Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 27, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 27, 1837 Page 2
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those articles that now give employment to ihou-nnds mid ten, of thousands of our population, and which huvi! herulnforo boon protected. Woollens, in iho mnnnlaci uro nl' which nr.) engaged u val amount ol riipilnl. mill an iiiuneiiso number "f men. women ami children, are to bo put down, while Indigo, mm of the raw nmteiials un ed in ils production, nrnl whn:h in titt pro duced hcu. h to pay u duty of 15 per ten'. Spirits of till kiudi "nr! to bo reduced in 20 per cent, while winn in untouched. The lluin oflho West Indies is to supercede the Whiskey of Pennsylvania, New York. Ohio and Kentucky. Cotton nnd woollens tiro to emtio down to 20 per cut. while n duty is demanded on silks, f which wn nrodueo none. It is difiinult to conceive of u p'ontor absurdity. Every inn-rest Mtmi.phctit the Union i". dealt with hi the ta mo ni.iimur The lead of ISIieMiu n ; the sugar of Louiiania ; the iron and the eo'il ol Pennsylvania and oth er stales t ho hemp of Kentucky; the col tons ami woollens of Pennsylvania, New York, and Ihu eastern states; glass, shoes, hats, clothing, all share the same fate. - By n change mi taptd os thai now pro pot:d, almost every man willsufiV, either in hit own business, or in l ho prn'tratton of his neighbor's. II" will fool that he is passim; through a i evolution, affecting the interest of nil. whereas, had the quiet nod beautiful action of the compromise lull not been disturbed, th- same object would have been obtained without dtstioss or in jury to any. lie will lentil to judge be tween the stalCftnau qua lines of Hen. ry Clay, and the charlatanism of C. C. Cambrelcng. We trust that Iho latter does not speak the sentiments of the party that a measure so important to nil inter csts is net to be settled on parly grounds but that a large majority nf the House of Roprcsenlatues will steed nv tlie nroniise. which will vet remain the law of the land, accomplishing by slow decrees, the changes rendered necessary by the state of iho revenue, and allowing all in accomnindatu lliruvelves thereto. W trust that the L 'gislaturo of our own state will look to the groat interests of the Com- moiiweallh, and not permit her groat staples t wool, iron and coal to bo prostrated, without an ifiirt to prevent it. Or w trust that she will require the navigating interest of t lie north to relinquish the wo nnpnly of the trailing trade, anil to grant the same freedom to ships, that is asked for coal. U. S. Gazette. Washington, Jan. 13tlj. As! anticipated, I lie Committee of Ways mid Means made tut ir Report on the sub jcet of the 'I'n rih'. on Wednesday trie 11th in-t. It. conform-, in all Us features, with, what I had previously utatcd. The ques ' lion is now (amy h-lure the heople, and Us decision icsts with them. The desi ruction of the Comprnini-e Bill 13 a party measure, ond if Mr. Van Boron, by means of the dis cipline of do' l.vli. can keep his troops to gether, the pending bill will pns, and the manufacturing establi-hiiienis of the coun try sink under P. Ti.o Whigs will vote ugain-t tin' proposition, with the except kid of tlie Southern members, a large majority nf whom will go lor me repealing law. In the snipe b.U, n i contemplated to intro duce a pcovi-ion tor ndiienig iho price of the Public Land-; or rather, for giving to the new slates, all toe National domain. Theso inovenieo's may be considered as premonitory rvmpioins" of what is to b expected from ihe coming Admini-traiion. It is not my iiiieniion to argue the ques lion, I have alr-.i'ly expressed my opin ions as to the ruitioiKH effects upon the couni ry, inr.i will loilow a repeal oi tne mined to biliiir iho IJousolu a direct vote. Their lauguajtn is If Ihe msnufacluing in Iciest of tho country Ih to ho ruined, lot it bo dune at once. Let them know their fate. Let doubt and suspense bo brought to an end. Anting upon tins principle, Mr. Lawrence, this morning, wiih drew his morion made on Wednesday hist, for an indefiniiu postpone moiit of th'e bill. 'I his loll Mr. Cr.mlirolimg's imilian for a reference of it to a Commitlcu oftho whole House, onthoMato of the Union and for this, llio the Whig party all voted. The bill Is now in a (situation that the party can call it up, on any day, and at any time that they please A siuation, I siiFpcct, which sumo of them much rcgrot. They would havo proferted that our friends fchould have postponed its consideration. Thcro seems lobe some shuffling in the Vat: liurcu ranks. This dav, one of Iho lea- dm, asuired a friend of mind, that iho Report was not a parly mcasiiro , and that Mr. Catnbrclong alono was responsible for it. Now, we all know, that this gentleman would not act on such an important subject, without Iho approbation of iho higher powers. Al thesauri! tiii'c, I should not bo suiprised (ifil was deemed expedient, )at Ins being made "a .capo goal for tho sins of Iho congregation." Tun Sty In Wafinoton. Washington, Jan 14th, The Treasury Order of July lllh is to bo revoked by order of the President, on Tues day. So staled Mr. Walker in his speech on the Laud, Hill Washington, Jan, 17. Under data of iho loth I guvo you a sketch of the proceedings before llm Coniniillco of Investigation m Hie case ol iwr. irnuniy to Saturday evening the Mlh inclusive. Previous to Saturday, however, the See. rotary of iho Treasury in reply to cot lain in. lerrogatorics, had sen, to Iho Committee a voluminous communication, accompanping which weic sundry letters from the Cashiers of liariks.&c. As I understand this eommu-j location, it is a labored argument to prove lhal a numerous class of agents tcsido at or visit Washington. Some" as land agents; somu uiiilcr tho French and other treaties; some, as pension agents, and Mr. Whitney as the agent of the deposile banks; that all these agents aro courteously eceived , and that it is doe lo them generally to say, thai llieir conduct is decorous and proper. There arc, however, exceptions referred to by ihe Sccietary among tho pension and land agents. Great frauds, ho says, have been commuted in these departments, and then ho enters into some particulars, for what rca. sou God only knows, unless it he to give un necessary pain lo llioso who were connected hy the most endearing lies with the perpetra tors of a portion of these crimes. Why ihoso details are introduced, or what connexion Ihey can havo with Mr 1 Whitney's case, I am unable to imagine. They may lend to be wilder, but they cannot enlighten a muddlo headed man. Anion;' the letters transmitted lo the Com mittee is one signed by sundry Cashiers of ISanks, which is complimentary to the late Haul; of the United Stales, inasmuch as it proposes, so far as it is praelable, to adopt, in relation to tho public biminoea, llic nytcm uhii'li ilialliisiiiuiioa pursued. Hut as the deoosile banks wore seperato and indcpcii der.t corpoialions, and could not bo brought under the immediate control of any one hank, these gentlemen Cashiers very mod oslly proposo lo establish, at their own cx nense. a bureau in iho Tmasury depaalmont I Mr. R.JI. Whitney lo be placed at iho head of it, and to receive a salary of five thousand dollars per annum, Thus, then there was lo have been a Government Secretary oftho j Treasury, and a Sank Secretary of the Trca- I surv. ! This letter boars dalo October, 1833, and milted, Tho Hlack linct,of themselves, aro of no particular, moment : tho history of Iho K'linlutinn thus atlcmiiled to bo stigmatized, will pass down lo posterity : too uoou oi tno Executive which elicited that resolution wilt remain mi record ! Hut Iho sniritcflhr parly which has thus triumphed in an act of the liiml, is ol important moment in a nu public, in a Kingdom, it would wear a din'eront asnnct ; it is tho spirit of the ctpun- gfig riieflsirrc.which should catiso every pulriot lo bo alarmed lor mo Honor oi ma country, iur the frondom of Ionization, and far tho liburty iteslf of legislators lo record ihcir votes upon blcsicd, be ihe lot and the memory of tho ml, nrnong which were nbuiit 1500 bbl man who sought out the monns of insttuc A largo number of families by this . ,, n . TA r, . ! calamity nre rendered houclcss. I ho fire Hon for the Heap and DoMU.Lwcmne-1 ,.,:,i, ..,,., !i r, ii, nrn. nf Journal. There is a rich mid linppy vein of humor running through thn following graphic de scription vagnhondising, in the bhape of Strolling Theatricals. The drama Although we ennnot boast of the city refinements in theatrical per fnrnmnccs, yet wo nre carnally vintcd with any measure, according to tho dictates of jiho votaries of Thospius, nnd'if it does not Ibeirjudgmcnt. Troy Paper. Wo oro going to have another Message on Iho subject of Texas, they say, in about a fortnight Tho general opinion scorns to bo, that Texan independence will bo recognized. issi"oedby W. D. Lewis, Cashier Girard Hank. Philadelphia. Robert While, Cashier ManhaUan liank, Ncwl'ork. T. Taylor Cashier llank of America, Ncw-yoik. II. li.ildwin. Cashier Mechanics Hank, New York. C. Hood, Cashier Commercial Tariff. On this point, theiefore 1 will only lioslcm. add. that Mr. Van Huron's mannirers loci Boston. (il'siiee.'.-s: while that portion of The 5ank of America seems to have f' ivu.i .In?. id i hi- eonseniiences oi l somu niialins about signing, as it makes cor the iVroni.sed measuro nnpear lo ontcrl am 1 lain exceptions. It appears, however, that it P. Haydn, Cashier Merchants lianli had j'reat aiuueheu-iins for the result. Not withstanding all tlie biavado, of cerlain quack stRle.-men. nnd vuiomuy )ieteni!ers. 1 do not believe that iho lank anil file of Ihe. party dare lo mei i the question and carry il'through, if the people will but raise their voice. yesterday Mr. Mnhlt'iibnrg moved to lay the hill and rep.irt on Hie tablo. This m i lion was or! by a Uiuj'"iiv of twen!y(ivc. Ayes 0-1 nocc 1 10. Tins was a very loll house, u ml tho am i-tariff vole amounted lo 119, which i-, probably, a majority of any numlvr of members in n will convene, du ring the present session. Of the ric? (or by this vote, supporter.- oftho tarill') twLif ly-six were Van Huron men, viz.: Me.-srs Anthony, Ileauui oit. Hlack, ISuchumin, Fowler, French. Cilbaith, li. S. Harrison, Uentlersoii, Hubley. It. M. Johnson, Kil gore, Lapotic, Lau-ing, Thoma- Lee, .Lib Mann, Miller, Muhleiiburg. l'frke, D. J, I'eiiree. I'lielp". Sehenck, Spraguo. Tone i v. Wardweli, and T. WhittleM-y. Of Hi" naf-i (or (iv this vole, opposer-i of thn lanfi,) twenty nx. were ol Hie Wing early, viz: Messrs. Campbi-ll, Curler. N. H. Claiborne, Dawson, Deberry. l-Jhrmrc. Forrester, Graham, firiiysnn, (Jriflin, L iw. renco. Lea, Lewis, Love, MeComas, I'uv ton, Iteiicber, Richard-on, Roborison, A. FI. Shcperd, Shield, SnindefiT, Talil'ero, Wiiddy, Tiiinistiu. Lewis, Williams, and Wise. Tin, s von pcrcoivq that thn Houth and Kutilh-Wosli.Tn Whigs are lor reducing i he muff, while a portion of iho Van Hu ron pnriy from Ihe SlnK'rf ol I'ennsvlvania, New-Jerdey, New-York, Connecticut and Rhode Island, are oppo-ed to it. and, ihero. fore, were willingj" Iny thu subject on ihe table, and llius giv u lha go Uy. It is also remarkable that this cliaiiging of fronts was preci-uly rqual, thiH leaving the Van Huron majority i ntire and possessed of lull and coinplele'nower to reiieal ihu larift' nmc ihev rcinaiu firm? I repeat Dure they remain linn? Darn they, by passing this bill, sustain ihcir volu of yesterday? If they dare, they urn made of "siorner Htuff" t him I Imd supposed. Tlicso re marks tro not intended lo apply to the mem. . bora from anUrAprifi' Smtes. They am on )y representing llm footings, and as I think, very erroneously, what they beliovo to he tho im-rest of their constituents, HU how different is the ntuation of Ihoso gen tlomoii who rcpr(Tsonl manufacturing Stales, and whoso laboring community nre almost exclusively dependant for Iho sup. port of I heir wives und litllu ouch, upon Iho encouragement and protection given tn our home industry ? Th Whig party ippesrnowto be deter. was deemed inexpedient, until the Session of Congtess was over to act on the subject, and accordingly the matter was permitted lo sleep until November l'i30, when the appeal ' lo the Secretary was renewed by M. Whitney I himself, t he Secretary m reply, expresses hi opinion, that the law will not authorize in eicatin" a bank bureau dhul suggests that tho hanks inav ellocl lliu obieet, by making Iho aiipoinlmiinliucnt lliom.-elves and Mr. Whit ne, stales, that iho banks, might in nliscal and Commercial view derivo great advanlago from an agent ol llieir own. Prom tho tenor of tho Secretary's com inumcalioiil to Iho committee, it would appear, either that M. Itrtitnci Irans acted no business with the department, or that it was all uono orally ; Iur Mr. Il ooa bury expressly slates, lhal theio is no letters of his(Whitiiey s) on hie in llio department In relation to ilr Whitney s coiopeu-a Hop. Iho Secretary has no knowledge but supposes the banks pay him what i reasonable and proper. I give you the substi'iice ol iho Secretary's answers to the Coiinuiitee as I havo reei'iv ! llieui, and believe it will ho liuiiid corioet. Yo-ierduy Monday no witnesses were examined. To-d.iy, Tuesday Rldridge, of Hoston formerly an officer in one ot the hanks, wa examined lor tho pnrposo ol Csliiblishin ihu fact i hat Mr. ll'hitncy was emplovi by ihe Institution with which hu was con necicd. t The Secretary of Ihe Treasury was nlso bclore the r.onunilieu tn-dav, lor the pn peso ol giving some explanations of the document he had previously sent llicm. He h to appear again to morrow. When the motion was inaibi yesterday to subpceiiiio i ho Secretory of tho Treasury it was opposed by Mr. llavur, on tho ground, that ho was a privileged charade hv viriuu ol ms oltice; and Mr. JIainer login wa reiterated siislnined by Mr (liltct of New York, nnd Mr Prarce, of Rhode Maud. "What think you of lhal Master monks?" Tun Spv in Wa-iiinpton F O II HI G N I T E M S. Impohtant rnoM havana. Tho cor rn-tiondent of tho N. Y. Express writes from Havana, under date 24th Dec, "The Corrco has come in from Spain, with the Queen's approval of 'Paeon's measures, and a royal decree ordering Lorenzo, the uuv ernor of St Jago do Cuba, to proceed to Spain. This, it is expected, will put a ston to our expected warfare. A courier has alro come in from St Jngo, saying that through the mediation oftho commander of the llritisli frig.ilc Vestal, Lorenzo Unci como to terms, and agreed lo go off to Snain. Yon see that John Hull has crcol influence wil l overv one. Notwilliston dim? ibis. 'Paeon is determined to send on tin; force of 3.000 troops already on llieir av to St to show what he can uo case of necessity. General Jackson and Louis Philippe' It staled that at llic audience which lien. Cass, tho American Minister, had of the Kinir, delivered to Ins Maiesly. a private loiter, from General Jackson, disavowing a manner most honorable to huiwelt, nil tiio iniurious interpretations given to cer lain phrases used by him in his celebrated messni'o to Ihe American Congress, nnu to some of his nets. Ho likewise announces his intended tircment from the Presidency, and from public life altogether, and his dulermma Hon of paying a visit lo France Gov. Cass, the new Minister ot the Uni cd States, bos. it is said, announced r.t a diplomatic soiree, that llic commercial re lations which had beed momentarily inter rup'cd between Lyons and North America by the late financial crises nre about to he renewed with redoubled activity, Lxlcn sive orders for silks and other articles of luxury, nre on the point of being forward it. Iroin tho principle towns o: tne uniieu State From Texas and Mexico. The corrcs pondeiH of iho Courier at New Orleans, talcs the arrival of the schr. Vel.isco, from acco. All was quiot in Texas. Emi grants nnd settlers tioin the United Slate aro pouring in in large numbers. Eight or nino vesfels were preparing to sail from New Orleans, Jan. 7. with goods and pas sengers for the same distinction ; also 300 iiorants from Iho Colorado Co. were ox pecteit at new urioans irom iew ioru on their way to Texas The new city ot Houston, fixed lor the seat of Government, has nlrcady become n object of much speculation in the mar ot. The lots, which are COOO in number, already commanding at New Orleans the prici ol 00 ilollers a piece. t he news ol hauia Anna's release wo learn by advices from Tampico to Dec '20, had reached there by the schr. Honita, lespatched for tho purpose from New Or eans. An express was mined atuly sent off with the intelligence to Mexico. It is rather unwelcome news for 1 oruel, Valcn cia and Hravo, who, having gained poshes. sum of the (internment, wish very natural ly to rcmai i there. It is supposed, howcv er, Santa Anna will havo a party among tho oricsthood. who will rc-fihristen him : libertudor. Tho Mexican troups at Malamoros remain in their former wretch ed inactive condition. A ,Tu"'ler Deceived. Some liivio ago a professor of logciiletiiain eiilerKuncd ludionco in avillage ofScotland which was principally composed of colliers, After astonishing the natives' with various tricks, metamorphosing wine into water &c. he asked tho loan ol halfpenny trum any ot ins admirers. A comer, wnn a I Hi lo hesitation, banded out the com, which the juggler speedily exhibited, as he said, transformed into a guinea. "An is that mv bawbee? exclaimed the collier. "Un doubtedly," answered the juggler. '"Let see'l." said the collier; and, turning it round and round in examination with nu ecstacy of delight, thanked ihe juggler for his kindness, mid, putting it into Ins pocket, said. "I'so waru'l ve'll no turn t into bawbee again," DnspKitATioN. An unsuccessful attempt has been made to rob the bank of Franco, Two men placed themselves in a passage 33" Tho Expunging Resolution of Benton passed tho Sen ile nl late hour on Monday nii'hl.aiid the tidiculous fareo a? drawing black lines around iho resolution of '31, was enacted In Iho prosonco ol tho majority, tho 21 expungers, tho minority having with drawn. Mr. Clay and sovcrol olhor Whig members, madu powerful, but unsuccessful chert to stay tuo inaniau spirit ui uy allay, it nl least gives a taste of lhal spe cies ot samticmcnl. Not long since, n pair of worthies ap peared in our villiage, nnd by n ppnciou? bill promised to ennct some nl the most in. leresiiiig parts of RicitAnn tiik 111., the quarrel scene between Hrutus and Cussius, and tlie speech of Anthony over the body of Crijsnr. Having occasion for nnr pro fessional services, we encouruged tho un dertaking, thus becoming one of tho spec tators, but not of the audience. Whether it was from tear of the price of admission advancing, or other interested motives is not our province to determine, but the audience was chiefly composed of those who had luriiished themselves with tickets, by filching them Irom bilter hot lies, or scrawling a few hieroglyphics on colored paper, which were, found to pass current wiih the door keeper. All "proper officers" were not "engaged to keep order," tho audience taking the negative princi ple a a License created ns great disorder as possible, supplying tlie deficiency of an orchestra; and as Orpheus is said to have made trees dance to his melody, these gra tuitous performers caused ihe benches to wallz to theirs, making it difficult for a stranger to determine in what part of the I heal re ihe tragedy was being enacted, or what part, of the drama produced the most effect. Not being disturbed by the "wreck of matter" in progress our attention was drawn lo tho. stage. A sheet, hung in cms ic folds around the rcprcscntaiivc of Mark Anthony, which desighed the Roman. while our sympathetic tears were claimed for Ccosar's bloody robe, by a red window curtain. Of the dcclemation we can judge no far thor. t linn it the sublime sentiment of Shakspearc, is to be expressed with gri maces similar to this "school ot eloquence' let my mouth be forever soalad. If tho specimen exhibited, was the acme of vocal communication, the Deaf and Dumb have no cause to repine for I ho loss of inter course so disgustingly laborous, in tho aim nlicitvof our heart, we concluded the oc tors were about to attempt eating some ot the boys who graced the "front, seats,' which should have been "reserved fur the ladies;" or had already bolted one, and those violent writ lungs and contortions proceeded from tho agony of disgorging him before Ihe audience. Thai the spec. tne e nrnduccd ti "moving ettect, was mnnifoft. Hot as to "deafening applause I the editor heard none ! An interlude by one of Ihe corps," be inc sung wherein Ihe actor took a drink from a largo bottle, at iho conclusion of every stanza by way of choriH, and con eluded by personating drunkenness. Hav studied and rehearsed the latier part well, it was performed to life, as it was not hfficult considering the promptings often received from the. bottle. Either from a scarcity ofihe raw material or "th dramatic effect" a cessation took place in the breaking of benches and Iclt the an. dinence impatient for the farce. When entering the theatre, we bed no expectation of being identified ns one of the aclors, yet wo unwillingly became a party in the alter piece. 1 ho play was not. a new way to pay old debts." but an on: way to pay new debts called "cheat the printer." Candor obliges us to admit they played this piece to admiration. It went off wiih eclat, although we did not admire its affecting denouncement. Receipts of the house 30 shillings ! tav ern expenses, sa : minus priming. Please remit the amount, Messrs. Siiauit and Davis, and save the trouble of a sup plementary review. Mo.'.-ieurs, when you want to cheat, do not try your abilities up on one whom nature lias given precedence. Send us by mail the pay, and you thall have the Radii in return .'or a quarter, without any supplementary criticisms. nine hours. Loss estimated r.tuiomiuon nf dollars. The weather was extremely cold, and tho Engine out nl order. t.on snquently. but little could bo done tn slop the progress of the flames until the fairest portion nfthu city was in ruins. The ship, ping nt iho wharves was removed though somewhat injured. Thengent oftheHart ford .Etna Insiirnnco Office, stated to our informant at 3 o'clock on Sunday morning, that buildings lo the nmouut of gOO 000, in suted by him, had then been destroyed, nf tcr which nil Market Wharf was burnt. One building only stands in thn region over which the fire swept in its ennrso. Woodstock, JASUtay, 19. Mad Do?. A dog, nearly a ycir old, tho property of Mr. Lull of this villago, had been observed to act in a very unusual manner for sevcal days. hut nothing was thought ol the matter till last Tuesday evening, when, as the family woro sitting in tho room, ho sprang at Mrs. Lull and seized herdicss, but was with some difficulty boiton off. This alarmed Ihu Won ly arm brought lo Ihoir recollection the lacl of his having been bitten by a strange dog nomo time previous. On olloring him some water, lie was seized with violent spasms frothed at his mouth, and exhibited all the symtoms ofconfirmcd hydrophobia. Ho was immediately siioi. 11 is aunty wo owo to tho community to state, that this dog is havo to havo billon one other dog but a short imct bcPiro ho exhibited tho most striking yrriptoms oftho discaso ; and it is probablo thai ho has communicated the deadly infection lo many others. Courier. Sheep. Samuel Dawanc of Woodstock communicates to the Editor of the Courier the following information, which wo copy for the benefit of those concerned. I have kept sheep for fifty years, and never knew oftho ailment, which for want nf a known name, I hove called the Stretch until the introduction of the Merino Sheep; since introducing thcni into my flock, I have had more or less sheep every winter troubled .villi that complaint. I he sheep so attacked stretch themselves to Iho utmost, he down and rise up otten. re fuse all food, and generally die in from four to eight days. The complaint h most fre quent in hard winters, when they are kept long from the ground, but never to mv knowledge) occurs in the season of grass hence I was led to think it was caused by the bowels no' being sufficiently open if so the remedy was at hand. '1 he lasl win ler, being long and severe. I bad a number attacked with the complaint. In every case 1 turned down them a lable. spoonful of Castor Oil, and in every instance ihev were well nnd eating their fodder in a few hours, nnd I lost not a single sheep. Thn winter I have had one attacked nnd applied llio remedy with tho like effect. Should others have sheep so attacked. T advise them to try tho remedy, and I doubt, not they will find tho like benefit. Ft.ocii Trade. Tlie Flouring business has attained to an extent and excellence, which have already rendered Roche-tei. THE GUKATK-T Fi.OUR M A.NUTACTOnV IN nn: Wonr.n. There uro now iwenly mills, wiih 01 runs of stone, one mill with 4 runs having been torn down to make way for tho new Acqueiluct, across Ihu iiene see, and another mill with 2 runs, having been converted to a paper factory. 15 m for these changes the number would bo 22. with 100 runs of stone. Thoo mills are capable of making 5 000 barrels of Flour per day, consuming, when under full head wav. about 25,000 bushels of wheal daily. through which the cashiers passed wiih Ihe and requiring an outlay, when thus work specie or bank notes necessary for the day's ing at full speed, of Irom 35,000 to 10,- iransaciions. They soicm upon nno ot 000 lor the uany suppiy m mo raw inuu-n theso officers, who had 200,000 francs note, enclosed in a box, and attempted in put a pitch plaster over his mouth. He contrived, however, to give nn alarm, up on which iho robbers nttemptnd to escape. One nf them succeeded ihu oilier was nl! Tho shoriness ot Ihe crops, iho scar citv of money for operations, &c. lessoned the manufacture this year full one-quarter below what it would have been under ordi nary circumstances; but ns it is, tho Flour made anil shippeii at llociiesicr uy anai arrested nnd brought into one of tho ofli- j and Lake, (exclusive of what, was retained cos, where, while the officers were search. ing him, he seized a pistol and blew out his own brains. DOMESTIC. "The Rami," a now Paper, inviting an exebango, was laid on our lablo this mor ning. In opening this sheet, wo wcro re ally surprised lo find that its Editor and I'ropirctor is Deaf oihIDumu! Wo shall not attempt to describe tho emotions which lor home consumption) was during tho sea son, between four and five hundred thous and barrels, worth ai present prices up. wards rf four millions of dollars! The quantity which our present mill force will ordinarily moke, osiimnicd by the inanufac turn of 11134-5, will exceed 000.000 barrels yearly worth, as prices now are, between "five nnd six millions of dollars. Tho size and perfection of the Rochester Flouring Mills may bo inferred from these circum stances. Rm tester Democrat. Gnu at Fihe at St. Johns. Wo learn this incident excited. Such a triumph of front Mr. Packard, just from St. Johns, philanthropy and education over Ihe seve rest infliction of Providence, fills the heart with glndneiiB and gratitude, Hero we whinli was about to dofacn fi trainpln upon si nm. nfn olnsH whom. borefL of two son the records of highest legislative body in tho . . , , . Renobiin Mr. and his colleague. m, were, but a few years since abandon- Air. Davis. covered t'lomselvcs with immortal cd lo hopeless ignorance and neglect, now honor, by tlioir solemn proloft, in behalf of themselves anu tl.o state oi oiassacunsous, agaiiibt tho lacrilegiouK act about to bo com raised to an intellectual equality with thoir more favored brethren! Hlcaacd Ihrico that on Saturday evening Inst, Jan. 14, at 9 o'clock, n very destructive tiro btoku oui in that cilv, which, bolorc it cnuiil no ar rested, consumed about one hutulredandfif ly buildings, situated on South Market Wharf, on Water and Prince William streets. Evcrv building on Ihu Wharf, and nearly all tn Water ond Princu William strode, aro included in tho lots. An im mense quantity of goods woro also destroy- Crocket's Son up for Congreit. John W. Crockett. Esq. of Tren'on. Tenne-'see, sou of the Inie lamented Col. Divul Croekeit. is proposed as a candidate for Congress, by n writer in the Paris West Trnnesseean. The writer savs ; "This gentleman i truly the growth of our district he is modest, patriotic, intob ligor.t, and highly qualified, from his tat enls and information, lo bo a Useful man to the public. He will devote himself hon osily and wholly to the service of the peo ple; and, if ho will permit his name to be used, he will receive the support o M an r Vote ns" (D" Wc havo hoard the lamented Col. Crnukctl speak of this son. Flo used to say in Washington, lo tho members ol Oongies-, "They may laugh at my ignarance as much as they please, 1 never stunico larther than ii. a t-e-r but I have a Son that is College- lamt, and he'll somo uf thco davs show thnin a thing or two." For tho sako of the Father, if for no oilier reason, wo hopo the son may reach Congress and fulfil the prophecy. If ho should tdiow Congress and our Iluk-rs "a thing or two !" after llio honest and indepen dent manner of his sire, bo will indued "do llio Stale good service." JVarth Alabamian. Tun SoUTir Ska Expedition. The exploring Heel will consist of the Frigate Massndonian. 30 guns-two barque--, the Pioneer and Consort, of 230 toil" each, the schr. Pilot, and tho Store ship Relief. The force required to man ihe squadron, in:'u ding the scientific corps, will bo about GOO. There is no longer any doubt thai the ex nediiion will be prosecuted, notwithstand ing the quarrels of officers, nnd the dis agreement nfthe Secretary of the Mivy. with t fin views nf the President. The old man lias put his foot down, and that is enough. Of the gentlemen appointed to I In; scientific corps, the Alias mentions the folia wing ns having been selected ns Nn Dualists: From Philadelphia; Charles Pickering, M. D., Titian P 'ale, Pnff W. Johnson From New York; Asa Cray, M. D. From New Hump-hire, Dr Dana From Huston. Joseph P. Couihouv, John Wilt Randall. Mr Drayton nf Philadel phia goes nut as artist, and Mr. E. Darley of the same city as Portrait painter. Mr Agate, a young artist of much merit of Nw York, is engaged as draftsman to tho Naiural History corns. Wo also lenrn I hut Mr Horatio Hale, son of Mr Sarah J. Hale, of this citv will be selected Plulolo S't. Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. fi. Execution. This afternoon, at half past two, Joint Washburn expiated his crimes upon tho gallows. That fai which he sulVcred wa the murder of Heaver, the neighborhood of this cilv somo months ago. He ncknowledgcil thojtistico ol in sentence on tho scaffold, nnd said that, were he permitted, ho could point out on ihu ground a dozen that ought io ue mere with him. Ho exhorted tho spectators to boware of his tmuation. nnd avoid those crimes that led to it. iof. ITEMS. 0Tho U. S. ship of Ihe line, North Carolina, has sailed from Norfolk for the Pacific Occnn. This noble ship mounts 102 guns, nnd has a crew of nearly a thou, sand men. Suit' ntm.ntNO. The number of ships built in the United Slates last year was 057 comprising tho following clnssps: 0(1 ships fillings 497 schooners 100 sloops Oil steamboats. The tonnage of which amounted to 1 10,330 tons. UTTho English papers state, that there are now 70 or CO vessels, chiefly American built, engaged tn the blnve 1 ratio on tho coast of Africa! Erlrunrdinarti Birth. Tho wife of a Mr WnllH. in London, la-fly gave birth to four children, three boys and n girl. Walhs is 05 years of ngc, ond bis wife 50 and 10 years have elapsed since she gave birth to any children, when she had twins. The mother and children are all doing well. f Southern Wiuler. A man was frozen t o death on the 28th tilt, at Mobile. , FonEtGN Wheat. The Baltimore p a persoflast week stated,- that vessels con taining 70 or 00,000 bushels of forreign wheat were in iho vicinity of that port. This would bo gratifying fact, were it not for tlie probability that it will be perverted from its natural two, and manufaclu red into poison, by tho distillers, as has bicen the case with a great portion oftho bre ad atuffo imported recently. Tun dead or the Mexico. The num ber of the unfortunate individual ', as stated by the Hempstead Inquirer, is c ompuled at 140 souls, inclusive nl the young children. All, to the number of about 7 J, who came on shore, have been decently 'interred, with appropriate solemnities, by th.c good people of Hempstead. 0"Thc editor oftho New York Journal of Coniiiiercesums up an account of the suf ferings end death of the passengers in the Mexico, with the remark "The pilots. however, ban their iNcw tear's ball on shore llieir benrts were gay." ""According to the report of r o Health Office, the number of interments i o the city of Baltimore for the year 1 036. was 2373. Among them there wore two white women. one aged 102 and one 115 years! Also, six free colored women, aged 120,111, 105, iuo, ioo, too years. 5jThe Bonapafites, it is said, are all co. ming to the United Stales, with the excep tion of two females whose age renders them unable to make the voyage. They have sold all llieir ricii estates in Italy and else where, with the intention of vesting their whole property in this country. ICTTlio dwelling house of the Rev. Geo. Grandbery in Harris couniv. Georgia, about fourteen miles from Columbus, won consumed by fire lately, and Ins eldest child, an interc-ting boy of nine vears. tier. ished in the fiimcs. 0"John Jacob At or. nf New York, is said to bo now worth tw,.n'y live m ilmiw of dollar- twieo as much us Stephen Gir. ord left, at Ins death. 0"Tlin Baltimore Transcript elates, that Chung and Eng. -lh lirnco ( Great fntcp. crablcn" now exhibit ing m imi v flnv deny tho story of their both huving tniU.Ji in love with iho same lady, and ot tuving fought n duel in consequence, q i,,ICl Cvrr. Hack. Authentic news has reached the Engli.-h Admiralty from this feat It's navigator tip to August 1. when he was in lat 02, Ion 71, in llud-oo's Sn-nis. Ther e was much thick ice on ihu c uio. He in in the ship Terror, and his destina tion Wager river, on Ihe Western shore of Sir Thomas Roe's Welcome. He is thero lo Bicertain the most convenient place for transporting boats and stores across the in tervening isthmus ; nnd having piaced his "hip In security ho is to proceed, with tho resources thus placed ai his command, both north mid west clong the shores of Regent's Inlet, to connect, the point wheneo ho will thus slurt bulb wph Hecla and Fury Strait and Point Turnaga.u. Tea in Java. Wo learn Irom tins Ben gal Herald, of July 10th. that the tea-plant is now cultivated quite extensively in Java, nnd with great success. On the 1 7ili of May, there were more than 20,000 pounds! ready for shipment ; and in the course nfn few ynrs, th" croji h , xpeeii'd to UHrois,, lo a million pounds per aermoi Sen mi i'U'iji Imman (John. l'n rose! a iio'-nned by M. Pallas aro , follows: The stalk of the com contains little or no sugar previous- to flowering. small nnan- litv ol su;ar may be ilrt'C'rd. When the grain is 1 1 1 1 .-oil, about 20 or 25 days after tl iwering. the plant contains about 1 in 100 ol crystalhzable sugar. When Iho gram is completely ripe, thn stalk furnishes two parts in 100 of sugor, and 4 in 100 of rich and gnod-tasliii" mo- lassns, The residue remiining after tho nxlrac lion of the sugar, i.iay bo given for food to cattle, or will servo for tho manufacture of wrapping paper which will bring II francs for 50 kilogrammes. Tin: GniAni) Funh Tho income of tho Girard Estate, this year, is llt!.000 The greater proportion of this vast income is annronrialcd to the endowment of a Col leiro. Last year. 4153,000 wcro expended, fifty nine lo twenty secenti'ievcn ! ! ! onthQ College, a building, when finished, How much longer will the people bbut that will be without a rival in North Amor ) thoir eyes on the docoit, the faleo hood, and ica. Phihd. Adv. the villainy of Mich politicians. Tho way to havu a short session of tha Legislature, says theClarcmont N. H. Ea. gle, is to pay the members one dollar a day, and charge them two dollars per diem for board. They will then nsn liko a bottlo of yeast. Democracy with a Venoeance ! Re cently in thn New Hampshire Legislature, degraded by its abject servility lo Isaac Hill, to mini! whom is to descond to tho merest atom that enters into the aggregato of Jaksonisui, a Whig member introduced at a proper 111110 and place, the following maxim Irom Jefferson; "Resolved, Thai error is never danger ous, when reason is loft free to combaUt." Reader, what do you think occurred oj iuo uiieiuig 01 mis ueauiiiui unu truly re publican doctrine ? What do you imagine tho ;wn-exclusivo whole-hog JelTeioni-an-Van Bureuitus did on this occasion? Why they voted it down, ons hundred and

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