Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 19, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 19, 1837 Page 2
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I'ioiii llic Boston Alias. TUB WAR UPON TI1H nUURKNCY ITS CO MM V N C K M 13 N T AND 1SSUB Wc would cntl pnrticulnr nllcntinn to the fncts developed in I ho following nrliclo, which p events n view oft ho whole course of I ho Kvrculivo in relation to the Cnrrcn. cy showing its original plan oTptibslil lit ititT n Local P.ut.u Cunnr.Ncv for "the Cur rency of the U. S. Dank: I ho ndmi'tcd failure or t lint plan; the late nflcr Ihniighl -of n Metallic Currency, niul the admissions ofthe Incentive that it has destroyed the Currency, and done "little" towards intro ducing another. Wu give history of the whole proccs? as it is furnished by the doc. unicnls of the llxecutive Department. Such a series of failures, frauds, and false hoods, broken promises and exploded ex periments, ns ore exhibited in the following paragraphs, disgraces the diplomatic history of no other administration, popular or des potic, thai has ever fallen under our observation- the niKTENoni) Kvtr. to nn ni:Mi:in:i. i:.o. "It must be ndmilted by nil t tint it (ilio U. S. Dank) lias failed in the grout end of establishing n unitorm and suu.nd cun nr.Ncv." Andrew Jaikson. AUGMENTATION OK UXUCUTIVP, I'UIVKB Till'. UKAIi OIIJUCT. "I submit to I ho wi-dom of I he Loggia--tnrc whether n Na'iounl one (Hank) fiuiuil cd upon the credit if the Government and Us revenues, might not he deviled which would avoid all constitutional difficulties ; and, at the same time secure all the advantages to the Government and Country that were r.x tkctui) to result from the Present Bank." !!30. HINT 0K AN KXKCOTIVB I! VNK AND TI1K hun-TiTfTi: run II. S mi.i.s. "It is thought practicable to organize such a bank with the noccsFnry officers, as a iinANCii or Tin: TnuAsunv Dr.i,.nrMr..vr. The States would be strengthened by hav ing in their hands the moans of furnishing the local lUPKn cuuiir.Ncv tiihougii own hanks." Andrew Jackson. Here is the original plan. Not n sylla- ble of the Metallic Currency in either of , these messages. This part of the Humbug was entirely an afterthought. The origin. , nl plan was to substitute n (iovuiinmk.nt Bank for the Bank of the U. S. and to fur nish the People with a Paper Currency of the Local Banks.' 1J13 1 . "Entertaining the opinions hcrclcfom ovnrnssml in rotation In tho Hunk nf the. TI. ' ' . .. ... I H. as at present organized. II leave it for the present to the investigation I canon of an enlightened people and their hepue sentati ves.'' A. Jackson. Their representatives accordingly inves tigatcd iho subject end re-cliartcrod the Bank 1 Ki-2. THE ACT rilEM ATURF.. "Whatever interest or influence ha giv en birth to this act, it .count lie found cither in the wishes or necessities of the Ex ecutive Department, by which present ACTION IS DEEMED PIIEM ATUHE !" AralfCW Jackson's Vclo. And this after the subject had been three limes brought to the attention of Congress by the Executive itself. "Neither upon the propriety of nrcscnl action, nor upon the provisions of ibis act wus the Executive consulted." lb. It is a singular fact that the phrase MetaLlic CunnENcv, or Better Curt rk.ncy, does not occur in the Veto Message, nor is there the slightest intimation that the Executive contemplated nt that time any other substitute for the bills of iho U. S. B. than the paper currency or Tin: LOCAL BANKS. J REMOVAL OF THE DEPOMTES FIRST SUOOES TED. "Such measures as are within the reach of the secretary of the Treasury have been taken to enable him to judge whether iho public depositcs in that institution (U. S H.) may be regarded as entirely safe; but n3 hi? limited power may prove inade quate to this object, 1 recommend the sub ject to the attention of Congress, under the riRM nr.Lir.r that it is woTthy nf their se rious investioavion. An inquiry into the transaction of the in.-litulion, embracing the branches as well as the principal haul; fcems called for by the credit which is giv. on throughout the country to ninny serious charges impeaching its' character, nud which if true may justly excite the appro hension that it is no lonoer a saim: de pository or the money or the people." Hero is a wanton and delibern'e attack by the Executive on the credit of an insti tution which was iho clirhu rin n"ont of Iho Government, held millions of its reve nue, and in which the Government was a stockholder to ihe amount of g7 000.000. The confidential ngent of the Treasury. nppointcd to investigate the affairs of the Bank, reported almost simultaneously to Department, that "neither the solvency nf the liunlc nor the security of the Depositcs .....;. ,..).,.; ,.i , iij (i aouui," congress was satisfied that tho pretended apprehensions ol the I'rcsKlcnt wcro unfounded ; and thai his charges wcro made without regard even to that "apparent veracity" which all public men should study to preserve. Tin House, therefore, by n vote of 109 to 40, declared that the Government Deposit were safe in the Bank of the United Statot. 1033. Il lo . .ntnn.l.l.L ..! ... ... u ii-iiiuiiuiuii; inci uiai 1110 mossai'i ofltm of President Jackson, in its para graphs on Iho Bunk Question, like 11 II I the previous messages from fl?9, makes no re ferencetoa Metallic Currency and con icirplates no other nibstiUiio for the cur renrsy ofthe U. S. Bank than the Pah:ii Cuiuii:ncy ok tiih local hanks. The long report of Mr. Secretary Taney, apolo getic for Iho removal of Iho Depositee, makes no reference to n Mr.TAt.i.ic Gun iir.Nfjv. ond promises nothing but n tD'Hr.-r rr.u Ounur.NCY to be furnished by the Stati: Banks. trn Wc copy from the repnrt of my Secreta ry a development ofthe plans ofthe Exec utive ; 'It is well understood that the sui'i'.nion cnuniT heretofore enjoyed by the notes of t lie U. S. Hunk, was not louniieii on any particular confidence in its management or or solidity. It was occasioned At.Torir.Tiinu by the agreement on buhnlfof the public in the act of incoiporntion, to receive them in all payments to the United S'nlos: nod it was this pledge on the part of the fiovern mcnt which gave general currency to the nolos payable at remote branches. The lnmc engagements, in favor of my other mnnicd institution would give i'fl notes i:qu.r, chkdit, nud make them r.quAM v cjmt.niknt for the purpose of connncrce." To wit- the same engagements in favor of the Pels would make Iho notes of a Buffalo, Nnlcht'7. or New Orleans branch worth one hundred cents on the dollar in Boston. Why docs not the Government make such engagements? "But this obligation on the part of Iho United States" the Secretary continues, "will cense when the chnrler expires: nud ns soon ns this happens all the outstanding notes of the Bank will lose the peculiar value they now pnsscss, and the notes pay nble nl distant plnees becomes ns much de-r-nr.ciATK!) as tiik no-its or Ttir. local hanks." Not only is this not the case but nil the Bills of the U. S. Bank have been at a premium in every part ofthe country; while the local Bills have been at a dis count in many places of from 5 to C5 per cent. What would n Bill of a Western Pet Bank be worth in this eitv, compared with a Bill of ihe same nominal amount of! the old or new Bank ofthe United States? Again let my Secretary speak the views of the President ; "The State Banks can, I have no doubt, furnish a general circulating medium, quite ns uniform in value n that which has been nfiorded bv the Bank nf Ihe United States. O' Probably more .?n."trn ' By agreements among ihernselvcs to hover each other's notes and drafts I hey .no providing a general currency at len-t n sound as that ofilie Bunk of the United Slates, nud will nfiord facilities to coin ir. i .- f- ;,- 7,' " ' "j '..... ...- cnanges quae equal in auv woicu me coin- finite equal niunity heretofore enjoyed." Not a syllable thus far from tho nrcsi dent or my secretary of a Metallic Currency- The only proposed substitute for the Currency of the U. S. B- is iho Paper r..,-o-y of tho r.n,i n,ri;- And ti---waslho fifth year ofthe warfare on the National Bank ! 1031. The expositions that were made by the Whig members of Congress during the session of 1033-31 demonstrated so clearly the incompetency of the State Banks to furnish a sound and uniform Currency, lint the Executive was compelled to shift its ground, and the next rising of the curtain wa to tho first scene of the Gold Humbug. first hint or a metallic currency. "Tho pron ress of our Gold Coinage h crcdiinb'e to I ho ofiicers of the Mint, and promises in a short period lo furnish the Country with a sound and pmlablc curren cy, which will much duuinili ihe inconve nience to travellers of a general paper currency, should he Slate Batiks be incapa ble of furnishing it." Jackson's Message of '3.1. Here is the first intimation of any d inbt on I lie part of the Evccutivo of ihe nbililv of tho Stale Bunks lo furnish a suit able Paper Currency for the country ; nnd here is the first indistinct nnd vague hint of any thing like a Specie Currency, It is only a virtual admission of the failure of I he First Experiment.' 11135. Tho Message of 1035 repeats the asscr lion lhat-the Bink of the United Suites had not furnished Ihe country with a sound currency; mil withdraws the doulils of the capacity of Iho Stale Banks, and nsserls point blank that they have supplied the "wants of the community, in relation to Exchange and Currcnry as well as Ihcy have ever been before." It nsserls also in the most unqualified manner that tho "circulating medium has been greatly im proved," This message is the first document of iho administration in which the Metallic Cur rency custs any distinguished figure. In this paper ho says that if Congress will do o nun to nml lour nud twenty Slate h'g'shitures will do so nnd hu "it is appa rent thftl gold and silver will become the principal circulating medium." Congress, nud four nnd twenty Stat 0 legislatures, t i (I not ngrcu with the General, and the consequence is whnl wc havo teen; the dci-l ruction of a sound and uniiirm cur miry and Ihu substitution of and fluoiuat ing Currency in the Pnpcr of the Local Bunks. 1030, Wo have traced Iho documentary his lory of iho warfare on the Bunk, from its commencement in 1019 ; whero thontluck was made on the txpre-s ground that ihe Bunk fnilul lo "cslnhiith a seiiud and 11111 form cuireiicy." This Currency it was proposed to im prove by substituting the Bettor Pnpcr Currency of the Local Banks; and this re mained for five years the policy of the r.d ministration. As the community became aware by re flection and experience that these banks could not furnish a general circulation me dium, and that they did as per agreement "honor each other's notes nud drnfts," il heeamu necessary to make (till another promise to furnish a substitute for the rnbstitiito which had been given us for the Currency ofthe U. S. Bank" And how is it with this substituted? After eight years of incessant and harrassing inlcrfer ence Willi the Currency, what has been atioiuod by President .lackfon'o own show ing? Let the message of 1 G3G speak for him, "Although various danger to our re publican institutions have, been obvhtod by the failure of that Bank to extort from the Government n renewal of its charter, it is obvious Ihnl lillln has been accomplish rd txecpl a salutary Change a public opin ion, lowatds restoring lo the country the sound currency provided by the Constitu tion." And how much is that little ? And what is that salutary change in public opinion ? 1. Three hundred and fifty seven new hanks have been created. 2. One hundred and seventy-nine millions have been added to the banking capital. The circula tion of paper money hu3 increase $123, 500,000. -1. Loans ond discounts have pcen increased 30':, 000,000. And this is the mat velous good for which we have endured so much! This is the result for which wo have passed through so much suffering, and arc now the wit nesses of such wide-spread devastation! And the executive looks calmly on ex ulting in its iniquities rejoicing in the ruin it has caused and appealing for the justification of its measures to the motives that induced them and the 23"'httppy con siqucnccs"jzw in which they have resulted. postscript. Since writing the above, we have re ccived further intelligence of Better Cur rency ihe "improved circulating medi um" of which General Jackson so learn edly discources in his me-.-ngo. The Safe ty Fund and Deposite Banks in New York have Mispended Specie Payments. This is the faialc the dinoucmcnt of the Gold Humbug. General Jackson's "humble, if forts" for the restoration of the Constitu tional Currency have compelled the Banks lo suspend Specie Payments, and have lit erally cursed the country with a currency of lines. Trulv did Daniel II (bslcr sny r -11 .r o., ,0, ..r 1,1 i ling all the while ? and than do vmi sou a ! Iims-os b'. .Tnjo, on ihe !iih April: v ii say to every honest man every where, who r?t (lf iltlo ,V..L., an, ppri,);j3 nlj boarded by a Mexican pdm, nud informed wishes by honest means to gain an honest ' screws ? Well, then, look here : on top is that the iiiun rennin at anchor until fur-ui;jn- Bownro of wolves in sheep's cloth-! " bigwheel, that is nil ihe while goin round l"-'r orders from the eh uo without ntiempt. , ,, , , , . ! nno way nnd back ngin, nnd iist so fast and I big to land any person, piuming nl the ,r,g; whoever attempts, under whatever jr..inl ,,p) . ,mt , Cllll , j',,, ,,,,,10 turn- he would tnko he- ,.v. r Ihe bar popular cry, to iliake the Uabihty of the klickcr. nud if il warn'i for that von would , " 'h" diy following. She remained ooiil Public Currency, bring on di.-lress in mon ...nllnrc niwl ih-ivn Ihr if,llnh-7l Inln O,,. per Mo:.ey, slabs your interest and your happiness lo the heart .' And whoever has Ihe wickedness lo conceive and ihu hnrdi hood to avow, n purpose to break down what has been fuund in forty years' expe rience essential to the protection of all interests by arraying one class against an other, and by acting 011 such a principle ns lhat the poor always linto the rich,. shows himself the reckless enemi (f all. An enemy to his whole country, to al! classes, and to every man in il, he desrves to bo marked especially as the POOR MAN'S CURSE." A FACT. .Mr Tnnev. by order of his maslcr Gen crnl Jackson, informed Cnng'oss, nnd tho people in 1033, tjial ihu Pel Banks, by agreements tinning themselves to honor each other's notes nnd drafts," were provi ding the country with a currency quiet ns sound and uniform us ilmt of the hank of the United States, and O-Tproiiaiily more so..rf) An instance among many others, came lo our knowledge yesterday, which fur nihcs a beautiful illustration of the bono fits which have been derived by the poor of Iho country, from Iho doflruclion of the best and soundest currency on Iho face of tho earth and the suhsiiintiuu ofthe Pel Bunk currency. An cldeily nnd rcfpedable female, in reduced circumstances, presented yester day in the market a twenty dollar note of the Haulers Bank ol Natchez, one of the Depostlo Banks. It was all iho money she had in the world, but she found lhat i' would not buy her a pound of beef. Un der these circumstances, sho applied to one nl tuo mariiei men, ol whom sho hail been in the hnhit of making her litll pur chases, for advice. She told him that fIio was poor, and clnefly dependant on 1I10 peculiar v assis tance she received from her sou, who was settled at NuleiK ., and who had lu en the habit of making her such small and occn.-ional leuiitlances as ho could spare from the results ol" his cotblaut and labo rious industry. lin last reinittonco, which was all tho money she hnd in ihe world, was Ibis twenty dollar note on ihe Plan ters Bank Ho hnd no other way of ro muting lhan by mini and iho best currency which he could remit was that of a deposite bank. Deceived by the false promises of the Government, ho probably thought that ihu Bill would bo redeemed by tho Pet Bunk in this cily. The friend lo whom .-he applied, took iho bill lo one ofthe !) p'l-otes Hanks, nnd nsktd nl whai di-count it would lain the hi1. The un-ivur was, that it could nat take it nl any price. Being thus driven to the brokers, tho reply was, that for the UJ" TWENTY DOLLAR NOTE fl they COllhl afford to pay but OTrivi: i0LLARS..rt Thus is a poor nud desliluto woman, by the mere nclion of tho Executive, defrau ded of three fourths of n sum, which, how ever insignificant, was to herself of the utmost consequence, inasmuch ns it wns her all. Thus it is not merely those who hnvo "earned nothing." and therefore "OUGHT TO STARVE" in the lan guage ofthe Globe who hnvo been strip ped nud plundered by too nccursed policy of 11 Cabinet of" swindlers and vagabonds but the honest and laborious poor the very class interested above nil others in the preservation ofn -ound and uniform Cur rency, Boston Atlas. Wc have hnd ocensinn frequently to re cur lo writings and sayings of various indr vidoals who wrolc and spoke of events lhat were lo follow in tho event of such and such courses being adopted ns were urged at the period when they wrote or spoke. But wc have rnrely met with nny production thai seems to cover eo much ground, in the shape- of prophecy, os the following extract of a letter written by Major Downing to his old friend, "the Gin. oral," ns long ago as September, 1033, now nearly four years ago. The Major, Jt seem-!, had come on to New York from Washington, to nsccrtain for "Ihe Gin'crnl" how things would work in enso the de positcs were taken awny from the U. States Bank, nnd given among sundry Slate Bank. He fell in with his old friend Zc kel Bigelow, and they together entered in to the enquiry, and the Major thus writes. Zeki-1 says there ijist about so much hard money nil the while, nnd il keeps goin round nnd round nnd nil about creation, and they git the most on't and keep it. who arenro the nio-t industrious ami cute in in venlin things. He snvs I hat paper money isjtisl ns good, nud n lectin belter than urn money, it lolWs don t shell nut loo much on'i ; and it is the nnttir of paper money makers lo git oil ns much ns they can ; n nd if it warn'i for soniethin lo check il, il would soon bo as bad as old continental limes. 'Zukel say, on the hul', that money matters, nnd banks nnd trade, are all ns curious ns one of i'eleg Bwscl's clocks and folks Imdn't oughi lo meddle or ulierin on't without known: all about ii. "And now, says ho. "Major, I'm nf good mind to give yon a notion ; I know il will spilo the old watch, hul 1 want to show you my notion why 1 think trouble will come, if 1 1 Gin- oral insi-ts on knocking down the U. S 1 Bank." Zekel is one of I hem sort of folks and nlwnvs was, who arc detnrniined "lo ma a spoon or spile a horn," nod with that he out with his d watch, nigh upon as lug ns n teacup, and wound her up, nnd then elapt her to his ear, aid then to mine. "Slie is ns true," t-nys he, "ns the tides." Ho then opened I. or. "Now," snvs be. '" Major, dn yen see that are hti chain mil- I see trouble in it right ofi. nnd I'll .-how you : but I kllOW it Will sOIld the old W.llcll all to c,,cl, ' Il,ur.., I. ! ,v,l,.l,,,,l .,,,1 il,,, Ukjccr nr t)aanne vvll(., nlu ,ho ,,,,, i ulch did uvWr for a spell, I tell you. 1 bomu ot iiiein.liuie wheels went so la-l ! vou couldn't .-co nothing on em for n spell. I One at last keeled up, nnd another got its lreth knocked out. She stop'd a spell, , then a spring Hinn'd nnd .-lie whiz'd ngain, I nnd the .-.plioteis fl.w, and by and by the ! hull scrape on em slnp'd. Z'-hel hhek'd ! his kew down anil look'i) nt inc. nud pnv . 'Major, we have spilt the old watch, bin 1 don I vally Ihe loss 011 t nn nttoni seeing Inat you have got a notion by it." Anil with that ho scraped it altogether audi wrapped it up in I lie Washington Globe 'There,' say- he, '.Major, do you send that lo Ihe Government, and tell the Gi-icral there is more there than some loll;-- think on who want to meddo with B.niks. nnd j money matters without knowing nil nboui 'em: nnd with that wo took u glass 0 switchel and went to bed. Your best friend, J. DOWNING, Major. The first of t ho Depo.-ito B ulks to give up the ghost is the Dry Dink Bank in New, York. The amount of nubhc iinney in its custody was about two hundred nnd sixty thousand dollars. This amount may, we suppose be con-idered a total loss, li is a small beginning; but, il should he homo in mind, it may be, nnd probab'y is. only the beginning. Sooner or later, with a Bink conducted an this Bank npnenrs to hnvo been, (having meurred le.ihilui s (or 1.500.000 on n capital of COO.OOO, and having in its credits nn item of overdraws to the amount of $100 000 ) this catastro phe must have happened. So thai the fail urcofthnt Bank fn 11 tint bo by itself as grent nn evil ns the Bank itself was. The only light in which Ihe incident h of seri ous importance In Iho country in general, is thai of ihu forerunner of a more or less general failure of the weaker deposite bunks, whom Ihe Executive of the United Stales will have lured to their ruin by the temptation of profit, not merely upon the public money, but upon the additional credit given to them by their known con nexion with ihu TreiiMiry. .Vd. Int. Tin: Co.N'Tit l Cuiirencv. The French indemnity was brought homo in gold, and great credit wus claimed for Ihe administration, for mch provident care. Yesterday demands for instalments then duo nu claims) allowed were presented lo Ihu liauk of America and payment in gold required. Il was refused : tho demand was formally made and protested, and sent on for recovery to Wiuliuigtou. Where i Iho constitutional currency, the hard mon. ey?--.V. )r. American. 'Why nro the ladies of the present dnv, e the luliea of the scripture ?' D vo mve it up? B can 0 'they toil nol, uciihei do they spin.' P O It H ION I T i: M S. Tho National Gozetleo publishes the following extract of a letter dated Con- slnntinnple. Ecbuary 10. Tho Boslonlan alluded to, as we learn from another source, is Mr. Charles Brown. "The Plague hns decreased, nficr having ravaged Constantinople. U is said Ihnl upwards of one hundred thousand persons died of it in Ihu last suinmer and fall. Some of ihu Foreign Legotions have met with Iho most disastrous losses. A few days since, the Danish Minister lost his mother, chaplain, and two servants. An American, from Boston, lately arrived hero from Alexandria, Egypt, with a spe cific lo prevent contagion, which he ofi'ured lo the Sultan. His highness placed him in a hospital lo prove its effiency, which he did The following, from the Smyrna Ga zolte, will bolter explain it to you. "Mr. Brown does not pretend lo cure the plague when a person has actually caught it, hut only to furnir-h n preventive against taking this terrible disorder by the tii-c of his specific. But if this, specific had no olhcr immediate result but lhat of enabling medical men to atlcnd up ui those who have Iho disorder without danger to themselves, it would bo an immense advan tage, nt which humanity would rejoice. For beyond nil doubt, Ihe greater part of those that die of the plague do so for want of attcntio'i nnd medical advice nnd attend mice, which would afford nu opporluuitj of relief and treatment for llin dreadful dis order, ns has happened wi'h analogous dis orders. Every tmdy off rs up vows that Mr, Brown imy succeed in his experiment, in which the government ol this country feel a very deep interest.' 1 1 a remained in the Hospital with ten persons who hnd the disorder, about ten days, during which time, he lept in their beds, touched their sores, nud attended theni al Ihe great ri-k of his life. I feci a deep interest in his success, which thus far promises well. As, however, the contagion has nearly sub-i-ded, I apprehend his Highness will not feel so much interested as he would have done two months ngo." I 'com llic Conimcicial Aihci li-or of Siilnid.iy. WAR WITH MEXICO. Affairs with Mexico. There is every appearance that matters and things be tween us and our valiant neighbors of Mexico, will Fonu reach a cris's. We learn from Ihe New Orleans, Ihis morning that tho U.S. sloop of war Natchez has actually captured one of t ho M ex 1 en 11 armed vc.-sels, forming part of iho blockading squadron on the coast of Texas, off the liar of Brasos St Jago, in consequence of n rclusal by the Mexican authorities to give up the schooner Champion, of New Or lo!in, captured u thorl lime since by the blockading squadron. Wc give the ac count, as wc find it in tho New Orleans Bulletin. The Schooner Climax. 0"mbs, fr.un Pen.-aeol,i. hound lo Ma'ntnorns. with n ' cargo of loin her, arrived nfi' 1 he La r of l he the IQ1I1. when n boat from ihu Mex'cnn nrmi'd schooner Bravo came 1 ff to n-ceiliiiu if nnv white lead was on hoard, but homo a lowered in the negative, relumed to. -bore On the l"th; n ineago was sent on shore by the Natchez, di mundnig ilm re'oaso of the Champion. ,Tho commandant of the port returned answer that tho chain pion could not lie reb ased. nnd ordered the officers nf tin: boat on biird, with a nii-s-sago to the coinriandi-r of Ihe sloop of. '.'.nr. to get under way and leave r ho coa:t iurue dialely ; Tiie Naichr;: rem lined ft nnchor until the the IO1I1, when he do. patched a note to the .Mexican brij of w.i r, ordering her dolors lo bo hauled down which was po.--itively refused to lie complied with unless fired into. The sloop of war immediately fired a shot ever th ; brig, when t-he .-truck her colors and was taken posessnm of by Ihe Nnehe.. The M ican lort und the armed schr. Bravo, immediately opou-d a heavy cannonading tip 111 the Climax and sloop of war, whieh was continued Home lime without however doing any injury, except by one 10 lbs. h ,t which struck the Climax. The s'nop of war remained efl'the bar until , uu whi n her c unui;inder made anuther demand for the release of the schr. Champion, but 110 answer being relumed, iho Mexican brig win ordered to Pensaoolu with a prize crew 011 board ; got under way in company with the Climax, nud proceeded to tho we.-tward, leuving the American schrs. I.eou'das, (detained) Champion, nud Julius Cesar. (eiiiMiirfd) nnd three others, whose fato were unknown. This is a decided movement, by Capt. Mervine, certuinly--and must bring about something decisive, wo imagine, either in Ihe way of negocial ion or otherwise. Wo presume that it will be justified by our government. nut mis is not tho only symptom on which wo found our opinion as to the ap. preach of iho crisis. The National Intelli gencer of yesterday contains another letter from its New Orleans correspondent whoso plainly accuses the New Orleans of editors of not knowing, or if they know, of pressing the truth; and from this letter we quute tho following : New Orleans, May 3. Siiico tho information contained 111 my letter of iho 20lh, which I derived from authentic sources informal ion possessed by many individuals here, hut Miaugo as it may appear, concealed from iho eondiic. tors ofthe public journals I learn from n person who I ft Vera Cm, on the 171I1 of April, thul it was the general belief there that 0 war with the Uniied Slate.-, was eviinb e ! lucked. I nm n.-snrn.i r,,,, .. oilier soii'ce, that iho unexplained demand of his passports by the fate minister of tho United Stntcs.lefi so strong an impression on the minds of the Mexican ministry, as lo Iho pre-delcrminntion of the United Slates lo break the treaty nnd make war upon Mexico, via Texas, that blank priva teers' commissions were sent, three or four months ago, the agents ol Mexico abroad, (among other places to St. Domingo, to be ieued on the news of the first move, incut of a hostile nature against tho per sons or properly of Mexicans ! If this be true, I leave it lo you lo judge what a pre dicament the floating commerce of llic Uni. ted States, anil e.-pecial!y the van amount nf property in Iho Paeificocean, would have boon in, if Congress had seconded General Jackson's recotniuendatoti of re prisals against Mexico. General Santa Anna, yon will bo sur. prised lo learn, is reported lo be going to Europe for two years finding, I presume, that circumstances unfavorable lo his pre sent views in Mexico, and being regarded with suspicion by the prctcnt rules of that country, because of his supposed disposi tion to compromise the authority which Mexico still claims over the territory of Texas. President Boslamonlc has recalled from Franco the minister St, Maria, in order to make him secretary oft-late. Flour at Pitt.-uuro. The Pitts burgh Bulletin of Thursday last says: "Our warn lintnes still continue to be supplied to ovcrll'owing with fresh arrivals of Flour destined for the East, principally from the country bordering on the Ohio. Wo observed yesterday about two thou sand barrels stored in one nfihe warehou ses at Iho Canal depot, ond whilst reff'ct ing upon 'How long are these times to last,' wc were disturbed in our meditation by the announcement (ht two hundred nnd leu barrels of Flour hnd jo3t arrived pur sleamlnat from Welleville, all intended fur r-ppculation in the E 1st." Woodkn Nutmeg Outdone. A short lim" since, no n initial, called n Yankee Pedlar, nmdo his appearance in this coun. ty. offering tho people, ju-t for comfort's sake, n few pounds t)f nice northern ftraiued honey. This nrticle being scarce here, nlmo-t every grocer and many fami lies bought and ate". U now turns out this Fame prime honey is nothing more or less limn a coinponr.d mixture of chalk, so da and molasses inaiiiifietureil souk where 11,1 in J'lirm unl .Yin-walk Chronicle. Reasonap.i.e Law. There U some, thing nl lea-t fair seenvng and Immune 111 n Ian whieh does, or did nrcordrig lo the New York Siar, vxii in Pennsylvania, by which, when real e.-taie was 'under ex eecuMon.a Slienlfs Jury decided whether the rents or income nf the property could pay ihe debt, interest nn costs, within sev en years, and if Jury decided that it could do tin, the sale was not undo, nod the Slier iff or. -inmn other authority recived the an. nun! income nnd paid it over to Ihe plnin nil', the real estate reverting to the owner at the end of seven years. Bnmcn r.r Promi-i:. The Sprin;-fi-hl G izetie states, ihat nu action for a briach nf priiini-e of marriage, was tried h nro the Supreme Court 111 lown. a !', d.ivs much. The plaintiff wns Care! uj Fuller, of Ludlow, and the defendant, O . reu Sike-, nf Maine. It mjouis tint s m nine or 1.11 years ng). a .Mr. Sikes resided hi Ludlow, whore h- became- nttacht d lo Miss Fuller, and an engagement was en tered int.. b. tween :iein. lie soon after went to Bangor to pur-no his theological studies, nod afterw.ird.- In-ennm n ..iiu iMllli.-tir in Maine, nml i.,rri...l o'.,..,!...- idy in l(53. T. mam .'round of d, - lence was. that, if a contract wns actullv made, yet the parties had in'ituallv nrrrecil lo di-so!vc it. The jury, after def.boratiiu' the whole nf Wednesday night, returned a verdict ol oic hundred (hilars, as a coin, pen-alien fr the disappointment of tho iioojiii run oiseons.iia' e daui-el, Give ni" sik c o rive mo hard money lor this not or this note." Pnid a mechairc to ihe pay ng toller ,,f Mm Bank. Here it is mv nend." Off he ooes. inurlm,, i, i,n dollars. Aha ?" taid he. Mhis").,- Hu. trlic I hill''; soni' 'hill" lo Inuoli.sMii.mi, ... How h k'ht nnd Vhinv ilm.-. "imtr d-llar.s look! Jackson norl" Imr, I . ...,.. forever!" Homo he goes wit h his s-ilvcr on Saturday evemog. spread- it on the ta hlo, and. makes quite disphy of jt. "Joiin." t-iy-i the w.l'e, "wo , f,,ir (h i lars to lb" orocer for iie hil week's sup ply." "Here it is." ,Mf St)yl!n t the miMinnn twelve shillings fr half a load of wood ten shillings for the Inker - a dnlV for n pair ol" fliers fur Boh, and a niece of beef 'or dinner 011 Sunday, Now John, what is lefi ?" "Not much ; I believe about four shillings." Here is the end of the gold and i-ilvcr humbug. The inoehnntc is ndvi-ed to carry every"nnto he may receive for labor to the Bank, and hard money for it ; he docs so, and in a few minutes after he receives this specie, it finds its way mio the till ofthe roccr, ami into the pocket 0f the baker, butcher, milkman, oV.c. who in return pay away that silver to their customer, ond finally it is again deposited in the Hanks for new issues; and it is made to perform certain services which a Bank note 111 good credit can just ns well perform. Gold nnd silver may be enticing very much to bo admired --Very handsome lo tho eight ; but can you keep it. In one moment i' in your hand, 111 tho next it passes to your creditors for family supplies. The only two countries on earth where gold nnd silver circulates and hank notes are unknown, are Spain and Italy two miserable poor countries, without commerce and without employment for the Inhering clncs. as I lie 10,000 Laz. zaroni of Naples can testify. .A, y, star. THIS VIKTmms Wli'i;, Pollock , " ; Hit house as 1 ordeied wrll, ,cr r'lildieu iai.slu die way f life, who, rising up in honor, r.illed Hit hlwed. Ilni picked id ho adnu'ml at homo And hear, icIIitii iI fumi her hush uid's praitc, II ci own, the sonlu no s,,le ,,f f,,,,.,, P. e . Uii praise alone, and I'.ioliliil ip, und nust Koporrri, was luippinej enough fur her, l.r-i who, saw- tier 11.1ns, nnd heard llic poor Willi cariidii heiicdiciiniij on her slop Annul, could from olioisauco keep h'g eye, Or innjiio Iroin due nppl.iuso. In inuo fair. Vdoined with niodceiy, nud man on grace, Unspeakable, anil Lie, her fico iv.n like 'I'lio hjilil, mon uelcomo 10 ihu ae of nun, Itefirfhins inosi, 111031 lionoied, mosi desired, Of all ho en hi tliu dim world below.

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