Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 28, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 28, 1836 Page 3
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HB TOKEN nnd ATLANTIC SOU- VEMR for 1037, Willi 12 engrav ings, far sale by Oat. 21. V. HARRINGTON. Martin Van Butch. LARGE portrait lor framing of Mnr. tin Van Huron, Vtco President of llic United St n les, nnd Miniatures of Martin Van Buren, painted on ivory nnd set in gold, received nnd for salo nl (lie Variety Shop. Pamjuofin &. ISr.i.ssMAin. Oct. 20. WTltlE AMERICAN. -JLM.LVAC and Re 4Sk rosiToriY or Useful Knowlcoqe, for I8J7, for salo ly October 21- V. lUnnisoTON. New Goods Oct. 19, 18'M. WB received to dny, cold, opctiworked, clinked and plain Guard Keys ; gold Bar pins; Spectacle "losses; Bombazine, silk ond satin Stocks; Linen bosoms and collars; satin bosoms; 10 bundles best Italian violin string-" ; Flageolets clarified rosin; Instruction bonks lor bugle?, ser pen!. Trombones and doles; books on band for otber instruments: Cologne water, niilk of snscs ; lootb powder; G dozen but. ties indelible ml; to mark wit bout u pre paratlon ; 3 dozen do. lo mark with a prc paralion; cither oi'lhein ore good and will not wash out. For tale at the Vuriety Shop. pAivGnonN Si BniNtM.un. THE M3TROPOLITAII M AGA2II1! 2. Edited by Captain Marrijatl, .-hither of "I'cler Simple' 4c no. lxiv. Augn?t, I33C. ONTENTS. On tl:o juslioo and cxpe. diency of establishing an International 'Copy rightLaw, Sumntcr.Night Thoughts, Snarlryyow , or the Dog Fiend, Ibo South BreezoJ Stray Leaves from tho Diary of a Courtier, Rich Relations, Mr. Midshipman ICasy, 'O'DonneH's Farewell to Erin. A talc of tho Irish Ucbcllinn. Mount Skiddaw, Ardent I rnuglilnn, Ibo rcciicd Mercli.inl Fame. The Lion of Unm-gnlo and Iih Tiger, Lcs Ilimndiilln". Our Actors, To La licllo Kate, toe Life. Opinions, and Pcnsilo Advcn tures of John Ketch; Angu-t. , VERNON UAIllUNr.TON,.'7gn. College street, Oct. 21, 1030. For Sale A Quantity of WAI. NUTS from Ohio, by the bushel or barrel, En quire of V HARRINGTON'. College st rect, Burlington Get. 21. S Marryatt's Works. fTHE work is published in semi- monthly JL numbers, each number complete in itself, and containing the whole of one of bis works, equal to lico duodecimo vidimus. The whole series comprise eight numbers, nnd will form two royal octavo volumes of about twelve hundred pages, lor $3,50. List of tenrks comprised in this idititm. 1. Peter Simple, or the Adventures of a Midshipman. 2. Jacob Faithful. 3. The Pirate; The Three Cullers. &c 4. Frank Mildmny. or tho Naval Officer. 5. The King's Own. 6. Newton Foster, or the Merchant Ser vice. 7. Pacha of many Talcs. (1. Japhct in s-carcb of a Father. For sale by Oct. 21. V. HAnnrNfiTo.v. United Stales Pensioners. Bank op Bi'ri.inoton, ) Oct. 14, l3Q. THE following circular having been re ceived by me, from the Treasury Do portmcnt, it will be necessary that n strict conformity with t tin rules thoutd bo ob served by oil classes uf petiM tiers, who may apply either by ntiornev or in person. E. T. ENGLESBY. President and Pension Agent. CIRCULAR. TnEAsunv Department, Second Comptroller's uice Sentcmber 23, ISJ3G. The ngent for paying pensions at Burling inn, Vermont, Sir In order to guard more effectually against a repetition of frauds, as heretofore practiced by the production of forged pa pers, the first three following addilinnal rules will be observed by the accounting officers of the Treasury. 1. In every case where ibo pensioner employs an attorney to receive bis pension, the execution of the power must be in the presence of at least one witness other than the magistrate before whom it is acknow ledged. No payment to an attorney will be allowed unless supported by a voucher bus executed. 2. In nil cases where the signature of the pensioner or his attorney is required, such pensioner or attorney will wrile his name at length, if capable of so doing ;--.otherwise his signature may be by mark or or cross, in wnicu case inc execution iniisi be in the pioecnco of at lcai one compe tent witness, oilier than the justice or no tary wlm nets ufiiciatly in lli cofo. , 3. No paymenu will in fuluru be made to nny pensioner, cither in peroon or by nl torney, who Iioh not applied fur Ins pension for more than one year, without the pro duction of evidence of his identity, as pro scribed in the instructions from this office of Juno 10, 1833, chapter 1, section 2, nnd form B; nor until such evidence has been transmitted to the Commissioner of pen eions nnd a special direction authorizing the payment has been given. 4, In caseB where a cetificate his been issued by the commissioner of pensions to the widow or children of an officer or bo! dicr under the act of June 7, 1832, or un dcrthenct of May 15, 102B, no prool of the relationship id tho applicant to the dc censed officer or soldier is to be required by the pension agent, that proof having been necessarily filed in the office of the commissioner of pensions prior to the issu ing of such certificate. Respectfully, sir. ynur ob't servant, V ALBION K. PARRIS. Comptroller. jm To Rent, A Dwelling 1TI1B House suitable for n small Aim illiH. ily situated near tho square. Enquire of LATHROP & POTWJN. Burlington, Oct. 14. 1835. IMPROVED STEAM DREDGE. Tho subscriber offers to build on the most reasonable terms, nt I. &. J Towns- end's t'urnnce, Albany, bis newly invented S'enin Dredge. Having built a number of Machines for Lyons & Howard, for the U. States, Ilud-on river improvement, nnd Canada, and also one for the U. States at Chicago, ond one for n Troy company, flatters himself that his Dredge is superior to nny now in use. Persons wishing to build or contract for Steam Dredges of any size or form, either in nart or the whole iron and wood work complete, will do well to call on the sub scriber before) they contract. All persons arc cautioned not to inlringo on tho rights nf tho subscriber, cither by using or vending the samo under the pen alty of the law. 3w. MULLEN BAR ITEL. Black Otter and Fur C A P S . Good Assortment, of every style qua I xjL ily and price, fur sale bv VM. I. SEYMOUR. DZrCaps made to order. Burlington, October 21. 11130. STRAYED From the Interval Farm of the snb-crtber on tin; 0 1 1 1 hut a while Sow. weight slippn-cd to be about 150 pounds, any information that can bo given of her Willi be I tin ti U lii 1 1 v received and dutv rewar ded. ' LUTHER LOOMIS. Oct. 10, 183G. 3v Dissolution. rl"MlH copartnership heretofore existing under the firm of J. & II. Clark, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due said firm miM bo immediate- lv settled. JOSEPH CLARK HIRAM 12. l!!3G. CLARK. Milton. Oct India Rubber Aprons. The subscribers have received a largo supply of the above articles from i lie Lynn India Robber Co. r.nd can now suply their Customers with any quantity. Lkmi'ci. Curtis & Co. October 14, K130. CARPETING. i r Bales sup. Ingrain nnd Common Car LKJ pets. 3 do Figd. Floor Clolhs, India Matling, Health Rugs &c. lor sale by Latiiiiop &, Potwin. October 14. ryUE subscribers acquaint Ibeir friends nnd the public that they have entered into cnparl iicrehip. nnd have opened a shop near the corner of Church and King strecls. where lliev will dre.-s and dye all kinds of Furs, at reasonable prices. They al-o in lend In keen lor sale nio.-l kinds nl DRES SED and DYED FURS, and will buy all kinds of raw furs. Persons wishing to have furs dressed or dved nre invited to call and examine specimens of our work at tho fac lory, which it is confidently believed will prove satislur.lnrv. BIERDEMANN & VOLK. Burlington, Oct. 12. 1030. Lathrop & Pot win AVING been engaged the last two munths in selecting their FALL GOODS, have now the plea-tiro of offering to the public one of tho heaviest and best selected n-sortnieiils of Rich. Fashionable, and Fancy Dry Goods ever oflere'd in tbi maikct. The following are n few of the leading articles, viz. 27 pieces blue, black, brown, invisible green, adeliadc and drake neck BROAD CLOTHS. 27 pieces heavy striped, plaid, nnd ribb'd Bock Skin and Common CASSI.MBRBS. Plaid and plain SATIN ETTS. Drab, blue and invisible green PILOT CLOTH, lor over coals. Silk, velvet, loilinet ond Valentin Vest iivns. French. German, Jnrqunrds, Eng. and common Meuions: and Ciiicas-ias. German, Gnats Hair, Crape and com mon Gamble's. Bombazines and bombi zetlcs. Grcei), crimson, ami scarlet Mo reens. Merino and worsted Hosiery. Blk while and scarlet Merino Shawls. Em broidered Thibet nnd Merino Ilandkrchfs. Colored worsted and silk blend Edgings Ladle.-.' fur lined Gloves, superior goats; skin do. SILKS. 07 pieces comprising every shade and quality ol plain and figured Gro de Nap, Gro do Swiss, and Poult de Soi. Superior black Italian Gro de Swiss and Poult dc Sol. Heavy black silk Camblets, grey do. Pongees, sewing, twist, cholly, and plain -ilk Handkerchiefs and Scarfs ; mu.-lin and luce capes and col or;; down scarlV, Ihread and bnbinello lace edgings and Inserlings; quilling and neit Laces; lung kid nnd open fill; gloves. iic. (5ic. 10 bales Liwrenee mill Sheetings, Tick ing, wadding, halls, cotton yam, while and brown Canton Flannels; while, green and yellow hnglirh Flannels; rose uud point Blankets. Sic. DRY GROCERIES of every dccrip. lion. CROCKERY, GLASS, Si CHI NA WARE. &c. &c. Burlington. Oct. 14, I83G. CANADA STOVKS. We now have on hand an as sortment of Cannda Plate Box Slovcs, of the following sizes, 21, 24, 20, 30, 31, nnd 3G inch. The patterns arc good. T. F. & W. L STnofG. October 7, 183G. Broke into the enclosure ol tho subscriber about the first of September n red line backed three year old steer. The owner is requested to prove properly pay Charges and lake him away. ELIHU RUSSELL. Shclburn, Sept. 12, I83G. rtMIIK I. IFF ANI TllH's nu ir-ionc JL AND POLITICAL OPINIONS of John .union, won an appendix, containing animad versions unon Dr. Jolinsnn'a I irv. nr Mill..,. by Joseph Ivimoy author of tho History of mo r.ogiiBii uujmeiti, &x etc. ; lor salo bv V. HARRINGTON. LiYMAiV & COL.13 H AVE rce'd n few bales of very supe rior BUFFALO ROBES, Rose Blntikclp, Duffilcnnd 5 Point Blankets, Horse Blankets f Real French Kid Slips Ilenvy kid do Morocco do Thick Solo do (Inilcr Boots Bolivcr do I U'nlking Shoes. &c. A few baskets best Champ'ii WINE Gold Sherry, Sicily, Lisbon, Port nnd Malaga. I4lb Oct. conte.nts or no. xcm ok the NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW. Aml. Livingston's System of Pennl Law. A System of Penal Law for the State of Lou isiana, consisting ol n Code ot Crimes and Punishments, a Code of Procedure, a Codo of Evidence, a Codo of IJoform and Prison Disci. phne, and a Book of Definitions; prepared under the Autliorty oi n Law ot the said blate. IJtj Ldicara Livingston. A nr. II. Romaic Popular I'oetru. 1. Das CJrioclnscho Volk in ofi'ciilliclier.kircb- licbcr und privnlrechtlicber Uczichung, vorund line li clem Frcihcilskampfo bis zum 31 July, lcdl. Von u. li. Maurer. 2. History of Modern Greece. By James l.merson. 3. Cours do Litleraturo Grccnuo Modcrnc, donn6 ii Geneve, par Jacotnhj Rizo Niroulos. Art. III. American Architecture. Tho American Builder's General Prico Book ond Estimator; deduced from extensive Expo rienco in tho Art of Building, iiy James Gallier. Art. IV. Willis's Writings. 1. Melanio and Oilier Poems. By iY. P mi Vis. Edited By Barry Cornwall. 2. Penciling by the Way. By iV. P. Willis, Esq. 3. Inklings of Adventure. By tbo Author of " Fcncilings by the Way." Art:V. Northeastern boundary Message from the President of the United States, transmitting, in Compliance with a Re solution of ibo Scnate.siindy Documents relating to the Northeastern Boundery of tbo United States. Art. VI. Von Raumcr's England in 1833. England in 1835; being a Series of Loiters written to Friends in Germany, during a Iicsi. donee in London, and Excurtions into the Pro. vinccs; by Fredriic Von Raumer. Art. VII. Life and Works of Dr. Richard Bcnticy. 1. The Life of Richard Brmley, D: D., Mas. tor of Trinity Collcgo and Itcgius Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge j' with an Account of his Writings, and Anecdotes of many distinguished Characters during the peri od in which be flourished. By James Henry Monk, D. D. 2. Littcrariscbo Analcctcn, berausnegeben von Fried. August. Wolf. (The Article Rich ard Dcntlcy, in tho First number of WoIJ's "Lit crary Analccta."J Art. VIII. Principle of Emulation. 1. On Emulation. Ily tbo 7fer. J. Emerson. 2. Dr. Dwight on Emulation, 3. Emulation in Colleges. By Warren Bur ton. 4. Professor Robinson's Account of tbo Ger man Universities. Art. IX. Lives of Pinl ncy, Ellery, Mather. The Library of American Biography, con. dueled by Jaied Sparks. Vol. VI. Aiit. X. Ciitical Notices. 1. Swcctscr on Consumption. 2. Calvert on German Literature. 3. Pierce's Treatises on Trigonometry. 4. Ilalo'a Traits of American Life. 5. Smith's Three Eras in AVoman's Lifo. fi. Greene's History of Italy. 7. Uliss's History of Rehoboth. 8. Reports of Seaman's Aid Societies. 9. Sales's Edition of Don Quixote. 10. Popkin's Lectures. 11. Upliam's Discourse. 12. Adams's Baccalaureate Address. 13. Hazliu's Literary Remains. 1 1. Borcly's Discourse. 15. Ups and Downs. Editor's Note. Quartcrlv List of New Publications. VERNON HARRINGTON, Agent. Oct. 1 Uh, College Street. L CURTIS & (30. nre now opening their fnll purchases of Crockery and Glas Ware, consisting of nil llio desi ble articles in their line. Among t he in may be found. (Hobo, Hall and Astral LAMPS Cut, pre.-s'd & plain Stand do Champaign,"! V,"'.0' , GLASSES Jelly, nnd Lemonade J Hilling Sells, from 1 10 to 210 pieces Plain, White and Enamcl'd Ware While, gilt edged and bronzed China Tea Setts. China Fruit Dishes Cut. ground, nnd Flint Tumblers, &c All of which will be sold on the best terms. Oct. I I, IS3C l'ev Arrangement. rjTIIE su'i-cribers hnving entered into -L cnparlncisluii in the iiiniiufnclurc of Sheet Iron, Cupper and Tin Ware, the bu siiiess will bcreuller be continued under the linn of STARR & BOSSWICII nl llio old bland of J. J. Slnrr, in Church street, opposite the Jail, where all kinds ol Job work will be oone on short notice and in I he best manner. They havo now on hand a large and general assortment of plain nnd Japnned which they will dispose of at wholesale or retail, as low as can be purchacd in this section of the country. They have also on bund and will slwrly receive Improved Rotary and other Conking nnd Box STOVES, of various sizes and mnstnpproved patterns Stove Furniture nnd Pipe of nil descrip lions all of which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. All orders in their line will bo promptly attended to J. J. STARR. II. II. BOSTWICK. Burlington, Sept. 1. 1H30. New Goods. AN extensive nssortmentof Fall &t Win ter Goods, of all the usual varieties kept in the country just Rec'd & for soli by' P. DOOLITTLE. Sept. 15. 33YE WATER. Dr. Adams' Celebrated Bye Water, Warranted an effectual euro for sore, weak, and inflamed eyes, rnicn 25 cents ter vial. rTIIIIS celebrated article was invented by JL ono oftlio most distinguished physicians nf the age, nnd during an extensive practice of 30 years, bo invaiiably resorted to it in all cases of sore, weak and inflamed eyes, llial came under his notice, and so great a ecltb- ruv uiu nu iicjuiro ineicoy, llial llicj cnino in him from all parls, and in no instanco was it over known to foil In producing tho desired effect. A short time only has elapsed since llio aruciu was ursi ir.trocJucctl to public no. tico, and during that period, upwards of TJIREE THOUSAND HOTTM2S have been disposed of, and tho demand for it is rapidly increasing. So sure mid speedy is the effect produced ny this article, (lint ono single vial has completely cured an inflamed eye, though various remedies had for a long timo previous been resorted to, but in vain. Ampin directions nccnmpnrtlho article, asy well a letters of recommendation from the most respectable physicians in llio country With .view lo insure U usefulness in n more extensive way, tho proprietor has appointed the following persons wholesale Agents for the sail of it, where tho public may rest assur ed uf rrnr.uriug llio genuine article. JOSEPH FISII1 It, proprietor, 7lh Si Bullonwood, JOHN R. ROWAND.2 I9, Market & II. A. HOSKINS, 37G Market streets, Ph Udclpbia, DR. W. L. ALTEE, Lancaster. J. & J. II. PECK & CO., Burlington, Vt. As frill of nil druggists and storekeepers throughout tho Stale. OnKi&ivthatikfully received and punctually attended to for eyewater or drugs, Philadelphia, June 211, 1(130. tf. October 7th, 1836. T EMUEL CURTIS k CO. aro now rc JLi cciving and opening their Kail slock of Goods comprising altogether tho richest as sorlment llioy havo over offered to the public, anting which aro Rich fiaured Satins and Gro do Naps, plain Poult do Solo's and Italians, Black silk Camb lets, Lustrings and Sinchcws; 5 to 124th led ond black Merino Shawls; Woolen and Worsted, Highland, Valencia nnd Prussian do. Valentin, 4 and C-4 bobbinctl blond and 1 Im le Laces. Thread and bobbiuet Edg ngs Figured French Merinos. 1 call U 4 English do. 28 pieces French Meri no?, every color; Roslin checks, a new or tide ; 4 cases Merino Circassians, from 17 to 21 cts. Superior English and French Prints ; 10 cases American Prints, by the piece, low. A heavy slock of comprising all the fo;hionnblo shades, at i very price nnd quality. Pilot and Mohair Chillis, Lii u Skins; Petershams, plain, ribbed arid Buckskin Cas.-imcres ; Goats hair and imitation do. Camblets ; red, white, nnd yellow Flannels. 1 bale 4 4 0-4 do. 150 pieces cold Cambrics, 1 case do fringed; Every style bleached Cuttons, Irom 10 to 30 els; 25 pair Rose Blankets ; Mackinaw nnd Whitney do ; 10 bales 4 4 brown Cotton from 9 1-2 to 12 1-2 cents. (1 bales fino Ingrain Se 3 ply Venetian do. ( CARPETINGS. (trucking and floor Baizes ; all of which will be sold "as usual" on the best terms. Dry Groceries. OLD Hyson. Imperial fin nt. canisters. 1 Gun-Powder, - ) TEAS. bouclojng and Ulack, Ilvson i-kin. and Youm? Hvsnn Coffee, pepper, spice, ginger, salerattts. Lump, loaf and brown Sugars. Lamp Oil, ftlolarjcs, csic. A good assortment of I ho above articles will bo kept on hand at tho lowest prices Oct. 14. Lemurl CuiiTts &. Co. Utility. rTlIIfi public arc hereby informed that the sub.-crtber has invented certain new and useful machinery for inaiiiifactur ing starch from potatoes, ond has applied for a patent to secure his right to the same; and t'.at ho is making said machinery at his simp in Jcrieo, in the stale of Vermont. rlie object ol said machinery is more ellec I un II v to separate the small stones nnd grnvel from the potatoes in the. prnccss of washing nnd in the process of grinding, to reduce the potatoes lo a more perfect pulp by a larger quantity of starch will be obtained than by the usualmcthnd. Starch manufacturers are invited lo coll and see SYLVANUS RICHARDSON. Jerica, June 30, 1830. New Goods Sept. 16. VEGETABLE ROUGE, "an exquisite article for enriching ibo glow of the cheek: this beautiful cusmettc preparation has at ail limes found a place at the lash lonuble toilet. It is an innocent, yet pow erful auxiliary where cirenntances have rendered assistance expedient, it is free from nnv noxious ingredient nnd entirely innocent: calculated tu create new beauties where beauties were before; to add fresh ness to the cheek which care or illness may have rendered languid; and in place of the LilfT!? -plant the Ri'fe ;" just received at the Variety Shop. PjiNnnonv & ItnlNSMAin. AVKST'S PATEM CIILOIIINK COSMETIC and PILLS, FO R Ringworms, baltrlicum, ftcaiu t.end. and nil Cutaneous Eruptions This article is nut thrown into market like most, -patent medicines, backed by some half dozen fictitious certificates; but it comes respectably and honcslly recommen ded and is, wo verity ueucve, 1111 mai n intms to be: and as such, it is offered to ihe mibho. by J. & J. II. PECK &. C. Sept. 1030 . Agent for Ihe Patentee CHEAP FIKE WOOD. mllE undersigned offer for solo Fire i Wood of superior qualify, in small or largo quantities, to bo delivered cither on their farm (3 miles north of Burling inn) or on the premises of the purchasers The road leading through the ffirm to the wood land uciiil' now in excellent slate. affords lo persons desiriii" to buy their wood on tho land every facility of getting it out to the main road. B. J. IlEINBEnG. T. F. Molt. Burlington, Oct. 0, 1038. CASH FOR BUTTER. GTRiIIE highest market prico paid for Good Tnblo Butter by LJiTimop Sf poTirw. Oct. llh 1030. New Goods, October 183G. NEW style Gold Seals and Keys, both combined in ono; Gold swivlo keys In wear tin guard chains, in great variety; Elegant Gold Bosom Pine; Fino Silver Dial Lapincs, Tour hole Jewelled, beautiful Movements. Gold do. A new rt sorlment Ladies Plaques, an nrliule wh rh is fast taking the place of Wai-t Buckle; n fine lot gilt Buckles. An rlegnnt assortment ol Sliver Pencils; from 50 els. to the heavy old fashioned Pencils nl 2, 2 50, 3, and 3 50 each. Silver C lis, Compass Seals nnd Key; Silver Chains, nnd many other articles. We nre getting in nil ar ticles, ncsccssary lo keep up the Variety, at the Variety Shop, pAMJnnnN & BntNSMAin. Medcalf's Patent Compound Oil for Painting. A pcrfectstibstiliilo fur Linseed Oil for all kinds of Painting, is oflurcd lo the public by the subscriber)! with the fullest assurance of its utility. It is now about eight years sinco it was brought lo its piesent slate of perfec tion, and during llial has Iicen extensively used & tested in every way which Linseed Oil used lor pauiliii'r, Tor inside and outside house painting, no brick and on wood, and for coaches, signs, boats &c. As for spirad inc and drying for inside work It is not sur passed, and fur body, and durability in situa tions exposed to tun sun and wcallicr, u is varranted lar superior to tho host Linseed Oil and 'iciil" le'lit colored renders il prefer. able for while and all oilier delicate colors. Ono oflho first nainliii!r establishments in this city fof moro than twenty years standing'! say in their cnrtilicale "Having used iwcu. call s l atent rami Oil do ccrtity thai more suifiiceand better painting can be done per gallon, than when mixed with pure Linseed Oil. This oil forms a combining substance when mixed with pn ro Leads that docs not decompose and rub off by exposure to the sun, and Iiy experience ol two years, we aie var anted in saying that painting done with tins oil, will stand Ibo weather much longer, and remain unimpaired, when painting done in the usual way will not, and for oil cloths, wc thiol: il sin-passes every thing thai wo ever used. John N. Fassotlhas purchased llie r irr I) t lo make anil vend llio "Patent Compourd Oil" in tho following btolos, viz: I cnnsylvmia New Voik, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connec licut, New Jersey, South Carolina, Ohm, Mitbiiian, Illinois and Indiana, and cauli'.ns all poisons, ngauist any infringement, as every offence will bo met u ith rigorous prosecution I he pi ice ol llic "Patent Oil will lie one ouanei less than Linseed Oil. It is wairar.lcd and sold wholesale and i ctnil by I' ASSirrr, SU.UUiN ,:ce. Dealers in Paints, Oils, Vai'uish,&c. 201 River street Troy . Y. Augusts, 1S3G. Pig Iron. 160 tons Enclish and Dutch Pig Iron, receiving by J. & J. II, PECK .V Co. Aug. 25. Young Cattle. OA HEAD of two vcar old cattle for salt Uickoic & Sept. 22. fUST received, the Penny Magazine for ifcF 1832, '33. '34 and '35, bound in full cloth or half calf, price g2 per volume. Oct. 7. Vernon IlAnni.NriTo.v Newton's Panacea. rpHE celebrated lNewton s I'anacen, or purifier of Ibo blond, an invaluable remedy, by Oct. 13. J. 3. II. PECK S; CO TO FARM E ItS. nuTTEn, cntr ci.utii, ami flanm-h.. Lemuel Curtis & Co. WILL pay the higher price for tho best of Butter. Also, wanted 500 yard. Grey Cloth & 500 yds. Flannel all Wool. They arc now receiving their New Goodn suitable for tho present nnd approaching season being the most complete a-sortmenl they have ever had the plea-uro of offering, & nt Prices and quality which connot but please. narlinston Sept. 30ft 1K3C. New 'Fall Goods, E LEG; NT gilt and plated metal scab Sabres ; crooked anil straight, fine nud common Swoids, Holster Pistols; Spur-. Sword chtiins. Belts, sashes. Lace, Buttons, Plates, and almost all kinds uf goods ne cessary in Ihe Military line, this day ree'd and opened. Some nf our new swords are the best we ever had ; all of our military goods arc new and in fine order. PA.NGnon.v S; BniNSMAin, Sept. 29. Variety Shop Paper Hangings. fffef Ps. Paper Hangings comprisr 9JtwW -m a roat variety of new and bennliful pallerns. now opening and for sale by LATHROP &. POTWIN. Burlington Sept. 23, 1D3G. NOTICE; FROM tbo 12th day of Juno last, inclu ding eighteen months of minority, I have given and do hereby public); ly give lo my son Samuel Forest Seaburv his tune to transact business for himself, nnd shall not demand from htm or any other person during his life or capability to act for himself, any wages, nor pay any debts of his contracting after thisdaic. ELISUA SEABURY. Jericho, October lot, 1330. SATIN BEAVERS Jus i received on uousignineni n case of Ladies and Misses Satin lieaver Donnels, being the most splendid nnd beau tiful article of the Bonnet kind ever offered for fall and winter use. ALSO a full assortment of Goods of every description which will be sold cheap for Cash al the Cheap Cash Store by S. EAKLi HOWARD. Burlington Oct. 7, 1030, This day ice'd price 50 c(s. neatly bound in cloth, tho Painter' Gilc cr's und Varni-her's Manual, contriiniiiff rules nnd rcunlattons in rvorv Ihitiff rela ting In (ho art of Painting, Gilding nnd vnriiisliingj numerous tisclnl nnd valuable) Receipts; 'Pests for detecting udulierations: in oils, colors, &c. and n stnlement of tin) lisen-i s and accidents to which Painters; Gilders and varnihors are prcuharly linble, with tho simplest nnd best metbod'of pre vention nnd remedy. Oct. 7. V. HAnnisoToN. "ODYSICAL THEORY OF ANOTHER JL LIFE by tho author of ' Fanaticism.' n.itunl 'History of Enthusiasm,' 'Spiritual Despotism,' for salo by V. 11 AKIUNUTOri. At!r. 20. Manilla Matts. do. Manilla Mat,.ls of all sizr?. jut received by Lkmuci. Cuiitis & Co. 21 October 14. Cod Fish. 150 QtMitnls Cod Fi-h. just landed, by .1. & J. II. PECK Si CO. 13. Oct. JLyiiian & Cole AVE received an extensivi-nssortmcnt of FALL and WINTER GOODS, cotnpri-tng Blue, Block. Blue black, Olive, claret, brown, invisible green, drake neck, poiisti and other shades ol green IJnoAD Cl.OTII. Black, b'ue, fancy slrip'd, checli'd, plaid, ronl rib'd, iclorine and buck ckin Caspi. Plain, cbeck'd, and striped Satinctts, Hcavv mill'd CLth, Pilot Cloth. Peters. bam and Mohan Coating. The ubnve em braces a very i'N-ten-ivo assortment of this description of good, and are worthy tho attention of gentlemen. A rich variety of Vr.sTiNO. including Heavy black, and blue black. Silk Velvit vesting. Figured and striped do. Plain, plaid, and striped Silk do. Dark Velvet Valentin, Toiltnrl nnd Cn.iinnri do. WOOriSTED STUFFS. French, German and English Merinos. A few pieces dark figured Merinos. Gro de Nap nnd Crape do. Merino Circassians and llonlnzetie. Moreen and Damosk. German G ..vs Hair Camblets. English and iinita'tnn d i. Brnchel'as and Princnt la. German It. I" Worsted. While. scar let, nnd mixed knitting worsted. Clouded wonlen yarn, silk 11 -p &c. Black, bluo black, brown, green aiul drab Bombazine, Merino I rimmitigs Blond nnd liobtnelle Edging?, Inserting Lice, Sic. Merino Shawls and Handkerchiefs. Gloves nnd Hosiery. A splendid assortment of Black, nnd blue black, Gro do Swiss nnd Gro do Rhine, figur'd nnd plain do. Col ored and plaid Gro do Naples. Sewing Silk and Twi-t. Silk Cninblets and Pon gees. Printed and plain Sliallys. A great vnrietv of French and English CALICOES. having been bought by the cae, will be sold very cheap. A variety of JJMltftf StVtt'ClfH, Rich fancy down Scarfs, Fur Tippets; Cravats. fnncv Collars. Ladies fancv Silk Tatnbnard and French worked (japes nnu Collars, Shallv lldkl's nnd Shawls. Sew ing silk do Figured Silk. Crape, Gauze, and other Fanrv Handkerchief. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton Sheeting. Shining, blencli'd do. Canton Flannels, Drilling. Tick, Wadding, Baits, Wickuignnd Cutlon Yarn. Sept. 29. September 1836. Fall Goods at the Variety-shop. ''SffT'E- nre getting in our Fall Goods, all V T things necessary to keep our assort ment in good crder : Watches, Clocks-, perfumery. Tea-pms, Military Good-,. Cas tors Jewelry, Stocks, Collars, ll.ien and satin Bosoms. Lamp wicks. Toys, and an endless variety of Fancy articles. All per sons arc invited lo call and look nt thuin at the Variety Shop. P.onnons & Bhin-maiii. PS'cw Goods, Needles. Saddlers', Milleuer.-', Harness, Darning, Knitting, Glovers. Beedings, A-sortcd !i common sewing Needles of Hemming & Sons' Manulnctiire. just rec'd at the Varie ty Shop. PiNnit'ir. &. Bimmmaid. i REMOVAL. t XlTTWIJCc; di-solved my connexion 5'ii-JL in business with Mr. Abbott, nnd Jremoved to the west side of the Squared 1 would lender my sincere thanks lo my 3 friends and ihe public for the patronage of the past year, and respectfully soli. J jjcit its continuance, and the good i'fiice.-; Jof all who wish mo well, I am now " making, and design to keep on hand, a Jgood assortment of X iCahinet Furniture fc Chairs: X adapted to tho market. Si shall rodenvor'Z J to mnki! ihe new establishment worthy J of public confidence and support. WestJ i'side Court House Square. $ D. K. PANGBORN. Eurlinglnn. Oil. 3, UI3C. - NOT1CR " STRAYED from tho subscriber a light, red COW middling size with thoenri- of the Ii urns sawed ofl. Whoever will "ivo information where she may be found shall be handsomely rewarded. JONATHAN HART. Burlington Sept. 22. NOT1CR CAME into I he enclosure of tho subscri ber on or about the 10th inst., a pale red 2 years old STEAR, small borbs about middling size. The owner is requested lo prove property pay charges and lake hint away. MASON MEAD. Essex Sept. 2Ci 1IJ30, Wo od-Chopners Wantrd. rjlHE subscribers wish to employ twenty X or thirty men to chop Cord Wood. JAN a. SMITH x. CO. Aug. in, tone. V

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