Jan'y 22. I83G. JV. B. If the above farm should remain unsold, the same will be leased on reason nblu terms for one year from the 1st day ol April next. Application to be made to Wm. A. URlSWOhl). Jlgenl. Dining Table Castors. 5B have Iho most superior assortment f T of Castors ever nn hand; consisting of eilvor plated Brittania, Paper, Wood, and Brass, with elegant cut Bottles, or plain; some beautiful revolving Castors, some plated and some black. Wo have Ihem with 3,4, 5. G, or 7 Bottles, square, round, and triangular; well worth an ex amination, at the Variety bhop. Pangiiorn & Brinsmaid. For tho euro of Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Cough, spitting of iilood ana L,onsumplions. 1CF.LAND MOSSgtoivs plentifully in Iho Island of Iceland, from whence it takes its name, and in all tho liin-li northern lati tudes of Europo and Asia, wheroils Medicinal qualities have been long known, and highly appreciated1 1 his plant contains a leargcr proportion of Vegetable Mucilage, than any other known substance, and in combination with it is a bitter principle which acts most beneficially in giving strength in cases ofgroat weakness and debility of tho lungs. Tho knowledge of many of our most valuablo mcd. icincs, for tho euro of diseases, have been ob tained from observing their cirect on brute anitnals;-so in the caso nf this most invaluable Moss. Its virtues were first discovered by their effects on tho hardy, long-lived and sagacious Rain Deer, which derives its prin. cipal nurishment from tho Iceland Moss, and wiioso milk becomes so highly imbued with ilsBalsoinic virtues, that it b used with the greatest confidence as a sovereign remedy by Iho inhabitants of all those countries for the cute ofall diseases oflhe breast and lungs. In France, this compound lias long been known, and extensively used ; and lo its salutary effects as much as to the salubrity of tho climate, is probably owing (ho very small number of fatal cases of consumption in that country, compared wilh Great Hrilan and the United States. This Syrup contains all iho medicinal viilucs of tho Moss in the most concentrated form, and is prepared from the ongnal receipt from Paris, only by. E. HUTOHINGS& CO. Baltimore And none is genuine Unless it has their fac simile upon each bill of direction also upon the envelope, ETand scaled with their seal. J. & J. II. PECK & Co.. wholesale af-cnls. Attention the Whole! PENSIONERS on tho Roll of tho Ver mont Agcncy.eithcr as Invalids, Revo lutionary, or under tho Acts of 15th May 1028, or 7 June 1332, arc notified thai their Pensions will be paid at iho Bank of Burlington, on the production of the proper vouchers, E.T. ENGLESBV.Prest. Bank of Burlington, ) andPeiibicn Agon Feb. 5, 133G. S Save Your Swingle Tow. A quantity wanted immediately, by AnnoTT Wood & Co. NATHAN LAKE 1 Chittenden County vs. Counr: NEMAN LAKE. ) August Term, 1833. WHEREAS, Nathan Lake, of Shelburn, in the county of Chittenden, at iho March term of this court, A. D. 1835, com menced his action against lleinao Lake, late of Shelburn aforesaid, for money lent and ad. l anced, laid out and expended, He. demanding in damages the sum of three hundred dollars, which cause having heen entered upon the docket of said court, the plaintiff appeared by liis attorney, and the defendant not having notice of said suit, and it appearing to said court that tho said Neman Lake was without Ihcir jurisdiction at the time of suing out Iho plaintiffs writ, said causo was by or der of court continued to lliu present lime, when the defendant not appearing, it is further ordered that notice be given to tho said Ne man Lake, by publishing the substance oflhe plaintiff's declaration three weeks successively in the Froo Press printed at Burlington, the last of which shall ho at least thirty days bo foio llie session of said courl to bo liolden at Burlington on the last Tuesday savo ono of Match, A. 1). lam, which shall bo deemed sufficient notico, and lhal said cause be con. linued to Iho term in March aforesaid. Given undor my hand at Burlington, this S7th day or January, A. D. 1IS3G. NATHAN B. NASW'ELL, Clerk- NURSERY. WILLIAM KEN RICK OF NEWTON, NER BOSTON, HAS a capital selection of purest kinds of Fruit and Ornamental T It E E S, Shrubs, Roses, I'caonlcs, Double Dahlias, Sic. of most splendid kinds, Morns .Mullicaulis. or truo CHINESE MULBERRIES, tho food lor silk worms, Uy wholesale and rolail. Orders addressed by mail, post paid, will bo executed promptly. Trees packed in faithful ordor, for distant places, by land sea. Colaloirues uralis. U5M, TO 130OK13INDERS. A Journeyman book binder may hear of a situation nnd constant t'inploviupiit by applying al this office, Jan. '.'U. 11130. Mulberry Seed. ttj"A few pounds of tho lirnuino While Mulberry Seed, warranted lo be last year's growth, for sale at this office. , MEDICAL COLLEGE OF THE iwivniisn'Y of Vermont THE Lectures to Medical Students' in this institution will begin on the 9th day of Marcti, 1II3G. and continue fourteen weeks. Lectures on Natural Philosophy and Chemistry will bo given by Prof. G. W. Benedict; on General nnd Special Anatomy, on Physiology, on Pnlhnlogical Anatomy and on Surgery, by Prof. E. E. Phelps ; on Theory and Practice of Mcdi cine, on Materia Mndica and Pharmacy, and on Obstctricks, by Prof. Jostrir Marsh. Foes for all the course of Lectures g50 ; charge for contingent expenses $2: gradu ation fee 15. G. XV. BENEDICT. Dean of the Medical Faculty. (Vj-The North Stai. Mnntpnltcr Wntch man, Malnne Palladium, Montreal Gazette Franklin Journal, Rutland Herald, Ben- ninirtoti Gazette, and Brattleborn Phoenix will give the above four insertions and send bills to G. XV. Benedict. tJVetc Firm. nnnK subscribers having formed a co JL partnership in business in the name nnd stile nf LATHROP& POTWZKT, and having purchased the entire stock of goods ofH. W. Potwin & Co.. will con tinue the mercantile business at the old stand recently occupied by them in all its various branches. Having made arrangomonts to receive supplies of goods at all times of the season carclully sciectccted by one ol the firm. they intend that their store shall at all times be stocked with tho choicest sclec tionsof rich, fashionable, fancy and staple Dnv Goous tho market affords. They have a full andcomplelo assortment of family Groceries, such ns Imperial, Old and Younrr Hyson. Hvson Skin. Pouchontr Souchong and Bohca Teas; loaf, lump and brown SuGi'.nc: Popper. Spice, Ginger, Cloves. Mace. Nutmegs, Salmrntus, Cur rents, Prunes, Citrons, Box and Keg Rai sins, &c. They have also in connection ono of the first Drugg & Medical establishments in this part of t tic country, to whichjdepart ment the most particular attention will at all times bo given. I'hisicians may at all limes bo supplied with anv article in the above lino on tho most reasonable terms Gideon Latiirop, H. W. Potwin. Burlington, Jan. 15, 183(i. STATE OF VERMONT ) District of Chittenden ss. S TVic Honorable the Probate Courl within and for the District if Chittenden. mO tho creditors and others concerned JL in the estate nf Nathan Allen late of Williston in said District, deceased. Whereas the Administrator do bonis non of said deceased, has made application to this Court, to extend the timo limited for making payment of the debts of said de ceased, twelve months from this date, and the G day of February next, being assign ed for a hearing in tho premises, at the Office of tho Register of ibis Court, and it having been ordered that notico thereof be given, by publishing this decree three weeks successively in tho r rec l'rcs news paper printed at Burlington, before the time fixed for hcariti"-. Therefore, you are hereby notified, to appear before said Court, at the timo and place aforesaid, then nnd there, to make objection if any you have, to the said time of navmont ueinr lurthcr extended as a foresaid. Given under my hand at Williston thi 18lh day of January A. D 183G. GEO. B. MANSER. Regiiler. For Sale. rjnilE Place known by the A name of tho Eldrtdgo Place. It contains forty acres of good valuable land, has on it a larne two htory House, two good barns, a cow house, acorn houe, nnd other out houses both necessary and convenient. This place is well calculated for a tavern stand, situ ted on the miiin road from Burlington to Williston and about two miles from tho College. The locality and situation of the place, render it a desirable t-tand for any one who may wish to purcha-o. The terms shall be made known by calling on the subscriber. WILLIAM WHITE. Burlington, Jan. 8th. '3G, GEO. N. SPEARS TENDERS his compliments to his old customers and the public and respect, fully informs them that he shall return to Burlington about tho middle nf'March, when ho will be happy to attend to any orders in his line. Aftc York Jan. 1030, GliOUNJJ PLASTER. 'fons, which will be sold as low " packed in Sound Barrels, a can be purchased of our neighbors in bulk, no charge for Casks. Jan. 7. Hickok .fc TO LET! THE rooms over our St-jre formerly oc cupied by J, Maeck Esq, Dec 25. LYMAN & COLE. npALES of the PEERAGE and the PEASAATR.Y. Edited by Lady aDcre, i! volumes. For sale by Sept 25 Smith & HAr.nro.i.o s . C CREWS. BUTTS LOCKS Door Handles, in great variety and large quantities, fur salo low, wholesnlo nnd retail. WOOD ft ABBOTT. Visiting and Printing Cards. THE largest and best assortment of plain nnd enamelled; goM bordered and gilt edged, white, bine. pink, green, nnd other colored Cards, from 1 to 6 inches, by iho dozen or mngiu Pack, that is to be lound in this part of iho Country. We havo some beautiful Cards, largo ennugli. to enumerate a pretty good lot nf Goods on, which aro to bo found in thn Variety Simp. PANGUORX & Blll.NS.MAtl), THE highest price In Cash will bo paid fur Sheen's Pells, bv W. R. VILAS. roan st., Burlington, ( Sent. It. 1835. 4k CORN BROOMS, jusl l0f for sale at HOWARD S. 35. Nov. 17, 10,000 Whllo Oak Staves. 5000 A81' Jo- Apply to, HlCKOK & Catmpt. Jan. 7. CLOVER SEED. 3000 " Clover Seed for salu uy Jan. 7. Uickok si Catmn. For Sale. J or 3 Single Sleighs, by Mnmr fir I Painters of Sleighs. &c. G St. Jan 7. Cash! Cash! WE wish you; if yon owe us. to' call ot setlb immediately. We want Mo noy and must have it. 1'A.NGnoRN & Brinsmaid. January. 7. ATKINSON'S DEPILITORY for re moving hair from the face, neck and arms of Ladies, without injury lo the skin. Atkinsnn'a Curling Fluid, which will keep the hair in curl whilst dancing or in damp weather. Imperial Dye for changing hair to brown or black. Oils and other prepa rations, to make the hair grow on bald heads: to produce eye brows and whiskers. Milk of Roses for rcmoying freckles and tan, and to prevent the face from boing rough. For sole at the Variety Shop, oy i'ANOBORN & HnlKSMAID. Window Glass. fifkfk Boxes Glass, 3 qualities to will tJF"" 1st Lako Dunmoro 2nd Salisbury 3d Argqlo. Various siws, manufactured at Salisbury Vt. just received by T.F. k XV. L. STRONG. Burlington Dec. lGlli 183.i. TOBACCO SNUFF. LORILLARD'S Macaboy and Scotch Snuff, do Chewing and Smoking To bacco at Factory Prices. , T. F. & W. L. STRONG. Iron, Nails, Steel. SO .T9'NS- manufactured Iron con sisting of a complete assortment of Round and Square, Band and Hoop, Shoe Shapes, &c. 20 Tons Foreign Iron, such as English tiro, all sizes. Sweedes, Russia. Old and New Sable, Rutsia nail Rods, Braquins Rods. 500 Setts waggon, cart, carriage & coach Boxes. Hollow ware, of every de scription. 10,000 Pounds German, Spring Sweeda. Cast and English blistered Steel, 50 Tons Cut Nails assorted from 3 to 60. Potash and Cauldron Kctteles, Cast Iron Ploughs, Brass Kettles &c. &c. which make a complete assortment or Ironmongery and which will be sold on as favorable terms ns can bo obtained at any estab lishment in the State. Dec. 16. 1835. T. F. &V. L. STRONG. FRESH GOODS. HALL k STEARNS, have just returned from New York with a Fresh supply of Winter Goods, which they will sell low for cash, as they wero recently purchased at re duced prices. We inviie purchasers .lo call end cxamino our cxtensivo assortment of Fashionable, Dry Coodsj consisting in part of French Marcnos, plain and figured Cir cassian'. Hombazelts, a largo assortment of Dark Prints ; plain figured, and plain Silks of all colors and qualities, plain and figured Sat. ins, French Bombazine, buck Beaver, & rod Gloves, Ladies lined Glove, mareno and cot ton Hosiery, black and red Mareno Shawls. chally and imitation Shawls and Handker chiefs, taffeta Salin, Lutestring and Ganuo Ribbons, silk Velvets, bomhazino and salin Slocks. An ussoitmcnt of Cloths Cassimers. and Vcstings, G, 88, 1-1 linen Diapers 4 1.4 Irish I mens, coloured Cambrics, Lace and F.ugiris Ladies down sleeves, cotton Wadding, Wicking etc. Church st. Dee. 21. 1833. Lint Seed Oil, For sale by T. F &. XV. h, STRONG. Dec. 1G. 1835. Groceries. CO Chests, Hyson. Ilvson Skin, Youn Hyson and bouchnng Teas. Sugars, Spices, Tobacco, Rice, Molasses, Liquors, Wines, Herrings Raisins, Starch, Indigo, Sal-nralut. Ginger, dried. Currants. Almonds, Filberts. Brazill nuts. etc. etc, For sale cheap, by T. F. ft If. L. STOA'G. Dec. IG. 1835. NOTICE " THE Lessees and dcbtors'of tho town of Burlington will like notice that their ronts and interest will become duo on first day of January next. Punctual payment is eXpe tcd(wilhout fuither notice. NATHAN B. NASWELL. Burlington, Dec. 17, 1835. Treasures. Wanted. A LAD of about lit years of age, who has been in a store suificicntly to be already well acquainted with business may find a situ ation advantageously calculated for comple ting ids morcanlilo c'ducalion, by applying to S. E. HOWARD. Burlington, Dec. 17, 1835. Lymnn & Cole Have now a few doz.of extra -jca Ot tcr, Seal nnd imitation Fur Caps; 3l also mens hair Seal Caps, largesizes. .Airmail quantity of spruco Shingles. Burlington Dec 25. 1835 4 N elegant assortment nl Diamond. Jet, x.V Pearl, Topaz, Emerald, Amethyst, Cornelian, Gold and othpr fine P I N w'' intOACHUS and JtlXC.S, just nce,i at the. Variety Shop. 'PAnuoRvt BniNsiuAii,v

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