Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 26, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 26, 1837 Page 3
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ris Tin: i-Asr i'it:un op silver. Air I'lic Lift Rncc of SimiliiCT." ' I'm t lit; I it p'mtc uf silver Led ! Iciuiiii! alone Al in glittering cntiipniilniH II hp .molied nio gniia No Jip ill lis hindiod, i i levy is nigh, To idled back in lirijlilnc-is, Or g'tc thjc for dye I Tlir ti no Icfi mc : lone unc Tlic pHut ttrni n.icii tnighl picco is PpCllllcil, (!n ppcml mo w llli l tic in . Ami Uimllj , O. !-o in 1 mi; Willi ilinfo lliilt haie lied Wlicin my in.ilrn r T the poikct Aio ho.ndcd anil dead ! O, fiioii m.iy I felluw When p.iitnris uont fluj I Anil fii'in Cash fliinin? oil clo I'he genu iliup nun) ! WIipii k-ioiI.Jjs litnc Minislicd, An I ijuartcis luvo limn ! Oil ' uliu w mi I1 inhabit This put Kcl iiliini! 1 Mnvttiti'vp n.,Miit inv. 'Plmsn nf nor Tenders win) leol an u lorosi in inn coroino hy of croc tiny n monument to ilio memory 'of Ih" 'mc ll li). 0. Mam-ahv, in leslim my "I Mh ir respect fur his uiostiina I.I !.,., .- .,I1 l.nnr ill uil tin I iho ceremonies (agreeablv to a foitner nu clei ) wTl lane place at nasi i-mnmey on Mitlcr&liH.u is lo no delivered appropriate Mho occasion, at 11 o'clock. A. M Rutland Herald. (TjTlie. "Nlfii real Ranks suspended specie payincnl mi the 1 Dili instant. m a u i? r n i) . In this inun mi ilm Mill insi. hv lh I5rv. Mr. Utile, Mr. Ki umivs liicc, lo albs Maiiv M. Vaughn, Lull of t U i - Dir. J). In lliis town on '.lie lldi May, E-tlicr (le-minii D.uinli it,iiu5 A. anil P.inuli.i li.iistow. In ih.i timn on ihe 20 h n!. Mis. MaKV Vait. con-Dil of Aaron V.iil ul Si. Alli.iii.-i Vt. fuimci K "I Whilo.ficiU V V. iii.'d (.0 eu? Groceries and Procisiosn L B. LOWR MAS taken the bud; store on church t' it ol a lew rods ii'irili ot'ih;, In re in'iiids to hi t p a gi neral a'surlmcnt uf latin'y (irocrrir-i lor sale. Such as, Celine, I'.ce, L 'fit'. Lump mid R'nwu Spar, M I'lifiu, Lamp Oil, Cod Fish, JIack(rcl, Ftg. Rai-uis. Nuts &:. &. ALSO, S0M3J PURK Mauoit". ST. '..'ROLY RUM, U INKS, HOLLAND GIN, URANDY, Puces aid c lality of the uboie articled will bear comparison with any ta this county. I)ur.iii.;'on. May 2j 1037, fnillU t'jb'Ciiber has taken the S'ore, -k- heretofore (copied by Mr Sidney Jlarlnw, aiul has the pleasure of oft'erinj a heavy s' el; of Dry (l .'.ii-.Ouchi ry. I la nl vuie, aiil Grieeiieti on cry (avorahli; t'-iiE. Most huiil- of l'rodncc I eee iv d r J?.cliui'ji!, atid youd bargains jjivea fur Cash. IlAWhMV M (iiDDLXGS fiurhi pi on, M.iy I, K..J7. Ladies' Shoe Store. rninn tub-ctib. r would give notice that JL in addditioii to his nre-mil .-lock i f fasii nablu Siioer, he is weekly reccivin i'r t tit iho Manulacturer.- a ttl-'Cted as-i-or motil of enstoiii win!;, ninoii which arc Maiiifii Idb liett J id Mops, Gaitor Roots, ui.d Wa l.mjr Shoes, which will In: ap jiruvtd by in! who may u if Ii an ariiolelor Sttvico. L'kcwiso IciiK ii'.-line Routs. teae'e to order by the hi tt of workmen I hit can be, obiauied ami wat r'liited. All which are oft' red at the lov.c&l price lor ColIi. DANA A. 13RAMAN. nurluip'on, May I!I37. May 2G, iS'M. IiTAVD been ref' ivm lor the pa-t ten 2i tluvs ihi ir tp r in pu chare, nod can i( w i-Imw their eu--!"iner a a jjeod an as Bor'nuit in das ena' a varniy of (Jood.--. us 1 1 ( y h i -j cv r r opem d. Amolii; which ina be found, I splendid French Cam. lines ui w s'.) .es, I Case i-plendid Frctici: 115. ii'ack and Rltie, lilack Ila'ian" 1'iult de Soie, Grodc Nap and I T-k, Grode Rh tie Color, do. 1'iain t3lljl Fipurr d at d Wa'orrd, J Satins, plain and Figured, of every rare mid choico Color". 4 CaiCts Iris-h Linen, low by the piece, Caucoi;s. as wmtl a fir.-t ftOLk tritn 10 to SO els. per ard, IJiifjIinh and American (iuiham-, Hup. Si'k and Silk clock. ct! mixed Coliou. Raiidutn, I10SIICRV. I'r nted and While. ) Krtuiunetts, lM'ravo and Napoleon 1'iaids for Summer Wear, Limn and I Iain l-'ou dr. lis, Rouen mixtures an I ('anion Cords, Marsailles Qut'is, Ijinen Hhcetins, Otnaburch''. Rurlapps. Crash, RnsMa dia pers, Rirds Uyo do., Rleached Shee'.iny. Shirlings, and dri lins; all of which will be sold on the bet lerms. 'AS just received I'rnin New-York, at Ins Leather, nlorocco anil 1-iuilii)'' Hlorc, Solo Leather from 17 to ". els. Mo rocco's of all kinds, KID. LINING, TRIMMING SKINS, &c. ALSO, Shoo Makore's tools of every description, nlid Shoo Thread. Leather of all kinds constantly on hand, of his own inanufaclure. Any article in his line will be sold very low lor cash. Pearl Sired, May 251 It, 1(137. CARPET IN GS. Rales superior Ingrain Carpcliiis J do Pun", do 3iu 1 r Carpiluij,' ', aUo,Fi mr Clothes, Rais es &c. &.e. by Crockery and Ghsi Waro. rjfIir. Hiihi:riht':s nro now ofl'uiinp a largo JL and Milendid stock of Coi;kury and ('lass Ware, and it is their Intmilion lo kocp siudi aslocli that the ptilihe will know where lo ooino and udeet their full f-upply any lime, and at Enlivfactory pticcn, Wo have iSow, 1:111, urnunil, anil J plain Antral, Gloho, iall and W.AMl'rf. Stand Dining Fctt complete, whito and prin ted, Gold Hand, while and luoir.e Ghina cutis, ('lit and plain C'hantp.tino ) I.ciiioiiade, Whip, Wine, and GLrfSSlCS, t'clety ) and in fact almost every article in the line Kr.Munt. Guims Si Co, I)iirlinlon, May!J.j, 11537. LYMAN & COLE H'AVl". ircM ilieir Spring mid Siiinnirr (iomlj, lUllipi ielllj ilS 1111. il .1 rilCI , titsoi tnicnt uf DUVCOODS, Anion? which me ;i splendid ii'.-ni linciit of Cali cue;, (iiiih.niH 11111I Pi inicil Ciinln irs. l'iM, nu-fi I'.aiinl, 11 in I I'l.dn Miiillns. H if mull, .lai'oni'i, and I'l.iid Miiiliii9. I'l.dn, llndV l'.o, and I'l.iid Cuiiliriiv. Uiili I'l.iin and nmliiuidciod llusieiy. do. do. (Jot 1 1 xi do. (ilouv, Silk, Kid, Linen, Picnic, and Cotton, Iliad;, lllao l'dark, 5'iguied and Plain (ho do ."3Ui.'.', anil (no lie I ill no. Col'd mid PI lid do do Nanles do. Silk Camblcu and I'uiigces, piinted and plain f. adieu r.incv s-ilk Ci avals. Taiuboar mid 1'iciicli uuiked O'amn and Collar. Plain and TigM Slially U'dkTj and fihawla t ci y 1 icli. 'ow iii2 Silk do. do. 1'i'iUilk Crape, ami rich IIci n.ini, ll'dk'fs and Khnu L. Ta(1i'i.i and Garniture ItihboiH, Sewing Silk aiul i u 1.-1. liiomlclotlis, Cir-iineics and Vesiingj, Domestic (jCTooUs, Iiroun Colton Sheeting, Shii tin; and Dulling Ptlrai h do, du. do. Tick, Wickinj;, o. A guild ns-oi t tn c tit of finiiiiier Olnih. liiuchclla, Pi incctta, I2i ii'iuette, Ciapc, Cam Met Voik MiNtuies, bine Diill.-, fancy stripe mule sum .vc. Snpci fine Linrn, I1I.-I1 Linen Shilling, do Slid tin-' t ! to 10 -1 uiilu. liiiiU eve Diaper, do, Nankin., and Linen i n.uiu-k. Itii.-.ia Di.iprr, and crath, linen table Clulhs ilinu 11 mid I Sir. 11 hod. iiiiiliiiglnii, M.iv 25ih, 1S27. Bonnets. W rcaths, &c. U CASH Sup. S'raw i,-wi"i 1 Ttucan and Flounce I'ONNhl.-,. Commoii TufCaii and Collos-iini do French Flowers, Wreaih ece by I i KM DHL CURTIS ft Co. Mav 2.'. i;i:l7. NOTCiS. AT a nieetin nfiho Directors of the Ci'lehetter Manufacturing Coinpauy duly lulileu, it wa.s ordered that tin ai-scsi-iii'tit of Ten (I .l!arf be laid 011 each shire of the capital stock of said Cotnpauv, to he paid on or before the 'JJd day of June A. D KI37, and a further as.-erMncnt of iie Dollars on each share of aanl Capital I etoel; In lie pa il on or ueloro the. Id' day Jtilv A. 1) i;!..7. SIDNHV BARLOW, Clerk. May in, i:;J7. :;w Artificial Flowers, very pretty; Mohair Cap-;, faricv Colors, Slay and J5 uil Lice.-; Wo id. S eel and Wlu.lebotie Ru.kf, narrow Wha'eboni.'f , Ivast tcs, Suspender- ; 1 Parlor ual r. li.uileuorcS. Looking dlat.-is I (for Toilet Table-, and Red Rouins,) w it h Ilrawers lur Comb. &c. under thcui, Cut!-', Ilinylels. ie. Vantoy yiiop. I'A.Nfiuur.N ei I5riNi.-m.mi. Gohl and Silver Pencil, and Spcetaclos: Tooth 1'ru.ks, Thimbhij. J0s 0111 I'iiis, Finder Riiii;., Far Jewels and rinf; Chni.i Keys and SenU &c. at ihe 'arieiy Saop. 1'a.m;i:oi:n & Rtuwi vti).' IB O A (Ti! K N TS A S many filicitin;; book agents, a shall 1m Kjual the nun. her of Counties in the State ol Vermont are wanted, lo solicn Mib.-ciiher.-i to a jicio, laroe and original work, entitled, 'tmi:, or. a IlisTonv or -rur. i'ai.i.un A.Nf;r.r,s or TiiirScitiP i i-'iii.s, inlimlid at a refutation if the three mniu pnintnf UiiivcrsnliU dm trine, )i tmelij : thai there is no hell fur the wiiked. after thi.i life no dan if Judgement al the end nf the lonrld and' no Divil or Satan, ni it real laing in c.rilence, at ii held hi the orlhudjjc suit if religion," Such persons as may wish lo become cnjraooil in thU biisinefs. must be of fair character, and able to ive pood feciirily by way of an itiider-writer for all b..Jk- .sold, and such as are not i-o!d to be returned, if letiirned w iihiu fiieh time as shall be t-pec'iliul in the obligation jjiveii for liu books, nt t Ii 0 lime they may he waiiitd. As to the reuiuuer at ion for the aent'a services, and the costs of tran&ai;iinr iho business, if trau.-acled arcordiiij,' to couiraei--which may be cu lered inlu wi'li the author it will he Mich, as I In: I the moderate miccoss of five nib. fcribors a day, will ive the aen', after detluctino oxpeiifi's of board, toinetlnn over rirrv doi.i.aus a sio.ntii, except the traufporlaliuu of the books-, which in all cases is but trilling. This work is now nieetiiii; with ext raordinary sncccs, hv way offiibseriptiuu, in nearly all the Couii lies of the Slat,u of New-York, and doubt. Ies will elsewhere. School- mastors, Far mcrf, Mechfiincs, Merchants-, Siudcnis at Liw or Divmly, are rospcelltilly iuviied ij not olherwifO profitably enoaooi)--tn uc cepl of Ih.s einployineni, as ihu opportuni ly lo double the amount above named is fairly probable. Fori all further iuforiual 1011, iclativo lo Iho iimnner of doui" the biHiness, please addrces Iho Author, ,ositth Priest, at Ihe Albany I'o.t-Ofliee, N. Y., which will uiot't with iiuiufiliatu atlcntion il'o paid, ami not otherwise. N. J. -Tin.' work is lo bo ombolli.hed with new and oriointil ongrnviiiifs suited lo II. e subjects uf thu work, Hi 111 num. bir, MACJvNRELL. 9Q Hbls. No, 2 Markeroll, for bale by w invnui, u. uailij.i STRAY COW. sCJTIlAYt:!) I VJihe Mib-enb I ho I .Mi in '. a l.llln IV li ...l I eftK&sa?a:an3& ht,r r,1M.IPn, f(l'n cllin-r lor f-..c Any lolonna'ti 11 ij,y the cow can be otilained. shall hohmls Rewarded. (1 II) HON M. Vi "IT W. WMiA VrlR ih now reCwivins, New Vntl: a now stock of C consisting of almotit every art clo of and Dry (Jroccnes. nli?o, coinu of the articles ill tin; Drv UnotH lint', nlJ larije Ftipplv ofMet-s I'otk, New Vorli nipeclion, Aortiiern anil western J 1' Ion r by the Harrc'i half barrel, an God Pith and Mackerel. Uair-m? bv 15 ix or ;.', Almonds. Filberts', and 15; NiiIp, &e. iSic. All of the above named nrticl"s w botiirht with cnh in Now York at l very lime to hit the nail on the head. 01? will bo mi Id for cash as low as any mat" thrc fell arliele-t of the Eaino quality, h'aitl Weaver id now. and ha? at all Union dtiriii" the inoncy alarm taken the lull- of all the Vermont Hanks without a discount fir k'oo.Is, also the bills of almost all the Han' 8 that are in circulation in this part. of the country at their full value. Wiunofhi, May 1!!, 1I537, KFiW GOODS. PDOOLlT'i'LK, has just received from New York, n general assort tneiit of Dry Goods, (irocories &c , which have been bought at the late low prices, anil will be t dd verv low for Cash. May 17, U537. ' 3w K"Ea.j & D5 VANS, HAVR just received from New-York, a splendid assortment of Goods in their line, consisting of Rroadclolh. Cassi. meres, Vestings, Slocks, Collars', Rosoins, Suspenders ; together with many other ur tides not nocest'ary to enumerate, all of which will be sold cheap for Cash. They will, as inual, attend to making, ami culling lor others to make, gentlemen's garments of every description. Church. St. liurlington, ) May 17, 1037. ( Professor Henry's Discourse before iho l'hi Sigma Nil Society of the U. V. M. For sale at the Roukstore. May 20. WATCfl&Dfi! T7X7 1-I have received ss-otno very fine V V silver Levers, 13 hole jewelled ami fine G hole jewelled Lepines, and good common Watches; fine Gold, Lever, and Lepines and Lngli.-h watches, for bale, rartienlat ntleniiuii paid lo Watch repair ing and hrass cluck repairing at thu Va- nctv .-hop. I'ANGRORN & RRINSMAID. Mav 17. rnlIH Wmoo-ki Mills of Rurlington will JJ- take WOOL lo work on "-hares, or exchange for Sattinetles on D hvery of the 7S7 I, have Swords, 1'lumrs Plate", !ohs, V V bashc. Locket. Swonl Ch.iins. Cat Plates, Stars, Ladles, Feathers, Melt Plates. 15'Jtton..-, Lace, Horse 'istoN, Spurs fie. all new- and in good order. Variety Slmy. '. NCillOIlN V liai.Ns.M.Mn. jJew ftlusical instruments. W1-! hnvei ll'-red sonie I) Octave Flutes, R and C Fifes. D Flutes 4 keys, line Violins, lino violin Rows, Clarinet Caps, do Mouthpieces, And wo have for -ah; mo.-l till kinds of Musical lust rumeuls, Instruction R iol;-.-, and Musical Merchan dise, ftieh as, Strings, Rndges, Pegs, Tail pieces, Reeds &c. As we keep these nrti e'es in drawers, persot.s wi-huig for any in tins lino will please enquire lur them a'i the Variety i'lmp. May It!. Panci ti'iiiN Si Riun-.-maid. Paper Hangings. Ttl TfcrfftiffiS 's'"i"i & Commoii, for bV IllOKOt; & C ATI. IV. FLOUU. Rbls. Grantham Mills suncrfiiie. 'for sale bv MllV 19. UlCK'iK & ClTI.IV. Dairy Haft. C) X Sacks Liverpool Fine Salt, just ree'd bV IIlCKOK & C ATI. IN. Mav 19. Common Cherry Atones, which eoniain 1-1 1 silver spoons, for tale at Ihe Variety Shop. I'AVfiii'inv & Ru 1 vs-m mi. White Ucans. (ic Rush, for sale bv UW IIlCKOK & CaTI.I.V. iIay 19. jSKW GOOI3DS. May 15, 18IJ7. AT the Variety Simp. We have return cd from Now York, with a good as sortment, and a great variely of goods which will enable us to put upon our conn ter almost any article that is called for at our shop. Wo have made additions to our Slock of Watches, Clucks, Pmted Waro. Silver Pencils, Mutter Knives, Jew elry; Statioiiarv, Cutlery, Musical Iiislru mentis, Soaps. Perfumery, Portfolios, Paris Toys, &c. No prima have been spared to keep up the variely. More particulars in fiiltim advertisements. I'ANGRORN St RRINSMAID- FLOUR. rnIIIS day received and for sato 139 Mils Ji. Van Renslaer l'lour, a primn arliclo, by PoLUl.TT S' MllAULUVH, May 3, 11)37. Nova ttcolia Plaster. QfA Tons ground Novnu'itM Plaster, wliii h will bo sold di'hvirab'o at Iho Cokhuatir Mills, oral the to 0 of J.&J, il. Pu K&co. 3 Rox, alJBpBBBMPWrcTrlair n1". onail; Cravons. Porcelain ftands to mix colar in, drawing paper, Rristol Roards (old &Si ver Paper, InJia Rubber, draw uil' Roard, Quids, satin ground gilt edged Letter Paper, Hath billet Paper, & niosl articles in this line, received at tho Variety Shop. PaNCIUOII.N it RlU.NsM.MI). POUK. 4 r Rbls. Cttv Inspected for sale by "-" " IIlCKOK (Si C.VTI.I.V. May 19. GLOVF NUTS, OR MAD FIR A NUTS, in which will bo found when cracked, a pair of fine kid gloves for some pretty hand, Variety Shop I'A.Nr.noii.v & Riusmau. Summer stocks, Siinnen Uo- soms and Collars, of different kinds, just received at the Variety Shop. I'ANGRORN &. RRINSMAID May 11)37. Chinese Carmine on cards; at 3 els each, and Carmine- Saucers at 12J cts and 25 cts each received at the variety Shop. PANGRORN 1 BRINSMAID. May 111. Hannibal Hodges ") &. Harry Hodges, I Chittenden Co. Court vs. i August Term U)3C. Oriu Mi. lion. I 7' II FRF AS. Hannibal Hodges and Harrv IIod''ps, hayinir returned their action on hoi.l; accouui, in Ihe dockets of the Court aforesaid against Orin Rishup, and judgement to account havins been ren dercd thereon, and the sub-enber having been appointed Auditor Therefore notice is hereby given, lo all persons concerned, Ihat he will attend to the duties of said ap pointment.aiid will audit and adjust the ac counts between the said parlies, on the 3J Monday of Af'tisl next, at 10 o'clock A. M. at his office 111 WiUi.ion. DAVID FRFNCII, Auditor. Rtirliiig'on, March 30, 11537. Perfumery, Soaps, Hair Oil, J'""LTl:)T opciu-d, Oil of Lavender of the purest quiilny, Olio of Rose, the best germau Coo:np.'rpal Naples Soan. also, inn-t all kinds of N. Smith Preutis's S iaps, Perfumery etc.. Florida Water, Atkinson's Depilatory, Tooth Powders, Milk ol Roses. French toilet Mid Nursery Powder and Pufi's, Japanese Lotmn, Malm of Co Iiimb'a. Prcsti 11 Salts, Volatile concrete sa'ts of Roses, Vegetable and Chinese Rouge. Carbonic Denlnfice, Cosmetic Cold Creams, Mu-k, genuine Clorino Tooth Wash, Cephalic Snuff. Fye Water, Pearl Powder, Rears O 1, Wards Oil, Rowlands Oil, Antique Oil, Honey Water, Musk scented Lavender, an article to euro the sick hendaeh, Dye to color the Hair brown or black. Magnet. c ondontica for Iho Teeth, Soda and Seidiei:'. Powders, Most all kinds of Perfumery &c. Lather Roxes and Rrtishes, and Tooth Rrtishes, Castile Soap and other kinds in cake--, wash Malls, Saponaceous Compound, Windsor Soap, Almond Paste, Mlark and Flesh colored Court Plaster. Lip Salve, Diamond Co. ineiil, at the Yarn ty Shop pArrsn r.v &. IIiiis---muii, WllliAT. Rti-h. while anil red Dantii'.ic, for seed, for sa'e bv 200 Mav 19. IIlCKOK & CATLIN JL ATHROl (Si POTWIN, have re ceived and will sell cheap for cash, n variely of Woikcd Muslins, Capes and Colliirs. Artilicial Flowers, Bonnet Llihhons, Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, l'Yeneh Camhriclcs, Calicoes &,c, &,c. ,'llso, 11 few Ilhds ,Muccovado and New Orleans S ignr at 7, 15, and 9 cts. pr. pound. Olher Groceries proportionably low. May I.'. 11137. White Lead. TOIICKOK & CATLIN havo received U.JJ a Kt Whilu Lead, which they of. for lor .-ale. Also tho best Linseed Oil. Mav 12, 1037. Western Flour. VQ' I'bls. Van Renssolear Flour just v-1' received and lor Mile at the low est matkel price, hv IIlCKOK 1S1 CATLIN. Booh and Job Printing. ftp I 111 riibscribers have taken the Print JL ing O file a rcceully owned by '. Harrington, aiul are fitting il up u-ith a variety of new typo &e Sic. They nro conneeled with no newspaper, nnd w ill tie ready at oneo lo do any work that ma) bo called lor, in a s operior manner Mi oks, P.iinphleis, Cards, UiiinlhiUs mid Pr IP III ' ol e V 'rv um. iv.ll I, . ,.v.. mi in n manner nu mi passed by au ly csiau ibiiiiieui. II JOHNSON it CO. Old siand, ('ol ige b1, 1 David Atwood'a Estate. tpO the honorable the Probate Court IL lor the D.slnet ol GlnHctiileu, the 1'iderM 'lied, Moses Al wood. 1 f (Jnarlotte, Lie of the heirs to the estate of D.1V11I At . end, 'ate of (yharloile,drceasi'tl, r expect lul- prthcnl? 'hat he holdn uno cnual 1 0 ill h Fart of paid ctlato ioinllv with the other fcirs 'hereo', and beini' ih'sirou.-i to hold the lame in icverah v, lie nrnydtho 1 Ion. Cour' :o ordur a divi.-loii of tlie au estate, and 0 appoint a conniiltco for that purpose. Dated at Uharlotte Mav 0, U!:i7. MOSKS ATWOOD. STATU OF KJA1O.V7', ) Di-TutcT or CiirrTi-.Nin'.v es. The Tim. the Prob'ile Cuurt leithin and fur the District of i.hitlemlen In the heirs of the rUlntc nf David Alwnod late of Char tulle in taul district, and all other persons icnccrncd or interested in the di vision of said estate among the heirs there of. annnrijYG. II Fit HAS, Mo-th A 1 wood of Char, lotto, in said District, hath repre. scntcd to said court that he is 0110 of tho heirs to said carute and as such holds one equal tenth part of said estate jointly with oilier heirs thereof, and being desirous lo hold tho same in severally ho hath prau d said Court to order a division of said estate among the heirs thereof; and to appoint a Committee for that purpose. And the sec oud Wednesday of Juno A. D. 11)37, being set for a full hearing in the premises: Il is ordcrctl by ihe s-aid court thai the said Mo. scs Atwood give notice to the heirs of said estate, their attornics, and agents, and all persons interested 111 said estate to be and appear boforcsaid Court at a session there oflo be bullion at the office of the Register of said court in Murlinctoii on the second Wednesday of Juno A. I), 1037, to make objections (0 such division if I hey see cause. by ptihlishing their said application togetli ur with this order three weeks successively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at btiilington 111 said District, the last ol which publications to be previous lo the day set lor hearing. r"H Given under mv hand and tho seal II r o J of said Probate Court, at Hurling !j ' ' J ten, in the Disttiet of Clii'teiiden LiiJ t(S irj'h dav of May, A. 1). 183 CHARLFS RUSSF'LL. Judge. Dry Groceries. "eTOV receiving and for sale lower ihan JLI ever, a great variety of Dry Grocer ios, consisting of SUGAR. CO F FEB, TFAS. TORACCO, &c. -c. by IIlCKOK eS: CATLIN. May 5 2, 1 03 7. Sheep Tobacco. M- UST received 9 lihls. Connnom 'I'obaeco 5- suitable for washing sheep, and for sal by IIlCKOK fj CATLIN. May 12. 1037. blaster Builders, take Notice. rHlIIL Eubscribcrs will receive scaled -u- proposals until tlie22d uist. (ur erect ing and finihiug a house of worship at Wiiiooski Village, the materials) will b. furnished on the gtound. The proposal must note tho expense of the Stone and brick work, finishing out-ide, and finishing the inside cuch part separate from the oilier. A plan of the house may be seen at Dan Dav s store, al the I- alls. DAN DAY. Wm I). K1DDFR, SAUL S. TOWNSFNI). Rurlington, Mav 1 1 . 11)37. MOTEL. JOHN A, J UN N Fit. Jfe& VT0llD respectfully in P"'15i'L. 'orm lMU citizens ot Ror. isSiei-l lington and viciniiy, and ih rr-'-fTm.ft trav travelling public, that he has taken, repaired, and fitted op in good style, iho house lot incrly kept by Mr. Harrington and subsequently by Mr. Cady, on 'the Fist side of water .it reel, at the head ol Ihe Steam Moat Wharf, and opposile Messrs Follett and Rratlleys Stone Store. Having had much exp'crionco in iln-bu-incsii Mr. .1. Hitlers himself that he will be able to give satisf'ticHon to all who mav favor him with a call. His Rar ami t u b 't will be supplied with tho best that the market afford-, and his house, barns and sheds, for convenience, a're not inferior to those of Ins neighbors. Steam Moat, pa.sengers will be wailed on lo and Iroin the Reat-", and I heir bag gage conveyed and taken caro of free of charge, and stage passengo-f, from every direction, bo set down al this house, with out any additional faro. Horses and carriages will be furnished o any who want them to do business at any part of the vtllags ur town, at reason able prices. Determined to sparo no pains to uierii, Mr. J. hopes to receive, n share of the public patronage. Murlmgloii. May 10. 1037. Henry L. Reynold's Instate. sta rr: or i 'i:i:moxt Oisntier ok ( Isli: ss. 5 Al n Probate Court holdeu at the Probate ollico in North Hero on ihu2clih day of April A. D 1037. Present Iho Hon. Jor.1, Ai.i.r.v. Judge. AN instrument purport ing lo be the last will and testament of Henrv L. Rey uolds la'o of A Hi ugh in Faid Di-t net do ceased, being presented to the Court by John Reynolds 0110 of thu Fxecutors there' 111 named, for Prubaie. Il is oide-red by said Court, Ihat all persons concerned therein bo notified to nppear at a session of mid Court to ho holden at Ihe dwelling of J..t P. Ladd 111 North Hero. 111 saol "District, on tho third Monday of June 111.17, nt one o'clock I. M. and rhow cause if a y Umy have agauisi the probalo of mid ill; fur WHICH purpose It is linllier ordered Ihat 1. copy nf the rceoul of 1 his older bo published ilireo weeks successively in Ihu Rurling ton Freo Press, a uew-i paper printed at Murlingion 111 Chittenden County, as soon a may be. A I rue cnpv of Record. A 1 lest A. KNIGHT, Hunter CO UN. 50C . ' Vm.".'.' w,.,l,,J "' pr I ,wo by llll'KOK e CA'I.'LIN'. I ' .Itss CHAMlMiAIN HOTEL. JONA. jSlSg HAIIT. n KSPKOTFuLLY announces lo ihi I.Qu citizens of IS 11 r I tit; t i 11 and its vicinity, and the ' I'oiii. i;"-n t . I r , i!,,.'t ho haslaken. repaired, paiu'i d. fined up ami lurii. sheii mc aimvo U"el, n'oatct! near the head ol ihe Strain R at Wharf and next door north ol Messrs. Foiled and Rratlleys Stone S'ore, in a style of elegance ami convenience- not nirpasseil by any other Hotel in iho village ol Rurliugtou. A spacious Parlour, Dinning room and setting rooms, all contiguous, coiniriuiiicate with each oilier ami with the front Piazz 1 below, Parlours and sleeping rooms above tire convenient, airy arid prospective and eoniniuiucato by the Hall to the Front Piaz.i ab ive, tire all inviting to travellers, boarders and parties of pleasure. The Rj'r room, bams, sheds, and yards arc arrangeo the u"st possible manner to aceom. modatc the travelling and business public. Air 12. Irom long experience professes lo know how to furnish a good (able and bar and to smyo ii) the choicest eatables and rarest delicacies that tho market and eca- ns afford in a manner to suit the taste of the connoisseur, and eoiitiden'ly assured his palrons and guests Ihat his utmost exertions will 'jo put 111 requisition to crvo them. Steam I! .at Passengers will bo wailed on to and from the Moats and their Mag- "ago transported anil taken caro ol. and ave their Hack hire to and from the Court House Sonare. Stage passengers can bo set down ot. ibis Hotel without additional faro, and ihoso taking the Roats will bo shown on board with their baegage free of expense! and with'-nt incurrum anv risk of homo- left, by the darkness or lateness of 1I16 night or any other emergency incident to the hurry and bustle of steam power npc-tn t ion. or l lie fluctuations of wind and weather. Horses and Carriages furuiihed those who wish to call at the Ranks or public offices-, or visit any part of the village, on reason abte lerms. Rurlii.g'ou, May I, 1037, CHEi&P FOB, OilSI BROAD. CLOTHS, Cassimercs, and Salfn nets, at reduced nriees. ALSO Carpi ings, and Paper Hangings. Good Moscavado and New Orleans Sd gar at 9 k 10 els. pel lb. Teas fc Co I lea veiy cheap, Good Lamp Oil, a"ll Tor sale hv S. R. HOWARD. rjpO the Hon. iho Probate for the District of Chittenden comes Joseph Marsh, of lliiiosburgh, in said District, and shows to said court that he is legal guardian of Mary L. Taj lor and Charlotte I. Taylor, female in. funis undoi iho ngu of eighteen years ; that ihe .-aid Mary L and Charlullu f. are seized an tenants in common in their own light in fee of one undivided fourth part of two certain lots uflaiid situated and heii'' in llii.eshiirgh, in .-aid District, numbered sixty nine and sevcnlv 111 the first division of lauds in said town ; and that a sale ofsaid land is conducive to the best interests of Ins said wards -Wherefore ho prays said court to grant him license and eni. power him to sell tho said land. And your petitiuticr will ever pray. Joskni M asn, Guardian of Mary L, ami Chailolle l. Tavlon Uineiliurgh,May 10, 1837. S7VI77: OF f- KRJIO.YT, ) DlSTH'CT or CHITT-..M)K.V, ss. ( The Prdiale Court fur the Distriil of Chit, leiuhn l nil persons lo whom these prcs oils shall (.inc. 0 itur.Ti.NO. f OSFI'H MARSH, nf Hiiiesburgh. in 0 iho Di-i'ici, of Cliiitendeu, guardian "I Mary I. Taylor and Charlotte I. Taylor female infants under the age of eighteen years, having represented to ihi.) Court ihat the said Maria L. and Charlotte I. are se-iz.-d a-, tenants in common in their own light in I'eo of one undivided fourth part ol t im certain Lts of land situated and being in IlitiOsburgh aforesaid number, ed sily-nine and seventy, in the fir.-t divis ion of lands in said town", and that a sale of stud parcel of land is conducive to the-bcit interests of his said wards Il i- therefore hereby ordered that said nptiliealion stand for a hearing before said Court, al a si s-irui thereof to be hidden at the ollico of Ihe Reoister of this Cmirr i.i Murlingion on tho second Wci'nesdav of Jono A. D. 1037; and that notice thereof be given by publi-liing I his 01 dor together with the substance of said petition To the Freo Press, a newspaper printed at Rur. liiigiuti in tho County of Chittenden, two weeks sncessively, Ihe la.-i of said nublica. lions to be not less than two weeks pre vious tu said dav Given under my baud and iho seal of said Court al Rurlington, in Ihe Dis trict of Chittenden, this 10th dav ol Mav. A. 1). 1037. CHARLHS RUSSFLL, .,.-,-. Ephraim Haseltoifs Estate. STATIC OF rlUMOXT, DisnticT or ciiitti:.m)i:.v, ss. The Honorable Ihe Probate Court for this Dislrut if Cnltendcn, To all per' ns cont arm d in Ihe lUtnlc of Pidiraim sclt iii, tale rf H'cslford in said Dislr cl, le-casni. G HURTING. IIFRFAS, Abigail G. Ilas. lton. ad. f ininistralrix ot ihe estate of said du- ccasiid propo-e lo render an account of her administration, and present her account against said o.-late for exuminat ton nnd al lowanceat 0 session of the Court ol Piobat( Hi bo holdeu at the ollice ol Iho Register of ilps Court in Mtirliugtou on the second Wednesday of June 1037. 1 hen lute, 011 are herein' notified In appear before said Court at the liino and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if anv you have.why ihu account aforcfiiid should not he allow ed, Given under mv blind nt Rui lington this lOlli 1I.1v of Mav A- 1) M'37 CH A R IjFS RUSS F,LL, Judge. NEW JJONiWrS. ONI! ('.is iiae F S'uiw, Leghorn II. aid, One, Lace and ,Sw iss 'I'liscaus, in l R eoivee by uiu suhseriuir, aed iolhiig al l'cduc-c-d LMIIROl'fsroiWIV May 10, 1L!,J7. 1 vj. .May ,jth 1)j7.

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