Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 4 Kasım 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 4 Kasım 1836 Page 2
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jliould deserve to be, the acorn nnd derision af the world. While they arc Antimasons, nnd glory, in the name, they glory yet more in the noble principle! they have -maintain, 'ed, and will, at all hazard, continue to maintain an uncompromising opposition to every thing that exalts itself against t he fonn republicanism which they inhaled with their first breath, and which, while that btcatJi lasts, they will .continue to maintan. Antiinasnnry did not give them their principle?. They were before, and BbovoH and will livo when Masonry and Antimasonry, and r vcry thing but the deep and broad foundations ol Equal Rights, and Impartial Justice which support our Republican Institutions, etiall have been swept away. LEGISLATURE OP VERMONT Monday. Oct. 24 Resolution! By Mr Pliulps, instructing the committee on military affairs to inquire into the evils existing in our militia sys tern and reoort by bill or otherwise. Several bills frcim the house wero refer- red to appropriate committees. The memorial of the University of Vcr tnonl was referred to the committee on education, nnd the bank inspector's report 'to the' commit tec on banks. House The Senate came in, and both -houses in joint committee proceeded tc make the following appointments : John Johnson, of Burlington, Surveyor General. David Pierce, of Woodstock, Auditor of .accounts ngainst Iho state. Harry Hale of Chelsea, Bank coinmis -sioncr. The Judiciary committee reported the bill relating to petitions for divorce, order. cd to a 3d reading. Un motion ot Air Curtis, resolved that the General commit tec be instructed to inquire into the expo diency of making the commissioners of the deaf and dumbcommissioners of the insane; also of making ample provisions for the in sane, and a repeal of last year's act upon the subject; adopted. On motion of Air Curtis, the bill and re port upon the subject of the insane, were relerred to me uencrai committee. Tuesday Oct. 25. Senate Memorials Mr Bell present- ed the memorial of the inhabitants of Mid dlebury, in relation the sale of ardent spir. its, praying a total protection. Mr IS. re. marKeu inoi inc memorial was upon an important subject, touching the vital inter esls of the community, and relating to a traffic which was a source of much of the -misery and crimo with which the country -was afflicted. The memorial, he said, was signed by a large and respectable portion of the inhabitants of the town, including professional men, mechanics, merchants and farmers; read, and after remarks in its favor by Mr Bell, referred to a select -committee, consisting of Messrs. Bell, Young and Ranncy; memorial oflho in habitants of Bethel ngainst the petition of the Centre Turnpike Co. referred to com mittcc on roads and canals. Bills introduced By Mr Merrill, incor-i porating the Bennington manufacturing and printing company, capital not to exceed tg300 000 for manul'nclinn nnd stamping cotton goods; read the 1st and 2d time, and referred to committee on manufactures; by Mr Kinsman repealing so much of the act as exempts members of tho firo compa nies from military duty, referred to com. mittec on military affairs: by Mr Pierpolnt, the bill in favor of Amos Thompson, with a statement of facts, the blank was filled with $144 05, and, thus amended, was or. -dcrcd to be engrossed for a third reading ; by Mr Hebard. relating to trials by jury, read the 1st and 2d time and referred to the judiciary committee. Leave of absence was granted Mr Smi lie for one week in consequence of sickness in his family. The petition of artillery, Cth regiment, 1st division, was referred to tho committee on military affairs. Both houses in joint committee proceed ed to make the following appointments : Francis E Phelps, Major Goneral of 1st division. Robinson Hall Brigadier General of 2nd brigade, 2nd division. 2 o'clock, p. m. StNATE--The petition oflho trustees of Caledonia county Grammar School fur n portion of the public revenue, was referred to committee on education. Heparin of Committees Hy Mr Henry tfrom committee on manufactures, bill incor. porating Black River card manufacturing -company, without amendment ; incorpora ting Williams River manufacturing com pany, without amendment, severally read and ordered to be engrossed for a 3d read ing; by Mr White from the committee on banks, to prohibit the circulation of small .bills, indefinitely postponed ; by Mr Con verse, the engrossed bill to pay lleinan Carpenter g50 50 cents, read a third time .and passed ; by Mr Briggs from l he com mittee on tho engro-scd bill, defining the powers of Just ice of tho pence, read a 3d time and pasted. (Tho bill empowers the Justice to cross examine parties to suits on -book account, nn refusal to testify evidence to bo taken against the parly refusing.) by Mr Briggs from judiciary committc, the bill providing fur cases of disagreement in the Supremo Court that a similar bill is before the senate; the bill to provide for reporting the decisions of the Supreme Court, requiring the secretary of the Stale to furnish a copy to clerks of the county courts, ought not to pass; the bill was in definitely postponed ; by Mr Steele from committee uu fii.ance, the bill asking aid to a Manual Labor School of W. Pouliney, committco to be discharged, and refer to committee on education ; bv Mr Hebard, from the judiciary committee providing compensation for returning voles for sena tor to county clerks, passed. Mr Hebard introduced a bill to prevent intemperance roferrrcd to select commit tee on that subject. (Intoxication an of fenco nunishablo by imprisonment.) Houie Mr Curtis called up the bill re lating to pounds, est rays, Sic. and moved an amendment excepting milch cows from the operation of tho bill which with the bill was laid upon the table. The resolution appointing a committee to examine the accounts oflho superintend ent of the.Stale House, was returned fri m the senate wun a proposition to auu i ma. Raed jr. to the committco concurred in nn mnllnn nf Mr Haiwell.l the bouse I proceeded to the order -of the day vit : the Burlington contested election, tho .question being nponteciving the minority's report j Messrs ucwey ot u., runam, -Goodalo supported the proposition to re ceive, opposed by Messrs. Sawyer of H. and Smith of St A. and the report was re ceived; when Mr Haswcll moved for leavo to bring his counsel upon the lioor or ino house; modified so as to admit the counsel of both parties, nnd agreed to ayes 102, noes 23. The report of the minority was then read, concluding with thrco rcsolu tions. the first declaring N B Haswell in- nlitriblc tho second declaring him not elected and the third declaring that Har. rv Bradlcv was elected. The report of the majority was also read, declaring Mr Iiaswcl eligible and duly elected. Wednesday, uct. 20. Senate A communication from the Quattcrniaster General, making report of the number and condition ot arms, belong, inn to tho Stales, &c read and referred to committee on military affairs. Mr Bell introduced a memorial, for the construction of a Rail Road on each side of the mountain, referred to com, on roads and canals. Mr Hubbcll, from the Judiciary com reported the bill, with amendments, rclat ing to notes and bills of exchange. The Senate in committee of the whole, consider cd the amcndmrnlB, after discussion by Messrs Porter, Hebard, Hubbcl. tho bill amended, and on motion of Mr Picrpoint, laid upon tho tabic. Mr Hebard, from the judiciary commit tec reported the cngrnsssod bill from the house, relating to wills, nnd the settlement of estates, with an amendment in which the senate, in committee of the whole concurred, and the bill, after discussion by Messrs Picrpoint, Hebard and Briggs, was laid on mo laole. The engrossed bill to pay Amos Thomp son 4144.45 waj read a third time and passed. House Petitions &c. referred. OfVt. Mutual Fire Insurance Co., to committee of Banks; of inhabitants of Derby, of S, B. McCuin. of J. Dolittle, of Norman Black mcr of D. W. Clark and others, to cum nut Icq on Koads and Canals; or Uanic Hewing, to committee of Ways and Means? fur taxes on Charleston and Woodbury, to Land Tax committee; remonstrance of citizens of Charlotte, lo committee on licenses; petition of bundry persons for the exemption of Foreign bank stock from taxation, to select committee on the listing laws. The House resumed consideration of the Burlington contested election. Charles Adams, Erq. concluded hisargu ment in favor of the sitting member, fol lowed by Hon. Wm. P. Briggs, in bchnlf of Mr. Bradley, the memorialist. Mr Sar geant, Chairman of the committee made sundry explanations, being himself in fact in the minority, and yet. as chairman, the organ of the majority Mr Necdham of B. also explained, Haswcll defended him. self against the charge ol corruption. The question being upon accepting tho report of the majority, Mr Dewey of G. obtained, llic floor and moved nn adjournment neg atived: and MiDcwey proceeded against concurring in the majority report, nnd when he had concluded tho house adj. 2 o'olock, P. M. Senate--Jlf Merrill presented two po titions, each praying fur an appropriation to defray the expense of surveys of rail roads; referred lo committee on roads and canals. Mr Steele, from the com. on finance, re ported t lie bill directing tho Treasurer to credit the town of Vernon the sum men, tioncd: statement of facts inlhc case, by Mr Steele, and the bill, on motion of Mr White laid on the table. Mr Briggs, from the Judiciary com. ro ported a bill relating lo trials by Jury, with the opinion of the com' thai tho bill ought not to pass. Tho question being upon on indefinite postponement, after debate by Messrs Hebard, Briggs, Picrpoint, Porter and Kinsman, the yeas and nays being de manded by Mr Hebard wero yeas 19, nays 9. Mr Young moved a reconsideration of the vote refused to erase certain words in the amendment, empowering civil author iiy of towns to correct supposed mistakes in the deposite of ballots. Motion pre va i led; and l lie clause ordered lo be strick en out. The Senate adopted the amend, mcnts to the :id. 4th and last section, and the bill on mation of Mr Pierpoint, was miu on i lie muie. Mr Briggs called up tho bill, relatine to interests; read twice and laid upon the table. Engrossed bills incorporating the Wil iams river manufactoring company : incor porating the black River Card Co.; incor porating the Tunbriilge manufacturing Co ; incorporating tho Green Jlunnlain Iron Co.; lo provide fur reporting the decisions ol the Supreme Court: incorporalin" I lie Rutland Rail Road Bank, severally read a 3d lime and pnsscd, except the latter, nn which air. Waterman demanded tho yeas anu nays, wincn neing taxen were yeas 17, noes 9, passed. Mr W ntson. introduced a bill, in favor of Laac Fletcher and John S. Petibcnc, to pay fur services performed in relation lo hiscx Uank; read twice, and referred lo committee on claims. House The Huuse resumed considera tion of i lie Burlington contested clectinn;--Mr Necdham of B. introduced a resolution declaring ihat N. B. Haswell is entitled to a scat in tlio House; supported by Mcs srs Sawyer of H., Haswcll and Peck, and opposed by Messrs Goodalc and Dewey of u. anu auiiptcii, ayes 127, nays U5. Petitions. Of Francis Fieurraut, for an alteration nf his name, was referred to the General Committee; of trustees of Caledo nia Co. Grammar School, to committee on Education. Bills. By Mr Smith of St. A-, to pay Alba Davison, a certain sum, referred lo commlltecc of Claims; by Mr Marcy, relal ing to elections, which was rrad and refer red to the Judiciary committee; by Mr Fonto, incorporating tho Flower Brook Manufacturing Co., referred to committee on Manufactures; by Mr Sawyer of H., to pay Harvey Ainswarlh a certain sum. ro ferrcd to committee of Claims; by Mr Gay, to incorporato the Jlfutual Manufacturing company, referred 10 committee or Menu facturei; by Mt Martin, repealing act to prevent usury, referred to General committee. Mr Adams, of Grand Islo. called up the bill in addition to the act constituting Supremo and County courts, and it was recommitted to the Judiciary committee. THURSDAY, UCt. 27. Senate. Prayer by the Chaplain. Iteioiuliom. By Mr Rannev. relating to the appointment of justices of the peace in this state; providing that the number shall not exceed twelve in one town ; reid and passed. Uills, liv Mr Bell, to prevent circus riding in this state. The President decided that it was a revenue bill, and must originate in the other house. Mr Bell appealed from the decision of tho chair, when on motion of Mr Howe, the motion was laid on the table; by Mr Van Sicklin in relation to schools, directing one third of the public money to be divided equally among the dis incts, remainder, according lo number ol scholars ; read twice and rclerrcu to com mittee on education. Resolution, by Mr Howe, to cnouage tho manufacture of silk goods in this slate ; referred to the committee on manuiactures. The bill relating to the election of Gov ernor &c. was again under considcritinn, and the motion to amend, by crasin; the enacting clause, was decided in the ofiir, malive, and the bill thus indefinitely jost poncd. Reports of Commitee. By MrVnnSick lin, the cgrosscd bill for the relief ofEben czer Spencer and Simon Blannhard jr. without amendment: Statement of facts bv Messrs Van Sicklcn and Palmer, read a third time and pasted. Biil, by Mr Howe, lo prevent inlcmpcr ance, imposing a fino upon persons procur ing spirits to be given to intemperate per sons, read twice and referred to select committee on the subject of intemperance Mr Briggs called up the bill relating lo intcrcst-tne question being on the order to engross for a third reading. Mr u explain, ed the provisions of the bill, and remarked generally upon the subject or usury, as au thoriscd in this country and England; the obicct of the bill was to avoid usurious ex actions on the ono hand, and to give for the use of money, a fair and equitable con sidcration according to its value ; it recog nized but G per cent, but did not contcm plate the loss of the principal ; the usurious pnrt only to be rorle itcd, or rendered not collectable. Jlr Converse moved to amend the bill by striking out the second section, (repealing the act lo prevent usury.; Messrs unggs, Palmer. PierDoint, Hebard, Converse, Mi ler nnd Bell, participated in the debate. when on motion of Mr Hebard the bill was laid on the table. Mr. Hebard called up (he engrossed bill relating to wills and tho settlement ot es talcs.afier consideration of proposed amend merit, offered by Mr Hebard, by (he senate. in committee or the whole, tho amendmen was concurred in, and the bill, after de bate by Mr Hebard, Pierpoint, Briggs and Palmer, was read a third time nnd passed House On motion of Mr Conant, the rending of the journals was dispensed with Mr bargcanl introduced a motion io amend tho rule of the house, relative to the introduction of bills. Mr Sargcant inlrodced a bill to incorpor ato a manufacturing Co. at Manchester, referred to com. on manufactures. Petitions, Sic. of President and Fellows of Middlebury college, to com. on educa tion ; of E B Goddard and othcts to com. on roads and canals; remonstrance ofC. Cummings and others to Land tax com. ; of inhabitants of West Randolph, and of Ladies of the same place, to com. on licen. ces. 2 o'clock, P. M. Senate. Menage, from tho (louse, that that body had concurred in tho resolution cf the senate, limiting tho number of justices of the peace. Bills introduced By Mr Flagg,to incorpor. ale Chittenden Co. Grammar Sehool at Richmond, referred to committee on Educ.i. lion ; by Mr Duncan, in addition to school acts, referred to tho same committee. Fiiiday, Oct. 23. The Senate came in and tho joint camrnit tee proceeded to make the following appoint ments. WINDSOR COUNTY. Samuel W Porler, Assistant David Pierce, J Justices. O P Chandler, States' Attorney. John S Matey, Judge of probata for the district of Hartford. Thomas F Hammond, Judge of probate for the district of Windsor. Benj. Swan, Waller Palmor, Eliphalet Dun. ham, jail commissioners. ADDISON COUNTY. Samuel II Holly, Assistant Calvin Solace, $ Justices. Azariah Rood, Sheriff. D A Collamor, High Bailiff. E N Brigjs, States' Attorney, Samuel Swift, Judge of probate for tho dis trict of Addison. Harvey Munsell, Judge of probata for the district of New Haven. Ira Stewart, Doraitui Woostor, Joel Doo little, commissioners for the jail at Middlebu- 'y- John Pieiponl, Elliot Sherrill, Harry B Seymour, commissioners for the jail at Vot. genncs. RUTLAND COUNTY. Wm. C Kittridgc, ) Assistant Nathan T Snranue. S Justices. Ira Parsons, Sheriff. A W Reed. High Bailiff. Solomon Fnotc, Stales' Attorney. Wm. Hall. Judeo of probalo for tho diitrirt of Rutland. Almon Warner. Judco of mobile for thn district of Fairhavon. Robert Piernont. Luther Danish. Wm. r JBI, bUlllll,l.UUfl. CIIITTFNDIN county Joseph Marsh, ) Assistant Wm. Wood, J Justices. G. A. Allen. Sheriff. I P Richaardson, II B Stacy, John K Gray, Jail Commissioners. John Allen, Hincsburg Inspector of Hops, franklin county. Goo Green, ) Assistant Austin Fuller, $ Justices. Jeplha Bradley, Sheriff. Richard A Shatluck, High Bailiff. Geo W Foster, States Attorney. Wm Bridges, Judge of Probata for the dis trict.of Georgia. James Davis, Bale Turner, Jos II Brainerd. j an isommiiitcners. Orvillo Kimplen, Inspector of Hops. ORLtANS COUNTY Porltii Baxter, Assistant ' A R French, S Justices. Isaac Bates, Sheriff. E G Strong, High Bailiff. Charles Story, States Attorney. Joseph Wiggins, Judgo of Probata for the district of Orleans. John Killam, Joseph Wiggins. Joseph Chap. man, Jail Commissioners. Chester Carpenter, inspector ol nops. LAMCILE COUNTY. Henry Stowell, I Assistant Joseph Waterman, Justices. Almerin Tinker, Sheriff. Luther II Brown, High Bailiff. O W Butler, States AHornoy. Daniel Dodgo, Judgo of Probate for the dis trict of Lamoilc. Geo W Gatcs.Asahcl Raymond, S S Jones, Jail Commissioners. David Campbell, Inspector of Hops. WINDHAM COUNTY. Peter R Tuft, I Assistant Henry Wheelock, J Justices. Gates Perry jr. Sheriff. Calvin Townsley. High Bailiff. Alexander S Campbell. Stales' Allornoy. Marshall Miller. Waller Eager, Wm R Shatter, jail commissioners. Abel Hubbard, Inspector ol nops. es.-ex County. Azariah Webb jr ) Assistant Brigham Pike S Justice?. Grennleaf Webb, Sheriff. John Sclnff, High Bailiff. Wm Heywood jr. Slate's Attorney Royal Culler. Judgo ol I'rouate. Timothy Fairchild. Win Rich, John Dodge, jail commissioners. James May. Inspector of Hops. GnAND.ISI.E COUNTY. John M Suwles. ( Assistant Samuel Adams, S Justices. II H Reynold, Sheriff. George W Goodrich, High Bailiff. Hector Adams, State Attorney. Joel Allen, Judge of Probate. Elihu Parks, Ira Allen, Wm H Russell, jail commissioners. John ueynoias. inspector oi nops. The committee adjouncd to Tuesday af. tcrnoon next. ' Saturday, Ocl. 29. Senate Reports oj 'committees By Mr Shcldcn, the bill providing for an asylum for the poor in the county of Franklin without amendment, ordered to be engross ed for a 3d reading; by Mr Briggs. I lie resolution providing for a revision of the statue law?, recommending no provision for the purposo tho present session; the bill relating to interest, with proposed amendment; Messrs Briggs, Hubbcll, Con verse, Hebard, Young, Pierpont, Ranney, Merrill, Howe and Sheldon, participated in the debate, when the amendment after an amendment proposed by Mr Converse, was concurred in, nnd tho bill was ordered lo be engrossed fur a 3d reading. Yeas 21, Nays 7. Bills By Mr Phelps, incorporating tho Ascutnoy Iron Co. read twice, and referred to committee on minufactures; by Mr. Watson relating to Notaries Public and to protests on inland hills of exchange, read twice, Mr Watson explained the provisions and obicct of the bill, and it was referred to ! . I L!M :j tne juuiciary com.; cucrosseu uiu, pruviu. ing for printing llic journals of the Senate, read a 3d time and passed. Message from the house, of its concur rence in rescinding the resolution, limiting thn number of justices of the peace; and bad passed a resolution assigning a day for electing an inspector of Banks and agent to settle the concerns of tho Vermont State Bank. Mr Pierpont moved to amend the resolution by striking out the words inspector nf Banks, and insert in lieu there, of a committee to examine the several banks &c. Amendment adopted, and the Senate concurred in passing the resolution as amended, substituting Tuesday for Monday, on motion of Mr Porter. House Resolutions. By Mr Smith of M., instructing delegation in Congress rel ative to Slavery in tho District of Columbia laid upon the table; by Mr iiuckmastcr. inquiring as to the expediency of additional regulations as to paupers adopted; by Mr Curtis, for the appointment of clerks of Supreme and County Court and registers of Probate by the legislature rejected; by Mr Carpenter or W fixing the 4th ot Nov. for adjournment nf both Houses laid upon tho table; by Mr Tracy, fixing Monday next, 10 A. M. lo elect Bank Inspector, adopted. Petitions, Of citizens of Milton and of Martin Mnnley and others In committee on licenses, of B. Hoyt and of J. Proctor and others to com. on roads nnd canals. Report of committee By tho committee on Roads and Canals, recommending an appropriation lor survey nf different rail road routes 300 copies ordered printed. 2 o'clock P. M. Senate Reports of commilees By Mr Van Sicklcn, from the committee on finance, bill relating to Listers their office and du ty, with proposed amendments--, laid upon the table; hy Mr Young, from tho cum. on roads and canals, a report nil that part of His Excellency's speech relating to rail roads, embracing a lund or important facts and reasons in favor ofan appropriation for surveys, which was read, and laid upon the table; by Mr Phelps, Irom the committee on military affairs, the bill to repeal the act exempting members ol bngine companies from military duly, that the same ought not to nass indefinitely postponed. Mr Van sicklen called up the bill relating to Listers, which was read twico and laid upon the table. Report of the commissioners appointed to attend the annual examination of the FJ niversity of Vermont, was read, giving n favorablo account of tho Institution, its condition ond prospects. House Mr Morse or Woodford had leave of absence from and after Monday next. Monday, Oct. 31. Senate Mr Van Sicklen called up the bill relative t( grand list; Mr Pierpoint moved its recommitment, with instructions to report a bill providing for the return of usis wnn real ana personal properly in gross, dispensing with all iho items of the usual form supported bv Messrs Piernnim and Paimer, and opposed by Messrs Brier's auu ucii, wnen inc diii was laid upon the table. On motion of Mr Watson 200 copies of uiu report on raiiroaas, etc. were otdered house Un motion ol Mr Needham of u. the committee of Insolvency had leave ivi. miring me session oi mo lie use. The bill repealing the fox act war re jected on tho third reading. 96 to 70, also the bill repealing the acta relatives to pnysic and rurgery, 109 to 05. Engrossed bills passed Relatives to bills of divorce; relative to attachment of hay scales: incorporating literary and scientific associations ; to pay O II Smith $375. Several bills wero reported and disposed of as follows : Laid upon the table To pay George T. Hodges g-297 27 to abolish imprisonment for debt, and 300 copies ordered extend ing limits of yards lo the limits of the several counties. Dismissed--Relative to pedlars of Amer ican Jewelry repealing the act of 1830 relating to imprisomeni fur debt. 2 o'clock, p. m. Senate Mr Van Sicklcn introduced a bill altering term of Supremo Court for Chittenden Co. referred to the Judiciary commjitcc. Mr Young called up the bill relating to surveyors, and explained its provisions : after some discussion by Messrs Palmer and Picrpoint it was ordered to a third reading. Mr Briggs called up the bill relating to interest and it was passed ; 20 to 7. A bill providing for senator fur Lamoille County, was rclcrrcd to the Judiciary com. mittce. House The senate came in, nnd both houses proceeded lo make the following appointment : John II Cotton, Superintendent Slate Prison. J H Cotton 139 Bridgman Hapgood 35 Daniel Bowcn 29 scattering 9 Bills passed The bill from the senate fixing jailors' pay fur board at g I 50 per week from April lo December, and $2 from December to April relative to bank com missionersannexing part of Highgate to Swnnton. Report Bv committe on manufactures I to incorporate the beet root sugar manufac turing company, laid on tho table: lo in corporate the Tumbling Falls manufactur ing company, laid on the table. Mr Footc called up the rcsulution rela tive to the surplus, declaring it expedient lo pass a law at this session for a final dis position of the surplus, nnd instructing the enmmittec to report o bill tn provide for receiving the surplus merely. Mr Fooic supported the resolution on the grounds that it was not certain what sum, or even that any amount at all would be received mat tne House were not prepared lor any permanent disposition ol it, nnd (hat fur thcr time would enable the legislature to gather the views ot the people. Mr Fitch moved to lay tho resolution upon the table, for tho purpose of consid ering the resolution proposed by Mr Buck master. He was prepared tn act now, and carry out the recommendations ol the uov ernor's message. A distribution among the several towns, for the purpose of cdu cation he considered the mot just, equi table, and proper disposition of tho surplus revenue. Mr Dewey of G opposed, nnd Mr Buck master supported the motion, when K was withdrawn, and a motion to dirniff made by Mr Fitch, supported by Buckmai-lcr. Necdham of B, Dee, Smith of St A. Good. ale, Peck, nnd opposed by Fontc, & Dew ey ol U. when the liouso adjourned. Tuesday, Nov. I. 'Both houses in joint committee proceed cd to make the following appointments: BENNINGTON COUNTY. Nathan Burton, ),..,. Luman Norton, Assistant Justices John Norton Sheriff. Nathan H Bottom High Bailiff Leonard Sargcant State's attorney, Martin C. Deming, Judge of Probate, district of Manchester. Aaron Robinson, Judge of probate, dis trict of Bennington. W C Watson, Fowler W Hoyt. H S Walker commissioners Manchester jail. Jonathan Hunt. O C Merrill, E D Hub bcll commissioners Bennington jail. Washington county. -Wm Martin. ) ... .... Naihan Morse, Assistant Just.ccs. Alvan Carvan Sheriff. Paul Dillingham jr. State's attorney. orange county. Thomas Jones, 1st Ass't Justice. Justin Edson High Bailiff. Wm Hebard, Slate's attorney, John W Smith Judgo of Probate, dist. of Randolph, Wm Spencer Judge of Frobate, district of Bradford. John W Smith, John Steele, Joshua Dickinson jail commissioners. Eliphalet Bales, Inspector of hops. Summer A Webber committee lo inspect banks. Milton Brown, agent to settle concerns of Slate bank. The Spa of Vermont. This medicin. al spring is situated in the town of Claren don, three and a half miles south of Wed Rutland vilage. According tn thcanalysis. in one gallon of waier containing 235 cubic inches, 9,63 inches am nitrogen, 46, IC inches carbonic acid. The amount of sa line matter is only 5,76 grains, so thai, leaving oul the nitrogen and carbonic acid gases, the water is the purest in the world Nearly all springs and well waters have a large purl ion ofrahno matter some 10 per cent 1 iic analysis shows this wsier lo contain one ten thonsandih part uf the saline matter. The purest river water does not approach to this purity. Cousequcntly thowalcris perfectly transparent and with out taste. Besides the gases thus held in solution, gaa in great quantity exists in a free slate, bubbling up continually from the spring as at Saratoga. This gas is almost wholly nitrogen; being in 100 cubic inches, 98,45 nitrogen, 1,05 carbonic acid, 0,05 saline matter. The above facta show the Clarendon Springs to be most remarkable. No spring exists in the United Slates at all like it. as yet disenvered, and its curative properties in salirheume, cutaneous diseases, disor ders of the blood, $c., are so demonstra ble from facts, that its importance musl soon become extensively known. The pro. ..tiuio arc uuvv inning measures to pro vide acommndatinns for visitors at thi springs, and lines ofstages.- Vt. Chnnvle. ' FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 4, PEOPLE'S TICKET. . FOR rnESIDERT WM. H. HARRISON, FOR VICE PRESIDENT FItANCIS GRANGER. FOR ELECTORS. ai ;.-. JABEZ PROCTOR, .11 large,). SAMUEL SWIFT. Dist. No. I, DAVID CRAWFORD, 2, ZIMRI HOWE. 3, TITUS HUTCHINSON, 4, WM. A. GRISWOLD, 5, EDWARD LAMB. TUESDAY NEXT. The present election is confessedly of great importance, as it will determine the character of the national administration for four years. No opportunity will again present itself for four years to come, to displace faithless public servants in thcr general government, and lo correel thor abuses practised (herein, of which the pen pie so loudly complain. Every man, Iherev fore, who wi-hes lo see a different state of lhings--who desires to elect honest men to? public stations who aims at the prostra tion of intrigue and corruption in the pub lic councils, should exert himielf industri ously to bring about a change in the gov eminent, and place in its offices men of known integrity, principle and honesty. Now is (he lime for every man to exert himself for every opponent of Van Burcn lo intrigue and non.commitalism, tu show his disapprobation of the man and his meas. urcs. and to aid in pulling down the cor rupt party that now rules the stato and nation. THE CRISIS. Wr hare a word or Itvo .iy wiih reference lo I lie election ivliith m neural li.iml : neter ut one nore momentous in lis conrqiieiicet ; nnd ne cr unc in iuru iiir vpicc oj y trmom was so important. The irulti is, lite contest will !,e rtuie one, and fo cloe III it the seven loles of Vermont m.iy turn tlie pe.ile. If I'eniuyltaniu goes against ui, the re.-ult Air. Van Huron comet within Urn tulcs of an eleclion, counting Vermont ng.iinsi him. If, in such a case, the vote of Vermont should not be againat him, ha would be elected. We with to iniprcn if, then, deep in lite mind of eeri- fiipml i.f the interests of Vermont, mmn rcrlllS EFFORTS, nnd the effort i.fhU NEIClllUm.S in Vermont, may de pend the F1SAL RESULT. And h..t art llieciinseqiieiici'S lo Vermont ifhe if slack and iinr.iiihfi,l Suppose .Mr. Van lluren lo he elect, ed lite man uiu, would "carry the north Iiy parly machinery, and lite suttili Iiy idling ALL it tie mantis" lite noed opponent uf pnu.ninn i Ameiican industry, and uf a disiriliniion of the siiiplus meiwe : pledge have the penple of Venn. nit he would leg.inl even die sacred compinmi.e ol 1833 ! None not eien tliesh'sblr rsl. Known to lie avowedly fur a reduction of lite tat i(T,he is to he clajsed among the enemies of pro lection nnd (he projperity uf the uonl grnwer, the m.imiC.K Hirer, lite firmer and the mecli..nic 0,1. posed lo a dittribuiiun of the stitptus, anJ the pro. rccd nftho public land, Vermont has nut lo hope for a single sliver in the way of revenue. Oppo red lo improvements by Congiess, Vermont juts not lo hope for die aid, aliho.ish nid has liberally been given to state more nMe' ami not more deserving. Hi .li.rtimi ......l.t i, . heavy blow, perhaps a fual one, to the prosperity of Vermont. The maniifictiiiing e..taWiliiienti atre.tuy tip, and mindly coma un. iinon our slicams in every eection of the slate, might I par alvzed! foreign capital, (we mean ihe capital from neighboring tate,) invested in lliem might be withdrawn j wool miglu suddenly and necctM nly be reduced in price, nnd itiiitously lo ihe wool grower ; every branch of limine might ru"er, nnd Vermont, with all her immense resources, might once more be len, ns she was previous lo 1824, 10 uriigjle on for mere existence. Here then, nre Ihe IN TERESTS of Vermont at stake, nn, it well becomes her to buckle on the armour lo defend herself. We tny nothing of principle in- .....t-j .,,,, is o, me eminent services of Gen. Harrison, in forlv vrnra .nent n. n nut.K.- a.rPn... . nothing ofhij character ,u a man, si general nod a sinlesman ; nolhin ofihe political character of .ir. v .iii niiien nothing or his public caieerof sinuoitlv. eraftinei. ami inmn.l.i.u.. ..:.. -r His utter want of any merit, I jr any thing ho lias nlreaily done, or promises lo do, lo recommenj lum ; we call upon the freemen of Vermont to look at the INTEIIEST3 ihey have ni slake, and ip determine , ,,e,r Rrii Kni moll nper.i. live (July. Let then bear in mind that a ct iiij is nt hand, nnd come, one and all. f .r themselves and for ilia country, to the re.cue. Watchman. PENNSYLVANIA. We have now before us thn ndd-m nf the Democratic Republican Central Com. mittce to tho People nf Pennsylvania wntcn gives the results n detail mutir.W the Van Burcn majority 7,032. We count wnn no cor.lidence, however, unon carvin that Stale. We do not require her vote io ueteai jwf Van Duren, and on the same) principle by which wc claim North Caro. una, Indiana, Kentucky. Alabama. Ohio and the other Slates in which the Whiga navo succeeded at ihe recent elections we must set down her vote as against us. GEORGIA. We have now complete returns I mm Georgia. Tho Union Ticket is elected with a single exception. The wing candi date eleclcd, Mr Dawson, has but 23J votes less than thn first. Comparing- this majority with their last year's majority cf 2700, and it is obvious that Mr Van Burin will m gel the vote of Georgia. Noblp. Cattle. Major Charles S. Clark! son of Una neighborhood, sold a few diu ago, to Mr. Lot fugh of this city, a Durham rW1nra,,Ul.l,e UUcr 'n month. c-UM for 41.000. Til . . nnM. e- caltle. Cincinnati Whig. 1 Mammoth Appls. The Richmond Whig notices Iho receipt ora Pippin, from tho orchard of Mr. R. Pickett, on Turkey Island, weighing iwenty two ounces, and measuring fourteen and a half inches In circumference. From bad air. we take diseases; and from bad company, vice and imperfections. "

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