Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 10, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 10, 1837 Page 3
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V P. 1 1) A V M O II N 1 N 0, FHIMtUAKV 10. IMPORTANT FROM MUX I CO. Ufv VnitK. Feb. -I. Wo haiccnnirifcd uill a f.ciitlc.uan who m lived from Mexico, in the Ann Fiir.a, yesterday, and who gives us muci. inicr-Mint; il formation not to bo oblninoil finm llio Mexican fnpers. Unsays that u p.opoiition was actually Hade in CongicM, u few dais before lie loft, to de clare war against (lie United State, on llio gionnd of the occupation of Nacogdoches and ae.iatnnce rendered the Tcxam. The proportion was under dUcns-ion when hu left, the icfiill ofcoiiife lie does not know, I" lllc belter opinion w.iMhat it would be icjccled by a large majority, all the reasonable members and ofli. cials being opposed lo il.fiieli as Toinel, Al.unan, Goroslka, and The hostility l" llio Unilcd Suites is among the piicsts and their paili.ans. Our informant was in lh city of Mexico when Buslanientoai riled; no rejoicings took place, and his reception so far being enlhnsiasl.c, was not even cordial. The uucclions of the people, gen orally, In the capital, and ihionghonl ihe country, arc strongly fixed on S.uua Ana, and our informant s.ijh llicre is no doubl thai llio moment he appears all party sulfa will subside, and all voices will unite in one glad shout of welcome. Husui.r.ente has no chance ofbeing elected to llio presidency, The elections of Ajunlamientos-sim-ihir lo our chaiter elections-were defend! in Oc toberor November by the Congie.-s ; the object was undoubtedly to give Saula Ana the benefit of failhcr lime, il being wry doubtful then whether he would be liberated; and our infoimant s.iis if lie (Santa Ana) does not aniieln season, llio presi dential election ilsdf will in nil piub.thilily bo do fencd; so unwilling aie ihey lo'cleet Uuslamente, even as a matter of necessity. General liavo had icsigucd the command of the army a thiid time, owing lo disappointment by I lie Goiermnenl in not fulfilling in pledges ; and this was occasioned by actual inability. The na. lioualTieasury was exhausted and b.inkinpl J and affairs generally in a w.elche.l condition. The commcicialcoinmunily was in a statu ofgieat des pondency, and a gieatmaiiy foreign icsidents wcio talking ofrio.-ing theii affaiis and coming away. Our informant thinks thai Santa A.ia will set himself against thu pi ie.-ts wheicver he can do so with safety, . ind hois sineeiely dcsiious lo unite all coull cling iule.esls and opinions, and cs tab' sh n government shall alliance iho welfare of the country. l.'nt he had gi eat difficulties to eon ten I with in, ihe Cougiess, which is composed principally of pi ic-ls nnil their p.irli..un, and it is probable- thai he will bo compelled lo sicld in ma ny things to lliulr inllucnce against his own inclina tions. Our in'brmant says that tho English in (In. cnecis very now or Ai I in Mexico especially w.tli the 4ovi riitncnl, and thai this influence: is exceedingly hostile lo Texas and in its in- , corporalion with llio United Stales, i Mr. Ellis did not come away v.vdiout his' past-ports, but Ihey were given to him very ' ungraciously. After waiting for thoiii ten i dajs, they vvcru sent to him lata in the eve. ning of the day pievious to that which was, fixed for his departure, when all his prepara- j tions were raade, bul our informant thinks 1 this delay was not owing to their unwilling- , ncss thut he should corao away, but rather to a disposition to treat him with incivility. J Coin. Advertiser, j Mission to Fiia.ici:. Rumor siiys, and J vvc credit her ladyship fur mice, that Gov j ernor Cass, our present able and uccotn. j plishcd minister to France, is to be menfi-1 ccd to the demon of misrule at Wishing ton, and that Jo. Scivam, ,To.m:s, Esq. of j North Carolina, h to be his successor. Al- so that Kuor.Ni: V.vtr , E-q. formerly of the I State Detmrttnent and now resident in Pa ! ris, is to be appointed Secretary of Lega tion. We regret the sacrifice of (ien. Cass for such it is intended to be hut if Hint gentleman is to be recalled, both the new minister anil his Secretary, will prove high ly acceptable appointments lo the people at large,---Courier. Mf.xico. Mr, our Into charge d'Affuirs to Mexico hns reached Washing ton, and another communication has boon made by the Presidont to Congress on the subject of our relations with that republic. From a despatch of the Secretary of State, Mr. Forsyth lo Mr. Ellis in dalo of the 20th July last, we perceive thai the depar ture of the latter from Me.ico, win in con. sequence of instructions scut him from hence under that date. FnoM Cinr.i and I'niiu. Letters from Lucnos Ay res to November 4, received in Boston, via Havana, state that information reached there from Chili that hostilities had actually commenced between Pi:uu and Ciiti.i. and had been officially communica ted by thu British ministers to the mer chants at lluonos Ayres. A letter from I'ayta stated that thu Chi lian brig of war Achilles iuid been in the harbor of Callao, and captured three or four Iferuvian vessels. Nuui'oi.k, Jan. 30. General Santa Anna and Colonel At. month, his Aid, from Washingto, via Hal timoro, arrived hero yesterday morning, in the 6toutnboat Pocahontas. The President having directed him to be conveyed to Mex ico in one of our public vessels, the barque Pioneer, Lieut Comdl. Tattnall, (one oftho:ploring3quadrons,nowin this port.) has boon ordered for that service, nnil will sail with the General lor Vera Cruz this day. The result of his mission to this country in as yet imperfectly known, though it h j rumoured that il has secured thu friendly 'officer of Iho American Government, lor the adjustment of the dispute between Mexico and Texas. Wo lake it for gran ted that the intlepeudencu of thu latior country, is to he made tho hnsis of the ad justment. Ii. is well understood that Santa Ann is prepared to meet the question on this basw, and indeed is pledged to usu his inllucnce to effect the proposed nrrango mcnt. Hut whether tho Mexican Govern ment will consent to such hiimilial iug terms or whether Santa Ana will even ho permit ted to land in Mexico, is quite problemati cal. If it be true, as reported, that hu has been outlawed by the .Mexican Government, it is plain that ho is not in u condilion to exert much influence with that government. Thu Vera Cruzmis have always been en ihusiiistic in his favor i it was Ihey who formed tho nucleus of the revolution by which he rodu into power; and it is possi ble they may again rally around him, not withstanding Ins reverses, and indentify their furl unes with his own. The manner ol lits reception in Vcrti Cruz will form an important pngo in tho history of coming events in Mexico. The news of it will be awaited with much interest. St. Aubustine, Jan. CO. On Sunday night Inst, tho sentinels sta tioned at thu gales and bridge, hoard dis tinctly thu report of three muskets at nati on's plantation, anil early next morning it was ascertained that nouio Indians or ne groes had made their appearance there, and had attempted lo steal some horses. They had broken nil a board from the stable and laken n saddle, when tho 6entiuol hearing the noise fired. He was instantly fired up. on by the intruders, who immediately fled. Cant. Ilau-ou lollowod Iho trail lor snv oral link's and di-tovered signs, which ac cumulated as hu went, and he judged it prti dent to return. On the next tin v he sturl- d with a larger force and followed them to William's plantation, 00 miles from this. and discovered their firo about 10 o'clock at night, and a number from !J to 112 around it. The parly crent up and fired n volley which killed 3, and the retnainaer fled, lea ving every thing, rifles, inositols, packs and blankets. There were two rillcs and six niuskelb. which were brought to town. The wlio'c gang were principally negroes. Not more than two Indians wore supposed to be among them. Those killed were ne groes. Oiio of them was a free negro, whose name was Jot: Meiuutt, who had gone oil' with another about six weeks since. The others Indian negroes. Trails of blood were teen nn the ground. They hud with them powder, nuckshot, cal ico, lobicco, needles and thread, which had been bought in town a few day'n since. There is no drmht, n cuiiiiiiiiiiicntion be tween tiiiui iiiui llio negroes in town. A package of tobacco was taken, which had not yet been opened. These negroes have no iluubt been prowling around lor some days. Strong suspicions are now entertained I hat these supplies have been furnished by some free negroes, who reside on Anaatatia Island, and a warrant is now out for their apprehension. It is ascertained al what store the arti cles were bought. A letter from an officer of tho arniv, da. ted Camp Dado. lOth Jan. 1337, slates:--"To day Gun. Jesiip arrived from Tampa Hay. A scouting parly captured 15 ne groes near the Wahon Sivami), who state that Powell was then in iho swamp with a lew of the Micasuky Indians, tho resl having left him. That in the several action- of Gov. Call, n great number of Indians were killed. in the uli'utr when the whites d"etrny ed a loot in the Wi' hlacooehee, 17th Jan. 10 ho.-tiles were lulled und '20 wounded 1 hat Juniper, Micauopv and Abram were at A-ha-iion-ka. and were willing in make' terms, if ihey will be treated well. That the Indians have but a small quantity ol ammunition left. The lei tor goes on to stale, to-morrow wo will march aganial Powell, or against Philip, at Topkn-liku, or both, r.r.d" that eirctnistnnces indicute an early termina tion of tin! war. An express arrived last night, to Col. Crane, from which we learn that Gen. Jesiip had ordered home the Georgia anil Alabama militia. There was a regular force Million nt in tho field. It is reported that the mail rider, between this and Tallahassee has been killed by the Indians. Gen, Scott. Tho New lork American, says : "Wo havo read with great interest and entire convic- tion.tho dofeuco by this gallant ant ill-used office!, of his Flurida campaign, aspublised in tlie iSalioiml Intelligencer. Tho facts some of them hitherto unknown to tho public and llio chain of evidenco dc. veloped, not only proyu that General Scott did all Hint, under thu circumstances, could havo been accomplished, but that, bulb for the origin oflhu war with tho Seineiiiinules, and the inefficient manner in wheh it has been conducted, tho governmental Wushingtoti ib alouo responsible." Congressional Ehclion in Indiana, lo fill a vacancy. An election look placo lately in the liidianopolis Congressional District, lo supply Iho vacancy oecuricd by tho death of Mr. Ken. niiird, and resulted in u decided Whig iri umpli. Mr. Ilorrod.iho Whig candidate" was elected by :i majority of0 over Mr. Wick, his Van Huron opponent. "Solitary and alone I put this boll in mo. lion," &c &c. Extract from Senator llcnlon'n Speech on the Erjmnging Jtesolu. lion. To which, ho ought in have added, "twenty yours ago I put a bultutn different kind in motion, ami it lodged in Old Hick ory's arm. FiiE.AlJ)Iilleilgevillc, Gen. Tho6tcv. aril's hall of the Oglethorpe University, wan entirely consumed by firo on llio lllth inst. Thu building cost about gl2,000. Tim greater part of the clothing and effects of the students was burned. Tho steward of thu institution is also a sufferer to the amount of four or fivu thousand dollars. The whole loss Is computed at 20,000. Texas. Accounts of f'ro-h massacres by the Indians on the Western frontierof Lou isiuim aro contained in letters from New Orleans, dated the '23d ult. Tho Texas army, under Gen. Felix Houston, are nreporing for another inva sion from tho Mexican forces. Dr. Wayland, of Jtrow University, is about publishing a work on Political Economy. Tun Cmnton Family. It is rumored that tho Clinton family have heaid of a property worlhiiuii'iiim stcrlim:, lo which ihov are the lineal huirs. It is bituated iu llio country of Longford, Ireland. And old maid iu England of Iho namo of Vaughan has left an estalu ol .Ji50,000. as a rcmeinbrace, to her tuotlier. General Gaines bus, it is said, Intimated that he will shui tly retire lium the ai my. General Scott has as we anticipated and aro glad to see, been oxoiicr.stcd by the Court of Inquiry from all blame durinj; tho I-Morida war. It is said that one of the peaks of the Rocky Mountains has an altitude ol 'J5.000 feel, which is nearly equal lo the Ilitnalya of Asia, the highest range in the world. There are said to hu several other iu the same altitude, and Iho Vioksburgh Sentinel states that Mount St. Klias, which has hitherto been deemed thu lughesl of the Rocky Mountains, is computed at 13,000 feet. " Harry White, convicted of burning the Treasury building at Washington, in March, 1034, was on Friday last sentenced to ten years imprisonment in thu Penitentiary. Ilr.ttiu.No, The Yarmouth (Mass) Register relates of tins interesting fi.h, that in the year luol, Ebcnozer. Nye, and others of Falmouth for tho purpose nf admitting herring, opened an outlet from a fresh w-ilur pond, through tho land, to the sea. To give the experiment a fair trial, they put a fow dozen of live her rings into thu pond. Tho second year after, a few herring wcio observed ascending tho outlet into the pond, and since, their iiiiuibers havo been annually increasing. Last year '25 barrels were taken. THE KING'S COUSINS. "Even like those that kin to the King: for they never pick their finger, but they .-ay, There ? soma of the Khvnlilnod spill ; oiu comes that says he that takes upon 1 1 1 in not to conceive ; the answer is as ready as u borrower's cup, lam the King's poor cousin, sir." Kim; Hlmiv IV. The 'King's blood' is flowing in streams nt VVii.lioifrlnn P..i,.(.m, V.'IsO are 111 hot pursuit of thu peculators upon the Treasury, and as olten as they pinch one of the knaves, he claps his hand behind, and bawls out, "'"hero is some of the King's blood spilt." And 'the paity' from Maine lo Florida raise I heir hand and eyes lo heaven at the outrage inflicted on the King's most -acred iiiuju-iy ! How comes that ?" roars Peyton. 'The oniwer' is as ready as a borrower's cap ; We are poor cousin-! of the King, sir." And 'the party' every where re-echo the answer 'They are poor cousins of the King, sir ' 'Pouch not their sacred persons!" 1 1 VH1. 1 N( ;tox assemblies. Thu fourth and last assembly will be held at the American, on Wednesday, '22i of February, )!!37. MAKIIIEI). In Mnnrprlicr, 81t nil. by Ilev. .Mr. Knllcy, Mr D.ind (J.ulmn nf IS.uie lo Miss Alniy Wheeler. In Won I'icr, 1.-1 oil. by Ainoj Ilice, Iwp Mr. Klilir.iiin Cutler lu Mn. Melind.i Hi wine, bulk of .MoinpeliiM-. In Slow. ZQ h ult. by Itev. Mr. Pier, Mr. I.eii iVoblo.-i of lljdcpatk lo Miss l'hilen.i Parish of Mill rn'oii II. lu Moielown, lTlli till, bv A. O. Noble, E.-q. .Mr. I-.nic I'mu'H In Mis P.iiueli.i Cl.ipp. Iu I'each.iin, 2121 nit. Win Vanillin K.-c. to Mks Mehil.iblii (.'Ii Her. In O.inville, Mr. James Guile, jr, loMi.-s 1'iiiiiiv Hill. In Lnnd.iff, N. II. N.illr.inicl Malleoli jr. of Ver thiie, lo Mi.-'d Ilehccca Kh. 1)1 HI). In Jericho on tho CGlh ult. grcitly lamented by his patents, hi friends and relations, Si las I!. Da v, aged '.23 years. In i'i.l:ni'n Vi. on ihe 2:M insl. IIariikt I'.i.isa Hawluv, wife of II. IIawlkv, iiiiuil 25 ip.iis, in thu liiuinph of her f.iilh in her Ejniioiii' .U-.-iis (,'lnUt, In Waterhuiy, llth ult, Mr. Georgo Rood,! bon of Oliver Rood, aged '23, Tho deceased was engaged drawing logs; by accident tho) t-led was overturned and ho was instantly kil. I led. Printers iu New York and Ohio aro re quested, .Vc. Iu Wolcott, 23 ult. Capt. Thomas Davis, ' aged over 70. i lu Johnson, Mill ult. Mr Samuel Miller, 77, j one of tho earliest settlers, a ruvolutioner, and for niorii than forty years a member of llio chinch of Christ. In Merlin. 1st inst an infant, only child of j Di Orrin Smith, aged 0 weeks. j Iu I hichesler, N. II. 15th Dec. widow Mas ry C. Drake. 00. i lu Haiusluad, N. II., Mr David French, 93. , In Sulfield. Conn. 1st ult. Rov. Rbonczer I Gay, in thu 7 1st year of his ago and .11111 of his ministry. At Gaines, Orleans co. N. Y. 19th Jan. Mr David G. Hopkins, 31, merchant of Woolool, 't. and formerly from Guildhall. H will bo gratifying to his friends to learn that boforo death hn trusted he had found peacu in be lieving on the Lord Jesus. Iu Sheldon, SGlh ult. Heuj. Stearns, u rovo liitinner, 7'2. At Milton, on thu G inst Lkmuul II. I'latt. Esq. aged 03 years. It has seldom fallen lo our lol to record tho doath of n citizen whoso loss will bo inoru suverely felt by all who know him, either iu a private or public capacity. IIu retained his tenses us long as ho could speak, and his Inst svotds worn employed for tho good of hla numerous family, whoso losa is such as fow others havo suffered. Milton, Clh Fob. IU37. state of Finuiom ) IMSTItlCT (IT CHITTENDEN, t-S. Tim Honorable Ihe. Probate Court for tilt ijisinri oj uuilentlen. To (til persons mnurnndin Hip Estate nf Timothy Te.rrilt tine j unticrliiU m stud District, ileicas el- GllEETINO. II 12 It F, AS, Moses Tcrrill adtiiinis VV Iratord thu estato ol'said duceiisud propoMjs to rinder an account of his ml iiiiiiistrntioii,oi)i) present his account against said estate lo; examination and allowance al a session o'tho Court of Probate. In bo holden at v illistuti on thu third Monday ol February m-xt. Thorefuio, Vuu arc hereby notified to appear before said Court at tho time mid plaeu aforosnid, and shew cause, il'any you have, why tlin account aforesaid should nut ho allowed. inveii iinilcr my hand at Hurlington this lust day ol 1'Vbmarv A I). 1!I37. WM. WESTON, Register. To tho Lovers of Fair Play. Gentlemen : Have you got tho two precious hooks. "Primitive. Creed," and "Primitive Church," published in thw village iu the years ll!3l. and '33. by JOHN II. HOP KINS, !).). Protestant Bishop of Vtr mml? lfyou have, preserve them safe and sound; b'lt if you have ilium not, procure them as soon as possible: for I havo iu Harrington's' press in ibis same village, a REPLY; which will see the light of day in the beginning of March. As question'-" ol urp'iriaiiee, bith to you and lo all fui tire generations are now "brought fully audfuirly under discussion, it is Tight and proper that you see both sides--Ins asser tions and my answers, face to face. Facts and truths which you did not expect shall meet your eye, iu their innate and natural features; stript naked of all par'y colorings. Yours, with nil due respect, JEREMIAH O'CALLAGIIAN, Horn, Citlh, Pried. WANTUD, 1M .MEDIATELY, a smart and industri ous yoiiiiginan,from eighteen to twenty years of age as a Clerk or attendui-it in a Store in this village. One who has had some experience in the business would be preferred, and a liberal compensation will be given. No one need apply who cannot furnish good testimonials of character. Inquire at this office. Hurlington, Feb. 9, 1037. Sale by Auction ON the 10th and llth of March next, at the house of Mr. Molt, who soon after that i line will leave Hurlington, All Ins household furniture, consisting of Table--, Chair-', Red-leads, Lookingglasses, Carpets, Clock, Watches, Stoves, Draw ers, Earthernware, Kitchen utensils, etc. A L S O Horse, Waggon. Sloiuhj n. oio. nio, Tin- sale lo begin at 1 o'clock each day. N H. All persons having claim-against Mr Molt are requested to hand ilium in boiwen this and the I 1th of Murchnext. Hurlington, Feb 9, 11137. 3w P OR Sale at R. MOODY'S Hardware Store a few superior English Fowling pieces, lot cash. Hurlington, Feb. 7, 1037. A Superior assortment of Table Cutlery t.fl. consisting of Splendid Ivory Knives 'ind Forks in setts of fitly one pieces also Ivory. Ruck, Silv. Tip and Horn Knives and Forks, by the sett ol twelve pieces, for sale at the Hardware Store by R.MOODY. February 7, 1037. jP MOODY oilers for sale Grin's .iDL warranted Cast Steel, wood Axes by Iho dozen or single. Axe helves ol very superior quality. Fi hruarv 7. 10.57. Jiurlington Female .Seminary. f!p HE Summer term of this Intitulion w i', commenci I he 2d of March and continue 2 quarters without n vacation It is very il'rirable that pupils in town and abroud, should enter al the commencement of the term. Hoard, including washing, wood and lights, $jo, per qr. TUITION. In English studies and Latin ",00 per qr. French 3,00 " Drawing f, 00 " lii-iriimeiitiil Music 12.00 " Vocal Mitsie 1,00 " TRUSTEES. Alvan Footk, N. II. Harwell, .1. S. Pot-win. I Iu.niiv M wo. (i. W. Hknldict, GKniu.r. P. M ausii, Haiiiiy Hr.ADLi , S. E. Ilow.uin. Feb. 10. :)w. Selling oil" Cheap. -HOW IS THS TIMS- RV floods of almost every description MJ' may lo had al reduced prices at the Cheap for Hash Store of S, EARL HOWARD. Ihirlinshn. Fih 10. !;.27. JiuU'alo Robe Lost. LOST oi Hie night of tin 2d mst. be tween the Court lloii-o &, the stibscn bers resideiee, a Huli'.ilo robe, lined with piuid cloth, and trimmed with blue. Any information iu relation io n. will be geuer oiicly icwtt'dcd, on application to E. C- LOOM IS. Hurlingtiin, Feb. 9, 11137. TBI HE copartnership between the sub .IL seniors for the manufacturing ol Cabinet Firnituru nnd Chairs was dinl vud bv mu ual consent, on tho 3d of Oct. last. " JOHN AHHOTT. D. K. PANGHORN. The Hoiks nnd demands of tho lalo Firms of Abbott i. Wood, and Abbott & Pong horn are in thu hands of thu subscriber lor settlement. All demands due them must hu paid immediately or they will be left for collection. JOHN AHHOTT. IT. THOMAS W ILL ,iuy Cash for '.'000 Hushcls of Onls. Feb, 2, Gw To tho Puhlic. nplIF, subscriber has purchased of C -J- Gooniitcii, Ins Hook-Eindim? loots 'jioclc &c. and has removed the same lo 'ho building formerly occupied bv W,m. Wainwukiiit, for a tin ware Ijclory. wheru the Hook-Huidiiig business will be carried on iu all in various hrnnches. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Tho subscribers have formed n connexion in the Hook-Hinding business and will do binding in all its branches. Hlauk-Hnnks ruled to pattern and hound to order. Or ders sent by mail for Plank Hooks, Hiniling, or Ruling paper, thankfully received anil promptly executed. The patronage of the public is respect fully solicited. S. HUNTINGTON, M. R. LYON. Mimicry a few doors cast of V. Harring ton's Hook.-tore. Hurlington Jan, 127. 1037. JJccch Timber. V ANTED a few Cords of first rato second growth Ilcech Timber, suitablo for Tools, for which a fair prieu will bo paid, on delivery. Inquire at this olfico. Jiurhugtoii Jan. 12j,U,3i. Plaster. Tons Ground Nova Scotia Plaster, bv J &.T.' II PECKS- CO. CLAS.S. -f nnn Hoxps Champmiu, Peru and Jcr. iUUL' ico Glass 300 Rcdlord. Sarauac and Clinton Crown Do. by J.& J. PECK & CO. IllON & STIiliL. TONS American Manufactured Iron, includingtHorse Shoe, Scroll Hand Irom .) to 4 inches Round from J lo 3 inches , Square Irom g lo 3 inches 3." 'Pons Engli-h, Swedes, I'. S. J. Russia & New Sable Iron. 5 Ton- Russia Nail Rods. Cast, German, Spring & Swedes Steel, bv .1 & J. II. PECK &. Co. Nails and J3rads. 1 nnO 0;-,s from 3d to COd. xKjyjyJ 200 do Prods do Gd lo 70d. ISy J & J II PECK & CO. Lorrillard'sSnuir &, Tobacco. Qnn 'ars lorrillard'a Maccoboy Snuff. -UU 5 bSi , Scolch do. 40 do do Cut Tobacco. 10 Kegs Plug do. 10 Hoxes Cnvendi-di do. Ry J & J II PECK &, CO. Teas Sec. "a Chests Young Hvson Tea. Jyj 70 do Hyson Skin do tOO llo.-ieo Iloi-int 30 Kegs do 10 Teirccs Sal iErntus Cassia, Cloves, Nutmegs, Pimento, Pep per, Ginucr, &c. J it J II PECK &. CO. Notice. r"jiIIE undersigned Commissioners of the - Deaf and Dumb, will meet ut. the American, iu Hurlington, on the 15th day of February A. D. 1037. for tho purpose ofapprjibating and designating the object of the Slate's bounty, agreeable to Ihe provision of "an Act for the benefit of the Deaf and Dumb," passed Nov. 9. 102.r, and of on "Act for the benefit of tho Hlind," passed Nov. 7, 1033. Applications in be half of any who aro desirous of becoming beneficiaries, can be made lo either of the Commissioners previous to thu titni: of holding the meeting JOHN SMITH, E. N. HRIGGS. Commissioners. ALLEN WARDER. Dec. 20. 103G. Notice. AT 'a meeting of the Directors of the Col. - cheilcr .llaniifu luring Company dull holden on the 2Gt day of December 1!)3G it wm ordtrcd that an itsscjsmcnl. office iloltitrs be laid upon each share if the Capital sloilc of said Cumimnii to be paid on or before the first day of Fthruani 1037, and a further assessment, of Ju-c dollars upon each share of said Lauil'il stoclc lo be intiu on or before the first day of .Man k 1037. GEO. P. .MARSH, Prcsl. Dec. 20, 1I13G. pal fEpIIE subscriber is under the necessity of calling on all persons indebted to him. either by note or book, to make im mediate payment. His nuee-sities being too urgent to admit of delay, ho confidon tly hopes this call will bo promptly answer ed by all concerned. C. 15ENNS. Hurlington, .Ian 10, 1037. CLOTH LOST. 'D OST on Friday tho 30lh Dee. last, be. .3J I ween Jmico Corners and ('apt. Joseph Sinclair's in Essex, mm piecu of wine colored pressed Cl.OTII. containing about cloven yards, labelled 'A. Hruce, Williston ; also jiieeu of siiull" colored fulled Chilli, containim' from eleven to Ihirlcou yds marked .1. P. I! with linen thread, on cut) end, and directed to "J. P. liickwith, Williston lo bo lofiai.'crp eo Corners." Whoever will deliver said clolh to 'A. lirueo, Chittenden's Perry, Willision, or give information whero it may bo found, shall hu liberally rewarded. .1. p. hhcrwitii, ',. hkuci:. Williston, Jan.. r, 1837. 8, OST ON Friday last, a large grey FUR CAPE, lined with hlue-bla'ek silk The Under shall be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the Hook Slore. Decern. 29, 1030. Spanish Otter Caps, Capes fcc. 6 Cases superior Spanish and American Otter Caps, 3 do Seal and coiuu. Hair Soal do, Russia Squirrel, Jenette, Lynx and Sablo Capes and Mulls. Guut, and" Ladies sup. Fur lined Glnvosi Szc, fco, by LAT11ROP & POT WIN'. Nov. 1 1 103 0. OLMES' POEMS, just publiihU nnd for sale bv V. II akhinotow. Dee 111, 1830. Colchester Manufacturing Company. NOTICE is hereby given to the tock holders of the Colchester Manufuc mi ring Company, that their annual meetin; fur the election of Directors for the ensuing voar will be holden at Lyman & Maria oflico on the llth dav of February AD 1037, at C o'clock P. M. CARLOS HAXTER, Clerk. January 13, 1GC7. The Last Call. " ("HUE subscriber having wasted on .R. your since he closed his business to -eitlc'und rcenve payments from those in debted to htm, finds 'it impossible for'hini to spend further time to attend to it'per--rjiuilly. He would therefore notify 'the few who huvu not paid that his demands will in u few days bo left with an ridofdef who is a man that Is to be found at jail times in his ofiice and who will setllo wish them in his otcn way. L. LOOMIS. Hurlingloti, Jan. 10 1037. 3v7. NOTICE. MTHE agency of tho hut ds or the Society ftr At, the proportion of the gospel in Foteigu jiarls, fur tho Cinnily of Cbitlcnden, has baort transferred to tho nutiscnbcr. who will recdva il, ,,,, ,!,,,,,,, , eniil hinds', al his offlCS, ever the Store ul'Mcsi-rs. Lyman Cole, Court House Square. CEU. IS. au.'iir. Hurlington Jan, 19, 1037. 3w " Nathan Allen's Estato. STATE OV VERMONT, Disinter or Chittenden. llielionntnblc the 1'iobiie Court iiiihin ami for thu Di-tiici of Chittenden. To the creditor! nnd olhcis concerned in the estate of Nathan Alli'ii.l.ite of W illislou in said Dist'icl, deceased. WIIF.ltHAS I).ivid Ficncli administrator a bonis lion of said deceased, bath made ap plicition lo this Conn, in extend Hie tune luimea lor making p.ivmciu of ihe debts of raid deceased, mclie monihfiom iho first day of February. nnd the lib d.iy of Feburary next, beins assignea fn- iilieniins in ihe piemisc?, nt the office ol tno It.-isiur of ibis Com l, and ii bavins beenorderea thai notice llicre of be "ivrii by puWulung or der tluee weeks siiccc.iiely in the Free I fe?' news pap r pinned at Hm linglon, before the lised for he.,1 in-;. Tlieiefoie. ion me hereby notified, to appear licfoic s.iid Com l, at the nine and place aforesaid, then and ibcie, lo make objection if any you have, to iho said lime of p.ijmenl being fiulher extenatu ai nfoicsaid. , Oil en under ir.y hand ibis lCtb d.iy of January A.D. 1S37. WM. -.VESTON, Regitter. 10 pieces new arKfelegant pat terns of Figured Plain and Suitin Striped Sliallvs. just received by LATllllOP Sf POTIVIK Cold Weather Articles, Al the Cheap Cash Slore. BUFFALO UOHES. Fur Caps ond Capes, Mittens, gloves. Moccasins, Over shoes, Sunn Heaver, for Bonnets, bawls. &e. 2000 lb-. Cotton battirfg-. Also si new stock of carpeiingnnd wooHeA yarn. Hrond Cloths, Casstmered and Sal linetts. till fur sa'e very cheap by S. E. HOWARD. P. S. Wauled--A first rate English Ingrain Carpet Weaver. Dee. '2-2. A NNUALS for 1337 ree'd by VERNON HARRINGTON. The Magnolia, Friendship's Offering London-, The Fairv Hook, The Pearl. The Gift, The Token, Religious Souvenir, Tho Violet &.c. (Sic, Dec, '2:2, IH3G. BOOKS received by V. HARRINGTON Clark's Promise-!, Melmaths's Religious Lifo, Christian Radicalism, Legend of St. Georgo, Draper's Parables, Christina oli'criiig, New Years Token London, English Navigatois, The Jewell, German Tourilt, &c. Sic, Dee, '21, 19JG. Brushes and Bellows. ?fplllS day received fiom tho monufacturer 4!i4 a full and complete assortment of Cloth, Hair, Hat, Tailors Cloth, Horse, Stovo, Shoe, Flour, Fancy and plain counter Brushes, and Fancy and Plain Hollows; for sale low bv . ROBERT MOODY. Nov, 7, 133C. CALVIN POWELL, Jn.-) Chitte.ndek v-' I County Court SAMUEL S1I E 1 1 M A N ( August term and TRUSTEE. J A.D. 1B36. rcHE planuiff commenced his action Jl against Samuel Sherman an absent debtcr and Lcvereit Sherman, a3 his trus tee, ai the August icrm of this court in III35, count ing on a note executed by Samuel Sherman, for g72.U0, payable with interest in four year from Oct. 1, 1330 and dated Sept. 15, 1330, which has been con tinued from term lo term to this present term, nnd n tint appearing that said Sam uel has had personal notice of this suit tho aid suit is again continued to the terra of ibis Court, in hu holden at Hurlington in and for Chittenden County, on the last Tuesday save ono of March 1U37, and the plaintiff cuih-e the MiliMauce of his declara tion nnd this order in be published in tho Free Press at said Hiirlinglon, threo Week successively, the Inst of which to be thirty days before the session of said Court, and that said publication ho suflicietit notice to said Snmiril Sherman. Dated ni Hurliugiuii this 5th day ol September, A. D. 11136. N. H. IIASWELL. Clerk. CASH PAID FOR GRAIN 5111E subscribers wish to purchcbo A V000 bushels Wheat, 'JUUD bushels Rye, V000 bushels Corn, 10.(10(1 bushels Oats, nnn i,,.dn.i i,'i,lv .i.u j "VVII, UCIIVCtCQ at I heir Store, IUCKOK k CATL1X. r'"ii'i "i i ru ni;, Blanks lor sale al this office.

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