Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 25, 1836, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 25, 1836 Page 1
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NOT THE CMIIIV OF CESAIt; HUT THE, WEI. FAKE OF HOME. MMMWWMWWMWiMWWMMWWMMMWWMMMWMMMMBKMgMWW IIWIIIII mi lllipgiai tamom BY IB. H. STACY. FRIDAY, AOVEMIiJilt 25, 1836. VOB. X--X. 492. There il a lidine and he.inty ill lln following lines fiiim llieprnnf.i Tin ml, imvv in Europe, ulrit h Hiiiil.l itn lionur In U'ADSnomll. weie wriilpu jp.ii .ij-ii; hut ihey Ii.op n diu n ami ierii!iiir ;ipplir.oinii in ilic uuiumn ic.uun Coin jrnr to j ear. V. S Gas. AUTUMN. Willi wliiit h slurj rinr mil cnp rr ' The lwd til' ') his! ilm.e he.ienliil li iihiii.iein Orium Kio .mil rkjii'l t f. ilmvn-ciijiiv Life's iipuhp.. .mil iMitli. " mil J Ami when the rilivi Initio ul lln- i l.,mU 'Cninee iIuhii 1 1 ii ii 1 1 1 ,ni mini miii, mill, uiili A (ii.liot gl. nines-, itip ul, vimi lakes Ui "in blight inn le nf uulilsii luiilr, 'A pomp and pagcim fill i Im splrndiil hpiip. Tlipir in a lie.ituifiil spoil liir.i'luni nniv Iia mclluw tidiiicif on the cliisicrpil tree, j Ami, fimn a Ifiikpi full odiilis-t dips, roitriiii; iipu'gtniy uu iIipiiii iiinn hihhN, And dipping in w , ii in l.jlu iIih pill.npd ilnmli, Mnni, mi die niiiiini.iiii, like ii siiiinnpi liml, I. ills lll Iipi' (ill plu niiij;; ami in iIip v.ilra The genilp h hid a swept mill pussiriiMie wooer, KisPP- l In' lilu-liini; leal, ami nils up life Wi bin the snlputii wood dl ti-li ippp ci uii.uned. Ami oilier Ik pi Ii, ami in.iple e Imv Icncil Wlierp Aiitiiinii, like a f.iinl nlil man, sils down 111 llir nut-side a-ueaij. Tlnuii;;li iIip Irtcj The snlileii niliiii mutes; iIip pin pip finrli, 'I'liiil on ttilil rlieriv ami led cedar feeds, A miiiIpi liinl conn's iviiliils pl.iinliw: uliisilc, Anil peiks hj 1 he wiuh hatel; uliil-i alnml, I-rnin cntlniip lonf?, iIip n.iihliiij; lilue-biid tinji ; Anil inpriilj, noli ofi.ippp.urd miukp, Sounds fium ilie tin erlimg fluur 1 lie biify flail. O.uhui 11 glory clmli iliis nmM pin on For liitn ill 11, uiilin feitenl heart, "np fix ill Under I lie luijlil ami gin . sky, ami Innks On dune uell pHirmiiiril. tl ilatu wi ll spem ! Fur liim iIih wind, ay, anil ilip jp'tlow le.itps. Shall Ii hp a mice, unit ghp liim plmpipiii ipm long?. He shall im iih m.lpinii Iimihi It.. D1.11I1 Ha-' lifipil iii I'm all, tli.ii lie shall go 'Jo liia long uiiliimi a II. W. Longfellow. GEOLOGY AND THE HIHLE. Some conversation took place 111 nur p r j Tale mom yesterday titur 11 1 njr. upon the Biitijpcl nf organic remains, ami nl" course tlii- cosmogony of was di-cii-sed. A scientific friend, tt Im i n prnri'.-sur ul' Clsris tmiiiiy. prolfscd to bclievo Dial lliu Imvcr order of nti'minli?, m&iiy yunrn priur tn the cri'Mimi ul'Ailani, wus mil inciiiis-iMent Willi flic Mnfaic nccniiiil nf crriilimi, and indt'Lil 1 h t lliu difCiivrrici A yiilopy con firm that ncc il. ifllirt wnril ilmj be Inkui In nigiiily a ciilifidiTobii' iiiiiiibnr nf yrarii. A (t r lin' run vi-r.-m khi. w ai'cideiiiitllv fipent'd Bi llV Lumldii Wciikly Mepsi'iiircr, nil fniiiiil n linshly urillen arliote upmi the fiibjprl, in wliirh, viiuvs nppnM'd in those cifnnr seii'iilillc IVii'iiil. art- udt'nrait d. We Irmlrr l(n' piece hi utir ciiIiiiimik. pre mii-ing that il I likvly tube fnlliiwi'il by the npporilu vii-ws nf Hie "real Dr. Glial niers. Fmm Rell'i! WVeklv Meufnjer. TUB NBW IMlll.OSOI'IIV. AM) ITS u.rOKiinL's Au jam'astic dmcma, In pniii'! iifllin papern nl' lln- i i k. niul ill tin SihihIhiiI 111 pf have (ipi'H pilbll-lu il lun ltttirt, lin;li liuvi- r.M'liril I Im I p ii Id ie 11 1 1 'iii nut ulncli nnpnr Iriiice m ivi'll tii' r 1 1 jj ; ide mie fri 111 a jvi tli inan nl'Miiiml ri'linniK li n 11m, ami nf an txuet uml priiliitiiid eniililinii. ill w Inch, in n Imie nf jrntu nrnl Fuller iiiiliiiiaiinii, lie aniiiinilvi'tirt upnn lln ill J 1 1 1 am) ill weighed dicUrmiiiii nf Dr. Ilncklanil. ilie Oxlnrd pmloriir (if yfuliicy, nii! 1 lt. ,.c tor nf S. (Jenipt'V clniit'li in Ilie bnrniinh, ttial ho (1 lie pmlrM-oiJilei'ins I Iml a clinn;.' l iit'Ci'i-rnry in lln liili'rpri'laiinn of I lit: first ehnpicr of G llel, rcyordini; ilie crcnliun nf l In: world mid Us nririiinc itc.i turois. "Fur yearn pai-t," pny I Ins curri'i- pondenl, "n dircnrilance hm been 1 be tvvreii ibe plain ami nm qmvncul r-latrciinntr-of Mnit'C U lo Ilic d,ih nl Km creation, and the nilbnuDiled periods ulucli men nf Kirncf have decliirt d neitisnm. fur the life and di nih of MiccCfpive (.'i in.'ralmns of living beings n 11 n w Innnd buried in the rtiatn ol Ibe earlli. Every mi llmil Ims been tried lo brin" Hie Moaic nccnuni und the genlnical fuels inio fiich linrniony as will alone tun iliennflincliin unlibiiriinpi-H of Ii ii inn ri intellrd " All lln'-e nMeinpu having fulled. I)r Itiickland (emu limes iln corrcppondeiil, 111 pnli.-iuiii'e.) cnini'M now forwuril Willi hi? his proposed new inier pie lalinii of hL'i iplnre, I lie hiiooei-n il chnnoe in I he cieeived verfnn binn, I Iml by ibe term M'u"nn irnh funif exienl nf'tmnu tnilhmiH of 02('s tvliull be iinderblnnd. An other interpretation which Dr. Ilnckhind prnpin-ep ij. ihni ilie firhi verpe of Genosi-. In liic beginning Gud created the heavent ami I he earth," should be read pepuraled from liin twn vcrsrs which fnllow, nrnl 'Cod said let there bo light and ibeie was light, and the evening and the morning, were (ho firit day." Tn (liis very serious charge, and partic ularlarly in the character ot a clergyman, who has hitlicrtu borne a high nameamnng the men of learning of the day Dr. Buck land lias replied, 111 a letter, thn material jubilance of which, fo far aa regards the prescnl arguincnt, is contained in Ilie fol lowing passage from il : "The objections and dilEcuhict proposed by the correspondent in the Standard, are nearly the Fame that occurred to myself, and which I believe occur to most person, when the results uf geological researches are first laid before Ihetn, without those explanations- which show thai, when fully uncerstond and rightly interpreted, they tint only eflbrd a hurt ofnew and important evt. dencen of Ibe being and attributes of God, but ire also strictly consistent with the HUral interpretation of the Mosaic account of the creation. A tho explanation tu which I nlltnle ii cnniained 111 my 'Bridge water Trcali.-rs." which will be pnhlishul in a few days, the public I Host will dome ill" jiistire to Fii-pend their opinnm nfilie chnige agnitist me till they shall have teen thnt book." One ftiriber pnsngn from the nilmiral corie.-poiiilrnt of the Stnndanl, by whom the nbove rliarge Is made. uiM nffnrd our readers n ceniplele view noil explicit un ilersliiiiilnig of the nccu-nlion rind I In; de fence, und moreover contains im iirgiimi nl 111 ilsel1'. Inch withniil having seen Dr. Dockland's himk is worth nil Hie uncertain -P' rul.'iiinii ami Hie groping 111 the dark. iWneii I'oiu all nur former experiercc 111 all ireolnmcal Works, wnveiy much apprehend will be ft. niul lo clinrnclerizi) even the learned profersor's lucubrations. "Il Mich (namely the desiie nf a new in terprclalion uf cripiure) be the spirit in which the Iiing-huiked for, anil the long since.reviewi'd Bridgewaier Treatise has been written, clothed as it certnirily mint be by the brilliant la'cnts nf ils nutlior. it had been much belter that 11 had never been undertaken. Almost every one sees that geiilngy js nm yel siiflirieui'ly ripe for so standard a work as this uunlit In be. Tho discoveries of every year serve In chasten theories of former years ; and tun one can yet foresee the full con.-i qui nn which nmM follow from Ibe new nod uu looked for discovery as tn the coiiricvmn of clectricii) with mineral slruclure, winch was for the firtt tune made known to ci eiico at the lot e Bristol r.iceiins;. It i thereforu the mure alarming m thousands nf unpcienlific believers in the Word ol Gnd lo find the commencement of innnva turn thus countenanced, as it were, by I lie chinch : and we can rmihly uuderslaud ih'i loud applause winch Dr. Biickl.mdV nniinunci men' dri w I'nrlli Irmn the mini hers who have had no scruples, whrn they found so iiiiportaiii 11 cuiiverl had nl lengili openly subscribed In I he laiiiiidmanaii piinciples of inli.rprclation which geology has long inculcated." Such, indeed, would be nur first, and. as 11 appears to im, such is the common seme answer, niul a must snlislactory one il seems to be. to this difficulties! which ore -ugg' -li d by these geologicnl di-eovencs namely, thai in lis pre-eut shape, geology in un degree whatever postesses thai principle of certainty, and that sysleiu of fixed and undeniable axioms and pustulates vvliioh entitles It to the name nf a -cience 1 Unit it is yel , 111 fact, but 11 Micro. inn ot filiating theories, and that even williiu our own experience, in the Ihm thirty yiars we have seen theory 11 Iter theory ghe wn to Hi sncce-snr. Wo remember in our own very enrly life, that a very ttron pub lic seilsiil 1011 was excited liy tin; publication nf a volume of travels in iulv. by a Nor folk gentleman of the mime of Bri.-lcd. in uhlch hu uieiil iniied that an Italian Abbe, wliiim he bad encountered on his travels, hud discovered certain slrula of lava with -ira'a of veelable earlh between each, in some plain near Mount Vesuvius, nud I hut II had been ascertained that il requin-d 11 pnriml ul I 'J 000 yean to convert n strata of lava into ri straliiui ul vgeliilih: earlh ; he Migge.ieil that the world iniit neeost have been ot an eailler date than reeorili d III the Mn-aii: account. In tin; recently iniblislieil of Cmker's "B i-well's Life ol JohiiMin." 11 Mill be seen thai this oh-erviiUon of liri-led's was uieiitiniiPil tu lir. Joiio-i'ii. and that llm ausuer uf this nciile rea-oner was, "Sir. nil this, the number nf yeurs which it will nqnirii 10 convert a stratum of lava lulu veoelable earth, inii-t depend upon the pii-iiion of the stratum, and m circiiiustauees and necideuls nf lemperature, nccasinnul cul lure, earthquakes, &c. which iidmit ol no ciilculullou, and It is the most iioreaMimible 1 f all onreasunable things In cull in ques. I mn tin.' most aueienl n cords ofmanktml, and llirutv aside 1 lit; cunenrtenl testimonies ul' lutlory. lor fancies and theories n sling upon such basis." We quota from meiii ory. but tho above will In; luiinil ihosiib sluiice of the great rea-oner's reply. And what was the tesiill ? Why. thai in about 20 years afterward when Dr Wair-nu pub. Ii.hrd his "Apology for ll.n Bible," in an swer to the impieties of I'aiin;. he look oc. casiou lo touch upon Ibis ubii clmn of Bus led as an exauip'e of the frivolities which every age was producing, and every age in lis turn dissipating lo Ilie winds; fur the matter wns 110 sooner examined, said Dr. Watson 1 ban anoi her series often or twelve lava, inch wuh Us strainm of veieiulile enrin between, was discovered near the nine spot, and it was ascertained by pnri. live liislotic docuinenls. thai the whole number nf the siiatn both lava and vege. table matter, had nil been produced within the last three hundrid and liliy years. Nuw it is a known observa'ion by I'aley, that, 111 all argumentation ol nny rouiplexi ty, every man who is at 1 lie trouble in ex ao'inu the process of reatuning in his own mind, will tlisrnvcr that his opinion bus been vety early made up by some one argument in particular by smne argument to which Ins own former experience, or the circum stance uf Ins having tested Us worth on other poinls has given u pecoliar energy And in ninuty.niiie cases of n hundred, "no argument is generally so sound and good as these. Upon this principle we have no hesitation in saying that the above circinii stances have always occurred to in, when ever we have eiicuuntered any of the-o reo snners upon geological difficulties; wo have always remembered how ninny succession nf theories we have seen and known in our time, and Imv the one has successively de molished the oilier; ive have seen Ihe Nep lunean theory, according to which the eanh has b tie 11 burned we know nut Imw many times in (he course of some thuiisand years; the theory of Dr. Darwin, occording In which in some million of years, slopes divided into flakes might becn'mc living an imals; and the theory of Spalanzuni, or that of the, self-creaiion of insects 111 the in tho Nile. Wo have seen and Known the beginning and end of euch follies, and we have no manner nf doubt bin that Dr Bock land Inm-ell will j,.t ln u, nive a lunch heller answer In iiis dillieullies, than n pri. on" any human ing unity ran at pie-enl apply in Into A" any rate, lo ndopl Hip laiigeagi; ol f)r. Jnliii-'ini. lei on not distrust iIm iiio-i nuciciii und saeri d nl nil rernril". and the cniirurrelil fuiih of all In-lory. fin ihenries and fanciep re-ting iiinn snrii ba sis, the most vague, ini-eilled, and un certain of all sciences at the present day, geology. There is another consideralinn which 11111-t be obvious to all who giveto this sub jeel the ntleiili'Ui which Its importance -o well merits, and which if. thai to all Am mtn labors and 1 fiorls tune is a neres-ary ngeiu; there is nil es-eiiHal interval be. 1 ween rami; and efTecl. Ii h so also in the nrilinary cmirso ami operalinm of na ture; the ,-eed lime, the early and the Int. ter ram, the germination of the bud. the fructification, and the ripening, must all precede the natural harvest or gathering nm Mure. But. as regards Gud. 1 into is one of In. creatures, only, and not 11 ueres. sary ngeni ; 11 uinv. or may not, according tn hi. alimgliiv will, he an" instrument, ur may be entirely superceded and laid a-nle. When the machine of nature ur iliecnated world was completed, lion: became subject to fixed laws and properties and was there after employed 0s an agent or instrument in working nut ihe will nl the Almighty Creator. But belnro his scheme of creu lion was completed, it was a mere relallon or creature, and we inn.-t admit and believe, either that 11 had received no laws, or wos sii-peuded and dispensed with. Thus, for example, the fjre.t man and wot.m were maibj in their full growth and slaluro nl Hie moment of Hieir cieutinn ; it wns the same with all oilier niuniih; beings. -ibe 'nine with Irees. vegetables, tin- gups ol Hie fields the stones, the strata nt'llm earlh. and all the contents bulb nfibe air and the -ea. Til llplilv this a'"llllient lo the en.e 111 pniiit, 'Kiniwii iiiiio God'' in the word, of ibe sacred oracles 'are all ht-wo-ks from the lieginiiing." Is there any diffieully, iherel'ori;, in believing that he foresaw and foreknew at ouco tliiit such a quality and properly nf earth. fiicIi vegeln ble matter, such earboii. cnals, slraliliea nous, Sic, would he required in such lauds and island for Hie due siisteuntioii ol mankind ; and in order lo afford such qoal. tiles ol soil, he. either by Ins iufiuiie pow. er. created 1 In 111 at mice, nr so accelerated the properties of ibe secondary causes nl temperature, atmosphere, moisture, dryness &C- which he knew In be necessary lo their lo their formation (becau-e he had so rendered them) tl. 1,1 produce them nl Hie tune and place in which human necessities lequireil tliem. Fur example, according In Hie ordinary mieraliou o!'m ciind eaii-e-. and the common course of nature, it mi lit take, say a thousand yiar-, lo convert a stratum of fallen trees into a stratum nf enal. God saw that litis ordinary course would not work nut hi. designs uml produce sullicient for the want of hi., ereutnress he therefore either so qualifies and uioilifp 1 lie cau-es a'ready existing, or bring, nib tlies min operation, a- In produce Hie same effect in n fiih or a tenth purl of the lime ; perhaps bv the mere operation ol his will nl mire;-. perhaps by Hie chemical nroiierl les ul firoand water lodgi d 111 the bowel, of Ilie enrlh. Wo know Hint suiu spr'tngs hnve the properly of petrifying nl a single year. wlul.-.l ullu-rs require ceiilu ries to prodoee ibe same 1 fi'i el ; nud 11s w know that nature itself is one great lab iritinry nr machine under Hie direction of Providence, 11. upernlions might he re. larded ur accelerated areuriling to his all sulfici'.' it will u till piirpnse. As regn'ds Hie fossil r- lies of suppnsd niiuiuils and living . erealcies, from wnicb III" geologi-t le'ches Ins other argumenis nl the crea'loil ol'tln; world prior In I he a". Coil ill given by, the wiiide ,'in'iiiiien'p rest upon wholly un-al i.lnciory nnd vague. First, are the-e fossil relies tin; acmal reuriiii. ol'aiumil beings or not. or are ihey mere casual lii'ins ami lesein. hl.mcep? Now. as there art no living typo with which to ro iipan; theiu, to argue from such fo it remain. 1. nil mere eonjeilnre ; nod genlogi-ls ant divided upon Hus veij tir-t principle ot Hour own science. !.,' Hie render cm. ult Cuvier on Hus point. Again, why is 11 necessary in suppnsu 1 1 1 n 1 wlierever mere has been a shell then; mu.t Im vii been a fish in il? Migin mil ih, shell, have been one creature, ur f.i.s.l or wnrk niaiiship, nud Hie aiiunats anoi hei t.ios, who knows what i thn slruc'ii'e. whnl Hie economy, mid what are the mat' nalsol'l e centre of the earth, tint sii'larn of winch has not been penetrated ai Hid ii'iou.i more than between two or three mile.-? What riyers uinv mil percolate 11, what may not be their nuimal product ion.-, ami of'whai kind mid nnlnre? Why should nol the bowels of 1 Ins earlh, utterly unknown to us, contain inunicrable and iiio.i surprising classes of animal existence, suited bv their peculiar nature to tho elements of fire and water. wholly different from those which we discover in the beds of streams, or the cliouis nf imiiiiiKiiiw. nr llssurfacif Willi "tt" hall nf this glnbi! we are perl'ecily uu acquainted, tlm caverns uf iln ocean. But in the course uf the last fivo hundred years, it is well known that large portions nfseas have receded from their beds, whilst their bottoms have been heaved op m some instances and depressed in uihers. In this dim twil'ght, therefore, and im perfect knowledge of physical matter and its causes, h ii not at unco the most inun sirniis presumption and ignorance to que-tinn the truth of those biblical records which sluiul upiii the aiilhi rity uf re vein, linn? Is genlngy, like mMhciriaiic', arriv ed tu that state of perfection, that we can venture, even most humbly, tu scan Hie accuracy, and mea-lire tho powers and at tributes of the Almighty Creator. But secondly, ami mnsl materially, are wo nol groping 111 the daik.' Before the age ol printing, which does not now exceed 350 tyoirs, there ate scarcely any records of the former convulsions and mutations ul the .u!'.ice uf the i'l ibe. The classic writers affl'id but one, and what a description uf writer is In? Pliny's iinlurnl history. Who knows what may have happened uljhiii hi Hum. anil years even in our own i.lmid ; niul how many spots have been buried hundred of fnlh mis under the earth 11 i I nil the annuals upon t hem 11 1 that time. Our lltiuls will only now admit us lo in-li lion nno ui'iiuoriihle example. Alum. I in llii- tune nf our nun great grandfathers, tint is nbntil 100 yenrs since, an rarlli qjinki! 111 lln; neighborhood of Mexico, threw op a mountain nearly as high as the lolliest Alp. 111 nui! night only, submerging at the same time nearly 1 lie whole nf the neighboring hikes, and. nf course, with all 1 1 15 fi'sh 111 them. Now, if the world should last another two or threo Ihou-and vtars, and the record nf lliu fact should b? lost ur forgotten, un American geologist in digging up tome portion of tho eatth, inighi n'gne. iiow could lhc-o fish be buried in the earth, nnd found under this mountain, nud moreover in the vegetable 1 11 ' mi I (I . which I n.cerlnin with my 'own eyes, unless a million of ages had pas.-eJ long since. In a wind, wu must dismiss this fantas tical subject of geology by observing ttial the same infinite power winch nmild make mil of stones children to and eould create man, vegetables, and other fruiis of the earlh, ot the instant of crea tion, ami for Ins support, witbnut any in lervnls of growth or visible progress, could at all tunes eiiher employ or dispense wuh the operation of 1 hue, whenever be judged it necessary for any purpose of bis wisdom or goodness. LEGISLATURE OF VERMONT. Kvkmkg Sk-sion, MoNnT, Nov. 14. Temperance liiltMr Young, Irnm the eleft committee upon the subject, reported. Hie bill Willi an aineiidmeni, propo-lug to era. i! ail after the enacting cl.nie, and in sert n sub.tilute; which wn reatl.explained by Mr Young, essentially the same III Us provisions as the bill conunitled and such as 1 he committee believed was called fur. nrnl would be su.laiued by public opiiron. The ainendiiienl takes Hu; power of gram ing licences from Hie county coons and p'ures it under Hie guardian. hip uf the civil authority of Ibe seveial towns, pro vides the manner and limits the quantity of ales by retailers and inkeepers, and fixe, the penally for infractions of the law at ten dollars. Air Ilnwe moved to ratsu the penalty to licrnty dollars, when 011 motion nf Mr Bnggs. Hie bill and the amendment were laid 1111011 the table. Surplut Ilfcenue the senate resumed ilie eoii-nlerniiou ol'tlus subject tho ques tion being tipim 1 lie ainendiiienl to the bill, from the house, proposed by the committee in 1 heir report of Saturday evening. The debate was further continued by Messr Wulsor.. Smiley. Hehard ami liiiiiev, op po-ed to tho amendment, and by Mc-srs Hell, Conveise. Porter and Pierpoiut, in its favor, when the Senate, without taking the question, Adj. Tl'E'Dtv, Nov. 15. Senate 7J(7t--read a 3d iim end pn. sed ; am burning duns to settle curtain nccouuls of laud tax r. nominees. J- In pay Mr Harris lln; sum men tinned, the quo. Hon being upon Ilie 31 reading. Mr Ungg. went loin an uivo-tigii-limi ol Hie claim, nnd opposed Hie pa-sage of the bill 111 11 speech of. moo length, both mi the ground of Hie facts 111 Hie ca-e, ami because he was in principle opposed to nay. ing the claims arising from the passage of acts ol suspeiisinn hy the Legislature. Mr Sheldon folloiwd in reply in Mr B III favor of I In; hill mid of the jo-nce of 1 ho claim, generally, resting upnn the smile hn-is Hie iiiieoiisiiiulioiinl nc'. of the Li'gi-lnluro.M r Palmer spoke 10 favor of Hie lull, niul ul though, in former years he had b -en iippo. ml In similar claims. Hie qiie.linu now be. nig apparently settled, he fell 11 his duly to acquiesce 111 Hie general principle; 011 Ihese grounds and hrlievinr the. present quite as uierilo ions 11 claim as llm-i; uf 11 similar character already paid, he should be 111 f.i-vo- of Hie pa age of the bill. On mutton o' Mr llebinl Hie bill was laid upon the la ble, Tlie hill to pay Peler Niello's lliesilin ni' iitioiii'il; Hie cliimi of a similar character a. Hie above, wu- reported by Hie uoiuuiii tee lo i linn) il Has cotiiiiulleil for amend ment, uiili a propo-nl in a. 11. .ml, by reduc lug Ii"! same; and lliu generul principle, of tiilowiug Hu-rlniin wns di-cn.seil bv Messrs Pierpoinl, Bnggs uml ..ivi. opposed, nnd hv.Me-srs Kiii-nntu and Waterman in fnvnr Hu. latter Senator saying he had a similar claim, but should vole 111 the same manner as hi: would hud he 110 such claim, On Hie que. lioii shall the bill pueo? the yeas were 17. nays 9. O ol ion of Mr Pier point the Senate resolved to meet hereafter at 8 o'clock A. M. House The amendment of the Senate to llm mileage bill was concurred in. HlHs ordered ina third reading To pre vein circus riding n"ai ing Franklin C", buildings reb g to thn tSiate prison, supported by Mes-rs Conlnlge and Conant. nud oppo.ed by Mr Dewey of G. Tim bill appropriating a sum for rail rnad urveys wos amended bv sinking out the Western anil Central routes, on motion ofj Mr Biickiutisler. sunporled by Messrs Vi las, Fitch and Curtis, and opposed by Messrs Brewster and Sargenut. " o'clock P. M. Senate Mr Brigga called up bis mo linn lo reconsider the vote assigning Thurs day morning ns ibe day of adjournment; vote reconsidered, when Mr Briggs moved to amend Hie resuluuon by era-uig Thurs iliy nud siib-liliiUug Friday. The S nute concurred in the resolution as amended, lo adjnnrn wiihuut day oil Friday morning next. Dills establishing permanent salaries for certain officers, reported by coin. pro. posing ta add to the proposed salary of sec. of state, so that it amount to $350; amend- meiii lost, nud on motion of Mr Sheldon the blank was filled with $100 librarian 100 engrossing clerk gl75; read a 3d 1 mi'- niul passed. Surplut revenue the order in the ilav wns resinned upon this subject, when Mi White nriilre. sed llm Semite at length, in I'uvor of the iiiueiiiloieiii to the bill, by tin com proposing lo make a safe depo.ile ot the money, when received, at G per rent the di-lriii'i'ioo to !): left nt tho dispusul ol the people by a future Legislature. Mr Young spokii 111 favor ol the amend inent. when Mr While replied to Mr Mer rill, and the litter rejoined. Mr It - 1 1 clo- pd the debate, anil the question of aunnul inent wns decided in the negative, yeas VI nay. Hi. Mr Pierpoinl. moved to erase all the Fee- Hons of the bill, after the enacting clause. and olT'.'red a resolution, which wos lead. and on million of Mr Sheldon, committed to lilt; cniu. on Hie judiciary. Hills relating to enilorseei. ordereo tn bo engrossed; regulating and governing he in 1 1 1 1 1 a ; called up by Mr Phelps, read a 3d time. House Bills passed in relation tn common tchnols appropriating -iJOOO for su'vey of Eastern rail road route. 30 lo 52. The Senate came in and the joint com. made the following appointments: WINDSOB count v. D.miel Bowen, Sheriff, Silolh"ol Adams, ) . Ezra Putnam. IIoP In'PMlori, The report on the subject of flavery was considered : the first resolution declared thai Congress and tb" States have un pow er lo prevent the transmission of paper, by mail. &c. the second, thai Congn ss ha power over F'avery 111 the district of Co lumbia and Hu: third for the trau.mis.iou of the two first to other Slates. Mr Need barn of B. moved to refer I he whole mailer to the next legislotirc ; discussed by Messrs Nopilhom, Ho-lingf. Buckmaster, Ha.well, Brewster. Vilas, and withdrawn Mr Stevens of R. moved to dismiss Mr Haswell & Needham ol B supported & C IC Field opposed 11 negatived. MrTraey supported tho lot resolution, and it was adopt-ill Messrs CK Field. Hale, Fitch & Gomlale supp irted the second, and ii was adopted. The third was adopted without discussion Referred to next session Bill to charter Washington Co. bank. 90 lo 73, a motion to dismiss having been negatived 110 tn 77. Wednesday, Nov. 10 Senate Dills relating to the elate prison, read twice and referred lo commit, tenon finance; authorising Hie removal of F('sex county grammar Schonl to a new lo cation, read a third lime and passed. Slavery in Ilie District nf Columbia. The order rf the lav was announced by the President, and the resolution, on motion of Mr Briggs, again laid upon the table. BiVr Appointing n committee to lo cate the public building) in the county of f ranklin; ulijecl ot the lull and wishes nt lis lriend, explained by Mr Sheldon, s m- ported by Mr Young, opposed by Mr Uriggs, read n lliiril tun1;, and passed. Surplus revenue' Mr Briggs, fr()in the committee on the judtcinry. reported the nill as proposed tu b" amended by .Mr Pier point, ami also niinlher proposal uf amend ment, by the committee, which were con sidered by Hu; Senate, acting as 111 commit, 'ee nf Ibe whole, Mr Converse in the c'liir On the amendment otTered hy Mr Pier, pom', providing that lb" money be Inane.) locach town in the S'ale. according 10 popuiiiiion of 1 rt .30 t Ii 1 interest lo b mi nunlly paid into ih Irea-ury uf the Slate, and to bo annually distributed to Hie stuer al towns, according lo the population, fo the support nf commim schools, Mr lie hard objected to liie security, by mortgage 111 real estate, as proposed 111 the amend inent, a. introilucitig an odious leu 1 11 re into our in-tiiiitions, Mr Bell was very glad the gentleman found but one objection to the amendment ; would In; as en-ily obviated as thn objecioii to the bill from the lioii-e, or the iiuienilmeiil proposed by Hie cominitiee. lie preferred ibe amend mem 11 iw miller consiiboa 1011 to either ami cotituuieil Ins rmuirk. 111 illil-lrntmn nf the b uefils he believed would be derived hy Ilie enure populatum uf the s ale for years to culm, if 'he inueiidiueiil o ih. iMuitleuiiu from Holland pn vailed. Mi llnbb II slated other nlij --i ions ilnin the one nlliuled lo hy Mr Hebtt'd. mid which would influence his vote, particularly in regard lo the application ul I he mom v. and Hu; pay to iho di-tribulors, who would b likely 10 consult their own intern. is, n miieh. cor 1 11 in I y. ns the interests uf Hie public. Mr II continued his remarks nl some length. 111 oppipiimii to llm amend inent. ns iilijeciioiinble, also in respect to Hie dfficiiilv of obtaining security 011 real esiale, with indisputable lilies; objectin" likewise to the p m or proposed to be coip lerred upnn th" Treasurer, whoever be might be. as liable to parly influences, from year to year, as one party nr another might alternately prevail. Opposed also by Messrs Rauney, nnd Walornion, sup ported by Messrs. Porter and Pierpuiut, who replied to lliu objections raised. Mr Brun-muii opposed the amendment, cnlcn laled ami he believed intended, to defrol a distnbotiiut tho present session, which he was convinced would not meet the ap prnbatinii of tho people. Ho preferred a depopiti! in Hie banks, or tho erection at unci! of 4 new banks than to distribute 11 lo the towns, proposed by tho amendment under cnnsideralinn nnd gave his rea-ons for his opposition. Mr. Raiuiey again lunk the ll'i'.r 111 opposition to tho 'amend, inent not on ncennut of Hie distribution, for the ul' education met Ins ap proval: biitthe uinnner in which Ibe oh jecl wns proposed to be attained: followed by Mr Young, who objected tn the en dinii oi ns many Loan Ollices as Hiero arc conn Iocs in iiiu time, 11011 suggesieu ipe placing the revenue at the ihspu-nl of the slate, lo bo divided as the populatum inigbl vary iioiu year to year, and moved to" lay tin- subject upon the table. Mr Pierpoinl ilia, ulanr.cil all idea, or desire, lo defeat tl.a distribution the present sc-sinn, nnd said he must cheerfully consented to and hear tily concurred in tlm prop i-i'lon of Ilia gentleman from Orleans, Mr Young; laid upon lb" Inble. H l-sk-Bills ordered to 3d reading Making appropriation for statu house. Referred to next session- Bill repelling nedlar's act uf 11133, 105 to 45 petition of Win Bridges and accoinpnnying'bill pcti. linn of Wm. Washburn nnd bill a motion was made In reconsider t ho Vo'e dismissing the bill to abolish impris. iru-nt for debt afii r some di ciissiou by Messrs Rice of .Sltntton. Tracy anJ "others, negatived without a count. Mr B'.hs wu. appointed on the distribu ting coiiuniilee. Sknste Dilh read a third time an'l n.i-seil ; to pay Kb mezer '0. Barton, J for killing a bear repeoling pn rl of an act rel.iiing In what tdnll be, decuwd a legal seltleinent ; relating to dimes of con.-lablei in Hie county' of Lamoille : incorporating the Guildhall Bridge Co.; relating to du lies ofbmk committee or bank inspector. Dills referred extending the limits of jiil ynrds'in tins Stale, to tho limits of tho respective counties, ruierrcu to cumiuiuce on the judiciary. Slavery the report and accompanying resolutions of the committee of the house, lo whom was ref. certain communications from 1 lie executives ol other states: on the subject of slavery, wete read, and on mo. Hon referred to the committee on the ju diciary. On motion of Mr Potter tho vote on the passage of the bill relating lo common schools, w.a reconsidered, nnd tho bill rrjccled. Tempeianrebilt. Tho question being upon Mr Briggs' motion nfiiidefiiiile po.tponement; Mr li withdrew the motion, and the bill, on motion of Mr Ru, was laid upon thu table. Surplus revenue 'I hu Senile resumed con. sideratiuii of thi'i s thj ct as in com. of tha whole, Mr Conver.u in thn chair, when Mr Young offered an aniendinnnt, in pursu&nco nf hw suggestion 111 tlm forenoon, as accept ed by Mr l'icrpoint. This amoiidinpiit ro quires tho state tieaurer to receive lit a sur plus whenever paid by the U. .S , deliver it ovpr to trustees lo bo appointed by tho several towns for that piupo-r, in pioporlinn lo tho population of thn several towns in 1830; lobo loaned to Iho citizens ul C per cent; tho prin. cipal to remain tho properly of tho several towns. unles called for by the United Stales ; til 0 interest to bo appropriated lo llio support nf common school.: distribution ofintcresl to bo equihzed after 11140 accotding to popula tion of llio towns. Amendment ado,iteit, and bill referral! lo select com. Mcssis l'irpoint Porter, and flolurd, II jus-e The Senate came in, a ml the joint com. made the. following nppointmunl. c.UAM) isle couvrr. Win Wuii 1st ass't justice. Harry B Matt Sheriff. Pardon T Kunball Brig General lit brigade 1st division. WA-IIING TON COUNTV. t Joseph Howes. Luther Cruts, Thotuii' Needham Jail commissioners. L L liomb lii.poc I lops. Jason C i' pernor Judge of Prnhr.e. F.lvnui- S Newcinnb High Bailiff. Kills pi.sed Incorporating Enosburgli beet root sugar manufacturing Co. Senate evening -e.iini, Nov. IG. B II- making mi appropriation of gJOOO or surveys ol ruil road routes read a 3d tuii" mid on motion of Mr Hjbbul, laid upon ibe table. Slavery Mr Briggs from the com. on the judiciiry. repined lb- resolution, upon Ibis subject, referred to them in the after noon wuh propo.ed ani"n linents, which were concurred in. .excluding l!,iw;t..rt, and the firt rn-oluiloii adopfed. as follows., Renilccd. Bv Hie General As-einblv of the Statu of Vermont, that neither Con gross, nor the S ate governments, hava any coii.liloiinnal rtgh' to abridge the free epre..ioii ol opinion for Hie transmission of 1 hem through the medium of the pebliu 1111 Is. Mr Waterman demanded tho vcas and nays on the second resolution, and it was ad ipied as follows: Iletnlved. That Congress do possess the power to obilish slavery in the District of Columbia. The third resolution, passed without do bate, as f .blow. : Resolution. Tli it his Fix. llio Gov. be requested lo transmit a copy of iho fnreoo mg resolutions to n,,. Cx, cuiives of each of the S'ole. and to each ol our Senators and Represeiiln'ives in C'iigres. Bills appropriating s.5,000 lor com. uletiiig Hot Stale House, read u 3d lime nud p is-cd. Surplus R venue-. Mr Watson offered " Bl" ho. nl u Hie niiiemlioeiit, urusin-r lln: words State Treasurer, ulueli prevail ed. After other am inluienis, mnCli ani mated discus. pin. and sonu: warmth of feeling bt late hour, ihe S 'utile hiving octet a. 111 com. of the whole, reporuiii thu bill, as amended, winch was read, amendments concurred i , b ll read a 3d tuii", when the senate adj Hou-e Evening session. Nnv 1G- Passed Bill, appropriating jJJS.OOO for -line house to incorporoti! Benninoton manufacturing and priming Co. " O'd-red to 3d reading Manchester cot tun Sl woolen manul'ac. Co. Referred to next scs.ion Report of com on education on the subject of University of er,noul-bill 10 charter banks at Uradlurd. Castlelnn incorp,,ratiiir nul. 'mid & Middlebury rail mad Co Sbolisli- u.g capital putiUhmcnt-relativo m with coheg"rAlQ",0f'al ul'facull' of Middlebury The select corn, on the sfalo library re purled that it was inexpedient lo make any appropriation for additions ibis year. Thursday Nov. 17, R35i bENATE -,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, m g bu'gli beet root sugar 111 ,uf,,elrm C- a third time and pass, d -relat'.,,,. ,0 pubhca.iou of ,lc, 3 ur hul5 -j up by Mr. Beckwith, Mr. BrigS. in o

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