Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 21, 1836, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 21, 1836 Page 1
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N o t t n 1: a i. o u v o r c .12 s a it 1! U T TUB WIILPAItn OF It O M K. BY II. BJ. STACY. FRIDAY, OCTOBESif. 21, 1836. VnS,. X No. 487. The follow iii'' 1 1 f. 1 1 r i f I ami ctoniteiil Oilo was irillen by P-uk Iti'uj iiniii Hk iiii I nnr' at the 'Odcnn, in Muslim duiing thu tmicis in honor of Slit. AIauisoM How shall no mourn die glorious ilc.ul 1 Wlnl tiopliy rear aliui! his sraio, For whom .1 11. Hums tens 111 e shed A nation's funeral Imiiri'i wave 7 'Let Uliiiiicnrp his ilppds ii ocl.tnn, I 1 1 1 1 1 tea hem sound lo niiunt tin coal : Let Insi'ry wiiiu his peaceful n.nne, nigh 011 herliuili illumined snull. l'oclry mill Art ihroali pat til 'I he paso in-pne, llm canvass warm In glow in.; win ild iccuid his woilh, In lit in g mat bio mould hi foim. fame so bright can npter fide, ( A name to dear will iliMllihv lie; 'For in our cotiutri's shrine he laiil '.'he charier of her libeciy , I'rui.-p he ti God I Ilia loin heslowci! The chief, the pan lot, ami the fa!!") I'laise Oik! ! to Mini inir fdhcts owed 'l itis fair anil goudly hei huge. The sacicd gifi time sh ill 'lot 111 ir. lint wi-dom "naiil ill it lalur won While bp.itu. fcrpne her gu ding tlur, Ami glotj pupils to ,1 ulieun. HINTS ON ECONOMY. Il is nut a 1 it 1 1 0 Miigular, that tit this linn:, tlio ni'inpy market is very high, rang in" in the cine of Now Yntl; anil Uusiun from one lo otio anil n half per cent a m in If, and .V'1 i vrry Hung lliat money ivtll bu v is cosily, nlimist lo an unprcco 1 c 1 it oil tli'fri p. Vu doubt if tliu I11110 lias over been known, when money brought such intereM, that other c.iiiiiitlilies bore 6UC.I1 high prices. Win n wo speak of utlt er commodities we mean tr v r 1 which in necessary l siis'aui MV. Chnbing iiintitjfacttirpi fund fuel. The times in deed an; really hard, and many tini'l find 11 difficult lo maintain their neciiMuuied stile uf ! 1 v 1 n ; . Add to tli'.--, t lie fan thai si a liino when apparently 11 was 1110M needed, the crop- ol the fanner, at least inaiiv kind- uf crop have bein almost etil off by the rcceni drought, and severe frn-N and it become- lu us"all a tj'tfrltnjj question 'how shall vo economize V Perhaps with mo-l of society in large towns, there is n niisapprolion-ton as 10 wlpt patt uf inir living cn-ts Hie ih arest. Almost everybody in unking their calenla. tions ncein'lo limit (iilirnly at the li.-t of cilablts, ns if those were all t would cost money. We have had Minn- opportu nity for observation, and we h"-iU'e not to tay, that the mere eatables for a l.imily do not '111 iMn' malci! up one of 1 he; largest items of family expense. Fad ut present is a large item. The bill forcli.lhing Willi many, especially wnh those fond til" 'keep iny; tip appearance1 is the item. Travelling U oTien mioilier heavy Hem for a fatndy, where the bump of inhabitive ncss is rather defiuiem: and lasl, ihoiili not least is the turn of those imuiele- lit: tie expeni'itu'cp, fur nameless little tritles. which in the course of the year olien amount lo a laroi; Mini. Wo once had the liberty of looking over the 1 xpensu book ul a faililly, whose vvliolu expenses lor the year were rising J.jOO and ivuiu not a hi tin surprk-pi! In find that the little thing which COM 12 1 'Z ccnls or less amounted to about thu same as nil the other expend ilurei-;--tint wilhMani!in;r. tl.c grocerie.. Were b'Miyhl by the quantity. iotu shnll ice economise ? I. As to food. H11V Iho be.-t kind, nnd vlien practicable by llie cpinin it yj 11 nil nev er conk a new di.-h till the list has been entirely eaten. S une families v.'aMo more limn they eat ; and wo pretty Mire thai economy in the tuatler of food, does not de pend so much upon Hie buyino u tipun I he Bpciiilinjr of il. c-Wati-k for drink is tin' chetinrM, and tec think Hie best. II, Fuel. Make Miecial effort t" be in formed as to the beM menus of warming your room, and of reluinni"; all the heat producer; then procure your siove or rnle. or whatever else, aiut be lontenl to use it wiHiout a change, till 11 is worn out. More money is often spent 111 changes and nller n I Inriu 1 linn I he fuel itself CiiMs. 'IT).) not forget in cM days, to keep the duor ;,, limn 111. Clothing. Dress ilceenily; nay, well but never dress gaudily. And when you have once gnl a eint of clolhes, wear them mil; even llinuoh the fashion shiui'd clione two or three times diniiirr the pen od. 'Fiishion! wlnl a word alonjr eulo ol Economy! Fashion! Lammmj! luol; at them! and do not furgct I hat one is dcaih to tho other. A good Mirluut, -ur 11 nice shawl is juM as wurm a llung, whether the 0110 bo blue or brown; or tho other be while, red or 'Scotch plaid,1 li will innko 'jut little ilifl'erencc 50 years hence to nny of us, how our coals were cut, or our dres bps made in A. !) 1030 ! ir 'i',,...,. Him'. rf7iMochurp 1 am II 'atic to cliurcli anil to your place of "bnsliiibs, then you iii iv n . i,,ce "for want of pmnluv.1' It is boner lo pay (lie Shoemaker 'than Hie "'V wreicli who would attempt, by lawles lllarksnuHi. The rich and the easy may i'""tH lo pervert law, to break up tho safe, fide but those that would economize iiiustj 'y ol propurly and peace of llie people. otipiid to their biibinets, which generally j . lies ETAT iiomej;ii I Elijah IIai.i. In Hie imhc1 iiiiuit again-i V. Small mailers. Have a purso snlli 'yon, presenied hv the Uraud Jury, fur the cicutly light. 10 hold four-penny bits, with the body of Hie County of Providence, you strings ai? it; and do not furgct that 10 of stuod charged Willi thu minder of your theeo pieces make a dollar. Therefore wife. To this charge, by advice, you take care ol them. Let it bu understood pleaded nut guilty, Able and eloquent that you do not nllcn condescend lo 'small tliinrrs' -and your 'email matters1 will bo small indeed. Thus cndelli our chapter upon Economy. .Vori Essex Jicgiitcr. Amuuican MANur.tCTuncE. Mnny our citizens do not seem to be aware ofthe extent and value of thu tiianufaeiure? of variou kinds, which tinder tint fusiuring care of the (leneral (iiiveriinieiil, have grown up in our country within n fewyea givinjj lucrative employment In many Hiimh arils of our cllcens. nnd d lTiiiiii; nrifper ily tlironlioiit the land, ('iiuipiiraiiveiy i few years since, wu were dependent on ill" win k-khouj of Great Hrilian. for alino-t every nrliclu of elolhlii"; winch we us"d. Now wu have c.v'ciimvo maniiiaclories, capable of supplying nearly all our wanti. In the year l'!lj, it is cotiipu'ed thai tlie whole iimouut iuvesleJ in euolen nnd cottun inaniifarlnres, wn 12.000 000 the number of spiud!e in operalioii.500 000 the whole nnmlier of persons employed about 40.000. In l!)33, the capital inveM eil 111 woollen nnd Coltoti luanulae1 lire- ninotinieil to v!l 17,4.10 000 iiiiiloving 'J07,q00 individuals. The raw tnnto'rinl. nnnunlly worked up. aitiounled to 000 000- producing fabrics wurlli goT.OOO.OOO The whole number of persons engaged 111 manufactures, and tho families depending on them, are supposed lo amount lo 2,fl72, 000. Tlie capital invented in inaniifneiurp in 11133, was estimated nt 300 000 000, ami the annual produce of mauufaelured goods, glOI.000.000. And in inldil 0:1 to tins, a homo market for iigricnllurnl pro it net 111 lis oilier liian those worked up 1 crenied, iinonnling to 27 000.000. Since 11133, our maiiuficiiircs have been con slaully ndviincing. andgrcnl ndditious have been made lo the capital invoMod. Such is the wonderful extent uf Ilia man. uf.ictures of America. And Iho importance of protecting Ibis val amount of active capital, wh ch employs so large a purl 1011 of our population from the diuiL'er"Us com pctitiim of foreign fabr c, 11111M beamareni to every citizen who will give the subject a moment's relied 1011. Our iniinufaciurui nro not only sources of individual indu-try and profii; but of national weallh and in dependence. And may every attempt to dimmish that prosperity, by placing obMa cles in tho way uf manufactures, be unsuc cessful. Facts r.op. tin: Amkiucan I'koim.k. The popnlaiiou of France ni ly be 1 si 1111 itod at about thirty two millioiw ; at lenil lliik may hold good for thop.i.-t year, 1035. O' these, seven and a half millions live upon twenty dollars 11 year; t,e-e are per.-oi engaged in faeinrie--j &e. ; and nearly twenty three uiillioin procure fund with from live to eight sous (about Hie same number of cents.) daily. Ahonl seven and a half millions of the people do not eat meat, or use (lour, but live upon hirley, rye, buckwheat, ihetnutt. and a few poia toes, and drink mulling but wa'er. In 1020, oueeveutli part of all tho inhabit, anis of Fans were supporied bv public chaniy, am! 0110 third of the 1 11 li:i Im n n 1 c- wh.i died during the year, died in hospiinls. Tins i. a siaienient of faci- tel.Hive to the condi. ion uf the working c a-es in one ol Hie moot eiihgh'ened kingdoiiH ot li.irope. In Norway, Sweden. I).;ninii !;, '"land. Russia, Germany and Hungary de-polio, barbarous, eiifhived llung,iry--their eondi Hon is wurii i-lill. There aru whole villa ges 111 the latter kingdom, that do not con tain a soul ihal c.iu read or write, and there are twelve millions of the inhaliiiauts of llie Austrian pin-e-sioiH tuiuHy uniiislriici pd; and yet wu have wilne.-M;d F.uronoiu 1 raveller-, I'in-U (rum their own sialiMic lables their annals of shame of govern 01 il tjri'tiny and micuiI iibaiulonuieui eriliening our iii-.tilutions oiieering ai our freedom uui (jovernmi'lit. How unniea--urably Mip-rior is our condition ! Here all have the means of obtaining an educaiion; and that father, in this r.ui ilry, is utterly abandoned of every mii-o of duty, who will not have Ins Min in-iruclud. AN our young men read Hie iiew-n-i"rs of llm dav-'-their mind? an; lilled, at I h.-ir leiure leoirs, Willi all the intelligence and iiiforinaii'Ui thai beams from a talented and well regulated public prets. Wu are 111 llm enjoyment o' theie great ble-sings of libiirly nod prop erty. Wu art) nol Mrl' of 1 yranis, gliner ing in gold; bul we nwj bi come the iluve of demugogucs, disgui-od in rags. That man fulfi'U a high de-iiny who writes the koii" of a people. I! 1 rringor. .Moore, and Hlliott, have aided iiiucli the Hie cause ol liberty hy llm power. Iieanly. and pailius iil'thi'ir Mings. The Inner tier on is the author of the "Corn biw Rhymes of F.ngland" I ho-u musical com. planus again-t lyratiny by leglrhiliou.w Inch ' " r,! 'be'iMf; I their chtlilr. 11 I by llie poor, and Ming to The foni rne. whirli drew out Hi a poet 'ol Hie poor, originated 111 Hie Condition uf England. The political power is 111 the hands of llmu who own the l.nid The laud proiuietors are 111 llie 11.11 i leglsliilure aru the la .v-maker- they aie lanilloids rent out their tarui at "high prices, nnd in order to enable their tenan try lu pay them lauhfully.a law is pa--ed lo force up the price of grain. Thu im mense injuslicu was dune lo 1 lie puur la borer, for the benefit uf the rich land-owner. The legislatures excrciso under an tlmrity, desputic control, for pecuniary or other purposes, over a peoplu, then indeed does (he day call loudly Cora revolution; 11,11 wueu a great people uvo in t he eiuov ,nollt ", rT1"1 bleMngs. -miciuI, , agricultural and mercantile nhamo 111 1 counsel nuinni.eiy vniuninoreii 111 your dj fence, and amplu timu was given you lo make preparation for your trial. On tho day assigned, u jury of twelve men, good and Hue, of your own choosing wore sworn In decide between yntl and Hip Slate, according to law and th" cvideucp given tlipui. And 1 hat jury, after a patleni hearing nf all matters m your defence, urged and sii'taitiod by eloquence nut iifion snrpa-.-eil, did. upon such proof ns left mil ' he probability of a doubt, pronounce you guilty guihy of I In murder ol your wife, and the mother of your children. Unhap py man! by what downward steps by what hard and dreadlul progre-s, have yon de-eeuded from Hie nngel purity uf your infancy, to a condition in the wauu of life, blackened by one ofthe most uvuistrou and diabolical of crime-? You abu-ed thai life wiHi which your Creator had biuised y.-ii ynn perverted appetites, harmless in 1 hem-elves, hut dcMruclivo in tlu'ir pcrvnr noil, yon became habitually intemperate, and in the nioiuents nf intoxication, yun ere accn. tinned lo call up from the depths of your heart the dreadful passion of a de mon. Al the lire-side, and in the bosom if that family, where your presence shniild have diffused delight and joy, and have been tho centre of order and peace, and have rendered your ant! their home 11 heaven upon earth, ynu lot louse the pan sinus officii. Yuu forced vuur wife and children to fly from you as an object of ilauger and oistritsl. Their personal salety fine' d thu wife whom yntl shuuld have pro leeted, and the children whom you should u.'ivu educated III Iho duties of life, to bhilli your appproach and avnid your presence. When ihey had been thus furced to wi'h draw from your society, ami whilst the Hint her was laboriously wearing out llie remnant uf life in Hie support of the chil dren of your uneo mutual affections, you entered her dwelling she came al Iho call of one of those children whom your con duct had alarmed; and whilst she was endeavoring to preserve the peace and quiet of her abode, disturbed hy your pres ence and juur conduct, she fell a victim to your niurderoiu hand. Conscious of yntir L'uilt in whalever condition you were, and feeling the weight of murder upnn your soul, yuu sought loe-cape the pangs of re morse, or Hie .-enienci! of llie law, by nn ailempt on your own life. Sue I , wretched man. has been your downward course, nnd -iii'li are Iho la-t dreadlul deed- !o which a nu-etable halm has conducted ; on. Stand ing as you now do, upon 'lie threshold of eternity, what is there I. ft that can yield you llie shghiesi cotixilation ? Your vice inlher aggravates than your crime And that horrid crime ! has il nut blasted every Hung? Has it tint spread dmnlntinii and death around and within you.' Is tlp're one green spot throughout the gloomy des ert ul' your past life 1111 which your eye can repose without pain? What is I hero thai due- not remind inn of your guilt, and add to the burthen of your exi-t 'rice. Can your memory glance at tho playlul years uf ymr infancy and youth, without being re minded of your own children, who have been depriv, d of a moiher by your cruel hand! Canyon Hunk of 011r inauliood wnhoui the memory of Freelove, the wife of your bo-oMi who now lies low 111 the dark and nairow hoti-c. the mangled vjciim uf your murderous malice! I do nol seek, by thus reminding ynu of jour situation, to add in the slightest do gitce to your sufferings but 1 would fain awaken you from L lint moral lethargy, that dcath-liku -loop into which your oul has lallen ; gladly Would I force into life some of the better feelings of your nature, lu the end thai Iheir cheri-hed influence might ai last p'vvadu your soul, and pre pare yon (or lint aw Mil duotn to which the law consigns you. Do nol give yourself up lu tlie tni-eralilc hope, that ynur e.'N lencu, now bicouiu a burthen, will lerinlu ate with thu death of Hie body. Thai self wnhin you, which feel- thu working of con -eienceniid shrink-' from the pang ofremurse has Us life.hnwever pin verted, 'rum God, the supreme fountain of all life. For thai rea--on. it can never die; and that burthen which iioiv weiglu down your soul, and renders hie almu-l uisiiporiable here, with out some change, will be the load which your iiiiui 'rinl part will bear luioihi- pre.-, ence c y ut Cuiiiglily Judge and Creinor. Eel me, therefore, ynu lo avail yoiii-elf of Hie short sp ice lhai 1-' left, hei w eioi sentence and execul 1011. lo prepare lor I he judgment of eterniiy. Call In your .nil Hie good and the benevolent, and es peeuilly llio-e who nre ncco-louied lo nd-uiini-ter to the wants of that religious seu I'Uieui. or leeling. winch pervades, all man kind and is not entirely iib-eni even in tlie worst, and euireat tin m lo aid yuu III the relormalinu of your soul. SolI,', through your own repentance and prayers, for the forgiveness of liial great being agum-l whom ynu have so fearfully sinned. .He, in his inlinito mercy, may forgive you. 1 hough the violated laws exact thu full ineii-ure of their puiiishmuut. Win' that punishment is. it is now the liaiulul duly of tins court lu declare to y 11. Tlie law under which you have been iried and found guilty, declares that every pursuit who shall be "duly convicted of the crime of murder, shall sutler death. It also declares that the punishment of dcalh shall bo inlliclcd by hanging iho person convict, i d by Hid unci; until dead. Tnerefure, hearken you, Elijah Uall.'tii Hie -entencu which the law, by this court, now pronounces upon yuu. That sentence is, that yun, Elijah Hall, bo taken hence 10 the prison whence ynu came, thut on Friday, the thirtieth day of December nc;:i between Iho hours of ii'iuu of tho cluck 111 thi! forenoon und three ofthe clock in the alii'rtioou nf llm fcanio day, at the place appointed by law, you be hanged by the neck until dead. And may Uud have mercy on your soul. Usi'Aii.w.i.i:i.i:n 6'ri: mnoAT specu The .Mt'uinbiiat Swallow, dint. M ,-' I Mil's the Albany Journal, arrived here tin.- .... ivy r . , . inuriiiiig irom iew 1 jik, Having made her passage in nine hours and ten minutes, This is the quickest passage ever made. I.IitJISLATiritU OF VHItMONT. TiiunsnAV. Oct. 13. Pursuant to tho provisinna of (In; Con slitultun. tint h Ilou-e-- met at the capitol al Montpelier, at 10 o'clock, P. M. Sunati:. Agreeably in the provisions of tin; new constitution, the Senators elect, to tho number uf thirty, Hie whole 1111111 her assembled nl thu Senate Chamber, 10 o'clock, A. M. and proceeded lo organ ize by the aiipoiuiinenl ofthe lion E N milGGS. President pro tern. IIOI5KRT P1ERPOINT, Sec. protein. When the senators p'usented their creden tials and took iho oil h of office. MUMDCiis or Tin: si;natb. Hemiinglnn county--Orsamus C .Merril, Winstnw C Walsuii. Windham Phmeas While, Win Henry, Wai'-t'll R. Ronney. Windsor Sam'l W Porter, Win Sleele, Julius Converse, Francis E Phelps. Ad lwoii -Ebcn'r N Briggs, Jesse Gran d, Harvey Dell. Orungu- A W 11 Tcnney, Win llubard, Thomas Keyes. Chiitendeii John Van Sicklcnjr, liar ry Miller. Rutland Thomas I) Hammond, Zunri Howe, Robert Pierpoint. Washington Araunah Waterman, Now. 011 K 111-iiiati. Franklin-Nathan Smilic, Joshua W Sheldon. lijuier E Ilubbell. Calcdunia Win A Palmer, John Djck with. Orleans Augustus Young. E-'sex William Gates. Grand Lie Melville IJarnes. On -notion of Hon Win A Palmer, the Senator from Grand Isle county was per mitted to lake his seat without producing Ins credentials, having accidentally omitted lu bring them. On motion of Mr Howe, tho Senate adopted the following Rule: A j lint Assembly is formed by a union uf tho Senate and IIousu uf Representa tives in the Hall of Iho latter. Tor the pur post' ul 1 Idling certain state and county ollicers. in winch the President shall pre side, and Hie Secretary of Slate shall offi ciate ns clerk. Il can he formed at such lime and fur such specific purpu-e as uiny he expressed in a concurrent resoliiliun of both IIoii-c-, may adjourn from lime tu tune during the silting ul llie General As--euibly, but can be dis-olvcd only hy hay ing ciimplct, d the business fur which it was funned, by the iiiljnurnu cut without day uf the General As-embly, or by a joint resol it if both Houses. The following commiiloo was nnminilod by tho President, and appointed to join from the house, to sort and count the vutes for Governor, Ll Governor and Treasurer, vz Canvassing Cummillee. Messrs Watson, Henry. Converse, Howe, Dell, llebard, Van.S'ipklcn, K'n-inan, Duckwith, Yuiiiil', Ilubbell, lijrncsuud Gates, whu wore duly -Worn On motion of .Mr Howe, the house were informed uf the organisation of iho Senate, and tho appointment, ofa canvasMiig com. unit cu 1 m j di 11 . Mr Wluiney, from the house, informed tho senate that lliat body had organized by appointment of a speaker and clerk protein, and were ready to receive any communica tion from the senate. Mr Ilubbel moved that vhen tho senate adjourn, 11 adjourn tu meet at at 3 o'clock, P M. The motion was carried, when The senate adjourned. I.n Tin: Ilou-u, ihu Secretary of Suite called tu order, und the oath administered, when On molinii of Mr Foatc, Mr IJuckmatter of Shrew-bury was admitted 10 a seat with out producing hi credentials. On motion of .Mr Curtis, .Mr Dayloy of Lpiningioii was admitted to tiseal without producing hi- credentials. Two gentlemen having each presented credential- in a member from tho town ol Derlm and neither oouHeuinn having been admitted lo seals, Mr Puck railed lor lie' rending ol the credential-; and having been read, Mr Peek moved 1 hat James Courier be ailmiHed to a seat on Iho ground lliat hw credentials were in Ihu ordinary form and hire dalu on Hie day uf election ; w lido iho'inials ofthe other claimant to the -eat. Mr Smith, were not in Ihu iijiial form, and bore date the present month. Mr Cushinan uppo-ed thu motion ; Mr Courier win not legally etecled, and ho preferred lliat the claims of both gentlemen be referred lo Hie cuiiuiiitn e un eleciluns. 'Mr Fneh supported (he milium : it was Hie usual and o-tablisheil courso of iho house to give seals to those who present credential- in the ordinary form, and if und if any cnnle-t en-tied, the cntninitloo of elections was the pruper place lo delerer mine llie contest. Ho hoped tho ordinary course would mil he departed from. Mr Foutu thought iho present course did nol come within tho usual custom : theru wero tu.o credentials, and if they were tvidencu at all, ihoy are uvidcncu equally as strong and conclusive for Mr Siiiiih'as for Mr Courier even better for Mr Smith, as ho is certified lu have been "duly elected.11 Ho should under theso circuiiHlancus, vote against the admission uf either gentlemen. Mr. Fullani suggested that neither of llm credentials wero in Ihu required lurni, and Mr Marcy also, .M r Sawyer supporied the motion, when Air Coiiaul moved that the wholo Hibject bo laid upon tableagreed lu. Tho house then proceeded to the election of speaker pro tempore. Mr Foot noniiua led Ihu Hun. Cnrlin Cnulidge, and Mr Filch nominated Ihu Hon John Smith of St Albans, CARLOS COOLIDGE, John Siitiih, L man Fdch, John S Smith. Andrew Trucy, 2iC 3! moj. Whereupon Mr Coolulgo look the chair. 1 On motion nf Mr Ftillam, thu rules nf the Ilnii-c fur Iho last scssiun wero adopt ed fur llie lime being. The credentials of Sir Unto of Chelsea, certified by the town clerk, were pesented, and after koiiiu remarks by SI0S6M Dewey and Fitch, thev were Inul upon Iho table. On motion nf Mr Whitney, it was re solved that 11 committee ol three from each county, tu join the senate, bo appointed to canvass the voles for Governor Ll Cover nor nnd Treasurer, On motion uf Mr Ropiuan, the hnue proceeded to llie election uf a Clerk pro tempore. Sir Coiiaul nomnntod A u Mi ncr of Manchester nnd Mr Filch nomina ted O II Smith ofSIuiiipolier, Mr .Mi ner was e'eded. A L Minor, 123 O II Smith, no Scattering, 9 Sir Piurpuiut from tho senate appeared and informed the house of the organization nf llie Senate and that il was ready to re ceive any communications. On motion of Sir Whitney, urderod that tho scr.alo bo informed uf the organization of thu House and Sir Whitney was ap. pointed lo perform tho service Mr Fuote introduced a resolution torn joint meeting uf both houses on Friday, 10 o'clock, A SI tu elect a secretary uf "state for tho year ensuing: agreed tu. Thu canvassing committee was appoint ed aj follows : Denninglun county. Slessrs Sargrant, Caulield, Downy ; Windham cu. p""urco. Divol, Slay; Windsor co. Smith. Ilapgood. Ilildwm; Rutland co. Foote, Ellis AIus secy ; Addison co. Nah, Clnpinan. Ells worth; Orange co. S-cbbun. Hatch. Nich ols; Washington co. Adams, Clough, Peck; Chillendon cu. Sanl'ord, Drowuell, Ilaswell; Caledonia cu. Morrill, Whitelaw. Fairbanks ; Franklin co. Vilas. Judson. Deo ; Orleans cu. Twilight, Hastings , Richmond; E-sex co. Dewey. Mollinmk Hall ; Grand Isle co. Adams, Goodrich, & Ilav nes. On mutinn of Sir. Footc, adjourned lu 3 o'clock, P SI, 3 o'cr.oui:, P. SI. susiati:. The President calld to order, when the clerk rend a resolutiun from the house fix ing on Friday next, 10 o'clock A. SI. for the election, in joinl ballot of both iiou-u--. ofa secretary of stale, and inviting the concurrence uf tlie senate. Tlie senate re solved to concur. A resolution from tho house, fixing 4 o'clock this afternoon fir receiving thu re port uf Iho canva-sing cnmniiltee. and in v'mng thu concurrence of the senate, svas alsn read, and tho senate resolved to con cur. Tlie hour having arrived fur the joint meeting uf both houses, Ilia senate repair r.d to the hull of thu hutise of representative--. Tho senate rclurned, when A communication was received from the Lt Governor, informing thu senate ot his readiness lo tako tho uecos-ary oath of oflice and enter upon iho discharge of i duties. Tlie door keeper announced tho appear, anco of the Ll Governor, H10 seualur.-ro-e to receive him, and the oalh was ad ministered by Iho secretary, when the Prc.-ident ofthe senate tool; llie chair, and delivered iho fiilluwui" ADDRESS. (lENrr.Kiir.M or ritr. Skxatb In pnieiinj Up ill lllPilin; (if pii'-iiliu nllirei- it his o"i'iiul-d In iiic ill. 11 il uiijlii In. pioper, and pei h ip. exp'-cl ed, III it I should riih iiu a few 1 cm 1, Is- su,';es p.l hy die ore isioii, .online sonii! imiiiiaiion ul'ihe course which I design in pursiip. Kd-peel for y,tt seems 10 it'qime iliis. 'I'h 11 unnm ilous (i,ovt.ion in llie com minimi uliirli in iki-s ihi I.l. loiieiuur presiilciii nfilip npnaie olii iimsls demimls il. All legist u i e li lilies in this couuii-v, wnh piu h ip., I he single excppiimi nf ilp. sen ne n I the U, Slap s, cij'iy WfliiMii of si'lei'iiu,' Hji 111 tle-ii-own uinulm a ptesi lin, onicei', 'I hi has lieen stippo-ed wi-. Iv c.ili'ul licit 111 prninoie h innimi an I iii-iire etl!--11-111 anion. V!iMilip(- ihc-e imporiam en Is 111 iv Iril Iip pijii illy llllaiilP I llud'-i (nil 01.11117. ll'iiil, 1 el lu he pinvp'l, an. I I am aware uiu-t ni a ..nd iIh'i-pp dpppti'l upon llie 111 niiii'i- in w hicli the (limps nfihedioi aie ili.i-h ircd. I caumii Inn spiimIiI, IVpI ill" ilelicirv of my sen iiinn, ailni'iiii-hi-'l as I am by die piesmii-p of 'Piitlpmpu olih'i' -mil fir imno ,'Spi'iii'iici' I, III 11 iieiu you If fi lo Ihe lieed nil ol'a ihipcl choii-p, ami wpio I also a iiipiiiop ofyniri hoily, oi wool I prod tlity in ihe a ihllt'ieni M-lea-liou. It w ill h inv c 11 nest and eon. Mill emleaiui sii in romliiei as In leave ynu no ipasun lo 1 ejt i-i ill it ihe 11. nil piivilee is withhold fiom o'i. Hut dm wis him, 01-iho wp iIviipss, cxhihilPkl in llii. p.icn'i 11 feauiie of dip c ni-tiiuii')ii, il is mil inv di'.i-;ii to 1I1. cuss Ii wont.! he n.,'l--.s for any of 11s lu ihi mi, fm- a lilin sl.ueiueiir of die ipies'i.,11 would I'Piniiiil its ih it such is die ot;. inir I iw uf ihe -unp, i hie Ii ivo in ly imi ili-tc-;iiiil an I can 101 al ci . Tltp siaiimi ofa piividin oliii-ei- ofa leislaiiip Iniily ipiii'up.s a scope ami diicisity of lati-ai which few will Ii lie llm Icnicrii) to c I.l 1111. Th" in-t.iii-ces of P'tliie success aie lare in.lppil t xei'pl wheie iiittch wi-iliim and imlusiiv hue lippn iuiiipiI with Ion,' experience l'aiipuce and piotnplituilp, can dor aivl ze.,1, dcct-noii an 1 fuibpaiauce, c lcry anil ciioIik'.., ,iiu-t nherii Uely ami mo iiipiii lie i-xlntiili-'l li one who seeks die approti itiou of his fellow cilizens in this difficult and i111port.ini itaiion. Hut gentlemen, whilst I piinfolTy feel the cinbar rassniPiti arisiiij fiom a very limited espfi ience in Iho businesa of lesulatian. 1 seek in lain fm- on.--... dent or cx.niiplo in ihe peculiar duties of ihe uflicu in nils slate ; I caiuiot but ll ilier iinsolf ih 11 an linicat endeavor on my pan will itmiip lour conhai co-operation, fitrni-hin all (he aids of your wis.lom cxpeiicncn nnd I ,1111 also well awaie lliat llie inciN. nil I ihor an I innii in;; iij-ilaai-e ie. (pitied lioui 1 lie presidim nffu-ci- ol .1 l iiumind pro inUctious KKMiilil.i'jc, 111 ule up nf pei sum uf oppo. fill) characicis and icpiPaetiun a i.iiiely ufoppo. site inti-ips s, will not he eiceip, wheie dm number is comp iraliipl) mil ill and each one posses siiii a rhuaclcv foi nidoui mi l experience. A frrqiipiu iooii lo ihoiiiles f,r ihe pip-ei,iiii,u nf oriler, sodidicult an. I so iniidimis in lluur npph cailnn, I am sure will mI.Ioui bedune nere-naij. Tim piniisiuus of ihu con-tiuiiiuii, ami (ho lulu, which ynu 111 ly adopt for ic-jul nin.. dm acium ul llm .Senile, il will li my duly In support ami mini tain. This I .lull 10 du 1,, a urn omc conisipnl w iih p oli iini'iu.irv p a.-titf. Willi ip pt for jo" hiihuiliillv. and an anient m piouiuie ihe Inieip.isofunr nouiin u ciiiioi,n.HJ r.uihci- th in 1 In-, fur llm f (,ur ,lm for f.iclliuiliii' Iho (ipcialioin of biuine-i-', 1 .hall in linly iely upon n becomine; stlliesppci, a lute of rculanty und dccoiuni, and an ambition lo be use. foi. whirh I rnnflilenily I ru-l will bo uiiifoiiiily ex hihiip.1 In i.'ipiv spn iter. The chciiin.iancps, gpnllcmen, undpr which u-b nippl, ihou-;li new ami pei uliar, dpm.iml our mutual con-jiiiiiil.ilioiis. Th" poliiicil (lesi.tei .1I11111, ung uud nuxinusli' fioit-jltt by ihe wNpsi men of ur slate, is at lmlh iilnaiiiPil. The sen He of Vermont,;, ro-oidm.iK! pgil.iliti! powers, hy llie fipp and -ponl iiipous anion oI'iIip people his been ii.liluipil. uii'l ion aie dele' itcd bv ihe ficeir.en of ' lour rcsppctiie cutiulics lo make ihe fir-t essay at ip .t.t.iiiini i,s cpi, tiors. On mi is deiohed a iiioie ill. in 1 1 upi'lllt nl'lpsooilsillillll'. Tim fiipoit! of thu .linen luienis of iho rori-l itiitlon halo iloubde.J Iippii snmnuliii iinipasnn ible. in llmii' aullcip ilionj nl lipiicfiis which iliev 1 1 iia.isei, ami will mil eiy paupiuly suhin'u lo ili-appoioluiPiii, while those ill IiucIipiI 10 ihe iincirol onlrr of things will nb.ilu iioihin,' ofihe iidiaiil.i-,'"' which have been de-ci di ed ns the nccp.s3.11y icstik; Iihicp yon will see llm nccp.sliy of prudence, of much wisdom nud iniiiiin-j'iiidusiiy, lo meet their- high-wrought ex pect, itions. llm as il is now a eeltled axiom in political econ omy Ih it lite iniptejis of n people are 1ipi secured by a dii i.ion of die Icjislatine into two independent bodies powers ; pi we 111 ij- icsi auipd lint which Ii is miifui inly succeed ed elsewhere, will mil fail nei c ; for we .lie imi at hhciiv in -unpen.! ih il dip pepl of this slate, h iv-in-i ihu light of oxpciicnro, will nil reason and judij us correctly as anv other. We may, by our aclinn, Ii isicu oi-Vclaid iheir ili-cisiou but iillini.ue ly it iniisi In pionoiiiicpd, nnd we in ty not doubt ih il il will he in accordance wiih llie opinion of ihu enlightened ciiizpns of oilier slalcj. alucli of die puci-pss of die senate will depend up on 1111 auspicious lipoiiinin. Thu first anil piobibly mnt impoitant duly which will (Ipiii mil your ntienlion, is to provide u code of Ititle-. Wiiliom iIipsp il is ilillicult ripii to poiniupnee your ordin try legist iliio duties, tinles should h, so roitsliueicd as to leave as few occasions as po-sihlc for I tic excirisi of di.-creli m in llm piesnlpiti ; i-ho'il.l bo sppcifio and minute so ns lo fiu-iii-h .1 plain diieciiou in eci y case of ini-porlam-e, ami eaicfiilly r;iiiid llm iesiecliie rights of llie inij'iiiiy andiniiio ily on eiery quelion, It seeiin lo be 1 cry ole ions lliat a body which does nol choose its pi-csi lin officer, cannot whh pi npripiy assign Intn llie power of appointing hi conimincp.s ami o!ii-'Prs. In a largo liody, mrll V,'pr.s 10 pach oilier, lh".p app.iinituenlii would pon-ume coiijidcrahl-' lime and inijhl pi 010 11 souice of in i lit 1 i 011 . Nol so in a small one like litis. These clem inna cm be 111 ule in n brief space of limp, and iho pic-idcnl f ii'-d fnmi a most etiilur ni. -in1 and soaiPiiinp odious ,.erei-e of power. nxppilients fei- legulitiii' the frepilnni uf dsb.ita in a b idy mi -m ill as ihis, c 01 li odly become acres stry, an I as a con-iptpiicp, miny emb irrassin-j ipip-iioas iimiii 010 of llie coasn uci ion and up. plic.iiion of mips piovi.lin for llieai in iy be avoid-, cl. I c inn it Ian sn-jp't ihe pinpiiriy ofso fr.i uiiii 'ioui- talcs lit it w- tn ty never h tie lo cuii'pnd w iih ihu siilule'ies aiiiI perplexities of llie pievi. mis and soai. oilier p ivilegi'd ipiestions. Theso seem lo Ii ive ori.ii; uci in i iiliaiiient with a lievv nfaioiiliu die eid con-equpucps of some stubborn tirnl tiatipudiii-. ip-jiiI itions pteiiou-ly iocorpnratpd in die rules nf pioceedtns. Theie nl ty bi much learuiii;; und tnpuuili' in ihc.c ioesl ions ; hut 11 plain cotti'iton seii.p piis.itiuc is prpi.dly reuioied ft iiii 'iny iipccssiiy fur ftich pinceeiluiss, and fioul the uliiliy, at once, 10 ro.iiptehend llieiu. In consequence of thu relations created by iho Ciiislituiion between iho Senate aivl House of Repre-eniitives, it will be necessary thai your early attention should he given lu the const met ion ofa system of joini rules ol both Huu-es. These will bu indispensable to tho pruper discharge of various and important duties. Tiiey must bu the joint work of both Houses, and c ue should bo;en 10 prevent collision, either in iheir c ui-truction, or subsequent iiitcrpri?int inn. Tnu jui rights of each Iiou-u should bo carefully guarded and no undue adv.inr ige sought ur accepted by either. These initiatory steps having been iak"ti. yon will have, gunt!eiu?n, an exten sive field of labor tieforo you, inviting tho diligent employment ol your turn! and tho 'xerei-e of your best lab ills with a fair pm-pecl of usefulness It will afford mo idci-uru ever to c '-operate with you in -uc!i a manner a, if possible, lo lighten your lab ir- to secu'o from Hio public a just appreciation nt their value, so lint yuu may secure till Iho reward yuu will either seek or accept, the approbation uf your constituents-. On mot inn r.f Sir Hammond, tho Senate proceeded lo ballot for Secretary: The ballots being sorted and counted, it up. pera lliat NORMAN WILLIAMS was elecied Secretary of tho Senile. Sir Duggs offered a re-olutioo providing for a eoniinutee of three to provide rules for Ihe Senile. Resolution adopted. t:-onniilteu .Messrs Driggs, Merrill, and White. 'Mr. Wil'iatns apr.ertreil in thu Senm., and look Ihu U.1II1 of office as Secretary. On m.i'ion uf Sir. Pierpoint tho Senate llo-nlved to meet each day uf Hio sessinu Sundays excpied. at 9 o'clock, A. SI and '2 o'ehicl;. P. SI. Adjourned. ' HOUSE Mr Joseph Duncan of Duin merstiin and Alexander L. Twilight of of Drowtiiogiou, appeared and took their seals. On motion uf S.irgeaut, resolved lliat both Houses meet in joint convention tins afternoon al 4 o'clock, tu receive the icpurt of thu canva-sing committee; pass-d. Sir. Fnotu introduced a resolution ibm tlie S.uaker appoint a reporter to furnish each of tne political pipers in Slonipoher Willi rop iris nf ihe debates and proceed ings nf the tho Uou-o, and that such repor ter receive t per day; laid Upon Ihu table. Sir Hrewster introduced n resulutinn directing thu Speaker lu invito the ufdeiat' mg clergymen if Montpelier to attend in rotation n chaplains ot the llun-e; pas,ed. The Senate camo in, and botli Houses wont into joint ciuuiuntoo, when tho can vassing eoiumilleo mad report uf vole. i)r Governor, Lieutenant Governur ami Treasurer, as follows : Fur Governor, Stlas ll. Jonni-un, Wm. C. Dradley Scattering 20,471 olsciud 10,124 35 Fur Lieutenant Quvtrnar. David SI Camp, S0.033eloclcl John S Pettibuno, Suuturing j(j For Trutiuttr. Lieavon, 15 91(1 Seotternirf 1 j o Wheroof proclamation wan duly made and the j.nit committee disolvcd:

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