Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 24, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 24, 1836 Page 3
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TAVERJV STAND And Village Lots Sale. THE Tavern Stand on iho wost side oftho liver in tho village of Keeeovillo.N. Y. lately occopied by Rodman Brown, including near two acica of land and two good dwelling Ihoasos, besides tlio tavern Houso and out Siouses. Tho abovo property is situated in the coiner mado by the great stalo road run ning noith, and the Port Kent and tho Hop Ikinton turnpiko running wost, and is well watered. Ono oftho dwolling housos Is now at rent for f 100 a year, and tho Tavern house at i300, and the olhor dwelling houso may bo ranted, say, at $G0 or $75. Tho whole square will be sold together or in separate parts. But constituting as it does an entire plat, consisting of several contiguous lots, in the most growing Village on tho west sido of LakoChamplain, in tho vicinity of tho Iron Lumbering, Flouring, and Woolen Manufac. tories of the Ausablo River, purchasers would do beit by securing tho whole at onco ; as the proprietors can dispose of the whole on terms very advantageous to purchasers. And upon irnrsivinir 1000 down, can give a credit for tbo residue, of one, two, three and four years, nd 41500 can remain upon interest an; length of time. Their price for tho whole is 5000, and purchasers will find it for their in lerestto examine the property and enquire of the undersigned at their office, in Keescville. The sale will bo mado positively before tho 19th of July next, at which lime tho present leaso of the Tavern Stand oxpiics. Dated June 10th, 1836. TOMLINSON St SIMMONS, Agents for E. K. & J. S. Bussing of New York City. June 15th. 1036. tds 2000 lbs. double refined loaf Sugar, equal in quality to the best English, for sale by FOLLETT Si BRADLEYS. June 24, 1836. 4m 50 barrels Mess Pork For sale by FOLLETT & DRADLEYS, June 24, 1836. 6m 75 doz. Blanchard Scythes. 30 dozen Horris, do. on consignment, and Tot talc by FuLLETT Si BBADLEYS. June 24, 1836. Bw 50 hhds. proof, pure Boston Rum, for sale on consignment, at Boston nrices. bv Foli.ett St Bkadlevs. June 24, 1836. 6m Snuff & Tobacco. Lorrillard's Maccaboy Snuff, in bbls. kegs nod Jars. Do Scotch. Uo Bladders. Oo fine cut and smoking To bacco, bv the bbl. or doz. at manufactur ers' prices. T.F.St W. L. STRONG. June 23. Boston Rum. 20 hhds. pure Boston Rum. 50" per cent above proof, on consignment and for rale by the hbd. bbl. nr gallon. 7'. F. &. W. L. STRONG. June 23. LOOK! ONLY 2 1-2 cents per light for window sash where 50 windows are sold, or 2 3-4 cents for a less number ; warranted to be eaual if not superior to any manufac lured by hand, for sale by the subscriber, north 6ide the Court-house Square. WM. BLAKE. Burlington, May 10, 1836. Drugs and Medicines. A FRESH and well sellccted stock now receiving by J. as J. H. Peck St Co. Burlington, June 17. LIGHTS. 2000 galls. Winter and Fall strained and refined Oil. 5 boxes sperm Candles. T. F. & W. L. STRONG. June 17, 1836. 76 doz. large fire works WE wish to inform thoso who like to sec eood Fire Works, that wo intend having an addition to our Stock of Rockets, Fire Wheels, Roman Candles, Italian Steamers, Toiirbelains, Nests of Snakes, Flower Pots, Grass-Hoppers, Blue Lights, Pigeons, Serpents, &c. making about 76 dozen in all ; so that we think we can sup ply all orders from home or abroad, (which we have not been ablo to do any former season.) At wholesale only we have a quantity nf red Chinese Crackers; also for tale pulling Crackers and Torpedoes, or Throwing Crackers ; the two last kinds are. the only kind we sell to boys; they cannot set even powder on fire, as we have proved by repeated experiments. Our as sortment oi all kinds of Goods! is very complete, and we ask all persons to take a look tnroogn me variety onop. Panobotin & Bbmbmaid Burlington, June 8, 1836. "American Hotel, BURLINGTON, VT. THE subscriber would inform the public, that he has leased this Estab lishment (recently kept r by Messrs. Cady and 1 Dooliule for a term of vears. and has fitted it up in a style which ho trusts will both please ind accommodate those who call on him. The pleasantness of its situation : tho naciousness and number of its apartments and tbe accommodation it is calculated to afford to a large or small number of guests, are rarely exceeded by any Establishment oftho kind in tho country ; anu me rro nrixinr flatters himself that, by strict atten tion to the wants of the travelling public he shall be ablo to render Us internal con duct not Ices inviting than its external ap pcarance and local situation. 1 JRA SHATTUCK Burlington Square, May, 1836. for Flour. E HOUSE & Co. Fnmily Flour and o . variety of western brands, forsale by Juno 17- J. A-. J. II. Peck & Co. FRUITS, lOOjBoxcs bunch Raisins. 20 Kegs Malaga do. 10 Dales Almonds. 8 do Madeira Nuts. 8 do Brazil do. 0 do Filberts. 50 drums Figs. 12 Cases Lemon Syrup, 10 do Pepper Sauce, 2 do Geneva Citron. 2 bbls Zanlc Currants, by June 16. J. St J. II, PECK St Co. POWDER, 60 kegs Powder, assorted qual ities, at manuiaclurers prices. t. f. &. w. l. strong. Juno 16. Groceries. 100 CHESTS Hvson skin and Young LV-'V, hyson Teas. ' 20 bags Coffee. 10 do. Pimento. 10 do. Pepper. 30 hhds. Boston N. E. Rum. 20 do rectified Whis key. 12 bbls. American Brandy and Gin. Signctt Brandy. Holland Gin. Pure St. Uroix Rum, Wines. Pale and Brown Sherry. Puro Old Maderia. do do Port. Teneriffi;. Canary. Sicily Maderia. French do and Malaga. 25 baskets Champaign of a superior brand. 15 cases Claret. 50 Quintels Cod Fish. 75 boxes Herring. 35 do Bar Soap. 20 do Starch. 30 do Pipes J. 61 J. 11. FECK. 6l CO. June 16. REMOVAL c. BENNS returns his thanks for the liberal patronage he has received for the last 6 years, and would inlorm the pub tic that ho has removed across the street opposite G. Moore s store, Pearl st. where, he intends carrying on his business of TAILORING, and Clolhei Cleaning; and having added verry much to his assorted stock, will sell cheap or exchange any kind ot clothing, etc. Now and second hand clothes lor sale. Two Sober men wanted. Those whose notes and accounts are due will oblige by paying immediately. Hurlington, June IG, 1836. Dye Stuffs. 1 BBLS. ground Campeachy Log xjvj wood, 100 do do Nicaragua. 100 do do Fustic. 50 do do camwood. 10 do do curcuma. 12 do do bar wood. 20 do do Madder. 25 do copperas. 15 do allum. 15 vitriol. 25 carboys do oil. 2 lbs argol. 2 do cream tartar. 2 bales nut galls. 5 ceroons Indigo. Clothiers' brush' es, tent hooks, and press papers. J. &. J. H. PECK & CO. June 16. Wines, &c. 4LD Madeira, Sicily, Madrid, Lisbon V-F old Sherry, Mersailes. Madeira. sweet Malaga, Muscat and real old Champaigne a choice' slock. ALSO Brandy, Rum, Gin of 1st and 2d quality at lowest prices, wholesale and retail. T. F. St W. L. STRONG June Id, 1836. (5 To Farmers. Scvths and Snaths. hay Forks, Rakes, Hoes, Shovels, Spades, cast iron ploughs, wool Twine, &c. T, F. & W. L. STRONG June 16. Lint Seed Oil. 500 gallons of fresh quality, by T. F St W. L. STRONG. June 16, 1836. Powder and Brooms. inn KEGS ofPuwder, 50 Doz Corn xjj Rrooms, for sale by June 16. J.S; J. II. PECKSf Co N. H. Downs' VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR For coughs, colds, catarrhs, cramp, asthma consumptions, whooping cough, and all other diseases of the chest and Lungs ; few bottles this invaluable, highly and re spoctfully recommended Medicine, just re ceiveu and lor sale by Janes, Smith, St Co. Burlington, June l, 1836. The above medicine is also sold by A. S St D, G. Wcller. Hincsburgh. tf Lyman &c Cole, TTAVE received their Summer Goods, JLX comprising a very extensive assort ment ofcallicoes, a great variety of figure lyle and labric Irom 2 to oi! cts per yard cambrics, plain, check and plaid; mull and swiss muslins ; cross bar d plaid and birds eye do. ginghann, checks, plaids Sic. hos iery, embroidered open work, and plain silk cotton do. Gloves, silk, kid, linen and Ber n; Suspenders, India rubber, web and knit ; a general assortment of Silks, inclu ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue black gro dc Swiss, gro de Rhine and other silks rich hg'd blue black do. belt ribbons to match; rich col'd gro de Naples, plain, fig'd miu piaiu: mix u siik uuiriDiels and fongee blue black and printed Slmllys very rich oiacK green anu brown French Uomhnzinp Taffeta garniture, and cap ribbons; linen Biieeung -.4 10 iu.4 wide; Irish linen brown and black linen; table spreads, blchd anu urown; uiras eye napkins, linen damask II t . . - ivussia.uiaper and crash; Hamilton stripe mixture and rouen Cassimere; bed lick uoubie and single width : cotton drilling orown anu Dicach'd,; cotton sheeting and sinning oo. carpeting, floor cloths and flan nuis; miming couon and thread. fl I ... ."II g, t "ciii.ouri.u win nna a great variety o oummer Cloths, including black, brown biiu tevorai snaoes ol green Brochella , L ' """,UB,lB uonuon summer ciuiiiB, ore. wnue and brown linen drillin iiroaociouis, oiacn, blue, green and fancy colors; checkd, plaid and fancy striped do. Heavy black and blue black mlk ol.. f. vesting; white Mersails, fancy do. fig'd silk uuu uiuci vesting. Pedlars will find a larro nsanrlmnnt low prie'd callicos; spool, ekein and pound thread. Ono entire case of coat, vest and pantaloon outions. Hooka and eyes, sua penders &c, Burlington, May 26, JYc w Goods, At Cheap at the Cheapest and at good as the bctt the nimble sixpence ' better than the tluw Shilling, J. W. WEAVER Corner ofMaine and Allen streets Winoo ski City, cheap Bide, has returned Irom N. York with almost every article of wet and Dry Goods, Groceries for family use. Al so calicoes, Ginghams, two bales superior Sheetings ; thick Hoots and Shoes i Nuts; Lemons ; Oranges; congress Water and Provisions. Also a few barrels Pork. Colchester, June 16, 1830. Groceries. AK CHESTS hyson, hyson skin, young re' hyson, souchong and pouchong Teas, 25 kegs and boxes plug and cavendish To- uacco. iu bbls and kess Raisins. 30 boxes unch and bloom Raisins. 6 hhds Molasses. 10 casks lump and loaf Sonars. 5 hhds rown Suuar. 3 tierces and 5 bbls Rice. 15 boxes barsoan. 12boxes Poland starch boxes lemon Syrup. 15 bags Coffee, imento and Penner. 6 boxes Mustard. 0 boxes Pipes. 6 kegs pure Ginger. 20 ales Cassia. Nultners. Buds, dried Cur. rants, Herring, Cloves, Saleralis, Cigars, &c. &c. at wholesale or retail at lowest prices by T. F. St W, L. STRONG. June 15, 1836. - Liverpool Blown Salt. Of) SACKS, just received by June 14, 1836. TJAIRBANKS' PATENT SCALES, Ju a constant supply by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Agents. A JOURNEYMAN CABINET MA- XX KhR, wanted immediately bv ABBOTT St PANGBORN, Burlington,, May 12, 1836. RED, White and Black Merino Shawls of every description quality and orice from gl 25 to $17. just received by L. CURTIS Si CO. June 3 Waddington Superfine Flour. n rtfafltoflfo BARRELS Fresh Super sc n tino. 66 Barrels Fresh Fine. 46 do. do. Fine Middlings. Just received and for sale by JASON C. PEIRCE. St. Johns, May 9. 1836. Farmers and Mechanics Bank THE Stockholders are hereby notified that an instalment of Ten Dollars. per sha re, on the Capital Stock of the Bank is required to bo paid at the Banking House n uurungton, on the nrstaay oi July next By order of the President and Direc tors. T. HOCKLEY, Cashier. April 20, 1836. tlju NOTICE YtfjTIIEREAS. RHODA my wife, has v v leu my bed and board without anv ju.i prurocauou una is to lomiu all per sons harboring or trusting her on my ac count, as. I will pay no debts of her con trading alter this date. THOMAS YAW. Ilinaburgh, May 16, 1836. 3w Goods for Summer Clothing " EMUEL CURTIS St CO. have thi day received 5 packages summe stufis comprising 10 pes. Maltewaw stripes 20 Napoleon and Hamilton drills, 15 Rouen Oossimercs and stormcntV; crapcCamblcts, Beavcrtccns, French and English Buck- skins, which will be sold on the best term?, wholesale or retail. Burlington, June 10. The Cheapest Cash Store, I EARLY opposiie S. K. Howards, und one ii door nonh of Lemuel CuriU & Co. JOHN ABBOTT, of llie hue firms f Abbott, Wood &r Company nni! Wood & AuImii, is now receiving fiom Newiorkan cxlrnsne imorlment of GOODS suitable lor the season, winch he offers at a small advance from I lie cost : among which are superior oiarK. uiue. violet ami invisible Ureen Urn.nlo oi In ribbM, slrip'd and plain Cissiincrej, silk Velvet ui.ick saiin, uuiiiiii anu niersail vesting?, very tupenor ; a choice selection of worsied Linen and lOlton Uoods, lor gfntlemens and boji' tummer wear, Irish Linen and Lawn, linen Diaper; table Linen, Aleraails lo'Jet spreads ; crash linen and cotlon saiin Jeans; jucooell Cambrics, coided Skirls; furniture Dimity and fringe fig'd and plain scarfs : Mull, fine plaid and plain Jaconet I and Book Muslin, .fine linen IMkfs. and Cambrics Freach Muslins, datk and light, plaid, light fancy. French, Eng. and American Prims ; dark and light lurnnure rums, riencn aim American: nlaid und sinpe uingnam; oieAciru anil Orown sheeting ant eliirlings ; Congees, fine French and Eng. Bomtij zines; silK velvet ; UlacK and while silk Hosiery and Gloves, fine cotlon, worsted, merino and linen cents , ladies' anil clnlJrens llosicri and Gloves also a large ussorlment ol gent's anu ladies horse and goat skin Gloves, Ladies' und Misses India Rubber Aprons of superior size and quality ; silk and French Gingham, gent's fine palm, lined and hound summer Hals; ladies down and manilla crass sleeves ; Umbrellas, Parasol?; gimp thread am blond Edgimrs: Lace; Quilli .e and Inscriint!: wlnl and fig'd 1'ongee: Bandannas and fancy silk Hdkfs fancy, plaid and Italian silk Cravats; sewing silk chaliy, Tibet and merino shawls ; a rich assortment .-,..!. I I f IIJI.A . - - oi sewing, imiio uuu lantry biik uukis , uiso n tu nelv of r rencli woiKeil lace and muslin Uollars green, black und while blond gauze Vales : Silks UIK. Uro de swiss, Italian and tlorentine; col Florence; black, blue, cieen, purple, nlaid and ciaret uro aa nuptes ; uiacK, blue blacK, lean cinnamon, maroon and green I out de soie ; fig'd while, pink and watered satin : green, India, blk r lorenune nnu surge: "lack, blue, pink, green am while Crapes: Velvet, Gauze, fig'd Gro de Nan plaid, col'd and blk TafTt.: Ribbons, fancy, plaid waiereu ami satin ueit motions, ladies tratelliu uaaKeis, merino uags und satchels. Tuscan inula lion, cap and cottage crown, lace und French Tut' can. A iso u variety of M isses Bonnets. OROCEniESSumri. Molosses. Teas of a kinds, first quality Coffee. Chocolate, salralus Ginger, Cinnamon, spices, col'd epeim Candles, uinp etc. oic. The subscriber, oraleful in Ida friomia nn.1 it public for their patronage hitherto, would now so iicu me continuance oi it, promising his bcl exer .i. cm, re suiiBijciinn. Burlington, May 27, 1836. Confectionary. sf sj ffl tr ttf l n m i mi . . - Niaiuo coiouraiou Conlectionarv rn. .... t i... J r iui cam uy LATHROP St POTWIN. May S7 Fruit. A FEW boxes fresh Oranges, Lemons, Prunes and raisins, for sale by LrtTllllUl' 6l POTWIN. June 10. Wool Twine. BALE low priced Twine, suitable for - wool growers. 2 Casks low priced Tobacco, suitable for the abovo named per sons, for sale by H1CKUK Si CATLIN. May 30. The Variety Shop, At Burlington, Vermont, West side Church Street. WE havo received large additions to our Sir.,L. nf nnr.n atrvfn Watclic.", Chains, Keys, Pencils, Pins, car ings, Ulocks, plated Warp, tlriUania, Castors, brass and plated Candlesticks, nutters and Trays; plated knob Lamps; small go to bed Lamps, lamp Wicks and Ulasses; baskets, bags and purses; milita ry goods, perfumery, hair oil, shaving soaps, razors, lather brushes, pots, &c; fine razor straps, fine cutlery, pen makers ; an elegant assortment of fashionable slocks, collars and bosoms, accordeons, music box es, small organs, and all kinds of musical instruments : hair, tooth and all kinds of brushes, visiting cards and cases, a great variety of sizes and colors; backgammon boards, chessmen, playing cards, quills, sil ver and steel pens ; steel brass wood and whaiebono busks, narrow whalebones, slay and boot lacings of cotton and silk, India rubber suspenders, patent and common last ics, thimbles, needles and pins, ther mometers, rosewood dressing cases, work boxes, portable desks, dressing cases lor travellers, manifold writors,matchcs, pocket tinder boxes, dressing room mirrors, pocket ana trench mirrors, merchants' Tags, paints, brushes, pencils and all articles in that line; pictures, varnish and whitewood boxes, baskets &c. for transferring, fine engravings and prints for framing, &c; miniature cases and sittings, nisto's arce and small low and high priced, "dirks and clasp knives, large and small telescopes or &py Ulasses,"; plaques ot various patterns wnicn are rapidly superceding waist buck les, powder horns and flasks, shot bans table mats, slates, canes and umbrellas, to gether wnn a very large and elceant col lection ot lancy articles, some oi which will be more particularly enumerated at some future time. To strangors visiting Bur lington we would just say, that we have an assortment, selected with great care which stands, we believe, unrivalled in these parts; and those wishing for fine Watches Jewelry, or any Goods we sell, will save both time and money by calling at the Va riety Shop, where Watches and Clocks arc cleaned and repaired ; silver Spoons are made and constantly kopt tor sale ; lirand6 and Stamps cut at short notice ; trunk and co tti n Plates made when wanted. Pancborn St Brinsmaid June, 1836. Paper Hangings. IUAbti assorted qualities, lor sale by rnnrntr Sr. njiTr.iJf. May 30. No mistake and just as I thought it would be. 1st June, 1836. REACTION AND GOODS AS CHEAP AS EVE. HOWARD oftho Cheap Cash Store, has just returned arain from New York with rather an unusually large supply of Goods, which purchase was made at not only lower prices than what goods were bought for a few weeks since, but a great portion ol them at much less pr.ces than ever purchased at before, and will now sell at corresponding cheap prices to all who wish to buy goods lor cash INot time to enumerate articles at present, but can say, the assortment of rich, fashionable, fancy and staple Goods is unsurpassed by any other slock of Summer Goods ho has ever before offered: and further, as his trade has so much increased, he will sell at retail to customers at wholesnle prices. S. EARL HOWARD. White Lead. X o CASKS No. 1. White Lead, for sale by IIICKOK cV CA TL1N. May 27. Fine Salt. sr BARRELS Western, for solo by D V IIICKOK SiCA- UN. May 20. WOOL CARDING and Cloth Dressing. THE Machines at Hubbell's Falls are now in oDeration for carding Rolls, and those who wish to have carding done can pa accommodated. Cloth Dressing will commence the first of August. Thoso customers of mine who live on the south side of the river, can cross the Ferry with wool or Cloth, Toll Free. WANTED A young man acquoimeu with the business. JOSHUA HAIINfcS. Essex, June 6, 1830. 3w Neva Fashions and New GOODS. JAS. MITCHELL, DRAPER AND TAILOR, HAS just returned from New York with a splendid assortment of the most Fashionable Goods worn ; among which are invisible Green, Dahlia, Violet, Mul berrv. black. blue.brown.uWve Broadcloths. Also a variety of Cassimercs and Summer r. . -I. Mn imtl.linn ..KM fn est mor... UOOQS , ouuil ao iiiiiiatiix, iim u jo..... w-, Hamilton's Stripes, lineo and cotlon Dril lings, Rouen Ca6simeres, buffalo Cloth, &o. Silk and Marsailles Veslings, new style ; Stocks, Collars, Bosoms, Suspenders, and a choice assortment of ready mado Cloth ing . . Grateful for rjast favors ho sollcitcs a continuance of patronage, reminding the public of tho principle upon which he is doing business, viz i that no gentleman is asked to take any garment unless buiicu , whother it be his own cloth or not. Bj"Culting dono us usual. Burlington, May 24, 1 03G. WOOL,. THE subscribers will at all times pay Cash for Wool delivered at their Store on the Old Wharf. FOLLETT St DRADLEYS. Burlington, Juno 15, 1836. WOOL. CASH will at all times be paid for wool delivered at their etoru head of Pearl street and at their store South Hnro II. HYDE i Co. Burlington. June 15, 1836. SCYTHES &c. Sr dor. Warners warranted Scythes, flfl in Knmn.nn'. nntnnl Rnnlhoa 50 boxes Indian pond Stones Juno 16. J. & J. II. PECK St Co. Paints and Oils. 10-000 lbs, white Lead. 10 bbls Vene. tian Red. 10 do American Yellow. 10 do French do. 15 do Spt's. Turpentine. 8 do Glue, 3000 ells, sperm Oil winter and fall strained. 500 do Refined do. 15 Bbls Linseed Jo, by J. 6i J. II. L'ECK 61 Co. June 16, 1836. Tobacco and Snuft'. QJ KEGS Plug Tobacco. 15 Boxes 00 Cavendish do. 30 bbls Lnrrillard Chewins and Smokinc Tobacco. 70 Jars Lorrillard Maccaboy Snuff. 5 bbls do Scotch do, for sale by J. Si J. II. FECK 61 Co, June 17 Florida Water, And most all kinds of American, English French and uerman f erlumcry, now open cd at the Variety Shop. In. It. Kcal Uerman Uolocrne anu 12 dozen pots ot real INaples soap, just open Cd. FANOnonN & BRIN8MAID. June 8. New Books. TITEMOIRSof the Protestant Episcopa 1TJL Church in tho United States from its organization to the present day. By Wm. White, D.D. Bishop of the Protest ant Episcopal Church in the common wealth ol Pennsylvania, t he Churchman a Man ual an exposition of the doctrines, ministry anu worship of the Episcopal Church, iu piscopacy Examined and re-examined. The Professional Years of John Henry Ho. burt, D. D. just received and for salo by SMITH & IIARRHNUTUIN. June 3. Take Notice. ALL persons who arc owing me by note or book account, will call and close the same and save con immediately. LEMUEL CURTIS. .'une 3. Jewelry. R FITZGERALD invites all persons to call and examine his Summer slock of Jewelry &c. which he is now o pening and offers for sale low for CASH, in Wainwright's building, Church-st. Burlington, June 1, 1830. Cw ENTERTAINMENT. Mm GTAHE subscriber respectfully MfllB informs his friends and the JliBlpublic that he has taken the house on the corner of Church and College streets, formerly occupied by S' Wainwright, and will use his best en deavors to render it acceptable as well to the traveller and man of business, as in those who want board in a central and business part of the town. The outbuild. ingsconnected with this establishment ore well arranged, and in good repair and thu undersigned hopes, by prompt and unre mitted personal attention, to secure to il the amount of patronage which its location ought lo command. Connected with this establishment the subscriber will also keep a choice selection of Groceries Teas, Sugars, Spices, Fish, Fruit, Confectionary, &c which will be sold at the lowest prices. JEREMIAH POTTER. Burlington, May 27, 183G. N. B, All persons having unsettled accounts witli llie subscriber, connected with his former bu sines.i.ure earnestly lequestcd lo call and adjust the same without delay. Short settlements make long friends, as I'oor Richard sajs. J. 1. CARPE TINGS. C rff Bales comprising Ingrain Fine, JLNjgp Vt-nelian Carpeting; also 4 and 54 Canton floor Mailing ; llrussels Rugs, Malts &c, by Lbmuel. Cuhtis Si Co. May 27, 183G. For Spring and Summer. THE subscribers have opened and are now receiving a verv extensive as sortment of STAPLE AND FANCY for the Spring and summer trade, compris. in" black, blue, green, olive, brown, Adeliah, mixed and mulbring Brood cloths i black, blue, green, drab and mixed caisimeres; Padding. Duck Buckrams. Sil iscas; double and BtngleFoundations.Amor. ican book do.; Bonnet boards, wound wire, ginghams.calicoes, prints, French muslins, printed muelins. Challeyelts, cambrics. Ja. chnnnelts; book, Swiss, and mull Muslin, fiir'd, corded and plain muslins; black, bluo. and blue black colored India sowings. Am. do. black ass'd and brown linen thread, Clark, and Taylor's sup. sewing cotlon, knitting cotton.whito and mix'd, white blk, random mixed, corded, clocked and open work, cotton and silk hosiery, horse skin, kid. silk, cotton and linen gloves. Flagg and Pongee silk hdkfs ; whito and plaid cotton and silk cravats. 3 4 5 cV 0-4 bleach'd cotton. 3 4 5 & G.4 brown do. 4 Si 6.4 ticks; 3 4 G 7 St 8 4 blk, white, and red merino shawls. Leghorn and straw bonnets; French & Am. kid and morocco slips and garter bonis ; walking shoes ; English and Am. Ingrnm?, carpetings, straw do. Ribbons, Hdkfs, bhawls&c. ftc for tale low, by D. W. INGERSOL St CO. Church st. May 5. Variety Shon, June 1G, 183G T'-te'P received ibis day, 9 dozen Whitewood v Card Unskeis nod cases, work bakes and bask els wild coloied prints and varnish, with full dl. Kin. fU i ... r ' . , . . , V . .iMiiBien nig ; iimquii lianu a large lor. of pictures for transferring; &c. Kerelved, this day, .u, ... uuaus; one dozen untiles Atkinson's Uepll. lory for removing liair frotn iho face, neck or rmS. Wllllnil, imm-v In iIia Llrtr. i nM t. .u. Lotion for removing freckles pimples und all tiup lions of tlio skin ; Magic Laniliom; Edes Persian sweet bags, a rich perfume put up in satin bans, for scenting drawers, wnrdrubes fcc. and is an rlTectual pretennve against molli.j Tor sale at llie Variety Shop, by PANOUOIIN & HrUNSMAII). Dealert in Ptrfltmtry, $-c Nathan Rice's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, i District of Chittenden, ss. I The Honorable the Probate Court for the f") .' j ' -1 r rit i . ... uitiiiii ry nmenuen, la all persont concerned in the Estate of Nathan Rice, late oj Burlington, in said District deceased, Gheetim. WHEREAS.lho Executors orsaid decease cd proposes to render an account of their administration and present their account against said estate for examination and al lowance at a session of tho Court of Probate, to bo holdon at Willcv's Inn in Willislon, on tho first Monday of July next. Thorcfore.yoU aro heroby notified to appear boforosaid Court at the lime and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why tho account aloresaid should not bo allowed. Given under mv hand at Willislon. this 14th day of July, A. D. 1836. UBU. U. MANSER, Register. Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vices, cast iron Ploughs, hol low Ware, wacffon cart and carriaco Boxes, pot as-li and caldron Kettles, mill Cranks, bark Mills, iron Wire, Stoves.mill Saws, cross cut dn. Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Scythes, Iron, Nails, Steel Sic. Sic. just received by T. b 6 w. u. STiiopru. June 16, 1836. Drugs and Medicines, LATHROP St POTWIN havo receiv ed their Spring supply of Genuini Drugs and Medicines and tiro now offering them to the pnhlic, at wholesale or retail, on the most reasonable terms. June 3. JUNE 3, 1836. ' A FEW tnorc new Goods aro opening by the subscribers, such as Ladies and Children's Oil Silk Aprons, an article su perior to the India Rubber Aprons. Ladies) embroidered muslins do. Gentlemen's Sum mer Stocks. Boy g fine cloth Caps, superior; stylo and quality. Boys gloves, while, blue and pink figur d Satin, very rich. A few heavy 11.4 and 12-4 Mersailes Quilts, crib and cradle do. Papor Hangings, &c. cVc. LATHROP & POTWIN. Wines, Teas, Sugars, &c P- DOOLITTLE offers for sale Old Madeira, Sicily do. Muscat, Mersailes, Port and Champaigne Hyson, Young Hyson, WINES. Uyson bkin, ) Pouchong .and Souchong Molasses, Lump and St. TEAS. Croix Sugar f Lemons, Oranges, Raisins, Figs, Bar Soap, Tobacco. Segors, Sic. May 19, 1835. New Groods AT THE CJLASS-FACTOttY STOREi JANES. SMITH & CO. have just re ceivnd from New York a large stock of good, comprising n general assortment nf DRYGOODS, GROCERIES, CROCK. ERY. HARDWARE. PROVISIONS, Sfc. which they offer at a small advance lor cash or country produce. Farmers whu wish to exchange their produce for goods, will do well (o give us a call. Cash paid lor Butter, Clircce and Eggs, WM- A. BURNETT, Agent. May 19. WANTED IMMEDIATELY by lite subscriber. 8 or 10. Journeymen Alasons, at Si otic and Brick laying, tu whom Cash and a fair price will be naid. SAMUEL REED. Burlington, May '20, 1030. ASTRAY. af1. (AME into tlio enclosure nf the sub scriber, at Colchester Point a fevt days since, n sorrel maro COLT, threo years old, with a large switch tail, and tha mane Inclining lo the left side. Tho owner is requested to call for her immediately. GEO. N. SPEARS. Burlington, May 24. 183G. NOTICE To the inhabitants oj Burlington Sf Vicinity. rpHE undersgned has rented the elora formerly occupied by Wm. Wells, and the last year by David Irish, where he ia now receiving Irom INew York a general assortment nf DRY GOODS, WET and DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY. GLASS and HARD WARE, which he will sell for cash or most kinds of country produce as cheap as the cheapest. He takes this opportunity to thank tha public for tho general support ho has re ceived for thu short time tie has bcon in business, and he hopes, by giving good bargains and paying strict attention to business, still to receive the samn general support. SOLOMON WALKER. Uurhngton, Jlty 21. 1836. BONNETS. CASES comprising super English Straws. 7 and 1 1 braids do ; French and Swiss Laco ; Lace and common Tu. can; urccian uo : misses t aiinctlo do, ; Misses Fino 11 braids ; Misses Tuscan and Willow j by Lemuel Luatiss & Co. May 20, 1330.

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