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Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 28, 1837 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY O F C JE S A R RUT THE WELFARE OF ROM E. BY II. B. STACY. FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1837. VOL. X No. 514. LUCY CARROLL. a sketch. i Tako li.ick liie; ornvl i.ko luck iho bowl Resntvc it for pulluti'tl lips : I would not bow u slitinlcjs soul Ucncalli ha dink n nil I'uul cclip'C.' ""V 'Lucy, my child,' said Mrs. C.irroll, 'do you know it is wiiic pcrcl that George Dur wwooA is forming habits of dissipation ! 1 I would not grieve yon Lucy yot it is well llii warn you of dnncr j nod when even y Dur wood's friends arc forced to ackhowl edge that ho altered, wo havo reason to fenr that our ingenious and high minded friend is indeed listening with n charmed car to the voice of that Byrcn, the end of of whoso song is destruction. You have '-heard of those reports, my child .' A slight quiver came over the lip of the Voting girl, who stood silent, before her mother, as pale and certainly ns beautiful 'as the most exquisite statuo Lifting her moistened blue eye to her mother, while an unwonted energy kindled it, she answered. Yes, mother, Durwood's enemies have not been flow in coining such reports for 'my ear. 1 know 1 have heard them all 'but do notbelivu them.' Lucy. the innocent, the lovely, the confiding Lucy, spoko but as she thought In her heart she could not believe that he whose nature was t-o noble, so generous '.vlio evinced so many correct feelings and and nrincinlos. ami possessed eminent 'degice all manly qualifications she could ifcut believe that he bv anv positoio tompiu lion, could yield to the baneful insinuations of the destroyer, upgrade toe oigniiy oi manhood below the beasts that perish. And why was it, that amid the censures nod harsh iudiremeiU uf the world, the so wreck of this long missed vessel She, sailer from New South Wales, early in May, last year, and wns wrecked on the 21st of that month, in lal. 34, long. 155 12 east, on Eliza Roof. The crew immedi ately took the boats, and put to sen, with the intention of making Repulse Bay. The two boats parted company on the third daw Ono portion of the crew, con sisting of the captain, his wife, chief mate, and some of the sailors, were thrown on an unkown island, inhabited by savages, and the following interesting narrative from Iho mouth of Mrs. Frnser, the captain's wile, who escaped, is from the Australian of October 111: "Mrs, Frusor called at our office on Sat urday, allernoon and gave us the following particulars: The longboat's company consisted of Capt. Frnser, Mr, Drown, the chief mate. Mrs. Fraser, and Mr. Daxtcr, the 2d mate. After they had been on shore some tune, a great number of the natives were observed, and Mr. Fraser suggested giving themselves up quietly to the natives, as they wero entirely defence, less, and. of course, already in their power. They had scarcely tune to make the suggestion when several tribes came down upon them, one of which immediately cap tured Captain Fraser ; another tribe took Mr. Brown, and thu third Mr. Baxter. The natives would not allow Mrs. Fraser to go with either of them, and left her alone upon n sandy beach, and the next morning a number of old women, with some child ren came down, and they gave Mrs. Fra scr to understand that she must go with them and carry one of the children upon her shoulders, which Mrs. Fraser, of nc cess'uy, complied with. Mrs. Frascrslatcs nvo consolation; lor though the whole was no longer than the tup of one of. mv lingers, I could not coulcmplatu the deli cate conformation of tho roots, leaves, and cnpsula, without admiration. Can that Being, thought I, who planted, watered, and brought to perfection, in this obscure part of the world, a thing which appears of so small importance, look with apparent unconcern upon the situation and sufferings ofcrcaturcs formed after his own image? Surely not. Reflections like these would not allow me to despair. I started up, and ilisregarding both hunger and fatigue, travelled forward, assured that relief was at hand ; and I was not disappointed." crct rcret of friends, and open attacks of that she travelled many miles into the foes, Lucy chrined deeper in her heart the bush with these women and the child, and imai'e ol her lover? iic loved mm anu was Irequcntly exhausted upon the road. Iier heart enshrouded in the mantle of do- She remained about three weeks in the votion. clung with increased tenacity to bush wit n those people, when she tell in its object ; and the light ol afiection shone with her husband, Capt. Fraser, who was warmer and brighter the shadows of dragging a board for the natives, in which evil closci! darker around her beloved. he I. ad been principally engaged since tho Constancy is n striking ami peculiarly time he parted with his wife. Capt. Fra. beautiful trail in the character of woman ser who was so dreadfully fatigued with and in love like Lucy's, there is surpassing heavy labor that ho could not move tho trength. It has nothing gross nor earthly load that had been consigned to him, and in its yta.ning, for its source is in the pur. implored his wife to assist hnn. est fountains of the heart. Alas for the Mrs. Fraser slates that she had neither sunless riches laid on the alter of l.vo ! It tue strength nor liberty to do so, she her is seldom worthy of its offtrings. .-elf being employed in tho samo manner at But I was present at that bridal: lur the tune, and Hie natives keeping a sharp Lucy did become tho wife ol George Pur- look out alter her. Sou was under the nc wood. I marked the smile of conscious cossity of leaving the eapiain. When she triumph and exulting love, as b-fore God's returned, shortly afterward0, she found he ar he plighted that deep vow to become was speared in tho back of the shoulder her husbaod, coiolorter anil proitctor tor- which had been inflicted upon him lur not ver. And she tho gentle being at Ins making any progress with iho wood. Mrs epiec.--1 saw her ijm; ol trusi ami enure fraser remaiueu who nor nusouuu uiiin confidence when she had chosen to tread sunset, when he expired of his wound. - life's crowded path. I watched that wid- The last words ho uttered, were, "Eliza, owed mother, too. when she gave up her am gone." The savages immediately drag only darling to nn untried gnanhaiHhip There was sorrow in ihe tones ol her fond and tearful bles-iug on that fair young bride, who was ihus in her tenderesl years leaving tho shelter and guidance ol a mot u. cr's love for ever. And I heard too, tin solemn iuiuuetion she gave as flu: commit ted her precious charge into oilier hands that ho should deal truly and kindly with led Mrs. Fraser away from the body, du a hole, and buried it. In eight days from this brutal ntt.iir the tame cannibals als killed Mr. Brown, thu chief mate, by hold ing firebrands to Ins legs, and so burning hiin upward. Tho cause of their destroy ing Mr. Brown was in con-eqoeuco of his howiug somu signs of dissatisfaction at the death of his captain- The party now her, as ho hoped God's blessing. I heard consinlcd of only Mrs- Fraser and Mr Bax all, and I turned aside to conceal the tenrs tcr, bill they wero parted from each other which were unconsciously creeping into my by many miles distance, a large river run- eyes. An ill omened melancholy came ning between I hem. over me, unl 1 6trovo to imu-u it ior, l hose two unfortunate creatures rcmain- why should I dim that fairy picture with cd with the natives about two months bo oty trnrs. fore they wero rescued, enduring thu great- I havo said Hint Lucy U irroll become iri. misery front hunger and fatigue. Mrs. liie wife of Dnrwood and alas she be- Fraser was employed in cutting down and TUG LION AND THE LAM D. From Mr. I'icitoii's Dinner Speech. Mr Preston proceeded to comment in strain of inimitable wit upon tho change of the Administration tho old lion, he said, had gone ofV roaring, and his sue cessor had come creeping into his place. Would that you had been there, fellow- citizens, tu have marked with what qua king awe the vermin of the palace peeped forth trom their corners to watch the de parturc of this mighty beast, dreading each moment lest he should turn and bcorcli (hem with his hot breath, or sweep them oil with a blast of his throat ; and when the lust footfall of the retiring monster fa ded in distance, now they drew a long breath, rose on their hind tect, and ream pcrcd away in flocks to celebrate tho sat urnalia of libornlcd slaves. You would havo seen, continued he, that the reign of terror was at nu end, and that the dynasty of another, and far different animal, was to succeed under the now stale of things the South has far less to fear from the court quarter the e.v President was a man uf violent passion, of indomitable will, of hot resentments and animosities. When he took his stand he kept it, though the Constitution and the Union should crumble into wreck around him--he was ready for war to the knife to gratify every caprice- whal he directed was done--lhe man whom he denounced was excommunicated from the congregation of the faithful but the most striking characteristic of his succes sor was limberness ho must go with the current ho could not make it somu deed who had seen him come pulling thu breeze had mistaken him for the demon of tho storm ho was einly the ehalV be fore it he was not the to innkn nm unmake to aut up and pull down at hi pleasure, to issue proclamations, to brow beat Congress to send insulting letter and smother unsavory laws in his brcccho pockets: it would indeed be the height of the ridiculous lor Mr. Van Huron to tnrus his lamb-hko carcass into tho skin of the dead lion, and attempt to look terrible. Why ho would roar hue any "suckm dove!" lie must bo polite, cautious and conciliating ho most obtain as a servant hat his political father commanded as master -he knows full well that the union of tho South would be fatal to himhence his anxiety in his inaugural to enrrying wood, fetching water, and fishing for the natives ; and Mr. lijxlcr was gaged in the same manner, on the other came his victim also. Tho blight fell ear ly nn the rose, and the worm revelled mid its leaves. We need not tracu G:o. Dnrwood on his erring path of folly and side of the river dissipation; enough the he did bow down The steward of the vessel had waded his high spirits, at tho unholy shrine of overland to Moretown Bav, and thusitua intemperance. lion of Mr. Fraser and his unfortunate But Lucy she who in the trusting companions, when u man named Graham earnestness of her pure heart had thrown who wns well acquainted with thu bush nil to ihe venture of his vow She was volunteered to head a party to the ship made to feel the perishing of all that was wrecked people, and pledged himself to origin and iiohie and elevated u was rescue them Irom the savages Liieutcn hers to feel in its most refined bitterness Unt Otter and a parly were immediately tho Keen and withering blight ot uisap despatched, nnd, with uruhani, went pointmcut when she looked on him she search of tho unfortunate people. Mrs called her husband. Fraser dates that ho went into the midst For a long time, Lucy's believing spirit of the natives, nnd, at the risk of his life sustained her under her heavy triul; fur one snatched her up and ran away to his parly hope clung even as an anchor to her soul with her, nnd afterwards recovered the tho hope that he would reform for he luv- second ofTicor in the same courageous man cd her too well, she thought, to make her nor. Liverpool Mercury unhanvv. Alas, deceived woman ! Lovo imv be stroinr. but the lovo ofthu wine cun Mu.Nfio Pawc and the Moss. I havo hath a mightier power. Bui the truth often been struck with a passage in tho I'rum lilt: Oneida Vlii. PINE LANDS PINE LUMBER There is, perhaps, no subject in which tho el us at noblic aro more deeply interested, or in st on tho only question that was certain proportion to that interest, on which it is unite us but lie hud promised to follow iG3S informed, than of the sources, quantity the principles of his predecessor, and ns ani probable duration of the supply of the great principle ot tno iato auminisirn- while pine Liumbor. It is no uncommon tion was an utter contempt of all the plod- occurrence to hear merchants and business ges given to tho country, we had a right to (ncn predict the rise or fall of the various xpeel that tho copy would in this part articles ol merchandize and produce in the bear the strongest resemblance to the range of their business, and we are aware original. tharthev predicate the opinions they ad vance, upun tho kuowleilgo they havo nc travels of tho celebrated Mungo Park, dc came al lust. That which Lucy had tho't lamentable and sure reali.v-her husband "rilling his suuat.on and feell.ngs, when was an irreclaimable drunkard ! nnmo uy uioso wno nau piunucrcu mm Lucy died early but not before the last in the very heart of Africa : '"Which cv ray oi nope was quencucu in turn siriKcu nr wnv i ,llrnoii nu,in nn,n,i io,i Jw.en... .. ,l.i i, I, I,.,, I I ' ' o "'!' aver her heart-not until every beautiful tla"Kor at"1 difficulty. I saw myself flower of nfiection had dronncd and wither- the midst of a vast wilderness, in the dcptl cil away, and all her generous feelings had ot tho rainy season, naked and alone, sur given way to loathing and indiflureiicc, rounded bv savago animals, and men still nor lusi iiiuiouiiia wuiu uusumiiuu jy i,,t.n,l .niUu inirn nfn liiiilinnil'd n R'.n innl I. nil ir ll fit """'" "3 ",u "- times, indeed, a bloated visage, with hag-lam the nearest European settlement. gard expressionless eye, wuuld bend over All these circumstances crowded al once per coucii nnu mutter worusoi inour uiy uuo on mv recollection, and I confess that mv disgusting fondness; but with a look of ab horrencoshn motioned Aim away who had once been her blessing and delight. Let woman lovely, devoted, confiding woman avoid the 'appearance of evil.'--Let her beware of the revel, the wine cup, the feast for vice and intemperance aro ever found in the train. Let her rctuomber that in uniting her destiny with a drunk ard's she is drawing on herself a dreadful doom, and incurring Iho heaviest curse of Heaven. It is like linking truth witfi per fidy, the dove with a vulture; it is the wedlock of purity and pollution beauty and the pestilence. Let woman beware of tho Intemperate ! LOSS OF THE STERLING CASTLE. Tho arrival of tho James, from Sydney, New South Wales, al Liverpool, on Sat urday, brings the particulars ot tho -'iip gross of the business in this country. The Committee, so far as their investigations havo been prosecuted, express themselves highly griitiacd with the fiiucss eif this country for ihe growth and manufacture of Silk and the progress it has already made, in tun cstaun-ihincnt ol incipient instiludous. In Mtine, the legislature tifiurs u bounty eif live cents on every pound of Cocoons and fifty cents on every pound of reeled Silk. Tho subject is enlisting some attention there. In .Veto Hamnshire one Company is established and many individuals aro en tering into the business, but no legislative aid has yet been granted. Vermont, the egislnturc gives a bounty of ten cents on every pounl of Cocoons raised in the State, nnd liie business eif mulberry trees and Silk worms is exciting much attention in many towns-. Jiiassaciusclls leads in the business und her legislature offers tft-oo for every ten pounds of Cocoons, fifty cents for every pound of raw silk and jJI.OO per pound tor every pound ot reeled anu twisted. Thcro aro various incorporated companies in Massachusetts, besides indi viduals in every section uf tho Sin'u direct ly engaged in thu business. Tho North ampton Company has a capualof gl 50,000, with uuoui three nunurcd acres ot land, various buildings, with machinery in oper ation and over 100.000 Chineso nrd While Mulb 'rry trees. Tho Now England Silk Company at Dcdham has a capital of ilOO,. 000 and twenty or thirty acres of MulLcrry trees. Tho Massachusetts bilk L-omouiy at Framingham has a capital of $1 50,000 and one hundred and sixty acres ot laud, with nearly one hundred thousand mulbor ry trees. There aro nlso the Boston, Nan tucket, Roxbnry and Newbnryport incor porated Silk Companies, all ot winch are prepuring to grow and manufacture Silk, or are already in successful operation. The business is also prosecuted with sin gular success by farmers, who make it a part ot their household operations, in ni most every section of the State. In Rhode Island, ono incorporated Company exists with a capital of 4l 00,000 at Providence, and tho business is enlisting the interest of people in other sections of tho State. Conncct'icni, whero bilk has long been grown on a small scale, the legislative en coiiragcment is ample, paying il,00 for every one hundred Italian or Chinese Mul berry trees five years old, and titty cent: lor every pound of reeled Silk. There are two incorporated companies, one with capital of g'20,000 al Mansfield nnd the other with a capital ot ju.uuu at uari ford. The business is extending into dif ferent sections oft he State and promises to Ue a source ol luturu opulence to its eiti zens. Tlioso facts in relation to the busi ness in New England wo gather from the Report, and another wool; shall show its progress and extent through tho middle und southern States. We are amazed at the interest the subject has already exci ted. Thus far, New England leads, and Massachusetts goes ahead of nil her sister Suites in the Silk uusiness. JYurlhampton Courier. six hundred nnd fifty millions of sepiaro feet of pine lumber ! To supply this quantity, over sixty five thousand acres nt guml pi u c lauds have been strippoel of every tree! II there aro seven hundred thousand acres, even at this rate, without any increase, it will only last sumo ton or cloven years, and from tho fuels that have been gathered on this subject, wo venture tosny that lliuro i Broadway; she now had on a neat culicO dress, a silk uproii and u pluin cap, and shU looked exceedingly interesting. "Why how you slure," uui I not an ultcrcd wo mini?" "Yes, but altereil for tho belter. How well you do look !" -Dol? Why yes, I do. ' I tako great cxetciso bustle about Ihe house rub furniture as you onco advised me to do look aftor Iho kitchen not While Pino enough in tho United nm constantly employed: indeed it must bo Slates, to supply tho present consumption so, for wo cannot keep an army of servants fifteen years ! 'if any one can controvert ns wo formerly did.' !l will all work welt this conclusion bv facts, we shall be glad bo sure of it; tho storm will soon blow to hear ihem. Ten years since, the pinu over,al least with you, becauso you show lumber on tho Allegany and Susquehanna, yourself to bo a skillul pilot; you take in was from four to eight dollurs n thousand sails in lime, and will soon havo your ship Icef. it is now from ten to eighteen, nnd moored m smooth water." "Well, you do largo contracts at tho latter prico were comfort tno exceedingly, lor 1 havo seen made lust month for lumber, which is now but few of my gnla friends of late. Hero on its way to Natches and N. Orleans, the comes my husband; now you must sil nmrlicia (m wiiieli li was jui dmoo.i v hen uo wu anil laitu a cuccnui laimiy uiuucr pine lumber is transported live thousand with us." miles on the Mississippi and its 'tributaries. A very white but not very fine table and pays targe profits, can there be a supply cIol(1 Was spreaa ; uuuu luiiiuicia ... nearer! With those hints wo leave the ,nlCl..bnck handle knives and forks- subject fur tho present. iippaned bread baskets, &c, &c,and a lit- i In -rir! with a chuck anrnn waited on us The Albany Cultivator says Prejudice A beef steak and a hot potatoe a couple nnd conceit nre the otTsprings of ignorance of slices of fried halibut an apple dum and the "real barrier to agricultural iiu- pliug good while bread, and a tumbler provement. An African prince threatened Of beer constituted our elinuer. tion i to tako thu life of a traveller, becauso ho look at me." said tho hostess, "for really dared to assure him. that water became II eat l.kc a ploughman ot late i nave naei solid bv freezing, in his country Becauso a most unfashionable appetite ; but then 1 he had not seen it, tho prince deemed the rise with the sun, and mo uay passes t-u traveller an impostor and a liar. quickly that night sets in belore I nave A few years a"o, tho growth ot a nun- done one nan oi my worK--now uuu i ou.o dred bushels of corn on an aero was con- when I say work, lor although you Knmv i sidered a fabulous tale by the mass of our have not been used to it, yet really I do lurmcrs. They had not seen such a pro- work, and very hard." "uo you noi miss duct, and they therefore did not believe your horses and carriage--your riucs u,j But such a product is now ot common anu down iiroau vva your viauo w occurrence, that few doubt its reality. art, Royle, and Vonablos ? "iNo, not n Tell these men that they can double the the least ; 1 do miss my purse occasioning products of their farms, by economizing to be frank with you, but when I accon and judiciously applying their manures; modate my means to my wants, ol. is that they can quadruple it, by this, by uu- smooth. 'Wo cannot cat gold, you know derdraiuing, by alternating crops, and by it can only perform certain officers, which rout culture and they aro ns incredulous ll do not want, l nave ouuugu u a i.i. as the African prince, becauso they arc ig- ward obe to last me lor years-raincr ioo norant ot those natural laws which ever many poct;ei naniiuercuieis, eiui yuav ...v linvn anvnrnnil tin- inntnr'nl world, and 30 "a nieco : nnd as to the carriage and which ever will govern it. t he savage horses, it tuny urougiu ineir rratificationa laughs at and rejects the nrts of civilized ihey were also a source of trouble, vox life, for tho same reason that the ignorant ation, and expense, anil I am better with er indolent farmer scouts the idea of impro- out them. It is thus I derive consolation ving the condition of society by agricultu- from misfortune and am content anu musv. ral societies, agricultural schools and leg happy. islativo bounties for agricultural improve- , (,js the result of practical -good ment They cither do not know enough- f:Cnsc--ofa determined mind, which soari of natural science, to comprehend its uttli abovo misfortune of a happy contented ty in Iho ordinary business of life, or they natnrc. What a treasure such a wife is aro governed by a sordid, sollish, iiuuerai (0 a ,I)IU, 'm these times, and wno, insieau policy, which, could it be carried out. would,, en-ashi" his "loom and despondency shut out every ray eif light, und smother ),, fruwus, upbraidinTs, andforgotfulness, every sentiment ed patriotism, which should (u,uls ,jm wjn, iU fimile of hope und either thwart their views, or which wouni cheerfulness points out the road to re tend to elevate their fellows above their form, mid leads him towards it by her own own limited standard in society. r,00( a,) successful example keeps up Some men seem tei have an idea, that i.;s encrcv. mid inspires hirn with new they arc balanced in a scale; that as jfu nniuiulcs him to future exertions others can be made to sink, in tho samo .,,.tH i,.. mllow of disappointments and proportion they shall rise, and vise and ver sa. 1 ho first requisite to improvement in any business, is the conviction that we can learn; the next, that wu icill learn And it perhaps is invariably true, that the more we do learn in uscfel knowledge, the more wo become sensible of our com cheers him with times. the assurance of better E X T R A C T S . It is every man's duty to mako himself spirits began to fail inc. 1 considered my futo as certain, and that 1 had no altcrna live but to lio down and perish. The in fluenco ol religion, however, aided and supported inc. I recollected that no hu man prudence or foresight could havo ar rested my present sufierings. I indeed wub etrangcr in a strange land ; yet I was still under tho protecting eye of that Provi. dence who has condescended to call hi in self tho stranger's frior.d. At this mo ment, painful us my reflections wero, the extraordinary beauty of a small moss in fructification irresistibly caught my eye. mention this to show from what trifling circumstances tho mind will sometimes dc Gr.NK.u.u. Eos, a native of Connccti nuirod as to the means and ex'ent of thu cut, was one of the earliest pioneers in the Uopply and the amount of the demand. scllicmcni ot vermoni, anu cncouuicreu njut who is there thai trouuics uimscii to Ihe hardships nnd privations incident to the jnnuirc how much pine timber there is in jut of all new countries. At the iho United States? how long the supply first election of representatives to Cun- will last ? what is the cause eif its regular gross from that State, Stephen R. Bradlev and raoid ndvanco in price? and will and Gen. Enos were prominent and rival it continue to advance or will it diminish in candidates the general ns well as many value in years to come? Wo havo been others, considered the services ho had ren- icd to theso remarks by somo facts coinmu dered the new Slato deserving of a full nicatcd to us by a friend who has investiga. share of its honors. Mr B. however, sue- i..d the subiect, and on whoso statements cecded by a small majority over tho gen- we can rely. oral, and obtained his election. This dis- 1 1 is known, we presume, to most persons, appointment occasioned some unpleasant ihat white or pumpkin pine cannot bo re- loeiings in mo ureusi oi mo general, a proiluccu or grown, ns me unuerurusu or question arose before the General Assem- second growth of pine fororts, is always bly ol the blntc, in which both ol Ihcse off, dtuorcnt species of wood. Thus wo gentlemen were members, as to tho form can see at a glance, that tho country or of tho certificate of tho choice to serve as state which is onco stripped of this valuable credentials to enable the member elect to timber, can never again sco its soil clothed tako his scat i.i Congress Mr. B. without with tho same. With this fact belorc us, reeiuost, drew a form which was handed to ioother with a knowledge of the extent of tho speaker, and read as follows: " t he the annual consumption ut this article, it people of the State of Vermont, frco and Can be no difficult matter, to arrive nt a indopondent, have chosen Stephen It. pretty accurate conclusion as to the time Bradley, L?q. to represent this State in the which the forests in thu United States will Congress of tho United States." The gen supply the demands of the country. A few oral whoso ready wit was always at com facts will show that wo are not so well fur iiiaml, arose, addressed tho speaker, and oh. pished as is generally supposed. served, that fie was no stickler fororm, but In all of the states and territories con- in a document of the kind under considern ncctcd with the Union, there arc, substun- tion, ho thought it somewhat important, tiallv, hut three slates which havo a "sur ihut the certificate should express the truth plus'1 of white pino to supply thu enormous ..( , l. r..i ,-... ..:.. : n: 11. 1 , - , i' ' i.!i. : i.. 01 nic iui.i lioiisiiiuiiiii. iih uiuuieiiey. uu unu increasing ucmauu wineii is yuuiiy therefore moved to amend thu form of the made bv the other states and territories, certificate, grutiluously presented by the Theso aro Now York, Pennsylvania and member olect, so that it might rend thus Maine. Tho latter (Maine) with her I wen "tho people of the State of Vermont, not iv. five hundred saw mills, can hardly sup having theear of God before their cuei, but nv iho New England states, and il is left moved and instigated by the devil, havo cho for New York and Pennsylvania to furnish sen Stephen It. Brndloy, Esq. to reprcsont tho pino lumber fur the great Valley of the this Stato in tho Congress of the United Mississippi, after deducting what is needed amies. n euur oi luuguicr uursi irom ev. (or inn consumption oi lour minions in uu cry member in the house, not excepting the tcrnrising inhabitants within their own bor spcaucr, anu wr. u. Himself. J lie general ders. We speak nt course in general terms felt revenged and satisfied and the rival and in round numbers, and do not mean to candidates, and their friends wero immedi- nnv that mauv of tho states cannot supply atoly reconciled to tho stato of good feeling their own wants to some extent, for several toward each other. luvemng I'osi. years. ' Allowing these statements lobe true, we n nnmon " ivi cirir U"C HOW prepared for tllO ejUCbtlUII. REPORT ON SILK. ulu i J h!1 .1.,, White Pino forests n parativo ignorance, and the moro we are pruiuuuii, iu umuw - . , v ...., , anxious to learn. This, results not only if not, to fewer ; if not so neither, to hia from a wi-h to serve ourselves, and nvil- nciguuor; uu, .mwuvc. ...;.,. .- tiply our enjoyments, but from a sense of nr two republics ; a great one, which la sacred duly to society. nature, and a ess, which is tho piaeu wnoru vu wcib uuiii i cuuiw siii.v. Hero comes Major Noah again, with his ' ' - ' 7 '--J cheerful smile, rubicund face, and futherly j,Q fierve,i jn privacy, solitude, contempla- nnd friendly advice. Hear what he says, tion, nnd perchunco that way ueitcr man and tell us if il is not the boH advice he "'er u.ut " "a ',u inl.e"L?l However, lliai wo suuuiu otivu uum. uw. ever gave : TUE REMEDY A DOMESTIC SCENE. After all said on tho subject of the time of reform, and tho necssity ot economy in all our outlays the truo way is to set to ork forthwith and carry relorm into prac ticul execution, and seo how it works. ixumple is a great guide, and what ono will du, the other will imitate. Faslnona bio cxtravaganco would be at oucesurrend crcd, when it is fashionable to bo econoini cal. A very large impelling house was prostrated by the pending storm, and hrsl tried the experiment of extension, but final v cave un, und suspended payment. Auoui a fortnight or three weeks after that event had taken place. I called at their magnili cent mnnsion in Place, nnd found the house closed, and a bill on it for sale or to let. 1 stood musing for a few minutes, cal ing to mind tho splendor of the last narty I had been at, in that very house, in Jauu ary last: tho parlors with their magnificent iimino itnir.ncl; ploiir-3. rieli IVr.-in car pets, candelabras, and costly mirrors--the imv and flattering crowd of fashionables, tho superb supper, and massivo plate, and Hashing lights, and jocund faces, and, above all, the graceful and delighted mistress of tho mansion. IMuw all was dreary andiies. I To that preaches gratitudo pleads tho cause both of God nnd man; for without it we can neither be sociable nor religious. Ibid. There is no vice but something may be aid for it : at first it is tradable and mod isl. but if wo give il entrance wo shall hardly get it out again. As it goes on it gathers strength, and quickly becomes un. 'nvcrnublo ; wu say commonly, thai "every man has his weak side," hut let mo tell you, that he that masters onco vice, may master all the rest: ho that subdues avarice may conquer ambition. It ts not for philosophy to excuse vices, ito mat griuveo iur mu loss of ensual comforts shall never want oc casion of sorrow. Ibid. Ono of tho greatest kindnesses wc can do our friends, nnd sometimes the only kindness that is in the power of our hands, is, by praver to recommend them to tho loving kindness of God. We aro likely to havclho most comfort in those friends that we pray most for. Whatever comfort wo elesiro to find in any creature, we must hnvo recourse to Gud for it by prayer, for "our times n.o in his hand, and all our ways at his disposal." Fruitful Christiana olatu; the dust had already collected on arc as much the ijoy, as barren professors nre ioo t o ii aiiiin Tho Report ol tho C intnittoo on Silk, these states sunnlv the demand? in the House of Representatives, al Wash. It has been ascertained beyond u doubt, ington, through their Chairman, Mr. Ad- that thcro wero floated on our canals, tho ams. is before us. It embodies a vast deal Hudson. Mississippi, Suseiuehannuand Del of Statistical matter bearing upon the pro-1 aware rivers, during the last year, nearly iho Venetian blinds, and the plated bell handle looked elark anil dingy. An nir ot desertion and decuy lowered on Iho man sion, tho airy elreams of tho occupants had vanished. I determined, however, to sec my friends, for he who forgets a friend in the hour of adversity is not lil to live in this world, and, on pursuing my enquiry, I traced them to a small street east of the Bowery, and living in n neat two story house I rang tho bell.a'id was ushered in to tho parlor by a little girl with u clean check apron. I loaned nrouuit tno rooms; what u contrast ! A plain but new ingrain carpet, neat rush bottom chairs, a sofa, two small looking glasses in thu piers, tinder which wns a plain mahogany table, and plated candlestiuits on tho inuntol piece. Evorv thing was neat, and directly in the opposite extreme of the splendor of their I-.. .......,,,, 'I'll,, link' of lIlO IWOW,. I I III V I UUU.It.V.W,,. MM . met mo with u cheerful smilu and a cordial shnku of thu hand. The lust limn I hud seen her she was alighting from her car. riago splendidly dressed, al Stowait's in rnfrnhlnir to Christians to compare notes about llPcir spiritual concerns : thus aro they sharpened, as "iron sharpens iron." Henry. While wo aro in prosperity nothing can be more useful, nor ought to bo moro at tended to, than tho sincero and hearty ad vice of friends. But at the same limo wo must bewnre lest wo permit ourselves lobe flattered; into which error il is very easy, indeed, to fall. Wo think that wcarcsuci , ns those around us say, and fancy that all this praise is but our proper due. 1 hence uri-u innumerable errors, for whon mcnjiro pulled up in their own opinions, they ara cortnin to brcoine ridiculous, nnd to toll into tho greutcbi iuuhs. wen A I'm: .w am' S.u.t.v. A lilllo girl ob sorviii" a goose with a yoke on, exclaimed, 'why,"!!!, thcro ie a goo.-o got corecta on. It walks like bister Sally!"

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