Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 30, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 30, 1837 Page 2
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i'uidav MoitNiNf. .) urn: co, sr - : STATU COV.'f'iS l'lON. Upon ciUMiili'inlimi nf tin- mn nf the liltie. mill Mill I COIlMllll II llilll flil'lllll III till! I'llHM', til,. llllJliglHMl ll.lM' lll'l'lll'll il tl'' " 'j'11 11 Hun- I'oiitiiiilim nf the opponents til' i In' National Ailminiii.iuiii. In view, iImmi Inn', ! pii'seni t tfi p:i t t Itr-ltcil -i.iii' nf tlii iimniiy, I" I ho int'curoni oxnlioii' uhii-ll inn iii kIh in 1 1 1 j 1 1 ( tl m il ilfi'oin llui people ii" in llii 1 1 no onti-o I" i t i nt fvriiia mill In h'Iiiiiimic power i I ho hiuiils id' in 'il v'lni lute, In mi utilise nfpnuoi-iiit I ii iliKii'ltiml ul'lho llllllllllllllnill l.fttls-l.llll HII'I rXpeill'IIOI' lies! I M 0l i lw etiiinn't,'O'l tin- imlii'iiv, (Imnianl iln- Im-liio-, impanel ilit- ci t'l ii nf ill iiiuiiy, mul iiwitilioliiioil ill- htMiMirv ilM'lf in the Km mill til'oneinl ti.iiiUinplci o il'i tn j -1 I'liniRolly I l-(IM'f I till! III! II "I" Vcllll'HIt Mippnili'imil' Iln-' sopit'in icy nf Ih" hiwn mi'' ''' t"ii" 1 1 1 t l i iiti I (piy ciniiH'iil I'mnesib' iiilimiiiniPinl, ln mo opposed in iliu mo.ijiii ok mi. I pi'mo'tples nf ih" nilins dmnl) m ntffi by ilinr ih li.iu n, A I' i.i Ar tks ll'oM I ; A C 1 1 'I iiVN, in Si.ilf I iiiivriniiiii "I Mmilpi'lior, mi W I D.M SDAY, llm l-'ill 1) V or JUL V Nt:XT, in 10 iiV.lmlv ,. ,M. In iniUis ihii full, tto mo ciiiih'Iciiis llii' appeal i'imii.iiIo iii fit emeu lm hate thus far iitiimph.uit'y imil lnniiiiiihly iii.initiiiii"il llli'lr pilniipli' mill pnlllli'il lumpily HS-iiiim llie riilllliiiioil li'o.Hlll of putt or mill fl f"OU iiIuimiiI mul ill' y.'iiilnin mul ,o mo opponents iiitmiitl lift lo tmli men il is urn. i fur n I'l'ly In ms COsI llinl mow , wlK'it llie'i'ifpnfnUiil iciolicinii mil irfiMin i iihomlv litKHinin,' Id sweep liter llm ii.iiinii, llm I io ixi i , l lit irpiitiiiinn unit the hi ti'i om nf Voiinniit, nil demand nf oiorj iKi'iii iii lo (In llii ilutv Ijy uuuiS' iir. mi'l "oil iliiri'lnl notion. .1 J'. MIU.KI!, I State ( ),'.' 7.V HMJTir, ! Com. jimcSiii IS37. n. ii. it::x'riss, j 1'KAe.D IS Mi COVXTl' WHIG cox- vi'NV'os. I'he oppimriiH of llm pio-i nl National Admin. ijinl!on sinil I tic, Kniii-i iuu'iil , in (iisuul Mo (utility, mo KvporifiilU united in nitiMiil in Con. onliun nl llm ('null IIoiio ill Ninth (bin, on Widnesd.iv the lSih il.iv nl Julv, A.l). IS:',", m one o'clock I'. IM. lor iho pmpiin! of M'lri'liii!! mill liiCfOiitnii In llm I'li'i'tnin i.filn' (.'ntiiilv, li mh.ihlo oiiiiiliil.iln In icpresPiil llie ("oinilv in dm ISoii.iln uf I his Suite, fur the rn-itins political, etei Inuii in Kic Ciittiity U I'.inie.'lly r-ultciicil lo be fully repi I'-i'iiioil. liy older of llio County Cuiivnitlro. CHITTEN DliX COUK TY OOiWISiNTION. The iVccmcn of Chittenden County opposed to the present National administration as pledged to carry out the cor niptioiu; ofits predecessors, and disposed to tamper and "experi ment" with the vital interests of the country are requested to meet at the Kagle Hall in Wiliiston on foONDAY the TEiX'Jll day of JULY next at TEW o'clock in the fore noon, for the purpose of nomi nating two perso is to repre sent this County in the Slate Senate. Each Town in said county is requested, to he re presented, in said convention by two or more delegates. Gko. A. Allkn, Nathaniel Mnns, AiiTiiun l-ii'iM'iNcj, County Comm. We Impo iliu ciMiwutitin nl Willi-inn. (in the lOtli, will bi: fuily ntU'iulcil. Lui cvnry town bn roprwu'cd. Tho-o tire liine. when polilimil inllut'iiccs inturferc with almost every w r man's bronil ntitl clicie, and it may bu wnrili whilo fur llie Idriners ul' Chi'lonili ii rnnnty In ouqinro whctliur there is "lrv" enough in llio present Mnto of litmus to fnrni.-lt n ooil market for wnul. Jul nn have II e (iiiniotis of the yeomanry, tmichjiiif the time.--. Tim Van J'iuren cunvontiuii of i lie 21ft. renominated the old t ict-:-t--U rmlU-y. i'et tib'onc and Cleaves and thai of the '-Mill has done t lie mine n tbo paMy lias ot back where it Mtirtc d, with its cvcrlastin" candidateti. in'Thore can bo lin'e dnuni llmt I'm" ited supply of broad-riiifn now in llio coun try will fully fiudmti the present oinuniDU prices till the now hnrvo?! ooitios In mir n lief. Jul there i? n lienor nrnspeut abend. The earth teems Willi voetiitntr) ami a rich harvest will fooii shnwor iis bounties upon us. Our rovprros have taught in a m itn iv lorfon, mul many a roinrninir proilijnl inav thi.-year prove ihot houllli, hiippiuopi, nnd pubrtaiiliul proi-periiy lie m it very dif ferent direction Irotn llmt in which ho hni been teokin them. N cecity, not lew than inelination, is iiml;in u nil. to n trentrr or lets rxtont, tilleri ofjlho foil. ;nid uitiiiier oartli, now as ovei, proves her. filf libornlly disposed to! he willing hand of iditi-trv. The period is tint within our re culleeiion when the propped ofnn nhuuunnt Itatvett was more prniuifin;: than nt the present lime. ! " tlu'" '"3 r Sotl(1 cbcer. bear maiilully the evils under which we Miner, and when llie proper tune arrives, '() I them. 113'Tbo nccrneartos of lib' mo not only Jieai'ui" exborbiiani prices, but are liocum in aln'"ruiinly fcarec. Vn have nreouuls ffom vitriiuis parts ol the Malo whirlt wear a iilunmy npoct. I'ruvisiniis aro held at prices which Ibrcnten toplncnlbein beyond llio reach of tbo poor nnd liihormir ehisi-es The article from the Jlrontnu ltrpnblicnu which will be found in another column, pretenls a lamentable pieltiro of the unto of thin!?! in llmt quarter. Wo have ac counts front other places confirmatory of l In) fcarriiy of provisions mul I'm t-uller-iiiirs of the pour. Mmny ;Vinr. 'IT Wo hoar from nil paflft'nf this roiui ly, that, the Spring (Jropi present nn uuu bimlly fovotoblo nppeajitce. The inc. f.tni rums fur Mie Int six, or ci;lit weeh hnvo (i v'ii ivc onld nnd irrna n muri! In.. uritiiil omwlb I hint lin- bcoii known lor yonri. Tin' nppenrnuco) for coin tiro a No lavorable. 'I'ho miiiii! remarks tiro true of oilier K'eiiniiK of the ntntu front w Inch wo have recoived neeotinls. And it is i rn 1 1 -t'vuii;. to ih.'iiinl-t oi'our iinimnal oalauiiiy, Mi n't Iho InUofHof llio hiiMbiindntitU will be ht.'HHod wnh nn ithunilniit harvest. Troy I'rrss. Tub II Aitvi:rr in I'r.N.svr.VAMA. The Norlliertt 1'iMinylvnnian Kays, "liuzorne. Su--(ui.'hanuah null Wayne count'u'i", never prcHoiitod, ,inec our rooollroi inn, so ploa mii' tin npoet. ( mill, jrniM nixl every varinty of vej;olBlion have tisniined an np. pearnnce bitherln unprecedented, mid ilioiild no nnpropiiinti event lr!itipiire to blight the prugpoets of Ih" farmer, iibiiu linnet' will crown thoir ell'irls. Faminb Duvi '3ait.--'I'Iio Ewlporl Senlinci mivh, I littl it n'U'i'HV of prnvwiona in llmt (piarier isneverely tell ninny I'mn ilies are in n Millie hordorinji on t-tnrvniinii. and hnvo been eoniprllod lo dtsr their cord (in'oloi s front the ground to uliBltun life! Wo wiuiiii-r if thoy liavo mil been cutting up I heir l'irru into building lot. Tnoro h iruth and "ned sense in the ft I iwin remarks of Ibe I'lvcninjj Journal, upon llie lmio. "'I'horu inns' bo n radical nay, criminal error m our Iniliits mid unities of living, or ill a country like this, where nil the ueeo?, sanes of life spring almost unbidden front llie ground, there could not ho nn actual srnrcili in the staph eouini'idu hs of life! Wo have an extent of territory nnd a fertility of soil, capable of supporting our population tnitlliplt' d in a ten fold degree. iiodornlo iiulu-t ry, with ordinntu forecast and economy, gives to all a competent sup port. J)ut the present eniultioti of the country shows that Annicot.Tur.E, the first and noblest pursuit of man. is too tuiicu neglected. Here where the mil and climate combine their genial itilluciice lo perfect our Agrieiitiinil advantages, we are importing Uread btuft'i from ail the Agricultural portions of the old world, lo feed a young, hardy, vigorous, enicrprtsing People, who possess n soil vastly superior to any of tlio nations from which we nre receiving Provisions This is mortifying and disgraceful. Americans should bcorn to receive the stall of life from liorope. Our bread at least should be earned by the sweat of our brow.-. When Americans become too dissolute lo cultivate their own soil, they will be prepared to rceeivu their llulcrs, with their Uread-stuH'-i. from Eu rope. We have too many idlers among us. The nonproducing class is too tiuineroiH. The li'Vu is too full of drones. All ea', while bul few work. Ouryoirig men are Generally growing up Imvycrs, Physician-, Divinog. Gentlemen, or"Ii')aft'rs." Tlu-s classes M he two last excepted; are all useful, when limited in number. Del llie learned irofi:.-nious are gorged. Tlt m- sinils have be 'ii withdrawn from the pur suit, of Agriculture, where they might sup port themselves, and nl the tame tune fur. tush the means of support for others, lo make briefless Liwyets, n)or Physicians ami worse Clergymen. This misapplica tion of nine this misconception of ap propriate employment this abandonment of the highest calling ihiarMcri'im nf the soil, is what produces scarcity and want. The i'.trih is the depository of all wealth. Those who apply themselves diligently to its cultivation, will find in its bosom, abundant and exhaustless treasures." The Florida war. The St. August ino llornlil ot 9i h uir.1. suites lliat nn express ruler Inmi Micanopy. at lilael; (week, re purls that t-eveiul men were murdered neor lig Spring, on tin; Oekhiwaha, ntiopi ? milee from Fort King; iilso. that il wni rumored that Kurt Armstrong had boon attacked, nnd thai. Iiiiit continued two hours. Cion ,1,'sup is saiil to be at Kort King. M .ij. dales hail arrived at Si ,u gust tin, and bad been assigned to the command of the post at Gnrey's Kery. Cen. J. "lip's plli'l is now stated to h" In io(i. uy a tiiiu.'.ipr chooltiu-, the Creeks having been MU'lTieioiit, being. con nected by lint lies of consatiguiuil v and lanua"o. The Clmciaws bouni that thov never vet thod iih blood of a white man, although represented us a warlike tribe. Thoy speak a different language from the Keuiinoles, are m noway connected wnh them, and were jnlot:s that the Creeks wore employed in prelereuee. There ran be no doubt that great en couragement has been given lo excessive importations and overtrading by the policy of the party in power in reference to the Tariff. They have steadily persisted in destroying the Tariff until thoy succeeded in reducing it ho much that one half of our imports are now free front duty. Under this encouragement to foreign trade we imported lat-t year, according to a slate inonl in the Newark Advertiser. '!)!), Oft I, o:)5 worth of foreign goods one half of which amount in goods free of duly while our exports only amounted I o 1 2U,G03,010, making a difi'erencu of about sixty. one millions, one half of which we now owe in llurope and twenty millions of thW im ineii'n sum is for Silks, an urticlo of luxii ry, duty free! 'I'ho Philndelplnn Peiiiitylvauuiii nnnntin eon that Ilr.Miv 1). (Jii.i'iN, Kn., of thai rily. bus been appointed Solicitor of the Treasury, iu tb" place of Mr. fI tvey, who goes to Uriissclls as ( lotrcc a '(Jatrs. lirokcrs nt IJaltimoru ar" givn g fieni eleven In twr've and n lull' per cent for dn"at Knr iliu I'm lingioii l; ice l'ic.s. No. I. Ititv. Ht'iMi!' Hopkins. Sin, Ilnd ynu been pleased, alier 'be repented expressions of disapprobation from those of your own ehureh, to hnve withholdeti your phillipie against the Temportincu (society m your second edition, I should feel less inclined to address you in litis public manner; but ns the nibjrei now Htauds, I. think il is untiling less than proving Irnilorotn to llio principle of virtue lo decline a vindication of thine sentiments of truth that you have so violently assailed. In conducting n re view of your ill-biled and ill-producing performance, F feel some embarrassment, lost in giving your arguments what 1 think they deserve, a caustic review, I should have to appear personal; but the must 1 do t.s with what you have wiiilen. I would premise however before entering upon thu investigation, the real cause of your production. Was it h-oi nso theie was too m ticti temperance in the laud? Was it because too much of the vice beg gary, wretchedness and wo, thai nod tolled their waves of rtiin over the bind Imd sub sided, by the blessed influence of the tem perance society ? Was it because the tem perance society had produced no good in this respect? Was il because the nation was like to bu injured or the church of Cod depopulated by the efforts of the temperance reformation ? Now sir. I sup pose there is no man jf sane mind iu the face of the nation, the experience of ihuusiiuds, and the eslaolished fads iu the the case before bun, eiccpl yuuisclf, that would pretend any suet thing. What then are we to infer were tie inducements thai prompted ynu to lake the stand you have taken? We conclude it must have been individual aggrandisement or sectarian in tercel, nnd if either of these were your motives, might we not tsl,, is this worthy a man? a christian? n protectant Dtsbop? Hut from your introduction we are con firmed in this conclusion by the modest ntteuipl to reproach others with pride and vain boasting, and the full declaration that you and your church "refuse to yield lo any body of elirislains on earth" in your attachment and observance of temperance und "of every other moral virtue." If this censure and boa-t were the only contra dictious iu your performance you would gam more eiedit than you now have; but this is deserving of ntlentim as it nuist dispose any one to louk cautiously at what you might afterwards produce There is a charge of n scmus nature in your inlreduciion against many "in the ctitirch of Christ" of "hitler hostility," which had you supported by a particle of proof would have demanded ptnet alien, t ion, but as it is. we simply deny it en tirely demand proof, and until you bring forward your proof, allirni your Reverence to have manifested nil you have charged on others. Having disposed of prelimina ries, we arc prepared to advance agaiin-l your invulnerable rock of demonstration, and show that the temperance suciety is based on religious principles is not chargeable with the objections which your morbid imagination, has tenred against it that it is promotive of the best good of the species, and of the cause of Christ that if it were to become univer sal it would be one ol the nobleet triumphs of Christian virtue and therefore the Pro testant Kpiscopal Church is nut innocent iu standing aloof (rom it. In doing tin- 1 'elm II endeavor to use ma ny of tliu arguments agnnist your own po stiions that yon would bring against the temperance society, showing that your .oasoumg in many points refutes itself, and that your whole performance is wot thy of no one but yourt-nlf. n rnv n xt I thall examine your first objection and t.bow its fallacy, anil ns you judge it fundamental lo tlio whole, bhow that your superslruc'nru is founded upon nothing. Yours Sic St. .1 , !!!37 Vi.m)ex. FROM SOUTH AMJ'UICA. 15y advices to April 'JSd (nun Ducting Ayres, it appear tint the Argentine He public has taken sides against Santa Cruz in Ibe war between that Dictator mul the people of Chili. Lit" lligenco lias reached from Valparaiso to January C.V h. at which lime hostilities had eouirnenced, though preparations were in progress on both sides. Santa Cruz had levied a contribu tion of jjhOO.OOO on the inhabi'unis of Luna and i-sued several decross against those who favored the debarkation nf the Chi) bans. ')'he Chilton Vice Admiral was nil" Guayaquil with u part of bis squadron, watching tin.1 movements of Gen.' Mornu who was there preparing snine armed ships for the Protector. Another portion of the Chilian squadron was blockading some Peruvian ship at Peru. An expedition with 300 troop was preparing at Yalparai so for invading Peru lo go irotn point In point and stir up insurrection, tinleil by thu Chilian emigrants in Peru. Ji'im: at Lowr.u.. We learn from the Lowell Courier, that a fire broke out a few days (.tune, in Appleton Mill No. 1, which burnt with fearful power for about nn hour and n I.1 a 1 1'. The lire caught in llie east end of the dressing routn This is l ho upper room fifth story. Ilv the exertions of the firemen llio llarnosl i were confined to that room and tho carrrt, I . and tite remainder ol t'i" mi Imp was pre served. Vho cause- is in i,ov a to have I been tpon'nneutia cumbuMimi QlACKHRY AT WllOJ.l'SAhK. Mn, I'liiT'iti The leut'th of a singular pamphlet which I received a lew days ago for. bids my asking you to punli-di itini'our paper, but I think some aieutint of it may ho accept. aMo to Hiiiiio of your readers. It is entitled, Universal Lyceum.' Alter etiitablu prchuiiiiii. liosro-peeliiiir thu"liuuiblcbut icpuhlicau and dignified origin of the lyertim system1' its lieiiig' fduiiik'd upon llie principles and fitted lo the wants of human iiuttire, and calculated to ptomoie the happiness ami secure the true dignity and the highest elevation of the hii- man fniiily" alter strrtuig briefly that many social ijcouiiiH I'oiisisiinjriil 1 1 out six to twelve meinlmrs have been funned for the sprcifio ob. ject of aiding iu the universal ditl'iision of knowledge"--afler informing us that they have colluded Humorous and various produc tions of nature and "many specimens of art, particularly drawing, penmanship, needlework and other kinds of juvenile improvement" and thai lliosn aro lo 1m Kent to so'ili individual and institutions "in various p.irti oftho jjlube ns will he likely to recipioeote their cirorts." llio pamphlet stales that ''iiuinerotm schools and lyceunis have recommended with entire unanimity and decided approbation, thin plan lor a universal lyccutn." The object of this organization is rather eoinpiehonsivn, il must ho a'loweil. It is to secure the nssistaiino of distinguished scientific individuals, philauthro. pitls nnd christians hi ilitl'eronl parts of the globe in aid of tbo humble efforts ,f young in quirors after knowledge and the inexperienced laborers for Iho advancement of science the elevation of morals and the redemption of llin human family." '-These Lyceums and schools which have determined to use their humble efforts fur the diffusion of know.Vdgo over t lis globe, have also resolved inol respectfully to invito the persons whose names are annexed, selected by committees for that ptirpoxc. lo act as oll.eeri and members of llio universal lycc inn." The proposed list of officers cannot bo onuiiioralul without unreasonably encumber, ins your columns. 1 fear moreover that some might suspect some vat political scheme lo bo concealed hoiieatb such a heap of mollov materials To be sure tboro is but vnc pcrsuu named for a President, width I rather wonder at. Tins ore is I lenry Ilroujrham ofKmrland. Of vice picsuicnls there is theuiotlcrale number of fifty two. A slraugo assemblasru of names it is. moreover. I'ut Iho 1'e.tof vice presidents is a siinill nuttier to that of the corresponding secretaries. Of these Ibcro are lo he only one hundred and tliirlj.sir(n, selected from some sixiy or seventy States. Kingdoms, Empires and Islands. The harlequin appearance of these lists exceeds anything which I over saw. This mighty array of nearly '200 vice presi dents ami secretaries, of all grades, trades and professions. gathered from all parts of the hub. itnble globe, and preceded by una commander iu chief, is followed, and I suppose is in be kept moving, by one other officer denominated the actuary. This functionary iJu.iinli I Jul' brook, whilom of Iloston, now of Philadelphia, Then follows iho names of persons invited In act as corresponding inembots, a hundred and Ihiity or forty more, the distribution of which is as strange as the rest of Iho concern. In Iloston there ate six, five gentlemen and one lady in Philadelphia twenty, five gentlemen, five married and leu unmarried ladies. In New Cumhurl mil iheio are twenty five, then follows the names of twenty-two culled j tin tor mombors, whom I should suppose lo hcliing also to Now Cumberland, were tint the lisllcr initKiteii by four or five residents iu Singapore, Sumatra, (ireueeaud Jeiusaleui. ThcSand. wieli Islands are. to have the honor of furnish ing fifteen members, thu slatis of New-York two, Lancaster, Pa. twenty five, and several other towns and stales one or two each, three individuals are set apart as hunorarymnmbors, and one has bis mime ptitited iu capitals, as patron. I infui from thu price set dowr. for llicte honors that the Imuoraiy members have paid, or thorn is special reason lo Impo that they u'ill pay $.) each, and the patron $20, li senilis too, that any one can become a corresponding,, member by paying one dollar a year, llui how is III s thousand logged machine in work? A proeiso answer to this question cuinol be gath ered Irom the phatulet. lor no articles uf coiisii tut ion or laws are exhibited or implied to exist. However it isaid that "the universal lyeeum will issue a qnaiterly report of the progress of individual lyceums, schools, and oilier literary instiltiltoi'..1-." "Il will contain llio names am! residences of those cooperating in llie objei.t of the lyeeum, with st.itisltcks nf the earth and its pioduclions Thee slalislieks ill embrace as far as pr.irl icable, statements respecting an imals, vegetables, mines, minerals, corals, vol canoes, i art'iqu.'ik"-, atmospheric phenomena, lileiaiy, si'icnltl'io, religious, missioiurv ami oilier inslUutinns. with their operations and re sults, together with bints and suggislions on the bii-l modes of promoting tbo success nf school, lyeeum, and laimly education.'' Koyou see that there will bo no furtlser occasioti'l'ur tbo transactions ofthu numerous existing sci. entitle associations iu Lurope and America. We. ran save also iho of our literary and religious periodicals, and it lhe un.verSa lyeeum at ll.e noxl n.ectmg of its officers ami , ... i ";,.. i i... :.. :. 1 . ol ohjeols) wu can lorego tho newspapers also and all this fur$l a year, since "Iho mem bers aro 'to bu mil tiled lo regular copies ol'lho quarterly repoit." 7'ossibly inure particular 1 ii I ortiiu t mn might bu obtained from thu actu ary, who is obviously to bo tiiu main man in tho wbolo business, inasmuch as the 111" sec retaries aro lo open a eorrespcinlotipe with the fri"iids and patrons, of useful knowledge in their respective vicinities and lo fnrwunl lo the actuary nil serviceable infurination which they can gather, from which he is to make up (lie quarterly reports. Smoothing is said too of bis tuciving and arranging all sorts uf natural and artificial production", having charge of a hall for depostio ccc. : and members are to be entitled to receive occasionally "such specimens Lot h of nature nad art as can he lurnishcd front the collections." What the President and Ul Vice President are to do I cannot mako out, imumuch as no meetings or the like are alluded to. The active co-operation of nil teachers of day schools and sabbath schools-, in ex. plaining to their pupils the objects of the universal lyeeum, mid in setting them to work in lb" good cause, is especially re- quo,iod. Somenther heads then follow in the hook, such as 1 lyeeum committees" "social lycuums, consi.ling of leu persons. ,nide upon which every thin" semns To cither ladies or gentlemen, Hill better both", ,nc. . Within two hours ptovious to "National delence" "universal pwacu" landing I had seen nt least filly steamboats "slntisticks; but there is not room lo say storming down the river, thron-ed com any thing of the remarks made under Ihein. puly thronged with passengers; then more than t us, that they are m r,s good ,nt ,tiindes of ships, merchantmen keeping with what precedes them its one j nn, , ,- wnr, ,mpenily, for miles mid part of chaos would bo wnh another. The us mPl tlti oye. As we advaced, upon closing topic must not he omitted. This islnnr e, aroso tll0 ,, (JrCCw,cli hospt on Jieimltmuu. "Ilexes ol specimens, let-1 1, ,mt jneuso repository of broken tersaud ntlierconiinunicniinnsdesigiiedlor iml)!j , naval valor. Upon the right Iho universal Ivc-uin tf jxnd) may be ! r0 nw ,ioo vast works, tho Hast lud a, directed to Jo-iuh Ilolbmok, &o." Hie ' u,e West India, and the Londmt Docks, nlure-aid actuary. I premmo the mvicy is1 crowded with vessel-, and snorting forth to bo sent to h i nt also, smeu no other per- CVen in the distant'", a p. rled willdorniss sou is spoken ot as thu receiver ol thai sorlj 0f ama. Unhand i etiid tu beni'itrcea of I of specimen and ho is to mako up and issue ( Iho reports. Thu niuliilnrious nnd respon sihle duties of the lulunry renders it very important that, his place in the universal lyeeum should he properly filled. There can be but one opinion respecting the fit-I uesfl oi tite present inciiniiieni, auintig mi qualified to judge on such matters nnd who are also acquainted with Ins character mid past, labors. Moreover since nothing is -aid of any change of officers, it may he in fcrred that this office h to remain with him as long as ho lives. Perhaps it is lo be heroiiitary, which may be bolter yet. herionsiy Air. Lilitor alt hough the Amor lean people are sufficiently prime to be car. noil away with any newliiugled thing which is proposed to thorn, nnd in regard to the writings and labors of ibis same universal i actuary when ho was favoring New Hug .and willi his presence, multitudes showed thai they were gullible in no common de gree. can hardly believe that he will find many to go th's figure. I say Ac, because il needs but n slight knowledge of the man and nn examination of this pamphlet, to convince one t hat the "universal lyeeum," pamphlet nnd nl', are the proper cfl'-prtng of that, chief of literary and teient.fic qttacus. W. AFRICAN COLONISATION. We are glad to learn that the en iho of 0010111x111011 com nines to prosper, and ilia! it is growing iu favor in all soeiions of the Union. It is one of the noblest enter prises oftho ago; il is highly creditable to ibe stale of public feeling, that its elaini lo general patronage and support should have been so early recognised. We have no reference to Abolitionism when we sneak in tliec terms of commendation of this society, bu we regard it simply a one of the most plau-iblc means of bringing Africa one more into the circle of civil ized nations, and destroying the slave t rado on her coasts, by encircling ihem with a American colonies have nlrendvttntne",! to con-iderablo importance on the Alncau coast, by Iho extent of their possessions, their growing irade, and increasing popu lation. They are in possession ol the best harbors nn-l most salubrious sites on the C"al, and surrounded, as thoy are, by a fertile and expensive back country, we .-co nothing in prospect to retard their laptd advance lo power and opulence. With I he humane elements of Christi anity and knowledge, incorporated with their political constitutions, and closely in ter woven with the habits and feelings nf their people, we have every surety lha' fach step of their progress in gener al commercial and political importance will be for the good of the human race, nnd as such, wo look upon their prosperity wnh feelings of i b; biib'-st gratification.' We think, but are nut sure, and. and, ifwronc. ore open In correction, that the aggregate population of the colonics is about 0.000. Several expeditious have been sent out to Al'rtci tins year. A family of colored person, consisting of about fifty, emanci pated in Tennessee, with Ibe privilege and means ol going to Africa, left New Orleans the 20lh of April In-t for Hassn Cove. Another expedition, seb-idiary lo the ab.iy.', sailed from Pbibiil-'pina on the I Ilh hist. The following while pursue were sent nut as official agents for the colony; R"v. John Matthias, as Governor, with his wife; Dr. W. Jnhnsrn, n-'-istant Gnverinr; Davis Thomas, construe!. r of mills and machinorv; and Miss Sarah Antislv, a-' lonelier; Dr Go. hen b- pby.-i ctan: wr. iwamiervi'ic, to locale and erect college: and Mis-Aon Wilkin nnd L. A ueers. as toiicners. Materials t ir a grist mill, mid o rj'tnuliiy of boxes and barrels, containing neco-snry conveniences ! ir th infant settlement, constituted the cargo. The departure of the expedition was wit ue.-sed by a largo oiiuourru of friend-', wiio join, d in sung nnd prayer for tlieir n lot v and success. L'liUuiUlnhia Cum. Herald. AsTirructTB Co,w, i Nonwirii, Vt. Wo have seen a specimen, said to be from ibis locality. Gov. Hill iu bis late mi;,, -age says ih" some, We have ihnib'ed from the character ot the country, whether ibete could be tiny (piatiiily We under, stand, however, Ihut llio land on which the conl is said to be, has been bonded, by an enterprising man, iu ant icipai imi of the existence of coal in quantity Will not some one who ha-outiortunit v to know 'he ! flicls tom ilioin lo us for piibbcotiop ? It j. umUor f ,,, j,,,,,. , the .,ub,,c un(il(ll!li0nil ,mmir,8llt ht,nrln,r, ' llr , , 1(,,(lc, Mirvpv. jn Bc " :niiiir.uni intll. 1 1 riunexion I hat liov. I Jill adverts to it. We e.vrnct llie naragiaph : Vt. Chron. "Could the state ot the irea-urv warrant wool I gladly see a Gi illogical survey institute d under the pal ronago nftho Slate. Iron ore abounds in the slate; and a spo cioien of native anthracite or mineral coal. found on the Vermont side n( the valley nt t he Connecticut, has boon presented by a friend. Thorn rnu ho little doubt we shall he found to possess in the hmom of our own earth some oftho most valuable menus a in minerals, rsuen a survey as has been authorized by several of our sis ter Slates might developo resources of great value to individuals und to the public." 1 nt: Ai't'uoAcii nv tiii: 'l'liAMtis. The correspondent of the Huston Atla-'s gives the following account of tho approach to London by the river ; " I tn-tlay, for the first time, ascended the Thames, in the sieatncr from Hotter dum. I know not what may bo thu cliiot impression on other minds when thus ap proaching mid first entering London. Nothing,"! know, lias so much impressed mn u,,, ,,nonl &rnln 1 1,., the sea. One ennnot but be assured of her greainess on that oleinotit. if lie np preach the met ropolts t lirough the tivenua of the river Thames. And vet the ihou. sands on thousands of vessels I have thu day soon are bul a small purl of her mar i - time power. "Judging from the great number of buil dings that lined the river banks, I expeted every moment lo laud. 'Wo aro yet. throe miles from the custom-house. said ibe helmsman. At length Loudon bridge ap peared. Hargos, wherriso. ships, coal yes sol, steamboats nf all sizes anil shapes. coined now to be trebly multiplied, all crowded together in a confusion that np penred net more inextricable than hazard- tins. 'Wo are bore just over thu grand tunnel. ' savs a iiassoiiL'or : inure than lortv men aro at wurk some fifty f'uet. beneath our steamer.' We at la.-l stood in front of Hie ctMtoni-hmiie, itself a stupendous bunding, and otic, moreover, wherein the Ira vello r b.arns that if much is hero done on a large scale, some' lung is tknwie done on a most minute and scrutinizing one." A Pis unit: Simim; In Illinois n full sounding period and melodious combination words, is called in familiar edit orial parl!ince"a rolling prairie paragraph.'' Our great painter Sully has finished h must beautiful half-length portrait of the lamented Chief .lost ice .Marshall, intended tor I he Court House nt fitnutnn, Virginia. An Ami iM .wniusrAN .Many, persons could mil account for the swarms of smart Yankees going west. Here is a clue. Mrs. L"wis P.nrr. wilhir a few works, has had twins lor llie third time, and nil her children are living and in good heabh. She lives at lllack Jtock, near New-Haven, Conn. The Governor of Illinois has i.-siiod n proclamation convening the Legislature on ' ,'".'.'-'?c''llu Monday n. July next, at Van- j ' a m I'.M.TiMonK. June 51. ForrJirn Grain About 00.000 bushels f Wheat Irnin Lurope were entered at ibe Cu-tom IJnusu yesterday, besides n considerable quantity ol'I'ye. .'Imcrican. A Hitman in Looks Om.i The Pa v. i ticket Chronicle is extremely glad that Mr. ljimbok has been elected City Crier of Proi uli'itee. He has he.on so much accustomed crying for lost children that he resembles a "crying hyena." Goon Sk.n.-i: There were about, otto hundred and fitly Methodist iiunis'ers in attendance nl t lie Annual Conference be d iu Nantucket last week. They resolved not to meddle with the Abolition questiuu. A wag n.cri soys the Norfolk Herald, that it l- undeniably true that tl xperi- n'ers have stiecei-ded in establishing u hard eurrenry ;" for ii i. hard to get any of it, nnd harder still m be compel. ed 1 1 lose Irom 7 to 15 per cent on it. The Corporation of Toronto. (Tpoer Canaih.) are uboul to issue IMM). winii of dollar Holes, pnyable six iieoitli. n r dale: their ohjoej being llie nayiiieni , i' tlie workmen emplojed by the eorpor, 't , . A female Honed ashore near 'ne Hi' teres, n lew davs since. Sue was very richly clad; wore n miniature tu b and some nt' her vestment- mink' She app.-'Rrcd in be 50 or 55 y nr and np.ieiin.nee V was niljud I'lsl III, L. P. I ng. I that she had not tieen long in li.o water. Iionv I'litJMi The body nf JM-ins m' male, of the selir Te.xis, w.'is di-ciVtf,il Il oitiug in the D 'Iron river on the 13 u in-t. He was luis-.'il from t hi- ve-.el ah t j t the 1-t nf Jinn.' Marks of violence n t h -. Iiead. Verdie' uf ("oroner'a Inquest, diutn from cause- unknown. An Li.t:r;.f Cumim.imunt touching nntl grac.'lul, wnt reeemly paid to L"iuia Klr.aheib Land, oi. (L L. L'l A spei in u of the curious huuilred leaved Miciiirrau Hose wa- so, ii in her from iho hanks nl the Ohio, accompanied by a request that sfc should pluiit it on tin.' grave of Mrs. lie mans. HinvAno rot: Kcr.MnAmr.s The May nr of Newark oilers a reward of lliree linn lirod dollars for Hie detection and arrest i f any individual who can be convict d U in rendiary atiemnts iu that city since the first day of April lnt. Tho proclamation says l hero is gontl tea. on lo believe that several attempts have been made tos t lire lo Newark since that tune. Tut. Kxi'i.ontNr: Ivii-udition Tli dif ference nt upiniun among lha nliici rs n' tached lo this expedition ns to the nrrits of ibe ves-els dcsiined for their u--c, has induced the Secretary of iho Navy to order the two barques io bo. taken into" dock lor further exauimat ion. The Secretary has also convened a Hoard nf Naval officers lo make a survey nftho vessels, and report its opinion ot their suitableness for the con templated service. Rir.iiTTo wi.miiw i. iisii r. It has ben decided at one nl the Pennsylvania Courts, thai a person possos-eit uf a" liouo having windows, ripening upon the premises of another, ami unobstructed fur twenty years to light nnd air, has n prescripts c right to the enjoyment, which must not. he inter rupted by any buildings or fixtures piaced in contiguity or nr or approach, although the land belongs tu number. It was a de ci-ton m a ease where tho window i,f a house had opened upon the premises ofati other, fifty five vents. Ukautv. Tho following is an extract from Dr. llowr.'s Address beforo the Ilos ton Phrenological Society, and contains a a beautiful idea, on a beautiful subject, beautifully expressed: "Most heartily do I agree with tho sage who said, with a sigh 'Well, philo. sophers may argue, nml pluiu men may fret hut beauty will find its way In tho human heart,' And it shoulp bit so hut h Iho Creator wisely and kindly ordained it. lleiuilti viiiichsatcii to man the taculty of perceiving bounty, lie hath made the per. ceptnui a source of light ofhiui, and he hath filled the earth, the sea, mid the skies with bright and beautiful objects, which he may contemplate and admire. Hlse, why is the eiitth mid every thing upon it, ' so varied of lorm, so full of beauty of out line ' Why are not the hills; tho rocks, the trees, ell square 3 Why runneth not

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