Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 29, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 29, 1836 Page 3
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MR. RANDOLPH'S WILL. Wo Irnrn from llio Richmond Enquirer I hat the General Court nf Virginia have decided that tho Will of Mr. Randolph, dated in December, I ft'-' I, with its codicil annexed, the codicil of 1820, llio four co dicils of 1020, and the codicil of 1031 , written in London, should ho admitted to nrnbato as the last will and testament of that extraordinary man. Tho effect of these instruments is to liberate his slaves and provide for their removal to one of the states or territories. To Jndgo Tucker, his half brother, nnd to Mrs. Bryan, the daughter of a half-sister, an estate is devid cd. The great bulk nflho remaining prop erty is devised In Judge Leigh, but he having released nil his interest, it will bo distributed equally among Mr. R.'s next of kin. The Court was nearly unanimous, one Judge only dissenting. An appeal from the decision of the General Court to the Cotirt of Appeals has been taken, so there is a prospect that this trial will he indefinitely prolonged. Boil. Alias. Geological Survey. -The sum of 5000 was appropriated at the last session of the Legislature of Maine for a geological sur. vey oftbe State, to ho expended under tho direction of tho Board nf Internal Improve ments. Dr. Charles T. Jackson, of Bos ton, has been employed by the Board, and will immediately enter upon the discharge of his duties. An instance of juvenile depravity such as is rarely seen occurred in this city on Saturday. Two little girls the cider ap narcntlv not more than four vears old, and the other about a year younger, were play inu toccthcr near the head of India wharf. In a few moments they seated themselves on a timber lying near, when the elder set zed her companion by the neck, nnd not withstanding her outcries forced her into the dock. Fortunately Capt. Whitney of tho Nanluckct packet, was passing nt the time, and ho succeeded in rescuing tho child from the imminent danger into which she had been thrown by t lie deliberate act of her nlavmate. The child who can do n deed like this when but four years old, bids fair to reach cither tho gallows or the State Prison long before slio arrives at tho yaars ot maturity. linsi. Jiuas. The Louisville Advertiser of Thursday last says : "There is a report in town, based on a letter from Now Orleans that Santa Ana had been tried by a Court Martial, and Shot." DtecovEnv of America. It is nounced in a recent Paris paper that an the Roval Society of Northern Antiquarians nt Copenhagen are about to publish a work relative to the discovery of America, which will throw some new light upon the sub iect. It will bo entitled "Aniinnitatc Americana)," and will contain the accounts extant in Icelandic and other Scandinavian manuscripts, relative to voyages of discov cry made lo North America by the Scan linavions in the 1 Ol h and following ccntu rics. It will comprise mast authentic and indisputable testimony that they discovered North America towards I he close nf the 10th century, and repeatedly visited it du ring tho 1 1th, 12th, 13th nnd 14th enntti ties, and some settlements were made the 12th century bv Ihem as colonists. is said, moreover, that this work will show, with great apparent probability, amounting almost to certainly, that it was a knnwl cdec of these facts which prompted Colum buBto undertake his memorable expedition An exile from Siberia. An old sub offi cer ol the imperial guard of Napoleon, re turned to Bniichain, in France on the 1 0th nf May from Siberia. Ho exchanges tho residence ofTobolsk fur that oflhe invalids which he was to enter on the 1st of July This man whoso misfortunes recall those of tho grand army, excites a lively interest he is 50 years of oge, hut his sii(T-rings hove had a greater share than ace in wrink ling ins brow j Ins lect were frozen, and he moves with the aid of erntclips. Being left for dead at the battle of Mo-iknwa, he was made n prisoner and carried to Siberia where he has remained s years. Ins inte ry. as well as the difficulty of coinintinica lion precluding the possibility of his wriling to nii) menus. Having, however, with considerable labor, procured a certain sum oi money, lie was enabled to quit his fright ful sojourn which Russia had allotted to I lie prisoners of 1012. A few other Prene soldiers returned with him. "Sleeping at Church.--A wrilcr in llio Salem Landmark, in an article on tins very indecorous, but we regret to say. not uncommon practice, recommends that a portion of the house should bo fitted ur with a convenient dormitory, for those of i no congregation who may ba regarded as habitual and incorrigible sleepers and a committee in ouscrvation appointed to as certain who are the most entitled to enjoy its accommodations; and then in the name of the society, they should invite such indi viduals to take lodgings there during ser vice." A curious and sensible friend of ours has mado a calculation of the difference to the farmer between having a gate to his enclos ure, instead of bars; and has found that, on the supposition that tho bars are to be taken down but onco each day, tho differ enco in time for ono year would pay for the erection of three gates ! In addition to this, a good gate is a pretty ornament lo a farm. Maine Farmer. Southern Wealth. The Vicksburg Ad vertifcr estimates tho present Cotton crop of tho State of Mississippi, at 100 million of pounds, or from 15 to 10 millions of dol. Jars. MARRIED. In Jcrico, on the I7th inst. by tho Rev. Mr. Stewart, Mr. Joseph L. McDufhe, merchant of New Orleans, recently of Cabot, ihii elate, to Mils Eunice Fail field, of Jerico. DIED. In Shelburn, on the 9ih inst. nfter a painful and protracted illness, Mr 1'hilo l'erkin aged 70. The deceased had been a member of tho Methodist Epii copal Church, in regular standing, upward of thirty vears. and until deprived of reason, expressed a full belief thai he should inherit ii blessed immortality bevond the grave. Printers in OI113 ond Conn. nre rcnupiicd. &c In this town on the 17ih inst, aged C7 years. Thomas Putnam, UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT. Commencement will lie lioldcn on llio 8rd of AU GUST (next week.) Tho exhibition of the Jun ior Class will be on Tuesday 4 o'clock, I'. M. nnd til half past 7 o'clock, evening. The processlun on Commencement Day will form nl tho University Clinpel, nt 10 o'clock, forenoon, nnd tho public exercise wilt commence in the While Church, nt half part 10. In llio nfiernoon nml evening will be nltenJed I lie public exercise of the Literary nnd Religious So cieties of the University. l)isiinguishcd gentlemen will pronouucT orations before ihem. Tho Library nnd Philosophical Apparatus wilt be open to tho public the morning of Commence ment Day. The University Institute of llio University of Vermont, will hold its hihiuhI celebration ul the White Church, on WEDNESDAY August 3.1 nt hall past TWO o'clock, I. M. An Oration may be expected from tho It!. Rev, 11 if hop Hopkins, ISy order nf the Society. II. U. Janes, Secretary. July 13tli, 1S3G. Tho Phi Sigma Nu Society of llio University of Vermont, will hold lis nnniial celebration on the third dav ofAucust next.nt FOUR o'clock,!'. M. in the White Church. An Oralion is then expected from llic Rev. l'rof. C. I'. Henry of Bristol Col lege, I'cnn. Immediately nftcr llio exercises u meeting will be held lo elect nn Orator for the en suing anniversary. liy order ol Hie Society. J. W. Hickok, Secretary. ftO- The next annual celebration nf the "Society fir Religious Inquiry," will bo held in llio While Church, on WEDNESDAY the 3rd of August, nt 7 o'clock, P. ftl. An Address maybe expected from Rev. Asa D. Smith, A. M.of New York Cily, O. G. WHEELER, Rec. Sec. N. R. All who feci interested in the object of the Socicly are respectfully invited to attend. Review of Burchardism. A REVIEW OP "SERMONS. AD IDRESSES &c. &c. by Rev. Jedcdi- ah Burchard." by Rev. Leonard Withing. ton of Ncwburyport, with extracts from the Christian Examiner, and the Baptists tn America, bv the Rev. Drs. Cox and Iloby, for sale by SMITH Si HARRINGTON. July 20. Ladies' Shoe Store. THE subscriber has just opened, next door cast of Smith & Harrington's Rook store in College street, a bhoo Store, princi pally composed of Ladies', Misses' and Chil drcn's Shoes of all kinds and sizes. His ar rangements (recently mado with an oxlen sivo houso in Now York) are such as will enable him to sell at prices which bo confi dnntly believes will bo satisfactory to all who may be disposed lo extend to him their pat ronagc. D. A. BRA MAN. Borlinoton, July 20, 1036. 27th July, 1836. CJCYTHES 12 dozon Harris', March's, Wails', Maiblos and Longlass' grass Scythes, received and far sale by tho Dozen or singlc,at tho Hardware Store. Also, a few dozen otlho Scghalicok grain Cradles, by ROBERT MOODY, BROKE TNTO tiro enclosure of tho subscriber JL nbout the 12th inst. one Sorrel Horse and one bay Ilorse.tho former having three white feet, both apparently about five years old. Tho owner is requested to prove properly, pay charges nnd inke Ihem away EZBON SANFORD. Williston, July 27, 1G3C. To Printers. npHFi subscriber wishing to engage in JL another branch of business, offers his Printing Establishment, together with t lie building he now occupics.for sale. Terms, one half cash in hand, tho balance in one two and three years. To any one desirous of establishing himself in business, the present is nn opportunity such na rarely occurs. Further particulars will bo given on application. H. IS. aTAUY, Burlington, July 21, 1036. Cotton Goods. i r BALES Lawrence, Chicopee. Cabot A and Red River Onilnns ; 4 bales hea vy stout Sheet mg- ; 000 Ibi. Cotton Yarn 5 tn I0by Lemuel Curtis & Co. July 22, 103G. Cash Wanted. The subscribers offer their slock of goods at ruch prices as cannot fail tosuit all who call, as l hey arc about clos ing their business. D. W. INGERSOLL Si CO. July 22. EYE WATER. Dr. Adams' Celebrated Eye Water, Warranted an oflectual euro for sore, weak, and inflamed eyes. riticE 25 cents riR vial. rTIIUS celebrated article was invented by JL ono of tho most distinguished physicians 01 the age, and during an extensive practice of30 yoars, he invariably resorted to it in all cases of sore, weak and inflamed eyes, that camo under Ins notico, and so trroal a celeb rity didhoscquiro thereby, thai they camo to htm from all parts, nnd in no instance was it over known lo fail in producing the desired effect. A sliorl lime only has olapsod stneo tho article was lirsi introduced to public no lice, and during that period, upwards of THREE THOUSAND BOTTLES havo been disposed of, and tho demand for is rapidly increasing. Sosuro and speedy is tho effect produced Dy tlj is article, that one single vial has completely cured an inflamed oyo, though various ramodics had for a long tuno previous been resorted to, but in vain Amplo directions accompany Iho article, as won as letters 01 recommendation Iroin llio most respectable physicians in tho country With a view toinsuro Us usefulness in a more extensive way, the proprietor lias appointed (ho following persons wholesale Agents for tho sale of it, whero tho public may rest assur. ed ot procuring tliegenuino article. JOSEPH FISHER, proprietor, 7lh Si Bultonwood, JOHN R. UOWAND.249, Market Si E. A. HOSKINS, 37G Market slrcols, Phdtdclphia. DR. W. L. ALTEE, Lancaster. J. Si J. 11. PECK Si CO., Burlington, Vt. As will of all druggists and slorokcopers throughout tho blato. Orders thankfully rocoived and punctually attended lo lot oye. water or drugs, Philadelphia, Juno 20, 1030. If. NOTICE. ALL persons having demands against tho subscriber will plcaso present them for payment by (ho 15th August. All those indebted will of course take the hint. HARVEY DURKEE. Burlington, July 23, 1030. Elegant nnd now Patterns, Swords, Epaulet In, Sashes, Holts, nnd most kinds of of Military Goods, I'lumcs, Sockots, &c. nnd all now articles, of this summer's purchaso entirely. PANGRORN & 11RINSMAID. July 27. 1836. Summer Arrangement. On Mondiy, tho 4lh of July, tho Franlin and Vinookl will loavo Whitehall nnd St, Johns, at TEN o'clock, A. M.; and will continue to loavo at that hour until .Monday tho 5lb day of .September, when thry will ngain leave the above mentioned place! at ONE o'clock, P.M. the remainder of the season. FRANKLIN, RICHARD W. SIIERMAJV, Capt, Will leave Whitehall every and St. Johns every jucsday, Thursday Sf Saturday. Monday, Wednesday Se Friday. WOfOOSKI, Capt. DAJf EYOJV, Will leaye Whitehall every and Si. Johns every Monday, Wednesday Sf Friday. 1 ueiaay, Thursday cy Saturday. Going North Arrivo at Essex at about 4 J o'clock, P. M. ; Burlington at 6 ; Port Kent, at 7J ; Pittsburgh, al 9. Gains South Arrivo at Plaltsburgh at a bout 3i, P.M.; Port Kent, at 5; Burlington, at 0; h.sscx,al II. Burlington, July,liaG. Lyman 3c Cole, HAVB received their Summer Goods, comprising a very extensive assort ment ofcnllicors, a great variety of figure style and fabric from 12 to 62 cts per yard; cambrics, plain, check and plaid; mull and swiss muslins ; cross bar'd plaid and birds. eye do. ginghams, checks, plaids &c, hos iery, embroidered open work, and plain silk cotton do. uiovee, silk, kid, linen and tier I'm: Suspenders, India rubber, web and knit ; a general assortment of Silks, inclu ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue black gro de Swiss, grn dc Rhine and other silks rich hg d blue black do. belt ribbons In match; rich col'd grn dc Naples, plain, fig'd and plaid: mix d silk Uamblcts and Pongee blue black and printed ohnllys very rich black green and brown French Bombazine Taffeta garniture, and cap ribbons; linen sheeting 4 4 to 10.4 wide; Irish linen; brown and black linen; table spreads, blchd and brown; birds eye napkins, linen damask Russia Diaper and crasn; Hamilton stripe mixture and rouen Cassimerc; bed tick double and single width ; cotton drilling brown and bleach'd ; cotton sheeting and shirting do. carpeting, floor cloths and flan ncis; Knitting cotton and thread. Gentlemen will find a great variety of summer uioins, including black, brown and several shades of preen Brochella, kmminetlc, London summer cloths, oVc. white and brown linen drilling, Broadcloths, black, blue, green and fancy colors; checkd, plaid and fancy striped do. Heavy black and blue black silk velvet for vesting; white Mcrsails, fancy do. fig'd silk and other vesting. Pedlars will find n large assortment of low prie'd callicn?; spool, skein and pound thread. Ono entire case of coal, vest and pantaloon buttons. Hooks and eyes, sus penders &c. uurlinglon, May 20. The Cheapest Cash Store. TO EARLY opposite S. E. Howards, nnd one Li door north ol Lemuel Curds & Co. JOHN ABBOTT, of tho late firms r.r Abbott, V ood 4- Company nnd Wood & Ablioll, i. now receiving from New York an cxtpnsue assortment of GOODS suitable for the season, which he offers nl a small ndvanrc trotn the cost ; umong which are superior uiacK, ume, violet ami invisible lireen Uroailcloilis ribb'd, slrin d and plain Cassunercs. silk Velvet black satin, Quilling and Mersails Vrslings, very superior ; a choice selection of worsted Linen and Cotton Ooods, for gent lemens' nnd bovs summer wear, Irish Linen and Lawn, linen Dinner: lahle Linen, Mersails toilet spreads ; crash linen and cotton satin Jeans; jnroiielt Cambrics, coidcd Skirts; furniture Dimitv and fringe figM nnd plain scarfs ; Mull, fine plaid nnd plain Jaconetl nnd JJook Muslin, .fine linen llilkf'. nnd Cambrics lifeline shirtings : Pongees, fine French and Eng. Bomba zines; silk VeUel : black nnd white silk Hosiery nnd Gloves, fine cotton, worsted, merino nnd linen cents', ladies' anil cliililrens' liosierv nnd Gbves: also a large assortment of gent's and ladies horse nnd goat sKin Ij loves, Ladies' nnd Misses India Rubber Aprons of superior size and quality ; silk nnd French Gingham, gem's fine palm, lined nnd bound summer Hate; ladies down nnd manilla grass sleeves J Umbrellas, Parasols; gimp lliread and blond Edgings; Lace; Quilli ig and Inserting: white nnd tig'd Pongee: liandannas and fancy silk Hdkfs. fancy, plaid and Italian silk Cravats; sewing silk, chaliy, Tibet nnd merino shawls ; n rich assortment 01 sewing, piatti ami lancy silk lldkfi ; also a va rietyol t rencli woiked lace and muslin Collars green. oiacK and white blond gauze Valei ; Silkr blk.Grode swiss. Italian nnd Florentine; col'd Horsnce; black, blue, green, purple, plaid and clarei Gro de Naples ; ,.,c, Line blark, lead, cinnamon, maroon nnd green I'oul de eoie fic'd white, pink ami watered satin : green. India, blk. F orenttne and surge; black, blue. pink, green nnd while Crapes; eliet. Gauze, fig'd Gro de Nan -plaid, col'd and blk TafTt.: Itibbons, fancy, plaid, watered and satin belt Uibbotn, ladies travelling Baskets, merino Bags nnd satchels, Tuscan imita tion, enp and collage crown, lace and French Tus. can. Also a variety or Blisses Bonnets. kinds, firsi quality ColTee, Chocolate, salralns. Ginger. Cinnamon, spices, col'd rpcim Candles, lamp Oil. &c. &c. ' The sulwcriber, grateful In his friends and the public for their patronage hitherto, would now so licit the continuance of ii, promising his beet exer tions to give entire salislai linn. Burlington, May 27, 183G. I' reach Muslins, dark nnd light, plaid, light fancy, French, Eng. nnj American 1'iints ; dark nnd light furniture Piinis, French nnd American; plaid ond stripe Cinshain: bleach'd nnd brown .heeiine anil Veil Lost. ON SATURDAY EVENING tho 2d lust. bolWCCn llio White, C:r, Vn.lrv Room nnd tho head of n trrnort blond VEIL. Tho nnder shall roceivo the thanks of its owner by leaving tho samo at una umcc. Jnlv 14. look tott: THE subscribers must nnd will hnvo their accounts soitlnil wiilmnt itninu. Those who call poon will envn cost I). W. INGERSOLL & Co. Hurlington, July 21, 1030 N otice. THIS may certify that I hnvo given lo my son Roiikiit Limn, his limo tin ring the remainder of Ins minority. I shall thcroforo lay no claim on his carninrs. nor hold myself responsible for his doings aucr tins uaic. wiijijiAM lAHlD. Mansfield, Srpi. 7, 1U25. Watches Gold and silver patent Lovers, in singlo and double cases ; thick or thin Lepino Watches in silver Cases : fine Lepino Watches in cold cases and iewclod. several beautiful patterns; gold Watches, from 30 to 435; Enslish and French Watches; brass cased Watches; somo fine jewelled " Horizontal" escapement Watches, warranted to so as well as anv levers, from 25 lo J30. Watches repaired at tho Variety Shop. 1 ANG DOrtN & BniNSMAID. July 12. R. Fitzgerald IS now opening (in addition lo his present extensive assortmonl of Jewolry, &c. a general assortment of Dry (jtoods cy Groceries, consisting of almost every articlo usually lound in a Ury tood btoro, which ho will sell at a small advanco for Cash. To save a 'long newspaper talk' ho simply invites all to call on him, when, ha trusts, he will be able, with their assistance, to enumerate among his goods, such articles as they aro desirous ol purchas ing. Ureenolore, h.aslsidc Church. !., yam- right's liuildings. Burlington, July 13, 1836. Gw STOP THE BOY. T UNA WAY from tho subscriber on the M.A, night of llio 10th inst a boy by the namo 01 L, 1 a 1 AW,auoul 14 years ol age,dark hair, dark eyes, rather under size, dark com. ploxion,vcry straight and healthy; woro away a black hat, brown coat, took with him two vests and three pair of pantaloons, and three cotton shirts. All persons arc forbid hircing, harboring or trusting said boy on my account n 1 win piy noacuisoi ins contracting altor this dato. Whoever will take up said boy and rclurn him lo tho subscriber shall havo reason. able chargos paid,and 25 cents roward. NATHANIEL GAGE. Shelburn, July 11, 103G. Clocks & Time Pieces. . Wo have Clocks for g6,50, 7, 0, 10 and (JI2 each ; some mado of brass and some of wood; some of them strike tho hour, some alarm, and tome do both. They are goou UIOCKS lor lit tle money. Brass and wooden Clocks cleaned and repaired at the Variety Shop. PANGDOnN & HkiNSMAID. July 12. Dr. B. J. Heineberg RESPECTFULLY informs Ihe inhab itonts of Burlington and Vicinity that ho has opened an Apothecary Shop in Church-street, two doors south of the Bank of Burlington, where, under tho care ot a regular and experienced German A' pothecary (whom Dr. H. has lately enrar? ed) Doctors' prescriptions will bo attended tn nt all hours ; and where simple and compound medicines may bo had in all pop.. siblo varieties. In addition to this, Dr. H. has also on hand a choice selection of per Turneries, which ho will sell at rcasonablo prices. Burlington, July G, 133G. Utility. rTp HE public are hereby informed that tho cubsenber has invented certnin new and useful machinery for manufactur ing starch from potatoes, and has applied for n patent to secure his right to (be same; and thai he is making said machinery at his shop in Jerico, in t he stale of Vermont. The object of said machinery is more efiVc lually to separate the small stones nnd gravel from the pniatoes in the process of washing and in the process ol grinding, to roduce tho pniatoes lo n more perfect pulp, by which a larger quantity of starch will be obtained than by Ihe usualincthnd. Starch manufacturers nro invited tn call and sec SYLVANUS HICHAKDSON. Jerico, June 30, 103G, Fancy Goods. mt 1 111c subscribers are rcccivme continually irom iNcw y orK. tho most ilesir able patterns of every article in the Fancy Dry Goods line, which makes their stock at all times ono oftho best to be found. Wc are now opening ono case consisting ni oiik, newing oiik, unally and Blond Onuzc Hankerchicfs and Scarfs, Gloves Hosiery, rich embroidered bells, silk and chaliy Aprons &c. LATimcr Si Potwi.n. July I. KBBIOVAL CBENNS returns his thanks for the liberal patronage ho has received for tho last G years, and would inform tho pub lie that ho has removed across tho street opposite G. Moore's storo, Pearl si. where ho intends carrvmg nn Ins business of 7'Afr.ORIJVG, and Clothes denting; and having added verry much to his assorted stock, will bcII cheap orexchango any kind of clothing, etc. New and second hand clothes for sale. Thoso whoso notes nnd accounts ore due will obligo by paying immediately. Burlington, June IG, I03G, Commissioners Notice. WE the subscribers.having been appointed by the Homirablotho Probato Court for tho District of Chittenden, commi'gjoncrs to r-uuivu, uxuiiiiiiu unu ntljusi mo claims arid demands of all persons, against tho cslato of l&to of St. Ocorgo in said District, dcccatcd, rcproscntod insolvent, and also all claims nnd demands exhibited in oflsot therein ; nnd six months from tho day of tho dato tliercor.ljoin; allowed by said Coutl for that purposo, Wo do llierelorc hereby givo notico that wo will attend lo llio business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of tho widow of said deceased in St, Ooorgo in said District, on tho second Mon days of September and December next, ol 10 o'clock, A.M.. on each of said days. Dated this 29th tiny of Juno, A. I). 103G. JOHN VAN SICKLIN.Jn. LEVI CO.MSTOCK, Com'rs ISAAC I1IUHEE, Dust, Flies and JMusic ON Monday tho 18th inst, we recoived an additional assortincnl of that most de- lighllul toned instrument, tho Accordoon, of t rench manufacture, which nro far the best in use. Also, somo dust Brushes, and feather Dustors, and very fino Plumo Koalliors con. slant additions making lo tho assortment at the Variety Shop. PANGBOIW & BIUNSMAID. July 20. 500 Spanish Leeches of a late Importation, by J. iV. J. II. I'ECK Si CO. July G. Carpctings. J BALES Ingrain Carpetings jusl ro ' ceived and which, with our former slock, makes altogether the best assorlmcnt ever offered in this market. Also, Vene tian and Stair Carpctings, by Lemuel Cimns 6V Co. July 22, 103G. ijcmuei uurus uo. are now receiving a largo stock of French worked Capes and Collars, from to 2 to SlO each ; rich embroidered bearts ; 3 to H 4 super silk muslin and sewing silk Hdks ; gauze and satin and lustring Ribbons ; G to 12-4 merino and Thibet Shawls ; linen Sheet ings, birds eye Diopers, &c Sic. Burlington, July 22, 133G. Canada Money Bought by J. & J. II. PECK, and CO. Juno 24. Wanted. rFIIIE subscribers will pay the highest JL market price in Goods for 10 Tons good Butter, delivered at their store. U. W. IIMUEKSOLL & CO. July 183G. Lyman & Cole, Will pay cash for fleece Wool in clean merchantable order, delivered at their store in Burlington. July I. Leeches this day received and for sale al a small advance, a quantity of Spanish Leeches, fresh from Gibraltcr, in fine health and vigor, by ROBERT MOODY. June 28, 133G. Butler's Eflervescent Magne- sian Apcncnl fur Dyspepsia or Inclines tion, and highly valued as a mild and cool ing purgative, lor sale by ROBERT MOODY- Juno 28, 183G. The Genuine Swaims Pana cca; also Rowonde, and Green's celebrated. Tonic Mixture for Fever and Acue. this day received, and for sale al the Drtij Store corner of church st. and the square ROBERT MOODY. June2J, 183G. Paints fc Dvc Stufls, Linseed and Pure, summer and winter strained Sperm Oil, iusl received nnd for snle low by R. MOODY. Burlington, 25th June, 183G. WOOL. Till, subscribers will nt all times pay Cash fur Wo'il delivered at their Store on the Old Wharf. FOLT.ETT St BRADLEYS. Burlington, June IS, 183G. WOOL,. "I ASH will at all limes be paid for wool delivered at their store head of Pearl street and al their store Souih Hern II. HYDE Co. Burlington. June 15, 183G. 50 hhds proof, pure Boston Rum, for sale on consignment, at Boston prices, by Foi.i.ett iV Bn.iDLEvs. Juno 24, 183G. f,m ENTERTAINMENT. ffej HTftHE subscriber respectfully informs his friends nnd Ihe public thai he has taken the Iioiho on the corner of Church and Collego streets, formerly occupied by S' Wainwright, nnd will use his best en dcavnrs to render it acceptable as well lo the traveller nnd mnn of business, ns lo II1060 who want board in a central and business part of the town. Tho outbuild, ings connected with Ibis establishment are well arranged, and in good repair and the undersigned hopes, by prompt and unre milted personal attention, to secure to ii the amount of pnl ronagc which its location ought lo conimand. Connected with this establishment the subscriber will also keep a choice selection of Groceries Teas, Sugars, Spices, fish, Fruit, Confectionary, fto-wlnch will be ,oM,,lho,TBRBMIAlI POTTER. Burlington. May 27, I03G, N B, All persons having un-ellled accounts with ihe subscril-cr. connected wills hi; foiiner li. sines, nro earnestly icquesied to rail nnd a.ljii! Ihe samo without delay. Short settlements make, long friends, as I'oor llichardsajs. J. I Mannilla Matts. A D'7.. Mannilla Malts, of every eir.o and color by . . LkMuki, Cunrfs & C,i. July 22, 1030. Birch & Manic Lumhcr. JY QUANTITY of Birch and soft Maplrt 4 inch Scantllnff wanted now, and will contract for 4000 fuel lo ho delivered by tho 20th September, n part eash paid 3 by 3 1.8 slniralways wanted in fox work. Also warned, a bov 17 ycnr old as an apprentice In tho cnbuiM m'l.- 1... stness ; n good bon will find -o.i ..r if applied for soon. No other wnniP.l. Furniture Wnre I! fin Ml S linns t l, . House. ABBOTT Ar PA NlillMn v Burlington, June 2ft. iflarj. Wanted 2000 pairs Wool Socks, want- eo, lor which n lair price in Goods will bo paid by D. W. INGERSOLL Si CO. Juno 183G. WANTED TM MEDIATELY bv the subscriber. 8 or 10. Journeymen iMnsons, nt Stone and Brick laying, to whom Cash and a faif price will be paid. SAMUEL REED. P.nrlinglon, July 12, 183G. The Sick Man's Friend. Morison's Pills, Or the real conuine HvpcianUniversnt Me dicine oftho British College of Health, in pachnges 01 1, or 3 dollars, can be ob tained in this town, only of the regularly appointed Agent. As yl)U value " lion It h , which is life," ceo that you get the genuine Pills; they aro sirrned S. GaLreat nrnsoni. (but will coon ho signed II. Fitch) Slnlo Agent, and A. Brmsmnld, sub a-icnl for Burlington, Vt. all others arc base coun terfeits. For llio convenience nf the pub lic, tlmy will he, with the Powders nnd c Hygcian Book, kept at th" Variety Shop. A. BIUNSMAID, Agent fur Burlington, Vt. July, G, 1036. To the Farmers. WE have this summer, opened the best assortment of Block Tin nnd Britlan ia Ware we have ever niTured in the Vario ty Shop, much better than wc hnd during llio winter and spring. Wo have Tea Pots, of good quality nnd finish, and lower prices than ever before ; also plain and figured, very heavy nnd of fine quality. Wu havo several difiorcnt kind- nf Tumblers, nnd Cups with handles ; Pitchers nf different sizes: 3 sizes ol byrnnges ; Spoons, extra fine tea and coffee Pols, lather Boxes, lo baceo Boxes, soup Ladles, castor Stands, made ol Ifri'lanin. Wc invite farmers and all others wUhing such articles, to cx amine them al (he Variety Shop. PaGI50II.N & Bri.nsmaid. July G. Wanted 2000 yds. home manufactured wliilo llannels, lor which a good pneo in Goodj will he pud by I). W. INGERSOLL & CO. July 1830. Hardware & Saddlery Sign of the PAD LOCK, corner of Church street nnd the Square, lato Wood Se Abbott. The subscriber ia now receiving from New York (at tho old stand of Wood nnd Abbott) tho lar gest and best assort ment of Hardware and Saddlery ever offered to llio public in I his place, which he is determined to sell at n miiuII udvnnce from cosl, for cosh of ap proved credit. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington June Utt, 183G. - Groceries. AK CHESTS hyson, hyson skin, voting hyson, souchong and potichong Tens, 23 kegs and boxes plug nnd cavendish To bacco. 10 bbl nnd kegs Raisins, 30 boxes l 11.11 0 1) anil bloom Raisins. G hhds Molasses. 10 casta lump nnd loaf Sugars. 5 hhds brown Sugar. 3 tierces nnd 5 bbls Rice. 15 boxes bar sonp. 12 boxes Poland starch 0 boxes lemon Syrup. 15 bags Coffee, I'imniilo and Pepper. G boxes Mustard. 10 boxes Pipes. G krrrs pore Ginger. 20 bales Cnsstn. Nutmegs, Buds, dried Cur rants. Herring, Cloves, Snlerntis, Cigars, &c. ifcc. nt wholesale or retail at lowest prices bv T. F. & '. .. STROA'G. Juno "15, 183G. 50 barrels Mess Pork For sale bv FOU.ETT & BRADLEYS. Juno 24, 1830. Gin Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vices, cast iron Ploughs, hol low Ware, waggon cart nnd carriogo Boxes, pot neh nnd caldron Kettles, mill Cranks, bark Mills, iron Wire. Stoves. mill Saws, cross cut d 1. Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Scythes, Iron, Nails, Steel &c. Sic. just received by 7 F.Sf W. L. STROKO. June IG. 1830. Nov Goods ,VT TIIU JLASS-1CT011Y STORK, JANES, SMITH iv. uu, havo jutt re ceived from New York a larce block of goods, comprising a penornl nst-orlnient of DRYliUUUS, UHUUKUIKS, CROCK. EllY. HARDWARE. J'ROI'JSIOA'S. S,-r. which they offer at n small ndvnnca for cash or country produce. Farmers who tnsh to exchango their produce for goods, will do well to give us a cn II. Cash paid lor llutler. Cheese nnd 12ig, WM A. BURNETT, Agent. Mnv 19.

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