Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 26 Şubat 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 26 Şubat 1836 Page 2
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"J44-J .t ,1 U ' II 'liJ-'-l-WP1" "aid l tin t I could save Iiiiii I'mui III'1 dcslroc ... I I ..! ..I, ,,,.., if I linn lilln Which Hi' wniini siircn - , iln! nut share In.- iiani' ', :""" Worst I ptatlun t It.-n. Hi'"1- ,' '', , ' .tiller il was tor 11I..T lW!" ' deceived hi- one" Hi".'!'' "I",:l1 ,' , ' (nulls, .I'll! I au'l'Zif " tug their pfrloti.ii.x Uu ''IJ"- ''"'."lrJU 'l till.' IVVtl. , ,, C,:A .1 "l(ii,u.g!i ! ,v- parted- i ' )' life. H' In h.'C.'M.i.;;""!!1" s 1 m.vrv iinii?' ' '"' ;- , , forth again ml" Hi'-' ""rl' , me I remained m "'V "v" . I,ii. Ills cirrrr ha- I"'''" vould Wl'tll forgot In'!! ill glltless, brilliant. nd o.v'r.ivn.ii.t l.e " .ifihe wnrhl. worldly.- "In!" ' rent, nnd P''.ic nml hope, ." ere Vim li'iv l''r' Jtecii mail'- 1 111 m r I n I. Oil. ibf Jy.itheriue. let your prayer lu, ' tie Ii'd in1'1 r.'iup'nlion ; lur one grown VI! Inn 11(1 cti' long, shall have n, beloved lji't iiuj lint 0 In-1 II li led jilon-'imv. or is doubtful, therein, by tin.' vanities, me ' the riches nl' lib', our -cip nml our triul emit." Uillcrly lnl Kntherine u records 11V11 life which w as lore twenty Hi tti tiierd had Bt fectiiiu nt' be.nny mi her 1 pen ovor the 'nriiimatcu b aniped Iln; prf .irow j but 1 nm Was hllVL'll much 'leaned from the ilnrisson." liappy tn record tliit Kate misery by 1 lie wisdom she "'IVniotiiimii "I llacharl J Temptation ritiu.vv .uoitxir i,rRn. 20. From M j.NTi'Ki.ii.n. two conventions w)T( cii. The Whips met ganized liy dentin ident, at 0 l)nct. Sw Mcs.-rs. I'dddiictc. P We Irani thattlio it 1 1 1 tl 0 r 1 1 . 1 y nltcnd ill 0 o'clock, and or Judgo Mattocks 1'rcs ft, "i' I) uiiiinginn, Sec. ..logos ami Walton were .Ittco'lo report business, tor preliminary mca-nres, Ijiiiiriicd. tsotiic Cditvetitinn, 'inri appoint cil a o'ltmr anil some utl the coiiveiitiuiiiD. In tin! Ant'irr Hovvo was n.itr ,,l)aU!, as ir0. aMi Mua,rd. Proctor nndj: ...avi'iiwurt li as V. 1'n.l.s. 'nrDcsp'jtf aV)l , ,,,,, rccoi veil from M.r. Vail, st ami thai t mi i5rinli inuitiT I'.nd inform ;l jllm nl 1 ,aJ request of the Tn.'iiob O ivurrm'iit lli'it tho Anicrican In di'innUy wniilil be pat ). 'riis Skat ok Wat-. Tho U iimnum fimi, . hi. Ah iiiiiip me in ili" "1I1 in-i. (h'ii. ociiil in- ir-il ifii"u iliil iii'iuiini,'. I'oiv, ii is -noi-il hi'ip "''' fimn die I'ovn .itimi uiiiiiv mile hiiiiIi Hii'l u UHa mppiifeil, ilip (-mill y 1 14 miiiely ile ,v ih,. uliiK' iiil.-ililiiiiii", 1I11I die Imli.iiK u' lelniiniii ill" nliiii.oiiiii'. An expii'i" iimcIiciI I iKiil.ll.l nlilliP 31 s I nf J.iilinn fioin til'". Clhirli, ' miciii!! itifoi intt ill. il lie ll nl ln cii jniili'il bj Criii'iiil (-..11. Tin. I'Miii'-s 1 tiler nml die I'l-irMii oi ulto vnni in'T llio riw" i" I i lion aniis Imili iliey f.iw linli.iiis In iln- iiiinipili.iit' i-1 einily. Tlie me itni-r IMuiid.i, whli .1 nniii niy "f Milunippis finni Geori.t iiniie.l 10 J.ii k'oinille on lite Eflilt tiliiimi. 1 Iicy In li ne neni ipipi. ted with lite uii'iili-st i'iitlin.-i.i-iii. I'Iib ni'XI d.iv lliey piorei'dcl 1111 11 perilous mine in lite bead HU.uteii CI111.I1. Ceur. Sc i'117. A subsequent letter from S'. Augustine, nftbe IOi'i. slates the following unfortu nate occurrence : "A l.ieill. Vlt!) nf ill,' vnlllillet'is, llll.ll llPil In (ii'ii. Cliii'li's pimi.nsii'l. be! luiittinoil 'Old tlilPtipilfi! 111 sliii'il Id- rniiiiii.iiiiliitj ii!lii-e-, (ill i'.oi-li, mid iiniii 'di.ui-ly slim di'.id lo Hie I li ter. The riiii-cqni'iiip nl' do- iiiil'"iuin.ue .iffoi w.i4, all llin loliinlPPis bid left f'O'i- Cliinli, liMtinj hint only bis five eimtp.iuii's nf n-aiil.ns, mid he al limu iccenvd no reiiifjiceuieuis." Gen. Scott has written a letter lo the Secretary of War, calling for more troops. Ti.e Charleston papers slate that llrig. Gen. liuslis and niU, nccommpiinied by Capt. Calilield and 1,'. Tumult?, wuh Capt. Van Ness's company of Artillery, left that cilvon the I'Jili. lor Si. Aogutine. Vr.xts. The red iiver Herald, publish rd a N.i,cIiiioc!i,s ha- 11 letter ftouiTexa.-, of which the lollowing is an extract. "IllCll-IV llfli III till! PIM'ilU IllNR IiPPII Ill'ltPII liy mil- lumps. Till- limns nil lite Itin til.ii'dil b in li-i-ii .1 lin-i Ssint.i A1111.1. l.i'lleis iil'iii.uiiie 1 n i .,iiipd liy 'I'cxrfs, mid " '"'"I 11 wu c.oi yei tlii-i,i iifl', we can c.nry tin- war into ilie enemy 's runlrj. South Amk.iucvn Imirpkmiknci:. A letter Ins been received in N. York by an n"enl nfone of tho South American R i,.il,liei n.. id,. nl there, front a gentleman of 1 ureal re-P'TUbillt v in llav.ituni, slating ihut ion had been received Ihen In. in Spam that the Spanish novernineiH had iu-kil"wledgcd the independence of lb S. A. Rennblics. T.'l" New York Courier i- uf the oiuuon that Hie s in- correct, brcanso we have advices ten day.- IntiT f mm Kiirone than llioso reR.'iveil in lluvnnu, which give no such iiilelli'tiee U. S. Ham;. The Semite of I'eiuisylva ma has finally passed the lull chartering this institution, and il has received llie Governor's signal nro. Tim f"M"W'ing nre llu.'yejs and nays 011 the final vuie. Th names in pales indicate t lie Jail.-uli men who .npno'led the ln'l. Yr.AS Mes-is. Harden, D.iirnsli, fiickey, Kir,, l-'nlli'ilnll, ll.lilii l of l.cb llili-ll ini, ill1 tin, fj'l-l'll. J .llnei.. .Mitrliler. Mlddlreolr. MnJ' l'.nit, l'enrasc Siniili, rionliui, I'til.tnil, Cunning' ham, .,kr 20. Navs .Me.'is. li.ikr-r, C.irpniiei , Gi-ncr, II.o. pri- of I'liilt. Kelly. Ktebbs, l.eri, M'Ctill'itli, Keub.oil, Ite.i'l, Uost-if, .S.inijsniii 12. We learn from lliu National Gazette that the directors of the 11. ink held meet in" on thu lO'h nisi, and resolvd minium iiosly to accept the new charter, lo refer nice to this subject the Albany Journal has Ihe following sensible remarks. We certainly regret the exi.-dence of n Klnto of things Ihat rendered it expedient for a Kingle Slate to charier n Rank which in our judgement. 01 uld ou', lie elill us a creation ol Coogiess, placed under the cooirol ofthe Geuurul G iveriiioeiit. It I" giving to concentrated ueitltli.un lullut'iiie utid puuer lliat nay bu exerted lu lite in- Jury f it' t! by whom it was conferred. It was; 'tin' 'piccrtit. and ntd the will'' nf I'cnr1 sylvania.tlni cniiscnted to llio ic-cbar tor c f this jriijan lie IJuilt. Hut it U duo to trntn nml fair no,s. that the other side of tins propiMitujii s-luiuld be Muli'il. If 1'oiin Mylvania his. urroil, kIi.j has been driven to it by the prnlligacy of Hill anil Van liurcn. 'I'lleso I'.icn are rrspoiisl'ili! for all I be cvilt. wlilclt fln.v l'r.0111 the techarier. in this qnes tioiiatile I'nrin of tho United Utulr-n Uiilili. 'I'lii! political crusade njr.iinit the I) ink vva-" cotiinieiiced by that loallijinni! (l.'iiiatijjuc, If n-ic II1II.011 the ri'fn.'al of that Instil tit loiv to make a political uhnii'e in the manage ment ol'ils Urnueli nt l'ortsinouili. Atthi tune the United States Hank ua- di?elinr,'j iiii! its Inmious to the (invoriiiueiit nml fiillilluig its duties t,o the l'eople, with utricl ne-s and fidelity. It had given to the whole Union ample fncilil irs, and a miiiiiiI cur rency. The voice of complaint was not heard in all the land. As the cmll ct thick cued. Van ISnren, though a petitioner for a llratieh at Albany, saw l Irnt the pas.-ions and jenlon-ic ot the People could be ca-ily exciled against tin1 "tllvnsUr," and joinrd in the crusade. T.'o) result is known. The present net of Pennsylvania is mie of its ciinsequeiices. lis iilliin.ilc fruits can only be nppri'cinlrt! as they ripen into u aturity. Iitil i- lb "re a man in I he Union wlin would nut. have tireferred lo see ihe Uuiled Stales Hank "mrciing the even lennr nf iti w ' as the (i-eal agent ofthe Oe' Govern inniit, llian to take the doubtful ch inces of its remaining useful in its present f..rm." QTTIiu expunging resol'iiinnsjiave pass ed the Assembly of Virginia, nmlili stated that Musar.4. L "igli and I'yler will resign I heir .-eats in coiL-tquence. As n filling eomini'iiiary nil I his degrading act nl I he Assembly, the New York Am quotes the following auuouneem.'iii from the Vir- ginijii, nublished at I.yncliburgli : " C. K. Iiroivu has been KtrieKen from the roll of attorneys by tnu llib Court of Krrors and Appuuls. in MifmIiui'i, fur "niulilaling a rcponl" the very net uliiuli a parly in Ihe Virginia l.rgUlaturu is now ci.dcavoring to instruct our .Senators lu do " On a recent occasion, Mr. VofNO, of t ho. New York Senate, even went hi fir as to cypres-1 his di.-po.-ition to brand every Senator who voted for the re.-oliHion " In allusion to tin.' Id id; lioi'" In be draivn across the .loiiioal. ho nigge-led that "hhiU 1 Hues'' shnuUhe dratmacroii llir fiacxvf lite ticna- irs nho rntrd fur .Vr Clai's rrsalulim. Ilesanl ,ul ,u du-e whicli thu i. Y. Senate adoiiius. lered la-l year had not operated .mil ho was disposed lo malio it stronger. He dnob led the dose, and should bo willing lo do it until llio infamous reeoul is bloltud out. "And this U una of the minions of 0 man fur whom Vermont is called upon to acriltce her honor, m'egrity am! consisten cy ! bucli are llio lavonie servaul- 01 ilia) distingiii.-heil sou of New Yoik" into whoos ranks half a d-zen prnlligate politi cians, sold bony anil Mini lo tiietr nvti.siitus and their ambdion, are now laboring to Iragouu tho people of this Stale ! Such are he venal, vulgar, and miserable pari izan.-- or who.-e master we are called upon to de sert Damci, Winiyi Kit, Ilr.Mtv ('i.av, and lhal phalanx of might and eluqueiieo and pattiotism 111 Ihe Senate of the United Stales, which iias so tli-,iingui.-h'?d the re cent history of 1 hut illosiriou-, A-senibly 1" MR. ADAMS AND Mil. UT.I'.S I'Ell. tVe rupy fioin the Nation. il Inli-lligem-tT 1 lie splendid pi-ioi'.iliiin nf lliu ipci-cb of Mr. Iit.ios nf M.iinp ; the nt.uily r-lci.tliun uf iln sciuiinciiis, mid llie seit-ie mid se.iu-iiin F.o(.tsin of i!A it-liukes, r it-til v- em ill,- i tu all lliu culngy h has teceiud. I'liia i-(l',)i'i pl.iics Sir. Ui.nta iniir.iig lliu fiie- ini.l nf die oppti-'uiiiii in'Mtilieis of Coniess, hi ie .inl niiiei- mid pl,iiin-iiie in di li.ile 'Ului, ''lie Ii'Hiui.itili!, 'villi 11 pi ei-Ninn 1 f iiiiii u II it'll' le.nes 111 , 1 In, tu nf 1 1 ntl'l .1- In u In nil bis li.ili,. ueie s,eil. 11110 wit lip u-?-t 1 ines as "ine ,rno- ol 1 lu- 8 11, oe, e ,i- in tiring dnwn fmin In. Ilill sl.tudiili niu- 1 i-ii ivi-otin j lli.s nttn eniniiinii- ll, "lilt liiisilii.i-M,l iiiiillty, lit llio mliei In. nil II nf lilt- I.f ll.lltlie, 'I'lll! -ill. 11 k W.IS lllllit In It in In-i ,1 exnei-lr I f.,,111 1I1.1I rtu.ii o-f. A n-i'ill nf disi.iri-ftit di.'indi-r. stub 114 lit, sie;ikft- lie ll id llt-w-l- lt ne-si-il 111 It'll M-ills' l-.spei leni'e heie, . nihl !,.--, i,iiilii-il llie 1 i-lii'il iti'lue! nl llie iii-iiihei' imo llie ili-liiMti! I.iiici id a iiimiipli wot tliy In-,ii-iiijtiii,-iil. .Sir. 1 ill ol tint allenipt en (iiillenit. iijiiiu di..liiiinilii-d tl. to fin 111. ll is urn its.iis 1110 11 ran ml he tfiiuiit-il nf inn 111 ot in rniiitj fn it .41 il 111 lii- deleiii-u. His', bis i-l-l vii t-4, ll 1.4 utlinlH. Ins niininilii, lll-t elVni is nf In-ti.iii-i-i nil.iiil pniveis, inelicfuip tl.e u, uld. 'I'lti'N siu'.il, nut In Iiiiii in a worn lb 11 t'.niiliil Ik sileni-t-il. 'I hoy M nut (nn'ii in full u-ii , mi.l 1111 111.111 t-iiii n'.i-rnie ui hint ilieut fimn tlio tii-. Ini v nf Ins run, illy , il li.u lit-rii t-M-eeitinly p.101. fid In me to Like 11 pan, mid e-pt-i-i. illy llio 1 1:11 1 1 ll no I.lkt'll il. lllis dill. Or. Ul-t-nltl t'ltniis nf tilt! p.141 me iliinnaiii 111 my iiiiml, mid wi-ib nut down in s.l'llll s., ulniO't in sifeiu-i! (il. idly nniiltl 1 ff liepii sn.oeil ilo fl.iv I So t stir, 'iln 11 1I111411 wh nn I lintil in li'intir and ii-i-pet-l, wlinin tliutnn,iii ImliU 1 . ; 1 . . 1 . . - liill, lull Ol us i'i.illll.inuii, inn inline ine niiji-ei in .1 I. it k sim-Ii us we ll ot- w iini-iii.'d, 1 sliiiu'd inii-t-rii till- I ill ill my nnii m um! nf duly wite I In nil in iilrnt-o. Tlio il-iy nm 1,1114 tjiiiie tiv sim-t-1 ill, III' Willi llilit er- b.tlH'lillll inlliis limn U, mid 1 lies p.itiy in wliirli tli-v I'l'lnnj, l.idly , ny, tiitsii'iily rt-ekin llie i.'d nf die p'oteifiil 111 111 nf lli.ll 1 ll nil- pinu .mil ill ii'iiiier nl 1110 t nit-iiuiiinii: Miice 1 sniv tins A'liiii'iisiimiini, ti-t'liii i.ud Inllt-tin its ii did iiiiiU-i' llio iii-ui, nd. nn blows nf men 11IV1 nit hm iiiIi Iiii, 11 tin' elm. ill le it'iinit nl din riiinli, bt'seei llin ' lliu iinf.tilni!; siipimi 1 nf lli u r.oiie iiiiil.imiii'd I tel'-i In let pieii'-lin. Aduiinisii.iiinns, wluih le.i'ied, mid It'.iiied w iiii I'niili'li-iirc upon Idin, ns iii,iii .1 jidlair nf inniMite.ililH sttt'iiili ; Inn I wiilt ti) let! the honorable member fimn Nuwtchu- sett', Mr Ad-oin, that not one of the fiitndi who nolo rutin round the object of hi attack will falter 111 Am (uin tf rat one will liciliauen tn Ins lonfideme una attuthment, k siiai.i. STAMI lit HIM. l.K.I' WHO 1 1 1 I. DKSKKI i.i. r wiin wii.i. vtiui'i ha rr. Urn nln-i' nil .11. In, vi- tillle is ifiete tinnil ni'lelv t-nu siileiiiiiniis mill pi' feteni-es, Injiisiif) tint n-eiiis nl .iiimpH wlorli we e.iiiii'ii 1 fin ex. lur Hi,, ml t ,1111 i-iiii-iil 10 mil in" iii-ui .1,1 -,,,.. r, lll'e. in in .iil.iilinieiiis .iiel limn 01 linpes, llinv wii-c t,,u.i ,,l Wn; ,l,n hsdnf III" li.illn- nf Im 11 tit il tin fin in e is Inn Initn 0111- iirw : we enii nm lilt llie ted it Inch slum "HI finiunni' iih.i iiiilniii lliu tiid ufour oh 11 bi'l mid wicrtl txt'i Huns ! t . 1 t .ilnili liiiw nimli nfiiiii- iiiilui- 11115I11 liriitt.i :! J bow liiiulil inn- j lie p,n.ilizi-il, ,ioU bfjiiihl ihe 1'ii'Fi'iii liniir, nin'l lii-linM ftTilincnl till It lllll : flllllll- lililll ill fllllP ! If, ,J ,-', r.llrt' lliu i 1 1 1 1 pliiililc 1111 1 in nml limk ln.inl In llll! I'm'O ! 114 I Can l,i ll.ll I, ll,,l . ..),,,.. i ,4 I .li-4iiu I'.jr llll! yonil iifiim- -(lMll-H nml fn It 14 mil 1,11111-, nml 1 nurl 1 im uiiilil.imv tl- I" I'lini i lb'! rlo.iliiin of"iii,. id fliilc-iiioi 111 tlir- bi;ip.i pt.i,,., ,,( i?mrl-, I'll 1 y di-fiin tn lj til fail, c-rpiy i-ffoil (kip. ies, nr. if I should sen hi n'dcsnpniliiL' front that lofty cuiinpiipo, souitd, disapplinteil, vindietivu -forgntful of hi- own eliajacler, mil of the friends who bad stood by bin in the hour ofneed j ifl should r.e Ihe iuliinitii'S ofour nature the Inwer urn baser pnssnns mastering mid i:.n-lling all lie tiohli; ani gon rroua propurllcs which I knnv helnng j.i his hearts if I should son hint belnving and abaii doiiing thn eauso which he miMipuolclnitik ing his ftieuds Jin hung ihcirheads in voiv Minnie and confusion--1 do no say, sir lliat'l wont, pray Heaven to blast u ourin'uils in tlicrniiMsoruur eoiinlry but r liter wuulil I sechissiin go down jmif, cvenVtui its high noon, so that il loavo uh a t'loious light 10 ehcer, and animale, aild guide, ml to which wo i-iinhl turn our eyes with big and heart stirring prido; rather would 1 see bis, than to behold him putting offtbe mighv armor of .eiiiiips, which 110 man can wen, to aetis perjured part, who by fraud luvclle llio prjud 1 walls ol 1 roy lo du't; rather thi'Jar rather than to see him lim-nriiiir mi Ihe. skrrn .,. litical action, behind bis lime. "tho lerisipit o f his enemies the melancholy pity of hie friends " MR- ADAMS' llKSOLUTIONl The lunging desire of Mr. Adains.ioi." d the parly, in produce "innnnni"'ti the House of lleprefcntntivs and Scia te, seems tn have evaporaied, The Il'i, lo tions bleep qniet'y on the Speaker's 1 ,-k. where Ihey will sleep Ihe sleep of dj'.ttb. rmlci Jilr. Cnmhreleng should insist j their hrnugU to life, and most pcf mis think lie is not very anxious tn tee tin) dis cussion of them re-umcd. 1 A HOME THRUST. The following passage from the t,ceeh of Mr I'iikcni of South Cirohna. is .t well merited coniplimeiit to the Uege'.uy of New York. Then! has been morn whole, sjine truth told on thn tlmr nf C(oi;ress, within a few weeks, by Mes.-rs I'ukens and Wi-e, than the minimis of I he , xetn'ive spoils baudiili have before heard It r a con siderable period. There i. not liing like giving things their true names: wo pri;iime Ihat the nnnnriiv will enter their 1'rotest against Mr I'lcken-' npnenl: li'lok to I he 3 Hit' of New Yor k r.s I liiirrs ' now exi-l there. We liod an artful, jirnjli atc, and daring party leagued logeirtfr by I v corpnraliuus tiy the ,disl r tit 11 i 100 of i lfice-', anil iln: power anil ti-rror nl per fecl organiz itlnn (or the ope;, porno. e ol swaying Ihe i"llli:al destinies, nf iln- coun try. Sir. I snlcmnli believe tk-it, for bine ir of purimc and in digran minus, no parly has ivir risen in any tit h:id innnlry In iiaal it. sincn the Jarhd, inii: iluhs of Frantv. held their midnight meelini ; when II an dare w In-per the -eep -t. nf In. heart even in the pailner ol In- b,i.-,in,. without being arraigned under I heir ternli'i. j'-irn' vi(i. 1 appeal to the win irili from Hint Sl-ile on thn jUior. lo him if l,ri d nut livevsur.i: m.-it.m ihthl itiuu. v Vs-.u, arc. rr. xcliuh Ihe domiiintl p'lily np'.nly iprtadnul licir b innrrs "'junli,, b. mil,!" I.'ie sjxiih nviilori) billing lo tin: rwapii w.'" and under this vile itandn d 1 all vpt.n their mcrannry bandi lo oalhr.- in Ihe pliaider of a sulctd ramp Sir. Il.ey preach 1I1 loucraci and ( quality 1 1, 11.., and pracliee political despot 1-10 at I- This is Ihe caul, duplicity, and pr : lligacy of modem I illll'S. Mi Sneaker. I owe. ivrh-ip-. an apnlngy In tills lor speak mg so plnin; hut, sir I have been taught Ir. in my father's board lo ilisgni-e no scull, rein I euierlaiu. I know I linve oltered seinimeiiis lull,. ra dialed lo please Ihn-i' miere.-ls of llie cnninry in their h ind 1. I know thai what I have said 1. ill ealeiilaied f,,r pupnlarily 111 this country, but 1 speak llio troth as I believi! tl lo exi-i.artd ask no favor- ol any mm or il of men living, save my own cnii--tiluunts. rm:Mic.M IjKkchus. We perceive that the Mns-itciiu-eit- .'.Medical Society idlers u row aril of five bundled dollars for tin." best olie thnii-iiud leecoi.'s propagated in Ibis (Muntn from a Im eign stuck. Iflhe kitch en cabinet h.i an t-vo lo Us nwn interest it will obiain this ,v-cuiinm: lor the deuce is 111 il, il on; ol tn. forty or fifty thousand blood tinkers iiMii the spoil-, department, the best thuusniid cannol he fou ml for the purpose, nml that too of a most undoubted "foreign Hock. ''--Cuuriir i; Enquirer. Husim:ss. The N. Y. Dailv Advertiser of Kub. SOlli sjyM "This bus been one of tho suvcic.t winter months wu have experienced in muiiy years. Tho sound hatt been shut foi several weeks, anil no prospect of its op.-nlng. Tho north river is light ami fast. The bay and harbor have been niui li f icer nf ice nnd vessels have got out and in without much difficulty. Thu week has been an iulpiesting one for newn. Washington advices statu lhal lliu Trench question is settled, and thu Trent:!! will pay thu mouuy. Tips, ingother with the fact, that thu haul, has been charter ed, has given a great spring to business real eslr.tiMiul stocks Inivu gone up, and several articles of inerehandisu bavu improved matu riallv. The t-piiog Hade has already com uiuiicvd ; tho jobbers nro beginning jp good earnest In prepare for huiiness, llltiu i'iiickh in Tim Wi:t. t'u nro in. I'oriued by an intelligent gentleman from lliu West, thnt thu prices of pork, wheal anil pro. visions gunerally, were never known so hieh scarcely as they aro ns this m oiurm 111 Ken Inekv. iMississuiiii and thn ntlihinini' sttttpu . f .....,,,. 1, 1.... :,i ,t . - I 1 "lr ' ""!" " "'" 'irccts, tsj bungs f7 a hundred; and wheat from .J.' tn ij-J a bushel. At Chicago wu bavu .ilri-ail v k..owii that pork was telling fur (,2j u barrel, At I.oulsville, Kentucky, and other places along tlio Ohio and Misirpippl, wo learn that lliu prices aro equally huge. The expla nation (;iveii is this! During a low years pasl the Allmtie stales in tho south have turned their iiUtiillnn to tho more valuable eiiHuru of rot'.on, tobarco, rice. lie. and meanwhile, tho Western states have been filling in to an alino'tt incalculable extent, wilh the flood of emigration constantly selling in lhal direc tion. Thus, Indium, two or tbrco years since, contained about 300,000, and now lias 000 .000 inhabitants. To l,i:tiiiM;ns. Iinalul 11 rid Ilevolu tin nary pensioners in this Sinte, hilhorlo pa id at the U. S. lirancb lintik, will bear in mind that on I lie -till of Marcii ncM they a,o lo apply at the Hank of l!urlingtun. Mrs. I'kak, who was to have been rxe 'toted Ibis day, died in jail, at Chelsea, on 1 he 1 jib in-t. Kr.w Yor.K, Feb. 20. Fire. The spa cious five stuty building occupied tbrocgli- "in as the printing, binding and publishing rooms of Ihe "Methodist Hook Concern,' was entirely dc-lroyedby fire on Thursday morning of'lhis week. The lire broke out liefoto 5 o'clock and raged throughout the morning, consuming Hie entire Mock uf books, stereotype plates, paper, printing materials, (including one great powor press and lil'lv common printing presses.) binders' stock, Sfc- &c. Only a very small portinn nflhc properly was saved. The whole 'ilili"ii of the "Uhri-lian Advrcato and Journal" forth'' current week was destroy- 1 eo. I lie uiill-lioni,s were iorioo,iu-ij -,ino nml Hie tuti nl ihe iianer w ill be re. Mimed n early as pn-siltle. Toe loss by Iln. nail IV 1- ' .liiililed lo exeeed Two Tlundnd and Fifti Thauv.nd Dollars. The whnlo insurance does not a I I n oii"-l hi rd : of this sum, and a great port ion uf it was , held l,v tin. Iniiikriiiii mniiminie ii eioirse iriioi! inr oolliui". It I- mil piidiahli' Ihat 2, oQ 000 will be realized from this source. About two hundred per-nns aro thrown out ol emplnvmeiit by I his fire, nt whom many will be serums sufferers. HL-rrtl.o .Feb. 12 Firr The IiiifTilo and lihiek Ruck Ola Mauuliiciory was till n I ly ile.lroved by lire hi-l eventng. The particulars, as as we have been able tn n-cerlnm. are as lollows ; The fire nrigiu nied 10 tin' kiln-drier, a small building emi- necleil Willi llie ui 1111 e-iatiii-liuieiit by a covered pa--age of wood. The excessive heal neei -arv".ir coming nn the busii.ess oflhe concern, bad rendered the malenals s dnv tli.-tl ri-eri-etr,rt .nt iho nrirt nf Hie tier. ons no the spnl were unable tn nay the pri'gress ofthe tlesl rue' ivo rleineiii . The property, wo rrgre! loaihl, wn. nnin .nreil. and will be a Ins-- ofabnoi 5 1 5 000 10 several worthy ciniZ"U. of llofi'ilo and Illael: lln-l;. eoiijoinily. 1'nlriul. IJj'lllair. ciuu" here. Yon miy remem ber lhal tl Id Chief sain "he would fly to the deserts of Arnbin" if the 111011. ter" was rechnrlen d. lu lence ; it tsrii.l,ur lered, but tin mil let I lie old (ietie'iil g' l further on hi- j iiirney lo Ihe "d. s"it-." liuin llie llermii:ig.--lie will finu that lace nm el riiongli lor oui" I" ' Star. IHCIll.Y IMPOirrANT Ktracl of a b iter from Ciiii-taotiiimilo (laird Uee: 7 "The peojile of lltl. cipiio hue been oveij tyeil, 111 riui.-rquenco of the htrt Ii nl'a third son lo I be, All the ships nf war, and 1 he whole of the haiterie 00 Ii. ! Ii side, of ibe Uosphoro... have ae- I cording In tineteiit cu-toni, fired salvos C ! tune., a day for a w eel;, mid 1 hero have been illuminations and oilier public rejou: ings. Th OrniVd Seignior communicated ibis vein to Iiii! Diplonial ic liitdv by the!, following letter, from the Rois Kfi" ndi, ami ibis uou-nal slop has made a great ten sal inn al Peru : "Most noble and ino-l hollered Sir. our dear friend On Sunday. Hie IC'linf the prt'tetit tun, in of Scliabiin t be Miijesiie. at ii iniiiiiles pa.l lour, ilirunglt tii Divine Cirace. a l'rlnre. ol aoi'ii-l health, ul Ihe porn end royal blood of my Lnrrl, t lie mo.t inajijsltr most terrible, must powerful my Q.!tiefaci.or and Iliupernr, who loereii.i's thi! splendor nf Hie throne ol' I lie Califat. mid throws a bistro on Hit; seal of majesty and and royuli, h. is adorned the erad'e ot pmiip, has pot 1 n Hit! swnihllmg rlnllies ot existence and li-uipines., and ha. received the liniio nf Zizauiontldin Regulator nl Religion wlueli is a pb'dgr ol piosperHy. Inasmuch as this highly joyful event Iris been niiuuunced and eoiuiiiuiiiented tn the nlliet pivots nl the Umpire. Ihe High linpe rial will has required particularly lhal 11 should be al.11 iinnnnneed nml conununiea letl lo Ihe Representative', nl'lhe friendly I'owers, who are sincerely atiiiehed 'it tins -mpiTial p. rsnn. Ihe relugo nfMaje-ty. lu , il ) ,,, ,--1 r in, - ton . . (11, , ,111 101 ip v 1 1 , 1 1 s which incur lo the most glorious family of tin! Severing!! lire, (nun llio friendship which cniise of pleasure lo your most respectable Snveriegn, 1 have wriileit this letter In almoin, ci! Iliifl to yoo. and at the sntoe timelo as. nre vim of the sinceriiy of tho seiitimenls I bear towards my friend." Delruiti n of the Holland Lund Qfliie In a Jloli Trom ,1 Ii-nrr lo th, iduor, daled at Westfield. Cltauiiiiiqui! county. I'Vltroary I!. "An exhibition uf violence look place nl May-ville (ih" county seal) up Saturday evening the Gilt 111-I. which will servo lo lllli-liii'c tile slate uf public tooling ill till- region. l 1. well kin wu thai Ihe Holland Hand Co. have irci'ii'ly sold out their lo oilier eiop.ioit s ; and Ihat tin.' last Mile, including ihe Comity ot Cliauliiiique, except Ihe town of Cl, al lelic, was oini!" in Mrsrs Trumbull, Cary, and olliers. Sii-picions having been rvei led with regaril In I he mteiilioiis of the new eoiop'iuies. eeiliuv nun town ineeiing. o Iln; selilcrs have been held, and cuiumlt ires uppeliilcd In coll upon the agents uf lliu Company. nlcantliuu the excitement had reac'ied stall a lieighl, Ihat between 1 s: nutl liUU peisiiiis iis-eiulili it uii evening,, beoig well uruum'u uud under ............. eominanderi and mnrclinl In Ihe Laud Of lie', forcibly removed Ihe pillars, n ripped I ofi' the chiplioariN. and turned ihe Inline ovt in'o tin.' tiiibliu ruiid. All the boo and valuable pancrs nf Ihe nllice, lis well lu as out of the iron che.-t, having b en first taken out, lo the ntiiount nf two t-leigh Inads, wen- conveyed about I wit ttnlis In llnrnlmrl's Inn, and" there burnt. Forluii alely the agent was not found, or he might ut.der the feeling of the niiiuient, have le eched personal injury. Albany Argus. Drcdfuiaiiidcnt en the Uttrkm rail rmtd. Yesterday nt 0 o'clock while the men were at wnrk in tliesniith end uf the tunnel, at Yurkvllle. on the Uarlciu rail road, at abotil :!0 feel front the entrance ; n large massofrock ofabout 25 Ions, beeamedclach ed Iroin the roof, and by Us fall five men were iiislanlly killed viz -lames linker, Stephen (Judy and Michael Iloreii, natives nt Ireland, .launs .luhiiton, native of ICng tn ml and .lames Armstrong, native ufSrol-l,-iii,l. late teacher nl'lhe public school nl Yorkville. IMwnrd Roberts v as severely injured, but hoped nro enterlnineil uf his recovery. Air. John Rntter 1 he siip'Tiuteii flu nt ofthe work, was standing near Mr. Armstrong nt the tune, 11 ml narrowly escap ed. In.s leel having been taught by Iln.' tut ling rock, and he was unable, to exuie.ite I11111-' If until mini! ofthe rock was removed Ins injurA h.iwcver was bill slight. Coin-, end llnq. WASHINGTON CORHDSI'ONDnNCi:. SMurdtttj. l'rb. iSA The House were occupied to. day wuh Ihe nri'sentnlinn of rrsolot ton.-front Ihedif 1, rein vaius. no oiscui-ious 01 iinere.-i , took plnee, and a million lur adjournment earned with but litlle opposition at an enilv hour. I he Senale did mil Hi. The news ol the leeeplancc by Trance ofthe uffer of meilll at Ion on the part nl'lhe Kirgllsh government, was receiv-d here la-i evening ll i.- regarded as 1111 .idjii-iniein cl our difficulties : and all apprehen-lon- of a hostile issue to the 1 Iruver.-y have -nb nl, mi. 1 ins result may lie a smnce ul ill. 1 litx 11 111 111 "ii I 111 snioe tpiarler-. hill every trii.' trieiitl ol ine prosperity ol llie country 1 cannnt hut rijulcu al it. In the House yesterday Air Cimbreleng inirniluced a res'ilutinn assigning 'I'tie-dav ne.i for the con-literal Inn ol Hie New York Ueliel lllll. Mr l'eyleii iiindn snme poiot etl reuiatks upon the mea-ioii. lie said that as the gentleman I10111 New York hitherto voted to give precedence to Mr Adam-' resolution touching the loss nl'lhe Fortification Hill over ibis relief measure 1 ho llioiigot Ilia' lie ought lo tie con-i-lint j and lllM-t utinn the srl I lenient uf the qiles Hon of I he p',,''.,' "I'llntl resnlnl inn before the Itelli'f lllll wa- rniLidcred. ll wa probable that tho reso'ui inn might bu dis posed of by th" end .Iniit! or Jul), and in the tneaul ini" Hie iiiereluiiits might wail. The language, of Mr I'eytnn cunvevei! a severe bin rienird .-;ne'i-iii. There t. bin one opinion Willi ri'gnni to I he culpable I indllleicnee or liiellicn-ney nl ,tr taot hreleiig 111 reunion in ine ,ew ion; inn. After -filing 11 a-itle lur Mr Adam's n-so. lol ion, w no It lilt- tin lied mil tu he a w retell I ed uh 1 ri en, he per mil. day . and weel; a tot itpniiilis in iii.. without bringing the sub. j..(t Ih'Iuip llio ll"ii.e. It is lo be hnpetl In;,' he W'll have 11 lliieoee enoog h let! lo ear v ill" lull 1 nrniig :ui 1 nr 1 11-1, 111- n -en j ""'I'"'" uy m.iieon 1,1 o. -iny. nun u 1 l,n f.ri vtuii. qu si lull h-' hot -p nog, 10. toy ila. ari' hkel) tub. wa.-lid lu pi, di less ill-eu-si 01. I The -fell" III llo Senni" yestetilav "111 Illets.ll lull. inf been the subject ot the course ul lb" tl I, toil". M r Calhuuu lied; In lb" (ilnb" a- a "fi'lhy occasion lo iil'iuli and niendiieioo. print :" hot this v. n gen eiallv regit'tled In ih" liglil of a iruisin Mr I.-anc 11 ll mane ,1 clu 'in-i eri-i te tli.pljy liow melancholy 1. llio speriach- fit man unaeeostuinetl lo exl"Uip,iriineou. spi al;ing, attfuipling I" gii" iitteranc..' lo a r. cm atory reply, whil" lie 1- al Inr snn.e Imio , 1 v '"'" ' "u "''"' "-' , ...V.. I ... 1, , ... Il ll .rl.l- ,1,1.. ...1,I, .. , '"'o""i,--. February Ifilh. Abolition and Sl.iv"y agiiiu--liul i.nd I'm 1011-I lssiiril w nWi-nhroail 00 I hi! earth and I kimw nut where Ihe magic spell Is in he found, by liu-ii potency it can b" finally put In rest. The greater portion of this day ini- been friiiered away 10 Ihe House of Ri'iircseiilal ives by dr bales 011 pitipis of order, which pos-ess'-il genrilly tieilher linpnrlatice nor 111I1 re.l, nml v-htcli wa. reuiiukahle only l-,r I In- em ne s'aie ! tlisiiriler which pervadid the Hnu.-e during 1 heir iliscu-sinii. When Mr. Rriggs presented a uieotorial for the abolition ul sl.u 'iy. hi.-oiui'd lis re'eicoee lo thai S-'leit Commiilee winch hiil beep 11 p',tit ul 'il under the lesoltilino ol Mr. I'mckiiey. nfSuiuh Cirohoa, audio w inch "all pcllHno. and tneuiiiruils which hull lierelolor" I:,-, 11 ufi'-n-il, or oitglit here after be presen'eil" wen- ortlered lo he com niuteil. .Mr. Wi-e rai.-ed a quesliiui of tinier mi Ihe validity ol litis prospective action ol' ihe Huii-e upon sobjccimattcrs of legislat Ion put nciii.uly in its possession ; and ciiiiiineoletl vcryeevon ly upon ihi-re.-n 1 1 1 1 1,111 itself, ami upon the object which it i-tle-igneil In secure. He said he did nut con sider the qt'stlnii uf abuhllon settled. Pur tlid h" believe it mold be settled by an eva sive resolution. That siibj, cl was jet upon Ihe lapis and should continue lo be so, as lung ns he could rui.-c hi., voice 111 defence of llie rights ol the Southern people. The re-oloiioo ut Mr. I'ltikuey hail given Ihat as a boon In the South, which the Smith unglii nl any immiepi have had by demanding it. The South hud bei 11 arraigned tiyaSuiiih em man. Mr. W i-e hiwidand ijiunud him as a deserter from his priiaiplcs. Such were thu exact w 01 d.. as I iiuderslooil theiti. The cries for order" ' became loud and tumultuous. Mr. Wi.-e was directed to lake Ins tint; the Speaker said that the win tls were personal and therrtitre, nut of order and thai Mr. W1-0 could not be per muted lo proceed uule-s by the special con sent ofthe llmise. The words, 111 writing, were called for : they were taken down ns ' " , , " " .'". im wasea l.Ml upon 0 all,,,,, or drny ihetn. Mr, Ise ileliled Hint the wnnU ns taken I...., 1 I... ,1... s? ...... 1. . I tr nr t. I down, were Ihe prcc...'., wort s, but ,,. ,ilt ,ler.ak...i,s.-1N..hat...,.wurds.ukt,.down ' Ke,:c.'"' "::.,:,.vcim; w,,,u- . . . Afler n scene ofiinicli rxcileinent tlisoid, r. Mr. Wise r bv er u,liu Houtc, lo t.,)!um lltc woiOs he had ut - . .... , Trrd. Ho Mild he did not intend lo innko a persnml nllnr.k upon Mr. inkii.'y. Iln did inleiul, however, lo iiilael; llio principle ol In-, revolution. Ilei'ul not inleiul to at I'ick the molive of Mr I'mkney : (Jud 1111 y knew what his motive bad been. Iflhiru wa- n Judas Iscarint 111 tins llnit'c, who bad rereived his thirty pieces uf silver, Mr. Wi" knew it not. Mr. I'liiekney rose haislily from his sent, inleirlipted Mr. Wise, find snid Ihat the mntterwas prngres-ing loo 'ar. He had borne a long as any man could bear, he begged permission of th" house lo Miy a word. The Sneaker b.nd be could be permitted to proceed provided Mr. Wise would yield the floor. Thai geiulsinaii re fused lo do so, and proceeded in his expla nation, lie wi-hed to be distinctly under stood both by the House and Mr. I'uiktiry hiio-ell. that" he intended no a'lnck upon that gentleman, and no personal insult to him : he had n right to characterisO'iicls of legislal'.oti here. He did so: and ir so ru ing, he his.-ed the genii- man a-- a de.-erier I'rooi Ihe principles nl 1 lie South. Mr I'liiekney appealed tn tin' Iloo.-o ' h ar I i 11 1 ; it was hard he slimiM not b p riui' ted to sny n s liable in n p'y In tin wanton, unprovoked and urju-iiliablf attack which had been made iij.ui him. K it Ihe Hon-'i! could tii't be induced to coiisinl. The Speaker decided that, n il wu b-tiiin!ing the exiilanation nf Mr Wise, his words were not of order, (mil that he could ou'y pro ceed by permi loo of the House. Mr. Wi-e annealed: but wi'bdrew hi- appeal, on iln- reqncsl of Mr Roll, who s.igg-.ied ilia' Ih- point could be-i be selll, d bv ta king iln- qnestiiin, "Shall Ihe gentleman rnl Virginia b" pernnlled lo 'j'),,, Mim-i-il, eiileil lli,- qne.11, pp c I'd ." 1 1 I'a fur of Mr. Wise, by a voir ol on- lixm I id and elirrn J'ern ngaiiil ninity if" A v Upon this ileci-loo, pion'. n! i.'tl- r iiiinn iipllneker and faster limn beior-'. Out! iiieinher had 110 sooner iiiiii mec 0 :hal -hi' rn.e In a print of onlei" Iim in ,' ir nutglibor requested thai be unglii It n.nlu lo sit down, whilst he rais d hist pninl uf or der. The re-ult was that, finally, nn one knew whether he slood on his head nr I, is ,e, ,- nnd raeh was appealing m hw Ineiiil toenuie belween hiinand his w its, s.. they slinnld founder for ever. We smcieil tl, , ,, never, h-lween lour and iw in gellln ; ,,n 11- i uirumenl. sineo wliu ', Inn "l nnv.. nut atl'iiilcl to Hi" shghlesi av-ia'tiit, wiiliooi eoleriauiing setpoi.. d-uib - win lb t;r I wn- nut "in nl o'tli-r in iloing .0. Our New York l'n" liill 1. mid 'I'm specal order for loniurrnw. I hui" it mav be in my power ere lung lo send )oo g ad tidings 111 regard lo it. --Hut I have noicii mi-giving- Ftbruanj lli l!!30. In the Senate, (hi.- ui.uning. we have hail hiu, t' ei, and tun. I pmv rln! i." m of Soiiiln rn uf qo, t,ce. A' ar ll"- c o , . 1. t oflhe u-11.1l nnirnnig busini'.. Mr ? i.ln'x re.uioti'in ap.ooni la pig I he sifo'ii. 1 1 1 r nt ihe United Sia'i-s 11 in. in 1 . i- , . ol I lie Cull 11 ' 1 V wa-e.nliU 111 i v i peeled n-al ,M r t tl '- i.mi loll 1 im ,1 in- Ihe Miljccl nl ili-eo-.-i,iii. i,mi a.'b .n.'i ie- weather wa- nii'in ble i,-t 10. h.-ie , f hearing the Ingnlv yilw il uritlur nl ine , .. Jlr Clay) caused idu gall, rn-. tu tie j n d at. an earlv liunr, woo li. iutyanil ia-lnnn. Mr. Wi ighl, of New York, being emi'ied In the liunr. ailuris.' d the rliair in -upinrt f Hit' rrsolnllnti I tie M,"er-I, ii in ni. l, I ,h able a- cmilil be 1. a-,mahlv .., ... ,. I hivur 0! a proposition -! peri'-eiiy nd,,i I "O. lo Ihe eultr,,. ul In. ri i,,!,' I, .. , Wright expressed h.. iiiiii,! (,.,,',,1 ,, I thai nor ihllico Hie wi.ii i',, v.n. 1,. n- l 1 tiioillv ndiu.l"d. j ,, Mr. Calhmin replied, in his n.-ua! senii 11 lioiis mid Ingieal mtinicr. lie wa. ,.pp,..."d In apprnjin.iltiig mure Hum was i,h iirlv nece.-nry.and llitiii emild be tuli ani .ienn.iv expended during the n-ce-s nf ('i.pgrtss. fur I'm tirleal Inn.. &c The Nnvv h" .ul. r. ,., IL, ,, .,, .,,, f uai,,pu defcnce, ijc ,,.iV rrt(l lo tite cutiducl ol Ih" I'r, Huep , , lilU,,, v oi all the ,il.,lgc. ,,,.,, wmei he eatne lulu power. He spoke of the Al io 11 y I'-gi nev ami "-p.,il- pnriv" in letnis which yon ami 1 very New Yorker will un il. r.-iand wlii-n4 I a nn.. ini H,at he did 1 In 10 a 0 1 pi" jn-i ice and no; lung 11. ore. Ills .pet ch wa.socbn- iiugbi have been anil eipnied Irion ,1 no. C. Calhoun. Mr. il'itll. el' New Jersey, fulhuvoi! in ih feiici! nl tlit.; J.H'ksnn. J . miinuer 13 rtii her prepu.-sessmg nnd C'liirlenti... Ho 'Mircsscd his list, ill sluoeitl put. i,n'v ,lt HJ a'laek upon ihe Tresideiu, but al iln; inn' -'uag which it had been m ad,., rir i".. it. . ...1 . , '. . L ' ........ ,,0, iiuj, ifw, .nut ieittii'-ii it hiu, in repeal the language.--.''!,. Wall, replied that uutliing con d ind.iee Into 10 repent it in lhal plate. 11- a.--uiucil r,i. he,- a it.lty benring and ihn aii uihg part. He nrcu pied tne floor only a lew mniuies; made 110 relert nee In the motion iim,,., cui.-idur.itieii anil si eiiictl to I ave nouibi r t bji c in view but lu lecoid hi. name a-, oiin ,if the Cxo etiltvo Cliainpiun. nod ICntghts which I be lieve he has heretofore lormtilly dope within the Sciiale walls. .Mr. Preston l hen rose and delivered one itt In- iiitis l nlile nod lulling addresses. If .Mr. Calhoun's reouiiks w ere calculated tu excite lb" leelmg uf Hi" gentleman from New Jersey, I will not suy what uughi tu have been Hie cfi'i cl of, Mi I'resinii',," JJ speech elect rifled the whole gallery. It wa- 11 must splendid pu eo of bold declama tion; It arlcs. depiinci.ilion ; luluur suiciisip nml iinan-werahp' charges ngain-t (leperu! Jackson of perfidy lo lit., parly, and inlidel ny to the coiistltiiiion anil lii" cuunlrv.--Ile pru:esleil ino-l solemnly against thj ut tempt nl the gen' leupii, Irion New Jersey, (Mr. Wall) In reslrici iheU .il f balr, and to reitiiri' ol 11, d . . , , ,., yi,.n ihat iliey bliould (all iiow 1 , ,1 w . ship a uiolieii call' Mr Wall attempted an mp. j Wl-I, be liinl rcitiatneil stleni. He w.-i. nn siicces-l'nl. I w ill say nothing m, .re. Mr. Niles, of Cuuueclii'ut. lulluwt tl. God utile L'nni.. n,, nl,, In.... ....1 1 .. " - a..- iiuuiii'ii I,,,, liovernor lo send him here. It ,s suspetird however, thai llie object Was lo get bin out of the pu-t nllice, in order UinNns sue. cesser might no pitnl .,r pusi labors. The- .nlr.gui! was worthy tho 1111 riniants Ho ,ms.e.-s tpflueuce, ,f poss.ble. 11," laac Mill i-aut , , , fr ,h lolidnfliio ui fi " icr sid-m.,,,, , ?, r. ' 1 , ,. .1 . '.: r"" ' ' Ineml, wi 1 ii'itu uecoto 1 s ueu 1 ti niiiuri,..,.., ..1. Tlio Iloubo have, tttuat "eticrously o'-recii

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