Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 16, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 16, 1837 Page 1
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9 NOT THE V. L O It Y O F (2 S A II ; It V T T II E W E L V A UK O F It O ill E. BY fF.ES. STACY . VOtL. X No. 521 110111 tlic Hritidi Miigniine. I) f. A T II. Tlir crnxp. tin1 crave ! Whv slirinl, our foiine a pp.iti'.xi tiiii : in lint 11.11110 1 Uiiiinililfii piiili in ti I "I" i'1. Drmli, why lion l )-t ih"'i my t-It i 11 .Since, ono'd.iy, linked in oltip rinliinre, Wo must I'lirminlrr, f ice to f.iee. ('iiiiip, lei nil" view tht'i1 in limn nil, Kre i.iijcil iliiiu; nun. fin puised ihy il.itl ; lii'liup my limbs bi'iieiilh lliee Imw," ('nun' tet iiit riinimiiiio vv itli lliee nnw; Survey llii'o i'i limit rl.iimVl riiinin.iuil, Ami climb ihi't! u fill 11 living h.imi. Hut not ui llinti tis:iil'it the, Willi vrngr iincc 111 mcil, u iili In mrs rind ; Conscience in fKini, in lh linin I" ii ihI.j I n licr than disease cr pain ; Kriwirro, upnn the cln-iii;; eve I'd piiliirc f ji 111 of guilt (;''" lij; A nn irli , In MimiiHin 1111111 vviiliin I'irii'c e,n-is '.' iiiiit'iii'iiicil bin ; I)p-i.iir, vvuli pliien-irtl ncccnis rijii'2, "Dt'.illi npc.. llif .1 1 e ufnovrr iljins '" Cuinc mil with ilic-p. Tlipy inhaled nut Willi Adam's cnise, our hit; Another iwiituV pomp they mvcII, lul iniitisttis iifilcilli hut hell. I do 110I bid dice leave Ik Iiinil One evil riinimoii In my kind : ("iiiiip, 'Mill 1 1 1 . 1 1 Ili'iiiI i-j-'ngoil li.inil Wlnrh liy lliesick m ill's p.illcl 1-1 :i ml . The sinliiic pnl.-e, 1 In-- failing sense, Slnvv pan;:" in' h i-lier viiili'iin, 'I he I'i'U'i I'll much, liy sufieiin:,' Ptrcucd, The slcrplo.-s pilliivv, tr.11 liede.vol. Tim iliz.v In .tin, ulioc iv.iiiilci ingi "ccin Of uiirld' lipwind our si;lil lu die.iili. As- if in ciisriiic 111 11111 '1 11 nut' new lipiiii;, ere lirjun ; Km ll fii rv pi t I' i-Ii.i p .iT.iy Which Mini" dip-pint fiiim ils r.l.iv, All "riff In uhirli mr flesh is linif I ftl.iy unit nil lliee, jet peace be thcif. l'enrc, liuiiil in h mil viih I Imp, h.ith stood l!y liuniiii' pwe, or field o I lilofii I : Sl;.i lii'ii'il the fin v nf the (l.iinu Which rinUi'd lli' iniv ieldin martyr's fianie; Or uiili the Iipim's l.ite-t Misi'd echnin:; slimes of v iclnrv; Tli'imjii-t award, ihe ilniiennV gloom, Tlinsiiin p n nile nf public doom, , 'i'lie lil'ied use, I lit i; liming, And, kernel f.u , ilieii-cniinii)' uions, Full pnwi'l l(' nil ill" Kfiml mid bl,le, 'I'ci 1 in.', nut irniaipli, of (lie ;i;ni! ! Nerved liy Fair Impo of hotinr's meed, Tim maityr, horn, patriot, hloeil ; Jf'ilh lioncnii light nbovo ilioir urns Renown's unellaiiL'iiiir lnadsttir liiirns ; Fame o'er their lints her pennon waves, And lor.v sentinel-i thoir graves. I?nt fur ih' nhscnrn llioinaiiy llioso jriio Milk in unobserved rcpo.p, (Not more ob.'cived tho piineu than hind liy the supreme, etei nal mind; In thu tomb's cell Alike llii! tiatncd and nameless dwell;) 7riiat aids usin the. spirit's sliifo Or. llio last cd'o of doubtful life? Disarms the foo when most liu iages, J'aNirs his miyht, liis btioho assuages f iS'wallows the gravu in victory? And shows how gicat our jain to dio? Is it sonic lesson taufiht by sonso? Thn sophist's lest, oxperienco .' Or reason, who of each thins well, lint hot own subtlii self, can tell' Scant is thn balm mull stores supply To sootho ciitr mortal ajjony ; Weak the foundations these can lay To hear us when the woild irives way. The truths thiy hlazon, nil we know l'rnclaims the lomb one blanl: of wo. We know its tenants ccao to shire I j'ijIi t , motion, wamrtli, yon sun, this air; Snver'd from man, unseen, mi'-reiii, Disjoined from every lie ol'liein; Silent and still, darlt, rold, alone, The vvni 111 their mate, their conch llio stone All thai was llei.h, by slow decay, iMoulderin' to nothingness away. So fiowus ilin mighty victor's hrow ! Death, thus I cominuno with (lice now ! ?nhstanco of hope al thai dread hour When fleaMi nsserls his fullest power, JFhcu llio brief joys which earth has lcnl 7Jass fioin us liku' a shepherd's lent; On Ihcu our rare. worn spirit" lean. lirighl evidence nl things unseen i IS'n Inn ll we seek, we need no sun, Oon 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 his inign of li'hl beirim ; Faith points the way to piomised hnds, Dwellings uiore suru than inado with huuds; Abidim cities, like 11 hridu Adorn'd to gtucu her husband's sido ; Rivers, whoso founts can never dry; .Life, in which death alone shall dm! TIIK KIN (J OF CLUriS. Ill' AM-'ltKI) crtOWqUlM. Oltibi were rincu the irovniliii"; fashion n 1 " 1 fr ( ri 1 1 tl . I tin tint nllndo tu thus.) con vivial assemblies no ))lcnsnnlly (lopictetl nut) described in all Ihfir variolic by llio peri odical called 'The. (luardian,' but to thofo criniforniis nppi'titlaes to the head worn liy the bucks of tlmt period. 1'jn; toils 11 ml 'knockers' superseded thu ponderous 'clubs;' mid Fiil)rnpntly, 'crops' were, and have, with litltlu variation, cnnliuiind to bn tho mode. Stran;;o! but assuredly of all th' (.'oddessus worsliipeil hy the moderns. Fnsbion Ims the chief place in Their pantlicnn. Allliouli of llio (eminino pender, kIic most resembles our sober nnil thrifty mer chants for she, is continually 'n the change,' Rut lo return lo the clubs. Of nil those recorded in modern or ancient limes, tho club of Ilercnlep stands pre eminent. The Greeks tho first story-tellers in the world, rcluto innumerable wonders per formed by it, and who can doubt their ve racity ? ThiH club, by tho way, wns no nppentlao to any human block as before mentioned, but wus in itself a solid wooden block knnrled and knotted in a must pic turesque manner, and used by Hercules as a 'tool' or weapon of offenco and defence, as occasion required. In Fr.ct, it was th" piynntic grniidlaiher, the 'Ihuinpinjf' Adam 01 inn tieiti'iiernieil race or t hilehihs ! The exploits or l.ibnrH of Hercules, the Kiiijj nf Clubs, Intvi! bern frequently re Inted belbro in simple prose rind Ii.fiy rhyme. If wo for n ninuiunt considered 'lluit wo could not tell the liile mure pleasantly, we would at once abandon the llieme; but we think we cau-iiml prnvi- tun, most inilubi tabU1, that our King of Clubs was n trump ! Know then, must erudite rentier, 1 hut Ileicnle.s was the son of .Tupiter nnil Alcmi'iia. .Iliiiu. ihe hnughty nnd unpen on wife of .lupiier, delivered one of her longest 'curiam. Irelnr.V on ihe occasion, and would willingly have sent the interes ting illegiiuiiato to the foundling or llm workiiiiiisi', hud such nylinnns for disowned baiiilings exi-ied at llia't romantic period. Jupiter's ihiinder win paralysed und m luiieril hy her sweet voice, find ' "Me seniii linil In o.n,ilip inilldito lejiiiice Tuvililcli tnili.iiinssej puyple hive Keniiisu ;" and, we are sorry in add, that the nflen lioiuite Jilnn sernlehed his fare. For the sake of public. cencv we will, however. draw 11 veil over these domestic squabbles, which how interesting soever they may be to the port ics concerned, are offon-ivo lo the di'licnle eye of decorum. Finding that all her rage tell upon him, like a flah of lightning upon a conductor, she desistd from her loquacious persecution ; but, be j nig always attended by her favourite bird the peacock, she., had 'all 1 1 r ( eyes tibiuit her,1 n i hey say in the vulgnte Ilercule was still 111 lii-. cradle t hat is. as still tis uio-i inlants generally are 111 that situation and Juno resolved to send him some "play i lungs 1 Her first idea was a rattle' and, as Jupiter confessed, she cer taiuly possesspil an extraordinary one of her own but upon mature consideration she made an addition to her intended present and subsequently gave master Her culo-i 11 eonpli! of rattlesnakes. How in judicious are tho gifis of some people! They might have bitten him; nnil Juno, to whom this same probability had occur red, leliirned hastily to Ins apartment to see if they really had; and, lo her dismay, beheld thn stout I111I0 fellow grappling ihem lightly by the throat and tossing them about in- cradle as limp os 11 pair of list garters! He had strangled them! This was his first fad befuro he could run alone! Hi soon outgrow Ins pinafore--; and in course of lime arrived at inanhund. The enmity of Juno, however, still unrelentingly pursued him; ami, although 11 inii-nulnr youth, he would willingly hnve accepted the situation of errand buy to Jupiter, but the place was nlreudy filled by Mercury. Hi? want of favour 11 1 court, was a bar lo credit , and none of the Slullzes of the day would uiea-nre him for a suit ; instead, therefore, of splendid clothes, In lining his station and degree, he got into idle habits. His moral character was .-til! 1111 inipeached. and being naturally of an ar dent and romantic teniparainent, he re solved to sally fort h u a knight -errant, anil, if possible M- knock down tyranny and op pression, and pick up a livelihood. His valour wa- indomitable his strength in comparable. Tearing up an oak by Ihe roots, he fashioned it into a formidable club, and throwing it carelessly across his shoulders with no other burthen than his domestic griefs ho wandered into the forest of Nemea. Aurora had just drawn the purple cur tains of her couch in the east, and luoked with n radiant and blushing countenance upon the world, when a roarer in the shnpe of a inon-trrnis lion rushed ram pnnily through a leafy brake upon the as tonished Hercules. Ho grasped his club and calmly iiwniled the approach of his voracious enemy. With mane erect, and lashing his swarthy sides with Ins toiseled tail, he bore down upuii our hero. His loud voice rung through I lie forest, and made the affrighted echoes shrink in terror and dismay. At one tremendous bound be sprang upon his intended victim. Tho MlunttoH of Hercules was awful; but h saluted his antagonist with a firmness niul decision ihat wore irresistible. His next spring proved the 'winter of his discon.. tent;' for the renowned club fell so put upon his skull, Dial he rolled over on his back and extended his huge paws in Ihe most tranquil state nl'penc" & insensibility. 'The first and the bo-i hit I ever made in my life,1 exclaimed Hercules, leaning on his club, and gazing eautiou-ly upon the lion. 'He cnmi! and he Is gnuo! And now, most royal beast, having given thee a dressing, Ihnn shall return the compli ment." And stooping down, he undressed poor I ion 111 a j 1 (IV- Kiivoloping him-olf in the royal robes, which really litied I11111 to a hair, lie sur veyed liim.-elf, like another Narcis-ms in the natural mirror of 1111 adjacent puddle ! 'Really, now,' said he, 'there is a vnst difference between n burr, skin and a fun's skin ! This is truly an enviable acquisition, and my trunk, like 11 traveller's, is certain' ly the belter for the hairy covering. Having uttered this self-gratulatory solil. nquy he threw his club over his shoulder again and departed, leaving the dead body toon inquest of ihe ravens. Pursuing his journey, ho mot with few incidents worthy nf remark, until he came to thu hake of I.ernn. Stooping j0 slake his thirst, fur habit and necessity had both contributed to make him n temperate man, what was his surprise on bciioldmr the seven headed Hydra squinting maliciously at him with her fourteen eyes! 'Well's lliis heals rattlo snakes oil to nothing!' exclaimed Hercules, his mind recurring lu thn niouiurablii exploit of his babyhood. Proudly arching her necks, she extended her jaws. "Ho! I10!" cried Hercules, "I suppose, Madam, by showing your teeth, liku 11 beauty, I am to cuncludu that yuu wish to engage me." Now, as ho was indubitably the most "striking" cboractor of his day, this was a very probablo conclusion ; and he forthwith gallantly Ealutcd the Hydra with such ad mirable tfiect that one of her seven heads dropped elf. Presto ! nnoiher sprang up in its nhice ! which so tickled Hercules, that he burst into a lit of hiughicr. "Why, this is biy'. play." Fnid h'"."1 "one down I ho other ciuie nn, practically illustrated under seven heads!" Tho cnnfliet. however, became bevnnd a joke, and Hercules retreated up the strand, toiinweil by liu.1 Ilvdrn. liravely he lough:, nnd never had I ho soven-heailed serpent belli Id such n dUnlne of muscles on that si rard liefnre ! Finding herself completely out ol her element, she turned towards th'1 lake, when Hercu!e, taking advantage nf her position. truck her dexterously on the lip of herlail, and sh" dropped down stone dead before she had time to think of her latter end. And so Imih her tail and her history were appropriately lini-hed with a vveod-ent ! Iler ilyr'mg, however, did not eeiise Willi her ili'rilli. Cor ln'f lilmul ctmi- nl 'trlv rriin-oned the hike ol Ij-itifi. Hercules hiving dined, "with hi club" continued his jouriiev in search of advent-tire-. He had not. travelled far before he fell ill with thu celebrated Kryiuanllpan hour, nn tinitunl of nsloni.-hiiig size nnd ferocity. His enormous lu-ks and bristles j were alone suflicient to have made tooth brushes for n whole general ion ! Nt sunn. or had Hercules caught his eye, than he littered a loud and sonorous grunt, and ri. ing from the miro in which he had been in king his sictu or rJiernoon's nap, ho trotted uiiwieldily towards him. "I'm not given to pork," said Hercules', "but, i'failh, here is purl; given lo inc. ! bear on oak, but my oak bears no acorns for bis entertainment. He seems well led, however, although, from the muddine.s o Ins hide. I'm sure a little ' would do htm no harm." He had scarcely pronounced this soldo, qny. of which Ihe foolish wihl boar under stood 'tint a s liable, when ho was compell ed lo net promptly on the defensive, fur a thrust Irom the tusks of hi porkiuo foe threatened to Make an awful dent in his I,g "I'jgad," exclaimed ho, "I must keep my legs at any rate, for I've really f uch a run ol business in the fighting line", tint I shall not be nlde to keep pace with my custom ers. " And !ie straightway made such an imprcsion on the grunt it's carcass, that he lay kicking in a most uiiromaiitic anil inele. gaut. attitude at the feci of Ins victor. Hercules had heard much talk in the neighbourhood of the quarrelsome conduct of his prostrate foe, ami. for ihe sake of fu lure quiet, was resolved lo bind him down lo keep ihe peace. With this chantable intention toward mankind, he proceeded lo cord t he legs of 1 he Imar. "There now," said he, after completing his opo'iitinn--, "I lint is what one may call bain-i ringing. I bnvo taken e-peeial circ, too. not to tin up ins legs with a tunning kiiut. Hut, lest my bri-tly friend may alarm any wanderers on this track, I think it were heller lo put lum out of tho way." And, prompted by this kindly feeling, he raised the Imar in his arms, and tarrying linn lo an adjoining precipice, dropped him gently over ! The whole of the following year our doughty hero recreated himself in hunting, with no other pick than that in which he carried his proviioii : he pursued on foot a hind cmi-ccratcd to Diana; and a inns) extrunrilinary animal it was, having feet of brass nnd horns of gold. Hy tho-by, horn of gold is rather nn (liberiiicisin; we should have said millers. He finally came up with 1 ho deer creature, and brought it down : and never before or since was hind hunted by such a gallant buck ! I le next killed or dispersed tho Rtyni phaltdes (certain biro's of the vulture genus, winch fed npnii human flesh;) at least they were never nlterwards known lo send their bills into any man ! Women were, are, and over will he, averse to clubs; and iio'ivitnsuiiidiii" t lio Amazons were all warlike women, they (poke very slightingly of I In-club of Hereu los. Their eoiiiempt naturally provoked htm; nntl single handed he engaged Ihe whole host ol f. male enmbnianls. Their inilitorv tactics and discipline iproved una vailing; ho 1 flectu.illv put 1 hem lo ih" rout, anil look prisoner llvpjioliia their queen. "Ah! you coward !" exclaimed the roy al nnd di.-cnnsolate Amazon, "would von strike a woman ?" "Nay." said Hercules, bowing most grace, fully; "if you will act like men, you must expect to be treated as such. All hough your charms certainly declare (hat 011 were born to strike all men, it must bo af ter a mora amiable muilo than that which i you have practised. Throw aside those warlike ariiH, for those delicate hands were intended for other bnwt than those ynu u-e su cruelly. Women's- eyes nnd tongues are their natural weapon's, their modesty their best defence." And having finished this lecture, Hercu les, like many oilier lecturers, led away his hearer. As in all these exploit Hercules had proved hiitieclf a slalwart man, so, m his next achievement, did he indubitably prove himself a stable hoy, fur in one day iio per fectly cleansed the stalls uf Augoas, which hud not been emptied for thirty years, thoiiL'ii three thoii-aud oxen were continu ally lodged in 1 hem. The must i'anlie broom that ever was m.nlo would have been completely stumped in such a nrnceedui": our hero, therefore, wsely had recourse lo a more summary and efficient mode, lor lie actually turned a river into tho stable, and washed it out as cleverly as nnv scullion would a dirty saucepan, In finu.'lloreuloe, who was nmne lo thu backbone, overcome llio dung-hills! Ho had no fear, and was tho identical iiiun to tako the boll by the horns on every occasion, and chanco soon gave him an op portunity ol exemplifying thu truth of this renin r k. Happening to bo in Crete, he heard thn lamentations of the people, who wore daily harassed by a lurious bull. 'Show 1110 tho beast,' he cried, 'and if 1 do nut beat him to the tendered beef in thel kingdom, hone niMh call me n ralf!' Rut m bn. 1 ,mi .,r ii.-i tn limiting out ihe object of their terror, mr 1110 null showed himself. On ho came, like mine knight in a tournament, with a Ilotiri-h of horns ! 'Fly !' exclaimed tho people in diminy, at, the tamo time scattering 111 every diroc liol. 'ly?' cried Hercules, contemptuously ; and rai.-iug Ins club, ho took such a cur reel aiuv ihni he hit llio bull's eve, and com ple'ely turned lum round. Catching bun by 1I10 tail, ho then pursued the bellowing niiiiialover the plain, beating such ti tattoo upol hit ribs that ho would willingly have lelthis tail behind lum, (a very natural in dilution, 1 lo have escaped from Hie mora less drubbing of'IIere.ules ; but the fator h rjn I he Ih-ter he held him, till nt lnt I "Vi'.l imin-i cumnli'tely intned. rl! sv.r-'v ling ami helpless til his victor's feet. The ratelul Cretans gal bored about linn, loud lv iipriliiudnig ins valor. Thev declared Hint thej had never witnessed such a sight Oeiore. 'No!' fan Hercules; 'whv beef and bat ter is 11 ennitifin di-h in my country. Hut you have now nothing to apprehend; h Ml never run nt man. woitan or child again, depend on't ; therelVo yon need neither care imr lear a rush ! fur he's completely cowed!' fjtdl thirsting for adventure ho travelled int.) Thrace, where t ie cruel tyrant Dio. inciie then swayed tht sceptre. ' There his lame having oiitstrippnl his legs, ho was "racioiisly invited to : rnyal banquet. Her cules accented the rnilito invitation, nnd aied himself among the company. Now ho had ascer'aiued from 11 private quarter on which ho could confidently rely, thai Diomode was in the habit of feeding Ins horses with the flesh of his guests. This pleannt prospect would probably have destroyed the ippetito of any oilier man. Mil Hercules 'eared nothing, and feasted away and qunf.-d goblet after goh'ct with the most pordct sangfroid. The convivi ality having been kept up till a very late nour, llio atrocious host aroso and signified his pleasure tint his gallant company should rot ire to 1 heir apartments for the night. Hercules was upon his legs in a twink ling, (loin loinei!.' said he smiling, and extending hi-light hand orntorically, and niching Ins club manluilv 111 his lettgen. tlemen, what I am ubout to propose I am meet with general apiilatiso and npprobniou (hear !) Although a way farer and a stranger in tho land, I have not only been greatly honored, but mo-t graciously received (hear !1 Those whom I have the honor to address I believe arc equally strangers here, and therefore must leel on ibis occasion to me Ihe proudes; iii-nujiil of 111 v mortal cxi'eut:u' fS'i.uits Dloinede coughed, and modestly turoing away Ins heart lo hide his confusion, said sharply, Waiters, leave the room.' Gen tlciuen,' continued Hercules, there are' times when the exuberance of a mans feel nigs overcomes his utterance ; but neither wine nor gratitude have power lo stultify mine. Gentlemen, the individual I am nlnnt to name is a man of llio most extra , ordinary ti.ste (hear, hear!) Yes, tho geinlo Dionif de is not only delighted lo feed his guests, but, never fails to feed his hor-es (bravo !) U'f7i hh guctsi!' (A thrill of horror ran ihroiigli iiiu assem bly. Dininedo started from his chair as if he hail accidentally sat upon n pin.) Gent Itnnui Draw vnnr swords, and hoi p fa-t the doors. Monster !' continu ed Hercules. I know you and have 110 inclination to ho cut info bits for your horse.-.' mouths (for race horses ought to have murscr food !) Nay, I have a" great disinclination to have even my corn cut for their entertainment. Stir nut a peg, or 1 brain you with my club ! No! thou cruel anticipator of the Inquisition that will hereafter be ! thou shall not put cither me or these innocent gentlemen to 1 lie rack." And iIh'ii gciuly tapping the ty rant 011 the head, he bound linn Hand and foot, and accompanied by the whole com pany, threw lum in'n a dungeon in hi-own ea.- I". lo tho udiniration of nil his vassals, and tha delight ol the whole kingdom. Hiving gui hi hand in, Hercules went over lo dpuii), whore Geryuu, a cruel gi ant with three bodies, representing, I sup pose, King, Lords and CoininniH, wore the royal crown ; and our hero, who cared for nobody, uncerinnueuiisly cracked Ins crown and was unanimously thanked by the peo ple for llio change. Cocki'goo culer was the favorite tipple, our man of Might, and being informed thai llio garden of tho Hespendes protlo cod the best apphs in tho world for the manufacture ofthe -parkling beverage, he pa-?ou mo miiobiones into a laniiem in order to procure a crop, lie found, however, that his waggish informer had endeavored In put a "trick upon lum; lor, lo ! and behold the golden fruit was guarded by a scaly dragon. This is a poser, however !' exclaimed Hercules, standing on liptoo and peeping al llio monstrous guard, who was quietly iituiiching ihu windfalls. No matter ! dan ger is only the Iiiun) on which at least a trial, ospi clolly as (he fruit of victory is displayed so temptingly before me,' And striding cautiously into the garden ho gave Iho ilrngnii such u salute upon (he back as almost at once turned the scales in his favor. The strugglu now became desperoto ; the battered dragon convulsively ploughed up thu earth, and ho was evidently sufi'-r-uij,' from the pain uf Ins bruises. Ilcrcu les, naturally tender hearted and compas sinuate, was resolved lo pot him out of his misery as quickly as possible; lug with charitable iiileniinu, ho leaped upon Ins back, nnil at 0110 blow beat his enor mous head us flat as 11 billin ! Resting from his toil, ho regarded the indistinguishable features uf the dragon with a smile. liy llio holy poker!' cried he, I think that last blow lias put tho creature com. ptetelv out. of conntenaee ! Sure now, hf own inollinr would out recognize lum; that t. .... .... .... ., 1" ., . .. mait or of little importance, as I have nt any rate made a mummy ot lum !' Having accomplished this affair, and ro freshed himself for several days in the car dens of tho llesperides, Hercules louk it into his head to pay a vi.-u thot is, he went, us nurses tay lo little children, to llio tin 11 1 'it V place' the entrance to winch was tit that time guarded by Cerberus, the triple headed ting. What on earth cuilil possibly induce n man of his rank nnd acknowledged ability lo let hitiipclf down so wo cannot imagine; but go ho certainly did and what is more, stole away the watch dog ! It was n mad freak at best, and tended to effect 11 material change in the morality of llio world; for it unfortunately removed ii:r ot the ol)liiel 1 111 the wav uf mankind. who have u natural inclination lo run head long in that particular direction. This was almost the last runarkable action performed by this extraordinary man; for bring badly oil' f; soap, and too poor to pay a washerwoman, ho was coin. in lied 10 wash his own garments, and oik; day having put them on before Ihey were perfectly ain-il, he caught n severe cold accompanied by shivering and other svmp l urns of nn ague fit. No other sudorolic being within his reach, he kindled a largi fire of the dry branches of trees, and seat ing hitnsel! beside 11 in order to promote pers'.iiratinn, he unfortunately fell asleep and rolling into the miil.-t of the flames was completely consumed and I bus one of Ihe greatest heroes that over existed, ended in stnu The following is an extract from the speech of Colonel Knapp, delivered at Newark, upon the occasion of the delivery by a committee of the American Institute of the medals and diplomas awarded to the citizens of that place, at the late fair. "Every thing in this country has boon brought forward bv protection. In this bleak elnne, but few of ihe sustaining fruits of the earth were hero indigenous, or 111 ; perfect state. Even the Indian corn, so of ten considered as native here, was with dif ficulty acclimated. It was brought from the south, and bv degrees was coaxed to ripen in a northern latitude. Tho nhurigi nes who cultivator! it, taught the pilgrim how to rai-e it ; they plucked the earlie-t ears with tho hiisk, and braided several of them together, for t lie next year's seed, and this caie wus rewarded bv an earlier and surer crop Thu Pumpkin, brought from Spain, was first planted in Rowley. Massachusetts, and it vvav, s-veral v ars before liiev came to hard, knotty shell, which marks Ihe ime yankee pumpkin, such as are selected for iho golden pies ot their glorious thunksgiv ing lest ival. Our Wheat wa with difficulty acclima ted. That brought from the mother coun try had grown from spring to fall, but llio season was not long enough here to ensure a crop. It was then sown 111 the fall, grew under Ihe snows in winter, and catching the earliest warmth of spring, yielded its increase bv inidMimmcr. Asparagus, which is now the delight nf all as an early vegetable, and for "which several millions ol dollars are paid our gar deners annually, is of late culture lit this country. At the time of the revolution, asparagus was only rultivalod on tho sea board; this luxury had not then reached the fanner of the interior. The history of the Potatoo ii a singular one. Rees' Hncycloptudin -talcs that liu po.ato was brought from Virginia, by iiir Walter Raleigh, lo Ireland. Tho writer should have said from H. America, in tho latter part of ihe sixieoeiuh century. He had no idea of its ever being used as an es culent, at that limo. It was pointed out lo him as a beautiful lluwer, and ils hard, liul by root was said, by tho natives, to nos-ess modioli qualities. 'lie took it lo Ireland, where ho had estates, pre.n'otl to him bv Queen Elizibeth, and planted it in his gar den. Tuc lluwer did nut improve by cnlti vmioii, but the root grew larger nnd softer. The potato in Us native bed was a cour-e ground nut. The thought struck the phi losopher to try the potato as an edible, and boiling and roasting 11. found it bv either process excellent. Ho then gave sumo of the plants to the peasantry, and they soon became, in ti measure, "a sub-tit'utu for broad when the harvest was scanty. The potato was successfully cultivated in Ireland, before it was thought of in Kmr. Maud, it grew into favor by slow do"N jaiid was so little known when our ptlgrun minors came 10 tins country, lint it was not 1 huiin lit of for a crop' in ihe New World. It would have been an excellent thing fur them, if they hud been acquainted with the valii.' ofthe potato. It was not until 1710, that the Irish potato reached this country. A tolotiy of prcsbyteriau Irish, who settled in Londonderry, in New Hampshire, brought the root with them. These people loom! their favorite vegota. bio to thrive well 111 new grounds. Ry do. greei, thoir neighbors 0.1110 into tho habit of raising potaioe-, but many years elapsed before Iho cultivation ofihoin'was general among (ho yeomanry of I his countrv. Long after they wore enli'ivnled in New England 111")' were hold in contempt, and I he master mechanic often had to stipulate with his apprentice, that ho should not he obliged lo oat potatoes. An aged mechanic once in formed 1110, l hnt ho laised nine bushels, having at that time (17 10) 11 dozen appren tices, hut did not venture to nfivr them a boiled potato with Hioir moot, but left Ihem in the collar for Ihe apprentices lo get and roast as ihey pleased : hu soon found I hut Im sho'ihl mil have enough for seed, and locked up what was left. Tho ne;:i year he raised the enormous quantity of 30 bush els ; tho neighbors stared, but his boys de voured them during Iho following wm'lcr. About this time, tome of thu gentry brought this vegetable on iheir tables, a"1' the prejudice against them vanished, Thus, by tlegrces, a laste fur this fnod wn formed," never lu bo extinguished. Th'! cultivation of the potato is now well under siond: a crop ameliorates, instead of im povishit'g the soil, ami the culture can be increased to any extent. Thus, by tho cu riosity of one lover of nature, and his ex periments, fins n humble weed boon brought. Irom the mountains of South America, ami pread over Fiiiropo nnd North America, until it is emphatically called "iho bread ot nations," hut t he country rom whence a wa- taken, has been too ignorant or super- linom to attempt its cultivation, until wiihin a few years. Now llio lights of eci. ence ate ehasmg away the long, deep shad ows ol t ho Andes. Rico wa brought from Ind.a in 1721. and cull IViited. by wiiy of experiment, to u:ii Carolina. It succeeded well, and wns, for many years, the staple article of the state. It seems si range, but it is not mure strange than true, that a vegetable should haven moral ant! religious influence over iho mind of man. Drahma could nev er have enforced his code of religious rites, tin hundred tnenrnntinu, if India hail not abounded 111 the nee plant. His follow ers would have become carnivorous, not- wiilistniiiliiig till the rays of his glory, and the n wlul exlub. lions ol his might, if ho had not driven Hie minimis nwov, and secured 1 he vegetable kingdom for Ins worshipped. Man is, in spite nt his philosophy, a creature of the earth, and, in a measure, like tho chatnelion, lakes the hues of his character his petition nnd fnod. The Cotton Plant was at first cultivated as a flower 111 our gardens, and a beautiful flower it is. This plant, alone has made a revolution 111 Hie finances of tho world. Look at the growth and consumption of it in the United Stales, and the immense manufacture nfil in England, whore it can not bo grown, and you will find my asser. turn true in the mo-t extended sense. Until our purchase of 1 jouiiiann. this country was indebted to the East and West Indies fur sugar. In our country tho thir teen United Sta'ea siiar and niolasse3 were made in small quantities, from corn stalks, apple-', pumpkins, and maplo tree.-: hut all put together, furnished but a smali part of the t-upar demanded by tho great mass of the people. Our people ore. fond ot'sjt ch.irinc, or sweetening, lo use oor peculiar term lor it. The corn stalk, tho pumpkin, and tho -wool apple, are given up lor sugar and mo!as-es and tho maple tree is falling be. fore the axe, and we most rely on the su gar cane ulone, unless vvu can substitute, as in France, the sugar beet. The culturo of tho sugar beet has been commenced with us, and probably will be successful. OR I G 1 N A L CONUNDRUMS. Why is too letter R in the alphabet like a town in Europe? Because it is over Sea (C.) Why U a quarrelsome fellow like a clock? Because ho strikes. Why is a pretty girl like a fiddler? Be-cau-e she draws a beau. Why is a merchant's wallet like a music, book ? Reduce it is full of notes. Why is a percussion firelock like an old woman? Because it goes with a cap on. Why is a hawk like a priest? Because ho preys. Why is n king like a cloud in wet wcath. cr? Because he reigns. J. Juno 1G37. P.viNTiir.n Eight The Yazoo, Miss. Register of the lush ult. says "A keel hunt in ascending the Yazoo river lust week, lay by for tho night; and nbout 9 o'clock, while tho crow were seated in tha cabin, a panther sprang in at the door and seized one of tho men by Hie shoulder. Tno oilier three men rushed lo his assist ance, and endeavored 111 vain to cxtricato htm from the terrible jaws of the monster; one of them look up a rifle and levelled it at Hie pnnthr, but 11 missed tire; ho then obtained a liowio knife and plunged it into the heart ofthe beast. The pour boatman was most horribly mangled, having had his shoulder nearly turn tiff and Ins body laccr. aied bv the claws of the infuriated mon ster."' A Cunnim; Land miiu). 'Is smoke of fensive lo yon,' said a landlord, as ho took out Ins cigar, lo a family that hud just moved into Ins hnn-e. Not at all. sir,' said the female part of the household. 'Iain glad to hear it,' 'aid he, 'fur all tho (ire places hero smoke so bail, that you will all be ba con in less than six weeks.' A Rom:. "1 want too seo some of your gimhlcti," said a green horn one day as ho entered a hardware store. The dealer took down several parcel, neither of which suit ed. "Well, then, what kind do you want?" Hero is almost every variety," "Why darn it, 1 waul them' what bores square holes." A lawyer said to a bore who 'had sat about two hours 111 hm idlice "l would you would do as my tiro is doing." "How is that? said iho other " Why, sir, it is going out," replied tho lawyer. ,'lccustom Yourself to llrjlcct. Seek wisdom, and you will bo suru to find her; but if you du nut look fur her, bite will not look for o. D at ynu would be done by Use your self to kindness and compassion, and you may expect kindness and compassion in return. Obstinacy it ll'eakness. Obstinacy of temper proceeds from pride, and, in gener al, from ignorant pride, thai refuses to bo taught.

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