Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 19 Ağustos 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 19 Ağustos 1836 Page 3
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POSTCRIPT. CHITTENDEN COUNTY SENA TORS. Wo nro authorised by Messrs, GUIS WOLD, VAN SICKLIN, l'OMEROY, nn J MILLER, to announce, llial, in view of llio unfortunate division existing among 'brethren of the eninc faith" in IhisdUtric', they Imvo come to the conclusion respect fully to decline the nomination? with which they Imvo been honored Confidently ho ping that it may be the means of restoring harmony. Senatorial Convention. The Whigs of Chittenden County are requested to meet at Willey's Hotel, in Williston, on TIIURSDAY,tho 25th inst. at 10 o'clock, A. M. for the pur pose of filling the vacancy oc casioned by the resignation of the candidates now in nomina tion for the Senate ; and for the transaction of such other busi ness as shall be found necessa ry, when assembled. S. E, HOWARD, ) Commit NOI5LE LOVELY, ttc. Aug. 18, IS'.Wt. The Antimasons of Chitten den County are requested to meet at Willey's Hotel in Wil liston, on THURSDAY next, (25th inst.) at 10 o'clock, A.M. for the purpose of filling the vacancy occasioned by the re signation of the Senatorial can didates now before the people. A full attendance is very desi rable. HARRY MILLER, ) GEO. A. ALLEN. Committee HOSEA SPALDING, ) August 18th, 183C. UTT We hope llio above calls will be promptly and heartily responded to. It now requires the exercise of but a tithe of the patriotic feeling winch actuates the late candidates, to secure n most LMnlifvinir re suit. In union we have abundant strength: ond if wn but act up to the spirit of t lie limes the rcult cannot be uoubllul. Ji:i every town be tuny represented in I lie conven tion. ID' Mr, UAnnKn's third Lecture nn Phrenology, which was advertised for this evening sinnds adjourned till to morrow evening, at the usual hour. The Wandering Piper, is expected in town to-dny nnd will perform at the Court House this evening. MARKIRD. In Grand Isle, on the Gili insl. Mr George Fox Allen to Miss Geinim.i Goodwin, bulb place. In (own nn liic 12, h instant, an infant child of Mr. .Sicnlien Wliilncv. In Juliniuii, nn 1 lie 13ili insl. Harriet Cordelia, daughter of Rev. Julin Srott,nged two jears, eight mom In nnd thirteen d.ijs. Her flesh doih i et in hope, Umil her Fphil mines Willi Cliiisl die Lord, lo lake it up Wlicie dcai! sue mil, nor lomus. Then pearpful slumh'ier sleep, Till lIl'ieMIIKI'liotl IIH'III, Tliy Saiioi 's rli.upe. We will not weep, For soon lliou will return. THOMAS'S OMNIBUS will mence running to the Falls thi: three trips per day. Aurr. to. tn3G. coin- dny, Wood-Choppers Wanted. rFMIE subscribers wis-h to employ twenty JL or thirty men to chop Lord Wood. JANES, SMITH & CO. Aug. 10, 1030. A TREATISE ON CONSUMPTION C3L embracing an inquiry into the influ ence exerted upon it by jonrnies, voyages, nnd change of climate, with directions for the consumptive visiting the south of Eu rope, and remarks upon its climate, odapted for general readers; by William Sweelser, M. I), late Prof, of Theory and Praclico of Physic in the University of Vt. Fellow of the Atnericun Academy of Arts and Scien ces, and of the Mnstachusctts Medical So ciety. For sale by Aiij. 19. V. Harrinoton. New Establishment. THE subscriber respectfully informs the public and his friends generally, that lie has taken the store recently occupied by Mr John Abbolt two doors south of Ins old shop, and has just received from New York a well selected assortment of Ladies' Boots & Shoes, Misses', and Childrcns'. &c. of nil kinds ond descriptions. He has also, on hand and is now manufacturing from the liest materials Gcntlemens thin Boots, Shoes nnd Pumps; thick Boots, Shoes ond Brogans. In short ovcry article in his line made on eliort notice, ond as cheap as con be afforded for cash or short opproved cre dit, and all rips mended grolis. D. S. RUSSELL. N. B. Wonted immediately two or three first rnte Journeymen Bool Makers to whom the highest wages will bopnid,nnd constant employment. D. S. R. Burlington, Aug. 17, 1 030. University of Pennsylvania. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. TipilE next course of Lectures will com JL tnenco on Tuesday, November the first, and be continued under llio following a'rnngemcnts Practice of Medicine ClieinUtry Surgery An. Homy Instelules of Medicine Materia Mcdica Midwifery Nathaniel Chapnian,M,D Knticrl I litre, do William Gibson, do Wm. E. Horner, do Bnmucl J.ickton, do George 11. Wood do 1 1 11 s 1 1 tj. Hodgo do Lectures on Clinical rrcrv ore delivered nt Medicine and Sur llio Pennsylvania llo'pitnl nnd at llio Philadelphia Hospital (Blocklcy.) The whole amount of fees U the snme ns heretofore paid, notwithstanding the aug mentation in llio number of Professorships and improvement in llio course of instruc tion. XV. E. HORNER, M. D. Dean of Medical Faculty. Philadelphia, July 20ih. 1030. Burlington High School. The next term will commence on Mon day the 29th of August. Tuition gl.OO per qr. Incidental expenses from 25 to &U cents. It is ilPMrablo that scnoiars should enter on the first of the term. This school is not n privntc institution, but is in corporated under the care of (ho following well known gentleman as its Trustees, to whom any one who desires information re specting it is referred, viz; Hon. Alvan Fnote, Pres.: Hon. Hainan Allen, N. 15 Haswcll, rVq. Timothy Fnllctt, Esq. Col. George Moore, Rev. G. (J. Ingersnll, and Rev. J. K. Converse. The object of the school is to qualify young men, nit her for admission to colleen, or lor business, nnd no pains on the part of Ihc principal will be spared to make it what it ought principally to be, nn instrument ofcultivattnjj nnd ex. altinj; the intellectual character of the youth ofthis place, nnd its immediate vicin. ity. J. C. SOUTHMAYD Principal. Burlingtoi, Aug. Villi, ID30. Merryatt's Works. npHE work is published in semi-monthly J- numbers j each number complete in it-elf, nnd containing the whole of one of Ins works, equal to two duodecimo volumes. The whole scries comprise cisht numbers. nnd will form two royal octavo volumes of about twelvo hundred pages, for 3,50. List of works comprised in this edition. 1. Peter Bimplc, or the Adventures of o midshipman. 2. Jacob Faithful. 3. 4. 5. G vice, 7. 0. The Pirate ; The Three Cutters.&e. Frank Midmay, or llio Naval Officer, The King's Own. Newton Fostor, or the Merchant Sor Paclinn of merry Tales. Japhet in search of a Father. For sale by Aug. 19. V. Harrington. Burlington Female Seminary. THE Fall and Winter Term commen ces September 14th. Pupils should enter nl llio commencement of the term. Mr. D.A. RnAMAN will have the charge of ihe boarding establishment, which the fricmh of the School believe will be con ducted to lh entire satisfaction of patrons. Applications to be made to the Principal, Marv C. GneK.v. EXPENSES. English tuition, board, lights, fuel nnd washing per quarter &50 00 3 00 3 00 5 00 12 00 1 00 French, do do Latin, Drawing, Instrumental Vocal Music do do Music do do do do TRUSTERS. Hon. Alvan, Mr J. S. Pot win, Prof. G.W. Benedict, Mr Harry Drndley, N. II. Hnsw.'II, Esq. Mr Henry Mayo, Geo P. Mnrah. E-q. Mr S. E. Howard, references. Faculty of College Hon. II. Allen. E. T. Englesbv. XV. A. G-iswold. Rcv.G.G.Ingersoll Rev.J.K. Converse C. Adams, Esq. J.N. Pomcroy,Esq, Mr S. Hickok. W. Lyman, Esq. II. & L.C.Loomis. J. B. Hollcnbock. N. B. Music taught by Prof. Molt, Miss II. Hosford assistant ; Mr. E. R. Protily teacher of Vocal Music. Charges made tor term of entrance, except in cases of sick ness. August 11, 1B3G. Medcalf's Patent Compound Oil for Painting. A perfect Fubstiltilo fur Mnseed Oil for all kinds of Painting, is ofTered to llio public by the subscribers with the fullest assurance of its utility. It is now about eight years sinco it was brought to its present stale ol pence tion, and during thai has been extensively used & tested in every way which Linseed Oil is used for painting, fur inside and outsido houso painting, on bncl; and on wood, nnd for coaches, signs, boats &c. As for spirad-. ing and drying lor inside work it is nol sur passed, and for body, and durability in silua' tions exposed to llin sun and wcalhcr, it is warranted far superior to llio best Linseed Oil nnd being light colored renders it prefer. ablo lor while and all other delicate colore. Ono of the first painting establishments in this city rofmorclhan twenty years standincl say. in their ccrlificato " Having used jMcd. calf's Patent Paint Uil do ccrlily thai more surface and better painting can bu done per gallon, than when mixcu Willi puro Linseed Oil. This oil forms a combining subslanco when mixed with puro Leads thai docs nol decomposo and rub off by exposure to the sun, and by experience ol two years, wo aio war ranted in saying thai painting done with this oil. will stand the weather much longer, and remain unimpaired, when painting done in tho usual way will not, and for oil cloths, wo think it surpasses ovcry thing Dial wo cvor used." John N. Fasscltllas purchased (he right to mako and vend tho "Patent Compound Oil" in the following States, viz : Pcnnsylvinia, New York. Massachusetts, Vermont, Conncc ticul, Now Jersey, South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana, and cautions all persons, against any infringement, as every irnca will bo mot with rigorous prosecution. Tho nrico of tho "Patent Oil" will bo ono nuarter less than Linseed Oil. It is warranted and sold wholesale and retail by FASSETT. SELDEN & Co Dealers in Taints. Oils. Varnish, &c. 201 River elroot Troy N. Y. August 5, 1836. For Sale. A HOUSE nnd ono acre ol land, with n wood shed, barn, a good orchard and well of wnlcr, situated on Mnin-slrccl, within a quarter of a mile of (he Lake. Posses sion given thoSist of next April. Terms very reasonable and made known nt G. MnHi'a Office. A. JOSEPH. Uurlington, Aug. 0, lf!3C. 4w Ladies' Shoo Store. THE subscriber lias just opened, next door east ofSmith & Harrington's Hook Storo in College street, a Shoo Sloro, princi pally composed of Ladies', Misses' and Chil drcn's Shoes of aII kinds nnd sizes. His ar rangements (recently mndo with nn cxton. sivc houso in Now York) nro such as will cnablo him to sell at prices which ho confi dently believes will bo satisfactory to all who may bo disposed to extend to In in tlicir pat ronage. I). A. 11IIAMAW. JJuiilincton, July i!0, 11138. ELOPEMENT. WHEREAS Adeline, my wife, has left mv bed nnd board, without any just provocation, this is therefore to forbid nil persons harboring or trusting nor on my account ns 1 will pav no debts ol her con tracting after Ibis date. Rurlington, August 11, 103G. Alfred Day's Estate. To the Hon. the Probate Court for the Disl. of Chittenden, comes the subscribe administrator of the Estate of Alfred Day late of Burlington m said District deccas ed, and represents that the personal estate of the said deceased will not be sufficitnl to pay the debts thereof and hereby matccs application to said Uourl, for ti cence to sell real estate for that purpose. Wm. B. MUJVSON. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Ato Probate District of Chittenden, is. Court hoi- den nl Williston, in Eaid District, nn the 1st Monday ol August A. l). Ib:ig. it is ordered that nn account be taken of the debts and also, the proceeds of the personal estate of said deceased, and that the heirs and all persons concerned in said estate be notified tn appear before said Court on the first Monday of September next at Willey's Inn in Williston, aforesaid, to give bond for the payment of debts, ond show cause why license as aforesaid shall not be granted, and that such notice be given by publishing the above application three weeks successively, as soon as mnv be in the Free Press a newspaper printed in isiiriington, in said District. Uivcn under my hand, tlic day and year first above written, G. R. MANSER, Register. Elegant and new Patterns, Swords, Epaulclls, Sashes, Bells, and most kinds of of Military Goods, Plumes, Sockets iVc. and all new articles, ol tins summer s purchase entirely. I'AiMUliUKft 4J ljllliSS.MAlU July 27. NOTICE. ALL persons having demands against tln subscriber will nlcnsc nrcscnt them fiirnnvmnnt hv the 15th Aurust. All those indebted will of course lako the hint. HARVEY DURKEE Burlington. July 20, 1 030. Elexir Vegetal Balsamiqne. N. II. DOWN'S VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR, For Coucrhs. Colds. Consumption, Catarrh Croup. Asthma, Whooping Cough, and all other diseases of the head, chest and lungs. Pam.ihlets containing a history ol tho mod- icinc a sketch of llio diseasos for which it is recommended certificates from unques tionablo sources ample directions, and much other important information accompanying each bottle mav nn had orany ol tho Agon cics. gratis. J. CURTIS, Druggist, Si. AI bans, Vl. wholesalo Agent and joint proprie tor. Tho following aro especially appointed retail Agents. Biirlinslon Lalhrop & Polwin, Janes, Smith U Co. and R. .Moody. UinesburshA. S. &. D. G. Wcller. Milton Wellington, Whitney & Co., Clark lionrdman & Co. Charlotte Samuel II. Barnes, and most other respcctablo Druggists, &c. in the coun try. St. Albans, July 12, 133C. tf Lyman 8c Cole, H AVE received iheir Summer Goods. comnrking a very extensive assort merit ofcallicoes, a great variety of figure stylo and fabric from 12 to 02 els per yard cambrics, plain, check and plaid; mull and swiss muslins ; cross bar d pi a id and birds eye do. gingham?, checks, plaids &c. hos iery, embroidered open work, and plain silk cotton do. Uloves, silk, kid, linen and Ucr lin : Suspenders, India rubber, web and knit ; n general assortment of Silks, inclu ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue black grn do Swiss, gro de Rhino nnd other silks rich fig d blue black do. bell ribbons to match; rich col'd gro de Naples, plain, fig'd nnd plaid: mix d silk Camblcts and Pongee blue black and printed Shnllys very rich black green and brown French Bombazine Taffeta garniture, and cap ribbons; linen sheeting 4 4 lo )0.4 wide; Irish linen brown and black linen; table spreads, blchd and brown; birds eve nankins, linen damask Russia Diaper and crash; Hamilton stripe mixture and rouen Casiimere ; bed tick double and single width ; cotton drilling brown and blcach'd ; cotton sheeting and shirting do. carpeting, floor cloths and flan nets; Knitting cotton nnd thread. Gentlemen will find a grent variety of summer uiotns, including black, brown and several shades of green Brochella rrincctin, ummincue, ljonunn summer cloths, (ire. white nnd brown linen drilling, Broadcloths, black, blue, green and fnncy colors: cliecKd, plaid and lancy sinned do Heavy black ond blue black silk velvet for vesting; white mcrsails, lancy do. tig d silk and oilier vesting. Pedlars will find n large assortment of low prie'd callicos; spool, skein and pound thread. Une entire case ol coat, vest nnd pantaloon buttons. Hooks and eyes, eus pendors &c. Uurlington, May 26. Ik Dissolution. TlHE copartnership heretofore existing JL between th from this date. J. S POTWIN. D. XV. INGERSOLL, Aug. 16, 1(J3G. Commissioners iVniicn. WE the mUcrihcis , having been Appointed by the Honorable the Probata Cnnri il.n Dilr!cl of Cliillenilcn. commlloncr lo rrr.ivp. examine iind niljii.i llio claims and demands of nil persons, ngaihl llie Pdiilpnf jjsi yjjj ji tivoov, lalenf Cliarlolle in said Diaii id. deceased, repre sented iiuolienl, and sil.'o nil claims nnd demands exhibited in offel llicrelo ; nnd six months from the day ol I he il.ito hereof, being nlloned by Paul Court fur that nuronse, we do therefore hcicbv cite notice. that wo will nllen.l lo the business of our appoint' inent, nt the duelling of t lie wi low of llio said de ceased in Cliarlolle in said Diflricl on the first I'ri- ilajs of NoiemWr & January nexl, nt 10 o'clock, A. nl,, on earn ol said dais. Uatcd, this (iili day or July A. U. ISiJb. PITT V. I1KWETT, , Commis. GCOKGE SHERMAN, J sioncrs. Harvard University. THE Medical Lectures in Harvard U. niversity will begin at the Massachu setts Medical College in Mason st. Boston, the first Wednesday in November next, nt 1.4 bclorcO, A. AI. nnd will continue three months. For ono month after the end of the course, lectures will be delivered in the College, and tho Dissecting Room will be open lo such students ns may remain, with out additional fee. Such students may also attend the Practice of the Massachu setts General Hospital. Anatomy nnd Operations in Sutgery, . - Dr. Warien. Uiemislry, ... Dr. Webster. Materia Modicn, - - Dr. Bigelow. Midwifery and .Medical Juris prudence, .... Dr. Gunning. Pi inciples of Surgery nnd Clin ical Surgery, ... Dr. Hayivard. i ncoi'v and Practice ol Physic, Mr. Wine. Clinical Lectures will be delivered as usual on the cases in tilt) Massachusetts General Hospital, JVEW DISSECTING ROOM. A new Dissecting Room is now building, and will bo finished before Ihe Lectures begin. Il will occupy all tho vacant land cast of the Medical College. Every care is Inking lo make this important pari of the medical school as perfect as possible, so that it may furnish to the Btudent ample facilities for prosecuting his Anatomical studies. 1 he legal enactments of the slate, so liberally and so wisely framed, will be faithfully and thoroughly applied to the accomplishment ot their important ob jects. WALTER CHANNING, Dean. Boston, July, 103G. To Printers. rniih subscriber wishing to engage in JL another branch of business, offers his Printing Establishment, together with the building he now occupiesor sale. Terms, ono half casli in hand, llio balance in one, two and three years. To any one desirous or I'.lnbiisiiiiijT himself in business, the present is an opportunity such as rarely occurs. Further particulars will bo given on application. u. jj. STACY, Burlington. July 21. 1030. R. Fitzgerald TS now opening (in addition to his present jl extensive-assortment o Jewe rv. general assortment of Dry Goods & Groceries, consisting of almost every articlo usually r i r . t. i r.. .... ... r. iuuiiu iii a Lry uooo otoro, winch no will so I at a small advanco for Cash. To save a 'long newspaper law imi simply invites all lo call on mm. wnen. no irujtis. nn ivi hn wu ineir assistance, to enumerate among Ins goods sucn articles as they aro desirous ol purchas ing. Green Store, East side Church st., Wain richl's Buildings. Uuilington, July 13, 1(!3C. Cw Watches- Goid and silver patent ijcvcrs, in single and ilnnhln nneete . ... """"IV , lll(,A l thin Lepino Watches mum i iii i in snver cofcs ; lino Lcpine Wnlclics in gold cases and jeweled, several beautiful natlerna ; rrnld Wninlmc from 30 to 35; English nnd French Watches; brass cased Wnlches; some line jewelled " Horizontal" escapement waiciies, warranted lo go as well ns anv i . j ..... . levers, irom 10 au. watches repuircd ai iiiu v ariciy onup. PANGIIORN & BllINSMAID July 12. Dr. B. J. Heineberg. T ESPECTFULLY informs the inhab M- itants of Burlington and Vicinity that ho has opened an Apothecary Shop in Church-street, two doors south of the Bank of Burlington, where, under tho care of a regular and experienced German A pothecary (whom Dr. H. has lately ennac ed) Doctors' prescriptions will bo attended to at all hours ; and where simple and compound medicines may be had in all pos stblc varieties. In addition to this, Dr. II has also on hand a choice selection of per furrieries, which he will sell at reasonable prices. Burlington. July G. 11130. Utility. rilHE public are hereby informed that JL the subscriber has invented certain new and useful machinery for manufnetur ing starch Irom potatoes, nnd has applied for a patent to secure his right to Ihe same; and thai he is making said machinery at his shop in Jerico, in the stntc of Vermont. Tin; object of said machinery is moreefTec tually to separate the small stones nnd gravel from ihe potatoes in the process of washing nnd in ihe proccssof grinding, tn reduce the potntocs lo a more perfect pulp, by which n larger quantity of starch will be obtained than by l he tisualmclhod. Siarch insnufacuirers aro invited in call and see. SYLVANUS RICHARDSON. Jerico, June 30, 1B3G. 500 Spanish Leeches of a lato importation, bv 'J. At J. H.i'ECKTf CO. Review of Burclmrdism. A REVIEW OF "SERMONS. AD DRESSES Sic. &c. bv U,v. IpiImiII. Burclinrd " iiv Unv. I.cmimt.l VVill.liw. Inn of Nowburvnnrt. ullli nvlrnrlB fmni the Chrislinn Examiner, and llio Baptists ' America, ny the Kcv. Dts. Cox and Iloby, for sale by HMIT1I & HARRINGTON. July 29. Philo Perkins' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittrnilrn. o f At n Probalo Court Imlden at WiltUtm, within nnd for tho Distiict nforcsnid, on the first day of August A. D. 103G, no Instrument purporting to bo Ihe Inst Will and Testament of Philo Perkins, laic of Sliclburn in said District, deceas ed, was presented lo the Court hero for Probate, by Philo Perkins junior, and Simeon W. Paine, the Executors therein nomcd-- Thcrcforc it ip ordered by said Court. that public notice be given lo all person? interested therein, tn nppear before said Court at a session thereof, to bo holden at Willey's Inn in Williston on the 1st Mon- doy of September, A. D. I83G, and contest the probate of soid Will ; and il is further ordered that this order be published three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press, n newspaper printed nt Burlinclnn, in this Slate, tho last of which shall be previous to the day assigned, ns aforesaid for licarinjr. Given under mv hand nt llio Resistor's Office, thi first day of Aiifriit, A. D. HI3G. ULU. JJ. JMAftoliR, Register. Eliphalct Miner's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) District of Chittenden, ss. The Honnroblc the Probate Court within and for the District aforesaid, to nil per sons concerned in the estate of Eliphalct Miner, late of Williston in said district, deceased. WHEREAS Harry Miller, guardian In Mary Miner nnd Elins R. Miner, minor duris of said Eliphalct Miner, hos represented to ibis court, that his said wards arc possessed of certain lands in Williston aforesaid, and that it would con duco for Ihe interests ol said wards to make sale ol Ihe same, and has made application lor license lo sell : Therefore you are hereby notified that said npplicntion will bo considered nt n session of Probate Court to be holden nt Willey's Inn, in Williston, on the first Monday of beplcmber next, nt which time nnd place you can appear and object if you see cnusc.- And said applicant is ordered to publish the subject matter of his said npplicntion in the r ree Press, a newspaper printed at liur lington, two weeks successively as soon as may bo. Done in Probate Office nt Williston this 1st day of Aucust, A. D. 103G. Attest GEO. B. MANSER, Rcg'r. A true copy of record. Attest GEO. B. MANSER, Reg'r. Store for Sale or To Let. fXHE slore now occupied bv John Ab JL bolt for sale or to let. For further particulars inquire of L. CURTIS & CO. Church-st. Aug. 4. Carpctings. 7maliLjS ingrain uarpetings ju?l re ceived and which, with our ormcr slock, makes altogether the besl assortment ever offered in this market. Also, Vene tian and Stair Carpctings, by Lemuel Curms & Co. July 22, 103G. jjemuei iurus cc uo. are now rcceivinp a larce slock of French worked Capes and Collars, from to 2 to $10 each ; rich embroidered Scorfs ; 3 lo C 4 super silk muslin and sewing silk Udks; sauzc nnd sntin nnd lustring Ribbons ; G to 12-4 merino and Thibet Shawls ; linen Sheet ings, birds eye Diapers, &c &c. Burlington, July 22. I83G. Canada Money Bought hy J. & J. II. PECK, and CO. Juno 24. Lyman & Cole. Will pay cash for fleece Wool in clean inerchiiP'ab'e order, delivered ot their storo in Burlington. July 1. Leeches this day received and fur sale at a small advance, n quantity ofSpanili Leeches, fresh from Gibraltcr, in line health end vinnr. bv ROBERT MOODY. Juno 28, 103G. Butler's Effervescent Macnc- sian Aperient for Dyspepsia or Indices lion, nnd highly valued ns a mild nnd cool- ing purgative, for solo by ROBERT MOODY- Juno 20, 1S3G. Paints & Dye Stufis, Linseed nnd Pure, summer ond winter strained Sperm Oil, just received and for solo low by R. MOODY. "Burlington, 25th June, IU3G. WOOL. THE subscriber will nt all limes pay Cash for Wool delivered at their Store on the Old Wharf FO L I. E TT Si B UA I) L E YS. Burlington, June IS, 11:30. WOOL,. CASH wiffnt all times be paid for wool delivered at I heir storo head of Pearl street and nl their blore South Hero II HYDE Co. Burlington. Juno 15, IB3G. 50 hhds. proof, puro Boston Rum, for alo on consignment, nt Boston prices, hy Foi,i,n r BnAni.Kvs. June 24, lf!3G. fim LONG and short, silk nnd cottons stay Lacings; Silk nnd Cotton Boot La. cincs, Pntrni nnd common Elastics, Bono and Ivory Ejleis nr ror-ct rings, hurrow Whalebones, Brass Wooden Steel and Whalebone Busks nr enrf-ct Boards. India rubber Suspenders, Vest Springs &c. nt the Vnricly Shop I'ANCnortN & BniNSMAiri. Augut 11. BROKE INTO the enclosure of Ihc subscriber about the 12th inl. one Sorrel Ilorso and one bay Ilnrsc.tho former having three wl'ite feet, both apparently about five years "Id, Tho owner i requested lo prove property, pay charirea nnd lake Ihem away. EZIION BANFORD. Williston, July 27, 1C3G. WANTED IMMEDIATELY by (ho subscriber, 0 or 10. .Imtrni.Vinnti Utn - .1 t - J "-' .....o..t-, uv tjiuiiu uiiii Brick layinrr, to whom Cash nnd n fair price will be paid. SAMUEL REED. Burlington, July 12, 1H3G. ho Sick Man's Friend. Morison's Pills, Or the real genuine HygrianUniversn! Me dicine of tho British College of Health, in packages of 1, 2, or 3 dollars, can be ob tained in this town, only ol the regularly appointed Agent. As you value " health, which ii Hie," sec Hint you get the genuine Pills; Ihoyare signed S. Carre at present. (hut will soon bo signed II, Fitchj Stole Agent, nnd A. lirinsninid, nib ogent lor Rurlington, Vt. all others ore bno coun terfeits. For the convenience of Ihc pub lie, they will be, with the Powders nnd a Hvgcian Book, kept ot tin- Variety Shop. A. BRINS.M AID. Agent for Burlington, Vt. Julv, G, 103G. Hardware & Saddlery. Sign of the PAD LOCK, corner of Church street nnd the Square, la'.o Wood tf Abbott. The subscriber is now receiving from New York (at the old stand of Wood nnd Abbott) the lar gest and best assort ment of Hardware and Saddlery ever ofiered to the public in this place, which lie is determined to sell at a small advance from cost, for cash or np- proved credit. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington June 20, 1B3G. 50 barrels iMess Pork For sale by FOE LETT & BRAD LEYS. June 24. Il!30. Gm Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vices, cast iron Ploughs, hol low Ware, wacgon cart nnd carriage Boxes, pot n nnd caldron Kettles, mill Cranks, bark Mills, iron Wire, Stove, mill Saws, cms cut do. Shovels, Spades, Does, Scythe. Iron, Nails, Steel &c. &c. just received by T. F. if W. L. STROXG. June 1G. III3G. New Goods AT THIi GLASS-FACTORY STORE. JANES. SMITH & CO. have jurt re ceived from New York n large slock of ponds, comprising n general assortment of DRYGOODS. GBOCERIES. CROCK. ERY. HARDWARE. PROVISIONS, S,-r which they offer nt n small advanco for cash or country produce. Farmers who wish to exchange Iheir produce for goods, will do well lo give tw n call. Cash p'lid lor lintler. Cheese nnd ET"9. WM- A. BURNETT, Agent. May 19. The Cheapest Cash Store. NBARI.Y oppn'iip S, H. Howard., and one duor nuilli of Lemuel Ctmi& di. JOHH A330TT, of die I. He Iii ins i.f Allium, Wood ij- 1'ijinpiny, niu! WhihI &, U now iptriiin; liom Kvw Yoik mi rMm-iin amoiinii'nt if (,00)S fiiil.dilp for llie h-m-oii, ulnili hp hITpis nl a mull ndv.tnrp fiom dip cn.-i j jiinini uliirli .up snjiri ior III. irk, hliip, iulel mill lilii.'ililp (iippii IIiii.iiIi-IiiiIh; i ilili'd, sliip'd and pl.nn ('.i.iini'ic', silk VpIipi ; hl.ii-k s.ilin, Quili in; mm Meri-.tiU VrMiiy, iery Mipeiiur ; ii rlinirp cplrriiun of worked Lmipii nnil Cnltun (iooiU, fur gpiillcnipns' .Hid hns' Mitnnier, l.inpii mill t.imn, linen Ui'.ippi ; l.ilile l.iiifii, MiT.--.iil'! Iiiilil ppriml-i ; erii'li linen si ml rullnn s.ilin Jp.iin; ju-onpit Cimln ip, nndpil :3kiil; fiiiiiiluip Uiniiti nnd fringe li'd nnd plain fenif-; Mull, fine plaid nnd plain J irnnpii und Hook Mu?lin, , linp linpu llilkfrf. nnd Cambric ; Tip nil .Minlins, il.nk an. I light, plaid, l';lil fancy, l-'ienrli, V.n '. nnd AniPiipan I'linm ; dark nnd lijdil fmniiiirp I'linls, I'mii'li nnd Amcilran; plaid and snipe fiinjli mi; Mo.ic-ti'd nndhioKii flipciinj nnd thiilin. : t'iitPf?, line l-ipurli nnd Hn. ltnmbi zinec; silk V lie! ; black nnd uliiip ?dk Il.ifierv nnd (limps, fine enllnn, uor.tpd, inninonnil lineii grnis', ladies' an I rliilihens' llinii-n nnd Glnte; nln.i Luge nsjoiiiiu nt nf gpni' and ladien' lump nnd Eont .kin Olaip, I.nlie..' mid nnres India Itii'.ilipr Apioin of riipeiit.r i.e and quality ; filk and 1'ienrli (iinjliam, gnu' fine pntin, lined und bound euinmpi llnl.; lailie doiwi und in inilla ginr leeip j Umbrella, I'arnsol; gimp ami blond lldiim, I.are;(luii ,g nn I luseilini;; uhiln nnd fi'd I'onjjpp: Bandanna and fancy silk llclkr. fancy, plaid nnd Italian tilU Cinialfj'sPHing ilk, rli.illy, Tibet and merino Mi.iu U ; a rirh aimi inirnt of sou in;, p'aid and fancy silk llilkft j aNii a la. rieiy of I'iriirli uinkid lare grppn, black iiml while hlnnd g iiizp V.iIp; Silks; lilk. (iiode U. Italian ami I'loii'iiiinp; lol'd I'lnrpncp; lil.n k, blue, ripi o, puiplp, pi ,,n l claiei (iio dp Wuplp : Mack, Idup l.l.nk,, cinnainiin, maionn uml girpii I'md de rnie ; fi.'M, bile, pink and ii.upipd aiin : gippu. India, llk. riuipniiiin nnd tiingp; Mat k, hliip, pink, gicpn nnd while riapc; VpIipi, Caurr, lijj'd l!io ile ,up ; plaid, col'd mid lilk 'I'.iITi.: IIMiUum, fancy, plaid, uniriPil and satin hell KditmnS, lailip iraiclliu lia.kcl, uiprin llaj and s.urtiels, I'liseau iinim linn, rap ami collage noun, '.icp und 1'ieiicli 'l'u can. Ai'oa larieiy uf Jliites Itnnnci, atlOCIUtWSKS-iT', Jlnlo.e, Tea. nf all kind, firel rpialny Ciilfce, Cliocnlale, ealralur, (linger, Cinnamon, spices, col'd spent! Candle, lamp Oil Sic ,tc 'I he fulwrnber, gralefiil in his friend nnd llie public for llieir paimuage lihlieiln, wi.ul.l nowru. licit llio i-nnl (nuance of it, promising lit b'd exei linn in gip enlire Kaiil'.rl ion. Uurlington, May 27, 163G.

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