Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 17, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 17, 1836 Page 3
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Nathan Rico's Estate. STATU OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden, ss. The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, To all persons concerned in the Estate of Nathan Rice, late oj Burlington, in said District dictated, Greeting. WHEIlEAS.thc Executors ofsaid dccoaR cd proposos to render an .account or their administration and present thoir accouin acainstsaid estate for examination and al lowance at a session of tl.o Court of Probate, o bo I olden at Willed Inn in Willislon, on he fust Monday of July next. Tliowfow. you are hereby notified to appear before said Court at the lime and place aforesaid, and shew cause, ir any you have, why Hie account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at W.lliston, this UlhdayofJuly.A. D. 1830. , Minaay q MANSEn, Register. PUBLIC NOTICE IS hereby given that the subscriber will expose for sale at PUBLIC AUC TION, on Saturday, the 18th day of June ot o nVlnck P. M. at the house of II. Thomas in Burlington, the grass growing, ond to grow the present season on the Col lege Green in said Burlington, to be mowed by tho purchaser and not pastured ; the avails of said sale to bo applied to the im provement of said Green. v A FOOTE, A?tnl for the corporation of the Ur.ivtrsity tf VI. Burlington, Juno 15th, 1036. Variety Shop, Juno 16, 183G. JUST received Mils ,lny, 9 (ozen Whilcwood, Curd llnkcl nnd cases, work boxes unci bask" cts: Willi cnluiccl prlnls anil vurnltli. with full di irclions for ininsfcrriiiiM nlso on hand n Inrira Ini ofpiclurc for transferring &e. Keceitcd, Ihisilay, 11 lot of bead?; one down bolllcs Atkinson's Dcpil nlory for removing hair from the fuce, neck or nrina, without injury to I no skin ; on hand Jupanesc I.olion fur removing freckles pimples mill nil erup tions of llio skin : Magic Liinlhorn: Giles Persian stveel bags, n rich perfume put up insulin lines, for scenting drawers, wurdiobcs &c. unci is an effectual prcvenlito ngninst mollis; lor sale nl tlie Vinicly Shop, by PANGUOIIN & IlItlNSJUAII), Dealers in Perfumery, .J-c. WOOL. THE subscribers will at all times pay Cash for Wool delivered at their Store on tlio Old Whnrf. FOLLETTfi BRAD LEYS. Burlington, Juno 15, 1030. Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vice?, cast iron Ploughs, hol low Ware, waggon cart and carriage Boxes, pot ash and caldron Kettles, mill Cranks, bark Mills, iron Wire, Stovce.mill Saws, cross cut do. Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Scythes, Iron, Nails, Steel &c. &c. just received by T. F. W. L. STROiYG. Juno 10, 1836. WOOL. CASH will at all times bo paid for wool delivered at their storu head of Pearl street and at their storo South Hero II. HYDE & Co. Burlington. Juno 15, 1836. RED, White and Black Merino Shawls of every description quality nnd price from jil 25 lt)J5l7. just received by L. CURTIS & CO. June 3. Fruit. A FEW boxes fresh Oranges, Lemons, Prunes and raisins, for snln bv LATH HOP &. POT WIN. Juno 10. Waddington Superfine Flour. 2l(r,noARRELS rrc6'' Sl,per' G6 Barrels Freeh Fine. 46 do. do. Fmo Middlings. Just received and for salo by JASON C. PEIRCB. St. Johns, May 9. 1836. The Variety Slwp. At Burlington, Vermont, West side Church Street. WE have received large additions to our Rinni.- nf nnr.n nmi sir.VER Groceries. ak CHESTS hyson, hyson skin, young hyson, souchong nnd pouchong Teas, 25 kegs and boxes plug and cavciu'ish To bacco. 10 bills and kegs Raisins. 30 boxes bunch and bloom Raisins. 6 hlids Molasses. 10 cakks lump nnd loaf Sugars. 5 hlids brown Sugar. 3 lieiccs ond 5 bbls Rice. 15 boxes bar simp. 12 boxes Poland el arch 5 boxes lemon Syrup. 15 baps Coffee, Pimento and Pepper. 6 boxes Mustnrd. 10 boxes Pipes. 6 kegs pure Ginger. 20 bales Cassin. Nutmegs, Buds, dried Cur. rants, Herring, Cloves, 6'alerntjs, Cignrs, &c. cVe. at wholesale or retail at lowest prices by T. V. &. W, L. STRONG. Juno 15, tiiSG. 100 Groceries. CHESTS Hvi-on skin nnd Young hvson Teas. 20 barrs Coff-e. 10 do. Pimento. 10 do. Pepper. 30 hlids. Boston N. E. Rum. 20 do rectified Whis key. 12 bbls. American Brandy and Gin, Signctt Brandy. Holland Gin. Pure St Croix Ruin. Wines. Pale nnd Brown Sherry. Pure Old Maderin. do do Port Tcnenffe. Canary. Sicilv Marieria. French do and Ala'ngn. 25 baskets Champaign of a superior brand. 15 catcs Claret. 5U Quintets Cud Fi.-h. 75 boxes Herring. 35 do Bar Soap. 20 do Siarch. 30 do Pipes J. & J. II. PECK & CO June 16. Farmers and Mechanics Bank. npiIE Stockholders arc hereby notified JL that an instalment of Ten Dollars, per share, on the Capital Stock of the Bank is required to bo paid at the Banking House in Burlington, on tho first day of July next. By order of the President and Direc tors. T. HOCKLEY, Cashier. April 20, 1836. tlju China,Glass &, Earthern Ware A FULL and complelo assortment in all xjl us varieties, by LATI1ROP if POTWIN. May 27, 1836. Stock of GOLD and SILVER Watches, Chains, Keys, Pencils, Pins, car Rings, Clocks, plated Ware, Britlania, Castors, brass nnd plated Candlesticks, Snuffers and Trays ; plated knob Lamps ; small go to bed Lamps, lamp Wicks and Glasses; baskets, bans and purses; milita ry troods. perfumer, hair oil, 6liaving soaps, razors, lather brushes, pots, &c. fine razor strops, fine cutlery, pen makers an elegant assortment of fashionable stocks, collars and bosoms, acenrdeons, music box cs. email organs, and all kinds of musical instruments: hair, toot 1 and all Kinds 01 brushes, visiiing cards and cases, a great variety of sizes and colors; backgammon boards, chessmen, nlavini? cards, ntiills, sil ver nnd steel pens ; "steel brass .vood and stuffs comprising 10 pes. Matte waw stripes whalebone busks, narrow whalebones, stay 20 INapilcon and Hamilton drills, 15 Rouen NOTICE WHEREAS, RIIODA my wife, has left my bed and board without any just provocation this is to loruid all per sons harboring or trusting her on my ac count, as I will pay no debts uf her con trading after this date. THOMAS YAW. Hincsburgh, May 16, 1836. 3w Goods for Summer Clothing LEMUEL CURTIS St CO. have this dav received 5 Dackar?C9 summer Liverpool Blown Salt. Ofl SACKS, just received by T. ! Juno 14, 1836, & W. L. STRONG. Wines, &c. OLD Madeira, Sicily, Madrid. Lisbon, old Sherry, Morsa'ilos. Madeira, sweet Malaga, Muscat and real old Champaigne a choice stock. ALSO Brandy, Rum, Gin nf 1st and 2d quality nt lowet prices, wholesale and retail. T. F & V. L. STRONG. June 16, 1836. LiGiifs. 2000 yalls. Winter and Fall strained and refined Oil. 5 boxes sperm Candles. T. F. Sf IV. L. STRONG. June 17, 1836. 76 doz. large fire works WE wish to inform those who like tosco good Fire Works, that wo intend having an addition to our Stock of Rockets, Fire Wheels, Roman Candles, Italian Steamers, Tnurbclains Nests of Snakes, Flower Pols, Grass-Hoppers, Bluu-Lighle, Pigeons, Serpents, &c. making about 76 dozen in all ; so that we think we can sup ply all orders from home or abroad, (which we have not been able to do any former season.) At wholesale only we have 0 quantity nf red Chinese Crackers; also for Bale pulling Crackers and Torpedoes, or Throwing Crackers ; the two Inet kinds are tho only kind we sell to boys ; they cannot set even powder on fire, as we have proved by repeated experiments. Our as sortment fot all kinds of Good is vrry complete, and wo ask all persons to lake-a look through tho Variety bhop. PAKGBORN & BnUSMAID Burlington, June 0, 1836. and boot lacings of cotton and silk, India rubber suspenders, patent and common elastics, thimbles, needles and pins, llier moulders, rosewood dressing cases, worrf boxes, portable desks, dressing cases for trovellors, manifold writers, matches, pocket tinder boxes, dressing room mirrors, pocket and French mirrors, merchants' Tags, paints, brushes, pencils and all articles in that line: piclures, varnish and whilcwood boxes, baskels &.C. for transferring, lino engravings and prints for framing, &c.; miniature cases and sittings, pistols large and small low and high priced, dirlis and clasp knives, large and email letcecopes or Spy Ularses, ; plaques ol various patterns which arc rapidly superceding waist duck les, powder horns ond llasks, shot bags, table mats, slates, canes and umbrellas, to gel her wiih a very large and elegant col lection of I'.incy articles, some of which will be more particularly enumerated at some future time. To strangers visiting Bur lington we would just say, thai we have an as.-ortment, selected with great care which stands, we beheve,unrivnlled in these parts; ond those wishing forfine Watches, Jewelry, nr any Goods wc sell, v ill save both lime and tnmiov by calling nt the Va riety Simp, where Watches and Clocks are cleaned and repaired ; silver Spoons arc made and cons'.ni.tlv kept for sale ; Brands and Slnmps cut at short notice ; trunk and cuflin Piatt s made when wanted. Panouorn fc Brinsmaid. June. 1836 T 1 rn.. mi. . it, ,, r Corn Brooms. IIAIJ', lmv nnppil wimp, ntitfnhln fnr 1 wool crrowers. 2 Caki low nrie.ed Afl CORN BROOMS, for sale by P.ilnipfii. soitnliln fur llio nbnvn nnmeil nor- 7iCCOA fit O.'i 1 LilJY. - " i ons, lor sale uy niCKOK &. CAT LIN. May 30. Paper Hangings. CASE assorlcd qunlitios, for sale by IIICKOK & CATLIN. May 30, No mistake and just as I thought it would be. 1st June, 1836. REACTION ANI 0001)8 AS CHEAP An cvr. HOWARD of the Cheap Cash Store, has uist returned mmln fV O 1 11 TV mi. York wild rather an unusually large supply of Goods, which purchase wasmado at not iuu lingua iiiuu wuai goods were bought tor a few weeks since, but a great portion of them at much loss nrlcim tin,,, over purchased at boforc, and will now sell al corresponding cheap prices to all who wish in miy goons lor cash Not time to enumerate articles at present, but can say, tno assortmcn: or -ricn, lasmonauio, lancy ami staple uoous is unsurpassed by any outer stock ot Hummer uuods no lias ever before offered; and further, as his trade has so much increased, ho will sell at retail to customers at wholcsalo prices. S. EARL HOWARD New and Cheap Goods, At Wholesale and Retail. SIDNEY BARLOW, at the sign of the New Storo. Pearl si. ha iusi motiv ed a very heavy stock of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY Sf HARD WARE, which will bo sold unusually low to raise cash, to pay his assessments to the Colchester manufacturing company. isurimglon, JHay 27, 1830. White Lead. i Q CASKS No. 1. While Lead, for sale by IIICKOK CATLIN. May 27. 10 pets; rugs, Carpetinp-s. BALES aup. Ingrain and Venetian 6 do India matting for summer car. Oil cloth do. Wilton and Brussels Bindings &c, just received by LiATHKOP & POTWIN June 10. Fine Salt. BARRELS Western, fur salo by IIICKOK & CATLIN. May 28. 50 T Florida Water, And most all kinds of American, Englirlr, French and German Pctfutncry, nuw open ed nt tho Variety Shop. , N. B. Real Gorman Colognn and 12 dozen pots of real Naples Soap, just open ed. PAMlltlinN & BlUMMAIt). Juno 8. New Books. MEMOIRS of the Protcslant Episcopal Church in the United Stntes from its organization to tho presenj. day. Bv Wm. White. D.D. BiBhon of tbn Prntr.t". aut Episcopal Church in tho commonwealth ol l'ennsylvania. The Churchman's Man uai an exposition of tho doctrines, ministry and worship of the Episcopal Church. E msMnnnn. T," n .1 I . - . , ii.w)jai.j uAuiiiiuuu mm ru cxamineu. I lie I'rolcssional Years ofJohn Henry Ho. burt, D. D. just received and for Bale by SMITH &. HARRINGTON. June 3. Drugs T ATHROP and Medicines. & POTWIN have receiv ed their Spring supply of Uenuint Drugs and Medicines and are now ottering them to the public, nt wliolc-tale yr retail, on the most reasonable terms. Juno 3. BOjSMBTS. ry lionnols. PJFiVV N1'1 case now stylo Uipec V-F new and fashionable article ceivcd and for snlo by LATHROP & POTWIN. June 3. jtisl rc- Take Notice. ALL persons who are owing me by nolo or book account, will call and' close the same and save cost immediately. LEMUEL CURTIS. .'uno 3. R. Jewelry. FITZGERALD invites all persons to call and examine his Summer stock of Jewelry &c. which he is now o pening and otters tor sale low for CASH, in Wainwright's building, Church-st. Uurlington, Juno 1, 1836. 6w Cassimcres and stormcnt's; crapcCamblcts, Rcavcrtcens, French and English Buck skins, which will be sold on tho best terms, wholesale or retail. Burlington, June 10. Apollos Burritt's Estate.- STATE OF VEBMONT. ) District of Chittenden, ss. The Hon'jrablo llie Probate Court for llio District of Chittenden, to all persons concerned in llic calnlc of Apollos Hurritl, late of Hincsbtireh, in said district deceased, GREETING. WHEREAS, the Executor of said deceased proposes lo render an account of bis admin, islrntiou, and present bis account ug,iinsl said cslalc for f xaminalion and allowance at si session of the Coiirtof Piob.ite lo bo liolden at Willey'a Inn in Willis-ion on the 3d Moml.iy of June next. Tlieiefore, you are notified to appear before said Court nt the lime and place aforesaid, and show cause if nny you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. G'ncn under mv band at Williston this 30lli (lav of May, A. D. 1836. utu. u. al AN SI:. It, Kegis'r. WOOL CARDING and Cloth Dressing. HE Machines at HubboH's I' alls are now in oDcration for carding Rolls and those who wish lo have carding done can be accommodated. Cloth Dressing will commence tho first of August. Those customers of mine who live on the south side ol the river, can cross tho Ferry with wool or Cloth, Toll Free. WANTEDA young man ncquainicu with the business. JOSHUA HAYiNES, Essex, June 6, 1836. 3w CALVIN on Romans, by Theodore Bcza. Life of Calvin, "The Pastor" just received by Smith & Harrington. June 3. , Paper Hangings. rrjn Pe. assorted patterns now opening POTWIN. Juno bv the subscribers. LATHROP cV 10. N . H. Downs' VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR, For coughs, colds, catnrrhs, cramp, asthma, consumptions, whooping cough, and all other difca.cs of the chebt and Lungs ; a few bottles this invaluable, highly and re- spocttully recommended Medicine,, just re ceived and lor mio by Janes, o.mith, & Co. Burlington, June I, 1836. The above medicine is also sold by A. S & D, Ci. Wcllor. Hincshiirgh. tf May 30. Lyman & Cole, TTTAVL rccciVL'd their Summer Goods, JLM. compriring a very extensive assort ment of cailicoee, a great variety of figure stylo and fabric from 12 to 62 cts per yard; cambrics, plain, check nnd plaid; mull and swiss muslins ; cross bard plaid nnd birds oyo do. gingham, checks, plaids &c, hos lory, embroidered open work, and plain silk cotton do. Gloves. mIU, kid, linen and Ber lin; Suspendurs, India rubber, web nnd knit ; a general assortment of Silks, inclu. The Cheapest Cash Store, TbARLY opposite 8. E, Howards, and one X door north of Lemuel Cunu c Co. JOH1T ABSOTT, of llic laic firms of Abbott, Wood & Company. and Wuod & Abbott, is now leccivinz from New l ork an extensive nsiorlment of GOODS suitable lor llic season, which he offers nt n small advance from the cosl ; ainon; n Inch are sunerior black, blue, violet and invisible Green Broadcloths; niju (I, snip n nun plain uassnncrcs, silk Velvet Ulaciv saun, uuiiiing nnn aiersnils vesting, very superior ; n choice selection of worsted Linen and Lotion uooils, lor cciitlcmens' nil liovs summer wear, Irish Linen anil Lawn, linen Diaper; table Linen, Mcrsails loilct spreads ; crash linen nnd cotton satin Jeans; jaconctt Cambrics, coiced Skirls; furniture Dimity and fringe fig'd and plain scarf) ; Mull, fine plaid and plain Juconctl nnd Book Muslin, a line linen Ildkfs. and Cambrics i reacli muslins, oarK and light, plaid, light lancy, French, Eng. anJ American 1'iinis ; dark nnd light furniture Priuls, French and American; plaid and stripe Gingham; bleach'd and brown sheeting mid shirlings ; Pongees, fine French and Eng. Bombn- zincs; mlk Vrltcl ; lilacli nnd while silk Hosiery and Gloves, hue cotton, worsted, merino and linen gents , ladies' and clnldrens' IJosierv and Gloves also a large assortment of gent's and ladies' horse nnd goat nkin Gloves, Ladies' nnd Misses India American Hotel, BURLINGTON, VT. THE subscriber would inform the public, that ho has leased this Estab lishment (recently kepi , by Messrs. Cody and Dooliltlc) lor a term ol years, and lias itucu n up m u niyiu which ho trusts will both please and accornmodato those who call on him. Tho pleasantness of its situation ; tho spaciousness and number of its apartmonts; nnrl the accommodation it is calculated lo afford to a large or small nutnber of guests, are rarely exceeded by any Establishment of the kind in llio country ; nnu uie rro n.;inr flat ters himself that, by strict atten linn in tho wants of the travelling public, ho shall bo able to render its internal con duct not less inviting man us external up prance and ,0C" ffisHATTUCK. Hurlington Squarei May IU3C. U LLllflUI aSMMUIIUlK Ul OlIKH. IIICIU. D..u" - a t- . . -it. ding rich heavy, plain black, blue black, andlenXc gro dc Swiss, gro dc Rhino and oilier silks; bound summer Ilut; ladies down and manilla grHss rich flg'd blue black do. belt ribbons to sleeves ; Umbrellas, Parasols; gimp thread and match; rich col'd rrn do Nanles. nlain. fiVd blond Edgings: Lace;Quilli'ie and Inserting: white and plaid: mix'd silk Camblcta and Pongee; 2nd "SM I'ongeo: Bandannas and fancy silk Hdkfs, ui.. l.i t. , i ol.-,!..- fancy, nlaid nnd Italian silk Cravats; nmvins silk h :rkTr. ZJ nSSi and mWJ .l.wl., a rich assol tmeai tr 1 " "i-i oi sewing, piuiciand l.iticy silk llilkla ; also a va imieitt gnrniiure, anu cap nuDons; linen riely of French worked lace nnd muslin Collars Biieeung -j.- to pu.i wiuc ; irisn iincn; brown and black linen; table spreads, blchd and brown; birds eye napkins, linen damask; Russia Diaper and crash; Hamilton stripe, mixture and roucn Cassimcrc; bed tick, double and singlo width ; cotton drilling, brown and blcach'd ; cotton sheeting and shirting do. carpeting, floor cloths and flan neis; knitting cotton and thread green, black and while blond game Vnles ; S blk. Gro dc swiss, Italian nnd Florentine ; Silks col'd Florence: black, blue, creen. nurnle. nlaid and claret Gio de Naples ; black, blue black, lead cinnamon, maroon nnd green I'oul de eoie ; fij'd while, pink nnd watered satin : orcen. India, blk Florentine and surge: black, blue, pink, green and wiiiio crapes; velvet, liauze, tig'd Uro de ixap ; plaid, col'd and blk Tufit.: 'Ribbons, fancy, nlaid watered and satin belt Ribbons, ladies travelling r:ii..... ...:ii r.-.i . . . isasKcts, merino Uses nnd sale he s. Tuscan imita uufittuuii-ii win iiuu u i'rt-ui varipiv ni " , . " . ' . ., , Kiimm., Plnil, ;J.i!n.r u..i. iiuu, cup biiu coiiago crown, ace unu r lencu i u. - - w.vmo, Mibiuuill" U OLA. UTOWI1. I A .an n varlalu nlll .... llnu.i.l. uuu euvuiai enaucs 01 cree l liroc in n. nnnnnnrw c .. . r fn PrlnPPlln. l.'.mminll ! " " ' . . """'"o-DIIRarS, MOIOSKS, ca. u. H i VI V T-, V "u""u" ouiiiiiiur Kinds, lirsl quulily Lollee, Lhocolalc, snirnins, Cloths, eye. white and brown linen drilling. Ginger, Cinnamoii, spices, col'd speim Candles uiuuuuiuuiB, uiuck, uiuc, green nnd lancy lamp un. c cc Colors: checkd. nlnid nml im- ci.i,i .i The subscriber, eralcful lo his friends and III1IIK , I', ...Jul.. ..w.. promising bis best cxer Uurlington, May 27, 1836, Heavy black and blue black silk velvet for 'u'c, for ,m?ir PalroaSO biibeno, :iA?iemTne do- fieM lronsmTe,lThenasr:,,crir,8,n Uliu l II L I bSillli l'cdlars will find a largo nesortmcnl nf low prie'd callicos; spool, skein and pound thread. Ono entire case of coal, veal and pantaloon buttons. Houks and eyes, sus pendors &c. Burlington, May 26. Confectionary. CJ TEW ARTS colobratod Confccliona ry 3 for salo by LATHROP & POTWIN. Mav 27. A VALUABLE SALVE FOR Wounds, Bruises, or Sores or any kind, even thoso which hac long bcon troublcsumo ; an immediate cure for Burns or Scalds. Salt Hhcum, Chapped Hands, and tho best Ihinrr llial I have over known used for ... . , t. Ct . 1 I . Boro tves. II is also goou lor mc oi. nnuio. nies' Fire or Irrccinolus. 1 had a child very much afflicted with il; I applied many things, but to no effect until I made use of my Salvo, which curod her in ono day by rubbing lion tho poits affected. In fact it may bo used Tor every thine of a sore naturo to good effect and . J - t. . , r. : I l. . - with pcricci saieiy, anu no laiiiuy ougin iu no willioul it. It would bo found very useful on board of Steam Boats, or vessels of any kind, where accidents may happen ; especially such oa Scalds or Burns, for where applied, draws oul the pain immediately and heals tho wound nuickcr than anv thine olso I ovor know used. incasoot sickness, where persons aro unucr llio necessity lo havo blisters drawn, this Salvo is the best application which can bo mado after tho flies aro removed. If you wish to have itdtaw inuchsprcad llio plaster thick; if to heal immediately, spread it very linn on linen: you need no olhor applies lion. Prepared and sold by A. RUTHEF- FORD, Burlinnlon, Vt. l'rico 12 1-2 cents per cake. This mav cottifv to all that it may concorn that I havo for about two years past, mado uso of A. Ruthorford's heal all Salvo, in my fain ly, and I consider it proforablo to any salvo 1 hayo ever known manufactured -, us utility will apply lo fresh wounds, old soros, soro eyes, scaids and burns, Elwood Irish I do hereby corlify that I havo mado use of A. Rulhorlord's salvo lor nearly iwo years, and I never found any Ihingcvcr equalled it for a burn or scald, or a Irosli wound ; aud lor soro eyes lliore is nothing that over I tried which will rostoro me eyes id uicir natural state in so short a timo as this Salvo. I do llioroforo recommend il for tho benefit of man kind. John Locum. fturlinton. Mav. 1836. Tho subscriber hereby corlifics lhat for more than a ycarpast,in cascsofwoundsand bruis cs. ho has Ircnucnclv made uso oi ana oxperi onood llio salutary effects of A. Rutherford's salvo, and has also witnessed tho same in olh crs, and must cheerfully rccommond it as t valuablo salve. orfcARi Shnthntn. Mav. 1(136. VV ihn iimlnrsirrned have used A. Ruthcr- fr.r,Va tnlvn Cnr pioro lhan a voar. and havo known others lo uso it, and can recommend it i.i..iui...nli!nniun nvnr knew for burns. scalds, frosh wounds, bruises, or old sores of any kind ; and we lurtncr rccuininiiu superior lo any thing else, for sore "yes J and A llnilinrford'ssalvoouahttobe moro publicly known for llio bonefit of man kind at largo. Nathaniel Howard, I1. V , UKlBWUHi., Lucious Hendrick. Vergonnos, May, I83C. ENTERTAINMENT. HE subscriber respectfully informs his friends nnd the public thai ho has taken the house on the corner of Church and College streets, formerly occupied by S' Wainwright, and will uso his best en deavors to render it acceptable as well lo the traveller and man of business, as to those who wont board in a central nnd business part of the town. The outbuild ingsconnccicd with this establishment are well arranged, anu in goou repair ami inn undersigned hopes, by prompt and unre milted personal attention, to secure to it the amount of patronage which its location ought to command. Uonnccicd with tins establishment the subscriber will also keep a choice selection of Groceries l oas, Sugars, bpiccs, Fish Fruit, Confectionary, Stc -which will be sold at tho lowest prices. JEREMIAH POTTER. Burlington, May 27, IB3G. N. B. All persons havinz un-cllleil nccounls with the subscriber, connected wiih bis former Im siness. ure earnestly icnuestcd to call and udiusi the same willioul delay. Sliorl settlements make long friends, as I'oor Richard saj 3. J. 1' .TUNE 3, 183G. A FEW more now Gouds aro opening by the siibscribi-rs, such n3 Ladies nnd Children's Oil Silk Aprons, nn aniclo su perior to the India Rubber Aprons. Ladles embroidered tnuslitu do. Gentlemen's Sum mer Stock.-!. Boys finn cloth Caps, superior stylo and quality. Boys gloves, while, blue and pink figtir d Satin, very rich. A few heavy 11.4 and 12-4 Morsailes Quills, crib and cradle do. I'nper Hnngincs, &C. &c LATHROP &, POTWIN. Wines, Teas, Sugars, &o. p DOOLITTLK offers for sale Old Madeira, Sicily do. Muscat, Mcrsailcs, Port and Champaigne Hyson, Y onu" Hyson, Hyson Skin, ) TEAS. I'ouchons and CAJRPETIJVGS. " Bales comprising Ingtain Fine W Venetian Carpeting ; also 4 and 5-4 Canton floor Matting ; Brussels Rug Malts &c, by Lemuel Cubtis & Co. May 27, 1U3G. 100 CLOVER SEED. BARRELS clover seed for sale by May 20. IIICKOK & CATLIN. Twist Combs O HELL, Horn or Silver, al the Varicly Shop Pang nonN & Bntrss.MAiu Sold Out. rilHE subscriber havinc sold to Doctor JL Robert Moody his Hardware and Dru establishment, takes ureal nleasuro incxprcs sing- to his friends and customers his gratitude for the natronaeo ho has received al their hands, and rcsnectfullv solicits tho continu anco of their support, to his successor, who,ho doubts not, will conduct tho establishment to their ontiro satisfaction. Ho would aNo say that ho will bo roadv to attend to tho settlement of llio Books and Demands of tho late firm of Wood i- Jlhbolt. and also his own books, thro Mm wbolo of next week : after that limosaid demands will bo found al tho Offico of Henry Leavenworth. Esq. where, it attended immediately, Ihoy may bo settled willioul cost 1. il. vuuw. Burlington, May 20, 1 3C. 5 w PLASTER 1 t( BARRELS, iu.U received and for sal. 1UU by 1'. noOMTI'LH. May 1S3G. WINES i i Souchong I Molasses, Lump nml St. Croix Sitoar : Lemons. Oranges, Raisins, Figs, Bar Soap, 1 ohncco, bogars, Cke. May 10, IH35. New Goods AT Tim CLASS-FACTORY STORK. JANES, SMITH & CO, have just re ceived i'roin New York a large stock of good, comprising a general assortment nf DRYGHODS, GROCERIES, CROCK ERY. HARDWARE. PROVISIONS, S;c. which they offer nt a small advancu for cash or country produce. Fanners who wish to exchange their produce for goods, will do well to give us o call. Cash paid lor Butler. Chceio and Egg. WM A. BURNETT, Agent. Inyjia. WANTED J'M ,M EDI ATELY by llio sub.-cribcr. 0 or 10. Journeymen Masons, al Stone and Brick laying, in whnin Cash and a fair price will be iinid. I ' i. ........ ,.,,, liHil'.l'. Burlington. May 20, 1036. A ST it AY. C1AME into the enclosure of the sub scribcr, nt Colchester Point a few days since, n sorrel marc COLT, three years old. with a large switch tail, and the inane incliiungto the left tide. Tho owner is renut'ttcd lo call for her iniinnl nli-ly. f; NO. N. SPEARS. Burlington, Mny 21. 1330. A JOURNEYMAN CABINET MA KER, wanted immediately by ABBOT T.t I'ANGBORN Burlington, May 12, 11530. r BALES SHEETINGS, 3 3 do Cotton Uatts, 2 do Wicking, 2 do Yarn. Just recoived and lor salo by P.DOOMTTLE. May 19, 1830. New Fashions and New GOODS. JAS. MITCHELL, DRAPER AND TAILOR, HAS iust returned from New York with a splendid of the mes which fi.! i i . f. .la .unrn : amonir r aBinonauiu vjuuuo are invisible Green, Dam a, ; ; " berry, black, Broadctellw. Also a variety of Caimrc. and Bumnj er Goods ; such as imitation rib d C ". Ham.llo.Vs Stripes. I.neu and colio i DrU hngs, Rouen Cassimeros, buflalo C oil ,&o Silk and Marsailles Vest.ngs. ne v style . Stocks, Collars, Bosoms. Suspenders, and a choice assortment of ready mado Cloth 'Grateful for past favors he sollcitcs a continuance of patronage, reminding the pub c or Ihe principle upon which ho is doing business, vi i thai no gentleman is asked to take any garment unless suited ; whether it bo his own clmh or not. iiTCniiimr duno as usual. On For Spring and Summer. THE subscribers have opened and arc now receiving a very extensive ns sortment of STIFLE AND FANCY for tho Spring and summer trade, compris. inir black, blue, green, olivo, brown. Adeliah, mixed and mulbring Broad cloths ; black, blue, green, drab and mixed cassimeres; Padding, Duck Buckrams. Sil iscas; double and singleFoundations.Amer ican book do.; Bonnet boards, vohnd wire, oingbams.calicoes, prints, French muslins, priuiod mutlins. Challeyetts, cambrics. Ja. chonnctts; book, Swiss, and inu.l Muslin, fig'd corded and plain muslins; black, bluo. and blue black colored India sewings. Am. do. black ass'd and brown linen thread, Clark, and Taylor's sup. sewing colton. knitting cotton, whito and mix'd, white blk, random" mixed, corded, clocked and open work, cotton and silk hosiery, horse skin, kid, silk, cotton and linen gloves. Flagg and Pongee silk hdkfs ; white and plaid cotton and silk cravals. 3 4 5 & 0-1 bleach'd cotton. 3 4 5 & C.4 brown do. 4 &. 6.4 ticks; 3 4 6 7 & 0 4 blk, white, and red merino shawls. Leghorn and straw bonnets; French &. Am. kid and morocco slips nnd garter boots ; walking shoes ; English and Am. Ingrains carpetiugs, straw do. Ribbons, Hdkfs, shawls &c. Sc. for sale low, by 1). W. 1NGERSOL & CO. Chunli 4 May 5 NOTICE To the inhabitants oj Burlington Sf Vicinity. rpllE uiidc-rrgiicd hr, rrnletl ihe store foriin-rlv occupied by Win. Wells, and the last year by David Irish, where he is now receiving from New York a general anrtmenl of DRY GOODS. WET nml DRY GROCERIES. CROCKER), GLASS ami HARD WARE, which be will sell fur cash or ni"i kinds of country produce as cheap as llio cheapest. He lakes I his opportunity lo thank the public for the general support ho has re ceived for Ihe short tune ho has been n business, and he hopes, by giving good bargains and paying strict nticiilion to business, slill to receive the same general support. SOLOMON Burlington. Moy 21. 130. BONNETS. i CASES couiprii-ing super English D Straws, 7 and II braids do ; French and Swiss Lace ; Lice and common Tus- can; urecinn uu ; mi- u. u. , Misses Fine II braids; elites ititcunanu Willow ; by Lemuki. Ull l ISa lV Co May 20. 1C3G. LOOK ! ONLY 2 I 2 cents per light for window sash where 50 windows ore sold, or 2 3-4 cents for a less number ; warrai.tcd to be eijual if nut t-upctior to any nia.iufae.' lured by hand, for hale by the mbicriber, tiorlh side the Cotni-hmi-o Square. WM. BLAKE. Burlinghn, May 10, 1030. House for Sale. BUNG about lo leavo Hurling. Ion, the subfcilbcr offum for sa'o his DWELLING HOUSE, situa. ted on Church street a few doors tho sonaro. The premises consist of a dwelling house, wood house, a small gat don. an excellent and never failing well of water ; all in tho most pcifei t stato of repair, and for location not exceeded for convenience) and beauty, by any place of inodcrato valuo in tho Village. Immediate possesion given and terms made easy. Also, pow No. 15 in the whito Churcfi. Also, a good llorte. T. II- WOOD, Burlington, M JO, 1(53. south of Burlington, May 21, 1830

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