Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 28, 1836, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 28, 1836 Page 1
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N0 T THE GJiOKY OF CESAUJ H V T THE WELFARE OF HO M E. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1836. BY II. K. t rwi a Vol . X 1V0. 488. ?5 X li. LEGISIiATURE OF VHUMONT. Saturday. Oct. 15. Senate Mr White inttt'duced a rcn. luluin providing I'nr llie n U mi tmMi t nl chairman of committees tn join from the House, winch passed nnd I In; following appointments were mndc by ballot. Judiciary Uun. Messrs Briggs, Hebard nnd Ilnlibull. Claims Hon. Messrs Pierpoint, Con Verso nnd llnwo. Education Uan. Messrs Sheldon, Wnt Bon nnd Bell. Agriculture Hon. Messrs Palmer, 2 o'clock, P. M. ScNATF. Mr Brigs called Hp Hip IiiIkiii relating I" cxpotiiliinios for Hie .Sinto homo; willw rew III'' re-nlution nn. offered n substitute,,. ititriicltng 'lie mm inittpe of Fitinnciv In inquire ami repnri I he pxpente already, inclined, nnd llie np. p-nprintinti still ncce-sity to be made for the citmpli'iiim nflhe house. The eltbsli lull1 was nilnplcd. I ho engrned bill repenting mi- net rn OFFICERS. Joseph Snmcrby. Duorkecpcr, 0 BiSiehbins, Messenger, Wm T Biirnhnm. ) Lpmnn ltnblcu, ofilccrs of the house. OeVlilhnijs. ) Mr (inndnlu called up the suspended bill for ajpfshing imprisonment for debt, nnd 'nl'ipBrnc cnnvcrsnlion bclwcrn M"ssrs OofitlaTrv.Nepdhain of B. and Tracy, in which ilwn? in'.imnicil that I lie bill was Tapvps nnd Grimdv. " . . r T Manujaciures- non. icris cd oslo give il immediate qurmg cc'r'lnin pciilinns ti.'.be filed in Hip nut of tho power o'f Hie house, it was laid olhco ol secretory ol Btalp, was remi n nn tho iniye. iinril nmo ni! hi iiuiiinriinf Mr Piprnnint. On molinn of Mr Tracv. n Jniemnrtal cominilled for amendment; the bill was ngninsl thg rfynblishtnent ofmonnsjcrics in cnmoiitlcd to M i I'lcrpnmt, mill so nniPiio- tins s0ieAw;ns reicrrco in a seiecycuuuuu Wntprtnnn nnd Miller Elections Hon.' Messrs White, Gates find Barnes. Rules Hon. Messrs Brig", White and Merrill. Military Affairs Hon. Messrs Phelps Merrill and TentiPV. 5 Rands and Canals Won. Messrs Younp Ilnnpey nnd Kinsman. RanX'j llun. Messrs Porter. White anil Hnwe. Land Taxes lion. Messrs Sinilie, Beck With nnd Gates. Finance. Hon. Meters Hammond, Steele end Van Sickleii. Joint Rules Messrs Pierpoint and Por ter. Saturday. Oct. 15. House The chair niinomiced the np nnintnieiit ol iIip following committee: On the committee In farm j ,inl Rules Messrs Trncy nnd Foote. To report' Rules of the House Mesrs SmiMi oi Si A. Tracy nnd Funic. Unfinished Business Messrs Hale, Chip mnn. Adams nl' Grand Isle. The Senate came in, and both Houses in joint cnmnutlep proceeded to clod Judges of l he Supreme Court. The Senate withdrew, and the House proceeded with busings. The memorial nf inhabitant nl Theilfnrd, rigninst licou-itig Hie sab- of ardent spirit was presented. Mr. Fitch moved its refer rnce to n spIpc! coinnilltee nl' one from rach county, (Lainmle included. )-agroed In. HoU-E 2 o'clnck. P. M. amended. nnstd. Mr Ctmyqrfo introduced n'resnhnion. in Mrucunatio cTiliiuntlee no Hie .Indicia' in inquire nun Ilie rxpptiicneywi prnviuing nfT..rl! nnd so t'.p nf ilirn: nnd a memorial frrim Ullidrv freemen of tjns Stnlu, on Hie same sntiject, tna rhiorrm in i up entile pntntni tee. A nnmlicknt' memorial fur prohibiting .1 I P .... - t-.l lle sale oi nrucui spi'ii witij ptrtM:iin;u b law fur eerlntti pnctt nllisngrpi'ment of cine rend ointjiofidn uf Mr Fitch, and refer upiuiuti among 1 Iip Jiiilees ..I llie Siiiireme C'inrt in l hi Stale, Ilesnlniion pa --pi IIuu-f. The resolution fixing n day In gn I nt i nullity convent ton- wn-- rnll"il tin. Mr Smith nf St. A., tnuveil Weilne-diiy next. .Mr liuoilulo ninvuil in lay il upon ilie initio. Mp-r Smith, Peck, Sawver, Bllellllnll,r. Filch. Hale nnd Hiit-woll. op pned nnd Messrs. Gondnle. C'U-liinnn Whllney. Foiite. Clnngli nml Dewey sup pnrleil tliu uioi iuii, ami ll was canii'il nves 130. noe A llie.:i!;e wa1" received from Hip Seoali nl ils roncurrence in pH-Ving Ilie bill regii. lal'mir thu elccton uf United Slates Sena tors. Tuesday, Oct. in. Senate Mr Young introduced a rcso lotion asking for enquiries as to the linpnr lance of nrovidioz fur the prnlpcl luti of minors in niaiiofncinriog eslnbhhuient.- parsed nnd referred to the committee on mnniifticttirrs. Mr Hebard, nf the Jodicinrv enmmitt ee made repurt upon the bill, referred to the committee relating lo tin; writ of habeas curpu. that the present law made nil Hie prnvHinn neces-ary upon that subject Report concurred in, nnd the cumuntice discharged from any lurther consideration of the suliiecl. Mr. BuTgia, of the commit Ice on the field. Burgess, Kellngg. YMan, Brewster. I port, end the bill was twice read and or-1 port the sum which should be allowed dim banlnrd, Fairbanks, E-inn, Richmond dered to a third reading. 1 J)r Smith uf St. A. moved In lay it upon oi ueroy. Mowo of Luncnbiirgli, Adams of I 1'ho Siipenntcndnni of slnte house made the table ngrecd lo; by Jlir Curtis, to pay m l "' . . report, which was referred with nccompa- Jan To revise thelisling vsm--Mp9sra Cnr lis, Dowev of G. Divotl. i?..n ChipniMi, Slpbbins, Snnfurd, Nichnl, of II. amps Currier his mileouo and day-pay as nying documents, to the select committee a member til this Ippislaiure, up tolho2l8t oo tho subject. The whole nmnunt drawn inst adopted; by Vr Crowley, directing1 Irom the treasury is 100,1130 G2, ol which atntci Attorney oi umianu comity to ts- Hnmilton, Newton, Hall of M. Adams of is expended -107.085 SB; nnd no debts of sun n writ ol scire facias against tho Green IMiiiu 1 rUt Reports of COmmitlcesrv Hie indlrlnrv cnminmco n bill to repenl the act renuir'- any consequence outstanding. 1 r ntDAY. Uct 21. Senate Mr Boll introduced n bill, di- i r .-l, r.. ,1... nrohiblllon nt licenses for the mlool nrtlent J ..... ... ,. ...... utirils. were nrcseoled nod referreil li Hu elect cotnmillee raised upon l lie subject this morning. Mi; Burkinastpr inirndiicetl a resolution referring so much oflbe Governor's Mes Fage ns relates In Ihesorplos revenue com iii! from I he General Government, to a select committee of five, with in-lruciion-to report a bill in accordance with the re commendation nflho Mcrsngn. Mr Smith of St. A. ob-i-rvod that lime for reflection should bp given lo n subject nf such importance, nnd moved to lay the resnlolinn on lh.; table- agreed to Mr F.olc in.rc iluccd a bill to repel.! a certain act relating to hiwkersniid pedlars --referred to General committee. The bill relative to the cslnbh monasteries was referred to the Judiciary committee on motion of Shearer. The Auditor in tho Treasury made re ports on the treasury and school fund, which were read. Monday. Oct. 17. 183G. SENATE--7csouin.!. By Mr Briggs TAisinr n committee to examine into the relation to what shall be doomed a legnl jeltliMueut. made report that the saint ought lo pn--s. Bill rend the second lime. senate acting n in eomoiitlee nf the whole and no amendment being offered, the bill wa- ortlered In bo engru--cd and read u second lime In morrow morning. rtlr li"ll introduced a bill, in addition to the act relnting In jmU and jtil irs nnd re" nlatiiig the price nl' board, &c. Rend and referred to tin' judiciary committee IJuu-E. Rills intradural. By MrFilth lo alter the name nl Anderson Burt, read twice and nrdered to n third rending : fin ing fees' I'ljml l.-e.-nors for board ol'f.ri mi- prs nl S'.5. relerred In Wnys nnd Means ; by Mr Vilas, In e-lal ', , r I lish county (irnmmar Schnol at Johnson "iiineiii "i ... :, .... m ,,.... Ill uoioio o ' ei- no i'iiiil u luo , oy m r jiouh master In di-conlinne n ro-nl from Shrew bury In Rutland: to committee on roads' & canal-; by Mr Dewey of Guildhall, relnnvi' to writs ol certiorari, to judiciary commit tee; by Mr Smith of St. A- I ) incorporate red in the sclept coiniiiil tee nn Hip subject Senate Mr 1 1 n itiiiidikI offered n lull incorporating the Green Mountain Iron Cntnnnnv. ai Brandon, reatl anil referred lo t ho committee nn nniinl'ictores. Mr Cunverso informed tho senate thai the act directing the mode of elect inj? seti ntnrs to rpprpPiit this slnte in the Con- rre-s uf the U. Slates had been pre-enled in i lii Governor for his signature, Oct. It), IHSCi. M ' Briggs offered a bill incorporating Sili-bury manufacturing enmpnny. for Hie iiinnnliiclure nl wuollen and cotton goods. Rend and referred to the committee on manufactures. ' . The clerk nflho house informed tho son ate that the house had concurred in the resolution for de-ignating joint committee rooms, by the nppoinimeut uf a committee on hu part lor that purpose. Air llecliwitli ollered n bill directing the slate treasurer In pay the town of Sutton the sum therein mentioned : relerred lo the committee on claim. House. The following committees were announced On the. Surplus Revenue Messrs Fenle, Nn-di. Harmon, Admit-. Dewey nf (5, Fair banks. Peek, Sanfonl. Hale, Hapguod, May ol W. Hargeaut nnd Jnd-nn Oi erpenddures for State House Messrs Fitch, Cnnaiil, Nash, Richmond uf D, Muv nf Westminster. Messr- Ftillam, Newell nnd Slcbbin-, tut tin: bill lu annex part of sundry towns to Kirliy. Messrs Colby, Smith of B. and Ham-, no i no hill lo annex llurlburt s Island lo Georgin. Mr feargeant from the committee of clec linns made report oft wo resolutions on the llerlin ense, viz. thai James (.nrrier is nut entitled to l.i-t seat, nod Ihal Orin Smith is en! it led lo a sent. Mr Peck moved Mini i he report be laid upon the table ; agreed to. Mr Filch mnvpd n rrcoripiilTnlion of tli committee of reference yesterday of the subject nf the l;nledonia Uramni ir heliool iniul-i Air Me vens opposed, nod Mr Sinithul'St. Albans, Filch nnd Tracy supported the mm inn, nnd it was carried, nnd the petition referred to I he committee on education. Mr Smith nf St. A. called up Hie bill providing for the payment of presiding tiffi- cers of town nipplings forwarding the vote .1onnlain Turnpike Co. inquiring why its charter shall nut be vacated adopted; by Jlr JVuzzev, fixing Tuesday next, 10 o'- ing certain petitions to be filed in Hie ec- recting the Treasurer to pay Silas H. Jen- clock lo fill cerlaio Vacancies in the tst and retary bf state's office, ordered I o n third ni-on 750 dollars fin service? as Gov. the 2il divisions of Hie militia adopted ; by readinn .on thB bill in nrpinni ilm oaii.. Inst vpnr. Rend tin 1st nnd 2d lime, and Jlfr Fairbanks, that in case of contested e lishmeiAjOf monasteries, asking to bo dis referred to committee on c'aimi. lections, where parties have been heard in chargedll herefrom, and recommending its Mr Grandy introduced n resolution, in person nr by coun-el before committees', it reiercnin in i nc select committee raided on sirucung oenaiors nntl requesting our no- is inexpedient m autnu iiiuin tu ub ucuiu u, lite snbect, which report was concurred presentutives in Congress lo u-o their in-1 counsel on Hie floor of Mm house- -discussed inagnjist Ilie bill relative in the Rneietv fluencc lu procure ihe abolition of slavery by Jessrs Fairbanks Dewey of G. Smith Innds, irld the bill was di.mipd--nnninst in the district nf Columbia. On motion of of St A. Vilas and Ilaswell, and laid upon Mr Shrlden the resolution was laid upon tho table. the table. The enrrrnsed bill to organize the court. Mr Pierpoint cnlicd up Hie bill to incor. I , v nr Lammlo was read tho third time and porntn the Rutland Rail Rond Bank. passed. Mr Sheldon called lor a statement oi .. mis?cti exemptng mechanics' stock in certain cn ses frniiinltnchmcnt. nnd it wasmnved Hint the rcRijitinn and rcpnrl he laid upon the table, vjtich motion after rpmark from Mr Trntv ngamsl nnd Mr Bacon for Mip projpSSas agrpptl tn--ngnimt the bill in addition lo the net for punishing high prunes nnd misdempannrp. fin pffeel abolish ing puiii-hnii'nl bv death,) and it was laid npfii the table nga'utst the pplitinn nf tho tour nl Wenllierslield. relative In society lam'.-, nnd it tens laid upon the table facts in rplatimt tit the bill. Mr Pierpoint slated that the lact wn known Hint a Bank had been in succcsslnl operation nl Rutland for 10 1i years, doing pond hilsiilPsS its charier expire III 4 years l lie object was In inenrporale n new' bank, on condition that Its stockliolder- The Gnvrrnnr transmitted Iho net of 'nke nn equnl of Ilie Rutland nnd Whitehall Rail Rond Lomnanv and expend 100.000 in ilsconstrnciion. The President and Directors of Rutland Bank nro in fa vor of Iho passage o( the bill; and, if pas. sed. would make no application tor a re newnl of their charter. On molinn of Jlr Pierpoint, the bill was laid upon the table. Mr Howe, from the committee on claim', the siitinn member (Haswell) is eligible reported Hie bill lo pay Ijtillier liurnliam and was duly elected. proposing in nil Ilie UlaiiK with the sum ol JU Gnnd.ile, for the minority, laid upon (JOG 03. From the statement of facts this iable certain resolutions, which, with nppenred Hint the expenses incurred, were ,h t w flnnv rceommiued to the lor i ll w Mrmiuiiii3 no . I..; COmmillCO. llebecca l'eni;p, convicicu oi uiuruer. nun the Franklin l,n, htpnmboat Company, to committee on roads nnd canals; by Mr Pick tu addition to the several acts relating lo lor senator? in Hie county clprks and prn posed sundry amendments, winch were n jreed lu and ihe bill referred lo the com- bills of expenditures incurred erecting the t,0 judiciary, to the judiciary commitTee ; mitteo of Wnys and Means. new Slate House. Laid nn the tabic Mr Converse, introduced n bill, making habitual drunkeness, among the nfiences. pood cause with I he Judge nl t he .'nprt ine Court for gtanling bills of dir. nee. Ruler red to l he committee on l he Judiciary. Mr Purler tut roiliicetl a lull, in addition to an act incorunrnl ing I lie inhabitants of Springfield. Referred In the Jndicinrv committee. Ttio bill, introduced by Mr Porter, incorporating the Black River Cnrtl company, authorizing n joint stuck nf $50, 000 for the purposes ul the company m the manufacture of inachiiie nod hand cards, was rend nnd relerred lo Ihe com mittee on mniiofutlures. HoUsE. Pmyer by Rev. Mr. Kellngg. The pogrosspd lull, directing Ihe mode of electing U. S. Senators, was read the third time and passed. Bills introduced and referred. By Mr. Smith of St. A., for the relief ul the town of Swanlon, to the committee nf Ways aud Means; by Mr Vilas, in addition lo the nets relative in justices nl the peace, to Judiciary committee; by Mr Dee, to annex Hurlburl's island to Georgia to select com mittee of three; by Mr. Smith of St. A, in Addition to nets relating In bills of divorce, to the Judiciary cnnmiitteeiby Mr Sayur, for a field piece to the Green Mountain Artillery company of Stowc, to tho com mittee on Military affairs, by Mr. Whitney relative to tho village of Bratllcbnrn', tu the General committee; by Mr Conant, relative lo licenses for circuses, &c to the Gcnrral committee; by Mr Eaton, to pay Daniel Slono, nnd A. H. Burber, n .certain eum, lo committee on Military nf ifairs. , ,On motion of Mr Curtis, resolved that a Keleel committee of one from each county jtc appointed lo consider the expediency of by Mr Sanborn In preserve fish in Shat' tuck pood, In General coinmilleo ; bv Mr Fullerlnn, In incorporate Black River Mar ble Co., in commiltpc nn manuf.icl nres ; by Mr Crnwley to provide payment In officer lor travel in conveying the voles lor senn Inrs tu be canvassed, laid upon the table bv Mr. Fnnle, providing fur clatficnt ion uf pupils, &c. in one or more dislricts, when expedient, to cninmillec on educa lion. licsoiunans.- uy Mr jiicnn inquiring in'. i iln- expediency ol exempting stuck of mechanics from taxation adopted. The speaker announced the t-landing Coniiniliees: Mr Sanford introduced a rcsolulinn that the general committee be instructed to in quire inlo the expediency nf liiniiiug lln nutnuer nl .lu-lices n; tho peace, so that to no case shall nny luwn havomo-e Minn 7 :t Inwn ul 2000 inhabitants, G--1500, 5 and 1000, 4 ; rejected. Wedsday, Oct. 10. Senate--M r llnwo introduced a rco hit inn providing for the geological and lo pographical survey of the stale. Referred to the cnmniitlpo on education. Mr Merrill offered n resolution, instruct ing the judiciary committee to inquire in in the expediency of providing bylaw, for Hip erection ol p Court nl Chancery. lie Mie'asl C. ingress tip. in Mio surplus rnve nue.anil a cnniniunicnltnn upon the samp siihjpjt , from the secretary of the treasury winch was relerred to the select commit tec on Ilie suqtlus revenue. 2 o'clock, p. m Senate. Mr Wnlson presented the petition ot II. Walker and others, of Ben inngion cntintj praying lor nn nppropria tion to defray , ho expense nf Ihe survpy nnd cnnstriicthn of rail ronds throughout I he loiiglh of ili p stall! on both sides nf Hip mountain. R'nd nnd rplerrcd to the com nultpp on rnnls and cnnnl Mr Briggs introduced a bill providing for the nppoiilmonl of a reporter ot the decisions of fio supremo courts, nnd the publication o tho reports : allowing the reporter n sn'iry nfCtGOO and Iho prnr.ped- nf the -ales o" t he reports, nfier supplying the state Willi a tlpfiuito number nl Ins ex peine. Ron! nnd referred to the judiciary cnnitniiiee. Mr Young int reduced a resolution, in Irucliog Mio cummilteo on education lo inquire intn the expediency of providing by hw lor peroinneni tneridiunnl inoniimettls in Hie several counties in Mm stale, tons certain nnd test iho declination nf the com pas needle; and also lo provide for n more accurate mode of surveying by requiring snme test of nonlihcations of survpyors nnd thpir compasses, to report bv bill or it her wi-e. Passed nnd referred lo tho cummiitpc on pdocntion. House The speaker announced the II .win.t cmiiinittucH : To cMiioine as to Ihe services of bank commissioners) and inspectors and inspec tor .Messrs tNewell, Wallace. Allen On slate library Messr Peck, Eaton, Pierce. On the subject nf monasteries Messrs Smith of fal A. Suiilli ol Cavendish, bliear- Mr Edson cn'led up the report oft he com mittee of Klccnons on the ise'lin case the nnesiion being upon adopting the resu- around that its final passage was eminent num., when it was moved In maKo Ilie y calculated in nrnmuie internal improve rcsolulinn the order oflbe day for to-tnor- ment so fnr at least as relates lo Iho con raw mnrning Messrs Peck nnd Foote I si ruction ufan important rail road ; and the npporle.l ihe resolution: agreed lo. impetus thu given by the success of one Un molion nl Mr Sanborn, Ilie Judiciary m llie construction ul niners. Altering the name of JUa. rv E'izh Rnyce : in nd.liiinit tn ihe act in corporating cent re village nf Springfield ; lo preserve n-h in lline-hnrgli pond; to pay Heinnti Carpenter jj50 50 ; in addition in several net relatirg lo justices oi ine peace : ill addition to acts constituting eu. preiuc and county courts. Bills from the Senate. Relating to jail ors' fees, referred to the judiciary commit tee: relnling to highway, to committee on roads nod canals; in Invar ofJuhn H. Olin, in committee of claims i to pay Silas II. Jettison, read n third lime. The majority of ibe committee of elec tions made a full report, concluding Hint tfays and .Means Messrs Dewey uf ferred lo the judiciary committee.' Guildhall, Ilaswell, Adam, of G. I., Nosh, Who in y. Claims Me-srs Conant. Fi- hl of New lane, Vila--, Ii.irrnWK, lluniiii". Hanks .Me.- Hale.- Auun, Tinden, Ricliinnnd nf Derby, Maynt Westnunsier. Judiciary .Messrs Tracy, Smith of Si, Albans, route, t'eck, .Marcy, Military Jlffuiri Messrs. Ctishttinii. Marlin. Wood, Muzzey, May of West Foirlec. Roads and Canals Messrs Fairbanks, Sherman, Judsun, Smith of Cavendish, Whllclaw. Insolvency Messrs Neetlham of Bristol Follaiit, Smith of Benson, Buckinasier, Corns. Agriculture Messrs-. Stcbbins, Niles. hdgeilun. Divnl, Ricliinnnd uf Barnard. Mnnufni lures Mes-rs. Campbell, yor uf Rnyallun, Beeman, Scull of Frank Mil, baulord. Land T.ties--Messrs Sawver nf Hyde- park. Jeiiieon, Benson, Iiinuulu, Stevens. General Committee Messrs Filch, Dew py, Ilnward, Ellis, Riiyiunnd, Chipinan, Mr. Pierpninl intrnduceil n bill to incor- pnrate the Cnstlelnn manufacturing enm pany, u ith a cnpnal uf 250 000 fur the man ufaclurc of woolen goods nnd iron; passed and relerred to the committee un mauulac lures, Mr Young introduced a bill, providing against Ihe interference of foreigners in lections. Rend. and referred to the select coinnilltee rnised on the bill providing fo the election oi Governor and other btato officers I'he bill directing what shall bo deemed a legnl settlement wns read n third time nut) passed. Mr llebard reported the hill relating to jails and jailors, wiih prnpnsals nf amend ment irnui the cnimuillee, allouuio- two dollars tier week for hoarding: persons in j.tll troiti Ihe fir-l nf December In tho first nl April, nml gl,50 per week iho remain der nf i he year. The senate, as in cum inilteu ut the whole, considered Ihe bill when .Mr Hell moved nn amendment by nulling n proviso tutu lilt! 1)111 take iminu hale cttecl upon in nnssnrvp. rills nr.. .equalizing the system nf making up the , Cnrpenler of W'aiislield. K.onley! I'"'.!1' Wa".p.port c r, lnarks y Mesr l i;... -n.l oi, Lis mr.tiiin Ihe In (III I .. .. ... . . .. ' It. .11 Vnii S3, ,.1 lu.i M II I),... . " ... iiiv , uiu-r nun Palmer, nnd opposed by Messrs Briggs nnu nnwp. Miienuineui nil.ipted. After nn sinenduipnt suggesiod by Mr Piprpniut suns in make Hie bill read "nn nci relation to jailor's feei," The senate reported iK. lull ntin it wfia nrfliirml It. n I : n... . III 1 r. Un 1. " . w u uiiiu itouill" I- uii:r uimi iiu iiiiiu, . iiii.sui, i.oswono ... InnMll.v mornin.r. i r . A.u;Jn.. . ir.,i. ...i n.... I "' i? .mow,...'... , m..-u.. , ,,.i, ... uuu.,. Tho secretary of civil and military af- county. o V. V ' "" " fairs uitorinocl llie PiMinto that the Cover On motion of Mr Goodale. that part of o". . u so, .g. , . un, .. .. nnr ,,,,, nplrnV(,,i nll,i s,2nedM,e act del pinnd libi; and on his molinn, ihe nut on Ihcsnmo mhject referred on Saturday tn the General cominillee, was rc-conidorcd .nit referreil to tho select coinniil'ee. On molinn of Mr. Fonle, the several nhlcrts of Iho Governor's Message were a fa rot I In tlip nnnrnnrinte comniillccs. the nortirm relnlive tn Hie surplus was refer red to a select committee of one from each Harmon, IJ.iwo nf Luiietibnrgl., Hay.ies. Education Messrs Field uf Wilmington, Brewster, h.ilon. Lawrence, Twilight. Grand List Messrs Mnrgnn nnd Rising of Bennington county; Newell nnd Bullock W in il I: u tn ; W'lleox nnd Crnwlpy. Rutland; Ihe Governor's message relating to iutpris ment for debt, was referred to committee of insolvency. Mr Foote introduced a resolution, in strucling the committee on Education In inquire into the expediency of a geograph- Way, Caledonia; Griswold nod Dee. Frank lin ; Hastings and Hintnan Orleans ; Schoff and Appletou, Essex ; Goodrich & Hayncs, Grand Isle. Distributing Committee Messrs Bloom er, Mason, Paul, Woodbury, Drake, Nich icil and typographical eurvey of tho state; oU, Saxton, Adams of Northfiold, agread to. I Corse, Moore, Holbrook, Dawson. Buck, mining Ilm mode of electing senators from this siato in tho Congress cl tho Untied States. House. The speaker announced tho following committees : On Weights and JlIeasuret--NcEsxa Co nnnt, Uroweter, Hall ul Croton. On the Usenet laws Messrs Fitch, Can who died in prison before the tiny of ex.; cut ion. The blank was filled with the sum proposed by the committee, nnd the bill thus amended, iins-nd lo bo engrossed House Ihe chair announced the In lowing Appointments: Cmniiiiitep on petition nf 323 citizens nl Starksborotigh .Messrs Converse, Carpen ler of F. Ellsworth, Sieveos nf P. Pierce On state prison report Mr Ilaswell. in place of "r. Nasii, who was excused, tin account of his being on three oilier com m in pes. Bills By Mr. Vilas, to incorporate tin Lamnile manufacturing Co. relerred to committee nn manufacture; by Mr Eatnn, tn locale county buildings ol l-raiiklln cunnt vs Mr Smith of St. A. moveii in lay it upon the tnble, opposed by Mr Eaton, and it was laid upon the table. The committee on the surplus reported a r. solution, that it is expedient for the slate ofVt. to receive her proportion uf the Mir plus revenue, and instructing the commit tec to report a bill accordingly; adopted.-- ayes 213, no 1, Mr Bancroll of Plainfisld.) Senate 2 o'clock, p. m. Mr Converse called up the bill inenrpn ratio" the Rutland Rail Rond Bank. The niiestion was upon the passage of the bill to be engrossed. Mt Huwo supported tho bill, on the TrtnASUIlF REPORT. Tho Slate of Vermont in account with Au. gustine Olark, Treasurer. DR. Sept. 30, IH20 -To paid debentures oriasi lci;Mnluro $14,940 31 To paid salaries Judges Supremo court 5,984 99 deduct Ices in civil suitj 2,109 H3 3.70.5 14 sillies' attorney 3,247 51 orders orcourl's 21.522 95 wnlfcuflificatcs 320 00 auditor's urdcrs 7,0flj 30 bear ccr.ifieales 270 00 crow di. 2,072 20 fox do 1.591 25 commissioners ofdeaf and dumb 2.010 91 sup'l slnlo prison 4 2.3 07 on acts ure 3.943 55 sup'l statu bouse 23,673 17 Harvey llcll for law reports 3,321 54 (.alaiies of Sec. State and Sec. cif Oov. and Council 700 00 n D Barber, clerk, half year's sal'ry 187 50 O II Smith, clerk pro tern. do. 187 50 Ralary of auditor, engrossing clork, treasurer, and coin'r school fund 830 00 Gov. Palmer balanco salary 250 00 Joseph Smith of iho Co. of censors 12 30 debentures nf convention 5,048 90 D. fierce for stationary Sc postago 5 03 several b'k commissioners 530 00 b'k Monipelier in part money bor'd 2200 00 conunittei! were tn-truclcd lo inquire intn the expedience ol appointee nn age. it tn examine the concerns of Moore's charity chuol, Hanover, N. II. Thursday, Oct. 20 Senate. Mr Van Sicklen, introduced n bill, in relaltnn lo listers, their offic9 and dutv. Li id upon the table. House. -Mr Ilaswell called up the rc Mr Hebartl said ho felt unprepared I" act umlcr.-tandiogly upon iho subject. There wns .much iiguatiuii nl' the public mind no the subject ol bank -out.; prn noiinceil lliem. one and nil, monopolies nnd their faces were set against nil bank ing institutions others were infected with n bank mama. In regard to the bnl undei consideration, some important lealures m port oft lie committee of Elections on the t required particular investigation, and it Berlin case and after some discussion be ween Messrs Ilaswell, Footo, Smith of St. .. Dewey and Fitch, the report wns laid upon Mitt lable. Bills introduced, lly iMr hawycr nl 11., to organizo the county of Lamoile. referred o members Irum Cannulu county; by Mr Foote, to pay Clara Merrill the last half year's ialary of Ihe late Secretory of Slate, relerred to committee ol utaiins; oy Air Peck, relative to settlement of teslnlo and intestate estates, &,c referred to Judiciary committee. 2 o'clock, P. M. Senate. On motion of Mr Van Sicklen tho bill reluting to the duties of listers was taken uprvrru on mnlion of Mr Pierpoui relerred lo llie committee nn I'limnce. IMr Pierpout called up the resolution from the huiist; assigning a litni; for the choice ol a Senator to represent this State in the Con. gress ol Ihe United states. Mr Waterman moved In amend the res olution by prosing the word Friday nntl in serting Iho word Tuesday, so Mutt it read ruesday next. Mr Wnlermnn siippnrled his tnntiun, and wns followed by Messrs Merrill noil llebard on tho fame Mile . op posed bv Messrs Pierpout nnd Port, r, I he que.-n lectded in the nmrmalive, 1G to 13. when Hie Sennle concurred lu Ihe rosiiltil inn as allien. led. Mr Porter repuned Mm bill, incorporating Mm Rnthijid Rail Road Bank, when thu Sennle, ncting ns cnniinitiee nf the wbnle, t-nnsidered ihe nineiidnienls prnpnsed by thu cnmmitlee, reported the bill as amend- d, concurred in Hie proprosed amendments, nnd on mnijiiu nf Mr Pierpout, tho bill was laid upon tho table. This is no important bill nnd if passed, will result in the renewal of Mm charter nl Iho Bank nf Rutland- the stnckhnlders be ing required In take an equnl amount of siock in iho Whitehall ami Holland mil road company nnd to expentl n large sum inwards its completion, before the renewal of their chartur. House Tho committee on t ho bill for I organizing the county of Lamoilo mado re. niendment. He might be in lavnr ol the pissncc of the bill, on further reflection. but was not nt present. These were briefly his views, lie hoped the bill would he laid unon Ihe tnblo again beloro nenng upon n Mr Pierpoint requested llie gentleman last un In slate his obiecttons Mr Hebard slated them concisely. He understood I he bill wns not providing against the rechatlcr uf the bank of Put Unci, but ns giving to the stockholders of that bnnli the privilege of subscribing nr receding stock to the contemplated rail road ban equal to their present stuck, thus givin tn them a privilege denitd lo others. Mr vlferrill snid he felt all Iho (orcc and effect uf the remarks. It wns an unprcce denied bill, and no Mine list! been given lur examination it was n now species of uion- lnd iiistiluliuns, with n sort ol double geer ing which he did nut sufficiently underlain without Inrlher examination he was nut prepared In no into this new kind nf exper uncut, without looking at the hill hue by hue nud comparing all Ms bennngs. Huu-E The house rt sinned llie Berlin rase, nnd Win Unhnm Esn. was heard on ilie part ti(Mr Smith. On motion nf Mr Finite, Ihe ooestion was divided into two resolutions nnd the fir-l, declaring J.iine. C rier nut onuilcil In n seal, was n.lopied 177 In 37. Tho nnesllou Mien recurred I upon 1 1 1 o second, declining that Drill hoinli H eutied In a seat : Mr Pnlrnlgu. Buck inasier and Peck opposed, nud Mr Dewey nf G. and Snrgeaut supnnrled, when Mr Smith nf St A. moved to lay il upon llie tablenegatived. Finally Hie resolution wbj adopted, 120 to UU, ana Mr oinitii iuu his feat. Saturday, Oct. 22. Senate Mr Waterman, introduced a rcsolulinn providing for the nppoitilinenl of n select comtlleo ol three in inquro into l ie (ixpedioncy nf lessening, and defining Mm number nl Justices tif-tht Pence tu he np. pointed in each town in this K'nte; passed. House- Resolutions. By Mr Fuch, sp pointing Hon. Samuel C. Crafts to settle with superintendent ol state house, ind ro. interest do School fund balance in treasury do. 0 G7 C76 70 5,472 49 CR. $108,150 49 By balanco in treasury last year 22.722 45 ca-li received int. on arrcnges ot taxes bbJ 14 from slain' attorneys 5,035 62 on IiuiiiN for Deaf and Dumb C9 25 for safety fund 3,122 22 law reports M-ld IC5 73 borioWcd of bank nfMnnlpellcr 7,200 00 do. Burlingtnn 5,000 00 on dividend Burlinglon b'k 007 70 do Esex 167 4 do Farmers 403 23 do Orlear.s 90 00 do Woodstock 400 00 do Manchester 195 92 do Middlcbury 74. 25 do Monipelier 240 00 do Windsor 384 00 do Bralllcbaro IliO 00 do Bennington 3G0 00 do Rutland 1030 00 do Vergennes 4l!It 00 do Boll's Falls 400 00 do St. Albans 240 00 do Caledonia 2IG00 do Orangoco 240 00 do N'pwburv 400 00 do Far. : Mcc 300 00-7334 69 from te Iprlmcti of Willi, im.iown for lii't'inea 60 00 f.oin limps Tiiuit to o it. nrr. 20 00 fioni Jnel A Pen, eleik (ir.uid Isle co., error in i'Miini; mdi-r fi out tiiictii rent hilta lefi by MrStvnn By cili leceiml fur ixes .i. i..ii i;...,c. do'ii licenses tin Old Si. ne hink debts do On pi i ir. uf st fiitid do 1 inert-it un scliuul loud 86 00 4 00 4R,9tS 43 1.9SK 50 400 00 4414 43 S.0SS 02 S103, 150,49 Amminl nflaxei In nric.iron iheSOdi Sirpi,lS36 $33,C03 11. KEI'tlltT On die l. He rif die sclinul fund, Sejit. Si.iip of Vi nn.ini, Tu iiin'i e I' l.i.oi by exrli oiji of nolrt lu.ineJ the lite p.iil jeur SO. 1S36. D!t. 2,fi7H 70 14.546 94 17,223 64 17,233 64 Thrfiinmi"! on loan ll 50,247 45 l)educi uin'l uf prini-p'l p'd within ihe yr 4,414 48 CR. lly nmonnl receivf.l llie pail AdJ nm't of exchange of notes Ahoiim'l loaned in 1834 do. 1S35 tlo. 1630 45,8.13 02 2,676 70 43.509T72 9,192 :I8 14.025 78 14.546 94 $86,274 82 The nuililor further r-porli that Ihe hm are be. lirved lo I Mtiifjcionly secured by morlgagei nn real etute, be.

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