Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 21, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 21, 1837 Page 3
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COMMUNICATION. NO. II. Mr. Editor : In your Inst I pave nn ex 'tract from Mod. do Stncl's Germany, rx 'hibiting the national fondness for music, and their skill in it. It will nnturnlly be 'inquired wlint this love of music and uni 'vcrsal cultivation of it, docs for Germany whether it improves national character nntl odds to tho 6iim of individual and social happiness ? Instead of attempting to answer this question, I Bhall present somo fact? nnd suggestions to your readers. In look ing over the report on Public Instruction in Prussia by M. Victor Cousin, the schol ar, Ihc philosopher, and the legislator, to 'Count do Montalivct minister of public in 'etruction in Franco, I find singing classed "with reading, as a branch of instruction In oil ecIiooIb. The reasons of it may be 'found in the following extracts from ihc ubovc nomcd work, "Singing is introduced 'to improve Ihc voices of tho children, and to elevate their hearts and minds, to per fect and ennoble tho popular tongs and church music (.r psalmody." "The singing Icesons shall be attended by all the pupils not only with a view to form them to that art, but to qualify them to assist in the scr. vices of the church with propriety nntl sol cmnity, by singing tho psalms or choral music with correctness and judgment." The discipline of the schools is very se. verc. Thus music, so natural and so dear to tho Germans, ia cultivated with great ossiduity; but the government docs not -Buffer the students to regard this require 'ment as a eonrce of mere amusement, nor allow them to display it in public concerts, which though innocent, arc of a light char. ncier. 11 permits muni uj jum juuni.ijr church music alone. I find this restriction in a ministerial circular of the 8th of June 1014. "Music ought not to be cultivated as n mere gratification of a sense ; it ought to help to ennoble and refine the heart, and to 'form tho'trmral taste." "In primary nor mal schools, music ought not, nny more Hhan reading, to bo the principal object ; il must be regarded and treated os a means towards a higher end, which is, education and moral culture." "The mnsl immediate and Ihc most important aim of all instruc. 'lion, is to train up and complete the man; to ennoble his heart ant! character, to awa 'ken the energies of his soul, and 10 render 'him not only disposed, but able, to fulfil his duties. In this view alone can knowledge and talents profit n man; otherwise, in plruc'.ion, working upon sterile memory and talents purely mechanical, can he if no high utility." Whatever i- believed to con tribute to litis perfect in of character, the) Germans have introduced ihlo tin ir niition. nl system of instruction, one distinct and prominent branch of which we havo seen 'to be "vocal and instrumental music. C. Notion or A Maniac. Mnumec, (O.) Advertiser. lolls us of a flighty merchant in that city, who imagines that the Rev. Mr. Burns, a Presbyterian clorjiyman, is no other than his Satanic Mnjes'y himself This antipathy to the reverend gentleman, it is said proceeded from the fact that Air. Burns was prrs cut at the death of ihc un fortunate man's wife some 15 months ago. nntl was first to nnnounce to the husband that her spirit had left its earthly tene ment. Since lhat afflicting event, the gen tleman has been perfee'ly rational on every other subject, except this devilish notion relative to the clergyman. How admira bly does this illustrate the beautiful lines of Shakespeare "Vet the first brhtgprof unwelcome mews, Ilalh but it losing office, and hi tongue Sounds ever after lik'i ;t sullen knell, Remembered, tolling tome departed friend." A Washington correspondent of ihc New York Courier and inquirer, has the follow. ing scrap of gossip. An elopement extraordinary took place here this day, which occasioned great ex citement among the parlies. A young and beautiful creature, the daughter' tf a Che valier d'intluslrie, ran oway with another of the same liberal prnlossiun occasioning I he 'deepest grief to her ofilicted parents. The 'father of the young lady was literally do tanged for some time, declnring, with pis tolsin his hands, that no d d gambler should marry his dnughter. llulbro the parents, however, could overtake the delin qucnte, the hymcuial knot was tied, and the happy lovers were made one. Most Four. Vit.i.a.nv. On the night of tho last Fast, some villain went onto the Farm of Saml I). Torrcy, in the town of Milbury, with an nxu or' hatchet, and cut down over 100 choico Peach, Pear, Cherry, and other Iruit trees, in the or chard; and all the grape vines in the gar tlcn. Tho trccB were from three to fivo years old, and they had been selected with great care, and cost tho owner over $1000. The Bcoundrol richly merits exemplary punishment. lie ought to be confined in a solitary cell, never to look on hud or bloBsom acain until his crime is fully ex piated. Host. Trans, Buried Ai.ive.- A correspondent of the East India Magazine relates a singular ac count of a man who suffers himself to be buried for weeks and months, by any per son who will pay him handsomely for the exploit. The first timo tho writer saw him viae at Jaisulmer, in the East Indies, where lie wbb dug out alive from a grave, o tomb, in which he had boon voluntnrilv in terrcd a month. He is about 30 years of age, and travcla about tho country suller. iu" himself to bo bur ied for a week or a month, or less timo, in proportion an he is paid. He is sewn up in a bag of cloth, and tho cell is lined with masonry, and floored with cloth, that tho wild ante out! other Insects may not easily bo oblo to mo lest him. Tho place in which ho was bur. led at .Taisnlmcr is a small building about 12 leet by fl feel, built of stone; and in tho floor was a hole about three I'cct long, two and a hnlffcol. wide, nntl the snmo depth, or perhaps n yard deep, in which ho was placet! in o silting posture, sewed up in his shroud, with his foot turned inwards low. ards the stomach, and his hand also point, oil inwards towards tho chest. At tho ex. piration of a full mouth, the walling up of tho door was broken and tho buried man dug out of tho grave. Ho was token out in a perfectly senseless state, his eyes clos. ml, his hands cramped and powerless, his stomach shrunk very much, and his teeth jammed so fast together, (hat they were torcco to open ms mount wun uo uuu inn. turnout to pour a little water down his throat. He gradually recovered the use of his senses, and the uso of his limbs. At first ho was laughed at for nn irnposler, but a Cornet of n British Regiment proved his powers of abstinence by enclosing him without food in n wooden chest for thirteen days, when ho was taken out alive. Pork Trade. Tho Cincinnati Chronicle savi, that not moro than two thirds of the Pork exported from the West is slaughter ctl at lhat place. Value this year from Cincinnati is over three million!! of dollars. Tolal number of hors slaughtered this year in that quarter 130,000. At Cincin nati 105.000. Shocking'! A dwelling house at Wes tern Bay, on the island of Newfoundland, was recently burned down and six children perished in the flames ! ! ! ! Shipwrecks. During the year 1036, there were lost, on the coast of tho United States, 5G ships and barques, 97 brigs, 121 schooners, 12 sloops, 20 boats, & 820 lives Hanks. The whole number of Banks in Massachusetts, in 1001, was six, having an aggregato capital of jg3,050,000. In December, tsiau, the number hail increased to one hundred and thirty eight, and tho capital to gl0,(130,000. A young wife remonstrated with her hus band, a dissipated spendthrift on his conduct My love,' said ho, 'I am only like tho prod, igalson, I shall reform by and by.' 'And I will be like the prodigal son too,' she re plied, 'for I will arise and go to my father ;' and accordingly off she went. At a debating club not far off, the ques Hon was discussed, whether there is more happiness in tho possession or pursuit of an object? and decided no doubt in favor of the following;--'Mister President,' said the orator, 'sposc I was courtin' a gal, and she was to run away, and I was to run after tier, woultl'nt 1 be happier when I cotched her than when I was ruiinin nrter her?' A Frrncli officer, quarrelling with n Swiss, reproached him with his country's vice of fighting on either side for money, while wc frenchmen, said lie, ' tight lor honor." Yes, sir," replied he, "every one fights for that lie most wants." .n'otici:. The Riirliiision Teiiincraiire Society aio noli- lied m men tit die Couit House on Tliursd.ty next, II 7 n'ClocK r. M. Oiieriion for discussion Id a ticlilion to i lie Legislature fioni llio society fur the suppression l.ireiise l.iwe, expedient? Iitiiliiigton Friday April 21, 1837. II. 1. I1ICK0K. Sec. died. In U'illi-tnn, nn ilits Silt in-l. Miss Abijal Mur ray, doutjliter ofSelah Murrry. Esq. aged 25jeai.-i. In l.nueir, .ilns, suddenly, KnK Uoot, an Pxlcnsite iiMiitifactuier. In Topshain, on the- 2-1 1 1 1 Maich, John Fellows ;iged 7.1 a revolutionary pensioner. In iMot I'isttiivii , on the lGlli till. Luciiul.i. wiTu (lie lion. I). I1. Nnycs used -1G. n Orange, on I lie llili iMairh, a child of .Mer rill A nth its, need 2 ears il.irch 21si. Air Hen jamin Cillcy, n'cd C5. March .'10, a child of It. K. Anions aged z jc.irs. rtrpil l, Samuel lel son, son of Col, O, i-'iliold. aged 3 years. Mr. Lhosicr 1 ISancrolt ol Uarre. comm itlcd suieidu on the 3d iii-lanl by hanging himself in his I). n il willi a handkerchief. In Keailin'', Jan, 31st, Thomas Pay, njred SO, a revolutionary pensioner. In Now l oik cuv Mr Uliailes Wight, formerly of Williiimaloivn, Vermont, 27. In llano, on the lOtli mst. hilna rainier, a wido.v of lite formerly pastor of the congregation:! cliuieli in H.irtc, used 51 cais. By this instance of mortality, the chinch have lost a member whose example was worthy ol imitation tho children Kinii unii aiicctionate moiiier, wiioso instructions were fi cement and fiitliful whoso nravres were uni li ctjiii'ii I nail I in i 11 iv nuso nraviej ivere I fervent and peiscveiing. In liaire, April lUih Jane Town, wile of Mr Iticlmd Town, aged 82. Clover Seed. JUST Ric'd from Now York, a few Sacks prime Clover Sect! April 20, 1037. II ickok Si CHEAP FOR CiiSH. BROAD.CLOTHS, Cassimercs, and Satti. nets, at reduced prices. ALSO Couplings, and Paper Hangings, Good Muscuvado and Now Orleans Su gar at 0 & 10 cts. per lb. Tea' k Coll'co vciy cheap, Good Lamp Oil, all for salo hv S. E. HOWARD. DISSOLUTION. rilHE Copartnership of tho subscribers J. horctoforo existing under tho firm of Uay, Cutlm & Va. is tiy mutual consent this day dissolved. All debts duo tho 'inn tiro to ho paid to Uan Uay, who is to discharge all liabilities against tho samo. IIlCKOK V CATLIM. Dan Day. Burlington, April 19, 1037. 1TOTICE. THE subscriber having nssumcd all tho debts duo tho lato firm of Day, Catlin & Co, gives notico that immediate paymotit must ho inado of tho samo, as well as all other de mands duo him. DAN DAY. Burlington, April 19. 1037. 3w NOTICE. THIS may Certify that I havo givon my son GRANT J ROCKWELL. Ui timo during his minority and 1 bhall pay no debts of his contracting nor claim any of his uuiiiitigs uhui iiiih uaia. MERUIT ROCKWELL. Alburgh, April U, 1837. PLASTER fc$flS TONS nf Novascotia Plaster, now urlndinir at Ilia now Mill. JFinoos ki City, and for salo, by FOLLRTT Si BRA DLL YS. April 20. 1037. Oni COPARTNERSHIP. THE subscribers have formed tt Copart nership in business under the firm ol , w. a. & p. a. vxiiAS at tho old Ptand r V. It. Vila, where they will continue the business in all its various branches. WILLIAM II. VILAS. FREEMAN C. VILAS. Burlington, April Id. Jn.37. Gideon Prindlc's Estate. STATE OF VE It MONT,) District of Chittenden, ss. J The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden. To all persons concerned in the estate of Gideon Prindle, late of Charlotte, in said District, deceits' cd. (1REETING. WHEREAS, Gcorgo Prindlo, administra tor of tho estate of said deceased propo ses to render an account of his administration, and present his account against Haiti eslato for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probata to ho holdon at tho office of tho Register ofsaid court in Burlington on tho second Wednesday of May noxt. Tiicr.nroitE, You are horuby notified to ap. pear hoforo said Court at llio time and place aforesaid, ant! show cause, if any you havo, why tho account aforesaid should not bo al lowed. Given under my hand at Builinglou tills 20th day or April A. D. 1837. Wm. WESTON. Register. DISTRICT of CHITTEJYDEjYSS. ( Charlotte, April 17, 1037. nnO tho honorable t tic Probate Court. JL The undersigned, Sarah Prindlo and Chas' D. Prindlo beinc heirs of llio estate of the late Gideon Prindlo, deceased of Charlotte, respectfully represents lhat they have claims in said estate to the amount of two or threo hundred dollars in common and joint with other heirs. Wo do there fore pray and request tho Hon. Probate Court to order a division ofsaid cstalc.lhat wc may hold such portions separately, and to appoint a committee for that purpose. SARAH PRINDLE. CHARLES 1). PRINDLE. STATE OF VERMGNT, District of Chittenden s.s. The Hon. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden To the heirs of Gideon Prindle late of Charlotte in said district deceased, and all other persons cenccrncd or interested in the division of said estate among the heirs thereof. Greeting. Whereas Sarah Prindle and Charles D. Prindle both of Charlotte in said District have represented to said court that they arc heirs to said estate and as such claim to hold of said estate in value to the amount of two or throe hundred dollars each, in common with tho other heirs thereof, and being desirous of holding tlm same in severalty thoy imvu prayed this Hon Court to order a division ofsaid osiat among the heirs t hereof; And the second Wednesday of May next being sot for a full hearing in tho premise?: It is ordered by the court, that the said Sarah and Charles I), give notice to Ihc heirs of said estate, their nttorney ant! agents, and all persons interested in said estate to appear before said Court at a session therool'to be holdon at the office of the Register of said court in Hurlington on the second Wed nesday of May next, to make objections to such division if they see cause, by publish ing their said application together with this order three weeks successively in Ihc Free Press, a newspaper printed at Hur lington in said District, tho last of which publications to be previous to the day eel for hearing. Given under my hand and tho seal of said Court, at-Burlington, this lOlh day of April, A. D 1C37. WM. WESTON, Register. PORK $ MACKE11ELL. LOVELY &. ABBOTT havo on hand & for salo a few Barrels Pork, also Barrels, Half &, Quarter Barrels of Mack crcll. April 13. NOTICE, rilHIS may Certify that I have given to my JL son AJS'DRElf E. ALLEN, his titno dorms' Ilia minority and I shall n:u no debts nf ma contracting nor claim any nt his oarniiii's nHnr lliic irti.'r JOEL A L LEX. Jtorrislou-iu March 5, 1037. New Goods-New Goods Up and doing. Quick and Cheap.' CHEAP for Cmii and no Imprisonment for Dobt. havo hcou mv mnttos for fifteen full years of brisk and lively trado. An early start in the spring helps well through the winter. January, February. then Mnrch means go nlicad, ant! so he did, Howard, of the Cheap Cash Store, Marched oft to New i orlc nntl has return cd with an additional asr-orlment of New Goods, such a3 Silks, Muslins, Ribbons, Calicoes. Cambricks, Shawls, Hdhfs., Gloves, Hosiery, Comb, Leghorn Straw and Tuscan Bonnets &c. &c. which to gctlicr with his former stock makes as usual a very rich splendid nnd desirable variety to select from, and as goods have cumo down to cheap prices in New York, they will be sold at corresponding low pri. ccs'nt Howards in Burlington. P. S. There is no mistake about prices, I have bought Cheap and havo no other busincs on hand but to attend to their bo ing disposed of at prices that will suit buyer?. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington, April 7th 11137. WM. A. GIMSWOL.D HAS ro-opened Iiib old Store, and is now selling his remaining stock ofdryQoods and a fnw dry Groceries, consisting chiefly of Calicoes, Ginghams, Circassians, French and other Muslins, Scotch plaid, lionihazin, Ladies, and Gentlemen's silk and Cotton hoso Laces, Braids, Ribbons, 6'hocs, Thibet and Fancy Shawls &c. Marseilles and Valoutia Vcstings, Hyson Toa, Tobacco Snufi", Ginger l'uppor Alspico, Sec. Sec. Sic. Tho Sloro will bo open for about 20 days only and llio goods sold at such pricos by wliolcralo or retail as cannot fail to suit all purchasers who havo' it reasonable conscience (C?'77teiiui and will lie sold. Burlington, April 12, 1837. NEW GOODS. LATMROP Si POTWLVhavo received tho Inst week a few ps. henvy Dili. Italian Silks, Light Cnl'd French Camhriolts, Gloves, Hosiery, Thread Lacos, Long Whito Luce Gloves French Forking Cotton and Gausc, Ribhanif, ,fce. Sic. April HuKcr Hogs Lard and Pork Hams. For salo by Lovci.v & AnnoTT. April I I. Charlotte Female Seminary, THE futntnur tenn of this school will ci tninenco on tho 10th of May next and continue 23 weeks, including two quarters of eleven weeks each, and a rcce.-s of ouo week at the close of tho first quur tcr. Miss MA II Y GROUT will conlin no to have the supervision of tho school. In the selection and management of tho studies, particular attention will he paid to the character and previous attainments of the learner. It is designed so far as the circumstances of tho pupil will admit, to pursue a thorough and systematic course, in t ho various branches of an English Educa lion. It is the wish of tho Trustees that this institution should in all respects bo such as to merit public patronage, rather than favor local interest. In accordance with this intention they do not receive pit pils who arc under twelvo years of age. About 10 young ladies can be accommoda ted at the Boarding Hcnsc. Boarders will be received in private families, where they will ohserve the same definite arrangements lor study and relaxation, as ntthu Boarding House. Applications for board and admis sion into tho school, may ho madu by letter cither to Miss Grout, or to one of the trus tees. It would bo much for tho interest, of those who are desirous of becoming mem bers of this school to apply os early as prac. ticablc. The 'attendance of caih mcmbcrtun lUo ftrst day of the term, is particularly rc queslcd. No deduction of tuition for ab sconce, except in cases of Bickncss. Board, including washing, lights and fu e!, two dollars per week. Tuition, four dollars per quarter. Books, and Stationary will be furnished at tho lowest prices. LUTHER STONE jr. ) Trim JOHN STRONG, ( tecs. Charlotte, March 25, 1037. Frederick Uuell's Estate. a 10 the Hon. tho Probate Court for the Diatrict of Chittenden, comes Henry P. Ilickok, of Burlington, in said District and shews lhat ho his legal guardian of Mortimer C. Buoll, a male infant under the age of twenly one years, and of Maria A. Bu. ell, a female infant under tho age of eighteen years, both of the town of Burlington aforesaid ; -that the said Mortimer C. and Maria A. arc seized os tenants in common in their own right in fee of a certain par. eel of land being the undivided Half of seventy nero in Darlington, lying on the Hincsburgh road ond known os tho Barber place, the same being subject to the wid ow's dower; and that a sale of said par ' eel ot land is conducive to tho best inter eets of his said wards. Therefore lie prays said Court to grant him license nnd cm power him to sell tho said land and your petitionor will ever pray. Hemiy P. II ickok. Burlington, April 1 1, 1037. STATE OF FERJIOjYT, ) District or Chittk.niien, ss. The Probate Court for the District of Chit, tenden, to all persons to whom these pres cnts shall come, GREETING. fENRY P. HICKOK of Burlington, in said District, guardian of Morti mer C. Buell, a male inlant under tho age of twenty one years, nnd Maria A. Buell, a female infant under the age of eightcecn years, both of the Town of Burlington aforesaid, having represented to this Court that the said Mortimer C. and Maria A. are seized as tenants in common in their own right in feo of n certain parcel of land, being the undivided half of seventy ncres in Burlington, lying on the Hincsburgh road and known os the Barber Place, the same being subject to the widow's dower; and that a sale of said parcel of land is conducive to the best interests of his said wards It is therefore hereby ordered that said application stand for a hearing before said Court, at a session thereof to be holdon at the office of the Register of this Court, in Burlington on the second Wei'iietday of May A. I). 11137; and that notice thereof be given by publishing this order together with the substance of said petition in the Free Press, a newspaper primed nt Bur I i ii rr I on in the County nf Chittenden, two weeks sucessively, the last of said publico, lions to bo not less llian two weeks pre vious to said day Given under my hand and tho seal of said Court at Burlington, in the Dis trict of Chittenden, this 11th day of April. A. D. 1837. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. Now Watch and Clock repair ing Shop. grpiIE subscriber, informs his old Customers A and tho Poblic, that ha has resumed tho Watch and clock business, 2 doors north of J. Milcholls Tailors Shop, opposite It.Moodyc Hardware Store, East tide Church St. whero liu is ready to put Clocks and Watches in as good order as formorly and on as good terms as his Neighbors. Ho will also keep for salo on commission, ono and eight day Brass and Wooden Clocks, as low as can bo had in town and warranted. Call and see. A. BR1NS.MAID. BurliuSton, Nov. 11,1830. WEST'S PATENT CHLORINE COSMETIC and PILLS, FO R .Ringworms, Sallrhcum, Scald head, and nil Cutaneous Eruptions. This article is not thrown into market like most patent medicines, backed by somo half dozen fictitious certificates s but it comes respectably and honestly recommen ded, and is, wo verily believe, nil that it claims to ho; and as such, it is nfiered to the public, by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Sept. 1 1130 Agents for Ihc Patentee European Garden Seeds 'UST iccoivcd from Scotland and Germa ny and fur salo by HICKOK Si t'ATLIN. Cold and Silver Watches. WE havo Just added to our block ol Wllt..lPfl. vv l.n cm,. Cm ..,.1,1 CaCll I'ltnnl f.nun.a nt,.!,, .,,! l,.,-r,fl c,n r. and Minn full jowelled, gold rased Itcpoat ing Watches, gold eased Bulls oyo Watches Jowcllod. Verges which run as well as Lev ers, fino jewelled LoEpines in junld and silver wises, Silver Lovors,& English Watches. All llio above Wtttchos will perform well and 11 rn U' All Irlnbo C V'.,l,.l,u nll Clocks eloitnud and repaired tit tho Variety Shop I'ANonon.N Si IjIiinp.maid. Ilcman Dcvereaux's Instate. STATE OF FERMOjXT, DtSTUICT OF CHITTUNDKN. S-,. TVtc Honorable th'e Probate Court for the District oj Lliillendcn, Jo all persons concerned in the Estate of I toman Dover, eaitx, late of Richmond, in said Dislrul, de-enscd. . GREETING. WHEREAS, Amos B. Cooper adtninis. trato'r of the estate ofsaid deceased proposes to render ah account of his nil tninistrntion.'and present his account against aid eslato for examination and allowance at a session of the 'Court of Probate, lo lie holdon at the Register's office in Burling ton on tho second Wednesday of May next. therefore, l ou are hereby notified to appear before said Court at tho time nnd place aforesaid, nnd eIicw cause, if nnv yon have, why the account nforcsaid should not lio allowed. Given under mv hand nt Burlington this !2lh day of April A. D. 1837. Wm. WESTON. Register. Samuel Buell's Estate. WE tho subscribers, having been ap pointed bv the Honorable the Pro bate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and ad just ihc claims and demands of all persons, against the estate or Samuel Buell, late of Burlinglon in said District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from the dav of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, wc do therefore hereby give notice, lhat wo will attend lo the business of our appointment, at the office of Wm. Noble in Burlington in said District, on tho second Mondays of May and September next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each ofsaid days. Dated, this 13th day or April A. I). 1037. Wm. NOBLE, ) Commit Wm. WESTON, ( sioners. David At wood's Estate. STAT OF VERMONT I)iSTiticT of Chittenden ss. s The Hon. the Probate Court fur the Dhtiict of Cliitlciulcn, To all persons concerned in the Estate of David Atxoood, late of Charlotte in said Dhtrict deceased, GREETING. WHEREAS, Amos Clark, administrator of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of tho Court of Probate, to bo holdon at tho 11 eg. istcr s olfico in Burlington on tho second wconesoay ot May next. 1 iiiir.r.ronE, you nro hereby notified loan. pear before said Court at tho time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allow ed. . Given under my hand at Burlington this lllh day of April A. D. 1837. Wm. WESTON. AVrf. Matthew Sax's Eshito. To tho Hon. tho Probaio Court for tho district ol liranii Isle, lia Hill of Isle La Moll in said dislrict administrator of llio eslato of Matthew Sax, late of Chazy. in the Stale of Now-York deceased, respectfully represents that Ihc said Matthew Sax, did in his life, timo outer into a certain contract to and with ono Joseph Bowman of Llo La Molt afore, said to dcod and convey to him tho said Jo soph Bowman the whole of lot No. 7G, and tho north half of lot No. 75, lying and being inlsloLa Molt aforcsad, which said enn liacl was at tho decease of tho raid Mallhew Sax, and still is, unexecuted. Therefore the said Ira Hill prays tho said court to grant unto him liberty and authority to deed said land according lo tho terms oi'said contract agreeably to tho statute in such case made and provided IRA HILL, Adm'r. North Hero, April 3, lf!37, S T ATE OF V E It M O N T , ) DisTniCT of Ism:, m. I TT is ordered by tho Prnlialo Court for the dislrict aforesaid that all persons concern ed bo notified to appear before said Court, at a scsMnn tuoreot to no liolilen al tho dwelling llCIISO of Jed; P. Lrtdd in Vmlh llnrn m III,', third Monday of;:t one oVIcck P. M. in .-uutv cause u any incy navo wny I lie liberty and aillhoritV rnnllnslpil 111 llio ntmll. cation should not bo granted, and that for that purpose mo saia application to golher with this order bo published in tliu Biirlinirtoti Free I'rcsa printed;at Burlinglon in tho County or Chiilcudcn, tltrCo weeks successively as soon as may uo. In tvilnnc. u,Lnri i,,i m..,i lliu sealol said Court and Mihserihod my namo inisnnuay ol April A. IJ. inn i t it 7-...i.. JUUIJ 4Y1.I.I..1,, nuv, lifFjE! LIFE! JLIFJ3! on. Jon a si oo in; '3 of ?i.ffc. 40 CENTS PER EOTTJiE. THE most highly esteemed mcdicino that lias over been discovered fur en rinir Coughs, Colds and whooping cough, which, if lakon at the commencement ol tho disease, may bo cured in a short lime. Tho following area few oT moro than a thousand j RECOMMENDATIONS. The undersigned ministers of tho Gospel in tho county of Windham, Vl. knowing Iho sal utary efficacv, of Dr. Jonathan Mooro s I,. senco of Life," having used it ourselves and in our families, consider il a valuahlo cuiupoM. lion ; particularly useful anil cllicatinus in rn moving complaints of llio lungs, antl indeed a safe and tcsloralivo mcdicino in Iho varintii diseases named in tho Doctor's accompany label; and do most cheerfully recommend its goneral use, buliovin? it well worthy tho pat- rona-jo of tho public. signed Mosea licckly, iJtimmcrstnn ; oyl veslor Sago, Westminstor j Jed. L. Stark, Brattlchoro ; Elisha D, Androws, Puluoy ; Chandler Bates, Philctus Clark. Octohor 9, 1026. To all whom it may concern. Wo, tho uudorsignetl Physicians, who havo proved tho efficacy of Dr. Jonathan Mootu's Essence of Lire, conceive il our duly to pat. ronizo Iho medicine, nnd tiro of opinion that if generally need, it will be of public utility, 'Signed Abel Duncan, Samuel Stearns, Hummci-ston j Jonathan Badger, Wm. TWT ToMminstor i C. If. Chandler, Andovcr' I'rcscott Hall, Chesterfield. fcjT'J ho above medicine is pre pared by 1 1 EN BY SEYMOUR, of Hadlcy, .UnK. ft oni the iiriirlnnl tho direction, ol said Monru, and sold by him and tho p.inr.i. ml DrugsriM in tho United Statos. i il j Am there aro many spuriousi articles io eiictilalion, for tho heueiil of'thc public, ho wif givo tho follim-intr I his may cotlify to all whom it may concern that I, tho nubseribur, residing in Hadlcy.Mas? havo tnailo an iinproi rtnent, in tho incd.clno invented by me, antl denominated "Dr. Jona than Monro's Essence of Life," and have com municated tho Itecipo to Henry Seymour of said Hadlcy, nnd in him only. Tho United States is full of t!io K .histicated article, and this is to give notico lo tho public thai if they wish or tho gonuinn Emcuco of Life, they must apply to said Seymour or his ogonls-, and ho patlicular lo inimiro for that prepared by Homy Seymour. Dr. J. Moorc. Hadlcy, Sept. 9, 103;!. Sold, wholesale and retail, by J. Sz J. H. PECK Sz Co. Burlinglon, wholosalo agonts for the stale of Vermont. BTOrdurs will receive prompt attention, and any quantity of Mcdicino immediately furnish, cd. This mcdicino is put in boxes of ono or two dozen each, convenient and safe for trans portation, and labelled with Ihc namo of Hen ry Sojmotir, Hadlcy, .Mass. April Id. " Girt CATTLE SALS. Working Oxen, Fat do. Milch Cows, Young Cattle, for sale hv tho subscriber at his promises ori Pearl-Strrol. JOHN K. GRAY. March 31. WANTED, a boy sixteen or seventeen years ofago as an apprentice to tho carriage and sleigh making husiucss. Apply soon. J. K. G. ' STA TE OF VERMONT District ot-- O' Islk ss. 5 At a Probate Court holdon at the Probate oflico in North Hero on the lllh day of Mn-ch A. D. !!!37. Present the Hon. Joi:r. A r.r. v.s. Judge. AN instrument purporting to be the last will nnd testament of Issi Fletcher la'u of Souih Hero in said Di-itrict de ceased, being presented to the Court here, by Hector Adams the Executor therein named, for Probate. Il is ordered by eaid Court, I hat all persons concerned therein ho notified to appear at a session ofsaid Court to he holtlcn at Ileclor Adams' oflico in said South Hero on ihc fourth day or May A. D. IU37, at one o'clock P. M. and show cause if any they have against the probate of said Will ; for which purpose it i further ordered that a copy of tho record of this order be published threo weeks euc1 ccfSivoly in the Burlington Free Press printed at Burlinglon in Chittenden Coun ty as soon as may he. A true copv of Record. Aile.-I A. KNIGHT. Register. AG Kl CULTURAL PAPER riplIE puhli'hcr of the GENESEE -M- FAR M ER. grateful for the patronage hiiliorio extended lo hu Agricultural pa pers, would g've notice lhat a new volumo (the 7tii) of the,M:i: Farmer, will enminenee on the fir-t of January, 1037; It will ho en'arged antl otherwise improved, and no exertions spared to sustain the high rank it ha ntiaiiicd. It is published every Saturday, 111 q-iarto form, making an annu. al volume ol .116 pages, tit $2 a year, pay able in advance. The 2d volume of ihc Monthly Gene m: Farmer also commences nn the first of January. It is publi.-hed on the first of each month, 10 pages largo octavo, at 50 cenu a yon r Seven copies for 3 Twelvo for ga. iilu-.iy-i 10 advance. All letters to come free of po?tii;o. O'Posi masters and others in all sections of tho country, are respectfully invited to act a agents 10 procure subscibcrs for those papers. To the lion, the 1'i-oIjC.Ic Court for the District of Chittenden, comes the subscriher admimstrtt. lor of the estate of Gideon Prindle late of Charlotte in said dtstriti deceased, and rep rtt,eiit3 that the personal estate of said deceased will not he sufficient to pity Ihc debts and char gei thereof and hcicOi makes application to laid Cam t. for licence to sell the real estate of said deccastdfir lhat purpose Gr.oiton Prinole. STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden, s. i AT a Probaio Court holdon at Burlington, In said District, ou tho 21st day of .March A. D. Ifl.i". It is ordered lhat an account bo taken of tho debt and also, Iho proceeds oftho poisonal osliilo orsaid deceased, and that tho heir and all persons concerned in said cstato bo untitled In appear before said Court On tho second Wednesday of April next at tho olllco oftho Register ofsaid Court in Burlington, aforesaid, in givo bond for Ihc payment Of debts, and show cause why license as afore said shall not ho granted, and lhat such nd tico bo given by publishing Ihc abovo applies, lion thteo weeks successively, as soon as may ho in tho Free I're-s a newspaper printed ill Burlinglon, in said District. Given under my hand, the day and year first abovo written. Wm. Weston, Reg. LOOK AT TIIIS7 rNFOUMATION wanted of EZRA H.TAVLDR, formerly of Burlington Vt. who left this ct'y on the'JCtli of December last, with n large amount of goods belong tug to Iho subscriber, for whom ho was hired lu travel as Hawker and Petller. Ho was lo be absent about four weeks, but has nut been heard ol sinco. He drove a gray horse, with a yellow Pedlers waggon on I'liptio springs had n largo stock of Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Cutlery, &.0 &r. Any person who will givo information that will lead in tho detection oHIm Fillian or recovery of tho property, shall bo hand somely rewarded, ntid nil expenses paid by A. R. ROGERS. 3 U Broad st. Newark N. J. March 1.1, HW 4w UISRDS SEED, 1IIAVE 103 liiishels nu hand raised in tho County of St. Lawrence N. Y. in 1836. It is altogether superior to lliu Canada Seed .Voir is the tunc In buy in 10 or 15 days thoro will not bu a bushel of this kind to ho had in the Comity. .S. EAlll. UOWARDt Uitiltnon, .Vimi2.J, HJ.J7.

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